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USSR ux: 62-52 ROYTENBEFZ, Ya. 11. "Automatic Controlf Moscow "Nauka, 1971, F Translation POREWORD The theory of automatic control has grovm into a broad discipline with results of basic and practical -val:ae. The study of this science has become a necessity even for those not spe- cializing in control. Problems In control theory are now being studied by many students in various specialties. The basis of our book is a course of lectures given by the author to students in the Nechanicall-Hathematical Department of Moscow University. TML lea.&~ng the reader from the initi&L COraej~ta fif Control theory tG itca =Ae-rn applications, the authar &,iz ~&t-tc-nalte6 also to s2rav t!kz (-kci-Onevi'lon 0-,L, the p2wble~w azzd Mrietftods Q-f th!a VN,4c~rzj -12L 3/17 ~IUSSR ROYEENBEM, Ya. N. Nauka ti 1971, 13 6 There is very little of the slapdash tre!atment accorded to the many problems of modern control theory. The autbor has therefore given detailed and It i-,-herever possible rigorous analyses of several central problems 3m control theory.4 Several questions, important in themselves, are provided for possible use as a base of tature study of monographs and articles on special problems in control theory -- problems off the control of systejus with dia- tributed parameters, of pursuit theory, of optimal stabilization, of. adaptation theory, and the like. The author expresses his gratitude to Academician Ni-kolay Nikolayevich Yxasovskiy, lqho has read the manuscript and kindly offered a number of important suggeations for improving the book. 1;/17 n- N,, -------- --- ------- ---------- --- USSR. uDc: 6,52 ROWENBERG,, Ya. N. "Autonatic Control" Y-oSCOW, "22aUka, " _29? jT 3-7 TABLE OF CONT."ONTS Foreword . . . . . Chapter I iinear Controlled Usteme, 9 0 0 0 1. Unidimensional controlled systeriz . . . . . . . . . 1. ~;,ystems with one degree of freedca. 21, Vei~ht YunctJons and transfer ;, fA,~ freq%~:-!Wy qha-rar-AeT- lotdc, 4. The cloaed coatraUe(i a-%etem., 'S, Zt!g~- ei-e4eff, 6-. feproduct:1-on ol- fAe transfarned fnj~m,,k ~~L- dimenoianal controlled system vIth a fiaite number of degrees of freedom. 8. A note--regarding integration of equatioiw of motion for the unidimensional system. 5/17 lag IIIII[EnIM91MEW M SR ROTEENRE-JUI Ya. if., Nauka, '1971, PP 3-7 1. Transforming the characteristic determinant, of the closed controlled system. 2. Criteria for -the az--: totic stability of closed controlled systems containing only stable circuits (the Nyquist criterinn) . 3. Applying the Nyquist cri- terion to systems with neutral circuits. 4. Applying the Nyquist criterion to systems with unstable circuits. 5. Frequency char- acteristics of controlled systems and their experimental deter- mination. 6. An example of 11,yquist diagram plotting. 7. Controlled ~,systems containing delay circuits andthe stability criteria for these systems. 8, Logarithmic,frequency ckw-actaristics. 9. Determining the stability of a closed control system from the logaritimic frequency characteristics of the open control system. 2. Multidimensional controlled systems . . . . . . . . . . 1. The closed controlled system, 2. Charnicte*ristic deteininant of the closed control eyetem. 3. Autmatic cotitrol equation. 4. The open controlled system. 5, Interpretation of matrix operators W(D) and B + W(b). 6. Reproducticln of tile J12_ put signal in the multidimeKbional contro-Ued systemi. 6117 6'.L USSR ROYTENBERG, Ya- N-, Nauka, 1971, PP 3-7 Frequency methods for investieatixLgg the stability of linear controlled systemn . . . . . . . . . . . a . . 4. The weight function and the transfer function of a stationary linear system . . . . . . . . 0 . 1P . 110 1. The unidimensional controlled system. 2. The uni- dimensional controlled system whose transfer function is an im- proper fraction. 3. Multidimensional controlled systems. 5. Transient and steady-state processes in closed con- trolled systems . . . . . . . 1. Determining the weight function from the frequency characteriotic of the closed ayatem. 2. DetermininC: the tranofer function from the frequency characteribtic of the clo8ed systom. 3. Miviml-pha3e --yotems. 4. Steady-,5tate proccoseo in clooed controlled systems; error coefficients. 5. Steady-state processes 'in servo synteiris, 7/3-7 USSR ROYTENBEFG, 'Cp-- N., Nauka, 1971, PP 3-7 Chapter 2 Nonlinear Controlled Systems 6. Stability of nonlinear controlled systems; frequency criteria; applying the direct lyapunov method. 1. One class of nonlinear controlled systemn. 2. In- terpreting the function V(D). 3. The form-varying frequcncy characteristic. 4. The Popov theorem. 5. Geometrical formul-,:ition of the Popov theorem. 6. The possibility of being limited by the case q>0 in the proof of the theorem. 7. Lemirva 1. 6. Lemnua 2 - 9. Proof of the Popov theorem. 10. Applying the direct Lyapunov method; the Lurlye method in the theory of absolute stability of nonlinear systems.. ax sy3tems w 7. Nonlize. ider outaiie forces . . . . . . . . 1. Reducing the problem to integral equationz. 2. Con- structing approximate solutions. USSR RMEMMM, Ya. IL, Hauka, 1971, P*P 3 -7 -a.--Qualitative methods for inveL.~igatinr5 the motion of nonlineex systems . . . . 1. Nonli-near systems with one degree of freedom. 2. Conservative system. 3. Dissipative systems. 4. Self- oscillat __systemB; the method of point transformations. 9. Nonlinear systems under periodic outside force,B. 1. Forced osciLlations o *f a nonlinear system. 2. Steady- state oscillations with the frequency of the external force and their stability. Chapter Systems With Pinite Control Time . . . . . . . . . 10. Functions of matrices and their app~.Ication to the integration of linear differant:Wl equation systems . . . . . USSR MERG Ya. V., Nauka, 1971, PP 3-7 ROYM 1. Generalization of the B6zout theorem*, 2. 12he Hamilton-Cayley theorem. 3. The minimum polyn=ial of a matrix. 4. Functions of a matrix. 5. The Lagrange-SylVester inter-oolation polynomial. 6. Constructing the function eAT. 7. Componenis of the matrix A. 8. General formulas determiiiing the components Z,,,,j of the matrix A. 9. Representing the functions of aatric'es by Beries. 10. Extending ihe Cauchy integral :fox=ila for ai,'Ialytic functions to functions of matrices. 11. Some pvoperties of func- tions of matrices. 12. Integrating, systems of "Linear differen- tial equations urith constant coefficients uning functiot'.ts of natrices. 13. Comparison with solutions obtained by means of the LaPlace tranaform. 12. Controllability and observability of linear Systems . . . . . . 1. Controllability of systems describable by linear J, differentia-I equations with conatant coefficients. 2. Syctemc Trith one contr6lling force. 3. Observability of systems describ- by linear differential equations with conat-ant coefficients. USSR ROYMOBERG, Ya- If-, Nauka, .1971, PP 3-7 4. Systems with one observable coordinate. 5, The duality prin- ciple in controllability and observability. 6. The controllability of linear nonstationary systems. 1. The observability of linear nonstationary systems. 8. Controllability conditions for linear stationary systems in the mobile ends problem. 9. Controllability condition of a linear nonstationary system in the mobile ends _probLlea. Pbapta-z 4 Method of Dynamic Programmin 12. Optimal control in systems with linited resoizrces. 1. Variational problems in control theory. 2. The method. of dyn~_-mic programmizig; the optinialness principle. 13- App~ying'dynamio programming to discrete systems. . . . 1. The recurrent Bellman relationship en sional discrete systems. 2. Multidim U/17 H 'USSR ROYTF"FCJ Ya. N., Na~ka, 1971, PP 3-7 14. Applying dynamic programming to continuous action systems. 1. Problem with fixed time and free trajectory end. Problem with fIxed trajectory end and free ti-me. 3. Rx~pid action problem. 15. Sufficient conditions of op~~xzlity confirration of the method of dynamio programming for continuous action systems; the Boltyanskiy theorems . . . . . . . 1. Statement of the problem; geometric iiiterpretation of the Bellman equation in the rapid action problem. 2. The Bol- tyanskiy theorem for the rapid action problem, 3. The Boltyanskiy theorem for the general problem of dynamic programiz~g. 16. Connection between the Bellman and Eamilton-Jacobi equations in problems of analytical raechanics, 64 USSR "LTz,,:aEFr,, Ya. N., Nauka, 1971, PP 3-7 t 1. The problem of minimizing an integral of the form Q = JG(x,u,v)d-J. 2. Obtaining the.4amilton-Jacobi equation from the Hamilton principle. Chapter The PontKyagin Principle of the Maximum in Oj)tjxial Control . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17. Theorem,of the necessary conditions of optimality . . * 0 * * * 9 1 0 0 * 4 # $1 . 6 * . . 1. Pont:t7agin principle of the mazinum. 