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December 31, 1967
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MOISEYEV, V. K. et al., USSH AutborIP Certificate No --JO5 ~'(;A output of the time modulator. The potential inptMit of coinci~lence circuits are connected to Lhe outputs or a car=-_utaI:-,ir whr,se pulse cut-_-_ItO are connected to the recording pulse generator and to the input of the gate generator for transcription of lock-on pulses. Tho outp%it of this 'genarator is connected through a differentiuting circuit to q),",je irl-,itat of the, loci~-on flip-flop, and a sij;nal from Qzc time diocriainator is aent to the other input of this flip-flop. 212 ~7 L/2 037 UNCL p 3 Es ING DATE T!lLE--PLASlIc DEFGR14ATLUN UF CORUNDUM SINGLE CRYSTALS -U- AUTHfjii-(05)-KLASSEhNEKLYUDOVAt 14-,V-s GUVORKOVs VoGop URUSOVSKAYA, VO&NIU.-N.N., KCZLOVSKAYAr E.P* C05ARY Of INFC-USSr SOURCE-PHYSICA STATUS SOL101i 1970# VCL 39~ NR 2# PP 674J-6a& DATE PU8LIShEG----7G SUaJECT ARkAS--PHYSICS, EARTH SCUMUS AND OCE4NOG101,11HY TOPIC TAGS-PLASTrt DEFGRMATIGN, SINGLE CRYSTAL, C014UNDUllft, cW3Y, CRYSTAL LC6RAPHY v RESEARCH FACILITY, CHROMIUM IMPU141TY, CRYSTAL rV CCNTRCL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS OCCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/~RAME-2000/0337 STEP CIRC ACCESSICN NO-AP0124094 UNCLASSIFIED .......... .......... 2/2 037 UNCLASSIFIED OL~OCE$SING UA I w u c-mc AccEssICN NO-AP01;_~4094 ABSTRACT/EXIRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THf STRES$ STC-!il% CUIR':1-7 DEFECT S7RUCTURE Of" C6RUNDUM SI&GLE CRYSTALS -VIJ I!_--`.'I STUDIED. THE INFLUENCE 6F IMPUkITY (CRJ PRZSEN~liv DRIENTATICN, TEMPERATURE, AND OE17-OIIMATICII RATE W115 CHRUMIUM NArZS CORUNDUM HARDEA AND CAUSES A YIELB J'DI)iT YIELD PCINT WAS ALSO INCREASED BY ThE TRANSUION FIR011.1 90DEGREES ORIENTATION OF THE SPEICIMENSo BY LCUr-4lN5 VI-i-': I`2I.-'_-,-I~l,_, AND BY AN INCREASE IN THE DEFORMATZEN RATE. I N h 0 1) E CA Z ES z ,~, c - DEFCRMATIGN OCCURS BY MEANS OF GLIDING ON BAXSAL -VLA:4`~4 14 11 ZC (10101 DIRECTIONSo 'IN 90DEGREES SAMPLES BESIDE T41S (ViE IGL:0~"Kll' (1010), (1011)1 12021) AND 12243J IS FOUND, F 11 C If L 1TY 1-: OF CRYSTALLCGRAPHY OF THE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF 7HE USSRs Zscu, UNCLASS IFIED ri s z::L L I) L Z rl~j Ld i E'l. L~ 11) 'L1 0 11-Y t iczl' ~..l iOl 1: C. Y 5 1 - L i-L 1: Cl T, d L I I C Li USSR u De 6l:_) VAL112W. A. V.., and K0ZL_9XW'TAA.A14.'tA1a- ~- Chair o:r Fhai:vacology, First ~!edical Institute imeni I. P . V~Zo~,_ 14ningra "Experimental InvestiGation of Emotional States in Animals" Moscow, Uspekhi FiziologicheslUkh Nauk, Vol 4, No 1, Jan/Fe,)/.Mar 711, pp 31-52 ch '1, 0 Abstract: The old tenet that ein-otion is a psy-cholairiaal cwtej.-Ory .qii . h, s n neurophysiological aspect and that it therefox-e- cannot be ctudied scientifically in animals is no longer rej,-arded as valid. Two erx)tionll ecarponents can I:e dis- tinguished: 1) the subjective experience which reflects tha individual's rela- tionship to the surrotmding, world und to himself and vhich 1:3 called emotional exp,.,rience or state, and 2) thQ accorT-anyinI5 sonatic mnd viacQ-rall shiVto, which are called emotional manifestation or e*xPression. Butih develop in pamd-Ir.11 On the basis of biologically consolidated neurapbysiological machannisms. In gxJ=als (except for those especially trained in tricks), enotiomzl ttainifestattons cor- rectl~r reflect the qixality and Intensity of the primr)al emotions, such ns fear, rage, and pain. Electrical stimulation of Indivi.dual 1;-;.in xcrictiires iray causo a specific earaotional experience, but only the er-otiova.l =Ufestations can. be observed by the investigator. However, under thu, artifteimh exp,~rimental 1/2 USSR VALIDYAN) A. V., and KOZLOVSKAYA, M, M., Uspekhi Nau~k-, Vol 4, NO 1, Jan/Feb/Mar 73, PP 31-52 conditions, the manifestations may no longer siE;n1f), the s-firiLltaneous existance of the emotional experience, that is; the manifestations can be evolked a-one. One cardinal characteristic of emotion is irsertia of flie psychic state witli protracted alteration in the organismIa reactivity. 'Nis prrlom-, ed chan~,e at times is and at other times is not observed after ele(itrice.]. stimulation. Since an emotion cannot be generated "at the tip of v4t eiectrodte, it is suggested that the electrode =y stimulate a trigger za-mc, ecorlinatingr neurons, or integrating paths which then activate a larger n=ber oV brain strictilres. The functional organization of emotional belisvior is iural)m~d, and models of emotional states are presented. 