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A#TrJZUL INIUSUMS AND -ART.MmIn-M TEm BT of MUTMAT .-MCIIIAM AG#.INST THrLURNYA A(- r-', A yvaks"L.11, Kim of the, institute Of,vtrolojLy intent DY Mayi_usn Academy otitAtcal-tc-tancog; XQ;;C5111f Mr !RY .moo a IuBaLa no 6, submitted.15 in ustry 1970, Vp fist-Wr 0,na hundred twenty-throst paired sera of persons IttPuBLE04 witil Influenza viruses A,2 and B leave invasr-tgated in. par- a Ilil by the Complement fixation rotaCtiOU and h0ledUlUtifl- Ition inhibition. Chanses,in the stmount of antib:41gs dad were It Was.LfoUnd that alonS,with parallellant:in antibuay and_ ibibrLtor tLtaj ihingazi,'In An entiro series Of cases; anti- body, shifts occur without changes in the level of inbibi- tore and vice versa. Cousparisont wart made bat,~acn theme- labile and the ~mwablo. inhibitors, which. As ve noted, do not always correspond to tacit other. The InblibitLng At- tivity of siirum not Containing specific antibodies or do' prived of theat by heating, can nevertheless selectivety develop against on$ of the two Inflo*nta VICUSAg A2 or 51 whersta the titer risoo, for one viruai for the, others an the contrary, . it either docraasto or rentains, unchanged, Invastigatio Ino Concerning haracter at chaosts In buount blood serumI during nflUQnadLV1rUj Lmmu -ntxation.~ao a rut*, are limit od to the study of stpocifWantibodiso. Yrom.eiparimenialwarks *(; animals it is, known, howev*r~ that thejnhibitor.lsvel ,too changso, ;Lang witli that. of, the ontibodlas in rispitotieltd inflodnst viral ontigen:.action, in thi'orgattisto t2,4,51~', 'in C007 00444.b]&~ 0~44t ton ~ biatweon,,i .:the inhibitor 4t ationAn umarto and- t~jjr'tjdjVjdu#j: adateptibill.ty QV > to influensa, we e~ttwptei!~Cd' iiamicia' the Vac'- f a Y, In no antibody 0parsons against, influenta 111 T"Itt at 4 t. cbanges but inhi6itor chAT116s. as`~Wti i it is we"L 4#00111 th&t:L,JMUIIOIU,ii'j;Aj atudies at oerust Antibodies and t L itibibitors oopar* opjCLJJ4 djjitj44jtj*A" DUk aoth64~lor tit f tat studi, a striki w4a.'bis*4 on'the, 1, data K, dif grant as X.. Institute "Effect of Styrene on the Immunobiological Reactivity of Experimental Animals" Moscow, Gigiyena i Sanitariya, No 11, Nov 71, pp 110-111 Abstract: A study was made of the effects of styrene on the phagocytic activity of neutrophils, sensitivity to experimental infection, and the efficacy of penicillin therapy for Staphylococcal infection of white mice. Styrene was administered in 0.035+0.0035 mg/l doses, 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. The animals were infected~-with Staphylococcus 24 hours after administration of styrene; penicillin was administered 30-40 minutes later. The results showed that low concentrations of styrene induce changes in immunobiological re- activity, manifested by diminished phagocyticactivity of neutrophils, in- 'creased sensitivity to infection$ and decreased efficacy of penicillin therapy for Staphylococcal infection. USSR UDC 613.632:547.215]:621.017.1 K V., and LUS, M. B., Novokuznetsk Chemical and Pharmaceutical &A"2141 V,, Tnstitute- "Effect of 2-Bromopentane on Immunobiological Reactivity" Hoscow, Gigj;yena Truda i Professional'nyye Zabolevaniya, No 10, 1971, pp 54-56 Abstract: Phagocytosis and sensitivity to Staphylococcal infection were studied in mice exposed for 4 hours daily for 4 months to 0.09 mgJL of 21-bromopentane (an intermediate product of the synthesis of thiopental and pentobarbitol) and then inoculated with a Staphylococcal culture. Phagocy-tosis was found to be depressed after 30 to 60 days of intoxicati on; the phagocytic index and degree of digestion were markedly lower than in the control. In exposed mice infected with Staphylococci, the inflammatory-necrotic process developed more slowly and was completed sooner than in the control. Thus, w1ii1e. dironic inhalation of 2-bromopentane inhibited phagocytosis end slowed the development of inflam-'a- tion, it increased the an-imals' resistance to Staphylococcal i3epsis. The phagocytic aysten- rertained CSDable Df reacting to a specific antigen (Staphy- lococci). I'he author shares A. V. Volkova's view chat the inhibition of phagocytosh; induced by some chemical and phygical factors does not alwayf.,- signify a decrease in natural immunity. :112 -013 S I I ED UNCLAS PkOCEtSING DATE--30C)CT70 T' .ITLE--KINETICS OF THE ADSORPTION OF NIT ROGEN 0XIDES.ON FINE PORE SILICA -,GEL - IN A, FLUIDIZED BED -U- 'AU.THOR-(03hw&"A&W.A, YE.'A., KHITERER, R:.Z*p SAVOSTYANOVA, N.S. ,~;_CCUNTRY OF INFO--USSR -,'SOURC-E--KHIM. PROM., MOSCOW, 1970t 46t2, 98-103 DATE PUB L I S HE 70 ;4,SUBJECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY "-TOPIC TAGS--NITROGEN-OXIDEt SILICA GELw FLUIDIZED BEPi CHEMICAL KINETICS/MNSM SILICA GEL -CONTROL 14ARKING~--NO RESTRICTIONS "obcuM_ ENT CLASS---UNCLASSIF IED ROXY JREEL/ FRA,141:.--1996/0885 -P STEP NO--UR/0064/70/046/002/0098/0103 _~CIRC ACCESSION tiO--AP0118054 UNCLASSIFIED -Z/2 013 UNCLASSIFIE0 PROCESSING OATE--300CT70 ACCESSION NO--AP0118054 ~-ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. -EXPTL. OATA ON THE ADSORPTION OF -zI:-,':N0 SUB2, FROM GASES BY ASM SILICA:GEL IN A'FLUIDIZED BED MAY BE SATISFACTORILY DESCRIBED BY THE EQUATI.ON. B DIVIDED BY B SUB8 EQUALS 3 j. I-TIMES 10 NEGATIVE PRIME3 W CO PRIMETAU'OIVIDED BY A SUBS Hy WHERE B, IS THE AMT* OF NO SUB2 PASSED THROUGH THE BED, 8 SUBB IS THE AMT. ADSORBED BY THE:'SILICA.GEL UPON SATN.t W IS THE GAS VELOCITY IN MtSEC, C SUBO IS JHE INITIAL NO SU8Z CONC. IN THE GAS IN VOLPERCENT. TAU IS THE TIME IN 'MIN. A SUBSJS THE EQUIL..DEGREr: OF ADSORPTION OF NO SUB2 ON THE SILICA UNOER THE. GIVEN CONDI T IONS IN~ G p 100- Gv ANQ H IS THE HEIGHT OF THE BED IN MM. :THE EXPTL, DATA WERE COLLECTED WITH GASES WITH A NEGLIGIBLE -..N SU82:0 SUR4 CONTENT, AT 0-400EGREE a.: UNCLASSIFIE0 qj USSR UDC 681.333 LAUZRADIS, A. I., Lh,.. Vil nyus Department of the Af- filiate 0:f the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Electric Welding Equipment "A Device for Simulating Welding Equipment" 'Moscow, 01tkrytiya, Izobreteniya, Promyshlennyye Obraztsy, Tovarnyye Znaki, No 4, Feb' 72, Author's Certificate No 326599, Division G, filed 12 Nov 69, published,19 Jan 72, p 184 Translation: This Author's Certificate introduces a device for simulating welding equipment. The device containsa. load-simulating unit, thyristors, DC sourcest, and capacitors. As a distinguishing feature of the patent, the class of problem which can be solved is ;extended by making the load unit in the form of two circuits, each of . whicfk i consists~ of ~ a :power' thyristor, ad- justable resistor, and DC source connected In series,~ ;,and a control thyristor connected to a cutoff capacitor iu parallel with these series circuits. 