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December 31, 1967
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_5 IS 022 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSIN*~ DATE--230CT70 ',-CIP,C' ACCESSION NQ--AN0122643 ABSTRACT/EXTR4CT--BUT THEY ARE EFFECTIVE ONLY IN THE EARLY DAYS OF THE T OR PREVENTING IT FROM DISEASEr WHEN THEY ARE CAPABLE OF ABOZTING 11 FOLLOWING A SEVERE COURSE, THE SYMPTOMS OF INFLUENZA ARE EASILY R-ECOGNIZeD. THE DISEASE USUALLY STARTS WITH CHILLSt GENERAL MALAISEP HEADACHE AND SOMETIMES HIGH TEMPERATUREw THE PATIENT HAS ACHES AND PAINS IN THE SMALL OF THE BACKi ARMSv LEGSi AND BACK, INFLAMMATION OF THE MUCOUS MEMB~ANES, A COLOr DRY COUGH. HIS VOICE- BECOMES HOARSE AND HE SOMETIMES EXP~RIENCES PAIN ON SWALLOWING. HIS EYES BECOME RED AND TFARY, SUCH A PERSON ~,IUSTI BE PUT TO BED PROMPTLY Ath') TREATED UNTIL HE COMPLETELY RECOVCqS. INFLUENZA AUSTNIT BE TRIFLED WITH. THIS WARNUNG MUST BE GIVEN qEPEATEDLY BECAUSE HANY RATIFNTS INS)EAD OF GOING TO A -DOCTOR THE, VERY FIRST DAY TRY TO TkEAT THEMSELVESt THEY SOMETIMES USE IIARBAROUS fA-ANS AND IORIrATE THE MUCOUS ME-MbRANES ',~.G. 8Y DRINKING VODKA WITH SALT OR ASPIRIN) AND THEY OFTEN TAKE ANTIBIBTICS (TETRACYCLINEt BIOMYCINf PENICILLINt ETC.). ANTIBiOTICS ARE NECESSARY ONLY IN CERTAIN CASESi MOSTLY WHEN THERE ARL COMPLICATIONS. IN OTHER T14EY ARE EITHER USELESS OR EVEN HARMFUL. 0,NLY A PHYSICIAN OR FELDSHER SHOUL0 PRESCRIBE THEM. ATTEMPTS AT "SELF TREATMENT", STILL WIDESPREAD AMONG TH POPULATION, MUST BE HALTED AS DANGEROUS TJ HEALTH. '1.P AS S99N AS POSISIBLE EVERY PERSON WHO GETS SICK SHOULD SEEK MEDICAL HE AND 00 -EXACTLY WHAT THE DOCTOR TELLS HIM TO. FACILITY: CENTRL ORDER UF LENIN INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED TRAINING OF PHYSICIANS. UNCLASSIFIED USSR SEPPI, I., Professor Central Order-of-Lenin,Institute,for Advanced Training trf Ittans "Influenza, a Treacherous Disease Moscow, Sovetskaya Rossiya, 17 jan 70, p 4, Translation: No infectious disease spreads with such rapidity and complete indifference to geographical, age, or any other kinds of boundaries as influ- enza. Every year 10-15 percent of people all over the world get the disease and in some years it attacks almost the entire world population. The influenza virus is exceptionally variable. Tho,defeasive forces of the body that are mobilized ;,iien a person is infected by one type of virus are helpless against another type. Moreover, lack of susceptibility resulting from the disease disappears fairly quickly, in 1-3 years, That is why outbreaks, -epidemics, or pandemics occur after these intervals. During the past 10 years they were caused by the type A 2 or B virus. The epidemic that is now raging in many countries is caused by the A 2 virus. People 'sometimes get the impression that mankind 'is fated to have frequent encounters with influenza epidemics against which it it; defenseLess, but this 1/6 84 TjSSR SEPPI, I., Sovetskaya Rossiya, 17 Jan 70, p 4 impression is false. Due to the progress made by medicine, vimlogv in par- ticular, we have many powerful means,of controlling the disease. Their ef- fectiveness was manifested in the pardemic:Gf Hong Kong Zlu in 1968-1969, when the incidence of the disease in the USSR was much lower than in some of the highly developed countries and deaths were uncommon, The first means of protection against influenza is healthy work and rest conditions, frequeat walks outdoors, physical exercise, attention to personal hygiene and sanitary conditions at home. Clinical experience shows that the course of influenza Ls particularly severe in those who abuse alcohol and in those suffering from metabolic, cardiovascular, and respiratory diseases. On the other hand, people who are physically fit, hardy, who have a healthy mode of living either do not con- tract influenza or have only a mild bout with no complications. Conditioning of the upper respiratory tract is very beneficial. It is a well-known fact that skiiers and lovers of other kinds of irinrer sports, llwal- ruses", rarely have colds. The secret.lies not only in thoir general health 2/6 ussit SEPPI, 1., Sovetskaya Rossiya, 17 Jan 70, p 4 and good condition, but in the unusual resistance of the mucous membranes of their respiratory tract. This resistance can be built up by inhaling fresh frosty air, rinsing the mouth and throat with cold water (one should start with warm water and gradually Imrer the temperature day by day), putting drops of warm and then increasingly cold water into the nose, and cleaning the mouth -and teeth carefully. On the other hand, abuse of alcohol or overuse of sharp food seasonings and Fmoking destroy the integrity of the tissues and lower the resistance of the mucous membranes of the mouth and respiratory tract. The second method of controlling influenza is compulsory and early iso- lation of a victim who is to receive free:treatment at.home or in a hospital, Unfortunately, people often do not follow this procedure, thinking that suffer- ing with the disease "on their feet" and continuing an the job even when running high temperature is a unique kind of "valor". But 6-lis I,; relfit;h because a such a "manly" patient infects others around him and may develop serious com- plications and subsequent nervous, cardiovascular, and other disorders, Besides the general social and hygienic methods already mentioned, we have some specific and nonspecific means of protecticin. Anong the specific means are influenza vaccine and anti-influenza immunoglobulin. Neither of these agents is capable of completely preventing influenza from spreading, USSR SEPPI, I., Sovetskaya Rossiya, 17 Jan 70, p.4 but they can reduce the incidence of the disease twofold or more and prevent the severe and complicated iorms. These agents should therefore be used pri- marily among the most threatened groups children, workers in retail shops, transport, hospitals and clinics, etc, One of the great medical accomplishments of recent years is the develop- ment of nonspecific means of protection against viral diseases, influenza in particular. These means are nev, but they have already demonstrated their value. One of them is interferon, a protein that prevents virus from multi- plying in human cells. Interferon can be produced artificially and then intro- duced into the reepiratory tract (e.g., byinstilling drops into the nose). Interferon elaborated by the body itself after the introduction of special stimulants is even more active. Trials of interferon conducted by Lhe laboratories of Academicians Z. V. Yermol'yeva and V. D. Solov'yev and by Academician 0. V, Baroyans' department in the Central Institute of Advanced Training of Physicians showed it to be highly effective against influenza. It should be noted that all these'specific and nonspecific agents are used both to prevent and to treat influenza. But they are effective only in USSR SEPPI, I., Sovetskaya Rossiya, 17 Jan 70, p 4 the early days of the disease, when they are capable of aborting it or prevent- ing it from following a severe course. The symptoms of influenza are easily recognized. The disease usually starts with chills, general malaise, headache and sometimes high temperature. The patient has aches and pains in the small of the back, aruis, legs, and back, inflammation of the mucous membranes, a cold, dry cough. His voice becomes hoarse and he sometimes experiences pain on swallowing. His eves be- come red and teary. Such a person must be put to bed promptly and treated until he completely recovers. Influenza mtstn't be trifled with. This warning must be given repeatedly because many patients instead of going to a doctor rhe very firat day try to treat themselves. They sometimes use barbarous meane and irritate the mucous membranes (e.g. by drinking vodka with salt or aspirin) and they often take antibiotics (tetracycline, biomycin, penicillin, etc.). Antibiotics are neces- sary only in certain cases, mostly when there are complications, In other cases they are either useless or even harmful, Only a physLcian or feldsher should prescribe them, Attempts at "self- treatment", iitill widespread among the population, must be halted as danserous to health. !M, ULZ&~ -I ~, - - ~ i : t f ; t i4T A6 9 M, G] ~- , " I, kilil kilidl; 1.1 i6i~,! 1~ 1 i ~161i W 56ii-A iiii M i4,i ii Amir~ ii.oi, i x;Fa li7k4 -.- - - - --.1--d- d. - -I"-.- .-I. - --- , -- -.1- ti~~ 1:;-.111. 1 rlvll I-A "I! $l:- M-Ufjll~j USSR Professor., and GAVRIL111%, V. V., Engineer-tecknologist, 1,Tatrition, Academy of V4dical Sciences USSR "Botulism" Moscow, Zdorov'ye., No 8, Aug '(2, pp 16-17 Abstract., in this popularized article Professor Seypi ~-,:'ni~7acterizes 1),Yt-tlissn and its insidiousness. He points otit tbat under prmint Sovi~:)t conditiozi.13 botulism is most often exised by i-noaloperly prepared ho-_,or",de foods'. clhiefly nushrooms. As an example he quotes a case wherea a person lMd conouried only a smulll.piece of sausage given to her on a fork that wai3 previc"Isly used in eat- ing mushrooms uhich were the cause of se-xere poisonin:--, of sevr--n.1 person,,. by botulinus toxin. He note3 that the p(nrer of thir, t--~irpaa*es all oLher bacteriall toxiy~s and chenical ppoisons. One gram of it It; st_,f.ftciert to -poi.,,on one hurdred r-A-11ion persons. Althougrh stich quantities dl;) not ~-.,.ccurnuln,.te in foodstuffs, even the slif.-~htest arount of it procants a great d'arjer. Statiotical data sho,../ that in ev-~r~y rjecond rc-raon afl%~Cted by botulir;rjn~ 'Ube voisonin,r~ -Wa3 caused b-, mfiriiroomn t-..r 1i e! - (t (-,f f L Ct h c a r! homemade salt or smoked fl oh wv3 renponsiblo) (Irld in E~vory sixt,l) hom(~rm+! veoQtable pri-niurves v,.tre Lite eniiso. NO!wrvadse fruit. or po:rk for other cf-se~~s. USSR SEPPI, I. V. and GAVRILINA., V. V.1 Zdorav ye, No 8, Aur 72, pp 16-17 Its insidiousness consists in the fact that botulinus t--)xin, vrith rare exceptions, does not change either appearence, or taste, or --),A-or of facdis. Moreover, the vomiting and in~iestinal disorders which usuall~y accorpany poison. ings are rarely present in 'wotulism; body te-mperature is alrq:)ct non!.al, and to such syrmtorms ar, dryness of 'he mouth, hoarseness, clouding of vision, especi- ally when combined vith in~,es"tion of alcohol, often no importance is attached in the beginning. V. V. Gavrilina gives detailed recorrLmendations on how to prepare homemade preserves, in order to avoid botulism. Ifer recipes include: preserved stewed fruits (Compotes), pickled cucwt~bers ard. tomatoes., salt miishrooms, sal'~ fish, and dried fish. 2 /2 0 2 3 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--230CT70 CHARACTERISTICS OF THE Fl LAYER -U- 4t)tHOR--SERA r.-COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR ~_~SOURCE-IN: IONOSPHERIC STUDIES. NUMBER 19 1IONOSFERNYE ISSLEDOVAINIIA. '--NUMBER 19). (A70-32076 15-13)? MOSCOWI IZDATEL'STV0 NAUKA.' 