2/2 USSR uw 615-214-32-015-001-5i, VAL' IVAN, A. V., and kEP-'VSKAYA 14 M., Departaent oT Phar.=Lcolooj, Ist Leningrad Medical 1nstHR-e-fS-e-uH.-, P. Pavlov, 'Lemini;md, ur~SR "The Effects of Antidepressants on Neurophysiological 111odels" Moscow, Farmakologiya i Toksikologiya, V01 36, No 2, :1.973, Iv 139-143 Abstract: The specific activities of I tricyclic antidepresrants, inlprrmlne (1), Pertofrane (11), and doxepin (III') ware tested oa rabbitz ard cot-lcreC'l with stimulantr, and tranquilizers. Electrodes were :L-.i-p1nnWd into the and lateral zones of the septal region, and the posterior 'hypothahum.;-f, of c02 animals. Stirnilution of the rne(liul rej,~ion oC tho nuptt~'L zonu ull,cit(2d oion, IuUinrgy, an(I inhibition ot mu=Aar tuid sVmpw1;htv1,1c towis; i-. Va~ 13itu.- ation hypotlhal-,L-Ac stimulation falled to evoVe emotion,11 reactions. Stimulation of the lmteral mptal rer!,iornm i-,,aasod ~.t m-aj-x-)r,.*u,. ~ian- ctition, and atimulation of the periventricular hypotIvAli--mic nuclci elicitc;.-Al P-P. aWressive motor reaction. All drugs weru adminIstereti intraverjously. U.)-W doses of 1 (0-3-3 V-9/k,,-), 11 (0-3-1 M911-4), and 111 (0-1,')5-0-1 m,01,0 abolis' ei the reactions elicited by the stimulation of the mudivd. septut 20ne. I -:zd 11 enhanced. tile effects obtained by stirmtlation of the lwWral s~.lpt;al zonei; ~,nd of the hypothalamus. The a&dnlatration of III inh-ibit:.ed the effects of lateral septal zone stimulation and the fa~Tere-,motioniil resu.'Lts Off' hyliotih~-Jw-Jc 17i USSR VALIDYMP A. V. and KOZLOVSKAYA, M. M., F&rma1,o2ojjiy-z% i ToksD-ologiya, Vol 36, No 2, 1973, PP 139-143 stimulation. Higher doses of 1 (5-6 mgl)4,Y) and Il (2 inhibitall emotional and aggresoive reacLions but, unlike psychot!iuprestminte, did not aitc_~r proper response to various test istimuli. and motivated behavlor -patternni;. Bimall- taneous septal. and hypothalamic atimulationa shoded Wizit cv4ffeine abolichei3 inhibitory signals froin the septum to the diencephaliv strwturec, at a dase of 0.5-20 mg/kg but did not alter septal or hypothalviv excitability. Pher-w-dre -2 ing/ '~ depressed the threshold for the kiyj)ot1'i1vJ.a;nic ~mact_ion, bi~t did (0-5 k c, not abolish septal ilgiibition. Lr)w dosets of central mine, amizil; 0.05-0.1 rky,/kf,) eni-Luncea the ligiibitory effects of the madial. septal. zones, but abolished those of the laterv-1 septal zonos and depres;.Si2l reactions elicited by hypothalar-ic stim,.ilation. The ti~11'1.lect(i o,.' elenit=t were similar to those of 111. The neuroleptIcs aminazine hal(wer,.rdol (0-03-0-5 M,/kC) enhanced the eff*cts obtained throut ,r;,i tlie medial septal zones, depressed the reactions of the st~-Aal --ones) ard decreased the excitability of the hypot.1ialwous. Lhus, cif Vie cbacrws cc," psychotropic a[,ents ii;vestigated, the antidepresfiants 1., 11, w1i III [A iow doses depress the inhibitory influences of the litrbic 41iiorte-i ithich are mediated by the veptall zone, and concorultan'~ly facilitil.te t on of' incomin,,, cmotioz-zl infox-nation. I - ~ 21 - 2 - - - --- __ 4r-0 USSR UDC 616.98.1.455-036.21(571.62) BUSOYWOVAj N. M., ANTIVYL-VA, 0. A. t LIPAYZVt V. CMWM, P. A. , Fz-OKISTOY 0 A. Z. , GRIGOROV, V. 1. , (I!HIPA21111, V. L. , and RHAMAGANOV9 S. A., Khabarovsk Antiplague Station "Characteristics of Natural Foci of Tulaxemia in Khalmrovskiy Kray" Moscow, Zhurnal Mikrobiologii, EpldemioloGil I lmmunabiolqgii, No 41 Apr ?1, pp, 26-31 Abstracti A study corAucted in the southern part of K~aba;rovskly X_-ay Indicated that natural foci of tularvala In forosted ax:l 4ij~rllcultuxal area-.5 an different from these found in othex parts of tho LSSRp because A--vicola terrestris and the co=Lon vole (Microtus arv&liz) aiNi absumt, and ha-res and house mica are not nu:merous. HuW=ts were found P-t only cna focus. In forested regions the princips.1 hont is the ri3d'w_,CjtOd vole (Cle- thrionomys rufocanus), while the long-time reservoir azd voctor-3 are 1. per- sulcatus and H. concinna ticks. Forest jind field nicp mi the Silerlsn chir- munk were also infected. in agricultural regions tho, licsto am the northern redbacked and Far-Eya-stern vole (Glethriogiontys rutilln; !Ucvotus fortla), ithile D. silvarum and H. concinna ticks constJtuto the xesa~lvoix axd vectora. A low epizootic level and still lower epidemic activity irere typical for 1/2 USSR BUSOYEDOVA9 H. M., at al.