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December 31, 1967
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'A~ S I PE 1) PR 0 CS S I NG 1 016 UNCL DATE--13NOV70 FGkIMATIOPI IN AJETALS CF AkSENIC CiOLCOGEN !DES AND RPr:,L EARTH ELEMENTS -U- 0~ .AUTHOR-(02)-BORISOVAt Z.U.v SHKOLNIKOVo YE.V. :,COUNTRY OF I.NF0--USSR _,:,SOURCE--fZV. AK40. NAUK SSSRv NEORG. MATER. 1970, 6(2), 383-4 DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 ,SUBJECT AREAS--i',AATERIALS K'E EARTH IMEITAL, TOPIC TAGS--dA C4ALCOGENIDE GLASS, S LENIDE? ARSENIC CUMPOUND, '41CROHARDNESS CONTROL MARK ING-NO' RESTPICTIGNS ED DOCUMENT CLASS-U.-Na-ASSIFf-I PROXY REEL/FRAME--L997/1513 STEP IIJ--fJR/0363/'rC,/0061,002/03i3-z/.,J384 CIRC ACCESSIOIN 2/2 016 U.NCL ASS[ F I ED PROCESSING DATE-- 13,".IOV70 CIRC ACCE-sSIO,% NO--AP0120294 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT-10) GP-o- AUSTRACT, THE POSSIbILITY OF GLASS Ft3kMATION IN 14ELTS OF SULFIDES OR SELEMIDES OF AS WITH SULFIDE'S OR ScLLNIO~-S " )F PR (NWWAS STUDIED. ALL THE SAMPLES WEREE PREPD. By MELTING AS SU32 SE SUB3 CR AS SU32 S SUB3 WITH FHE RESPI. RARE EARTH.CHALCOGENIDES IN EVACUATED wUARTZ AIMPULS AT (~)00-10000EGAEES. TME EXPI-L. 0, ANID MICROH4RDNESS (AT 50-G LOADS) F0k THE MATERIALS PREPD. ARE T.4BULtjED. INCREASING THE RARE EARTH METAL CONTENT IN THE NFLTS WITH OcCREASING COOLING l-,4TE RESULTED IN PAATIAL CRYSTN. OF THE MELTS; TKIS~WAS ALSO SHOWIN BY INCREASED Do AND- ELEC. COND*t AIND A DROP IN MICRO HARDNESS. CRYSTN. AND PHASE SEPN.t WEkF OBSERVED IN ]HE SULF10F -.!ELTS; ON GOINIG FROM THE SULFIDE TO THE T6LLURIDE MFLTS THE GLASS FORMATION REG10,4 DECREASES SHARPLY+ ALTHOUGH ONLY THE GLASS FGAMATION OF CHALCOGF_,~-As MELTS CONrG. ONLY PR OR 140 ViAS STUDIED, SIMILARITY IN Cl4t'li. ~RUI)FkTIES 'L C OF LAtjTHANI0F (,-,Pf)tjp f. -,,~jj-NrS Sjj,,r,~, ti ;1,S THAT 01ALOGI;,,~US PliEe~OMENA tILL BE 05SERVEL) FGk M~15'r i3l: 7HE GTHE-k RARE r-AATH ELEME'NTS, THIS ASSUMPTI(IN REMAINS TO fiE EXPTL. VERIFIED. FACILITY: LEININ(IiRAO, GOS. UNIV. 1M. ZHJA.40VA, LENINGRADI USSR. TJSSR ijDc: 621.165.539.4 SHESMENEV, M. F., Candldate of Technical Sciences, all,, S1M'V J. IIEJN~04.64 and S.WARUM, N. N., Engineers, tll-Union Institute of Heat Engineering and Central Scientific Research Institute for Heavy 1-hchine Building "Use of T_y-pe-15Kh121121i2~T- IP~v Chrome Steel for Turbine Blades" Moscow,, Teploenergetika, 110 5i 1972, PP 74-76 Abstract: It has been found that the main reason for ruT)ture of turbine blades is V-ibration fatigue res,,Oltin- rom the operation off the blades in resonant modes. rillis work presents t2he results of the study of the rnetal of two 0-5-t pilot-scale melt5 of E17-56K steel, containing (3-13-0-16%, C, 12-3-12.&~ Cr, o.66-o-73% 110, 1.8-2.04% 'elp 0-311% V, 1-7%, CO, 0-35-0-42~, Si, 0.89-0-76t mn, 0.06-0.015% S, and 0.017-0.024% P. Heat-treated rods 30 min in diameter were tested. Me properties of the material were fo~inrl to be qmite promising for the manufactizro of turbine blades. 'The steel har, jf,ood heat rvsistance. and fatigue cbaracteristic at 6000C. Me lon-term strenj:th o-ier 10)W0 hours is 17-18 kglWr~-, 100,000 hours--14 ki,,/mn~. The miniraim relative olon[_~atian in long-tem. rupture ()~,. 7he cr-DLp linit at thLr, ti*~-r!-i)eratura for a deforr;a- tion ratc of 1~1` in 1(15 hr is aljoilt 1.5 Th,,~~ fVJWrue Umit at 6000C wil;h a oymme-trical. Is 24 kirIMP~'for smooth ijp(.~cimens, 15 kg1.TiW- for notched sp-_cin~ens cycles). r-Phe attenuation decre~,.,,ent at 6000C is approximately twice that at 200C. 1/2 017 UNCLASSI FIED PROCESSING DATE--ISSE970 TITLE--CRYSTAL CHEMICAL DATA ON CHELATE COMPOUNDS OF N SUBSTITUTED DERIVATIVES OF SALICYLALDIMINE, VII. CUS OCTAHEDRAL STRUCTURE OF AUTH0R-(03)-SHK0LNlK0VAL,~M.1 OBODOVSKAYA? A,VE*v SHUGAM, YE.A- ,-,COUNTRY OF INF-0--USSR _~.SOURCE-ZH. STRUKT. KHIM. 1970v 11(1)t 54-61 '.~'OATE PUBLISHED ------- TO .,.,SUBJECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY 1-11 JOPIC TAGS--ZINC COMPLEX, CRYSTAL LATTICE, RAY STUDY, LEASF SQUARE METHL)Dw METHOXY COMPOUND ~_-CCNTROL MARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FPA'4F--1987/04O9 STFP CIRC ACCESSI(IN NO--AP0104041 U N'C 1. AS S I F It: E) 2/2 01.7 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--ISSEP70 CIRC ACCESSION NO-AP0101,041 ABSTRACT/EXTRACTI--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. ZINC SALICYLAL,OIANISIDINATE taTS(O,(N,(O,tiETliOXYPHFt4YL)FOR,%IIMIOOYL) PHENOLATO) ZINC) WAS INVEST[GATED BY X RAY ANAL* THE PARAMETERS OF THE MONOCLINIC LATTICE ARE: A EQUALS 12.?27 PLUS OR MINUS 0.004, 8 EQUALS 12.552 PLUS OR 1411,NUS 0.004, C tOUALS 14.806 PLUS OR MINUS 0.005 ANIGSTROMS, BETA EQUALS 94.1 PLUS OR MINUS 0.2DEGREESt ZETA EQUALS 41 AND THE SPACE GROUP IS P2 SUBI-C. THE STRUCTURE IS DETD. BY THE HEAVY ATOM METHOD OF ,". 3 DIMENSIONAL DISTR.TBUTION OFELE.CTRON D. (6 CYCLES OF SUCCESSIVE APPROXNS.) AND IS MADE MORE PRECISE BY THE METHOD OF. LEAST SQUARES IN ISOTROPIC APPROXN., R EQUALS 13.6PERCENT. ANOMALOUS PHYS. AND CHEM. PROPERTIES OF THE COMPLEX ARE CONNECTED WITH A SHARING IN THE COMPLEX FORMATION OF MEO ATOMS OF- 0 ANa W-TTH AN INCREAS-E OF, DEN,TATICITY OF, THE LIGAND BECAUSE OF THIS. AS A RESULT OF THE FORMATION OF AN ADONL. INNER COMPLEX BOND OF ZN AND 0 (METHLIXYL) THF TFTRAHEDRAI, COORDINATION OF TfJE ZN ATOM CHANGES TO CIS OCTAHEURAL WITH PRESERVATION OF THE SYMMETAY OF 'THE POLYHEDRON C SUB2. EACH HALF U THE MOL. REPRESENTS A SYSTEM 13F 4 CONDENSED RINGS: 2 METAL RINGS AND 2 AROMATIC RINGS. THE INTERAT. DISTANCES IN THE .cobROINATED OCTAHEDRON ARE ZN AND 0 EQUALS 1.965 AND 1.960, ZN AND 0 U P) -6 E~IUALS 2,046 AND 2.049t ZN AND .0 (FROM MEO GRO, EQUALS 2.405 AND12.411 ANGSTROMS. THE BOND LENGTHS BETWEEN THE LIGHT ATOMS H4VE.THE NORMAL VALUES AND CONFORM WELL TO ANALOGOUS DATA TOR RELATED COMPOS. UNCLASSIFIFf) USSR IJDC 651.142.323 SERGUSIM31 Yu. 1)., "N, Active Ifenbers of the Scientific ,,,nd Technical Society of R,-.-,Iio En-ineuring, Electronics and Comr."unicatiolv; imeni A. S. Popov Ba Si "Utilization of a Quantizing Cathode Ray Tuhe for Conversion of Wide rid nals to Digital Code" Hoscow, Radioteklmika-, Vol 27, lZo 1$ 1972, pp 92-95 Astract: A study was raide of the errors of at-i analng-w-digital wide-band signal converter c.-ecuted fron a quantizing cathode ray tube. A cathode ray tube hanving the followinA, basic technical. characteriscics was ccnsidered: nunber of quantiZation levels -- 15; collector current -- I milliar,-,p; sensitiv- ity with respect to deviation 6 volts per quantizatioa level; output capac' tance of the collectors 3 picofarpds. '17he functional schmmitic of the analof,,- to-digital converLar based on the quanti~:ing cathode ray tom-! and the static amplitude characteriaLic of 3 channels of the quantizing cathode ray ttibe representing thic. dependence of the load voltallo conne;:,.ted Lo each of the coi- lectors on the mngnitudc of the deflecting volta-e arti- prevented. For mu Ins are derived for calculating the dispersion of the signal di;Ztortion, ard the results are plotted as a function of the paramcters of the converter. The 1/2 USSR SERGUSIIOV, YU. D., et al., Radictekhnika, Vol 27, No 1, 1972, pp 92-95 quantizinS cathode ray tube with the indicated parameters can be used for con- version of wide band signals (with a band of about 2-3 tiegahertz) without further complication of the system to eliminate coding avbi.guity. USSR uDc 616-ool.34-06:616:711-036. W SOKOLDC, L. I., and AWNDIN, A. N., Medical Institute Voroshilovgrad "Dynamics Changes in the Skeleton during Vibration Sickness and Their Associa- tion with the Nature of the Patient's Working Envirornent" Moscow, Gigiyena Truda i Professional'nyye Zabolevani-ya, 110 7, Jul 70, pp 28-30 Abstract: X-ray studies of the bones and joints of 222 patients afflicted with vibration sickness are discussed. Pathological changes in the skeleton were noted in all of the patients, and an advanceCL stage was recorded in 23%. '11.,e patients were divided into groups according to their viDrking environment. those staying on at their regular jobs (where they had been using vibmtion equipment and continued to do so); those who 'were temporarily transferred; and those who had been per=iently removed from jobs ivrolving exposure to vibration. The degree of the degenerative-dystrophic processes for the three groups was compared. It is recommended that x-ray daU be 1xicluded as a basis for determIning preventive measures to be taken in colulectio ii with vibration sickness. 63 USSR UDC 591-553-51001.1 Department of Biology, Rhar'kov State University #%principal Features of Adaptations of Biological Systems" Moscow, Zhurnal Obshchey Biologii, Vol 32, Kar/Apr ?1, pp 131-142 Abstracti Rodern definitions of adaptations and the r,--thods of their classi- fications are analyzed. Taking a systemic approach to the problem, the author defines adapatation as the =m of all reactions taking place in a livin,,z system and preserving its functional stability in a changin.- environmient. Three kinds of adaptations are distinguished in accordince with the three main types of biological systems-, 1) adaptations of cenogenetic systems (biocenoses); 2) adaptations of phylogenetic systems (po-Dulations, Species); and 3) adiaptations of onlox_enetia systems (organisms; 1jiduding subarganic and subcellular adaptations). Processes leading to functional optLnizatJ3n and stability in both living and nonliving systerm- are analyzed, and their significance as the basis of adapt%tions developing in ~~Iological systems on different orpnizational levels Is pointed out. The suGC~rstion is made to expand J. Barcroft's formula "Any adaptation is Integration" to "Any adptation is integration and optimization of functions." 1/1 033 UNCLASSIOIE0 1PRGCCSSt%G DATE-14SEP70 TITLE-GA'WING OF CRITICAL VIbRATIONS. AND DEELECTRIC LOSSES IN DISPLACEMENT TYPE FERROELECTRICS -U- AUTH0..R-(03)-BALAGURCVt B.YA.t VAKSi. V.Gy., SHKOVSKIY# Btl. ~,..CCUNTRY OF INFO--U!;SR -SOURCE--FIZ. TV::'U. TELA 13.70, 12(3)v 89-99 L :~-DATE PW4L ISH.FD ------- 70 ~BJFCT ".T Q P! CT AS - - D I F L E 'c T P I CLOSS, ACOUSTIC OAMPINIG, PHOTON lf.'TEQACTl-)Nj r-RYr3TaL, FF-~XcLFCTRIC CRYSTAL -tONTR-L RFSTRICTIONS CLASS-UNCL45SIFIED '-pRc'XY PF~LIFRA4~---19901%0097 STEP NO--UR/0181/70/012/001/0039/ooci9 C.I.PC ACUSSI(lkl NC-AP00483d9 UNCLASSIFIED PR~lr-r-3S [N 0AT=--j~-SEP70 UNCL ASST FIED ICIRC ACCESSION INO-AP0048389 ABSTRACT/P-XTRACT--tU) GP-0- ABSTRACT. FOR DISPLACEMENT TYPE FERROELECS., A--lHAR-'k-'.0NIC DAMPING 'WAS CG~ISIDERED OF CRIT. VIBRATIONS WITH YIELDS K EQUALS 0 AND.-DIELEC. LOSSES AT TEMPS. ABOVE THE TkANSATION P~TNT. THE MAIN CONTRIBUTION TO LOW FREQUENCY DAMPING IS 144,DE BY INTE.~AC71ONS -)F CRIT*' PHONONS WITH-EACH OTHER AND WITH ACOUSTICAL PHO-NONS. EXPLICIT EXPRESSIONS ARE GIVEN FOR THE MOST IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTIONS TG DAMPINIG IN TE"IS OF THE CGEFFS. OF DIELEC. 44074LINEARITY9 ELECTROSTRICTION't AND THE P4RAMETERS CF THE LOW FREQUENCY SPECTRA. IN THE TDEA'L CRYSTALS ONLY CONSIDERED, THE CRIT. VIBRATIONS ARE WEAKLY DAMPED, AND LOSSES ARE SMALL* CONIPARISON 1JITH EXPT. rIVLS AGRErMENT WITH ,;qrrri SUH3 A".-~-) -D~'Es NOT CTIT4ADICT THE DATA ON KTAO SU83. IN BATIO SOB3, THE CALCO. DA-mDING IS LESS THAN THE OBSD* USSR UDO 622-235.004,15033.4 SAFOINOV, L. V., qjSjU9W7BAr.Q4-Pw-8ek*ntific Research Institute of Pro- blems of the Kursk Bagnetic Anomaly, Acaderay of Science VOSR, Ninistry of Nonferrous Netallurgy USSR "Probability Yethod of Estinating ithe Seisiaic afect of Industrial Explosions" Veroyatnostny-y met0d otsenki seysmicheskogo effekta pi-orryshlerzykh vz-rpov, Moscow "Nauka", 1970, 64 pp, illus, 22 item biblio, 11000 copies printed Abstracti Discuzses methods of computing s-eisnic effects of explosions on buildings, underground =Lnirg facilities and the sloper. of, the sides of mdning shafts on the basis of the statistical mture of thin extenial effects and the stability of -the structures. Eatiorml econozic -reliability require- ments are established for drilliru- and bLasting opera-Lions, and practial ezamples of calculations are given. The monogr.