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.7 17 -a- and 17 C2 'L Z' N,0 C GO. ., Y I-o e OIL) or.lcd to ala-is 7)1 an 0 r, L L a p e ra z u r c. "o- o ACC. Nr: Ref.~Code; UR 0239 AP0044212- FRIYAARY SOURCE: FizioloRicheaki _y Zhurtal, 1970, Vol 56, _? Nr 1, PP 3 ON THE ROLE OF ANTERIOR HYPOTHALAMUS NUCLEI IN THERMOREGULATION UNDER COOLING AND HYPOTHERMIA IN RATS Mavstrakh Ve. V.. Z Karlov, V. S-menov P,.,P. From the Departni. of Clinical Pathology S. M. Kirov -Postgraduate lfedical_ Institute, LeningLad Experiments in rats applying the method'of electrolytic lesions, histological arid histo-chemical study of nuclei of thp anterior hypothalamus revealed their participation in the thermoregulating reaction under cooling and hypotherraia, of uti-anaes'Utietized animals. A comparatively weak regu!ating influence of this area upou. the prooo3ses maintaining temperature howcostaiis and participation of the medial nucleus of the reoptic region into this reaction during the period of hypotherwal self -restoration have E ean established. 71T REEL/FRAME: 19770698 jilti tilt 111"i PART I DESIGN AM OPERATION OF TUE 'LUMA-17' STATION AND 'LU",GUOD-l' chapter I GENERAL DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF "UNA-17" STATION K, S. Anisov. V. 1. Mastakov, 0, G. Ivazov, L. N. Lecn1dov, G. 4. Nikolay*v. A. D, Dneprov, A. V- Al,~ktandrov, 2, S. Scmenov A. F Grachev, V. 1. Ko=rwo, G. tt. Shesternov. A. V. hybakov, 11. L. Byk I. j.l-.h.v. r. P. Yk.,,.,-, V. X. Mishkin, 14. B. ~olosov, and P. N. Noumov l.. Design The "Luns-171, automatic station ronsisto of two main parts: . a unified lunding stage and an automatic Pelf-propelled vehicle. the lunokhod_ The unified landing stago,(Fig. 1) is an independent rocket unit do- signed for making flight trajectory corrections on the earth-moon oath, put-~ *ting the station into a lunar artificial satellite orbit, and Lmpleamnting a prelanding circumlunar orbit and a soft landii~& on the lunar surface. The unified landing stage includes a corrtcting-brakLng cogino with a fuel system, !~wo compartments which can be jettisoned, instrument compartments, and a landing apparatus. The supporting element in the landing stags assembly to the set of *ata tanks, to which the engine, ejectahle conportments and landing apparatus ace actached. The main tanks tu,it consists of four sphorteal tanks for fuel joined into A single assembly by means of hollow cylindrical construction c=.porents. The two larger oacs are pressurized instrument compartments holding tho stn. tion flight control aystcm. On the outside of the smaller onen there are t4sphoric4l cylinders and tanks with cozipressed gas for air-jot mteroongineff a: 4 Translation or Ru _1^15tutaft Monograph Lvb:4r!*t0%1i1Y1. .1 Lune Wr.H10iz!UTr1,,l,, sibhod,%o pros* vi June 71 roap..edltor Acaftticiatt A. P. y4noundov; Vauka. Publishing 11ouse,' Hojeov 128 op. JPAS 54,525, 22~lqovonbcr M1 ......... Chapter 7 DILTERMIM GKOMMIC DIMMICWS AND DISTRIBUTION OF CRATE1RS TRAVERSED BY "UWMM-11 ON LUNAR SURFACE B. 1. Carin, A. ~K. Loonovich, F. P. Pavlov, V. B. Goorgiyov. Ind P. S. Sesenov Measurement of the angles of longitudinal CC and transverse V tilting of the lunokhod body Ind continuous transmission of this tolemetric informs- tion to the earth make it possible at any moment during a conmunic*tions can- tACt to determine the slope of the lunar surface at the corresponding points where the lunokbod is situated. in turn, measurement of the traversed path S Ind the courne 6 of the lunokhod =kos it possible to determine the lunar .fac a slopen an a function of the traveracd path, reduced to the trajectory of Its,rovement, be&lrning At the time of descent from the lunar station land- ing stage. Investigations have demonstrated that the dirrensionn of craters .