1970, P. DATE PUBL ISHED ------- 70 .:SUBJECT AREAS--ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES ,,-,TOPIC TAGS--F LAYER, OXYGENt ATOM, SOLAR ACTIVETY NTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSLFIEO ~PROXY REEL/FRAME--2000/1071 STEP NO--UR/0000/70/00G/000/0124 35 CIRC ACCF55TON NO--AT0l.l47?6 tic L"i'~ 't 'f: o' 212 023 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESS ING DATE-23i)(1-T7~; CIRC ACCESSION NO--ATOL24728' ABSTRACTIEXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTPArT. DISCUSSION OF rHE F9zfMATIn,.,' GIF THE Fl LAYER AS THE RESULT OF THE STR,'ATiFfCATIGN OF THE F L-,'tYF-,R. EXPRE5510,"IS ARE GIVEN TO 0,F-TERMINE THE CONDITIONS FOR THE 1-1);~MATION ni A WELL. LEVELED Fl LAYER. A POSSIBLE LlNK!BETl.4EF.,,4 r~,,i: IICCXPRE-~N-CE OF THIC~ TION Oc LAYER AND THE VARIATIONS IN TH-Ei CONCENTRA I QXYGEN AIND IN! THE ZENITH ANGLE IS INCICATED. THE DYNAMIC BEHAVIOR OF ION PRODUCTION MAXIMA AND THE EFFECTS OF THE Lli-NEAR AND QUADRATIC LAiqS OF t'ZEC0-,,V:-IPlATI0N ARE ALSO CONSIDERED AS POS51RLE FACTORS IN THE F0Rfl:JIl.,lj OF THIS LAYER. EXPERIMENTAL DATA ARE GIVEN CONCENRING THE TIME OF APPEARANCE AND YER. ION PRODUCTION RATES IRt THIS LAYER ARE DISAPPEARANCE OF THE Fl LA I FROM OBSERVATIONS DURING HIGH.AND LOW SOLAR ACTIVITY PERIODS. 02 PROCESSING DATE--230CT70 I UNCLASSIFIED "T-ITLE--C.ERTAIN POSSIBILITIES OF A MORE ACCURATE DETERMINATION OF THf. _,STRUCTURE.OF THE IONOSPHERE -U- AUTHOP.--SERAF K.B6 OF INFO--USSR SOURCE-IN: IONOSPHERIC STUDIES. NUMBER 19 (IONDSFERNYE ISSLEDOVANIIA. ,Zi..'NUMBER: 19). IA70-32076 15-1311, MOSGOWt IZDATEL'STVO NAUKAi 1970w Pa ~QATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 :~:SUBJECT AREAS--ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES --TOPIC. TAGS--10140SPHERE, SOLAR RADIATION ABSORPTIONt STRUCTURAL ANALYSIS, RAD.IOPHYSICAL 14ETHOD ~:CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED ___P.ROXY REEL/FRAME-2000/1070 STEP NO--UR/0000/*/(:1/000/0(j~')/0114/01?-3 :'~CIPC ACCESSION NC-AT0124727 UNCLASSIFIE 0 W2 021' UNCLASSIFLEO' Pkr)C-gSS[t',.G DATE---230CT7C VC I RC ACCESSION NO--AT0124727- ABSTRACT/EXTRACT-W) GP-0- ABSTRACT. DESCRIPTION 1.) F A. kFVfS;-:'l' FOR STUDYING THE STIUCTUkAL CHARACTERISTICS OF TfJE,f--JNl*')SPHERE BY RADIOPHYSICAL METKIDS. T14-C PROCCOUPE CALLS ADOIT101'qAL RADIM-101%. ABSORPTION MEASUREMENTS AND IS DESIGNED TO IMPROVE THE R[-S'JLlS 0-ST-NINE0 _RVATIONS. THE POSSIBILITY OF U,~ING BY CONVENTIONAL RADIO PHYSICAL 013SI tICNDEFLECTING ABSORPTION' FOR OETERMINING THE ill(Z) ~OFILE IIN TH E A 0) 0 INTERMEDIATE D-E REGIONS IS ANALYZED. ALSO EVALUATED IS THE USE OF DEFLECTING ABSORPTION FOR OBTAINING UNDEPENDVIT CONTROL oArA F (3, RFHE NQ) DISTRIBUTION IN THE t4.10GLE ANO HIGHEP lGi\iOSPH RE. PROCEWRES F-,' SC-PARATION OF DEFLECTING 4ND NONDEFLECT[NG ABSORPrfONS AND FOR T-HE .~,.-~,DETERMINATION OF THE STRUCTURE OF THE E--F2 REGION ARE ALSO DESCRIBED. P~O CC S75 I NG': 1) ICIVIAVS ATE--2jOCT70 FTE NOON MAXUMA 4r YER:~ 1 F2 LA AND EVENING ,-4UTHQR-(02)-SERAFlMOV, K.B.t GORINOVp No ::COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR SOURCE--IN: IONOSPHERIC T_rjsl~ES. NUMBER 19 (IUNOSFERNYE ISSLEDOVANIIA. NUMBER 19(. (A70-32076 15-13)t MOSCOW, 11DATELISTV0 NAUKA, 1970, P. PUSL ISHED ------- 70 .SUBJECT AREAS--ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE.Sv ASTRONOMYtASTRC-PHYSICS -TOPIC TAGS--F LAYERt IONIZATION, SOLAR ACTIVITY C. OhIr R 0 LMARKING-1440 RESTRICTIONS -'DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--2000/1069 STEP .140--UR/0000/70/00(J/1)00/0109/OLI~ _CIRC ACCESSION NO--AT0124726 LVI(C L A- S IE- IF' 11 Z/2 027 UNCLA~SSIFIE~b PkICESSUNG DATE-- 230CT70 ClIRC ACCESSION 1-40--AT0124726' 4.1 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTqACT. S WDY OF T.HF_ D E E,,J C E 0 F T i Z' F_ 1 T i -F2 PARAMETERS OF THE AFTERNOON AND EVENING 10NIZAT1,1N %IAXI!~A I' I i: LAYER ON THE SEASON, ZENITH ANGLEP AND SOLAR ACTIVITY L'EVEL. I Tis SHOWN THAT THESE MAXIMA INCREASE DURING A SOLAR AUIVITY MINI.1,11JM 1-1 ~ IT L E THE TIME OF THEIR OCCURREN%"E,IS NOT SUBSTANTIALLY.AFFFc*rEo 8Y V A R IA T 1 UNIS IN SOLAR ACTIVITYo 112 0296 U % C L A S. S I F I E D PROCESSING DATE--2?OCT70 OF 110' IZATIQIN NEUTRAL[zi%TIQ'g P-KOCESSE& iN THE 410OLE ~taiGSPHEQE SY RADIDPHYSICAL MEASUREMENTS -U- K.B. OF INFG--USSR soLl?C'E'-- I n : I Q%0SPHE:,l 1 CS'!iDIES. W'AfIER 19 (10'~DSFEANYE ISSLEDOVANIIA. 'W!S_ PR 19.). (470-32076 14-13)1 W3_1 OW IZOATEL'StVU NAIJK's 197t), P. -,,DATE PU6sl_lSF'E0--____70 SUBJECT AREAS--ATMOSPfiERIC SCIENCES ~..TOPIC TAGS--IONIZATION, ION NEUTRALIZATION# ION RECOMaiNAT[ON, E LAYER, kADIOPHYSICAL METHOD .,CCNTROL MARKING-440 REs"rp.ICTIONS ..'DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED P ROXY REEL/FRAMF--2000/1068 STEP NO--UR/00~)0,/7t)/~)OOJ(l~)0/001)9/010',j _CIRC ACCESSION NO--AT0124725 UN C L A-S Sf Ec-0 -212 028 UNCLASSIFIED: PPOCESS[NG DATE--~30CT70 ClrC ACCESSIG-N, NO--~-T0124725- A8STR-"4CT/E\TRAC'T--(U) GP-0-- ABSTRACT, DISCUSSION i"IF TECHNIQUES FOR STUDYING RECCPA~~INA' 10*N AND NEUIRALIZATION PRO'CESSE~) M WE ~: AND F REG WN S OF THE 10-k-OSPHE REE A METHOD FOR 1-JETL-:R'4ft'J[%G THE EFFECTfIlE RECOMBliNATION COEFFICiENT IN THE E REGION BY R4DILJPt"(Sll('.AL kiEASURF-MENTS IS DESCRIBEfl. VALUES OF THE COEFFICIENT OBT~ I 3Y K"if)[OPHYSICAL RE N 08SERVAT[ONS AT VARIOUS POSIT[ONS OF THE SUN All, FOU, D TJ VARY FIRW4 LESS THAN 10 TO THE M!NUS 8 CU CM PER SEC TO MORE THAN 1.0 TO THE MINUS 7 CU CH PER SEC DUMNG THE DAY, WITH VALUES OF ABOUT 10 TO THE MINUS 7 CU '-f, PER SEC PREVAILING. THE CAUSES OF THESE VARIATIWJS ARE DISCUSSED. WOW Nr WA50046351 Rek Co :e: C~VOD d 'PRUMY SOURCE: Razdel V, 101109-f~rnyye lesledovaiLiya, 1970, Hr 191, B. 5 e r a f i m o Y. Some possibilities of more accurate determination of struc - .-7zUre-or-mampam 0 Zk M~-'115 It is proFo~ to tise additi n I larement absorbtion for elemination, of ma in shorwominp- in niode:n rdathods of determiration. of icnosp~ere stiructura with tho he'-P of rz'io ph~-.Jical measwements. Possihility to uEa nondivertting absorbItion is a na - lize4i for determination IN (z) of profile in region D and inu~rjnedi,hib- D -- R re ton and l"tion of diverting aLsorbItion to get control indepandent daiLa on distrEtionoi pz) in the middle and higher ionoaphare. Some methods of divistic-n of total absorbtica M Are Jiscribed into divertin,-- and non-d-iverting an& doterminAtiort of st;.-paturo of inw- mediate E - F2 region. Some examples of applicatlon of thase maLhods &.re givea. REEL/FRAME 'Ummum .......... .1.=,w Acc. Nr: AP0046352 - Re:f. Code: 0.194-00 0o PRIMY SOURCE: Razde-1 V, ionosfernyye Issledovsniya, 1970P.'. Nr 19) pp K. B. S-e r a f i M- N. G o r i n o v. About afternoon and evening maximum . . . . . . . . . . As is known. an after, p toon increaso of ioniration is a s c iic cle Inont of ;jrolind the cloctiuntion of F2.-- It issliown. that speciiie parameters of nfterao~nn and ovening maximum dopond on a - ,Amson. Zenith an."to of the sun anil salar activity-. So w' Lti maximum activi. ty tho Val-do of tilis MaXIMUM,L- the, greatest and chan-ges ofsolar activity do not influert. cogrvatly upon a moment of appearance of this .maximum. -1978151.7 Ref. Code:VROWO YS Issledovaniya, 1970, K. B. S qjj_LjjaAy. Some regularities of layer *'I. . . . . . . . .. 1ofi4-s_6__f'stYa tif ica t ion of re.gion F of ionosphere aro disruflsvel leadinb- to appeal'an- -ce of layer Ft. Analytical expmsiou is given for con(li"Jon.-i of appoanince of wdl di- .:stinguished layer FI. It can be connected with some chan1j,'o cd concenLratirin of ato- mic oxygen mal6ng a main contributiDn into,the rate of jouizai.ion and zen4,tli aa- gle of the sun . A nother explanation of appearance can be conn-acted wiffi coincidence ,or non.-co i acif [once of lovels whero is. a maximum rate of ional'ormation and when~ ef- fects of linear and quadrntic. laws of recombination are compitred. Some expurbren- 'tal data are deieribed about Ltments of appearanae and disapp~earenm of layer F1. and Also some peculiarities of beh&viour of Ft. On the ~basis of expeximental. data some es- timations of rate oi ionoformation are made ~n ~ha region of Fi under high and poor jictivity of the sun. REELMM~ J L 8 1 U J Or. Mo MP MR Am, Nr i Ref. 'Co'de':V4C0,00 PRnMY SOURCE Razdel V3, Io&N4rnyye Iasledovaniya, 1970, Hr 19, Ppfy -14, K_ 13 er a f i m o v. About investigations of ionization neutralization pro- JSJU CMOs in-MYMIER16-ionosphere by the way of radio-physical measurements Aquestioaofdatarmiaitionoftn-iiaparamgters of ioniration-r-30ombination. eye- .16 ?f processes in rogioni E aad Fl of ionosphere is discussed. A meth~id. of determination tat in region 9 is des~ribad. SOM3 resulw of determination of are given on the basis of cadiophysical observations, carried out in difforeat an~lei of the sua. It is shown that -during twerity four hours an effective coefficient of recombination is essontially changed from aj < 10" 0&soo-' to a~ > 10-7 cm~ sec-1. Howavor ia the prevailiag part of a day a~ - 10-1 cm3 sec-1. Ths indica ted changes aj can not probably be explained by N .ariatioas of atriiasphare t0rapMILUM:0rity, an o3seatial role -hould also he played by so- .xiis chango of ionic composition around the clock. For region F1 SDW9 carvas of chanja with Wight of maximum and miaimum values i -of effective coefficient of recombination are drawa up limitInVactatl valtze up't. Fossi- bilities of inYestigatioas of z' in. the lower part;of 1oawphere:(ngionL D) is short1k. dis- CUM& M 1/2 011 UNCLASS I Flt~ -PROCESSING DATE-04DEC70 TITLE--PHASE EQUILIBRIUM IN A VINYL ACETATE ACETIC ACIO WATER SYSTEM AT '-,ATMOSPHERIC PRESSURE -U- ~AUTHOR-(04)-TIKHONOVAP N*K.p TIMOFEYEVr:V-S-t SERAFCMOVP L-A-r TOLKACHEVA# N*L COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR ~-:SOURCE-IZV. VYSSH, UCHEB. ZAVED-t KHIM*~KHIM, TEKHNOL. 1970, 13(2)y L75-7 ~OATE PUBLISHEO ------- 70 'SUBJECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY TO;lIC'TAGS--PHASE EQUILIBRIUM9 VINYL COMPOUNDl ACETATE, ACETIC ACID :CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS ,.DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY RIEEL/FRAME--3005/0791 STEP NO--UR/0153/701013/002/0175/0177 -.ClI RC ACCESSION NO--ATOL32889 UNCLASSIFIED. 2/2 Oil UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE-04DEC70 ~CIRC ACCESSION NO--AT0132889 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT-W) GP-0- ABSTRACT. EQUIL. COMPANS. !N THE 2 L11. PHASE REGION AND ALONG THE BINODAL SOLY. CURVE FOR THE TERNAlY S'tSTEM VINn 'ACETATE HOAC-H SUB2 0 ARE GIVEN FOR 13 POINTS AT 20DEGREES, AND FOR 11 POINTS AT THE B.P., AND A TERNARY ISOTHERMAL ISOBARIC DIAGRAM IS PRESENTED. VAPOR LIQ. EQUIL* AND B.PSo ARE ALSO GIVEN FOR Z7 FERNAR, MIXTS..AT ATM. PRESSURE. THE SYSTEM ISDEFINED AS TYPE 4ALPHA CLASS I THE CONC-1111* ACCORDING TO THE CLASSIFICATION 14ETHOD OF GURI,,(OVA,. AND TRIANGLE IS SEPD* INTO 2 RECTIFICATION REGIONSO FACILITY: MOSK. TONKOI KHIM. TEKHNOL. IM. LOMONOSOVAp MOSCOW1. USSR4. UNC LASS I F I ED .11 1 r n mm" ---- ------- 112 013 UNCLASSI.FTED PROCESSING l)ATE--0?0CT70 rITLE--USE OF CHROMAT36RAPHIC APPARATUS TO STUOY THE STRUrTU:?,E OF LIQUID VAPOR PHASE EQUILIBRIUM DIAGRAMS -U-,: AUTH3k-(03J-KlVA, V.N.v PARIYCHUKs L.Vp SERAFIMOVi L.A. COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR .,SUUqCE--ZH. FIZ. KHIM. 1970, 44(i), 225-7 I'-:DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 SU3JFCT AREAS-CHEMISTRY ..'TOPIC: TAGS-PHASE EQUILIBRIUM, PHASE DIAGRAM, ORGANIC SOLVFNT, GAS CHRUMATOGRAPHY, AZEOTRIIPTC MIXTURE 'TO OL M r NG-NG RESTRICTIONS ARK I -.00CUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED ~_.PROXY RECL/FRAME--~989/0805 STEP NO--UR/007f)/70/044/001/0225/t)227 :~'.tIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0107347 UNCLASSIFIFD 212 013 UNCLASSIFIED PAOCESSING DATE--020(tT70 ''CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0107347 -ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(Ul GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE GAS CHR01013GRAP-ifC, SEPN. iS DESCRIbED OF BINARY MIXTS. OF ORG. SOLVENTS (C SUB6 H SUP6, DIOXANE, ME SU32 CO., CCL SUB4, CHCL SU83t HEXAVEt ETC.) BY EVAPN. OF A SAMPLE INTO FLOWING H OR HELIUM WITH A COLUMN FILLED WITH L014 ADSUPPTION ACTIVITY PACKING WITHOUT A STATIONARY PHASE. TFIE POSSIBILITY~ OF USING THE KATHAROMETER RESPONSE TO THE LIQ. COMPN. TO IDENtIFY AZEOTROPIC MIXTS. IS SHOWN. UDC 528.021.6 SERAPINTAS, B. B. , Candidate of Technical Sciences, Moscow Institute of T_`ng`3-bM_5Zr5-df-ft-ndt~_-y, Aerial Photography and Cartography "Effect of Navigation Errors on the Accuracy of Meas-,.zripgr Long Lines by the Range Intersection Method" Moscow, Izvestiya Vy5shikh uchebnykh zavedeniy, Geodeziya i aero-fotos'yemka, No. 3, 1970, pp 9-16 Abstract: The, relationship between navigation exrors and errors of individual sums and errops o.4 minimal sums in the Shoran methrxl of m,:tasuring lone- lines is derived. It is noted that at the present time the accuracy of measurements made by such Systeras due to the effect of many sources of error in the inter-sec- tion system is of the order of -the relative error of moamarement C-qual to 1-10 5 or even SOMetimess as high as 3-10 5; navigat-ion errors are ordinarily C j not- considered but --!rice these errors are independent of the accuracy of the radiogeodesic equip,.'