-.,T)h is desi'g-ned for use by technical personnel In both theoretical =-d practical vozk and students In the mining, and construction VUZ. Charter 1. Em-Dirical and Theoretical Distt-lbutions of the "Specific Intensity of the Vibiations," 5 - 33 Chapter 11. Computing the Seismic Effects on Faigineering Structures 33 - 56 1/2 ..... ------ USSR SAFONOV, L. V., and SWEBA, 0. P., Moscow "llauka", 1970, 64 pp illus, 22 items bib2lo, 1,000 copies, printed Chapter III. The Engineering-Econorde Basis of the Optimum lievel of Reliability 57 62 28 - USSR UDC 615.28:547.722/.724).012.1 ZELIMAN, Z. I., Kn'NEVICH, V. G., SHKREBETS, A,,-- ., PERSHIN, G. N., HII L., Krasnodar Polytechnical Institute, USSR Institute of Chemical-Pharmaceutical Scientific Research imeni S. Ordzhonikidze, Moscow "Syntlhesils and Germistatic Activity of Several 5-Substituted 2-(a-l'uryl)- 1,3-dioxanes" Moscow, Khimiko -Farmitsevticheskii Zhurnal, Vol 7, No 11, Nov 73, pp 25-27 Abstract: 2-(a-furyl)-5-ethyl-5-nitro-1,3-dioxane, 2-(a'-methylfurvl-a)- 5-ethyl-5-nitro-1,3-dioxane, 2-(a'-bromofuryl-a)-5-ethyl-5-aitro-1,3- dioxane and 2-(a'-indofurvl-a)-5-ethyl-5-nitro-1,3-dioxane vere synthesized and identified using-IR and UV spectraphotometry and elemental analysis. The biological activity bf these compounds and six others -- 2-W-nitro- furyl-a)-5,5-dimethyl-1,3-dioxane, 2L(a'-nitrofuryl-a)-5-ethyl-5-methylol- 1-3-dioxane, 2-(a'-nitrofuryl-cE)-5-methyl-5-methylol-1,3-dio.-Cane, 2-.(a- nitrofuryl-a)-5,5-bis-(chloromethyl-)-1,3-dioxane, 2-(furyl-ci)-5-methyl-5- methylol-1,3-dioxane, and 2-(a'-bromoj'uryl-a)-5-ethyl-5-methylol-1,3- diox.ane -- was tested against various microorganisms. Lt was noted that the addition of bromine, iodine, and especially the nitro-group the furyl ring enhanced, while addition of the methyl group lessened physiological activity of the compounds. 58 -W, fill fiiiil ......... USSR UDC 621.357,12t661.418(088.8) EBERIVO V& Isg YPALINA, Is* Mtj .0 T591TUN, R. I., YURKOVI L. Ls GURVANOVs L. B., XORYAGINs V. Lt PANOMiKOt X. B.t e4d BROTALIN, A. M. "Process of the Decomposition of Active Chlorine In Solution" USSR Authors' Certificate No 335211, filed 20 Tun 60, pultiUshed 15 May 72 .(from Referativnn Zhurnal -- Xhimiyat No 81 (11) t 1973, Abstract No 8LZ54P) Translations A process is patented for the dissociation of active chlorine in solutions by means of heating, which is distinguished in that, in order to increase the velocity of dissociation# a process occurs In order to maintain a stable fif value for the solution eqial to 5-5 to 6.5. it is propoeed to carry out the process by bubbling gases which have been pre-heated and humidi- fied to 60-100;:;7' (relative to the temperature of the solution). Tho value of the pH of the solution during the proceen starys in ther region 5.5 to 6.5 by the addition of alkaline or alkali salts t4 the solution, The temperature of the solution is confined to the region 60-1000C. The pxocess Is carried out either as a batch or as a continuous system# for examplop for the flow of the Pre-heated solution across a stepp-wise capacity pattern. The solution Is made alkaline at the beginning of the proceasl that ial the most rapid reduction in the PH of the solution occurs during the first stage of the pro- 1/2 4 - USSR EBERIL" # V. I. j et al, j IZSR Authors' Cartif icats No 335211, filed 20 Jun 60, published 15 May 72 cess when velocity of dissociation of the active chlox-Ine is higbast. From 50-100% of the alkali reagents supp)Aed in the solution are introduced duxing the first 60 zinutes of the process, 2/2 1/2 019 UNCLASSI FIED PROCESSING DATE-18SEP70 TITLE--FOCAL INJURIES OF THE MYOCARDIUM IN OPERATED PATIENTS -U- AUTHOR-(02)-SHKROBp O.S., DREYZINA, A.M. :COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR SOURCE--KHIRURGIYA, 1970p NR 3j, PP 41-48 DATE PUBL ISHED ------- 70 --BIOLOGICAL AND -5UBJECT &REAS 114EDICAL SCIENCES JOPIC TAGS--MYOC-ARDIUMt MECROSISt SURGERY -:Cg%..*TROL M4RKING--NG RESTRICTIONS ~..DCCUMENT CL-ASS--UNCLASSIFIED ~t PROXY REEL/FRAME--1983/1175 STEP NO-,-UR/05,31/10/C)00/')01/0041/0048 _CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0054014 UNCLASSIFIED 212 019 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--18SEP70 -'CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0054074 ~!AGSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT# THE AUTHORS REPORT ON THE 'DIAL iNFARCTIONP DEVELOPMENT OF FOCAL INJURIES OF THE MYOCARDIUM (MYOCAR FOCAL NECROSIS, FOCAL DYSTROPHY) IN PAUENTS OPERATED UNDER ANESTHESIA. SUCH COMPLICATIONS WERE OBSERVED IN'29 OUT OF 140d OPERATED PATIENTS, AGED 21,TO 80 YEARS* THE PAPER ANALYZES THE FACTORS CCNDUC[VE TO THE DEVELGP14ENT OF-THE REFERRED TO COMPLICATIONS, AS WELL AS TO THE FEATURES SPECIFIC TO THE DIAGNOSIS, CLINICAL COURSE AND TREATMENT OF POSTOPERATIVE MYOCARDIAL INFARCTION. lf.kirl ASF,. ~'112 030 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESStNG DATE--18SEP70 :T.ITLE--CORRECTION OF THE WATER AND SALT METABOLISM fill PATIENTS 8FTER ON THE STOMACH -U- AUTHOR-(.051-SHKROB O.S., DREYZINA, A.M.p.SOLriMATINA, N.F., KUIMINA, L.N., RSHENKOVfl-r. PA '~C~:GUNTRYIOF INFO--USSR 19701 NR 4* PP 60-65 OAT E PUBLISHED------70 SUBJECT AREAS--BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES 'TOPIC:TAGS--METABOLISMt SURGERY# STOMACHe DIGESTIVE SYSTEM, ELECTROLYTE. BLOOD CIRCULATIONt BLOOD PLASMAI PROTEIN CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRA14E--1983/1236 STEP NO--UR10531/70/000/004/0060/0065 CIRC ACCESSION NU--AP0054131 UNCLASSIFIED 2/2 030 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE-18SEPTO .CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0054131 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE AUTHORS REPORT THE RESULTS OF CORRECTION OF WATER IONIC DISTURBANCES IN PATIENT$,OPERATED ON THE STOMAC;ls A TOTAL OF 120 PATIENTS SUBJECTED TO GASTRECTOMYP RESECTION OF THE STOMACH AND PALLIATIVE OPERATIONS WERE EXAMINED, CORRECTION OF HYDROIONIC DISTURBANCES WAS CARRIED OUT FROM THE FIRST DAY AFTER THE OPERATION AND CONSISTED IN OBLIGATORY USE OF POLYIONIC SOLUTIONS WITH DUE CONSIDERATION OF THE LOOS OF ELECTROLYTES. DYNAMIC INVESTIGATIONS 'OF PLASMA AND URINARY ELECTROLYTES?, VOLUME OF CIRCULATING BLOODv PLASMAt CIRCULATING PROTEINt HEMOGLOBINP HEMATOCRIT, VOLUME OF INTRACELLULAR AND TOTAL WATER AGAINST THE BACKGROUND OF THE SOLUTIONS ADMINISTERED DURING PARENTERAL NUTRITION REVEALED NO ESSENTIAL FLUCTUATIONS. THIS TESTIFIED TO THE- FACT. THAT-THE EMPLOYED METHOD-OF PARENTERAL. NUTR.IT.ION IN PATIENTS AFTER OPERATIONS ON THE GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT COMPENSATES THE WATER AND SALT DEFICIENCY. AS THE RESULT OF THE.ABOVE MENTIONED TREATMENT DURING .,.,THE LAST TWO -,YEARS NO SYMPTOMS OF DEHYDRATION AND DYSELECTROLYTEMIA WERE OBSERVED. us Iq UDC': 621.`q6.67:624.97(lC88.~--) T HICUD, I.I. L. ex-d K!IFSUiTSKIY, I. S "Insulators -for 7':as-t Guys" /Gos. -.'~vt. -!,Iv. (33tate instit-ute, thor's "-rti 21c, i'D'/;')7, 0~ b 17/12), 271605, Aplolicat-Jon 20.C5.69, -lublication 3.',-.',9.7C) (from RLZh- Rlad iot eld-nnEm, 1"o. 3, --iarch 71, Abstract .~o. ~B92P) Transla'i(~n: Th,- ~,)ronosed insulator cofAlains --fla-zir--s cnnu --d L by braces, basic 0 -) C 3-,-,3tin,-) and su-porting ~-jorcelain insulators, and the elem,-~nts which th;~Y are attached to c-~,ble -uy. For -~.he I~urpcse off improvin,- the mechanical r(:-,~lirlbility, the- at- t.-achlnt- ;---lement is, mdu in tlie form c)*Lc* a metallic sleeved placad I '.md supporld.,-~- in,;ulk-ton, Urourrh insidu the b-,ioic it'hich the cabl,~., guy passes 20 USSR UDC: 621-394.67 AYZENBEFG, G. Z. BELOUSOV, S. P.. SHAMM, V. A., and SHOD, 11. A. "Transnittinq Antennas for Short-Igave Broadcastinall ,-I,osco,,,,, ElsktrosTerazl, No 5, lQ?O, pp 4-13 Ab~-:'rsct: 'his article is devoted to recommendations voncerning, the anplication, -0 - , of nc-j types of antermas recently devolopud, tested, correc~i n, nn4 precisioninF ge reflector an.-I distributed,. -chose inclule, s~nphase antennas with An active-rang an.-I log-peric>-lic antennas. The article discusses the requirements of suc.'11 transmitt-ing antennaz; in short-vave broa 'dcastin.~, I the ixtrameters of the new antennas, and recomlendations on the choice of particular types for not,.,iork broad- casting devendi-m7 on the distance covered. This List is -iven in tp-e form of a table, ~-rhich -'--;:3ts such types as the SGD 4/8 FA for an optimal wave of 12 meters in a ranj;e of 10.7 to '40.0 meters, complex alr.ranGemonti con Oils tint; of three SGD 4/6 11CII or 4/6 RAD 'Cor optimal 'wavez of 12, 26, and 110 metors, and the RGD 70/6. Physical anj electrical characteristics, including schenuatic:; showin', -the arran7ements of radiators, of these antennas are given. USSR UDIC 681.325 ~~3 SHKULIN,,_P. S., DAVYDOV, V. P. KASIN, A. P. "A Microproarram Control Device" Moscow, Otkrytiya, Izobreteniya, Promushlennyye Uoraztsy, Tovarnyye Znaki, No 9, 1970, p 130, Patent No 264783, filed 25 "Jar 68 Abstract: This Author's Certificate introduces a -micropro-11rra-I con- trol device which contains a permanent memory, decoder, relay re~ris- ters, and a circuit for controlling the transfer of a nicrocom-mand address. As a distinguinhingf feature of the patent, the device is simplified by connecting the first outputs of the first opera- tion code register throught the first group of rectifiers to the first input of the delay register, the second outputs of the first code operation register are connected through the second group of rectif"iers to the second input of the delay register, the first outputs of the second operation code register are connected through the third group of rectifiers to the third Input of the delay re- gister, the second outputs of the second code operation register are connected through the fourth group of rectifiers to the fourth itiput of the delay register, the second inputs of the first and 1/') USSR SWULIN - S et al Moscow, Otkrytiya, 12obre teniya, P romysti- lennyye Obraztsy, TovarQyye Znaki, No 9, 1970, p 130, Patent 1~jo 264783, filed 25 Mar 68 second groups of rectifiers are connected tKrou-'h -lie first "AND" circuit to the first output of the flip-flop, the second outout of the flip-flop is connected through the second ".011)" circuit to the C, second inputs of the third and fourth groups of rectifiers, the second inputs of the "AILID" circuits are connected to the signal a transfer bus, and the first and second inputs of the flip-flop are connected to the corresponding, outputs of the memory device. 2/2 29 USSR UDC 621.397:(625+629)(088.8) SHKOAYEV, E. K. "Procedure for Imprinting the Image of a Coordinate Grid" USSR Author's Certificate No 254798 Filed 31 Jul 68, Published 9 Mar 70 (from RZh-Radiotekhnika, No 9, Sep 70, Abstract No 9G234P) Translation: A procedure is proposed for creating the impression of a coordinate grid on an i-mage of a segment of the EaTth's surface formed on a television screen, for example, by means of the television transmitters of artificial Earth sateAllites. In order to improve the accuracy and to automate the process of creating this impression, the image of the coor- dinate grid on the television screen with the reco-rded Wage of the segment of the Earth's surface iB shaped by means of a double chantic). by superposing model spheres with luminescent lines,applied to itii surface on the signals of the basic television image. These lines simulate the parallels and meridians of the corresponding segment of the Earth's surface, USSR UDC 62-1. -376. 