# Zhurul Mikrobiologill Epldaziologli 1 Imnanc- biologlip Yol 48, No 4, Apr 71, pp 26-31 tulareaia foci In Khabarovskly Kray in the vicinity or the $~,iur Riyer. The low rate of infection of hu=n beings was due to the or sinall nut.,!*rs of classical hosts (Arvicola torrestris, cummon vole, nnd haxes) with which human beings may come into contax:tj the absence of acl::t,~e arA iddespmad apizootics, and the predominvaice in agricultural aream of a :Vodent oc t~e se,condary host group (field mouse). of gieven cases as tulaxamia recorde:i, five were of the bubonic form. In one Iistance the mouxce oir infection was water containing P. tularensis, and in another instanj.,,a tha Infection was apparently due to introduction of the agent into an e:l,u by I-uLrdz soilc-Ni with rodent feces. Testing of the poptaation at known tLaii-xvmizi fo.-i with tularin resulted In a positive allergic reaction in of casou. The agglu- tination reaction was poaitive in 2.5-5,~%v wid the pimsivin heirzgglutimation xe&otion in 3;3-9.?% of cases, The daf4 reported xeit*u obtained In an investi- gation conducted during 1956-1968. 2/2 USSR UD(,' 669.295:620.186.5 PETROVA, L. A., BA11,WFO, A. A., GMNI,'GVA, L. P Kol.LOVSKAVA' T. 11-1., and ' I T.1-1~~l 4 " k" 1) SAZONOVA, T. N., Institute of Metallurgy imeni It. 1 4 11Y 01 "Recrystallization of P-,Uloy of IVT-l Titanium" Moscow, 11-fetallovedenlye i Termicheskaya Obrabotka Het;tllov, No 1.1, 1972, pp 30-34 Abstract: The ionization method of taking texturogratim was u:ied for plottLng polar figures. The changing character in annealing ol' polar figures de~~'Cribes the process of recrystallization. Specimens were cut from a bar forg.'ed by broaching in two perp,~ndicular directions at 950'C. the sFtzcimens were an- nealed in air at 400-1200'C twitli 30 min aging at each teripwrature. The textures of specimens of different grain size and boundary character irt continuous heating up to 700'C' are discussed by ieferaiace to microstructurcs and polar figures. Specinens annealed at 600% sh(yaod a ci:)nsiderably Chani;ed texture in comparison with the initial texture. ThLe is connected with the beginning recrystallization, which is practically completed at 650'C. Ex- trusion or forging by a more complex method is recovarooded l'or obtainIng y pairpendIL411ar surfac~,s. stable properties of normal forging on two mutuall, Two figures, one bibliographic reference. 1/1 USSR UDC 669.295.5-.539.376 AGEYEVV N. V., PEETROVA, L. A., GREKOV. N. A., GRANVCfVA, L. P., K, &LYLI T- I - Mand A.RKOVEW10, G. I., Moscow I~Creep of IW-1, a S-Zloy of Titanium" Moscow, IAN SSSR, Metally, No 2, Mar-Apr 71, pp 163-167 Abstract: 11he creep of IVF-I, a $-alloy of titanium (7!b Mo, 5~5% Cr, 3' Fe, 3% Al, remainder Ti) wtas determined at terineratures of 100, 2MO, .250.and 3-50% at strcsses of 120, 115, 110, 90, SU,and 75 kg/=2 over 1,000 hours and i scmc cases un to 2,SGO hours. The limiting stress causing 0.02% residual defornation of t1he allcy after 1,000 hours. is. 105 kg/,mm2 at 2000C and 79 kg/nr12 at 250%. The ratte of stable creep at these stresses and temperatures is Ihe cree-) tests showed that if two specimens tested under identical conititions show difft~-.Clllt initial deformation, the specimen with greater initial divformation reiic,.r,111y has lower creep than the specimen with less initial defo:niafton. Total defo-r-mation increases little w-ith increasing load time at 100-250% and 120-75 kg/!%r,2. Fol- lowing creep tests, some breakup of 6 phase grains is observc-d; migration of ,,rain boun-daries and displacement along grain axes (slipping) wc-re noted. 1/1 US S R UDC 59q. 1815 AGEY-V, 1'. V. 1, ~ 13. d K () 117 LlMr ~14 Y", .1,! Uto oi li'(1-t.vA1uuj,- i ii -I , I 1*-,~ t i t A. A, B.1N,IaFv- oj Scjk~jj(;k!~j V I "Ef f ect Of S truc t ure on t lie Cyc lie 8 trong th I VI.-I Ili I..iII ~,It Beta-Al lay" Moseow, Sb. "Ustaloi.-A' i splavoy". pp 70-713 Tra IIS Ia I i 0 " I i~, c N-(,: I t I%, I I K) VT 1 Mo, 4. 9"", Cr , 2 tlvc!,;~ L I it 1, f.~C.! livf:'Al ;I I turlm !J fi~*, ox i or- 1.111, -o I 11r,01 r ", j 1'.1i , (:I d j. t i L) ns . '! ho --~Olocl urt,~ of. Iho I loy ;I--. ;I I ki 11'.~ I (-!:~; c c. o n. oc u.- The higlw-L lj.~:ii.L of I-X,"r.111, hy an alloy hoat t!lo follwivii"!.. t 1. ~U J 1.! .1nd ccol 1 rl:~. H :I o.. I., ~.