.ent and are determined only by thii state of the atmospher-!, the type of aircraft and the perfection of the na-iigation, the o1 estion :irises as to how the aircraft should go along a 31ric inters-cting -the rlinge and how 1/2 SERAPINAS, B. B., Izvestiya Vysshikh uchebnykh zavcJ(:,niy, Geodeziya i aero-Fotoslyenika, No. 3, 1970, Pp 9-16 one should strictly maintain constant ground speed and time intervals over which the sums of distances measured by modern equ-,-pment are fixed. it is shown that the effective navigation errors on the min2jrum sums is consi"Ier-t1v less in comparison with the effect on individual sums. The effect of nav"ga- tion errors drops sharply w-4th a decrease in the height of flight- and an in- crease in the lengths of the lines. F--rors in alti-~--ude have the cgreatest ef- fect of all navigation errors. It is emphasized that particular attention in crossings of the raRge should he paid to maintaining a constant -Flight alti- tude. This is especially important in measurements of the order of 100 rilo- meters or less and at altitudes of >2 km. In this case the range should be intersected no less than 4-9 times to reduce navj,7atiop errors to 1/300,000- In flights alona the ran.-e somotimes made to check eouipment, it is assumed that the sur.1 of the distances remains fixed. This occurs only close to the middle of the line and altitude fluctuations of the aircraft may distort the measured sum of the distances -by several meters. 212 77 USSR UDC 528-517 SERAP'PAS.,,_.B._.._V_..; Mb5cov Institute of Geodetic Engineers, Aerial Photo~;raphy _~,_&artogrxaphy "Certain Triangulation Scliemes and the Accuracy of Geodetic Constructions -with Help of Tellurormeters Having Dispersed Transceivers" xlbscov, lzvestiya Vysshildh UchebUkli Zav6deniy, Geod. i Aerofotos*,Yerka, No 4, t2, PP 49-54 Abstract: The use of telluroneters with dispersed transceivers ralkes -possible reduction in the expense of building survey narkers, vhich, in fact can be eliminated entirely witll use of the "Luch" tenirorneter in flat and thinly wooded areas. The present study concerns the possibility of constnacting C~eodetic net- works based on rhomboidal links. It is assimed that in evex-y link a tellllrome- ter of this tjpe is used to reasure all sides and one.,diagonal, and a theodo- lite to measure the two angles opposite this diagonal and the angle between adjacent links. Mirkers are set up only at points of earir.-le measurenient; mastsY with signals and transceivers at other points. The estimate of the accuracy of such networks is even superior to that of triangulation in some situations. An economy of more than 20 percent is reulized by the reduction in the number of rarkers. 1.2 Ot7 UNCLASSIFIM 'PROCESSING DATE--230CT70 _.-i'TlTLE--ON SEGMENTS OF THE HUMAN LIVER AND SURGICAL ACCESSES TO THEM -U- ~~AUTHOR-SERAPINAS, I.L. ,.COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR ~'-,.,SOURCE-VESTNIK, KHIRURG[l :48-55, DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 IMENI 1. 1. GREKOVA, 1970, VOL 104, NR 4, PP AREAS--BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES 1.%-TOPIC TAGS--LIVER,, SURGEERYr ANATOMY, AUTOPSY MARK[NG--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--1988/0028 STEP NU--UR/O-)89/70/104/004/00119/0055 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0105127 UNCLASSIFIED -017 UNCLASSIH51) PROCESSING DATE--230CT70 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0105127 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT-11.11 GP-0- ASSTRACT. BASED ON Tit-- STUDY OF 431 POSTMORTEM PREPARATIONS OF EXTRA AND INTRAORGANIC BLOOD VESSELS AND BILIARY PASSAGES OF THE LIVER OF HUMANS AT THE AGE FROM A 3 MONTH OLD FOETUS TO 96 YEARS OLD PERSONS A NEW CLASSIFIC"ATTION OF HEPATIC SEGMENTS IS GIVEN, AS WELL AS MOST RATIONAL SURGICAL APPROACHES TO THEM. NAL NS FOR ACCESS TO T14E THORACCIABOOR V I t',JlC I S 10, ARE FELT TO BE RATIONAL A CAVA AROVE THE DIAPHRAGM, TO HEPATIC VEINS OSTIA, AS WELL INFER10k VEN V-1 AS TO THE IMEDIAN AND RIGHT SETORS OF THE LIVER AND THEIR SEGMENTS. U41CLA' 55 lF I ED lef. Code: Abstracting Service UR 0482 01010109 Soviet Inventions Illustrated, Section III Mechanical and General, De rwe nt, 241382 FORHING,6PERTURES -IN TRTN-WALLED PIPES uses a device with a point (91inwhich is fiied on the preasta slide block:(9), & matrix (2) a mechanism for longitudinal movement of the pipe, a mechanism for turning the pipe in relation to -'the t3atrLx, ailda programming device which provides for the pre-set movements of the pipe.. In order to-ena6le automation of the process of piercing an&to increase. the precision oftooled details, the point's cross- section corresponds to the dimensions of the smallest windowand enables a consecutive forttation of a contour of a window of a Ore-set configuration The mechanism for the longitudinal movement Of the pipe, which is.synch,ronised with the point's movement, Is a carriage (151 with a pip,e-clamping mechariism (17) The carriage is moved,by.the lead screw (13) and has ball guides (16).. The mechanism for turning the pipe round its axis,is made in the form;of a lead roller (23) which is kinematically connected with the clamping mechanism. In order to synchronize the movement of the REEL/FRAME 19815-00G3 AA0101009 Pipe with the movement of the point, torq'u'e hydra- S=Plifiers are used for d rtVing the lead roller of the pipe-turning mechanism. The hydro-A~mplifters are controlled hy serva motors which~provLde for~the Pipe's movement, and determine the dimensio'ns and the interposition of windows with the pre.-set.programme. Ii.s.6-z- -as 79o903~'25-6, -4EiLtIN., F.A, and MULAW. A. N. (10.9.69) jul. 14/18.4.69. Class 7c, Int. C1. B 21d. 198450564 AA0101009 P~Q -FLY JPRS 61064 28 January 1974 HY V'rinslation of Rtijttian-lunguagr 'book by JlE,_F. T;&rasyMk and Gidroa~,ust2chcskuya Toltq_k~ ~rx, ~1 -signed to P= Leningrad, 176 pages. CONT, ENTS PAGE ANNOTATION .............................................................. I YREFAC9 ................................................................. 3 .A, 114MDUCTION ................................. ............... - ....... CIMPTER I: Conditiono of the Propagation of Ilydroacouatic Signals in Soon and oc,,4no ..................... .................. 12 CHAPTC)t t11, Ih* 06-a of Teltomtry .... ........................... CI(APTER ills Tyanstoizzion of t1in P=ults of Meatturem-nt% Along a Hydronvou%tic rJonnel ..................................... 64 01APTER M RydroocauotLc Tolpmetry Uystoon In Uceavtogrdphy 91; CtIWIER Vt Hydro4countic. Telemetry In the Navy ....................... Izi CIIAMR Vii Ilydroncooatic lelamatry on hoard Ships of the Fishing fleet ..................................................... 148 CIWTER Vitt Ilvdtoarountic gy*Lcua far Tiolemetry anti Reverts Control of Objocts on Etta bottom of the SeA ....................... 167 CONCLUSION ............................. .......... ..................... 235 31BLIOCMPIIY ............................................................ 208 . a 11 - USSP. - E) 7, UDC 621. 398:681. 883 ANNOTATION The purpose of thig Look is to a-_,quaint the r~adcr with A new rapidly developing field of tetcmetry, which c4-Trs problornn uf the theory unit practical application of timliniral devices for re- inote transmission of the results of mearurements tinder water with tho use of a hydL oacoustic communications channel. The appearance, of hydroacovistic telemetry -as caused by the -ide- S spread advance af mankind to the ocean, the enormous volume oi work in the location and extraction of minerals and fish products at great depths and on the bottom of the sea, where the application of cable communications lines causes considerable diffiCUML . Ilydroacoustic teternctric system* and in- strunirms art usod on board oceanographic vessels for thp transmission of Information front pitkups that motilter. the 99triperatura. salinity, speed of sound, or remote transmission of data concerning the width of the opening of the trawl, the distance of the lower, act af a trawl.fram the ground. the quantity at fish in th*e trawl, And,also for remote control of drill rigs, petroL. eurn p Epelines. And other underwater production objrcts. The took of the authors lay in generaliring available data and ex plain ing the bases of the calcul;ktion and use oi ,ydroacou.tic telemetric ay4leffs I of various ilesigisations. In the book conditions of th* propagation of acoustic oscillations in the oceans and sees arc considered in detail, And the rrngc of operating freiltiencion of t6ertittric apparatus is dc termined, while the I re quirements Imposod upon the information characttristicn.of a hydroacoustic telerrictric channel and upon signals are explained. an Analyijiv it It given of the features of the transmission of the results of measurements by means of tj hydroscoustic signals, and a description to given of tho most interesting sys- hi h ti tems w c are now in operation among oteanographarn. fishormen. special- istot In the naval finet. and marine. geologists. The book discloses the prospect of the further development of methods and meatte for hydectacoustic telemotry, shows patho for an increase 7' ILI In the range 0,vir operation, with nbmer-flon of 1he gi~cn retitilrementm imposed ispon the spred of transmission ol tho data. Theoretical methods and practical recurnmendation* explained In the bo.k will be ut~fnl to speclAliots criga"-3 in the delti.pment., drsijLning. and 'peration of hydroscoustic telemetric systems. 