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TRACZYK, Jan, dr inz.; ZOLCDISKI, Artur, mgr. Preliminary considerations on the mutual infliaence of the stages in axial compressors. Inst lotn prace ino.19t13-19163. KOLARZYK, %Terzyo mgr inz.; ZOLGZSKI,, Arturp mgr in:g-o Transonic compressors. Inst lotm prace no.190-12 163, -0--c~v-w -1 w N r~c WWII 4j aft7m im iff"'I OA4 fmna&A*a Ot (oft 4 dur. V 1 Ma mt-FAmomics, tile, gale 14 Offtr. A44 SO(, lp at. L" rt*j%t ~ ~ -, a $bow that vibibi (fim ttWdtte 99(womWIV W-1, 64,cmilf"AsAt) 1, Eq. diti mu m strA sl%uasfii~ N. tsium A, *a abo. tw, 0( N shigh play simmit cwai,~ij 60 Z IKIN44w 00 This $jets Is beliclvd to Owa as r"O U. dwr vittsut " attritId tvm alit bt t r (13 t d U ws u[ i C N 1 I 44 t m 11I * ; ; . dca"MuluA. tm thmic w" Q* km 14 N% Tw *0 9 11 humifiMian is acaly the mmi in thAt in hmm seN. (twit m1k. 1(cuttUkWln d 00 , : PUM mMu" is nat to W amvWmi wbAy biaL. phokuhriti, ww." a1m; villy C. 1. 00 40 J1 too 00 0, ~0001'i - go V ,k~ $ I t *EIALI.Lr~rAt LITIVAIIlPt CLAS$1J`KAjIC* stuc Go P P IF 14 M a it a I't u x 40 n 0 f w eta., 0 000 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 it 0 0 0 'foe 0 0 41 0 4.410 off. 411,0 4 41 0 41, 0 0 41 411 .0 4, 01a too wa a IRI: A HUNIGARY ZOLCZE3 KAZAR, Gyorgyp Dr, MANRINGER, Jeno, Dr, National ln~. 16'tji:~6 of Traumatology (director; 5ZANTO, Cyorgy, Dr, profe 1;sor) (ors*os Traumatologiai Intezet). IlBilateral Fracture of the Femoral Neck and Unilateral Pertrochanterio Fracture in a Patient with Parkinson's Disease* Budapest, Magyar Traumatologia, OrthoLaedia es Helyreallito Sebeszet Vol IX, No 3, Jul 6b. pages 161-185. Abstract: [Authors' 33nglish swmary modified] Fraiture of tho remoral neck on the left, 4 years later tho saw) Injury on the right and,after another year, a pertrochanteric fracture on the left was sustained by a 57 year old woman patient with Parkinson's disease. On the basis of the clinical features, the radiological examination and veno!; .,raphic studies, the transient in. portance of the vaosel of the ligamenturn teros is pointed out, on one hand, and now data are presented to verify the identical ten-: dencies of healing in the case of bilateral fractures of the femoral neck, on the other hand. Finally, on tho bassia of the oour-.1o of reoovery of the fractures, nailing of the femoral neck is recommended in the Case of Parkinson's disease as well. It is considere(I to be im )ortant, however, that the intervention be accompanied by a prlmRry Vosal operation. 1 Hungarian, 4 Westem references. IMSAR, Andor, dr.; RAMBO Gyorgy. dr.,.-, &r.; FARAGO, Istvan, dr.; NDLUR, Idito Clinical aspects and therapy of commotio oerebri. Vagyo Sebasset 10 n6,1:4-13 Kar Ve 1. A ~hdapestj Orvostudomamri Xffeten Baleseti St'b"vatt Intesetenek Koslemszqe. Tgaigatos Rubami, Pal, tanar. (BRAIN. voundu A"Inj. concussion, thero,& other clin. Wacts (ffim)) ZOLCZKR, Laszlo dr.- ZOLTAN, Janos. dri Xxtensive injury of the forehead. Vagy. sebeasset 10 no.l: 14-19 Mai- 57. l. An Orazagoa'Traumtologlai Intexat Konlamatqe Igatgato: Kudass. Joisef, dr. eMrateal tanar. (HM' wounds & inj. extensive Inj. of temporal bans with cerebral. prolapss~& open fract., recovery after plastic surg. (Hun)) Thir effict of long on, the deuky (if' wattsr In Sri oueaug ultu(Ion of S -- .44t 4,-qCA 4(dill m It - S. j~mli~ N1 f, -if 1~00 I,I:MF Mfl.r h-el-w1r. 7-s,4vtrj ','ill 0 rqp No ii. vp I i1a. 7 filp I( tabs Th, fa-zt that tore inctrase th;t d-IMPIl- o( t,llet m their e-LqrurmT-n-, an be inf"mf 'mm 11T 'n -31un-t! OCC=Mmtr when diswMng t'fm(7-1TI1" In 144II'm m in the dtok, Increar - Ay of, 'I'Mm my I,,- qt> dinta"Ce 0( 1 tri 4 A ftYm IIIIII 01,111re of C"r ii,q. Cdangm in Lh, ditt-sity of the writer %utT1J.MdiqZ 17c i:)n can lintsb1ished is function (if flLi 1Ntat."! tnr.wjj_~ fmoi the -tnt- ~f -h': ion The ahfi,1v )f -I, -tatit~. -ttof;~.-wv obt2.,,~d in 01.5 muntim f:1-f pi S,I pr a.1to T Iini, it w;Ljp:mvn 11-7111be'A-alki dim sity mr-mm!=q effect it the poofi,m iclu, inczetiLild in provol-nan to he vn~ea-,, ir -nle-. I,. e-11,bct if tlt 11hali tvieW long is roughly the!nme 111c,iffectaftuldium and putamiurn ions I.% co:~~Udtmt-,le ap ta the littilil c)j . 5 to G ~ mdiu~a sp!lere nod can even 1r: nb,.ervvf at a lxdiw; ;A, .0 A. while tile effe't is intiltMIsat 1J13 Its III,! cuq of lithium. In tilt! eVent 11f, ntlp:.ive int.r --is ~'Iiroul wrre!;Itiong Could be found 1xj-,wt-1 thrl moditi5 0the VIM Prvo .1hl jert"ity Of WZLICI, it CrAild be- e's*AM31~e:i 'm A p'tfil jhr.A th, tillnit I j;T11j',0rIl12tI In the lntre~,~ of tile rvinn of :L"e lecil. Z8LD,, E. Hung ari an CA: 47:10966 with S. UENGYrUp Do DUiJa"3 VID IM. DLRI Tecri. bniv., nudapest IlLffect of ions on We density of water in aqueoug solutUmii uf :vlectrolyt-jul." Acta Chim. Aead. &i. Hung. 3, 13-45 (1953) (Lnglinh Iwrjnmry) ZOLD, E. KISS, L. The zinc-silver accumulator; a preliminary communication. p, 93, (Magyar Kemiai Folyolrat. Vol. 63, no. 2/3, Feb./Mar. 