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December 31, 1967
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USSR UDC 518.9 LVISHITS, I. Min V 1. SP GIIIA-SLIK S. D. ~PPYGIIIA- "On a Minimax Solution of One Problem:of Distrilrjutiiig Resoi~xcesvf V sb. 'Issled. Oreratsiv. 'VYD.. 2 (fterations Researcb--collecticn of vorks. No 2), Moscow, 1971, pp 42-57 (from Mh-Kibernetika, No 12, Dec 7 Ab- stra6t No 1PV773) TTanslation: The authors find the value of the ninimsx and. the strategy which realizes it for the problem of d1stribution of.offem-sive and defen- sive facilities among several sections for the case i,~here the gain of the attacker on an indiv-idual section is proportional to the probability of a breach in the defense on this section by at least one of the attack facilities, and is equal to 'Ube value of the section if such a breach becomes certain. I. Fordn. -11M iMlol LMINNII-1- AP0051970 Byulleten' Ref. Code- PRI' MARY SOURCE: Ek9*0erimentaj'noy Rologii i Meditsiny, 1970, Vol Dir 3 pp 9,5~-Yj EFFECT OF TOTAL AND SUBTOTAL THYROIDECTOMY ON THE GROWTH OF TRANSPLANTABU, MULTIFORM GLYOBLASTOJMA OF THE RAT CEREBELLUM N. A. ~s Institute of Human Morphology, Academy oflMedical Sciences of the USSR, Moscow Investigation was madeof theeffectof athyroid and hypothyroid state of therats-teci. pients of transplantabie multiform glyoblastorna of the cerebellurn - oil the duration of the inrubatio6periodoldesease and on the death of the rats. The operation -,:,-as per fonied 30 days befom the transplatation of the tumour cells, It was establishe4l that total and subtotal thy- roidectomy induced prolongation of the incubation period and Mays tiv death of the animals. REEL/FRAME 1 2 009 UNC LASS IF I ED ~'PROCESSING DATE-50OCT70 TITLE-SU'LFONATION REACTIONS. 72. HYDROLYSIS OF 13PLUMOBENZENESULFONIC ACIDS ~WTHOR-03)-POTAPOVA, T-I-s SPRYSKOV&.j,4A,,, KUKUSHKIN, YE.P. OF INFO--USSR 5,;.OURCE--IZV. VYSSH. UCHEB. ZAVED* KHT14". K111M. TEKKNUL. 1970, 1311), 75-8 QATE PUBLISHED--70 SUBJECT AREAS-CHEMISTRY -.TOPIC TAGS-SULFONATION, HYDROLYSIS* BROMINATED ORGANIC COMPOUNOV BENZENEF SULFONIC ACIDt. ISCMER --MARKLNG-NO RESTRICTIONS. ~,.G,GINTROL :DOCUMENT -CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED 'PROXY RF-ELIFRAME--2000/0783 STEP NO-UR/0153/74)10131001/0075/0078 ACCESSICN NG--AP0124452 UNCLA$,S,fFt!E0 41Z 009 UNCLASSIF.IED 'PROCESSING DATE---30OCT70 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0124452 IIABSTP,ACT/EXTRACT-(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. FROM STUDUS ON IHE OEGREE OF SULKNATION OF PH8R 8Y 50-94PERCENT,H SUB2 SO SUS4 IN 10 HR AT 50-200DECREES, THE MAX. ACIO CiONCNS. FOR IPERCEhT OR LESS SULFONATION ARE: 89.5PEkrENT AT 50DEGREESi 80PERCENT AT 1000EGREESt 73PERCENT At 150CECREES,-AND 61*5PERCENT AT 200DEGREES. STUDIES (IF THE PERCENT HYDROLYSIS IN 10 HR OF U-BROMOBENIENESULFONIC ACP At 109-47DEGREES IN 76.3-70,4PERCENT H SU8Z SO SU34, OF 0-BROMOSENZENESULFONIC ACID AT 121-65DEGREES IN 74.9-66.6?,ERCENT H SUB2 SO SUB4j. AND OF K-BROMOLIENZENE5ULFONIC ACID AT 160-200DEGREES IN 67.6-57.9PERCENT H SU132 SO SUB49-INDICATE THAT HYDROLYSIS OF'THE ORTHO IS014ER IS INITIATED IN 73.3PERCENT H SUB2 SO SU84 AT 128.50EGREES# OF THE PAkAISOMER 144*SDEGREES IN 70.8PERCENT H SUB2 SO,SU84, AND OF TK META ISOMER At I82VEGREES IN 62PERCENT H SUB2 SO SUB40 FACILLYY: IVANOV. 'KHIM*-TEKHNOL. INST-v IVANOV31s USSR#~I UNCLASSIFIE0 USSR urc 616.936 -2-036.3114o5"-o,36.2 (4,() DUMMM N. N., and SPUDIS V. K., Institute of Mecical. Parasitology and Tropical Medicine imeni Ye. I. Ministry of Health USSR, and. Institute of Medical Parasitology, Ministry of Health BSFSR, Rostov-on.-Don "Is Zertlan Valaria with a Long Incubation Period Now Pretleut in the USSR" Moscow, Maditsinskaya Parazitologiya i Parazitaruyye Bo1ezn':j-, Vol 39, No 4, Tui/ ~Aug 70, PP W-472 Abstract: An epidemiological investigation revealed that 69_new cas-es of tertiam malaria with a long incubation period were reported between 1961 and L969 in various parts of the USSR (27 in the WSR and 42 in the VAzakh) Aw,!ebaydi!han, Tadzhik, Uzbek, and Georgian Republics). All of the caues vere detected between January and July, the usual time for manifestation of mularia with a pr6longed inctyoatlon period. The disease was found in regiona where a prolon[.;eii '1nc1.V.,;t1On period is predominaot (north), in regions where a short incubation pertLod it usual (south), and in regions wh-ere both types are evenly distributed (Central in morst of thx local.-ities wtere fresh cases vere roported in the npringi, eitbj!:r outbreaks of malaria had ocrurred the year before or the diaeace van traninwitud at a low level vith loola-ted cases involving a short incubati 'on peitod. TWil:castan arising arter a long ineu1bation period am ascribed to infection with Plasmodixmi vivax from residual foci In the southern regions wbere strains occur thiit prudLice rAlarla after b th long and short incubation periods. m'R=wm uzz UNCLASSI FIED~ PRO(ESSING UATE--230CT70 TITLE--A STUDY OF ANTIGFNS OF THE SUPFACES OF CELILS 1) F LARYNGEAL PAPILLOMA _u_ .o.,AUTti0R-(03)-ILINj K.V.t SPURE, 'ZH.Z H&t CHIRESHKINI 0. G. COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR -~SOURCE-BYULLETENI EKSPERIMEt-4TALINOY BILOGII f MEDITSItiY, 1970, VOL 69, NR 51 PP 85-88 PUBLISHED ------- 70 _SUBJECT AREAS--BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES ..,TOPIC :TAGS--ANTIGEN ANTIBODY REACTIll'if RESPIRATORY SYSTEM, FLUORESCENT ANTIBODY GWROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS, G3(:,UP4ENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED :_:P,ROXY REEL/FRAME--1998/0092 srEP NO--UR/0219/7il/069/005/008510088 CIRC ACCESSION N(J--AP012079Z UNCLASSIFIED oilI own 022 UNCL ASS I FlIE0 PROCESSING DATE--230CT70 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0120792 ABSTRACTI/EXTRACT-W) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE CELLS OF LARYNGEAL PAPILLOMIA OF CHILDREU CONTAIN A SPECIFIC SURFACE ANTIGEN (OR ANTIGGNS) PIEVE4LED BY THE INDIRECT METHOO OF FLUORESCING ANTIBODIES. I HUIr~~!KAL ANT130DIES TO THIS ANTIGEN EXERT A CYTOTOXIC EFFECT ON THE CELLS OF PAPILLUMA, FACILITY: GAMALEIA INSTITUTE OF PEIDEMIOLOGY AND ?