2. The Pon- tryagin principle in the rapid action problem, 3. Proof of the theorem of the necessary optimalness condition (the principle of the ma-.,imum) in the problem of the fixed time T and the free end of the trajectory. 13/17 USSR ROYMMERGY Ya- N-, Nauka, 1971, PP 3-7 18. Principle of the maximum for nonautonomous systems 1. Theorem of the necessary condition of optI.Malness for nonautonomous systems. 2. Proof of the theorem of the neces- sary optimalness condition for a nonautonomous system with linear input control. 3. Reduction of the~ra id action problem to a p boundary value problem. 19. The m bile.ends problew application of the 0 principle of the maximum; the transversality conditions . . . . . . . 20. The regular synthesis concept in optimal system theory# 21. 'Sufficient optimality- conrlition in 'the fom of the principle of the maxim=; the Boltyanskiy theorem A/17 6r; ROYTENBERG, Ya. N., Nauka., 1971,, PP 3--7 22. Connection between the principle of the maxi, and the dynamic programming method. 23. Some examples of the application of the ma iinum principle . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1. Theory of the number of control rjwitchi~nga in the linear rapid action problem. 2. The max~num devia- tion problem. 3. Applying the principle of the maximvm with no limits on the control. 24. Optimal linear systems with quadratic quality criterion 1. The regulator state problem. 2. The output regulator problem. 3. Stationary systems with infinite observation time. 4. The tracking problem. 15/17 USSR - RDYUMRG, Ya- N-, Nauka, 1971, PP 3-7 Chapter 6 Stochastic Systems . . . . . . . 25. Transformatioa of random signals by linear systems. 26. Prognosis and filtration of unidimemoional r&ndom processes 1. The Kolmogorov and Wiener method8. 2. Stationax-j random processes. 2. Solving the integral equation detex=ining the weight function of an optimal system. 3. Nonstatiumxy random processes; the integral equation for the optinal ueight function. 4. Optimal Kalm=-Bucy filters. 27. D-Tultidimensional random prooesseu; optiuuil Kalman- Bucy filters. 16/17 56 USSR ROYTEMMEG, Ya. K. Nauka, 19711 PP 3-7: 1. Systems with finite observation time. 2. Stationary systems with inf inite obserrmtion. time. 3. Nonstationaxy systems with inf ixxii;e observation time. 4. Optimal fi-Itra- tion of correlated- noise. BibliograpM 0 a a 6 4 0 -0 0 0 a 0 0 Tfid6x . . . . . . . . . . . . . a 0 c 0 4 0 4 0 17/17 1/2 Oil UNCLASSIFFIb.' POCES'SING DATE--30OCT70 ,T.ITLE--ON THE OBSERVABILITY OF THE SOLUTIONS OF SOM1_: NON LINEAR OIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS IN HILBEkT SPACE -U- AUTHOR--ROYTENB. ~L.YA. CGUNTRY OF INFO--USSR ~S OURCE-VESTNIK MOSKOVSKOGO UNIVERSITETA, MATEMATIKAj MEKHANIKA, 1970, NR -1, PP 4a-54~ DATE PUBL 70 .-SUBJECT AREAS--MATHEMATICAL SCLENCES TAGS--HELBERT-SPACE# NONLINEAR OIFFERENTIAL EQUATION, OIFFERENTIAL :::,EQUATION SOLUTION, ASYMPTOTIC PROPERTY ~,CONTROL '4ARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS .:OCCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED '~_?KOXY REEL/FRAME--1996/0519 STEP NO--UR/0055/70/000/001/0048/0054 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0117753 UNCLASSIFIED '-_'21? Oil UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 ACCESSION NO--AP0117753 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- A8STRACT. THE PAPER DEALS WITH rHE PROBLEM OF FINDING THE SOLUTION OF A NONLINEAR DIFFERENTIAL EQUATION WITH A1114 UNKNOWN INITIAL CONOITION IN THE HILBERT SPACE E AT A CERTAIN INSTANT T SUBI IS GREATER THAN T SUBO* AN AUXILIARY EQUATIO14 WITH AN AUDITIONAL (CONTROL) TERM IS PUT INTO CORkESPONDENCE TO THE ORIGINAL EiJUATION. THE CONTROL TERM 15 FORMED USING THE DATA ON THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE I'TRACKS" OF THE SOLUTIONS OF THE ORIGINAL AND AUXIL'LARY EQUATION. THE LAW OF FORMATION OF THE CONTROL TERM IS CHOSEN SO AS TO MAKE THE NORM OF THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE SOLUTIONS OF;THCEiORIGINAL AND AUXILIARY -EQUATION APPROACH ZERO UNIFORMLY AND ASYMPTOTICALLY. U t~4_c LA Cj s i 1:: USSR UDG 539-374 ROYTMAN, -A. B., KUDRICHEIKO, G. P., and T. A. Rr,.ZNIXH&*VKO (Zaporozlye) "Increasing the Corrosion Resistance of Parts Made of Alloys 2Kh15N3M-Sh and lKhl7N2 by Magnetization" Kiev, Problemy Prochnosti, No 9, Sep; 73p pp 82-85 Abstract: Results are presented of tests conducted on specimens made of alloy 2Khl5N3M-Sh and blades of the eighth and tenth stagges of a gas-turbine compressor, made of steel IKhl.7N2 and prelininarily maf,noti,.ed, on corrcsion resistance and fatigue strength. Magnetization of the t;pccimens and blades was conducted in a magnetic field of 350-400 oersted to the limit value. On the basis of the obtained results, conclusions vere druvn concerning the positive influence of magnetization upon the corrosion resintance. of the indicated alloys, confirmed by statistical analysis. 3 figures. 5 tabl.;~-s, 3 references. 1/1 IMtK 410CWZ47%; 17e. nusymi-nz, .1, mx-Lm, Mmninwi, S. S., w'~Kvws, f\. "Study of the Influence of Technological, Factors on the Endurance of Gas Turbine Blades" Kiev, Problemy Prochnosti, No 8Y 1972, pp 8-12. Abstract: This work presents an analysis of the influence of certaln techno- logical factors on the endurance of the third stage of a gas turbine engine. The blade manufactured by mechanical working of stamped blanks of E1437B vacuum-arc remelted alloy. The deviations in the technology of manufacture of the working turbine blades (scratches, burns, and additional operation called I'lustering") have no significant influence on the fatigue strength of blades with a test base of 107 cycles at 420 and 570"C. The range of change of fatigue limits in the test blades in comparison ivith a control group of blades at 20'C was from -0.5% to +7%, at 570*C -- from 0 to +51a. The technological deviations studied do increase the sc-4ttering of blade test results in the area of limited durability. ZELYA.U, E. V. ROYTMAN. L. M. "Methods of Calculating the Z-Parameters of a Nonautcnomous Two-`.erminal Network" V sb. Vur. elektroEvyazi (Problems of Electrical Comtunications-collection of works), Kiev, "Tekhnika", 1970, pp 9-15 (from RM-~--diotekhniha, No 11, Nov 70, Abstract No llAlll) Translation: Two methods of calculating the z-parameters of nonautonomous 2n-terminal networks are presented. The first method tatilftes the resistance matrix of a circuit made up of 2n-terminal netvorks by short-circuiting the terminals in each pair, while the second method utilizes the conductance matrix of a circuit made up of 2n-terminal networks ViLh open terminal pairs. Three illustrations. Resumg. g- TIRVIII FP- USSR UDC 539.389.1, PODKUYKO, V. P., PUSTOVALOV, V. V., ROYT.NMN L U STARTSEV, V. I., (KharIkov) "Temperature Dependence of Critical Shear Stress of Al-Mg Single Crystals of OOIIKtI Various Concentrations at Temperatures Between 1.6 and 3 Kiev, Problemy Prochnosti, No 8, 1972, pp 61-65. Abstract: This work studies the influence of various concentrations of magnesium on the critical shear stress (CSS) an([ temperature dependence of CSS uver a broad range cif low temperatures. Magnesium concentration was varied between 0 and 5.52 atA. The temperature dependence of CSS was found to have three sectors: 1) betweet, 300 and 120-131)OK, the CSS h, ii-idopoi)dent of temperaturc; 2) between 120 and 4..)'K, the CSS incrcv:ies --jirh d(.-crca'~ing tenperatuxe-, 3) below 4.20K the CSS decTeases With decreasiftq tel-aperature. 'The value of CSS is proportional to /c- in the temperature, interval:; studled and is satisfactorily described by the concepts of Fle-is-cher concerning the interaction of edge eislocarions ;?ith maximum ciastic stress field:!; and local changes in the shear modulus with concentration. The absolure value C, of the drop of CSS at temperatures below 4.2*K increases in proportion to the value of Fc, while the relative values are independent of Mg concentra- tion in the alloy. VDC: 362.11:65.012.2 sIM SUGGESTIONS TOR CALCULATING AMAL MEAN BED OCCUPANCY IN MUNICIPAL nOSPITALS 3 CArticle* by All-Union Scientific Research Insti- tute of Sac ubl1c Health organization iineni N.A. Somashko (Professor logatyrav. director), Moscow; Moscow, Savetakoye 2dravookhra- ~t ~rmni a, Russian, No 3v 1972, subadtted 16 August 19710 op 5-.,9) -C. In the Directives of ac 24th Congress of the CPSU pertaining to the five-year plan of 4evLloptant of the VSS1 oconomy in 1971-1975. it in Indl- f rl=.dy ated that a =at Important prerequisite for creating the material and technic&2 IM 10 IVpIQMdnt4t1Oa Of C0CPTVh0n81VG JntQnft1fiCat1On Of the and increast lit its effectiveness. Imaprovacant of the system f plantLing and vanagazant of the economy under mdtm conditions implies the P'%Wal and arganitatian of the base standards In all of its branches. This -ill provide for th* changeover to brn&d use of economic and mathematical 'J-~thode and cacputer technalory whiJ4. In turn, will expedite racelpt and II~cessing of information, devela7mant. Of different plan vazlants aa& dater- Ck4, %ation of ptiZUM planning datiStanS. us "a, pubIrt: health planniog, which is an In-otparabla element If"' planning of the nation's entire economy shoul,d provide for the =" rational and efficient use of financial and raterial resources as wall an personnel the disposal of public h--&Ltl. agencies and institutions. In this connec- I on. a I&rS* and iz:portant task etw.