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ris -YUM, B.A. , Cand Geol I.Sin Sci (diss) 117he TsaE;3- r.,assiva of gabbro-labrodorite and its related mineralization. (Central -ISIAgmen of the Kol4els--l Peninmia)." Kirovsk, 1959, 21 pp (Acad Sci USSR. rsz;~ Af-filiate i,:. 3.m. Kirov) 200 copies (n, 16-59, 113) 25 F.I.; LUMN, L.I.;. DYUKOV* A.I.; KUSHIIMW,. I.P.; MK, A.V.; RTBAW, B.L.; SOMSPEW, Te.P.;- KHOROSHILOV, L.'V.; CHMMSEW, V.F.; ZIRTUOV, V.I.; GAMSH, A.A.; Dh=ININ. AoV*; KAR141TANo cly, it I - - L07 -V- K.A.; KU2MS a 0; MMY 9 *I.;-UALINOVGKIY9--Ye.PO--O-- NEVEXIT. V.A.; PAVLOV, N.V.; ROMINSM, B.M.; SMONOV, I.Z.; SIDORMO, A.V. [deceased); SOPEO, F.F.; CHEMOKOV, S.V.; TUDIII, B KOTM.,V.-M.,,doktor geologo-mineral.nauk; retsenzZt-;-,- KOELYAR, V.N. dokt or go ologo-mineral. nauk, . re t senzent; GRUSMOT, Ir.G.; doktor geologo~mineral.nauk. rotsbinzent;' HAXOVNIK,,N.I.,,dektor geologo-mineral,nn-~kq retseniailt;-MEEK, NN., doktor goologo-mineral. nauk, retsenzent; LIOMIKIT, S.H., retsenzent; MATALOV, Te.T., doktor geologo-nineral.nauk, red.-v ERISTALIM, B.V.. red.; SERGRYEVA, N.A.. red.12d-w-va; GUROVA, O.A-,, [Basic problems and methods of studying structures of ore provinces (Continued on next card) VOLIPSM, F.I.-(conti=ed) Card, 2. and deposits] Oanornya voprosy I matody Itucheniia struktur radnykh polei I meatorozhdouil. Hoskva, Gos.nauchno-teum.1zd-vo lit-ry po gaol. i okhmne nedr, 1960. 623 p. (MIRA 13:11) Akademiye-nauk!SM. Institut geologii-rudnykh rjeBtorozhdeniy, potrograftimineralogii I, geokhimii. 2. Moskovskiy institut -tbvetnykh mBtallov I-zolota (ror-Dyukov.-Biryukov, I)ruzhinin, Knz- netsov). 3. Institut mineralogli,.gookhimii i kristallokhimii rodkikh elementov AN MR (for Garmash). 4. A-ksdemiya nauk Armyanskoy SM (for Noramyan). 5. Baloyzoloto (for Sidorenko). 6. Institut geolo- gii radnykh m9storo2hdeniy,.pstro,'*,'"fii, mineralogii i geok-himil M, SSSR (for Malinovskiyg, Nevakiy, Favlov, Chernyshov). 7. Monkovskiy geologon2vedochnyy inBtitut im. S.Ordzhonikidze (for Ronenson). 8. Veesoyuznyy nauchno-isaledovatellskiy institut minerallnogo 13yrya (for Samonov), 9. Voronazzhekiy univerBitet (for Sopko). 10. Kollskiy filial AN SSSR (for Yudin). (Ore depoeits) YOU, 13. A. Titanomagnatite minarall5ation in the TSai-M Massif of gabbro labradorltea. Von. geal. I oln. KD1'. voluos. no,3:1-38 160. (MIRA 13:9) (TSapq Haself-Titanomagnatite) YBUORYEV, R.H.; KAVARDIN, G.I.; YUDIN, B*A. .... ...... 011vine in ultrabaBle and basic rocks on the Kola Peninsula. Vest.WU 15 no.12:5-14 160. (MIR& 13:6) (Kola Peninsula-Chrysolite) X BDOX EXPWITATION 0 P AS 0 H R " Owviohp Lev Ven1=1novich, Georgly Akopovidlk Khschkur-UzOv,,'Vad1M Inessa Venja*1noVnA,V6jtSp GODrgly,Andreyo An reievich Fladv6dev, St l P t i I M Rti h : tj . k I ovna c h e . a m na e r epwo-A rgmanjo _Xun a v, gah E_jj, ohevj~ 14d1ya Fedorovna Kuratova, Oeorgiy NikoIayovich Yitrkovp ; Kane, BO in PedorbOich Vudin. Boris. Isidoroviah Amaliva Abramovnn _ ____ - - - Vu f Terly Aleksan4 h Bay z, Va Brounahteyn, Vikt;,or Fecdoseyev o rovich -Prozorovakiy, Ond'Borls Aleksaw Kvlividze,...Yevgen~y Alekeandrovich drovich -VAbb I yev',. - IF, . ermodlni~mioheakiye.syoystva individuAllnelth Oeshchestv; alpravoohnik v dvukh tomaMe t6z' It *,,Vyoh1sIen1ye temodinamioheskikh evoyetvj tom gs - Tablitsy ter"dinamloheskikh evoyetv (Themod~nwdo Prop- ertleb. of Individual Substancenj Reference Zoo% UX Two Voluneq~ Vo 1 13 'Calculatiow, of ThemodynamAx Propertlesi vi 2s Tables of -A -vo, amlo Prop6rtles)# 2d ed.j, revs and enle Hoooom, Iz4 AW,SSSR, 19.62. 3,161~and 916 p. 40D0 copleE,p~inted. Sponsoi-ing Agenclos3 Akademiya nauk SSSR. Institut SoryuohM ta Ministrov 83SR k mit t Sov t d G R arO o a e osu ennyy 41ekopayemykh; tind Card 1& .1 ! S Thtmodynardo Propertlea (Oont.) Sov"16260 ii: po~ klip4l. loititut prIkladnoy khImil. Reap. - Ed. 3V. P, 'Olushkol,.Academiolan, L. V. G=vlob, G. A. Mach- kuruzov, 1. V. Veyto, and V. A.'Medvedev; E4. or Publiehing Houeet " F. Gurov; Tech. Ed. i V* 0. laut. PVMS8s This referenoe book may be used In solentific-research and everimental-deoign work in Instituteep design offices, and schools of higher,education, ar, well as,for training specialists in chenleal themodynamice: and thermal ph~sloaa, 1'0r~ thle vq~Drk deals with methods for calculating CDVMAtrst Volume thermodynamic prbpertiea and with the selection or quired for tho calculations. Volume 2 contains tables of themo- dynamic rropeilties (reduced themoilyramio potentlal, entropy, J. !,Themodynamio Proportion (Cont..) SOV/Z260 35 cis, 44 liquids, and- state are prevented in table fom for 3 gas ids compounded from 33 chezical elements and their Isotopes, s ol. viz.;: H, D, T, He, Lip Be, B, C, V, Oj F, Ne, Nap Mg, Alp si, P, 3, 01; 'Ar, K, Cap Br, Kr, Re, Sr, Zr, 1, Xe, C5* Ma, Hg, And ft. The=Ddp=Io properties a re given fOr the following 22 Saves In the range from room temperature-to 20,ODO9KVHpH*, H-, 0, W, 92,- C4, 02p OH, OH*o H20P NJ Nos N31 KDOO NO, no* 0, 06, Cop IC-04, and for the 14 least stable sases-up f~ 400D K; and for e re- h Maining,299 gases up to 60ODwK. Virial ooeffiblents for 34 gages are also given up to- 60W*K. TABIM. (W COMMS (Volume 1) (Abridged)i oreword j Xyntrodu~t, :L9 PART 1. IqMODS 07 QA1&=T1XG TO -.WMiVMMXC _T210FERTM 07, 1DDrVnUAYy BUMTAVMl Card A& t J R. USSR/Ganeral and special zooloGy. Insects. Injurious 2 Insects'. oma Ticks. Posts of Corcal Crops Abs Jour Rof ZhUr - Biul4o No 11, 1958, No 49591 I Author Yud in B,P. Inst Title ::The Sto-m Plea - a Corn Post in Contral Ural Orig, Pub :,Zashchita rast. ot vrodit. '41. boloznoy, 1957, No 4, 58 Abstract In Central Ural, the daraago of corn by stom flea larvae was of a raass naturo in dry and hot woathor in the socond half of May and In June of 1,955. Espocially great was the damaGo (up to 75/6) to hothouse plants which were Crown in poat-humus pots. The damaCo was in tho forri of oponinr situatodin straight rows across tho 1--avoB, The openinGs in each row were of tho sa;.ie size and forr~i. As the loaves grow In size, the opaninGs increased; somoti-E-10a tho loavos bent and their Card 1/1 uppor part diod. A.P. Adrianov USSR/C ultivated Abs Jour Author List Title Orib Pub Plants - Fodders. Ref Zhur Biol.,, no 18, 1953; 82403 Y-adin, B.F., Pl",iit Ccltivatio--i 1--stittite Growin-r, Com for Green Fodder in the Middle Urals Vesta. s.-kh. iavki, 1957, 110 9., 113-116 m Res-oit5 of the trials of Sverdl,)v8kiy Affiliate of the All.-Union Plant CcItivation. Inetit-"te for 1955 are cited Ia com p1mitin(p, heavy (171-5 x 45 contimaters vitk. 3 plants, to a btuich) in coy-1pari0on,vith the thill once (70 x 70 centimeters with 2 plants to a biuich), the yield increased by 14'1'!,,*' with early harvestinr, (26 of July ). With harvesti,.g after a month, tL,.is increase comprised 47%. Card 1/1 I A USSR/Cultivated Plants. Cereals. Abs Jour: Bef Zhur-Biol-, Vo 17, 1958, 77646. Author Yudin,, D.; Derkinbaev, F. Inst Title Sorghum in the Desert Regions of Priaral'ye. Orig Pub: S. kh. Kazakhstana, 1957, No 12) 17-20, Abstract: No abntract- (diss) "Agrobi logical study of COM PJDIII, B.. F., Card Agr Sri 0 under conditions of the umis VwxTtmtrm. Len, 1958. 19 PP 1. Lenin, All-Union cad Agr Sei imt'v. (All-Union order of Lenin A Iti-;at..~0n) 120 copies (KLv 118) Inst of Plant Cu 4, mom 'n '~P Certain features in the flowering of corn in the Central Urals. BOt. 2hur. 43 no,6:861-867 A 058, (MI-7a 11.- 7) I.VaesoMmyy institut rasteniyevodstva, Leningrad. (Sverdlovsk Province-Corn (Malize)) (Planta, Flowering of) TUDZi;- B.7i IMACHIORUZOV. G.A. ia2ogen Hcllvivo -of TrOy GIFM - no.42.-132-151 159. (PIMA 13:10) ip- (Methane) (Heat of formation) PERIODICAL: RefrPrativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya, no. 17, 196,1, 45, abstract 176312 (Sb. tr. Gos, in-ta priki. khimii, no. 46, 196o, 115 - 125) TEXT: On the. basis of experimental data it is shown that I'Mendeleyevis rule" may be appli ed, with appropriate corrections, for t~e approximate calculation of entropies, specific heats, tempOratures and heats of phase transitions, and the critical temperatures of various compounds, Correction values have been derived for each case, together with the degree of errcr limit of applicability. The entropies, heats~ boiling and critical, temper- atures are calculated for several compounds for which no experimental data Card 1/2 3 W"L" 17 The 1114endeleyev rule" are as yet known. It calculate entropies aad the-Ar position on the 16B318. [Abstracteris Card 2/2 294N S/OEi 61/OCO/017/007/-66 and its- B102XB'138 is stated that "Mendeleyev's rule" car, be used to specific heats of compounds taken according 'to periodic table. For Communication 1. of. RZhYhim.. note: ComDlete translationj S/137/61/boo/bw/bol/072 AC-601A,101 AUTHOR: Yudin, B. P. TITLE: Thermodynamic properties of the components of cryolite-alumina smelt RRIODICAL: Referativnyy zhuxnal, Metallurglya, no. ", 1961, 3, abstract 7A23 C. ITr.-Leningr. tekhnol. in-ta im, Lensoveta", 1960, no. 61, 9-20) TEXT: The analysis of the known literature sources for the choice of ini- tial data for calculating the thermodynamic functions of the components of cryolltd-alumina smelt Is carried out, A tnblo of thermodynamic oorapononts of cryolite -alumina smelt from 298.15 to 1,1100'K is constructed. There are 56 references. T. Kolesnikova [Abstracter.'a note: Complete translation] Card 1/1 M, YUDIN, Bar. Therrodynazaic properties of the components of cryolite-alumina wlts. -TrvAy Ln. no.61:9-20 160. (MM 1515) (Aluninum-Electrowtallurgy) (Gryolite-Thermal properties) GURVICH, Lev Veniaminovich, kand. khim. nauk; KHACHh IUZOV, Georgiy Akopovich, Imnd. Min, . nauk; MINEDET, I Vadir. Andreyevich, kand. kchim. nauk; VEYTSO'-Ines--a Venianinovna; k-and. nauk; BERMAN, GoorgiyAndre i - YUII(2.:Ul, Vladil,,iir yov -chj, RI 'U? -:Stepanovich; 'ISHCTR7VA.,' Nina, PetrovnErj 1, AT-OVA Lidiya Z mrgi" Ilikolayevich; W'", Arialiya Fedor "'7URNOV, 0 Y ~11, Boric Fodorovich; B. S ITEYE, i~oriv Abramovra; _:nID Icidorovich; V Fp_~odo'aoyqvIch; Va-leriy Alek-androvich; FROZOROVSK3Y, Yevgeniy Alehssi~,ndrov3ch; VOROBIYEV, Boris Alek.-androvich; GERASIMIOIT~ Ya.I., rotsonzeng; SOUTOV, S.Fs.p prof.., retsenzent; GLUSM,V.P*j*akad&p otvared.; -XUCMRUZOV 7G.A. ,red. aGUA011 ~K, P. red. i zd-va; LAUT V. G. ) tokhn. red. [Thermodynamic properties of individual Fubstances; reforence guide in tuo volumes] Temodinamicheskie svoistva ii-Alividuall- nykh veshchestv; spravochnik v dvukh tomakh. Izd.2., polno- stliu. perer. i rasshirennoe. Pod red. V.P.Glushko (otv. red.) dr.---IIos.Wa,--I, nauk SSSR.__Vol.l. (Calculation of thermodynamic properties]Vychislenie terrwdinamichoskikh avoistv. 1962. 1161 p. Vol.2. (Tables of thermodynamic properties]Tablitoy termodinamichesUkh svoistv. 1962.916 p. HEU 15: 10) (Continued on next card) HASHOVETSp V, P..,- YUDINt. B.F. Thernodynamics of the interaction between AIF3. Na3AIF6 and NaA,'Y4 with water vapor. Izv. vyeo* ucheb. zav,; tsvet. met. 5 no-41 OWRA 16: 5) 1. Laningradskiy tekhnologicheskiy institutg kafedra fizicheskoy khimli. (Aluminim fluoride-Thermodynamie properties) (Cryolite-Thermodynmic properties) (Vapor pressure) YUDIV, B.F.; HASHOUTS, Ar-P. Folecular state of WIts of the systen Ajy3 - NaF - A120 Zhur.- ?ORA 160) ~prikl.khin. 36 no.6tl244-1250 Je 63. M 1. Lenlngradf3kiY tekhnologicheskiy institut imeni, Lensoveta. (Cryolitg-Thermodynmic properties) (Aluminum oxide) .I- -, ~-; ~ 4~ ~ ; ~ ~ ; ~ ~'~ ~ -., - - 1-.1 ~ ..;~ - 0 - - - , - , .- - , , , - , - - ;~, , -1. 'i - , T , - - ': % !, - F -i . .1 , I , I . , c ~ L 06292-67 JWT k iq)/W (o)j~tZ(t) IB 71 IJP(c) ATANAMAG-1 jj-tLJq/GD ACC NR. SCURCE; CODZ,;; 000016510001F061... i!8027147 0203/&i66 AUTHOR; Voronin, 11. L; Makarova.-N. L.; Tudins b. F. stitute'.of Refractories -(Vaesoyuirrjy Institut ogno rov) iv All-Qxdon In 9 011po TITLT,,-: Heat of forzatio f silicon carbide and roducts of its vaporization SOURCE: Al SSPR. Otdoleniyo obshchey i tokhnicheskoy khimii. Issleclovanlya v oblasti khimii silikatov i okislov (Studies in the field of chemistry of silicates and oxidoO. lbscow, led-vo Nauka., 1965,, 203-208 TOPIC TAGS1 heat of fomation., silicon carbide ABSTRACTI The study was undertaken In order to '41oternine the heats of formation of Sic and products of its vaporization1from Y~~pressure data. Langmuir's method was used to determine the total vapor pressure over SIC and partial pressures of Si,, S1?C and SiC2 at temperatures of W3,, 2*3 and 22730X. This method involves the use of the following formula for the equilibrium pressure of the substance during its vapori- zation from an open surfacot Pon 7f V M 7he remats of the calculations are shownin Table 1. Tha data are compared with those reported in theliterature. Orig. art. has: 4 tables and 4 formaas Card ith ~P,7,7;17, 7*,~- ;,M M-~- 1 ~S4-' L 0642%2-67 C NRI----- -- AX027-147 TabIo 1. Hoats of Formation of Silicon Carbide and Products of~lts Vaporization Acaa /~.w grIvAg lot (ON) 61C416* 193 -~23.75 08' -26 143.76 118,9D .2273 . -28.22, 149.14 151.90 12102 123.17 -27.6 1&3.2 56.5 1 22.Q SUB CODE3 07/ SUM DAT39 IIFeb64/ ORIG REF; 001/ OM REF: 007 2 YUDIN, B.F.: WIATOVA., M.N. Study of polypI040y Serieg in Ccrn. izv. SO All S"R no-4 'Eir. biol.-med.nauk no.1:87-93 165. (MIRA 18:8) 1. Biologicheskiy institutu Sibirskogo otdeleniya Ali SSSR, Novosibirsk. Ot )/ET1 - TJP( L 01224-6 c) JD/W 7, E#0(s)/E~T(WEV t ACCJU,"~ -AP60"32944 SOURCE CODP,: UR/0131/66/000/010/0050/0055 AUTHOR:_.Gropyanov V. M., Yudin. B. F.; Avgustinik,-A. I. ORG*. Al-Union.Institute of Refractories (vaesoyu yy.-inatitut ogneuMrov) TITLE': High-temperature reactions in the TiC_zr0 X. system 2 BDURCE., Qgneupory~ no. 10, 1966, 50-55 TOPIC TAGSt refractory compound, titanium. carbide, zirconia, high temperature research., solid state, reactlon nechnnismi. 'ABSTRACT: Solid-state chemical reactions in the TiC-ZrO system have been studied withfn the - ;1700-2hoo -K range_in_vacuum..- Correlation of experimental data with thermo- -C ami e analysis data indicated -that only three reactions occur in the system within the temperAture range studi6d. The direction of the chemical process and predominance of one or another of the three reactions depend on temperature, gaseous atmosphere compositioh,'and the ratio of components in the starting mixture. Orig. art. has: -4 figures, 3_.tebles, and 13, equations. IJKI SUB-c-ODE: S DATE: no-ne/ onle, REF: 0061 OM-REF- -001/- ATD PRESS: 5()96- rd 1/1 UDC: 666.76.oo- K! 1-,-Stli ute of s; of vap,~ri -Zhumal prikladnoy--kbir no. 3, 1966, 537-544 TOPIC IAGS th mK)qd5gi~m4g; 'on, --tabmuau --ypporkzation- heat of vaporization, alurd-num~ 6sium_Dxide,-cal:,.,iu-m7o-4iZe--7---7------ e) z rcon ain --c6mp6un*A sl:ui~.on dioxide, ya - tb f-yaporiid -cm -4i- Jr--n 00, eau, and e e ynam3,cs:-Lo Fa tz ABSTRACT..' AN x*bd -ti 10~71 laz~t Mg ~4 at th', 1 vapor! ~~ ion of: SiO, ~was cal6ullated to be 16?.l kcal/rwle Si02. The app roxima t-: jr. z, pa r-r r~-- of the components -:)f vaporization of Zrl",~, t-l ,ims of the type AL lgPj + Bf !,4h!ch gives the ccefficieut 'of the Van'L Hoff equation, was shown --o hp ard 1/ 2 UDC: 541, !S R~- L M~10-66 ACC Z?R: AP6013.012 'accurate. The heat of vaporization of A120, a-, the b-ciling plint was caiculae~-_' "a IT and 0 (pmssure one order of magnitude greater trian -mcrc uz as the rises, the S-SI_4 ty Of alUMInuin subo~dde~ incrza-_P!; ap*~x-c_t~- an C~ at SUB COIL. 11 B M DA Ti- 3 5 D(~ 110171, B.F. Rapid nroduction of tetrnploid corn hvbrido. Izv. So All SSSR nOOS Sere biol. medo nwA- no62.15-18 164 (MIRA 18:1) 1. BiologicheskiyInstit-Ut Sibhrskogo otdolmiya AN SSSR, Uovosibirsk. 3-Ve" f Mr ",dt- M :T`~, "N FW I-F YUDIR., B.S. Ecology of shrews (genus Sorex) in Western Sib-araia. True Bic!. in3t. Sib.- otd,, AN SSSR no,8*33-134 162- (IMA 15:12) (Siteria.. Western-Shrews) NO DOE` D.- YlJrP-,'. B.S., XRYLOV, G,V., d6ktor biol. nauk; GRADOBOYEV. KABATIOV, N.Ye. Rev-low and bibliogralAq. Izv. SO AN S-,z.,~'Ili no.8- 8n% nauk no.21150-154 '64 (MTRA 18.1) VILIFERT, K.I.; PEMIKit Ya,M.1, doktor toklin.nauk; TIKHONOV, A.A., kar;d.Lcjkln. nauk; YUDIN, B.V. Some problems In the statistical analysis of w1bratiGna Of a motor vehicle. Avt.Prom. 33- no.4t26-29 -Ap 165. (MIRA 18:5) -i Toantrally*7 urdena Trudovogo Krasnogo Zziameni nauchno floledo iratellskiy aNrtomObll'nyy J. avtomotornyy Institut. MMMVICU,-.B,,- lnuh,; YUDIII,. insh., YATSYK, G., Inuh. Industrial tfmns at the construction of the Kre;smchug Hydro- electric Power Statim Bots.trado If rfo*9t114-116 6 159. (MIRIL 13:1) remenoh-qg Hy&oelmoatrle, Power Station). LV., prof. doktor b1olog, nauk;,.YUDIN,,D.A..$ kant'. seVskokhon. nauk~ SHICELI, S.-Yet kand-.- se I Is kola~1~2~.' SIROT.CINA,-I.A., mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudnik Efficient use of fertilizers as-a means for the--intensification -the systems o' the use of of agriculture; resulta of studies on ~L fertilizers in field crop rotation on the "Dubkill Experimental and Training Farm. izv. TSKHA no-5:74-82 164. (MIRA. 18:5) 1. Kafedra agrokhimii i biokhimii Moskovskoy ordena. Lenina sel'skokhozyaystvennoy akademil, imeni-Timiryazeva.- - --- --- ----- - pME, I BOOK ERWITATION sov/.4276 IPresriukhin Lacmid Nikola"viCho Doctor of Technical Sel-encesi. Professory LeV Aleksw1rovich SersibrovskiYo and David BefRovich Yudin osn teoril i proyektirovaniya priborov upravleniya (Amdamentrils of the Theory OVY oborongiz, 1~60. 263 p. Errata slip and Design of Control Dovices) MOSCOVi inserted. 1-0,000 copies printed. . Presnukhinp Doctor of Technical Sciencest Professor; (Title page)t L.N )gurskjyj Doctor of Technical Sciences, Frofessori -Ed. (Insitle book) g - S.O. Dobr( Tech. Ed.: V.I. oreshkina; M-Rlmging Ed. of Pu'-Jli8hiDg House-. M.F. Bogomolova; Ed.: S.D. Krasillnikov, Engineer. cal oducation~ PuRPOSEt This is a textbook for students of schools of higher teobn'stry and in it may also be useful to engineers and technicians working in indu scientific research institutes. COVERAGEz The book discusses the tbeor7 and practice of designing the fundamental elements of artillery control devices, tracking systems for the continuous measurement of the moving coordinates of a target, differentiating-adjusting devices for the determination of the parametars of target motion, and the ad- juatment of errors obtained in the process of Measuring the moving coordinates of the target. Impact solving methods which reduce to the combined solution Card-4/* rundamentals Of the Theor f 7 and Design b Of Control Devices- 0 a system of equations alliatiC flMa"OnB by means of servosyst SOV/4276 and devices for th written on the initiative of pop. rences. "Is are cited. lnformation on 10 refe Cbech'U'lincolnuttihon ar. g1len- The book and sy'sts"Otized by the authors. basis No personalities are of material selected TABLE OF ColITENTS. mentioned. There are Foreword Ch. 1. General In formation 1. Alm and tasks Of the cour 3 2. Ilistory of the Be 3* Terminology developm t of 4. Unit of measand 0" , [artil 5 ur dYbbols lerv] cOnt-rol device, 5 5. Problem ement 6 6* solvable 6 Artillery fire by a systm of artillery fire control ~on military installations 10 716 'Composition of a syBtem of artillery fire control device, =d placeme 11 dM,ELjc system control devices and artIller nt 12 Card 2 y equipment - a /6 single 16 M. FF,~~ I, gwgpg,~-!,~j M In -A~ NQ I BOOK EXPWITATION BOV15699 TV Ain rD#':BO$ and Yee G. Gol, rhteyn Z.adt-V,bi IWtody 11neYnOgO FrOgraumdramlya (P=blem3 and Mthods of Linear PrL:~gra=ing) mosec.1j, Izd-vo "Sm-etsiroye raa-4o.," 1961. 490 p. E:rrat inFert,-.d, 10PDO COPIles Pelnted. 11 slip Eds. S. Ho Movehovicb- and N. D, Jv=whko; Tech. Ed*: A, A. Sveshnikov. FMU%'E: This b,;-,Ok Is intended for Mathematicianap engineers., an& economists with a backgro-and in higher mth-ematics. CO.-VIMAM: The. book is said to be the first Soviet attempt to -present systematically the theoretical basisp methods., and application.of linear programmirg. Patticular 'bttention is given to the foundation and description of computational algoritbmss leadiR .'GC; calculatiONJI:"hemaber, which tare illustrated by exanples, Ch. 1 is concerned with the basic concepts and various interpretatio of t problem of ns he ezDgra=m1ng. The first four sections of this chapter are of a rather elen_-ntlary ill-i.1strative character; -the folloving are more rigorous. Ch. 2 deals vith various practical questions involving-general and-particular problewa of linear __Pp;~7~a=ing. -Its -purpose - is - to illustrate methods of- formulating- econonie.- - A 'Up ftoblems and Methods rof Linear Progra=ing SOV/569.9 engineering,, military, ani other problems in terms of lirear programming. Chs. -and 4- discuss general methods,, -their foundation., and corTesponding algorithms. The methed for the iterative improvement of a plan is described in great deetall; iluality rethods are des cribed concisely. Ch. 5 contains a detalIed-stuay-of one- of the - inpvrtant -particular -problems -of -linear -pro- grammimg the transportation ymblem.- Pro6ge for some of the-statements of Ch o -5 MaY be. found, Im seation !j of Ch. 6. T~~-.~ c.- 14. of '6-. Icii6 ic con- he 1~~aie-eii~t lishei --spwe and dL 42W -phi! vith_.tbe._'i6;' i6 as is:of - jp~ al b i Vie tbeory o:r 31near j=grszzxtng.-. Special'wablems,of linear programming not discussed-L-lsewhere in the brrok am outlined briefly in the Conclusion. T~_e Bib.11'.),graphy,lists only the sources actually used in the text. The watb~*rs thank PrifessorA. A. Lyapanov,, I. A. Poletayev. L. S. Gwin,, S. M. WVshriTich., and V. V. Bok*va. There are 69 references: 19 Soviet, 48 Eng.Is'.h., 1 French., and 1 Finnish. TAM (IF CORTE M Foreword Ch. 1. Basic Concepts of Linear Progra=aing Card 8/194/61/000/012/031/097 D201/D303 AUTHORS: Gol'shteyn, Ye. G. and Yudin, D. B. TITLB; A class of problems in planning national economy PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Avtomatika i radioeleketronika, no. 12, 1961, 47, abstract 12B301 (V sb, Probl. ki- bernetikif no. 5, Ms,-Fizmatgizp 1961, 165-182) TEXT: Even the best of current computers cannot cope with the vo- lume of computations required for planning of the national eco- nomy vhich requires linear programming, It wouldt therefore, be ex- pedient to develop special methods for particular problems of li- near programming,-The,consideration of peculiar conditions of a problem can make it possible to reduce substantially the computer work in many cases. Several problems in national economy planning are considered which maybe reduced to a single formal analogue. A special method is developed for the purpose of analysis. The suggcsted method of numerical analysis permits a substantial re- duction in the number of variables and in problem limitations of Card 1/2 3/19 61/000/012/031/()97 D201YD303 A claso of problems linear programmingg together with a reduction in the number of ope- rations required for determining an optimum plan. A special fea- tare of the method being considered is introduction of straight- line"approximated transportcharges~ It is shown that the number of operations required for.setting up.the algorithm for realizing the method exceeds only slightly the number of operations required to solve the transport problem in the same number of variables. The material is presented;in the fallowing form; A classical transport problem is set upq together with the modification, taking into ac- count the limitations due to the limited carrying capacity of the transport networks. Two models of production and of one kind of commodity transportation are analyzed. These problems are then made more complex and the problem -of planning formulated. General con- siderations as to the method of solving the problem are given. The algorithm. of the problem solution is described. It is shown in con- clusion how the problem may-be made a more general one, applying to more complicated models and in particular to the model of produc- tion and different goods transportation. 3 references. /-Abstrac- tor's note: Complete translation*.,7 Card 2/2 BD0K MMITATIM Min David Borlsmich; GD11shte3m, YEtypnily, Qvigorlyevich AL inear theory and teridnal ciethods (Mreynoye pavSr =nirov teoriya i Jcbnecbny!ye =tody*) 0 Hosows F1=z.t9izs 639 0776 p. illus. biblio. index. 26,,000 coples,- Inted. pr Series note: nzi%m~,emat1cbes)ccqya biblicrte)m TOPIC TAGS: linear PI-1001MMIng,, convex polyhedrel set,, duality theory, successiv-, appradr_-&_icn,, operaticns researchs finite set PMPOSE RM MVERAMt -Thabook ccntains -a _detailedoTositicn of the theory of liziew progr=Ung and -emputaimial -methods 6tdch mw'2 it possible to find an wc= soluticn of the prcblem within a finite nwber of steps. min b=k -is intended for engiineems, eccnmistraq- and-mathewticLms 04gaged applied mathz- matics. It can allo be used by staftts in mithmatim,, 6cf~,, md m* ang-eomemics deparuwmts of highw eduwbtroi institutimso TABIZ OF CMITM Eorldg4: L 18hol-63 EW(d)/EDS AFWC/AS.D/AFM/:1JP(C) P9-4/Fk-4/P1-4/,P0-4/ :~Tq-4 ACCESSION NR. AP3003739 S/0103/63/024/007/09ZI/09-,8 -AUTHOR: Gollshteyn, Ye. G.(moscow); Yudln.~ D. B (moscow) TITLE: Methods for calculating and. synthes sampled data automatic Systems. i telemekhanika, Y. 24, no. 7, 1963, 921-928 SOURCE: ~Avtoxnatika TOPIC TAGS; automatic system, saxiipled-4ata ...BSTRACT: The present first part of the article develops the problem formu- lated by Ya. Z. Tsv*pkin (17,y. AN S55R. Otd. takha. n. b Energetika i avtomatika, no. 4, 1960). Calculating and synthesizing sampled-data automatic systems can be reduced-to-consecutive solution of mathematical -prGgrandng problems on a digital, computer included in the automatic isystem. In the authors I terminology, the calculation of an optimum'system is a equence of computing operations used for determining the optimum controlling actions within specified constraints; the card 1/2 A E L 184M-63 A.CCE.;')5iON NR: AP30013739 synthes-izzing is a determizaing o! the system structure or the computer program that ensures the system control in accordance with the optimum action. An eximple of an automatic systemwith pulse-amplitude modulation is considered in several versions. It is noted that the constraints imposed on the system can be expressed as linear and quad-.atic equalities, or inequalities. Orig. art. has; I figure and 26 formulas. YUDIN, D.B. (Mook-,ra) Me t1ho ds for quantitative analysis of complex systenB. par,w j. Izv, AN SSSR, Tekh. kib. no.1:3,-;3 Ja-F 165. (MIRA 2.8,~4) _jP(c) (d)/T/EWP(2 I ACC NRt A.P6008514 'SOURCE CODE: UR/OZBO/66/000/001/0003/0016 AUTHOR: --Yudin_,-D_._ B~_(D_octor of.Technical Sciences, Professor; Moscow)j ORG: none TITLE: Methods for the quantitative analysis of complex systems. Part 11 SOURCE: AN SSSR. Izvestiya. T-khnicheskaya'kibernetika, no. 1, 1966, 3-16 TOPIC TAGS: mathematic method, random process, quantitative analysis, reliability, automatic machine 1~7 ABSTRACT: This is a continuation of a discussion of mathematical propramming methods, a method for -the investigation and the synthesis of complex systems (Mctody kolicbestvennogo analiza slozhnykh sistem, 1. Izv. AN SSSR, Tekbnicheskay, kibernetika, 1965, No. 1). Specifically considered in this article are different vari- eties of random search. Ways are studied for the rational organization of the pro- cess of seeking a global extremum in multi-extremum problems. The general con- cept of random search methodology is explained and various forms of discrete step- wise and continous random search techniques are considered, with particular atten- tion to the elements of teaching and adaptation they contain. It is shown that many of the random search methods that have been -lescribed in the literature are essentially engineering methods. Other nontrivial mathematical methods of random search are L 38199-66 ACC NV;t_ AP6_008514 analyzed and -cases- are- considered in which'the global min murr. i i P,nificantly O'deeper" than the local minima and in which more effective tcchniques for shorten- I ing the mean search time for tLe global extremum are employed. The author wishes to thank R. Z. Khas'mir.skiy, E. M. VaVsboK,!~,_.and L. Kh. Sokolovskiy for- their helpful--remarks-and-,coihir~e-ntB on the material in this paper. Orig. ait. hwn 3.9 formulab.- SUB CODE,. 12,14/ SUBM DATE: IINov65/ ORIG REF: 018/ OTH REF- 005 Card 777771__-:-- ACC. NRj AM6029189 Monograph UR/ i.Gollshteyn, YeVgeniy Grigorlyevich; Yudin, DavidBorisovich He`w,trends in inear programming (Novyye napravieniya v lineynom -radio"- 1-966. 5211p programiro , - nii) Moslcow., Izd-vo-I'Sovetskoye .1 illus'.,.bib io.,~index. Errata slip Inserted. 9,400 copies.printed' TOPIC TAGS: linear programming, transP0xt theOX7, parametric programming block proaramming, Integer programming, stochastic pro- gramming., AGE:' This book systematically.sets forth promising PURPOSE AND CO~ER and-practicallly,important trends in linear programming developed in recent years. It should be regarded as a continuation of a previous book by the same authors /Zadachi I metory lineynogo programmirovani- ya (Problems and methods-of linear programming). Second edition, r evised and supplemented. Izd-vo "Sovetzkoye radio,", 1964/. The material includes new approaches and methods, also some important I problems that usually receive insufficient-attention in linear pro- gramming codrses. New results pre sented here include methods for solving some pert system problems; a scheme.for analyzing the general single-param. plicationt eter problem of linear programming and some ap f parametric programming;-hew andquite general approaches to anal- ysis of'thelproblem.of block programming; theory., methods,, and /3 UDC: 519.82 AM6029180 -p ece -3blems, ~--~-___algor-ithme-~or--Boiving-~va.~.lous-clai3-6e6 f ikse linear pr et,zetera.,'The book is intended for a wide cir _ale of mathematicianra engineers, eind economists' working in the field of mathematical economics, dutomatic control, studies of military operations, and systems,engineering. It is assumed that the readers are familiar with thp baoic concepts, qualitative results, and computational algorithms r1resented in the prcyluuo book. The book My also be used by &-aduate atudents and other students specializing in compu- tational mathematics, mathematical economics', automatic control,, operations xjesearch,, and the planning of large complexes and sys ems~ for modern t;ecYjnology. TABLE Ur_ UUNIMTS -/Abridged/: Preface 5 Ch. 1.- Transport-ation networks and transportation problems ry of games. 83 Ch. 2. Linear programming and theo Ch. 3., Par6metric programming -- 137 Ch. 4. Block programming -- 224 Ch. 5 Integer linOar'prdgramming --"340 Ch, 6.. Stochastic progrpmaing 3W' 2/1. . I I I I I i I i OTH REF: 065/ I" f3 h TUWV _Pay~d Boripoviq)j; GOI,ISIITFfN,_YevgenJ,- G v i g,-., y v - 0 iV-AI'-,'U-SiHrkKo' red ng] Zadachi i Pr biems and methods-for-linsar prog, 0 metody lineinogo prograrmirovanlia. lzd.2., perer. i dop. Yosknra, Sovet.;koe radio, 735 p. (MIRA 18:1) SENDEROVICR~ D.L,,, YATSYKO Moo, -.Inzh. ~.Oonstmctlon of' concrete slope lining of earth structures using bulldozers. Energ. stroi. no.20:79-81 161. 1. Normtivno-issledovatellskaya stantsiya No.18 na stroitellstve Erenenchugskoy gidroeleRtrostantsii. (Khrmenchug Hydroelectric Power Station--Concrete constructioni (Bulldozers) 199Rr RMIN~, _g~ YUDIN, Do L. ~"Effect of the Preliminary Strengthening of Material on the Microgeometry of-Turned SurfacesOll Sub 19 Jun 47, Moscow Order of the Labor Red Banner Higher-Teehnical-School imeni N.E. Bauman 'Dissertatiors presented for degrees in science and engineering in Moscow in 1047.., 5.0: Sum.No. 45% 18 Apr 55, WECZ a,# katd. tokbza nauks dote&' .1nore4s1mg labor- prodactivity In high-speed mchining of Wheel pairiusimi"metal-mtting tools with, chipbrealcers, Tridy H11T nos'936 94-324 157. (UM 11t4) (ce't Vnee:Le) (metal-outting) R5(7) PHASE I 1300K EXPLOITATION SOV/1215 Zobnin,, Nikolay Favlovich; Shishkin, Aleksey Alekseyevich; and_Xud:In, Danlil Llvovich. Oborabotka metallov rezan1yem (Metal Cutting) Moscow, Transzheldor- lzdat.,.1958. 256 pe 6,000 copies printed. Ed.~ (Title page): Zobnin., N.P-p Doctor of-T'echnical Sciences, Professor; Eds, (Inside bool'k): Danllevskiy., V.V., Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent, and Braylovski7,, N.G.., Engineer; Tech. Ed.: Bobrova., Ye. N. PURPOSE: This book is approved Vy. the Ministry of Higher Education., USSR,, as a handbook for railroad transport vuzes. It may also be useful to engineers and technicians-in plants and in railroad repair shopsfor rolling stock., wheels and track. COVERAGE: The book presents the theoretical fundamentals of metal cut-ting. The construction and operation of metal-cutting machinery Card 1/10 Metal Cutting SOV/1215 and Insti-aments-are described. The fundamentals of methods used in development of techniques of mechanical metal processing are ,.discussed. The name of A.V. Gadolin is mentioned as having contributed to this fli~ld. There are 80 referencei~ of which 74 are Soviet, 5 English and 1 Gernan. TABLE OF CONTENTS: From the Auihors 3 Xntroduction 4 Ch-*. Elements- the 7-- of Geometry of Turning Cutting Tools [single-point Tools] 10 1. Basic partsq, surfaces and angles of cutting tools 10 2* Change of tool angles 14 Ch. 11. Fundamentals of Cutting-tool Manufacturing Methods 17 3. Requirements for cutting tools 17 Card 2/10 m RRI Metal Cutting sov/1215 4* Materials used for making the cutting part of turning cutting tools 17 5, Methods of*making cutting tools 19 Cho",,_11 1.. Elements-of Cutting Process in Turning ',8 6 . Description of elements of cutting process and of the . layer-of metal removed 28 . IV. Concept of Meta-l-Deformaiions Occuring During the Ch . Cutting Process 32 7 Brief information on-metal deformation in cutting 32 Types of chips 33 9. -Chip shrinkage 35 1,0* Heap [of metal] on the cutting tool 37 ll.' Infor-mation'on work deformation and on residual stresses on machined.-surface 38. Ch. V. -He~,'.t Fnenomena in Metal Cutting 39 12. Heat geneV-4tion and dietribution in-metal cutting 39 1~.'' ..Methods of determining heat.and temperature in metal cutting -1 42 14. -,:8ffec't of basic factors on temperature in metal cutting 44 Card 3/7,0 metal Cutting SOVA.215 Ch.*V1, Wear of Cutting Tools and Selection of Their Rational Geometry 15, Effect of cutting conditions on oUtting-tool wear and allovable.,wear 16. Selection of rational geometry of cutting tools Ch. VII. Cutting Forces in Turning -17. Diagram of cutting forces acting on cutting tool, 18. Influence of various factors on cutting forces Ch. VIII. Cutting Speeds in Turning lq.~ Dependence-of cutting speed on cutting tool life 20* Effect of depth of out and feed on cutting speed --21-,--- Effect nf geometric parameters and of tool wear on a-ut-iin- d- --- spee 9 22. Effect on cutting speed of material of cutting part'of,~.,i - toolo- of metal of machined part and of lubricating coolant 23. Formula for determination of cutting speed card 4/3.o 47 47 51 55 5g 5 63 63 65 66.---- 68 70 All Metal Cutting SOV/1215 Ch.-IX. Classification and Construction of Lathes 73 24, *0 Classification of metal-rcutting machines 73 25- Construction of lathes 73 Ch. X* Fundamentals of Kinematics and Dynamics of Lathes 81 26 Fundamentals of kinematics of lathes 81 : 27 Fundamehtals of dynamics of lathes 89 Ch. XI. Brief-Information on the Preparation of Shop Manuals for Lathes 91 28. Compilation of shop manual specifications and of kinematic diagram of a lathe 91 29. Calculations for shop manual of a,lathe 93 Ch* XII Setting Up of Lathes and Calculation of Cutting Regimes-in Turning 101 30. Setting up of lathes 10i 31- Methods of calo-41ation of cutting regimes in turning 107 Card 5/10 Metal Cutting SOV/1215 Ch. XIII. Various Types of Lathes 110 32.- Vertical lathus 110 330 Special multiple-tool lathes for turning axles and wheels 113 34 Turret lathes 121 35:' Automatic and semiautomatic lathes 124 36. Mechanization and automation of lathes 126 Ch. XIV. Brief Information on Planing.. Shaping and Slotting 128 37. Planing and shaping cutting tools and the respective cutting processes 128 38o Slotting tools and slotting process 130 39. Basic information on planing, shaping and slotting machines 131 40, Elements of shop manual fcmshaping machines 143 41. Elements of ca"o-u-2--l-16n of cutting regimes in planing, shaping,,and slotting 145 Ch. XV. Brief.Information on Broaching Process and Broaching 4 Machines 1 7 42. Broaching process 147 Card 6/ 10 x R~ A4 Metal Cutltling SOV/1215 43. Broaching machines !49 , Countersinking, Reaming Ch. XVI. Fundamentals of Drilling . and Geometry of Cutting Tools for blaqhining Holes 151 44. Drilling process 151 4 . Elements of cutting in drilling 156 4 . Cutting forces., tor--,zues and power in drilling g 157 d critefta for wear of drills 47- -Character an 159 48, Cutting speed In-drilling 16o 49* CountersLnIcirig process 162 50. ReaWI-xig process 166 Drilling and Boring Ch. _XV11. Construction and Operation of . Machines 169 51. DrillLng machines 169 52. Boring machines 174 53. Elements of shop manual for. drilling machines 177 Ch. )V1111. Calculation of Cutting Regimes in Drilling, Counter- sinking and Reaming 179 Card 7/10 'M Metal Cutting SOV/1215 54. Methods of calculating the cutting regime 179 Ch. XIX. Ftindamentals of the Milling Process and Geometry of Milling Cutters 183 Basio types of milling cutters 183 56. Geometry of the cutting portion of milling cutters 1811 57. Elements of cutting process in milling 189 58. Cutting forces and power in milling 192 9 Wear of milling cutters 19 2 Cutting speed in milling 19 Ch. XX. Construction and Operation of Milling Machines 200 61. Horizontal-type and universal milling machines 200 62. Vertical-type milling machines 203 Elements of shop manual of milling machines 205 -64 Dividing heads 2o6 Ch* XKI* Calculation of Cutting RegImes in Milling 211 650- Methods of calculating the cutting regime 211 Card 8/10 Metal Cutting SOV/1215 Ch. XXII. Concept.