- di- Ameter D, depth 11, Dlope steop'less V . height 11~4 ll and width t of the wall, If one axists, as well as their position relative to the lunakhod movement trajectory. cnn be c=p,;Ctd from the results of changes in S , oc and V with sufficient Accuracy. For this purpose a method was developed for determining the dimensions of craters on the'lunar surface traversed by the luaohhr.~d on the bnslo of telametrie InfarmAtion from the sonsore registering the lunokhod path, banking and fare-to-stc listing. The methon has two mtWifications, geometric and analytic, the letter making It possible to solve the problem of determining the parameters of lunar craters with a d.-,ital coontiter and to ascertain the eharacteristiou of lunar' relief in toxpo uithr movement. Figure 43 show& the trajectory of lunokbod movement across a clAsa-B crat'~r at some distcact from its center (a) and gives the results of measure- mants of fore-to-aft tilting 4X and banking V of the lunokhod (b,c) obtained thrckigh tcle;~k-trilc channels from aboard the lunokhod, as well an dtpiccing (s.ilid li;ie) the longitudi".1 profila of the lunar surface, situated bonenth the ctectmr or the lunckhod, obtained by a graphic integration of the fore-to- aft ciltinZ alonis the tr;.v*rsed path (4): 113 Translatioa Of J;UG8i813-IAngUa8Q 0000graph Peredvlzhnn Lvb0l*~101*1y* no Lune Lunowhod-l' Ic"'l. to press 4 June 71 Z reap. eaitor Academiclon A. P. Vinogradovi t1h%eka Publishing House, Moscow 128 PP. CP JPRS 54,525 X 22 roveirber 1971 C7 USSR SHCIM"NOVA, S. A., DEXIMV, D. D., BALENKO, L. A. and SEMNOV R. I Leningrad State University ixieni A. A. Zhdanov and Phyei(-.-,otrcPiWi4cMrlisiitute, Academy of Sciences USSF, Leningrad "TheElffect of Magnetic Fields on Escherichip- coli K-12" Moscow, Biofizika, Vol 15, uo 4, ita/Aug 70, PP 665-669 Abstract: Dxposure of E. coli X-22 to permanent and pulsed maGnetic fields (5,000 ce for 2 to 6 hours had no effect on reproduction of microorganisms. Exposure to a stronger permanent field (32,000 oe for 2 hours temporarily in- hibited bacterial reproduction on meat-peptone agar, but during the next 2 hours the number of cells in the experiment was the same r-to in controls. Two hypotheses are advanced to account for this phenomenon: W some of the cells died vhile the surviving "ragnetism-resistant" cells continued to nraltiply; (ii) all of the cells survived, but some of tt-em lost their ability to divide when transferred to a solid nutrient medium. 0,Vgen uptaXe by the ceLls in the presence of gluccae was somewhat Impaired by 2 hours' exp(joum to magnetic fields. The effect was most pronounced after exposure to the pulsed magmetic field. 019 UNCLASSI FLED PAOCESSING DATE--30OCT70 _:JITLE--CALCULATION OF LINE STRENGTHS FROM THE LIFETIMES OF EXCITED STATES AUTHOR-SEMENOV, R.I. csff _"~.,CCUNTRY OF INFO--USSR :~,_-SOURCE-OPT. SPEKTROSK._1970, 28(4), 630-5 PUBLISHED - ----- 70 -..-:.S.UBJECT AREAS--PHYSICS TOPIC TAGS--EXCITED STATEt LINE INTENSITY, CALCULATION, ELECTRON TRANSITION, OPTIC SPECTRUMt HALF-LIFE --CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED :,'PkOXY kEEL/FRAME--1996/1428 STEP NO--tJR/0051/'10/();?t'1/004/0630/0~)35 CIRC ACCESSION NG--AP0118417 UNCLASSIFIED 7 USSR ma 616-853-009,21~-07,616,831-073.9? S and K003'WAI V. H., Moscow Scientific Research Inutitute .AE-=O- ~.-h -SR of Psychiatry, UniGtry of flealt PZ1 "A Clinical Electrooncephalographic Study of the Influence of F.,iotional Stress on the Convulsive Tendency of Epileptics" Moscow, Zhurnal Navro-,)atologii i Paik-hiatrii ineni S. S. Korsakoval Vol ?2, YyP -?