-rFes which deals with workimg out. the radards bast in public health, drtarnination of the scope and nature of ror=tlon far the purpose of =n&gev,!nt at different lavals, determInation Dthe set of Indic* of quality and efficiency of different types of public fl'~*Ith seencies und institutions. of a standard such as the mean annual hospital ~44:~P,'nc:Y becoWo quite serious In Increasing the efficiency of using the base of public health snd~ in particular, the avajla~le hospital he~em. This index is al" needed for eat&blishw~. I _st of the raqujr**entj for f0t 41ftcTUut 4petial purposes. .'"lublished for the purpose of discussloz.. IS SQ:aPps 12 Tw %11 PROBLEXE r-F-1Z7AtNI,',C 70 PL71111 11CALTH PLANNINC AND ECON041CS IN T11E WORLD IIE-tLT4 JWHOI * i 'N ~- I i-1-0 ,.-rtk [Artle-le bT N -P R t 'zin-All-Union S~!entlflc Research Inatituta of Social Hyrienc an~ -1;tECoRJAiLV Planning Ime-0 N,A. Semasliko, Honccra; Xoacow, Sov.tsko):e :a-avookhranenlye., Russian, No 5, 1971, submItttJ 4 Atigust 1970, pp 50-15": VVC: 614:061.14(100)).003.1 -0 In tlhm )art (e~ years probletas Pertaining to public health planning And tcoilm-ics are reflected mre and move In the activities of WHO. Thus, public %~%!Xh pl-arintnj; iz discutised, in 1960-1967 Rlne, at 1mvir sessions of rVw. Ze-mi=toa of Exrerms on PuIllit Planning of WHO III and !.r%Ct4!e-! --, IlNe technical di~)cussion of tile 80) sei3ion of U~,rld Health Assttlllv i~ 1!1(,S. Special roursen nn planning were created for responsible 'AM vc-yitem tr, thm. field of public health crgnnization, Wkti,in the research Program of th4 W)itf). in -he field of public health special 9cf,ritifte research 18 In progrenr on econo.1c.,% thereof. W!'O the resultz of such re-arch. In 1969, It pitblished the rcs"'Irs %-f m stij,ly of 1,jlillc hvidth txpundlrur" In dtffrocit counti-lem ft,~n t~:C SZALTpaint 01 ti-ir sizaifirAn- ti plz-=4~.p. .'.f nvam, A:~-I-Sltfth (Lond.n fel . ..... I of Rinr-racu one. P.'s it i-.1 'yzvd , internation.1 infomi.rirn oil ; ana, in 00s work, -~r rublic h-,Ich fervicer, in a number if narions, he iltsc-in5ed the sy~,-ms ot -loancill; ch-,. (,, thenm rrkinrr1,,. Utid 411LQC,41-~ the crrralAlAc- c-f ~ =c:; .,,J nmivnal re.;ourc... ~:uc% 1A hein~, !orie w:th respoer. to lnvc~Lig,%tlon of public health n7~ ec,.on-q- the C-rnp-on Regional Offl- of !:,Pi~. orpant-104 by t4iq ocilce, And 50-.,,a dovored to p,,blie health planning ;~nd eceao~f,s. Ehe leadin't in che fi,ll 0i V-hlt, health plannit'A 4nd econamica ,~rL- rlaav F,,opean nati~,n~ ~n-t the USA parctcipftt~ in zuclN publlsr~t4 re~-A%Iarly, ;41', 1" H-slan aq W~11. liowpver, in vi- of the thill. Lilt, ?vinting Ir, ~;mall, they are .6o, t,~ m lmiti,.d ioml,~r of - 67 - Photoelectric Effect USSR uDc: 621.317.1-26 Tomsk =2"L.x "Theory of Photovoltaic Energy Converters" Novosibirsk, Avtometriya, No 1, Jazi/Feb 72, PP 5h-63 Abstract: A system of nonlinear differential equations is presented for determining the static and dynamic characteristics of a phatovolraic enerE;y converter made up of a lo7w-power miniat e incandescent lamp and a photo- )IT resistor. Vi F7, USSR UDC: 621-373:621-31.6-722(0~---'~:_',.8) ROYTIKAN, J*1. S. VIA, "Variable 'Simisoidal Voltaire Oscillator" i Z, -'',-Vt. SV - _L /Tom-sk. in-t S32A (Toriak tute, Author's cart -Jficn -t e ~fd.SR) "lass 21 a4p' 35/14, 02, fl,), No. 270831, ; pplication 8.04.6E', lublication 21.0a.70 'froji, I h- 2, Z~L Radiot43khnil~q. INo. 3, i-,,arch 71, Abstract "IL422P) Translation: A variable sinusoidc~,.l volta-e osrill.-t-tor is i~,ronoscd in tae circuit of a symmetrical double-anded anpli-ficr i-;itliri -,osi- tive feedback, the outpUts o which are connQcted zhrou,,-~i switch and a f ilainent lamp to a measurernent sta6-,e in tl~i7; forr.. 0: bridge ciTcuit; in on,~~ of ar:ns of the brid,,*e a photorcsistcr is coanectt;d, and iA, the brid-,ge diagonal is a indic:-.-lor. Present oscillators of' this type are complex and still dc, not, -r,-_~o- vide sufficient outpuu po,.,ter. In the propo-sed oscilla-Lor, fc~r th,_~ vurn,ose of stabiiiziig the cutout volta-e, an t-,ccIditiona]. plictore- sistor whos.:~ r~-cistance varies as a function of the Ii.-Ilt int ';ns_~ty of th~~ I'ilaiment la,-an connected in t1y; indicator circuit, is put in the 7,ositive feedback networ"Fl. L. L. LISSR uDc: 621.317.616 ROY-11-Wi, 1-1. S. STUDENIKIN, V. N. "On the Possibility of Using Phase Relationships -co E,raluate the Frequency Error of Symmetric Attenuation Boxes" izv. Tomsk. nolitekhn. in-ta (News of Tomsk Polytechni cal Institute) 1970, 184, pp 85-95 (from RZh-Radiotekhmika, no 11, Noy 70, Abstruct Nc lIA320) Translation: The paper points out the difficulties whIch arise in measur.11- he frequency error of attenuation boxes. These devices mW,, be classified as minimum phase circuits for which there is a single-,~nlued phasti! relation- ship between the phase ana frequency chexacteristIcs. A brief theoretic--,) basis is given as well as a procedure for studying the paase and frea -;~ncy . _u characteristics of attenuation boxes. On the basis of the 1,(!sult-.;, the authors conclude tbat phase relationships may be used for determinin.- the frequency error of attenuation boxes for frequencies of no more th6n 150 since the phase characteristics in this range are Gteeper than the frequency characteristics. For higher frequencies, it is simpler to evaluate errorz from the frequency characteristic. Bibliography of four titles. L. an- "'111101111 USSR U D C6~11.3713.421.1(068.62) ROY-L,-.kN- M. S. "Generator of Harmonic Oscillations of Stable Amplicude" USSR Author's Certificate No 259173, Filed 26 Feb 68, Ptib-lis'~Ied 28 Apr 70 (from RZh-Radiotekhnika, No 9, Sep 70, Abstract No 9D_252) Translation: This author's certificate introduces a ~~a,.iuratQr 0::' oscillations of stable amplitude in the forTi of a catlnoc~e r,,-_3eat:Or by the White scheme with positive feedback and containinE a po!:.1civia voltage divider taken of." the output of the szep-up trza:%,i~orrier wiLia a parallel oscillatory circuii: in thu output arm and, also a SCo-1. In order to insure e:~crcqiely Mall nonlinoar dis tort ionii ,cho. t:hk!n:-,oresL,;- tor is included in tbW positive feedback circuit betWeCt, Lhe of tfiu step-up transforuie, aild the couu.-.oa bus, and the resistaace of ti-e plat:e load of the cathode follower tube. (under cond-ftions of Jdlelltity of Lh,~ tube characteristic and absence of local lie,.gaLiVa feedback) is seli.!cLed within the limits of (1.5-1.7Y/S where S is the steepness of the plate stic of the tube. characteri USSR UDC 6211.375.132.9(038.8) IT, SERGEYEV, V. M., ROY "Amplifier with Parallel Control" USSR Author's Certificate No 254575, Filed 30 Apr 67, Publisher! 11 Mar 70 (from RZh-Rad-L'otekhnika, No 9, Sep 70, Abstract No 9DI28?) Translation: This author's certificate introduces an airglifier with parallel control and series power supply for the input and output transistors w1th respect to direct current. In order to improve the phjse-frequency charac- teristic and increase the linearity of the amplitude characteristic and temperature stability, the input transistor is included with respect to a circuit with a common base, and a series connected resii;tor and capacitor are introduced between the base of this transistor and the emitter of the output transistor included with respect to a circuit with a cotrimon collector. CENTRAL I ZATION W? MI:Y11CAL CARE IN RUP.M. AREAS (ON' rliK NOL~U- OF rMLININIGRADSKAYA 01.LAST) [ArtL,lo by V.P. 1.A. Volkov~. V SMZ.l. U111th Or.-.0nizati-n Russiati. No 1. 1973. wAr4ittod 3 Aua.~t 1-972. r, 18-2J, The program of the CPSU providen for meetinp in full the demands of the urban and rural populatlor. with respect to all to:r-i o; highly qualified medical care. Thc aced fur bringing th, lw-vl --' quality of medical care in rural areas closer to the level prevL ti tQ urban resione Wdq intlicatell in the 4,~cigion of .1 sog';i0r. of th, Supreme Council (June, 1960) and Decron of the Untrel Cor=ittoz- of the CPSU and USSR-Counci.1 of Wmletero,No.517 dated 5 July 1968; Manoures for Turtilar Improvement of Public Health and Mo-velopme-n,of Hedical Science in tile Country"; this was also disrursed at the 24--h Congress of the CPSU. The system of medical care based on the principle of stafe development and combining a set of therapeutic and prophylac;lc 1=-1- tutions, provides the rural population with all forma of qu,klif.