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December 31, 1967
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USSR UDC 612-82:612.014.48 PIONTKOVS*, 1. A., and KRUGLIKOV, R. 1. "Characteristics of Short-Term, Memory in Rats Prenatally Exposed to Radiation" Moscow, Doklady Akademii Nauk USSa, Vol 191, No 1, 1970, pp 218-220 e,---.posL-d Abstract: Characteristics of short-t-erm in to memory rats 150 on the l6th day of their prenatal development were investigated. The experiment was conducted in a plexiglas T-shaped labyrinth; t4e base was the starting chamber, shut off by a curtain, leadincr to the stem, or passacreway, which led to two short corridors, right and left, each containing food at different periods. Controls and irradiated rats were accustomed to the labyrinth for 3-4 days. A signal (light and/or sound) indicated where the food was, the curtain was ra-Lsed, and the rats were allowed to run for their food. After the rats tented food, they were taken up and! placed agaih in the starting i t, chamber. Zhe experiment wau repeated but: without a aignaL, w. ~ the- food in the same place. W hen the interval between the first and second runs was short (30 sec), the performanceiof both groups was 1/2 USSR PIONMOWSKY, 1. A., et al., Moscow, Doklady Akademii 141auk USSR, Vol 1919 No 1, 1970, pp 218-220 uch alike. lernen the interval was longer (1-2 min), the accuracy of performance was lessened in both groups, but more pronounced in theirradiated group, indicating the:disappearance in the memory of traces of the recently performed actions. 2/2 LKLASSIFIEC Pkc(:ESSING CATE--035C~00 ~'.TITLE--SYNTFESIS (IF FICFER ALFVAj CPECA EfCHLUrCLE-F-P\S E'Y TFT~ -AV-01C C 0 N i\ SA T I C NCF OME61, CFLGk%1--CiRQ.CJXYL IC AC [ L 5 A NO - I iy 3 p 6 U TA D I E-f,.'E I I-u- .:ALTFC-F--KH,1Z(L1TCVA-, P.A., PIRKING, L.t.t FICSFIN, lei YA CL-KrFY CF INFC--LSSR --ZF. G .-SCURCE C, KF1,%'. 1,370t o(2) 21~; 22 ~Ofi T EFLELISI-El ------- 7 C ~`~LEJECT AF-E-AS--CFEMISTFY ~j C P I CJAGS-CH-C-RINATEE ORGANIC COMPCtKC, E~ECTRCLVSI.S, CLRBOXYLIC ACID, CAS CFPCVATCCSAPFY# CFEFICAL -SYNTFESIS. .';CCNTRCL PM~KINC--NG RESTRICTICNS 10 C- C U Y' f N 1CLAS~--LNCLASSIFIEC ,'~P,RCXY i-,[-EL/FPAVE--1'380/173e STEF,NC--LP/C366/70/OC6/CO2/0219/0222 I-Rc -,* C C ES I C NI% CPC C 4-q 16 Q9MM'-T411U6Q9;qmNfiMN H h"R44 I J N'11144 W "I'M 66"11 L' 1.41 . I 1i .~1 A : I I U ;FIT, rll;~T 71--l Al. I I U "1777 -o ~ I : ",- l-,,,rj_.. rMB11"Mirl Dill jlpmw WT..T 171 1 ,.,-Acc- N 'lef 0 cddi Ab _tr4d.tlng:: r0049616 CHEMICAL ABST'.4770 106538h Synthesis of higher a.w-dichloroolefts by the anodic condensation of wchlor6carbotylic acids, 4~d 1,3-buta- diene. 14' hjgd, L. flukbin. hl- Kp Zh. r SR) re Kkim. 1970, --YA. (US '9(2), 2W-22 (Russ). The sis f Cl electroly o (CH2 OC02H (1)!Or' Cl(Cl-LxCo~Fr!i(u) iw tile IN presence Of H2C'-C :CH% g:av'el the following. products HCH (identified by gas chr from L;Cl(CHt)-;CEl:CH(CF12h- Omatox Cl, - Cl(CHj)6CR(CH:CHWCffl)l(Zl'!' Cl(CHl-)lCll.--C'oCH2CHt- CH:Cll(CH2)7Cl, CI(CHt).,CH(--R:Cl-l,,)CHiCH:CH(CHs)~C]; and from U. CKHACH, CH(C%)~Ct, CRCH%~CH(Cll - (Cfft~Cl, ClICH WH.C14(Cffi)jCHCll(CHjhQ,~l Cl(Clt2)~- CH(CH - CH2)Cll%CH:'CH(CH%hCL~ CPJR REEL/FRMfE 19801738 V sb. Probl. strukturn. lingvistiki 1971 (Problems of Structural Linguistics in 1971--collection of works), Moscow, Nauka, 1972, pp 521-533 (from RZh-Kibernetika, No 12, Dec 72, Abstract No 12V538) Translation: The following machine translation program is proposed: 1) a statistical description of the texts of a defined form and selection of units in the base sublanguage; 2) construction of an automated bilingual dictionary of word forms, words and phrases; 3) construction of the morphological-syntactic translation; 4) creation of algorithms In programs for eliminating lexical ambiguity; 5) combination of steps 2-4 into an integrated system. The impossi- bility of machine translation of high linguistic quality is recognized. How- ever, the use of machines to assistia. translator (the creation of automated dic- tionaries), classification and annotation,, texts, the translation of titles and word-for-word translation by a machine is assumed possible. The results ob- tainedin these areas are indicated. It is proposed that the~success of future implementations will depend on the memory of the computers used and the develop- ment of programming languages., Oil UNCLASSIFIED ~PROCESSING DATE--230CT?O '.~tTlTLE-STEREOCHEMISTRY OF ANTIBIOTICS OF THE AUREOLIC ACID GROUP -U- .,:~AUTHOR-03)-BERLINI, YU.A., KOLQSOVv M*N.t PIOTROVICH, L.A. -COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR LETT. 1970w (16)r 1329-31 D A T EPUBLISHED ------- 70 '. ~_SUBJECT AREAS--31CLOGICAL AND MEDICAL. SCIENCES TAGS--STEREOCHIEMISTRY1 ANT1810TICt MOLECULAR STRUCTUREM)OLfVIN ANTIBIOTICy (U)CHRI)MOMYCIN ANTIBIOTIC,. WhILIVOMYCIN ANTWOTIC t ONT ROL 14ARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS J-,'.DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED REELIFRAME--1999/0414 STEP NO--UK/0000170/0001016/1329/L331 __CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0122594 UNCLASSIFIED F--i i r i i 2/2 011 UNCLASSMO OROCESSING DATE-230CT70 C I RC ACCESSION NO--AP0122594 ,...ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. CHEM. EVIDENCE IS GIVEN FOR IHE A3S. CONFIGURATION OF I PRIME S, 2S, 3Rt 3 PRIME S, It PRIME R FOR OLIVIN (it R EQUALS R PRIMEI EQUALS R PRIME2 EwUALS 14) AND CHROMOMYCIN (It R EQUALS MEv R PRIMEI EQUALS R PRIME2 EQUALS H), WHICH ARE THE AGLYCONES OF-AUREOLIC ACID,. CHROMOCYCINS AND OLIVOMYCINS. FACILITY: INST. --CHEM. NAT. PROD., M05COWi, USSR. USSR UDC: 621-317:621.373 ALPAROV, A. U. , "A Low-Frequency Measurement Oscillator" Tr. Kazan. aviats. in-ta (Works of the Kazan' Aviation Institute), 1970, vyp. 12-1, pp 76-81 (from RZh-Radiotekhnika,.No.ll', Nov 70, Xbstract No 11A335) Translation: A block diagram is given for a measurement oscillator with a relative insta:bility Of �5-10-5 and a coefficient of ncailinear distortion of 0.1%, and circuits are given for a quartz oscillator, frequency divider, and active narrow-band EC filter. The quartz oscillator contains a 2-5 kHz resonator. The frequency divider is constructed on tbe,basis of semiconductor flip-flops in a counter circuit. The filter utilizes,a double-T bridge. All are vacuum-tube circuits. Four illustrations, bibliography of three titles. E. L. WYKC~, E. r-.,. aniE PIPA,. V.. E. 1111jirch. Effec= i-ir- Semiconductors: wi th:.Strang Degeneration--of--Eldr-tron-Hole EerdAiUa&,, Fizika7. T~erdogo:- TU]a.. Vol--13,. No 2, February- 19713-.pp- 579m-584 Amtmar-t-.: This article- contains - a: s tudy - of the s tationary- pinch ef f ect in a c=yS= , ixr the shape of- a:. plate- under: the conditions. of strong degeneration aE am electron-hole vlasma. Tfte~effect-of the mechanisms