~l 1; 1, 11 (1~ I, Colld j, I i WE I i '-A 'LL h; 1 11 1 I G h i 1) 1 j USSR UDC 669-295-5:539.376 AGEYEV, N. V., PETROVA, L. A., GREKOV, N. A., GIUNKOVA, L. P., KOZLOVSKAYA. T, M., and ARKOVENKO, G. I., Moscow "Creep of 11,7-1, a B-Alloy of Titani=" Moscow, IAN SSSR, Metally, No 2, Mar-Apr 71, pp 163-167 Abstract: The creep of 1VT-1, a 8-alloy of titanium (7% No, 5.514 Cr, 31 Fe, 31; remainder Ti) was determined at temperatures of 100~ 200, 250.and 350'*C at stre!is_ of 120, 11S, 110, 90, 80,and 75 kg/r=2 over 1,000 houri and Ht scme cases up tc hours. The limiting stress causing 0.02% residual delronmition of the after 1,000 hours is 105 kg/=2 at 200% and 79 kg/1=2 at; :tso,c. 1he rate of stable creep at these stresses and temperature,.; is The creep tes~-, showed that if two specimens tested under identical conditions show dif.-c-fent initial deformation, the specimen with greater initial daformation general I y lower creep than the specimen with less initial deformation. Totat defol--aticn increases little with increasing load time at J00-20% and 120-75 kg/r-.1'. Fc!- lowing creep tests, some breakup of 8 phase grains Ls observed; migration Of gl-_i:7 boundaries and displacement along grain axes (slipp.lng) were noted. 1/1 USSR YEFREMENK.01 G., ~P?49YSKAYIAO V. "Mass-Spectror-etric Studies of Organometal Conpaunda vined Lit Tr. Mosk. ir,-ta elelctron. riashinostr. (Uorks of the! MoSCOW IWLiLutc' Of EICC- tronic Machine Building), 1972, vyp. 20, pp M-1-45 (ftom B'11%-Podiotekh No 7, Jul 72, Abstract ,No 7\13U4) Translation: A study was made of the wass spectra of k:ort.iiiii classcs of cor'- pounds, the mcchanism of their decomposition and Lhe Car%prxlftion of the filns obtained. Alkyl and aryl wotal compounds, alkoxyl compound,,~,. cy(:Io-jwnta(,i'i--iiyl complexes of netals, bis-aro.-~iatic z-complexcs of -,vetalz, vc~t:al carboii7'lis mid metal acetylacetoiliaLes were investigated. There aTC 9b entrie-s in the bibIio- graphy. USSR uix 63-2-95 OVSYANKO, E. P., and "Effect of Certain organophosphorus Insecticides on the Sorption of Houtral Red by the Ventral Ganglionic Chain of CabbMe LooNr Cateurpillars" Zap. Lenin=- s.-kh. in-ta (Notes of Leningmd 4,rictilt-ural Ir-stitub!O, 1972, 180, pp 44-48 (from F2,h-Khimiya, No 14, 25 Jul 72, Abstract No 14114k:~ by T. A. Belyayeva) Translation: 'The investigation consists of the detection, by the vite.1- staining r,,eth(xl, of changes in the ventral Fanglionic chain of cabbnj,,a looper caterpillars when poisoned by Tio(:-,or, phosalone, Cidial and crardona. Intensi- fication of the sorption of Neutral Red is observed In poiooned caterpillars. USSR UW 632 -)!)- 13ERIM N. G. GAVRILOVA V. P. 11,10 RAVLSIIC!~,'A, 1). F. I 1 0 V - "On Combined Employrient of Rogor and Denzimidazole or 5-Airil.riobenzit-,ii(Is.~zolt.- Against Cabbage Pests" Zap. Lenirv.,,r. s.-kh. in-ta (Notes of Leninjrrad. Agrimiltimil rnstitute), 19-T2, 2~0, pp 20-27 (from MI-h[himiya, No 14, 25 Jul '12, Ustract. No 14MM') by T. A. Belyayeva) Translation: Spra,~ing cabbages with an O.Tt 3O1-.1tiDn of Ri.*)j,,or- d--irinj7, the mass pedogenesis period cuts down the numbers of tAN-ja,-~e fly by 8,111L, bilt adversely affects the plants' physiolo(lical conditicm: asrml,.ic acid content declines and photosynthetic actiylty lessens. Under the itfluence of ttnuli- midazole (1) and 5-111~p-I there is an increarc in tho to hc~,-or of the ulant and off the insect pest. The optinLm rari&nt Is slimiltaneous application of Rogor and I or 5-14~-I. A sigmificant rise in the renistance of insects was found when plants were pretivatect. with tani-A.mLdazole i4tilutions and subsequeetly sprayed with Rofjor. 1/1 UDC 669.14.018.2")8.8:66~)-9773 KAGAN, YE. S., POTAI Yk. M., SACHKOV, V V 1~ * " , AA G.RnWROV, G. N., Al -Union Scientific Rose&rC311. Aviation Materials "Stainless Steel of Increased Sirongth for Gryogenic Tomp-aratures" Moscow, Motallovt~ ~ni q, No 10, 1971, pp 1014?0 Abstract: The mechanical proportlea of I;he QDD:\b?,E10V2T hardenea steel and its welaed- Joints were e),,:p.e..-intontally investi- gated at temperatures uD to -2530C. Standard. teol apecz-rieli3 and snecimons with cracics showed a hiFJ-i ductility and low notch sensitivity. 11ith regard to mechanical propertie:j., the invosttl- gated steel at -2530C is not inferior to the +tidaly usod 30Xh(!S','A steel at 200C. The relatively slo~j oooling in ssoldorilv~ fz'O.