-, 19?2, pp 227-233 Abstracti One hundi-,ed epiloptics were sttvlted to deteLmIne the effect on convulsive tordency of xentzml and emotivrial titzess, as a.function OIL' the location of the enrilento-enic focus or foci. The hi!3tarles of thG pationts - c; included 32 of serious irffection, 30 Of trfmtu~ (11 at selvan Of psychic traim, axid threa, of birth defects. For 28 patitints the asizurea ware- idiopathic. Each 1:atien't, Kas studiedbatwcen thr--L, and coven timoo, with photic and aurU- stiauletiont as well as with havirg him listen to texts that were P-reviously determined to have emotional content. for him. Convulsivo tendency xaz estimt-ed from visual inspection of thei x0cord, Tho results showed that the natm~s of thc FT-,,G reaction depended on thin functional condi- tion. of the brain and on the location of the epilept.06.enir. foc%ts, Three groups were distinguished. In the first (37 Patients having subcortical lesions) emotional stress was found to increase convulskvii tandoncy, while 1/2 USSR '%sEywPjjOv, s. F., and KAjz1TSXAYAj Y. 14., Zhurnal Havropatologii i Psikhiatril Izeni S. S. Korsakovap Vol 72, Vyp 2, 1972# pp 227-233 mental activity as wall as light and sound stimulation at tives suppr--~~sed it. In the second group (35 patients having cortica.1 lesiozm~ -- 16 trith temporal, 17 with frontal or fronto-parietal and two ulth occipital locations) a greater variety of reactions was noted. The convulsiva activity of patients pith a temporal focus was frequently incroa-sed by all o:r the stimull u-s-ed, but the rosponse was very varied. The, third group conf-*Asted DT 23 T--tients "oei and uith vaal.ed clinical n anif 03- with multiple cortical and zubcortical f tations. These patients showed a variety of reactions w1th basic~Uly an increase In the pathological activity* It was concluded that the quality as well as tha intensity of emotional factors may play a role in deter-mining seizure tendoncy. 2/2 USSR UDC 533-652/.661.013 VERESHCHAGIN, I. F.2 "Investigation of the Perturbed Motion of a Liquid-Ftuel Jet Aircraft" V sb. Konf. po kolebaniyam mekh. sistem. Tezisy dokl~ (Conference on Os- cillations of Mechanical Systems. Abstracts of th!~- Reports), Kiev, "Nauk. dumka", 1971, P 18 (from RZh-Mekhanika, No 10, Oct 71, Abstract No l1OP-242) Translation: The authors consider the notion of an aircraft which has a cylindrical fuel tank in wtich the liquid level varies. The vehicle undergoes small oscillations close to the proeraxmed motion. The stability of vertical flight is analyzed. An optimum regulator is synthesized. RIRIE ON ITIM USSR TJDC: 533.652/.661-013 VERESHCHAGIN, I. F., POPOVA, M. I., iTE.11 M i. 2 1 "Some Cases of Motion of an Aircraft With a Complete Internal Program" Uch. zaD. Perm. un-t (Scientific Notes of Perm? University), 1971, 110 239, pp 17!-181 (from RZiT-Mekhanika, No 7, Jul 71, Abstract No 7B342) Translation: An aircraft is considered as a system of several connected bodies, one of which is a platform. It is assumed that the laxs of rDtion for all these bodies relative to the platform are knoim. Somu special cases are cons'dcred- 1) the system consists. of a, nhell within which a sphere rotates at a constant angular velocity, the ellipsoid of inertia of the system being a sphere; 2) ' he vehicle is a solid of revolution within vhich a sphere rotates. For the given cases,. integral-B are derived -which ~de:tine the rz-)tion of the vehicle about the center of mtL-,s. G. S. Aronin. 1/1 - 33 - USSR UDC 621.572.82-3 V S VESELOV, G. 1. aq-d-SEMENO f the USSR in Miscow ~_,G, Acade y of Sciences o "On the Theory of a Round 'Wave Guide with an Eccentrically Placed Metal Conductor" Moscow, Radiotek-linika i Elektronika, Vol. 15, No. 4, April 19710, pp, 815-813 TI Abstract: he authors apply the method of partia! to derive ex ,pres- sions for the critical conditions of a coaxial tratismission line with an off center central conductor. in these calculations thu)r a5SUme a metal con- ductor inside a metal screen, the space between them being filled by a Uni- form isotropic medium. The process of derivation is as follows: 1) The longitudinal conponents of the electromagnetic field are expressed as series in =mplete systems of electrical and magnetic scalar functtions; these involve linear combinations of Bessel and Neumann -."Uncticns, tahing into account the zero Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions at the sur- -face of the central conductor, but not the,screen. 