82 illustrations, 3 tables, bibliography of 64 Miss. Scientific Fditor, Engineer V. A. Pakrovskiy, Reviewers, Candidate of Naval Scicncau A. L. Prustakov and Candidate o( Enrineering Sciencem Ye. L Clavarthin. T. el CO2 PRtFACE The great attention of the leading countries of the world to tive 3tudy of The ocean and the levelopment of.its roovurces have led to the rapid dc'eiap. mca or hydroacousCics, mainly because of Its enormous applied value. The practical requirements of oceanography, the drvelapmar.; thz fisl'-*riev resources of r, a - jyeAt dzplhx end prtph~pccting for and,extractin, )incrai on tbo t'6116Tri of the sea, etc.. have predetermined the develDpment of a new trend, in hydroscoustics in recent years- -hydroacaustic telemetry. The dC*ig- nation of hydroacoustic teLemetric instruments ties in the aut-3matiz ecrnotv measurements of varlous.phystcal parameters of the mediurr. at great depths, in monitoring the behavior of oL,,4cts under water and an the bottom of the seaL, with the transmission of information along a hydroacoostic charmel., .3 Ther evzr requirements imposed on the technical character- - ittics of hydreacaustic telernotric apparatus, -3n the one hand, and the inad*- quote satisfaction of thern in specific, systems, an the other hand, arc P)rcing specialists: In hydroaccustico and telemetry to devote their thoughts theoretically to tha potential possibilities of the new trend In hydroacouetics and to Irecit the most optimurnrneant of realization of the problems stated. A survey al,the Literature, discussing the problems mentionect demon- Meats that at the present time there are no special works in hydr9atouxtic teltmetry which are systematized in nature, This book is the first attempt to generalize the enormous sjununt of msicrial.. and also to determine the gemoral principles of hydroacuuntits t cirmatry understandable to specialists working in the fields of shipbuilding. telemechanics, radiaelectronics,' and hydroacoustics, for the purpose of uniting their efforts In the matter of studying the World Ocean and the develop- ment of Its riches which are hidden at great depths. 3 'a- V-A*;~-~' 30 Oct 70 VrDICYE,-R MIC3 i0e. MIMI VDCl 591.1 Ima-14stOm in STStems' Vrlver-lt*tx rz, re if. vn. 2. MAT TO. p;, 57~-70 S==7rjj artitlo li d1y,,te. r~ of bA.L- U" of l= -1-tr to ;ovitat bul-i-.rts -.1 pw";n M, rr-lr~- Qf -.-a Ar4-i~ -,r ef T%# 1-3 ?~vc iAz Wen fmally 'ti)n or Ar~tlxr t:~-'r or, u4ZI b'- '~c U-~ ti n.~ cr Vm-ralt~& Are vl'ttl" '-C~l in mvy tytomet- 3~rvcyz. :r. I~l zasts ltkA Ira 4~'rim--s to 43-Z~4jnL*d wlth L-A prir4l;.tz ct -iyt~rrct-'-, tz~! ltz~ &.~xjz ~~Z"ft rpl-Ar rtlftrp th~ ~f inns req'".~l ftots *:A l=-0ZZ 4C preoontra dzU=a-l prClfg, 7!~ 1-4 1--lVal doll wit.- l-,N-2r,*-.n slorsge. cenv~r*llcn, &,.I *rL&:n L:~ I-rimArl r=4 is or17 lo'r-144 on In Tw~ f:rr~ of the pp;~itiv or ef tntorral luifo~tlon cont-ljwd In or,m m7xton to amtiwr Are caftildaml: 11 tm---C~r of inorzation, tourether With ttA Pk;L%3 Ot;tST 10 No 9. Vyp. 2, M? -143, 5-70 as-r-1 or -litem a-11 7.) trtnux-Itaion of ths iqrl-rr=tlvn vft An, lrt%* rmt'z*n .-1 11 U- Po57",; cf a bn-X rrcm orA 'Ittm7 t* pyou.-I, 15 an. .,.,;7~ f.rA tF,, of tto, t~.!n tort=,:.1li-4 a11 Va of ty tra-.~lttln~ mmt3 ot- .iA im t2, rlb',~,=S ~.a I-- -fbilo 'M;;~ z of UA fte-J ;r4.CJL. Z1 0" %:"10nt I;4;~r -,r try mir. ct are -:.iid~md. art"lle conto-lu a 4!.-7~4--sn of tl-* .1~12~ul~-,S lAu2: 3) Uw Of imesil-7 of tm, tjr ~47*.S Of Z:) Is- a., Infl).-oatl~'% 3) !A- Or 11-0,,dtrz d=-;.rS trar-iml3sioa S-nm orm s7rtm to ~Zltrzr All!r4 a0zzaUelAtions 0 4) L~w of ut-lizati,on of JZ .4*e-CIj (And 4:7noz.-MeLL0 ) cm==I- 5) t"# Inv of u-1.1-'-at-'..l% of' !A xjltv:Lb for aotrolaing rater"I ;r'jQcrzoc,, 6) tM :aw of rol;%lve yall~e for targot proa4sras Wate-)j 7) tl'A law of dlz9PP4arArz$ Of lr-ft-AUCA, r 1> Pim -P USSR UDC 535.215.12+621.382.28 LITOVCHENKO, V. G. OZR,,Bt, 4, A. A. GORBAN', D. N. , 111105RAL1 , 1). N., IVANOVA, T. P. TKACHIK, V. P., PROKUROV, Use of an Optoelectronic Converter based on a Metal-Dielectric-Semiconductor Photovaricap in a Dosimetric Device" Kiev, Poluprovodnikovaya tekhnika i nikroelektranika, No 5, 1971, pp 108-113 3. Abstract: A study was made of the basc characteristics of a new type of semiconductor voltage modulator using a surface metal-dielectric-semiconducter photovaricap as the active element. The theoretical analysis of the physical phenomena determining the operation of the DIDS photovaricaps and also some experimental results of studying their characteristics were presented previously [V. G. Litovchenko, et al. , Llektrannaya teldinika, Series -1, 110 1, 96, 1967; V. G. Litovchunko, et al., I'adiotekhnika i clokttonikav Vol 12t No 1, 76, 19671. An optoelectronic modulator of consuait and low-f requency voltages f rom high-resistance sources was developed on the basis of an MD.S photovaricap and a light,diode. The riodulator is characterized by high-frequency parameters (105-101 hertz) , high input impedance (> 1012 0,,, small size and weight. Experimental data were obtained which illustrate the overation of the 'M)S photovaricap in the optoelectronic modulator, in particular, combined with the 1/2 ~ I I USSPI LITOVCH.L',N'KO, V. c. , et al., toluproyodnikovaya teklinika i raikroclektronika, No 5, 1971, pp 108-113 ionization charaber. The application of these optoelectronic modulators per- mits an increase in their modulation frequency by several orders (by compari- son with mechanical dynamic capacitors) and, therefore, use of ordinary alter- nating voltage amplifiers instead of electrometric input cascades. USSR UDC 535-215.12+621-382.28 31 1 LITbvcF irico, V. G. GOR)-IdTt , D. IT. ,MOSKAL' , D. _111. IVANOVfi-, T. P. , TKAC Q.Yfft.~. and FROKUPIOV, A. V." "Using Optical-Electronic Converters Using 1,1103 Photovaricaps in Dosimetric Equipment" Kiev, Poluprovodnikovaya teldmika i milcroelektronilk, NTO a 5, 1971, PP 108-113 Abstract: An investiGation is made of the basic characteristics of a new type of semiconductor volt&ge nodulato~~-vsed as the active element in a surface metal oxide ser~iconductor hotovaricaP. This paper is thus a secuel to two earlier articles ~Lika, Series 2, 1967, 1, 96, ard Radio tel:1-inila i e1,:,I:troni'-_a, 1067, j,i4-h tl,- , 1, 76' writtlen by the sa-me authors, which ideal t I;he- 12 oretical analysis of the physical phenomena dete*_,,minirig., -the o-iera- tion of MOS varicarz of the optioLl variety, aned the experimental results of research into their characteristics. The ei-perimentE described in 'he present paper -,,.-ere. conducted with AP-type silicon specimens of various resistivities, from 10 to 10 Aoh-ra-cm, thle surfaces of iihich -were cleaned and sputtered with a layer of I-iO~~ A block diagran of the measurin- equipment is shown and it.s orcrf-'_- t0ion described. The author-- conclude that t;hc-aa 1/2 Ussh LITOVOIE-M, V.. G. , et- al., Polupmvodnikovaya teklmika i mi",-ro- elektronikm, Ii7a. 551, 1971, PP 108-113 be successfully used in equipment for neaouxing small constant or slowly varying currents and voltages from high-resistance sources. They are associated with the Semiconductor in;iititut-e, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. 2/2 - 31 - UDG 621.353.5+621.382.28+535.215.12 USSR A. A., GORBAN LITOMIMKO, V. G. , 9,PA A. P. "Some Physical Processes in the Metal-Dielectric-Semiconductor System under Conditions of Strong Nonstationary Depletion of tile Semiconductor" Kiev, Poluprovodnikovaya tekhnika i mikroelekLronike No 5, 1971, pp 11-18 Abstract A method is proposed for a combined study of the capacitance and conductivity of a metal-dielectric-sem-4conductor structure converted to the nonstationary depletion condition by means of a rectangular-pulse voltage. The system was studied tuider two conditions: in the absence of intensification (the thermodynamically equilibrium situation in a neutral space) and with in- tensification (thermodynamically known equilibrium situation in neutral space). In the thermodynamically equilibriun situation, measurement of the capacitance and longitudinal conductivity permits determination of the con- centration of the equilibrium carriers (wiLhout distorting the effect of tile mobility, the Hall constant, and so on) and the mobility of the majority car- riers (including the distribution of the mean mobility with respect to t:hick- ness of the specimen). In the thermodynamically nonequilibrium situation, the investigated system has high collector properties for nooequilibrium electron-hole pairs; it petmits obtaining of a "gigantic" photocapacitive 1/2 r USSR LITOVCHENKO, V. G., et al., Poluprovodnikovava tekhnilta i mikroelektmnli'-~_a, No 5, 1971, op 11-18 effect (k = Ceff /C eff 0 -104_101 and determination of the photogeneration function of the electron-hole pairs in the semiconductor in absolute units. Extraordinarily small light fluxes can be recorded here. (_IU-12 watts/c;lt2). Experimental results are presented which confirm the theoretical analysis. 2/2 97 -41 14. AA0040763* uR o482 /`76 Ont Soviet Inventions Illustrate.d i Se~%ti I Chemical, Derwerit, - -NF 240992 AUTOMATIC ASSEMY LZ . f mr, the manufacture of Wet f rmoi*b1eWateq#ng ring compri ititmd with sea a four-position~~*ouapl typ standards which intaiact-iA 'th,ifie~~&ped trans- porter, going. ieb=d,t44~ stind. ~~'There~~are also Mechanisms f ~eban4.. g,4a or cuttI4~ ti, 'a and; pressin rollers and. photoo dcLri~ 4etec~or sending signals, tc~ Un*.;cdnt:ro1*arr"ments. The providedl;.Vi' Une to also t cord Uylm$ and, cutting devicea, indi~id4xl rin"S, moijml*tp~rs and vulcanialng: arcansaftotl kcorskiy Ukrainski-y Nauchno is sledovatel 'Skiy i "onstru _eF W -U37anly! ya rnstitut p0 R-Azrabot-, 4HE11151. eziny Plas ass, Iskcusstvenn KO zh i ~Oy R -13.12.62. 868119/,23-26, Add to 178,974;. AA0040763 l84,421;. 228,361. MUICHMMO, A.I. and FTS-7 gnayw, K.S. Pfu-RFMs. -Syntnotle L-ather -and TecituicalResihri ProLessing Plant and IUcUmery Ukrainian Ras.'und Dottgn tuzt. (12.8.69) Bul. 13/1.4.69, Clans 39a, int. C1. R 29h.1 f4 17 16: it 19750457 Infrared Rays USSR UDC: 621-382.4: GREKHOV, I. V., L-EVINSHTEYN, M. Ye., LIVOVA, T. V., LT-BLESX, A. Ye. andMRBDT, A. I., A. F. Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute, Lenm- gra "Silicon Injection Mlodulator of Infrared Radiation" LeninErad, Fizika, i telldmika -ooluprovcdni.,,-_ov, :No 7, 1972, pp 1327-1334 Abstract: This paper describes experiments investigating sili- con injection modu.1ators and discusoeo. methods ~or computing in- Jection modulators operating in the pulse mode. The experimental equipment uses a C02 laser of-the OKG-15 type, with a, wavelength of 10. 6 ~A, the beam incident on the face of the silicon specimen. 111he transmitted beam. falls on a photosensitive device, aiid the signal from the latter is applied to a micro,voltmeter of the V6-2 type, in the d-c mode, or to a pulse amplifier and thence to an oscillo- graph, in the pulse mode. Rectangular pulses are applied "U-o til-e specimen. A biock diagram of the apTaratus and an explanation of the ex-jerimental procedures are given. Curves are -plotted for the moaullation coe-fficient as a function of the d-c current den- sity in different types of specimens under various conditions, USSR UDC: 621-382.2 GREKHOV, I. V., et al, Fizi1ka itekhnika DoluDrovodnikov, No 7, PP 1327-1334 the coefficient being calculated from.the formula K = (10 - Ij)IIO, where ILO is the signal recorded by the zLicrovoltmeter with no current, and Ij is the signal for a speci2ied current density. It is found that the rate of grourth of the coefficient with time is not determined by the reactances in the circuit but by the modulation of the resistance in the diode specimen base through the injected carriers. In the theory section of this paper, the results of the experiments are discussed on the basis of a model according to which the current through the diode remains constant during the time of the pulse. 