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v:-"r/z7 ot9 UNCL AS S I Ft 1E0 PROCESSIN6 DATE--30OCT70 ..TITLE--ELECTRON EFFECTS OF N,ALKYL*GROUPS IN'loCHLOROALKANES STUDIED BY NUCLEAR QUADRUPOLE RESONANCEr NQR -U- AUTHOR-103)-VORONKOV, M.G4T FESHIN9 V.P*t POPOVAt YEIP. COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR SOURCE--LAIV. PSR ZINAT. AKAO. VES S 19 701 (2), 33-41 TF '.DATE PUBLISHED-; ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS -.TOPIC TA(,S--ALKANEt CHLORINATED ALIPHATIC COMPOUND, uECTRON ()ENSITY, NUCLEAR-RESCINANCE, C-LeCTkON DISTRIBUTION CONTROL MARKING -NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED -"PROXY REELYFRAME-1997/0685. STEP NO---UR/011)7/70./00tl/002/0033/0034 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0119593 UNCLASSIFIED ~_2 /2 019 UNCLASSIFIEDI PROLESSING DATE--30OCT70 RC ACCESSION NO--AP0119593 cl 'AB STRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-O- A6STRACr. TRANSFER OF T~,-iE ELECTRON E.FFc,:%'-'TS ALONG THE SATD. HYDROCARBON CHAIN TIAS STUDIEO IN A SEAI~S OF COMPOS. 7 ME(CH SUB2) SUBN CL IN EQUALS 0-11) BY PRIME35 CL tilk SVE:CTRA AT 77DEGREESK. ON PASSING FROM 1% EwUALS 0 TO IN E4LIALS t T14E AESONANCE FREQUENCY, NU, IS HARPLY REDUCED OwING TO A LARGE lrliuucrlV~ EFFECT if ET AS COMPARED TO tME GROUP ENHANCED ALSO IN THE FORMER COMP0. BY r~E SIGMA,SIGMA CONJUGATION. FOR N EQUALS 2 THE NU VALUE BECOMES LARGER TO OSCILLATE AROUND THE AV. NU VALUE OF 33.0 Mill WITH,NNCREASING N. H IGHER NU VALUES FOR EVEN THAN FOR 000 NIS ARE NOTICED. ANOMALOUS BEHAVIOR FOR LIC14LOROBUTANE WAS OBSU. ALSO HERE (NU 33.255 MHZ)~ THE.VALUE IS CONDITIONED BY THE ELECTRON L). UISTRIOUTION BETWEEN THE:CL ATOM AND THE CLOSEST CH SUBZ GROUPS IN THE CHAIN. WHEN THE HYOkOCAR60N CHAIN 13ECOMES ,L()NGER (N GREATER THAN 41 THE AV. %U VALUE AROUND 14HICH THE OSCILLATIONS :-'OCCUR GRADUALLY INCREASES. FACILITY: INSTORG, SIN.# RIGAv USSR. UNCL ASS IFIED 112 015 U14CLASSIFIED PRIOCESSING DATE--21nr-T70 TITLE--CHLORItNE 35 NUCLEAR QUADRUPOLE RESONA:ICE NOR OF I,ALKANECAR60XYLIC ACID CHLORIDES -U- AUTHOR- (04) -VORONKOV r M.G.r F,ESfiINf VP GONCHAROVA I N "11RONUVAl L.I. COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR SOURCE--LATV. PSR ZINAT. AKAO. VESTIS 1970t (2), 35-7 ..DATE PUBLISHEU ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY, NUCLEAR SCIENCE AND TECIINOLOGYr PHYSICS .TOPIC TAGS--NUCLEAR RESONANCE, C4RBOXYLIG ACIDI ALKA"Et CHLORINATED ORGANIC COMPOUND, SPECTRUM, ELECTRON TRANSFER, CONJUGATE BOND sysrEm, CHLORINE ISOTOPE CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRA.'AE--1997/0649 STEP NJ--UR/0197/70/000/002/003'5/0037 C I -R' C A C C F S S I 10N N1,3 - - A P 0 11) 56 t Z/2 015 UNCLASSIFIED PROCGSSING DLkTE--23:)CT70 CIRC ACCESSION NO-AP0119561 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-O- ABSTRACT. tili'll THE PUROOSE TO LEARN -THE NATURE OF THE ELECTRON TRANSFER THROUGH SATO. NYI)RkOCARRON CHA I NTHE PRIME35 CL NQR SPECTRA WERE STUDIED IN A SERIFS OF: CtJt4PDS. OF THE TYPE X(CH SU32) SURN Y, WHERE X EQUALS ME OR COCL, N EQUALS D-10l 121 l3w AND X EAUSLS Y EWUALS COCLv N FQUALS 0-8, THE SPECTRA:WEKE 14FASURE0 AT 77DEGREESK ON A SPIN ECHO TYPE APP. THE RESONANCE FREQUENCY V FOR BOTH SERIES STUDIED ARE SIMILAR (SIMILAR TO. 29 MHZ) AND LOWER THAN 11^4 TflE CORRESPONDING CL ANALOGS (X E~iUALS ME, Y E~JUALS CL-, OR X EWUALS Y G,~UALS CL)o THIS IS DUE TO THE GEMINAL CONJUGATION BET14EEN THE CL ATOM AND THE C:O GROUP IN THE ACYL CHLORIDES. THE RELATION V VS. N-HAS A DIFFEi-ENT ~CHARACTER FOR EITHER SERIES. IN DIACYL CHLORIDESTHE V VALUE DECREASES Ot4 PASSING FROM N EQUALS 0 TO N EQUALS 3 OWING TO A DECREASED MINUS I EFFECT. AT N EQUALS 3-8 IT OSCILLATES AReUND AN AV. AVLUE LARGER FOR EVEN AND SMALLER FOR ODD N VALUES. THE AMPLITUDE 01: THESE USCILLArt,oNs AND THE AV. V VALUE INCREASFS WITH LENGTH OF YHE CHAINS IN MONUACYL' CHLORIDES THE V VALUE OSCILLATES BEGINNING FROM N EQUALS 0. FOR N EOUALS I V IS INCREASED CONTRARY TO THE EXPECTATIONS ON THE BASIS OF THEIR SIGMA VALUES. THIS IS DUE TO THE SIGHAP SIG14A IINTERACTION EFFECT GVERWEIGHING THE PLUS 1 EFFECT OF THE ALKYL GROUP. WHEN PASSING FROM N EQUALS 1 TO 2 THE V VALUE BECOMES LOWER AS T14E PLUS I EFFECT BECOMES INOPERATIVE THERE. [IN FURTHER LENGTHENING OF THE CHAIN (N LARGER THAN 2) THE PERIODIC CHANGES OF V RESULT GNL Y FROM THE OSCILLATION EFFECT WHICH IS REGULAR THERE. FACILITY: INST. DkG. SIN., RIGA, USSR. ......... ... 1/2 033 UNCL AS S I F I ED PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 TITLE--AERODYNAMIC STUDY OF THE REMOVAL OF DUST FROM GASES IN APPARATUS CONSISTING OF AN EJECTOR AND A CYCLONE -U- ~AUTHOR_ COUNTRY Of INFO--USSR SOURCE--Kii[M. PROM. (MOSCOW) 1970, 4611), 58-8 DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS--MECH., IND., CIVIL AND MARINE ENGRo PHYSICS TOPIC TAGS-NOZZLE, GAS, DUST TEST, CYCLONE SEPARATORlp COAGULATIONo AERODYNAM ICS CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--1989/0925 STEP NO--UR/0064/701046/001/0056/0059 CIRC ACCESSION NO--A110107454 ~2/2 033 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 CIRC ACCESSION NG--AP0107454 ABSTRACT./EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. ADUST REMOVER CO 'PISISTING OF AN ;EJECTOR-AND.A CYCLONE IS DESCRIBED; THE EJECTCR SIMULTANEOUSLY COAGULATED THE DUST'AND PUMPED PART OF T14E GAS STREAM FROM THE CYCLONE. o'13w TER WAS ATOMIZED INTO THE AIR JET INITHE EJECTOR.NOZZLEt IN At4fS. CORRESPONDING TO 0.082 L.-M PRIME3; THE AIR VELOCItY IN THE NOZZLE WAS ..~60 M-SEC. THE DUST (CARBON BLACK WITH A PARTICLE~SIZE OF LESS THAN Ov5-5.0 MU) CONCN. IN THE AIR WAS REDUCED FROM 500_~2000.AT THE INLET To 3-13 MG-M PRIME3 AT THE OUTLET OFiTHE APP., AN EQUATION FOR THE EJECTION SHOWS THAT-IT INCREASES WITH INCREASING~IiDISTANCE BETWEEN THE .,NOZZLE AND THE AIR ROTATING PART ("ROSETTE",). UNC 'BASS I F I ED USS R FET, Ya. 1. "Realization of Group Operations on a Rotary Convoyor Processor" Sb. Tr. In-t Mat. Sib. Otd. AN SSSR [Collected Works of Institute of Mathematics, Siberian Division, Academy of Sciences, USSR], 1972, No 4(23), pp 104-115 (Translated from Referativnyy Zhurnal Kibernetika, No 4, 1973, Abstract No 4V615, by the author). Translation: The possibility Is stWied of r-calizatioll of certain massive computer operations on a rotarNr type conveyor processor. The high effqc- tiveness of this processor 15 ichieved by a special logic StrUCture of the rotary arithmetic device. The performance of reductive and component-by- component operations on, numerical vectors is studied i~n detai I, as is rhe calculation of scallar derivatives. Time diagrams are presented. It is demonstrated that the rotary conveyor processor has a 11LIT11ber. of significant advantages over other known mass-operation arithmetic dcvices. F4 A OCT FC)R uAIER RECIA!,A-ICN IN SPACECRArl, LIFE SUMILT SMES COO 6,J 0?, e v chlxhav L ' T!. Z. P. Pak, pp 1-9 Ab3Zract: 1. Thtr pnnev comincjrVly demonatrutA3 tlve life mupiort the ndad for jovelonlrg ra~;cnara , V.13tems, %zater rea-,C!Ytaratlor. Trom water-bearlue, in thn-1- m2teim beLn,- tho f.1- "~.d ror-amoat step, at dovolopmanz. he valoct:Lon 0~' 0 partle- ula; wator mothad in deqnandent. on a complex functi=nl relatiotAshin betwoen the Olight pru:"r1tim, durazion, 2nocacraft nower 2up:)1y, nu-',"r of orow nombers, nc:z!!ibil1t:; a," re-planish- relloo.lLt:1 Of n~,, thin roL,", and t!lt 11.a 2-2'.;en' otc. 2. A.1 ruinlysis of . -io n an 0 ^': wn~tor. m, fl wi , i . 0.6",-zal i,,oniasitlon del:~=i2trat03 rtL~2L Q: U.1i ci-m ~u cof,.i-jrioato, trumptr- :7*.trn wnt,~!:- o7 an,l low-ir plnnti, wnter C.:~3 ~tltal' tic 11"'vation of ~~nrbon d1cx.1d'c. 71"!r tcr.~;.-.!nuc enn !~Izo 1-0 tl:104 n".ta!.r. a wator W'22~-. uA"r, an-111ca. t '-n. a,* t~ !q U~ 1":~- t -o by W.".. I e, V frC!", n MT: 614.20S) PUtILIC N~ALTR CARE 'it,' VE A.I.C%-RIAN WINILKA11C REPUBLIC t'Y I.I. P" r 1h,glen,, Alrel Public Il.alth T".~ber .~ 0- VS'411, Acad,mv of Voi!!cA ~-le 0 ~tedl;isl Institute iTen! 1.M. Suclicnov; 5~.etzk=vr 'WrovookY,ranutlive, Itioariiin. No S. 1971, ..b.ittcd 5 !tcvemhor IWO,. 1.., "1-7-91 According ro the Liformirion in the Annual of tile Europe,ilt Keglon 0"' 11 C'~ of In thl- P1;--1l-AtIQl1 Of Al~.erlil n,irititted 6I*?,#,!j1) ,. Atom till%~bt- t~'-v "prvaL-ort" z~%ne itid thd %aharl Ios-tt. of tb- Ve['ut.4tiot% llvim~i i:: tq of 0" I~ 'leportrientd in tile rl'.tlen' 06BI3 L mid "ov~. Vve ethnic vc-poiltion of tha populattoti is nott very diqer-iMed. It 14 reprowented niinq b7 rhP AraL-Elorber Frpup. Th- Ar.Ln rrived ~n tile C--rritory of to,li-y'i in vio 70l (enviry. the tribol Jit f~'rencP:t bet.aetl At present, In the 7.,itiot t, m r s-Jlti s of r-t%vr, F-tylia and in tht w*.sttrtx hly,h ~.Itli ," pat' eif tile natLowi t!~osv Are erl !.o Lr-- Fot 1 32 Ymat~, opptt,islan hv Fran-, In IW14, Ole w4r ,I Oil- 6*,~tnn whi-0, nled with vltory for tho liatl,,rial Libort.ti,n Front Al,korta declared Its Indeperld'-n(e 3 I'lly 11-62, 0 Tile vatit r~;sjorlty of t1irrapeittir inqt1t%l%ton* Iii Algeria. both In colental tiviLa and tor!ay, Is concentrated In tho c0titital, re&ioo, in major c1fle4: Algiers, A41naba, Cun.~tatttlne. OrAn, Tlv~cen, anJ Tirl-Cluzou. ..)6 tile P~Tlod ,I F'en.h tle the rural pop'lllfttion~ns procticpIly 7 Itiluut ally fwdlcal cote. whjteuever. lit 1962, In Tripoli, tile SemoLon of the Natiouml. Council of Algeri I odopted a slew program of development In which attention was Aiven to mLasi3re,.1 En directed toward orphnizifti; a national public h*&Ith avtvLce. In accordance with this progrum, in 1966 the Algartart Ministry of IlwAlth and Population was 74 r Acc. Nr- Abst racting Service: Ref. Code: Y0050,780 CHL If I CAL AB S T. r 9Q21 1r Infrared analyzer of rniLlt. - ZhcUw4,L', F 7LI -i- c . 1% ~V-ts. N 'sled. j 19 "00, 311 U-SbRI. u6`n of the Grubb Parsons TRINIA spectror0iotometer for the alml. of fat, protein, and Lactwe in utilk. Lola llrodfeld J 167 RELL/ FM-lE v,.W10780 112 037 UNCLASSIFIED PIROCESSINGDATEI--30OCT70 .TlTLE--SPATIAL DISPERSION EFFECTS IN THE OPTICS OF~METALS -U- i,-AUTHOR-(02)-SILIN, V.P., FETISOV, ESP* .:.'COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR '.SOURCE-PHYSICA STATUS SOLIDI, 1970, VOL 399 NR 19 ~PP 49-60 DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS-PHYSICS JOPIC TAGS--KINETIC EwUATIONj.PLAS,'4A WAVE, METAL SUkFACE PROPERTY, LIGfiT RADIATION EFFECT# SURFACE ENERGY, ASYMPTOTIC PROPF.RTY, LIGHT DISPERSION MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS 00CUMIENT CLASS--U?4CLASSI FLED PROXY REEL/FRAMP---1992/0083 STEP CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP01111277 UN(A.ASSIFIED 2/2 037 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING OAT----30CJCT70 CIRC ACCESSION NU--AP0111277 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-O- ABSTRACT. THE OBLIQUE. OF A LIGHT WAVE ON A PLANE BOUNDARY 15 CONSIDERE0 USINL~ THE METKII) GF- r~~INEFIC EQUATION. THE MAIN ATTENTION IS PAYED TO THE STUOY OF OF LONGITUDINAL PLASMA WAVE EXCITATIOM IN METALS ON SORFACE E-',jEkGY LUSSES OF LIGHT WAVES AND ON VOLUME LOSSES IN-THE CASE 10 P,P0LA4ILArto.