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KRATOCHVIIDVA., E.; KRUPICKA, S..; STERNBERY, J.; ZITKA, B. Time increase of induction in th6 manganese copper ferrite with reitangiilar hysteres.'Le loop. Cs cas fys 14 no. 4: 293-302 164. 1. Insititute of Solid State Physics, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague. ZITKA) B.; 7alVETA, K.4 LACHOWNZ 11 Contribution to studlen on the mechaniam of the magnetization reversal in forrites. Archiw elektrotech 10 no.D2814.94 '61. 1. Usta- Teelmicke Fls'Lky, CSAV (for Zitka and mvota)..2- Ins tytLt ?odstawovrjch Problemov Techniki, Polska Akademia Nauk, Warozawa (for Lachovdem). AUTHvRS: TITLE: PERIODICALt P/019/61/010,/001/006/006 D265/D305 Zitkaj B.0 Zavlthp Ko; and Lachowicz.P H. Contribution to investigation on the mechanism of magnetization reversal in ferrites Archiwum elektro-technikip v0 109 no. 1, 19619 281-294 TEXT: This paper provides Eui analysis of the experimental results. carried out on a toroidal core made of the ferrite of::type Mn i 0-556~ ml- mpthnd was based on Dlottina tile fami1v Of : o P/Oig*'61/01Q/001/006/006; Contribution to investigation on D265XD305 and the subsequent flux density. The authors annDUnceturther re- search -.nto the coercive force region,of the hysteresis loop for 'various ferrites used in mathematical computer application. There are 11 figures and 2 referencess 1. Soviet-bloc and 1 non-Sovie-b- 'bloc. The reference to the English-language publication reads as; ,follows: N. Menyuk, J.B. Goodenough, J. Appl. Phys.9 26q 8, .1955. ASSOCIATION: 6stav technicke' fyeiky 6SAV - Praha (Tech,nioal Phy-' sics Institute, Czechoslovak AS - Frague)(3,, Zitkaj K,, Zavletalt IPPT PAN (IPPT PAS) M Lachowicz) 11 -67 W(t)/ETI IJP(c) 0"- N" AP6029413 SOURCE CODE: CZ/0055/60016/006/0536/0538 AUTHOR: Zitka, B.; Sternberk,- J. ORG: Institute of Solid State Physics, Czechosl. Acad. Sci.,. Pragu TITLE: The behaviour of -Mn-Cu ferrite -simultaneously magnetized by a pulse and d- c field at a temperature c~f - 195&- SOURCE: Chekhoslovatskiy fizicheskiy zhurnal, v. 16, no. 6, 1966, 636-538 TOPIC TAGS: magnetization, ferrite, magnetization curve, magnetic field v;n~ ]-A 7 L ~44 i - ---fl l 'L '.ILIA III h, V DI CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Magiietism Ferrites and Ferrimagnetism. F Abs Jour Ref Zhur Fizika, No 9) 1959, 2o4W Author Zitka, R.H. Votes on Secondary Eno getic Processes of Electric Sparkap" p. 172. 021 Pro Etovani_&MY, Vol.3, No.2p Apr. 1953, Prah~.) CZECHOSLOVAKIA/Magnetism - Verrite3 and Ferrimagnetism. F Abs Jour : Ref Zhur Fizika, No 12, 1959, 27617 Author : Broz, Jaromir; Krupicka, Svatopluk; Zitka, Bohurmil Inst : Institute of Technical Physics, Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czechoslovakia Title : The Perminvar Effect and the Magnetic Aftereffect in Manganese-MaDiesium Ferrite Orig Pub : Ceskosl. casop. fYs-, 1959, 9, No 2, 124-132 J- %A- It- , , I - i I : I I ! q ; I I i I i I , SOYKA3; 6. ItFurther occiirence of the Pelger-Huet anoinaly.11 p. 697. #25, June 1953, Czechoslovakia) NP I HP! Ill 1111~ P 11114,14 VIM 11" Ij :1.1 ---1 ....... f1i'llOWMI-1111il it IMP lilt tPle Ili W I M I I It I I I VIN It 4 1.1 its DVORAK. L. I ZITKA X Cardiac paln. Bratielo- Pk. liety 3~ no.8:889-902 Aug 54.~ 1. Z 111. Internt klint1g, 19karsko fakulty Urloi7 univorelty T ftass.' pre4nosta prof. dr. 4',Cbarvat.' (MURT DISNA mmifestatione, pain) I u ZITKA, HirM~qT. MUDr.; PAPEZ, Ladislav, Mr. to Electrocardiography In newborn Infants during chptLgre of fetal to infantile metabolism, Coak. pediato 10 no.10:7,50-756 Deic 55. 1. Z III. Int. Praze, prean. akademik J. Charvat. Z I, gynekol. porod. kliniky v Praze, predn. prof. Dr.'K. Klaus. (EWETROCARDIOGTUPHT, in newborn Vaf., during change of fetal to Anf. matab;) (INFANT, NWSORNO physiology, MG durine change of fetal to inf. metab.) zu'al;a-11 RL~W,t,j!- U * ~tlj UPI! M PL11:11IM1111 'M VIT I 1BU11 I 11110 [ill III HM I I 11111MR114:1 HN1111111 Mill I1 Le Dre; KOUEMA Wv Z-Dr I Terminal ventricular complex in tbyrotomicosiso ftorn, no*2-303-56 Fab 55s leko 57 1. Z III Ineterni klinilky IrUs predn, akademik .1.0harvit. (HYPM?jMOIDISK IGG, occurenos of hatliks T-wave with terninAl-routrico complex) (RINCTROCARDIOGROW T-wave occur&.,e with terminal ventrics complbx in kwpertbyroldliou) III , fil", , T111v 11 OF '11 1 P' ""1 11 11, 1 U111. 11"~ DTORAK6 III.; r "MA, Z.,- ZM1, No. KALY V1.0 Ng. mt. Zffect of tbyrotoxicoste on the height of the T-wave &nd the length of the electric systolo. Sborn. lek. 57 no.2-3t7-5-81 rob 55. 