of.electron pulse relaxation and electron and hole recombination on the spatial distribution of the current carriers and the voltampere characteristics of the crystal is at-udied... The-inves.tigation is. limited to the case in which the electron mobi-1-1 ty un exceeds the hole mobility u signif icantly (the usual case in ny-g-gi-l-nnductors with a- nar=e f orbidden- ione). In this case, the pinch a+tniarion:. depends- essentially on. them detailed electron--pulse relaxation 1"_,+ian�.q= and vexy- weakly orr them- hole.0 pulse. relaxation -mechanism.7 The sibpe of the vd1tampere. characteristics!. during monomoleculax..-recombination fix much-~ greater than- the slope.- irL the.. case of bimolecular.recaribinatioa -- lim thaf latter- casa the. pinch, off-act, leadw~ to a Che total number MIT UM BHUCY, 1. 1., and PIPA, V.. L, Fizika~,Tverdogo Tela, Vol.13, No 2, February 579~-584; of carriers in the crystal. The analysis indicates that experimental study af the voltampere characteristics under pinch effect conditions can provide useELI information about the p-redominate mechanism of conductivity in a c3:yst:al.. The discussion pertains primarily to the case in,which the surface genexation-recombination processes,can:-be neglectedbut an equation is ient-ed.for renormalization ofthe-critical field when the surface re- Imation. rate- on the- y faces -is nonzero. -39'_ ')CESS I NG DAT E-- L _kNOV7 0 j/ 2 036 U"-,CLft.SS IF I EO P I-; i. TITLE--SHIELDING OF CHARGED IMPURMES 114 :SEMIC0,NDUl',f3,RS IN THE PRESENCE -"F A CU,;,FENT -U- AUTHOR--PIPAi V.I. "T ik Y OF INFO--USSR C CUN SOURCE--LENINGRAOt SOLID STATE PHYSICS; sl A Y19-10; P P 1323-8 PUBL ISHED ------- 70 AREAS--C-LECTRONICS AND ELECTRICAL FNGR., PHYSICS TOPIC TAGS--SE!-I.'CGNDUCTOR IMPURITYt ELECTRON DENSITY, ELECTRONIC SHIELOINGt DEBYE LENGTH, COULOMB FIELD- C 0,1 T0 L MARKING--P40 RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--3005/L012 STEP NQ--UR/0181/,70/(jOO/O~),)/1323/1328 C E R CA C CE _S 1, .,_--AP01~3079 .'2/2 036 UJWCL ASS IF I EP-' PROCESSING DATE--13NOV70 ~CIRC ACCESSION 140--AP 0133079 -ABSTRACT/EXTRACT-W) GP-0- ABSTRACT. A N EXPRESS I ON 15 00TAlt,,E0 FOR THE DENSITY DISTR13UTIGN OF THE SH I ELD I NG If-HAkGF AkOUNJ CHA-i'GEO PJ[NT IMPURITIES IN SE-MICONDUCTURS IN THE PRESENCE OF ji rURRENT FOR THE CASE -D 1-10TIGNI OF THE CARR IERS IN THE FIELDS OF THE IN WHICH THERE IS DIFFUSL I - . IMPURITIES. THE DISTRIBUTION IS SHOIWN JOY BE ANISOYR.0-PIC, ;7LONGATEa IN THE OPECTION OF THE CARRIER CURRENT ANO CHARACT~RAIZED BY "CUMPRESSEDII -SENCE AND "ELONGATED" AREAS. OF SH I ELi)fi'IG. THE P R E - ~, 13 FA CURRENT THE POTENTIAL IS DIST PIGUISHED FROM THE DEBE-HUCKEL ZOULLIBRIUi PUTEINTIAL BY 'THE FACT THAT AT G-1-,EAT DISTANCES FiiQM A :CHARGED IAPUKITY THE POTEtjTIAL DECPEASES, LIKE Al SHORT DISTANCES IT THE POTEINTIAL OF A DIPOLE, WHILE TENDS, WITH AN [INCREASE 1,'14 THE ATTRACTING ELECTkICAL FIELD, TOWARD THE COULO'All PUTENT!AL. THE AUTHOR EXTENDS HIS THANKS TO So I, PE4AR-AND I- 1. BOYKO FOR THEIR HELPFUL fjlSCUSSIO,'4iAfID'ASSISYAI,ICE 1*,Ii THE WORK. N I AN -lY OF SCIEN FACILITY: INSTITUTE OF: SE~ ]CONDUCTURSr UKkAN ~CADEI KIEV. 1: 0 7- USSR PIPA, V. 1. (Institute of Semiconductors, Mvrainl an Acadoqr of Sciences, Kiev) ,urlties in Seiriconductors in the Pr sence of a Cu--rent" "Shielding of CharGed imp e Leningrad, Solid State Physics; Ma.',r 1970; pp 1323-8 Abstract: An e-xpression is obtained for the density dictributic-n o-f the shieldin:~- charge around cha.-C;cd point impurities in comicondur-tors in tl:sB prcv(~nce of a cur- rent fo- the case in which there is diffused notion of the carriers in the fields of the impurities. The distribution is shown to be Fmisotropic, elon--ateli in the direction of the carrier cu--re-nt and characterized by "cmrmrc,-,n(,;d" ana `elon:-, areas of shielding. 7he presence of a current the potential is dist-ini~Ldshcd from the Debye-Hdckel equilibrium potential by the fact that at gre,,tt distances from a charged impurity the potential decreases, like the potential of a dipole, while at short distances it tends, with an increave in the ettxacting electrical field, A- the Coulomb potential. ,o4ad The author extends his thanks to S. 1. Pekar and 1. 1. Boylko for their helpful discussion and assistance in the work -Me article includes 16 equations and two figures. USSR UDC: 5.19-214 PIPIRAS, V. ~znpot~icExj~3anssion~s for the Distribution Function of a Sunt of Inde- pendent Lattice Random Quantities" Lit. mat. sb. (Lithuanian Mathematics Collection), 1970 10, No 3, pp 517-536 (from RZli-Kibernetika, No 7, Jul 71, Abstract 110 T-1401) Translation: Let be independent ratidom quantities which te-ke on values of the form a, +hk Ojt and h>o are some nunbers ; h~-O. �1. �2....,* i- 1. 2. n)- The results proved in the paper show that with the limta- tion AIjtf,,< (rz,,-3 is any number; 1-1,2 n) and certain other ccn- ditions, the remainder in the asymptotic expansion of the distribution func- 'ion of B.-I Ej is no greater in absolute value than c (11, 0 + I (x) 1) x where the positive function r.(z)-o, when r-CV, Here a., is the variance of and L, is the Lyapunov fraction. Author's ab- stract. USSR UDC: .621.385 GAVRILOV, A. A. KOMISSARCHIK, V. M. "An Installation for Vacuum Treatment of the Cathode Elements of Magnetrons" Moscow, Otkrytiya, Izobreteniya, Promyshlennyye Obraztsy, Tovarnyye Znaki, No 24, 1970, Soviet Patent No 2T7119, Clasp 21, filed 27 Dec-67, p 63 Abstract: This Author's Certificate introduces a device for vacuum treating the cathode elements of magnetrons. The'unit contains a working chamber, a prevacuum. chamber, a loading box, and a table for holding pa---ts with vacuum electrical leads which can be t.-,ved out of the loading chamber into the work- ing chamber. As a distinguishing feature of the patent4 provision is made for checking the thermionic and secondary emission properties of the cathode by equipping the installation with a measuring device arjunted on the working table. This device is made in the form of a cylindrical anode with an an-nulus in the middle, and an annular tungsten cathode Lvurrounding the anode at the level of the annulus. The anode and cathode areJantened to Influ- lators, and the the inner surface of the anode acts as a collector of secondary and reflected electrons from the cathodes being inspected. ASSI F P, OCE$SING DATE--20-NOV70 (329 U14CL ",TITLE--kELAYS GF DISCOVERIES -U- D. ,`_~,ccuNTRY1 OF INFG-LSSR ~SLURCE-SCTSIALISTICHESKAYA INDUSTRIYAt AUGUST 6t t970, P 3, COLS Z-6 DATE PUL-LISHEC-06ALIG70 r_.*"--_SUBJECT AREAS--MATERIALS, BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL SCIE14CES TAGS--METAL WHISKER, METALLURGIC RESEARCH FACILIFY .-CENTRU MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS OCCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED .PROXY REEL/FRAME--2000/lb82 STEP N 0- - U R0 5 3 30 10 0 010 0 00 0 0 30 0 0 3 CIRC ACCESSIC'N N'Q--AN01;!;487 i:f:!~ fj-, ~'V_2 029 UNCLASS!FIE.D PR16CESSING DATE--20NOV70 _:CIRC ACCESSICN NO-AIN0125487 ABSTRACT/EXTkACT--(U) GP-0- AB STkAC T THE ARTICLE GIVES A VERY BRIEF REVIEw OF TFE RESEARCH ACTIVITIES AT THE IINSTITUTE OF METALLURGY IMENI dAYKjV_6F THE ACADEMY OF SCIENCES, U.S.S.R,j IN CONJUNCTION WIT~l T.1i E 100TH APJt-,.tVERSARY OF THE' bI&THDAY OF IrS NAME-SAKE :A. A. bAYK(JV. T H E -V. INSTITUTE'S DIRECTOR IS ACADEMICIAN N. V. AGEVE T THE, LABORATO, Y THAT -RE-SEARCHES EXOTIC MATERIALSi SUCH AS WHISKERS, IS HEA01:0 13Y -.CORRESPC)%DING MEMbER OF THE ACADEMY YE. M. SAVITSKIY. GNE OF THE ASSOCIATES OF THIS LAbORATOPY 15 CANDIDATE Cf: TECHNICAL SCIENCES. G. S. SURKHANOV. TFE LABGRATGRY THAT DEALS WITH TETANEU14 ALLOYS IS HEADED BY CCCTC,'9 CF CHEMICAL SCIENCCS 0. S. IVANOV. HE HAS CLAIMED THAT JENSILE STRENGTH VALUE OF TITANIUM, ALLOYS CAN BE RAISEP TO 120-180 KG-C-M SQUARED. DCCTGg OF TECHNICAL SCIENCES YU. V. TSVETK(JV* CORRESPONDING -'MEMBER OF THE ACADEMY D. M.. CHIZHIKOV, AND 1) CANDI ArE 01: TECHNICAL .;.!__,~:~:SCIENCES V. 1. KASHIN ARE ALSO MENTICIN;_~U. A PHCTOGRAPH IS GIVEN WHICH YU. UGASTE, JUNICi~ SCIENtf ASSOCIATE Of- THE X RAY SPECTRAL SHOWS ESEARCH LABORATORYP AND V. KHLCHfJVr CHIEF MECHANIC OF 1HE TEST PPARATUS. ,.Moscow, Sorsiaistichaskaya Indusicriya, 6 Au,7, 70, P 3, cois. 2-6 -with 'I. V. kg~e~ev, L.-,e Abstrac~~: An account is given of an iiiterview 1nrtiLu-_e of ~'etanllurgy ineni. A. A. Bayko-jr, and other scien'Ii.-.-Ls aL ~..O _-tiL-,Le oil tho occasion of the 100', Lh anniversary. of Baykoy Is birth. in lino witl,, r,"cra teciuiology's requirements for supor-strong, super-light, super-'aard, zind . ~pcr- heat-rezistant materials, much attent.-Ion~ at the Institute i.5 Veing giver. Lo Lne development of "whiskers," artificially grown crystals. According to -a. Bur,-_h~ov, Candidate of Technical 3ciences, single crystals of practically all 011, the nigh-melting and rare metals have been obtained and Audied. Under t"he direction of D. M. Chiznikov, Corresponding klember of. t-Aile Acadc;;W o' Sciences USSR, a method has been developed for reducing metals 3.n a pla~;Laa atream by using cheap and safe natural gas. In the plasm stream the netal and gas are in- separable. This union however, must be destroyed or the properties of the metal will suffer. "If a region of lowered pressure is croaLoi over the molten metal in the ladle, a part of the gasea in the melt can escape arbi can be removed 1/2 77~-* USSR PTPKO, D.,Sotsialistichoskaya industriya, 05 Aug 70, p 3. cols. 2-6 easily," according to Candidate of Technical Sciences V. 1. Kashin. Under the leadership of Academician A. A. Samarin, steels ha-,re been obtained whic.- have new properties and increased plasticity. Tests with the new steels have shown that defects.are practically absent when the most complex parts are stamped. 2/2 6ozz CSO. 1842-141 FIW ASSI PROCESSING DATE-13NOV70 TITLE--PREPARIAT ION OF A X-HHANICALLY STRONG LIOUTO RHi~SE 11YOPuGENATION CAT4LYST -U- AUTHOR-103)-SUKOLSKIY, D.V., GOGOL, N.A., PIPKG,~ G.N. COUNTRY OF INFG--USSR SOtjRCE--J.S-S-R- 266v735 REFE-kENCE--GTKRYTIYA, lZ0BP.ET.,.PR&). OBRAZTSYo TOVARNYE ZNAKI, 19TO, --DATE PUBLISHED--OIAPR70 SUBJECT AREAS---:CHE!4ISTRY OP I CTAGS-CHEMICAL-.-PATENT, CALCIUM SULFATE, CATALYTIC HYDRO.GEtiATIUN, CATALYST k. CONTRUL IMARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS CLASS-UNCLASISIFIE0 "-:PROXY REEL/ FRAME-300411793 STEP ~40--(JiR/04a2/70/000/000/0000/0000 CIRC ACCESSION ND--AA0132059 UNCLASSIFIED 112 010 UNCLASSI FIED PROCESSING D4YE--23OCT70 TITLE--ON THE PROBLEM OF STATISTICAL PAgAMETERS CHANGE OF RIVER RUNOFF WHEN THE HYDROGRAPH IS DIFFERENTLY CUT.INTO SECTIONS WITH ANNUAL AUTH OR-(03)-SVANIDZE# G*G., PIRANASHVILIlp Z!jo4.,,l KILASONIYA, A.N, '~.COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR -'.SCURCE--METE0R(3L0GIYA I GIDROLOGIYAP 1970P NR 6, PP 69-77 ~_D.ATE- PURL ISHED ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS--EARTH SCIENCES AND OCEANOGRAPHY ,-JOPIC TAGS--RIVER, RUNOFF, HYDROGRAPHY, ,!.~'_CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS '~..DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED ~:,PRQXY REEL/FRAME--2000/1760 -STEP NO--IJA/0050/'10/000/006/0069/007'1 .'CIRC ACCESSION Nfl--AP0125376 UNCLASS I F [ED 2/2 010 Ur4CLASSIFIE0 PROCESSING DATE--230CT70 1~'.CIRC ACCESSION INO-4P0125376 ABSTRACT/c-XTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT, CHANG ES OF VALUES OF VARIATION AND CORRELATION COEFFICIENTS WITH DIFFERENT DATES OF THE BEGINNING OF THE HYDROLOGICAL YEAR AND VARIOUS FEATURES OF RIVER RUNOFF PROCESS ARE ANALYSED, FACILITY: GRUZINSKIY NAUCHP10-ISSLEDOVATELISKlY INSTITUT-ENERGETIKI. -U-PICLASS USSR UDC 536.24 FIRALISHVILI. S11. A. "Vortex Counterflow Heat Exchanger" Sb. nauch. rabot molodykh uchenykh. Ki~ybyshev. aviats. in-t (Collected Scientific Works of Young Scientists. Kuybyshev Aviation Institute), 1971, vyp. 1, pp 35- 38 (from RZIi-I'lekhanika, No 6, Jun 73, Abstract No 0816) Translation: The vortex heat exchanger is a short cylindrical chamber to one end of which a cold heat exchange agent is fed through the vortex chamber. The cold heat exchange agent forms an intense twisted vortex flow pressed against the walls of the chamber, and it withdraws from the opposite end of the chamber. Opposite to the cold heat exchange agent, a hot heat exchange agent is pumped along the chamber axis. Preliminary experiments have demonstrated the high efficiency of this type of heat exchanger by comparison with the connterflow recuperative heat exchangers in which the hot and cold heat exchange agents are separated by a wall. 112 Oil UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--230CT70 ,.TITLE--CHEMISTRY OF UNSATURATED COMPOUNDS. SYNTMESIS Atli) SOME REACTIONS OF TERTIARY(ALLYLETHYNYL)CARBINOLS -U-1. S*Kow KINOYAN~~.Sov VARTANYANI S*A. ~__'COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR ~.,,'.S,OURCE--ARM. KHIM. ZH. 1970t 23(2) 146~8 ~__DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 AREAS--CHEMISTRY -TOPIC TAGS--ACETYLENE, ALCOHOL9 ALLYL CHLORIDEt ISCIAERIZATIONf BUTENEf CHEMICAL SYNTHESIS, HETEROCYCLIC NITROGEN COMPOUNDo 14ETEROCYCLIC OXYGEN :COMPOUND, AMINE wz.~ ~CQNTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS MCUMENT~CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED .,~,PROXY R-EEL/FRAME--1995/1444 STEP NO--UR/0426/-fO/023/()02/0140/0142 CIRCACCESSION NO--AP0116886 UNCLASSIFIED 2/2 Oil -UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--230CT70 ACCESSION NO--AP0116886 ABSTRACT7EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. TERTIARY ACETYLENIC CARBINOLS RR PRAME C(OH)C TRIPLE BOND CH (1) REACT WITH ALLYL CHLORIDE OR BROMIDE AND 10 901CHLOROt2tgUTENE AT 40-50DEGREES UNDER N IN THE PRESENCE OF CU SUB2 CL SUB2 AND AN AQ. SOLN. OF NH SUB4 Ct TO GIVE RR PRIME C(OH)C TRIPLE BOND CCH SUB2 CH:CXR DOUBLE PRIME (11), X BEING -H OR*CL AND R DOUBLE PRIME BEING H OR ME. ISOMERIZATION OF 11 (X EQU ALS H) WITH HGSO SIJB4 (111) IN MEOH AT 30-5DEGREES GAVE-RRIPRIME C:CHCOCH SUB2 CHIOME)ME (IV). S'IMILARLYv 11 (X EQUALS CL) GAVE RR PRIME C:CHCrJCf1.SU82 CH:CCLME (V). if (X EQUALS H) WERE CYCLIZED TO VI BY TREATMENT WITH 10PERCENT H SUB2 SO SUB4 AND III. (ADDITIONAL SYNTHESIS AND REACTIONS SHOWN ON MICROFICHE). FACILITY:- INST.; ORG. KHIMoil EREVANg USSR. UNCLASSIFIED USSR UDC 8.74 SEREBRYAKOV, V. A. GRISHINA, T. M., ZIRLN "YaRUS Expanded Programming System" V sb. Teoriya yazykov i metody postroyeniya sistem programmir. (Language Theory and Methods of Constructing Programming Systems--collection of works), Kiev- Alushta,,1972, pp 181-189 (from RZh-Kibernetika, No 12, Dec 72, Abstract No 12V462) T Iranslation: A programming system is described which offers the possibility for the user to have the expansions.he requires bylintroducing new syntactic structures, defining new data structures and new operations. The base for the system is the so-called expanded language -the construction of which is an iterative process. Its origin is a language ~.. In the k + 1 step of the process, the language Xk+l described by means of the language )-k is generated. The process continues until the language is obtained with the required means of expression. In the initizl state the YaRVS system comprises two languages: "R language is the base the TsYeNTR and the process control language. The TsYeYL language: from this language the expansion process begins. Its base is the BCL language developed at the London Institute of Computer Engineering. The -ocedures each of which program in the TsYeNTR language comprises a series of pi includes a beading and a body. The heading, in turn, comprises the namet3 and 1/2 USSR GRISHINA, T. M., et al., Teoriva yazykov i metodylRoFtroyeniya sistem programmir., KievrAlushta, 1973, pp 181-189 attributes of the name. The attributes of the name are the descriptor of the title procedure and the list of formal parameters. The body of the procedure is the module comprising the sequence of tagged elements separated by the symbol ";." The element can be a module, an alternative, a controller, the procedure call, the operator and the description. The control language is used to control the processes taking place in the system. The instructions of this language are divided into the general instructioas.of the TEST type and the instructions giving the operating mode of the system, The general in- structions are used to initiate the problem in the system, completion of opera- tion of the system, control of the communications channels, and calling the archive. The instructions of the TEST type are traditional instructions of the operation with an archive. The operating mode instructions provide for opera- tion of the system in one of three modes: expansion, compilation and execution. 2/2 I I Q3 1 UNC L A 5 S I F1 E_ 1) PRCiCESS ING Do%TF -- 13NOV70 AbSC-:\PTI0t4 SPECTRA OF gAiE A T HSljLFt'jsAl_lC*fLAT,r___~ -U- 'l)-S!--,-ESTAK6VA, RK B _A UT W3 R - T P I 5 -tOUNf+KY OF INFO--USSR NEORIG. KHIM. 19701 15t4)t 993-5 ~.'~DATE PU6LISHED---"---70 SUBJECT. 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