~d specialized medical ctre. More than 100,000 different thvripe~'.(: ua,! prophylactic Anrtitutions participated In iz,plcme-nting, this ta.,,, 1.1 1971; they Included more than 15,000 hospital@, 247 ot Owm ot~'-;xt hospitals (region". republic level) , 2,d99 central rayon. 7,64 rayvik (numbered), and 11,031 rurfal dintrict hospitals. The exiering system of public health organization ha*. =.adc it. possible to eliminate almost entirely tile difftrunce bpiween a,,,1111- ability of hospital care for the rural aad urbtn population. achieved, to some extent, by hoDpitalization oi rural ro.41.dcaza urban hospitals. In some republics, Qwre than 40 parzent of the -ur.;! population was hospitalized in urban hospitals in 1970. For the USF*t~ as a whole, an average of 204 par 1.000 rural residents were ho3plcml- ited. and this applied to 207 per 1.000 urban residents. 'e-cy .1 if o( 7T- 73 22 - W. USSR uDc 612.8.015.1 Wff"RENKOJI A. F.; 110 ZLATIN, R. S., GEMS, Ye. D., and KOSTYUK,, 0. 1., Institute of Physiology imeni A. A. Bogomolets, Academy of Sciences Ukrainian SSR, Kiev "Acetyleholinesterace Activity in Hypothalamic and Cortical Structures During the Action of Pharmacological ABouts" Klev, Neyrofiziologiya, Vol 5, No 1, Jan/Feb T3, PP 47-53 Abstract: Acetyleholinesterase (AME) activity in rat brain was recorded con- tinuously by the autonated eleetrometric method. In intact rats aged I month, AChE activity is highest in the sensory and motor cortex, while vttrious lower levels are assumed in the posterior hypothalamus, antet-ior h;)j:~oth4t:Llarius, and hippocampus. With advancing age (6., 12, and 24 months),the center of AChE activity is shifted to the posterior hypothalarms, and ther-, is a General decrease in ACM activity per gram of tissue. Adrenalime, injected sub- cutaneously in a dose Of 300 Mcg/kg, redistributez AC1'1-' acti-wity within 15 min, shifting the mw~irmm to the anterior hypothalwmis. An identical dose of chloral.hydrate reduces AChE activity , and equalizes it in all. thc-se etructures. The hiatochemical method, though good for determining t4e location of MiE in call organelles, is unable to detect small variations in AChE activity. Since 1/2 147 USSR YAKAICHEMO., A. F., et al, fleyrofiziologiya, Vol 5, No I., Jan/Feb 73, p-~) 47-53 AChE activity reflects the physiological activity of the given structure, the electrometric method is recommended for determinations of the functional state of 'nervous tissues. USSR KOBRIN, M. M., REZCHIKOV, A. S., ROYTSHTE-YN, M. M. "Increasing the Fatigue Strength of Welded Elements in Prestressed Guy Structures" III Mezhdunar. Konf. Po Pradvarit. Napryazh. Metal. Knnstruktsiyam., T. 3, [Third International Conference on Prestressed Metal St-metures, Volume 5 Collection of Works], pp 130-140. (Translated from Reftrativnyy Zhurnal Mckhanika, No 1, 1972, Abstract No IVII78 by Ya. M, Ayzenberg). Translation: A description is presented of typical forms of bending of mcchani- cal Guy parts. Changes are suggested in the design of equipment in order to increase the endurance and reliability under cyclical operating loads. Results are presented from exp,~;rimental tests of the effectiveness of structures sug- gested and technological measures performed at the Central Scientific Research .Institute of Structural Parts imeni V. A. Kuchemiko. It is concluded that consideration of the actual operating conditions of structures during planning by shifting of welded seams to the least stressed areas, as well as strain hardening and working of seams can increase the reliability of mechanical parts in prestressed Quy structures significantly. The method suggested are recommended also for increasing the reliability of other types of p-restr(-sFcd structures. 51 USSR UDC 621-317-794. KREMNCHUGSKIY, L. S. , A=,�JA SAMOYWV, V. B. 11A Thermal Receiver for the Measurement of RAidiation by the Comparison Method" Leningrad. Optiko-Makhanicheska3M PramyshlenUostt., No 12, Dec 70, pp 11-14 Abstract: An analysis is given of the operation of' a thermal receivWr- for the measurement of electrorsagnetic radiation by the comparison method. The receiver operates on the basis of a modu- lated radiation flux, and employs~ the eleatrioal replacemezit of this flux by the power of the alternating-ouri~ont joulo loss It is shown that reeeiver sensitivity depends.on thip thiolmo;s of the dieleotric layer, the thermophysloal proportion of the dieleo- trio layer and the oharaateristics of the senaitive eloment.. The measuremept installation usad with the receivor is described. Some data are given on a pyroalectric reosivez, that operates on the basis of a sinuzoidelly modulated radiatian flux. 3 fig~lrasp 1 table, 8 bibliographic entrisa, 96 pq MR11 'i mm" USSR uDc: 68143.o6:51 ROZENIMOP, V. D., ROYTVAN, A,,I., LIFSHITS, V. N. "Expanding the Library of Standard Program for the TAIA-22 Translator" V sb. Primeneniye -vychisl._ teklin. v elektratekhn. prom-sti (Using Co:i- 1 -ion o' puter Technology in the Electrical Engineering Industry-callecl. works), Moscow, 1971, PP 272-274 (from RM-Kibernetika, No 9, So~p 71, Abstract No 9V591) [No abstractJ 1/2, 020 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--18SEP70 TITLE--DUALITY AND MULTIPERIPHERAL PROCESSES -U- AUTHOR-(02)-DREMINt I#M.v.ROYZENt 1,10 .,-,.COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR :_S'OURCE-PHYS. LE'rT.; 318: 71-4 119JAN 1970) IME PUBLISHED--19JAN70 .' ~~SUBJECT AREAS-PHYSICS, ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES !JOPIC TAGS--COSMIC RAY, DIFFERENTIAL CROSS SECTION,'INELASTIC SCATTERING UNTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--1982/0654 STEP NO--NE/0000/70/001)/000/0071/0074 ,CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0052114 UNCLASSIFIED Z/2 020 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE-18SEP70 CIRC ACCESSION Nn--AP0052114 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(Ul GP-0- ABSTRACT* THE COMBINEO USE OF THE FINITE ENERGY SUM RULES APPROACH FOR THE TRFATMENT OF CROSS SECTIONS IN THE RESONANCE REGION AND OF THE BETHE SALPETER EOUATION FOR THE DESCRIPTION OF INELASTIC PROCESSES AT HIGH ENERGIES LEADS TO A RELATION BETWEEN THE LEADING REGGE TRAJECTORY AND OTHER TRAJECTORIES. AN UPPER LIMIT OF THE RESONANCE REGION APPEARS IN EQUATIONS AS A PARAMETER, WHICH, WITHIN THE FRAMEWORK OF THE BETHE SALPETER EQUATIONP WAS PREVIOUSLY SHOWN TO BE OF THE ORDER OF A FIREBALL MASS. AN ESTIMATE OF ITS VALUE (WITH REGGE .,:-,TRAJECTORIES ASSUMED TO BE KNOWNI.SHOWS THAT IT COINCIDES WITH VALUES GIVEN BOTH BY FINITE ENERGY SUM RULES AND BY COSMIC RAY.EXPERIMENTS. n4ty Alt~~I_r_ 9 USSR UDC: Noze MMW, V. N. and ROYM, 1. 1. "Some Consequences of the Peripheral Interaction Tilaory" Moscow, Yadernaya Fizika, Vol. 11, -No. 2. 1970, pp 4-72 Abstract. Earlier papers have shown that a correct qualitaLivo ~dezcri-~Lioa of the characteristics of inelastic procesgos of tho fi.-oloall. typ(i car. be oo- tained by starting from the general limitations on tho behtvio~- of t~o elastic interaction a=plitude and the Bathe-SalFeter equaTion. Qu -Lhcj basis Of tnJ1z; a?- proach, the current paper considers three questions: the multiplj~cit.,,r in tho peripheral interaction of high-energy partialos; the inclUation of vacuum tra- jectories at t = 0; the pre-asyz~ptotia boha~rior of- L~o Tho first two are answered by starting from the Bethe-SalpQtar equation. ~__~Lrj LUt110r_! COIL- elude, in considoring the third question, that the existence of ine-Lastic F,:.o- cesses Of the fireball t~Te leads to a moving vacuum siqguLarity. i.c., to elastic dispersion with a narrow diffraction cone. They make the fuxther ccn- elusion that the existence of a region of cross-section groisth wit-n energy is Still not a unique confirzation of the existence of the Fomerantauk, band. They express their gratitude to D. S. Chernavakiy for his many voir.=Ats. 64 - USSR uDc 681.325.65:621-374.