1957. Budapust, Hungary) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EFAL) LC, Vol. 0, no. 10, October 1~57. Uncl. HUNGARY/Chemical Technology - Chemical Products and Their H-12 Application, Part 2a - Electrochemical Industries) Electroplating, Chemical Sources of Electric Current. Abs Jour Ref Zhur - 10ilmiya, No 14L, 1958, 47396 it ff Author :,JhmQ_Zold: Laszlo Kiss Inst : - Title : Silver-Zinc Storage Cell. Orig Pub : Magyar kem. folyoirat, 1957) 63p No 12) 334-338 Abstract : The Ag-Zn storage cell SH-12 is describedo Its capacity is 12 ampere x hours and its specific energy is 220 watts per liter and 90 watts per kgo Card 1/1 06, s/196/63/000/00'1/bO3/035 E021/E155 2- AUTHORS: Kiss, lAszlo', and Z61d, Ernoo TITLE 3 A metho;d for preparing a siWer-zinc cell PERIODICALj Referativnyy zhurnal, Elektrotekhnika i~enargetiko;, no.1, 1963, 21, abstract I A 133 P. (Hung. pat. cl. 21b, 6-14, no.11,8761, December 15, 1961) TEXT: A simplified method of preparing call electrodes '~is patented. Alloy sheets cut to size are assembled in a cell. 80 g of zinc powder containing 99o8119 Zn is charged into a corunAum crucible. 20 g of silver powder with ;~. ~9-5% Ag are then added to decrease the evaporation loss. After this, the crucible is ; heated in an argon or nitrogen atmosphere until the. metal is inelted. It is mixed with a corundum stirrer. the cooled alloy is rolled to the required thickness with periodic heating to prevent for~iation of cracks. The positive electrode made in this wa~ containa~ 3 - 34% 2n and the negative 3 - 37N Ag. J)uring forl"ation, tile Zn in the positive electrode is dissolved and the A9 eemaining has a spongy structure: the Ag in the negative electrode takes no part Card 1/2 s/196/63/000/001/003/03.5 A method for preparing a silver-zinc ... E021/E155 in the reaction. It forms the base of the electrode, The proposed method is suitable for mass production. ~~bstractorlIs note: Complete translation.] Card 2/2 MOORE". MAN GEOGRAPHY GEOLOGY PMCDICAL: KWARTALNIK GEOLOGIUNY Vol. 2, no, 3, 1~58 BRZOZMMA, M.: ZOLDANIp Z. Remarks on t-he stratigraphic rwge of sane type of Carboniferous magasporese pe 515* Monthly List of East European Acces3ions (WAI) L40 Vale, 8# No. 5 may 1959, Umc-lasse VA.; ZOLDIJ Istvan Mechanization of fruit azd vegetable growing. Musz elet 19 no.22: 13 22 0 164, -;C~y ;",j I I - , !Avan W~. - ~ ." t~i~-:T-TPT Uf, .- *:q.1--e,~ - ~- 0 f,4 E;eh I b I f. L-,n . z ~,~! ~- f. t.~ ~-' Agri7al HUNGARY Farm Animals. General Problems. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur -~ BlAbgiyal No 2,~1959, No. 7283 Author : Xallai, Laszlo; Ahirad, Andras,-'Zold Mikl Kovacs, Joszef; Bernus, Jones Inst Not given Title The American Artichoke (Mellanthup tuberosus L.) as a Peeding Agent. 3. The Effect of the, Carbohydrates of Artichoke Tubers on the iw vitro Function of Intestinal Micro'organisms~ Orig Pub Allattenyesztes, 1957,.6, No 2, 169-176 Abstract As a result of biochemical inv~estlgations in~ which the method of an "artifilcial rumen't was applied, the authors established that the carbohydrates of the American artichoke (inu- lin and fructose) influence the vital acti- vity of the microorganisms of the r=en more Card 1/2 HUNGARY Parri Animals. General Problems. Abs Jour : Ref Zhur - Biologiya, No 2,'1959, No. 7283 favorably, represent moro abundant sources for energy in the synthesis of carbamido fu'rca7 and decomposition of 6ellujose than carbohydrates which are predominant in pota- toes or in forage feeds (starch, glucose). B. A. Kanzyuba Card 2/2 B149[Wi AUTHORSs Laschober, Ernd, Z61di, Mikl6s TITLEz Manufacture of aluminum oxide insulators PERIODICAL% Referativnyy zhurnal. Khimiya) no; 21, 1962, 337vabstraot 21K253 (Hung. patent,.148251t September 30, 1.961) TEXT: Al 0 inoulators;as used in radio engineering industry, e.g. for 2 3 heated electron tube cathodes, occasionally suffer breakdowns at high temperatures on account of impurities in the Al 03* The authors found 2 that small admixtures of Mo (0.1 - 2%) formed.complexes vith'the impurities and improved the insulating qualities of the product. As the coloring becomes somewhat darker the heat radiating capacity of the surface ie increased. go can be introduced either as a powder in the oildinary process of' milling, or by covering it on the graine of the ceramic mass or on the surface of the shaped articles by-evaporating a'Ho-containing compound in vacuo. -Further treatment of the articles follows the usual course. During baking, Mo diffuses into the surface layer of the articles and creates a' well insulating film. [Abstracter's notet Complete trainslation.] Card 1/1 zomj, Pal, dro Repeated screening procedures in the S=eg District (1958, 1960).;~ Tuberkulozis 15 no-4:111-114 Ap 162. 1. A Sumegi Jarasi Tanacs Tho aondozo Intesetenek,(vezeto foor'vosi Zoldy Pal dr.) kozlemenye. (TUBERCULOSIS prov & control) KWISCINSKit Imejanp dr.; ZOLEDZIOWSKI,, Wojaiech,, in%. Application of petrochem3cal raw materials in agricultural chemistryj p3ntaw fractions as starting rav natex-La for the synthesis of new insecticides., Nafta Fol IS no*6tl6l-163 Te 162. 