2) Apply the zero Dirichiet and Neumann conditions at the.surface of the screen using the orthogonal relationships for exporientir.11 functions to USSR VESELOV, G. I., et al, Radiotekhnika i Elektronila, Vol. 15, No. 4, April 1970, pp. 815-818 determine the desired theoretical values -in the form of infinite determillants. 3) Applying the supplementary boundary conditions in thz! plane of sym- metry of a coordinate system centered in,the conductor, determine tile longi- tudinal components of the electromagnetic field for eiTher an electrical wall or a magnetic wall. 4' Combining Bessel functions and applyinc, the zero boundary con-ditt i oils at the screen surface and in orthogonal relationships for t i_gonoI;,,Otr'Lc r functions, determine the critical conditions for a circtilar wave guide urith a metal conductor displaced in the plane of the electrical or ma,,nctic wall. All the expressions given are in the form of infinite series which converge fairly rapidly; the authors give an example in which they calculate the critical parameters of a circular wave guide with an eccentric internal conductor for oscillations of the kE type (displacement of the conductor in 01 the plane of the magnetic wall) and the kE type (displace:-aent of the con- 11 ductor in the plane of the electrical wall). They found that the displace- ment of the internal metallic conductor leads to a substantial reduction in the critical frequency lor RIE 01 and kE 11 o5c;.illations. Ail analy!iis of tile convergence pr3cess indicates that the relative arror of calculation in the 2/-J 141 USSR VESELOV, G. I., et al, Ra-diotekilinika i Elek-tronika, Vol. 15, No. 4, April. 1970, pp. 815-818 second approximation is a few percent, and in tile third approxi-mution it does not exceed 0.5% over a wide range of systm parameters. 3/3 KULAKOV, S. V., LEICS, A. G., SEmpupyt S. P., and UILOYANN, G. X. _M "Ultrasonic Signal Frocesserff Moscow, Otkr.,,-tiva, izobreteniya, nromyshlennyye obraztsV, tovarryye znaki, 110. 33, 1971, P 174 Abstract: Used for processing the signals of phased antenna gratinEs by,restoration of the wave front, this device contains a radiatin- acoustical grating, an ultrasonic polygon, a mix1tichannel amplifier, an indicator, and a system for computime the acoustical field ~is- tribution. The computing system 'takes the form of a receiver ""Coll- stical grating whooe elements are connected to the television-type indicator, and thus simplifies the construction. and reduces its -he Leningrad Institute of Aviation cost. The patent is claimed by t Instrument Construction. 4 .......... USM uDc 621.643-001.5 MMELIBERG, S. ~t YE., and BOGACHEK, YU. L., Institute of Elec- tric Welding imeni Y-e-.O. _Pa~ton,_ Kiev "Increasing the Impact Strength of Gas Pipe Weld Metal" Moscow, Stroitel'stvo Truboprovodov, No 7p Jul 71, pp 23-26 Abstract: The article describes work performed at the Institute of Electric Welding imeni Ye. 0. Paton to estimate the impact strergth level of the weld metal of gas pipes and to dieteridne ways of increasing it. Tests of e~manded 1701S steel pipes showed that the impact strength of the welds at -400 ';'~ was considerably less than for hot-straightened or thermally strengthened pipes. 