-a 96-0 to 7000C hns little effect on the steel due to tho negligible change of solubility of carbides 1:i-, this tem-perature interval. I'lelded steel joints, without and wlth P,dditives, possess high plasticity and show a coampletely ductile fracLure from tangentinl stresses in tests up to -2530(1'4 000"111J."11011!2,11 steel is a Dromising inaterial for cryogenic 1;ec*..hnc>*Wr:y due 1.0 It-, 112 USSR IKAGAN, Y-E. S., et al, Metallovedeniyg, No 10, 1971, pp 18-20 high 1d point (-90 kg/ma2) at 200C and its applicability up to -2~3iOec. 2 illustrations, 1 table, 5 bibllograplilc references 212 - 24 USSR UDC 6)2.951 KGZLOVSKAYA, V. I., Leningrad Agricultural Institutfi 1~~of ~IhZzalone , Tsidial, and Gardone L:) -2e Ca-Lbage Caterpillar" Moscow, Kh-im-1ya v Sel'skom Xhozyaystve, Vol 9, No 4 (,:-,C), 1971, P 10, Abstracti Inzecticides were used either in fnrm of av,,rvP-,IratI!d wiches or were applied directly to the inoects ~jy nievu,-,i Of a ted loop. The most toxic compound was tsidiall by either rout-e Cf' ad- ministration. Phozalone and gardane were more vtotivoe ivy the oral C-3 than by the topical route. -Tj USSR UDO '~~,59.27; KOZLOV-z;Y,.;YA, V.M., KFVCSTIYCVA, V.D., VELELZ,HiVI D.E.) G.A. "Structure And Gom,)ositicn CT Films Prepred By Eblatr~)n Fiflim C!' Molybdenum Hexacarbonyl" Tr. Mosk. in-ta elektron. mtiohirastr. (Works Of Tha rical Muchine Buildine), 19'12, Isrue 20, pp 10,01-10-11 primeneniye, No 7, J1.11Y IQ72, Abatract 140 7A216) Translation. Depori-zion of filLs- w3c parforiced by of Inolybdonum hexacarborlyl ir, Type E.DJUID equipf-f,11t. electron diffruction atudiraa were cojiductcd aH woll aq; Lf filma with an impurity, and tho pronenco of malybdea-am carbil.aO in thj Viiu4- Van entablisvied. H.V. ]L/1 -USSR UDC 6a~,79i.734 BABXV.!,D, M., Doctor of Techniczd_ Sciences, A. YA,, Cand1date of Technical Sciences, M~IAVY'Zll, V. G., Candidate of Techgilcal Siciences, LOZ07- SKAvA A V Carididate of Technical Sciences, SAYEMIEO, I,'!. I., E-m-glineep, F ' ln~ iieec_U~_c_ TroT Y; Instituto im3ni Ye. 0. Paton of th'e Acndcmy of scier,ces UkxSSR, KWILOVSK&YA V P .. Candidate of Technical Soiseices, and ILDA, 1-1. V. , Lrexpansi~onunk~fto___ "Influence of Admixtures on the Mechanical Properties oT Join4A- of 1201 Aluminua Alloy" Kievt Avtomaticheskaya Svarka, NO 7(244), Jul 73, 'PP 53-55 Abstracti Vechanical test results of Joints of a:L=..1nwtt allay~l, 1201 ty-e (0.15,"7' Fe, 0.12,~, Si) ard. 01203 typo (0,003~1 Fe, 0.02;L 51), axr. d!L~cwqred by reference to curves of the (3ffoct of tamr.4,11-aturo 0.1 the 41t-_u111;t:h of tho initLU metal ard the joint and of thr- effect on the relative nhon;,atton of tho L-ilt.'al metal. The decrez~_-c of the total Fe and Al content to O.C6,--' In alloys or Al- CU typo isaproles t~e techanical r:,1opA_rt!OS of the init:Lja ;--et:aw-d of Uelded joints at norral te:irr~lraturn. -!:a relative ojon~,lttjor,,, jjcl;i1j~y, u, the an-le of berd of the initl.~L! ratal of toints 0 Ot. C.) y ra U 0 4: 2 a :"-) 1 -5 tiries higher than on 12011. alloy. The mech-anical propertllq~~ O.,~ 1,0th allo~,s - --------- USSR RkBKUI# D. M.1, et al., Avtoz.-ticheskaya Byarkao DIG Jul 73, pp 53-55 improve with decreasing temperature, At liquld lie tenj*zutum, the resistarce to rupture of the Initial metal and of JoInta of 01203 a4lloy wre somewhat higher than on 1201 alloy and the relative elongation of th WtW metal is two -times higher. Three figuresp one,table, four., bibllogmplic xo areacese 2/2 USSR UDC: 611.774.3 AFANAS'YEVA. A. K., KOZLOVSKA-YA, V. P., OIALIKOV, V, V. "Study of the Structure and properties of Drilling Pipe of Alumint ii Allo* H ys Produced by Rolling" Izvestiya. Vysshikh Ochobn),kh Zavcdeniy, Mashinostroyeniye, No 3, 197S, pp 120-126. Abstract: Results are presented from a study of thdi infloeiiec of the temper- ature and deformation mode of the rolling procvss on the !;trueturc and properties of pipe of various aluminum alloys with 1,eriodi-cally changing cross section. Small diameter pipe was studied, produced 1)y rolling 1)y hot-pressed blank. Pipe made of aluminum a] )oys D16 iind OlIX3 by I-()I I inil. a new, highly productive method., satisfies the requi~rvmenls ol' the technical conditions for pressed drilling pipe. rhe rolled pij~cs have the followinr advantages over pressed pipe: lower anisotropy of mei:hanical properties, double the endurance limit of the transition zone wilij. silpi-changing load, and higher corrosion-wear resistance. Itc1led driflii~ijj pipt., should 1),_~ used in prospecting drilling, where the influence of' corrosive mc!flia is not: a decisive influence due to the brief cycle of use. USSR UDC 611.82-001.12 KOZLOVSKIY, A. P. , Chair of Normal Anatomy, Academy of 1,11.11tary Medicine imeni v-S777"rov "Effect of Accelerations on Spinal Ganglia Neurons" Leningrad, Arkliiv Anatomii, Gistologii L Embriologii, No 5, 19712, pp 55-59 Abstract: Cats were subjected once to accelerations of 10 G. in a head-pelvis direction. In one series of experiments, the animals were exi.