~33 IVAKIff, B. F. , ROY.74a._,-A%~,7~, ROZENTALI, N. K., Leningrad Production Amql gamation "KrPa"'snaya Zarya!l "A Logic Element" Moscow, Otkrytiya, izobreteniva, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyje znaki, No 2. Jan 71, Author's Certificate No 290453, division H, filed 30 Jun 69, published 22 Dec 70, p 161 Translation: This-Author's Certificate introduces: 1. A logic element which contains a symmetric magnetic system with control -wrindings, aria a contact system. As a distinguishing feature of the patent, the logical possibilities of the element are expande'd by forming the maE;aetic systen from P. horizontal bridge and six vertical rods with control windings in 'des of the horizontal brid&, a bermanent sets of three on opposite s. mzWet set in the ruddle of the horizontal bridge betycen th,:! abo-v,e-men, ti one d rods, and a double-arm rotating amature fastened over the permanent magnet in such a way that one of the armss touches the end faces of the right or left rods. 2. A modification of this element dilstinguished by the fact that control of the elernent is simplified by mak=g the control winding.. with two sections, one section being on the upper half of one rod, while the other section is on the lower half of another rod. -_13 - USSR uDc 621.382.3 ROME. H. M. "Theory of the kM Transistor With Surface Capture Centers" Kiev, IVUZ Radioelektronika, Vol 14, No 11, Nov 71, pp 1340-1352 Abstract: The author investigates the effect of surface captuer centers on the electrical characteristics of the Formula.3 are derived which relate the current and rms fluctuation of current to such parameters as the surface density of capture centers, their enerEf position and the gate potential. The spectral power distribution of electrical fluctuations is determined and analyzed as a function of the nature of the distributions of capture centers in 4 die-ectric film. Two figures, bibliography of seven titles. 1/1 1/2 UNCLASSIF P P, OCEJS ING DATE--13NOV70 TITLE--VIBRATIGNS ANO BALA..14CING OF AIRCRAFT ENGINE ROTORS '_,-.,A,UTHOR-(G2)-LEVITt M.'(E~r ROY ZMAN v p .-COUNTRY.OF INFO--USSR SOURCE--(VIBRATSIYA I 0KAVN0VESHIVA,%IYE~?,OiORGjV AVIAI)VIGATELEY) MOSCOW, 1970, 171 PP DATE- PUaL ISHED------ 70 -SUBJECT AREAS--PROPULSION AND FUELS TOPIC TAGS--SHAFT VtW"ATION, AIRCRAFT ENGINE, JET Pmrtm, E16INE -.MAINTENANCE CONTROL MARAING-NO FESTkICTIONS _-.00CUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIF[t:0 PROXY REEL/FRAME-3005/0243 SrEP NO--UR/0000/ 70 /00%)/Oofjj,uoo 1/0 171, _(_;IRC ACCESSION NO--AM0132508 Wic t. S s I V I r 0 .1twoopli V-6 a;ks grA 21Z. 039 UNCLASSIFIC-0, P140CESSING DATE--13NOV70 ~CIRC ACCESSION NO--AM0132508 ABSTRACT/EXTRACf--(U) GP-LO- ABSTRACT.. PREFACE 3i, INTRODUCTION 5. CHAPTE R I THEORETICAL PKINCIPLES OF BALANCING OF ELASTICALLY DEFORMABLE ROTORS 12. fJ METHODS FOR BALANCING OF ELASTICALLY DEFOAPIABLE ROTORS 41. 111 CERTAIN SPECIAL BALANCING METHODS 82. IV EQUIPMENT AND AAPPARATUS FOR INVESTIGATION OF AIRCRAFT SNGINES AND BALANCING OF THEiR ROTOR SYSTEMS 113. V EXAMPLES FOR JNVE-ST!GArICNS OF VIBRATIONS AND BALANCING 159. BIBLIOGRAPHY 170. ~ THE BOOK C11NITAINS A REVIEW OF CONTEMPOAAAY METHODS FOP BALANCING OF AIRCRAFT Ro,rogS FKU.)RS wilCH EFFECT THE LEVEL OF V113kATIONS OF ENGINES. CONSWERABLE AYTL-NTIQN IS GIVEN TO T14E COMPLEX MLTHOD FOR INVESTIGATION OF i~IACRAFT ENGINE DYNAMICS AS A STAGE PRLCEEUING THE SELECTION OF TtfE METHOD FOR ROTOR BALANCING. GIVEN ARE ALSULTS OF INVESTIGATIONS OF VIBRATIUNS OF FULL SCALE GAS TURBINE AIRCRAFT ENGIINESf THEIR COMPRESSORS AND TURBINES. GIVEN ARIE SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS CONNECITED 'WITH AUTCMAT[ON OF BALANCING PROCESSES AND OF NEW BALANCING METHOOS~, AS WELL AS EQUIPVENT* UNCLASSIFIED USSR UDC 541.67:547.241 ROM14, P., ROZANEL'SKAYA.- N. A. GUR'YANOVA) Ye. N., BOKANOV, A. I., and STEPANOV, B. I., Scientific Physical-Chemical Research Institute imeni L. Ya. Karpov and Moscow Chemical Technological Institute imeni D. I. Mendeleyev "Dipole Moments of Methyl Substituted Triphenylphosphines" Leningrad, Zhurnal Obshchey Khimii, Vol 43 (105), No 7, Jul 73, pp 1650-1651 Abstract: Dipole moments of tri-, hexa-, and nonamethyl substituted tri- phenylphosphines have been determined, All the results except for the nonamethyl homolog agreed with literature datA. The trtmesitylphosphine dipole waB lower by 0.5 D than that of the triphenylphomphine. This indi- cates considerable change in -L-a geometry of triphenylphosphine upon intro- duction of two methyl groups into the orthopositioas of each ring. 1/2 022 UNICLASS I FIE'D PRi~CESSUNG DATE--13NIOV70 _ANES~:vlRjNtfJ/,YGEN ~TITLE--PHASE EQUILIBRIUMS [N THE FERAITE. REGION OF A M)tk4l SYS TV-, -U- AUTH[iR-(02)-3ULG GAKOVA, T.I., A G. C.OUNTRY OF INFO--USSR ~-~~SOURCE-_ZH. FIZ. KHlfl. L970, 44(3) 693-8 -:-::DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 AREAS--MATERIALS TOP I CTAGS--MANGANESE, IVWNt OXYGEN, SPINELt FERRITE., PHASE DIAGRAM -CONTROL 4AkKlNG--lN0 RESTRICTIONS -DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME-1999/1102 STE P N0--UR/00 76ie(/Qli4 100-3~'0693/06')d CIRC ACCESSION NO-001230'14 S'LFIE0 C LA 21Z 022 UNCLASSIFIED CIRC ACCESSION WC-AP0121-2094 Hr -rF I I f3 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT-W) GP-0- tk6SrKACT-. THE EQ01L. 1,,4 r _ sys PA i ~,FE SU N 0 -cUBX H SUb2 H SUB2 0 WAS STUVIE0 AT 969 Aplo jooooEr."-,EES FOR 3.852 ~LARGER THAN OR E(JUAL TO N LARGEk THAN OR EQUAL TO 1.190 t-JITHIN THE LIMIFS FROM T-HE SPINEL Tk'J klf,40 PLUS FE4 THE Sl*;AbVLITY I,'S GF THE SPINEL AND LOWER (-'Xli)F PHASES I-iF.,~E ESTABLISM'U. fllE PHASE UlMiRAM IN THE FEtZRITF REGION OF THE MN-FE~-Ii SYSTEM FOR 969()Ft;i',['-E5 IS PRESFINTEO. FACILITY: KHIM. FAK.y MDSX. GOS.. UNIV. IM, LGJ!,l'3N3S0VAv -MQSCOW, U-SSR. UNCLASSIFIED USSR 'RMLOV, A. C. r KOLESIIIKOVt B. P.t KONONENY.Ot V. A., LIMIYAROV, A. N., M -ff;-V- KAWVj V. V., POLYAK, L. Z-. ROZANOYt.Ar N., and TITOT; "Device for Studying Structui-al Changes in Refractory Metals and Alloy*" USSR Authors' Certificate No 356536, Cl. G 01n 23/200, filed 7 Doe 70, pub- lished 23 Oct '?2 (from Otkrytlyas. Izobretenlya, Promyshlennyye Obraztsy, Tovarnyye Znaki, 110 32, 1972, p 121) Abstractt The device, which studies structural changes during high-tetapera- ture strain In a vacuum or other environment, contains a working charL-.r with a terylliur. window located on the front cover, a loading mechanism, clamps for the specizen, he--:Lters, mechanisms for measurements and the recording of readinps For purposes of studying the structure of a specLnen durLng tests, the front cover of the working cimber has mounted on it a device for X-ray analrsis with a mec~hanism for the vertical displacement of this device along the specimen and a zechanism for rotating it around a horizo-atal. axiso 1/1 USSR UDC 5-t,7-1S:576-.~14-6j,-j..i2 Towny, V. m., ROM jElM R, B. Z., Diochen-stry Dapartmant. of Odessa Universit:,:,",ir,'~.;-i I. I. 14achnil:ov "Effect of Vitaxiins on ErythTocyte Perr.-,eabiuty for Nicatinete-C 14 undur t1w Effect of Acceleration on the Organism" 0 4 5-,- -51 Kiev, Ukrainslldy Biok-hinichi-iy &huxnal, vol 44, N 1972 v) Abstract: Tn :~n vitro a stody wws jindo of th~! cha),-acteri:7tir-, j ,- - . ~.- features of P"nd binctu-i,- of nicotinic acid ta"I with C by tlie blood, Cel"s Of, rats -OrACUr --ons ef on tilese r)rocezSCE of Cul-ta-In other fLuxtione-1.1y vlti~,mina we.~,; alna ate Ila oil ,Lhf~ It wav established that rihoflwviii rw~l pailtotlicn, w) efL intfnu~ity of thu t~~,zc~-ptlon by oi7thracytes at t~v, U,7:i(! a~~ j and 1 )oatc- p-comota it. Under othar equal conditions, the of the ey.Derinental -animals albsorb a larC-er ai-,cmult of' 1,14-C th-11) thE: coptrol az~-`.; -Ir,, and they losl- it- faSter repea-bed lavages. This i-lidicatc-S an i M, --,~ Z! F- C C- 4n the permcabilit-,, of t",(-, bicilogical ri-,ejbranen unde--,- ie effi--ct a.' sin-ez-- J. pp-a-vitation. 711,v p-resf,i-,ce of in-lividvxa~ vitami-,,:-, in. tha ;171c'm:ation on.1,y does not prevent th(.~ loss of NA-01r by the- (,f th.-! 55 13SSR TOTSKIY, V. M., et al., Ukrainslkiy Biolditmichniy Zhurnal, Vol 44, No 4, 1972, pp 509-514 animals with subse(pent 1-mrages, but it even promotes an in t] hu losses. ~Nnie complex app-licaLion of the 111vestigatea vItIvuidns has ro effect on the M-C14 absorotion bv the el-1/tIlrocytes; however, it has n poritive effCct o:,i the mechanisrs promoting retention of nicotinic acid ard its motabolites in the blood ce'Is. 2/2 USSR uDc 615-372:576-851-5511-033-81-018-1 BONDAYCRUK, 1-1. G.1 KRYZHMIOVSKIYJ, G. N., an4j ROZAMY,_.A__Ya,_, Chair of Biochem- iBtry, Odessa University imeni 1. 1. Nechnikov, and Laboratory of the Patho- physiology of Infection Intoxications, Institute.of Normal and Pathological Physiology, Academy of ~Jedical Sciences USSR, MoBcov "The Effect of Natitoxin on Tetanus Toxin Fixation by Subeellular Structures of the Brain" Moscow, Byulleten' Eksperimentallnoy Biologil I Maditsiny, Vol 75, 140 3, 1973, PP 39-42 Abstract: Ey-merimental findings indicate that puriflied tetanus toxin labeled Vith 1131 is bound by the so-called crude mitochondria fraction of puinea pig brain, which includes ndtochondria, synGptosomes, and i,yelin fra3i:lents. Me largest portion of the -toxin is bound by synaptosomes, a nm!L1ler by qyelin fraGments, and the smallest by mitochondria. Tetanus toxin neutralized by antitoxin is also bound by ~.hese structures but to a sarawhat lesser extent. No such reduction in fixation occurs when-tetanus toxin and tintitoxin Live added to the crude mitochondria extract simultaneously. The data vu-p ,po-t the pre- viously advanced hypothesis that the tetanosparnin molecule has separate sites at which fixation to nervous tissue and to antitoxin takes place. 