1/1 USSR UDC 619i614.4-85s663,632.8 COLOSM-F, 1. M., Veterinary Institutel Leningradp XYMCHUS. P. A., and a-b-ora to r y ZHOSTAUTAS, A. S., Lithuanian Republic Veterinary "Disinfection of Water With Ultraviolet Radiation" Moscow, Veterinariya, No 10, 1971, pp 26-28 Abstraett Livestock fams in Lithuania obtain their water mainly from open sources, Including small ponds, lakes, and streamsl.which axe heavily polluted with the decomposition products of organic matter (ammonim, nitrites, chlorides, hydrogen suLfide). Bacteriological analysis showed that in those sources 'where the co.Li count wds low, bacterial contamination ifas high. Ultraviolet irradiation of pond itater (with an OY-1P unitand bactericidal lamps) increased the coll cowit in the winter to 105-14) ithile the total nuiaber of bacteria ranged from 1.10 to 150 in I ml. In the summer the coli count rose to 177-130 while bacterJal contamination decreased to,110-110 microbial colle In I ra. The coli couxit in lake water did not exceed, 4 ti=ughout the year, but after ultraviolet Irradiation it rose to 111-300,: i.e., 25 to 75 tirtes. The effec- tiveness of the tTeatm-ent is enhanced by fint filtering the water through travel to remove mechanical Lopurities, the.roby permitting the LLItraviolet rays to act directly on the microbial cells.! W USSR uDc 666-764.-539-374:536.49 DAMTIS, V.I., YAZP_KMV1CHYUS,, LA., and YUYLEIM V.L. Institute of Ynysical Technical EE-nergy Problems: Academy of Sci nces, Lithuanian SSR ie "Role of Plastic Deformation it the Thermal Destymcilon, of -.,iefr--ctory Materials" Moscow, Ogne-upory, i1o 6, 1971., pp 31-35 titatively estimating the effect of plastic defornma- Abstrac': Methods of' quan. on the heat-resistant qualities of refractory mat-erials should be farther exDlored. In this article, several methods are de-,relono;,d for r-kin.L- such estizwtes. The effect of Dlastic deformaion on refractoriness can be cen- sidered an aspect of the theory ofplasticity or on the,basis of creep the-Oxy. Since the (luration of thermal loading on refractory materials is usual-11, large compared to short-term mechanical loadingj on which the plasticity zhecry is based, it 4's -best to use creep theory ba5ed on extended meclanical test:1. The authors begin their anadysis with an expression f r thii permi,~sibie cooling -- J. 0 or heating -- velocity in the elastic-viscous state under ttie- condi-tJ on of full limiting of temperature defor-mation in one direction, given in terms of the deform;5;tion ~3r)eed under atrezu-z ecrual to the otabIlity :11imit, -he co- efficient of linear o:~pansion, the criterion for 1.hernnAll material, the absolute temperature, the elasticity, 4=d tFe -_+i-bUity limit. Tests were made on fine- and coarse-grained ia-terialt: of zirconixa 112 USSR DAUKRIS, V..I., et al, Ogneupory, rio 1971, PP 31-35 and magnesium oxide developed at the Ukrainian and Eastern Refractory Materials Institutes. Tables of the characteristics of these materials are given. A sketch of the experimental appa ratus is reprodiiced. The authors con- clude that the changes in the amount of admixtures and porosIty of the Material only slightly affect the temperature dependence of thermal stability. 2/2 112 USSR uDc 621-362.2 4EMIZ~H,1,11'1, B. I.) SOLOV'YEV, Yu. M. "Electrical Conductivity of Molten Salts" Tr. Mosk. energ. in-ta (Works of the t~bscow Power Engineering institute), 1970, vyp. T5, PP 178-184 (from RZh-Elektrote.khnika i energetika, Iso 1, Jan 71, Abstract No IA163) Translation: An advantage of molten salts used as thermoelectric materials is-their lo-w cost and the weak dependence of their properties on tem- perature. The authors study the conductivity. a of wIts of 75%V CuCl + 2"U' NaCI, CuCl,~KCI, NaCl, AgC1 and PbCl, at temperatures o' 700-12300K. Ihe value of a ranges from 2.0 to 4.8 SI- cel.. Four illustrations, bibliog- rapby of four titles. 91 Magalm MateribIs USSR uDc 621-362.2 KAZAIRDZHAN, B. I., IDBANOV, A. A., SELIU, Yu. I., TSUPIKOV, A. A- "Electrical Conductivity and 'Thermaelectromotive Force of T12Te and T12Se in the Molten State Tr. Mosk. energ. in-ta Works of the Moscow Power Lngineering Institute), 1970, vyp- 75, pp 163-165 (from RZh-Elektrotekhnika i F~nergetika, No 1, Jaa 71, Abstract No 1A158) Translation: The conductivity a and thermoelectromative force of T12Te and T12Se in the molten state are measured at temperatures from 700 to 11501K. The width of the forbidden band is 0.75.eV for T12Te and 1.02 eV for T12We. Two illustrations, bibliography-of five titles. USSR UDC: 533.6-011 'OVA, V. N., KAZAIMHAIT, E. P., KUKARKINA, M. A., RAD- BABERKO, K. I., Mr, ........... . -YOGIN, Yu. :3. "Zoncerning Nonstationary Flow Around the Head Part of a Bliintl Body" Tr. 11 ResD. konf. vo aerogidromekh., teploobmenu i ma8soobnenu. Selfts. "Aero- dina-rLika. bol'sh. skoro-,,tey" (Works of the: Second Republic Conference on Aero- hydromechanics, Heat E_xchange and I-lass Exchange. "Hign-Yelocity Aerodynamics" Section), Kiev, Kie-., University, 10T1, pp 29-43 (from E-Th-Meklaenika, Ito 5, 1.1-ay 72, Abstract No 5B325) Translation: A numerical solution is found Vor the 1:,rnbier, of un-.teady flow at supersonic velocity around the head part of blunt body which has P. plane of symmetry and is located in a flow of ideal gas. A normalizinG system. of curvilivear coordinates is used in which th~i region to be calculated has fixed boundaries. A finite..?difference methoa close to the traditional pro- cedure is generalized and developed (Babenko K. I., Vosl--.resenskiy, G. P., ~o 6, pp 1051-1060 -- RM14!ekh, Zh. vychLsl.. natem. i naten. fiz. , 196 )1, 2, 1962, 