1,ow impact strength values are observed at -40 and -600 C right after weld- ing. Expansion causes cold deformation of the metal, which produces an additional reduction in the inpact strength of the welds. To increase the irpact strength of the metal of the defomed welds, a more homogeneous struc- ture with refined grains must be obta-ined.. For expanded l7GlS steel pipes -1/2 USSR MMEWBERG, S. L., et al., Stroitellstvo.Trubop:rovodav, No 7, jul 71, PP 23-26 this can be done by using a special electrode wire alloyed with molybdenum and nickel (Sv_10W or Sv_08KhN2M wire)-in conjunction vith a high-silica flux, as well as by postheating under normalization or temper quenching con- ditions. A AUTHOR-- RUMYANTSEV 1 DIRECTOR SCIENTIFIC-RESEARCH INSTI- : AL MACHINE iv, TUTE 0 d7o ff9C i TITLE--- THE EFFECT OF RESEARCH -OLS n-c NEWSPAPER--- VECHERNYAYA MOSKVA:r JANUARY 13, 197Cj P 21 ABSTRACT-- THE ARTICLE 15 A VERY BRIEF REVIEW O'~"' TKIE ACTT, T I -UTE IS THE LEADING ORGAN12A110N 1- T ~nl OF THE SRICM. THE INSTIl 'N L FIELD OF MACHINE DESIGN FOR CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, 11" GUIDES T 4,E LOGICAL FOLICIES AND COORDINATES THE EFFORTS OF OTNER T-NISTIIUT- AND PLANTS. FOLLOUING STAFF MEMBERS OF THE INSTITUTE ARE MENTIONED AS ACHIEVERS--- R, KAZAKOV S GDALIN YU, KIPRIANOV, YE, CHMIL0. AND V. IZROV. ALL ARE MEM~ZRS OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY. USSR UDO 621.-M2.2 OREM,. IN, P. T., MITROFANOV,.O.V. "ActiveElements Based Cn Chalcogenide Glasses (Short Communication)" Elektron.telzluvii~,--. I!ikroelektronika (-Elp-ctronic,~ Techn-)IcEy. Scientific-.~'--ch-nicz;l --'collection. Yicroelactlronics-', 1971P No ;(20, pp 3'-~7 (from R?,h:!-:Icktron-iIL-a Lypy.!~ prj,::jen ~~Aye, No 2, Feb 72, Abutr3cl No Translation.- 7he e,.,itchinj: part~meters are ccrisidered of bead ele:--ents baeed on glasses with a different temperbture of softening, in the cozvosition of L which Ge, Se, As, Si, vnd Ga enter. V.kt- USSR SIMONOV, V. D., A. FOMINYKH, M. V. J.W "Polarographic Determination of Tetrachloromuconic Acid Isomers" Dokl. Neftikhim. Sektsii. Bashkir. Resp. Pravl. 11ses. Khim. O-va im. D. 1. 'Mendeleyeva, [Works of Petrochemical Section, Vashkir Republic Administration of All-Union Chemical Society imeni d. 1. Mendeleyev], Vol 6, 1971, pp 339-345. (Translated from Referativnyy Zhurnal Khimiya, No 4, Mo9cow, 1972, Abstract 'No 4N694 by N. S. Ivanova). Translation: Polarographic studies of cis-cis (1) anti trans-trans (II) isomers of tetracbloromuconic acid in different electrolytes (0.1) n. 11C104 and 0,1 M LiCl) showed: a) I is more easily reduced than 11; b) di-ME I is ad5orbed more easily than di-ME 11. A method is suggested for polographic analysis of 11 in the reaction mass as it is produced.. 56 PkOCESSING DATE--111)EC70 021 uNGLASSIFIED TIrLL--lkLA7:,~Ei'J uF ,LU;%i.;S A%D THEI--~ CLRlFlN,.,kTlON 'Filli-i ACUTE RAOIATION V.A. -.CGUINTRY 6F lt.F[;--USSR _SCUR%'^lE--OKTOP TkAVMATUL PkJT 31(l): 66-94. 1970. PUaLISHEii ------- 70 ~sWJECT AREAS--~IOLCGILAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCF.S :,-Ji3PIC TAGS-f-ADIATICN SILKINESS# WOUNUt DRUG TREATMENT ~__CCNTRDL MARKING-Nd PESTRICTIONS 'DOCUME."JT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED ikJXY FICHE N6 ---- F0701605015/FO4 STEP Nu--Uk/9115/70/031/001/00,9810092 C IRC ACCESSIEN NO-APOL4063-7 UNC L AS Sl F:I ED PROCESSING DATE--11DEC70 CI-IC ACCESSILN NO-AP01410"637 ABSTRACI/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. 114 A SURVEY OF SOVIET ANU FOREIGN LITERATURE GN CLINICAL AND EXPEkIMENTAL STUDIES OF THE TREATMENT OF WOUNDS COMBINED WITH ACUTE RAULAT10N SICKNESS9 IT 'IS CONCLUDEJ THAT MOST SUCH hURKS PROVIDE CONVINCING PROOF THAT IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO EXPECT AN EFFECT FRGN USING A PRIMARY CLOSED STITCH UNDER FIELD, CONDIT IONS EXPECIALLY IN CASES OF INJURY COMPLICATED BY RA,)IATION bURNS. UNDF.R MODERN CCNUITIONS It IS LIKEWISE UNJUSTIFIED TG EXPECT THE RAPID HEALING OF WOUNDS AFFEk THE USE OF A.-ITIRIOTICS. THE PROBLEM QF SURGICAL TACTICS FUR WGUNDS ARE COMBINED RADIATION BURNS MUST BE SUBJECTED TO A DETAILED AND CC-lvjPREl-0j'SIVE STUDY, I FACIL.ITY.: CENT. INSTa TRAUMATOL. ORTHOPov MIN. HEALTH USSR* MOSCOW, USSR. UNCLASSIFIED N UNCLAS-S I FILJ PROCESSING JATE--20NOV70 TME-LL-CAL i"Wil) CIRCULAFIGIN' ItH AUULT PATIENIS WITH ASEPTIC NECROSIS OF ThE FEl'%L;K)"-L ~--`AU -U- AL;rHUR-(U3)-,-'lKHAYLGVA, Ni-M., SEMENOV, V.A., YAMOVSKAYA, E.M. CF [Wi-'C-0SR ..SOURCE--GkT,?PEuIYAv Tl,