1/1 q 1/2 019 UNCLASSIFIEO PROCESSING OATE--18SCP70 'TITLE--BIPSYNTKESIS OF COENLYME A FROM PANTOTHENATE DERVIATIVES IN RATS _u_ 'AUTHOR-( 04);;~=4~A.4A,4 SAVLUCHINSKAYAv L.G*p ZHDANOVICH, YE.S., .:7 KOPELEVIC-Hr V.M. 'COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR SOURCE-BIOKHIMIYA 19701, 35(l), 58-63 0 AT EPUSL I S HEO---- 70 ',.SUBJECT AREAS--BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES :.T 0.9 1 CTAGS-ENZYME, BIOSYNTHESIS# CELL PliYSIOLOGYr 141TOCHONDRIONt VITAMIN 8 COMPLEX, ADENOSINE TRIPHOSPHATC: MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--1984/0839 STEP NO--UR/0218/7,~/035/001100561{)k)63 CIAC ACCESSION P40--AP0055541 UNCLASSIFIED 71 Vz 019 UINCL ASS IF I ED PKOCESSING OATE--ISSEP70 ~'CARC ACCESSION NO--AP0055541 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT-W) GP-0- ABSTRACT. PANTOTHEINATE All"IIINISTEREO 'JS THE CONTENT OF COA f;'vl f'!qG 9 iq~"F-N PARENTERALLY TO R~ INCREASED - AN'S - P 1 L Y ATP, CYSTEPIE, THIAk~.INE, ANO NICOTINATE WERE ADIvENISTERCO '-IT SIMULTANEOUSLY. THE DEGREE OF COA BLOSYNTHFSES CORRFLATrO j H 17 INCREASING DOSES GF ITS PRECURSORS AND OF Tl-iF VITAMINS ANIF-1 i~-AS INC ---~S- BY HYOROCORT[SONE. 4-PHOSaHO-O-PANTOTHENATE AND ESPu S-BENZOYL-D-PANTETHEINE AND 4-PHOSPIqO-S-BENZOYL-LI-PA-lirETHEI-14E WERE MORE EFFECTIVE THAN PANTOTHENATE VV' INDUCING COA SYNTHESIS, P,15SSIBLY DUE TO THEIR CLOSER STRUCTURAL simrLARITY TO THE COENLYME AND THEIR MJ,.'~E RAPID PERMEABILITY THROUGH THE BLOOD TISSUE.BARRIERS AND THE CELLULAR AND MITOCHONDRIAL MEMBRANES, UNCLASSIFIED Ace. Nn 000472217. Ref. Code: UR 0300' PRIMARY SOURCE.- Ukraynalkiy Biokhinichniy' Zhurnal, 1970, Vol '42 Nr 1 PP S~-l EFFECT OF PANTOTHENATE, RIBOFLAVIN AND NIGOTINATE ON DEPOSITION OF THIAMINE-S35 IN ORGANISM OF ALBINO RATS Yq._.&jj". Vu Van Ani. A & ~pr~ment o~~ BtochemistrL the Ode~5a Pe Summary The intensity wis determined of thlo'mine-S35 deposition irl homegenates of the liver, kidneys. small intestines myocardiurri~and skeletal musles and brain of albino rat-5 at different times (in 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 and 24 hrs) under the effect of pantothertate, ribo- flavin and nicotinate. These vitamins increase 'the intensity of thiamine-SIS deposition in the liver, kidneys and to a less degree-in the membranes of small intestinet, during the Erst hours after injection, and in the myocardium and brain during the next 24 hrs. 19790723 CjQRoL[ 9 5(,e 73 UDC' 6 2 1396 62F; 152 3164 i3,-, A SYSTEM FOR AUTOKATING OBSERVATIONS ON RTI-7.50/750 IVTU A4- 1hrticle 'y-A.A P:rr8jjr.,Ij~ 7z ~,jg, T a?V of the MOSCO ca "i N.E VI.,leltlya V~!shlk~ Uch, PadioU:tka. Pt;;Lgitti, -7or 'j0v'QIrtW_ 1912, Pm Ihe first solar and lun;ir oLnervations mAde oil' the RTI- 7.1,/'-,o MVTU Lt;.ot;cow Hlrher 11mcbnical School Imeni X. B. Bztu- milrij enUotalp"ope nhowed that the minimal width of The radi- ntion rattern was clone to that computed (QU.5:=,30" at A- I M."Ilimeteri. For practical vtnrk on rssdio Sources; the posi- tion or thn antf,-nna*u radiation pattern munt be controlled in oppee with a precision of no leas than CL,/)-i../6)9 that in. 0.5. 10 to To molva, this problem. a design has been-do-eloped hig for a _h-preclsion synchronous-truckin drive (SSP) systera whose lmpl~mefttation will permit RTJ-7-5%50 antennas to have the following operating madvoi Automatic guid:ince and tracki " per UVM (general-purpose c m u orl -Ints. with or without ecan"flIg of the targitts a p t Siiinleitortntic guidance of slow and rapid nations Automatic tracking pern ph*to-guidej Rapid rerattinr of antenn-to in sill operating-angle bandai nnd NnotIonfil monitoring of the whole control complex in s local control mole. Inventirptitna; of the precision ;ind atability of the r.,diotelescope's cf,ntrol myetema, which We a examined as a com- binad linear pulsed (impullanyy) eystemLITwers mode with a It '91 USSR UDC 546.65'1?3'185 M"'Ova 1. A., BERNIKOV, V. R.r TAKANAYEV, I. V., and CHEL-TSOV, P. A., Instifxut673-177eneral and Inorganic Chemistry imeni N. S. Kurnakov, Academy of Sciences USSR Moscow "Trimetaphosphimates of multivalent Metals. 1. Irvestigation of the Inter- action In the System 1aCl,-Na3(PO211H )3-ff2o" Moscow, Doklady Akademil Fauk SSSRj Vol 201p No 4, Dee ?1$ PP 872-874 Abstract# Sodium trimetaphosphimato -- 14A 3(PO2NH) 3* 4H20 -- was obtained 'iy hydrolysis of the phosphonitrile chloride trimer -- (Pnri,,)3, LaCl3was then reacted with Ka (PO2NH)3- changing the initial ratio n of (P021,,H)3- to La3+ 3 3 3 from 0.25 to 6. The mixture was then stirred for 24 hx* to reach an equili- brium state, and the*solid separated from colution by filtratinn. The results of the analysis of the solution and solid showed that during the reaction of Na (PO.,HH), with LaCl in the 0.25-1 range of n continuous deprease of the 3 3 3 3+ final concentration of La takes place, equivalent to the quantity of tri- 3~ an all In retaphosphimate added. The residual concentration3 of W21,;H) 1/2 to - ROZANOV, I. A., et al., Doklady Akademii Hauk SSSR, Vol 201, No 4, Dee 71, PP 872-874 -4 the range of 2.10 6-ion/l -- corr-,;-sporkling to the solubility of the pre- cipitate. In this range one solid phase is formed with n - 1j, the composi- tion of the product being la 0. This 1=oduct perslets up to (F02N") 3 '5.5 H2 2, after which the ratio begins to change, until at n 5 it reaches the level of 2. The product isolated at n - 5 has the composition 1-ia 3Laf(POq1-iH)-~-7 2.8 H.O. The first product is crystalline, the octahydrate is amorphous. Both materials are colorless, insoluble in water, alcohol, acetone, and ether; they dissolve with decomposition in concentrated HCL 2/2 1/2 02t) UINCL ASS IF I ED TITLE-ThE CIAGINOSIS OF PANCREATIC TUMORS -U- AUTHOR-(02)-RUZANOV, I.S., SABELNEKOV,,G.L. CCUNTRY GF LNFO--USSR SCURCE-KHIRURGIYA, 1970, NR 2t PP 76-80 DATE PUBLISHEC--70 PROCESSING DATE-20NOV70 SUBJECT AREAS-BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES TOPIC TAGS--PANCREAS, TUMOR, JAUNDICE, DIAGNOSTIC METHOUSs ANGLOGRAPIiY, i.. LIVER, lli~TASTASISp BILE MARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS DGCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSiFIE0 PiOXY REEL/H~Alv.E-1983/1330 STEP CIAC ACCESSIC-N NU-1AP005tt.21-It 2/2 026 UNCLASSIFIEri Pflk""ICESSING 0ATE-201NOV70 ClqC ACCESSICN NO--AP0054214 ABSTRACT/EXIKACT--(U) GP-0- A6STRACT. FOR THE PURPOSE OF PREOPERATIVE DIAGNGSIS CF MECHANICAL JAUNDICE THE AUTiiORS CLINDUCTED AN Ai,iGIOGRAPHIC INVESTIGATIGN OF PANCREATIC VE55ELS IN 17 CASESr CELIACOGRAPHYr IN Ift CASESt VESENTERICOGRAPHY4 IN 5 CASES ANG BOTH TECHNIQUES WERE CUMBINED IN 2 CASES. IN VIEW OF RICH PANCREATIC VASCULARIZATfON THE ClErHLJO OPENS UP WIDE VISTAS IN THE DIAGNOSIS UF TUMORS AND LESIONS OF THL- PAN~.-PEAS* ANGIOGRAPhY ENABLED TU ESrAbLISH A DIAGNOSIS OF PANCRAI'IC TUMOR IN 9 PATIENTSt !N SOME CASES ALL OTHER TECHNIQUES PROVED TO INEFFECTIVE. SELECTIVE ANGIGGRAPHY OF THE CELIAC STEM ALSU MAKES IT POSSIBLE TO DETECT METASTASES INTL ThE LIVER. A CGHBINATION OF CELIACOGRAPHY WITH TRANSCUTAINEOUS CHOLAINGIOGRAPHY AFFORDS COMPLETE INFORP4ATION ON THE LOCALIZATIC11 OF ThE TUMOR# ITS SPREAD AND STATE OF TK~BILE- DUCTS. USSR LUJO 331.02.001.,3) Institut .0 FARCRENKO, YE. N., KAIMROR, 1. S., and 1=4UOY -e of Lat r Hygiene and, Occupattional Diseases, Academy of Medical EIciencIus LZSR, E~nl Institute of the Hygiene of Railroad Transportation "Principles of Classifying Work by Strenuousness, Harmfulnemo, and Danger" Moscow, Gigiyana Trida i Professionallnyye Zaboleyaniya, No 3, 19'('-2, pp 4-12 Abstracti Madern industrial Jobs are clasaified into fot=- ei-:A,,gories .-- light, Itedi=, heavy, and Y(try heayy -- on the basis of 41.,ho fobifinl; criterial physical Dower (exprest~ad in watts and ozeeved by- each LX-Xt of the body as Yell as the m--ximum weight of objecia liftecl); static load (in kg/nocr cyeaAed on each part of the b-cdy as vell as vork posture and freedont c:~P M-ovenont)i and psychic tension vith such subcategories as attention (nim.wr of impoxtant objects observed sinult-ancously, % duration of concentnLted RttC"ItiOn' % duration of active operation, averazge n=bor of 11:fforzation Signals obsex-Ved. per h--l anO ei;otioval ten,,tion), numlr-r of the shil't, &u-Qysi-,, of visu:-,l P-Ld atuditoxjr fe6dbackf volum" of opeiittiva Molaory, intolleci;uz~l difficulty, 4uld monotony. The IndtLatrw envirownent Is clasaified into eight c2aasuz (from optimua to dangerous.) according to the follo-wing aritoxias temperatuiv and humidlity (cooling and beating t1he body)l concentxuVion of toxic SuLutancesl Concentration of Udu3trl4a ciuatl intensity of electric and rpgnetic fields, and industrial noise and vibmtion. 