2~2 27 - 1/2 010 UNCLASSI FIED PROCESSING DArE--ISSEP70 :TITLE--EFFECT OF RARE EARTH METALS ON THE FLAKE SENSITlVIlY OF ALLOY STEEL AUTHOR-(051--SERBIN, A*Po, SKLYUYEVP P*Vov SOKOLOV9 V-YE-r ROMANOVt A.A.t FRIDMANt `.,~CDUNTRY OF INFO--USSR '~_,'SOURCE--lZV. AKAD. NAUK SSSRt METAL. 1970t (1), 245 :DATE PUBLISHED------70 I-..'.:SUBJECT AREAS--MATERIALS ,.-TOPIC.TAGS--RARE EARTH METAL, NONMETALLIC INCLUSIONP STEEL FLAKE :.."CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS :,DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REELIFRAME--198110458 STEP NO-UR/0370170/0001001/02 C I R.C. ACCESSIMNO-AP0050475- UNCLASSIFIED 2/2' 010 UNCLASSIFI~D PROCESSING DATE--18SEP70 t-IRC ACCESSJON NO--AP0050475 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--4U) GP-0- ABSTRACT, THE ADDN. OF 0.2-0.3PERCENT RARE EARTH METALS.REDUCED THE TENDENCY TO FLAKE FORMATION TO 2159 WHILE IMPROVING THE DEGREE OF FINENESS OF NONMETALLIC INCLUSIONS9 USSR UDC: 532.132 NEDYANIK, A. N. and S"M'q A_ "Device for Investigmting the Second Sound. in -Rotating Superfluid Solutions of -~'He_4Hell Trudyt Fiziko-_491 -ekhnichesk~Z institut-nizkik-h temneratur (Physico- technical Institute for Lowr Temperaturea--collect-ion of works) Academy of Sciences, Ukrainian SSR, -No. 10, 1970, PP 183-191 (from R_Zh-.PiziL-a, No. 9, 1971, AbstracIL. No. 9RE37) Translation: A device is described for invj~stigating the second sound in ating superfluid solutions of -~HeAfe at temperatures above 1.40 K and at rotational velocities of 0.1---240 rnm with a rotational nonuniformity of 0.3-0.5%. The device differs from that described in the literature in that the excitation and de- tection of the second sound are realized by the contactless m thod with the-help of a system of connected tuned circuits; the con- struction of the device takes into account the peculiarities of work with 3He_4He solutions. Also described is a radio measuri-rig system v,,hich psrmitz meaaurin:r I~he velocity aAd added absorption of the second sound in the rotation. Author's abstract. USSR UDC 621-791-053-011:66.9-15-194:55i- 669.25 +- t~69-28 + 66-9-295 KUDINOV, YE. D., Zngineer, PRW~JiOROV, P. A., Candidate of Techni- cal Sciences, ARISTOY, V. 3., Candidate of Technical Sciences, 9.-,....Engineer and SERBIY,,,,X,. *Effect of Cobalt, Molybdenum, Titanium,,and Chromium on ?roperties of Maraging W"eld Metal" Moscow, Svarochnoye Proizvodstvo, No 12, Dec 70, dp 22-23 Abstract: The authors studied the effect of cobalt, molybdenw, titanium,and chrcmium on the mecrianical properties and structure of the weld medal in rhe weld4ng of maragin& steels LjNl8?,8:.f5T 4 0 and ONl4Kh5M,3T ehe study specimens were prepared from 500 x 500 x 32 mm. weided billets. Butt~welds with a double-V symmet- ric groove were welded by manual argon-arc nonconsumable-elec- trade welding. The mechanical properties of the weld metal were determined after precipitation hardening of the specimens. The results indicate t~-Le following optimum.conLents for the weld met- al: 5-7 percent cobalt, 2.5-3.5 percent molybdenurq, 0.25-0-35 percent tita.nium,and ".3-4.2 percent chromium., USSR urv-, C-G,-.o46.q 3,51ac, Tor=-;.Qn a--d Mettl in Cc-mrir.~; Slai~z With ikirot-Like U-14!1" S~t. kR-Zj-'eSt',M st,~Oj" (klri"W I Aa-4-= ems- of Stctel ~~mlit'x) I'Nat,~~zw- 1nstA"-,l.*,xi of' Stccl -mid A.Uoyt,, 1 NZI lirfOl PP 13Z-13", Transla-ticn c-P Al-cstract: Twhe resqAts of an i nve s ti~rm tI till Oil 'Ilag forn-'a-tion and- mtal deszili~%mation in a 142-ton nvirtin furnace w---th lime blowing are presented. 2 figures, 1 table. 1/2 013 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--230CT70 _j MINATION OF NONPROTEIN NETROGEN -U- _ITLE--PHOTOlllETRIC IMICRODETERI ~.~.AUTHOR-(03)-SERBINAv G.N.s L[TVINEPIKO, G.V., VISHNEYSKAYA, I*G. __:~COUINTRY OF INFO--USSR ~SbURCE-LAB. DELO 1970y MY 31-2 -DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS--flIOLOGICAL f0,JD MEDICAL SCIENCES? CHPMIST~~)' TOPIC TAGS--f4l(ROCHEM !CAL XNALYS[Sj 8LOGO SERUM, NITROIGEN -CONTROL MARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS ~DOCUMENI CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED Vi 01/0031/0032 PROXY REEL/FRA4E--1997/0214 STeP NO--Ulk/9099/70/000 1) GIRC ACCESSION NO--AP01192LO DATE-230CT70 212 013 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESS IfT I"I.R.C ACCESSION NO--AP0119210 ','k5STRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. '~CDIFICATION OF ME HYPOBRO-11TE METHOD FOR THE MIC.RODETN. OF NONPROTEIN N IS DESCRIBED. BLOOD SERUM (0.02 ML) IS DEPAOTEINIZED wITH I 'ML OF THE PPIG, 9.-IAT. '."PITG. TU%IGSTfC ACID. AFTER CENTRIFUGATION I ML OF THE SUP6'INATANT IS ArXED WITH 0.5 1L. OF T14E HYPOBROMITE SOLN. AFTER'3 IJIN 0.5 ML LIF 5PPICENT KI AND 0.5 ML OF IN HCL ARE ADDED. AFTER 10 MIN THE ABSO-~,34i'liCC IS DETD. AT 400 Nm AGAINST H SUB2 0. THIS METHOD WAS USED FOR 20,000 ANALYSES DURING 2 -YEARS AND ITS RESULTS AGREE FAVORABLY WITH THE GTHER HYPUBIMIMITE --.METHOOSe FACILITY: GL, KLIN- VOEN. GOSP. rM. SURDENKO, MOSCOW, USSR. -all 14 M-Mulaugm I IMIUMMI.. 6 Leningrad, Fiziologicheskiy Zhurnal SSSR imeni 1. M. Sechenova, Vol 59, No 6, jun 73, pp 849-854 Abstract: The cross-correlation of the EEG response of various sections of the brain was determined in experiments on rabbits in vhich an orientation reaction of the defensive type was induced by a sound stimulus. Implanted electrodes were applied. The EEG responses from the te-aporal area of the cortex of both hemispheres, two symmetrical points of the le"t and right dorsal hippocampus, the reticular formation of the milddle bra-in, and the septum were recorded by means of a multichannel electrocnceptialograph. The EEG signals were transformed on a magnetic code recorder. The experi- mental data were used to calculate by means of a computer the functions of cross-correlation between different brain formations taken in sets of two. The coefficients of cross-correlation increased during the stage in which the orientation reaction was activated and then decreased during the period 1/2 A* USSR SERBINENKO, M. V., and ALIKYAN, E. S., Fiziologicheskiy Zhurnal SSSR imeni 1. M. Sechenova, Vol 59, No 6, Jun 73, pp 849-854 of inactivation. In both stages vertical connections between brain formations predominated over horizontal connections; the horizontal connections between the right and left temporal regions of the cortex and between the right and left hippocampus were only weakly pronounced. As indicated by the coef- ficients of cross-correlation, there was a:left-right asymmetr'y (predo-mi- nance of ipsilateral over contralateral connections) in the interaction oL the two temporal regions of the cortex with the reticular formation and of &.e latter with the left and right hippocampus. 2/2 USSR UDC 621.396.69-621 -54(088-8) .372 SEEMINENKO, Yu P. "An Electrorzi-echanical Filter" Author's Certificate !to 255425, r-i'led .6 jul 68, Published 31 Mar 70 (-Lroi.,i PZh-Radiotekhnika, No 10, Oct 70, Abstract 11o 1OV3811 P) Translation: This Author's Certificate introduces an electromechanical fi-,er which contains electromagnetic input and output converters, and a vibrator consistinr, of two H-shaped half-ele-inents interconnected by a bridge. a distinguishing feature of the patent, filter construction is simplified by fastening the vibrator to the geometric center of the bridge which connects the vibrator halves, and locating the transducers (converters) in the middle section of the hal-res. i Ili 4il; Ill., Mi;;r IIA:0.I::`:!IIPU111;ll IVA USSR uDc: 621.372.54(o88.8) SERBINENKO, Yu. P. romechanical Band Filter" USSR Author's Certificate No 280705, filed 21 Nov 68, published 10 Dee 70 (from RM-Radiotekhnika, No 6, Jun 71, Abstract Ho 06V438 P) Translation: An electromechanical band filter is propposed which contains an oscillatorY system made in the form of H-shaped vibrators interconnected by an internal flexible bridge. The device also contains input and output piezoelectric converters. In order to narrow the passband of the filter, the converters are mounted on the inside of the outer bridges of the H- -shaped vibrators. USSR UDO 621.N85-017-72t-1-16.-~,8(CB8.8) BAKEYEV, P.B., BOYRO, B.I., ITUNIN, L.L., SERBINOV, A.M., KRCMCY, TO. D. "Unit For Control Of The Temperature Of Meotrovacuum beviceoo USSR Author's Certificate No 2621-27, filed 2 Dee 68, -published 12, May 7C (from RZh--Elektroni~.a i yeye primeneniye, No 12, December 1970, Abstract No 12All'P' Mransla*ion: A unit is proposed for control of the teulperatLire of electrovacuum devices, which contains a curved thermosensitive plate acting on the regulating organ for ihe flow rate of a coolant flowing in a spiral which encircles the body of the device. At the extremes of the coils of the spiralltwo interMediate plates are attached at the outer extremity of which the thermosenoitive plate is secured and at the inner, fixed screws for adjustment of the moment of turning on of the regulating organ. Such conetruction of.tho devios:aesmrae production or a signal proportional to the average temperature of the body. O.B. AA0044231- UR 0482 Soviet Inventions 'Illustrated, Section IIIEZectrical, Derwent, 243742 ANODE-,CRID UNIT of gas-discharge rectifier has an an6de shutter and a control grid which are both of spherical shape with a common c-entre. The absence of a field inside the anode reduces the second- ary electron emission and.the likelihood of backfires. It also makes for a more~robust design and has a higher receiving area of-the anode to enable it to operate at h.igh impu,lse loads. 1.6.68 as 1244022/24-7. I.G. KESAEV et &l.(3-10.69.) Btil 17/14.5.69. Class 218. Int.Cl. H 01 J. AUTHORS: K sayev., I G., nromoy, Yu. D., Serbinov, A. N. Qid :19770728 USSR UDC 620.195 TOISTAYA. 14. A. ME GONTOVA, L. N. and SERBIUKj MAYUA1,JR. L. Mosco,-. Aviation Technological Institute "Electrochem-ical and Corrosion Behavior of SAP Metalloxide Composition in Electrolyte Solutions" hoscow, Zashchita Metallov, Vol 7, No 5, 1971, pp 540-546 Abstracts A study was made of the electrochemical and corrosion behavior of unclad SAP-1 in electrolyte solutions by comparing its behavior with that of pure AVOO Aluminum and AD1 technical grade aluminum in similar solutions. The test were made in artificial sea water, Moscow tapwater, distilled water, and in one- and two-component solutions of M10 Na SO and Iva.U. In synthetic sea Rater at DH 7.9-8.0, the corrosidA lasies,of SAP-1 are sharply reduced compared wit-h t6 losses of AVOO and AD1 not only at o--J-inary teMr-- perature, but also at the boiling Point. However, in sea water with artificially increased alkalinity (pH 9.8-10) the corrosion resistance of SAP-1 is harply reduced. In neutrall solutior-s, with a concurrent content of pa-scivating and activating anions, the stability of the passive state of.the SAP-1 material during anodic polarization ia higher than in pare (AVOO) and technical Lrade (ADI) aluminum. (The comparison grades of aluminum werechosen because these 1/2 . .. ... ..... 1191uh. ~11 M" ~ ~A- I M1- USSR TOISTAYA, 14. A., et al., Zashchita Metallov, Vol 71 No 5, 1971, PP 540-546 materials are close to SAP-1 in chemical content, but differ sharply in Istructure.) It was suggested that the electrochemical and coi*=sion behavior of SkII-1 differs from the comparison metals because of its special. distri- bution in the aluminum matrix.of iron andzilicon impuritiesp and also because of Its content of Al 0 particles. 2 2/2 Ace . Nr-: Ref.- Code'. VKOIV-66 *00542W S PRIMARY SOURCE: Holeku-1yarnaya Biologiya, .1970, Vol 4, Nr pp FRACTIONATION OF VALINE ISOACCEPTOR tRNAs FROM BAK*ER'S S. K. VASILENK I F. F. DIXIr V-4: 4,.V. 11 ~B'11~1,4, V P0r11C1(Ir,.,71:--T,., an Siberian Branch of the Acad--- LICI;,eS Institute to . 4~ - I I -Organic Cheinistrif. 0101 --1- ~oposibirsk (~SS&..A A new method for the chromatography of isclacceptor tRNAsVP1 from ba.k-er's yCas", is described. The chromatography is carried out on TEAE-cellulose columns at K-40tit ia solution of 7 Al urea and 0.11 14 CH3COOH, in NaC1 linear gradient from (1,35 io 0"i Ilif. Mg-4 Ions and EDTA in concen t ra,t ions 0,005-0,01 M have a marked influence on fl-,C! fractionation. tRNAval was fractionated into a few isoacceptor fractions. Structural di; ference of these fractions was confirmed by the analysis of guanylo-ribonudease di.rests of "C-valyl-tRNA on TEAE-cellulose columns in linear gradieuit of HC00H and NaCl in 7 Af urea. The final purification of tRNA V21 was perform ed: by the chemical rj-.-,tl,.od o; periodate oxidation. REEL/FRAME :i ill ;:,Ail I I:-ttlHA ?ill ill P (tit ila uai; III I I i!,Il,:J[iII i I I iH II'd 11 H;IIAA it i S' 0 L. I ~D AS 01cURF-A.'-E.~ -ij-, T I T' AUTHGR-(03)-4.~~KOVI P Of- y 3% !i. 0 V 11TK. 0 S T R G 11 ,'COUNTRY OF lNF0--USS-R _~SOURCE-IZV. VYSSH. UCHEB. ZAVED.v Y,1-1114,, KHtM, TEKHNGL, ).9TO, 131_-~ii, --i35-71 DATE PUBLISHED - ----- 70 SUBJECT AREAS---CHEMISTRY ',jOPTC TAGS--ADSORPTION, SURFACE PROPERTY, ACTIVATION ENERGY, HYDR013EN :BONDINGg COPPER9 NICKEL, ALUMINUMv ZINCv THER14AL EFFECT CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS -.:.00CUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED A_RGXY REEL/FRAM6-3008/0621 STEP NO--Uiq/0153/*Ii:)/QL3,f(~03/043~,/C)4-~7 .C11RC ACCESSION NO--AT0137706 1 INC A:,; S 1E 2/2 031 UNCL ASS I FTED RGC,:--S!zfNG DATE--04DEC70 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AT0137706 ~-A3STRACTlEXTRACT-WO GP-0- ABSTRACT, THE CALCN. (IF ]HE ACTfVA*'~-[Gflll' ENERGY FOR THE DiSSOCN. OF A GAS ON THE SURFACE OF AN ADSORBEfil' Is PRESEN"fED. DATA ARE GIVEN FOR THE ENERGIES OF TAE METAL H 80'lo's 'loklD FOR THE ENERGY OF THE GAS MOLSo ON THE SURFACES OF 1'.:V, Nlv AL# Alt) 1N. -f-H E ESTD. ACTIVATION TEMPS, FOR H ON THESE METAL SURf;'ACES ARE GIVEN. FACILITY: IVANOV. KHIM.-TEKHNOt. INST., IVAN0VOj uss"t" t Igg ........ . . . . . . . . . Vill-3. MLATI04 SMEEN THE HATUVZ Or CLEAVAGE AND WE DECREE Or STUSS Or !'I%rLE CRYSTALS OF PROUSTITE JArticle by 6. A. GodoviUov, M. C. s*rb.lenko, V. -K,-Chirirc %ovooltolroki Hovaolbirik. 11 ~Tot,#..'ftm Ronta A NIntora polt;p- rovo4nIki-=Zkh i-.rtatallov I IrMak, RUA41mno 12-17 June 197, " ,,I- A%3A#S3 pto-tjt4 is a corpounj with a quite clear rh.*boh-,Irnl cles- qj*~- 11070, The 4014Y ~Of the cl-au4i- of ain;0* Ofy*tn"In grown 1) Y V, rl. mt6d Jemnatr4ttl that the dtgrev of ax1ithttlon of c1ca..R. 1. t~lem differ" -- from cleat to perf4ct. The co"araLlv. otid, the Cleavage surface4 uninx a scanning #Itctran m1croncope revoh4lrd ofRniftc,nt~ 410ferentex in It* surface In different crystal*. The eptical (cands"pic) studv of aurh crr.zals p#Vmfttvd astabilebeent of the fact that they are dt,- d by the degree of atf.'aft. crystals were choraC- eve Th7tlcslly untaxiAl 1, a effect -.1r KQ. cryetals with attempt internal Stresses artsinx during rapid conling of then turned out to be optically bjejejal Llith Perfect rhombolledral clax.age, The Bur(Act Of the cleavage con ahvtftutly be upoil f r a foot 4unlit- rive mitiogto of other single in tho UftSjre%So4LStmt0 bT InsufficIffnCIT Perfect cleavage. The sapo chaviLrtstistle can ISO be 94 apru to crystals of Sony natural minolsig. t1je iggfts of purig,tion Of the of which will be dotermtoad by the tbarmal history of OS Sea the mi role th olv" mod the anclasiag sin4r4la. USSR UDC: 53.0'[/.08+53.001.5 SERBULOV.-Yu. A., KOLORASHKIN, V. M. "A Method of Radiometric Analysis of Noble Gases Under Conditions of a 222Rn Background" V sb. Vopr. dozinetrii i zashchity ot izluch. (Probleins of Dosimetry and Radiation Shi el dine,-- colle ct ion of worls), vyp. 12, 14ascow. fi-tomizdat, 1971, PP 72-70" (from RZh-Fizika, No 4, Apr 72, Abstract No 4A681) Translation: abe authors discims the difficulties of measuring the raclio- activity of noble gases in the presence of 222M-1 backjrround '-ptivity. A method is proposed for noducingi the activity of backgrc)und C-!Idtters by constant segregation of the products of decey of 2221in settling on the walls of the measurement space and extraction of the decay products beyo,-d the shielding. It is shown that one way to do this is to Use r~, chaffber with moving walls. The optimum parameters of such a chember are calcu- lated. It is concluded that the activity of background radiations from emitters in a fa:Lrly large sensin.- srace my be reduced by nore than tvo orders. In. L. Iff EMIR, Whill USSR uDc: 621-3.o4g.75 SERCHUGOVA A. G. OSHARIN, V. L, FILIPIYEVA, N. I., QRLOVA, L. N. "A Method of Making Printed-Circuit Boards" Moscow, Otkrytiya, izobreteniya, promyshlennyye obraztsy, tovarnyye zrial-i, No 5,. Feb 71, Author's Certificate No 293312, Division 11i, filed 31 Mar 69, published 15 Jan 71, p 182 Translation: This Author's Certificate introduces a method of making printed-circuit boards with metallized holes by a positive combined method. As a distinguishing feature of the patent, the quality and reliability of the boards is improved and cost is reduced by electrophoresis polymer coating of the printed-circuit drawing formed by chemical and 1- ~alvanlc copper plating. This polymer coating Is stripped off after removal of the photoresist and etching of the copper foil, 106 USSR IJDC 621..396.6.004.5 "Automatic Checkout Testing and Technical Diagnosis" Avt,omaticheskiy kontroll i te-MinicheskaTa diapiostilra (cf. English above), iTe-v, "Tekhniha," 19'-,,l, 242 pp, 1 r. 1 k. (from RZh-A-v Drtati' T e 1 e ir-n lun a 11 i 1a Ut E a i Vychislitel'ray-a To'- n'ha, No 1, Jan 72, Abstract No Vi4681K kh I by B. U.) Translation: The book considers auestions in the autcniatic checkout testing and technical diagnoois of electronic equipment. A classification of automatic test systems is introduced and their construction principles arc-, set forth. A description is given of the quality eval'uation of -the basic characteristics of 'the Drocesses o~' checkout testing and trouble location, aw-5 the choice of object pararne,--tei-3 and tt.-~;t systemn operating conditions is substantiated. Consideinble attcntiori. if3 devoted to questions of Une syn'thesiv, of optimal techni- cal diagtio,;ir; -c~_-ording to the criterion of rdxAmum liverrLg-1 troilible- shooting tiirie z~nid m! n c*riteria. Methods for the syrrt!iesiv, of zue-h programs are corisid-?red, as as, algrorithins for calculating them on a dligital computer. 54 illustrat-lions. 33' tables. Bibliogiaphy vith 70 titles. Instruments ahd:Measurements USSR UDC 621.zq6.64-4.5 B-MAIL0 Ell V AL& a 0*/I(;B Candidate Of Toc~-nical Sciences "Autoinatic Checking And Technical Diagnosis" I Avtomaticheskiykontrol i tak-Imicheskave dismostika (ef Englioh above), 'Aar, Izd. I'Te!:iimilka," 1971. 21411 pp. .154 tub. 70 ref. 1 r 1 k. Abstract., The problems are cnnnidered of automatic checking or fitness for operation and the technical diagnosis of the condition of electronics eqqip7,,cn+ A classification of automatic checlking. systems is introduced and the principles of their constr-iction, Lro ateted. A quantitativo wiaLiation is described c-1, the principal characteristics of fitness checking and the locEillmition Of fa!-11',A3, and gro-ands aro given for the choice of parejuaters of the object and t p r t- j ho C) a a ing conditions of ilia chacl:ing system. Considerable attorition in giYen to prob- lems of the synthes.-e of optina~ixi programs of technical diagnosis with re9poct to the criteriun of the mirimam average time of localization of :fe-,zIts and tile minimax criteria. 1.1ethods of Bynthosia of such progrnr:u and UlForithin3 of their calculation or, an eloctronic ccm-~Tjter are consider---d. Tbe book is intended for engincora oom,.-.1ed vith proolans of ilia douslap:zarit, inIx-r-duction, wrid op:ration or witoiwtie chocking oyntema tor electronic ea-tip-,:ient, and it can al*o b0. un,~- ful to Btudontu of vanior courees specializing in the uxiw of' autozatic, uhr)ci; in- of -elactronton mquip.,~,jont. 1/5 USSR SERDAKOV, ALEKSANDR SEMENOVICH, Avtomaticheskiy kontrol' i teklinicheskava diagnostika, Kiev, Izd. "Teld-inika"' 1971. ~44 pp. 54 ill. 33 tab. 70 ref. I r 1 k. TABLE OF OONTENTS Introduction ~Chaptar 1. Overall information concerning automatic symtems for chackbig (ASG) of electronic equipment 9 1. Electronic devices and systems as objectv of chac',:irgo 9 2. Principal ele:nenta of systems of automatic chaci:ing and overall principles of its accomplishment 16 3. Classification of a-Atomatic checting systems 21 4. Principles of construction of ABC accomplishing fitness checking and successive search for failures ~9 PrInci.ples of construction of ASC with use of computor 4~ Chapter 2. Charactariatics of automatic system for chooking 46 1. Totality of characteriaticD of ASO 2. Coraplotencos of flinaua cheolking 52 5, Roliability of chacking 60 _-4_u 1N Himll! lpdh~! H" 114 1 ~A: 1 ji~H" iii USSR SEPDAKOV, A.TLT"zKSA-NDR SE"'ENOVICHY A,-Momatichesidy kontrol' i tekiinirheskaa1.1 diagnostika, Kiev, Tzd. "Tekhnika," 197L 244 pp. 54 ill. 33 tab. 70 ref. 1 r I k. 4. Precision of meas;ire-nent of output and intermediate parameters 7~ Precision of localization of faults .76 6. Speed of response of ASC In the process of fitnass cheching and localization of faults 79 7- Effectiveness of chocking. 86 Chapter Choice of parameters of object of checking 99 1. Methode or raproon-itation of. objects of choc!"Amg 99 2. Choice of paramatera of objeot in order to rABoure completo checking of fitnbse lo5 Checking of fitness with a-epecified con-ploteness UO 4. Ohecking of fitness with a specified reliability 118 5. Choice of tolk-ality of parametera neceseaz7 for L localization of faults of object 135 Chapter 4. Choice of operating conditions of a:itomatie vystons for chec"Ung 144 1. Principal oparating conditions of ASC 144 315 W.- W WW Milahi m."id USSR SERDAKOV, ALEO)NDR SENTENOVICII, Avtonaticheskiy kontrol' i telchnicheskaya diagnostika, Kiev, I;,d. "Tekhnika," 1971. 244 pp. 56 ill. 33 tab. 70 ref. I r I k. 2. Contimious chackilig of fitliess of an attaniod objoct 149 3. Contirwoua chocking of fitness of do~ibled*nonrittonded SYDLOM 163 4. Periodic checl:ing of fitiiess o-1' aLtondol ob act 168 _mroting c, nditions of J*45' interviod for un' a Choice of 00 It Permitting both vontinuoue and porloilic chea~-.iatr of fitness 172 6. Cholclo of oporutiti-y cmd1tions during localization of faulto of obioct 175 Chapter Syri!,h,,n~n r,;I )r~.ijrrazm o-.:*' oporatIon nr AS- irl the process off localizatioa of faults of object 180 1. Critorjo for synthesis of program of teelmical dia~.;noais 1841 2. of faults as a: process of change of ir.Pormation statos of object U fi.vnthavis -;f' (I~iuaio~)tkaz:;-i progru:as o.,r, 1,xvilizw-.~_")n :x'? USSR SERDI-TOV, ALMSANDR, SEMENOVICH, Avtomaticlieskiy kontrol' i tekhniclieskaya diagnostika, Kiev, Izd. "Telchnik~,-"-1971. 244 pp. 54 i11. 33 tab. 70 ref. 1 r I k. ift 00 fautq 4. 3,rntl 2Biq of' anti=. m programs of lo:; of Object Syntheois of optimam programs of tachnical diagnoeia with respect to minimax criteria 6. llgaritlvas of caloulution,of program:3 o-V localization of failts on an eloctronic compitor 7. Emmploa c)--;' calcillation of optia-am progruos of locgl-i,,7 ation. of fa-'Illta oa an alectroalo -,euQatar BibliograplW 5/5 202 215 222 230 237 USSR t I Macninery UDO: 621-313-322-81:60'.045.5 ROZENIFELID, L. M., SERa C ]EMOVICH, V. Yu., and AKOV. -G FILIPPOV, I. F. ft Ail "Experimental Rack for Investigating Low-Temperaik-uro Vaporization Cooling for Turbogenerator Pipiiig", Novosibirsk, Izvestiya ;3ibirskogo Otdeleniya 11-ademii Yauk SS'-'!'R-- Seriya TekhnicheskiLch Nauk, No 3, 1972, pp 50-57 Abstract: This article representa part of the continuing search L for nev systems of cooling turbogenerators. A description is here given of an important stage in cryogenic coolinE of the electrical wi-ndings in the generator by direct Freon va-Doriza- -ie form of an experimental rack for investigati tion in t! -ng th L type of cooling. It consists of a measuring oection, a double -or roa system of cooling, a powe supply block, blocks f , doff, re- cording, and urriteout devices, automation zind protection systems, and a control panel. A drawing for the overall system is given together with a photoara-ph of the rack and the n,1Qas-vrinC bloe'll. A diagpram for the structure of the heating system and the tempera- ture sensors plus a schematic of the power supply block are -also presented. The experiments performed -vith the aid of the device are described; they can determine the temperature di,,3tribution of 1/2 IT USSR-.. 'UDC: 621.313-322-81: 66-045.5 ROZENFELID, L. M., et al, Izvestiya Sibirskogo Otdol-OniYa demii Nauk- SSSR--1jeriVa Tekhriieheskikh 1.1aWc, I'm 3, 1972, pp 50-57 on the conductor wall surfaces and the current of the morking fluid inside the channel, the hydraulic resistance dittribution over the length, and other factors., The authors are associat(!d with the Institute of Thermal Physics, Novosibirsk. 2/2 ~P I I imp, T-1 911 01-0511fl 11 IRINU 111- M, USSR UDC: 621.313.322--81:66.04r-.5 BERDAKOV, G. S. "Effect of the Hydrodynamics of the Operating Fluid Flow on the "urbog Energy Indices of Electric IT -enerator Low-Temperature Cooling Systems" osibirsk, Izvestiya Sibirs-korro 01-delen adem-ij- NaWr 3'3"`R-- ov t, iva _P_1r N Serlya Tekhniches.1.1kh Hauk, NO 3, 19 '72, pp 58-66 Abstract: This paper considers the effect of hydraulic resistances to the flow of the operating fluid on the enerrgy inelices of the low-temperature cooling system in turboCerierators. Usinj the basic diagram of such a syst-ew arid its theriwdynaxwic cycles, the author analyzes liquid or single-phase cooling Gf the electric windings in the generator, and then proceeds to a discussion of the vaporization or two-phase cooling method. Formulas are de- veloped for the refrigerating capacity of the syvtem and for qua- litatively estim-a-Ell-ing the effect of the fluid hydrodynamico an the energy lo3ses in vaporization cooling; curves givijir- the recults of computations with t-heae formulas are sho~,M. it is foulid that the hydrodynamics of the cooling fluid caus,:~s 1-dditional irrever- sible loar-es in the cooling ecluipizient cycle and the tot,-_11 energy losnes of the generator. The author i.,3 annociated with the Institute of Thoan,-;l ;'Gut" I M, I TF1 characteristics for o eration, eneie a change,, Ac p ip,-Vojtagj~~, the g4~e,, causes a cons i dera_bT&-change,In outp-at impediinI66~.-!-Rarever,, the circuit may requi.-'e t1termo- static control since sf ight~!; instability, of transistor characteristics mAy lead tQinstability of the resonance frequency. USSIC UDC: 621.-"' T~ia ..G v, V. "Analyzing the Eoss,_-s in a Ctenoid 3and Delay 3,'.Stemll V sb. -R-dioi~-lek- cn. v nar. '--h-ve JS3-1, Ch. 2 (J~,;d-Joel-actroni-Cs _4n _. - I- - _L __Lr thi-_ c, -1 Vic- UJ3R, Part 2--col;_I of worl-.s, kuybyshev, 10,70, ~irj 223-226 (from OYh-,adiptCI,:hfIj_JI,.a, ;-G. 3, irch 71, Abstract Io. ~hl~4) Translation: Expressi ons are derivcd for losz cci.,.-oncnts (in the meta! and tii~L- diclectric) .4n a ribbon delay system. xesults Of, the computations are confirmed Uy measurercents. I'wo illustrations, bibliography of om!. UDC. 621-372.8.092.22 --RD -OV, V. S. S AX Det.ermining th;% zaramet~rs and 3tructural DL-iensians o' a Band Delay System of the Ctenoid Type" V sb. Radio-lektron. ir n-.2-. Ich.-ve SSSR. Ch. 2 in th!-~ 1'.atio-al o f fart 2--coi Ct Kuybyshev, 1970, pp 216 222 r o m, R~~h-Radiotek Llm*, -~c. rch 71, --bstract No. 33-131) TranslatiGn: Expressicns alre derivod for det.,;r-linin~.- tlie 7orinci-mI electronic rmrameters and dimunsions of the eAa-zined delay system. Two illustrations, bibliography Of two. 35 112 022 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE-09OCT70 TITLE-TENS00100E EFFECT OURLNG THE BENDING UF ELONG3ATEU SEMlCa14DUC13R DIUCE PLATES -U- AUTHUk-(04)-GkIL3NlK()Vp Z.S., ZHAUK0, I.P.,,M)MANOVY V.0.7 8.K. jl.~-COUNTRY UF INFQ--USSR .04 S0UkCE--UKRAlNlKIl FIZICIANIL ZHURNAL# VOL. 15s FEB. 1970, P 300-317 ,-,.,DATE PUBLISHED---70 S_U fj J F C TAREAS-ELECTRONICS AND ELECTRICAL a! GIR -:..TOPIC TAGS-- S C-14 ICONDUCTUR 01130E, ELECTRIC CUIRRENTF ELECTRIC PROPERTY, BENDING STRESS CGINTROL MARKING-NO REESTRLCHUNS DOCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED PKOXY REEL/FRAME-1991/0335 SHP CIRC ACUSSIUN NO-AP0110M 212 022 UNCLASSIFIED Pr"'UCESSING DATE-090CT70 CIRC ACCESSIG.Ni NO-AP0110223 .-.AdSTkACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THEORETICAL 4No EXPEqIMENFAL STIJDY OF THE EFFECT OF BENDING Wil THE CURRENT VOLTAGE CHARACrERISTIC OF ELONGATED FLAT SEMICONDUCTOR DIODES. PROCEDURES ARE GIVEN FOR CALCULATING THE CUkRENT VOLTAGE CHARACTERISTICS UF DIDI)ES OF 11-irls CLASS, SUbJECTED TO 6ENDING. THE CURKENT VOLTAGE CHARACTEkISTICS (if GERIIANfulim DIDDES OF THIS CLASS A-E I'ICASURED. THE DEPENDENCE OF rHESE 'N cl CHARACTEiiISTICS ON THE TYPE AND OEGREE OF BENJl..\!G A%D r E L~, GTH F T HE DIDDE BASE 15 STUDIED. THE EXPERIMENTAL RESULTS ARE FOUND TU BE IN GOOD AGREEM'-~:NT WITH THEORETICAL EXPECTATIONS,. IT IS BELIEVED THAT THESE -01LIDES CAN BE EFFECTIVELY USED IN AU'TOMAT[C CONTROL SYSTEM. FACILITY-. AKAOEMIIA NAUK UKRAINS'K01 RSRi INSTITUT NAPIVPROVIDNIKIV, KIEV* UKRAINIAN SSR. UNCLASS 112 033 UNCLASSIFtED PROCESSING DATE--230CT70 TITLE--ON FORCED STANDING WAVES OF A FINITE AMPLITUDE IN SOLIDS -U- AUTHOR- (0 2) -ZAREM80 t L.K.t SERDOBOLSKAVAr O*YU. COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR 'SOURCE--VESTNIK MOSKOVSKOGO UNIV* FlZe ASTRON, USSRr VOL4 llt NO. lt Po ~62-7 19TO D.A.TE PUBL ISHED ------- 70 'SUBJECT. AREAS--PHYS ICS foPIC-TAGS--APPROXIMATION CALCULATION, STANDIN .G WAVE, SOLID STATE, "-`NONLINEAR EFFECTr AMPLITUDE MODULATION, FORCED VIBRATION '&ONTP ZOL HARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY-R_EEL/FRAME--1990/1327 STEP NO--UR/0188/70/011/001/0062/0067 CtRC ACCESSION ND--AP0109411 UNCLASSSIPIED --- - -------- 2/2 033 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--230CT70 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0109411 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT, THE S6COUD ORDER APPROXIMATION IS USED FOR THE CALCULATION OF EXCITATION OF FINITE AMPLITUDE STANDING (WITHOUT DISSIPATION) IN A SOLID LAYER. THE METHOD ALLOWS FOR DETECTION OF AMPLITUDE MUDULATED LONGITUDINAL AND TRANSVERSE WAVES --CAUSED BY THE NONLINEAR PROPERTIES OF THE.MEDIUM. THE DEPENDENCE OF DAMPING ON FREQUENCY IS ANALYSED.. UNC LASS IF tE-0____ USSR SER V. 1. "Mathematical Model of a Self-Teaching Neuron" Upr. i Inform. Protsessy v Zhivoy Pripode [Control and Information Pro- cesses in Living Nature -- Collection of Works), Moscow, Nauka Press, 1971, pp ISS-IS7, (Translated from Referativnyy Zhurnal, Kibernet4-ka, No 1972, Abstract No 3 V586 by N. Fastova). Translation; It is suggested that a model of a neuron be studied as a self- teaching classifier dividing input situations into:two classes. Equations are presented for one version of the model, describing the process of self- teaching. 1/2 025 UNCLASSIF10 PROCE5SING DATE--040FC70 T ITLE--EL IMINAT TON OF THE INPLUENCE OF THE COMPOSITtON AND DISPERSITY OF ''SAMPLES DURING THE SPECTRAL ANALYSIS OF SULFIDE ORES AND MINERALS BY .AUTHOR-(02)-RUSANOVt A.K.r SEAWAIDMAi L-1- C_OUNfRY OF INFO--USSR ,-SOURCE--ZH. PRIKL. SPEKTROSK* 1970t.12(4).I. 596-601 SEDATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS--PHYSICSj EARTH SCIENCES AND OCEANOGRAPHY TAGS--SPECTRUM ANALYSISP SULFIDEi LEAD SULFIDE, ZINC SULFIDE, SODIUM -_,~..CHLORIDE# PLASMA ARC# MINERAL ANALYSIS .CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS -DOCUMENT-CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED .,PROXY REEL/FRAME--3008/0473 STEP ND--UR/0360/70/01'f-'/00,4/0596/0601 CIRC ACCESSION NC--AP0137564 UNCLASSIFIED c-t e 025 UNCLASSIFIED OROCESSING DATt--04DEC70 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0137564 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE CHANGES IN Sl'.IECTRAL LINE INTENSITIES OF SULFIDE MINERALS DURING THE SPECTRAL ANAL. OF SULFIDE ORES AND MINERALS OF VARYING COMM WERE STUOIED-BY Ul.StNG PBS AND ZNS AS MODELS. THE SYSTEMATIC ERRORS OF T14E ELEMENT DET'NS. ARISING IN THSE ANAL, WERE DESCRIBED. THE MAJORITY OF ADMIXTS. CAUSED AN INCREASE OF LINE INTENSITIES. THE SYSTEMATIC ERRORS WERE ESP4 SIGNIFICANT [N THE OETN. OF ELEMENTS WITH LOW IONIZATIONPO TEMALS.~ THE EFFECT OF TH~- TOTAL COMPM. OF AN ORE ON SPECTRAL LINE INTENSITIES OVING TO CHANGE OF PLASMA COMPN.t PLASMA TEMPO's AND DIFFUSIONAL ESCAPE OF ATOMS FROM T14E ARC WAS RELATIVELY EASY TO REMOVE BY ADDN,, OF A BUFFER POWDER CONTG. ELEMENTS WITH LOW IONIZATION POTENTIALS. THE ADON. OF 40PERCENT NACL TO ZNS AND PBS SAMPLES DECREASED THE EFFECT OF TOTAL COMPN. AND THE SYSTEMATIC ERRORS WERE VIRTUALLY ELIMINATED. THE USE OF SYNTHETIC ST!)S. WAS RECOMMENDED. UNCLASSIFIED USSR uDo 612.822-3+622.821.6 WR&"OVAJ G. Kh. and SERDYUChEMKO-VV. M., Laboratory of Conditioned Reflexes Institute of Higher Nervous Activity and Neuraphysiology, Academy of SciencesIUSSR, Moscow "Potentials Evoked by Stimulation of the Red Nucleus in the Case of Direct and Feedback Conditioned Associations" Yloscov, Zhurnal Vysshey Nervnoy Deyatellnosti, Vol 23, No 3, 1~hy/Jun 73), pp 632-635 Abstract: Experiments were conducted with cats to find how a feedback con- ditioned association is expressed electrographically. An electrode was implanted in the cats' red nucleus, and a conditioned food-,getting response was developed in association with a feeder. It was found that potentials registered during a strong conditioned reflex had no extra componentE. How- ever, tests for the feedback association, accomplished by electrical stinw-la- tion of the red nucleus in the absence of the feeder, evoked potentials which registered late, neGative, low-ampritude components. Their la:tent phase fluctuated from 30-60 milliseconds in different cats. The presence of these components indicates the conditioned nature of the feedback association. 56 USSR uDc: 8.74 PUTYATIIT, Ye. P., SERDYMMKO V. Ya. "Problems in the Theory of Edge Contrast in Human Vision" Probl. bioniki. Resp. mezhved. temat. nauch.-tekhn. eb. (Problem's of Bionics. Republic Interdepartmental Thematic Scientific v--ztd Technical Collection), 1971, vyp. 6, pp 32-39 (fron RZh-Kiber*netikA, No 1, Jan 72, Abstract No lVII10) Translation: The paper deals vith an axiomatic method of constructing a mathematical model of the edge contrast in human vision. Authors' abstract. USSR UX 612.014,-425.426 ~ rj n n:L an 2 SERDV -;Una _K and )MIRShOVA, N. K.,, Kiev Institute of e era d Co r 1 "Effect, of a Low-Intensity Ultrahigh-Frequency Electroupguetic Fielrj on Brain Bioelectrical Activity in t',je Razbbit" Kiev, Fiziologichniy ZWurnal, No 6, 1972, pp 802-8CY( Abstract: The response of rabbits exposed to a low-int~~-nsity ultui-ahif.,h- frequency electromagnetic field (0,05 to 6 v/n) for 60 days was two-pnase. The first 2 to 4 weeks were characterived by the stimulat~.ion of cortief-OL activity ap-nifested by an intensiffication of tho frequency of thc alpha wavuL; on the MG. The second tjLuc!,c: 1xviting about 2 weeks war. anc., of irdiibition, reflecting the appearance of delta -wraves. Me rraganitude of the Teaction varied directly urith the intamity of irradiation. There v(m;., wide differences in the responsec of the individizal animals. In t~enural, the experi- mentz. showed that the cerebral cortex of rabbits is higaly senr'.1tive to a low-intensity ultrahigh-frequency electromagnetic field. 83 USSR UDC: 621.762.045 WKSIMENKO, L. A., SHTERN, M. B., RADOMYSELISKIY, I. D., State University ImcnL T. G. Slievchenko, Institute ol 0 lems of Mater~Lal Science, Academy of Sciences, UKRSSR 'The Existence of Stron,, Shock Waves During High-Speed Pressing of Metal Powders" Kiev, Poroshkovaya Metallurviya, No 4, 1972, pp 17-20. 'Abstract: It is proven that strong shock waves, 1*04 1 d-iocont-dLuitlec- Of all parameters of the compacted medium (density, pressure, velocity, entropy) can arise with. high-speed (impact) loading of metal po-Irlders, The authors observed compression jumps upon impact pressing of type 117h2M iTon powdcr wilh initial pressing speeds of over 100 m/sec. This providos experimental confirmation of the existence (if strong shock waves in i,,ietal powders when the pressing speed exceeds the speed of sound in the powder. Acc. Nr- Abstracting Service: S/-2,5 Ref Code: Apbo43734- INTERNAT. AEROSPACE ABST. A70-23122 Shaping of metal powders (Fonnov" rmtallicheskikh pamshkov). 1. D. Radomysel'skii and', G. Se k robtern (Akademiia Nauk Ukrainskol SSR.. Instit. hraterialovedeniii, Kiev, Ukrainian! SSR),.Parmhkovaia" Metallurgria, vol. 10, Jan. 1970,0.10-20.43 rels', In Russian. Outline of - the'fundamentals of a discret, contact I compaction theory of metal powideps. A -reyie~v is made of the uxperimental yesults concerning the regular compaction methods. It is pointed,out that specialized facilities were developed for compacting the motal powders but they were found to be unreliable. A studv Is made of new compaction methods involving vibration$, shock, dettination and hydrodynamical premre.' It is stated that these rnezhqds can he widely utilized in the industry. Z11V REEL/FRAME 19770140 USSR UDC 8.74 SERDYUK, G. I., SMIRNOV, YE. N. "MOSS SystemsProgram in AIST-0" V sb. Teoriyra yazykov i metody postroyeniya sistem, programmir. (Language Theory and Methods of Coastructing Programming Systems--collection of works), Kiev- Alushta, 1972, pp 217-227 (from M-Kibernetika, No 12, Dec 72, Abstract No 12V487) Translation: The structure and operating principles of the KhOSS systems pro- gram in the system forcollective execution of AIST-0 is described. The input language of the MOSS systems program iG compiled on the basis of the JOSS language developed by the Rand Corporation and it is a Russian version of this language. The operation in the MOSS language takes place in the dialog mode. The MOSS instructions can be direct and:indirect. The directly given instruc- tion is executed immediately after it is given by the ~jubscriber; after this execution all the information about it in the DMOSS language is destroyed. The instructions giver, directly are not executed izmediately.. They are arranged by DZh0SS with respect to the values of the numerical tags and they constitute the subscriber program the execution of which the subscriber.can initiate by special instructions in the language, If the subscriber desires to construct a large- volume program he can use the capabilities~of the language which permit languages 1/3 90 USSR SERDYUK, G. I., et al., Teoriya yazykov i metody postroyeniya. sistem programmir., Kiev-Alushta, 1972, pp 217-227 to be written from individual modules accumulated in the personal archives of the subscriber. The subscriber can then organize the calling sequence and the execution of these modules. The number of direct instructions which can be given by the subscriber during a cc-=,unications session with.tbe MOSS is unlimited. The reaction time of the DMOSS to a single direct command is 3-7 seconds (depending on the type of instruction and on the number of subscribers operating at a given point in time with the system). The systems program is written in the EPSILON language and its length is about 12,000 11-220 instructions. The entire systems program is divided functionally into two parts: the master program and the execution program. The master program is run by the dispatcher on appearance of the corresponding requests from the terminals. If the given subscriber is the first subscriber connected to the MOSS, the master program dispatches a request to the dispatcher for resources, that is, for a number of units of the high speed external memory (magnetic drums, discs) for allocation of the execution program, and it copies the program from the standard tape re- serves into the ordered reserves. Then the individual process is created for the given subscriber; the individual process memory is loaded with the initiat- ing program, the subscriber boxes are transmitted to the individual process, and the latter i& started. If the subscriber is not the first one, the execution 213 USSR SERDYU1K, G. I., et al., Teoriya -azykov i metody postroyeniya sistem programmir., Kiev-Alushta, 1972, pp 217-227 program is already in the high speed external memory. In this case, the work is done with respect to creating the individual process, loading it and starting it. The execution program is divided into three parts; the master section, the decomposition program and the interpretation program. The master section reads the subscriber's instructions from the box and pex-forms the initial edit- ing of them (removes the deleted symbols-and the register symbols). The de- composition program recognizes the instruction and forms the corresponding unit in the internal language. The interpreting program organizes the execution of the subscriber's program and interprets the structural clements of the internal language. An example of utilizing the MOSS systems program in AIST'-O . is presented. The CONSUL-254 (Czechoslovakia) electric typewriters were used as the terminals. The subscriber input to the system,. itsrelation to the DZhOSS systems program and an example of the dialog in the DZhOSS language are demon- strated. The bibliography has 8 entries.~ 3/3 - 91, - USSR UDC 8.74 LEONOV, P. K., SERDYUK, G. I. "Internal Structure of Operating Programs of the BASIC-6 System" V sb. Teoriya yazykov i metody postroygp~iya~_sistem__proprammi.r. (Language Theory and Methods of Constructing Programming Systems--coller-tion of works), Kiev- Alushta, 1972, pp 244-256 (from RZh-Kibernetika, Rio 12, Dec 72, Abstract No 12V467) Translation: The internal structure of the operating programs in the BASIC-6 system is described. The compilation of the program from thii BASIC-6 language will be carried out by a step-by-step transmitter, that is, the operating pro- gram is created during the construction process. On destroying any operator, a "gap" is formed in it requiring extension of the section of the operating program located below the 11gap" in memory. In ordar to simplify the work with respect to me-mory allocation for all elements pertaining to the program, a quantized structure is proposed in che BASIC-6 system which is a special form of list organization of information. A study was made of two quantization procedures: constant quanta and variable-length quanta. It is noted that it is possible to e7ecute such languages as IOSS and APL on the basis of the structure of the BASIC-6 system. 74 U i \1 U L 1-~ Z)%-.~ I r' I C L) SECTICIN, IV (U) Durlnv this quarterly rLporti;ig period, two new articles were ls~ ocated frvm the Protein Research Institute at Pushchtno. On the basis oz ene of the articles, which dealt with escherichia call riba&owes, it was possil,,ls to associate one new person, 14. 1. Smimov. with the Institute (32). ThA *the=. article, also on esch2richia cali. van issued jointly from the Institute cf -(',enctica &-.%d S~lection of Hicrourganims. Moscow, and the Prrtcin Renvurcil Inotitete at Pushchino (33). P-.ulle= uaiclas by Y. 1. ?Qn4ugorov have bva~ ---ir6ued from the former Institute. N'o previous facility .2saociation could be located for V. 0. Va~-Wyev, but it 13; lLkcl7 that he reprasente the latter lo-ititute. This article probably repr"autd zove joint work between the z-,ZL institutes. (U) As a ready source- of reference, given. below is a complete listing ycraonalities Identified with the Protein Research Institute to the pzes*nt t ize I Peletaina, X. V. BnraLteyn, T. H. Pt ts n,_P--A- Chlrp,idze, Yu._~- Xashevskaya, Yo. 11. Fodarov, B. A. Serdyuk, 1. N. Finkell shte-/n, A. V. Smirnov, N. L. Glinskaya, 0. V. Spirin, A. S. Lavrilova, L, P. Tikcopulo, Ye. I -Vas D. Hitin, Yu. V. 1 All"I AQCICICT'~ USSR UDC 581.524.1+576.8 SERDW4". S. I and YURCHAYo L. D. I Institute of Organic Chemistry, Acaderay o 61 Sciences UkraWan SSRI and Centml Republic Botanical Garden, Ukxainian SSR "Allelopathic Effect of Xelanins of Stachybotrys alte-A.W- n 3 Moscow, Px-!k~ya BiokhLrdya i Mkrobiologiya, Vol ?j No 2, Mar/Apr- 71, PP 174-177 Abstracti Two nelanin fractions (SA'-1 and SA-2) were isolated from the biomss of the ftm,-us Stachybotrys alternans grown or. barley straw, SA-1 was extracted with 2 It' or 0.5 11 YOH fron the fungi defatted by treatment with methylene chloride and then ground. It was precipitated frorl.allkaline solu- tions by aedification to pif 4-5 uith HC1. SA-2 was isolated from the funCbs biomass, hydrolyzed by boiling for 12 hr,-, with 6 N HC1. The composition of SA-1 was C 75-23, N 10-65, 1,' 2.10, 0 11,82;% P;'eO groups were absent. A solution of Sa-1 in 0.1 N KOHT had a lineax absorption stectrun, at 400-600 rm (t9 d, - 0,0035). The EPR s7pectrum of SA-1 indicated the presence of a stable ftee radical (h-alf-width of line 8 oe). SAo-2 had a similar linear spectrum at 400-600 nm (tg 0.0029) arA. also foz--ed a ftee x-,Aiml in a 1/2 28 - USSR SERDYUKI L. S., and YURCHAK, L. D. v Pri1cladnaya Biokl-dmiya i hikrobiologiya, Vol 7s No 21 Mar/Apr 71, PP 174-.177 dilute KOH solution (half-width of the line 5 oe). SA-1 and SA-2 applied in concentrations of 0.1-2% to seedlAngs of wheat, rye, and cress plants inhibited the growth of roots to an extent which increased with increasing concentration of melanin fractions, The growth of roots was suppressed 10014 for rye and cress at a 2% concentration of either melaiiin fraction. The effect on wheat was somewhat less pronouncect. SA-2- was more effective in inlldbiting the growth of roots than SA-1. Cress war. more sensitive to the effect of melanin fractions than either ifheat or rje, showing SA-2. In tests conducted on seedlings, solutions of SA-1 and SA--2 in 0-05 14 KOH were applied.