-Icsed to accelera- tions with a relatively high gradient of increase and decrease, while In a second series of experiments, the gradient was low but the intensicy of the accelerations remained high. Histological examination of :5pinal gangLla neurons obtained from the 7th lumber anti Ist sacral stigmenti; revealed the presence of pericellular and perinuclear edema, marked vacuolation, chroma- tolysis, in some cases hyperchromatism, and contraction of Oe nuclei, Be- sides irreversible changes in the neurons, there were ialso reversible ones as well as completely unaltered neurons. The number of changea was greater in the second series of experiments, Witch suggests that tho ccntiaufty of accelera- tionu and their tntemilty rather than the graJitrit of and decu!a.,-.-;u in intensity are the MOSL impoctant U-1spect of the streiis. fhel obqerved changeq are considered the result of the action of gravti:y dirq,-~tly on the netlron:5 rather than the secondary effect of hemodynamic dinturbancea. USSR ARISTOV, A. V., VEIMIER, T. M., KOZLOVSFTY, D. A., CHP"--IKA!]CYv*I A. 1q. "Photochemical Method of Determining the Luminous P=;dnj-.!, Diel-17-.1 Al~scr!,,Qd by Dyes Under Corditions of Stimulated Leningrad, Optika i 113pektroskopiya, Vol 33, No 5, Nov 72., ur, Abstract: A photochenleal methcd is proposed for light sum absorbed by a rncxifindne 6G solution with f'In..qh--tuI:(! of eminnicn. qlie method is based 4~n sensitized of' cene comrowidr, in nondcoxitr'enetted -;Qlutianz by vx(.,J t,ft!([ piole( vn of i_. erating" organic phosphor. The proposed mrthod iii u,,recl i;o dOxi-nint- th,-, limiting coefficient of converslon of optical pumping oherf~y t.,:) i;+,itv1iI0-teI emission by ethanol solutions of rhodamine 6G witil Mish-tubts. txcitaticn. J&s-iractit' 7~ Ace. -Nr'-e- ervicevS Ite f Code 06046225- INTERNAT. AEROSPACE ABST. -1,J)?D0rJJ rA70-23173 Use of a monopulse taw for Phol3JtφJr' models in billistic stwdiel Jlspol*voyanie imnaimpul'snop opticheskogo kvantoyago 9weratorif Olia lotogrs1firovariiiii mloduliv pri ball isticheskikh issladovaniialchl. A- NLOerezkin. hg. %Jjan . . _ !_.J 1u. E. Kamach. E. N. Kcll~ji, Mjio' and V~ j_Ftz --T Nauk SS~13 1W6 ekhnicheskii Instlitil. Lqniuu~L'~ Liss Zhurnal N&ichnoi i Pr.**/idnai Jan.-Feb.1970.p.?1.2r~,tti-Rutsian.., Study of thd po!j-~i!~i I i ties of emploiling lale!s so lj!~jitiinatn moving objects cluring shadow p4ologrophy. Di-agraini of illp experimental arr3i~ownent ai e farmanted. " a descriwion 11; jivcn ~3t the laser employkl in the Qkpefimenl. the tolescopic uw~d ~fi shape the bearn if'..iminatinU th-t moving body, and die spiiem 1i); synchron;z.-rig the :Tluminazion puf5e with the mot-ier.t (if Im-ival of the object under - investigation at a qiy", point in the plujitogra(l-, I I field. Photwyar:4i iore pre4orml in,who4h the t0ur4alifii of !1,1 flying bodies. the. !hock t%zuft, airid inhamaptneitita in thi! if,ake 00 1 body can be clLaily seeo, The pos.-ibilitv of using,i inortc,pidit r~;Wi laser as an IllumWation tourize when photographing movinil iliodEis in aeroba;lavic stLdies us deirso.-isiraed. AL41 ~REELJFWIE 19781341 AA0051848~ 1. 0 V15k W10482. Soviet Inventions Illustrated, Section 11 Electrical, Derwent,f/-"o F239597 1NDUCTut LV IMIZ 'harik a (I'loat Q11o WVC freely-slant the inductive ccil,a ind4ciiting its position correspon.ding to the velaiwired lasoel. The float has been improved, it hAs t-4o, flanges which make It poasible to obtain a paraLlel reading from two ind-ependeat coils. 12 12.66 as 1119046/26*10. A.S. ADOMIN (28.7,69) Bul 11/18.3-69. C456 426, J~nl;.CL-N" , alf - AUTHORS: Abramov, A. S.; Zotov 5 - V- ; mruemv B A AUrin, N I a i . Y-2rny uS hin, Z. 11 B Xos akov' V. A.; Ko4lovaj a DZ, A. Golovachey V. T.; 196202% ............... ......... ........... ........... .. AA0051848 rA fill 19820277 Rpm V12 012 UNCLASSIFIED, OROCESSING DATE--230CT70 TITLE--MARINES, ON THE SHORES OF THE BLACK SEA -U- AUTHOR--KOZLOVSKIY9 16 COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR SOURCE--TURKMENSKAYA ISKRAI APRIL 26t 1970v P 4p COLS 1-4 DATE PUBLISHED--26APR70 SUBJECT AREAS--MIL.ITARY SCIENCES TOPIC TAGS--WAR GAMES, PHOTOGRAPH .4"ONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FPAME--1999/0548 STIEP NO--UR/c)026/'PO/Otl,.'/C-U")/000-i/-')004 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AN0122669 ATE-2 "ICT70 2/2 012 UNCLASSIFlib: i~r~,nCflt-;Itj:~ D CIRC ACCESSION 10-AN0122669 ARSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. ONE OF THE LARGI:~ r OPERAr I (VIS DURING "OKEAN" WAR GAMFS IS DESCkIBED. PARTICIPAriNc. THE AIR Fl);~C,El SURFACE SHIPSt AND THE BLACK FLECT MARINES, TANKS ANG' A;tMURE3 P~;~S!YVIEL CARRIERS PARTICIPATED IN A LANDING OPERATION# A PHOTJ OF A RLIC.H.Er MOUNTEa ON ITS L4UNCHING PLATFORM AF,THE BOW OF At SURI-ACE: SHIP IS ALSO INCLUDED* 111NIM UMHH. USSR itafnii Lensovet "Mechanical FroperLies and Corrosion Resit.Lance of TiLJillium ivid Carbonitride Coatings on Steel" Moscow, Zashchita "'Ietallov, Vol 6, 'No 5, Sep-Oct 70. L31i olu-Wi AbstraCL: DaLa from earlier re6earC~. iadlCati:! E10.3-L CiAlLini"s by diffusion sacuration of 3UtZiGSA and 301~hGzit.`~'A t5tculb with LiL.-.niu!j zirconium followed by carbidizing treattiuLit aad nitridij-.i; of c:ke layer incrca~;e Lita re.-ii1;LA11CC Of tilta txurfaci.- 1;iycr of Chi:! wear corroaiou nrid kli!c~.,agljo tho ti"414'k,twy of J).IrL4; 11" Ll"'I axid weldability durini,, servLce. 54LI11'411:1.0111 Of and zlirconiuzi-,,,;atallized steels TrivIl Carhon liad iii aa .--'-'V-3 furnace 41% a pure n:Lt:rot,-,,!n ilidil"L: 11he r,,iaulta of thia j;Luly ar--t sur;z.j,x-Lr,1c1 La tratini; thi: dependence of cAumilia iiLreng0i oiti towjterutiii-o 0+1-4inr, iov 8 lirs.) and the type of r1ier1rK)Cj1t1UiC.11 tr~uatmonL. tho 112 USSR SMTSOVA, 1. T., at al, Zaslichica Mutallov, val 6, no 5, ~op-"k:t T."I, pp 616-621 tensile strengLA ca holdizil, tiili! (L-850%) and LIIQ tvx! oL i I :! 1".7. 0 C i I ..' 1; C, I treatment, ten3ile St-Z~!111-01~ZLId Rockwell harwwst; obtaio.ud v4;I1,0111S types oA- surfac,! treatuent, cna.11.,,C5 ir. W-'1:11 OL diffusion layors,and weight losseS of iq,,cci.,,iwtir. Ln w,2ar vei;i,;t:jnt tci;ts. It is shown that tlhe wear resistance Of GLeel teat Spoc:J~Was !wbjL!,,l to the above chermucaeiiical treatmwiit incroases. 301N-11(36,11 Z;Lc;i~j. is lesi resistant to abrasion than 30x~ii(;")NA. TiLnniuw-ct).-.Lo6 better resistance to w%!ar Lhazi Lircoaitja-coaLLd reduces scale formaLion alit] .11Iiiir3i;ws woar duria), 111itill.1 i corrosion resistance of the steels it; increased an.4 tiw~ Ilign mc-:61anical strength typical of these sceels ia, maintained. 112 uzo UNCLASSIFIED Htoc!L."S!')ING DATE---).3NuV70 TITLE--PR0i)UCTIL1-N OF kEFkf~'_TORIES -U- AUTHOR-( 03) -Ai*\D,-,EY EVA, N.A.t GKOPYANOVs V.M.t KOILOYSedY, L-V. CCUNTRY OFF 14qFG--USSR SOURCE--U.S.S.R. 267,c+34 REFERENCE--jTr,RYTTIYA, PRIOIA. C-) 8,'- A I T S Y'j*i~jqAv'.",'j'i'.: r"01KI DATE PU4iL1SHE0--01APR70 SUBJECT AREAS--MATERIALS TOPIC TAGS--CHEMICAL PATENT, RUASTING FUkNACE, VACLW14 TPCHNI~JUL_p Zltk'cu~JIUM OXIDEP REFRACTORY PRGDUCT CONTROL 1A.,iK1,k4G--NJ RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY 8EE-L/FiW4t_ /ill $T~p N UR 11") C) 1) Of 01 jC 1) 11) 1: Ci C I Q. C A CC 10 N !? 4 1) AA:) 17 LN --------- - UNCLA S- 212 020 IFIE'D riii~t()CIP)!WiG OATE--13NOV70 CIRC ACCESSION NO-AA0132047 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT-W) G13-0- Atl$Ti~ACT. REFRACTORIES riLRF.: ;)Rl1',uCL,'o 13Y MOLDIN G Lkk3 SU02 INTERMr-DIAHS, kt)Asri:;',IG THEM In vf'c(j(l, AN,) C-10LING THEM. TO PRESEkV-E- THE HIGH PUKITY AN~) 0. OF rt-w P04ST[NG TOOK PLACE IN A VACUUM GkEATEA VHAN OR FQUAL TO 5 VIN11:5, 11) PRIM-ENEGATIVE4 TORq AT GREArEA FHAN OR L-QUAL TO 250001-GAZESK Filk GKLATER THAN Ok E,~UAL TO 1 HR AND CGUL (NG TOOK dLACE iXT A KATI: Of- 800-500DEGREES-MIN. f~ACJLITY: LENSGYET TECHNI:11.0t.A CAL INsri TUITE LENINGRAD AND ALL UNION INSTITUTE OF REFRACTORY o'%-%T~RIALS. USSR ux SlitZA'SCIA.0 I. T., and "Diffusion Coatin,-,,s on Steel For.-.,ed by TitrMiujn Carbonitride" Moscow, Zashchite. ',!ctallov, Vol 6, N3 3, -"r,-Y-Jun 70, PP 30.3-,rl Abstract: A discii-,sion is procentOL', Off 11-11 OXJ~Cl-ilrCIA J'j (j1.*-'*,-",%.'.(~:j 0f 20 XhGSA and cteel -3#*!r-Ionxd in and zirconiwm raxed v.-L-In t0lumdna in a 2:1 ra-lio. ' W! W-.L~~ ;~t a temperature of QOO-11500 tn(, an ar,-~,pn pTxl:',GIk'n! Of 2.1; 111,(~. indicated limits -V~,e ilcreace ill wei,-,~kt Of the urmples wn~,s tiro ~,,xl; L tu U'g.! temperatitre and holdings ti!~~- 'T"he best results were IJ, hourn' holtliml. 14"a In weifpht (biring --Ircomiutl. Gn --vcm:-c ap.,prox-':.-.ateI.y Vwrict-- ii-, :::!.ICI-l W; 111.11*114; -,:Ltarixll7 by the fact tnat zirconILL:n is a~.cavicr. jUso, titanium -ate of iron. Themfore, duvl~- ti-mnium. saturation OIL' Steel I-rol. emn increase as a restL'--~ of of it from the Sariples of 30-XnGSA and 3011,2,GSN"' in WlVanCl! Witll. were saturated with car'Lon in the s=x:t Awmct- and taider tkit! sa:w in molybdenim containe-rs fIlled wit!%. acetylene black. The ~1-. the 112 SIXIMCYA, 7., V., Z-asiicluta AVVz,-,Uw--;, Vol 6, '~O 3,, pp 367-371 of !"IC ~Lf:'u- 950*0 ra-a-e., am--* to 1": P'Ours. M-C:1 p1:1, k. Sion coati_-_~;3 a--e pz-esez~-red, anrll the resulta of the :i:-m'O. Stu," Q. ti coatir,; on 301,a,40SA cteel are mbul-a' e~k. T.-,o Craphic results ~-r~Ucarx- lLnat in Surface lavers of carlboz- rid L4, es the -Inte-meta-Uic compotuids Fc3l`l~ and Lk -'; 4~ i nd Tf! there an- also a in-n-,a =--,'jer of lines olcyloi~sly belon:-jvl,;j to ix*)J'A~: o f carbon end nitro,,'-en in titaniliu:-, and iron.. Frou the oz' -,I,- d Fe in surface Layers of 30i~hGSA steea. abtaii~ed unii)C, an el~!.,ezron - xjj---,i ammount o-f dillflusin~; element -'.a im t1te outer layera. ()f c ti--,, On .aL goin.3 avay from -td-,e surface its concentration decreases ror, - ~ ircreases or- ,70ing, away from tim cml*m-o- '2Le concezm-:-,~~--ian in th-e- coatla L cord=- concentniz;ion in t,-,e ourface lwrer can var. fi,*o:: jj~ to =d, z)~' titani'=, from 14 to 51-100. scattering,, 4epouds on -Qw! i.Uffei,ences in of zhe ac:--mles a=d al~ vhat -zoint of tale sur.Ince (grain, C"':tLin 1--oul,darv uncl G'j ():I) the given masurement vas taleen. The rechazical propertitti cD=,osi.:~u rt2zi3t- ance of -%.~e described coatings vill be discussad in a im'Vemiluerili lLMLC.*Ltl# Acc. Nr.* Absttactin&'Service: Ref. Code: A00413313 CHEMICAL ABST 417C Of ctz 4 95994& Effect of the supporting elktrolyte om -the fwmatlon of finely divided Precipitata d~ the roductw~ me. 6 4t a WWCIVY electrode. CreinxiSths. K. X. skd_M..X,: Gladvsfiev. V. P. nst.' I kt~-t~ 1.ji k. A jp~R). D41. Ak4d. N411k SSSR'1070,. 135-11 jphys 1902 t Chem I (Russ). The effect of the SU PD1t n "Arolyto ctu the electrode position of finely dividedEd oult'oga Wil lig elet:trode was studied by measuring polalfiration 6) ~x ClOc solas, of dif- ferent concn. contg. MY Cd1t. At p-H 6.5, thij. it val4tvi we:rc independent of the nature Of th't "iOnS (SG4*-, M-1 or In each case. at the lintiting.c.d., the finely divided Cd was formed; vibrating the electroJe caused rapid disi.ain. of tile cd into th-e Hg. Increa-sing the N&C10, concm. ini;rqased Iae it and decreased the limiting c.d. At tuncn. >0,51~1 'Nac*lo,, the -ciliated and Na amalgain (Wring flitse voltage as was forcic,,4 oscillat-ijus. At highcr c-ds-, Cd was chcm. pp%d~ by thi., ama!- gam to form the ~xiwd. Cd. The ability to lforq po'wd. C11 de- creased from Li * > Na' > K + > Cs" * The cA, 11i)r Cd redn. was not a functiAi of p1l. The reuon too the filicty di- vkted depcc5its Was not tile pas~ivalinjg action of REEL/FRAMF, 198' 0001J USSR KOZW,YSKIY, H. Z. WANWANWSONNO UDC %9.21 "Evaluation of Accuracy of Approximate Stochastic $olutions of Nonlinear Differential Equations" Hellneyn. 1. optimaWn. sistemy - Sbo:,nik (Nonlinear and Ujittiua Systems - Conection of Works), Moscow, "14uka," 1971, P,-,) 2315-245, 4)LUcuszioni p 245 (from Referativnyy Zhurnal - Matexatikap No 6. Aug ?1, Abstract Ito 6V130) Translationi It is required to find the approxim4te 4;o1tillon of a noni-Inea.- differential equation whose right side represents a )-jrdori process. Lineariza- tion of a nonlinear functia4 c-f the dependent variatiLe of.,khe equation Is carried out. Formula axe derIved ford the zathenati".1 e3;p-octatlon of tte dispersion of the error in the solutim It is proyon theit under certain conditions an exact -solution can, be obtairmod from an approximats solution by the iterative method. (Author's Abotract) UDQ 518:517-392 N. YA Belorussian Institute for the 'Machaniza-,ion W&USM" I 017 Agric"L'Uru "Evaluation of the Residual Term of Chebyshev's-Formula" Minsk, Doklady A,l:ademii NaWc BSSH, Vol 15, No 11, NOV 71, j)-P 965 967 Abstract: Chebyshev fornulated the following problom: For a g1ven , select the coefficient A and nodes X.1 < X,