~',ICROBIOLOGY OF THE ACADEMY OF MEDICAL SCIENCES.OF THE USSR AND.N0. ~2 CITY PEDIATRIC CLINICAL HOSPITALt MOSCOW# UNCLASSIFIED Milli, 112 021 UNCLASSIFIED BATE--30OCT70 TITLE--RADIGLUMINESCENCE OF ORGANIC MATTER. Vt. FLUORESCENCE AND IN FROZEN SCLUTIONS DURING X RAY,AND PHOTOEXCItATION -U- i.AUTHOR-104)-ANDREYESHCHEVi Ye.A.# KILINv S.F.v ROVIANP J,.M.s SPtJRNYq F. CIUNTRY OF INFO--USSR "~.SGURCE-IZV. AKAD. NAUK SSSR, SER. FIZ. 1970, 3M),%s 66Z-6 .,,,VATE TUbLISHED---70 ~.SUBJECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS TOPIC TAGS--RADIOLUMINESCENCE, X RAY, BENZENE# NAPHTHALENE, !PHOSPHORESCENCE* FLUORESCENCE# LI*GHT EXCITATION _.:CGNlR0L MAF'KING--NO RESTRICTIONS '~POCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED FROXY REEL/FRAME-2000/1626 STEP NO--UR10048/70/034/003/0662/066(~ CIRC ACCESSICh, NG-APOIZ5248 UNCLASSIFXEO 212 021 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 .CIRC ACCESSICN NO--AP0125Z48 :ABSTRAr-T/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE PHOTO A 11 DAAiJl0L.UMI'14EsCENCjE OF IZENE AND NAPHTHALENE (1) IN CYCLOHEXANEj DECALIN, PlIME, AND ETOH AT 8 EN 77DEGREESK wERE MEASURED; THE PilospHORESCENC.E SPKTRA,WERE SEP. RECORDED, AND THE PHOSPHORESCFNCE FLUORESCENCE AkATIC DURING X RAY A,"40 PHOTOEXCITATICN WAS ESTD* UNCIASSIFTED .-1/Z 022 UNCL ASS IF I 8D PROCE-S5INS DATE--IISED70 OF ELECTRnMAGNETIC WAVES 'AN A TROUGH 14AVEGUIDE -U- tuTff'Q,R' -~PURNIKOVA, G.K. COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR RADIOTEKHNIKA I ELEKTRONIKAip NO 3v MAR 70, PP 598-600 DATE PUBL ISHEO----MAR70 ~~..S:UgJECT AREAS--PHYSICS9 ELECTRONICS AND ELECTRICAL ENGR, .,..T.-OPIC.-TAGS--ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVE PROPAGATt0Nq RECTANGULAR WAVEGUIDE, ~~WAVEGUIDE PROPAGATION9 WAVEGUIDE L3SS*' CALCULATION, _'.X.AYqTR6L -MAPKING--fliC RESTRICTIONS :~PROXY-REEUFRAME-1987/1421 STEP NO--UR/0109/10/OOiJ/003/0578/0600 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0104735 UNCLASSIFIED 2/2 022 UNCL AS SI F I ED PROCESSING DATE--IISEP70 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0104735 ABS-TRACT/EXTfRAC.T--(U) GP- 0- ARSTRACTo THIS PAPER PRESENTS A RIGOROUS SOLUTION OF THE OROBLEM nF WAVE PROPAGATION TN~A TROUGH WAVFGUIOE, I.E., A TRANSMISSION LINE CONSISTING OF TWO PARALLEL PLATES WITH RECTANGULAR TROUGHS. A FIELD EXISTS IN THE STR"UCTURE UNDER., THE CIRCU'4STANCE THAT ITS.PRECISE BOUNDARY CONDITIONS ARE SUBORDINATE AT THE WAVEGUIDE 'SURFACE. IT IS CONCLUDED THAT A TROUGH WAVEGUIDE IS AN OPEN TRANSMISSION,,LINE WITH SMALL LOSSFS~., WAVES WHICH ARE PROPAGATED IN SUCH A WAVEGUIDE BELONG TO A CLASS OF WAVES.WITH LEAKAGEv. ANOLOGOUS TO THOSE EX*lSTING IN-OPEN WAVE!GUIDING SY~TEMS, 'T.HE ENERGY LEAKAGE -IN THE CASE U14DER CONSIDERATIOi-I ORIGINATES FROM'THE PENETRATION OF THE FIELD FROM THE TROUGH AREA INTO THE PLANE PAPALLEL NEIGHBORIING.REGIONS ADJOINING ITt AND CAN BE SMALL. FOP, PROPAGATING H WAVES IN A TROUGH WAVEGUIDE, FORMULAS ARE PRESENTED WHICH MAXE IT~POSSIBLE TUICALCULATE THE 104AVE"UIDF, PARAMETERS-,WI-THOUT USE OF AN ELECTRONIC COMPUTER4 THE AUTHOR THANKS O.A* TRETIYAKOV FOR ATTENTION TO THE ~WORK. 2 FIGS. 8~.FORMULA. 5 REF. RECEIVED BY EDITOR: 24 FEB 69. UNCLASSIFIED USSR UDC 621 735.~643.oi6.3:66, CHMM, YU. F., ALISTRATOV, L. I., BMZIN, A. A., C-ALrQL,_A.. jk., KOVIYO, A. D. and Sh V. S., Knnov' Ne I., ff "Industrial Introduction of Technique of Hydropxessing of Tool Billets From Steels R18, R12, R911 Moscow, Kuznechno-5htar;T>oVocbnoye Proizvodstvol No 8, Aug 71, pp 11-12 Abstract: Experimental investigations at lanepropetroisk Physicotechnical Scientific Research Institute, Academy of Scienc;s Ukrainian SSR, shoued that the cold Plastic deformation of billets of high-speed steels R16, P12, and R9 by the hydronressing- meth-od results in significant refinerent and more uniform distribution of the carbide phase. Investigations of R18 5teel bil- lets follming hydrepre:znIng, ar-nealing, and heat fi-ria-hing showed an increase in tbo nechanical properties and thermo stability of the stc-al, wbile produc- tion tests of 10-=-diamcter reamers showed a 60-70 vercert.increase In tool durabi1ity. 11-ydrevressing of cylindrical round-czection billets frc.-,i P.18, K2,and R9 bars UP to 30 r-n in diameter bas been introduced at one of the 1/2 CHEMIYY, YU. F., et al., Kuznechno-Shtamp.ovochnoye Proizvodstvol No 8, Aug 71, PP 11-12 Donetskaya Oblast plants. A model P479.hydraulic press is used for billet deformation. The bydrcpressing. setup consists of a high-pressure inultilayer container, rod and die-vith gazketing,. an upper and lower plate, and a cen- terer and fa-stcaner. The tool billet hydropressing process provides for the preparation of inJitial billets, straining of the billets,and their subsequent treatment. Khl2M steel (IU;L 57-59) is used for the die. The economic advisa- bility of using the tech-nique of bigh-aueed steel hydropr--,4~~:ing for the fabrication of tool billets is based mainly on the increased tool durability as a result of the iznroved structure and Physi Cori ecnani Cal properties of the steel after deformattion. There is a saving in hir!,,h-.T:eed steels because the billet comes as close as possible to the tool Act. 2/2 20 UDC: 621.777.01:669-14.253 CH:;Rlfyy, Yu. F. , and LYADSKLYA, A. A. V. ~Z. "Cold Plastic Deformation of RIB Steel by the Hydroextrusion rlethod" Moscow, Kuznechno-shtampovochtloye,Rroizvodstv-o, No. 5, 1971, pp 12-13 Abstract: This article gives the results of investigations into the conditions of hydroextrusion of R18 steel,rods, t,~ie structure and characteristics of the steel after the deformation, and the etrength of an instrument made of the extruded rods. The extruded specimens were made in maohines mounted on hydraulic presses, mod.