6B123.; Fabenko, F. 1, , Voskresenskiy, G. P. , Lyubirov, A. N. , Rusanov, k gladkikh tel ideel'nym. gazoia [Tphree- V. V., Prostranstvennoye obte aniye 112 USSR BABENKO, K. I. et al., Tr. 11 Resp. konf. po aeroEidrcrnekh tepicotrienli i massoobmena. Sekts. "Aerodinandka bol'sh. skorostey", Llev, Kiev University, 1971, pp 29-43 -Dimensional Plow of an Ideal Gas Around Smooth Bodies], Moscow, "Nauka", 1964, RZhMekh, 1965, 4B270K). The main.difference of the proposed methcd involves calculation of the head shock wave and construction of a well- -conditioned system of difference equations. A finite-difference approxi- mation is used for the derivatives together with the corresponding coef- ficients of the equations. The resultant nonlinear system.of difference equations is solved by an iteration method, the overall system being broken down into subsystems which relate to each of the three spatial variables. Indeterminacies are discovered in the difference eauations which take place on the zero ray. The algorithm which is developed is used for determining stationary supersonic flow around triaxial ellipsoids and ellipsoids cf revolut4on by the raethod of adjustment. Th,~ results of nimierical calcu- lations; are given. P. 1. Chushkin. 2/2- - ---------- ~Pab~.nho,,K. L, V. t.f,jvanova, E, P. YnY.4nA,han, M. A. XukarHna, and Y~j. D~ Radvogin. r1onstpa,ly (1;;w arosind tho- looadin ,t a 1-1-t 1-dy, *111: T,-,dy 11 Reepublikanskoy konforentisii po xerOJE141ramckhanike. teptoabmenu i.massoobmtnu. Sektsiya "Aeredinamika bal'shikh skorostey". Kiyev. Kiyevskiy urtEversitet. 197L, 27-43. (RZWlAnkh, S/7Z. no. SB3ZS) A numerical solution to given for the problem of ittipersorii; r;~ aroundAhe leading- section of a blunt 6ody with a plane of sy7nmetry In inerr gas flow. A rormalizing eyotem of curvilinear coordinates is used, in which the calculated raglan han. fixed boundarien- A Limits ~,tllf~rc=cz msth~,d is gen*ralized and developed similar to a= eeithiished one. Vic principal variation of the proposed method is associzted with ralcullation of the frontal shock wave and the conetruction of a well-defined system of dillerence equations. Pinite-difforence approximation Is employed Ear the derivAtives together with the corresponding equatAon coefficients- The nonlinear system of difterence,equationt obtained to solved Iky an it:rztio mekho4, the complete system being divided into jr to e&ch-of the three spatial variaklqs. -.The indeterrmizuats forth-al the difference equations an the xero radial line is rhowa. The algorithm developed to used for the determination of steadr supersonic flaw ar*Awd ItiaXIS1,91tipmoida and ellipsoid* Of rOYCIULIOn. ROGULItO Of IMSCAGrical. are Pr*01atod. r USSR I S P I RYAN, K. A., KAZAKDZHYAN, S. T. ------------------ "Transition Radiation and the Optical Properties of Substances in the Vacuum Ultraviolet Range" Leningrad, Fizika Tverdogo Tela, Val 15, No 5, 1973, pp 1551-1555 Abstract: Experimentally measured values of the real and imaginary parts of the dielectric constants of Al, Ge,and RbF were used to calculate the spectra and angular distributions of the transition radiation-in the energy range of uum. ultraviolet range. The the primary particles Y = E/mc~~ - 10-10`4- in the vac optical.constants of the substances can be -using the transition radiation in this frequency band. In contrast to the studies of H. Ehrenreich, et al. [Phys. Rev., No 132, 1918) 19631, in which the cbaracteristics of the transition radiation vere investi_-ated for different elements in the optical frequency band integrated with respect to angles or with respect to radiation frequencies, in the present paper a study was made of the differential characteristics in the vacLrum ultra- violet range inasmuch as in real experiments the detectors record the radiation for narrow angular and frequency intervals. Me proposed method is especially valuable for determining the reflectivity of substances for which direct measurements of the reflectivity is complicated. USSR UDC-. 8.74 KAZANGAPOV,,-A. 11. "On a Method of Computing Functions in Systems of Residual Classes" Izv. AN KazSSR. Ser. fiz.-mat., 1972, No 5, pp 82-83 (from RZh-Kibernetika, No 5, May 73, abstract No SV752 by the author) Translation: The paper gives a method of computing a func- tion in a system of residual classes represented by complete polynomials by using residues of powers of a iven value of 9 the aTgument and Correction coefficient5. USSR UDC 546.55-547.24 KAZMNKOVA,--1J.:. A., MALMINA, I. G., TERENINA, M. B., and LUTSEN'KO, I. F., TO-ScMi.State Institute imeni M. V. Lomonsov ."Generation of Copper Hydride and its Complexes With Compounds of Trivalent Phosphorus" Leningrad, Zhurnal Obshchey Khimii, Vol 42(104), Vyp 10, 1972, pp 2133-2137 Abstract: In order to improve on the purity of the copper hydride obtained from the Wurtz reaction, cuprous bromide.was reacted with triethyltin in absolute tetrahydrofuran at -25%,giving pure copper hydride. The degree of purity of the product was determined by comparing its reaction with tri- isopropylphosphine with that of copper hydride obtained by the Wurtz method. The stabilizing influence of triisopropylphosphine was suggested to be due to the formation of pi bonds with the d orbitals of the metal, and therefore hexamethyltriaminophosphine was predicted to show an even stronger stabiliz- ing influence. Various stoichiometric complexes of cuprous; halides or copper hydride with hexamethyltriaminophosphine were prepared. These hy- drides had higher melting points than the corresponding triisopropylphosphine complexes. The halide complexes were also reduced tothe corresponding hv- drides and pure copper hydride with triethyltin. . It was shown that the 1/2 Man USSR UDC 547.241 MALYKHIIIA, I., G., KAZjM-%VAUjj"-, and LUTSENKO, 1. F. "Preparation of Copper Hydride Complexes With Trivalent Phosphorus Compounds" Leningrad, Zhurnal Obshchey IGiimii, Sep 71, Vol 41, No 9, pp 2103-2104 4 Abstract: Copper hydride obtained by reduction of copper sulfate with' hypophosphorous acid is known to form stable complexes with trialkyl(aryl) phosphines and trialklyl phosphites. The presence of.impurities in copper hydride specimens impairs the synthesis of corresponding complexes with trivalent phosphorus compounds. This study concerns fundamentally another method of obtaining copper hydride complexes involving the reduction of a corresponding copper halide complex with phosphines or phosphites using a suitable reeucing agent. Triethylstannane was found to be most suitable agent. The reaction takes place readily at O'C. If triisopropyl phosphite 4 is used as the ligand, the copper hydride-to-ligand ratio in the complex :1 obtained by -reduction is 1/1. If, however, heramethyltriataidophosphite is used as the ligand, then the complex shows 2 ligand nolecules per 3 of copper hydride. It appears that coppper hydride complexes may be produced in various compositiora; depending on the method 6f:synthesis. The yields are given. 