1. Z III interni klinfty KU (prodno mWomik J.0tarvat) (for Drorttko Koudalka, Zitka) 2 2 Ustavu pro organteact, udmvotnlo'tvi pri lak, fak. KYJ (predn. prof. 11r. V.Proask) (for Naly) (HYMITHYROMISH ZCG'O- eM on T-wave height & length of electric.systole) (=CTROCARDIOGILUMY T-wave height & systole length, off. of hyp6rthrmidist) CZECHOSLOV A ZITKA, Miroolav, MD; DALIBA, Hynek, MD. Third Internal Medicine Clinic (III. vnitrni k~tnik&)' Prague - (for all) Prague, Vnitrni lekeretvit No 4s 1963, pp 386-389 "Cariovaacular Allergy to Penicillin." SOMID, L., Doe. MUVr.; ZITKAj,_.M.MUDr.l PODESTOVA, L., MUDk. Recent experiences with care of foreign high acho6l students. Ce'k. zdrav. 10 no.12:607-63.2: 162. 1. UNZ NVP fakultni neuiocnice 2, poliklinika pro vy~okioikolaky 10,eaouci lekar MUDr. E. Emig# malousily lekar. (SCHOOL HEALTH) ECCERPTA MEMCA See 7 Vol 10/11 PiW.atrles N(m 56 2.142. ZITKA M. and PAPEZ L. 3. Int. Klin., Praha; 1. Gynekol. Porod, Klin. ratY.-Elektrokardiogram novorozence pfi prem#nL% obfhu fetAlniho v n,avorozenecky. The electrocardiogram of a newborn at the time of transition from the foetal circulation to the c i r cu I a t ion of the ne w bo rn PEDLAT. LISTY 1955. 10110 (750-756) Graphs 6 studied by an ECG immediately post partum after the first The heart function was cry, then after pressing the umbilical cord or after the spontaneous termination of the umbilical pulsation. The ECG was taken only in cases of spontaneous delivery of hPalthy and mature newborns. There were recorded 3 Standard.leads and in some cases continuously only lead 1. Twenty E(::Gx are described In full detail. Immediately after birth, before the first cry. and with the umbilical cord still Fulsating, an accelerated heart rate of an average 150/min. and a slight sinus arrhythmia were registered. The P-wave was positive in practically all leads. the pattern of the wave normal but of a shorter duration than In adults. The Inter- %%I P-Q does not take more than 0.12 sec. . in most cases only 0.09 sec., the Q- vrave was rarely present in lead 1, in leads U anti III the Q was expressive. The R- wave was low in lead 1, in leads It and Ul high. The !ength of the QRS wavered between 0.04-0.07 sec. The interval S-T was shortened; slight deviations, less than I mm. above or below the iscelectric level. were frequent. The T-wave was C-6 -A ---- M limh 1paria- in lo2d III frPntiontiv lnvprted.' CZECHOSLOVJUM / General-Problems of Pathology. U itllergyi Abs lour: Ref Zhur-Bioltp No 110 1958, 51502. Author : Zelenka, V., 2"itka, M., Tirasek, X, Inst : Not given. Title : The Effeot of Cortisone and Sodium Salicylato on the Course of Anaphylabtio Shook in Guinea Pigs, Investigation of Elootrooardiographio Changes, Potassium and Lactio Aoid Content in the Myocar- dium, of Quick's Test, Lipoids and Vitamin 0 in Guinea Pigs. Orig Pub: Casop. lokaru oeskyah, Z957, 96, No 48, 1354- I,zr,a ZITKA, M.; DVORAX, L.; KOU1131KA, Z. Cardiovascular disorders in tick encephalitis & virus carditis of,un- known etiology. Gas. lek. cesk. 97 no.191588-59) 12 PAy 58. 1. 111. interni klinika KV, prednosta akademik J. Charvat. Adres autora M. Z., Praha 2, U nemocnice L* (MYOGARDITIS, case reports viral myocarditis of unknown atiol. (Oz)) (ENGEMLITIS, EPIDEMIC, compl. cardiovasa. din. in tick-borne encephalitis (Cz)) (CARDIOVASCUL&R DISFASES, etiol. & pathogen. tick-borne encephalitis (Cz)) XANDRAG, M.; HACH, 0.; STUCHLIJODVA, Z.; DOITION, A.; ~,11~111A. M Axcensive oL-ketoglutarate excretion In the urine; a r.Vv .netabolic' abnormality: Cae.-lek. cask. 97 no.47:1477-1482 21 Noy 580 1. Iaborator pro endol=inologii a metabolisms, III. interni klinika KU v Praze, prednosta Omdemik J "-of CMrvat. K.: K. j Praha 29 IV n6mocalce (GUITARATES, in urine excessivet *',-ketoglutar~te excretion as metab. abnorm. Oz)) A13OLIC DISIASM (M3T Sama) ZITKA. V.I.; SOBRA, It Notes of secondary energy processes In spark dixeN11rass. Obakh.fis. %bur. 3 no.2:171-174 is 13), :jXTRA 7s6) 1. Institut takhnichookoy fisiki,:Praga. (Electric spark) AZUSIENISI A.; JASEVICIUSp V,;.JUODOKAS ' A.1 JUSKA, A.; NASNAUSKAS~J.: PUCINSUSI A.; STRAIMp V.; ZDMIAVICIUS, K.; ZIUMIGIUS V.m. ,--kTAVEIIASp P.,, prof., red.; PABREZIMIEt A., takhn. red, (Stellar skT] Zvaigzd.etasis dangus. Vilniusj Valst~bine poli-~ tines ir mokslines literaturon leidyklas, 1961.' 