4 r USSR UDC: 621.372 'a,, STRAUT- VARFOLOMBYEV, I. N. , YERMOLEYEV, A. A. , JW"h",juh", MANIS, G. F. "A Generalized Method of Analyzing Active Microelectroiiic RC Filters" Teor. elektrotekhnika. Resp. mezhved. nauch.-toklin. sb. (Theo- retical Electrical Engineering. R-e-pub-Ii-C-1- !:r(epartniental Sci- entific and Technical Collection), 1971, vyp. 11, pp 86-93 (from M-Radiotekhnika, No 3, Mar 72, Abstr,,ict No 3AI28) Translation: The paper shows the necessity ol fOUr basic steps in desi-gr-of microelectronic active RC filters. Particular attention is given to the first stage of design -- anilysis. A generalized method is proposed for analyzing microelectronic RC filters in the steady-state niode on the BE,;?,I-,l digital com- puter. Three illustrations,. five tables, bibliography- of five titles. Resum6. 4 UR 0482 Soviet Inventions Illustrated, Section 11 Electrical, Derwent, BALF MED FRWUENCY MD]DULATOR F23.8619 TW114 N coTftaining tmo, -ti*nsistors- amOmFiait4d with secondary vindings .;~f 'butput trj440forma; The generat,or~ of modulaang fre"efic4 ;(10) in -connected to tte collectors of two tranittors The concrol frequency ir, applied,ito termi"U. (13). (14)~ Linearity of mo0ulation In ,provdid by capacitor (7), 13 7 F0 )41 13.3,67. as 1136830/26-9,~ SUKWDOEV, IN. and (21.7-69) Bul. 10/10,3.'69. Class 214 Int. C1. H. 03d. 19741100 ... ....... LIZ 031 UNCLASSIFIED KtOCESSING DATE-30ocr70 51TLE-NOISE IN THE LOCK1,NG REGION OF A RING LASER -U- .AUTHOR--ROZANOVo N.N. ,(;OUN TRY OF INFO-USSR SOURCE-OPTIKA I SPEKTROSIKOP I (A. VOL. 28, APR. 1970, P. VtO-743 _UA rE PU13LLSHEC---APR70 $UBJECT AREAS-PHYSICS TOPIC TAGS-LASER GYROSCOPE, ELECTROMAGN4TIC NOISE, l-:REQUl*NCY LOCKING, ERROR ANALYSIS, GYROSCOPE 30TION, PHASE MEASUREMENT ~'ccNrKOL MARKM;-NO RESTRICTIONS OCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED ;.PAOXY REEL/FRAiME-2000/1217 STEP ACCESSICN NO-AP0124871 WA.'LASS11' 11:0 U',N C LS S I F I E0 p fli'j "- F SI 212 031 ACCESSICU NO-AP0124871 ABS.TRA'k1T/EXTKACT--{U) GP-0 ABSTRACT. THEURET ICAL ! r',~ V DETRIMENTA%L EFFECT OF FRE1,I[JENCY LCCKING CN, THE ACCLIFIACY f-- ANIGULAR VELOCiFY FRO14, THE UFAT FREQUENCY Gf- OPPOSING ING"JES ~."F AND ON THE ACCURACY 0'r-- S,;C" u 1~ E;~! E N, T S LASEX, USED 13Y A LASER GYRUSCOPE BY A PHASE METHOD PROPOSE L BY ROLAINIOV ET AL 196 1) 1 T I -r- ~H(31-01 FHA T THE ERROR RATIO OF THESE: MIE THOGS I S f NOEPENDENT OF TH"E (-'l-fAi6%CT Ei~ f ST I C S OF T1--E NOISE SOURCE, AND THAT rHE MEASUREMENT ACCURil,i"Y CsW-i bE FO BE EQUAL FOR BOTH METHODS. r Lv F, USSR BELOUSOVA i. DANILOV, 0- B-, ZAPRYAGAYEV, A. N. N. "Study of the Radiation Spectrum ofa Laser Used as Receilrer of a Signal With a Doppler Shift" Moscow, Zhurnal Eksperimentallnoy iTeoraticheskoy Fiziki, Vol 58, No 21 Feb 70, PP 394-406 Abstract: The article describes results of a study cf t~.e radiation pectrum of a helium-neon laser which is acted on by 3 a signal reflect- ed from a moving object (a mirror or a reflector with a dij.'fusinc, stir- face). it is shown that at a significantly low answer signal inten- sity (1- 10-4 of the output powor) lboats appear in tne or frequency is de-ermined by Doppler's law, with a modulation depth Close tc, 100 percent. The lnw-frequency beat aFeotrum reveals har- monics. Two reasons are assumea for the appoarance of the harmonics: 1) multiple passage of the signal between the laser and the moving object, and 2) (in the case of a. multifrequency 14mer mode non- 112 USSR BELOUSOVA, 1. M., et al., Zhurnal Eksperizienzallnoy iTeoreticheskoy Fiziki, Vol. 58, No 2, Feb 70,1PP 394-406 linear interaction between the field of the answe:r signal olo one mode and the field of another mode. It was found experimentally that a made of siimuial~ed lazer J generation sets in after the siegial reflected from thi.~ moving object ceases to act on it ("memorization" effect). It is shorar. that the existence of the "memorization" effect is due to the presence of har- monics in the beat spectrum. The question of the stability of the "memorization" mode is considered theoretically. It is suggested that there is a stability region for;the case of three frequencies belonging to one longitudinal mode. 2/2 48 Ace. Nr*o 4P0043669- Ref. Code: UR 0056 , ~er PRIMARY SOURCE: Zhurnal rksp r mental'noy i Teoratichaskoy Fiziki, 1970, Vol 58, Nr 2,, pp3,71e-,~4,16 LNVESTIGATION OF THE:RADTATTON, S.FE-(-,TR(jjj OF A LASER EMPLOYED AS A DETECTOR OF A DOPPLER SHIFTED SIGNAL 1,11. e!qasoutz. 0. B. Dandou. X. X. Roeirif,11, The radiation spectrinn of a helium-neon laser subi-mted to t1,(- 3~lti,-.)n rif a :~ivnal rellected front a moving beely is invtist-igated..StilTitilat(~(I gt~uvration arkii-,ig on c.,,sa- tion of action of the external -ignal on the laser is observed. REEL/FRAHE 19770073 Driki.r, A. S., I.-eceprion ot A Flochinting Krasovskiy, R. R. vavtsel'. V. 1. ,Mf vi fy-~ticzl Shckielkut%ov, K. N. Analysis of the Synchronization o4. an Cptical Cv~,utiicatian Lhanncl witz Multipl-xing of. 0- FM Trm~z ................ Litvinovs, T. P.9 Froquency-Space Correlation Function of rhe Lobkovs, L. H. Amplituovs of Uaves Propagated in a Locally lactropic Turbulent A;mo5phtre ................ Lobkova, L. H.. Effect of Amplitude and Phase Field Distribuliom C11t9tyakov, A. B., at a Larcr Output on the Soatial C.haronre of Lubkov, 11. H. che Laser Emission ............................ 174 Labkovs, L. H., Fast and Slim Fluctuations of the Angles of Chistyakov, A. I., Anival of Lsev ExiseLon ................... 181 L*bkov, H. H. Kistitsin, N. V., Statistical Description at Uttmitisa =Ld Poddubnyy, V. V.L- Laguerra Photon Fluxes . ................. I...... 189 Kislitain. H. V., Quantum Mechanical Descrivtion of Socur Proced- Poddubnyy, V. V.. urea of Nonparametric Statistics .............. 194 rulemin, v. P. I?oddubnyy, V. V., Potential Accuracy of Measuring tht Augulav Trivvzhenka~ a. Ya. Position of Photon Source ................ 2.9 TpUnqyey, P. G., Application of GeMeanduccor Lasev3 for Ismailov. I., Mult;channel Optical Cc=un1cz-t1o . ........... Lo redurov, Yu. F., _K4 0v k*ya, L. C. Strizhovnkiy. V. L., Relation of ene Distribution Functions of a tarpenko, S. C., quasimonochrb-jatic Signal nnd Its Amplitude* Z05 Bigayev. A. V. Deryugin, 1. A,, OPLIQLAIktion of Optical-dand Q0,%ntum Countitts Kuratov, V. H. Systems ....................................... 210 1. 1.. Laser Emiasion ModulaLion ..................... 221 Brodovich. 14. A., Val- honakly, V. n., Danilov, . S. , Nee tdrovs, Z, V., a ratrova, A. V.P~ POPOV, _7Y!. V. , Rozonav 485 I'STC-11T 23~2,)13-72 NiJAN11 TMI!i PROBLMS OF LASER UAM VATA T"'6XISSIO.'i PROCCEDUNGS UF M FIRST ALL-UNLON SMINBER 196B tol(l IGN TITLE.: FAMM PEREDACHI INFONUTS11 iAZZ=;TH IZLUoM-ijYLM AUTI 1014; 1. A, DURYU150, ET AL. KIEV ORDER Oil LEN10 STATZ INIVRSITy IMENI T.C, SCtiv=Wo TcoiMAted for FM by AcSt 4. -!F T; NOTICE p'llilicAllml h"'c bev" tr--%I,ttd As 1,roemed in the crigin.1 text. zim pt IIAN 6c" mAdc t. verify the accumv d any st4fMcht contalfird littrin. Th,. tr.".441ti'm k publohed Witt, a millitnum if copy editing anci Fraphics p"Paration in "'dcr t" the dkwilollition if il-f .... .6m, App-v,l rw p,+h, mh,,,tj.~ fjiNtrjj)j~t mill"witrj. -3 'Z USSR UDC:534.222.2 ROZIN011 0. K. DREXIIN, A. N. , Moscow "Elastic Wave in Thin-Walled Envelope and its Role in the Occurrence of Low- Speed Detonation" Novosibirsk, Fizika Goreniya i Vzrvva, Vol. 6, No. 3, Sep 70, pp. 342-551 avc a t i n, -l )- iss coil- t*stract: The elastic w. i propag, a throuph the walls of' . ,I~ taAner is very significant for an understanding of tile rrocess of coi,,ibuition --tiner. Thi:s article J:resents of a liquid explosive contained in the conf., a study of the pressure beyond the z~lastic wave in thirj-walli~d gli-ss envelopes, tile rate at whi.;:h the wave attenuates, tile behavior of tile cylindrical envelope under the influence~of the elastic: wave, and also an attempt to clarify its role in the process of low-speed detonation of the liquid contained in the envelope. The experimental results presented indicate that propagation of the elastic~wave is independent of the course of' the low-speed reaction process, This indicates that tile fluesti,on of the stability of the detonation mode must be left open, since the length of 1/2 USSR UDC:S34.222,2 ROZAMV, 0. K., DREMIN, A. N., Novosibirsk, Fizj,ka Goreni-ya i. Xlzrvva. Vol. 6, No. 3, Sep 70, I;P. 342-351 the cavitation zone should increase with time, and the nature of the behavior of the cavitation bubbles should change by the moment of arrival of the reaction zone. The authors investigated the propagation. of this combustion mode in long glass tube's. The investigation ~did not reveal the mechanism of formation of cavitation bubbles under the influence of the elastic wave in the envelope. 