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September 17, 2001
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December 31, 1967
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212 020 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--090CT70 CIRC ACCESSIOi,4 NO--AP0109172 ~ABSTRACWEXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. AN EXPERIENCE IN 100 RETROSTERNAL PREFASCIAL ESOPHAGOPLASTIES WITH THE ShALL INTESTINEo PERFOR14ED IN PATIENTS-AGED FROM 7 TO 60 YEARS wITH CICATRICIAL INARPOWING OF THE ESOPHAGUSt IS PRESENTED. TllREE'PRIr4CIPAL STAGES 01: SURGERY ARE DIFFERENTIATEDP AND DETAILED CHARACTERISTICS OF EACH IS GIVEN, BASING ON THE-ANALYSIS OF CLINICAL DATA. COMPLICATIONS AND CAUSES CF UNFINISHED ESUPHAGOPLASTIES (IN 4 PATIENTS)t AS WELL AS CAUSES OF MORTALITY (5 CASESIARE DESCRIBED. IT IS CONSIDERED THAT RETROSTERNAL PREFASCIAL --ESOPHAGOPLASTY WITH THE SMALL INTESTINE COULD BE A METHOD OF CHOICE IN RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY ON THE ESOPHAGUS. FACILITY: GOSPITAL'INOY KHIRURGICHE.SKfJY KLINIKI TOMSKOGO ORDENA TRUDOVOGO KRASNOGO ZNAMENI -MEDI.TSINSKOGO ANSTITUTA. ,mm UMR' UDO 1537-226-537-311-331:1537'-535J BAUMTSP V. A.J. VOINOVA, L. G. OGACff~~__I~, and DUMBOVSKIY, S. A. MGM "ElectroDhysical ProDerties and Struciures of Some Indiwn and Rial-lium Tellurides in Thin La) ers V Bb. Tonkiv je -Dier-Itd sovetlinenly tellura s metallam modzni*oT) tsinka i galli-,ra (Thin Fi2inks of TI-e-Ilurl"in Compounds With M.-tals of Zinc and Gallitu" Subgroups -- Collection of Works), VilInyus, 1970, p III (from RZh-Fizika No 10, Oct 71, Abstract Ik) 10YE-760 by authors) Translation: Thin la)ers of TlSdTe weiv obtained by theinal evaparat.-Lon in 2 vacuumi. Amoz-phous layers of condensate vere obtained by deposition on cold substrates. Heat treatment of amorphous films of TISbqIe2 in vacuum at T--3500 K resulted in their crystallization. The authors -studied the follow- ing basic electrophysical ]i~_ters of amorphous and nolycrystalline layers of UnTe : specific conductivity, Seebeck coefficient, c oncentration and si,~n of _i carriers, then.-a act vation energy. Ttrans curren I I nnission ajid reflection of amorphous and polycrystal-line layers of TIMID ' Ln the 4,pectral range from 0-7- TL2 15 microns were measured. The effective mass of carrent carriers was calcu- lated according to IR reflection spectra.. ln.~,Te_ films vere obtained 4y cathode sputtering of the initial semiconductor in an Ar atmosphere. 'Ehe 1/2 USSR BAZAKUTSA, V. A., et al. Y Ibnkiye plenki soyedineniy tellum, s metallami Rodgrupp tsinka i Falliya, 1970, p Ill. structure- and foUowing basic electrophysical parameters of films were studied: s-aecific conductivity, Seebeck coefficient, concentration and sign of cu=ent carriers, energy gap. 2 /P- *A-AO051770- UR 0482 Soviet Inventions Illusnated, Section II Electrical, Derwent,,/ 70 237022 MAGNIETOWDLIATION.SENSOR, of increased sensitivity, the eircuit for which is sbuwn in the diagram; it consists cf'a generator (1) .onnected to thia.exciter (2), the core (3) being of :_-oldly-magnetic material., with ~the measuring coil (-~) having a measuring inductance LI, and also including the reactive components L2, Cl, C, and C3 w+,ich form, together vith LI, a bridge arrangement. Wrhen excited by current from (1) the winding (2) generates a sinusaidal miagnetic field of frequency Ic=ega' and amplitude H,, which periodically chariges the magnetic condition of.the core (3). W6n a measured magnetic field Ho is present in the measur- ing coil, an e.nt.f. at the 4th harmonic of the excit- ation frequency is set up as well as a combinational frequency. Thii e.m.f. increases due to parametric amplification effects and is divided betwee n the AA0051770 Institut Avtomatiki i Elektrometrii AN SSSR reminder of the components of the bridge circuft in the described wanner,resulting in a signal o:f increased strength. : An algebraic- equatio.M. for dateraining,tho st;wgth, pf 4.0.f . -is. included tog*ther.with a graph wbich relsies.sensitivity of the sensor with excitation field. 2.9.66 as 1160773118-24. B.M.ROGiCiMS)a E.V__ sHauxEem,. iNsT. op AuToKkTION & ELECTROKETRY WITHIN THE ACA.D. OF SCIENICES OF THE USSR.(16.6.69) Rul 7/3.2.69. Class 74b. lut.Cl.G 08c 'y 2 3 2 4 C3 LF16. 2* -- ........ . 023 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--20NOV70 th ,.::TITLE--AN AUTCPATIC CCNINECTION FINDER -U- ',lUTH0R--RCGALEV, R.I. :..CCUNTRY OF INFU--USSR ...SOURCE--USSR NO 264002 ~-AfFERENCE-LiT.KA''YTIYA, Mw,-~ETENIYA, PROMYSHLENNYYE OBRAZTSYp TI]VARNYYE ~;.~;DATE PUBL lSHrCC----70 ~S_UBJECr AREAS--ELECTRONICS AND ELECTRICAL ENGR. TOPIC fAGS--PAT't_-NT, C-OoPUTER CIRCUIT.) COMPUTER Cl')l'3.PCNE4r, CO-11PUTER VJ P U T UNIT, cu:4i),,;rER mEmjRy, C614PUTER OUTPUT L;NJTv COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY, COINCIDENCIE CIRCUIT, PULSE COUNTER, COINCIDENT CURREN*r MIAV'4ETIC mEMORY '~~CCNTRCL RESTRICTIONS PRJXY KEEL/FRAME--3004/Ll77 STEP CIRC Al:cEE:_s[0.l j t 212 023 UNCLASS Mr-[) P;WCEOSINIG DATE--20,N-IV7G CIRC ACk,'c-SSICil NO--AA0131682 ~ABSTRACT/EXTRM--(U) 16STR~~CT. AUTHOR'S CFRTIFICATE INTkJOUCES: AN C-u#N-,',%LCTICN FLl',IJDLk WHICHc0 % T A I NS A COMMUTAT ION UNIT , C-l'UMIT E-,~S , COINC IDENCE CIPCUITS, A HAGNETIC UiNIT, CECUDlil'i ifil", ADDERt AND P81i"JOUT ANO PUNCHING UNIT. AS A DISTINGUIStlING FEAliME 01" ME' PATENrr L - CHECKING SPLED IS IMCREASED 3Y SIMLLIM~EUUSLY CCNNECFI%G EACH POINT CF THE CIRCUIT TO BE CHECKED TO A CONTACT OF THE CC,'-'w'WrATIJN UNIT AND %Cf\E INPUT GF THE COJINCIIJENCE CIRCUIT, v.MILE TFL- 01'~-FR I NPUTS Of- THE C01,114C.10ENGE GIRCUITS ARE CGININECTEL) THROU6H HiAT"'Ali,:1 EL C A r- ~ ~ I N NTS TO THE OUTPUTS OF THE COW TER IN FHE 2. A OF Th[S LCNNECrION FINDER R r TIME DIST INGLI SH,-'C BY INCPEASED C9CRAT ING SP~ED AND A i --!',LJCT ION IN THE '-; FOR LYS I S GF TmE i-1--7 SUL TS UF THE '-'"FECt( THE CUTPUFS G-F TIP: CUIP.NTER lol LC -CM ,THE ---NALYSIS UNT AKE T;' TvF lpiPUTS OF ME AUW,,~SS S' 'lN 0 F THE MATCHL'16 ELEMENTSw AND I'HE CGU'lf iNG I iN P U T 01" THE CC-WiHA h TH~ AiiALYSIS UNIT IS CCNNECTEU TU THL CGUNTI.%G INPUT OV THE C.LUNMR IN THE Au'lRESS OF'CODER ANO TO THE CUNTRUI- Wilf'. T~if' CuMR0L j..s co,,,N.Ecrc--" fc, ml- iiiif;~kIfs populs or- nil- ~;uMBE,~ si'CTION' AND TO THE THL I X WIT, CHILE Thr.-' GUTPOIS OF THE j-jkU';,5E;' Cu-IJINTER Ak~ fll;WU6)fl MMCHING L M-ME,"I'S TO ME f-'JPUfS OF THE Pl'-INk"UT X'40 FACILITY: .1-105KOVSAlY ZAVQ0 SC h E I t-.0- A 4 A L I T IL.; K 14 i i AA S f f IN UINC L A S'a*J f- I 1:-: 0- USSR UDC 681.326.77 'ROGALEVI R. I., Moscow Analog Com p u t e rPlant "An Automatic Connection rinder" Moscow, Otkrytiya, Izobreteniya, Promyshlennyye Obraztsy, Tovarnyye Znaki, No 8, 1970, p 120, patent No 264002, filed I Dec 66 Abstract: This Autho ' -Is Certificate introduces: 1. An automatic connection fi nder which contains a Commutation unit, counters, coin- cidence circuits, a ma,-netic memory unit, address decoding unit, adder, and printout and punching unit. As a distinguishinv, feature of the patent, checking speed is increased by simulianeousily CoRaect- ling each point of the circuit to be checked to a contact of the commu- tation unit and one input of the coincidence circuit, while the other inputs of the coincidence circuits are connected through matchinpr 7 elements to the outputs of the counter in the analysis unit. 2.. A modification of this connection firider distin~,Yuished by increased operating speed and a reduction in the time for analysis of the results of the check. The outputs of the counter in the analys-is unit are connected to the inputs of the address section of the magnetic memory through matching elements, and the counting input ot the counter in 1/2 USSR ROGALIV, R. I., et a!., Mosccw, Otkrytiya, Izobreteniva, Proyshlennyye Obraztsy, Tova-nyye Znaki, INTo 8, 1970, p 120, patent No 264002, filed I Dec '06 the analysis unit is connected to the counting Inpt;t of the counter in the ad-dress decoder and to the control t1init. The control is con- ts of the number see-ion and to the in- nected to the outputs and inpul. s of the magnetic memory control unit, -while the outputs of the ut p decoder counter are connectedthrough watching elements to the in- puts of the printout and punching unit.I 2/2 R." !it . Me III I USED,_ 112 007 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--30OCTTO TITLE-REDUCTION IN THE LOSSES OF FATTY ACIDS DURING THE THERMAL TREATMENT ~OF SOAP SOLUTIGNS OF SYNTHETIC-FATTY ACIDS -U- AUTHOR-ROGANINt F.o* .:ZGUNTRY rjF-INFO-USSR uURCE-NEFTEPERARA8. NEFTEKHIM. (MOSCOW) 1970t (33t 3Z-4 '-DATE PUBLISHED--70 SU5JECT AREAS-MATERIALS, 8LOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES -~_-ToPfr TAGS-SOAPv FATTY ACID "-CENTROL MARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS _.DOCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED .PROXY REEL/FRAME--20001IL23 STEP NO--UR/0318170/000/0031003210034 CIRC ACCESSION NO-AP0124778 UNCLASSIFIED 2/2 007 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING OATE--30OCT70 CIRC ACCESSICN t%'C--AP0124778 -ABSTRACT/EXTq"kCT-(U) GP--0- ABSTRACT. SOLNS. CONTG, SOAP, UNSAPONIFIABLES, AP40 WATER ARE HEAT TREATED TO RE11LIVE UNSAPONIFIABLE MATTER. 8Y THIS THERMAL TREATMENT, 10-15PERCENT OF THE. FATTY ACIDS ARE LOST7 MOST CF THEM l'RREVOCABLYj BECAUSE FATTY ACID ARE CONVERTED TO UNSAPONIFIABLE MATTER. THE YIELD AND COMPN. OF THE FATTY ACIDS DEPENDS ON EXCESS ALKALI, TEMP., AND TIME THE PRODUCT REMAIINS AT A HIGH TEMP. RELATIONS BETWEEN THESE 3 FACTORS NECESSARY FOR REDN. OF LOSSES OF SYNTHETIC FATTY ACIGS ARE GIVEN. FACILITY: VOLGOGRAD. FILIAL SK8 ANNt VOLGOGRAD* USSR. 021 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--090CT70 r ITLE--THERMODYNAMICS UF METHYLHEXANE ISOMERIZATION -IJ- 'AUTHOR-(04)-RUGANOV* G-N-v KOBUs G-YA.# A14DREYEVSKIY# U.N.y NIKULIN# K.V. ..'.'COUNTRY OF INFO-US SR :"SOURC,E-NEFTEKHIMIYA 1970, 10(l), 16-21 -:DATE PUBLISHED--70 AREAS-CHEMISTRY -TOPIC TAGS-THERMODYNAMICS, EQUILBRIUMs ENTROPY HEXANEt ALKYL RAUICAL, ISOMERIZATIONt PHASE L-LNTROL mARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS 3liCUME,14T.CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED ~RUXY REEL/FRAME-1992/1966 %,CIRC ACCESSION NO-AP0112930 U14CLASSIFIED STEP NO--UR/OZ04i7O/OlO/OCl/OOl6/0021 2/2 021 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--090CT70 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0112930 .~-ABSTRACI/EXIRACT-W) GP-0- ABSTRACT. EQUIL. WAS STUDIED IN THE SYSTEM C-THYLHEXANE 01) IN THE .2,,,MErhYL4EXANE (1),3,M LIQ. ANO VAPOR PHASES AT 20-170DEGREF-S BY USING ALCL SUb3 AS A CATALYST. FROt-i THE EQUIO. OArA D-ELTAETAVEGREES SUB366 ANID DELTASIDEGREES SU8368 WERE IMINUS 24 PLUS OR MINUS,50 CAL-MULE AND MINUS Oa47 PLUS OR P1114US 0.1 EU. DIFFERENCE IN ENTROPY OF I AND 11 CALCO. FOR ONL STEREOISOMER OF 11 (L OR 0) wAS MENUS 1.85 EU BASED ON EQUIL. DATA. FACILITY: BELORUSS. GOS. UNIV. LENINA* MINSKt USSR. UNCLASSIFIED USSR UDC 539-181.1 GOLTI-IISKIY, V. I., Co~rresponding Member of the USSR Acaderzy of Sciences, ZHUR F ROGANIOV V. S., D AY-EV, A. A., YEVSE EV, V. S.3, g~ ~Yu -y ' '_ V FRONTIASIYEVA, M. V., ~TOLODOV, N. I., Institute of Chemical Fhysics, USSR Academy of Sciences "Atomic Ca-Dture of Negative Mesons In Compounds Containing Hydrogen" 14oscow, Dcklady A-kadenizii Nauk- SSSR, Vol 211, No 2, 11 jul 73, pp 316-318 Abstract: An attempt is made to find possible underlyir- rerplarities in the distribution o--:' negative muons betveen. the indi,,-idual groups Zmlln Z' in substituted bydrogen-containing crganic cor-poiLnds and in ing co"-Duand hydrogen-containi s in general of the type E."11,1Z1', or Z 'A table is given su=marizing the relative probabilities ~f capture of qL u -mesons by hydrocarbcr and hydro.-en-containing groups and by aromatic rings in compounds with ionic bonds, in alkyl eblorides.,and ~n phenj,]. halides. 