3325 BYKOV, V. P. , VAF,-dITC-V, NT. G. , NOVOOESIMIIENOV, V. K. , "Effect of Resorator IMatching on the Power of golid-State Lasersif Moscow, Kvartovaya Fiektronika, No 2, 1971, Pr) 53-56 kbstract: Conditions are determined for matching of the various sections of the optical cavity of a solid-state laser in which the active * is a nonhomogeneous dielectric, and an exuerimental, stu0j, is madc cf the effect which such matchirg has or, emission ro-ver. it is shmim that grea-ater power is generated in the matched than in the um.,,rtched modc-,, ot-~,er thir,,.~~s t 11 being equal.. The authors thank V. G. Dmitrilyev work. 77, , -~- tL'~ AM I Hill, UZI 11,41 7: rr-m 1, lt;!W tl .1;1 4i"ll't .,~~At, fit USSR UDC 621-3851-832-CO2.2337 LYUBCHIK, Ya. G. , SININ11 N. V. FITKOVA, T. Ya. , '~;~':?,7JNW V "Improving the Sensitivity of Cathode-Ray Oscillographs by Using Electro- static Quadrupole Lenses" Moscow, Radiotek-hnika J. Flektroni'kg, Vol 16, NTO 10, Oct 71, Pp 1941-19145 Abstract: It is exr, er iment ally and theoretj.c~ally z;hoir t"hat a triplet of quadrupole lenses can be used as a system for focu~-,inG and a,'ter-defiecti, cn of the electron beam irl an oscilloscope CRT. it i.,-. concluded on the basis of the data presented that the proposed method has promise f'or im-provin6 sensitivity. A further increase in the specifc sti'msitivity of cathodle-ray oscilloscopes can be achieved by eliminating the splicrical aberrations of the quadrupole lenses. The tube desigm user! Ill the I'Ath electro- static quadrupole lenses is slightly more complicated than that of Lh,~ analogous tube with axial electrostatic lens, but is jimch simpler thcn a tube with a ma[me-tic focusing system. 1 1 LI i 11, llli~5ji 11 it iril:'~i it: I HIMil I Ili 11,~ Ill i Ulu. mi 1;~t f ii F USSR UDC 63'),Q 5 YE. 1.0 PRONCHENKO, T. S. S1 "C' L. B. I YUPUNG-14s 4. G. . 01-MIC110111" V. 1., &1,6. "Coracca.-ning Liquic! Or,,,an,),.-ercurY Seed Dirinfectr-nic" V sb. Yhin, ,,--~.I~c~,Jty rj~~r~t. (Ch-Iidc_,,l Arcnti3 for Plan'C. P_ro-'C.,.)c4`,or., -- collec-'~-_',On Cif V-1.71, 1, I"OZCOIT, 19110, PP 150-155 (Prom !-LZh-IZh_'LLya, Ro 11, Jun 72, Abstract lZo Tran:0.LtIon i tli,_- ~.-.,,-uitls of hothoul-le and s!,-.a1l-P1ot fioid Sovict Of liquid an Yc'I"I as i~Izh con:7,iao--~~t_,oji to non-Llovlvt .2.,ch z-i-i ctical =-_- L-i ouch fL'ngjCAU5, Z:.U-Lhcri ecaclude that licluid rl_-,~Tlratlons (kzcrve attentic.*! 4 as pro.dsinr- for,:~s for ime, as seed disinfectanti-, in Soviet, ZiSricullturo. 7 uDc 632-95 USSR V, 11. A. V AOREYEVA, Y-- 1. ISWITIKO 13- YM"hrI I I G yLrIlICOVA ,A- G-, PROJIM-OX0 T. G NOVIKOVAt anMT t 4 Cury" -nd Vexyl-nor "PherrylmercurY p ,t protection Its for plar r.-st. (m.mical I sre,_4stva zanhohity ~-rom RZh-KbirAYz'# 1'0 119 Vsb. Dim - . j), vuj is iiiescow 1970s PP 145-150 -C "Or!- collection c.L '$ - jua 72, Abc--.=.-ct NO 1, 10-2221 T=slatlont Sce,~d disi~,fccL-Fnt du2ts Z.-nd pholw,Lc-~ _hoxachlorO -L-"MOY)C- *rol'! 2c"! x uthor ,Oy -f-10- I IY I 'C' as tho~; e a the rMN43 I r, e7.p~,,nded Soviet union !,or Un c d t,.h,:!,j gyanoi~,,;an i-I It-ed i c~L_i b,- U2~:~,d 6=nos =.. /.bout h3lf EtVgCl "Pe used. n,j aru when pheny1rarcuXY di3il'" C Zho 1.1- ?-, nj-hosPOric2is' r2"c" t l,2Cctjo,_,S -Lt hernol aggainst ful;a-l u,,- vi dirarf pro:-Sse a5 a.-Onts for con" r the disinfect-ld gxcain arc itho~-_-_ine onisin,:; nig-ral dyes fO smut. The nOst Pr ct, r,-d 2C. blu,~-black and di,X-e C, me-th-die-ne blues acifl Ifligggpq ............... , ~ II. I . I USSR UDC: 539.183.2 SILANT-YEV, A. N., POLYAKOVA, T. V. , RABOTNOV."i, F. A. , Sif ORATO-'hA, 1. G. "Isotopic Analysis of Samples of Radioactive Fallout. and Aerosols Using Beta Spectrometry it Tr. In-t eksi)erim. meteorol. G1. uDr. pidrometeorol. slu2bby zri So,- min. SSSR (Works. Institute of Experimental Meteorology. 14ain Administration of the kydrometeorological Service Affiliated With the Council of Min isters of the USSR), 1972, vyp. 25, pp 136-140 (from RZh-Metro2cgiyP- i Izmeritel'nay TekhnikE,, No 6, Jun 72, Abstract No 6.32.12751- Translation: The paper deals with a nethod of determininF. the conto-It Of isotopes radium-106, praseodynium-I04, yttriur,-100 and strontium-89 by beta spectrometric analysis. A scintillation beta-spectrometer with plastic scintillator 70 mm. in diameter and 20 r= thick was used ac the spectrr-::::~eter. Onl,y beta emission with enerjrj above 630 keV is considered in procesn:ing the spectra. Spectra measured in the range from 630 ieV to 3.5 MeV are broken down into intervals, and the system. of equations 9, 01-14 S111+a j Sill, 1/2 USSR SIIAIP-'YEV, A. N., -Ir. In-t eksperim. neteorol, G1. upr. 6idromoteorol. sluzhby pri Sov. min. SSSR, 1972, vy-p. 25, pp 136-1110 is solved, where Ni is the number of pulses registered in interval J.; 9 is the nuyifDer of pulses registered in the interval abo-~7e 0630 kell; ai is a fac- tor for converting from the number of pulses in an interval to the number of pulses registered in the interval above 630 keV; and conversion frcm. the number of pulses registered to the radioactivity of the isotopes can be cov.- puted by the formula where N is the count rate in the interval above 630 keV; AO is the activity of the preparation; c is the effectiveness of registration in the iiiterv,,:11 considered; w is the solid angle which accounts for angular distrib-ution; d is the thickness of the layer, and v is the coefficient of attenuation of beta emisaion. Four illustrations, bibliography of two titles. Hestini6. 212 USSR UDC: 543-51 gm"Q1111 Op-jom F. Candidate of echnical Sciences; SA1,11OBROD, V. V. , JUTDRUSENLO, A. A., and DOLYA, V. IT., Engineers "A Manufactured Monopolar Type MM-Ml Spectrometer" Moscow, Pribor~y i sistemy upravleni.Va, No 6, 1972, pp 42-43 Abstract: The Sumy Plant for Electronic Microscopes has desitnad a monopolar mass spectrometer, type 1,1121-7301, for wass produc- tion. N. N. Bagrov, A. A. Guslyakov, and A. G,. Purnianskiy were the nen primar-Ily responsible for the design of the industrial version of this instrument, which was constnicted for dealine with problems involving the analysis of residual Gases in vacuum systems, eas separation and the determination of leakages in high vacuum, the efficiency of evacuation,in systems, the cont:,:ol of residual gases in technical procedures such as vacuira sput-berinE of thin films, vacuum alloying, and the like, A block diaCram and a photograph of th,.~ instrument are presented together vrith a lict of its tecluiical characteristico and a sample ir,.ass spectro- graph of residual gases. The instrument itself is discus-sed and its theory expiained. The device has both aut-amatic and jaa..riual scanning, and ito rusiolving power and maso ra-w-e c.-.n be varied within cer-lk-.ain I-1-its. TJSSR TJTDC 6221.52:621-334-8 ZENIMN, V. 1., -zzAVlN, 0. 1., Si----URWD. VF. .Y-,- "Autc=tic Cal of J-~asG Spectromater Gas Pribory i avtomat-ilk-i. Resn. rezhved. naucL-'.r--)-te*-,.!ir--. Sb. Systems of Rc-~--Xblic InTerderartncn:,~,al ColL-vct-io:1), V,-,p. 9" pn L~5- 1--0 Cfrom R-Wi-E-lelaumpil-a- i yeve NO 5, May 70, Albstract Translat-3n: A :;yster, ~~-as -:1evelonc-A for auto7atic calibr~t~ou o. ass, er -.1 .. in percerat-, ',,)y g-as acr~--lyzer3 -I~hich a5s-Lu-es delivery of t-he re-Sults of Vol-ame C.-I tic ccuteu-s of ~hc components be-In- checkcd. 0.1 ba,-,-*Ls Of tLis --s- tem t'lle 'K ana y-zc,-.S -22 \echechtm~) and P7,1212 (regulatin-) =iss mpectrometer Cas 1- ucted, which successf ly passed industrial ttst---azid were accepted were ccnzt for series prcy-Juction. G. B. w. ~112 013 UNGLAS S I F 10) PROCESSING DATE-11DEC70 TITLC-~,ELLjI%G CONNECTING PARTS TO THIN,WALLEG TUBES wllfi SPIRAL SEA:4S -U- --,4UTl-'-k-(04)-ZIN0VYEVv A.G., SHKUKENKO, A.A.* PRI14AK.t A.A.9 PcPKQv N.A. ACM.TRY GF 1140--USSR SVARCCHN0YE PR0lLVaCFS-fVC, NO. 5, 1970, PP 41-42 -JATE PLDLISHEC ------ 70 1-;LaJECT APEA"S-MECIA., IND.t CIVIL AND MAPINE ENGR jL-PIL TiGS--V,ELUING MACHINE, PIPE "WELD ING/ (Ul IMSHP20() WELDING MACHINE MARKING-NO RESTPICTIriNS DOCUMENT CLtSS--JNCLAS5IFIED .Pi~OXY i~KhE Ni ---- FD70/605041/D09 STEP CIRC ACCESSICN NO--tP0142742 IM,i 212 013 UNCLASSIFIED PACCESSUIV, CIRC ACCESSICN NG-APOIA2742 A35TRAC1/EXTRAC,T--(U) GP-0- AOSTRACIT 5 LNCF IT I i -,-~ L E TC; C UT THREAL- INTO THESE i-liNt WALLED TUBESt THERE IS ',IEEJ Fdv',- D'JT -;,,-,:E -'DS WITH THICKER -WALLED TUBES OR SPECIAL CONNECTIN6 JU5E Ell v , "J ALTFUUGH THE WELDING OF THESE CONNECTING ELEMENTS HAS E-C-EN DOAL liN MACHINES CF THE MSHP-26-0 TYPEr THE WORK IS COMPLICATED 13Y i XCE~> I&V- ~-AR 'L: -41NG AND AND TEAR OF THE ELECTRODES AS v4ELL AS THE NECESSITY FO~ C I DRESSING THE WELDED SURFACES. THIi ARTICLE DESCKLIdES i~ -NEW MACH;iNE FOR DGING TtiIS WELDING9 A PHCT GGRAPH OF ThE MACHINE t3ii-EINIG SUPPLIED. A SHORT LIST LF 115 TELHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS IS ALSO PROVIDED, IH[- OPEPATION Cr: THE MACHINE 15 EXPLAINED, Aq0 THE RESULTS OF EXPERIMENJS PLRFUR~JL;i) WIT!-', IT iN THE LABURATORY ARE GIVEN. IT IS ASSERTED THAT TUBES SO WELDED CAN ~BE SUCCESSFULLY USED IN ijUICKLY COLLAPS113LE IRRIGATION SYSIEMS OPERATIL UNDER PRESSURES 6-12 TIMES AT,40SPHERIC. FACILITY: VNITE. U! - C L AS I F I E D ~r mul " i I ~Fo; .'-V1 VIF! 4A14A Flw~, Jit"1011111 ]~J;,Tj4j: I Wilir, I Vh1l, I'l 1WSR BALOSHIN, 0. N., BIAGORODOV, A. It., BOLONMN, B. V., V. GORIN, YU. P., GRIG0111-YEV, V. K.j GRISHID1, A. P., YEROFEYEV, 1. A., KOROMKOV, 1. YA., LUZIY, V. N., IMIIISR, V. V., 141KOLAYEVSKIY, YE. S., YEETRUMN, V. N., P11GIN, YU. S., PONOMARE-Ve L. A., SIROTIall, S. M., SOKOLOVSKIY, V. V., TAEkSOV, YE. K., TIKHC,'aROV, G. D.t TROSTINA, K. A., TURCHANOVICHj L. K., and .9ii-1111-RE-111-0-i YU. P., Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Physics MAE (S tate tee for the Use of Atomic Energy) "The )Cp---'V*en Charge Exchange Reaction at a Gev/seell Pulse of 39 Moscowp Yadernaya Fizika, Vol 18P No 39 Sep 73, pp 542-544 Abstracti The authors present the measurement results from studyine -the charge oxchange reaction of K -mesons on protons (K**p -N Yon) at a pulse of 39 Gev/sec. The study was carried out using the ITEF 6-m maCnetic track spectrometer. The working volume of the magnetic field of the spectrometer was 1.0 x 1-5 x 6 m . Tuelve optical zpark chambers were located inside the magnet, with each abamber having ei,&bt spark gaps (10 r= each), The chamber electrodes consisted of two layers of aluminum foil 14 rd-crons thick. The photographs wero takon through n special olit in the vapiet yoke. A mirror system made it possible to obtain three stereoprojectionG of all of the charibOrs ts R BAUGHIP, 0. et al., Yadernaya Fizika, Vol 18, No 3, Sep 73, pp 542--544' with one camera. The reaction was studied oil the negative particle beam of th3 ME accelerator. The K --mooons, were distinguiahcd by a difforential Ceronkov counter. The beam was focused on a liquid hyAro,,,,en target 40 em long y three meters froa the first chamber of the 5pectrcme- which was set -approximately ter. Approximately 5*jo7K -mesons were passed through the equipment azd 1020 photographs taken. Fairs of uniformly charged tracks were measured on the photographs. The measurement results were then processed on the Razdan-3 com- puter. Only 270 intersecting tracks were found, A graph Is given for the differential cross section of the reaction. The results show that the cross section value of 7.4+1.2 microbarn3 obtained by the authors in comparison to data obtained fo3~lower energies elsewhere shows -the logarithmic dependence of the charge exchange cross section on the pulse, equal to -1-5~tO-05- The authors thank K. G. Boreskov, A. H. lapidusg S. T. S~tkhorulcovj and K. A. Ter-Hartirosyan for their presentation of the computational results as the dependence of the differential cross section onpulse tr4nafer(do/dt). This dependence is compared with predictions of the Regge polo model. 