2/2 31' , USSR UDC: VEXHOV, A. A., NIKOLAYEEV, F. A. , ROZANO11 V! B Physics Institute imeni P. N. Lebedev, Academy of Scienceis . the USSR "Investigation of the Space and Time Distribution of the Optical Density of High-Current Discharges of Indium. and Lithium~' Moscow, Teplofizikr Vysokikh Temperatur, Vol 10, No 4, Jul/Aug 72 pp 728-731 Abstract: The space and time distribution of optical density of a Iiigh- -eux-rent ditebarge plasma in lithium and indium. va-pors ia stiaflied by the (628 method of absorDtion of a hellum-neon laser bean A, 10 nll). The plasma vas produced by exploding wires in a. vacuum with typical. Z-],,')inch geometry. lqie wire diameter was 0.1 and 0.17 = for lithium, and ().17 mm for indium. A glass discharge chaiiiber was used with an inside idiar- eter of 10 cm. Electrode spacing was 14.5 cm. The current pulse i,.-as made up of two half-periods produced by intmducing a total ener&7 of kJ into the chaaber with 14 W of the total falling to the Pirst half-period (70 ps). The Optical density xZ was determined frcri the r 'Lation e. i /n r ~L - IUSSR VWOV, A. A. et a!., Teplofizika Vysokikh Temperatur, Vol 10, No Jral/Aug 72, PP 728-731 J Jo exp (-Kz) where Jo, J are the fluxes of the quanta incident on the plasra and passing through the plasma respectively, K is the coefficient of absorp- tion, and I is the thickness of the absorbing layer. It vas found that the optical density of a plasma. filament is radially nonunifoz-m with a maximum. at a certain distance from the discharge axis. A model of Cis- cbarge development is discussed according to which the plasma has a naximum temperature at the center of the discharge. The autlors thank V. G. Bakayev for assisting with the experiment, and G. V. Wikhay.'ov foi- constructive criticirr.. 2/2 USSR UDC 538.4 KLEME14TOV, A. D. MUMAY IOV, 0. V. , NIK-MAYEV, F. A. Z""MV--BA- SWILIMMY0. Yu. P. "High-Curr~nt Pulse Discharge in Lithiun~' V sb. Vopr. fi,-.. plazmv (Problems in tht. Phy,-,J-c7~ of Low- -Temperatme PI.,a-ma-collection of works), M-Disk, "Ivlauka :i .1970, pp 269-275 (from -Kh,Mekhanika, NO 4, Apr 71, Abstract No U52,: Traxislation: The atithors re-vort on a studv of a T~ulsc scim-c- a!j C4 ri of light pr:~diced by . c di3charpL, in a lithill:a 1.--, the working mcdiuta. A cylin(Irical chp-mber with quurtz vi).11s van uE;,--,d vith am inside diam!ter of appro:rliqWcly 90 im, the distance btAv(!(m thi:~ steel hemisT)hcrici.1 electrodc-- bc-ilj,- 1.45 rm. Me chau2)E-r was evilcuated to a -5rr -i thitin -1 Urva d`i!i- pressure of '.0 xi Hg. B -2 li i wire was 0.1 mm i, di=i:--ter. charge deve'.ovL d iii li-thimi vapor lormed by an electric discharge w,..s fed fron two bank.,i -- a maiv bank md w. bank with ererfrv- r of 22 wnd 4-5 )!J rulsi~ 1rc.::.- Oc alixialia2- of y bani.- wa~ delayed by 25 vs 1-c-, ativ~~ IJ3 R USSR KLEMENTOV, A. D. Vopr. fiz. nizJ~otemperaturn. pla=Lr, Mins.'.,-, "Nat~.-a i tekhn.", lg'(O, lip 26~-275 the discharge froin the main bank. The duration of the first h,-..lf-cycle of the current discharge from the rpain bank 75 -,,-i with a ccrres-pondin- figure of 15 ils for the auxiliary banh. The current imd voltalge- c:f the disebarge were determ:Llned by a Rogowski loop and a valtaj~i! divider. The dynw-itic process of devolopment of the discharge filament was recorded by the SFR instrument operating in the single-frane v'~ode tit a rate of 10' frames per second. Emission from the central zone of the discharg-', w-a:; registered by a spectrograph with time. scanning and -~n the integrat-c-61 exposure mode. It was found that the discharg-e develoT)n only in the exj)lolin.~~ viiru vapors. The discharge filament expunded at a nearly r.,c;ns'i',;a-1jt ratF-, Of approumately 3.3 kiii/s, reaching the walls of the 6iimber about 1)0 J-s after begiruiing of the current pulse. Brightness di!-trib,,ition thrcu~h the discharge filamnnt is nonuniform,, which is due to localized r-,cn- uniformities o-1' density rund tenperature. Discharge eraissi,:~n consists of an intense con-'-i'nuDur, s -uectrum which carries the main part of the ener and superimposed complex line emission, which ic analyzf~d. it is found that maximum brightness temperature in the 21:0 r-.-ri region j T' -s 17,GCO'K, during the second half-cycle of the current is considerably 2/3 USSR KIMOITOV, A. D. et al., Vopr. fiz. nizkotemperaturn. plazr_y, Minsk, "Nauka i teklin.", 1970, up 269-275 brightness temperature is 12,0001K. The spectral brightness distribution in the raximum current pulse (300 kA) is not describ,:!d by the curve for black-body radiation of a clefinite temperature. A com.pari-san of the lumi- nous characteristics of a discharge in lithium a:,-.d xenon tubes shcIls, that vith respect to the overall emission output, the lithium e5dschexre is, equivalent to the mst powerful pulse tubes, and contiderably surras-fes these tubas with respect to brightness characteris ties in the, and especially in the ultraviolet, spectral regions. 0. K. Rozwlicv. 3/3 i I1119110,11:211", IMIT, TRIVII HIT "113 H I Ii AN il 1 N1Al I Ill I i 1/2- 016 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--04#DEC70 TITLE--RADIO OBSERVATIONS OF SOME OETAILS IN THE H f LOCAL SPIRAL ARM -U- AUTHOR-(05)-BYSTROVAt N.V., GOSSACHINSKIY# J.V-t TGOROVAP T,.M., ROZANOV, 144 V.m." RYZHKOV9 N.F. :,cO*dqT_RY OF INFO--USSR, SWITZERLAND I.~.SOURCE--THE SPIRAL STRUCTURE OF OUR GALAXY; PROCEEDINGS OF THE SYMPOSIUM, -,UNIVERSITAT BASEL, BASEL, SWITZERLAND,, AUGUST 29-S~_PTEKBER 4, 1969. ~~_DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 _'-S. UBJECT AREAS--NAVIGATIONs ASTRONOMYvASTROPHYSICS JOPIC TAGS--RADIO TELESCOPEt SPIRAL GALAXY -XONTROL .4ARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS ]MCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED FICHE NO ---- F070/605030IF03 STEP NO--CZI(1000/70/000/C)311/0169/OL72 ACCESSION NO--ATOI.418-75 UNCLASS TFfE0 2/2 016 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--040EC70 ,CLRC ACCESSION NO--AT0141875 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT-4U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. RESULTS OF RAD 10 OBSERVATIONS OF SOME DETAILS IN THE H I LOICAL SPIRAL ARM MADE WITff THE LARGE PULKOVO RADIOTELESCOPE (BEA14WIDTH 7 MIN, BANDWIDTH 201 AND LOKHZI. DRIFT CURVES -ACROSS THE CLUSTER NGC 2264 AT DIFFERENT VELOCITIES RELATIVE TO THE LSR ARE PRESENTEOt AS WELL AS OBSERVED DRIFT CURVES AT,DIFFERENI' VELOCITIES ACROSS LAMBDA ORIONIS, FACILITY: GLAVNA[A ASTR0AlOMfCHESKAIAt ,:''..~_-OBSERVATORIIA9 PULKOVOr USSR. UNCLASSIFIED USSR nc 681.178.9 KAS11chEYeV, A. H., KISELEV, V. M., LETYaGIN, Yu. V., ~40156gy4_1:z Aj.., ROZA11OV, Ye,,-V., POZEMMANTs, Yu -K. V. and ShAPIRO, 13. 1. "A Device for Recording Pulse Signals" USSR Author's Certificate, Class G 01 d 9/36, G 06 rt 3100, N3 334478, filed 25 Dec 70, published 23 May 72 (from RZh-Avtomatika Telemechanika i Vychisliteli- naya Tekhzilika., Vo 3, Mar 73, Abstract 140 3 A378 F) Translation: A device is proposed for reco-ding pulse signals, containing "AND" circuits -and an "OR" circuit, the latter attached to a decoder connected with electromagnetic recording machines. To ensure a quantitative evaluation of the information recorded over time, a reduction of deviations, and a simpli- fication of service, the device contains a timeL code shaper connected directly and through the control block to distributors attached to the =,eric ccde seasorsj connected in tium to the corresponding AND circuits. The AND circults are connected to the OR circuit. The outputs of the time cods- shapter are con- nected to the electromagnetic recording machines, and electromagnetic relays are connected to a pulse group generator. : One illustration. IA Oft'y S R bTDC: 5 3 3i9 VEK11OV, A. A., 1,1IKOLAYEV, F. A., ROZANOV V B. Physics Inst-itute ireni P. N. Lebedev, Academy of Science.Cofl' the USSR "Investigation of the Space and Tire Distribution of the Optical Density of Higb-Current Discharges of Indium and Lithium" Moscow, Teplofizika Vysokikh Teniperatur, Vol 10, No Jul/Aug T2 pp 728-731 Actract: The space and tl_me 'U"istribution of optical density of a bigh- -current dischexge plasma in Uthi= and indium vapors is ftudied by tile method of absorption of a helium-reon la-cr ber-in (63281 A,, 10 m.6, The plasma vas produced by explodi;ng wirf-o in a vacuum with t )~-jicall Z-pinch geometry. The wire diameter was 0.1 and 0,17 i= for litbiun, ond 0.17 mm for indium. A gless discharge charber was used ~rith i:ai -incide diam- eter of 10 cm. Electrode spacing vas 1h,5, cm. The currimt Fulse was a total energy (.-if made ur of two half-Dericds produced by introducin;, 17 kJ into the chamber vith 24 w of the total falling to the first, half-period (70 vs). 7he optical density: