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KWIT111, Mikhail Nondratlyevich; AH=UV,,N.A.# oty.vid.; A100MY, M,A., red.; Z=U,_P.T.# red#; XQUATOYNT, V.I., rod.; Zffo#MXCO, N.D., red.; MIKUTr;67iA,-A.-%, tekhn.rad. (Rugsian-ftuvash dictionary of aurrimiltural tiprual Rassko-clm- vanhokil slovarl sel'skakhosiaistyounykh termtnov. Ohebokmaryo Chuvashgosisdat, 1959o 91 -p. (RUA 14:1) (Agriculture-Diotionaries;) (Ruaslan langrp-DictionsIries-Chuyash) ZOLOTOV,,, P.V.,, insh. Manufaaturs of 70-z6 spans lasing the stutionar7 method. TMnsp. stroi. 13 no,5:12-16 Vq 163- (MM 16:7) (Saratov-Bridges-Deuign and cotats4iction) (Rmcast conerste conctruction) ZOLOTOV., P. V.., Candidate T-nh Sci (diss) -- "The static Gtabtlity of certain suspendad systems". Moocaw, 11,)58. 12 pp (NIn Higher Educ usMi, mpaccw order of lAbor Red Banner Construction Engimering lust im V. V. Mwbyrheiv), 150 Wes (KLs no 22, 1959P 115) 'Ye. -.. -1 Effectiveness of aerial dusting with respect to Ixados povsul- catus P. Sch. during the first and second year after its applica- tion (1959-1960). Med. parao. i param. bol. no,2:211-212 162. (kITIA 1.5t?) 1. Iz Rostovskogo nauchno-issledovatel'skogo instituta rm-ditsinsl,-W parazitologii Ministerstva %dravookhraneniya NSFSR (dir. .- Prof* S. N. Pokrovskiy) (DDT(INSBOTICIDEY (TALITSA DISTRICT(SVERDLOVSK PROVINCIR)-TICHS- EXTRIMItATICII) ZOLOTOV R N Possibilities for developing plantations with.* a prad(niramce of the Amur cork tree in Am= Frovince. Bot, ishur ~7 no.10:1464-1471 0 162. (KM 15;12) 1. Amurskaya lesnaya opytmya stantaiyal g. Svobalfryy. (A=r Province-Amur- cork tree) ZOLOTOT, S., dotesat. Calculating sten and fare raising. Mordlot Yj no.4:24-25 AP 136. (KLBA 9:8) 1. Leningradekly korablestroitelim, institut. (Ships-Kaintonance and repair) (Load line) MOROZOV, Vladimir Ivanovicb, kand. mrA. nvuk; Ni-kolappy1ch; RABINOVICH, [Take care of your eyeg] Bereg~ te ginza. Moskva, Meditsinal 1965. 35 p. (MIR)i 18:11) 1, )IPTOV ", kk~ind. teklm. nauk i,( 9 . - - I . -_~y Dwvdon !',)r tho d*vtoirdruil-tim o," t-ho amoutir. rf I , MT 164. li.rough air distributors. Sudastroanit., 30 iio.,5j:24-25 (141-ttA . ZOLOTOV, B.S.,kand.tekhn.neiuk Calculating flooding or draining cf compartmmnts. no.4:12-15 Ap 158. (Ships) t Sudostroonle 24 (NIFLA 11:4) ICARAULOV, Aleksey Mclayevich; FRIUM. Hoisey Alefroondrovich;.7 S.S., otv.rod.; ALMSEUVA, N.Y., red.; DWIMOVIKAYA, A.A.,; KONTaROVICH, A.I.. [Shipbuilding drawing] Sudostroltellnoe abgrohenie. Leningrad, Gos.soiuznoe izd-vo sudostroit.promyshl.. 1958. 120 p. (MIRA 1300 (Shipbuilding) (MacharLical drawing) VOLIFSONp A.B. 0 inzh.; ZOLOTOV S.S,j.,)mnd,,tekhn.nauIj'* MKINg L.A. t~nzhdii; NAZAROV p G. F-- Study the hydrodynamic characteristics of (Risk tilves. Sudos.~tr6aale 27 no.3:28-31 Mr 161. (WA 14-t-3) (Ships-Ilydrodynamics) (Valves) D S/1 23/60/000/02R/0 131013 C:26 I/ // 0 A005/A()O I Translation from: Referativnylj zhurnal, Mashinostroyenlye, i960, No. 22, p. 481, # 124398 AUTHOR: Zolotovo S 8 TITLE: Comparative Tests of Madele In the Wind Tutmel ar the Department oV Hydromechanics PERIODICAL: Tr. Leningr. korablestroit, In-ta, 1959, No. 28, pp. 27-40 TM: Results are presented of the det;ermination of t1le drag coefftcl4tnt of the simplest bodies and the distribution of' hydrodyna! pressures over their surface. There were tested: round plates oriented at a right angle to the stream, spheres, circular cylinders whose axes were oriented alorng the stream, ally ellip- soids of revolution; the friction coefficienli of flat pla~tes was determined. The schematic diagram of the wind tunnel outline Is pritesented with the sizes of the main components, and Its characteristic is described. Graphs ol' the investigution results are given. There are 6 references. A.L.V. Translator's note: This is the full translati.on of' the original Russian abstract. Card 1/1 ZOIDTOV. B.S., kand. takhn. nauk. lxperimantal investigation of thet hydrodynamic characteristios of kingston valves. Sudostroanis 24 no.11:24-26 11 '58- (MIRA '12:1) (Valvas-Testing) Ofarina wiginearing) ZOLOTOV Investigating the protection of ship bridgesp Ouparmtruettweas and docks againat viixl and smolw. Trudy LKI no.38-05-460 162. (MA 16:7) 1. Kafedra gidropleldianiki lkningra,dakogo Itorablestrejitellnogo instituta, (Ships-Aerodynamics) (Smolm preculention) 2f(l) 307/3-:19-4-29/42 AUTHORs Zolotovp S.S., Candidate of Teehnical Saianceo, Ducent TITLE-i '.'Is Improve the Laboratory Basis of Vuzes. The Use of Equip- ment ','Iith an Operating Air Tiledium .1 FERIODICALs Vestnik vysshey shkoly, 1959, Nr 4, Pi) 72-73 (U:13R) ABST-11 ACT i One of the problems to be solved Yihen re a roan iz inc-, the hi,-her school system is to raise the scientific-theoretical level of training specialist-s. In this respect a great part will be assigned to the vuz laboratoriest both the problem laborator- ies, designed for conducting large sciontific-re~searoh -vork? and the training laboratories. The latter are Turnished with modern equipment and there the students can acouire skill for independent work, and realize in prantice what they were taught in theory. Some vuzes intend to t~atablish new labora- tories and reorganize the old ones. The author rhareforn con- aiders it useful to tell of the experienoe gained by the Lenin- grad Shipbuilding Institute in organizing work at the laborato- ry for hydromeohanics and hydraulics. It was first decided Gard 112 that air must be taken as a working medium in the exparimental C011/3-59-4-29/42 We Improve the Laboratory Basis of Vuzes. The Usti of _".Cjuipi~_ent '.7ith an Operating Air Medium equipment. Experience has confirmed that equiiirient vith an air operating medium is in many respects pr,~forable to eniiip- ment with a water medium. The author list:3 and describei-, in detail the equipment the institute possesnot, at preq,~_nt, such as a hydraulic air assc,!ibly, a device for d(raonstratinC, the spectra of a smoky airflow around or alon,!-, a body, 2 aerody- namic tubes for making experiments, and 2 nerodynamic table tubes with which devices for measurinC the velocity and other phenomena can be demonstrated. With this comparal.-ively cheat) equipment it is possible to perform about .9 saparate laborato- ry works# In addition to t',11,- ba-sic, nquipmw~nt-, each training laboratory should possess small devior!s anil applia:,ce3 for measuring the press;.zre, velocity and consunp Lion in liquids and gasses, etc. The supply of these artioles is com-pletely unsatisfactory. ASSOCIATION: Leningradakiy korablestroitelInyy institut (be'nin,,-rad Ship- Card 212 building Institute). ZOLOTOVY S.S. -------Exporimental investIgation of tho raviatance Of peaOtrable tjdlas Trudy LKI no.29:39-47 159. 34M la LeniWadskiy korableotroitelloyr institut, kafedra gidromakhal-lild. (Aerodyamics) ZOLOTOV, S.S,, lmnd.tekhn. nauk. Calculating air supply diatribution enio 21P no.2:16-21 7 158. (Ship s-Ifeat Ing In ventil4tion mystens, .3ttdolltro- (MIRA 110) and ventilittion) ZOLOTOV, S.S. Refining the design of enclosed. working parts of aerodynamic pipes..! Trudy LKI no.26:37-47 '59. `,.~(MRA 1-4:9): 1. Kafedra gidromekhaniki Leningradskogo korablestroltellnogo instituta. (Pipe--Aerodynamics) ZOLOTOV, S.S. Comparative model tests in the aerodynamic titbe of~the Depart. ment of Hydromechanics. Trudy MI no.2807-40 4,39. NIRA 150) 1. Kafedra gidromakhaniki Leningralskogo korableatroitellnog6 instituta. (Wind tunnels) (Ship modsls-Tastiq) ZOLOrOV S.S. Experimental study of the coefficients of dilichargo and resis"Mce of the scupper holes during lateral dischargo, Trudy IZI noo3l: 15-19 160. (MIRA 15:2) Is Kafe4r& gidromekhwdki Leningradskooo korablestroitel1mgo in8tituta. (Hydraulics) 8/169/154,!/000/009/ 097/120 D228/X07 AUTHORS: Ryzhenko, M. I., Sokolov, 0. A.,, Zolot(?v, a~,_Yj_jqnd Khromov, N. S. TME., 7th acientific-research voyage ot the submarine ,'Severyankal PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Geofizika, no. 9, 1962Y 3t ab- stract 9V19 (Okeandlogiya, 1p no, 6, J-961, 1094-1096) TEXT: The voyage took place on December 1-.31, 1960, in the'Sea of ho*rway, principally in herring fishing areas. The Scientific- Research Ship 5 'Professor Mesyatsevl was used-for the expedition. The voyage took place under unfavorable'conditions, but was, on ,.the whole, fruitful. Ichthyologic observations (on the behav-ior of herring, when cine-ourveying was applied) vrere carried out, as were observations on the plankton distribution, the performance of a pelagic trawl, and the underwater visibility of colored nets- at depths of 7 and 25 m under conditions of twili&.Lt illumination. /-Abstracter's note: Complete translation. Card 1/1 lot 6 1 6 s " A A V 9 4 1 I 1 7 r . -V 1.- ' - - .11 A U"m A. SwkdW4k r*O at of 00 t;qe 01~1 ef ., IS,LA. AS* OtI.LLUUMCAL LITINAU49 CLOVOKAT41, 1 i I ! r 4#0)gj -,--T-- V. I'1 - - - - -- --------- ----- So a if so An A t v u 0 1 1 or It 'j a 0 A 6 0 9 9 010 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 9 0 0 0 0 *!*a *a 0006 L 4WIL 11 it _W(t a a is 14 it ill 10 w li a w a) 0 is )o 0 TILe p"4ucillas a( coke (rain thl, Fat FAst*tn Adlitta C-1 00 t Iiinkii. ('041 depwta. .it o. V. shlell 0* s S. , o. 7, 4 d CAt, (M~5- X -434 Xilm- IWO, No. It ils-c"all. flow tile Ilarmill AMI Soachan del-),iiis wcl~ rtAmd in -3litult Of M" IMI 1191 Lt- Culacity. '11ir Culielwil Switall routs With 8% Ill ad- viwo!i, pt"WoM a fuwd. detist ciikt-- Tlw ssniv Niults wcrr otimint-d ft%mi Ow "ditIoNrit" laytr t J dill 111mmin cold delmi,,ilil. Low-siade and tnvdiuin-ilmd,, colifli 1"Ir obtained frnm Hie ordirwry vokl,l of tile "Voklinjilya log a El'Ca" and the "Si"It"cimif fAr,'M OlId hid~mf4o( tile Sakhalin coalil a" stiv". kt. Ilquil 110 Soo so 0 -00 340 woo to age A I All - A L A . . .. .. ....... ... .............. -0 04 04 ;18,04-j . .1 ____ I . __ -.. I i Ir-T-Til ...... 14 1 1 at I d Ot 0 v 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1* 0 0 0 0 00 0 * * 0 0 a o g: 0 0 fj 0 0 41 A0 ZOLOTOVY T. Retabliahina norms for the number of auriliary worIcers. Sots. trud 6 no.7973-78 JI 16L (HnU 1637) (Rostov-Agrioultural machinery Indlatitry) ZOLOTOV,, V. On various continents. Sov.profsoiuzy 11 no.1~06-38 JO 161o (KTU 14 6) (Africa-Trade imiorm) (,Tapax*-1A:bor and laboring, t3lasses) (United States-Strikes and locko-atai) "T. =11"Irr ZHIRONKINp V.; BESKORMY, A.; Br!.SPARTOOF:NYY, A.1 Lrigadir kamenshchikov; ZOWTOV t V. lArge-scale chemistry taken great steps. Sov. profboiuzy- 17 no. 5:10-Ll Mr 161. WIRA 14:2) 1. Reydovaya brigada zhurnala "Sovetakiyu profoovuM.0 2. Nachall- nik shtaba stroyki Lisichansk-ogo khimicheskogo~ kombilwita (for Zhironkin). 3. Proizvoditell rabotI. rukovcdWO.' kainixollnogo post& na uchaetke mocheviny Limichariskogo.k-lilriiohoLqlloilo kombinata (for Beakorsyy). 4. Predzedatell ItainitatiA profsoypta 2-go stroyupravloniya Lisichans.kogo khimich,euk~go kdmbinata (for Bespartochn 5 Korrespondent zhurnala "30,'rotilld (for ZolotO7V.0 yo profaoyuvyI' ("aichanak-Cowtruction industry) (socialist competition) ZOLOTOV, V. 4 Tt~~'i~ A. liqts mist have a thorough safety education. Sove ec a profsoiuz,y 6 no*16:56-59 Ii 158- (MIRA 12:2) (Mo9cow-Safety education, Induntriml) il- ; - I ; I . 1:1 17;"Ill 1 11 1! MMATLOY. I.: Ae!OV, V.; TOLMINO G. -_- Blood and profit. Sov .. profsoiusy 'I' no. 7:70-76 Jl 158.(XIRA IDS) (Induatrial aceldentli) ZOLOTOV, T. P~%;' - , Documents of great importance ("The Communist PlLrty of the 3ovist Union on trade unions, N 3rd ad. Reviovad 'by V. Molotov). Sov. prof- notuzy 5 no.9:75-81 3 157, (MMA 100) Made %40.ons) ZOWTQV V. .............. Great gathering of working psopls, llov,profsoftty V no, 3:50-54 9 153. (KUA 602) 14 1 1 4 T 6 7 u W this so if *Tbo a,* d Ke*v" "h1mg in me Im""Undam d Damod 00 3 V.D.Rusatismal-AV.A. wi, (!.RM-q.), INN 1, t(l~ 11- IS)- V"k fiq_&R. nod. Aead. Ilam"n abd (kima.1-N. A. ills* j OW u la 0 la 0 T--j-'T ig,m a MWO49 law NO 41 A 9 44 0 000 0000000 00 0 0 041 too 4 0 V ki, 'T 11 N 1 11114 It lot was. so 4`11 *08 ft Put Nkm ky KwAmak two" Mae awd cqlwa, V. D. Lawt-tor and V. A. A%nW sqkrr, a&( luw. of fi~lh RtuWam.) On ummlirg at 4(H)l *. gino 41n;lu In. so Which We bMU EAASUeAlly defurtil-A 11T NAKKIlr1g, I lmcftutwl~ rith a i ted tool an thm b"d ptane, at by idlmt~hijf wilh IN tmA. r"J"01114MOM kroo VIttO 04ay irl 4"0 adM% InhM MMIJAI valmiku h" conwvd. Clio [toll twim twming tho mki it* the purtution of ripm 11mins. Biagio U*cs. Lation cannot causa mcryttallirAtion-N. A. X0 41 too too A It L A AOTALL~FIKA6 T-4 I.., AC 0, 41) 0 tp 0 e a I** d' 4p 6,41 9906 40 ot w MR, M Mill R I 4 1$ it is- it 4 is 10 1? mitt M k v Il 14' 1 l 14 Ili Ill U NAV ill 0 0 a ts a W4 WIF*r-- a 4 a 45.0 0 A. 111- L .2 it I I . t. 4 it -1 4 . . 1 4 - V _Aof 4 4 t 490 As applisolt" for wiladurl" tu voll"Mit, 04 Not 144A itbjecti A%A,41okpItv. Nu 6. 2 3, - An app, 14 dit-wrilled hit meant of whiell ON. III t4. "w'smit"t iiiniply slut till'I'lly with all arclitexy Rif ; -00 , 0 Ill V. "ith'"It any "kms. It rMsilts (4 3 Itivin 1,%lleji %vit.wittl with eagh k4lic-i lilt sitrualit III tIvilibeit ittI14,,, to glik" found AM a oothbivild Statio little. All ~Wkhlljfv ctlindrictil pilvt 11 41 tv.~ with wait divitiltz" 00 if 4 v.01 ce. i:Mn lit- uwd. If lht vol. tit the tibittl ig bilve .'a) 1(41 V.) anal it the pet"Ritt"I'le Mor in 0.1 (V14 MiAr lowrt call 1,e wed instrAd Rif the pqwl, InAtI11411,4611f the OvIlitulml the 16JU41 i. p.%R.A Into lilt pipt I (sw Ittilet) where it ill occurs','dir memilvd. Tills alip. can be u-wd for sk-corutt &tns. of the tral. of i(v0s, * j: animal organ%. ctc.. or of their r6nges undRr difOrnint a wtpll. rMiliflims. W. R. Howl ISO 1~ &SIR %I.& Its* t th -, * ' - ' --v?, 40 0 u 'A AV z - ; 4 v v 4 Y 4 0, M it 114 44 It it A IV 9 4 lF % 'n s It tit 1) 14 1 IS a 3 0 Ot 91 R vt rt It M )w I Kit 1 0 r - 0 40 0 4111 a 4101 64 #000114111401000 0 0 O 00 41 4 40 4b 0 41 0 41 6 0 0 111' 1 A 03 A a L a L-1 .6 -4. 1 k A_ 0_0 .,4 0 0 A -ce,;i"*W&.;j;t~'j,"'j. n. 0* it: W-140- mW. (IkkkdgF) AreW. M. V.M.N.N., 1043 R In thn &wm Clayfinditkal 60 p4afem 2.4 mm. thitilt *Vfl- aingir-C &I VOW a zlne,.Nl that each Plate had " 0 bow Almon so (Will TO In rm%Mkin vow nu-4xu*4v4 6v kl4 I 11mr! - ing after which Alff"11Wn WPA InIIWOd 11 ShM TW6144 0 111,ating at ii~ C. 0 Phnw*d that now gralma wam awk-latod: with th., twin fralam,sM di&ml ImariontAth)a (pain the i-a-in eeKkam only bl-oltiou"111 ti(tboardevo(IW. The were tho, boundaries bOweett, lbo otlonAl eqvial lailler &ad t6 twin ldifiee~ tout It wt 00 virpmW that its tbw boundary f"few there a.tfst mail bh*km (d o14011% dimoriestAted cn-Mal Intermliml with deftwuied mid ximliwd mattrial. Oft rftfY%tAW"tK'M. thm sinall bkvks act as nuclei and timm at *it* oulmnse (if =00 it, !Zee 90 00 00 L i6-, "'K Mos 09 Aid Sth . ...... ,*--,-,- too 400 L 0 Is AV -0 1 it rp it 0 14 or it It 91 11 it 0 41 ZOICTOVo V, A. Sbornik voprosov I zadach po fizike, d3la VI i VII klassov of problems and assigrnents in physics for the 6th ard 7th claalesT Moulwa, Uchpedgiz, 1953. 168 p. SO: MontKy List of Russian Accessions, Vol. 7, No. 1, Jtul,~ 19511. ZOLOTOV, V.A.; RAZUVAYEVA, O.G. Ti keep the subscribers satisfind. Vesl,-. sviati 25 na.3tl-9-20 Mr 165. (MT.RA IP.;5) 1. Nachallnik Gorlkovskoy mazhdugorodnoy telaff-.nnoy atantsf,.i (for Zolotov). ZOLOTOVI V. A.; FURUKINA, L. N. Hicrobardness of constructional gypeum. Z&v4 28 w.32.t 1495-1496 '62. (Him 1611) 1. Gorikovokiy inzbmerno-otroitel'My institiat. (Gypsq4-Te sting) (Hardness) DII&CMIKOP I.I.; ANDRUKHOVICHP A.P.- ZOWTOV, V.A.; MILIKIIIA, 11.1. Complaints; their causes,, and meauuxes tor proventing themo 'Vest. sviazi 22 no.7:24,-25 JI 162* (IM 15:7) 1. Nachallnik pochtovogo vagona Llvorvskogo otdeleniya perevoiki pochty (for Dlyachenko). 2. Star-shiy bultbg4lter )'Iutskoy kontor.T svyazi Minskoy oblasti (for Andrukhovich). 3. NaaluLllnik Gartkovskoy mezhdugorodnoy telefonnoy stantaii (Zolotov). (Postal service) ZOLOTOV, V.A. (Gortkiy) Solving qualitative problew In tbe seventh lod eigghth gradoo Fiz.v shkole 21 no#3:91 IV-JO 161. WRA. 1418) (Physics-Problezza, ezerciaea, et.c,) 240) SO/20-127-5-20/58 AUTHORS: Zolotov, V. A., Kurochkin, A. I. 4ZZ ------------- TITLE: The Dehydration of Gypsum in an Ultrasonic Field PERIODICAL: Doklady Akademii. nauk SSSR, 1959v Vol. 127, 'Lq" 5a pp 1009-iolo (USSR) A13STRACT: By the action of ultrasonics (frequoncy 1 megacycle) sundial- shaped dehydration figures (:Mg 1) are obso;rved on the (010)- s-arface of gypsum crystals. These f4fguxes Oacurrsl already at a temperature of 800C,, whereas without, ultrasonics this re- crystallization in P-semihydrate CaSO 4b-5H2 0 occurs only at 120-1250. The starting point for dehydration are small vestigas of plastic deformation (arachs, scratches ato), i.e. appaxent-.Ily defects of the crystal lattice. A formation of a-sem.4hydrate, on the other hand, did not occur even after the weak ultrasonic field had been allowed to act for seveval hours, Thgjr.-- are 1 figure and I Soviet reference. ASSOCIATION: Arzamasekiy gosudarstvennyy pedagogichfPzkiy in!~titut State Pedagogical Institute) PRESENTED: April 21, 1959 by P. A. Rebinder, Acad,iirtician SUBMITTED: March 27, 1959 Card 1/1 zuoroyo VA. Oriented crystallization of on tb~ faces of g3rpsum cryatels. 11ristalUgmfila 3 3io.2:P,3'j-240 1580 (Km 1136) 1. Arzameakiy pedagogicheekly institut. (C&I0iUM MafS6tG) (Crystallization) ov., AUTHOR ZolotoILV.A- 20-3-31/59 TITLE -15-tercrystalline 1,ayers in Gypsum. (h1ezhkriBt&llitnZe proaloyki Y gipse - Russian) PSHIODICAL Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSH,1957,yol 115,Nr 3,Pp 534-536 (U.S.S.R.) ABSTRACT The majority of the crystalline substances used In technical en- gineering form ag6regatea consisting of single grains(arletallites) which are connected with each other.Munterous investigations showed that the boundaries between the grains play a very important part in a series of processes occurring in polycrystalline materi4le-The destruction of metals and alloys takes p1mae under certain circum- stances along the boundaries of the eubstancev(red brittleness, "Krip"); in other cases(lower temperatureo,other stress conditions) the boundaries prove to be,on the contrary,the most solid metal spots.The intercrystallite boundaries change In a certain waT the character of th*lastic crystal deformation and influence the elec- tric properties of the substances etc.Therefore the study of their structure and properties gains immediate importance.These questions remained unsolved up to now.The following experiments were carried outtl)0,03-0,1 mm, cuts were made of poly(irystalline forms of a na- tural gypsum stone.In the polarization microscope they show dark stripes which prove the existence of special Interarystal layers. 2)After 15 min. a corrosion with HCI O,o'l mm furrows appear on the cut surface which are signs of a greater solubility of the intermo- diate layers than the solubility of the grains-3)After half an hour Card 1/2 of submerging of the ground surface into methTltolet the grinding Intercr.vatalline Layers in Gypsum. 20-51%/59, of a thin layer or waahing off or the color letdo to an Intensive deep coloring whitth forms a chartioteristic network of intergranular boundaries.4)The observation of the heated ground surfaces under the microscope shows at 8o-looO a cloudiness of the crystallites rhich, as a rule,begins at their boundariea.This leads to the assumption that the dehydration of the 2-aqueous gypsitm begins in the first p184&,- at the int ercrys tall ine intermediate layers-5)The observation or a surface of fracture of the polylrystalline gypsum under the micro- scope in reflected light shows that the fracture occurs mainly al- ong the surfaces of the most comp'.1,ete soldering 10101 which can be easily recognized by their characteristic poliah.6)Pieces of gypsum were reduced by various ways,all splinters were monocrystalline.This gives evidence of a low strength of the intorcryntalline lojers com- pared to that of the grains themselves.All these experiments prove the existence of special relatively thein and thicker interarystal- line intermediate layers in natural gypsum.They are assumed to be the places of an incomplete coakisciance of tho grains with enclo*ed Card 2/2 air.Their specialities doubtlessly -.~n many regards determine the me- chanical strength of the natural gypsum under Yarious conditions. (humidity etc.).There are 06 Slavic referencem. ASSOCIATION Arzamas' Pedagogical State Institute. (Arzamauskiy gosudarstyennyy podagogicheakiy instltiat~.) PRESOM By, F,A, Rebinder) Academician, APrJ1 29, 1957 SMTMI, October.27, 1956 AVATWM, Ubrs~ of Congrd6s A'JTHOR; Zolotov, V-Ao 70-3-2-22/26 TITLE: "? ~er`=ente`dCr~stallisation of Calcium Sul hate Hemi- h,ydrate on the Faces of Crystals of Crypsum Rriyentli~6i-aziiiayn kristallizatsiya polugidrata sullfatti. kal'tsiya na granyakh kristallov gipsa) PERIODICAL: Kristallografiya, 1958, Vol 3, Ur 2, pp 237 - 240 (USSR). ABSTRACT- On heating, gypsum (CaS04.2H20) loses water to. become the hemihydrate CaS04.1/2H20- The oriGinal crystal lattice is destroyed and a new one forms. Gypsum from. Bornukovsk in the region of Gor1ki was used, cleaved on the 010 plane into plates 0.05-0.1 mm thick. These plates,' when heated, began to become opaque or rather tranol"cent at temperatures, lower thaa those quoted in the literature. Four hours' heatin&at 85 C produced a significant change in the sugface which appeared non-directional. Heat'ing at 96-100 C produced patches extended perpendicular -:-.o the lini-as of emergence of the formB 110 and 100 on the 010 face. Rapid. heating to 120-125 C produced rectangles, the long sides of which wore always parallel to the 100 cleairage cracks. Each rectangle card 1/2 70-3-2-22/26 The Oriented Crystallisation of Calcium Sulphate Hom1hydrate on the Faces of Crystals of Gypsum appeared divided by two diagonals into four sectorst two darker and two lighter. In polarised light, the fi&ures are banded and show interference colours different from those of the initial crystal. The int;erference patterns are different in the former dark and light,sectors.~ The indices were found by immersion to be n~ - 1.558 � 0-004 and 1.550 + 0.004. These correspond vrith published values for the so-called 0-hemihyd-rate. The material thus occurs in a definite orientation on the surface of the gypsum. If the heating is carried out in k3aturated,air, the a-hemihydrate results. This also occurs in a preferred orientation. There are 5 figures and 4 references, 1 of which is Soviet, 2 German and 1 French. ASSOCIATION: Arzamasskly pedagogicheskiy institut '(Arzamas': Institute of Pegagogy) SUBMITTED: March 18, 1957 Card 2/2 ARKHIPOV, Nikolay I-likolayevich; URPACEEN. Pavel Spb~idonovie.,h: MAYZELI, Maks Mildiaylovich., doktor tekhn. neWc.. profo; PLEVAKO, Vikolay Alekseyevich; ZAYTCJ[l',CVS2:IY, A.1:1.t doktor tekhn. nauk, prof., retsenzent; ZOWTOII 3-1 inTb.., retsen-. zent; ZYBD;, V.P., doktor tekhn. iNu-k, retmexizentl ILMSTIN, I.I.p dok-tor tekhn. nat*; prof., rotaeuzent;~ MUM? D.A., inzh.$ retsenzant; POVOV, S.M... dolctor tokkd. naul, profom retsenzent; EPPEL', S.S., kand. tokhn.maW:j dots., retsen- zent; MITAYEVA, T.E., red.; SHVETISOV, S.V.j tokhno, red. (Basic processes, machinery, and uppArai.tiv Ot ligl-.t induntryl Or,novrWe protnom;y, mnshhW i uparnty loglol 1) roil- Oulm mlooll 0 [I~rj U.N.Arkhtpov I dr. Hoolmi, 5.:zd-vo wwolmo-ttj,~)mo lit-ry ItSFSR, 1961. 491 P. (Industiny) OMIA 15:2) %OWTOV V I Packaging large-size tin plate packs, Biul.. "I'Sliulje~ no.2: '14:9) 39-42 161. 1. Mezhduvedcmstvenn&ya metrichookaya kc=iwilya. (Tin plate) (Packing for shipnent) ZOLOTO, V. T. USSR "Car'.)on Ficteric-l? S cu rc c, PrOIWI~3111(-=Clf':~:,' 1-1--0. ni)W on file In Libror~- i~f FILM, Dmitriy Sidorovich[Fillov# D.S.I.; ZCIbTd, Viki-,61-Nalovich, -T- -A kand. aellklioz. iiauk; ZADONTSEV uam .: On dy-imil, nauki URSR, akadmdkp-,,red.,- LIVENSKAYA, 0. 1. C ~,iven 'It-ap 0.1.] 011 red., GIAJSIiKO, GJJ~Iushko, 11.1j~ tokhn. red., [Dobliad za posivuy 1,ulatrudzy.' Dnipropetrovol'k-, Dii!1propetrovolke krqzhkove v,,/d-.vo) 1961, 13 P. ~(MIRA 15i7) 1. nykh nauk im. M.Lenina (fo,r Filev). 2.: Dir,00ok I nauchno-issledoyatel'okogo bistituta kukuml 4j, lef!f i0ji'V deviya vel'okokho7yayntven kh nauk, im. M.Lonina for 7A(Tkc~~nt~~'v (1kraite-Com (14aize)) "11111, U."I'MR, MIN II. T To V1 V, I. USSR / Cultivatod Plants, Ceroals, 0 5, 1956, o 3465-t' Abs Jour !~~)f Zhux' - 3idi.' Authors Artyukhov, 1. X.; I.; Ryabush-ko, G. V. Inst Acadomy of 5clonco.3 SSR (klaiv-,~- Titlo Iffoctivorioss of Orgaalc and Maoral ~Worti- lizors III Bbsie and Cluator'jlpWcations to Corn and Sunflovere. Orig Pub : V. ab.- Mostn * orGan. udobronlya USSR, Kiav, AN USSR, 1957, 76-86. Abstract : No abstract. Card 1/1 tL-fl vid-4 (it W1,T11PUL Artificial.) ZOLGTOV, V-tl,, inzh.; ILOINSKIY,, D.Ya. 0 inWk.; Pr"Ii uohalltiyps ALEK$ANDROV9 V.P.- inzh SOLOVOYEV,, S.S,,, ins.,; 114D]IFIM9 A.I., kind. tekhn,nauk;. FIRSOVA, II.C., kand,tekhtlosakp KOLOSOVAj G.I., mladshiy nauchnyy sotrudift Effect of the geometry of tha acrev on the Conalticas of the extrusion of artificial-aeather.' llnuch.-issl.trudy.VIIIIPIK no.12:97-95 160. (KIRA 16:2) (Leather, Artificial) SEMENOVIGH V.G.; WMISHKIN, V.G.; ZAYOhCHKGVSKIY it. D. SPETERI, YmA. The K103-2 mn-chine for tho ntgnufacture of cI'I1It.ir1I')rr' AIir'nj'ipTjt~(j fiber bases. Kozhe-obuvoprome 4, no-I-Wa--14 11 162. (Alith 15:11) (Leather, Artificial) (Nonwoven matertals) FIRSOVAT K.A.,, kand. tekba. nauk; BAMINA, A.I., kand. tekhno nauk; f ZOLOTOV'v- FAVIZVs, S.A.,., doktor takhn.-nank Sose. chamaterlstiaa of leather... fibews. used for no maraifacturs. of-artifificaLIAttlext. - -Report llej.3t. Eff act of the relatIva molsturs Of A.Jr on the strva~wxe fomation . of artificial leather. Nauch,isgil. trudy VRIPIN vio.14i 10-15 1639 OaRh 1811:0 KARPACHEV, Pavel Spirldonovicli; I,IAYZPL, Mak.3 Mlkhayloylch, doktor te~hn. nauk', prof. I FLE71)KO, I'likolay IasIcseyr:tVI,,,-h; CHETKIIIJ Vetr Potrovb!'n; A.D.$ doktor teklin.nauk,,prof., retserizentj, ~'..),LGMV, retsenzent [MachInary and apparutu.,i fer the manufactuxe of uj-tifi- cial, leather and film maltEiriiilsl I.-Asuny 1. ap-IrlVati.1 pro- iz-,rc,dsti,r isk-ussLveiuwI Iw,,!hi i plonochr(fth materiti:107. [By] P.S,Karpachev i dr. Legkaia industri1a, 1964. 6r-O P. ('411irt 18-.2) BADANINAV A.I., kand.taklui.nauk; 4ULCITOV, Mladshiy nauchnyy ootrucinik; FIROOVA, Uoe of worm machlnes for the formation of arlAfictul leather compositions. Report No.l. Nauch.-inal. trudy VNIIPIK no.1302- 43 162. (MIRA 16t1) 25(5) PHASE I BOOK EXPWITATION SOV/1274 Baranov.. Boris Aleksandrovich; Zolotovj Vaevolod Nikolayevich (Deceased); Khizin, Raf ail -To--s-M-VT_c1_;S1fiiFi_rRT,' I-say -Iosifovich; Shaskollskly, Boris Vladimirovich; Shaldmazarov, Musheg Mosesovich Tekhnicheskoye normirovaniye na mashinostroW1,11noin zavode (Technical Standards for Machine-building Plants) Moscow, Oborongizp 1958. 576 p. 7,000 copies printed, Reviewer: Kremenetskiyj N.L:, Engineer; Ed. (Title page): Shakhnazarova, M.M.; Ed (Inside book): TishIn, S.D.j Candidate of Technical Sciences, Docent; U. of Publishing House: Rodzevichp S.S.; Tech. Ed.: Rozhin, V*P.; Managing Ed.: Sokolov, A.I., Engineer. PURPOSE: This book Is a theoretical and practical manual for engineers and technicians engaged In setting technical stand- ards in aircraft manufacturing establishments and working in scientific research and planning institutes. Card 1/14 Technical Standards for Machine (Cont.) SOV/1274 COVERACH: The book describes the methodology employe(I in set.-- ting technical time standards in machinery.-manxifacturing' and metalworking establishments. It includes basic data on standards for machining, supporting, and asmembling operations. Chapters I - VI were written by D1,14. Shakhnazarov, Chapter VII by V.N. Zolotov, Chapters V111 and IX by R.I. Rhisin, Chapters X$ XI, XIII - XVII, and XIX by I.I. Shapiro, Chapter XVIII by B.V. Shaskollskiy, and Chapters XII and XX - XXVI by B.A. Baranov. There are 24 refereunces, all Soviet. TABLE OF CONTENTS: Foreword 3 Introduction 4 PART ONE. BASES FOR TECMUCAL STANDARDS Ch. I. Technical Standards and Labor Productivity 7 Ch. Il. Structure of the Technological Process 12 Card 2114 Technical Standards for Machine (Cont.) SOV/1274~ Ch. III. Standard Time and Standard :Performance 18 Ch. IV. Composition (Elements] of Working Time 23 Chi V. Methods of Determining Standard Times and Standard Performance 31 1. Methodology of standardizing composite elements of standard time 33 A Preliminary and final timeig 33 B: Basic (cycle) time 34 C. Support time 36 D. Operation time 37 E. Time for servicing work stations [station maintenance time] 37 F. Time for rest and natural functions [Personal time] 39 2. Methods of establishing technical standards for various types of production processes 39 C ard 3/14 Technical Standards for Machine (Cont.) SOV/1274 Ch. VI. Study of Working Time. by Means of Observation 42 1. Record of the work day 42 2. Analysis of recorded observations 47 3 Group records of the work day 54 4: Selfrecording of the work day 62 5. Timing of operations 64 6. Reference points 70 7. Analysis of data obtained from timing of operations 72 8. Number of observations 76 9. Timing of operations taking the rate of work into account 8 Z 10. Sum total of watch readings 11. Study of working time by taking motion pictures 81 Ch. VI-J. Study of Work Methods of Leading Work-era 83 I^, Characteristics of the study of leading practices in various types of production processes 84 Card 4/14 Technical Standards for Machine (Cont.) SOV/1274 2. Exchange of experience between workere on the same shift 85 3. Methodology of studying im;lrovements in the tech- nological process 87 4. Methodology of studying working proceisses 89 5. Methodology of studying the organization of a work station and of planning work time 9 6. Analysis and generalization of progressive practices 7. Dissemination of progressive practices Ch. VIII. Methodology of Setting Technical Standards for Multi-machine-tool (Multi.-unit) Operations 101 7 Ch. IX. Base for Establishing Specifications for Technical Standards 107 1. Technical requirements for specifications 108 2. General sequence for establizihing specifications 114 3. Graphic and 'analytical processing of data 119 Card 5/14 Technical Standards for Machine (Cont.) SOV/1274 4. Compilation of specification tables 126 5. Development of specifications 134 PART TWO. SETTING STANDARDS V,0R MACHINING OPERATIONS Ch. X. Bases for Setting Standards for Machining Operations 137 1. Basic concepts of the cutting regime (conditions] 137, 2# Determination of cutting conditions 140 3. Factors determining cutting conditionEi 141 A. Machineability of materials 141 B. Cutting properties and the. area of application of tool materials 147 Ca Wear and atability of the cutting tool 151 D. Geometric parameters of the cutting edge of the tool 166 E. Finish and precision requirementsibr'the machined surface 169 Card 6/14 Technical Standards for Machine (Cont.) 30V/1274 4* Designation of the cutting regime in isIngle-tool machining 5- Checking and correcting the cutting rogime~based on manual data for machine-too], operation 6, Making the factors determining the cutting regime more precise ) time Calculating prImary (machining Setting standards for support time A. Support time for mountingj clampingp centeringp unclampingp and removal of parts B. Support time related to motion Co Ways of reducing the support time 9. Setting time standards for servicing the work station 10. Setting time standards for rest and natural functions 11. Setting standards for preparatory and final times Ch. XI. Setting Standards for Lathe Operations 1. Choice of cutting regimes A. Turning, boring, and facing 173 160 182 18 15 189 193 194 198 200 200 201 203 203 Card TAV' Technical Standards for Machine (Cont.) SOV/IP-74 B. Slottlrigbnd outting-off 218 C. Chamfaring and turning of recesses 220 2. Calculating primary (Aachining) time 221 3- Setting support time standardle 222 Ch. XII. Setting Standards for Milling Operations 240 lo Choice of cutting re 1 242 2. Calculating primary machiningi time 257 Setting support time standards , 258 Setting standards for preparatory and final times 264 Ch. XIII. Setting Standards for Drilling, Coxmterbori i;, and Reaming Operations 268 1. Choice of cutting regimes 268 A. Drilling and boring 268 B. Counterboring 248 C. Reaming 2 0 2. Calculating primary (machining) time 286 3. Setting support time standards 28T Card 8/14 ''1 274 Technical Standards for Machine (Cont.) SOVII, Ch. XIV. Setting Standards for Screw-outting and Thread- rolling-Opdrations 300 1. Screw cutting with cutters mounted on.ij~.crosav-nrallde 302 2. Fast thread-cutting with cutters mounted on a ro-. tating head 311 3. Thread rolling 316 4. Thread tapping 320 5. Thread chasing 326 6. Thread milling 326 Ch. XV. Setting Time Standards for aear-cutting Operations 334 1. Setting support time standards 335 2. Setting standards for preparatory and final times 337 3. Choice of cutting regimes and calculation of standard times 338 A. Hobbing spur gears 3~8 B. Cutting spur gears with cog-wheel clAters 3 5 Card 9/14 Technical Standards for Machine (Cont.) SOV/1274 C. Cutting gears with disc-type gear outters 350 D. Cutting worm gears 351 E. Bevel-gear generation 352 Ch. XV1. Setting Time Standards for Grinding Operations 355 1. Grinding scheme 3 2. Choice of gripding-wheel speed:3 ~ 3 3. Choice of feed and calculation of primmvy (machin.l'.ng) time 358 4. High-speed grinding 36~ 5. Setting support time standards 36 6. Setting time standards for seripleing the work etation 367 7. Vork on cylindrical grinders 367 8* Work on Internal grinders 384 9. Work on centerless grinders 39 A. Through-feed grinding ~ 39 Bo Infeed grinding 396 10. Work on sur~faze.- grinders 397 Card 10/14 Technical Standards for Machine (Cont.) SOV/1274 Ch. XVII. Setting Time Standards for PoliaMng* and Lapping Operations 400 lo Polishing 4ol 2a Honing 4o9 3. Lapping (mechanical rubbing) 410 4. Superfine finishing 411 5. -Hand and semimechanical rubbing 412 Ch. XVIII. Setting Time Standards for Multi-tool Cutt'_I1i__g 414 1. Specific cases of multi-tool cutting 414 2. Limitations of cutting regimes under condition.s of multi-tool cutting 415 3. Effect of simultaneous work of' tools on the basit parameters of the cutting regime 41R 4. Choice of tool stability 41 5- Methodology and examples of calculations for various cases of multi-tool cutting 418 A. Setting time standards for tu,:,ret lathe operations 419 B. Setting time. standards for operations on aultiple- cutter machine tools 435 C. Setting time standards for multiopludle drilling machine tools 441 Card 11/14 Technical Standards for Machine (Cont,) SOV/1274 6a Experimental refinement of cutting regineis 445 Ch. XIX. Methodology of Consolidating Time Standards for Machine Tool Operations 448 1. Setting consolidated standardB 448 2. Typical technological [engineering] processes and typical standards 457 PART THREE. SETTING STANDARDS MR,ROUGH- FORGING,, BENCEr AND ASSFA411LING OPHRATIONS Ch.. XX. Setting Standards for Laying Out Operations on Guillotine Shears 46o Ch. XXI. Setting Standards for Cold-.stamping Operations on Excentric and Craxik Pressee 464 1. Setting standarls for stamping out of a strip 467 2. Setting standards for stamping; out of blankm 474 Card 12/ 14 Technical Standards for Machine (Cont;*) sov/1274 Ch. XXII. Setting Standards for Drop Hammer Forging 478 Ch. XXIII. Setting Standards for Cold-workIng on Hydraulic Presses 485 Ch. XXIV. Setting Bench Work Standards 492 1. Setting standards for rough and close filing 493 2. Setting standards for hand-reaming operations 496 3. Setting standards for hand t1weading oporatIons 497 4. Setting standards for scraping and laplAng operations 499 5. Setting standards for finishing operations 5 6. Setting standards for bending and straightening operatdons 5~ Ch. XICV. Setting Standards for Drilling and )ULveting Operations 509 1,. Setting standards for drilling operations 511 A. Drilling of holes 511 B. Boring 520 C. Counterboring sockets for countersunk rivet heads 521 2. Setting standards for riveting operati~)ns 522 A. Pneumatic riveting 523 B. Press riveting 532 Card 13/14 Technical Standards for Machine (Cont.) Ch. XXVI. Setting Standards 1. Setting standards for 2. Settifig standards for Setting standards for 14- Setting standards for SOV/1274 for Assembling Operations aupwrting operabions processing operationB InstallIng operations fastening operations AVAILABLE: Library of Congress 'T G/1 a 1) 3-23-59 542 545 548 54-6 566 card 14/14 4 If R It 16 0Alaiiii "t~ &t Qm es 4 '01 1, 11 1 JLA- I; -A., 4.44A-A p- U.'s. 0!, .!. A ------ -00 ..... .. f7' _*-CL A .1 1 ih* "drA of umphor an The cardlomileculmsir splems. 11- Elect of-41nns gulp, of &if on the d $11s .314-210'SIO.-Itl pithed 11100 lilt kitsillmskIL11=11111K.-Iltill 0min*t1prl of rielliphor oil (00W." cc. PKr It. bwy wt,) pingoirtersfittv survival dirld Ifivitroliho heart. Ttw feiilvml of the Woolml bout Ili vatuxiii &OAs mKICIR