55008 !~7 e, - 7:?, X11-2. nit CHAUCTERIST11C FEATURES OF GRO"I OF Atrro&PITAxIAL $ILI" LAYfRS IX A DEVICE WITH A HORIZONTALLY APIWICED RVACTM (Artte,lt try. Yu. 1. Zoyta,).v, V. fl; Gaydaysiao, V, H. -KAZAAov, I. K=drstl- y4ya, X. A. Relv~, Lan ad 'No, tnitr -. -;osiblrsk, III 5impoziunt go Pn~tii.ssm, vatz i Sintesa Polupvo~odnjkov_7kh KrIstallov 11-11 June 19;,7, 165] A study was made of- ;b4p olf-fect.of Ow fvvwth-c==rz4n6 ejectro- virralcal ooraeetvrx Wia thickneas and apoc%fic resixtanc*) ef antempitaidal layar* of silicvo. In order to measure the thickness 4nd ap"Utc vtsist~cv, the infrared method and the methad of spreading resistance were us". it was demonstrated that the autoepl.taxial. layers gco-n In the dewtr4 with at-ort- to* takly_4rcented-reactlon therher, hams specific charectevIstlea of distrMutiot of the thiaAeso and specific rastatence. Recommendations ave as" with re- spoct to the applItation.of the technological 1procadozes and meseuxemants for powing 47itaxisl loyars WhIch are immiforn with respect to thickna*a *ad 170 - USSR uDc 621-315-592.546-28 BELOVI N. A.,. FdMIKH., R. If. KAZANOV M.,, and KONDRAT')WA, T. S. "Properties of Autoepitaxial Silicon Ia~ers" Blektron. =xim-stl. Nauchno-tekhn sb (Electronic Industry--scientific and technical collection of -works), 1970, No lj, 99-100 (from RZH-Metallurgiya, No 11, Nov 70, Abstract No 11G388) Translation: The layers were grown by'the method of hydrogen reduction of S'C14 in a unit with vertically and horizontally distributed radiation iham- bers. Under the conditions of decreasing temperature in the process of grow- ing (down to.- 11700), autoepitexial layerswere obtained with good reproduci- bility of results and a mirror-smooth surface (density of growth figures and packing defects -S 10 cm-2), and the width of the concentration transition sublayer-autcepitexial layer was reduced to 2-3 /Y. During growth under con- stant, low teuperature conditions, the production of layers with perfect struc- ture was hindered owing to the necessity,of rigid stability of the parameters of -the process. (From RZh A I R) 16 IISSR IJDC 539.3+534.231.1 NOVIKOV, V. V., KAZANOVA, G. T. "On the Effect of the Finite Dimensions of Plates and Bands on the Stressed State Around a Curved Opening" V A. Kratk. tezisy dokl. k Konf. po novrezhdeniyam i ekspluat. nadezhnosti sudovykh konstruktsiy, 1972 (Brief Subjects of Papersat the Conference on Breakdown and Operational Reliability of Ship Designs, 1972. -- Collection of Works), Vladivostok 1972, pp 98-103 (from RZh-Mekhanika, No 3, Mar 73, Abstract No V103) Translation: The paper is a supplement to an experimental study conducted by photoopticA aethods to explain the actual-limits of the use of theoretical solutions valid for infinite plates for rectangular openings located at the band of the plate. Actual experimental data-and:the.t,~chnique for conducting the experiments are not given. 10 ref. B. P. Kishkin. 62 USSR UDO 591-513+591-488-4 GORGILADZE, G. I. and KJI-2111-S-KAYA, G. S,, Institute of Biomedical Problems, Pbscow, "Effect of Imnobility on Habituation of the Vestibular Apparatus" Moscow, Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, No 4, 1973, pp, 1,005-11008 Abstract: A group of rabbits kept imenobilized in speoial cages for 30 days were rotated once counter-clockwiset then 20 times clockwise at 5-miir-ite intervals,, and once again counter-clockwise. The nystagmic, reaction of the control aniraLls (maintained under normal vivarium conclitions) varled in all the parametorin~ oxatalned. The rate of the slow phase, omplitudc, frequrincy, total number of nystagmic movements, and duration of the reaction gra-divilly decreaned fron rotation to rotation. In~the case of the experimental rabbits the nyatagmic reactions were the same asin the control during the first 7 tests, but thereafter remained at the same level, unlike the control where the intensity of the nystagmus progressively diminished. There was no rear- ceptible weakening of the reaction of the~hypokinetic animals according to all the parameters measured. The reason'. for the disappearance of habituation may be the marked lowering of adrenergic function following prolonged hypo- k#esia. WHIM I im I USSR UDC 612.822.3 GORGILADZE, G. I., and KAZANSKAYA, G. S. ","study of the Process of Habituation of the Vestibular Apparatus to Momen- tary Caloric Stimulation of Labyrinths In Rabbits" Moscow, Zhurnal Vysshey Nervnoy Deyatel'nosti imeni I. P. Pavlova, Vol 20, No 5, Sep/Oct 70, pp 1,086-1,088 Abstract: Caloric tests consisting of an application of 5 ml of water at 20*C for 1.5-2 seconds, carried out in one labyrinth during the prehabitua- tion period,produced a nystagmic eye reaction which varied considerably from animal i,-o animal. Some of the animals exhibited a rapid habituation process (14-:10 applications), while otliers were 810WOT (70-90 applications). Addition of an extra stimulus (pain, sound) led to dehabituation and a re- turn of the original reaction. Tests carried out to determine the degree of preservatf on of habituation showed that within 24 hours the animals failed to show a nystagmic reaction to caloric stimulation. When contra- lateral labyi-inths were stimulated to check the transfer of habituation from one vestibular apparatus to anothdr, some animals showed a weaker nystagmic re4Lction and others a stronger one. The rabbit vestibular 1/2 F Usm UDC: 612-743 GORGLLADZE., G. I., and KAWKSKAYA, G. S. "Dynamics of N~-stagmus, KEG, and Some Wher Reactions Upon Fepeated Brief CalorIc Trritation of the Labyrizitvhs of Rabbits Leningrad, Fiziolcgicheskdy Zhur-nal %SR,:Lm--ni 1. 