113 P, (kUU 15.3 (Constellations) T. 1)A36.66 ACC NR, AP6024772 SOURCE CODE: CZ/001A f3/000/007/0245/0246 AUIHOR: Zednikv Robert; Zitk ORG: none TITLE: Automatic recording of the responses of sendookuatcW!, di*ices and wia.'M of th4: BAK II recorder SOURCE: Sdelovaci technika, no. 7s. 1963, 245446 '~'TOP :11 recording XG.TAGS: recording equipment, semiconductor electron tube/BAK; equi*ant ABSTRACT: The article describes tte principle of automatic recording.with the PAK TT fnr rintarminino rnnl AR noMmat. tha rq+.Ad mrAwAb%ra nt iimn4nnnAii&&.e%"w i/01 :Z/632/60/01.0/0 9X)30 E073/9335 ATYPHOR: Z2'tko, J., Engineer TrrLE' -6n the Development of the Cbemical-engineering Industry* in Czechoslovakia PERIODICALi Strojfrenstvl, 1960, Vol 10, Nr 7, pp :54,,, 546 ABSTRACT: The volume of equipment to be produced for the chemical industry is to increase to an extent which wi~~: require great efforts to fulfil delivery. Some, idealbf the increased volume of such equipment can be gathered from the graphs, Figures 1-3, relating to the scheduled increase in the Volume of production of the Czech chemical, industry. The author emphasises that to-meat; these ^Aauirements and to produce t.he necessary Z/03 2/60/010/07/01 9/03C On the Development of the Chemical-enginEO~140jgd ee 9 vistry. in Czechoslovakia in the manufacture of ammonia. Figure 4:'showsj'a partial view of the one million-ton ~capai~ity oil:refinery, Homs Srylffa, Czechoslovakia; this refinery was put into operation within 27 months of signin"r' the contract. Figure 5 shows a photo of the benzol washer and the coolers in the chemical part of.the coking plant of NHKG. Figure 6.shows a modei of low-piessure oxygen equipment for producing 5 000,m A of oxygen or96-98% purity. As the most important achievements the following are mentioned: works for producing synthetic rubber;- the Slovak ni 'WI k8 (a combine for trogen or producing ZITKO, J. Our experience with WLginal hysterectomy In women ovar 60. Zdrav. vestn. 33 no.12077-378 t64 1. Klinika za zenske bolezni in poradnistvo v L~ubljnni (Ravrateljt Prof. dr. Franc Ilovak). C~dchoslovakj.a cf,.tcgopy Chemical Te,;bnology. Chemical Producto akid Their Applicatiens-Generul 'Abs. Joilri Ruf erat "ibur-Khin. No 3.1, 1959, 38831 Author Zitka, J. In's t i r, ut 7-70-r-gry-ft a 12 It 1 Problems Which the Ohesical, Equipm.1ftat 14dustry Must solve to Aceure the Development of,the ChamicAl Iaduatry Orl,r Pub, Strojlrenulvi, 3, VO B. 561-562 (1958) A'--),ri t r:-,. c,, bNo vbdtrac~t. C ZECHOSLOVAI,%'TA UDC 617 541 -001 -06,~. 816 SPACEK, B.;_ZjUJQJL4.Znstitute of Clinical and Experiment 4al Sur- gery (Ustav hlinicke a Experimentalni Chirurgie)., Frague,,Direc- tor (Reditel) Prof Dr B, SPACEK, "Importance of Prolonged Artificial Respiration in the Treatment of Closed Chest Injuries." Prague, Casuis Lekaru GeskXchp Vol 105s No 20, ;2o I-Jay 66p.zPP 5W - 54 77- Abstract jutliors, Enp,,Iish sui-mary modified.,7: Two eases of block. rracturi;s of the sll-eleton of the chest with paradoxical respira- tion and severe respiratory insufficieney are described. Both* patients recovered completely after prolonged artificial respira- COUNTRY CZ FX3 L U S L U V A V.. T 1. I., El'u" IV, p Iz Uher(Ar;~!l TH:10ir"O.Olvy, cf-4mica) Prorbic-tv and Their Nr. GoDL-tine* J("UR. ~L9591 11704 7 T,7 r, 0 1,~ . PU lllhotcjm,~tric Dn-bermin"Jion zf UP fltv!tinm EuA Pe;int f3r Tanninp kVenti! in lccorr).e.nae- w j. t1,, the Tcxpeinfh&l I a Mp thad -j,.vc-vtjr jq~;J, J.P., No i?, F! -.542. To F)~' tanHtItc- soli)tion &re ttad'ell 0.7ml of solutam., ol, i n'lircoft-l-millo 0)f '~~Ml Of (P.6?v. in IflOwl), #(,~kter un to ZITKO, V.; VALENTOVA, J. Biochemistry of paprika preparation. IL Dynamics of the pigment content during the fading period. p. 234. CHEMCKE ZVMTI. Dratislawt, Czechoslovakia. Vol. 13J. flo.:Io Apr. 195�. ZITKOp V.; ROSIKI J. Tann'hi-geletin reactipu from the vieupoint of the theary,'of reaction of small molecules with-pacramoleoules. Coll Gz' Chom 27 no.9:205$-; 2068 S 162. L-Chemischos Institut, Slovakische Akademie der Wisseneamften, Bratislava. ,A CzEclio",L OVAK'r J; ZITKO, V; BAUER, S; Y.UB&LAP J institUte of chemistr 1. Slovak AeadeM7 Of Sc"' on,005's. 11 3, Bratislava n 0.0. !Iovnlr fame , coilp-6t'1,211 01,10 >~ I Prague., "1 p -;~%r3, m 9 P ZIT 0 Vladimir inz.; ROSIK,,Jozef, inn# Reaction of pectiii vith gelatin. Part 3s Pr"ipitation of pectin by gelatin. Chem Z'vosti 17 nooltl4,20 J& 10 Chemitloy ustav, Sl(menska akademia vied, Bratislava, Dubravska costa. . . . . . . . . . . . ZITKO, Vh~ Lmir inz. (Bratislava, Kollarovo namesti.2, Ghemiaky pavilon Slovenska v_vo0a skola technicka); ROSIK, Josef, inz. (Bratislava, Kollarovo namesti. 2, Obomicky pavilon, Slovenska vysolka skola technicka) Connection between the aging of gelatin solutions and.their coagulation by tannin. Chen zvesti 15 no.61419-427; Jo 161. 1. Oddelenie glycidov 9. biochemie, Chemicky ustair Slovuftskaj akademie vied, Bratialcya, T. 31124-66 ACC NK, AF602M6 SOURCE CODE:,- CZ/0043/65/poo/03210931/0935 AV-JTHOR: Ro3ik# Jozef--Rosik, Y. (Eiigimer-; Britislava)j'=~,qj_ (Engiml� Candidate of sciences, Bratialava); Kubala, ORGi Cherdoal Institute, SAV, Bratislava (ChamicV batav 910"ns6j!~ 6 Ilie4r TITIZi Separation of a1dubiurionic acids-on an anlort. exch4nglir t Chord,oke zvosti, no* 12# 1965, 931-935 TOPIC TAGS: anion, ion exchange, acetate, acetic acid, cheridoal separation, carbohydrate ABSTRAM Sep' aration on a strongly basic anion exchan , ser Dowex TX6 in the acetate form by meains of olution with acetic acid was:: ZITKO, Vladimir, ins... C.Sc.; ROSIK, Josef. ins. Reaction of the peotia with gelatin. Part 4t Effect of tannin on the reaction of pectin with gelatin. Chem ttasti 17 n0,.2: 109-117 163. 2. Chemicky ustav,, Slownska akademia vied, Bra~islavajr Dubravska cesta, ZITKO, V.Iadimir,, inz.-, ROSIK,, Jozef., inzo Reaction of pectines with gelatine (2), Umposition or. peatino and gelatine complenoo Chem zvesti 16 ho*6:47P-481 je v62. lo Ceskoelovenska akademie ved) Chemiolq ustav slovenskmj akademie vied., Bratislava, Adresa autorovp Bratislava..) Nollaravo namest-- 2., Chemicky pavilon, Slovenska vysoka skola technicka. ROSIX, J.; V --j-L VASATKO,, J. Fractionation of patine substances on DEM cellulose. Coll cz Chem V no,5sl346-1350 IV 162. 1. Chemisches Institut, Slowakische Akademie der Viesen-schaften, Bratislava~ ZITKO, V. "Slab5tances accompan-ying pectin. I Qualitative determinrAtions.": CHECMICKE ZVESTI, Praha, Czech oslovakia, Vol. 13s No. 5s Mix)- 1959. Zin-.0, V. TECHODOGY Periodical CIDIICKEIZVESTI. Vol. 12, no. 9, Sept. 1958. ZITKO, V. Colorimetric determination of theftnal point in the, Litration of tanning ~ materials by the Lowenthal method. P. 533. zrrKo. V. "Determination of capsaicin. Reaction of capsuicin urith p-diazobenzenasulfonic acid. P. 590 (Chemicke Zvesti) Vol. 11, no. lo, Oct. 1957 Pragile, Ckechoslovakia, 2 I.J 111111111910110119~ Ecgo8LOVAKTA. z C ZITKO ROSIKO Jp; IstitutiD of the 310'v8k of Sciences# Gheraical 11 - (f or all) BratislSva Prague# t 3at ions pp 39 14 7, Jal 6:), of of tt" Uy). varizas ~X,4dl of ca. ZrYXO, Vladimir WSIKO Joseft inn*; VASATKOp Jozefj "eiiik Reaction of pectin with gelatine Part lt Factorm influemoing the: flocculation of pectin emd gelatin ccmplemeo.,Mem STeati 16 no.3:175-185 Mr 162# 1, Caskoolovenska akadmnie ved, Chemicky ustav SlOVQq&Gj akadmie vied, Bratislava, Adresa' autorovc'RntiellLvaj,.Kollarovo: nam,2, Chemicky pavilon.. Slovenska, vysoka skola~technioka. ZITKO, Vlaftnirinz.; ROSIK, Jozefo.inz.; VASATXO, Jozefo ukademik Detemining the galacturonic acid. Chem,zvesti 151na.11/12: 89)-894 R-D 161. 1. Ceskosloverska akademie vedp Chemicky usta4 S16venskaj aksidemie vied, Bratislava. Authors' address: Bratislaya.. Kollarovo ramosti.2, Chemicky pavilon, Slovenska vysoka skola technicka, 14- ZITLANADZEI E. S. . I "On Certain Problems Concerning Eigenvalues for Non-Linear Operators in tb~ Hilbert Space," Dok. AN, 53, No. 4, 1946. 9 i 0- i i i i i i i i i i i-i iv a 0 41 h It 11 It, Is -1-H 1L. joll Ix 00, Poe Via of cmb u4 W" mubiwo (or oatW& Wks f4c a TA*Awv Amo 0 Zil" NZ!l M11,141 lemoija WOR. Press. Tovw. 10. 1031); CUM& & ~-It wu fmW AM by cumblaUgi cawist with tho orlow C-adeandw =ur . Aldis Was: 0t at notl tuod Wdo a vtwlb &WWA IN a Jul qAywfwd. A cap4 22, ltnpm4 W fid and vWl of tine: can be ad"'. 60 of see MA 0410096*0*00406 0 0 i ; i iiZ F. ~ . i atv "1 61 a, :~._F 41-fl, IF 4 11 it If 4 is It 11, ~m i9i It a a Is A m itm j 'W - - M~1~ fto-A 140 a0- 411, 0 - ------- - --- - Attittims of asirm" on dw&bWty of dyeing. 11 11 VIRwit.)v Aq I" ImsfiN ttkstd. Po-, I tirw. 1430, No 4- 6, In A - V%t,t 1,1v*c 14.4 -01111 utinwithwalerre-MI14111014 1f)'" 1WlI*rIIWfcvri.,SIhtIi4jIIl with 3 substantivv m4orst slumtWtlat Intv"kalfim ilicllla~...l tilt- (111rhi'llipt 0 tilt, The riplanstim offerrd for t MW libenomemn. *hkh ctmtradic(i 11, Kum).11*3 awiti,,11. so i- that fbeelye iv able to pent-Irate d"pee into tilt thickilt,% of the is b3r mermitatiort. 0- Tm.slim goo 00 0 Av 0 AD VIA it it U 0 46 -W 4w 40 V 3 V*vIal e LWTES. S.9.; ZITLER, T.N. Weet of diet on the concentration of. lipids and:glycogen in tho liver In experimental toxic hepatitis* Vopemedekhtmo 41148-160 152,, (min n:4) 1. SkeperimentalInaya laboratoriya kliniki lachabnogo pitaniya Institute pitantya AMR SSS, Moskva. (DIET IN DISFASS) (LIV12-:-DISEASRS) (SUGAR IN THE BODY) (LIPID METABOLISM) Os (Moskva) Gastric juice secretion in dogs fed minced food.of different grades (with summary in Inglishl. Yop-pit. 17 no.2-.54-60 Hr-Ap 158. 1. Is laboratorii fiziologii i patologii pishchavareniya (Sev. doktor meditainakikh nauk VA.Gubarl) Klin'iki 149chabnogo pitauiya~ Inatituta pitaniya AMY SSSR, Hookwo, (GASTRIC JUIO, secretion. off. of minced food diet:on d*o (fts)) OOD, minced fooi diet, off. on gastric juice seer6tion in: dogs (Rue)) ZITMAMS, I. WOO--MMMMft GENERAL PERIODICALS: VESTIS, NO. 8j 1958 ZITMANE, 1. Material on blochwalo; reseateh in a1bw4n-vItmdn preparation obtainod from the -Terusalen artichoke. 'Saportl..: COM- paring data about the yeast ToMIU utWp obtained in hydrolysis of Jerusalem artichoke stalks and the chemical content and bi6logical value of Ogggtg Cett d�ilg* Pe 0* ZITMAIM, 1. L. Candidate of B101 Sci (diss) "Sam biochemical investigations of the protein-vitamin complex obtained from the Jerusalem artichoke". Rigap 1959. 25 PP (Acad Sol, Latvian SMO Inst of -Experimental Mod)p 220 coplon (KLj No 22p 1959,, " 1) ZITHO, Antinuclear factors and their relation to the activ.1-11',jr and aggression of ey8tmic lupwi ~~,r~+,hematomis. Ctw. Iek. cook. 103 no.199.51.5-;:219 HA c~,t,~rob 7 FILestanoch; riaditelt doe. d- ZITNANp D.; SVECI V.; NIVEL G. Incidence of the M ]~nenomenon In systemic lupuB erythmatos= and other collagen diseases bas-A on longitudinal observations for several years. Bratisl. lek. liatT 2 no.1t4-7-59 'Q+ 1. Wskumny ustav rGumatickyah chorob r Plestanochl vedu*iz doe*+,* MUDr. S.Sitaj. EXCERPTA PIM,"A 3ec 9 Vol 13/1 Surgery Jan 67, FAMILIAL CALCIFICATION OP ARTICULAR CARTILAOCS i. Mnohopo~eln,'x familigrna kalcifikicia artikuldrnvuh ehrlipiek - lithan D andSitaj S. Vyskumn. Ost. lieumattckychChi)i-.,Iliestantk]F--,"MIN PRI.I.: LEK. LISTY 1.950, 38/41,217-228)'111u9. 7 A clinical and radiological analy8iH is presented of 3 cased with multiple tion (if the hyaline and fibrous cartilages of joints arul intervertebral discs. Atteri-i Ition is called to the familial character of this Syndrome. Vie discitso might, on the basis of characteristic changes of the joints, be convidered aivindependent nosological entity which has its jwculiar clinical manire Stu I ions, reminiscent tl:)* a certain extent of inflammatory rheumatic affections. (VI. 9, I'D). SITAJ, S.; ZIE~Q.ID.; TfOJAVSKA, Z.; VAL$IK, J. Study on familial outbreaks of alkaptonuria anti arti.oular chon&ocal- cinosis. Bratial. Lek. Listy 1#2 no.3:129-135 t62. 1. Z Vyskwaneho ustavu reumaticky-ch chorob v Piesta~och, veduai'doc, MUDr. S. Sitaj, a z KFitedry antropologie a genotiky'Prirodavede6kaji fakulty Univerzity Komeniskeho, veduci prof. J.'Vals1k. (ALKAI'TONURIA) (JOINT DISEASES) (CARTI;IAGF,) (CALCINOSIS) ZITM,Do;SITAJ,S. - Chondroealainosia polyartioularls (familiarls); roentgonologi*al and clinical analvais. Cesk. rentg. 14 zw.1927-34 F 160. 1. V.,~bkuzw ustav reumatialwch chorob# 'pobooka Piestany, vad=i doc. dr. S. Maj. (CAWIFICATION) (JOIHTS die.) NIVIIL,06--t KOSTIL,D.; ----- --- -- .SkUgraphic findings in the locomotor system in ganeralized lupas erythematosumo Cesk. rentg. 14 U'o.1:44-48 7 160. 1, Vyekuuy ustay rommatick7ch chorob, pobooka v Piestanoch, veduci doo. Mr. S. Sitaj Rtg addelenlis OMM Plestemy, pred- nosta MUDr.'D. Zostka. (LUM AUTMWATOSUS radiography) (MLTRUITIM; mdiogr,) RUTTL, S.; ZITRO. D.; SITAJO S.; KINDIRW. S.; VIJM#.G. Treatment of progressive arthritis with Intra-articular admiuistraction. of hy4roeortisoae. Polskie arch*: iaed.. Wawa. 25 no.6&:1207TI228 1955. 1. Z Zakladu Doewleftsalnego Chorob BooAktranwell filim, V Piestanach.919rownik: too. dr. S. 3114J Tl=acsyl dr at. Rofticki. URTHETIS. MMMTOID, therapy bydrocortitotte, intra-iwticular adalapt (PiM (ADMMAL CORTU, horsones bydrocortimone, ther. of rhous. arthritis,:Intra- articular admin.. (Pol)) SITAJ, 8.;.I~Tk D.b Diffuse articular chondrocalcinosis (Obserwatiow OW16 cases)II: Med. intern., Bucur 12 no-911429-1433 S 160, 1. Lucrare efectuata In Institutul do reumatologie, Iliestanyp z R.S.Cohoslovaca. (JOINTS$ diseases) (C=IFICATIO10 KASTAX, Vendelin; ZITNAN9 Rudolf Age dynamics of some fish helmintoses. Biologia 14 no.12:940-944 159. (EEAI 9:7) 1. Helminfologicky ustav Slovenskej akademie vied, KoBice. (WORMS, INTESTINAL AND PARASITIC) (FISHES) (PARASITES) CZECHOSLOVAKIA Helminthological I 'nstitute, Slovak Academy of Miences (Helmintologicky Ustav Slovenskej Akademie Vied), Kosice. "Monogenoidea of Fish Living in Rivers of the Tisalowlands+, (Helminths of Fish of the Tisa Lowlands of Czoehoslovakia.).l." 13ratialavas 131oloflias Vol 21 ~o 9, 1966, pp 661 1692 Abstract: 41 species of Dactylogyridao, 1 of Tatraonehidae,.l 5 5f Gir act7lidae-, and 13 of Discoootylidae are de~cribedx and their hosts, ident ied. 696 f ish6s of 44 Species were examineci~~ if . ZITIVS5KY, B. Experience acquired in the resean,,h Institutes of the USSR. P. 324. (ZVARANIE.) (Pratislava, Czechoslovakia) Vol. 6, No. 1.1, Nov. 1957 zy FI r s f, C~.~,rrc;sica coiiferQr1,,,,e on ;rcte(~t,irj:k Vf bjidi:io c0il"itru'rUcli, 296. vol. 4, no. '?/10, k-t,,t, 1955 Cz~,chrslovakia 14,5H C JD L 311 XCE33TON INII: AP502689-3 CZ/ 0054165100010061045110431 AiI'40R: Zitnansig, R. (Engl-inor) - Tip r no ',-"'TC TAGS ~-orlvor~ 17LIfupIz acId, !!hp!Ir1o_tI 'abIrli-atory NCT : Th- ;,pP.I*,Cat',C,n "lass 40c .14 a r7~ ,-, rra ~ - - ; :.dl , - ~.