-l P474A, providing a stres5 of 100 tons, and model D0437, with a stress of 500 tons. The machine consists of a high-pressure con- tainer, a piston,and matrices with gaskets for centering and Joix- ing the produced material. Durin,r the experimcntation, the pres- sure in the oDerating cylinder o--f' the press is recorded threuph a manometer and a recording device. From tbase' data and the results of load calibration, the specific streBs of the extrusion process, i.e., the pressure on the transverse cross section o,'f the, container .opening, is computed. Initial.1y, the otcel ust--d ~,qarj FUS, hot- rolled and annealed; it was then tempered by heating to 730-770,) C, 1/2 NOW IN CIM, MY, Yu. F., et a!, Yuznechno-s*htamDcvochnoye proizvodstvo, 10.. 5, 1971, pp 12-13 ~o for one hour and cooling i-q oil. The mechanical qualities of the rods, measuring 20-35 mm in diameter, were measured after deforma- tion and determination of the hydroextrusicr, st-resses, It is f hiE,- stated tlqat the t_ech_niques of hydroextrusion ol J, speed 5tee'L -rods with a diameter of up to 30 mm have been -introduced into the pro- duction -orocesses of one of the Donets Oblast enterprises. 212 112 CC9 Uj"oCLASS1 F1 ED K10C c-:'i 5 1 N(_;~ LIAT E---- 2:' NO V7 C T1'rLE--P PYSICCjCk M -AICAL STUDY OF AMMONIU CARBO NATE A& 11AUNrUM h4L[GE 'WA7ER . SYSTENS -L.- At~fmuR H1_'3J-D1:_LYAYEVi I.N.t ko"RIGURYEVAI YE #A. p SPUSKANYUKo Zli.F. CCUNTRY OF INFC--USSR CE--ZF,. iNEURG. KH11,1. S CU 1970, 15(3), 796-800 DAM P USL 1 SH E 7 0 8 c'r ii R E A mE M I S T R Y .TGFIIC TAGS--AYt'.CN1UM hALIDE, AMMONIUM GOM P C'M 0 CARBONATE, CHLORIDEr SOLUBILITY CC. NJ R C LMAkK1iNG--N0 RESTRICTIGNS DOCUME.NT 1;LASS--UNC1,ASS1F H-0 `XY PAU REFLIF RAMk--300 11045 1 riv o o t ol,ioo-) CIRC ACCESSHN NC-AP0126203 I r 2/2 009 UNCL ASS IF I ED ~CIRC ACCESSN-N NO-APOL2be'03 _y. v I'S cos I N 0 N L F ( "V h S il *"4 ) 5 jj a 2 C () S US U ~EQUALS CL, CL AND NIH 3P, OR 1) hERE JET-')- Af 15VEGREES. T H.r- N~l U A 4 SU84- VR SYSTEMS AKE SIMPLE EUTONIC SY STE MS A'N't" TH r- N1 SUbA I SYSTEM FORMS ThE UNSrABLE (P.h SUBitj SU62 (;G 1, -43.N'H SUBA,~ -Ur MEM USSR UDC 621-79'1:51-001-57 tute of Electric, Welding imeni Ye. 0. PA N, B. YE., and SPYNU G. A Insti Paton "Industrial Robots for Welding" .,Kiev, Avtomaticheskaya Svarka, No 9, Sep 72, pp 1-8 Abstract: Application of numerical pro&am control methods for the development of second-generation industrial robots is discussed as up lied to arc and spo-(*~- 'Welding. According to the authors, this generation o2 industTial robot-s must have a complex system of control, be self-adjusting, adaptable to external conditions, and bE. able to select tho appropriate beharior algorithm for a given situation. T%e second generation of' robots should be iLble to simulate the move- me nt of a ran's hands in order to place and orient an object. This requirement has led to the creation of two basic designs: wrist movement in conjunction with the coordinates of the spherical system (rotations in horizontal and vertical planes and radial forward novement); imist movement in cyclindrical coordinates (rotation around the vertical axis, vertical and radial lorvard Moverrent). The h remaining tvo derrues of freedom are wrist rotation (wrist, vit, clamp attacb- ment) around mutually perpendicular axer,# The control system of indiastrial robots consists or a mairor-y, logic ele- ments, and executive components. Memory can be magnetic tape, drum, or 1/2 USSIR PATON, B. YEE., anti SPYNU, G. A., Avtomaticheskaya Svarka, No 9, Sep 72, p-o 1-8 ferrite cores; control system executive components cr-.m be digital, analo-", or mixed. Programming of an industrial robot is fairly simple. Ihe robot is con- nected to a control ranel where a worker performs a welding operation, using control panel buttons. As the robot is performing the weldiiig operation under control of the control panel, it stores the movements it nakes in its mera-ary, allowing this process to be repeated as many times as, requiTed. Also an opera- tional program can be dumped from the memory of one robot and loaded into the memories of other robots. At the present time robots are being used solely for a).ixiliiary opera- tions whereas in the future, once automation problems have been solved, the robot should be able to perform the entire welding pr6cess.. Parallel with the creation of sDecialized welding robots for ordinary conditions there is the task of designing a robot which can perform welding operatiotis under water, in corrosive media, spac"'I etc. S'ne Institute of Electric Weldirv lmni Ye. 0. Paton is repearchimg, the possibilities of using robots in weldTng~ production. 16.ich hac been done toward determining the conditions of using robots~for spot wel&ing at automobile plants. 4 figures, 2 tables, 15 bibliographic references. 2/2 44 4- PKIJULh~ or sinuuaiu-i AND LMATION Or Al;-,,"~ATIC :1!~- A:,. WLLDING PROCESS R"Ni-ui, Port 1, 11171, rli ni. robl~-rri of =~Z=" :"z in= I nc rrspc.-.~;M. iL,.. d"I'- rcqwi-a,ttt Tne of weld; ir,~d with high lj"ltt~ "e yolialtli-7 C-1 ~ifl 111t t!%. 1-11 -11~111,4 1-I!,1,11, .,.do of z;,, pr~,Ulemn c~ thr ~en:cb "a, moot Widasprcad a-m- till tyrc. of It to pror~ed tnnr all f,F 0,-~ cxi--,C1nc --,to- rer tae arz 1~ Sys t0,= for uta" illzttion o~ 4zhc- Qpt.-atir.7 Ing proccas: -the ~i, Idi,,I;, lurmim. LhL pr6!d. 2. Tracking contral vyitti ri for ~p r4,n=~zttm: toat~i,-- 0~1,; gaametry of the joint, anj !- ol-, -1. prograixv-j systm. fez the c""diticris and -7- Twl,tn .1 ~i,, iel,linr. head., 4. idapcLv4 s7iitei;~ ~or rQpul~,t'r,: LLC au',~:- -ZiC "~~JtWn- WICIs %:tn;)CCL to CAV iliCLI-Al A.-omatic cMtrol syste- wlith Lvcu~aci~ -~'h ".rczi: t~ tli~ cri"ria. ti"Ar lcll~~ in taa .t reapect Lo cievro- of that th~ center of gravlty of th~ work witty -c,tion of n r.c,.,& belonrn to ~yst"~ for dtrcctlog ta, ~I-LVQO, .11.1, t:- AIRS 5487S LU 7 January 1972 622 MDQ 45 - 002 - 5 ppanax= OF HUMZftIrh.L MORAWdFo 41WM01' OF ABC AND ELIECTRO BMA $M;PMG CArttclo* by-C. A, Spynu~ Vj_;.-74= 1. Und LZMLJ~1?1) of"Tff?"EMMw&Mng Instit-lite Imen.1 !&. 0, %ton, r;cr LiChC=kAY6 0"XiM M16SIdal NO 8, 1971, sul-mitted 11) Y~rvll I-QTi' TP The coc%plexiti-of.ttle solution to the problem ot autommt.1-4-, the move- m,~nta of the op-rating wzIding organ I!% oft,?n caus,-4, by tbu roli-A=, unelli trollcd viaturv of t4e information conerning the requLmd traject.=7 of , 11 Moyorwift., when the parts,to be joined a-.- $-repaml with lurev tolera--=.~ 4--nd.1 th.~ir puattion relative to the b-lildine maticna of &:rm working o!-ip-= c-annot 17- ecAft1lirtied with sufficient precialon. All tblv! calis for the ncm-d or tLe ftquired. trajectory, or.motion of the vorkilia --rg!U~ 2~~r part indiviAurilly, Ill ln--ay cosels, the peculiarity of the welding proceati tv, -~be tw~d t'ar 11"ing the operating organ sever8l times alomr the mquimd ItAlltipath weldir.6). The nenm line of the welded p%rts Is tt,,n !J!1fJcu arter the first seam is imro~ed. It Is bes'. to rvltoml~er 11;~ 2171=1'7-~'~ kr-tjvatvry end to ptrform the consequent oP-ratic=3 ill corrarnztty vitt-, th-.t; ljlfor'.wltl~.'n. To 3olve this and other problems, the.use of a p=grualme~4 control (krll) with preliminaLy recording of the preg-mm is propotel. of the syrtem realizing th~ motion of th-! weldlr4 4< .1,-ratlun orjari Img ito trajectory in the xy plane is slulvrl In Fig. '"ho progvim ta r"-orded for the motion of tLe wirkit% argzr~ VJ aloog It* trajectary, 'which In Xinem&tically connected -.a seroori for the cDc-rdl- the motion I_ ato e. "'Ates x nml y, r~x 6..nd $y, vhicb convert 'ect rical signals roconleA Ill tile utemory device 10. Zubmittod to th;-All-Union 0onference on Automatic Control of Welding Procenneo' Kiev, 1.1-14 Ocidber 1970- (t - USSR - NJ 101) USSIR uw 614-7:61.5-28:547.1'11'3 "PiU,_,PJ., Doctor of Medical Sciences, VROCHINS-,KIY K. If., ZOR"Y-EVA, T. D., and MAIVKO, 11. N., All Union Scientific Research InstLtute of Hygiene and Toxicology of Insecticides, Polymers, anal Plastics, Kiev "Comprehensive Approach to the Setting of Standards -for New Organophosphor-ts Pesticides in Environmental Objects" Moscow, Gigiyena i Sanitariya, No 11, 1972, pp 96-99 Abstract: Such organoiYhosphoruls compounds as thiophos, methy.1rercapilophos, carbophos, etc. maj enter the human body with food, voter, and air. Hence a comprehenaive approach to the settim7, of standards for he peBticid.,-'s is racoxw.anded. It involves establiching the maxirmim perirticsiblt.~ doso for man and the relative share of each medium in the dose, i.e., Djj Di, where ~,, if; the safe permiosible dor-e for mart; D, V3 the )xioinat of pefltivLde in ',God; D2 is the ru,-~tount of pesticide in water; D3is,the amol-Lnt of peoticide in inhaled air; i is the anount in the ith medium. Thi-it foUmr'Lpg ste-as are taken to set the standard for a given pesticide: W toxicological studies and generalization of the results to determine DM for anim%ls; (ii) deteridnation 1/2 _~~R S, USSR SPYNU, YE. I., et al., Gigiyena t Sannitariya, No 11, :1~)-(2, pp 96-99 So Pf f Y, of DMfor ran based on the cormarative sensitivity of ran and aniials to the compound; (iii) deter-mination of the actual content of -the pesticide in various media (K 1, K2.. Ki) and relative share of each medium in D~.f for man, calcula- tion of the standard in a medium based on DI., for na-n. and on Kj; (iv) cor-parison of JD~ ,, for ran with 'he total tL-ount of the pesticide L.hat my penetrate the human body after coming into contact with various media. Efirlier studies showed that man and anix~i,.als are equally sensitive to most organophosj~horus pesticides after a single exposure. However, men is cOnsiderably more sensi- tive after chronic or prolonged exposu2IA_. 2/2 n~,F, UDC 632.95.028:519.2 IVAIGINEWO, A. G., SPYNU, YE.I., PATRATIY, I. Z., IVANTOVA, L. U., All-Unioz ~ 1 .11- "Z ~ Scientific Research 1fid It.1, tutteof Hygiene and Toxicolon, of Pesticides, Polymers and Plastics and the Cybernetics Institute of the Ukrainian SSR Academy of Sciences, Kiev "Mathematical Forecasting of the Degradation Time of Pesticides in Plants by the Probability Algorithira of the Grouped Argument Hathod" Moscow, Gigiyena Sanitariya, tio 10, 1972, pp 43-48 Abstract; A study was made of one of the elements of a generalized mathematical model reflectingthe multifactor dependence of the process of propagatio, and disappearance of pesticides in various parts of the ern7ironnent with indication of forecasting the degradation tire of the pesticides -in vlants. A set of s divided into classes vith~ resr~ect to dti-ation of their deErada- penticides va tion the function of 22 attribiites including the plUsical-chi--nical properties, pararmters the crop and the cc)ndltions c~f ap~plyinc~, the plesti- cide to it., aur-1 also of the jrnteorological. conditlons. Three dif~italization levels U sirl - reco- vere in'roduc~ad, .1 1. .:.! which, cau bQ and c pic .'--nition lormulas vem 60~~dim aced for mwrual mlcul.atjonc exid to difileo-ver thc- dirawmics in the Catle of miltiple combination of the Indicated factor with an. 11CCLI-MC.,' Vp to PIT11. Ae recoonition foniula in the lo-arithmized form appew~-B as follows: 1/2 li~SR IVAMIEINKO, A. G., et al., Gigiyena Sanitariya, No 10, 1972, pp 43-48 In(P ln[P(X X JR.)] = ln[P(X X /R.)] + ln[P(X X /R.)] + ai 1 10 3 2 3 1 2 4 3. + In + ln[P(X X /R R + [P(X3X4/P'I)) 3 13 ~ i + lnfp(X4"410/ I. + ln[P(X X JR )] + ln[P(X X /R,)] + ln[P(X k, /R + 4 19 1 5 6 1 61 21 i + ln [P(Y9Xl7 /R,)J + 'n(P(Xl3Xl8 /R i. )j. where P(XkXZ/R i) is the probability Iof the appearance of combinations of attributes in the i-th class. TIle data indicate that: the inatheinatical. -ri-odels can satisfactorily replace the complex and limited production studies lasting two years and more. 2/2 USSR UDO 614.72:615.2-85.7 L. N., and BOLOTNYY, A. V., al-Union Institute of Hygiene and Toxicology of Pesticides, Polymers, and Plastics, Kiev 'Tollution of the Environment with Organophosphoruz Pesticides" lbscow, Gigiyena i Sanitariya, No 10, 1973, pp 75-79 Abstract: Ru is evident from this review of the literature, Soviet and Western, that the extent and duration of pollution of the atmosphere vi-ith organophosphorus pesticides depend on the method by wbich they are applied to the crops, physicochemical properties of the compounds, anl climatic conditions and other factors. The degree of persistence of organophosphorus pesticides -1 y in plants varies with such phyolcal factorz3 as volatility rolibilil. water ard orgo-nic solvents. TN chemical and biological strib-flity o.',' the compounds determine the extent to which they are destrcyed by u-ltravilolet ri, ox al '; 0 radiation ygen. and temperature, and plant enzynno. The ne-1h d of ap-jay:Lrg the pesticides, ramber of applicatlons, rate of expenditure, species of plant treated, etc. are other important factors. The lelr~sls olf rest]-c-ides in soils and their nigration vary with the physicochenL,-~,--l properteE of th~-- compoiands, characteristics of the soil (type, noist-urn conter.L, pli, mlcrc- flora, etc.), species of plants 1:--,owing, and conditio~n.,;. of i2so. 7G PART ii POLYS,-AIAL ALGOHITWWS tM 111L TIL110KY OV CLArr MONA.!; lArtic.4, 1,.Y A. G, Z. ttm mcury Of utl~t.,~LL~" -WEST- i~ k~L- str-.~tv~t it ivn i lz .i~ tn..~. is ll,a~~t.-',*, -lk', Th-L thrait C;~,j ~C, led argu;-wnta directly, sod for L!ftpem.J~n~ requirva quite brod L%iltlal data for :~tri.zc c~~ctvat~-~. ci~ the pr.c. no, In 8~vordancc with the basic idea of t7~~- "Sk-r'nol of ;,mup Caft-oic!cra- ti(ja Of ArL:=Cr-t& (ace thm ~kyatnian lourilal q propctn~,J_ th.tthc L~ ~l %Qv.r4l a riom of "partln.V do.crip-1,=4 ;,!:a Cl For traimin!, Oxch of t:iv pArt"! alg0riLf;M2 J' !S a C- paraLlvoly short burla Of 4aalog of the m-n-pIrte de-ripti.n cnn b. fr~a a f parri~l descriptions by exclu~lon a( d~ucripLion (algorlvhm) *,,,a the ~,nv-m ft=. wncre ;)(d rWk: F(R I.. th~ a pri"Zi 4; 111luti..i f.,or o~ -!- -t:-. X1. x. - dis.r.te arguwento I. Z. -,acre q JA ^h. n=l-r of dLalt.lizarion levals).. - 33 - ...... ..... ~--^ ........ ~- USSR UEFC 62-50 IVAKHNENKO, 0. G., SPYNU, YE. I., DIMITROV, V. D., PATERMJ~ S. G., and PATRATIY, I. Z 7=ev,7`=a, Kishinev) "Recognizing the Lethal Duration and Content of Pesticidea in Pianst According to a Probability Algorithm for a Method oe Data Handling by Groupsif Kiev, Avtomatyka, No 5, Sep-Oct 70, pp 42-52 Abstract: The article describes the development of a probabLllty al- gorithm for a method of data handling by groups whirh unes the numerator t function. The ofthe Bayes formula or its modification,as a suppo~ probabil.ity algorithm is used to solve the following problem: 1) Approximately determining the time constant in the exponent in the expresion for a pesticide's toxicity an the;basisl,of data con- cerning.the phyatcochemical. properties of the prepliration, the conditions of itd use, and plant peculiaritiea;~ 1/2 -USSR IVAKHNENKO, 0. G., et al., Avtomatyka, No 5, Sep-Qct 70, pp 42-52 ~2) Determining the current concentration of a peaticide at a gi-jen time from calculated data on theAnitial conkentration of the substance in plants and the destruction rate conatiant, 2/2 Ai- USSR UDC: 577.4 S-�RALGOVICH,.__3-',_G. , SHAPIRO, L. Z. "On the Collective Behavior of Type G Automata" V sb. Issled. po teorii samonaztraiyayushchikhsya sistem (Studies in the Tehory of Adaptive Systems--collection of works), Moscow,.Vychisl. tsentr N AN SSSR, 1971. pp 81-95 (from RZI,,-Kibernetika, fro 4, pr 7 Abstract Lo 4V371) Translation: The authors consider class G automata (abstract 4V370) which participate in a positional game and in,a Gur game. A. Maslov. USSR UDC. 5"(7.4 SRAGOVICH V. G. "Automata Vith a Multiple-Valued Input and Their Behavior in Random ',,~!edia" V sb. Issled. Do teorii samonastraivayushchikhaa sistel-Im (Studies in the Theory of Adaptive Systems--collection of -works), Moscow,_Vychislii tsentr AN SSSH, 1971, PP 19-65 (from RZh-Kibernetika, No 4, Apr 72, Abstract No 4V370) Translation: A random medium is defined by finite sets of actions {yi.1 and rational nuwbers (reactions) fixil and by,a probabilistic measure which de- termines the reaction to a given action. The author considers automata (with a denumerable set of states) with a set of inputs (xi), set of outputs [xil, deterministic function of tran- -Exthcmat sitions, and probabilistic function of outputs. The it. tical expec- tation of the value of the reaction of them medium at ti-me t of interaction viib. the automaton is called the gain. The automaton is called asymptotically optimum if in any stationary medium its gain approaches the maximin possible with an, increase in t. The states of an automaton of class G are triDlets~of vectors whose coordinates are the number of actions yi, the sum of the gains for action i hi Issled. po Teorii Samonast-raivayushchikhsya Sistem (Studies on the Theory of Self-Tuning Systems -- Collection of Works), Moscow Computer Center 0~ Acad. Sci. USSR, 1971, pp 5-18, (Translated from Referativnvy Zhurnal, Kibernetika, No 3, 1972, Abstract No 3 V461). NO ABSTRACT. 112 039 UNCLASSI FfEb ~~ROCESSING DATE--230CT70 TATLE7-THEORETICAL AND EXPER04FNTAL PROBLEMS IN THE STUDY OF THE MECHANISMS OF THE VESTIBULAR NYSTAGMUS. -U- A.N.y SRAGOVICHY, V.G.r SUSHK,OV, B.G., SH[POV, A.A. COUNTRY. OF INFO--USSR ~-SCURCE_KOSMICHESKAIA BIOLOGIIA I MEDITSINAt VOL* 4., 42-30 i-. 'D ATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 ~.-SUBJECT AREAS--BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES .JOPIC TAGS --SPACE MEDICINE? VESTIBULAR DISTURBANCE, SENSORY PHYSIOLOGYr MATHEHATIC MODEL -CO UN TR 0 LMARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS pocUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED '_:~~PROXY REEL/FRAME--1997/1969 JAN.-FEB. 1970t P* EYEf VISUAL STEP NO--UR/0453170/0f)(#/000/0022/0030 ~CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0120612 LINCLASS IF _TTT k66611 ~hlwl 1'M ii ~ii"iwli II1111 j ~l 4 -, 4 11 t Ii Ii-i11 iI I . 11 :- X i ssl FiE , tze - ; Z LP Z Z ;1jjj; 4 ~Z S T! S 7 L 4- T 1 r i'% U14 L A l 'I r i, ;D~ F TI-R IS M'OGI;Z~L! LIUR1 1 I O E '51 0 1* 'P ER t 4 R 1 ]a I C 1JI 5- S~D f X 714'r 15 0 N A t, 1 THIS MO IRFS, RESPONiSlItLE FOI R TH DEL CLOSERZ TO THE C E RIBM At S TR Mu I"i VYSTAGPe -5 0 E s ON, t a ED -AMC A S S__[FJ F de, USSR UDG 51 SRAGOVICH, V. G.. SUSHKOV, S. G., FLEROVP YU. A. Adapciva Systc-- Qf Decentralized Control of Technological Processes" V s~b. DeEsentralizovan. =etody_~jpr. (Decentralized Coatrol Methods-cuLlection of works), lbscow, 19-.72, pp 39-41(from,M-Kibernetila, No 12, Dee 72, Abstract No 12tV-401) No abstract Oil t)tq(" L Ai S I F I ED R-OCESSING 0A.'E--'-!7NQV70 TITLE--TWO STAGE PREPARATION OF ALKYL ETHERS OF 0 AND P,BUTYLPHENCLS -U- UiTH0R-(02)-SRE8R00OLSKAYAv I.f., ZAVG0~00NlY, S.V. -A COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR ~~-SGURCE__U.S.S.R. 263,584 REFERE.NCE--CfTKRYTIYA, IZDBRET., PROM. OBRAZTSY, TOVARNYE ZNAKI lqlO, ~DATE PUBLISHED--10FE-870 _.'.SL'18JECT AREAS---CHEMISTRY .--TCI'PIC TACrS --CHLOROPRENET PHO S P HOR I C, ACID? CHEMICAL ~jVNTHIISIS, PHENOL, -AROMATIC ETHER r CHEMICAL PATENT CONTROL HARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED '.PROXY REEL/FRAME--3006/1588 STEP NO--IJR/0482/TG/QOOYOOOIOOOO/0000 2/2 Oil UNCLASSIFIE0 PROCES!51NG DArE--27NOV70 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AA0135229 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT-(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT., THE TITLE (~XIMPDS~, ARE PREP0. 13Y TREATING ALKYL ETHERS OF PHENOL WITH CHLOROPRENE~A-T SMALLER THAN OR EOUAL TO 70DEGREES 11"I THE PRESFNCE OF AiN ACID CAI'ALYST fG.G. ORTHOPHOSPHORIC ACID), WITH SUBSEQUENT RED.N. OF PiE OBTAINED PiRoouc*r WITH, E. G., METALLIC NA IN AN ORG. SOLVENT IN THE PRESENCE OF A RANEY Nil CATALYST* FACILITY: KIYEVSKIY ORDENAtENIKA POLITEKHNICHESKIY INSTITUT IM. 50-LETIYA VELIKOV 0KTYABRJSKOY UNC LAS$ I F1 ED JL/2 039 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE Tl[TLE--CORR9SlON RESISTAINCE OF METALLIC:MATFRIALS .1 t4 TRIACETATE F18ER PRODUCTION -U- .AIJTHOR-(02)-SRET'ENSKAYAt G.V.t TALAYEVAII G.V. C13UNTRY OF INFO--USSR .-:SOURCE-IUSSR)* KHIM. VOLOKNA 1970, (3), 55-8 ._~.DATE PUBLISHED - ----- 70 SUBJECT ARF-AS--MATERIALS TOPIC TAGS--CORROSION RESISTANCE, METAL,CORROSION, ACETATE, SYNTHETIC FIBER, LOW CARBON STEELY ITIANIUM ALLOYt COPPER ALLOYr STAINLESS STEELY NICKEL BASE ALLOY/(U)KH173iM37 STAINLESS STEELv IIJ?OKH2lN5T STAlNLESS -STEELY (U)HASTELLOY NICKEL BASE ALLOY, (Ul0KHZ3N2'~)M30T STAINLESS STEEL, -(U)V.Hl7Nl3M2T STAINLESS STEELY- MOKH23N28M303T STAINLESS STEEL -CGITROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY FICHE NO ---- F070/605012/EO3 STEP NO--()R/0183/'i'0/000/003/0051.~'/()058 CIRC ACCESS10i"q 2/2 039 UNCLASSIFIED il"ROCESSING OATE--040EC70 CIRC ACCESSION NO-APOL40305 AESTRACT/EXTRACT-(Ul CP-o- Alt.'ISTR,'~CT THE CORROSION RESISTANCE WAS STIMED OF STAINLESS STEEL'it CU AND ITS ALLOYS., NI-MG STEELS, LOW C STE:.E.LSr T! AND ITS ALLOYS IN THE t-11IXT-oc. OF CH SUG2 Ct SUB2 14.11H lJOHY 114 1-He SOLN. OF CELLULOSE TRIACETATE (1) IN 9"1 CH SU132 CL SU132-ET1-1!~ MIXT., IN T14E -RECYCLE SULVNET (MIXT. OF CH SUB2 Ct. SUB2,t EToli, ARD WATER)q 1Pl AN ACTIVATED CHARACOL ADSORMER 'r]ORK[NG AT 40-120015GREES Pl A VAPOR 01:: SOLVENT, AND IN DRYING OVEWS. THE LOW f_ STEELS ARE NOT RFCOMMENDF-0 AS THE REPLACEMENT FOR CL) DESPITE THEIR SATISFACTORY-GORROSION RESISTANCE; THE111 CORROSION PRODUCTS COLOR I FIBERS. THE FOLLOWING METALS ARE RECOMM ENDED: STEELS IK1418N9T, KH17N13M3Tv OKH21N579 0-'1,HZ1N6M2Ti MIN ADSORBER)i TI ALLOYSP HASTELLOY Ct STEEL- 0KH2z3N28l43D3T1t AND STEEL IKH171413142T OR OKH23N28M303T (IN DRIERS:ONLY).~ ljil,~CL Ala S _1F -1-c D USSR UDG 621.3187 DUB17--XIY, L.G., KC-LOV, R.I., MCROZZOV, lei.$ SCKOLOYLJI SRETENSKIY. V.N. nSystem Approach To Analysis Cf Causes And Nature Of' Failures Of Products Of Electronic Technologyn Elektron. tekhnika. Hauchno-tekh.n. ab. Upr. 1~schestvom i standartiz. tiftc-Technical Collection. duality (Elect onic Technology. Scien Van3gement Ani Standarization), 1970, Issue 3, PP .2,-12 (from RZa-Elaktronika i yeye primenenVe, No 4, April 1971, Abstract No 4A2) Translation: The principles are considered of a system approach which makes it possible to determine operationally the causes of failures and to increase the effectivenesB of overstion af a Byatem of supervision and control of the qual- ity of the products of electronics technology. Examplue are Fresentea of the realiestion of a system approach for Eas-discharge devices (with C-as filling/ C, which assumes use of a computer for processing of the.'results obtained. M.V. OSSR UDC 621.317.023(02) VALITOV, R. A., SRETENSKIY, V. N. kadiotekhnichesk'Iye izmereniya. Metody i tekhnika izmereniy v diapazone ot dlinuldi do opticheskikh voln Technical Heasuretrients. Meas uremen t Techniques and Equipment in the Long Wwie to Optical Wave Band) , Moscow, Soviet Radio Press, 19~0, 712 pp, ill. 2 r. 23 k ffr,om RM-Raeliotekhnika, No 4, Apr 71, -Abstract No 4A257K) Translation: A study was made of the basic principles of theory and practice technical measurements. An analysis of the vethods of measuring the radio technical variables in different vlave bands is presented. A description of the operating principle, the technical data, and the- reasoning behind selec- tion of the basic circuit and structural elements are presented for the indi- vidual most widespread and prospective measuring instruments. 3y comparison with the last editions of books by the authors on the principles of radio measurements, the structure and content of many section!; ha,.e been changed significantly in the present boolk. T;,ro new parts have been introduced. ThLy are devoted to the general problcms of radio technical measurements, tile elements of estimatinc, the correctness of ~ application and operation of measurin,-, instruments, and the role and significance of metrology. Divisions dQvoted to error analyris of the measjurmtntao of th,-! random 1/2 USSR VALM, R. A., et al., Radiotelthnicheskiye izmerenin. IMetQdy i tekhnika iz=reniy v di-spazzone ot dliR2~a do optiches-kilth voln, Moscow, Soviet Radio Press, 1970, 732 pp, ill., 2 r. 23 k. Process characteristics, masuremnt tecludques and maaasurirvg devices in the millimeter, submillimeter and optical wavelength bands are pxesented anew. Significant attention is being given to the problems of automation of measure- Ments, miniaturization of rmasuriAg, devices, the construction of measuring devices on the basis of broad utilization -of semiconductor engineering. The book is intended for engineering and technical persomnel, ad(i it can be used as a training aid for university students. Mere are 618 illustrationB, 19 tables and a 166-entry bibliography. 2 re 90 L 'T' 1/2 005 UNCLASSIF~IED PROCESSING DATE--230CT7C TITLE--UNIFICATION AND STANDARDIZATION OF ELECTRIC.DRIVE UNITS IN WHEELED VFHICLES -U- AUTHOR-(03)-DOMBROVSKIY, N.G., SIGODINt V.V.v SPIMEU,,A.Aff., COU*4TRY OF-INFO--USSR SOURCE--STANDARTY I KACHESTVO, 1970, NR 5, PP 49-50 OATE PU9LISHEO ------- 70 SUBJECT AREAS--MECH.t IND.v CIVIL AND MARINE ENGR, BEHAVIORAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCES Topic TA^S--WHEELED VEHICLE TRANSMISSIONP TECHNICAL STANDARD CCNTROL 4ARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED REEL/FRAME--1997/1555 STEP NO---UR/0422/70/0001005/0049/0050 CARC ACCESSION NO--AP0120334 212 005 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--23OCT7 C IRC ACCESSION NQ--AP0120334 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT* THE ARTICLE DISCUSSES THE PROBLEM OF UNIFICATION AND UNITIZATION OF WHEELED VEHICLES DRIVEN THROUGH AN ELECTRICAL TRANSMISSION* STANDARDS ARE CITED WHICH SPECIFY THE PROSPECTIVE PROPERTIES OF, AND REQUIREMENTS.TOv: THE ELECTRIC DRIVES OF WHEELED VEHICLES. THESE STANDARDS ARE UNDER DEVELOPMENT AT THE ALL UNION RESEARCH INSTITUTE GF STANDARDIZATION IN ENGINEERING (VNIIN,'AASHI, 'ALL UNIO% N RESEARCH INSTITUTE FOR CONTRACTGR*S MACHINERY (VNIISTROYDCRP-ASH), AND THE MINISMY FO.ELECTROTECH741CAL INDUSTRY OF TH USSR. FACILITY: ALL UNION RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF STANDARDIZATIO 1.4 ENGINEERING (VNI11MASH)t ALL UNION RESEARCH .104STITUTE FOR CONTRACTOR, MACHINERY (VNITSTROYDORMASH), AND THE MINISTRY,Of ELECTROTECHNICAL INDUSTRY OF THE USSR. UNCLASSIFIED USSR ZHUKOV, M. YU., SRUBSHCHIK L. S,., Rostov-na-Donu "Behavior of a Closed Spherical Shel.1 after Loss of StabiIi-ty" Moscow, Prikladnaya matemallika i mek hanika, No. 5, Sep/Oct 71, pp 840--847 Abstract: New form, s of equilibrium of a uniformly compressed closed elastIc spherical shell for values of the load close to critical under which the Moment- less stress state loses stability are discussed. 71he problem is reduced to the construction of solutions for the equations that branch the trivial from solution in the neighborhood of the bijfurcatio~ point. The T Lyapunov-Schmidt method for a wide class of operator equations in Banach spa.ces Is applied. It is noted that this method was previously applied to coristruct new equilibrium shapes in the case of plates and hollow shells. TheiReisaner equations in dimensionless form for an axisyrimetric elastic deformation of a closed rpherical shell under a uniformly distributed pressure are usecl as the basis of the dis- cussion. Same result,3 of com~puter cajcujatjon~- for values.of c in the range 1%10-4 < c < 4.3-10-2 are given. USSR UDC 539.3:534.1 SRURSHCHIK, L. S., Rostov-na-Donu "Loss of Stability of Asymmetrical, Strictly Convex Thin Smooth Shells" Moscow, Prikladnaya Matematika i Mekhanika, Vol 37, No 1, Jan-Feb. 1973, pp 131-144. Abstract: The values of the.upper critical loads for loss of stability of a-symmetrical, strictly convex, smoorh elastic shells are determined, when the parameter of relative wall thinnessis sufficiently low. Simple rela- tionships are concluded, from which these values can b,e found if the nature of the loading, geometry of the envolope and method of fastening of the edges are known. In passing, aspiptotic expansions of the solution are constructed for the corresponding boundaTy problems, allowing calculation of t1m stress-strain state of the envelope in the subo-itical stage. As- an example, asymptotic values are found forthe upper critical pressures of ellipsoidal envelopes under the influence.of even external pressure and with various basic methods of attachment,of the edges. W,A, 1. AS s i rNG OA T E--:LI DE 7, 0 T I C SIUOY LF NcTEkLJSlS OUR I NG 1) s A I ni vjA!,~ I ous- 7. E 1; 1 K CCt~ F F I C I E N I S-U- V.;,i. JUALAK, Z.K.., SkUCGA, A.A.! :C C' ).;;,i T RY CF INFC-USSR E--SEL SKC-YHF-1 Z 3 1 U 151 64- 73. 