7-4. Sechenova, Vol 57, No 1971, PP 45-151 Abstract' : Adapt%tion of the wstibulnr aprm .ratus to m-peated brief caloric (-~-.,er- mal) irritation by the irrigation of labyrinths idth v.-a-IL-'er at 20 (,, jr&s -.tudled on adult rabbits in. a state of vrakefulness, As shom by the ny~~tag;ms reaction in- deces, some of the animals becmae adaPted -"I-o the ir-rita-tion 41fter 111~-20 irriga- tions (group I), -zhile others develcped adaptation after 70-90 dxrilgatiors (group 11). Adaptation wa3 retained by the rabbits for a certain length of time, 'Carti- cularly in group, E, ard -,irm to the contra-lateral labyrinLh. Impli- cation of other 5timuli (paim, audit.ory, or olfactory ii1ritation) or intravellous injectim of 0.1 ml of a 20% solution of Na caffe-Mate t--.rcied to rvs'ucre the wakened nystaj-pns- react-Lono to tha~x initial lovel. The caloric irmitation allso produced changes in the EEG (degynclu-ordzntion im th!:~ 2,:m~s) nd a drc;p i r- arterial pre:3sure. Upon repe-i1r;d af-Iox-JIx irx-Jtation, the-e Omng f7acl ma USSR GORGILADZE, G. I., and KtIZANSKAYA, G. S., Fiziologicheskiy amurna-l SSSR dmeni I. M. Sechenova, Vol 57, No 1, 1971, pp It5-51 disappeared 4dle the nys"jagrqus -as still pronounced. It mqr be assuned +,hat, the-reticular formation of the brain'etem plays a leading mle in vestib-al-aar adaptation reaction-s. W-MIN Hh -MORROORTFIR USSR YERMO'.UYEV, -MIERUZE, Yu. mc 535.373.2 V. L. , EA=MQU,_~L,, MOSHINSKAYA, A. V., I. I'Velocity Constants of Intramolecular Energy T-ransfer in Complex Ions of Rare-Earth Metals Idith Aromatic Acids" Leningrad, (~ptika i Soektroskopiya, No_.l, 1972, pp 82-85 Abstract: Thi:3 article is subtitled 'III, Effect of Introducing Insulating Methylene Groups." -In the first part of the article, published in the same journal named above (vol 28, 1970, P 11-50), the authors determined the velocity,constants of the intramolecu- lar energy transfer from the organic part to the rare-earth ion ,plexes of TO"', Eu3+ for a large number of con Sm-34, and Dy3-~ with the derivativoc of benzoic acid, and found that.the enerrr .,y trans- for was the result of exchange-resoname interactions. The prosont, second Dart of the paper investig-ates the effect of the ,introduction of ~ne or two metilylene groups (C111)) between the aromatic group and the carboxyl group on the vetocity constan't" of energy transfer in complex rare-earth ions ,-.rith aromatic acids. 112 YERMOLAYEV, V. L. et al, Optika i Snektroslcorji-,tra, No. 1, 1972, pp 82-85 A table of the measured velocity constants is givan for various types of acids and rare-earth comDlexes, and it is found that an exchange-resonance nechanis-ra is involved here as well. 2/2 109 p: USSR U X 535-373.2 'Z YE, B.) Aj H1 L A YEE VV.T MOSHI "Sill. ~ ylfl At ,I., an~dKH~EEEHZ YU. I. ItRate Constants of Intramolecular Energy Transfer JLr. Comidlexes of hare Earth Ions With ',.romatic Acids" Lenin.,rad, Optika. i Spektroskopiya, Vol 28, i N 0 b, Jun 70, PP 1150-1158 Abstract: The triplet-triplet. t r_= ns e rmetnod ik.,,az us(;-:d Lo deLezrrnuine the rate constants for radiationless energy fer tralIS4 Ok, ) f rOM organic t ligand to rare earth ions in complexes of Tb3+ I u3t, SrP t, and Dy3 r with benzoic acid and its derivative-- in methano'. ~t 2930 The ab- sorption spectra of tho rare earth iozas in the comp.Iexi.,s iirid rhe puos- 3+ phorescence spectra of complexes wi tn Gd we. - me,aaure-d, ;_~,nd cv, were made of the,integrals for the overlapping of t-he spectra for the energy donor by taose of the acceptor (rare earth, ion). It was found that the introduction of electron-donor substituents increases k and t ---------- USSR mentarnaya Teoriya Kolebatellnoy TRIFONOV, YE. D. (Reviewer), Ble. Struktury Priimes.nyKh Tsentrov 4xistallov, by K. X. Rebane, I'loscow, "Nauka" ?ress, .1968, 232 pp een t electron-vibrational transitJons and Lhe t-aeory t w he theory of .4. of the M6ssbauer effect. A detailed comparison is made of t~sne param- eters characteriz-ing the spectra of inorganic and organic phosphor crystals, on the one hand, and tbie m6ssbauer spectrwm, Or. trAe ocner. Chapter Four considers deviation froia~the Condon approximation, allow- ance for anharmonicity and Ifo.- variation5 in elastic constants in elec- tronic transitio.r., the influence of crystal inhomoc-eneities. The book- conLains fui errors. Hewever, some addztional sec- tions st.,ould have been included, such as one on the group-theoretical analysis of luminescence spectra. The book is written with great skill and a clear and An English translation is sup- ~posed to appear in the near futures published,by Plenum Press, New York. 7 17,1177-07"- USSR UDC 535.34+535.37 YERHOLAYEV, V. L., KAZANSKAYA PETROV, A. A., KKE~UZE, Yu. I. rich -Transfer Bands in Complexes of Rare-Earth Ions With Aromatic Acids" arge Leningrad, Optika i Spektroskopiya, Vol 28', No 1, Jan 70, pp 208-210 Abstract: The authors studied the electron absorption spectra and luminescence of solutions of complexes of rare-earth ions with aromatic acids (benzoic acid, a-hydroxybenzoic acid, 2,4-dihydroxybenzoic acid, o-methoxybentoic acid, phthalic acid, anthranilic acid, dimethylanthranilic acid) in meth nol at 293' K. rhe a absorption spectra of complexes of europium with salicylic., A -resorcylic, and anthranilic acids and samarium with A -resorcylic acid revealed additional long- wave bands which were absent in the same complexes of terbium. The depeadence of the position of the new long-wave absorption bands on the reduction potentials of triply charged lons of the rare-earth elements, their width, and intensity indicate that theso bands are due to electron charge-transfer transitions from organic ligands to rare-earth ions. The appearance of the charge-transfer bands is accompanied by disappearance of the lumitie6cence of thes compl.exes. 1/2 i 7-7-- - I I - 7 Acc Nr Abstracting ServlceV kef. Code: I''-"Y P 4P00464501 CHEMICAL ABST.' 13.6 