-,4. THE SIGNIFICANCE OF FERMI LIQUIO EFFECTS IS CONSIDERE1.) IN DETAI L. AN ASYMPTOTIC BEHAVICUR OF THE FIELD INSIDE THE METAL IS~UBSERVED FO:~, LONG DISTANCES FROM THE BOUNDAR.Y. FACILITY: P.O. N. LEBEDEV PHYSICAL INSTITUTEr MOSCOW. Xtv 7.*jI UDC t 614.2;061.3(100) 19 114 FOURIEENTIt Jr.TERNATIONAL PUBLIC HrALTI1 ASSEMBLY 'Article by Professor Yu.P. Limit L jtljj~~~. L. Y - _Tmtochellko. doctor of medical sciences. and Se"tnkoya Zdravookhranentye. Rusnian, No 2. 1972. s=tted 9 June 1971. pp, 74-771 In Hey 19i1, the L4th International Public Health "usably. the largest forum of the world's medics, convened. As we know. the Public li,.Ith~ Assembly I* an annual meating of representatives of member nattuns of WHO. m the prestatit. time, when one more nation was accepted 49 4 C-CMbCr Of t11*MiO at a ruotin. Assembly, this organization consists of 133 nations-, and It to the largest in the system of the VU. At the Assembly, the Soviet delegation was headed by V.S. P~trovsh.iy, USSR of Health; it also included the Uzbek Miniatet of Health, Professor K.S. Zatrov. deputy USSR Miniateas of Health O.D. Venvdiktov and P.N. burgasov. the authors of the present article. and others, Ifie Assembly discussed about 70 issues, including tbo report of the direttor-grneral on tile activities of U110 in 1970. ad,3ption ot Its new general. program. for five years, consideration of the cholera pandttstc, albetiorat ion0rtthc environment and eradication of statillisax. control over q lity and dis rtbution of drugs~ training national, pubtle health personnel, tile W110 program and budget, acceptance of new cez-bers. etc. The director-general began his report about $4110 activities its 1970 with a presentation of steps to control cholera which member untions and the organization as a whole took. fie commented that prompt Information of WHO and its asaintance to nations. especially with respect to delivery of cholera vaccine, made It pounible to prepare for the cholera pandemic. For- thero dooctlbing the activitlea of WHO in tile control of Infectious disease. 0 and first of all the ouccessrul, global campaign to eradicate, smallpox. the diTt,%:tor-generA1 mentioned the importance of resolving tlio problem of protecting the envitonment. lie stressed the significance of controllIng pollution by pesticides, slid first of sit DOT and Other chemi.- cals. As before, concern was expressed about devolopment of public health services and training national personnel In formerly undeveloped countries. 91 LL . .............. 112 00'8 UNCLAS51FIED 'PROCES SING DATE--13NOV70 TITLE--NATURAL NIDALITY OF ERYSIPELOIDIAT THE SOUTHEAST OF THE RYAZAN DISTRICT -U- %L;THGR-(04)-KHCMYAKGVw A,I., SADOVNIKOVA, R.N., FETISOVA, N.A., FETISOV, po" CCUNTRY UF INFO-USSR SCURCE-ZHURNAL M[KROBIOLOGII, EPIDEMILOGII I IMMUNOBIOLOGII, 1970, NR 3, PP L3L-133 ..-DATE PUBLISHED---70 -BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES~ ~_SU_iJECT AREAS TCPIC TAGS-RGDENTt TICKv ERYSIPELAXv GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION ~'CCNTROL MARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/rRAME--1990/1478 STEP NQ--UR/0016./'10/0001003/0131/01~33 _ClAC ACCESSION NO--AP0109538 UNCLASSIFIED 212 OCS UNCLASSI FIED PROCESSING DATE--13NOV70 CI.RC.ACCESSICN NO-AP0109538 GP-0- ABSTRACT. IN THE SASOV AND SHATSK REGION .LOCALIZED AT THE SOUTH EASTERN PART OF RYALAN orsTRICT (TSNA RIVER 6ASIN)-THERE WAS ESTABLISHED A NATURAL NIDALITY OF ERYSIPELOID. A TOTAL OF 2,354 OF VARIOUS SPECIES OF RODENTS AND INSECTIVOROUS ANIMALS, 9,405 TICKS (DERMACENTOR PICTUS 4,375t IXODES RICINUS 511 030)t AND 93 SAMPLES GaTAINED FROM THE OBJECTS OF THE EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT WERE EXAMINED IN L962 -1968o EIGHT CULTURES OF ERYSIPELOTHRIX RHUSIOPATHIAE. VARIANT MURISEPTICUM WERE ISOLATED (IN 1963-4r.AND IN 1968.-4);FROm rHE ORGANS OF ARVICOLA T!~RRESTRIS L., 13 MICROTUSiOECONOMUSt:;~16 MICROTUS ARYALIS ?ALL., ONE .4yCRcmyS,mINUTUSj AND CtJE RATTUS NORVErLjICUS ~~ERKEN. r 't 4z CC T r: r) Oll USSR LTD C517-.948:513.83 FETISOVJ G "Certain Nonlinear O~erators in Modula'r Orliczz Spaces" Uch. zar).._Kemerq.v*_ gos. ped. in-t (Scientific Notes of the Kemarovov State Pedagogical Institute), No 23, 1970, pp 18-30 (from Re f, c ra ti vn,, v 2 11 na Matematika, No 7, July 71, Abstract No 7B865, by 1. Thragin) Translation: Properties of the integral operator ALI (T)K d,' -ices of the form L*11 %,!here is -function (Refera- are studied in spz a tivnyy Zhurnal -- Matematika, 1961, Abstract 6B414). Different theorems on the continuity and differentiability of operator are provea. Also proven is a theorem on the conditions for the operation of.the superscript operator. More general assumptions on the superscript operator are given in a work by the abstracter (Referativnyy Zhurnal Matematika, 1970, Abstract No 6B747). 23 7- '7' Acr- Nr.: 4A 0040447 Ref. Code: USSR ~~UDC 621. 316..722.9 KAZANTSEV, A. D LUNEV, A. and ~T f1pulse' Supply Source" Moscow, Otkrytiya, izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsyo tovarpyye znaki, No 1,.1970, p 52, Author Certificate No 258397:Class 21a4. Abstract: An author certificate has been issued for a pulse supply source which contains an ampli , a relaxation master osciUatc fier L r, and a protection circuit. In order to increase the stability of the output voltage and to decrease its owe intake pov4t--r, a circuit is provided between the intake terminals, which contains a resistor and a capacitor connected in serien. A dinistor is connected between them by its cathode, while its anode is connected'~to the base of the amplifier input transistor. In addition, the output transistor. ~collector of the amplifier is loaded through the diode on the thyris- tor control electrode. Aload is connected between thyristor anodes and the bus bar. Reel'/Frame 'I flk-4 A 41 1 k '-I# A0 dF'! A j OD HIM] I t t UDC 62L.316.722.9 USSR KA&INTSEV, A. D., LUNEV, A. V.1 and PETISOV V. I 11Pulse Supply Source" Moscow, Otkrytiya, izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarpyye znaki, No 1, 19701 p 52, Author Certificate No 258397 Class 21a4. Abstract: An'author certificate has been issued for a1pulse supply source, which contains an amplifier, a rela:xation~master oscillator, and a protection circuit. In order tb increase the stability of the output voltage an&to decrease its owe intake powe~r, aicircuit is provided between the intake terminals4 which contains a resistor and a capacitor connected in series. A dinistOr is coInnected betweert them by its dathode, while its anode is coonected to the baselof the amplifier inpbt tr'~tnsistor. In addition, the.outpUt transistor collector of'the amplifier is loaded through the diode on thethyris- tor control 4,lectrbde. Aload is coQni.cted, between,thyristor Anodes and the bus bar. 030 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--160CT70 TITLE--ALLERGENIC PROPERTIES OF THE COTTON A140 FLAX SPINNING MILLS~UUST U_ AUTHOR-(03)-FETISOVAt AsAto TITOVAP S.M.t 'ALEKSANDROVA, 04.G. COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR toURCE--GIGIYENA TRUDAI PROFESSIONALINYYE ZABOLEVANIYA, J970, NR 5, PP DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS--BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES TOPIC TAGS--TEXTILE INDUSTRYt NATURAL FIBER, DERMATITIS, ALLERGIC Of SEASE, ANAPHYLAXIS, INDUSTRIAL MEDICINE CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIUNS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--1996/0692 STEP NO--UR/0391/70/000/OU5/0019/0022 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0117917 UNCLASSIFIEO .-212 030 UNCLASSIFIE-0 PRO(,ESSING DATE-16OCT70 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0117917 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. INVESTIGATIONS IMLLUCE0 CUTANEOUS SCARIFICATION TESTS IN WORKERS OF COTTON A-40 FLAX SPINNING MILLSt ANAPHYLAXIA WITH DESENSITIZATION EXPERIMENTS IN GUINEA PICr5p ALUNG dli~i STAGING OF INTRADE.RMAL AND SCARIFICATION TESTS IN SCNSITIZEU ANIMAL:!')? WHEREFROM THE FOLLOWING INFERENCES ENSEW: 1. INDUSTRIAL OUST OF COTT~1'1 AND FLAX SPINNING MILLS IS AN ALLERGEN; 2. POSITIV-E,,SKfP4 TESTS ARE RECORDED NOT UNLY IN PATIENTS WITH IMPAIRED BRONCHOPULI~'IWAi~.Y SYSIEM k3LIT ALSO IN PRACTICALLY HEALTHY SUbJECTS, WHICH, APPARE,"ITLYr IS INDICATIVE OF A LATENT NATURE OF THE ALLERGY; 3. ANTIGENIC PROPERTIES OF Tf-iE INDUSTRIAL DUST ARE DUE TO THE PRESENCE THEREIN OF BACTERIA AND FUNGI; .4. THERE IS AN AFFILIATION BETWEEN THE DUST GENERATL~D AT C.-.)TTI)N AND FLAX SPINNING MILLS, CONDITIONED BY THE HOMOGENEITY OF THE FU14GAL ANO .BACTERIAL FLOiZA. FACILITY: MEDITSINSKIY INSTIrUT, ALLERGoLOGICHESKAYA LABORATOkIYA AMN INSTITUT GIGIYENY TAUoA I PROFZA80LEVANIY AMN SSSR. UNCLASSIFIED USSR UD C63Z.95 LUYANINAj V. S., and FqLS2%!~t I. A. "Determination of Polychloroct-uphene and DDT In a 60% Emulsified Concenth-ate of Folych1crocanphene, with DDT" V sb. Khim. sredstva zashchity rast. (Chemicta Agents for Plant Frotcetion collection of works), vyp 1, 1-4-oscow, 1970, pp 83-88 (frwt v0 it, 'Jun 72, Abstract Ro I'LU400) Tranalationi Folychlorocamphene is determined in a polyd,ophan preparation by a photocolorimetric method baned on the property of polc:yb1orocamphene o:~ producing a. strong yellow tint vith thiourea in an alkalirie nedium. The accuracy of deterialnz~tlan of polychlorocanaphane is +1%4. Thc- DDT concent:r1la- tion in the comroia-,d 1u detrrnincd from thu total chlorAnc by Schounher ignition of the co.-iFOw,.d In oxygeng 1/1 1/2 UNCLASSIFIED 'PAOCESSING DATE--13NOV70 ~-.-TITLE-NATURAL NICALITY OF ERYSIPELOID AT THE SOUTH EAST OF THE RYAZAN JISTRICT -U- A.I., SADOVNIKOVAp R.N.v FETJSOVAw N.A., FETISOV, 3 A. 6F INFO-USSR -:SGURCE-ZHURNAL MIKROBIOLOGIlt EPIDEMILLI I IMMUNOB IOLOGII, 1970, NR 3o, PP. 131-133 'GATE PUBLASHED---70 -BIOLOGtCAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES SU3JECT AREAS TAGS--RGOENT, TICK, ERYStPELAX, GEOGRAPHIC LOCATION CCNTROL MARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--L990/1478 STEP ND--UR/0016/.70/0001003/0131/0133 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0109538 U""CLASS IF IFO Ism.. ~m mom M~mlm Z/2 ocs UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING OAT E-- 13NOV70 CIRC ACCESSICN NO--AP0109538 ~-A3STRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. IN T14E SASOV AND SHATSK REGION LOCALIZED AT THE SOUTH EASTERN PART OF RYAZAN DISt.RICI (TSNA RIVER -dASIN-)-THERE WAS ESTABLISHED A NATURAL NIOALETY OP ERYSIPELOID. A*TOTAL OF 29354 OF VARIOUS SPECIES OF RODENTS AND INSECTIVOROUS ANIMALS, 9,405 TICKS-(DERMACENTOR PICTUS 40759 IXIODES RICINUS 5~030), ANO 93 SAMPLES OBTAINED FROM THE OBJECTS OF THE EXTERNAL, ENVIR01414EINT '14rRE EXAMINED IN ~1962 -1.968. EIGHT CULTURES OF ERYSIPELOTHR[X RHU$IOPATI-IIAE. VARIANT ?4URISEPTICUM WERE ISOLATED (IN 1963-4, AND 1.14 196~-4) FROM THE Oq.GANS OF 4 ARVICOLA T~RRESTRIS L., .13 MICROTUS OECONOMUSs A6 MICROTUS ARVALIS PALL~t ONE MYCROMYS MINUTUS, AtID ONE RATTUS NORVEOCUS BERKEN. U,,,,r LA SS I FIED ---------- Automatic Control! Instruments USSR UDC: 681. 321. 6 5 PRANGISIRIILI, I. V. , POPOVA, G. M. , USKACH, M. A. , FETISOVA S V., H09KOV, B. A. , RUD MMO, L. Z. , KOPEYKITI, G. A., Institute "T"tu",ro IT and Remote Control (Technical Cybernetics) "An Element of Homogeneous Structure" USSR Author's Certificate No 2871-15, filed 11 Mar 69, published 18 Feb 71 (from RZh-Avtomatika, Telemeklictnilra 1 VychislitelIntZa Teklinika. No 10, Oct 71, Abstract, No lo-B169 11) Translation: Elements are knotwn which can be used as cells of homogeneous structure in addition to other applications. A multifunctional element used as a cell of homogencous structure has the disadvantage that only the out- -puts are cornuutated in such an element, -and.the logic. ~inputo tire not cominu- tated. This limits its functional possibilities : e. g., the cell cannot- be used for high-speed homogeneous structures with feed-throutTji current 1,.ne-s 1, ur e s through which signals propagate with practically no delay (bus strUC4- For couolir-- tc the l4nes, the cells must have ccrrmiutwtuble inputs LnE outputs i. e., they must receive signals :from the line Lndl tran.L.-fer to the line. In addition, in the case-of external interference the infor- mation must be periodically transferred to the cell fJJ_p-J'1oj,,s to Correct 1/3 USSR PRAN'G I SHVI LT, I. V. et al., Soviet Patent No 287115 failures which may occur. In a multifunctional logic circuit in the multi- ple-transfer mode, all flip-flops are preset to the zem st;-te each time, regardless. of the presence of failures. This interrupt,, thf;' funct4c.11 being _j realized by the structure each time, which is a considOrablf~ disadvanil'uge of the logic circuit. The purpose of this invention is to cxtend the func- tional possibilities and increase the speed of. the homoC.;cneou!r. structure. In the proposed element, this purpose is achieved by redistributing the con- trol circuit between the inputs and outputs of the claxient withoull increacinF, the total number of components: i. e. some of the inputs an,1 outruts are made commutatable, and some are not. Only the commutatable inputs and. out- puts are used in connecting the element to the lines. In connect! nE; the elements to one another, the noncommutatable inputs of'one element tire con- nected to the cc=utatable inputs of the other, and vifl~e Thus be- tween any elements of the structure (between adjacent t~ells or bet,,:C-er. the cells and the lines) a controllable data transmission chann-A is formed vhieh may be switched on or off de~pending on the debugging code. The ci-rcuit for setting and resettinC the flio-flo ps is made. in -sucf c vay whf:n 'irfor- mation is being, trans f erred, the flip.-flops are set irxaedietely to a pre- determined state without to the zero state .1r., ordl,,-r to r.,orre-0. failures. This procedure miake~- it rjor~.-~Ible tcj use a lo(je c~.Jl ii-1. II1,0-.- W USSR UDc 681. 3.0 56 PRANGISMLI, I. V., POPOVA, G. M., USKACII, M. A., ~.ETISIOVJI S. V. , M03- KOV, B. A., RUDERMN, L. Z. , KOPEYKIN, G. A., Ins-ti-Ou ':'t6f Aao on dnd Remote Control (Technical Cybernetics) An Element of Homogeneous Structure" Mscov, Otkrytiya, izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, toya:rnyye znaki, 1970, No 35, Soviet Patent No 287115, class 21, filed 1-1 Mar~69, published 19 Nov 70, pp 62-63 Translation: This Author's Certificate introduces an element. of hornogenc.1011S structure which contains AND, OR, AUD-NOT mid NOT circtitts, fil-p-1,10pr" commutated inputs, noncommutated inputs, and inputs for borizontal and vertical tuning lines. As a distinguishing feature of the patent, the functional possibilitiez of the elment are eytf-nded and. the speed of the homogeneous structure is increased by connecting the Inputz of' thv AND circuits for setting the flip-flons to one, to the horizortal and vertical tuning lines, vhile the I=puts of the AND c1rcuits for swtting thQ flip- -flops to zero are connect(.,d to the horizontal ttining Ilnuo, rVid MII,ough the NOT circultii tQ) the vortica.1 tuning lines. 'Me outplits of t1h(_. fi=t two flip-flops are connected to the inputs of the OR-ciroults, whiioh tire 112 ........... USSR PRANGISRVILII I. V., et al., Otkrytiva, izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye znaki, 1970, No 35, Soviet Patent Noi287115, class 21, filed 11 Mar 69, published 19-Nov 70, pp 62-63 also connected to the commutated inputs of the element. The outputs of these OR circuits are cennected together with the noncom--litated isiputs otf the element through an AND circuit to the input- of a I'mod 2 additio*n" circuit. Also connected to this addition circuit are the outnuts of a third flip-flop. The outputs of the remaining flir-flops are corinected to AND-NOT output circuits, whose inputs are also connected to, the output of the "mod 2 a-ddition" circuit and through a 140T element to arie of the outDuts of the structure clernent. 212 22 USSR uDC 63-2.95 ITSYCOVAY A. L. Y GAR, K. A.,- MANDEL'BAW, YA. A. Whu""MV409W and OIRLOVA, "An Arcaricide" USSR Authors' Certificate No 267244, Cl. A 01 n 9136;4 oi n 9/14, filed 16 Sep 68, published 17 Jan 72 ~-from RM-Khimiya, Ho 111, 25 Jul 72, Abstract No 14N468 by T. A. Belyayeva) Translation: For the control of spider mites the authors suggest application of a thiophosphate with the general forzmla R" 11, V (I) (R = Me or Et; RI = Me, Et, Pr, 'e, Et). Results of I tents on spider mite specimens are presented. UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING, -9ATE--17JQL7C TITLE--AGREN-ALIN KCPACFENALIN ANC THEIR PREDECCSSOR EXCPE'I'M"i (00PA WL: GOPAYIN) IN PATIENTS kITH MIGPAINE -U- ALTHG9--GCLUVANo N.C., MATLINA, F.SF., 'F[_T~S, A N. CCUXTRY OF INFO --USSR NEVRCPATCLCGII I PSIKFTAT~11, 1970, VQL 70, NP 2, PP DATE FLELISFiEC------7C ..S LBJECT AREAS--FICLCCICAL ANb VECIC'AL SCIENCES ,TCPIC TtGS--HEACACI-E, ADRENALINE, NCPACRENALI,NEt URINE CCURCL P4PKlhG--N0 RESTRI(TION'S DCCUPENI CLASS--LNCLASSIFIEC PRCXY REEL/FFAVE--1919/0670 STEP NC--UR/CZ-(i6/IG/010/~)0?/019(;It~2c,3 L! L A ......... . ........ ... ........ .. ......... Acc. Nn Ref . Code: UR 0246 AP00471'75 PRIMARY SOURCE: Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhiatrii, 1970, Vol 70, Nr 2, pp iqp-~2e~" ADRENALIN, NORADRENALIN AND THEIR PREDECESSOR EXCRETION (DOPA AND DOPAMIN) IN PATIENTS WITH MIGRAINE N. B. Goldman, E. S4 M allina ar d A. N. Fels The authors conducted an investigation of 25 patients* with migraine. where they stu- died the diurnal urine excretion (as well as in partial excretion of urine) of adrenaline. nor- adrenalin. dopamin and dopa in the intercrises period, during cris", as well as during the introduction of insulin. It was possible to show that in the intercrises period the excretion of these substances did not disclose significant differences compared to normals. It was de- monstrated that there was only a deerme in the noraerenalin-adrenalin excretion ratio. In the period prior to a crisis there was a decrease In adrenalln excretion, In the crucial period of the crisis adrenallin excretion rose 5ignificiintly' In those cases where during the intro- duction of insulin a migrainous attack ensued there was an increpsed adrenalin excretion which exceeded the changes seen in normals. The achieved results give ground.i to assume that the changed adre-nalin content plays a certain role in 'the development of a migrainous attack. RE E L tTAHE 1197-1906170 lv�ilf 3111'~ lift; RK Allfilillill'i I F f I I I i I I I B_11 Ut At; UW 576.851-4 5.077-3:57'-8-073.4 USSR MYASNIKOVA, G. S.; DASHEVIC" L. v. and URALEVA V. S., J) AZARTSEV, A. 11.1, Rostov-na-Donu Scientific Research Antiplagiie lnstilu~e and Poltavskaya, Yarosla-vskaya, and Orlovskaya. Oblast Sanitax,y -'pidemiolo.-ical Stations "Results Obtained by Means of Fluorescent Antibo dies Dn,ing Dnrest-1,7at-icn of Natural Foci of Tularemia" Moscow, I-aboratornoye Dolo, No 1, 1973, PP 57-58 Abstract: Spleen, blood, lyrph node, liver, and lung smear prints of 13 infected laboratory mice were treated with luninescent tadaremia sel-Lur.. , A lar,-, number of brightly Ituninescent microber, wero found in 1;he s~xmplc,, of never animals. B-acteriological invc!:tigntionf; yielded tulpi-cmika pa 111.) lo;rt~! 1 fro'll all animals. Luminescent bodies res-embline; tuDiremin vicroL-,4~.-s wt~i-L- also ob!~erve~' in two additional mice inf$-'eted with Dai-7raeentor pictus, ticks. However, no tuln emia bacteria were isolated from these animals. It was 6!,tablisl~ed -k, 11, snear prints of internal ort,ans rerain suitable for trcatwent ii--dnascunt j I senrn for up to 6 Y~onthss if kept in a refri,gerat-or and ftj:* 1~ir i a 3 n~'tz J kept at room termcrature. The nothod of contrasting fTj2r~ific Lm-ine2cence yields trood results only if bovine alb--miin tKq;ed with i'1110-ra-Udocynnate is used. Xlbumin tag--ed with isothiocyanate is TiLffective., 1/1 1/2 022 UNCLASSIFIE0 )ATF--0?'_-.(!T7o) TITLE--VEATIC4L Pq0FILES OF LONG WAVE RADIATION FLUXE,5 IN A Z L J"oY ATMOSPH.FkE -U- .:Aur"t.o~-to.3)-rinISA, (?PPE.'4GC-IA* V.').t* FFYGELSON, F.'I.: CCMTRY OF INFG--USSR SOURCE- AKADEIMIIA NAUK SSSR, IzVESr1o1o'_1, FIZIKA ATMJSFFiZY I ~:KFA'4A, VJL6 FEE-1970, P 198-203 ~DATEPUBLISHED ------- 70 :SUBJECT AREAS--ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES TOPIC TAGS--LONG WAVE RADIATIONt VERTICAL PROFILE, RA014TIUN FLUX, ATeiUSPHERIC CLOUD, ATMUSPHEkEt RAOIATIVE HEATING, R,I)IAIIVE _-JILINS CONTROL MAPKING-NO RFSTRICTIONS DDCUM~NT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--1989/1905 STEP tlCj--UR/0362/70/~)~1610(1)/,')198/0i~0*4 I R C Ar C, C St, I f%n- At) 0 1 o,!2,3 5 2/2 022 UNC'L ASS IF I ED P~()CFSSFNG DArE--0.)'0CT70 ClAC ACCESSION NO--AP0108235 'ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--ILJ) GP-0- ABSTRACT. 4FASUREMENT (.')F UPWARD AND0 A R 0' 11J LONG WAVE RADIATION FLUXES UNDER CLOUDY CONDITJONS~UJR G YTI E A NIGHTTIME HOURS. A SHARP CHANGE IN THE DOWNWARD FLUX UPON ENT:4Y INT3 THE CLOUDY LAYER FROM A60VE IS NOTED, WHILE THE PRljFILE oF THE UPWARD FLUX IS EVERYWHERE SMOL)rti- ON THE BASIS OF 25 VERTICLE PROFILES OF THF EFFECTIVE RADIATION IN THE CASE OF SINGLE LAYER STI,',ATUS CL3UDS, A MODEL OF THE RADIATION TRANSPORT IN A14 AVERAGE STRATUS CLJJ0 IS ZONSTRUCTED. IT IS SHOWN THAT THE RADIATION FLUX DIVERGENCE.IN THE ATMOSPHERE AROVE THE CLOUD IS SIMILAR TO THE DIVERGENCE UNDER CLEAR SKY CONDITI)NS. WITHING THE CLOUDr THE MUST AcrIVE AREA FROM THE RAOIATION STANDPOINT IS THE UPPERMOST 50 M LAYER. IN THYUNDERLYING 50 P1 LAYER THE RADIATION -FLUX DIVERGENCE DECREASES FIVEFOLD. CONSIDERABLE RADIATIVE C33LING PENETRATES DOWN TO 150 M. THEN'FULLOWS~ A-LAYER WHERE THE FLUX DIVERGENCE IS CLOSE TO ZERO. FINALLY, NEAR THE LOWER BOUNDARY JF THE CLOUD RADIATIVE HEATING IS OBSERVED. kl-~,_f -t A f-c A C' C I (" I r 1. - - -% -) II I E ---- - - -- U i -,' C' L I I L.0 92 019 UNCLASSI FIM PROCESSING DATE--13NOV70 CIRC ACCESSUON NO--AP0130017 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT, IN ITS OVER 50 YEAR EXISTENCE PHYSIOLOGY OF HIGHER NERVOUS ACTIVITY BRILLIANTLY fOUNDED THROUGH THE ~WORKS OF 1. P. PAVLOV 14A5 UNUERGONE-~A KATHEK SUBSTANTIAL EVOLUTION. PARTICULARLY SIGNIFICANT CHA14GES OCCURRED IN THIS fIELD IN THE LAST- DECADE. . FIRST OF ALL WE MUST NOTE :THE -RAPPROCHEMENT OF CONCEPTS OF. --.~PHYSIOLOGY 9F HIGHER NERVOUS ACTIVITY AND PSYCHOLIO~.Y, A, RAPPROCHEME14T THAT IS, SO CLOSE THAT AT Tlt4GS It IS EVEN oir-FICULT TO ~DkAd THE LI.Nt- BETWEEN THE TWO. THIS APPROXIIMATION IS NOW A VERY~~ VALID AND F-.RUITFUL PHENOMENON, JUST AS IT wAS* FRUITFUL, AT THE EARLY STAGES OF. DEV;HLOPMENT OF PHYSIOLOGY OF HIGHER NERVOUS ACTIVITY,.FOR I. P~. .PAVLOV TO REJECT THE USE OF-P5YCHOLUGICAL TEKM5 TO DIESCRIBE AND INTERPRET PHY51OLOGICAL FACTORS OBTAINED IN THE LABORATORY. AT THIS STAGEo' THE USE OF TERMS OF INTROSPECTIVE PSYCHOLOGY (SUCH AS THE DOG REALIZEOjHAT) COULD ONLY-HAVE N EXPLANATION viHERL THERE CONFUSED THE ISSUE, CREATING THE ILLUSION OF A, WAS NONE. FRUITFUL WAS THE TENDENCY OF I . 1 P% PAVLOV, As HE INVATEUTHE AREA OF MENTAL PkOCESSESt TO RE GOVERNED ONLY ON CLFARLY FORMULATED i-JCEPTLONS OF REFLEX ACTIVITY AND TO INTR(DUCE NEW PHYSIOLOGICAL CC. C. EXTREME CAurijt4, CN HERE THErqE WAS 140 WAY TO MAKE NCEPTS ONLY WITH 'LY W C ENDS MEETp AND BASING HIMSELF ONLY ON ALkEADY ESTA~LISHED CONCEPTIONS. PRECISELY IN THIS MANNER DID THE CONCEPT OF CONDITIONED REFLEX ARISE# AS EFFECTED BY THE REFLEX ARC WHIC14 CLOSESIUNDER SPECIFIC CONDITIONS. FACILITY: CENTRAL INSTITUTE FOR CED TRAINING OF PHYSICIANS1 MOSCOW. -THE-AOVA N W-11c LA 01-ac -Lf 7 'E-fLt- USSR FEYGENBEFG, I. M. Mozg. Psikhika, ZcLorovlye (Me Brain, Psychology, and. Health), Moccow, Izdatel I stvo Hauka, 1972, 111 pp Translation: Annotation: The book by Prof I. M. Fcy6,enberg acquaints the reader with various aspects of human mental activity in po-pular form. Special attention is devoted to probabilistic predictions of the psychic capabili-11.-ics of the brain, the study of which is the principal subject of the author's research. Some problemG of the psychophysiology of pereeotion, emotions, and memory and certain problens of engineering psychology, and pathopsyciaology are treated in the book. The book is written for a wide range of readers. Table of Contents: Page From the Author 3 About the Brain 5 Interaction of Analyzing Systems in the Brain '12 Sleep -- Also the Work of the Brain 20 Man "Puts the Finishing Touches" an the Sensory GrganS 27 The Ability to Look Into the Future' (Probabilistic Prediction) 33 What Troubles US? 41 ]~"etion Time 47 1/2 - 91 USSR UDc 669.~295.004-z "Hydrogen Chlo,:-ida Air Pollution Resulting from Production' of '~jtaniumll Tr. In-ta krayev. patol. KazS5R, ('I-V'orks of tho Institute of Regional Pathology, SSI), 1970, Vol. 19, pp. 51-54, (from RU-Metallur"iya, No 2, 1971, Abstract No. 2G198 by A. Tseydler) Translation: Considering the corrosive nature and extreme toxicity of TiC14 and HCI, thoir content in the air in production rooms must be decreased ro below the permissible concentration, which requires careful sealing of technological equip- Mont. USSR UDC 615.616.24-003.656.6 :E-YGIN B. G. IfToxicology of Titan-"Lum Welding Aerosol" Tr. NII krayev. patol. KazSSR (h'orks of the Sclkintific Research Institute of Marginal Pathology of the Kazakh Ssl-,), 1972, No 23, PP 143-146 (from 11%.Zli-Parmakologiya. Khimioterapevticheskiye 5redstva. ToIcsikologiya, Nro 3, IMar 73, Abstract'No 3.54.894) Translation: Over a 12 month period, rats were ~adm inistered 50 Mw of titanium welding acrosol containing- Ti, Al) Si and FE from, one to ten percent; Mg, Pb, ~Ni, Cr, Cu, Cd and Zn f roz:i 0. 1 to I per- cent; t-In from 0.01 to 0.1 percent once intratracheally. After one 111011-th, interstitial. pneumonia of a diffuse nature was observed (proliferation of the histiocytic arid lymphoid elements, in the -i, the bronchial and vascular walls ~ and so an) interalveolar sept. After 6 zziontlis thC IMC1.11110nia acquired a diffuse-interstitial nature; after 9 montlis the phenomena of perib~roxichial perivascular fibrosis were added. After 12 montlis all the described plienomena were redoubled. U J'SR UDC 615.616.24-003.656.6 FEYGT4N, B. G., KUMITOVA, V. Z., ZIZANCIROVA, L, A. "Problem of the Effect of Titanium Ach;iixture in..Qual'tz on the Development of Silicosis" Tr. NII krayev. patol. KazSSR Works of the Scientific Research Institute of Marginal Pathologry of tile Kazakh SSR), 1972, No 23, PP 147-151 (from RZh--Farmalcolo-iya,, Khimiote rape v tic hesiciye Sredstva. Tolcsikologiya, No 3) Mar 73, Abstract No 3.54-893) Translation: A (lose of 0.5 m.eof suspension Coll tailling, 25 M,eOf Ti and 2S mg of cluartz (first f.,,,roup) or 30 rtig aC quartz (second frroup) was achilinisLered daily intratracheally to male rats for 12 months. After one month fine-focal iaflaiwatory --Iterations of the interstitial type with round-celled and histocytic infiltration of the alveolar septa were observed in the lujigrs of the animals of the first group. After six months tile inflammatory alterations in the lun.-.s were accompanied by the development,of lar--e centers of cellular proliferation, nodular and pcrivascular cellular accumulations. After 9 and 12 months, attenuation of the inflamnia- tory process was noted with normalization of the histologic picture 1/2 USSR FEYCIN, B. G., et al., Tr. NII krayev. paLol..KazSSR, 1972, No 23, pp 147-151 of the lungs. In the animals of the second group, Hie development of the typical silicosis picture was observed: infiltratIve- proliferative part in the septum inter-alveolarium, Wien individ- .ual silicotic nodes of the lymphocytes, epithelial cells, com- pressed vessels and bronchi, then generalization of the process with partial deterioration of the lung tissue. It, Is considered that Ti does not intensify the silicosogenic properties of Si. USSR UDC 669#295.004.2 --Ei.OSKC-,SKAY,',, G. I., POXAZKIN A, L. G. OS1?OVA,:I. A. -"The Problem of Labor Hygiene in Titanium Production" Tr. in-ta krayov. patol. KazSSR, (Works of the Institute of Regional Pathology, Kazakh SSR), 1970, Vol 19, PP 55-57. from RU..Metallurgiya, No 2, 1971, Abstract No 2G199 by A. Tseydler) Translation: Preliminary data on the general morbidity of,workers in titanium production indicate that there are harmful factors influencing the morbidity of the rospiratory organsand nasopharynx. USSR Uric 669-295.oo4.2 -B-G. _BMOSFURSKAYA, G. I., and "Morbidity of Titanium Production Workers at the Ust'-Kiamenogorskiy Titanium-Yagnesium Combine" Tr. In-ta krayev, patol. KazSSR (Works of the Institute of Regional Pathology, Kazakh SSR), 1970, 19, pp 247-249 (from Zh Metallurgiyap No 1, 71j, Abstmct No lG197 by A. Tseydler). Translation: Studies of the general and occupational morbidity of workers involved in titanium production have shown that the greatest production dangers are, to be found in the air of the working zone of the TiC14 shop' where the concentration of harmful chemical components significantly ex6eeds the perm-is- sible norm, �r, I IN, -,Nn] 1-flln USSR UDC 621.383.292.8 SOSFENOV-4 N. I., FEYGIN, L. A. "Detector of Soft Roentgen Radiation Based on FEII-85 Photomultiplier" V sb. Apparatura i metody rentgenovsk. analiza (Apparitus and Methods of Roentgen AnalYsis-Collection of Works), Issue 7, Leningrad 1970, pp 66-71 (from RZh--Elektronika i veye primeneniye, No 5, May 1971, Abstract No 5A189) Translation: A scintillation detector based on an improved model of the FEU-85 is described. The new photomultiplier (FEU) differs from the FEU- 35 (sic) by a more rugged construction and a higher amplification factor (107 i - nstead of 103) thanks to the addition of two dynodes. The nossibil-, ity is mentioned of registration of Roentgen radiation of high intensity by use of a small load resistance. 3 ill. 3 ref. N. ~ S. 42 M,-:~-i ~1119U=fl= -tM "i, 1 "'i it-1,1311t; 112 023 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESS I ING DATE--20NOV70 ~,T I TLE--X, RA'y METhOD FOR DETERMINING THE GAPS BETWEEN HEAVY AT014S A N MACRCI,'6-LECULES IN SULUTIJN AND ITS USE FGR ST00YING GRARICIDIN S 'AUTHQR-(03)-VAYNShTEYN, 0'.K., SCJSFENOV, N.I.p Ff:YGINr L,Ao -_CCUjNTkY (if INFO--USSR .lSOURCE--0GKL. AKAD. NALK SSSR 1970, 190(3):574-7 -DATE PUBL ISHEC-----70 'p_SUBJECT AF ml~Wi the vector 2 = Ca = ~Tc 1,5-Finning a' execlitlon of th`a4~,-th oporatlinn; of the t-x~,cltion of -he q-th operation- d = num- of opr-rAtlt*~ns in the scti~dule: caritrollinC irtfllu-inces In tl,,e constructlon a': A v,;, y bF4 thi- operatin,, seml3once of ny3teris In ma(lhInes, rr-thn'! of ~'nnicnlng project!l to =ach!nns' and otl-'~r Cha- 7 7 an - I it IF; t I C f-'r thp trat controllin., Inf-Dionce Ti for which tnf, fluirtion 14 to mlnlml'~(Id. OYX111:10 th, C.'sk, Nwhttre t! P. parannnter of the 1-th Is a rar0om ~nilie w1th 1.0movil mathe- ~ I . . . d). This paran,,tpl, c~jn, be ra T. o 1;~n ~tf th2 Lh-~ cart of carrylno It Out, and t 0 Rll' ~-. J~,Jyaqov ;Traazlitornt-l from t 5ri.L-i7 -roiLch, wo -A-' fnr t~,- kno-.!n !,1- 11 -:-1 den-Itv of t),.- distriln%tion of probabil Li S, J-01-). for thp, ~chftdkilf'. is be, 4n f'~ . , r cc, in, I I pe ,o r...,ny timen, we will invent! ate th(- mul t 1 9 tep .. ........ . UNCLASS I F IEC PROCESSING OATE-17J(fL7C .1TLE-CN THE EFFECT OF INSULIN ON-THE LIPID)ET,40CL,I.SM IN DIABETES _~JJELLITUS -U- ~.UTHGR_-FEVG1h i -Aw. E. _CUKT~Y.CF IKFC--USSR .Xj.URCE-VRACH,EENCYE DELCi 19709 NR 2#.PP 32-35 )ATE PUELISHEE ------- 7C XEJECT AREASr--EIGLCGICAL ANC MEOICAL S~IENCES. -C,PIC TAGS-;,IhSULIN* DRUG EFFECTs LIPOPRETON, FATTY Atl(),~BLOOD CHEIMISTWt- LIPID PETAECLIS11, DIABETES IIELLJTUS c CNTROL PARKING--NO RESTRICTICNS AOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIEC _RC_XY REEL/FRAME--1982/03E4 STEP NC--UR/C475/70/000/002/0032/0035 _IRC ACCESSICK NC--APOC51901 I -AJ: .1-F-f.-E-tn' 7 71 Acc. Nr; Ref Code;V*W~r Apoosiwl PRIMARY SOURCE'--' Vrachebnoye Delo,' 1970, -Nr..2 p p3l ON THE EFFECT OF INSULIN ON THE LIPID METABOLISAi IN DIABETES MELLITUS M. B. FeygilL (Kiev) Determination of the b1dod bethaliooproteid concentration, non-esiterised fatty acids concentration, lipoproteid lipase activity and total lipolytic: activity indicates that pa- tients with diabetes mellitus show hyperbethalipoproteidemia. increased content of blood non-esterised fatty acids, decreased total hpolytic activity of tbe blood and decreased lipoproteid lipase activity. Admini3tration of insulin in diabetes mellitus reduces the n'on-esterised fatty acids concentration, Jncrease3 the total lipolytic activity of the blood, but increases the concen- tration c! betha-lipeproteid3. No decrease of the betha-lipoid concentration ocurred when insulin was combined with lipocain. Y-11 Rl,:kL /r. 1WRE .......... ............... ........ ...... .. .. Foryalng USSR UDC 669.717:669-42 YERMMOK, M. Z. , FEYGIN, V. I. Production of Aluminum Alloy Sections" Mosco-w, Proizvodstvo prof1ley iz alyuminiyevykii splavov (cf. English above), Metallurgiya, 1972, 271 pp (from Proizvodstvo profiley i~ alZuminiyevykh splavov, pp 2-3) Translation; The assortment and extrusion systems are presented for the follow- ing sections: continuous cross section, hollow and varjable.cross section of aluminum alloys. A study was made of the characteristic .