-of Gear Tooth Cutting Processes 213 , 66. - Gear-cutting vietfib~s 213 .67,,. _,B4sIc information6r-gear-cutting machines 21- Ch. XXIII. FIundamentals of biind-ing Ptoceis -and- -Proper ties of Grinding Wheels 221 68* Characteristics of grinding wheels 221 69. Selection of grinding wheels and of grinding regimes 225 70. CiAting forces and power In grinding 226 Ch.,XXIV. Construction and Operation of Grinding Machines 228 71. Diagrams of movements used in grinding machinec3 228 72; Cylindri-cal..grinding machines 229 73. Surface-gr:Lnding machines 233 74. Tool grinders 235 75- Special features of safety techniques in operation of grinding machines 2q,6 Ch. XXV. Basic Information on Machining Finishing.Processes 237 Card 9/10 Metal Cutting SOV/1-23.5 76. Types of finishing processes 237 Ch. XXvi Concept f Quality of Machined Surfaces 241 77. iarface rouo~niesa and its determination 241 78. General information on the influence of surface roughness on operational characteristics of machine parts 242 79. General Information on influefice of machining conditions on surface roughness 243 8o. General Information on machining accuracy 244 Ch. XXVI1. Concept of Designing the Techniques of Machining of Machine PpA~ta, 245 81-ol, Basic definitions and methods.of design 245 Bibliography 252 AVAILABLE., Library of Congress GO/ksv Card 10/10 2-26-59 6M N.P. - land,,to-kbn YOM D-6.dots.f kana.tekhnanauk; RMNOVAs Lik PORK01W, M.A., in2b. Mechanical reinforcing of gear tooth along the whole PrOfllO-' Y Eleksi tepletiaga 14 no-3:25-26 Kr 16o. WU 13'-?) I.. Koskovskiy inst"tut inzhenerov zhelezuod rozhnogo transporta. A 0 (Gearing Spur) ZDBNB dbktvr'-tekhn. nauk , prof. ROGOVp A. Ya. , kand. tekhn. . , nauk., dotsent- kand KHAMv V.U.., tekbn. naukp doteent; I EUDDI D.Lj~ Amnd, tekhnonsuki- dota , t in Effect of the cold working depth on the service life of axle praBs Joints. TrtAdy IUIT no.159:89-98 162* (MIRA 16t 6) (Car axle-13) (Wta3z-Co3.d working) 7-OBNIN, 'ilikolay Favlovicb~ prof.p doktor tekhn.nauk- YUDIN Dimiil Vvovicb, dots... kand.tekhn.nauk; SEISHKIII,, Alo~_se~~e ~seyevlch, dots.., k-an-d' -tekbn.nauk; ROGOV, Aleksandr Yakovlevich, -dots., ker-d.tekhn. nauk; l-,and.-telch-i.mauk,~-et:3enzent; SARLk1:74SEV,Y~_43" VIA.; BOBROVA, Neoll., teldm* red* [Metal cutting] Obrabotka itet-itIlov rezanien. Izd.20 Moskmaj. Trans- -29 --institut~~ii~t-henerov-zb~elemmdoro6-lii~-ogo--traiwport6- (for- Zobninp Tudinp Rogov),2, R1013tovoki inatitut Anzhonerov zhelozno- dorozhrogo tranaporta, (for Shishkin). (1,%tal cutting) _R ~12 ZAB1DNSK1YP X.L., prof,; YUDIN, D.L., dotsent; FILT inzh. UOVICH, S.I., FAthodology for the fatigue str~sngth testing of the teeth of diesel locomotive gear wheela on a special stand. Trudy MIlT no.200:54-65 164. (MIRA 18:8) IUDIN D.Ii, kand,takhn.nauk, doteent; ROGOV A.Yap, land talkhn.rmuk dotoont; , , rfF, 1.1 1-.~ 7. j(~ht� --6- th stirfac-_ tooth -Iayer- on a Special str-md on a ]~IMT po,200*.2l.-;46,: 1640 _OERA 18.8) zl~ 777777;7 Z-3 M- OR- m-- 9~0 8/181]62/004/010/002/063 Bios/B186 AUIIqORS, Karapetyan, G# O#p and Yudin, Ds M& TITLE: ot p. r.-investigation of the action of ionizing radiation on eAnsaos of the system Na. 20.B 203.0 S102 PERIODICAL: Fizika tverdogo telat V. 4# no. W$ 1962, 2647-2655 gamma radiation were Investigated with Glasses exposed to Coo the e. p. r. method,- The irradiation gave rise to a coloration of the glasses, intensity and hue ieing'-dependent -on the composition of the glass. The F centers arising in the glassec~-under' consideration are duel to four different structural lattices: SiO2, Sio I2Na 0, BO --IBO - The 2* 2 3 4 optical speAra of additional~absorption of the glasses had three bands. with their peaks at 310v 4409 and 62o mp. Gamma radiation breaks 771-covalent.-bonde in the glasses thus producing free electrons, and holes localized ai t1it-oxygeno-, The position.of the-eiectron trapping centers is known to-be localized at 06--boron-sinop.-hyperfine structure lines Were,observed associated with the interactiazi of-an electron with Card i/2 'D0- 10 n of;--t4e action S118;1fi21004101010021063 and B B708 86 nuclei. also at, the gAllcon Olt Concluded th, a t he .-figures. r at the lattic,_forot lng atqb-- Th 10callZed -ASSOCIAT.T ere are 5 U Gos daretven .jW 0 Pticheekly Inst Itut im S. vavilovap Leningr d (State V8vllOvi Lea Qptloe ningrad) "nstItute Imenj SUBMITTED: April 6, 1962 Card 2/2 uD i vitrews ical conduczjvity 0 utes). Off the electr - F. Kazets (1.0 Min -.-.4stisatiOn, I . - .1. GubanOVi, I' - 11 -a .type AsOe-j. A. resonance ~,.: s j the electron paramagr-ct glasses by P~, 1j. yudin- ..Iztudy Of serniconductini an) v. A. Tsekhorskiy., rethod - G. A. KarapetY 'lm oyide. ya. A. nIL sed on tita S iC ducting Silicate glasses ba resented by V- A. Tsekhr-,iskiy-- em .0,1 ()-,.Is k i Y - Vrezne,SOv., V..A. TseVh 15 minut0s)- uctor nornoundoy on Sgmicond jj~Vj-onal COnfOre-nce R--Doro Preserted at the 3rd R s/ioi/63/005/002/039/051 Investigation of the B102/B186 opc:ctra were measured in fields of up to,6 koe. Resonance lines were ob- served at g-factors of 4.3 and 2.01 their intensity depended on the oompoul- tion, If the carbon content is increased the e.p.r. lines fade out due to 3+ 2+ Fe ~=,.Fe transition; the Fe- e.p.r. apeotrum can bo observed.only at 'helium temperatures.. The lino with g - 2.0 vabiahes first. On.investi- gating the optical aboorpiionAt was found that both in the base. of BaG. and PbO content the blue tranamissivity depends on the,iron con'centration. , gonr- clusionss The high conductivity,of the glasses due to th(i . 3+~ , 5 'presence of Fe ions (3d ) in -O*Cta~edral'cbnfiguratio6,(c'oordination 6). Introduction of AlAntothe maes or substitution of.SiO. by B.0 in DaO glass increases absorption and,reducee.conductivity.,' 'There are 5 figures and I table. ASSOCIATIONi Cosudarstvennyy opticheskiy institut,im, I. Vqvil:ovaj Leningrad (State Optical Institute imeni. S. I. Vavilov$ Lenin'. gra4) 'SUBMITTEDs September 26, 1962 MITI-iltm"i vn- 0, Q~s' AM Is, Ail 17~ wte- -14-1c -a Aia; T2-1~ P!7'lrJPara--,j 'a' F-I 4, L! trad -r;z~7, -YA ... ..... L -il~; !;I. ~ - ;~- ~ 3 - ~ ~, A, - -- - . :-. j ~ - -~ - - Ml- KeAFMANA Go 0*; XMIN, D. M. udy-Ing glass structure by the method Of electron Paramagnetic resonarIce.r, -r4:POzt submitted for 4thAU-union Conf on stru 16-21 yar 64.- cture of Glass., Leningrad, t ACCESSION NR: AP4034940, S/0181/64/006/005/153111539 AUTHM Karapetyan, G. 0.; Stepanov, S. A.; Yudin, D. M. TITL.. Color centers in sodium alumosilicate glasses SOURCE: Fizika tverdogo tela, v. 6, no. 5, 1964, 1531-1539 TOPIC TAGS: glass, sodium alumosilicate glass, color center, F center, radiation effect, radiation damage ABSTRACT: The EPR and optical absorption spectrum of Na20-A! 0,-SiO. -lasses irradiated with gamma rays from a Co6o source with a loge 2 rate oz io-4 rfar was investigated. The experimental data obtained are analyzed in terms of m6dels for the production of the traps found in the literature or proposed by the authors. The interpre- tacion of the models is expected to be helpful in making detailed calculations based on the theory of molecular orbitals. Orig. art. has.: 4 figures and 1 table. .- ~ I- - :. . . 1"- ,, X-4iCITETY"I'l KnN,T.#HhT'Yl,',V, Yu.N.; YUDIN, D.M. Use of,- paramagne-titz r--Bonance mv-Ahod Ir st',IdTirl;~, t I k 1.7 cry3tallization of glasoea. Fiz. wer. tola 6 I~y r. 9) 1. G'oL3u,-JartA.ventiyy optllcheskiy inntitut Awmi Vavilovu, Latilngrad~ ACCESSION -N-A. AP4037231 8/0153/64/007/001/01()1/0105 AMHOR.- Avgustinik, A. I.; Siiitsova,, I. To Yudin., Do 14o TIT LE The preMstal1lzation period In glasees oiZe--Ksub 2 0 SiO sub 2 system SOURCE: Ivuz. Miimiya i kh'-' skaya,tekhno1ogiya,, v. 7P no# 1., 1964., 3.01-105 ~TOPIC TAGS., glass., crystallization., precrystaLUzation., K sub 2 0 SiO sub 2 systemj, px-=ucleation groupp rate,, formation, X sub 2 0.2SiO sub 2p IR analysisp EPR i analysis, quartz bond nipture., disilicate-bond foxmation., microhardness) modulus, shear, sonle rateo glass streagth) amorphous glassp crystaillne glass, interasl. ithermal. stress 'ABSTRACT: This study vas conducted to explain the effect of the crystallizabil:1ty !of a glass on the rate and degree of prenucleation group (p-group) formatioa. TWO I --,tglass of*the KpO-Si02 system were examined: A, containing 33.4 m01% Y-A, 66.6 siO2, !readily crystallizing as %0.2SiO2,, and B, containing 19 K20 and 81.0 SiO having ~the least tendency to crystalUze and approximating the eutectia between 4 Zo 1~002 SiO2. In the binary glass Y~O,SIO_o changIng the cooling causes a change in the, ;fine structure ao eviJA=ed by 3:R absorption and electron paremsgaetio resonance rIACCESSION M AP4037231 spectra, the increase in intensity at,.9W cm-1 and shift toward the shorter vave--; length indicates molecular vibrations in the formed groups; the resonance lines inaic5Lte-rarkture of quartz bonds and disappearance of high silica content with simultaneous increase in- theF-humb6 r- -an&-strengW of --the--disilicate -bond i, -As - the-- -- A--- ::,--holding temperature is reduced-and as holding time i6.inereasedp the microhardness,,l modulus of shear.. and sonic rate are increasediu glass A. This increased strengthl results from a gradual transition f the amor rom phous to the more regular and oriented stmeture. The compositioa and structm T -e of the p-groups foimed approxi- mate those of the crystalline phase formed by homgeaeous crystallization. In the non-crysta3line glass B no change was noticed in the IR spectra even after holding at 1100C for 26 hours. This fuither confirms that the rate of the p-groups form- ation determines the ability of a glass to crystallize. The decrease in micro- hardness upon prolonged annealing in B is attributed to relieving-the - ;::intexmal thermal stresses. "Graduate L. Go Lazarevich participated in the work." Orig. art. has: 2 figures and 1 table* 7- _L~VASSOCIMTON: Malngradskiy tekbaologichesldy institut im. Lennovyeta Kafedra telchy, loga kererhiche-skikh proizvodstv (Ioeningrad Techaological Institute., Branch of, Cer=jo Industries) 2/3 ACMSSION n: AP4037931 AC&SSION Z;R: AP401.1485 S/0052/64/016/002/0063/0068 AtUIROR., Karapetyan, G.O.: Xsendzatskaya,' Yu.N.'; Yudin, D.H. ...-TITLE,. ,.1n.vestiggtion of the kinetics of forzation of ikii 'jihosphor by the Mothod-_ of--electron 1 Z -68., 4i` k0 C Am- ~-.Ape V"- 16 01- 1&& 3 :-TOPIC TAGS: phosphor synthesis, manganese activated zinc sulfide, ZnS:Mn phosphor, photoluminescence, cathodoluminescence, manganese 2+, EPR, sphalerite, wurtzite ABSTRAM_a Despite- the fact-that there have been.num rous -investigations- of ZnS-Mn -A e phosphors, adequate data are still lacking on the kinetics of the synthesis process and on the fomation of luminescence centers in phosphors of this type. The present work was devoted to investigation of the kinetics of formation of bin activated zinc sulfide luminophors. Thore woro atudied the electron paramngnotic resonance spectlu, th- luminencenco.spoctrA and the Intensity of luiainoscence under cathodic and ultra- Violet stimulation as a function of the activator concentration, the synthesis tem- perature and the-action-of ionizing radiation. Un.activated ZnS phosphor is parti- cularly suitable for investig4tion by the mothod of electron paramngnotic resonance . .. ... ....... . -77: b iCTGO00495 "LOTIRCE Conn 'ri 1(mr, AUTHOR: Kariapetyan, G. 0.; Yudip, D. Al. ORG: none TITLE:. Lnvestigation -of the. i3tructure of gla-Bs by the ele-utron parminao-mflc rprimn rm c,, mw t ho( 1 SOURCE: Vsesnyuznoye soveshchanive Do stek1nobra-7-nn -, n L, ~-_n ~"i 0A'A1:7W11j1AiUUt IUD~2-1 -Sr WboU _Io_ya_n_17,_ye Mtrc~pms statle). t nidj, -3-v-1 e mamfoye ioB i INS, TOPIC TAGS., EPR speerum, EPP spectr(mictrN., projlert.~ ABSTRACT: This article exarnint,-q 'L*pc electron naranna;-~-nr-_ic Vxi__r~_vv.._ueiuxm=e_me _asymmet;y -of the c-oordination siYheres and the role of oNidatlon'_ 'I Ireduction';miditilun-s-in thib.- makimp- of phosphate glass. 71,e. pauramagri,,~f'-_ Li. -.1 D - linvesti,gated glasses arpeared after thoi- irradiaHon wit" .nyperftne sixucture are resolved in the LPR spectra of borate~-IaJqFf__~ _T71_'__ (1 3/2) '~)R (I = 3) leads to 2 -if ~ i -1. 1 NP, IF I A 71 w'Ing t6 different b e een the lines "IClear SP'ns in the bor,n T--ne RPPeal-an,c, , a9 r-,SLIN of - If n i I'll one Of tvrc ructu., .. -, I .f r-0Pdftj0,, con 0 a r t Sla, filic sit, fIR SUBECOlb- 0-riz, rw -, UBM DA4LT ORTr. xr--717- ~,-FMT f-V,)-t)-Q UR, photoconductivity, electron mTarvi;~nc-tic S ow cu-tli;: 111 120 SUBIM DATE -',Zllayu~ URIG IRU: G05 ~R_F,-: J ~Zi j;- -MR Nil X 14. C4 'Ut -3 ON UZ 1 7 iY , , V. X. Id Lp -~rm, z razirm Mverdogo tein, nr). ABSUM-C-T' FniS ig a cont~..,,iuation of ear!~L-r FrP. trivalent 6,1radir-m (Opt. 0 T-1 had S --- ~ta PurpPolse to check on the values of tbe -- were folm'I t 31. tazul~i~-d It -tM, earli-ey -va-pey. of a glass witb composition (all r4ol-ar per~!ent) r)01 P,~=, -t U7 -and - a, schemi- fo-r the apin sublevels ol" Id are proposetl to recor-elle tbeae vaiues nf, n, L 00481-66 ACCESSION IJR. ASSOCIATION: Gosudarstvenr7Y OPticheskiy in"Ithurt im, (State otric.1 institutpi