05'"1 OW 84536b CbArga trangfei bands tn co4exell ~.of raxit-ea= ions with aromatic a cks,' Ermal v V L 28(1), 208-10 (Rus;")7 "!rh el"&oxne abs6rption~4nd lurnines- snectra of the. C0inPleXC5of rale4arth metal ions ('Stlls+, ~Eu; P T-bl+, DY1% and YW-) with-binzoic salicylic (1), ?,4-di- hydroxybenzoic (11), 21-tnethoxybenzaic, phthalic anthramlic diruethylanthranilk, and ather arornatic aci(is were mea- cured in INUOH coutg. '%:a at'2Q.3*K. The uv CO, ~Pectra of the complexes of Eu with T--nl and of SM vith'111 co'nfidned ;iddnl. L)ng-vmvelength~ bands which were noi-present in a4alogaiis Tb complexes. The long-wavelength bands weie chavacterizO as charge-transfer bands. Also the formation 6f a nea~~:sbcrt-ivave. lc-ngth band in the uv 4bsd.;. how- sp~ctra of th~ cornpiex~-s vv~- vier, thm bandi were not interpieted.: Upon excitti6on in the lii~and absorption-band region, the cornplexes of Sm, E u, Tb, and 137 with aromatic aci~_Is gaire an iMense lumi0es0ene'e due to an intramol.. energy transfer from the triplet energy levp1"of the com- plex to the re-3onance J"el of'the~ rotipective ion. N!o luinines- cence was obsd. with coiqplexes of EU-14,nd SIM.. C. Parkanvi REEL/FWIE'. 112 029 UNC L AS S I F 1,E.0 PROCESSING DATE--27NOV70 TITLE--DEACT[VATION OF ELE-CTRON EXCITATION OF RARE ZARTH IONS ON VIBRATIONS OF- THE: SOLVENT LOCALIZE13 IN VARIOUS COUROINATION SPHLRES -U- "AUTHOR-021-KAZANSKAYA, N.A.p SVESHINIKOVA11YE.B. OF INFO--USSR ;;~SOURCF-OPT. SPEKTR 0SK. 1970, 28(4), 699-704 DATE PUBLISHED--------70 ~.-.SUBJECT AREAS--CHEMBTRY, PHYSICS -.~.TOPIC TAGS--EXCITAT[ON EGNERGY, RARE EARTti COMPOUN0, rO,',I, LIGHT EXCITAT10m, DEUTERIUM, SOLVENT ACT101"It LUM[NESCENCEP METiiANOL,, EHTANOLt PRUPANOL "-CNTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS D_0CUMENTCLASS--UNCLAiSSIFfE0 PROXY Rr=rmL/FRAME--30(11/0718 STEP 4CCESSION NO--AP0126430 UNCLASSIFIEO N I I liblumillo-al-mma-m-mitm., NO UR/0051/70/023/00'i/0699/0704 It r-m I PROCESSING DATE-27NOV70 2/2 029 UNCLASSI FIED CIRC.ACCESSION NO-AP0126430 'ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--IU) GP-0- ABSTRACT. LUMINESCENCE LIFETIMES, TAU, FOR S147 EUr T6j AND [1Y NITRATES IN ME011, CD S UB 3 0 H ( IDOPEERCEINT 0) (96PERCENT 0), Cr.: SUB3 00(99PERCENT 0), ETQHj ETOD (93PERCENT D), r SU02 D SU95 OD (90PERCENT D)i ISO,PROH1 PROD (90PE-RCEN'r 0)1- H SUB2 0, AND D SUB2, 0, (99.5PERCENT D) WERE UETD. FOR~EXCITATION OF IONS AN IMPULSE M [,','F LAMP WAS USED7 WITH IMPULSE LENGTH 1 M 0 S.EC LUI QUENCHItw; FOLLOWED BY OSCILLOGRAPH WAS FOUND TO BE EXPON04T AL IN ALL THE CASES. E3 POSITIVE AND DY PRIK3 POSITIVE IN H SUB2 0 THE VALUES FOR SM PRIM L-WEIRE. APPROX, ONLY,, SINCE TAU WAS OF THE SAME ORDER OF MAGNITUDE AS THE NSITY W4S MEASURED, ALSO, A'NO IMPULSE LENGTH ITSELF. LUMINESCENCE INTEs THE RATIO I SUBD-1 SUSH OF THE INTENS11TY INDEUTERATEO SGLVEINTS AND THAT IN FULLY HYQROGEN~JEO SOLVENT WAS EQUAL TO THE 51iMILAR-RATIO TAU SUBD-TAU SUSH. AS TAU VALUES FOR EACH OF THE IONIN MEOH, ETOH, AND PROH WERE EQUAL, IT 1-14S CONCLUDED THE I0N,SQLVATIr,-N.SHELL WAS THE SAME IN DIFFERENT ALCS. ALSO FOR DEUTERATEO.ALCS. EQUAL VALUES WERE ORTAINCO AFTER EXTRAPOLATION4 OF DILN. CURVES TO.THE PURE SOtVENT (loOPERCENT 0). -10 IN 0 EXTRAPOLATED TAU VALUES ARE GIVEN. EVENTUALLY# AN ADIABATIC AP13r X F THE RADIATIONLESS PROCESS WHICH INVOLVE TRANSFER OF THE ELECTRCJ~11C TO rHE HIGH FREQUENCY Otifv llrO IN ME IST A,1\40 C,H EXCITATION OF THE *[ON OF. C,T) VIBRATIONS J'N THE 2NJ SPHEkEy WAS GIVEN. THE RATIO ALPHA SUBI-ALPHA SU02t Gf' THF VALUE OFANTERACTION OF FLE',CTRONIC EXCITATION WITH VIBRATIONS IN THE IST AND THOSE IN' THE~ 2N0 SP[IiERE WAS EVALUATED. ORDER EUP TBP DYi THE STRENGTH OF THESE INTERACrIONS INCREASES IN THE -AND SM6 UNCLASSIFIED -112 023 UNCLA*'SS[ FfED.. OAOCESSING DAT8--IBSEP70 jl.TLE~-EFFECT OF A BISMUTH TELLURIDE IMPUR.FTY (IN THE BAND STRUCTURE OF TIN TELLUR IDE -U- 'AUTHOR-05)-BOROVIKOVA, R.Pf DUOKINP L.D., YERASOVA, N.A., KAZANSKAYAr ItAl., KAYDANOVt V.I. ~_'.COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR .~_SOURCE-FIZ. TEKH. POLUPROV. 1970, 4(l) 231 .DATE PU8LISHED--------70 '.~.'SUBJECT AREAS--CHEMIST.RYt PHYSICS ~~TOPIC -TAGS--BISMUTHt ELECTRICAL CONOUCTIVITYY TIN COMPOUNDt TELLURIUM COMPOUND, ACTIVATION ENERGY, ENERGY BAND STRUCTURE, HALL CONSTANT MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS 1-bOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED .':PROXY PC-EL/FRAME--1988/0578 SUP %Itl--UR/0449170/004/001/0231/0231 ,.~CtRC ACCESSION NO--AP0105561 UNCLASSIFIED 212 023 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--laSEP70 2 F12 ~.CIPC ACCESSION NO--AP0105561 .C ACCI ~'p GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE TEMP, DEPENDENCE OF ELEC. BST)l AC T, COND.; THERMAL EMF., THE HALL CONST.* AND THE TkANSERSVE NFRNST CON D., ETTINGSHAUSEN EFFECT WAS STUDIED EXPTL* IN SN SURI NEGATIVEX Bf SUqX TE ~T TING 10 SMALLER THAN OR EQUAL TO TIMES SMALLER THAN OR EQUAL TO 0-1) SOLID SOLNS, AT 80-5000EGREES K. IN COMPARISON TO PURE SNTEP'A DFCREASE IN HALL MUBILITY IS 140TICED AND A MAX. APPEARS ON THE TEMP. DEPENDENCE -.-.-CURVE-OF THE HALL CONST* THERE ARE 2 POSSIBLE EXPLANATIONS FOR THESE AND OTHER OBSO. CHANGES: (1). THE ADON.-OF BITE LOWERS THE ENERGY GAP BETWEEN-REGIONS OF LIGHT AND HEAVY HOLES; (2) IMPURITY (DONOR) LEVELS OF .81 SPLIT INTO AN IMPURITY BAND LOCATE0,13ELOW THE VALENCE BAND. IN BOTH -CASES, THE ADDN. OF BI HAS 'LITTLE' INFLUENCE ON THE. CONCN. OF HOLES. UNCLASSIFIED W 112 014 UNCLASSIFIED 17ROC~.SSING DATE--L3NOV70 TITLE-RELATIONSIHIP BETWEEN THE LIAMLITY OF THE NVOCARDIUM AND ITS CONTRACTILITY AND DURATION OF THE DIASTOLA (IF THE VENTI",ICLES OF THIE AUTH9k-(02)-FR0L0Vt V.A.o KAZANSKAYA, A. COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR .'.:,SOUPCE-AKA0EMIIA 14AUK SSSR, DOKLADY, VOL. 19 219 1970, P. ~4498-1500 ~;DATE -PUBLISHED-21FEB70 Su3JECT AREAS-BIOLOGICAL AND ME011CAL SCIENCES :~--.:~TCPIC TAGS--MY(ICARDIUM, HEART, MATHEMATIC EXPRESS[ON C GNTR 0 L, IMAR K I NG--NO RESTRICTIONS CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED PROXY IREEELIFRAME-1~194/1089 STEP NO--UR/0020/70/190/000/1498/1500 CIRC ACCESSION NO--;IT0115108 r S -1 F I F.0 V-2 0 14 UNCLASSIFIED PROC~SSING DATE--13,NOVtu CJRC ACCESSION NO--AT0115108 ABSTR ACT/ EX TRAC T--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. DERIVATION OF A MATHEMATICAL kELATION BEThEEN THE: DURATICN OF THE DIASTOL,A AND rtiE Pol'ENTIAL WOPKING ~CAPACITY OF THE MIOCARDIUM. A CHARACTERi'sric COEFFI.CIENT --!F THE WORKING CAPACITY OF, THE MIOCARDIUM IS INTRODUCE0 :14HICH CHARACTER17ES THE .