1. Instytut Prueoplu Organictwgo, Warosawaa, Borosilicnte Flass for ].,nbor~;tory equirment -iz,. Polarid. i p. 65 (Szk3lo I Cernmiki. Vc-1. 8, no. 3., Nar. Warszawo, Polond) Monthly Index cf East biropean Accessions (ErEAT) LC- Vol. 7, nc. February 19,18 ZOLEMIEWSKIs S. First mobile laboratory for routine testing of the,insulation for high volt Cage. p. 28. PRACEI Vol. 4) No. 109 1954, Warsaws Poland* SOs East European Accessions Listy Lib* of Gong., Vol. 51 No.,10,1 Oct. 1956. ZOIZI, Istvan The 435 HHz receiver. Radiotachnika 10 to.8:236 I Ag 160.. ZOLENKOVA, Te.G.; NIKITINA, G.M. Data on the orientation reflex in the early Postnatal stage of the .owr apes. Zhur. -.ys. nery. doiat. 9 no.W.5~-864 It-D 159. I '(MIRA 13:9) 1. laboratory of Comparative Ontogenesis of thei Ner~ous Systemp' Institute of Normal and Pathologied Physiolo#j U.S..$.R.Acadazy of Medical Sciencesj Moscow. (ORIENTATION) (II[FANTS (N4MRN)) ZOLENKOVA, Te.G.; NIKITIMp G.H. Formation anA development of conditioned dakaxu~i ive rotle!cex in~!tha young of lower monkeys, Zhur. vys. nerv. deiat. 10 no.2:2w-W Mr-Ap 160. (MIRA 343 5) 1. Laboratory of Comparative Ontogenesis of thd Nemus System$ Institute of Normal and Pathological Physiolog,,T, U.S.S.R. Academy of Medical Sciences, MWcow. (CONDITIOM REVIPONSE) ZOMMOVA, Ye.G.; MIRTOVAv L.N. Functional and structural features of the cereliral cortex in trauma during ontogenesis. Zhur. vys, nerv. delat. 10~no. 1:10-: 19 Ja-F 160, (ILBA 1/,t2) 1,, Laboratory of Comlerative Ontagenesis of thellervdus System# Institute of Normal and Pathological Physiologyp U.S.S,R. Academy of 1164ical Sciencesp Moscow* (CEMBRAL CORTEX.-WOUNDS AND INJUMS) (CONDITIORED FSSPONSE) ~OLETNIK, Sandor Forgeable, pressable machine parts. Gepgyartastechn 2 no.11: 403-406 N 162. 1. VIANZq4AVAG. ZOLIAIC., Ing.; GFITE."j'CU, I., jig. Some economical probAcnio connec.~nd w-Ith the des,4i of heatIng , batteries made of little w1mged luibes. Rev constr Ili mat constr 16 no.4,.190-193 AP~64 ZOLIN, A.D.; POWAKOV, V.A_, OPSh-30 hydraulic press for punching and compressing tires. Kauch. i rez. 19 no.9:41-43 S 160. (RIBA 13A0) 1. Naucbno-issledovatel'skiy institut shinnoy pronyahleamosti. (Tiros,Rmbber- -Test 11:4;) 39832 S/044162/000/007/027/100 C111/0222 AUTHOR: Zolin, A.F. -------- ---- TITLE: On the approximative solution of boundary value problems for equations of elliptic type PERIODICAL: Refera-tivnyy zhurnal', Yatematika,- no,.' 7, 1962, 51, abstract.7B249. ("Tr. 1-y Nauchn. konforontsii matem. kafedr pod. in-tov Fovolzhlya, 1960", Kuybyshev,. 1961,61-65 TEXTs In the domain fL with the piecewine smooth boundar$- F tho Dirichlet problem is approximately solved for the eqki&tion of elliptlo type alu ralu au au + b C (X. U =/(Jr. Y). for the boundary condition u r Card.1/3 S/044J62/000/007/027/100 On the approximative.solution C (P) # -)(~~C(P)f apbtclf E G where f It is proved t 1) There exists a unique polynomial U n which optimally apProxim,,.'.,j;;- the rigorous solution of tho'conaidered'problem in the metric 3(U,v) 4- U 2) the polynomial& U converge for n--~,oo to the rigorous solution uniform- n 1~ in every clo3ed domain entirely lying in S^L 3 in every closed domai& entirely lyir4T in S1 thare holds uniformly the estimation U o In n 2 nP where tho polynomial U n(%IY) Satie'iea the condition tj.(U,#) - in,(, kPA). 14PA) PNU, Pft). P, aa P /S Card 2/ 3 Iasi 3/044/62/000/007/027/100 On the approximative solution CIII/C222 It is pointed to the fact that tho givon method of sol.kition. can be-uued for the solution of boundary value problems for aquations of elliptic typo and of higher-oTder.- r 16-38-oo /t 1400 AUTHOR: F. TITLEs The Application of Polyharmonic Polynomials for the Solution~cf Boundary Value Problems for the Polyharmonio Equation PERIODICALa Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zavedeniy,. Uatematika, 1960t No. 6) pp. 82 - 92 TEM The paper treats the approzimate solution of the boiLudary value problems 2p-1 ) U U f (2) Ujr- fo(e), P-1 P-1 -1 - R)? 1r and r P-i (3) UIr YoWl 6U1r - Ti(s)' ... Ufr p for the polybarmonic equation 9 2pU P1 9U .41 31 2,k 28 d,98-1 tp y Card 1/ 7 3/140J60/000/006/006/016. CII-110222 The Application of Polyharmonic Polynomials for the 5olution of Boundary Value Problems for the Polyharmonic Equation The f and ?i are assumed to be continuous on F ; Fconsists of finitm- ly many pieeswise smooth area and bounds a simply connected region S11 9 is the direction of the exterior normal of F . The approximate solutioni are sought in the form (4) U P-1 n i+2j(ai~ coo ig + b sin W pn z z 3 i-o i-0 where g, 0 are polar coordinates of the point, and a.,,, bij are constanto. At first it is proved that the boundary conditions (2) can bo replaosd by the equivalent conditions Card 2/7 88180 3~140/60/000/006/006/0W: C il/0222 The Application of Polyhermonic Polynomials for the Solution of Boundary Value Problems for the Polyharmonic Equation for p even for p - odd UIr = *0(8) Uir- - 'P,(0) OR U) I r r '4UIr 4\ulr Y2(3) 2 UIr Tp-2(~) 2 ti (s) 9,9 41P-2 IP-211 1 --~ ~) U1r - *p-,(8) 4 Ulf- kPp-I(8) Card 3/7 88180 S/140/60/000/006/006/018: C1II/C222 : The Application of Polyharmonit Polynomials for the Solutimof Bound4ry Value Problems for the Polyharmonic Equation where -4)j(9) are certain functions which can be ezplained~by the fi(g), and (A] me-&no the larges.t integer contained in A. Then the.metric is chosen 7 in which the strong solution of (l)-(21) shall be approximated bY (4). The set of all regular (cf. (Ref. 2)) polyharmonic funations d"fined on 41 becomes a Hilbert apeoe by introducing the soalar -product 2 k k u kv (5) (1.1, V) U 4 v + do where the prime means that for an odd p the last summand io missing, and-the norm 2 )2] u V . z (4 kU)2 + do k-o r~ Card 4/ 7 BMW 3/140/60/000/006/(306/016 CI I 1/0222'~ The Applicati:on of Polyharmonio Polynomials for the Solution of Boundary Value Problems for the Polyharmonic Equation The distance between the elements u and v is the norm of its differences 2 &k 2] (9) 52(u,,v) jju_vj2 71 k k 2 3,4 ku v ds~ u- V) k-0 r Theorem 1 s The met of polyharmonic polynomials (4) ~s albeed in the!space H in the sense of the metric (9). A polyharmonic Polynomial (4) of degree * + 2(p-1) in x,y with the property thatIJU - u 2 2(u, u ecomes pn pn * minimum, where U is the strong solutiong is chosen as an approximit* 11 olution of (1)-(21). Let this polynomial be P-I n L+2j (12) QpU 7 Oos ig + aij Ain ig). ? 3 ij J-0 .0 Then the (2n+l)p parameter o(jjt 8ij must be found from the followL4 Card 5/7 ihi6 S/140J60/000/066/006/018 01111C222 The Application of Polyharmonio Polynomials for the Solution of'Bound4ry Value Problems for the Polyharmonle Equation (2n. +1 )p algebraic equations i uV #2 n u,,n o 0 -d a b ij ii T,-n, n, (J O'P-' j OIFT Theorem 2 1 The algebraic eystem (13) has a unique solutioni, i.e. there exists a single polyharmonic polynomial (12) of degree n +~2(p-l) which yields a beat approximation in the sense of the above+metri.c. Theorem 3 1 For n-*oo, the best polynomial Qpn converges unitoraly 46 them strong solution of the considered problem in rl-. The problem (1)-(3) is treated with the same achameg bnt the scalar product is defined by (17), and the norm is defined by (19). Card 6/7 ill I IN M S/140/60/006/006/006/018' Cill/C222 The Application of Polyharmonio Polynomials for the Solution of Boundsr~y Value Problems for the ?olyharmonic Equation There are 6 references t 4 Soviet and 2 French. EAbstraoter's note : (Ref. 2) concerns I.N. Vekuat Neir Metho(Is for Solvin Elliptic Equations, 19461 ASSOCIATIONt Melekesekiy pedegogicheakiy inatitiat (Helekess Pedagogical.Inatitute) SUBIUTTEDs October 14, 1958 Card 7/7 ZOLIN, A.F. Kean convergence of trigonometric interpolation POlynomialso Dokl. AN Us* SSR noo2tl7-22 158. (KM& 11:5) l.Institut matemattki I mekahniki. im. V.1. Romano-eakogo AN UsSSR. Predstavleno akad. AN Ur.SSR T.As Barymeakovym. (Convergence) (Trigonometric funa:tIons) AUTHORs Z(Ll i ~nA . ~F SbV/20-122-6,-4/49 TITLEs On the Approximative Solution of theiPolyliIirmonic Problei (0 blizh6,,,,- 1 0 _-Pri nnom reshenii poligirmoji'bhesk zadacht)' PERIODICALs Doklady Akademii naukpSSSR,1956ovol 122$Nr 6,pp 971-973 (USSR) ABSTRACTs The author considers the boundary value problem (1) PU PI 2pU 4181 2J3 OL't B-0p p (2) '1- f P-1 f uIr fo(s) P"I aP r 13 where r is the piecevise smooth boumdary~of the domsLinil As approximating functions the authoT uses polyharmonic polynomials in polar coordinates 2(1-1 upn )+J(a ij coo JOI+ bij sin JQ) W'R Card 1/2 On the Approximative Solution of the Polyharmonia Prob jem SOV,"o-'122-6-4/49 The set of all regular [Ref 2] polyh~rmonic functions defined in n is made an Hilbert spa%le by:introducing ths. scalar product& The approximating polynomial is chogen so that in the metric of the Hilbert sp4oe It - u 'becomes Pn a minimum. It is proved that for n-*o the approximating sequence uniformly converges to the .,, exact . solution of the problem. There are 5 references, 4 of which are Soviet, and 1 is French. ASSOCIATIONt Institut matematiki i mekhaniki imeni.VoI.Romanovakogo Akademii nauk Uz SSR (Institute for Uthewitics and M6cha Inics imeni V. I& Romanovskiy, Academy of Sciences ~'Uzbek SM) PRESENTEN June 5, 1956f by S.L. Sobolev, Academician:' SUBMITTEDt May 17, 1958 Card 2/2 I ZOLIN, A-*F. --------- Use of conformal napping in solving D~richlstlw prol~lsm for a : Laplace equation by interpolation. Dok'LAF,3-9 156a (MIRA 13:6) 1. Institut matematiki i mekhaniki AN UzSSR. Predetavlano almd. All UzSSR T.A. Kary-guyasovyn. (Conformal napping) (Harmonic functions) (Interpolation) /6,3000 S/140/60/000/604/004/006: AUTHORt Zolin, A.F. TITLEs A Method of Approximative Conformal_M"ykRgI.kko PMODICALs Izvestiya vysshikh uchebnykh zaredenly. 318itematika, No- 4, PP- 101-105 TEXTs The conformal mapping_of~a domain G on the uni4 circle is perfo~rmed according to (Ref. 1) by A(Z) - (z-z ,).'P(Z) where z,C G passes over into the center of the circle,, Hert, ~_,(Z) is, an entire function analytic in G, Be -in r, where 1- lo the boundary of G and r-)Z-Zol. The author approximates q)(z) by polynomials such that for' n ..'4oo the modulus le~(Z)-Pn (z)1-40 in all zr~,G, and thereby he .obtai#s a sequence of approximative conformal mappings of the domain G am the unit circle. The convergence of these approximative mappings-to the rigorous mapping is proved. The approximation of (P(z) is carried out by separate approxi- mation of Rec~(z) and Im~(z) by harmonic polynomials. The proposed method Card 1/2 S/140/0/000/004/004/006 C111/C3,13 A Ifethod of Approximative Conformal Mappi ngs proves to be~ suitable for the mapping of polygonal 4omitins on the unite circle. There are 3 Soviet references. ASSOCIATIONs Melekesskiy gosudxrstvennyy pedagogicheakiy ingtitut (Helekes State Pedagogical Institute SUBMITTED: October 14, 1958 Card 2/2 ~9LIN, A. F. Cand Phys-Math Sai (diss) "Solution of.margihal problans, Tagoikent, 1957.1 1 for the Laplace equation by th hod df 8 pp (Central Asiatic State Univ), 160 oopios (K.L, 42-59, 91) ZOLIN, A.F. Solution of the Neuman problem for the Mpla6a eqoatlon by interpolation for the area included in elipsao DokI. AN Us Ssa no.1:3-7 757. 110) 1.1natitut matematiki i makhaniki All UzSSR. Prodstavlano akad, AN UzSSR Toll. Kary~Nlyazovym. (Harmonic functions) ZOLIN, A.F. Usir~g polybarmonic polynomials for the oolution of 'boundary value problems for a polyharmonic equation. Ixv. r~a. adhob. MTo t, MA 14 -1 no. 6:82-92 060. 1. 14elekeaskiy podagogicheskiy institut, (Boundary value problemo) j;j 31 All Oil' lit 30 .13/04,19A,/000/007/024/055, 1 C 11 1/C222 AUTHORi Zoling A.P. TITLEt The solution of boundary value problems ~or the Laplace equation with the interpolation method PERIODICALt Referativnyy zhurnal.Matematika, no. 7, 1961, 48, abstract 7 B 210. ("Iasled. po matem. analizu i mekhanike v, Uzbekistane". Tashkent, AN Uz SSR, 1960, 133-152) TEM The interpolation method for the solution of the Dirichlet problim in the circle consists in the following t A harmonic polynomial is f ,ormed which on the circular periphery changes to a trigonometric polynomial aad which interpolates the function given by the Dirichlet condition. The knots of interpolation are chosen equidistantlyi If :the given function Is continuous then the trigonometric interpolation polynomial convergod with respect to it in the mean, And with the aid of the Green's function it can easily be shown that the harmonic polynomial in every inner,6ub- region converges uniformly with respect to the sought solution of the Dirichlet problem. If the given function satisfies the condition ot Dini- Card 1/z M53 S/044/61/060/007/024/055 The solution of boundary valus problems oc C111/C222 Lipschitz then the interpolation polynomial converges iunifomly ffith respect to it and the harmonic polynomial converges (iocarding to a well- known theorem of the theory of harmonic functions) uni.formlir to the sought solution in the whole circle. Analogous results arc. obtained in the case of an ellipse by choosing the generalized harmoni4 polynomials as interpolation polynomials. Analogous results are also obtainel for the Reumann's problem if the normal derivative of the intexpolation polynomial interpolates the given normal derivative of the sought fttoll.on on the boundary of the region. Some indicaO.onj on the solution of the same problems for regions of a general form are given. [Abstracter's note i Complete translation Card 2/2 USSR / Soil Science, Physical and Chemical Properties T of Soils. Abs Tour; Ref Zhur-Biol., No 21, 1958t 95699. Abstract: pressure and vapor expansion are placed., The capillaries are fastanod by plastilens to the inside surface of the vessel cover. In the case of isotonic solutions in the vessel aftd oapil- larios, the meniscuses of the solutiorAs in the capillaries do not chango their positioa. If the solutions possess moro vapor e:?~pansion in the capillaries than in the vessel, the water from the solutions in the capillaries evapot- ates and condenses over the solution or the soil in the vessel, If the solutions In the - aapillcar- ies are found with less vapor expansion, the Nmter from the solution in the vessel evaporates and condenses over the solution In the capillaries, in connection with which the meniscuses of the Card 2/41 FIII ussR / Soil Science. Physical and Chomioal Propertios of Soils. Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 21, 1958, 95699. J Abstract: solution3 in the capillaries are transferred to the direction o' the ends of the capillary. The position of the moniscuses of the solution in the capillarios is periodically observod under the i-aicroscoDe with an ocular micrometer. The basic problem of the investigation consists of the selection of such standard solutions in the capillaries as would be isotonic with the solut- ion in the vessel or with the solutiozi of the soil investigated; then, according to their de- terrained concentrations, to measQre the osmotio pressure of the solution investigated and the vapor erpansion over it, which is necessary for calculating the evaporation rate of the water. Card 3/4 OJSSR / Soil Science, Physical and Chemical Properties i of Soils., Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol,, No 21j 1958, 95609, Abstract: Exumplas of determinations are cited. Alhe sim- plicity of the m,~thod permits Its use in con- trolled soil experiments for moisturo oapaoity in the agrochomical and soil scionca lab~retor- las of machine tractor stations. -- S. A. Nikitin. Card 4/4 ZOLIN, A. I., and DUMANSKlY. A. V. "On the ACcUmatization and tiensibilization of to.Uoidal iron 4ydroxide,,, Zapiski Voronezhskopq 6-t~hia-LAp 15s 3) 1931; Koll-z, 59, 3149 1932, 7-OLIN) A. 1. Evaporation of aqueous solutions of some monot!6rboxtrlic acids and monoh~~rlci allphatic alcoholo. Mix. fIz. khim. 36 no.6-, 1699-1701 Je!j 64. 0,11PA 18:3) narlkavskiy sellsicolchozyaystvanny-y J.n8tttt.,t itauni Doku- chayeva. ,ii Will lfr thho ohm. USA too= MAI.-WO; ha*t,,. 1 34 Pd haft so t COUokw (own cd, few. due incrams the tale i 10 times at room tep& to aAkat in the iippor jayts, at the (wm, dw e* inam mpid diffm4on.: L A MVALLtA4CAL LITCOAMM CLALIUMAITCH low f1l.vjlqV--------------- CIO, 4"610 u IV a - 4T� UP it ON It 't a I it is a =00 "real Now - L_ , I - - . _ - - 1 6 1 1 1 10 it 1: Is " it :,A JL__ r-. a A 0 4 1 it 4.1 00 00 00 00 9 00 to j 411 11 *0 0* 00 . I ; I - ~~ 40 v 11 - .. I . I . * 1! W it a III -it a 14 a Or is too Of it 12~-ts Is 6 a 0 4 .a W a ~41, NJ 4, 4 0 1 _-L.A., A* j . a m Ix to _1;j -4 vvv.qs~ .00 -00 films. A- atiltdilifts ta "M (IT. S. S. tia.) So 1290,13(milmlt). 00 the I-si lo 44 tit- ulo loll Ittv 44 c, If$ in fill, porcul ow4f t1( A kroutalvitt twr A amptsullot tit 14 1141th, 11 14 %owl. moo , Ckow fildil Oka it IdJ411fir d1jr V0 h i k li 1 hi 1 1 T 1M 1--th ! f li 1 - 06 e ind r *4 n I IP I tit, r4domit 4. CI 4 qU p 11, WO thi"I, b-11111pitf 'A bultkl 0 W11 u l il I 0 o n 111C mv . i t vs~ 4 t al 4 , ' 'A 0 , Is ON 11111111ki-11% will Rome Iwitki 1 I lif 1 : 10 %4 40.ily =0 01 1141it4liti, C J., billion, hNIC411,1101 1 k tit 11111.1. 141 61.1411 14,14ift. lot OW -.6.4 14 WOOL, Vill, I- Hk 411141 COO I ~ 11, HdAil, 1114' Its 1411111od Ilk Vloll~l llutiv 11441111 (It(, tsk h the upt"I LAyts4 C4 (1w. fmill ustud I l g L ISO, 0 1 Op i ASS-ILA ARTALLIJOICKAL LITEN&TLOC LAWFICATIC44 I r Le ~Ik An s il ew u Lot IT If' 0 It MACI It 'a 411 0 0 a V 0* 0, J" Ov, 040 0 410 0 * 4111 00 00 04 0 41 0 4D 0 0 0 *00 004 0 Ai r-'s oar thim SUPPUWM the bif Was wal k. a tosts"umu the nft of ~13 _oe mts at cvWs~., won wmAkd an * sm . at dil- 406#6 txr %be uskr9awbaili a( Rea- The Omw-COOM4. '00 of wres., giscWhi 9 43-0 trw Met ff-.~ '4 takmicat, anti U"*i O".."tt mu, 4. - &W c"a IMSOM, 0( twtm 91 "mv*11k nbal &4c" Is go* t1ways Kr4fim tftm %W at *An*. 41 otufk"-ktW1,m wl~- mooz staum (it takan in evulwAr awly(ket cams.1, Tho X041 smalike A* *jda"I f4sul= CC do Itka., (k bwr it$ mte r tv of (be Tsm W VK W to (tibm eft ( A . Q to P I p s m:% l Nobts. In Md-. Wt. onst his ck4di dkeoPO br tht udcro- I cgs method of RAO only for mobsums. Per owfam-wilve abou" ft Im u*%*wvy to bstra ti k f b d dw f dtwe scom 1 th uv teat nci o cwrwc " mr g on l tpca m~ e w m. free W. a. Read ore* we* WO SIT99tive 60, ~*A lwm;64~i 441040 .0 - ------ I L f 6 lid 41 te (c It a al; 10 coo 4, 0 0 a a a 00 w a 0 0 V 0 0 0 J;' Q & 0 4?t a11 go 41 4141,606 0 11 It it (p 0, 43 a 9 a 0 0 0 &a 0 a 0 to 0 0~ 0 0 0, 0 10 00, 41 act***& 61 W711=10t kyjawl I Ififflulmmu IN lifiRMIMIRMIR YUDOVICII,, V.G.; XhUBORODOV, A.D.; SOLMEVICH, Ye.A.~ VEYTS, V.L..,, PAIMOV F.S.; BELYAYEV, A.U.; ALADIIII, 0.1.~ V.F.; .VOROBIYEV, A.I.; PROKOPYEV, YU.V.; SOLOVI:aW, Y-a.A.,- HZIMIN, A.V.; MID0111S, V. Yu. ZOLINf; A V YkTl-"'~ Yo.F. V.L.; TROFINOV, Ye.N.; 6HU61-N., Y*j'R.; KOROLEV, V.F.; KERIMOV, N~B., KRAWMENKO, A'S.-P RMIN, GURCIENKO, A,P., KRUGLIKOV, T.V.; CHERMAKO'l', Alil 1:11 POV N.K. kithors' ~ortificaten and p-it4lnts. 1013 ia-F 165. (NIMA 113~4) ZOLM, B. 1. V. M. PrIllall" V. V. I'Mallorchcal'o. 1.". 1. zolln Scientif c-Atlicirt Propaganda in the Taachft,~ FrocesI3 slikoly, No. '~, March (pliblAshe(I iii API-1-1.)) pp. 21-25 SO: Current DiGest of Soviet Press, VII:15, -9.7, 25 Llay "1;5, UnclalL31ified. PRIKLONSKAYA, N.V.; OSTROVSKAYA, N.M.; Prinimali uc~astiyo: Zs;~-A-; PANKRATOV, B.I. Efficient mixing methods for the preparation of butadiene-st~rrene based rubber compounds in the production of technical synthetic rubbers. Kauch. i rez. 24 no-4:5-8 Ap 165. (MIRA 18:5) 1. Nauchno-issiedovatellsk-ly Institut rezinovoy proinyshlennosti i zavod "Kauchuk", ~IM GA. KULAKOTA. A.Ap; IFAMMI.; MaOZOVA9 L.K.;. IDOIUCHATVA# Z*Yo.; ~~O a- Z.A.; POSMKOTA, Te.M.; SHOR, X'S".Zsims) Iffecliveness of prolonged combined antibacterial therapy of pulmo- nary tuberculosisl Klln.me4. 31" no.*12:75-& D 159. (KU 13W 1. Iz IV glavnogo upravlentya pri ministerstva zdravookhraneniya'~ SSSR (nauchuyy rukavoditall - prof. A.Te. Rabukh1n). (TUBIRCULOSIS) L t\" POSTNIKOVA, Te.N.; ZOLIN, G.A.; 4ARIMA, L.V.; NATUT&It Z.A., SHIM LMCH, L.M.; Kbakwa) 3ffectiveneve of streptouVein and PAS In treating im1monary tu- berculoals, JI-Ag 155. Onju 8110) (TUBPACMSIS, PULIOMRY', ther. PAS A streptomycin) (SMAICTLIC ACID, ther. use tubarc.puln. with streptomycin) (STRMTMATOIN, ther. use taborc.,pil. with PAS) MOROZOVA, L.N.; DC)KUCHAYYVA, Z.Ye.; Z%j!jo, G.A.; KULA.-KOVA., A.A.; NAVRATELIP Z.A.; POSTNIKOVA, Ye.K,--(MiD9Wa) Late results of antibneterial treatment of pilmonary tuberculovis. Min. mod. 40 no.1202-36 D OURA I'l 12) 1. Iz 1-y i 2-y polikliniki IV Glavnogo upmvlenlya pri 1-tinisterstve zdravookhraneniya SSSR (nauchny7 ruk6voditell prof. A.Ye. Rabukhin). ;OLIN, G.To.. agronom. Preparing building ,,a and equipment for receiving the :new crepot ilmeads. Haol.-thir.prom.22 aol;4:6 156. :(MLRA 9:9) : .Treat Krazzo4arzhirmasloo (Oil tadustrias-Equipment and supplies) ZOLM, G.Ye, agronom. Storage of sunflower seeds at oil factories of the Krasnodarphirmaslo Trust. Hael.-zhir.prow. 18 no.6:5-6 Je 153. (MMi 6:6) 1. Treat *Krasnodarzhirmaslol. (SiLnflowmr seed oil) ZOLIM. G.Te. II acti.coo for storing oil rich sunflower seede In oil 0111M of Irramnodar Territory. Ka9l.-chir.prom. 21 no.3:~-8 156. (MM 9:8) 1. Treat "Krasnodwshirmselow. (1rasnodar Territory-Sunflaver need-Storap) ZOLIN, 1. , kapitan I-go mnra ~ * - ~71 ~- ~ ~ In cities and ports of the Britiab zone. Vympel 11 ~no.9:22-23 it 148 iGermarq, Western---~ocial conditions) WRA 12--9) t"i fs fj (dapt lot Ink) Listed an Chief Editor of GovetskLy Flotp'orgau of the Kinistry'of Defense M, (concerned with Soviet wml matters.) govvtskiy Plot, )Wcowp 16 Oct 54 SOi MM 2919 2 Dee 1954 Th~- P111i -f~ Zolin, 6hevenk, lu khoz-vo, 194E, So: U-3296!, 1C, Letlopic tLnril 5~31 ~65/004/012 5/089/62/013/065/004/012 :~q, q B102/BIO4 ;A H60 H7 S~:o Zolin# L. S., Lebeday, V. Nop Salatakayat.M4 I idual f'40t. iv d TITLE: Use of nuclear emulsion-of type A(K) for individual f4st-i neutron dosimetry PERIODICAL: Atomnaya energiya,,.,v.- 13, no- 5# 1962t 467~-471 TEXT: K-type nuclear emulsions 20p thick on triaoetate backing de signed for recording protons of 0*3-150 Mev were used to check 0.15-i5-Mov neutron doses. An individual method was devised uning,a system of 13 layers: cellulose cardboard (58), Al(83); triacetate film (34-4); A.1 (27-7); black-cellulose paper (13-3); emuision backing (17.2); emulsion (6.9); triacetate film (17f 2); black cellulode paper (13-3); A (27-7); triacetate film (34-4); Al (83), and cellulose cardboard (58), The Aata in the brackets are th~ lacer thicknesses in mg1cm 2 On each side the emulsion is covered by 6 layers, arranged symmetrically, the arrangement being so chosen that the dependence of the number of tracks in ~he emulsion on the neutron energy is analogous to the dove absorbed in the biological tissue.~ This was checked by determining the contribution of Card 1h 5/089/62/013/005/004/012 Use of nuclear emulsion of type B102/~104, each layer to the total number of tracks. A comparison of the dose curves as calculated shows that in the case of perpondicaar irradiatioil and fvr E n~ 3 Mev, the curve of the layer packet lie4 higher. The calculations were verified experimentally with monochromatic neutrons (2-5, 3.6, and 14 Mev). It was found that in the 2case of perpendicular neutron irradiation the number N of tracks per cm of emulmion is equal to the calc 'ulated number within the error limit. It the case of parallel irradiation N is by 50A smaller than with perpendicular irradiation. It A rotating packet of layers is irradiated, then N in 2514 smaller than with perpendicular irradiation; in this case R(E n) agrees with the d.ose curve of biological tissue to within +_ 15%. The dose D(in rad) is -AN where Am(1.11+0.08).10-5 2, calculated according to D rad/mrek-cm- The photoemulsions were treated according to tfie NIKF1 standards, the films were scanned with an MR-3 (M-3) microscope (950X). T ,he nuclear emulsion was rendered sensitive to thermal neutrons by The presence of /2'wi'h nitrogen; N14(n,P)C14 has a C-1-75 b which decreases as E-1 t 0 i increasing R n. At 200 kev 6-1-5 mb and X.100*56 Mey# Honce this method Card 2/3 S/089/62/013/905/004/012~1 Use of nuclear emulsion of type B1001041 makes it possible to measure the total thermal and thi feat neutron dose; a Cd-filter is used to separate the two components. The 0~--background becomes important only at doses above 5 r. AA high r-intensi.ty the emulsion typesA(D), r-3 (T-3) or 9-2 (Ya-2) are used that are less sensitive toy-radiation. The track r6gresnion was studied on K-type emulsionh in a-70-day Po-Be-irradiation~& was found to lie within the orror limits. the higher the leas sensitive an emulsion to (recoil) protons. The K-type emulsion in the "correction packet" proves to be rather reliable (root-mean-square error in the determination of the"monthly admissible dose 40%)And allows, comparatively rapid scanning (65 films can be 1,peraon withini 36 hra). At present these packets are used -for dosimetric monitoring! of~, personnel in the Laboratoriya vysokikh eftergiy Ob"yedinennogo instlAuta yadernykh issladovaniy (High-energy Laboratory of the Joint Institute of Nuclear Research). Thore are 3 figures and 2 tablos. SUBMITTED: February 10, '1962 Card 3/3 MOO Fl Ai_ - - - -AUTHOR: Zoll Kirill ollf, -cb*ll,m ~l frik-Ain, V. A. U- V. M, I ~nr i: I skt" N EIV 1p r Gf A,-,,! In ~ne en p r ri: errs D -I 0 V, Scat -~yl rjz nfy soattoTiniz, ampll,:-Ae, diffir-er.. dl, :"nA~'l irn the 'bas"s of iixk.!j-.ijnerrtal! daL!L obtatned t~r tho mthors on elastic ;)d -1 7 -:47 C TP. T J~:~r C R 67q';- Ot f~AOC-- H - f=A16W amplitude by means of &n experiment irwolving regS.8-tmtion of slaut recail deuterow from a fl,-',n target of deuterated p,7,1,,,et.,K1r',.fnne C.9-0-6 ti thick, 71ne lnvestij-~nted I PF?~ "r- It J 42~ AGAGMYNOT, Tusif Abas ogly; kly LOwnulgh, A IRO A.D.t redaktor; SBTMGNLI, A.S., redaktor Isdat-o-ITIMa- [Lengthening the interval between repairs of wells] Udlinente mezhremontnogo perioda raboty skvazhin. Baku. Axerb~idzhanskoe - gos.izd-vo neft. i nauchno-tekhn.lit-ry, 1957- 39 P- (HLEA 10:9) (Oil wells--Kaintenance and repair) NUZI.--XikW~_&Ivov~iqki'SHU(IHN, Turty Ivanovich; AIGROV, A.D., redaktor; GORCHAROTO I.A., takhnichaskLy rodaktor [Pumping Jack beam Imugeral Unatnys podyeski 4-11a xtsinkov-kacbalok. Baku# Goes nauchno-tekhn. Izd-vo neftianot t govio-tcolivaot lit-srrs Azerbatdzhanakoe -otd-nio, 1954, 34 p, [Microfilm) (MLOA 1011) (Oil well pumps) IBAD-ZAM, Tusif Alikulu ogly; ZOLINg., WAR-UM. A.K~; OBLOYAO, I,P,, red,; DALLOD, AX."Te; VA"OYA, N.H., tekhn.rad. (Raising the level of ground water for IrrigmtIon and water supplyj Pod"em podzemnyklx vod dlis obvodnanila i oroshentia, Pod red. M.A.1bad-Zade. 14oakva, Gos.izd-vo ael'k'hor..Ijt-ryp 1959. 247 p. (XIRA 13:2) 1. Daystviteltuyy chlen Akademii seltakokhou.nauk Azerb.SSR (for Ibad-sade),' (Water, Underground) GIDIYFVj S,,M.; ZHARKOVSKIY, OA; ZOLINt M.L. SKS-136 explosive ahell for drill-ing second mbaftso(MNefteprom# delo, no,10s3l-34 T63, IRA,1?t6) 1. Institut geologii i rasrabotki gory-uchikh iskop&yewjkh AN SSSR i Ramenskoye otdoloni,ye Vseaoyuznogo nauchn-tepledoveltell- skogo instituta geofisicheakikh metodov razvodki. Z-OLIN ILL SHEVCHUX, Tu.I.; AMIROV, A.D., red.; GONCHAROV, tekhn. recL (Increasing the produativeness of pumping jao~4~ Uvolgohonto proiamiltolluo8t.1 dt,-4A-ov-km%A.%1ok. Bakuo Atow. Roilmlat, 1954. 26 p. (Oil well Pumps) (111 RA 16: 10) ZOLIN, M. L. Ileftepromyslovye klinoremenvye peredachl Z-Wedge-sbaped'belt drive ir, petroleum industry-7. Baku, Aznefteizdat, 1953. '342 P. SO: MontbIX-Lip't of-Ruspian.AgoossiptI, Vol. 6 No. 8 14ovenber 1953 POLIKIN, S.I., ?rof. doktor*, ZOLIM, S.N. Present state -Or7ro"I"Mon. techniques for dressing volframits, ferberite, and hubnerits ores, hul. TSIIN tavat, mato to.8:14-ZO 158, (MIRA:11:6) (Flotation) (Tungsten) KUZIKIN, S.F.; ZOLINi S.N. -; .....................1 Phenomena of the aggregation of mineral wtiodes ih the pulp's Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; tevet. met. 4 no,4:2449 061, (MIRA 14-.:B) 1. Krasnoyarskiy institut tsvetnykh metallovs, kafedra obogash-~. cheniya rud redkikh niet9alov. (Flotation) KUZ'KIN, S.F.; ZOLIN, S.M. Flocculating action of polyacrylamide compou rKIs on certain ore ulp p components. Izv. vys. ucheb. zav.; tsvet. met. 5 :no.2,45-49 ~162'~, (HIRA 130), 1. Krasnoyartkiy institut, tsvettVkb metallovo kafedra. obogasboh.oniya rud redkikh I radloaktivnykh metallov. (K.otation) (Acrylamide) KMIKIHVSv7e-, NEWMj V.P.; YAKUBDVIGHp LA.; ZOLIMI.P.N. Studying the mechanism of the action of polyacrylar4dqw flocculants. Izv. vys. ucheb. kav.; tevet. met. 6 no 4,SO4- MM 160) 43 163. 1, Moskovskly institut stali isplavov, kafedra obogashcheniya rud redkikh metallov. (Flotation-Equipment and suppltes) 701 Iff, 13 no 5. F, j %P ve Fe "On some points of the theor-j of suspensions flocculation b!( polyacrylamides.," report subuitted for 7th Intl Mineral Processing Cong, Newlark, 00~25 Sep 64. R mun n-t ti- 1 ~A kf-q :AAI E` 1!lij I lih" I I 1~1 of - A ki,~,lv 1 i-.11 Ii I ~ I! Ii I I hill I I I I I I I I IIII I I I I III! 11111111 11111111111111111111111111111 h 119111 .1111 OA ,.-3 kand,takhn.nauk; SM-TCHKOV, "-;and.U:,khn,iw1k , 7.p .-A~ , T~ Conference on optics and srmatrooco-py in th~~ German Der-.0cratit., Republic. Vest. 9-1 SS"'R 35 0 165. (XI-RA 18.lO) ZOLIN, V,F, Protective coatings of cells containing vapomof alkilins alexen4s* Izv. vys. ucheb. %av.;,,radiofiz. 7 rw.ltl83 1,64. (NIPA 17-0) 1. Institut radiotekhniki i elektroniki AN SSSR.1 BAZAROV, I-e.N.; ZOLIN, V.F.; SAYLKIIINA, M.A. Effect of protective coatings of the absorbinK cells of radio- spectroscopes with optical indicators on junction frequency in. hyperfine rubidium and cesium structures. Radiotekh. i elektron. 8 no.8:1483-1484 Ag '63. MRA i6:8) (Protective coatings) (Alkali metals) (Juretion transistors)