-features of flow of the metal and calculation of "lie force conditions during the extrusion of sections and also the problems of calculation, planning And design of the ex- truded tool. The advanced techniques for extrusion, heat treatment, straightening and finishing the sections are described. The primary data Wth re-spect to defor- mable alumIntint alloys and also steel for inanufaettiring Llie, extrusion tool are presented. This book is intended for engineers of the extrusion shor, and the re- searchers and workers In the branches of industry in which altiminum alloy sections are used. It can be useful to students and teac;hers at the Insti.- tutions of higher learning and the specialized secondary schools. Viere are 69 tables, 148 illustrations and a 137-entry bibliography. 1/3 r*;j iKwdz*;14-_R Kq For USSR YERMANOK, M. Z., et al. Proizvodstvo profiley iz alyuminiyevykh s2lavav Metallurg iya, 1972, 271 pp Contents Foreword ....................................... ............. 4 Introduct ion ......................................... ............. 6 Chapter I . General Information ..................................... 9 l.. Aluminum -AlloysUsed to Extrude Shaped Sectionc ............. 9 2 ' Assortment of Shaped Sections ............................ 38 3. Technical Conditions Imposed on the Sections~ ............. 50 4. Extrusion Techniques ...................... I ............... 66 5. Technological Limits for the Production.of 7--ctruded Sections .............................................. 88 6. Characteristic Features of Metal Flow During.the Extrusion of Sections. Determination of the Geometric:Parameters of the Plastic Zone and the Deformation Time ....... 89 7. Characteristic Features of Calculating the Force Conditions of Extrusion ............... I .......... I................ 94 Chapter II. Extrusion Process ...... .................... 102 1. Selection of the Billet Dlinensions for Extrunion ......... 1.02 2. Extrusion Temperature Range ...... #.......... ............ 1.09 3. Enuination Rates .............. 0-4 ....................... 1.12 4. Technologicn.1 Process of J.,"Y.Lrueston 4........I ............. 1,111. 5. Charac te ris tic Ft!atures of Some Technological (if 2/3 Extrusion .................... ............. .............. I h ir H~Hhl`filll H11, Iffiffiffill t"IffiffiFIR", NIAl 1$1111flifflRiNWRIN M4 MEN, 93M USSR YMIANOK, M. Z., et al., Proizvodstvo profiley iz alytiminiyevykh splavov, -Metallurgiya, 1972, 271 pp 6. Equipment for Extruding Sections ......................... 157 Chapter III. Extrusion Tool .................. 0....... .............. 168 1. Steel for Manufacturing the Extrusion Tool ............... . ~168 2. . Structural Design of Tool Adjustments for Fxtruding - Aluminum Alloy Sections ................ ............ 177 3. Structural Elements of-the Die'Assemblies ..~ .............. 183 4. Elements of the Planning and Design of Extrunion Dies 197 5. Structural Designs of Another atrusion Tool, ............. 216 Chapter IV. Heat Treatment of Sections ., .............. ......... ~232 1. Thermal Devices .................. o ....................... 232 2. Heat Treatment Technology ................... ............. 241 Chapter V. Straightening of Sections ................. ............ 245 1. Straightening on Tension Levelers ................ I ....... 246 2. Straightening on Roller Levelers ........................... 253 3. Straightening on Vertical Presses. ...... ............ 255 4. Manual Straightening ................ .................... 256 Chapter VI. Finishing of Shaped Sections ........................... 258 1. Pickling ............. I ................................... 258 2. Anodizing ......................... 0 ....................... 260 Chapter VII. State of the Art and Basic Trends In the Purther Improve- ment of the Technological Process for the ExtrusJon of Shaped Sections of Aluminum Alloyr . .................... 262 BiblJograp hy ............................... ....... I...... I ....... 3/3 USSR um 621.396.6-181.5(088.8) FEYGEIOV, N..~I. , GAIKOV, V. S. A Method of Making Hybrid Integrated Circuits" USSR Author's Certificate No 283340, filed 13 Jun 69, published 3 Dec 70 (from RM-Radiotekhnika, No 6, Jun 71, Abstract No 6V199 P) Translation: A method is proposed for making hybrid integrated racrocir- cuits which is based on producing passive elements on a dielectric plate, connecting the active elements to current-conducting circuit tracks, and dividing up the plate into functional modules. To ensure orientation of the active elements with respect to the points of connection and to automate the assembly process, the active elements are pre-soldered to lead grours made in a metal Dlate, from which the active elements tu-e then cut out in sequence together with the leads and attached to the current-conducting circuit tracks while simultaneously moving the plate together ,rith the active and passive elements through a step equal to the spacing of the elements and points of lead attachment. 122 USSR uDc:' 621.3.049-73~' FEYGINOV, N. I., GAIZOV, V. S. "A Method of Making Hybrid Integrated Circuits" Moscow, Otkrytiya, Izobreteniya, PronWshlennyye Obraztsy, Tovarnyye Zna-ki, No 31, 1970, Soviet Patent Vo 283340, Class 21, filed 13 Jun 69, P 54 Abstract: This Authorls Certificate introduces a method of mftXing hybrid integrated circuits based on producing passive elemeryts,~on a dielectric plate, connectinG active elements to the current-conducting tracks of the circuit, and dividing the plate into functional modules. As a distinguishing feature of the patent, provision is made for orienting the active elements -with respect to the points of attachment, and the assembly procedure is auto- mated by presoldering the active elements to groups of leads. on a metal plate from which the active elements are then cut out one by one together with the leads and attached to the current-conducting tracks of the circuit while si- multaneously shifting the plates with the active and passive elements through a distance equal to the spacing between the elements and the lead attachment points. USSR UDC: 621.373.42(088.8)~~ TAYBERG, N. 0., SULIM, V. A.., FEYNBERG, S. Ya. "'A Self-Excited Harmonic Signal Oscillator" USSR Author's Certificate No 282439, filed 12 May 68, published 11 Dec 70 (from RZh-Radiot&khnika, No 6, Jun 71, Abstract No 6D341 P) Translation: This Authorts Certificate introduces a self-excited harmonic signal oscillator in a three-point circuit based on a vacuum tube or semiconductor device. The oscillator contains a tank eircu-it 'with elec- tronic frequency tuning by connecting a varicap in the tank.~ The varican is.connected in turn to a source of control.'Ling'voltage. To reduce the nonlinearity of frequency response with tuning over alwlide range, the oscillator is equipped with an additional varicap which is connected throuj)-i a threshold semiconductor diode to the source of controlling voltage, and through a resistive voltage divider to a source of DCv .oltage which blocks the threshold diode in the controlling voltage circuit. Two,illustrations. V. P. I Ui~ USSR um 62i.396.621~.55:621-3714-33(088.,'-I) TAYBERG, N. o. , snim, V. A. , IFEMBERG, S. Ya. "A Transistorized Time Discriminator" USSR Author's Certificate 11 o 2-10796, filed 12 may 680 publi:thed 11 Auc, 70 (from RZh-Radiotekhnika, No 2, Feb 71, Abstract No 2D53 P) Translation: Ihis Author's Certificate introduces a transistorized tim-a discriminator of a periodic pulse signal. The unit contains two identical conversion channels with detector stages, diode-regenerative cornrara:tcrs and flip-flops connected in each of them. To inaresse:the slope and improve the linearity of the discrimination charactcri4 Itic, a select.,ing stage is included in each discriminator channel, tuid a P.-Uls-e-duration converter is connected to the output of this seleetitig`starze'. The outputs of the channels are connected to an.output mixer -- a device which shall;es pulses of normalized amplitude; the polarity of these p~llocs dcterminea the sign, and their duration determines the maenitude of the time =ismatch. 59 Theoretical Automation USSR (Mathematics Institute, EISENSTADT, V. S., LISKOVETS, V. A.V FEYNBER.G V..;. Belorussian Academy of Sciences) "Solution of the Problem of Optimal Distribution of Memory Between Working Area of Subroutines" Minsk, Vestsi Akademii Navuk BSSRi Seryya Fizika-Matehmatychnykh Navuk, No 6, 1970, pp 12-26 Abstract; Let SID S21 ... I Sn be the set of subroutines (procedures) of a program S; and ri, the volume of the working area of Si 'One subroutine during the course ofits operation can be changed to (initiatei another subroutine. In that case their working areas.canitot.overlap. The authors study the problem of distributing the memory between working areas of subrolitines SI, S2, Sn in such a way as to minimize the total number of storage locations occupied by them. The program S is given by an orienttd graph G for the Ini,tiation of subroutines, to the vertices of which are assigned the weights ri, r2,:',6., r., The sum of the weights for the various vertices is called the "weight of the oriented chaLn 1/2 USSR EISENSTADT, V. S., et al, Vestsi Akademii Navuk BSSR, Se~yya Maika-'Matematy- chnykh Navuk, No 6, 1970, pp 19-26 of G." It is shown that the necessary minimum number of working locations of the program S is equal to the weight of the maximum chain of the graph G. An efficient algorithm for the optimaldistributica of.memoiy is derived.. The suggested algorithm can be used for minimal coloring of the vertices of a transitive graph. There are five bibliographic references. 2/2 Ina .......... USSR FEYOKTISTOV, B. "Structure of Optimal Prices in an Interbranch Model" Ekon.-mat. Metody i Vvchisl. Teklin. v upr, Finansami. Vyp Wathematical Economics Methods and Computer ECILlipment in the Control of Finances, No I Collection of Works], Moscow, Finansy Press, 1971, pp IlS-135, (Trans lated from Referativn)T Zhurnal, Kibernotika, No 3, 1972, Abstract No 3 V446). NO ABSTRACT. M"! USSR UDO Z.1. Radio Engineering Instit ute, AS, USSR "Optical I=- Se Cf Two-Di=onsicnal Object Uaing Ultrasonic LigInt Diffraction" lzv. V*JZ: Radiofiz!~.a, Vol XV, No5 MQY 72, PP 71~-717 AbBtract: With the use of the plane wave czpanaion & 'light and nound fields, the interaction in studied olf a cylindrical light wave 'with a wave ultrasonic field. It is assumed that a two-dimensional object in located in the plane z = 0 with a comolex function Qf transmisairity for the ultrasound f(xy) at which a plane ultrasonic wave ir-pingea in the pooitivoldirection cf tho z axis. The region occupied by tho wave ultrasonic field in illuminatod by a cylindrical light wave emitted ky a luminous thread parallel to the y axis. The light wave 0XDeriences diffraction at the inho=ogeneitieo of the dielectric convt;~nt of the photoeloatic medium which are produced by the ultrasonic field. Tho problem con- aidered in to find the connection botween f(x)y) and the structure a.? -",he scat- tared light field and to ancertain the conditions durin- which the ecattered -light roproduces exactly the function of tranamieIaivity:f(X,y'). The author thanks S.M. 111tcv and 7.71. Yaravayev for helpful d1scun1-.,1onB. ~ fig. I- rof. Roooivod by editors, 1~ 21-:arch 1971; ater further improvemonL, 14 Junuary 1972. 