53 Ul,.'CL AS S I F I ED PROCESSINS DATE--230CT70 LE--EFFECT OF THE CRYSTAL LATTICE OF S!LICON ON THE HYPEKFINE SPLITTING NERGY OF MUONIIWA -U- H0,R-[05J-ANt)RIAN0Vr D.G., MINAYCHEV, YE.V.r PlYASISHCHEVAt G.G., BUK~HOVI YU.V., ROGANQVt V.S,,, ..l.T R-Y 0-F'_4 NFO~~. _u S rR RCE--ZHURNAL EKSPERIMENTALINOY I TEORETICIIESKOY FIZIKI, 19'70, VOL 58, 'R~..6, PP 1896-1898 'E~PUBLISHED ------- 70 jECT AREAS-PHYSICS IC TAGS--CRYSTAL LATTICE, SILICON, SINGLE Ca YSTAL, LONGITUDINAL p ..GNETIC FIELD KiA NTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS WMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED OXY REEL/FRAME--199711728 STEP NO--UR/0056/70/056/006/1896/1898 [p,c ACCESSION N10--AP0120440 UNCLASSIFIED 022 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE---230CT70 IRC ACCESSION 1,110-AP0120440 BSTKACT/EXTPACT--(U) GP-0- A6STRACT- THE OEPEINOENCE OF P-W E DECAY :POLARIZATION 01'11 L&N-GITUDINAL M~~%GNETIC FIELD STRENGTH IS tMEASURED IN STLICG' N SINGLE CRYSTALS. THE HYPERFAINE SPLITTING' ENFIr"GY OF THE MWONIUM ATG-M IN THE CRYSTAL LATTICE DIFFERS FROM THE VACUUM VALUE AND CORRESPONDS TO A MUONUIM SIZE R EQUALS (9,719 PLUS Oa MINUS 9016) -~~AINGSTROM. (1.1r.1 SS[FIED I cm =.I ols UNCLASSIfIED PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 :-.TITLE-PASCHEN BACK EFFECT FOR THE M UONIUM ATOM -U- -_.AUTHGR~-(05)-J4INAYChEV, YE.V., MYASISHCHEVA, G.G., OBUKHOVY YU.V., ROGANOV, ly._~SAVELYEVt G.I. CUNTRY OF INFO---USSR SOURCE-ZHURNAL EKSPEf~IMENTALsNOY I TEORETICHESKOY FIZIKI, 1970, VOL 58P 'NR 5, PP 1586-1592 _i_.~#ATE PUBLISHEO---70 --'SU13JECT AREAS-PHYSICS ~L-TOPIC TAGS-LONGITUDINAL MAGNETIC FIELD, MAGNETIC FIELD INTENSITY, .MAGNETIC POLARIZATION* MUGN, SINGLE CRYSTAL PROPERTYv QUARTZ, CORUNDUM '-.0'CONTROL MARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED REELIFRAME--3001/2236 STEP NO--UR/UO56/70/058JO05/1586/1592 __.CIRC ACCESSICN NG--AP0127598 UNCLASSIFIED UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 CIRC ACCESSION NO-AP0127598 AaSTRACTIEXTRACT-(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE POLARIZATIONOF MU PRIME POSITIVE MESONS AS,A FUNCTION OF LONGITUDINAL.MAGNETIC FIELD STRENGTH IS MEASURED BETWEEN 0 AND 3 KOE IN SINGLE CRYSTAL QUARTZ AND COPUNDL),Nll. FOR QUARTZ THE EXPERIMENTAL DATA ARE FOUND TO BE IN GOOD AGREEMENT WITH THE THEORY OF MUONIUM DEPOLARIZATION. THE EXPERIMENTAL VALUE OF THE CRITICAL MAGNETIC FIELD STRENGTH FOR MUONIUM IN QUARTZ EQUALS WITHIN THE EXPERIMENTAL ERRORS THE VALUE OBTAINED IN VACUUM. THE POSSIBLITIES WHICH THE METHOD AFFORDS FOR MEASURING THE SIZE OF MUONIU14 IN VARIOUS MEDIA ARE CONSIDERED. UNCLASSIFIED Acc. Nr: Abstracting SA-viN: A,P0034229- ClialICAL ABST. ~~- 76 Ref. Code: R Ot 712994 Water-dioxane-perchloric acid, water-dw:wne-potas- sium tetrachloropolladate(II). and water_dioxzne-ptas3iuin tetrabromopalladare(H) systems. ('~nlOdov V A B .'. RQ~L~"' V E K. ~ P. s az. Gos Li, . -75 EffeLt of B004, K.TdClj, or KIPaBrtadda. wasstudiiM on Dec. cond., viscosity (n), and d. nf dioxitle-water ~,vstcai -at 25 and 45', Addn. of IICIOA or K2PdX4 (X = Cl or Br) did notafflect the nature of d. and q isotherms. Vlec. cond. decreased with in- creasing conen, of dioaane in the mixt. due to decrea,,el dissocn. of the a(lditives studied. J REEL/FWIE 197108, 79 U!~C 621.'8'.6'2zr 2 USSR RCGASH~7C.7.;A .1 nInteraction Of Yodulated Electron Beam '.~Iith P"asma" Elelr:tron. tekhnil,~t. ~Nauchno-takhn. ab. Slektron. SVCh (Electrcnics Tuchnolc-y. Scientific-Tachnical Collection. !icrowave Electronics), 1970, No l,,;,-14" (from RZh--'Elek Iron Jr..ra_i yeye primeneniye, No 8, Aug,.iat 1970, Abotract No Traralatlon: 71ae mechanism Is discussed for amplification of a high-frequency Bil7nal in a plasma-boaM system because of the interaction of the beam with th!~ chargee in- duced by it in the plasma. On tho basis of equations of nonlinour ore-dimmenaionul traveling-wave tube theory, the proccee of bunching or the alectron flow is conaid- ered as well as interaction with the field of the decelerating eyalem in plasma da- vicee. ref. Summary. USSR UDC 621.M5,6x2 ROGASHKOVA, A.I. "Effect Of Inhomo.genity Of The Field Of The Cross Section Of A Beam On The Efficiency Of A Plasma TWT" Elektron. tekhnika. Nauchno-takhn. 9b. Elaktron. SVrh (Electronics Technology. Scientific-Technical Collection. Microwave Electronics), 1970, No 6, PP 153-157 (from RZh--glektronika i yeye primenenlya, No 10, October 1970, Abutract Nc 10AI56) Translationt The effect is considered of a radial change or 'he high-frequency field on the efficiency of a plus= TWT. The space charge is not considered. Comp- utatione by the quatione of nonlinear 7WT theory showed that with large radiuses of the beams, the efficiency is significantly diminished. Author's SUMM,ry. USSR UDC 6211. ANTONOV, K. K. , .-ROGATIN, YU. -A., Moscow "On Calculating Fastening Beams of Reinforced Concrete Plates Supported on an Elastic Contour" Moscow, Stroitellnaya mekhanika i raschet sooruzheniy, No. 3, 1972, pp 2C Abstract: A method is presented for determining support ~:leactions and forces -aare r in elastic fastenLng beams of reinforced concrete sq -Iazes supported over a contour loaded with a uniformly distributed statistical load. Thc studies showed that the nature and magnitude of support reactions and forces in elastic binding beams of reinforced d6ncre - I -te plates supported over a contour are functions, of a coiVjttational parameter 4.., the coafficient of- relative rigidities of the syntcm. This parameter is for use in calculating bea s under elastic operation of a p late- ccn~, our syste, no in cases of onera-rip- with a plate with cracldern television op-itting on thebaxis of P~ectrcnic methods formally began on 22 Key 1911 wheri das instructor of tile Petersburg 711ha logical Institute, D. L. Roting, succeeded in effecting the trarharhis- 0 Sion and. reception of the most ziple images with the aid of an electric telascp- he had invented. "Ring's Invention, which had bessn patented in nurb* r Of countries an early 0% 1907e utilized the cathode ray tube, the totyp* of themodern television Ill. However up until the 3(fle electronic ;, television had not spread throughout the world. Mer, were satisfied with tits systems of mechanical television broadcasting. In the USSR television broadcasting by mechaitilcal scanning at a resolution of 30 lines w&x begun In 1931 in Moscove and later in Leningrad, Tomsk, Odessa And Novosibirsk. Those vote lorsg--w&we trammisolono which allowed for reception at great distance* Ursis the transmitter. 23 S' USSR uDc: 621.37/39(075) R.OG-INB "Electric Power Supply for Radio Equipment. Textbook for Mdio Engineering Colleges and Departments. Second Revised Edition" Elektropitaniye racUoustroystv. Uchebnik d1ya radiotekhn. yuzov i fak. Izd. 11 If 2-ye, pererabot. (cf. English above), Leningrad, Energiya . 19TO, 319 pp, ill. b7 k. (from RZh-Radiotekhnika, No 11, Nov 70 Abstract No 13-A14 K) Translation: The author elucidates the theory and discusses methods of cal- culating electric power supply sources for radio engineering devices. Inforim- tion is given on electric rectifiers and their properties, unregulated recti- fiers with resistive and reactive loads, regulated rectifiers., rectifiers with intermediate current converclon, smoothing filters, energy converters, and devices for regulating and stabilizing current and voltage. The book is a text for a program of the same title in electrical engineering and radio engineering institutions, and can be used by students, but my also be useful for engineers and technicians engaged in researelh and development in the area of electric pover Bupply sources for radio equipment. A..Ko, 1/1 END 5915 CSO: 1860-W 124 USSR WGOV, G. A., SHCHERS, A. L. "Operative Control of Reserves of Products at Distributing Refrigeration Centers" Teoriya i Praktika Sbora Peredachi i Obrabotki Ekon. Inform. [Theory and Practice of Collection, Transmission and Processing of Economic Information Collection of Works], Moscow, 1971, pp 93-103, (Translated from Refera- tivnyy Zhurnal, Kibernetika, No 3, 1972, Abstract No 3 V476). NO ABSTRACT. 1/1 USSR UDC: 51:330.115 OREL, T. Ya. , ROGOV, G. A. "On the Problem of Setting up Optimum Routes for Shipments on Refriger- ated Trucks" V'sb. Teoriya i -praktika mashin. obrab. ekon. inform. (Theory and Prac- tice in Comouter Processing of Economic Information-collection of works), Moscov, 1971, pp 96-103 (from RM-Kiberneiika, No 9, Sep 71, Abstract No 9V534) [No abstract] 1JSSR UDC 51:621.391 ROGOVA, G. V., TARASENKO, F. P. '.'One Approach to Estimation of Optimal Redundancy in Transmission of Binary Signals Through Channels with Noise" Tr. Sib. Fiz.-tekhn. In-ta pri Tomsk, Un-te lWorks of Siberian Physics and Technology Institute at Tomsk University], No 51, 1970, pp 287-290, (Trans- lated from Rcferativnyy Zhurnal, Kibernetika, No 10, 1971, Abstract No 10 V645 by-Yu. Pyatoshin). Translation- Tables are presented for the transmission -rate of information through a binary channel with additive Gaussian noise and amplitude and phase Modialation of the signal with various signal/noise ratios. USSR uDc: 621.372.837.1 YUR'YEV, F, N., KISELEV, R. I., ROGOW. L.-S., FIRER, V. I. "A Waveguide Switch" Moscow, Otkrv-tiya, izobreteniya, ProrTZshlennvye Obraztsy, Tovar-yye Znali, No 31, Nov 71, Author's Certificate No 318102v Division 11, filed 24 mar 69, published.19 Oct 71, pp 198-199 Translation: This Author's Certificate intr'Qduces a switch containing a stator and rotor with waveguide-channels, radial grooves and absorbing elements. As a distinguishing feature of the petent, decoupling between channels is increased by locating the absorbing elements at the ends of k--wave grooves from the level of the narrow walls of the wave- guide channels to the end faces of the rotor.. 1/1 129 - USSR UDC: 621-372.837(088.8) KISELEV, R. I., ROGOV, L. S. "A Waveguide Switch" USSR Author's Certificate No 263883, filed 19 Apr 68, published 26 Jun 70 (from RZh-Radiotekhnika, No 1, Jan 71, Abstract No 1B269 P) Translation: The proposed switch consists, of a housing, a wavestuide chazzinel rotor and matching elements. To improve decoupling between channels, the matching elements are made in the form of quarter-favelength gro-oves in the rotor inserts and quarter-wavelen,th clearance segments bet ween the inserts and the housing. Two illustrations. 135 u UW": 621.373.4(OFS.3) M" A Nk_ V, Ye. V., -r-AuLj-.;, ye. ~-iCnal Formaticn Co r 'huiinG ~tdectronic -qNuin-.en, 4. it Wt. slj-. 3., 4 Uutho!`s Certificata Us~--jj) 21a 03 8/01, (IT 0 - 25 27.01.69,. -Publicat-im (from -G. 3, "-;arch 71, __o. 31 4 0 1;1--, ic~- .,)ropo~:l for for-ing a 4 or -st cirnal ~1_2_ci 2 -ColC0 L I Z11.v- t - con- ininL -or, v_il~ ~ a irequency v,obbula a uiodu' 'or, y _rcz. - nutme osciii.-tors, !:11 luto,,~-atic ain control ci-c- ~u 4 - Itor, and a u", a E7ener.- con'rol devi-ce. d-_-vice ic -J.'Ita for It'ne f inc; t'--, for y L power--Ul Lum, 'j. -torte" a. oscil--atio s i-t low, r il esi ,-t-,ance londs, the fi.,.ed t`ruouc-ncy o- ~::(-,ntio))od above connected tt hroul-h sv-.. iin-,- circuit to thc.~ frc~quency wobbuJ_,i,,;(,,r. 1_'A! fill! H. 101104141114. USSR UDC: 518.9 :~CGOV,_ S_. F. Now '106 a Problem of Distributing Resources for Attack and Defense" V sb. Issled. operatsiy. VyD. 2 (Operations Research--collection of worls. No 2), scow, 1971, pp 69-81 (from RZh-Kibernetika, No 12,-Dec 71, Ab- stract No 12V772) Translation: For the Droblem of distributing offensive and defensive forces along some line S with limitations on the concentration of offensive forces, the quantit ies max W (X, y), min W (x, min max Vv (x, y), max min W (x. y) X y X X y are found, as well as the functions x(C) and y(C) which realize these quantities. Here W(x,y)- b, fmax(x~py,O)g is the gain in attack when both S sides use pure ztrategies x(C) and y(E). The problem af finding optimuri mixed strategies is considered. I. Fokin. USSR UDC 665.534 OSIPOV, L. N., KHAVKIN, V. A., ACAFONOV, A. V., RYSAKOV, M. V., and PEREZHIGMA, I. Ya., All Union Scientific Research Institute of the Petroleum Industry "Hydrofining of Sulfur-Containing Secondary Gasolines to Obtain Stock for Catalytic Reforming" Moscow, Khimiya i Tekhnologiya Topliv i Masel, No 2, 1971, pp 1-3 Abstract: The article describes results of experiments on the hydrofining of thermal-cracked and TCC gasolines, as well as mixtures of these gasolines with straight-rLm gasoline for the purpose of obtaining stock for catalytic reform- ing. The experiments were carried out on an-apparatus with alumina-co'balt- molybdenum catalyst loading of 0.5 1, a total pressure of 35 at~ a temperature of 350-425*C, space velocity 0.5-5.0 hr-1, gas circulation 300 1/1 stock. The object of the experiments was to obtain a product containing not more than 0.003 percent sulfur by weight or 0.0002 percent nitrogen by weight, with an iodine number no greater than I g 12/100 g. The results indicate that these gasolines can be successfully improved on existing blocks or units for the preliminary hydrofining of straight-run gasoline L-24-300 following a slight 1/2 I. . . 3A USSR OSIPOV, L. N., et al, Khimiya i Tekhnologiya Topliv i Masel, 'I'To 2, 1971, pp 1-3 modification of the design requiring merely a 50-100 percent increase in the loading volume of the alumina-cobalt-molybdenum catalyst. ESS IN 1/2 013 UNCLASSIFIED Pki:;(, tG DATE--13NOV70 T I TLE--Pk0t)UCT I GN OF OILS BY HYDRURACKI~4G 'A VACUU,3 i)ISTILLArE OF Ai(LAN'SKIT PETROLEUM -U- AUTliOR-;-(05)-LlPOVSKAYA, K.S., GOLDSHTEYNt D*L.9 -ROGOVI S.P., PBELHIGINA, t-I.YA.,,AGAFONOVj A.V. OF NFO--USSR s,bURCE---iINE FT EP EKERA 8. W E F T E K H IM. (MOSC00) 1970, (5) 4 5 DATE PUBLISHF0 ------- 70 WaJECT AREAS--MATER!-'%LS, EARTH SCIENCES AND GCE;%NoGRAPHY JOPIC TAGS-LUBRICATi~-i(3 OILP PETROLEUM HYDROCRACKING9 PETRULFUM DEPOSIT, VACUUM DISTILLATION CHEMICAL C0.111CSITION, PETROLEUM 0EWAXINGt CONTROL MAkKING--NO i,,ESTRICTIONS :'-:.DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--3005/1961 STEP N,,)--UR/0318/70/000/00-.7,/0045/0045 CIRC ACCESSION 140--AP0133805 DATE--13kOV70 212 013 UNCLASSI FIED PROCESS ING 14 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0133805 ABSTRACT/EXTrAACT--(U) GP-0- A-;lS TRACT THE TITLE DISTILLAr.L, [11!GH IN S AiND BITUMINOUS ASPHALTIC COMPOS., WAS RYDROCRACKED IN 1 STEP AT LOO AT-'4t 425DEGREESP AND I L. STOCK-L. CATALYST-FIR? YIELOINGA HEAVY Fr~ACTION B. LARGER TI&WN' 350DIEGREESt iiITH S 0.061 N 0.03# AND C(Y~E O.LPEICENT, -eiHICH WAS VACUUM DISTD. TO 03TAIN FRACTIONS 'vyH'CH WE-A-- DEtIAXED h'll) HY.DkOFINEO TO YIELD LJW VISCOSITY AND AUT01.110BELE OILS. THE LATTER HAD VISCOSITY INDEX.100 AND 0.03PERCENT S. 1 1, it 4 c C T1 ~Z71_1___ UNCLASSIFIED~'~- PROCESSING DATE--13NOV70 :ITLC'--HYt MING CF OIL FkACTIO -1E JUALITY OF r N' SMEA?4S: FOR I.MPRf:3VItj(*, T1 -LUBRICATING OILS -U- RA., ROGOV S.P.p CHERNOZHUKOV, N.I.t AGAFUNOV, A.V. ,,.CCUNTRY OF INFO--USSR OU C E-- M E: F T E P E q E R A B. NEFTEKHIM. (MUSCOW) 1970r (0t) i24-b OATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 -AREAS--MATERIALS TOPIC rAGS--ZE0LITE,- LUMICATING OIL, PETROLEUM REFINING PROCESS, .:.:_-:.HYDlROR-'_F INING ,CC-hTROL MARKING-%lJ RESTRICTIONS 00CUMENT CLASS-UINCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--3005/1939 srEP NO--LIR/0318/70/000/,J:)It/0024/0026 CIRC ACCESSUIN '!1-n_j--AP0t337iJ3 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--13NOV70 W2 012 -IRC ACCESS1014 NO--AP0133783 C ;.~ABSTRACT/EXTAACT-W) GP-0- ABSTkACT. HYDROFINED DIsrILATES, AFTER -PHENOL, REFINING, GAVE OILS WITIK LOWLK, SC 131N T E P4 T AN 0HIGHER VISr'oSITY MEX (94-7)t YP'LDING 1.1-4.4PERCEOT AL)DOIL. REFINED OILS WITH tjlf;HER A pvjrHENIC. HYDKOCAmblINS AND LESS HEAVY AROMATICS ,......CONTENTS OF PARAFFINIC t4;, At TAM:D WITHOUT HY-OROFINING. UISTILLATES NO RESINS THAN THOSE 01 b KYOROFINED ON NI-MO-ZEGLITE YIELUEO REFINED OILS WITH HIGH&R VISCOSITY ~174OEXES THAN THIOSE HYDROFINED ON NI-MO-AL SUB2 a SUB3. FACILITY: MOSK. INST. NEFTEKHIM. GAZOV. PROM. IM. GUbKll,IA# MUSCOW, USSR. UiNICLA-S-S I ------ ------- -- -, . -L , , - '7 '1 *7 1 'Y -7 I -- 3 V-1 ~. ir ZL660I0dV--Cl'y' NOISM3V :Al~ d3ls 0'70Z/0661-3hV~lj/1336 AXOdd- G:') I J IS S V I 3Nfl--S S V I D IN 3Wfl:)U(l SNOII)ItIS31~ 0N--5NlNtVN 108IN0.3.11, lNOiiv7imniinS30 WnglOblDd 'H.10%13~.LS IVDINVH3~iil "301XOIG NCil-IIS 'vii-IN30k:A10ki 'i-MO3 '301XG wnNlWfl-IIV 'ISA-IVIV:) 301XO--sovi 3.IdOl~~- SlVIS91VW--SV3kJV 133rons. 0L ------- 03HSliund 31V0 11-9 4M51 6OL61 13SVW *ld0l *IQNH)131 *WIHN--33*dt')OS bssn--D:INI AD AVINW.3,~~ A. A9 OHNI-1 "S49A 'VAM,1969S '4A'V 'AONOAVOV '*Vkel 'VNIDIH73d3d ladoS 4ACDOU -*dCHlflv:-, -n-SISAIVIVO ONIXOV~IDMJOAH =iO S31183d08d 31-LA-IVIV:) - ...- Gi'V lV3INVH)3WO3ISAHd 3H1 NO IN31NO3 3CjIXOIG NO311IS :10 l3a=1=13-3-1111 CLa~S11-31VO DNISS3DDbd 0313.15SViDNn 2470 Z/ 0313ISSVIDNn 27zzzzz7zzzz T -zions-oi-s IN33d3dOl IVHI NVH1 ATJIdV~l TRW AlIA11OV, NOlJ.v7i-8n:nnS3(joboAH S1.1. Isol zgns ols 1!,93;6:3dOZ *01NO3 ISAIVIVO 3~,J. -INIOd dnOd ld3Mjl V ovH mkivivo v Hons HIM 0JNlVlqO NOIIDVU-J 19S310 DHI *G3SV3e3Nl osiv snIOV8 3bCid *AV ONV '10A 980d S11 !iN33'd~idOS Ag 03SV383NI ZOnS DIS 0300V H11M ISAIVIV3 9H.L =10 Hi~)N3111S 'H03W 3HI *sionwbd *011 ONV S1109SV9 DHI NJ SNCbtV3D'dOAH N 0l CSl AD Gjlvb SHI N1 ONV NOlSb3AN00'3Hl N1 3SV983Nl NV 5NIXIGUIdd t,,*CjjvZjb~*~osl ci,.4v lNpA:),vb3 s.Lj a2sv3i~oNi Lsk-lviv3 Udns u zfitis GCjv~Ui:) V oi o3oov zf~ns cis 'IDVIdISOV -0-d0 (f))- l3VbjX3/1:)vdlSl9v ZL660IOdV--ON NOISS3~)Ov OIR2 0-31JISSV-l:)Nn Z4,?o Z/Z USSR UDC 513.78 ROGOV, V. -B. K. "Eigenfunctions of the Beltrami-Laplace Operator on a Single-Sheet Hyperboloid" Moscow, Matematicheskiye Zametki, Vol 7, No 2, 1970, pp 255-263 Abstract: The differential operator permutable with all operators T,, where W = f (g-J-x) , is the Lapla'ce o-erator. In this discussion, the 2uthor T,f r limits himself to consideration of the Cperator of the second order, the Bel- trami-Laplace operator, which is determined by the pseudo-Riemannian metric on space X including x. Ye considers a set of functions bounded outside of a neighborhood of two isctropic straight lines which intersect at infinity. The uificient condition that the function n,' this set be an eigen- necessary and s function of the Beltrami-Laplace operator is derived. In concluding, the author expresses his gratitude to F. I. Karpelevich for his assistance in solving the problem. 1/1 USSR UDC: 51 Ye. I. &OGOV "Theory and Methods of Mathematical Modeling of Production Processes in Mining" Alma-Ata, Teoriya i metody mat3maticheskogo modelirovaniya proizvodstvennykh protsessov v gornom dele (cf. English above), "Nauka", 1973, 142 pp, ill. 97 k. (from RZh-Kibernetika, No 5, May 73, abstract No SV729 K) Translation: Chapter I. Theoretical Principles of Construct- ing Mathematical Models in Design and Planning in the Mining Industry. Chapter II. Hierarchical Principle of Organizing Systems. Chapter III. Isolating Important Variables in Con- structing Mathematical Models. Chapter IV, Breaking Dow, a Systems into Subsystems in Mathematical Modeling of Techno- logical Processes in Mining. Chapter~V. Mathematical Models for Design of Ventilation, Electrical,and Other Networks of Shafts. Chapter VI. Mathematical Models for Control in Shaft Ventilation Networks. Chapter VII. Mathematical Models of 1/2 USSR ROGOV, Ye. I., Teoriya i metody mat.ematicheskogo modeliro- vaniya proizvodstvennykh protsessov v gornom dele, "Nauka", 1973, Alma-Ata Systems With a Certain Criterion, Classes of Models and Their Field of Application in Mining. 83 USSR UDC: 621-376.5 ROGOV, Yu. PI. and 2MINA, G. P. 11~opl_ze~ral g Characteristics of Several High-Powered Thyratron Modulators on the Total Load" Elektron. tekhnika. hrqucIu,.o-tekhn. sb. Gazorazryadn. pribory (Elec- tronic Engineering, Scientific-Technical Collection, Gas Discharge Devices) 1970, No. 3(19) pp 54-60 (from RZh-Radiotekhnika, No. 3, March 71, Abstract lio. 3L424) Translation: The circuit of a high-powered thyratron modulator for obtaining groups of pulses of varying duration vith lessening time intervals be-Ween them is examined. An analysis is made of the effect of the modulator thyratrons on each other; the processes in the thyratron grid and plate circuits are considered. A grid cir- cuit design is recommended. Six illustrations, bibliography of three. Acc. Nr: Abstracting Service: Ref. Code: A 0.3 3 0 33 CHVI-11CAL ABST. 47 7 0 74070f Si-pirstor,'electrolyte carrier for primary wet rells. Nall 'k r~j L F G. 1. Brit. 1,175,95 1. 01"T'VI.M Mi-N, 21 pp. the properties rif more rapid 11,0 absorption, increaqed 1120 retention, shorter activa- tion titne and increased elec. cond. can li,e conferred on alignine separators, for use in 1110-activated primary.cells. This is ac- complished by impregnating or spraying with an aq. %olit. contx. KCI 10. starch 2, and glycerol or urea.5 wt. %, followed by d ing at ;5350 to 1110 content. These rials shoulM mate prmnt as KCI 2-8, starch 0.2-0.8, and glycerol or urea, 3.5 wt. be-sed on the wt. of dry alignine. Norman W. Fletcher REEL/FRAME 1.97101GS USSR UDC 621.387.233 AVLAKHORA, R. G., LARSHINA, S. L, POLYAKOVA, A. A., RO(YJVA, G. N. "Study of Oxide Cathode Sputtering in Hydrogen Thyraton With Current Commu- tation of Short Duration" Elektron. tekhnika. Nauchno-tekhn. sb. Gazorazryadn. pribory (Electronic Technology. Scientific-Technical Collection. Gas-Discharge Devices), 1970, Issue 4(20), pp 49-53 (from RZh--Elektronika i yeye primeneniye, No 5, May 1971, Abstract No 5A165) Translation: It is demonstrated by the method of radioisotopes that in hydrogen thyratrons with commutation of pulses of 100 nsec duration, in- tense ion bombardment of the cathode takes place. Summary. LMIC 1 16 1.;, MEMIRON I'll C11MV0111C IN VLSTI ICA7 WN Oy TIM SrFECT N: j-hSER 9AZIA710i! fArt;tle bV ". A. Piluvyan, V. =--l" G. V, Tmw =A, M~U=,-Ow, 'i 'an. - 4 ;Z~~i Russ Ne 3, L 9 " 0 fil'. article ex.millc-s the effect of lamvr ra,liazion all th~ ulura-5tructure of the mu"Alinnit. It hiq beon kistablished that irr~:versit:ije occurred in tho zolles not direc ,il'y Iri,nAit~tvi. wars t dumaged ot'Cano 11 es of a Hardinjl,- Pass, r.;-,~ coll ware the mitpchnnJria. whoreas cho nmolin tur-~s, the nuclous and lh,., nuclooli, 114 -1'. ,r, Th~,~ ViMM-Like rarm,;tio,%3, revealad, 41a (tau. Stralle, vitcuolizatioll was noted ill tho 1,i, ryti)- p I a sm. A diapram of temperaturit Achanet-n in 01, no!~- ricipm tirmu~~ actordiiig to the diiiz~ncli ftl,om thv ter or 1-he latsor L~sioti is presented. Tlu- dittyr,~Ors which occurred in the molai)oma cell ui,~Ier Che ffoci of tne lu~jor -are explained as the effect tul Th-~, creetion or la3ors has pertritTed bi,,phyicist:~ ~o coanected with tz~o effer( of po-,rt,~j lumi,lous rjuxes oil i)ial,,6jcztj oL)jects. The lit-7ratwro ~ntal%,, iiifurmation nbrmit tht~ hiivuloj~-cal. r~iaiiZea of m.ilit-,nant t~,oz,, (trieLat%na%as) afttor irradiation ~y a laser atirl alao oil thi! free-radirnl cootort ill ar irt-udiatec (Iliruzyan nt. al. 1.968). Th-?refore it is cf' lnl.~r.!st: to ffoctionA ill a tumor oil the ultrostrulzt%;ral In Cho proment work a Harding-Pamay ro alhiinma atj zutjj.,ct,: to laser irratliation in order to investigate thti electron j4es 6-2 7 7.5 40 CLASSIFICATION: l!"TrI-Trt:Ncr. i'RT NAVAI T F.A.'ls:AT I Q:~ D IV I ll~ [O.N '3 1 SUITLAN3 kOAD 13.C. -03.)o UNCLASSIFTI'D APPROVED POR Pl;bLIC RELEASL, TME: L-r 1k-.6 - Ricloti-I Vo-dcvrcv(ye luchty kv.,itevogo runcratori (laz-0 n., biologich-kiye ub'y-ikLv -ALIMPF(s) L. A, 'y~v, V. P. t "a-,! -a, L- C. 5.: Ka V.: Xi,rt5aL, .I. L. V~: R-Inev G. V. PAC,"; SOURCE., PaEcr D'Ilverce, at 1.2nd -'ex. i -Z"- ORMINAL LANGUACE: Ru5sian :~.5' TVANSLKTOR. MIX TRANSLATION NO._ 3367 APPROVED DATE T-7--m- ra tr aI.veti) ol"yCkLy, J,.jas, 27 April 1971, RutNin'll pr-!nt work Jnvestigat,-i t~c effect of fDCN~,Icd 'And -infO- cusv.-I Ii!;er be-ins upuzattni; at 10,600 A on pigmunud ati tiw;tje In an att-pt to explain zli~ degre* of dattage to a biological t;trurtura ws a functioi qC iLu piFmt!MtaLlQn. 'h~vretical "~pwtatlotis are rid..- of the ra=pu:aUtr-v rcjcl~,)d In tilT~t At difft-ZLIM %-$6"1' TZdT.'Llon Qn-gY lcvclr,, -king puoutble a VrOtEcinary -!5tirato or the tec,;)-iratqrv. gerteratud in the tLrowi at a gLv~n Irradiation eneri,7. Vnrphulogical Invm,4tikatlona conflivie,] the timnrnrical co~pqt4tjon~ c;f t1- rvr-Peratore corIfirientz Elccrrs,,, ntcros~op~.- have nho"n that uh,ni pig- .Inted tLq~ue Is rtbjecta to 14aer radiation, mitochondria arL- Litt! -,rut 14-Ile cs.-Ilalnr 4truttlir-, 11iol. total or partial dvntCucLI,)" i5 attributk)e to the thernoneciianicil effect of the laser beam that lohds to preat t*,t~:,traturo .,nd, pr,iuure dropf', uhich could be the rain cause of %he dae4ge to Llik, crintao and MILOOkondrl o1 ne~brane. in-testlk,.,Lion or Lim rw,t:cnLra(l~n of fr-i rntitrals In pil;mentud t.4~5-jo hubjecte,11 to an unfoc~r-!d lj,,;er boact haz Mi~n that Iov ener:-,y etnattles do not d1loturb thiv pby,.Ical And chumical propertior -YE the ti~%- that r,wht lrp~ir biorbrn1ril prorcanes. -ile rer.-~It~ of th~ d,nerlbed ah-, facilitate i un4etstnn~lnv. of the problem of the effects of light on the act i~tity and pr~po:rti,n ~A living -ittnr. alore to there hbi lt~eo no -milled pictur-! of tw~h eff"tq on bloah4ectn cncv~p4"ing the ea- tir, freq-~ency Iroo tho far infrared to the ultravloJet. no- sid~q the scientific intorc,tit Involvad In ail explanation of rho Mecha- Inn of actir)n of a poworfnl light flux on biostructures, tit* Lavesti- vat.'rn Ims 1~nortoat proctLcil applitzatLans Lr. space biology aW McJL- rclint'. PrPICI2117 related to the problem of ensuring astronaut )rotec- -10. ril-linst light effects. Tl,t tntrodqctlon of laser.% into the Arsenal of 6cientific tobora- zs 1crILS . a ra,in It pousible to bejitz Investigations deilinil with the c,!Icct of po-verful light fluxf..3 on blolo;ical objects. In LhiV mittcr, the dw/Lloprtnt of specific technical conditions for laser operation L12 039 UNCLASSIFIE0 PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 TITLE--ELECTRCNMICROSCOPICAL INVESTIGATION OF THE GARVING PASSY MELANOME UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF A QUANTUM GENERATOR -U- AUTHOR-1051-PIRUZYAN, L.A.t ROGUVINt V*V.o ROMANOVi G.V.t MERrSALOVAj L.V., DEVENTYEV# V*A. COUNTRY CF INFC--USSR ~.lSOURCE-IZVESTIYA AKADEMII NAUK SSSRt $ERIYA dIOLOGICHESKAYA, 1970, NR 3s PP 463-467 DATE FUBLISHED----70 ,,.7.SUBJECT AREAS--BIOLOGICAL ANO MEDICAL SCIENCES, PHYSICS TOPIC TAGS--LASER RADIATION, ELECTRON 141CRGSIICPEr TUMOR CENTROL MPRKING--NO RESTRICTIONS CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED --,,.,PROXY REEL/FRAME--3001/1176 STEP NO--UR/0216/70/OCO/003/0463/0467 :. I-,q,jRC ACCESSICN NO--AP0126778 UNCLASSIFIEO Z/2 039 UNCLASSIFICI) PROCESSING DATE--30OCT7C CIRC ACCESSICN NC--AP0126778 ABSTRACTIEXTRACT-(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE EFFECT OF LASER IRRADIATION ON THE GARDINIG PASSY MELANOMA ULTRASTRUCTURE IS DISCUSSED. IT WAS FOUND THAT THE LUNES WHICH HAD NOT BEEN DIRECTLY !LLUMINIArED CONTA;NEO IRREVERSIBLE CHANGES. AMONG THE ORGANELLES OF A GAROING PASSY MELAiN1011,1A CELL THE MITOCHONDRIA APPEAPED TO BE MOST DAMAGED WHEREAS THE MYELIN RES T4 -3!'i'lA T I ONS STkUCTU HE NUCLEUS AND THE NUCLEOLI AS WELL AS VIRUS LIKE FL REVEALED NO IMORPHOLOGICAL CHANGES. STRONG VACUOLIZATION OF THE CELL CYTOPLASM 14AS SIATED. A DIAGRAM OF THE TEMPERATURE CHANGES IN THE MELANCME TISSUE RELATIVE TO THE DISTANCE OF THE EPICENTER OF THE LASER LESION IS SHOkN. THE LESICNS,CAUSED IN THE MELANOME CELL UNDER LASER I 'CAL ACTION ARE EXPLAINED 014 THE BASIS OF THE EFFECT OF THE THERMOMECHAN. FACTOR. FACILITY: INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL PHYSICSr ACADEMY OF .SCIENC[Sv USSR. UNCLASSIFIED mmmwAmi*Itsmm USSR u'Do. 6*.L6. c)c)6 PIRUZYA11, L.A., ROGOVIIN V V. RavWXV, G.V., DIEFTSALOVA, L.V., and MM~'r~nl '11, V.A., Institute 751" _C~emicall Physics, Academy of Sciences,, UOSR "Electron Microscope Study of Harding-Passy Melanoma Under -~he Influence of Lasers" 1,1oscow, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Seriya Biologicheskaya, No 3, lwl--Yljun 70, pp 463-467 Abstract: The effect of laser irradiation on the u1tr,-_sti-uctiire of Harclang- Passy melanoma Tiras studied. It v~ras found that the zones which had not been irradizated directly contained irreversible changeis. wnrt~ njoift dv=gwd, zina their or6anization e1D3*rL1PU~d, whereaf; the Myeli,.!) structures, nucleus and nucleoli, and virus-like formations showed no mouphological changes. A strong, vacuolf,zation in the cytoplasm of the war, noLed. Temperature change2 in n--lanawa tissue are proportional to ~he dictance from the center of laser action. All changes in melanom- tissues under the action of lasers are explained on the basis of the thermomectanical effect. 1/1 USSR MC SI:330.11S~ ROGQV "Separation of Hierarchical Levels in the Control of Large Artificial Systems" Optimiz. I Upr. Bollshimi Sistemami V Energ., [Optimization and Control of Large Systems in Power Engineering--Collection of Works], Irkutsk, 1970, pp 106-122, (Translated from Refera-Livnyy Zhurnal Kibernetika, No 5, 1971, Abstract No. SV583). No Abstract. USSR UDC 621.-~~2.002 EEY i_X &' Zlt =--OB1kZ7,HEr4SiM, A.I., ZRAUNENKO, N.Y., Some Distinctive Feat-ures Of The Construction C10 M'ultiucsition Yechanical : ystems Of Inspection-Cla!3sificat-on Ccmplexazil Elektron. telennika. Unr.kachestvon i st!indartiz. (Electroric Technolog3r. Scientific-Tecnnical Collection. equality Control And Stardarization), 1970, Issue 2, pp c4-108 (from RZh-Ellektronika i yeye Rr=eneniye, No 4, .-'-pril 1971, Abstract xc 4B41M) ,5 Translation: Gn tho basi3 of an analysis of the technolop',y for inscection of semiconductor devices, re coupenda tions are given on the Uva of and multipoBition inspection-classification equipment. 71he diutinctive featares are considered of the constraction of multiDosition mechanical systems of an auto- matic insoaction-classificution complex. Me possibility ;:ind the adyanta~reH oil the aggregation principle of constr-iation of mechanical systemn on the basis of a single structural scheme are shown. Reco=endations are given on the choice of devices for a varticular curpose. 6 ref. Summary. 72 USSR UDC 632.95 BUTNITSKIY, I. N., ROGOVIK, M. K., GUTSULYAK, B. M. "Derivatives of Lepidinium as Plant Growth and Development Regulators. IV. Synthesisiand Physiological Activity of Some Derivatives of 1-methyl-6-oxy- lepidinium Chloride" Fiziol. aktivn. veshchestva. Resp. mezhved. sb. (Physiologically Active Materials. Republic Interdepartmental Collection), 1972, No 4, pp 101-105 (from RZh-Khimiya, No 5 (11), 1973, Abstract No 5N641) Translation: A method was developed for obtaining compounds with the formula (1): 137.6 grams of p-MeNHC 6H40H, 240 ml of acetone, 4.9 ml of concentrated HU (acid) and 100 ml of water were heated at 80% and a mixture of 12 grams of.paraform, 40 ml of BuOH, 1 ml of concentrated HC1 (acid) and 60 ml of acetone was added with mixing. The reaction mass was heated for 4 hours and left to stand for 24 hours. The acetone was driven off, 120 ml of alcohol CH Y VW4e 1/2 USSR BUTNITSKIY, I. N., et al., Fiziol. aktivn. veshchestva. Resp. mezhved. sb., 1972, No 4, pp 101-105 was added, the mass was cooled and the I (R = H, Y = H2o X Cl) (Ia) was Isolated with a melting point of 185* and a 50% yf-eld. On replacing the HC1 (ar-id) with 57% HC1041 I (R = H, Y H211 X = Clo4) was obtained with a melting point of 195-197*. The reaction of Ia with the corresponding aromatic alde- hydes in the presence of pyridine yields I (R, Y, X are presented, melting point in *C): H, CHPh, C1 233-235; H, CHC6H4NO2 -7r, Cl, 217; H, C11C6H4NO m Cl, 223-224; H, CHC6H OH-Tr, Cl, 223-225; 11, 4 C"C030H-u-Me m, Cl (Ib) , 2 8-229; H, CHC6H4 NMe2-TT, C1 (Ic), 207-209. On solution in an acetic anhydride medium, I (R = Ac, Y = CHC04NMe2-P, X = Cl) is obtained with a melting point of 74-5'. Also 1-methyl-6-oxyquinoline-4-(l'-ethylquinoline-4')-monomethinecyanin4odide is obtained with a melting point of 205-.207*. The growth stimulating '-.ctivity of Ib and Ic in the initial growth phase of Belotserkovskaya 23 wheat and Nadezhnyy oats with a 0.0001 M conc6ntration of the solutions Is equal to the activity of K heteroaux--nate. For Part III see RZh-Khimiya, 1971, Abstract No 18N683. 2/2 Q -P- YSSR UDC 531-01 RIUMV, E.V., ard ROGOVOY,, V. M., Moscow "On Rotations of a Body With a Hollow Containing Liquid-11 Dscov, lzvestliy,~ Ak-ade--j:-L NaWk, Mekhanika Tverdofw Tela, No 3, -Mi~./-Juli 72, M I .P.P 15-20 boO -ed for the mc)'Lon of a solid y Abstract: The Cauchy problen is J nve s t. i ga, t disturbed vith reGard to a uniform. rotation. The body has a licilow w'ioll-Y filled up with an ildeal inccmpressible liquid. Contrary --D studies of otitlz~r -lows or for authors of harmonic oscil at' ns fo.,, Par' ular forizs of hol- constrained motion of the liqLzid, assuming its pl-ov~~r in t1ho of the ro-ration bcd-,, beins attenuated, no restrictioiis are posed on the shape of tho ho1Jo,,q -17nd the chara-cter of tile distu-,~,-,-ed uoti-on, The p r ob I e of the, C=bkrl~-,d ~.,.)Iuttion of of iiydrom-,.Ichanic,~ Fuld Inechanics `LZ mduced to th- of n cerlain prob.lori -~;oliii,jon ~f Which only ori th~-, gecizirle"'rf of the IM110"", and to !3Ub,,1,,-,q,,,cY1f, initegraticn of L tyst-1,.-i of' ordinary dtfferc-ntlal equativns. A h,-.-J1-1cw,~'-d by conformal ell-i-psoids of relr3lutic;n is (118-,:Ussed a:.-, ,III demonstrated- that the motion of a 't*dy with a h-ollov: of affected only by a partial motion of the liqiiid. For th,2 pa--ticu"Lal- an elliL)soidal 7~he results coincide with, rtluta by other iP USSR-; UDC: 518-5.68i.3.o6 SHCHMAKOVA, V. M., ROGOVOY, V. M. "Am-Algorithm for Rapid Fourier Transformation" Sb~;.tr;;.Mosk. tekhnol. in-t (Collected Works of Moscow Technological Ifistitute), 1971$1 No 21, Pp 183-1104 (from RZh-Kibernetika, No 9, Sep 7L.'Abstract No 9V610) [Nb:abstract3 1/1-, Z Cg) JPRS 59873 Z3 August 1973 TEQUOLOGY OF PRODUCING NEW MATERIALS Translation Q1,"lussil lany,11age-collactiont Tektinaloglya We kh Foluchenlya t;~i. ov.. 197 2 rim ~r CONTENTS PAGE Emsalt'v'ty 01 Zirconium and Niobjum Carbide* in the Region of Homogeneity, (L.N._0khremc:hu);,-G- Sh.1Vpadkh&y&1_. ............... "ork Function IOf ISilicon Carbide (L.M. Okhremchuk) ..................................... 4 Electrical RasIstancs Of COmPOsita, Materials ..................... !* ................ (Ye. M. Petro Heat Cap' y Measuremint in Some Ceramic Materials acit :"-**-*-1 .. 14 V.S. KLLm ~nko ..... Thermal Conductivity of Reinforced Plastics (D.M. Karpinas. V.S. itlimanko) ...................... 1e i I One optirmum case of a Method Of AXial TharTnal Flow for Determining the Coefficient: of Thermal Cbnductivity X. (V.5. Klimanko, at al.) ............................. 21 study of sintering Kineticq by Hot "trusion of Zirconium and Titanium Carbides in the Regions of Their Homogeneity . ~Ya. u~ftumenko,_jj.~~~ ............... 25 "0t Pressing Features of Molybdenum Carbide M.S govallchanko) ................. 32 USSR 11 Nuclear Science and Technology USSR UDC 669.018.4:539-2?:669.ol KOVALICHENKO, M. S., RO Ov ,-Iu. 1. KELIMJ V. D. "Change in Structure in Properties of Titanium Carbide Under Neutron Bombardment" Atomnaya Energiya, Vol 32, No 4, Apr 72, pp 321-323. Abstract: An experimental study was performed of the change in micro- structure, lattice parameter, electrical resistance and microllardness of titanium carbide under the influence of neutron bombardment with integral doses of 1.0-1019, 3.7-1019, 7.5-1019 and 1.5-1020 thermat neutrons per square centimeter (flux ratio of thermal neutrons to fast neutrons 8:1) at about SOOC and with subsequent annealing in a vacuum of 10-4 mm h..g. at 100-1,000% at intervals of 100*C for I hour. Metallographic studies showed no change in mean grain size. Bombardment with the largest dose caused an increase in sDecimen volume of 0.3-0.5%. Bombardment caused a significant increase in resistance and lattice parameter. A regular shift in diffraction T)eaks toward lower ancyles with simultaneous decreases in intensity was observed, as well as improvement in the degree of resolution of the a doublet on the (333) line. Annealing at 100*C increased the latticc parameter, while annealing at 200-800'C decreased the li~ttice parameter. The experimental data indicated that there are two stages of recovery in annealing, at 350 and 6000C. The similarity of the mechanisms .1/2 0 USSR ROGOVSKIY, Ye. A._ '?Aultistage, Multiproduct Stochastic Model of Prospective Planning" Issled. po mat. Ekon. i Smezh. Vopr. (Studies in Mathematical Economics and Rel-ated Problems -- Collection of Works), Moscow University Press, 1971, pp 99-119, (Translated from Referativnyy Zhurnal, Kibernetika, No 3, 1972, Abstract No 3 V441). NO ABSTRACT. 1/1 79 Elift ljilftl IIAMMI. Mitt IF3SR UDC, 51:330.115 ROGOVSKIY, Ye. A. "An Adaptive Model of Stock Control" Tr. 3 Zinn. shkoly Do mat. Drogrammir. _4 smezhn. voDr., 1970, vy-p. 3 (Works of the Third Winter School on Mathematical Prograr=-ing and Re- lated Problems', 1970, No 3), Moscow, 1970,,pp-479-489 (from RZh-Kiber- netika, No 9, SeP 71, Abstract No.9V521) Ego abstractJ