- . : : '~ L .. L ~ ; L , , , 1, , ~ . , !I ~ ~ I ~ :: !i 's , 1 . . -.1 1 -1 1 - I - Et I I I T T -tin INTr% ACC NR, AP6026631 SOU~ICZ' CODE: CZjOOY~/W/OWjUU9fV~bYjUZfZ AUTHOR: Zitnansky, Bohundl (Candiaato of sciences) OIV- 'Utdc1ig Resoarch Instibito, Bratislava .(VyO, ~A'.*'Ww6aasky) T1411 Racovory of 99y)or from sulfuric acid .L_ -y Mnicko listy, no, 269-Z?2 4# 1966s pickling, olectrolytic depositiono copM, cvx"nt dMaity A B .15 T M C TThe author auggests an electrolytio method ror the re~- generatIon or copper pickling solutions, Ou cmn~:be recovered b* tho process even when substeLntial amounts of Znji Yes and Hn are in the solutions The nualitv of the ree6verod Cu is a. I I III AT I I P 111111111 1 -li. ....... . ..... 121MMSEE-141, inzi SSBESTIAfij, I, inz, Examination of thermodlynamic properties of mews, Zvur ,~;-Vbw 10 no.2:24-255 161. 1. Vyskumny ustav zva3?acnkys Bratislava. L 34163--66 EWP(t)/ETT IJP(C) JD ACC NRt SOURCE CODE: AUTHOR: Zitnansky, B. (Engineer) ORGi none TITLE: Apparatus for copper recowry from highly diluted picklir% Golutione of pop- per in sulfuric acid SOURCE: Hutnicke listy, no. 3, 1966, 227 TOPIC TAGS: pickling, sulfuric acid, metal1urgic machinery, copper, electrolytic refining ABSTRAU!: The article is a aumnary of Czechoslovak Patent Ap-, lication- Maas h0a. I /i A. PV q78A-61L. dared 20 0ot; 611. The in- ........ . ...... ... ZIT,WSKY, B. Use of radiasotopes and scintillatioa counters in studying thle diffusion-in metals. P. 511 ZVARAGSKY SBOELNIK. (Slovenska. academie vied) Bratislatra, Cz,echo'slovakia. Vol. 8, no. 4, 1959 215631 Ito t, 14 1 Z/046/61/000/002/004/004 DOO?/DlO2 AUTHORS: titn'ans Engineer, and 6ebestian, I., Engineer TITLE: A study of thermodynamic properti Ie13 of~metals PERIODICAL: Zvgra6sk~ sbornik, no. 2, 1961, 242-255 TEXT: To determine the thermodynamic constants of multi-component steel systems, the VfJZ in Bratislava conducted experiments with the isotopic-exchange method as worked out by A. A. Zhukhovitskiy and ~T nrlrl mmii-ri-ed bv L. I. Ivariov 'of the Institute of A study of thermodynamic... 25631 Z/046/61/000/1002/004/00.4 DOO?/D102 the acceptor and the donor., 'the specific activity of the,gaseous phase will be only,one-half of the specific activity of the solid phase of the donor, so that ;m isotopic dilution of 506 takes place during the isotopic exchange. The quantity of evaporated atoms is -then Aa 0. 5A (10) where A is the solid-phase specific activity of the donor and'Aa A study of thermodynamic ... determine the evaporation rate. At first, the quantity of radios" ~ isotop6s deposited on the acceptor increases linearly. Subsequently, it gradually decreases due to the obvious change of' A t the effect ' of diffusion processes, and the reverse flow of radioactive atoms ~ from the acceptor to the donor which increases with increasing accep- tor activity. In -the tests, this reverse flow was reduced to a ne- gliFible minimum by repeated electrolytic removal, of tho acceptor acti,vity. The method was used to study the evPnnrn+4-- ---- __ - A study of thermodynamic... 2563- z/o46/61/000/002/004/004 DOO?/D102 manually controlled. kfter electrolytic removal o.f'the~.entire accep-' tor activity, the individual elements were separated by the carrior or ion-exchange method, and determined with scintillation counters of Czechoslovak and Soviet production. A total. of 42 opecimens was . tested and the evaporation rates were investigated for teven tempera.- tures in seven t -ime intervals. Since the sublimation temperature AH~ Is closely related to the binding energy of the crystalline lattice, the tested materials can be arranged according to their established thermodvnami(,, stability in the following seouPnn_A- [fill g5633. ~Z/046/61/000/002/004/004 A study of thermodynamic... D007/D102 the isotopic-exchange method -to determine the proper concentration e -he required in a given material of alloying elements which guarante t properties of alloy steels or metals in general. Furthermore, this method permits a relatively rapid m-examination of entire alloy . s7stems so that improper or uneconomical alloying elements can be eliminated a-ud scares or expensive alloy metals replaced by less ex- pensive ones without affecting the required thermodynamic stability of a given material. There are 8 figures and 3 tables. (Abstraefter! note: Although indicated in the text by numbers in brackets, biblior xrr_~hic references are not listed at the end nf *1,- -4-4 -'1 -*1 Ill mVit [Vill Mil 1111111 a ZITNMKYI P9humil Wi 1wicho inz. inz.; SEMSTL Scintillation gamma ispectrometrie microanalpia. Hut :Listy 17 no,8:582-585 Ag 162. 1. VyokwmV ustav Ovitracaky, Bratislava. SEBESTIAllp Imrioh Determining titanium and tungsten by gamma spootromotry. 18 no.4:274-276 Ap 163. Hut listy 1. Vyskumny ustav zvaracsky, Bratislava. Z/034/60/ooo/on/oo3/015 E073/E535 AUTHORS; iit'ansIs', n ghumil.and Sebestian, TITLE: App~r'atus for Studying the Thermodynamic~Constants . of: Solids - Isotope Exchange Method PERIODICAL: Hutnickt listy, 196o, Nolh, PP*951-955 TEXT: The use is described of a method based oil isotop6, exchange between a radioactive donor and a non-radioactive acceptor, both made of the same material, for determining the t!iermodynamic , constants of metals. The donor is made radioactive by irradiation in a nuclear reactor. The radioactivelayer formed on the surfacel of an acceptor during the tests due to isotope exchange. is electrolytically removed and subjected to partial or total isot,ope. Z/034/60/660/01.2/005/015' E073/E535 .Apparatus for Studying the Thermodynamic Constanta of, Solids Isotope Exchange Method .as terminating the test the specimen should be coolod,as, quickly~ possible (in about I min), at least to a temperature~range which can no longer influence the thermodynamic process. .All the specimens: under investigation must have an equal or an exactlyidotermined temperature. s are,fulfilled by the,~furnace These-requirement described in the paper. It can be relatively e46ily nufactured, T-a using any available vacuum equipment. The receptacle~should~,have, a diameter of about 300 mm and a height of about*300 mm,,into'which two steel leads have to be introduced with a current carrying cavacltv of 100 to 200 A. These leads can be water-cooled; they, z/o34/6o/ooo/012/005/015 F,073/E335." Apparatus for Studying the Thermody-namic Constan,ts of~Solids:-; Isotope Exchange Method an oil-filled container inside a dewar vessel which. Is maintiiined at OOC by means of melting ice. The thermocouples.,~3re,conn4c~ted, to a 6-channel recorder; parallel to this recorder a precision - laboratory compensator is connected and zero deflectIon,of the mirror galvanometer indicates temperature deviations. of + l*C. The temperature is maintained with this accuracy by continuous manual regulation of a variational. transformer. After dismantling, the components used in the furnace can be used for any other vacuum work. The instrument was produced from the vacuum itustrument HBA-l manufactured by Carl Zweins,--yona East Germanj. Thermodynamic Z/034/60/000/012/005/015 E073/E535. Apparatus for Studying the Thermodynamic Constants of Solids Isotope Exchange Method stability of Cr-Ni steels alloyed with tungstenli' molybdenum, vanadium, titanium etc. were studied. There ar0l. 8 figures, 3 tables and 12 referencest I Czech, 10 Soviet and 11: German. ASSOCIATIONi Vyskumny' ustav zvaraZeskyj Bratisiava (Welding Research Institute, Bratislava) SUBMITTED: July 5, 1960 26273 LI I ILI Q) 1-10 1& 4/038/61/000/004/6Q/0,03 AVIWORS.. Zitiiarsk~, Bohumil, and Sebestihn, Imrich TITLE: Radioisotopes in the study of thermodynamic stability of 8*10 PERIODICAL: Jadernh energie, no. 3, 1961, 85 - 89 The article deals with the application of the isotopic-exchange; meth- '-4--rmination of the vapor-phase pressure in multiloomponent steel bystems. ,Pntial for the investigation of the thermodynamic st-abil- 26273 Z/038/61/000/003/0W003 Radioisotopes in the study of... A201/A1261 Specimens and the radioactive atoms from the source condense on the target, while the stable atoms from the target condense on the source. Consequently, nowaight changes occur during annealing, only isotopic exchange takes place. The rate of the isotopic exchange takes place. The rate of -the isotopic exckiango, (1.61 the - radioactivity build-up on the target) is Identical with tht evaporation re-'s of t'he .steel components under investigation. Since the atoms evaporate at the same rat-a from both the source and the targ~et, the resultant activity of.the vapor p~ tase is one-half of the activity of the vapors evaporated from the source. The cirbum;.- stance that isotopic dilution takes place during the isotopic "change has b een I ~ - -.3 - -Pwo Tha Pvs4nnrq+3nn rAtr, ut ritirina -hhA 26274 Z/0b/61/000/003/C)02/O03 Radioisotopes in the study of... A201/A126 Lee his effect cannot be remedied by increasing~the disproportion between the surfe areas of the source and the target respectively, as was suggested by L. I. Ivanc (Ref. 12: Uspechi fyzi6. nauk, 1955, 57, no.,31. The authors avoided the rev'erss: flow by electrolytically removing the accumulated activity from the target after definite isot- opic -exchange periods. Even so, the reverse flow could not be 6ntire- ly eliminated, but it could be considered negligible. From the kinetic curvi.-S, the evaporation rate can be determined. The partial pressures of saturated 7apors, the-sublimation temperature and additional thermodynamic functions can be calculat- ed. The results thus obtained provide clues as to the formation of intermet4LUIC- compoands, or their decomposition at given temperatures; thermodynamic stability; 26274 Z/038/61/000/003/002/003 Radioisotopes in the study of... A201/A126 of the +emperature measurement, but mainly on the-determination of the time of Iso-'Uopic exchange. The authors used this method for the study of the thermodyna- mic stability of special chromium -r-ickel steels alloyed with tungsten, vanadivm and molybdenum. Evaporation rates of iron, chromium, manganese, cobalt and par- tially also tungsten were investigated. The radioactive samples were used for the experiments after thw short-lived isotope5 had decayed. The accumulated activity was electrolytically removed from the target in definite intervals. The removed radioisotopes were chemically decomposed into the Individual elements,and their respective quantities were radiometrically determined. Activity measurements were mm A ~ uv4 4-V, -j-+ -11 1 .+4 _- -_+- ~P r-1-1 -- I, .-A 0--J - - - -I - Z/038/61/000/003/002/003 Radioisotopes in the study of... A201/A126 p Fe I < II III Cr 11 4 .1 4111 Mn I e. Il /_ 111. It is seen that the material III tuts the be.5t thermodynamici.stability. This con-: elusion is in agreement with tkie theory of alloying steels with molybdenum and tungsten. There'are 5 figures, 3 tables and 13 references-, 4 Soviet-bloc And 9 non-Soviet-bloc. The references to the four most recent Englishlanguage publica- tions read as follows: Rodebusch, Walters-. J. Amer. Soc. Chem.'52 (1930), P-'2654; Georgescu Auslender: Procedings of InternatiQnal Conference on Peacoful Used of Atomic Energy, Geneva-7, (1955), P-.389; Chupka,'Inglkwam; J. Chem. Phys. 2r ricirlq) Z/038/62/000/001/001/003 0291/1)304 AUTHORS: httans*, Bobumilt and gobastifin, Imrich TITLE: The use of a single-channal scintillation spectrometet for radioactivity measdriments Jadernik PERIODICAL: kenergio no..1,1962, 9-14 TEXT: The paper points out several possible applic ations of scint0la- tion gamma spectrometry especially-for studying multicompoaent radio- isotope systems obtained by activation in a nuclear' reactor* It Aes- . . -,& ~%._ n-,i -.t __ ~~ AV ' - 2 - -1 -- 1. - - - - I . _i - A - 4- Z/038/62/000/001/001/003 The use of a D291/0304 the components in a multicomponent system. This method permits analyses of such systems without previous separation of the individual components which are frequently present in such extremely minute quantities that they cannot be determined by any of the conventional methods, The dis- advantage of the gamma spectrometer is,that it alsorecords-the back- groundi the scattered gasima rad iation., and the bremostrahlung caused by beta particles. The selectivity of a single-chaxinel scintillation gamma spectrometer can be considerably raised using Aarga,-area scintilla- tions or large-volume well-type acintillators, A still greater seleoti- ZITNANSKY, Bohumil; SEBESTIAN Imrich . i Gamma spectrometric determination of hafilium in zirconium. Chem listy 57 no. 5: 518-526 My 163. i 1. Vyskumny ustav zvaracsky, Bratislava. I - t I r -I I I I I III, ~ -I ,It I I I 1 1, 1 OPRAVIL, Oldrich; ZITHANSKY, Bohumil; SEBESTIAN, Imrich, Isolation of the car, phase from titanium anrl- wolfram alloyed 6hromium-nickel steel and its amalya:16 by the activation method. Chem listy 57 no. 12 t 1294-1.300 D 163. 1, Vyskwmiy ustav zvaracsky, Bratislava. . ZITRANSKY, Dohumil; IENKA, Nadazda Study of liquid penetration In 3oftened pol3r,(Inyl chloride. Jaderna energie 10 no. 3:81, Mr 164. 1. Research Institute of Welding, Bratislava. ZITNANSKY, Bohumil- Study of the chromi nd aulfur transfer into vold metals by 51 and S1951% means of Cr . Zvarnie 13 no.203-39 F 164. 1. Vyskumny ustav zvaracsky, Bratislava. 11 till L 31712-66 E'J)P(t) /ET! J J F ACC NRi 602Trif- som5e; -Cw1FT-CTj0-0W6'.5-[04 ~0/4 AUTIJOR-. Zitnana',V, Bontimil; 1forvat, S"tol"An I'Mar U.3 ORG: Research lnatil%uto of Welkling, Dratisliva Nyslmmq tav, 401, TITIZ: Forrorwnganeao AM manganoze ore in the coatings of welums electrodes SOURCE: Jadorra onorgib, no, .11, 1965, 425-428 was TOPIC TAGS: farromnganose, volding aloctrode, motal coating, radiation urement, wold technology ABOMM The article reports on the u5o of radioaotivo rianganose ih two formB, iaanganesG ore arii forromanganoso, in '.he coating of electrodas In a study of the participation of mwiganose in the formation of the weld mtal* Origs artehas:; L 00652-67 E74P (y)/TIEWP (t)/W I/NWIP (k) IJP(c) JD/104 ACC NRt AfR)27861 SOURCE CODE: CZ/0038/66/000/003/0102/0104 AUTHOR: Zitnansiy. Bohumil; Horvath, Stefan ORGI Welding Re-search In3titutej Bratislava (Vyskumny.untay zvaracs