1/1 USSR UDC: 551. 510-535 BUMMI, V. S., IMAVTSOV, Yu. A., FEY it Z. I.. "Analysis of Errors in Measuring Parameters of the Ionosphere by Means o If Multifrequency Pulse Emission" Moscow, Radiotekhnika i E'Lektronika, Vol 17, No 4, Apr ~72, pp 673-679 Abstract: The method of small perturbations is applied to equations of geometric optics to calculate systematic and random errors in- ir.,easuring the parameters of the ionosphere by using multifrequency pulse emission. The measurement procedure is bused on determining the times of delay and the directions of arrival of a wave on various frequencies reflected frcm, an artificial satellite. The measurement on each ' frequency is distorted by wave propagation errors in the ionized atmosphere, apd. by, instrument noises. On high frequencies, the errors are determired by the dictribu- tion of ionization alone at the tine of measurement. Expressions are given which relate the parameters determined by distribution of iorization to the electron concentration of the ionospheric plasma. Determination of the unknown parameters is reduced to solution of a system. of linear algebraic equations. In conclusion the authors thmn): S., M. P~itov and V. G. Repin for interest in the work. am, RON 11 "K, 11~1M Acc. Nr Abstracting Service: ~'20 Ref . Code: ~)VV43328 INTERNAT. AEROSPACE...ABST~ rA70-23139 P Fluctuations of the parameters ot spherical Yvayes propagating in a turtuient atmosphere (Flu ktuat&J'Porametrov sfericheskikh voln, rasprostranwilishc6iklisia y turbulentnoi atmosferel. A. 1, Kon and Z. 1. Fe zzjlin ~Akaderniia Ntwk SSSR InVttult Fi?ik~ Atrnnsfoy, Ridia6z,43, 13. aci Z U V q -L 1, 1970, p 71 74, 6 refs. 1-1 Russian. Tht! ~,IIIPI;lurje and Phase correlations of two jpheFical Waves a3re calculated in the approximallon of the smowth ;mii(irbaliari methe-It The casp considetef] is when the jotrircri 4te at st)nw ujsj;jjjj:j! frojil the tilfbUIC(It lilVef and tile OtI501 Vation points ai e spaced, (Author) REEL/F&A ME 19770354 USSR UDC: 8.74 ASKEROV, T. M., FEYZULLAYEV A. P. I!Principle,of Organization of an Information System in a Sec- tOTal Automated Control System" V sb. Tsifr. vvchisl. tekhnika i programmir. (Digital Com- puter T-echnolojy -PIT-ogramming - -co I lectiol-I of works) , vyp. 7, Moscow, "Sov. radio", 1972, pp 83-9.3 (from RIZM-Kibernetika, No 8,,Aug 72, Abstract No 8V625) Translation: The paper descrihes the principle of organiza- tion of an information system in a, sectoral automated control system. The principle is basod on the method of logic scales. The system is universal both from the standpoint of, fields of application, and from the standpoint of types,of computer-s on ~which it can be realized, The system is described on the example of data collection for the~machinc building- industry. Authors' abstract. A12 025 UNCLASSIFIED P'kOCESSING DATE--18SEP70 ,-T.ITLE--KINETIC EFFECTS IN tPBT E) SUBL MINUSX(SNT~E) SUBX COMPOSITIONS -U- AUTHOR-(03)-YEFIMOVA, B.A., OUaROVSKAYA,.I.N.j FGURfX�Y-.Au,,,YE,A. -COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR SOURCE--FIZ. TEKH. POLUPROV. 1970, 4(2) 245-51 DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS' TOPIC TAGS--HALL CONSTANT, ELECTROMOTIVE FORCE# MAGNETIC~FIELD EFFECT, MODFL9 SnLID SOLUTION, ELECTRICAL CONDUCTIVITYl CONDUCTION BAND, LEAD COMPOUND, TELLURIUM COMPOUNI)t SELENIUM C0,4P.OUNDp REACTIONKINETICS 'CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED ;,PROXY REEL/FRAME--1988/0588 STEP ?40--UR/04,49/70/00t~/002/0245/0251 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0105571 UNCLASSIFIED 2V2 (325 UNCLASSIFIED. PROCESSING DATE--ISSEP70 -CIRC-ACCESSIDN NO--AP0105571 ABSTRAC T/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. N-TYPE SOLID SOLNS. OF (POTE) SUBI MlNUSX,(SNTE) SUBX OF SNTE CONTENTS 5-60PERCENT WERE SUBJECTED ro HALL EFTECT AND THERMO EMF. MEASUREMENTS IN A-STRONG MAGNETIC FIELD AT 7 85DEGREES K. THE SP. ELEC. RESISTANCEr SIGMAP THEJHERMOEMF. COEFF. ALPHA, THE HALL CONST., R, AND-THE TRANSVERSE NERNST ETTINGSHAUSEN EFFECT, Q, WERE MEASURED AT 80-300DEGREES K IN WEAK AND ZERO MAGNETIC THE EFFECTIVE MASS FIELDS. THF. DEPENDENCES OF D,OF STATES AT THE FERMI L.EVEL ON THE-COMPN. OF THE SOLID SOLN.r THE TEMP*r AND THE CONCN. WERE DETD..:~AT 85DEGREES.Kt THE CONDUCTION BAND.OF THE:SOLID SOLNS. OF 5 AND 25PERCENT SNTE, AS ALSO THE CONDUCTION BAND FOR PSTE, IS WELL DESCRIBED BYA KEAN MODEL9 AND THE PARAMETERS OF THIS MOOEL'!ARE DETO. AT HIGHER TEMPS., A DEPARTURE FROM THE KEAN DISPERSION LAW-M THE DIRECTION OF INCREASED DEPARTURE FROM A PARABALOID IS"O,BSD. WITH RISE IN TEMPO AND CONCN. EXPTSv ON SOLID SOLNS, WITH HIGH CONTENTS OF S14TE REVEALED THE ANOMALOUS NATURE OF THE CONCN. AND TEMP. RELATIONS FOR THE EFFECTIVE MASS D. OF STATES AT THE FERMI LEVEL, WHICH MUST 8'E ASSOC0. WITH A CHANGE IN SIGN OF THE TEMP. COEFF. FOR~THE WIOTHIOF THE FORBIDDEN BAND. -THE DATA oBrAINED AGREE WITH THE BAND INVERSIONMOOEL PROPOSED BY J. 0. DIMMOCK, J. MELNGAILIS, AND A. J. STRAUSS (1966). UNCLASSIFIED USSR UDC 547,341,07 KARRAFOVA, F. M., KAMM, G. KH., YEF11-110VA, V. D. , a~W-~GAZ~;IYEVA, F. A. Kazan Chemical Technology Institute imeni S. M. Kirova' "Process for the Preparation of Methyidichlor6phosphines" USSR Author's certificale No 362026, filed 24 Apr 70, published 13 Dee 72 (from Otk tiyar Izobreteniya, Promyshlennyye Obra--tsyo Toyarny-e Znakij No 2, 1973, p 557 Translationt This process Is based on tertiary phosphines and is Improved in that in order to strengthen the process, dichlorides of niethylpho3phonic acid react with tertiary phosphines while being heated. The cLesired pro- duct is subsea uently separated by known methods. : 2. The process In nun, ber 1 is improved in that it is cexried out at temperatureu between 175-1900C. under a stream of inert gas, for examplei carbon d1oxIde. [ran, USSR UDC t~'621-371 ZIALKO,, Yes I* "Radio Observation of Short-Terja Mleteor Trails'~; Kiev, Izvestiya Vuzov SSSR Radioelektronikap~ Vol 13, NO 3, 1970, pp 415-417 Abstract; Although observation of long-lasting meteor trails has been successfully done, short-trail observation of thick meteor swarms, is more complex when done by radar, esDecially when the orbit of the trail is perturbed. This complication arises because o7 the so-called normal dispersion of radio %%taves by the ionized me-i.-eor trails. Although it would seem natural to use a nondirectional or slightly directional antoennaj~ o .bservazion under such conditions turns out to be poor, especially if the trans- mitt-ing Do-wer is low. It is best to use directed antennas for 1;ransrii tter and receivers To guarantee that these shori-ter.T. trails are properly observed, a number of radar stations should 1/2 LAI I- USSR FIAL',',' .0, Ye. Izves~iya Vuzov SSSR Radioelek-rc.;n-ika* Vol 13* No 3, 1970, pp 415-417 be used with the antenna coverage of each overlan -1 by the other. pet The author su,-,,c-es*s a simpler method based on the assumption that a single immobile and highly directional antenna is.used for both transmitt-er and receiver, and explains this method in some detail,# It was used to observe the Leonia showers of l9r67. His met od, he concludes, is not complex and can be easily realized. The, diagram accompanying the article is helpful in following his expositiono 2/2 030 UNCLASSIFIEO PAOCESStNG OATE,-23OCT70 :TITLE--RADIO OBSERVATIONS OF SHORT LIVED METEOR SHOWERS _U_ 'AUTHOR--FIALKO, YE.I. COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR ''SOURCE--RAOIOELEKTRONIKA, VOL. 8, MAR. 1970t P. 415-w4H DATE PUBLISHED ---- MAR70 l~SUBJECT AREAS--ASTRONOMY,ASTROPHYSICS rAu'S--METEGR SHOWER, i%ADIO WAVE SCATTER ING? M ET F Ci RTK4JL, A N f E N N A , RADIO ASTRONOMY CONTROL MARK I t-.lG--N0 RESTR ICT IONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIEO PROXY 9E%EL/FRAHE--3G01/0Z51 STEP CIRC ACCESSION 1'10--AP0120023 UNCLASSIFIED -- - - - - - - - - 7-7 2/2 030 UNCLASSIFIE0 0 C E S S I N G DA T E - - 2 -3 0 r- T -1 CIRC ACCESSin.,,i Nl:.!--AP0126023 ~ABSTRACWEXTKACT--(U) GPI-0- ABSTRACT. DE SCR I PT I ON: 1'.)F ATHHNI~.IJL` CIBSEEVATIONS OF A DENSE BRIEFLY VISIBLE MEJECIP SHOWER 41ITH TliE tlo t"(-- FIXED PENCIL BEAM ANTENNA. THE TFCli,%IQ0E IS PROPMED ~A" ' , - ) u4E FFFECTIVE THAN OTHER Tt:CHNI(JLJES IN COPING wITI-1 NORMAL k40 I Q 4AV,-- SCATTERING 114 THS TkAILS OF SUCH Slj()'wERS. SuGG, E5 y 1 5 1 v F. r'.' i.') 1,' T PRACTICAL USES OF THIS TECHNIQUE. ,ITS APPL I C A r I Wy,Ii:i~*, s E R v A r I C11,1!; a F LEMOS IM 1967 I-S) MENrIONED. UNC L A S S I F I E 0 . .......... . USSR UDC 661.666-494.001.5 K11~0V,-A--s~!-- SIDOROV, N. M., SMIRMOV, B. N., and DYLIZHIKOV, B. I. "Specific Features of the Structure and Growth of Threadlike Pyrocarbon. sit Formation Moscow, Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR, Vol 211, No 1, Jul-Aug 73, pp 158-3.60 Abstract: The initial Deriod of the growth of thread-like pyrocarbon forma- tions - the so-called ;whiskers" -- has been investigated. The "whiskers" were obtained at a temperature 900-1000* in 10-40 mm Hg vacuum from benzene. vapors without any gas diluent, over graphite supports, using metallic catalyst. It has been shown that the actual carbon whisker:consists of a central core shooting out of the surface of the activated support in form of a band 100-1-00 A thick, rolled into a cylindrical spiral. The formation process-of these whiskers goes through several scages:, activation of th~e support, radical-chain type reactio n occurring during the cracking of the hydrocarbor- f7ollczed- by chain polymerization of the products. The thicken- ing of the cores is due to the deposition of sooty and~pyrocarbon film on its-surface. 55 . IWIW. "Offifii Elmo Im a USSR UL-C 678.06 FIALKOV, A. S., an& CIMKANOVA, V. D. "Polymeric Carbon-Graphite Yaterial Glass-Carbon" Moscow, Plasticheskiye 1-hssy, No 6, 1973, pp, 65-66 Abstract: Glass-carbon is obtained by thermal decomposition of some carbon- aceous materials which during pyrolysis are converted to. carbonized products, by-passing the liquid phase. The starting materials consist of synthetic resins or aromatic hydrocarbons. The carbonization takes place with,or -41thout cata- lysts by slow heating in a reducing or neutral atmosphem, Glass-carbon remains solid up to 40000K, iteproperties depending on the treatment temperature. The mate-riall has a ve-.:; high mechanical str--ngth, chemical stability, low gas pene- tm-Um and very good electroconductivity. In neutral media it can be utilized instead of such ex-oensive materials as platinum,, titanium., and molybdenum* a',l,cl I'll E_~"F fifidiffiel Abstt;jctUfg Service-: Ter. C o d e co Nr ;f~V047387_,_ GEOPRYSICAL ABST. 91798s Microscopic studies of the structure of Petroleum leoltes. Smirnov, B. ' 5. (LISSR). Khim. - i.; ~Zialko& 4- Tvtrd. ToX. 1970, t 1), l&5ATIZMf-'T"4`trut; "tire (if pyroly-il's Rnd c-racked petroleum cokes- was studied with u;)tir-al widd elcc- tron microscopes. The cracked cokes con-Msted of ~.,roups of panliel crystanites. ne fioc strixture in'bodt eoko3 was the same. The electron rnicr*5cape revealed la * ed t'' Lr pt r r Lim~n. structures. Spherulitic strumres, observed only in the pyrolv- sis, coke, consisted of layered crystallites With radial orzentAtioll. Oriented, mosaic, and petal-shapcd structures ' obsd. with an optical microscope. were different mspecm ol trLe samt layered structure. REEL/FMME -19790913 -1 f2 033 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATF- 040FC7( TITLE--Cs,,R3QNj7-ATIUN OF RESOL TYPE PHENOL FORMALDEHYDE "RES INS AUTHOR-105)-BERLINt A.A.1 FIALKOVy A.S** TSVELIKHOVSKIY, G.I., ASEYEVA, R*M.r BAVER, A.L. COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR f-.SOURCE-PLAST. MASSY 1970,. 16)t k4-3 DATE PUBL ISHIED ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS -TOPIC TAGS--PHE-NOL FORMALDEHYDE RESWI PYROLYStSp XRAY STUDY, IR SPECTRUMr METHYLENEr DEHYDROGENATIONj GAS CHROMATOC-RAPHY, r4A.Ss SPE-rTPOSCGPY, CONNUGATE BOND SYSTE.4t POLY14ER-STRUICTURE CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLwASS-UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--3007/07,32 STEP NC--UR/0191 70/000/006/004ft/UO48 CIRC ACCESSION ND--AP0136171 U14CLASS IFIEOL zfz 033 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--040EC7i CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0136171 ABSTRACT/EXT;tACT--(U) GP-0- i 'ABSTRACT. SA14PLES Or-~BAKELITE (1) CONTG. VARIOUS AMTS. OF PHOH WERE PREPO. BY THE PURIFICATION OF COM. 1. 1 WAS ~THEN PYROLYLED IN VACUUM OR IN AR AT TEMPS, LESS~THAN OR EQUAL TO 1000DEGREES.. ANAL. OF OTA DATA AND S RAY AND IVSPECTRA SHOW THAT 'THE MAIN REACTIONS WERE BREAKING CH SUB2 BRIDGESt DEHYDROGENATIONs; AND FREE RADICAL RE-NCTIONS INVOLVING QUINONOID STRUCTURES~i GAS CHROMATOG. AND MASS SPECTROSCOPY SHOWED THAT THE MAIN DECOMPN. PRODUCTS WERE PHOH: CRESOL,. BENZENEt H 5UB2p CH SUB49 CO, CO~SUB2, AND H SUB2 0. THE CAPBONIZED'RESIDUE OBTAINED AT 9 'OODEGREES HAD AW'UNORGANIZED STRUCTURE~ INCREASINGJHE PYROLYSIS TEMP. INCREASED-THE NO, ,OF CONJUCATED SAMPLES' 141TUI Lr)w,=R JN[TIAL PHoii colN.TEN',-r- .-STRUCTURES-AND.ORDERING. THE GAVE OFNSEP~ PYRDLYZED STRUCTURU, IBM'. USSR UDC 669.721.074~2 FIALKOV, Yt;_._,G. TARAT, E. Ya. PICHUKOV, A. P. , NIKITINA, A. P., SHKODINA, It. G. "Purification of Magnesium Production Gases to Remove Chlorine in Hollow Scrubber" Tr. Vses. N-i. i Proyektn. In-ta. Alyumin. I Magn. i Elekt.rodn. Prom-sti. [Works of All-Union Scientific Research and Planning Institute of the Aluminum, Magnesium and Electrode Industry], 1970, No. 72, pp. 123-132. (Translated from iteferativnyy Zhurnal Metallurgiya, No. 5, 1971, Abstract No. 5 G203 by the authors). Translation: The influence of the composition of the absorbent, speed and direc- tion of ga5 flow,and sprinkling density on absorption of CI 1)), Hme milk was studied in an industrial scrubber. The decrease in the dj~gree uAl gas I)LII-ificatic,n resulted from a change in the hydrodynamic conditions in the scrubber due to foam- ing of the absorber. Foaming began at concentrations of Ca('-10)2 of 45-60 g/1 with various contents of Ca(0102 and resulted from decomposition of the Ca(CIO)-). Addition of CaC12 tothe absorbent (initial content 100 g/1) did not change the indices.of absorption. With counterflow movement of the phases, increasing the gas speed from I to 2.5 m/sec improved purification. The effectiveness of opera- tion of the direct flow zone of the scrubber was decreased with increasing gas speed. Increasing the sprinkling density from 18 to 60 n,/_,n2-1ir helps t 0 Wrove the absorption indicators. With counterflow, the empirical c(lunt-ion Kv~~:2.75 - IV I - 2F' .1.o.67 was ~).roduced, where Kv i-q the volumetric coefficient of the -rate of' absorp- tion, Kmol/ n3 hr-bar W is the is the gas spoed, III/sec,qrld 1, iz, tile !'~prilllf !1112 USSR UDC 669.721.074.1. PICHUKOV, A. P., KRIVITSKAYA, L. I., FIALKOVp Yu. G. "Variation of pff ith Composition of Solutions Produced in Purification of Magnesium Production Gases" Tr. Vses. N-i. i Proyektn. In-ta. Alyumin., Magn. i Elektrodn. Prom-sti [Works of All-Union Scientific Research and Planning Institute or the Aluminut-ii, Magncsitl!n de Industry], 1970, No. 72, pp. 133-138. (Tra'nslated from Referativnvy and Electro Zhurnal Metallurgiya, No. 5, 1971, Abstract No. 5 G204 by:the authors). Translation: The p11 of aqueous, alkaline,and acid solutions or, CaC12 in the 0-4 mol/l concentration interval and of Ca(9H)2 and CaC03 sol 'utions with and without added CaC12 was measured. The pil decreases from 12.65 to 10.01 for saturated Ca(011)2 solutions and from 9.25 to 5.10 for saturated CaC03 Solutions as the CaC02 content is varied from 0 to 4 mol/l. Similar dependences are produced for acid solutions of CaC12. These regularities indicat& the,possibility of creating an automatic system for testing and control of the process of HCI and Cl removal from gases, based on measurement of the pil and redox potential.of Ahe solution. 4 figs. USSR UDC 669.71.074.2 FIALKOV,, YU. G., BIJIMAT, V. S., LISITS"'Al N. 1. "Absorption of Hydrogen Fluoride from Aluminum Production Gases in a Hollow High-Speed Scrubber" Tr. Vses. n.-i. i proveltn. in-ta alvumin., marn. i P-lektrodn. prom-sti (Works of the All-Union Sc-;entific Research and Planning and Design Institute of Aluminum, Magnesium and Electrode Industry), 19MO 'No 71, pp 157-167 (from RZh-cfetallurp~iya, No 4, Apr 71, Abstract No 4G209) Translation: A study was made of the absorption of 11F by a 5'e soda solution in a hollow high-speed scrubber at an aluminum plant The scrubber is a cylindrical unit I titetf~r in diameter with evolvent (1~aintzcrs arratiged [it 0tree tiera and louvered separators. The basic laws 'of gas absorption in hollow scrubbers are discunsed. Tile effect of a number of f4ctor~; on tile process is discovered: tile arrangement of the atomizern, the gas velocity,and tile reflux density. The operation of tile scrubbers with reflux of its individual atomizer in different positions is studied. On the basis of this study, the optimal direction of tile liquid feed is selecZed -- upward,through the middle and lower atomizers and dot-inward through the upper atomizer. With a reflux, density of L = 20 m/hour and three atomizers, this matte it possible to obtain 1/2 USSR FIALKOV, YU, C.,'et al., Tr. Vses. n.-i. i vroyektn.~ in- ta alyun-in., M-aga. i elektrodn. prom-sti, 1970, No 71, pp 157-167 absorption indexes analcrous. to the indexes for 30 m/hour and 6 ato.-Azers directed in both directions. The,effect of the flow~rate of the absorbent on the cleaning efficiency andthe absorption coefficient K is studied. The V dependence of K V on L is expressed in the form KV = AL*% where the experimental value of x is 0.46. The effect of the gas velocity Wg was~studied within tile limits of 2.8-8.0 m1sec; y is defined as equal to 0,96 in the expression K v -- - BW Y. Thus, with an increase in W to 8'm/sec, the purification efficiency 9 9 is almost not reduced. 'rhe resistance of the unit for 'R = 8 m/sec and 1. = 45 9 m/hour was 65 mm 11 0. The results of the research aro genaralized in the form 2 0.46 0.96 of the empirical equation K. = 267L W 9 permitt-,~ng ho-How scrubbers to be calculated under conditions cloqc to the tested ones. 17here are 5 illut-' trations. 2/2 23 IMII Iq 'M M HIM MINIIII USSR UDO 5~5.215.1 FIALKOVSKAYA, O.V., KHIRJMICO, L.I. "Photoconductivity And Phototransfer Of Charge In CdS Crystals Activated Fy Dysprosium" V ab Probl. fiz. soyedineniy AIIB VI. T. I (Problems (X' The Thygics Of A Compounds. Part 1. -- Collection Of Works), Villnyua, 1,072, PP 77-81 (f r om. RZh;Elektr.onika i yeyepyimeneniye, No 11, Nov 1972, Abstract No 11B295) Tranala tioni The affect wan studied of 7 -irradintiori ond il)ijininntion on the photoconductivity and absorption apectrum or WS-Dy cryntals. The 1)hotoconduct- ivity (M) was measured in a vacuum at 293 and 770 K. Together with tho naxi=mrj inherent in pure CdS, maximums exist on the curves of ihe spectral distribution of'the PC of nonirradinted CdS-Dy crystals, caused by the presence of Dy the position of which corresponds to the positions of Ahe ri1xitrimu of absorption of Dy 3+ . After -f -irradiation by doses of 2 x 10 r, the maylnum,6 of FC caused 7 2+ by Dy'+ (12 200 cm-1) are decreased and the maximums charscter-ist-1ca for Dy (14 250 c=-I) are increased; at the same time, at the spectruir. interval 5100-- 7000 cm- 1 a negative PC develops. An analogous effect vion cbeerved during illum- !nation for 15-20 hours in the band Dy3+ (12 200 cm-1). The rr-vc-rf.,e transfer of the charge with bronPown of D~ 2+nnd form6tion of Dy""+ i~,~ by D lumi nation -in band Dy + (421~ V CM-1). 2 :1.11. 4 ref'. J.V. 1/1 - 117 Blectromagnetic.Wave Propogation USSR UDC 5~~'8-576.~ NEFEDOV, YE.I., PTA1YyTjC'KIYjk_~ nDiffraction Of Plane Electromagnetic Wave At An Aninotropic Half-Plane In Free Space And In A Plane Waveguide Radiotekhnika i alektronika, Vol XVII, No 6v June 1972, pp 1141-11.52 Abstract: Two problems are considered of the diffraction of a plane electuro- magnetic wave at a half-plane with the external aniectropic boundary conditicne specified for it: 1) The half-plune is located in iffinite'space; and 2) The half-plane is in a plane waveguide. The results are obtained in the form of two pairs of integral equations for the first cans, and for the second -- in the form of an infinite uyatem of algebraic equations. An~sxamj)le is presented of the solution of equations for cne special case. The problemo ccnaidered have a practical value for problems of diffraction at ferrite and plaflma layers nnd also in a whole series of other problems of antorins-woveguide techniques, measuring devicea, etc. The authors thank P,,Ya. Ufimtuev fur dibeuesion of the work and for hie co=ents. 4 fig. 14 ref. Peceived by,editora, 7 May 1971- USSR UDC 621.372.414. 2 Y1AlXQVSKj%',_<. KA, V. YE. ~, CRAY "Coaxial Open Resonator formed by Barrel-Shaped Outer and Cylindrical Inner Mirrors" Gorkiy, Izvestiva yysshikh uchevnykh zavedeniy, Radiofizil,,, Vol XV, No 19721- pp 117-125 lbstract. A theoretical calculation was made of the basic parameters of tile open coaxial resonator formed by barrel-shaped outer and cylindrical inner mirrors. Analytical expressions were obtained for the~natural frequencies, the position of the caustics, tile field distribution and the ratio of tile Q-factors of various types of. oncillatioils for 271d/1 >> I (X Is tile wavelcnith, d Is the characteristic dimannion of the resonator)., The results of tile numerical calculations permit selection of the resonator geotnetry for practical applica- tions. The analysis performed shows that tile selection of the azimuthal forms both respect to frequency and Q-factor is insufficient, and in practical de- vices it is necessary to take additional measures to isolate the operating form of the oscillations. USSR UDC 621.,;~72. NEFEDOV, YE.I., FIALKOVS *To 'Open Coaxial Cylindrical Resonstor(I Kiev, Izvestiya Vuzov SSSR--Radicalaktronikal Vol XJV,110 10,1971,PP 1115-1122 Abstracti It Is shown that a high-Q oscillation can oxist in a oeVnant of'a -coa,xial wavaguide with an internal conductor unrestricted in lentth. The charocteriatice-of the open resonstor are found and the area of use of the studies of the system are discussed. In the work only thou* oscillations are studied in which dependence on the azimuthal angle q) is aboont.For a-generaliz- ation in the case of th 6 lby = 0, it is nocamiry vii4 tho cylitdrical funct- lono participating in the dorivution to oubatitute the'index 0 ut n = 1,2..*. and upon obtainim-, the final forxulao the Debyo eapaptotic formulas are used. The second polurization (of It-wave). is studied riraili~rly. During this the dispersion equation for tranaveree oscillations muot be trunefor=ed n a corresponding wave and the function )3E =et be szil-stituted for the function Received by editors 14 SePt 70; affer revision 21 jan.71- 12 ref. ~5 fig. h0b. . 1/1 41- 6 U' MR ODC 53~.922 r OF I., 07IN"WISOV, V. S., KUZIINTSOVA, N. NIKOVSUY, A. and F1DrVS"-- R P. and '.Ca "Calculation of Phnse Focuninf; of Intensive Bunches of ChaxGcd Particles in Direct-Action Acca"c__ ~ rsis jr D a to Yoscow, Atommaya Vol 32, 110 5,1 MY 721, PP )~37-41W Abstract: Thn citu'Ay of particle dymirles; In direct-action accolerators re- quircs conzide _.Aon of thc Coulomb Intc-action of particles in a bunch, zas well as the vc-lority morcnd of tile pa-rUcles. Such a problem is complicatc-1 to solve in a f-Lill vc;lumc, since thc rai-ticle motion ha.~; to be considcred in a six-dimension-al coordinate and velocity smce. To rAmplifly the problcm, I+. is assi'med- t:-'zat ti'o notion of the part-icles o-f ""le bunch does not derend on their i-adial coordinates, nor the rarliaL wotlion of the _Mrticles on their F-xial coorainates. it is also assmmed that the pariu-icle density distributiol- in the tilansverse phase --pace is microa:w-,onical and at a gzivcn monent, of tire is the same for any cross-section of the bunch z = const. These assw-m~ions Dc-- -I =4 t reducing the six-dLzensional of t.11-Ac ph_nso AVRAI,',E:-IKO, X. 1, et al. Atornaya N~ ergiya, Vol 32~ No 5, M-v 72# PP 4-37-440 focuslnC. o--:- -, 1,-.,:ic!i 4,f,- a t-,,o-dimcnsional problcm concerning the Ion-ittz-:in-,1 coord"inatcs, ar,-; of T*z-Lialcz. 7he czticle considr~i-n a norrta` 'ion- ary o-ise. 1`0 are im-posecl on the pnrticle dcnsity distribution fwiction in the Ion-' 'udizi-l plvre sv~cr. A dc-cription Is riven of the. c-:-,.l- Culation rcfll~-,, i:1 stil"Y pccuha~--,ities of tho Of Lntcnnivo Inuiches, o-r' w;moccem-1 duration in direct-acticn acceleratorz. A n is griven shoT:11r- vu-iationc ~n the of th-- p"Lase Vol.-- ~,O, th,~- I-Onnitl 1 Coulcmb reval-sive foi-ce alcn,~; a bwich durinrS pa%;ra,~c throu,-h un accclcr--tor. It is shou-i duc to the n-,)nIii-,,:.,arity af' the lonf, I .;itu~Unal Coulomb fcrce3, the canfi.-:,ur,%t..on of !-he lop.,-1-tudiwil ph-ase volune of the~bwnch is consider- ably distorted, which phenomenon limits the bunching: factor. 2/2 44 USSR uDc 62i-:384.6.ol KUWMTSOV, V. S.) ABRQYkH, M. A., SOLNYSHKOV, A. I., and .7JJL;.B,KAYAj R. P. "Measurement and Investigation of the Redistribution of the Phase Density of Charged Particles in Real Fluxes" Leningrad, Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoy Fiziki, Vol XLI, No 8, 101, pp 16n-16i7 Abstract: The density distribution of the charged particles of a beam in a four-dimensional phase space of transverse coordinates and Yelocities deter- mines all the basic characteristics of-the flux. The authors' actual measure- wents of this distribution for proton beams with a current of approximately 4W milliamperes and particle energies of 30 and 650 kiloelectron volts showed that the actual distribution of charged particlesdiffers substantially from the distribution as it is usually calculated theoretitally. Most methods of computing the parameters of intensive fluxes a6s=n a microcananical distribu- tion in which the phase density of the particles does not change from one cross section of the beam to another. In actual facti the,ph--se density of the particles does change and, consequently, so do such basic characteristics of the flux as the density distribution of the current and the magnitude and configuration of the phase volume. mom ME .001 USSR h-UMETSOV, v. s.; naulsizAYA, "Inteme Bearts with an ArbitraryDistribixtion of the Phase i Density in Paternal Focussing Fields" Leningrad, Zhurnal Tekhnicheskoy Fiziki; October, 19M, vp 2099-2105 ABSTRACT: A method of obtaining beams with an arbitr4ry distribution of the phase density, dovelnped by the authors in previous wCalks appearing in earlier issues of the same journal (XXXVIT., No. 5, 1967; xxxviii, na. 2, 1968; raviq, 110. 10Y 1968), is generalized for the case of the pre6ence of external magnetic and electrical fields. Conditions are presented and forriulated under which the general, stationary, six-dimensional problem on the determination of the distribution of the particle density in phase space can be reduced to a non- stationary, four-dimensional problem. Results of actiial calculations Mus- trating the basic properties of beamswith a distribution of -the phase density different from the microcanonical are presented, In puticul-Ar. it is shown that in such beams the projection of a fow-diihensional phase space on the pinne of cartesian coordinates x. x' may become larger. 1/1 USSR KADUK, B. G ROV A. Ya. , FOV~24131:Iy, 1). Y a . , FI 1XIIII B. G. Al i- -Union. Scientific Rest?arch institute of Analytical -.~n 7stIrT, r7-,,n7 fi ~ui "IrG "An Electronic Filter" Moscow, Otky7tiya, izobreteniya, provT,,sh~-ennyye obraztcy, tovav,;,,,,,e 7., i _,k No 211, Aug 71, Author's Certificnate No 311372, DivJLsion H, filtid 1 0 AT!I, 70, published 9 71, p 207 Translation: This Author's Certificate introtluces ian which containa ttri mplifier a differ~lntial input art] a p~re!ll-l RC circuit. As z:t di~_tii-~gpiishing fc..'.-ture of thc patfmt, pruvi:-~o!, is made for adji.,,ting thie resona:ice, ovf,,r a m-:16e by necting the coi=,.).,-, of the FlC, circuiL Lo th~,, illvertln~, ill::*ut the amplifiur, conriec-t_lnE, thc szecond endr of the in tLc circuit "a lepa"Z; if it reciztor ut Out-,..ut lll,~- device-, andi conn-c-*.-7 oft thesc. to a -fixed resiftor is connec-ed tc) tyle rjorlillirc- I: - a! up 1 i fi e r 112 - I -- . uffliffrim. Iflumiulf , , I I ag. -,% I ml I I w , tilt T ij~ 1/2 021 UNCLASSIFIED PR(J('.ESSING DATE--090CT70 TITLE--THE DIAGNOSIS OF TRAUMATIC INTESTINAL INTRAMURAL KMATUMAS -U- AUTHOR- 102)-Y EV DO K IMOV, V.N., FIDRUS, YL-6Iis C OUNTRY OF INFO--USSR SOURCE--VESrNlK KHIRURGII IMLNI 1* 1. GREKOVAo 1970, VOL 1041 lik5s Pp 94-98 A)ATE PUBLISHED---70 .SUi3JECT AREAS--BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES T 0 P I CTAGS-SMALL INTESTINE# TRAWMATOLOGYr RAUZOGRAPHYt. DIANGSTIC MEDICINE CONTROL MARKING-NO RESIRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSEFIEO PROXY REEL/FRAME--1990/0581 STEP NO--UR/0589/70/1041005/0094/GU98 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0108796 UNCLASSIFIED 212 021 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING UATE-~oqocI-70 C'IRC ACCESSION N6--AP0lOd79b -As3STRACr/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. OBSERV-Ar I Q14S OVER 12 PATIENTS WITH TRAUMATIC INTRA.-,U.RAL HUMATUMAS OF.THE BOWEL ARE SUMMARIZED. cotaRAST X RAY INVESTIGATION OF THE BOWEL IS FELT TO BE OF~GREA'r IMPORTANCE FOR THE DIAGNOSIS. SURGICAL POLICY IS VARIEU DEPENDING~.O.%' THE CHARACTER OF CLINICOkOENTGENOLOGICAL CHANGES. INDICATIONS TU URGE14T SURGICAL INTERVENTION IS SUCH AN AFFECTION ARE DESCRIBEOwl FACILITY: RENTGENOVSKOGO OTO. AND KHEKURGICHESKt3Y-KLINIKI,~IAOSKOVSKOGO N I INSTITUTA IM. W. V. SKLIFOSOVSKOGO. UNCLASSIFIED -1-M 1/2 033 UNCLASSIFIED PRbCESStNG DATE--30OCT70 TI-TLE--HEAT TREATMENT OFTUNGSTEN OURING~HfGli SPEEO ELECTRIC HEATING -U- AUTHOR- (02)-BOGATVR EV v YU*M.t Fjl!GEWA_Nv MvA. OF INFO--USSR ~S OURCE--,METALLOVED. TEA"I. 06RAG. METAL. 1970, (3)p 70-1 :DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS---'-',AfER1ALS, MECH## IND., CIVIL AND MARI NE ENCIR TOPIC TAGs-,mvr"AL HEAT TREATMENT, POWDER METALLURGY, 'COLD DOLLING, 'PLASTICITYt TUNGSTEN ALLOYr MECHANICAL PROPERTY CONTROL MARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS -DOCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--199710012 STEP NG--UR/012')/'FO/000/i.*)03/JO70/0011 C[RC ACCESSION NJ--AP01190043 UNCLASSfFIED 22 033 UNCLASSIFIE0 PAOCESSING DATE-30OCT70 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0119008 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-O- ABSTRACT. TO IMPROVE THE PLASTICITY of-' POWDER-METALLURGICALP COLD ROLLED W HIGH SPEED EL&C. HEATING TO 1270-2400DEGREES WAS APPLIED AT A HEATING RATE OF 100DEGREES-Sc-C i4ITH HOLDING TIMES OF 1 AND 10 MIN, UNDER VACUUM5 OF 10 PR18E NEGATIVE2, 10 PRIME NEGATIVE31 AND Z TIMES 10 PRIME NEGATIVE5 TORR. THE HIGH SPEED ELEC. HEATING IMPROVED THE PLASTICITY (ELONGATIONANCREASED FROM 7 TO 20PERCENT AFTER 10 MIN HOLDING AT. 1600DEGREES). INCREASING THE TEMP. OVER 1800DEGREES LOWERED THE PLASTICITY SLIGHTLY. THE:DEGkEE F VACUUM DURING HEATING HAO NO EFFECT ON THE MECH. PROPERTIES OF w. THE MAGNETIC SUSCEPTIBILITY OF W AFTER ALL HEAT TREATMENT OPERATIONS INDICATED THE ABSENCE OF FERROMAGNETIC OR STRONGLY PARAMAGNETIC OHASES IN THE W. UNCLASSIFIED F USSR UDC~535.376:621.382 US'. POPOV, Yu. V., SHILOV, A. F. , NIX-14W, I. S., KOBAK, 1. A., FIGURIN, V. A. P,. No IC "Nonuniformity of Glow and Percentage Modulation Lengthwise of P-N Junction in GaAs Diodes" VesLn. Belorus. un-ta (Bulletin of Bclorussian University), 1970, Series 1, No 3, pp 63-64 (from RZh--Elekcronika i yeye primenenive, No 5, May 1971, Abstract No 5B232), Translation: The results are.presented of a study of the nonuniform, ity of- Slo-4 and percentage modulation of a p-n junction in CiAs diodes, which can be accounted for by the nonuniforaxity of distribution of impurities. 2 ill. 4 ref. Summary. 75 MRS 7777~7~77_7 USSR UDC 06t2-615.1+612.826 AYRAPEMMS, E. SH., AUBKOVA, B. A., and FIGURINA I . . . . .I., Laboratorj of Comparitive PhysioloGy of Ititernal Analysorsp InstitutF-Of PhYsi0l0r,,Y 1MGni I. P. Pavlov, Academy of Sciences, USSRt Leningrad On the Role of Thalamic Structures in the Function of Visceral Analysors In Dogs" Leningrad, FIziologicheskly Zhurnal 33SR, imeni 1. 1%. So'chency, Vol 59, No 8, Aug ?3, PP IsI58-1,167 Abstracti The retrograde degeneration oil the thalamic nuclei of dovs was studied followinn, remov--l of varlou:i areas of the visceral cortex Condi- tioned reflexes of sto=ch and Intestinal receptors were, used as Lnctional indicators of visceral analysor activity. It was obsexrr.Dd that bilateral removal of the precoronary region caused the greatest de,-1,,enerzation In the ventral nucleus of the thalamus with other part& of the. thalaro-cortical com- plex degenerating as well. This was acconpanied by an itimediate weakening of visce-r-al afferent signali, with a resumption of viscoxal analyzor activity in the isecond postoperative month. After removal of thib, Postcoronarf region of the cortex degeneration of the ventral wA contral lateral. nuclei was noted. In this case visceral signals were disturbed for only 16 days. If the post- 1/2