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December 31, 1967
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USSR UDC 669.721.042,6(088.11) N TAGAKIN, A. N., KM_ZNIKOV, V. M., BELKIN, G. I., ALOIJSEV V S PP.0VOD' I KOV, ,; . , Oil 1 A. A., MAZUROV, G. A., TITAYEV, f. A.. MINA, 0. A., "AWN", BOCIOUiREV, G. V., NAGIBIN, V. M. Illethod of Processin-a of Magnesium Ingots" USSR Author's Certificate 1,o 313908, filed 16/03/70, published 10/11/71, (Translated frora Referativnyy Zhurnal, Metallurgiya., No 5, 1.972, Abstract No 5 G248 P by G. Svodtseva). Translation: A method of 1)rocessing of Mg in-,,,,ots in,,:1,adin,,.,, transportation, cooling, jacchanical wurking, mishi,nly, etching, di'yilij! and awering wiLh a I)ro- tective layer J.!; yj,-opoccd, in order to re(hice tle labor cx.j)cndit,uru:-, for the process and I)rocess tinw, the ingots are subjecLod to forced C001[n 110 450-1000, mechanicrilly worked dUring transj)ortaLion,4md wwilied at 350-10,00. This reduces labor constmpt-jon, docreases tho time of -the processand incr-Cases the productivity of labor by 1040'.. 1/1 USSR UDC 61:2.273,1077.3 . qv~qllv#j - ZAYTSEVA, N. P., and POLYANCHUX, 111. V., liypoxia and Hyperoxia Laboratory, Institute of Physiology imeni it. A, Bagi)xalats o Academy of 3ciences UkSSR "State of Oxidative Processes in the Uvera of Whito Rats at Different Times After Exposure to hyperoxia" Kiev, Fiziologichniy Zhurnal, No 3, 19?1, pp ~91-396 Abstract: Free respiration and phosphorylation wero stuiied i-n liver hotw- genates and mitocho;idria Cram white rats exposed to toydc doses of hyperoxia (4 ata) for 60 minutes. In one series of exipar:Laents, ob,sc-T-vations were con- ducted immodiatoly aftor rucoup'l-onsion; in anothor 41i.,riot;, on tho -;u4-ord day. In both serias thuro was a decroaso in conjtqatioti ot fr(* aiSdatioll and phorylation. as detarminod from trio valuo of Qie rij4q)Aratort controi, T.he respiratory control decreased in most cases bocauso of tbaj rel-:XtiVely 5=.Llor increase in respiratory rate of the mitoaoadr,~a "d homol-onates in a mcdiLLm Vith phosphate acceptors (ATP+hoxokinase+g1-uco;Nej' addDd. * rhis phenomenon was observed both imtwdlately following rqcorapr~ssion and on Uve second day there- after. ?0 USSR UDC 612:531.113 MATSYNIN, V. V. and SOKO1.YANS'K1Y, 1. F., Department of Hypoxic States, Insti- ---Turv-vf-FffYNT5r6-gy imeni 0. 0. Bogomoletp, Academy of .;;cien(:e!j, Mcrainian SSR, Kiev It Physiological Responses of White Rate in a State of -H),pothar:11a to Accelera- tion" Kiev, Fiziologicheskiy Zhurnal, No 5, 1972, pit 675-680 Abstract: The resistance of rats to accelerations of 40 G whLle in a szate of hypothermia was found to be higher than in controls, Tho accelerations (4 min) decreaged P02 in the brain and skeletal muscleti; and inhibited bio- electrical activity of the musclen to the point of "bit:jaleccrical silence.." This did not happen in the diaphragm muscles, Acceleration also lvwered the reactivity of the respiratory system and muscles in experimontal animalts. 1/1 112 0 33, UMC L AS S I I'll 0 T I rLE fLA lei E ~ ri 11'. C, r u+, I ;I S I r 4 i, AU T H(.'. k -C, L u V Y t S~." L GY Y L V A 9 V Y A FS Yl~; rk GLUtOSY LF l,\fL--USSR SCURCE--SV,~k . PkC 1&1""0 197ov 12, 1 24-5 DATE VUf)L IS11:1) - - - - - - -7 SU,.4JLC T LA S-IMA TL!-"' I A L S LC H INU C I VI L 10,L) MAK 1 Nt: t, rlGd. TOP I C T,%GS-- E T 11Y LE,*4i-. p 1~ w, 1"Y Lt~ N Giitllf, MIL K I ZAI* I ON I-vL i,!f)Y L, I t-,% L )LGkAUA I kjN , TIIL-i~,'~!,tL L I r- i.C I I 6L 1 NG T~L LAJGY V h ijLA S I 11, -1 o" I cr, IL LCN T ii U. ;u K I I I I UNS PROXY ili L I /I il iiM: - - I i,'.1 V.; r 212 113 3' CIRC M M T 4:,ji 1:, G i V I I N At- 0 Ft.K I tit, CX. I' IL L L L U L, I.W.;, AM) 'h1oh, i). '"ItiLYE I I i Y L i I hY t. i; 1', C P 1; X-. L 0-1 -it K P(jLYPI~GVYLL.',.k:, Al40' 0 0 F. &k 1: L 2150 LL A i.. 0 L k E'S p r. C 11 THE. tiLl..j 1, % 1; 1 F i lit i;T CO i~,;J! ILL( 14 i, I A c. r iTii rm,, i-i I IL i; 1, J A I- U, L Y 7 U E P, A i j C 1- 1~.UINJ S I i: N C. 1-i 'r L K, I A L S i. Ir- 0 k 1; 1: U 1, 11 T F 1,~ P. ING.KFASES W.Cl~k:Ail;1) A 0A 'I, N LYMC-r. 61 r I L~,, C L I.: I S I A T T H N F k E L L L i M, I iN i-, i'( I I A"-' M 1 0 1-- T H: E U ~1;1:~S Ij: Y k: LIM I' I i_,11 Ill, 1"'i, Lo% C I fl u L I El'; i~~ I I -S . A I Iiii- J~~;!..l I' AT 2-5 KG-CI1 MI-2, PR I ilE? A C i i A i~ T F :-114 1- 1- f P F: Ef L R R i: J 0 V k it T I N i,y C 1:11 1.J I 'I I' U!'. il I P S k.LJA N T I T I L 'S r C S 1 11-11 L L S I I S 6 1 V Efli 1 H L. ;o:! I I i t.'. AY 1~ I -,L`P*. U t3c' ~'C N A L (.~ lt Ii . 11 IN. Y L I I 1Y L c N L A L K S T G R M')* C 614TI'LliN JAOi~f 01611 PCLVr-1l-YL-1--M: CAAERING1. 1/2 031 UNCLASSIFIED P RD 5 SING DAYE-27NOV70 tITLE--WELDABILITY OF FTOROPLAST-ItH TETAAFLU0R0E*t1+YLEN1t'_: PCILY14ER -U- AUTHOR-(03)-MATSYUK* L.N.t VISHNEVSKAYAt N*Vop K0T0VSffduc- effective tion of tin dichloride provides protection, reducing ithe corrosion rate to that in a solution freo of an oxidluing agent. In experiments with metallic reducing agents, their protector effect on the oilloy was olininatrA (the experiments being staged in the absence of direct writact between srpaai- man and the chip of the introduced metal). Thae vas an Incisaiu, e in the 2/3 MSR HAMEVICH, V- S-, et &L, Eashchita Metal2ov, Vol 8. No ?Jay-jun 72, pp 31,7- 320 corrosion rate of the alloy with the introduction of a mptal ehip (steel St. 3) into the solutions The transition of metallic iron to the lonic state ua.3 accompanied by intensive hyd-mgen evolutIon,, Ms.Aalllic a:Lunin= cuts in half the corrosion rate of the alloy. MatallIc titaniun %ral jf~ound to be an ex- ceptionally effective corrosion irildbitor for a1loy K?-496 in a hydrochloric &cid-fluoride, nedium 'both in the presence and Iii the abswLee of trivalent iron ions in the solution. 'ilia optiErum addition of zeta:Llic -14-taZIUM for protection a6t, certain oxidizing agesit concentrations is dweem -unpirically. 3/3 USSR UDC:621.313.12.-539,172.12 BOL 'SHOV, V. 1.. 0 US I N IN. A. A., OMIT VYEV, V. fl. K AP S . P. , KOU - SH 1.4 , V. A. , , MATU,$EVICH 0, J% s,? P0L~VjV._~!Kh,`,,V. TUPKO, V. Ya., RE GUSH E V IS S K I Y , Yu, Ya., wid YUR'YEV, Yu. S. "Physical Investigation of the Target -in an Electronuclear Neutron Flux Generator" Mo s c ow , A t om n ay a E n e r 9 i y a , V o 1 2 8 , No 5 , V.-Ly 70, P-,) 36-3-j"J"s Abst act: Fluxes of thermal neutrons on the ardor of 1017_iO18 n/cm~-sec open new possibilities for investigationi, in m.,.ny areas of science and technology. There is great interest i,i the study of -the possibility for increasing ne-tron fluxes )Y using the process of multiple neutron hirth ucion ;111teract-ion, of nucleons with energies in the hundreds of PleV with heavy nuclei. This article presents the results of experiments and calculations concerning the neutron-physical characteristics 1/2 USSR BOL'SHOV, V. I., DUBININ, A. A., DMITRIYEV, V. 14., KAPCHIGASHEV, S. P., KON'SHIN, V. A., MATUSEVICH, Y. E. S., TOI.IVANSKIY, V. P., TUPKO, V. Ya., REGUSHEVSKIY, V, I., STAVISSKIY, Yu. Ya., YURIYEV, Yu. S., Moscow, Atomnaya Enargiya, Vol 28, N,o 5, May 70P PP 386-392 of the target in an electronuclear device for tho generation of neutron fluxes. The yield of neutrons and distribution of the number of reactions in a heavy target and moderator are measured. The space-energy distribution of neutron flux in the moderator is calculated and th2 accumulation of transuranium elements in a system with high neutron flux is ctimputed. 2/2 bmwNfiff" MCI USSR UDC: 6 21 313. ILI :5'39. 172 I'll' SOL 'SHOV, V. I., DUBININ, A. A. 01-1, 1 TR I YE V , 11 . 111 C I 'I I G..',S:l S . P. , KONI -SH I N , V. A., MATUSEV I CH YF. Sk., -;. -~ ., . XM,"". 5TAVIF)SKIY, Yu. Ya. , Lrid TUPKO, V. Ya., REGUSHEVS YUR'YEV, Yu. S. "Physical Investigation of the Target in an Electronuclear Neutron Flux Generat a r Moscow, Atommaya Enerqiya , Vol 28 , No 5 , N~iy 701 ill? 2 Abst act: Fluxes of thermal neutrons on the order of 1017-10113 n/cmEsec open new possibilities for invos,tiga ti arts in ninv areas of science and technology. T;Iere is great interest 'i.1 the study of the possibility for increasirg neutrior. fluxei by using the process of multiple neutron birth lipon intcract-loa of nucleons with energies in the hundreds of floV wizh heavy nuclei. This article present5 the results of exrjcrimi,~nts ind calculations concerning the neutron-physical characteristics J/r) I- USSR BOL - SHO V, VI S . P. , KONI - S11 IN V. P., TUP:'O, V. YUR'YEV, Yu. S., 70, DL13 11111IN' A. A. DMITRIYEV, VI.I. , K,'~PCHII GASHEV V. A., MATUSEVICH , Y. ES. , TOLK Ya . , RE GLISHE"ISKIY , V. ISTAVISSK i )'j, Yu. N Moscow, A tConinay a Energiyz. , Vo 1 2 6, No 5Nay of the target in an electronuclQar device for tho (1eniwa-.irjn of neutron fluxes. The yield of neutrons and dis"rib,.itic,;t o-, the number of reactions in a haavy target and madcrator are measured. The space -ene i-gy distribution of neutror, 11ux it-, the moderator is calculated anal accumulation of tr~risuraniu-,,-j elements in a systern With high neutron flux is cowpiow(i. 2/2 WC 539-125-52 DANGA, V. K., and MATUSIVICS. Y& S. "Houtron Generation in Various Substances by 40-Hey AIpWL Particles" Moscow, Atomnaya Ehergiya, Vol 33s go 3v Sep 72p pp 757-765 Abstracts The article gives refined data on notitron genoration by alpha par- ticles in thick targetse Preliminary results htA been dioncribod in earlier articles by A., T. BAKOV at ale and Ve Ko DARUGA at ale 1.arget" o:C Lip Be, C, Mg, Alp Tip Fop Cop His C~i, Znp Zr, Nbs Mop Agg Cdt Up W, Au, ])be BiarA U of natural igotopil WxpoSjt4 n were bombarded ifith a cy0ot=n boaa of &I-ha lo e particles with an energy of 46+1 Have The target thWmoina wma equal to the ionization path of the alpha pRrticls in the aixlwWcv ol' the portinent to.-, got or slightly greater thin this path* The fallowl" w0re matutured in the experimentas the spectra of secondary neutrons at angleoi of 0 4wd 900 relative to the be= of bombarding pax-ticies, the angul=r d1stributions JjI the rangs 6 0 * 1400rand the absolute yieldo of neutxvns iilth cinergioa of En >0 and En 1*8 Nov. The fonowing wars used for ttwt mo&qui."ementss m sixWls-crysIAI stilbene spectrometer with gem-quanta 41scrisitation 1/2 USSR DARUGA, V. K., and MATUSMCH, YE. So$ Atoxnaya khergiyaj Vol 33, No 3r Sep 72g pp 757-765 according to pulse shape$ a atmdard "all-vave" detector with W171-5 (BF 3 neutron counter, a ZnS(Ag)+p:LexIglms fast noutwon counterand a brooA-band 2nS(Ag)+:LOB detector with a po4ethylene upde=tor. The authors thank V. As DWM, V. G. DVMMSTNOYozd X. N. PALOMMV for helping In the ammuzements. 2/2 ............ . ... . I. .... ~. ---------------- ... ---- ----- . ............ ... ...... ------- [7 3 1,- s s -1 010 UNCLkSSIFTED XG DAT1%--2QN0':/() it;AVICL OF IN T HE 0 Y 1) V I L I PQ~IEK -u- Ati Fmu`.lN- i T L SHE 14S K I L.Z.. CCUNTRY CF IIIJ-6--ussR SCL.I~Cf--TkUY 31. UKk"' INA UI TIIL YE-14S LF '-.,!Vlk:T SL?ji!li;~,~ Ulo,RAINY I'A 5C OAfE PLULISI'Ll; - - - - - - -70 SU6JECT AI~Ei4 S-EARrb SCIENiILS AND CCEANOGRAPHY, IIL14AVj',()RAL. ~-,,'.'O SOCIAL SL I Et.,C E S TLPIC TAU-S--l-YLfibMETEU-R(jLC.GY, MONOGRAPH (;C-iTRLL itili'~UNG--NLI ;~LJNI(IfICNS DLCUM.L,,.r 1, L T I t 213 0 1 c 111) S 3- T 116 0 A I L - - 20 ~~ L) I/ I Q CLRC C C L S'S, I C 1-i I., - - A T 0 1 4, t I A 6 S I i~ AC, T I A,U L C. F C N V C1.4 F S 0 11. 1 ~ A C. T I TLCAC LW; f I, v',[- E it VA I f S A"p, i ) 1 V L ') f I L'i A~ 1, 1 1 % 1 6 1; r I I P L S SI A I k f t, t-. i k R V I , L. ~ J I I Ch IN kY V i M i:: 7. 1 1 Y L '~: 1, 1. 1 L. tj 6 L C i~ L L u T 1 C, 'N A T 11-1 F S 2 111 i, I.,: Ii: ii r,6 LG 6 S S I L S L d t: L r ANU I 1'~. V L S TI "AT 1 C71.:,, S I % L'i I o- P) 4 L 2,4 1 V H Y 0 R 0 , L G; I C,A L 4 '1 \J i: ',~ I I C A T I ',is I 13 - I I_j;t 1 67. V I I Yt. i, 11 . L F L L G L)' I A L S E KV I ~,_ t 1) f W I :, A 1; Q 1~ I i T H GkE~T I i C -. A I I P 6' Q T L S T L;.~A T I (" 1~ .!I '~,,JT Ulf: T L f rt t'l 1 L I L S I A I I GN$ , #;I) i N *4' S V i TIAL Sit- m I V L I o VL I V A I J il, ' L S 126. Ni I I I i N T Et~ N:% T I Oca A L v. 1: LA I I C..N SH I S. t- Ifif: I C ilL k v I c E 15 1;1 . I X i i Y i.; i~; t J, .'~ TL Li,-I L,' L G (Y' 1, C A L S F,k V LGL OF 100*i~,NIIL. LCIT'.11MY I t)2 X Ti"A Iritilics GF Spt_(; IALI ~ FS L9 1) . X[ UAAALUAN SC [011 11: IC i~'.LS tAKC11 HYD~U.E TtLAWLC(A C,,L h"S f 11L) 1E 2 0 6 X1 I INVLSTH;~- I 104S ? 1 '3 XL I I C_LLHAT,JLUGfCAL r, iv Es T t r) ,j r i o tus 2,? x [v 1,`41 SM-P I IL ANO U Y Ik A 1-11 L M 1: T i Ic ~61.06Y ., ~ "!.I I xv MV L S I I C. I G1' LLL;U-.)S , FUGS AAD 7 HE I N, AR f L F lic [Al- JILT IYA r [ tW4 13 XV I 11,VC-CITIGATIL"I'S Uf- HY',_).;-.ULLJU"Y Al SCIL-101FIC INStil'UT1016 uF TiiE SL!, IVLL 26 6 CGINLLUS 1J:4 266. 1 HE: MuNi;.,RAP11 IS CG~iLLF.~,A.X wflil T~-c~ fhl.)ft.:~Y Cr 11ATICNi AND OF THE HYJVL"i~ TLUki A..~j[LAL SU(VICE WHICH P'WPI-AR6) ,(_'11ji!ILLY FN; 4')19. CESC,1~11,Tjuil; 15 uiv["", -.I-: ACTIVII'El::~ 6I.-FORL )HE t~EVUUIU. 01- 1-4171 ji,, ritt: iEkjt~j) G+ 1918--l"J41P 1JUR;11i(, 1W.: ('):'~EAI [N' Itil: PdST i0k PORIM), :.2 L 3/3 cl 1e Lf"Ic L. ek~' s I i_ I Lf-) P R G C 1: C I k C A u C t C N i 10 --A T 0 1 j,) I HYt* ~T.-Jif;:.'i Afid Pk)STS, t. 11 S 1-,; v A T d pt, 11:: 11 k: 0;~: ~A I I A I f Y L I t: L L'- G L C ~ L h I T I TU f L A-N 0 S t~ 1.) T 1 -1 1 1 1 1 d I' I u N L 6 1 v f - i I h L U P T C C I S y f E i I I S F, C 3 E N T E 0 C F r 11 ,, r I (j A L J L 41 . I *~' -:-'Y LF ThL k-~KAINL -i I I H I IYOlkk) T 1-1 i-: ( li ;x S T ' I S 1 1`4 A~'J.-' L, R A i SU'~ la:Y I S G I'v Cis Cr Ll ~ ( C - L F U. ME f FCAGl,.(JkY'Y HY ~'k GGY CL.I '-- I LLGGY 9 DYNArl I (. ~Aj W :S Yi,..;fl I I C VE I I PlUl.) 11: 1 '~-.A T I G% .jF- flL,JIUD S P-N 0 FUIS TFE BCOK '%)ILL uE V'%WAOLE TO AillY 8Z*A;)t:-k ~#HG SlUill'-Xi:S NATUrt"ll- HISTONY OF THE REGION ANJ TAKES IhTv-REST IiN Vol:ATticiA FU;~EGAST, CLIMAI~, .%A`Tf:i~ 60CIESt METLOROLUGICAL CG-NOITICNS OF PLAN*r t;rc. I I' W I L L .8E Cl-: USE TC SPECIALISTS [A HYDRYALTECPULOGY, 114 AGKKUURX~~.-, I N A I R, , HIGhWAY , RA I 0iAY AND SEA TRANSPOR TA r ION., TEACHL-RSI ANJ PUPLLS WIILL FIND IT INTERESTING TOO. A mc M 1972, 1 A~;ii=t 1,112. T, i~ ; I A :u...y is prvOent.d or bill 3Cazz'-f-C th USSR in the field of marine ~iydroLjrLc fqr~carzs. Until OH 1-gizClag ZZ the V.Mj*s~ there W~rti fl~;L ~L*Aoa, or rorlnQ fcrccazttnr.. dP4 it is p.aziU:e an!7 tc for AWrazziniz.- , t-he p~-I~;ton of the adze of the ice in the, :;.r-; I= 1911 4),.C. r. Laajpft-An4 the forecast g9 Ice candItLan-, tr. -,*.ie Sitrair cqwtlcd in 1916 by 1. r. Mulican-avie&ij for- the Tzry~:-r nl Zvi, fIr-jt stop% a( Soviet ni-Ine ar.1toce are ztl F ef thm gr.4rast scignti-ts L. S, Bari. ;,. ,I- Darjuitta, 2. r" T=air =utlterlty god Ationil qflj;~.d Fi tvt ytit.s of Saviet Pcrer to perform marine toooirch ind. ;k; - J =Inn&-T work. ~7nQ aff the L-jeL r7rebleca of tnere st-~.':ii -~33 investigation of th,e inv.rIabLlLty of lnc,~vldval **---%&nV-; of ;;r r~!ztr: the sea and accueulation of the ttC#*s;iry initial obsery.tio. d~t[L fz:c developownt of ctartne forecasting In 1923 Cie firet results rt th- st~llcs for thv 4 iong-range it& forecAsting wore publiarm,1. Th", th* pa;),r- I- W4u - 'an - -ring 114a. tho an foracaatlffS the ICc Coidit- ~ -I tne Sk nnce of too on the Gulf of ",inland &nj the tt-vs of C:rartng the Wt.its Sea at Ice Lased un the of "world wtauter" an! appenred. In theas studies and oubasquen: papers. V. Yu. Vieto t- a phymical basis for the statistical relations which were obtalre~. theme grounds could not be sufficient since at that tl~ zha lo-i:. ci and the accumu'lated aboarvAtion Jita did not permit the antire Procenoas rolating the factors taken as arguments to the predlcL,c-, to be C:oe.~d. A significant avant in the development of rarino research lorarnational 21olar Year In 1932. Thanks to this avant, new cxtr,,zr~ JJAPVI~ 31 -,I-.*L 73 USSR UDC: 8.74 GLADKIKH, B. A., MATUSHEVSKIY,,,,.,V. V. "Application of the Method of Classification to Construc- tion of a Regressive Model" Tomsk, Kibernetika. i vuz--sbornik (Cybernetics and Higher Edu- cation--collection of works), Vy-p. 5, 1072, pp 78-88 (from P,Zh-Kibernetika, No 5, May 73, abstract No SV788 by the authors) Translation: Tile paper discusses the problem of piec-evise linear approximation of a multidimensional regression probler. by using classification methods. USSR DMITRIYEVSKIY, V. A., 1ATUSMYSU""Vol V. mow--- "Braverman and Dorofeyuk Classification AlgoriLhms in Alpha Language" Kibernetika i vuz. [Cybernetics in the University -- Colbl!etion of, Tomsk, Tomsk University Press, No 4, pp 184-L94, (Traaslated frau Referativnyy Zhurnal, Kibernetika, No 2, 1972, Abstract No 2 V753 by tlte authar's). Translation: A brief description is presented of the Brverman and Dorofevul, classification algorithms and their realization in alpha language. 67 -,1.039-53 USSR uDc Q SUKHOTIN, A. M., IJUTIMTOVA, N. YA., HATUSIMN, V. A., POLYMCOVil, R. YE., LATFUM, S. A. "Strength of Building Materials in at High reinpuraturi~z- anct essures" Dissotsiiriaushch. f:azy krdv teplonon-iteli i rab. teln cner~ -'Invok S'U. (Dissociating Gases as Heat '12ransfer Agents and the lforkinj~ Acclizi of I-CWer Plants - Collection of Wcrks), Hinsk, Nauka i Tckhn. Presa, 19'[0, I)p 122-130 (from RM-ElektrotekhnilLa i Energetilka, lio 5, MOV 19T1, AbOxact i-ic 51U~10) Translation: Results are presented from a study of the stri:--agth of buildirg materials in N 204 at temperatures to 7000 C and presaurciu %o 15:) ~tibsolute atmospheres under static conditions. A loss in weight [it observeil fit a tt.,Ul- perature of 1000 C for all the tested materiUs. On makirig, thir. tran7-ition to higher temperatures, the losses of weight of ali the mata~rials decreaze and are gradually replaced by art increase in weight. Tho smriifice of the stain-less steel samples is covered with derise oxide rilms. Izicreening the pressure increases the corrosion rate by tens of times. There ars, 5 illtistratiorls, 4 tables and a 3-entry bibliography. 121 USSR WC 536.7 SUKHOM9 A. H. t L4,NTMTOVAt N. YA. o MATUSHKI]Np V. A, POLYAK0111) R. YE., and 1ATTERMt S. A. "Strength of Structural 11aterials In b~04 at High TanWratiwes aml ?xesbu.-ms" DissotsUruyushch. Gazy kak Teplonositell i Rab. Tela Miorj~, Usizuiovok- (Dissociating Gasses as Heat Ttansfer Ikdia and Vorking Plidls of Power Installations - collection of worka)p t1insk, lfauRa I Tekh~, Prersu, lg?Ot pp 122-130 (from Referativnn Zhurnal-YadenWye Reaktoz7o 3to 4. 1971P Abstract Ito 4.50.136) Translationi In connection with the possibility vf msing W2 04 an a coolant for an atomic power plant, the corrosion resistance of structural naUirialz In studied in an equilibriun mixture of gaseous o3JAem of nitrcq,*n at ten- Pezatuzes up to 7ooOC and pressure up to 130 Atmp Tamts PJ! the t==c5ion realstance of zetal materials In V94 under statIc corAitions wan performed at teapezatu:res of 100 and 5000 azd pressures of 20 And ~P 4U. At 100 0P weight loss was observed for all materials tested. Xt high tea-ptiratures, the weight losses of all materlal decreased and wax* gradually :replaced by welot galn, The surface of stainless ateel specimenm is oiriverW! by a 37- M [IF"W HWIJ -11 111MBI HPI rill 1111k U11M] ~1111711MUI 111111001 USSR SUKHOTINO A. M., at al., Dissotailriquahch. Gazy Jmk TcDlouwsito:U i Pab. Telafterg. Ustanovok, Plinsk, M%uka i Teldm. Pmas, 1970r pl) 122-130 (froa wt NO 4,50-1-361 ReferativW Zhuxnml-Yadernyye Reaktory, No 4, 19719 Abstl%^ comwt oxide Mm. Increa3ing the Momme increasez the rate of corrosion by over 10 tIms, 4 fig=em; 4 tabUm; 3 biblio. refs. 2/2 LISSR UDC:669.187.6 KLYUYEV, A. M. , DEDUSHEV, L. A. , KOSYRD, L, W. , VOLKOV, S - Ye - and SHARAPOVi A. A. "Thermal Inertia in Electric Slag Remelting" Proizvodstvo Chernvkh Metallov, (Production of Ferrous Metals-Collection of Works], No 75, Metallurgiya Press, 1970, pp 167-169 Translation: The influence of stopping (for I-S r-in) Ote eloctric slag )r c ~ 1 0 ess on the final macrostructure of ingots of high-chrome. hq,at-resi-stant steel type E1961, high-chrome manganese steel type i.1835,and tyl)qj ShKhIS ball bearing stoel is studied. 71tc surface of the ingots prothiced is satisfactory witli ,;light corrugations in the areas where the process was Stopped. Obvioiisly, the corrugations , ire caused by local disruption of the dynamic equilibrion betw~:(,,11 helt input and outflow. However, the stoFping of the process within the Iinitb iitudied dof.z.-,~ not cau.11C appearance of macrostructural defects, since under the contLitions of cle,ztric slag remelting the metal bath has significant theimal inertia. I table. ~---F-7 -77- USSR Director of the Divisi,on. of Polar Mediciae, Arctic. band Antarrzic Research Im ULe "The First Polar Medical Station" Moscow, Pravda, 18 Mar 72, p 3 Translation: Our planet's polar regions are acquiring ever greator significance in the life of man. Ilie answers to uLany of nature's secrets ari.- hidden here; here lie valuable ore deposits, raw chemical materials, arid fuels. The S-),,rict North has ceased to be an unpeopled wasteland, the edge of eturrial silclice. With every year, the "population" of Antarotica Ls groving. 'rile Seventel:,nth Soviet Antarctic Expedition, wbich lo now keeping watch con thc,. sixth continent, is much larger than all preceding omes. Mastering our Far North and expanding Antarctic: retlearch prefiints many prol1krz; to medical science and practice. Raw, for example, in t,,'Joa adtiptation ot. tie human organism to unusual and difficult Arctic and Antamctic conditions V,rr- gressing? What are the possible Complication-s, hav should Vitay be how should the acclimatization process be alleviated? USSR HATUSOV, A. L., Pravda, 18 14ar 72, p 3 Such questions have long interested the doctors on Soviet Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. Of course, the first work i-n this field was i).pisodfc; and merely a scientific survey of the pro1blems of polar medicine-,. But gradually, r!,CdIcjI and biological research became more systertatic and extensive. T'cday, it -'.s clear that man's acclimatization process in polar zones, particalarly in Antarctica, is extremely complex. The organism's adaptat-W-i ta tl_-tromc CQ;I- ditions is accomplished through reorganization of the functionq 1.,)f nany ill.- ternal organs and nervous regulatory systems. For example, the conLractIng capacity of the cardiac muscle and its electrical activity are inpaired; 410o1 pressure changes. Serious shifts also occur in the respi.ratory and thermoreg- ulatory systems. Even endogenous metabolic proces,-Pes iiva afftcted and ii,,T.,jtjiiLy is reduced. Significant changes also occur in nervous tictivity and in psychic condition. Additionally, Llie human organism possenses enormous reiiovrceil and Capac_-ties for adaptation and norinal activity under our planet's most and 11,Irsh natural c~xnditions. it I.s necessAry oLily to help him 'mobilize his re;011rces. 2/5 - 42 - USiR FATUSOV, A. L., Pravda, 18 '1ar 72, p 3 This once again convinces us of the necessity for long-term, indeptb, and multifaceted research of the acclimatization procoss. The f1rst nreps in this direction have already been taken. Today, at each of the six Antarctic stations, two or three doctor-researchers are at wark. They are d(ping pro-plly- lactic work, treating the ill, and performing operations. In co-iplex Circum- stances, electrocardiograms and analysis results are broadcast b.-I radio frort, Antarctica to our Division of Polar Medicine and we invite the firlest SpeClal- ists In the country for consultation. Besides practical Wark, tlhp doctors at Antarctic stations conduct serious scientific research accordi-ag to prQviotisly worked out programs. The next step in expanding our knowledge about acclimatf:fatiorl of the hurt.,ar, organism will be the work of the Seventeenth Soviet Atitai:ctic ~`,xpedi Lion. It includes 15 specialists in the field of medicine and biology who represe,.IL the country's major scientific institutes. They ara conducting rq~selrcll at '111 the Soviet Antarctic stations. However, a special role is allotted to the madics at tl-v! 14o11,1.(Rzhn,1y,1 Obn-crva- tory. 17he firsL practical scientific medical cancer la the hit;tory of polar _-3/5 :4 USSR IIATUSOV, A. L., Pravda, 18 Mar 72, p 3 research has been established here. The excellent buildinj, (excellent not: only by Antarctic staudards) which has beetl put into oper-ationprovides all tile opportunities for conducting both nedical aod prophylactic., wcrk &s well a-u multifaceted medical and biological scientific msearch, The per-santlel at: the medical center are a psychcphysiologist, a surgeon, and a theraj)Lst. Thern are about 20 rooms at their disposal: the doctor's recaption ro,,im, -a treau~w-nt room, an x-ray laboratory, a pharmacy, an isoUtion roon, in jjjf4rj, preoperating room, an operating room, a sterilization rot:~j, a ,-*, Z. aria t a logY room... The medical center is equipped with the latest I!q~jip-rwnt and al--,paratus, including three computers. There are several directions in the research plans of tPa., cent,.,r and of specialists working at other stations on the sixth cont,'L-w-,nt; ntcrobiology, hygiene, and pathological wonifestationa tn the acclimatizat.Lon proces'; Of polar workers. The researchers are ivAterested in a wldn niurh(rr of prob]( ... -, which diseases are met with viost often, and what is tN., reJjLia!),;bip bttl' '001 illness and age, profession, polar experience, t1me of year, ;.qnd geogra,~.,,jc and climatic conditions which distinguish eacli Autarctic stnt.Sotl. F i 11.111' ~?, the psychophyniological Erection will be studying thtj ner%nous sy~item laldej~ 43 - USSR MokTUSOV, A. L., Pravda, 18 Mar 72, p 3 different conditions, the functioning ability of sensory btlgans, and tile psychologica-I compatibility of People in microcollectives. Biological research in uitarctica will undoubtedly bTiDS scienci! closer to establishing the bases for polar medicine. :ThI4 will be of the utmost value for mastering the most severe regions of our planet. USSR WC W-o)(99) )IATUSOVl A. L. "Sick Rates Among Members of the Soviet Antarctic VxP(jd1Uo--M` Moscow, Antarktika, Dolilady Komlzsil, No lit 1972 Translation of abstracti The Polax- Vedical section of the cx-:Ier of L-2nin Arctic and Antarctic Institute amlyzed the bicidence at' CJ,-i(ia,-je arioa,-, members of the expeditions speriding, the winter in t~a oaitaz~Alc. i.hey found a de-111nite relationstilp 'oetireen the frequency jud. of c0,'10 diseases and the age and occupation of the exploxer.3. The strall nu:iber of direases razsulting in loos of efficiency is indicative of the vttry Gatisfactory condition of the L,;r,-)up,,;j medical scm-ening o:.' caiidlcLites for the exjxjd1t11:)nc-q In U.,a living conditions of the explorere In thier wintor quitirtern, ai"d 6--cat skill of the physicians 5ex-ving vith the Antarctic cq~,a(UtI.C-ris. Study of the structuie of the overall morbidity of the exylor-az-~~ showed that five nosologica2. entities (traiLmas, dinqames, skin diseases, diseases of the peripheral nervous uy,5tozf and n(juroll"l-s) ac.-OGUnt for about 70% of all the initial visit* for medical oxre. Continued and more detailed study of hixaz p-rtholc~;y under th)a 1/2 USSR MATUSOVt A. L., AntarIctika, DoRlady Komisaii, No 11, 1971! extreme conditions of the Antarctic will widen our knoliUjIr-e c'f the influence exerted by unfavorable envixanmental factors foiiij -.1-o kaman I;jdy arid make a dcfWte contributionto the study of hwaan adaptiddon in the eaxth'a polar regions, 2,2 113 USSR UDC: 8.74 LIATILSOVI Yu. A., KABANOV, V. S., YANKOVAO M. P. "Forming a Plan for Prospective Developments" Tr. Leningr. inzh.-ekon. in-ta (Works of Leningrad Engineering Economics Institute), 1972, vyp. 94, pp 99-102 (from RZh- -Kibernetika, No 5, May 73, abstract No SV792 by V. Mikheyev) Translation: The paper describes rocedure -for forming the plan for prospective developments,aiggich consists in compiling plans in separate scientific and technical areas. Compilation of a plan for a scientific and technical area is preceded by a comparative analysis of correspondence of the expected con- sumer demand to the possibilities of the sector within the framework of the given scientific and technical area. The prospective plan of developments is modeled by a t'goal-decision" graph whose initial vertices i.-orrespond to vossible scientific decisions (physical principles, design and iechnological decisions), while the terminal vertices corre- spond to the specific goals of the developments (new ele- 1/2 USSR MATUSOV, Yu. A. et al., Tr. Leningr, inzh.-ekon, in-ta, 1972. vyp. 94, pp 99-102 ments, blocks, assemblies, devices), while the arcs corre- spond to possible ways of realizing,the fo-imulated tasks. A consolidated flowchart is presented for an algorithm for forming a plan of prospective developmentso and its individual blocks are described. 2/2 97 USSR me. 6e2..438 MATUSOVA, M. . and TARASOV, V. 11Y. "I Nesultis of an Investigation of Axial Turbine Stages" Kazan',, Izvestiya Vysshikh, Uchebnykh ZavedaniX--Av1atsVjnraya Tbkbrika, TO 3t 1q,712, pp 84-89 Abstract: An analysis Is rmde or the results of toots j,,anduated on a rutdte'r of turbine stages that were Investigated an the baaiv of a model air turbine at mi - o.6 and Re = 6.1o5. 'Ibere is ascertained the infl-m-mce ol' the lmt of blade twisting, the ratio and the value or t1w rudial. gmp upon the efficlexicy 12 of stages with bound and unbound worktr4T, blades. In the aniLkyt;is, use maz5 rurlde of some experinental daW obtained r4t the Central Scientific flesearch, Fl3nxiing and Design Boiler and 'hirblne Institute; DrAl (Brytwsk Institute of Trarxport-%-- tion Machinery /?/); 14o.9cow Power Engincorirg, Tmitit~.itij,, Vorj~crd Avlatimi Insiti- tute imeni Sergo Ordzhonikidze; LPI (1,en~ngmd /Llvow?,,, PobfUlchnic 1113titute; Xharlkov Polytechnic Institute); xAi (Ka=n, /Ku31byshe1i,7/ Aviation rustitute); and the Central Scientific lWsearalk Institutet of Airantil't EngrInen. 2 tables. 6 figures. 13 references. 1/1 USSR UDC 678,652141121-9 SHARKOVSKIY, V. A., AKUTINt M. S., KERSERt 14. L., SH(.-.[iFZLOV, L, L., HATVELASHVIL A., PUKHOVITSKAYA 'I A. N.9 VSKAYAq A. YE., and,DYMARSKAYA, YELL. "New Types of Aminoplastics" Moscow, Plastiche-skiye Mat5sy, No'12, Dec 70, pp 53-$4 Abstract: The article describes sytithesis of fibe,.-glass plantics based on carbamide tindera. Tliene bit%ders itu:lude a curbum-ide oli- gomer modified by 1)olyvinyl acetate emulsion diu, n uyntheoiu, . 4- g and -1gamer. Pikiergla:9s textolites ures-ben,,ogtianamine-fomaldeti.yde ol based on these oligomers and TS-6/3-250 glass L-reated with lubricant 752 are mechanically strong. In addition to ita c--tcellent strctigth properties, the plastic based on urea-benzoguenamicte-forwaldehytJc oligomer is also water-resistant. 1/1 i T 112 032 UNCLASSIFIED PR04ESSOIG DATE--160CTlu TITLE--SYNTHESIS AND STUDIES OF POLY14FAS WITH PHENANIHRIDINE AND -DIAZAPYRENE RINGS -U- -,AUTHOR-(03)-KOLESNIKOV9 G*S., FEUQrUVAv O*YA.t MATVELdi$HVlLl# G.S. COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR ~SOURCE-VYSOKOMOL. SOEDIN. SER A 19701 12(31t 536-47 DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY, MATERIAL,S TOPIC TAGS--HETEROCYCLIC NITROGEN COMPOUINDs POLI(NUCLA--k-1. RYDROCAR911N, POLYAMIDE COMPOUNDt POLYMERP CHLURINAT'ED ORGANIC 11HPOUNDO THEA%tAL -STABILfTYr THERMAL DEGRADATIONP PLASTIC MECHANICAl. Pkoi'EkTyf POLYMER STRUCTURE CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--199j/1201 STEP NG--UR/0459/10/~)'12/003/0536/0.54*! IRC ACCESSION NO--AP01166,t,6 UNCLASSIFIED 212 032 UNCLASSIFIED PROL-ESSING DATE--160CT70 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0116666 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE CYCLODE11YORATiON OF POLYIZ,4,BIPHENYLYLENE AAIDESl (I) AND P0LV(2v2vBlPHENYl-YLENE A1111OFS) (11) (PREPD. FROM 2t4 AND 2tZv0lAMIN0BlPHENYL AND TEREPHTHALOYL CHLORIDE) WAS STUDIED IN THE PRESENCE OF PUCL SU83 IN PH40 SUB2 AT 100-30DEGREES FOR 1-5 HR. CYCLUUEHYDRATIO74 OF I A140 ff GAVE POLY(PHENANTHRIDINYLENE AMIDE) (1111 AND POLY(40,DLAZAPYRENYLENE ARYLENE) (IV) OF HIGH THERMAL STABILITY AND KESISTANCE TO OXIDATIVE THERMAL DEGRADATION. THERMAL CYCLUDEHYDRA71ON Of I ANU 11 IN VACUO AT 25G-320DEGREES GAVE SOME PHENANTHRIOINe.RiNGS4 THI~; MCCH. PROPEATIESt SOLY.v AND THERMAL STABILITY Of III AND IV WERE MAINLY OETO. 13Y THE STRUCTURE OF THE STARTING AMINES4 FACILITY1 MUSK. KHIM.-TEKHNOL* INST* IM* MENDELEEVA# 4USCOWv USSR# UNCLASS It: 11-0 1. PR06iSSINIG DATE--3DOCT70 In 016 UNCLASSIFIED r,ITLE--SYNTHESIS UF AROMATIC POLYAMIDES BASED ON Zr-rt A14D 2v2 PRIME DIAMINOBIPHENYLS -U- AUTHOR-104)-KOLESNIKUVt G.S.# FEDOTOVAt OoYAov "AtVELASHVILI9 G.S.t GUTSALYUKP E-Vo COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR mS0URCE--VYSOKOMOL. SUEON-t SeR. A 19709 IZ(3)t 528-35 DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY TOPIC TAGS--POLYAMIDE COMPOUND, AMINEr PPLYNUCLEAR 14YOROCAR60bit STABILITYi POLYMER STRUCTUREt PULYCONDENSATION ~CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS '-DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIEO PROXY REEL/FRAME--1995/1186 STEP NO--UR/0459/~10/03,;?,tOU3/054'-18/0535 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0116651 UNCLASSIFIED ,-7: ". ~ ~ ! I ! I IIi I ~i 2/2 016 UNCLASSEFIED PROCESSUNG DATE--3ooc'r70 -CIRC ACCESSION No--AP0116651 ASSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT* AROMATIC POLYAMIH-S (1) WERE PREPD. BY LOW TEMP. POLYCONDENSATION IN ACPIME SUB? I:jf: Zt;? PkIME DIAMINOBIPHENYL AND 2949t)IAMINOBIPH.:NYL AND SEVERAL~AROMATIC ACID CHLORIDES, E.G., ISOPHTHALOYL ANO TEREPHTHALOYL CHLIJAIDES AND 2,69PYRIDINEDICARBOXYLIC ACID DICHLORLDE., I H.%u sap'rENING POINTS OF 110-300DEGREES . POLY(2t4tBlPiiEtlYLYLENE'AMIL)ES) AND POL.11(2,2 PRIME BIPHENYLYLENE AMIDES) (E.G. 11) EXHIBITED SUPERIOR THEARAL STABILITY AND RESISTANCE TO OXIDATIVE THERMAL DEGRADATION, THE i,FFEC'lS OF POLYMER STRUCTURE ON PHYSICOMECH. AND CHEM. PRI)PERTIES AM. DISCUSSED. FACILITY: MOSK. KHIM. TEKHNOL~ INSTo IMe MENUELEIEWA, MOSCOW, USSR4 UNCLASSIFIED ACC Nr. /ffP04JLi5!9C Reg". Cc&n. U USSR UDC 621.M.5:621.922.023 GIN, % YR., FOMIN, A. A., ."The Ho~nlng of Hardened Cylinder Sleeves by Large.-Graimed Abrasive RlockW1 Moscow, Stanki i Instrument, No 1, 1970, pp 21-24 Abstract: The artick. deals with a study of the hil-ning of hardened cylinder sleeves with large-grained abrasive blovk* iii ordex to determine the influence of the honing conditions ii,rid thit- structurt, of the blocks upon their wear anti specific cons timption, the. pro- ductivity of the honing process and the errors in the shape of the opening. The purpose of the study was to detwmine the OptiMLMI vain size and hardness for the. abrasive blocks. The research included investigation of the influence of specific pwessare upi)n metal removal and block wear, the influenca of thw- spote(l of the - -i-vestig-ation reciprqcal motion upon metal removal and block we,ju., iL IY of the influence of the peripheral velocity upon wetal -removal and AP0041159,. block wear, determination of the relationship of ovalit~y correction upon the cutting conditions, the effect of the mgchiaing time upon productivity and ovality correction, 1375G043 .. . ...... .. LIM 0 1 M I USSR uDc 621$3.6119.75 VORONA, A. V., MATVEYCHUK, A. I., SAPEGIII, F. M. "A Holder for a Printed-Circuit Base" Moscow, Otkrytiya, izobreteniya, prorVshlcnny~,e obrazti;~,y ta,nLrn3-ye zi, slti No 2, Jan 71, Author's Ccrtificate No 290495, division 11, filed 1 Apr 68, publ-ished 22 Dec 70, p 170 Translation: This Author's Certificate introduces a holder for printed circuit bases. The device contains a base and a spr-,;"nj,. A.,j a distinFI-U-,-:- ing feature of the patent, the mass of the holdex is ri:!,,Iu,:e!i imd access is provided to both vid,2o of the printe4-eircuit baciti.. Ilia buse -of the holder is made in the form of a split ring equlp3ied wildi wt inner triptng!.1-tir channel for the printed-circuit base, and an out-itir c~w).,mel of any nha~gA) which accommodates a spring-loaded split ring. HTMMM~i-mj W.-SR UDC: 621.396.6-181.5 PARFENYUK, V. M. , VORONA, A. V. , ZHOANOV, A. N. . I "A Device for Charging Evaporators" USSR Author's Certificate Ho 27o433, filed 21) Jan 6T, publi.shed 13 Ai-,g 71D (from RM-Radiotekhriika, No 1, Uan TI, Abstract No IV222 P~ Translat4on: This Author's Certificate iritroduces iL device for charrir-;~7 evaporators such as vacuun atomizing chambers. The devic,:-- contains 11 ratchet drum, a trough tuid a shield. As a distinglaiiii--ing :f'eatum~ 04" the patent, the operational reliability of the device it; Improred loy the shield to the trou6h, the housing of the device ks cot;.,)l.ei throuj;~., leaf springs to a rotating lever, and the ratchet drim 1.5 I'Itted with a socket which uccor=dates a plunger. USSR UDC 519.2 HATVEYCH . HI-S. "Random Norms and Properties of Probability Measures in Orthoprojectors COn- netted to a Factor" V sb. Veroyatnostn. netody i kibernet. (Probability Matliods ind Cybernetics -- collection of works), Vyp. 9, Ka;a'-~, azarl University, 11171, pp 73-77 (from RZh-Kibernetika, No 9, Sep 72. Abstract No 9V26) Translation: Let M be a factor of a finite class in it cumplox Hilbert space ff. HP be the set of orthoprojectors of the ring H, EA be the c*utinuous uait ej.- A *)1/2 X pansion on the left of the operator A - W , M be Lhe p,robability &men- sion in the logic MP. In thespace H, the random norin Is introduced by the expression IJAII(x) - m(E - EA)# xeR. It is demonstrated that A + 11A 11satis- x fies the triangle inequality I J.A + BI I (x) < inf min {I 1411 (tx) + I I BI I (x - tic) xfiR, t6[o,l) when and only when m is the relative ditunsionaUty. 1/2 025 UNCLASSIFIEV I)RoIJ-ESSING DATE-20NOV-10 TITLE--SLCW CLLLISCNS IN A THREC 8ODY SYSr1i'M INVOLV14443 C04LOM6 INTERACTIGN tll,, SCATTERING LENGTHS F(_R CCLLISICN PRCCESSE.i BETWEEN HYUROGEN ~A) PONCHAREV* L,IN JTHUR-(02)-MATV A.V., `:.CClJNTRY OF INFO--LSSR SOURCE-ZHURNAL EKSPERIArWALINOY I 1ECRETICHESKOY F441KII, 1970, VOL 58, :,~~_NR 5, PP lb4C-1645 DATE PUBLISHEG---70 SUbJECT AREAS--PHYSICep JOPIC TAGS--CCLLI SIGN, COULOM13 INTERACTION, HYJROGf1q,j ijAkrlCLE, SCArrFg. ~,CCNTRGL NAPKING--NO RESTRICTIUNS .-DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIfIED 'PROXY REELIF-RAME-3002/0023 STEP A p n i7 6 7 1 1, m 2/2 025 UNCLASSIFIM PRO1,E:SS1%G DATE-ZONG'470 CIRC ACCESSION NC-AP0127613 AESTRACT/EXTRACT-W) GP-C,- A3 S I kACT. ThE SCAITERIN~G LE:11Gii's ANO THE UNITS GF APPLICAMLITY (jV THIS COMCEPT Ailk: VUJR SYAMEM.111C CHARGE- EXCHANGE PRUCLSSES IN 1-1YOROGEN ME5OAT(;M!)' IVKIM:~_Lli UY ARVI.YINC, PHASE FUNLTICN TECHNICUE. THE VAL,UF-S OF THE SLATURI:4G LLN't"THS FON ;'ILI- THREE PRLCESSES IN EVEN (A *SUOG) ANC GOU (A SUMI) CHANNFL.S AM- IN THE TABLE. i-ACILiry: 0011YEDINENNYY 1I`6'I1rj7 ),A()t1'.iMYKH ISSLEDCVANLY. FACILITY. INSTINT TEORLFICI~JESAOY FULKI, AKAUEPII NAUK UKRALNSKOY SSR* Iwin I fill Acc. Nr AbstractIng Service: Ref . Code Pf0048460- CHEMICAL ABST;.,J919~1 0510!~' NegoLd" M%&U*tOtOllBt&l%C'lk *I m jtntimmWd,*'. A -- 1 rq (ralt. -- - "' V ee 191-4 Mum C ma L-to;j-;istajice, that Hall elffect, and 6e elec. resistivity of a-iype G4$b single, cryshal with cOrrier concn. of 1.7 X 101t/cml were s,tqdied. Ntg. m netom-ilstmnce was found in transTme and Wagitudinal -weao sqgnet~. ifields at 1.4-140*K, This phmointiou '"lay be. exxppll ted as 4miood. with an addni, stmttemag of c=cnt wricts on lix ehted 41eittron spim. REEL,jMlU4E 13800168 !',112 013 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--160CT70 'TITLE--NEUTI(ON DIFFRACTION STUDY OF THE STRUCTURE OF TITANIUM OXYCARBIDES _U_ ~AUTHOR-(05)-ZUbKOVt V,G.t MATVEYENKOt lol-i OUBROVSKAYA# L.6.# BOGUMOLOVo GoO., GELD, P.V. 10% COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR SOURCE-DOKL. AKAD. NAUK. SSSR 1970, 19L(2)r 329-5 DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 :;SUBJECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY ,-TOPIC TAGS--TITANIUM CARBIDEr NEUTRON DIFFRACTIONs ELECTkIC RESISTA.%CE J 'CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--1995/1114 STEP NU--UR/0020/713/191/002/0323/03?5 -CIRC ACCESSION NO.--AI'0111,580 212 013 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING 0ATE--16OCT70 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AT0116580 ,ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- 413STRACT. THE ELEC. RESISTANC6 dAS MEASURED At 298DEGREESK FOR A SERIES OF SAMPLES OF TIC SU9X 0 SQHY (X PLUS Y EQUALS 1), AND TIC SUt3O.44 0 SUB0.57 WAS STUDIED BY NEU7.40'i DIFFRACTION. THE SAMPLES WERE PREPD. BY A METHOD DESCRIBEO EARI.IER EL4 PIVClk'AvtJV ET AL-v 1967). THE CONCN. 0EPENDENCE OF IHE RESISTANCE l!) CHARACTERISTIC FQR ORDERED SYSTEMS, AND THIS VIA5 SUPPURTEO BY 10': NEUrRON DIFFRACTION DATA. THE 0 AND C ATOMS ARE IN AN OROERED POSITION IN IH~ NOINSETALLIC SUBLATTICE. FOR COMPNS, THAI' ARE NOT EQUI AT., IHE ATI)VIS OF THE EXCESS COMPONENT OCCUPY UNIQUE POSITIONS IN THE STATISTICALLY ~IACANT POSITIONS FOR THE DEFICIENT COMPONENT. FACILITYi INST. KHIM*t SVERDLOVSK, USSR. J 1.; 9 1(7 UPC IIAPAIWTI~W', (IF Ttir PT-Z2 FFIiO WAVE-LETM-1115 OF 3 AND 1.35 CEIMALI'ERS I'Z R-.t.n. vok 16, -1~ 1, 1 1-127.-Ittel 3 July 1211- Fp -67-,-15711 A twr.r--,.,-rtor ;intonem ayntft in th~ 3-centi-trr -,jve bi,nd -4" 4-!Yolo~ed in Vi66 in order to improve ".* nZ~_- An Astrop~,ysic.l Obnervatory! ?.T-Z,' rndlotelftsvope~-I; end. provi4aq riixin-um s*neltivityy~ it wn-: turvd aTrd itn onw~c trIcsl pormr-ters; at 3.~4 centimeters were determLned. In CO- vOICIPing the IIIUm1nafirW Vybtt~m of the KrAD's P.T-22, t-- r-r- Ftting- "-,ffr*e =a, of Fll'.4i'2 F (Trh'yf;LC'.1 11-2titutr P. N. Lebedev- of i~`n, es" AC'Q';eMy of Scipnetal 77-2212 Wad eonriderra end certain cnanges In its uystm ro-anitrrs were intrcducr~A the di-*Metar of' the aecon3ary reflector 02 - 1-~01) m-'11i Zen nn ZOO und the sy"tenoa a"con-jQry focus wis Clio frGWW th4 vertex of tt- p,,r-4tnlo4A wiTh a View to Insuring minl- =1 loam-g in tNP *1111"ter AEtveband. Thest- limited the lorutitudinnI d1nerairn of 'he irradintor in the 3- centimeter wave band. The two-raflactcr Irradiator tint, t- con- rnr2tively rvrill lonritoviln--il d1monilonp which I-P why it wns ohonen~, Itn scherne W:!n tried out on an Bn-~010g.C-31 antIM112. the F. , PT-271 2). gnj 'yy# vn%isfn=tory results. The rudl%tion p;4ttc-rns of the two-neflector Irro-tintor in the E nnd H plainni and the cross-polarlza,~Ion charpcte-.'z- tic at thp 3.34 centimeter waveleneth are shown in figure 1. The irradi--torls dispersion coefficient, computed per the radintion pattern. doet not exceedo - 0.2. Preliminary tuning of the tintenna wive done on the sun, final tuning or. radio sources of small angular size. A ro4A.-M- ater with a parametric amplifier was used In tuning at the 1/2 022 UNCLASSIFIED lfHrlCE5!;ING riATE---040EC70 TITLE--ON THE RELATt(,N BETWEEN THE PULSAR NP 0532 AND A AA010 SOURCE OF SMALL ANGULAR OIAIALTER -U- AUTHOR-tO2)-MATVEYENf,O, L.I., LOtOV`At N.A. -COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR SOURCE-ASTRONOMICHESKII ZHURNAL, VOL. 47, PLO. lq7O, 91. 483-486 DATE PUBL ISHED----70 SUBJECT AREAS--ASTRONOMY,ASTROPHYSICS TOPIC TAGS--PULSAR, COSMIC RADIO SOURCEvSPECTRUAP NEBULA# RADIO EMISSIGNt ~.SUPERNOVA CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY FICHE NO----FD70/605012/C0l STEP N()--LI;1/0033/71).10,(#-I/DO310483/04$6 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0140258 ............................. 1-6 --i 212 022 UNCLASSIFIeD F1I;I(JCE$SI.'NG OATr-.--040EC70 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0140258 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT* IT IS SHOWN (IN THE 3ASIS OF THE SPECTRA AND THE PULSE DURATION, THAT THE (:)i:: ~3-4AIJ ', IJIGU L Ail DIAMETER IN CENTRAL PART Cl: THE CRAB NEBULA MAY d16; 1-s$(X:IbrE0 Alfif THE PULASR AND HIS MAGINETOSPHEREo. THE RELATION PD51THIN ('.11: PULSAA ALONG THE .LINE OF SIGHT WITH RESPECT j'o THL.: CENTER (IF THE hiL-:90LA IS ESHMATI~'J FROM THE ROTATION OF PLANE POLARISAT[('.ItNI OF RAOIO EMIS11CIN GI: THE Nc-iliU L 4, AND FROM TOTAL NUMBER OF ELECTRONS 0,14 THE LM- OF siomr. I(HE I)ULS,%k- LIES WITHIN THE NEBULA WITH THE UNCFRI'AI,4*ri!ES XN THE VALUES OF THE PARAMETERS OF MEDIUM AND POSITION THE SHELL OF THE NC-BULA. THE S421 OF PULSAR IN THE SUPERNOVA REMNANT VELA X IS ALSO EVIMATEDo FACILITY: AKADEMIIA NAUK SSR, FIZICHESK11 INSTIT,UT# MOSCOWI USSRO p e r e~ q -,-L,__,A a-L viu AP USSR MATVEYENKO 6 V._ A. "Derivation of the Particle 'Only' IYom Restrictive Verlis" Urc: 51:801 V ab. Masb. ikl. lintaist. (Machine per. i pr Translation and Ap;plied L'n- gui4tics--collection of works), qrp. 14, bloscov, 1971, I)p 96-:1.13 (from R21- -Kibernetika, No 6, Jun 72, Abstract He 6V612) Iranslation: The paper is an analysis of the seinaiitict of a III-oup of verbs vith restrictive meaning (to limit, to be confined, to *,urmej-.4ze, to together, to concentrate, to exhaust, to get rid of, et(r.). ',Che sernwitLc characteristics of the verbs are represented in tems of the ljyBtem of' mennings in the Zholkovskiy-Mellehulk conception. The first part of the paper is a denoription of -Lbe i5emiuitic structlrc- of individual verbs in the given Mi~t, beSinning with tho wor4l 11hich is tht~ most explicit with reopect to semcmUcs -- "to limit" Carpa~oi,wit,]. The initial verbs -- in their minimum analysis and with part:k:ipantli of t~'.edr situation -- are repre*ented as a generalized graph vdth gIver; *i,ertices. A complete variant of the pattern is possible ("John limfl,s the partici- pation of Peter in work on the subject of checking Incomfixig as well as a number of incomplete variants -- degenerate 112 USSR MATVEYEFKO, V. A. , Mash. 2er.. iprikl., vyp. 1~, Moscow, 1971, pp 96-113 limited Peter to three minutes", etc.). The second part of the vork deals vith the problem 0' corLlectiug the meaning of a given vord with the meanings of other words tri a Iemtence. The author introduces the rule: if two meanings belonginj~ to two words ef a text contradict each other, then the implicitly expreviod meaming In car- celled out. The third part of the article is devoted to reorienting. the initial semantic graph tavard another vertex or tegment. In this regard, the ci~,-- responding relation has the capacity for setting apurt e meaning -- a r;rq!,Ii- rate vhich becomes the main ver-tex of the new graph. A (Lemonstration is given of transition from the general pattern to specific semantic-syntsicLic structures. The vork ends with a specific description oll the lexical co- occurrence of the particle "only" derivedoA a result of transTeaTiation of reatzictive verbs. T. Rikoleyeva. 212 - 77 imi ns MMMUFMIMMIM MI, 1/2 012 UNCLASSI FIED .~-r.TTLE--DETERMINATION OF EXCESS REACTIVITY - U- -AUTHOR-(02)-SHULEPMt V.S.9 MATVEYENKOP Vot. UNTRY OF INFO--USSR SOURCE--AT. ENERG. 1970v 28(4)p 335 J ATE PUBLISHED ------- TO PRQ(.'ES!i114G oAfE--2t%Qv70 ,SUBJECT AREAS--NUCLEAR SCIENCE ANO TECHNOLOGYt PHYS11CS TOPIC TAGS--WATE,R MODERATED REACTOR, NUCLEAR REACT1041 CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS OOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASS1FiE0 PROXY REEL/FRAME--3008/0593 STEP hlt:)---L)IR/i)OiJ'1/71).102',I/Of)itt(;31.)5/0'i!i5 CIRC ACCESSION N!11--AP0137~618 UNCLASSI FIED pill:),'; E S:5 I NG 041fE--2Pi!3V70 CIRC ACCCSSION NO--AP0137673 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- A:3 S T R i~ 4,,rvI R 4P~CT~VITY IN A WATE-R mODERATED REALTORS WITH A R[--+LEC.T0l~',t THE 141:'[`~-Joj 11PAPOSE-1) F0LIER (S. KRASIK AND A. RADKOVSKI Ir 19551 WA$ APPLI(io ay (%r4,1ouctw; CORRECTION DELTA 0EFINE0 AS DELTA 1:01JALS P SUE12 1`41141.1s 11 Sualy rililiii- P SUB2 WAS THE CALCO. EXCESS REACTIVITY OF THE FULL, J'N~ILE RE.",Crok. ~Ccj-'IOING TO THE ABOVE METHOD AND P SURI WAS THE VALUE EQUATION P SUBI EQUALS INTEGRAL nF PRIMEHO SUBHM 45INULETP-SINULETI-H(liq il SUBK)Oli Pt.US P(H SUBM, R SUBOJIF WHERe H SUBO AND R S1,1130 WERE THE LEIGM AND 11ACHUS OF THE FULL SIZE RE4CTOP, RESP., H SUfiA WAS THE Pt]tJ. IF:gPT4.. CRIr. 1-11-IGHT OF THE ACTIVE ZONEv AND R SUSK WAS THE CRIT. RADIUS Alf Ttit: HEIGHT H OF THE ACTIVE ZONE, A SIMILAR EQUATION WAS RECOMMENUED FOR PIROMOGENEOUS ACTIVE ZONE; THE RESULTS CALCO. BY APPLYING VARIOuji APP.R.DXNS. ARr-- GIVEN. USSR VDC: '533.9... A BASOV, N. G., ZARITSKIY, A. R., ZAKHAROV, S. D., KRYUMV., !,. G. , 1,[a- VEMS, Yu. A.. SENATSKIY, Yu. V., FEDOSI140VO A. I., CHEKAJU, S. V. "Producing High-Power Light Pulses on Wavelengths of 1.06 i1nd 0-53 and Using Them to Heat a Plasma. II. A Neadymiim Glass Laser Wi,"h Con- version of Emission to the Second Harmonic" Moscow, Kvant. elektronika--sbornik (Quantum Electronics-qullecUon of works), "Sov. radio", 19T2, pp 50-55 (from RZh-Fjzika, No I!,, Jun 13, abstract No 6G3T5) Translation, Investieations of processes of heating by mei!ms of laser sources with different wavelengths are of considerable for I p I itzma. explaining mechanisms of enerU transfer in Inser heating r,)f a - This paper tells of the development of a high-paver litpht imurca for heating experiments with emission an twc wavelengths: the wwteleagth of a neodymium laser U.06 um) and its second harmonic (0.53 t4m). Aji ef- ficiency of greater than 5050 in converting 1.06-4m emissio.-t to the seccnd harmonic is achieved in a KDP crystal. T~e emission enern, on the 0.53-,;:t wavelength is 10 j with a pulse duration of 1.0 as. 'Part T, see f*,,ZhFi".,, 1973, 5G239. USSR UDO 6 2 17 8 -215 + ~)i 4,5 k OV4.,~C-Ij.-ZARITSXIY, A.R., ZAHAROV, S.D., KAMM, PX., MATME-S, YU. 9- ArOT a IY U . V. , F R?) C. S 12YOV, A . I . , C I E E A L I Y, 4 nAchievement Cf Powerful Light Pulses At A I-IGvelength Of 3.C6 C..5.' !41crcli And Their Use For Pluz;=a Feating. 11--Nd-Glazo Laser klith Oonvt~rniot: Cf--' rodi- ation To The Second Harmohic" Kvantoveya elektronilL. (;-usntum Elect rcnic bl, ~-`oscow, Na j -- 0 Abstract: The con-2truction i2 described and the cVarL-ctvri--:tico miltistugo Nd-glass laser. The lncer assembl.,r ccnaicto of Active elements of GLS-1 neod ~f~ 4 it C ,r=iur= zlens, 7C0 tw4 lonf, A., Q --:4j tA U. V Brewaterian kirgle; 2) Resonat~er mirror-, Cells with clt~arir- ohoorbt-r: 4) )hraL-r-a; ~) Srlectoru of lonritildin- Aperture dint t:W in oscillator; V Lenses; and 8) Elcetrooptical gate with ~ hinur A drivin,-, oscillator nosen-bled arcordinr, to the :;cl-cme ef' un C!1vilint-'r elf- cynchronizat ion of n:c~dess 2crv,~c as tho ocrurce o;.' f;~ir-rt 1-iJOIL -!,I t'-t. device. Tho lenL-,Lh of' the occillator rcaonuLor, formc-I by two t%L:-rGrf: tiith z-:-,- flection coefficientc of 100 iind 20 percent, ancunts to 6 11. C(,I-lr ncr.- linear absorber -- a sol-.ition of No. dye in nit wt-re in c~)n- tact with an opaque mirror. Two Bolectorti of axial r-cdeu an tim, ecrm ue 1/2 MR BASOV, N-G., et al, Yventovaya alektrcniku, MOSCOW, Ro 6(12), r,p 1,0-55 inclined Fabry-Perot interferomotere V01-0 Uced Vor narrowlxg aV Ule rczlerlvt1~71 apectrurn. Vith tho aid of these interferometers the [,enerwition was narrowed totvO.05 R and in so doing the pulveB emittel by the r-licillstor L-.-C-re expanded to I nanouec. In the FDP crystal the radictien ifl' the L~:itput is con- verted into a aecond harmonic with !in efficiency grevtcr blion ~~O 7~arciiit. ?;~c radiation enerar st o 0.53 inic-ron wavalenF-Lh amounts to H, joulv. Th,~ ~.-uthcra thank M.F. Stellm-akh , I.E. Rez; , A.I.Kovrlirin , end V.P.Polov for Eisci--tance in conductin- experiments with KDF crystale. ill. 16 rel'. Re".ived by editors, 25 Oct 1971, 2/2 7 0 [lit'. il ae, 1-` 1 i~,_ ill it I! 111!11;1q I 11*11 Ill ltl Ull 111111m:111111111il 1:1111F.111H ff Pliffli Ih 111111111 P 19,14.11111 Ill 41.11:11MIRI Ill [It HE I I I 1IM-19.01411 I I; flil l'ti!! NXI HP . Now USSR U w 54 54 6 + 6;! 1 - 5 7 S. BASOV, N.G., ZARITSKIY, AL.R., ZAKIIAROV, S.D., KPCYPI.!,Ix_o 1.(~W K.Tlymcv, P.--,., HAVEYESTS, YU.A., S&NATSM, YU.V., 'Achievement Of Powerful LiEht Nl!jen At 1.06 And 0-~3 Viaron lh~volenl7tha J~rd Their Use For Pl-anna Heating. IL. Exporimantal Study Of Tlo Froccf:!:es 6f Ralia"- ion Rerlection During Lueer Feating Of FItLama At Two Wavolern-th-i" Xvantovaya elektroni~a (Quantum Electronics), Moocow, No 5(11),,1972, up Q-71 Abstract: The experimental results are presented aC calor-LaietrLe, telocr!11, apectral and polarization :Peasurements of radiation xel~lacoel L-ck rro.~,. which in heated by nanosecond lacer ul.dseti with a wavelezi~,fh cel,.C,6 arli O.'~5 micron with fluxer, at targetu of' various materials exc~.,ediii(r lc-~ vlatt/c-~-L." The resulte discu.-;oed repreacut the firnt attempt to 3tudy ltia,-r 'leatinir, of if., !3pectru,--I. plasma which is produced at colld tarwntv in the irroun re.-lion c4' t., It is found that plas= abcorption of the heating ligi-it tit a 0.1`j micron wat length is three times greater than at a 146 micron wavolei,.:Ith, The authorD exproua their appreciation to 11.9. RozallOV fur dificuoEftoll K"' th(I cc 114no work. 3 fig. 19 ref. Received by aditorn, 2510ot 1971- 56 - USSR UDC 6?l-375-82 KRYMV, P. G., MAVETEETS, M,.A.r SEVeISKIYO YU. V., V'SDOSIYOV, A. I., CHEKAUNI S. V., and SHATBERASHVILI, 0. B, "On Mechanisms for Radiation Energy and Power Limitation DuAng the An-plifir-a- tion of Ultrashort Pulses in Neodymium Glass lasexa" V ab. Kvant. elektronika (Quantum Electronics -- Collet~tlon of Wor1s), Vo 2(14), Moscow, "Sov. '.Radio," 19?3, PP 102-105 (English aumwq) (from Fizika., No 10, Oct 73, Abstract No 109,14 lfrcrt authors' abstract) Translations It is shown that a lirAtation of the enex-fly and power of Ultra- short pulses during amplificaCion In Nd glass lasers ztbts In as a result of the nonlinear interaction of the laser radiation with the optLcal meditut of the laser itself. Dnerging as limitatiort mechanisns hiltre axe broalkdolinl; JLe to self-focusing in the case of the propagation of ligit bearm close to parallel through the amplifier, and spectrum broadening and radiation scatter- ing in the case of divergent beams. USSR UDC: allone KRYUKOV, P. G., OEK"'N,.O. 7.., tind SHATBERASH- VILI, 0- B- "Forming Ultrashort Laser Pulses 'Vith a Two-Comporient Medium" Moscow, Pis'ma v Zhurnal Rksperimentalluoy Tooreticheskov Fiziki, vol 16, No 3, 1972, pp 117-120 Abstract: The purpose of this letter is to investigal;e the bility of forming single ultrashort laser rulae-q usii,,.g a mediwa which amplifies and is a nonlinear absorber with fas-1, relaxatica time in the light-transmission state. Bince such a medium is ab- sorbent for weak siCnals and amplifying for strar~r,-, powerful alc- plif ication, d iscriminat ion is exerted on the inrut pialse, if the relaxation time for the absorber is low enough, the ii~lready sht)rt pulse derived from a laser with autosynchronizat ion i,,-arl be Madi~ even shorter. A diagram of the experimental arrangemerit for this investigation is given and comparison diagrams of the pulse before and after passage throuEh the lwo-component medium are showra. As- vociuted with the P. 11. lebedev Phy-gicr, , lniBtitute of the US2.71. Academy of Sciences, the authora exprese their 11!ra-titude to 2. A. Churilova. A. H. Zherikhin, and Ye. V. Kurgiuiova for their auslat- ance with the experimental work. 1/1 TV0( r, N. ILM I V 1',11 -11- V .-Ir )-,run I PJ as .is m '41. .%R.oc ....... tc a ';Kt-s Z. InI W2 mm U381, ".V72 TTT t I Ise wa.Lip's itiza- w.,117.31 tt.,~ 4.LM,A W3 11 01 r.:' ','n jl,;4 00 .- W.31.. : d t-!: t.4 t- -.11ALI. C ~41 ".11 .11~4 ;.IL.4 tU3#tll:li 11:$tj t%t~:Jf ~1411 6;91 '14 -ISIR-It c.' cc %44 t1!= tzftlt~. tf USSR ZAR175K1Y, A. R-, ZAKHAROV, S. D., MYUKOV, P. G. Al and FEDOSIWVj A. I., Physics Institulte imeni 11. W, Uberev~ Am: rj Y o Sciences USSR "Variations in Back-41jeattered Radiation Spectrum During laser Heating of Plasma" Moseowl Fis1ma v Zhurnal Eksperimentallnoy i Teoratichatokoy -Flisikio Vol 15, No 4, 20 Feb 72, pp 184-186 Abstracti It to knoim that strorg tack-zeatterinr of bwer light oocu= during the high-power laser mdiation heating of a plasma with the ube oe solid targetz. 7be authors nea&ured the apectnim of thili la4ar l1ght reflecti-cl by the plasna. The targets used were LiD, (C-r~)n, heavY ice, 111. The 14UL14- tion courca was a self-mode-locking lid luor oonsisting of a imister oscillab)r and a six-stage amplifier. The plaama heating and cipoctral rionisuremant's wore carried out on the fundamental frequency ( /N -w L06 micivana), ats well ns on the second harmonic frequency 0-53 nlcr*n). The Jonas urenien tz were 1/2 USSR ZARITSKIY, A. R.9 et, al.. Pislma r Zh,=al EksperLmimitiAlnoy i Teareticheshoy FULkit Vol 15p No 4, 20 Feb 72, Im 1W,186 made on a grating spectropnzpb iiith f - cm. Th49 I)iLck-s,:attered radiation spectrum was found to havo a large numbar of' eqiOdistaat lime;D, situatol gen- erally both In the Stokes and the anti-Stokez part of i~be apectr=. Ihis is due to the presence at the line of incident radiation INnom wemk satellites, the distance between which oquals the interval between the lines of reflected light. The observed process is of a stimulated charact.4jr. Its explanation may be related to the phase modulation of hIgh-power 14,,ht pulses in the plas- ma layer. 2/2 . . ............. 1'/2 02 2 UNCLASS IFIED TITLC---EXCi~t T i-N GF lu~ E I H. I Hc UR 1,4 t- 1.,4 ll,'%l I S 1.11~ ELT I LL !-) k-E F I I I I S A LL, W(I)A t,,L V I Z LJ L r i. i i s u - A L T ii u R - - I V E Y t V A . A --CCUNTRY LJF INf G--lJSSrl. V.: SrjUzc r i,.-I pj II C F t S ~< I Y A I I V L 0 V i-A , 2 ATE PULA - - - - - - - 7 c ,SU6JLCT AUDII~:Al. SCA HICES Topic ThiS-dtPATHIS, -,T I )i HYUHUL~ IN L U K I Nt U L~jkl ICOSTLROI ri liXCKI-J ION C014 It% U I A STR I I! IS OLCU;,~ L 1,T 1, 1- -'- 'j I ~ I*, PRuXY id r- L /11 L 0', .2 3 S 1;: 11 r,U, - 0 C -f A- u k.- tt L NPROW" io 1i ..1 RIMER 'now 0 z Wl C L A S$ I f I E I'tI C ACU S '-,I I'.:! Nil-AP0 I i~'%, I - A LJ X, C;4 L I J N OF S I T I I T i-. EL J d U~4 1~: I I I I 1,'~FtCl 10-w L 11 A T I T c IRA:~USCUI t-~ A14J 'I'. k,t~' 1 1 t L" F Ctjt-~ T .1 L C 1, 1 !- I t, HC I-' iij.% L:) I E iIN G L L I :,i I I -M') C. U k~ ~i H I it F J T I JA 1. H Y 0 i,;.,L 1, r~ j I" Z,_ t_. L: ;I L C -WI L 1 1 G I f S L L I i ~j HYU i,,J(. L: T i T I HL. ~i f- I HL I I H U il~ I I!L 4 5 P L-- ~. C Lz I., TI- f E I i~, r R k1! ~Q'C L L~ ~'fj' S L 01 T E j :-.1 it ',I 1- 4 J ~; 11 1:';1.' ' ~ VL L S i: J- I F v. CV T I ~' iN C i -' I 7-GC,~ 1 T u1 I r I I I., i f '3 1 N Go~:: it ~j L'.) 1A) TO I d C. 1-' "iT t- I ~i C L D 1; (j S L A L I L L 11: 1 1- 1 A. $ L I I ~Ii A (.,'I L I k A L I 'cl L 5 L f- C G' P T 1 0 1 t P 10 1 i ~i i: r 1.1,J ilk, I I; I jLL,, I t i, I !)S I N I I 1~ A I I 1~ ;4 f I I I I ;t,- A I'1 1 il r T C. ~%, E L) I r f I C~ b R t-- T I .I I P ~J-);A~ T I ill"', 1%," il 111, It. y i- L I f* ',I S I T P, 7 1 L.. r i L ic ts. I L ~4 'I 10 hi:' ii Ill-, A. !:j f ";E S T I A Y S) V S I I 1, 6 111. 11" 1. I J' CC j I L 'Vi 1 f T I L- f.: r ;I S u f I M;' A I I T I S CC: T I L L I US J U. i I F i: L i.-. T "I C. I C I L f I I I k A I f L"i y K i I t; 1. f, I il y I I,;: [.A A: I tis USSR UDC 6!5.4r7A-16-QB9.2q ADRMOV, YU. M., ZEL'TSER, A. YA.o -I J1. P., antL WOCROV, A. L., "Prosthetic Arm With Electrohydraulic Drive Hechanlisel USSR Author's Certificate No )20281t filed 17 voc 69, Publishod Doc '?I (from Otkrytiya, Izobreteniya, Promyshlemirp Obrazt*yp Tevaxn1lye Znak-1. No 34, Dec 71 j Abstract No 61f 1/06) Translation of Russian Abstracts A prosthotic arm vith elect=ktydraulic drive mechanism is described. It includes an artificial orist.1 foieea-Li and rihoulder sockets, a nonreversible pump, hydrocylirmiorsp an electrla notor and batten,, overflow valve, compensation reserv(dr, valye distributa::-a, ani olectronic control units. It is dlitinguishe4 'by tho fact that~ In orLlor to irvi.Late G-rasp- ing fonie mui ensuro paxallel oporatinn of the working plixts, hydraulic resistance ic established in it pLrAllal to the roli4j, alomant, fOIC example in the fom of a constant choke with advance -motlaticin, ThIs interacts with the elastic wrist element which is made in the shapit of a. spring anti connected bjr a coupling xod to the hydrocylimter ram and the Iliver elements of the wrist mechanism. For each padx of i4ovemontep two value d1stxibutors are insta.Ued with control coils oontaining -two support olenen~-. 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