~'~-:PO-TENTIAL CAPABILITIES OF THE MIUCARDIUM* THIS COEFFICLENT CAN BE DET ERM I NEI) FRC-1-1 THE, CAPA51LITY OF.THE MIOCARDIUl'i FOR INCREASING THE JC CONTRACT40N. NTRAVENTRICULAR PRESSURE DURfNG fSCMFTR- FACILITY: MOSKOVSKII MIEDITSINSKIT If4STI,TU'Fr MOSCOW~, USSR. UDC- 621-31F.-13 f T y 1, "1 and T. the crn e t j~ cilesonant Fre- "Ti-IT Ferrite COeraticn i r quency acEion` auchno, trcm c u-,khn. -bic-Gion, ~,,,rr:Ltc --jc-,ktrol' 71, 1 C L 12 e c.a n iU:' En~ln'3 '1"-n~ 3v dicitelhni-I -2 d: 17-12 (frc,!r 1970, 1%- ~2- Abstract L,O. 3D171) -nci.-.s ,,,,iOjjS frequ.. V., U122 'the be',IFvior O-L L ion: Translat -, Pield is f,,X-amined. with challf`,- Controls- USSR uDc: 6,,11-37M52.2 KAZXISKAYA, T. M. , REYTER, E. 1-1. "Effect Which the Orientation of Controlling 14a(pietic Pii~-Ids' has on the 14afpiitude of PhrL-,L- Displacement in Mutual Phase Shifters in the D,!cimefer Wavelength Range" Scientific -mid Technical Collection. Ferrite Technology), 1970, vyp. 1(23), r PP 90-97 (from RZ:,i-Radiotekhnika, No 12, Dec 70, Abstract No 12B223) Translation: The authors discuss various methods of controlling mutual phase ohifters in the decimeter wavelength range. Conclusions are drawn on the limiting j):)ssibilities of each iaetho& A ripw method of cantrolling phasse displacem--nb is described in which a high-frequenc~y line filled with ferrites is placed in two mutually perpendicular controlling magnetic fields: a longitudinal field which determiries, maxinum permissible losses, and re- mains constant, aad'a transverse field which provides phuse control. Five illuatrationa, bibliography of t1welve titles. Resum4. 'USSR UDC 621.315.592 KAZANSKIY, A. G. KOSHELEV, 0. G. "Cyclotron Electron Resonance in Silicon Generated by Impurity Brightening from a CO Laser" 2 Leningrad, Fizj.l-,a i Teklinika Poluprovodnikov, Vol 6. No 2, 1972, pp 254-260 Abstract: A study was nade of the cyclotron resonance of electrons in silicon in the case of inipurity excitation of the free carriers by C09-laser emission, In the case of imnuritv excitation the relative cyclotron resonance line width (AW) of the elcarons is basically determined by their scatteriw- in the charged impurity. The scattering time in the charged impurity (at n concentration of 6-1013 cr-3) depends weakly on tbe temperature in the l'.95-4.2' K range. In the vicinity of fields corresponding to a,nicrowave-p(/~ier P > 2 milliwatts, Aw _ pO.4 was obtained. This function is characterist,ic of strong heating of the electrons i-Aien the pulse scattering takes place by spontancous enission of acoustic phonoris. In this region, as investigation of the line ar-a cis a 2 r function of P shows, the electron capture coefficient .4 1 , 4+U, where c is the nean electron enerjy. The redistribution of the electrons between the minitia of the conductlon band during unizwjal compression was also inventigat.ed. When T lo.2* K, the 1/2 USSR KAZANSKIY, A. G., et al., Fizika I Tekhnika Poluprovodlnikov, Vol 6, No 2, 1972, pp 254-260 time of the interline transitions. (with zero compression) exceeds the electron lifetime by no more than 4 times. 2/2 C. U W .7. -r- I mm 'ITLE- RGLE OF CYCLOHEXANE IN THE DEHY OCYCLIZA rjr- N-HEXAP-,c ON A CARCIRIUM CATALYST -U- &U-NOR-105.1-ISAGULYAurs, G.V.y ROZENGARTI~M.I.t DERBENTSEV, YU.I., DUB-INSKlyt YU-G. KAZANSKLY, S.A. V _CF 4jjy SIT S S.QU.RCE--D0KL. AKAD. NAW% SSSR 1970t 191 3) 6.1 _3_ATE. PUBL JSHE1;-----70 SLUBJECT AREAS-CHEMISTRY TOPIC TAGS-CYCLOHEXANE, HEXANE, CARBON ISOTOPE, CATALYST, BENZENE, C CRACKING, HEXENE MTRUL MASKING-NO RESTRICTIONS .D DCUMENT CLASS-UhCLASSIFIED .ROXY REEL/FRAME-200011079 STEP NO--UR/0020/70/191/003/0600/0602 CIRG ACCESSIGN NO-Al'0124736 UNGLA S S f F LE D 1.. 11111 -.-M ~~212 .009 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESS-ING DATE-30OCT70 CIRL ACCESSION NO--A-rol24736 4,BSTRACT/,EXTRACT-(U.1 GP-0- ABSTRACT. A FLOW METHOD !-,AS USED TO ANALYZE THE REACTIGN PRODUCTS OF HEXANE CYGLOHEXANE (TAGGED, INIITH PRIMEI-f, c) .4T 530CEGRE-ES GN AN ALUMINOSILICATE CATALYST. THE CRACKIhG PRODUCTS WIRE ~ISOHEXANES, HEXANE, HEXENESt CYCLOHEXANEv AND C SUB6 H SU86; IT ll~'AS SP01%N THAT CYCLOI-EXANE IS NOT FOR.MED IN ITHE OIJERJALL PROCESS AND CANr%,oT BE.AN IiNTERMEDiATE IN DEHYDROCYCLILATION OF HEXAME TO C SUB6 H SU66. C 'I CYCLOHEXANNE ~SOMEWHAT MORE RAPIDLY THAN IT IS H SUB6 IS FOPMED FRO, FROM HEXANE. THE ADSORPTION COEFFS. OF;CYCLOHEXANE AND HEXANE ON THE ~::..:CATALYST APPEAR TO-BE VERY SIMILAR. FACILITY: INST. ORG. KHIM. JR. ZELINSKOGGi, MOSCOWY USSR. URCLASSIFFEED - 112 025 UNCLASSi Fiea PROCESSING DATE--04DEC70 TITLE--CATALYSTS FOR DEHYDROCYCLIZATION OF N PARAFFINS -U- SLINKINt A.A., POLININ, V.L., ROZENGART, 077. ~A. M. I D U L COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR 265076 IZOBRET.t PROM. OBRAZTSYN TOVARNYV-, ZNAKI 1970t '__-:D-ATET:PUBLISHED--09MART0 _..SUBJECT AREAS--CHEVISTRY -,;TOPIC. TAGS--CYCLIZATION, ALKANE, HIGH TEMPERATURE HEAT '~ALIPHATIC KETONE, CHROMIUM OXIDE7, CATALYSTv CHEM&',CAL CONTROL MARKING--NCI RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASS f F f cD TREATMENT, POLYMER, PATENT PROXY REEL/FRAME--3007/1745 STEP NO--UR/048Z/70/000/000/OGCO/0000 -ACCESST"N' 'N0---AAfll3'6935 R C I IT --77- 2/2 025 UNCLASS f F I EO PROCESSING DATE--0/tf)EC70 C tR%C ACCESSION NO-AA0136985 ABSTRACTIEXTRACT--(IJ) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE PRODUCT OF THERMAL TREATMENT (400-6.000EGREES) (IF A POLYMER BA~FD ON. PURE METHYL BET4,"CHLOROVINYL KETONE OR WITH AN ADDITIVE CONSISTING OF 0.1-5 WT, PERCENT CR SUB2 0 SUB3 IS USED AS A CATALYST FOR DEHYDROCYCLIZATION OF N PARAFFINS. -.-FACIL-ITY. INSTrrUT ORGANICHESKOY KHIMIA IM, N, 0. ZELINSKOGOs UNCLASSIFIED 7 013 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE-30OCT70 YITLE-REACTION OF ADAMANTANE WITH OLEFINS -U- ..:~:AUTffOR-103)-KAZANSKIYv B.A.