82 USSR UDC 547-853.1'221:5L~2.944-3:543.422 SHKURKO BARAM, S. G., MAMAYEV, V. P., Institute of Organic Chemistry 0 Department of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk "Pyriaidines. XXI. Synthesis of 4(6)-substituted 20fluoropyrimidinen" Riga, Khimiya Geterotaiklicheskikh Soyedineniy, No 9, 1972, pp 1281-1284 Abstracti The synthesis of 2-ifluoropyrimidine (I) and its 4(6) -substituted derivatives (II-X) is described, and a study is made of their reactivity and the effect of the nature of the substituents on the vobility of the fluorine atom in nucleophilic subutitution. The 4(6)-substituted deriyatiyes are obtained by the action of cesium fluoride on the coi-responding 2-chloropyrimi- dines in aprotonic bipolar solvents. Spectral and nuclear magnetic resonance data are preenented which confirm the picture of the fluoropyrimidines obtained. The experimental procedures and yields axe given for the reaction of chloro- pyrimidines with cesium fluoride and the separation of 2-fluoropyrimidine, 2,4-difluorop,.mimidine, 2-fluoro-4-methylpyrimidine, 2-flitoro-4,6-dimethyl- pyrimidine and 2-fluoro-4-nethoxipyrimidine and the isolation of 2-fluoro-4- -phenylvfrimidinep2-fluoro-4-methyl-6-phenylpyrWdine,Z-fluoro-4,6-diphenyl- pyrimidine, 2-fluo.-O-4-dimethylaminopyrimidine and 2,4p6-trifluoropyrimi- dine. USSR uDc.. 615-373:576-851-45-077.2-3-074 0 ~,D.) SlrzIRSHNEV) P.A.;F and KHONDANOV, L.YE., irkutsk Scientific -Research antiplague Institute of Siberia and the Far East "Electrophoretic Study of the Protein Composition of Tularemia Diagnostic Sera" Moscow, Zhurnal Mikrobiologii, Epidemiologii i Immunobiologii, No 2, 1970, PP 43-47 Abstract: Immunication of borses with tulareinia anticen increased serum gam globulin (by 1.24%) and total protein (by 0-3-1.1'11). Rowever, the amount of alpha- and beta-globulins and albumin changed little in the ccurse of immunization, and was virtually the same as in normal ser-,u--. No siguifi- cant changes in the composition of the serum proteips occurred after the immunization cycles were increased. The gamma-globulin fraction increazed only during a cycle, and not with increase in the number of cycles. The gradual increase in gamma-globulin in the course of imimnization suggests that this fraction is associated with specific tularemia serum antibodies. 110 quantitative relationship was detected between the agglutination Liter of the tularemia sera and their protein composition. 1/1 Acc. Nr: AP0043866 Ref. Code: UR 0016 PRIMARY SOURCE: Zhurnal Mikrobiologii, Epidemiologii, i Immunobiologii, 1970, Nr 2, pp ELECTROPHORETIC STUDY. OF THE PROTEIN COMPOSITION OF TULAREMIA DIAGNOSTIC SERA 1E. D. ShhurPo P. A. Shiersimev L.LC Whundanou It was der-nonstrated by the method a f elect rop hares is on paper, that specificantibodies of tiflaremia sera as~cciated with the gamma-globu'lin fraction. In itninunization of horses. 4ainm,a-giobuliji fraction increased with tularemia antigens the content of total protein and of r in their serum; the amount of albumin fraction, alpha-and beta-globulins varied bu' in- significanfly. There was no quantitative relationship between the specific agglutination titre and fractional composition of the protein in the blood of immune animals. jEE' L6FRW 4F~7 290 J)X 1, ei If '~~ 111',11 -I,fft I I ~41 I Al t I- A- I--- iIMIA "IF , "'jr",',j,, ,, ! - ii'll, id, IiIA USSR UDC 621.391..2.018.756;62-50.001.57 BESHANOV, A. M., ZOLOTAREV, V. F., KOIIAROVSKIKII, K. F., SHKUROPAT, I. G. "Study of the Properties of aNetristor Livie Based on Plane-Epitaxial Thyristors" Moscow, Radiotekhnika i Elektronika, Vol XVI, No 2, February 1971, pp 399-403 Abstract; This article contains the reoults of a tltu(!y of a neuristor pulse in a line based on plane-epitaxial thyristors: with a stepsize of 0.7 and 0.1 mm. It is demonstrated that with a thyristor stepsize of 0.7 a quite strong relattion is exhibited for a RC-circuit capacitance of 50-60 picofarads; for aneuristor line with a stepsize of 0.1 mm an addi- tional inserted capacitance is no longer needed. When investigating the delay time of theneuristor pulse, a weak relation is noted betwqen the delay time (within the limits of 5%) and the bias; additional devices for stabilizing the scanning speed are ro longer needed here. In addi- tion, by varying the bias it is possible to change:the propagation rate of theneuristor pulse within broad limits of 106 to 2-103 cm/sec. USSR BESILMOV, A. M. , et al., Radiotekhnika i Elektronika, Vol XVI, No 2, February 1971, pp 399-403 Thus, it is found that it is possible to manufacture a muristor line with an active element (thyristor) stepsizi no greater than 100 microns based on plane-epitaxial technology. Theneuristor pulse length is 100-50 nanoseconds. Providing coupling of theneuristor line thy-ris- tors through the lower base leads to the fact that the muristor pulse encompasses less than 1 cascade. This makes it possible to vary the propagation rate as pointed out above. Within certain limits the scan- ning rate depends weakly on the bias and has a ran Imum for a load capa- citance of about 100 picofarads, _7 UDC; 621,3:621.039,667 BOOK, DASHM, F. ZPYE-ITS, S. L., KOMELIKOV, V. S. (gereral editor) sriy"-G. S IJK-01 VIIYEI;`-'~S' ":Ply I- G. A, T-1-7,011-11KA BOL"LE1117MIT II.f:PULISITY-'e2-I TOX011. I MAGNPEMCHI POLEY (T-echnoloMr of High-Current Pulses an., Strong I-ag -losevi, "Atamizdat", J-~'70, netic Fields), 1 472 pp, biDlio. 21165 copies printed The bcor descrJ -b-,-- circu-its, methods of calculation, character- istics ar-d cicsim of 1" Capacitor bank-s v-.nd, their princi-ual elc- ments: di~--,-ItarCerr~ of various types (vvcuu.,:", hig~i-pressu-,-2, Solid-eielectric), inculation of ccrmectors (busv,,rs. calbleo), -and vilse trwnsfcxn-2--,-z;. l-'~--thods are wosented for calcuh~tion of ma-mietic fieldi~ and induc-inc-c.:, in sol.enoids and conductors. Ine sflni,rul;~xitics olf oper- ation of tlw -I~ructuvnl. nru consid,~red as as the bchaviox- of metrdl.. in cuuercorductinc- t-ields. lag a Forevord . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Introduct-Acm 6 V6 IFAW ;~qM. HE :1. 1A. 'M zul DASHIE., P. N. et -al., TIEXIMM BOL'SHIFal If-TIULISTIYU. TOKM I MAGI-11ITIM Fazy, m cow, "Atomizda:t", 1970 'cz C h a p t e r 1. Schematic Circuits of High-Current Pulse Generators 1.1. Schenatic clircuits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1.2. Circuits 11ith Load-Shor ting (Crowbar) . . . . . . . . . . . Re f e r e r, c e s (12 titles) 4 . . . . . . . . . . .. ... . . . . C h a T) t e r 2. High-VcAtLl ge Pulse Capacitors . . . . . . . . . . . .. e a 'tor 1. Special Require, ents for the High-Voltag Pulre Cap L 3 .. . . . . . . . . . . . Used i Carrent -1,11. 2.2. Characteristics of Basic Insulatins !-!aterials at Frequencies of 11Z 2.3. Operating Condilit-ions of L-D*aCi;,o; ins'ul'at'ion Mfbj*ect;d'to' R*e- peated 0:se-illat-oxy Discharges . . . .. . . . . . . 2. h. Inductance of Cnpacitors . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.5. Ener,-,j Losses in Pulse Capacitors . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2.6. Expn,J_--ntal D--terniantion of Capacitor Characterlz-tics ,citors and- Their Structural Elenie_nts ,Cs of p",Se ra,_ 2.7. ~,~T Re IL e r e n c e S ( 117 ti tl-~_s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Cb tip t e r ~, Vnru~i-i . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3-1. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4 . . . . 3.2. Cv::nc~n;-t of Vvcu= DirdI:,,trjcn ... . . . . . . . 3.3. 1 la 41io'n r-4' V", . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 12 23 27 28 28 29 3)4 47 65 73 76 10 107 107 1011) X011"CK, P et all. , TEE-11111KA BOL I SHM 11TUIL'SliMay, TOKGV I M-, AGIT IM Y F-H "Ato.-,:IizdatV" Mof:cc-w POILY 1970 , , , 3.4. Delwj in Brcalkdovm of V,--,ci.,um Dischargers . . . . . . . . . 120 3.5. Distribution of C-L=ent in -, Vacuum Dischargei . . . . . . . 146 3.6. Durabil-Ity of' -- Vacuum Discharger . . . . . . . . . . . . . 153 3.7. Construction of Vacumq Dischargers . . . . . . . . . . . . 156 R e f e r e . :2 c e, s (!!-', titles) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 173 Ch a.-ote r 14. MiSchargrers at Atmospheric Pressure . . . . . . . . . 175 171..1. Basic A~ sun-.r, "I,;- ons . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 175 h.2, Principles of Controlling Spark, Discha-rgers ~ . . . . . . . . 178 4.3. Tr i c at r u:' s. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Igh h . 4. Cascadc . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 216 4.5. ElectreCle Erosion Accomnanying Commutation of Ifigh-Current PL, IS, e s. . . . . . . . . I . ... . . . . . I . . . . . . . 222 Refere nces (9L-, titles) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 228 Chapte z- 5- Dischargers . . ... . . . . . . . . . . 5-1. "eculia-ritiec of the Dischargers and Field of A-ppli- Ca . . . . . . . . . . . I . . . . . . . . . 232 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 3 3 5.3. of T-n and P0.111Y Jr, yi~rjrorr of Dischargers 236 3~ / 6 jAS.IIL',K, P. IT. et al., EOL'Sfi!Kfl I1VULSNY'KH TOKOV I MAGINMITIMM POL EPY Mo "Atuoirizdat" scow 1970 , , , 5.4. Characteristics of a Spark Cliannel and Energy Release . . . 241 5.5. Structu~7al Elements and Some Peculiarities of Operational Use of ComDressed-Gans Dischargers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2L'7 Re fere nces (37 titles) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 254 C h a p t e r 6. Sol id -Dielcctric Disdiargers . . . . . . . . . . . . . 256 Re fere nces (8 titles) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 267 -D t e Lov.-Inductance r 7. 111-sulation Of CUrrelit Pulse Generators Cables . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . 268 7.1. j y-: A , i f.j C,4-, 17~ Conijectin.-, !-Jen,~!nts in Current Pulse F C-c-Pera-Lorz, and Rcquirements for InsiAlcating t)ium . . . . . 268 7.2. Sx,~-_- Caineral CharacLeristics of of Connectillf" Ele- rcnts of All. q~rpeE . . . . . . . , -9 20 .3. -o VoltalF F Over the Surface Of in-SL 0 L~_, a r ~~c Er 'I 278 7.11. Ccnstruct~cn of individl-.1 Sections of the insiLlation of Con- ricc'in- 1:1-cmants, and a7heir Discharge Characteristics 281 7.5- Cables . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I . . . . 286 7.6. Cablc- . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 296 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 301 h 16 41 - _t. A DIISIJUK, P. 141. et. &1. TE. rrill-'k BOL'S' HIE21 RTUMSTlYkal '10KOV I f,9,.GNI"fNY1G1 POLI-TY Mof cow, 'Vitorliz det 1970 C C h a p e r 8. C-ilculations of current Pulse Gencrators . . . . . . . 8.1. Coniputational Scheme . . . . . . . . . .. . . I. . . . . . 8.2. Fi_mdLmen'1,-,LJ'_S of an Arnroximite 1-~~ethod of Calculating the In- ductance of Flat Busbars . . . . . . . . . . . . . * , * " 8.3. Calculating the InduLtance of Busbars I.Then CLU'relit is 'Supplied Alm,!; tile Peri-T-4-ev, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8. h. Calcu-11c-tin,z- tho Inductance of' CLurrent Pulse Ocnerators With CLIR- PuL,.rcen the Capacitors and -,he Ccntrvd Buses 8,5. M)110 Prvci.,.:e CalculnLian of Qi~. Ddschaitx, decide of a Current Witl, Flat Busbaro~ . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8.6. C~dcidation of luh-:~ Resistance of ','Ipt Busbart, and the Blectro- (ayn.--dc Fcxce~, Aictiri.- on the Busbars . . . . . . . . . . . 8.7. itions of Parallel Operation of Discharc!rs . . . . . . Reforerces (2! Litles) . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . C h a p t e 1- 9 . Tv p c, sof Pulse Current Generators . . . . . . . . . . Hi;7h--` Cunrent PiLlse Generators . . . . . . . . . . . 9.1. 9.2. Low-'Hnercy Current Pulse Gencrators . . . . . . . . . . . . 5/6 30); 3o4 307 319 328 330 333 33' 348 349 3119 3 77 ill, A1,11 ti "A ,.t1.SIIUK, P. N. et al. , TEIPHTITIKA BOL I SIIIO !ITUL I SIIYICH. q1OKOV I '~MINITITYKH POLEY, Mloscu~7, "Atomizdat", 1970 9.3. Au-riliary D-evices Used in Current Pulse Genere~,crs . . . . 38l R e f e r c r. c e s (29 titles) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 394 C h a p t e r 10. 11roducim, Strtang, 114agnetic Pulse Fields . . . . . . . 396 10.1. 1 71, as T,.ield of Applicat-ion of a St2'ong M~agnetic Pi lse I'eld. B ic T-.-pes of Solenoids and '11eir Peculiarities . . . . . . . . . 