# SHOKOVA# E.AoIXORDSTELEVAw T.Y. GF INFO-USSR -DOKL. AKAD. NAUK SSSR 1970t 191(4)t 831-4 ~-:,.,SOURCE SEDATE PUBLISHED--70 AREAS-CHEMLSTRY TOPIC TAGS-AGAMANTANEI ALKENE* CHEMICAL REACTIONt ALUM[PiUM COMPOUNOP CHEMICAL SYNTHESIS -;..,C0NTk0L PARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS .-,._00CUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED ,.:ORIIXY REEL/FRAME-2000/0689 STEP NO-UR/0020/TO/19L/C)04/083110834 CIRC ACCESSICN NO--AT0124361 --UNCLASS-IF IED 2 2* 013 UNCLASSIFIM. PROCESSING DATE-30OCT70 .:-~CIRC ACCESSION NO-JiTO124361 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(Ll) GP-0- ABSTRACT. PASSING GASEOUS OLEFINS (C SUBZ H -:SUB4, ME SUB2 C:Cfl "* U82 OR MECH:CH SUB2) INTO A MIXT. OF ADAMANTANE AND ElThER ALCL SUB3 OR ALBR SUB3 IN HEXANE~AT NEGATIVE10DEGREES, WITH EXCE55 ADAMANTANE ALWAYS PRESENT TO AVOID MUCH POLYALKYLATION, GAVE A VERY -COMPLEX SET CF PROOUCTSo THE COMPN. OF WHICH WAS TArsULATED FOP. VARIOUS PROPORTIONS OF THE CATALYSTS INSOFAR AS IDENTIFILATION WAS POSSIBLE, BUT SOME 50PERCENT OF THE PRODUCTS REMAINED UNIDENTIFIED IN MOST.CASES. ALL 'rHE OLEFINS USED GAVE AT LEAST SOME IvETHYLADAMANTANE, I,PROPYLADAMANTAN.;Et I,ISOBUTYLADAMANTANE AND IvSECtBUTVLADAMANTANEr BUT ONLY ME SUB2 C:CH SUB2 GAVE ItISOPROPYLADAMANTANE. THE TOTAL YIELDS WERE NOT OVER 22-5PERCENT. THE RESULTS INDICATED THAT ADAMANTANE IS ALKYLATED NOT ONLY BY C SUB2 H SUR4 PER SE BUT ALSO BY [TS OtMERIZATION PRODUCTS* WHILE MECH:CH SUB2 YIELDS MAINLY THE ltPROPYLAOAMANTANE IN YIELDS OF 22-32PERCENT OF THE TOTAL ALKYLATE AND 8-9PERCENT RUE YIELD. PROBABLE SCHEMES FOR FORMATION OF THE IOENTIFIED PRDDVCTS WERE SHOWN. ALBR SU63 CATALYST GAVE UP TO 22PERCENT ALKYLATE5p WHILE ALCL SU133 GAVE NOT OVER 4.5PERCENT. CHROMATOGRAPHICALLY UP To 20 PRODUCTS WERE IN TYPICAL RUNS; EVIDENCE FOR DL AND POLYALKYLATION WAS JNDICATED. FACILITY: MOSK. GUS. UNIVw lMw LOMONOSOVAr MOSCOW, USSR. AZ 6 (Q 3 lv~ IS UR 0482 Soviec Inventions Illustrated, Section III ~,fechanical and General, Derwent, 244547 MULTISTAGE !~MIAM FM reduces the axial momenE of Wertid in axial venti- lator and turbine fans. 'In the conventional wheel and blade structures the-root of the blade is thickened. In this patent the design ofthe blade section is improved with~rim section 1 having blade 2 with extended roatilocated on hub 4 secur- ea by pine and supported by spokes 3. This design reduces the axial moment of inertia. 30,12.66 as 1122523/24-6X.L. 7ADA140V et al. (8.10.69) Bul. 18/28.5.69. Class 27c, Int. Cl. F 04d r V, -1 t:r; ~,t 7!: 1 198214GG -fMl 1 2 _-;-0 UNCLAS'SIFIED 4ROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 TirLe--A COMPARATIliti ASSESSMENT OF THE OF SW3TUTAL RESECTION UF THE STOMACH ACCCADING TO SPECIAL CONSIDERATIONS AND PAkTIAL RESECTION AUTHOR-(03)-SITENK,09 V.M.v SAMOKHVALOV9 V*I.w KAZAq COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR --KHIRUP.GIYA,, 1970, NR 5, PP 52-55 JURCE DATE PUBLISHED---70 AREAS-BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES TOP I CTAGS--SURGERY-iSTOMACHP CANCER CONTROL MARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED ~.~PRUXY REEL/FRAME-3003/0136 STEP NG--UR/0531/70/OiJC)/00510052/CI055 CIRC ACCES~IGN NO--AP0129392 ~'2/2 010 U14CLASSI FfED PROCESSING DATE-30OCT7C CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0129392 AtiSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. A FIVE YEAR SURVIVAL IN A GROUP OF PATIENTS COMPRISING 10Z PERSONS SUBJECTED TO SUBTOTAL GASTRIC RESECTIOIN FOR CANCER AIMOUN'rED TO 47 PER CENT OF CASES. OUT OF 136 PATIENFS WHO SUSTAINED PARTIAL RESECTION 43.3 PER CENT SURVIVED THIS PERIGP. HOWEVER, THIS DIFFERENCE IS STATISTICALLY INSIGNIFICANT. THERE ARE No DATA WHICH WOULD REVEAL THE ADVANTAGE OF SUBTOTAL RESECTIONN IN TYPE ,COMPARISGN WITH PARTIAL RESECTLON DEPENDING ON THE STAGE, A.ATOMIC AND~HISTOLOGICAL FORM OF THE TUMORS FACILITY: KLINIKA FAKULITETSKOY KH)'RURGII VMOLKA. UDC: 530-128.2 USSR E BALDIN, A. M., B--ZNCGIP-Tf, Yu. D., Z I ITOV YBV, Jj P., 1S3 I NSK I Y.1 I B., YLGV, A I. , ~~'LRO Z, V I - , PAVLOV, N:~"I., iifid_iUCF.KOV, G7~- "Acceleration. and Removal of Deuton Beams from the OIYaI Synchro- phasotron" y imeklinika_'~' pp 29-31 Moscow, Pribcr ksDerimenta, N'o- 3, 1971, - a proposal Abstract: This art-icle describes the realization o- doutons with existing synchro- for accelerating and extractinf.- phasotron ~:y,,te~~s made in an carlier article (Eeznogikh, T.I. D., et a!, O-D-int 07Y TaI, 1968, 'N'o. IR9-4.2_14, Dubna). TEe basic idea -,ras to f!!ultiply the linear ace.,ele-ration by two of the proro-al . U through halving -6he velocity of the deutons C-oing into and comin-,'r out of the line--r accelerator compared to the~velocity of the pro- 4 tons. The acceleration in -he s-nchrotron is done in two stens: first, doublini-L the acceleration;, seconcL, reachinE the. limiting frequency ol" t--he accelerating system and theri,making the transi- 112 WSR BALDIN, A. M., et al., Pribory iTekhnika Eksperimental 110 3, 1971, PP 2-9-31 the acceleration. tion to the plateau in the first mullw-iple o.-L U By using a debulicher at the accelerator output, the capture of ~the deutons in first the quasi-betatron and then the synchro- tron modes was increased. The authors are associated w4th the OlYaL(Joint- Institute of Nuclear Research, Dubna). 2/2 --2(]NCIV70 NCUS I F [0 k0CFSSilNG DArE u s ITL E--STt-~UCT UR EOF ffiE PULYMiER Of-,3,3v3oTkll-LUL)RO'SI92,Epox'iPttoPAblE -U- A UTHO R~ (~04) - K UP. PA NE. N KU ,IVKAZANSOY; K.S., PTIT$YNA,; N.t KUSHNEREV, M.YA. j UNTRY ~UF INFC-USSR URGE-VYSbKl)M0L. SOLDIN., SER. 1970t 12.( 4) 821.18 DATP PUBL IShEO-----7C 'SU13JECT AA,-AS-CHEM I STRY UIXY COMPOUND, FLW.)kIN.ArED ORGANIC TOP I C -T.~~',GS--VLLLCULAR 31~~UCTUREi EP 'CbMPbUjNUt PRGPANE, X KAY ANALYSIS3 IR' SPECTRUM, t.kYSTAL LATTICE --SfRU(;TUFtL ~CCNTRCL ViAkK I NG-NCI RE ST R I CT I UNS OUCUMENIT C L A S -S-- UN C L A S S I F I E U UR/C.,459/~70/012/-DG4/0322/0828 .:?R4jXY REEL/FRAME-1,006/1383 STEP NO- Nri-AP0135057 C IAC AW 212. 036 U114CLASSIFIFb PROCESSING 0ATE--20NOV7G -,C fRC ACCESSI GN N(J---AP0 135 05 7 A8STR AC T / L-;f T RAC T-- ( U) GP-C- Ad S FRA C T.XRAY DATA INDICATED THAT PCLY(3t3,39TI