396 10.2. for thc EnerUj Source . . . . . . . . . . . 4o4 10.3. Ca-lcuiaticns of the "apietic Fields of Solenoids . . . . . 1,09 10A. Ic~--Chamicai SI-rent"th wnd Corstruction of Solenoids for Iroducin~ Stranzr! "'a.,c-neLic -Pulsc, Fields . . . . . . 432 20-5. L F, Heat of Coil.,; for Ob'-aininc Stronp;,- 'uhse M a C., - rwtic Vjold- . . . . . . . . . . 1115 io. 6. in thIL- G~iera-oa. of Single-Turn Solenodds in S!merstroi-,-, Fields . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 448 Rcferences. (1123 title-0 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 466 6/6 CSO: 1860-"", END USSIR UDC 535-853.4:535.,42 LURIYE, A. I., SIM B "Distortions of the Apparatus Functions of Diffraction Gratings, Brought About by Random Errors of Preparation" Leningrad, Opti-ko-11-Tekhanicheskaya Promyshlennost', No 12, December 1971, pp 5-7 Abstract: Expressions are obtained for determining the apparatus functions of defraction gratings, with account taken of random shifts of lines or of their boundaries. For errors both in the position of the lines and in the position of the boundaries of the lines, with the same distribution laws, the distortions of the apparatus-function envelope are practically the same. Thus, the obtained expressions permit calculation of the distortions of the apparatus functions of defraction gratings that are prepared with random errors which correspond to a known distribution law. 1 table, 2 references. 86 - 11.~. -FUNT MrIM, Ussi, UDC 576.858:616-002.77 B BOCRAROV, Ye. F., YAVOROVSKAYA, V. Y e., SIMU+"U LINOVA, L. I., t and KAZNACHEYEV, 11. P., NovosibIrsk MedicaT nstitute, and Central Order of Lenin Institute of Advanced Training of Physicians, Moscow "Morphogenesis of Coxsackie A 13 Virus Isolated From Rheumatic Fever Patients" Novosibirsk, Izvestiya Sibirskogo Otdeleniya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Seriya Biologicheskikh Nauk, No 10 (190), 1971, pp 131-137 Abstract: Light and electron microscope examination of human em1bryonic fibro.- blasts infected with Coxsackie A 13 virus, strain 689, isolated from rheumatic fever Datients, SIK)Wed that the nature and dynamics of the observed changes were identical to those in fibroblasts infected with the prototype virus. Signs of degeneration were evident within 6 to 8 hours when the virus began to reproduce and emerge from the cells. T"Wo huurs later cosinophilic and basophilic inclusions appeared in most of the afiected cells. As the infec- tion developed, the nucleus shifted to one of the poles. Structural changes in the cell organelles, especially the mitochondria, were prominent. Complex membranous-vesicular structures consisting of cytoplasmic vaclioles formed around the cells, Diserete granules were OCAM_'red about the cyi:,.~plasm. Virus particles concentrated on the periphery of the cells. Thc_-;o findings 1/2 77--- 7-1 17 17 P1 I i_1i MEE -4IW. 'MiMil, `W1144, ,;R R:: i1i ii i ~1 Ei "WHHUM&R, v! T, IN I.." l,flll;,hA Eli 11; Ul"i 1.~l -A ~tF USSR BOCHAROV, Ye. F., et al., Izvestiya Sib irskogo Otdeleniya AkadenAi 'Nauk, SSSR, Seriya Biologicheskikh Nauk, No 10 (1901), 1971, pp 131-137 are in agreement with the results of morphological studies on other Vicorna viruses and support the view that virus isolated from rheumatic fever patients belongs to the enterovirus group. 2/2 22 -I M-1 7T USSR UDC: 8.74 SHOT, N. V. (editor) "Software for the 'Minsk-2 (22)' Computer ii~ the T Mode. No 8. The TA14~-22T Translator. Collection of Materials on Utilization" Matematicheskoye obespecheniye EV14 "Minsk-2 (22)" v rembime T.-V~M. 8. Translyator TAM-22T. Sbornik materialov po ekspluatatsii. in-t nat. AN BSSR, Minsk. fil. VITsEVT (cf. English above. Institute! of Mathematics, Academy of Sciences of the BSSR, Minsk Affiliate of the NITsEVT), Minsk, ign, n6 Pp, 40 k., Knizh. letopis', 1971, No 24, 22 (from RZh-Kiber- netika, No 4, Apr 72, Abstract No 4V548 K) [no abstract] USSR uDc: 681.3.o6:51 "ALGAMS in the Programming System of the Minsk-32 Computer" ALGA14S v sisteme pro raTrxUrovaniya vychislitellnoy mashiny "'.'4i risk- 3 2 1r (cf. English aboveT. Insfttute of Mathematics, Acadew*r of Sciences of' the Belorussian SSR, Minsk, 1971, 172 pp, 40 k. (from RZh-Kibernetika, No 12, Dec 71, Abstract No 12V946 K) Translation: The book describes a unit for translation from the ALGA14S alg'crithmic language for the "Minsk-32't computer (the TAM-32 translating device). It is noted that the TP.14-32 accounts for the individual -.ecu- liarities of programs to be translated, and thias provides programs of fairly high quality. A solution is given for the problems uhich arise when the ALGA143 language is incorporated in the pro.grarining syste-'r of the "'Minsk-32" computer: ensuring segmentation of programs; ensuring tran- sitions in prograns; ensuring the use in the programs of procedures and parts of global quentities. Descriptions are also gilren of several de- cisions Vnich are aimed at improving the quality of the translated pro- grams: economy of compultatione necessary ir. addressing variables with 1/2 USSR SHOT, N. V. , ALGPJiIS v sisteme rrogrin-mmirovariya irychislitel noy ruashiny "Minsk-32", Minsk, 1971 indices; programming of procedures; combining the fields of local Q-Uan- tities of various procedures. The structure of the infor-mation which is the result of the operation of each channel is presented together with translation schemes. V. Mikheyev, 2/2 I 111,11Ai --ial 44:1 I-Uri i~ USSR UDC: 8.74 ~!~_A, ~Yu._L. ILCHIN, A. S., Editorial Staff of "Izv. AN KirgSSR" "Search Program of Optimum Approximations for the General Case of the Method of Least Squares" Programma poiska nailuchshykh priblizheniy d1lya obshr-hego sluchaya metoda naimen'shikh kvadratov (cf. English above), Frunze, 1971, 15 pp, No 3673-71 Dep. (from Ra--Kibernetika, No 4, Apr 72, Abstract No 4V56i DEF) Translation: Conventionally, the polynomial which approximates an initial function f(x) is sought in some E-strip. Hence it becomes important not only to assign the function f(x) itself, but the width of the E-strip as well. If it is possible in this connection to consider tho approxination of the initial function in a tube of diameter 2e, then a situation arises .,here a function of one variable may be a function of two variables. This makes it possible to impose a considerably greater n%inber of conditions on the curve for the same degree of the approximating poly- nomial. It is naturaJ in this connection to expect improved approximatior's in just this region. The paper presents the APNICE program for searcli of optimum ap roximations developed for these purposes for the BESM-3M ccm- 1p puter. Instructions are give -n for practical -utilization of the progr=,. Authors' abstract. ALL USSR UDC: 8.74 PEnCMAj Yu- K., INCHIN, A. S., Editorial Staff of the "Izv. AN KirgSSR" "A Program for Quadratic Approximation of a Function Assuming That it Passes Through Predetermined Nodes" Programma kvadraticheskopo priblizheniya funktsii pri uslovii Drokhozh- deniya Xeye cherez zadannyye uzly (cf. English above),~ Frunze, 1971, pp 13, ill. No 3669-71 Dep. (from RZh-Kibernetika, No 4, Apr 72, Abstract No 4V562 DEP) Translation: The paper describes realization of a method of quadratic approximation of a function assuming that it passes through predeterruned nodes. The use of this method in practice means that the process of ap- proximation can be inade correctable, end that the approximation itself can be made better on given sections. The results of computatione which show the possibilities of the method are presented together with a pro- it. Aut gram and instructions for using hors' abstract. USSR UDC 518:517-949.12 -SHKUTA, YU. K. "A Method of Deriving and Using the Languago Polynoiniial" Prunze, Uaterialy 1-,7 17onferentsii I-Tolody"'uh T"Chen-vh-h ANII 1965 -- Sbornik. (~Iaterjials of the Plirst Conference of Junior Scientists of the Academy of Sciences,-Kirgiz SSR -- Collection of Works), "Ilim", 1970, pp 166-167 (froh Referativny-Y Zhurnal Matematika, No 7, Jul 71, Abstract 110 7B994, by I Shelikhova) Translation: The Droblem. of finding the polynomial of smallest Flegree ap~3roxinating a given -oarameter in the region of allowable error is aiscussed. A method of,reducing the degree and deriving an interpolational Lagrange polynomial is de'scribed. V USSR UDC: 539-374 KURSHIKO L. P1. and OHKUTIN. L..I., Hydrodynamics Institute, Novo- sibirsk "Stating the Problem of Local Stability of Shells of Rotation" Moscow, Doklady Akademii nauk SSSR, vol 206;, -No 4, 10,72, YjP 838- 840 Abstract: With regard to the general tl,eory of the stability of~ J fine shells, the autho rs pose the quer;tion: to wheit extent is tho linear theory useful i n describing the pre-critical stress state with a local nature? The answer to this question can only be given from the viewDoint of nonlinear theory, and the authors begin by considering a semi-inf inite circular cylindrical shel-;,_ with a transverse compressive force applied to its free end. The bour.,dary problem of the shell's symmetrical deformation reduces to a cystem of two equations, from 'which it is found that the deformed shell is a shell of revolution. The formulas for the stress functions arid the sag are brouCht in to these equations, and the probiems of de- termining the or4tical value of the load parameter and the corre-s- ponding problen of the wavo-forming paraicetar arch i.:,,alw-d. USSR UDC: 539.3 WIRSHIN, L. 1-1. and SPEUTIN, L. 1. "The Problem of the Elastic Stability of a Locally Loaded Cylin- drical Shell" Moscow, Prikladnaya matematikai_ mek-hanika, vol 36, No 6, 1972, pp 1123-1129 Abstract: This paper studies the effect of the nonli-nearity of an axially sy=etrical deformation in a semi-ii-Lf-1111ite circular cylin- Z~ 1 rn drical shell at the end of which is a transve:t- e uti-if o - -, n its reoiotance to infinitely oinall asyr.,:.-tric,,:tl perWrbaticns C. L of i.hc char- at it. sati8fyj_rI& svivej- support conditions e L, a. ()no -1 acteristic, i)roblems ill the local oetability of Cylindrioal Shells is considered; nonlinear equations describing the defforination of the shell vith arbitrary rotational angles are used to determi-ne the shell's precritical state. The critical value of the end fined as the least eigen-value of the loading para- stress is del I u binding meter; the problern of determin-ing this value is solved by an exDression -for the critical load. The aithors note that the solution to the linear precritical state is -aseful only for verY fine shells. pml lpij "MPT, ~ ~20_1!_. I. -, ~M, - I _7 USSR UDC 539.3 Institute of Hydrodynamics, Siberian Department, Acaderay Sciences USSR "A Method of Solving Certain Boundary Froblems in the Theory of The StabUity of Cylindrical Shells" Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR, Vol 190, No 4, 1 Feb 70, pp 800-802 Abstract: Whereas, in the majority of cases regarding the stability of the axisynnetrical condition of equilibrium of a circulat cylindrical sh(41, t.he problem is reduced to a homogeneous boundary problem for a system of ordinary differential equations, where tile t3olution for the 4-th order equaLions describes subcritical axinymmetrical bending of tho cylindrical shell, the author considers, for the semi-infinite shell, a solution involving complexly conjugate constants, determined frar, the nonhoriagenecus boundary conditions which are characteristic for the subcritical equilibri-um of the shell. The procedure is described for both shells of finite lengLh (very short shelle) and for semi-infinite shells. 'SSING DArE 7_ __ 112 016 UNCLASSIFIED --04DEC70 TITLE--ENCEPHALYTOGENIC CAPACITY OF THE ACT04t_- FR-ACTION OF BORGETELLA PERTUSSIS -U- AUTHOR--SHKUYEVAt ToB. :CCUNTRY OF INFO--USSR MIKROBIOLOGIlt EPIDEMIDLOGII I IMMUNOBIOLOGIly 1970, NR 6r PP 101-104 ,,..DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 '.-,,.-,SUBJECT kREAS--8IOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES TOPIC TAGS-RESPIRATORY SYSTE14 DISEASE? WHOOPING- COUGHo. ENCEPHALOMYELITISt MYCOBACTERIUM ,-CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED 'PROXY REEL/FRAME--3001/0418 STEP t4Q--UR/0016/7i)/000/006/010110104 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0126171 212 016 UNCLASS[FiEO PROCESSING DATE--04DEC70 ~CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0126171 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--IU) GP-0- ABSTRACT. A STUDY WAS iMADE OF ENCEPHALYTOGENIC CAPACITY OF THE ACTI'VE FRACTION 013TAINED FRUM BORDETELLA PERTUSSIS BY MECHANICAL DISIh'fEGRA-fl0Nl NITH SUBSEQUENT DIFFERENTIAL CENTRIFUGATION; IT WAS COAPARED WITH EPIC EPHALY TOGEP", I C ACTIVITY OF PERTUSSIS VACCINE AND OF KILLED MYGOBAcrERIAE. A MODEL OF EXPERIMENTAL ALLERGIC ENCEPHALOMYELITIS WAS USG-D IN THIS WORK. E,NCEPHALYTOGEENIC ACTIVITY OF THE IMENTIONED -SUBSTANCES 14AS ASSESSED BY THE COMPLEX 10 MARK SYSTEM OF ALVORD 11959)., IT APPE4RED THAT A 50PERCENT EFFECTIVE DOSE OF KILLED MYCOBACTERIA VOIJALLE0 0.01 MG, A~\10 OF PERTUSSIS VACCINE AND OF THE ACTIVE FRACTION OBTAINED FROM BORDETELLA PERTUSSIS-0.02 MG. HO~IEVERP WHEN CALCU:~ATEO PER~WHOLE MICROBIAL CELL, ENCEPHALITOGENIC CAPACITY OF THE ACTIVE,:FRACTION,PROVEO TO BE 2.5 LESS THAN THE ACTIVITY OF CORPUSCULAR PERTLISSIS VACCINE AND 5 TIMES LESS THAN ENCEPHALYTOGENIC ACTIVITY OF MYCOBACTERIAE. FACILITY: MOSKOVSKIY INSTITUT VAKTSIN I SYVORGTOK IM. MECH~iIKOVA. UNCLASSIFIED USSR uDc: 681-3.o6:51- RYABINTIN , A. D. , SYKVAR, A. MI. , SHLITHEINI-0 , A. r. "Some Sing sularities of Difference Processing of Information in Neural Networks" V sb. Biol. , red. kibernet. i bionika (Biolou, lt~edicall Cybernetics and Bionics-collectlion of wor'ks), ljyp. 2, Kiev, 1970, I)p h-12 (from RZh- -Kibernetika, No 7, Jull 71, Abstract No TV7-18) Translation: The authors c-)nsider -Droblerx, in evaluating the convergence of adaptation processes which arise in systems of scientific~informn-atian servicing. The control of udaptation processes is conditionadly divided into two subsyster-9: the subsysten of control of data acc=ulation processes, and the subsystem of adaptation to atbient conditions. The nature of the ftuictioiing of each subsysten. is Emalyzed in detail wrid convergence of the leeurnlng process is evaluated for ilic rasol"Tirq; algorithm -vrorcsed in the paper by Ye. A. Yeltarenkc,. A. G.. Homaxlenko, V. P. and &%. N. Sumam-kzov OIMLMat, !969, 1'e"V538). V. Mikheye-v. 112 CIE UNC LAS 5 1 F I E 0 Pr%OCESSING OATE--IIDEC70 ITLE--bYWTtit5IS AND STUOY UF LUNGITIJOINAL ~iAVE A6SCRBERS IN RODS AND PLAYES -U- 6TH6k-~-(03)-KASHINAt V.I., TIUTEKIN, V-V.t SHKVAR.-'qlKf)V, A.P. CCUNTPY CF IN-FG--USSR SOUkCE-AKUSTICHESKII ZHURNAL, VOL. 16, APR.-JUNE 1970, P. 257-263 JA TE P UB L I Sf E 0- ----- 7C 'SUBJECT AREI-S-MECH.v IPID.t CIVIL AND MAR.INE E:NGR 10PIC TAGS-MATf-EIMATIC EXPRESSION, ABSORPTION, METAL RoOt FLAT PLATE, -VIBRATIGN TRANSMISSICks LUNGITUOINAL WAVE 'Ct_--iTKCL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS -OCCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED -PROXY PICHE NU ---- F070/605002/DO7 STEP NU--Ul~/0046/70/016/000/0257/0263 -C.Lk( ACCESSION NU--APOI'l-9457 41 TMli": ~N-l_ Ilk" 10000fl 2/2 018 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE-11DEC70 CIRC ACCESSION NG--AP0139457 -ABS,TKACT/EXIRACT--tU) GIV-0- A8STRACT. INVESTIGATID1 OF THE SYilTHESIS OF LONGITUDItiAL ~eAVE A65CRBUIS FOR ATTENUATIjJG RESONANCE V16PATIONS IN RODS AND PLATES. A TEN ELEMENT OPTIMAL ABSORBEk FOR A IWO OCTAVE FREOUENCY kANGE IS CALCULATED AS AN EXAMPLE. AN EXPERIMENTAL STUDY IS MADE OF A LONGIIUDINAL WAVE ABS0qGEP WITH AN ABSOUTIO."I CGLI-FICIENT Of 0.96 TO IN. A OURALUMIN, kCD WITH A THICKNESS OF 5 MM Ar FRE~IJENCLE5 RANGING FROM 8 TO 32 KHZ* FACILITY: AKADEMILA NA41K SSSR, AKUSTICHESKII INSTITUTv MUSCOWt USSP. L ff t L LL) Agriculture USSR UDC 575-23:582-951.4:517 1WDET, A. N., SEY-VAR1flY,0%1,,-P~--K. and 1W'1USHMY V. F., Department of Experizental li~~enesis, Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences, Kiev "The Induced Variability of Quantitative Characteristics in Wheat" Kiev, Tsitologiya i Genetlika, Vol 7, No 6, Nov/Dee 73, PP 518-522 Abstract, The -progeny of an erectoid tratant of bread a-pring iffieat obtained by garna irradiation of the Novosibirsk-7 typee were studied. For 48 of t'he best lines obtained data are presented on length of the vegetative period, prf~duc- tivity, quantity and quality of gluten and prote-in and the weight of IWO grains. 'Mese data are said to chov an increased heterogenp-ity of the 7,0-Pulatiori com- pared to starting material, indicating tknt the r-t-cromitation. vms accomi~--nied by mutations of the various factors of the polygenouE; :~yatem controlling these quantitative characteristics. Several of the lines veren supe-rior to the startix-~ material or the pareat generation in one or more of the characteristics, iadicat- ing the usefu:lxess of this approach in hybridization. 1/1 USSR LTD 0575+561-154 =K, M. L. and . ....... Sector of moiecuar Biology and Genetics of the Injowtu 0 olo6y and Virology# Academy of Sciences Ukminian SSR, Kiev "Nature of Hodification of Hutagenic Effects L' Past Neutrons" Kiev, Tsitologiya i Genetika, Vol 5, No 4t JulAug 71P pp 336-341 Abstracti The mutagenic activity of extracts from dry seeds of peas and wheat that had been irradiated with fast neutrons was determined. The extracts from wheat seeds irraAiated with doses of 500-1500 rad, upon actint; on non-irradiated wheat seeds that germinated together with the IrimAiated seeds on the same piece of moist filter paper, increased the frequency of chromosome aberrations in sprouts by a factor of approximately 2.5 colapared with that for non-irradiated controls that wore not exposed to the act-ion of extracts. The chromosome aberrations were much snal2or in number and of a different type than those induced by direct Irradiatica of the seeds. Similar results ifero obtalned on treatment of germinating pea seeds with extracts from irradiated pew. M-tracta from the seed coat aad cotyledons of irTadiated peas increased the frequency of chromosome abor=tions to almost the same extent vs. that of controls, but the types of aberrations were different. Thiz was due to the difference in the chemical copXtItution of c;ubstances contained --in-the cc~jjt jxi.A_tho_cndosPerm.___ 1 1 M ! 1 1 1.1-91PIRMITH NI HIM MUMIUMMOM HPIM ii kk.141-3111fil USSR S DRIZHYS, M.-R. M. , ZHUKAUSKAS, A. A. "Pulsations of Temperature in the Area of a Wall with TuTbulent Flow Around a Plate by Viscous Fluids" Tr, AN Lit SSR [Works of Academy of Sciences] Lithuanian SSR, 1971, B., No 2, (65), pp 143-IS2 by R. Sh Baynberg). (Translated from Referativilyy Zhurnal Mekhanika, No 1, 1, 1972, Abstract No lBS27 by P. Sh. Baynberg). Translation: Microthermocouples are used to study the pulsations of tempera- ture in a turbulent boundary layer over a flat plate, around which water and transformer oil flow, with constant heat flux at the wall. The mean statis- tical characteristics of temperature pulsations are used to produce inforima- tion on the behavior of the pulsation temperature field as a function of P and the distance to the wall, It is established that where P>1 and RJ~2-106, the via_-ous sublayer relates to the area of unstable flow with prevailing influence of viscous flow. Near the wall, a plane is dotected wJth normal distribution of pulsation amplitude, relative to which perturbat 1 oils are directed differently: in the viscous sublayer -- toward the wall, beyond this plane -- away from the wall. 1/1 112 013 UNCLASSI:F.I ED' 'PROCESSING UATE--30ocr7o TITLE--IN ThL INTLKEST OF CUMBAT TRAINING -U- AUTHOR--- CLUNTRY C:F INFG--USSR 5UURCE--KRA.SNAYA LVEZOA, JULY 10t H709 P 4, COLS 2-6 DATE PUeLISHED--110JUL70 SUBJECT AREAS--N.ILITARY SCIENCES, 3EHAVICkAL ANO SOCIAL SCIENCES JCPIC TAGS--t'ILITAkY 5ChI;0L* TANK CREW TRAINI,%Gt PAOT TRAINING .,,CC%TRGL 0ARKl,,.G--.%'0 ~EST.R:ICTIOINS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIF IEO PROXY REEL/fi~ME-1999/09:09 STEP 1'4G--UR/9003/7013(JO/LI%30/0()04/00(14 CIRC ACCLSSIGN NO--AN0122 953 UNCLASSIFIED Z/Z 013 UNCL AS S IF I EO MWCESSING )ATE--3JGC;T7C CIRC ACCESSICIN N0--A,%0I2-A'53 ABSTRACTILXTA-ACT--(U) GiJ-;O- ASSTRACT. THE AUTHjR CESCRIBES HIS VISIT TO THE MILITARY SGHUUL FAK,6LtTET OF THE STATE INSITUTE OF PHYSICAL CULTURE IMENI LESGAFT. THERE HE WAS SHOWN A TANK DRIVING SIMULATOR AT THE LAbGRATOkY OF TANK TRAINING Alit) A LAMIATORY 6HIC11 15 INVOLVED IN PILOTS PHYSICAL TkAINLNG STUULES, THE SCHOOL'S MISSION :IS TO EXPLORE SOME OF THE PR06LEMS RELATED TJ COMBAT TRAINING OF TROOPS. A TRAINING DEVICE vtHICH UETERMINES THE LOORDINATION ABILITY OF PILOTS AND A TREADMILL UEVICE ARE SHOWN. T- All'- MPAk-rMENT OF THE ARMY y -F N R k . "' , t- fSrC lir-23- 424-71 24 August 1472 o1A T.,k 4,,,. T7ff,2).f)l TRANSLAT40.4 T RA SOLVING A 5TFFAN TYPE PPM41-V4 BY 77M MTHEYD OF 5 MIT LINZ, t FORFIGNTITLE; R"lwniya Zadachi till& ft~f*.n3 Pry-y" pit- R. O,.herh~ll,i V. G. LANGUAGV- Russia. ,w a. 1171TI-syTe- iis SOUFLCE: journal Z:-,.putj~& -TR-kNSLAT0R-. ACST Itfith"m4tit. and Hattie- o&tlCal phyalege, V~l 9 E,,jjr,;T0R.. Wo. 3, May. June 1969 GRAPHICS KOT REFUDUCIBLE -11" "an.14ti'm wen Actc-mplialltA fr" it warox manuscript. The 4xj1PbIcs wte not rtgeoducitle, An attempt to obt1s, the orlitinal #raphlca yielded nk-r'Arl., re.ulta. I'llus, this dccueent vAt published as 104 in order to r~k-a It available an a timely basim. :5. USSR UDC: 621.397 KRIVOSHFYEV, M. I., PLAKSYUK, S. G., SHLAYII, A. I. "A Device for Measuring Distortions of Tel'ievision Test Signals" USSR Author's Certificate No 263039, filed 2 Dee 68, published 1 Jun 70 IT (from RM-Radiotekhnika, No 6, Jun 71, Abstract Io 6GIO9 P) Translation: A device is proposed for measuring distortions of TV test signals (see RM-Radiotekhnfka, 1969, 10G1). To improve precision and provide for automatic measurement of both the total background noise and its additive and mdulation components, a subtraction. voltage Mdule and four-input comrutator are connected to the control module,.e-nd a signall divider is connected between the circuit for restoring the,DC component and the control module. 1/1 Molecular Physics USSR ANTIPIN, A. A., ORKIN, I. N., gHLENMIN, V. I., Kazan' State University imeni V. I. Ultyancv,-Lenin "Spin-Lattice Relaxation of Sm3+ and H03+.Ions in Single Crystals of Scheelite Structure" leningrad, Fizika Tverdogo Tela, Vol 13, NO 9, Sept, 71, pp 2641-2645 Abstract: The authors study of the variation with temperature of the spin- lattice relaxation time for SO+ ions in CaWOk single -cryutals and for H03+ ions in single crystals of CaWO4 and PbMoO4. ~'Ieasureaueut-of relaxation tines in the CW04:Sm3+ system were made on a frequency of- 8.8 GHz by the rr-athod of saturation of the spin echo signal, on a frequency of -- 2.9 GHz by the raethod. of pulse saturation, and from broadening of the EPS signal. The relax- ation times for Ho3+ in calcium tungstate and lead molybdAte were found from the variation vith temrerature of the width of the EPR lites on a frequency of approximately 36.o GHz;* It was found that direct, Raman,and Obrakhovskiy processes make an appreciable csntr4but.on to the probability of spin-liall-tize relaxation for Call'04:4~~M! at temperatures of 1.5-100K. li~ vas found from the proba- bility of the Obrakho,.,Fkiy trocess that the fIrst excifte(l Stark levol. of' 6 1 the term H is located ab~-ie the ground state by a diste~nce of 61.1~ =-I, USSR ANTIPIN, A. A. et al., Fizikp- Tverdogo Tela, Vol 11, No 9, pp 2641-2645 vhich agrees satisfactorily with the calculation off the Stark structure -for this term. Theoretical valuations are also given for the relayation times for the calcium tungstate-samarium, ion system using the Jeffries method. Spin-lattice interaction of 1103+ ions in calciun tungstate and lead molybdate crystals in the 10-200K temperature range is determined by "he Obrakhovskiy relaxation mechanism. The authors thank. A. M. Morozov for furnishing the single crystals for the research, R. Yu. Abdulsabirov for assistance in carryin6 out the ex- periment, and E. Kh. Ivoylova and 0. 1. Mar'yakhina Por assistance in making the calculations. Two figures, bibliography of twenty-two titles. 2/2 /V' Ace. N Abstra cting Service: Ref. Code: )W0049776- CHMIICAL ABST. 57, 70 -14 iR 0 1 q/ 999SSq Ua* of r-lechols imm wida hrac'.IDMI ior prt;ar-lal unny3nmetric4l idiriltes =d nelWan. T(I), '115mfis)- Croyl-1. maleate's and adipates, e.g.' Bu nonyll maltate, Ba undecyl maleate, inaltates fron, C~-'l 4.t4 CT-n Alm, Bu nonyl adipate, and adipato fron ~C4-n' C',-&, Cj~, 14 aics. were prepd. by a 21-st;age, procedurt. Thus, inlicic anhydride and the highcr a1c. were refluxed (in 11-1.f)2 mol.,r ratio) at TO-00* without a caWyst, then the lower a1c. vas added (in a 20% oxceus) anti the mixt. was furtlaer reruxed -kith HISO, at 140-500. For unsym. adipates'thc stArWig mattrial was adipic a6d. The content of the monoester in the rotaoti'mi ruixt. was detd. by ir spectroscopy. The unsym. adipztei and inaleates were used for the modification of poly(vinyl ebt4ije) M. -Modified I eixhibited excellent frteee resistance (to -'55') and good physicomech. properties. CKIR RE E-LI FIRAN C TIFT 910,11 HIMMI 71259p Complexing'p diulm(U) WiLh a-benzil diplimaJIL .4 hjWde and thiocyanate~ edia. Tikhvinskava. TA.: Birvukov. A. A.; Shlenskaya.,Y_ Gordvnskava. A. K. ,Y_ ; 1,50S. ~ a-- , Krim U iV_ mi. Lom0not va.'Mosco Z),. Neorg, Ahim, 1970; 150), 126-33 (Russ), By i3sing cam- - - ions, stability constant petitive ligands, like Cl-, Br , or"SCIN (xj) of ~4(11)-cf-benzi! dioxitue (HL)complex; Pdt2,!nas detd. and is given as 109. N2 = 34.6 :i- O.S. At 020* and ions' strength 1.0, distribution const. (x) of PdLq in HIO-CaHfisystem, pre- sentedaslogX,is2.3:f:O.'P Equil.consts.(aslpgX);ofPd3.'+ 211f --- VdLz(aq.) + '2H and PdU aq.) + 014 - --VUL201-1 - are 13.9 mh 0.21 and 4.8 :k: 0.2, resp, HMJR --J REEL FRANE 1971001068 r um 621.382.2:535-3176 .:OLGTj,'OV, L. NI., ZHITIKOV, Yu. A., Lim-V, L. D RI EFONSHTEY-Ii, I. K. S;IA I ~11 A. A. i.' sc "Some Characteristics all Electroluminescent Diodes B 0, on Hetero P11 Junctions in U G- As it x -I-x e DP 233-0-2332 Moscow, ka- i --lektronilra, vol 16, No 12, D c 71, Abstract: The authors in-Vestigate electroluminescent dio"4es based on the yGai- "s (x a: 0 epite-xial hetercstructure .05, Y2?50.1). 'I'he from the layer in a direc- ske 'ion through the trp.:lsrarent 11-region. tion perrerdIculla-r to U11-C U The emitting laver is dcr;~.ed -.:ith 6ermaniur to a hole concentration of about. 5*1018/cc, and, the ~--Iay~-r is te-Ilurium-doned to az- C-lectron concentration of about 1018/ce. The -area of the Fril junction is a--c-xt 0.01 Cr-2. The electrical ra--sneters of -"-'-e dicdes at room temreraz--.Z--e: S-necific zero- -bias capacitance of th-c Eli iunction about 105 p:-/cn':, current cutoff vol- tage 1.3-1,4 11 or, the role fraction of almiArx-n arsen-Ide in the solid solution, ,-,itage 7 V, residual resl,stv-nce 0.5 ohm, or less. 112 M -3R vol 16, No 12, BRONSHTEM, 1. K. et al., Radlotekhnika i Elektronika, Dee 71, pp 2330-2332 An investigation of the Drinci-oal electroli"-ineseence characteristics of the diodes sho-ws that them s for use as y satisfy all the requirement emitters irr. hir3h-speed electron-optical devices. One figure, one table, bibliography of e~Jght t-itles. USSR UDC 678.06-419.;677.521/.01:53 and SHKLYAROV, VISHNEVSKIY, G. YE., ZHUKOVA, R.I., S1116_qs&KT A. YU. "Effect Which the Porosity, Concenti~ation 6nd Properties of Components Have on the, Thermal Conductivity of Fiberglass Plastics" Moscow, Plasticheskiye Massy, No 11, Nov 70, pp 34-38 Abstract: The article presents the results of formal analysis and the use of Maxwell's electro-thermal analogy for the thermal conductivity of dispersed media in studying the effect of porosity, cracks, gas Inclusions and the mutual arrangement of the fiLLer and binder elements on the processes of thermal conductivity in the primitive cells of the structural elements of fiberglass pkastics. It was found that two- and three-dinenaional alectrothomal modeling can be used to refine the results of forMal analyaill;. S ZS R D., .21.373.421.1(o88.8) K Y Y.U. 1. BELOUSSOV, IT. A. ,SHLENSK.-y-, Ye. M. ,VOLOD113, V. F. "A ;%"a'gne-ucstriction Converter With Acoustic Feed'cackll USS`~ Author's Certificate Nio IL,86-09, FiIed 28 Jul 61, pu~nli, 1-1"'r 7"D Rillh-Radio~ekhnika, No 10, Oct 70, Abstract 11-o IOD376 P) Certif4 Ca Tr-, slat cn: This Author's intm'wces a acaus-.ic feedbacTk for automatica'_Lly tuning the 1'requency of u se." .L. mechanic-al resonance frequency of thE: converter. in order lo obt-ain -h a 7 0 Sufficient it~r direct excitation of oscillator tifues wil L po"re- additional sic-nal amplification, and to increase operationl~-,~. staoility, 7~;ie packet; Is made, in the form of three electrie-ully and nagnet-,Lcal_'J.% whioh have! the natural resonance froquency. !c-'hese aut-L"'e 1-in- of the converter while the th-ird, which is placed between -,nem, '~'3TGUhjC,~-' 7~ acrDustic feedbac% voltage. Also introduced is a converter which describeq albovo in that the phatie reiatlonships be-,ween the exc-'~ta4i~Drj 1r,_- am maintained throuShout the working frequency range of tht, conv(!~-'_er Ly cop- -le el-nents emd acoustlc feedbanck elemen-~ to the tra[15z n the sa:--e plfme ;,eri.-~eadicu'Lr to the dir~,ctior. of 01, zhe converter A 41 longritudf'n,' 03CL-Usitions of the sy5ter.. The proposed rimy 3 a:.' c e be uz~c-_4 in circuits wi~,j, automaLie _1requei~cy ccwrol, `uv if o:-i.~"lators whiLh oppratk: with -,,eldora. V, P. i A/Z 013 U.NiC LASS I F I E- D PRUCESSING DATE--20NOV70 rITLE--LFFTLCIENCY OF METAL PROrFCTIGN WHE,,Ivl WELDING wjrH A FLUx CORED ROD ,~. ~ ~Lt- -. . . AUTHOR- (02)-PCKHODNYA v 1 K. SHLEPAKOV V.N. ~.CCUNTPY UF INFG--USSR .SOURCE--AlVTCMAT. SVAKKZ,. FEB. 1970t' (2)t 10 12 DATE PUBLISHEC-FE570 SUBJECT. PJ., CIVIL AND MARINE ENGR TLPic u4Gs--t-iiPUGEN, lv~'FAl. CMAINING GAS* GAS CONTAININC, imu_rAL, WELDING -ELECITIWDE, SHIELDED ARC 1WELDING :CCNTRCL MAPKING--NO RESTRICTIONS 06COMENr -~PRUXY PLLL/f-kAMC--Z000/03f4 StEP CTRC ArC,_:SSIGN N0--AP01-'4073 Kamm 00 MMM" .2/2 0 13 UJNCLASSIFIE0 Pf10CESSING DATE-20NOV70 ,CIRC iACCESSICIX' t',W--AP0t2'+Q73 ~-ABSTRMLTIEXTRACT--(U) Gfl-o- A3 S T kAf, TTHE RELATII,'i~. EFf-lCli:Nl'-lES OF VARIOUS VETHCOS CF PROTECTING Hfir METAL PARTS FROM ATTACK 1117 THE SUERCLINOINiG AIR DUPING ARC wt-LDING AR91 DISCUSSED, WITH SPECIAL REF. TO THE LSE bF FLUX CORED WELDING RODS 0F.MTOUS 'TYPES (TUBULAIR, DOUBLE LAYERED, ETC.). THE 0OUBLE LAYERED TYPE, IN PARFECUL~'~R, IS VERY EFFICIENT IN PREVENTING THE ENTRY OF N :INTO THE WELD METAL; IT IS EQUIVALENT IN THIS RESPECT TO COATED ELECTRODE iflpES. (it,4CLASS IF IED IS 11 1 IN I I aneous USSR UDC 669.3.042.62 MJITRIYEVA, G. 'Welting and Casting of Nonferrous Metals and Macqsl' Plavka i Lit've Tsvetnykh Nietallov i Splavov [English Version Above), (Works of Scientific Research and Planning Institute for Alloys and Processing of Nonferrous Metals, No 3S), Moscow, Metallurgiya Press, 1971, 144 pages (Trans- lated from Referativnyy Zhurnal, Metallurgiya, No 5, 1972,, Abstract No 5 G343 K by S. Krivonoseva). Translation: Problems of the theory and technology of casting nonferrous metals and their alloys tbasically Cu) are studied: new technological processes of melting and casting; intensification of the process; reduction of irretriev- able losses; creation of now processes of continuous t~a:sting of ingots; vacuum melting of Cu, Ni, and their alloys. Results are presented from scientific re- search work on the improvement of technologies, investigation of heredity of cast structure, and development of technologies for the production of products with controllable structure and properties, Problems oil' automation of regula- tion of the metal level Jn a crystal liver during continuous casting and use of the atethod of rank correlation to study crystallization of Cu ingots are studied. Poe 5 -.1-39.1 111-7. CROWTH OP SINULF CRYSMS OP INDIUM ANTIHONIDS IN A ROTAT14G CtMAINTA ~t~jz, tibirshi lArticle by B,A. Shl*7!Tans Yu,_A._Av Novo flo~oslblrak. 1j1-jL.LOXIu!~ Prots*aaam Roots I St"t'r" I-zI.PrVTOdAIL kh - . - LI- - -.2- KriatAllor I plenok, Romplan. 11-17 June. 311- The pLven paper in a compoment part at the expartuental atudiva to apply the mathod of a rotating container to grow single cryat^lw rf samicard"turs, and ocher substances. . SingLa, crystals of Indtum sattoomida, Vero obtained for the first time in a rotating -container by tone molting. The basic required conditions of growing the single crystals of UwRum ontimonide to a rotating container were found. The low of variation of the angle of Lacliciattem of, the cont*Lmar an growth of single crystals by tons inalting Is deacribed The m4chaniets of prograx-med variation of the angle of Luallmatton has been coma strutted. Single crystals of indium antismosiode which are bomeasoomm in vol"Ma have been obtained using amm equalization. I 30 - USSR uy-, 613-646 SHM.),Z-;- ~F. q., mmmv.,k, G. Ye., ZELEWSOVA, S. P., MIRCEE 111,0, TAS-;MR, I. D. TMAUR G. N., Kiev Institute of Industiia-l Hygiene and Occupational Diseases "Hygienic Assessment of the Effoects of Exposure to Neat" Yoscou, Gigiyena Trmha i Professionallnyye ZabolemAya, ]~() 3j 11 2 Abstract: Rabbits runct rats exposed to Infrared radiation at tile rate Of hour for varyinrl lengths of time exhibited chanZer, iu bodly bc.,haviri-r,"" iilnunological reactivity (decrease in antibody titers and ph.,.t-ocytic activity of lewkocytes), honmonal activity, tissue., renpfratJ,on Jn. tho 21)d f3t-C!1Ct,!.1 museles, oxidative ~=cphorybation, utc. 11he )iagYd.t116.o oi~ chant~cn varf.ed with the duration and ratw-c of the exposure (continijous or int ormittent)) intenfAty of radlation, raLationship be-tween time of J.:1,radiation and rQst periods, etc. Inf rared radiation also brour. about changer, in hunmrs. Tao ;1tt L I heart rate, blood pressure, body terqierature, et--. irexe aff ec`efl, the de - - ee var~ring miainly ,rith the intonsity and duration o,V e.N-~)osure, and the lemr,"'i of' the interval bctween- wmosurca. USSR UDC 976,75.oo8:6i2.oi2-Idi SKEITIf ff F. M., and 9 1 OVAY S. P., Kiev Scientific Research Instituta o' iat-ovIff:F61ene a'*nd Occunational Diseases, Kiwr "Effect of Infrarad Radiation on the State of the Ort,,anism Airing Physical Work!' Kiev, Vrachebnoye Delo, No 12., Dec 72., pp 109-112 Abstract: The effects on the state of the organism of M irradiation during physical work involving muscular effort weree studied. Continuous irradiation /cm2 min durin- an hour or with 300 lkcal/ir? hr at an intensity of 0-5 cal intermittent irradiation with the same amunt of radiation per hour, but at intensities of 1.0 and 3-0 cal/cr? min for 30 alid 10 min during the hour, respectively, was applied. The skin and body temperature of the subjects was increased. Under the effect of interinitterat irradiation, the frequency of cardiac contractions increased in direct relation to the frequency with which -periods of irradiation alternated with periods between them. Muscular strength, coordination, and the tolerance to the =cimum static strain decreased under the effect of irra-diation, vith the indexes of muscular effort being affected to a greater extent at increasing frequencies of irraiiiation. 'Bie tolerance to the Trz-Kimuip static strain deteriorated to the 6reatest extent. 1/1 USSR SHLIEYh'IKOV 1. KALASHINIK, 11. A, "Organization of Archives in the OSF-l Operational System for the NI-222 Machine" Vychisl. Mat. i Vychisl. Teklin. (Computer Mathematics and Computer Technology Collection of Works], No . kliarlkov, 1972, pp 136-140 (Translated from 3, Referativnyy Zhurnal Kibernetika, No 4, 1973, Abstract No 4V644, by the authors). TTanslation: Ilie organization of a maonetic tape arc-hive is described within the framework of the OSF-l operational system, developed at the computer center of the Institute of Physics an-J Technology, Academy of Sciences, USSR. This operational system allows operation from a remote terminal as a bateh of jobs runs through the niachinc. The terminal operations rcquire a simple but effective method of accumulation, storage and calling. of large files of infor- mation: programs, data, cte. The magnetic taile archive baslca)ly satisfies these requirements. The article describes the general organization of the archive and access instructions. Examples of opf-ration wiLh thu archive are presented. L/2 022 UNCLASSIFIED PR0CESStNG-0ATE--040EC70 TITLE--INFLUENCE OF Vf"RIOUS FACTORS ON THE COPOLYMERIZATION OF ISOBUTYLENE AND ISOPRENE -U- .AUTHOR-(04)-SHLIFER, O.I.t KOVALFEVA., G.V.j S0USt0VAj tl,V.i SOKOLOVA., V.M. COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR SOURCE--KAUCH REZINA 1970? 2915) DATE PUBLISHED------70 ~-'SUBJECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY, MATERIALS TOPIC TAGS--COPOLYMERIZATION, ISOPRENE, LOW TE14PERATURE EFFECTr ISOBUTENE CC,'14TROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY RELEL/FRAME-3008/0975 STEP N(]--U~l,/013P,/*~(1/0~-'-'/()05/OOOLI(.IOG3 CIPC ACCESSICIN,, NC!-~AIP01360031 0 ~-lmw m 212 022 UNc LASS I FIEO PROCESSING DATE--040EC70 CLIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0133003 ABSTRACTIEXTRACT--(U) G?-0- t~BSTRACT. ISOBUYYLEN-n (1) AND ISOPRENE WERE COPOLYMD. li'll ErCL OR ISOPENTANE (11) AT MINUS 100DEGREES TO MINUS 30DEGREES. AT SIMILAR TO IMINUS 30DEGREES THE MIXT. -3ECAME HOMOGENEOUS AND THE COPOLYMER MOL. WT. AND COMM% DID NOT DEPEND ON THE SOLVEN'T. IN THE HETEROGENEOUS COPCLYM. AT LESS THAN MINUS 301?)E-GR(--ES THE I-10L. wr. OF THE COPOLYMER OBTAMEO IN 11 WAS 3-3i5 TIMES LAft(,.',ER V14AN rHAT OBTAINED ON ETCL, THE CHANGES OF THE SOLVENT AND TEMP. VARIED THE AMT. OF I UNITS IN THE COPOLYMER FROM 4 TO 10PERCENT VOL. WLTHOUT ALTERING ITS HOL. WT. FACILITY: VSES. NAVCH-ISSLED. INST. SIN. KAUCH. IN. LESEDEVAr LENINGRADP USSR. UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING GATE-131NOV70 TITLE--lS(J;t3UTYLENE POLYMERS OR COPOLYMER.S -U- AUTHOR-(04)-LIVSHITS, I.A., SHLIFERs D.I.t KOVALEYAi G.11., SOUSTOVAy N.V. CCUNTRY OF INFO--USSR '~OURCE__O.S.S.R. 265,443 REFEkENC1--,tTKPYTIYAs 110BRET-i PROM. 013PAZTSYI TOVALRNYE ZNAKI 1970, DATE PU8LISIAED--09MAR70 SUBJECT AREAS----;CHE,41STRY TOPIC TAGS--IS0BUTENE_, POLYMERt COPOLYMER, ISOPRENE', ALWiINUM HALIDE, CATALYTIC POLYAEkIZATION, CHEMICAL PATENT MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIE-D PROXY REEL/FRAME-3002/1417 s TE Pt4Q--(Jk/0482/70/00()/000/000010000 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AA0128316 UNCLASSIF [ED :PROCESSING DATE-13NOV70 2/2 021 CIRC ACCESSION NO-AA0123616 A8S-TRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACTo IS06UTYLEsNlE KILYMERS OR COPOLYMERS --R COPOLY li -.G., ISOPRENE IN A POLAR OR ARE PR-EP0. BY POLYMG. u ',I G . 'ITH, F NONPULAA HY0FGCAR80N SCILVENT AT 14INUS 30 TO MINUS 100DEGREES 6Y USING AL HALIUE BASED CArALYSTS. TO [13TAIN END PRODUCTS WITH A SPECIFIED -MOL. WT. RAGNE, THE POLYMN. PROCESS 15 CARRIED OUT llq,'THE PRESENCE OF 2t4t4rTRIMETHYLP ItPENTENE. USSR UDC 621-,;~i65-64 SHLIFER, E.D., DEBELOV, D.T. ftSuboxcitation Of Coaxial Magnetron By Exterior 14ficrowave, signal" Elektron. tekhnika. Naunh.-tel7hn. eb. Slektron. Mh (Eloctronics Technology. Scientific-Tvchnical Collection. ""icrowave Eloctronice), 15'11, Issue 6, pp ~;,:-8 (from. RZh--Elektronika.i yeye primenen~X2, No 10, Octob-ar 1971,iibstruct No 101-,11---z) Translation: 'Phe ex!~,erimontal results are prevantq(t oF* e,-ib:~xcitation of a co- axial magnetron by an exterior signal. It is ehown that in a oubexcitation re- gime the rate of buildup of high-froquancy oacillatilono in iticreasad covaral- fold at the level of tha aubexciting signal an,1 at h,'j-r,-o db below the o-utput. In a regim-e of rageneretive amplification a coarial infirnetron bas a con,,~idercb- ly larger amplification factor than the claccicol Eirmlog. '11he band of t~e froq- Venciee of Subexcitatioa and regenerative emplificaticn in eatrzrr-~~ined not by a decreace of powor but by the level of the fluctuations of the front of the hig-h- frequency pulea. ref. Su=ary. IT Y" F 0C.. 10, -Avjst--a~--t --,-GD4`- J ut c a re s : ,, L~.: -ice C)f carrier a 1: on cy of , I !at ors oscl- -ce4-,rc:,- w Z-' di cr~'M-nator, an o-cj'j] -, a- ter, lator for c 1 -110 r ap h improve t-"f-l of Q ~ - - -i., I f h el SHF -:oor, th,,:, ~w,~-ep C ia t r L hLrzo-7.i-c of vibrati on ~iounted on the tabil e f USSR CADZHIYEV, A. R., RYTKIN, S. M., and ZA PhysiCotechnical Insti- tute Imeni A. F. Ioffe, Acadexy of Sc1onOe3%fjMq1%* *A-Germanium Compensated by Fast Neutrons as an Amorphous Scalconductor Modell~ Noscow, Pisl~za v Zhurnal Eksperimentallnoy i Tooreticheskoy F'lziki, Vol 15, No 10, 20 May 72, pp 605-608 Abstracti The authors studied the use of fast neutron-irra4lated,heavily ,doped n-type germanium for the creation, of a conixo1leti. amorphous semiconduc- tor model, n-Ge specimens with an arsenic concentration, of 8010 18 cm-3 underwent the fast-neutron irx-adiation, The results inAtcate that the ir- radiated n-germanium displays tho principal features inharent in an amorphous sem34conductor and in this sense can be considered as its model. The authors thank B. I. SHKLOVSKIY for discussing the results. Vi USSR UDC 621.315.592 43.AXAROV, V. I., TITYOV, A. N. , SHUMAK I, S. "Effect of Uloying on the Exciton States in Gerranium at 4.201,"' Leningrad, Fizika i Tekhnika Poluprovodnikov, Vol 5, 14o 4, April 1971, pp 771- 774 Abstract: It has been demonstrated previously that with an increase in alloy- ing in semiconductor crystals, disturbance of the exciton state arises either from the screening effect in the case of hiph concentrations of free carriers (unconpensated crystals at hiph temperature) or by ionization of the exciton in the electric fields of the admixed ions (strong1v compensated crystals). This paper containsa study of the effect of both fa'ctor's on the excitoo state for crvstals tith a different degree of: compensntion at low terinerature (4.2*K) where the movement of the carriers is realized in the admixture band. The studies were performed on germanium in the region of the indirect absorption edge. Data on the variation of the amplitude of the exciton as a function of the char2ed admixture concentration iji compeasated gernanium and the amplitude of the exciton maximum an a function i:)f tha concentration of the basic admixture in compen.,jatnd and uncompensatcd germaniu;n are plotted. 1/2 USSR UDC: None GROSS, Ye. F., SAFAROV, V. I., TTTKOV, A. If., and SA~.MA "Observation of Excited States and Experimental Determination of Energy Coupling in Indireot Excitons in Germanium" Moscow, PisIma v Zhurnal Ek'sDerimentallnoy i Teoreticheskoy Fiziki, Vol. 13, No. 7, 5 April 1971, pp 3312-336 Abstract: This letter describes experimental research in the me-"Chod of long-wave spectrum differentiation for determining exciton struc- ture in the region of indirect absorption in~.germanium. This me- thod is highly sensitive and, in addition to permitting observa- tion of transitions of the excitons to the basic state with the participation of all four crystalline phonons (TA, LA, LO, and TO), will detect transitions from n = 2 to the excited state. As a re- sult of this method, the value of the Rydberg, exciton has been experimentally obtained and the coupled ener", ot Ithe least level Bex = 0.0036 + 0.0003 ev of the indirect exciton in germanium found for the first time. The differential spectra were obtained with a special spectrometer in which a rotating mirror, -olaced in front of the output slot ot" a monochromator and set to -rotating at a rate Of 73 Hz, produces a light beam modulated at that same frequency which is incident on the crystal and then is fed to a light sensor,. 73 1/2 ols UNCLASSI FlEd PROCESSING DATE--160CT70 T"LTLE--INSULIN LEVEL# UETERMINED BY A RAGIOIMMUNOLOGICAI. METHODY IN THE PLASMA OF PATIENTS WITH DIABETES MELLITUS U_ 4.LlTH0R--SHLU4OVlCH,____p.8. COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR SOURC'E--P,;,08L- ENDOKRINOL. 1970,.16(2), 45-8 DATE PUBLISHEO -------- 70 .,-'S.U8JECT AREAS-BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES *~'~ 'TOPIC TAGS--DIABETES MELLITUSs INSULIN, MEASUREMENTo OBESITY CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS .DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFI-CD PROXY REEL/FRAXIE--1996/0941 STEP NO--UR/0502/70/01.61002/0045/OOit8 SS10,'4 NIO--AP0118107 - - - - - --UNCLASSIFIED 212 018 UNCLASSI FIED PROCESSING DATE--lbOCT70 rlq &I C ACCESSION NO--AP0118107 ABSTR,ACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- A6STRACT. INSULIN LEVEL IN BLOOD OF PATIENTS WITH DIABETES M--LLITUS OR OBESITY AND OF HEALTHY P"JPLE WAS DETD. 0Y A RAD10IMMUNOL. METHOU. IN PATIE14TS WITH DIABETES 14ELLITUS THE SENS[TIVITY OF PERIPHERAL TISSUES TO INSULIN 'riAS DECREASED AND THE PLASMA LEVEL OF INSULIN WAS INCREASED kEGAkDL[-SS OF THE EXCESSIVE WT. FACILITY: LAB. FIZIOL..PATOL4 ENDUKRIN. SISTEMY CHELOVEKA, INST. FIZIOL. IM. PAVLOVA, LENINGRAL)vUSSR. USSR UDC 577.37+612.014.428 GULYAYEV, P. 1., ZABOTIN, V. and GORDIYENKO, V. A. , LaboraCory of Physiological Cypenietics, Leningrad State University "Recording the Electric Fields of Insects in Free Flight" "lloscot Z .7, Doklady Ak-ademii Nauk SSSR, Vol 191, No 3, 1970, pp 699-701 Abstract. A brief description is given of a screened metal chamber for rc-cording the electric fields of bumblebees, wasps, flies, and mosquitoes. Result,-, of studies of the insects in their natural habitat were the same as those obtalned in the screened chamber, despite the absenca of artificial conditions and cle unlimited freedom enjoyed by the insects, Thus, the proposed screened chanfoer appears to be a convenient device for investigating triboelectricity ard its possible informational role in ins,;j-cts. USSR UDC 621.39-1.2 SHLOMA, A. M. "Two-Step Procedure for Detecting Signals in Normal Noise of Unknown Power" Moscow, Radiotekhnika i Elektronika, Vol 17, No 10, 1972, pp 2064-2070 Abstract: A study was made of the amplitude and phase successive detection criteria for a deterministic signal against a background of normal noise under the condition of constancy of the probability of false alarm and independence of the minimum probability of correct detection with respect to the unknm4n noise power. The situation is considered where the conplex hy othesis is proved that the sample belongs to normal distribution 1.1 (pow a ) with tile mean 2 0 and unknown dispersion a (this distribuLion corresponds to the noise) as opposed to the alternative that the sample belongs to normal distribution N(11, with mean p > pu which corresponds to the distri4ution of the signal and noise. Inasmuch as the dispersion 0 2 enters into the probability distribution density It participates in all the calculations emplayed to check the hypothesis. In order to e%clude the effect of tile interfering paro-,,teter G tile Stein statis- tic is used [C. Stein, A!in. Math. Statistics, NO 160 243, 1945; Yu. V. Linnik, Statistichesklye zadachi s neshayushchimi parametrard, Naula Press, 19661. Use 1/2 1/2 008 UNCLASSIFIED PRGCESSING iDATE--27NOV70 TITLE--HYDROGENATIUN Of SOYBEAN OIL.ON PALLADIUM CATALYSTS ON CLAY CARRIERS- -U- 'AUTH3R-(02)-SHLOTGAUERf I.V*w NADIROV# N*Ko C.IOUNTRY OF INFO--USSR VYSSH. UCHEB. ZAVED*v PISHCH* TEKHNOL* 19?09 (219 138-40 EW E PUBLISHED ------- 70 -SUBJECT AREAS--BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES TOPIC TAGS--LEGUME CROPt VEGETABLE OlLt CATALYTIC HYDROGENATION# METAL :-.CATALYSTv PALLADIUM CONTROL t4ARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS ~.DQCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED ~.PROXY REEL/FRAHE-3008/0151, STEP NO--UR/0322170/000/002/0138/0140 ACCESSION NO--AT0137295 UNCLASSIFIED