197Q A TV P UB L I ShE 0------7 C- ,S 3 J E- C- TAREAS-AGAICULTURE O'l TA(;S-At% I MAL HUSbANDRY, ANIMAL GENE-TICS4 HUGt ~wilmfa, P-C-PRODUCTION kESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIC-0 PRUkY i~ EEL fi AAME-3 C07/0297 STEP NU-r-Ul*,k/906217~)1005/001/006ft/f.')073 HiL Is Imp Z/Z Gc-5 Z UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING OAfE--110EC70 CI' ACCESSICN, NO--AP0135792 R ' ~A AESTRACT/EXTRACT-(U) GH-0- ABSTRACT. THE POSSISILIT'l OF THF- UEVELOPMENT T' THE ANO~ USE OF lNzJRED SIKES TO OBTAIN THE HET ERUS I SEFFECT UNDER A f IMMUNOGENLTIC CGNTROL WAS STUJ)IEo bY THE: VE*ri-ico :uF THE -.EPEATEO FER FERTILIZATICN OF INBREJ XNID OUTeRED SOWS WITH IHE ;lr)(TURE OF SEMEN FRO.M 60ARS WITO Dlf -FERENT HCMUZYGOCITY COEFFICIENTS, , THE DECIPHERING OF THE b ,OAIGIN EASED GN 6LUDO GROUPS 51-IOWED ~T.HAT THE USE OF lfibRED 131JARS 'MlICH ERE Gk v,,FRE NOT RELAI IVES FOR SOWS TO fNSE.,l4fNATiE 130]'H OUTHRED AND INBRED FEMALES RESULTC-0 IN THE: HIGHER. PEACEhTAGE OF DEAD PIGS F-RO14 RELATIVE BOARS. THE DEGREE OF INBREEDING GREATLY AFFECTS THE Ell'.3RYOiNAL, MORTALITY ANO LOSS OF PIGS AT THE EARLY PGSTNATAL PEi~1(30. THE INCREASE OF THE CUCEFFICIENT UF THE HOMOZYGOCITY OF SwINES~, 1-N THE PKOCESS OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF INBRED LINES SHUULD NOT .EXCEED -501:'ERc[,,4T (AFTER RIGHT). I,,,, CCNTRAST TO CORSSES- OF Pq8RE0 LINES TQPCROSSING CAN BF USED IN SWINE 3REEDING TO GBTAIN THE HETEkOSI'S EFFECT.. FACILITY: INST. CYTOL. GENET.* SIB. LiA. ACAD. SC1. U55R, NGVCSlt3lRSKo USSR. 5 1 F Ita USSR CHERHYAUSKAS, V.-A. Yu., TEL'KSNIS, A.-L. A., SqUOGIS,.Yu.-V. K. .......... "Device for Determinat'ji-on of Changes in the Properties of a Random Signal" ()tkrytiya Izobreteniya Promyshlennye Obraztsy Tovarn~-ye Znaki, No 5, 1972, Patent No 355617. Translation: A device for dLtermination of changes in the properties of a random signal at the output of systems such as oscillating circuits, contain- ing an analog-digital convertor, a Shift register, a squaring circuit, adders, multipliers, circuits for calculation of the logarithm of the product of determinasits., a control unit, memory register and unit for calculation of the maximum, differing in that in order to inCTease the accuracy and resolv- ing capacity of the moment of tima of changrL of corrolation properties of a random signal, the output of the analog- digi ta I convertor Ls connected to the input of the shift register; the output of the next to last location in the shift register is connected to the input-of the first location and through a squaring circuit, the first adder and the first multiplier, to the first in- put of the second adder, the second input of which is connectcd through the second multiplier, the third addor, the~second squaTing circuit and the fourth adder to the outputs of the next to last and third froin last locations of thz~ shift registers; the third input of the second adder i's connected through the 1/2 uppm 777-7-777- USSR CHERNYAUSKAS, V.-A. Yu., TEL'KSNIS, A.-L. A., SRUOGIS, Yu.-V. K., OtkTytiya- Izabreteniya Promyshlennye Obraztsy Tovarn),ye Znaki,~ No 5, 1972, Patcnt No 3S5617. third multiplier, the fifth adder, the third squaring circuit and the sixth adder to the outputs of the three last~locations of the shift register; the fourth input of the second adder is connectvd. to the ~ojtput of the circuit for calculation of the logarithn. of the products of the detenginants, the input of which is connected to the output of the conti,ol unit, the other outputs of which are connected to the shift reglster,,memoty register and inputs of the first, third and fifth adders respectively, while the Output of the second adder is connected to the input of the nemory register, the outputs of.which are connected to the corresponding inputs of the circuit for calculation of the maximum... USSR UDC: 51:155.001.5T:681.3.06 GAMOMMI, A. I., SSORIN$ V. G. "On Constructing Signal Reco&mition Systern. on the Basis of Septrons With Split Photoelements" Tr. Mosk. In-ta clektron. rmsblnostr. (Works of tae 1-foscov i titute of Electronic Machine Building), 1971. vr~. 14, Pp 173-178 (fmm.RZh- -Kibernetika, No 9, Sep 71, Abstract No 9V630) ll Translation: The authcrs consider a rndel of a septran with split photoelemen-11-s. A method is presented for determinim g the. "spacing!' -L notoc, -1 between signals by means of a septron witL a s-jl:lt p, ~, -ell tftUi ing a static mask. It is proposed that this septron modol be used for forming a space of signal characteristics. V. Mkheyev. --66 USSR UVC 539-196;621.385.6 UNAVETS, V. I. and - STABINIS, A. Yu. "Spontaneous Radiation and Self-Excitation of a Small Volume of a Classical.Nonlinear Active Medium" Moscow, VestnikYioskovskqgo Universiteta--Fizika, Astronomiya No 2, 1973, pp 186-195 Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to study coherence effects in various modes including self-excitation of Pu active medium. This can be done in the classical approxixiation by considering spontaneous radiation of a system of nonlinear oscillators in a small volume. The choice of initial phase distribution of the os- cillators depends on the method of~exciting the medium, -although the initial -ohases are usually distributed according to a random law. Initial amplitudes of'the oscillators are assumed to be equal. The authors begin their analysis by writing the equation for oscil- lations in a small volume of a classical active medium, where the length of the medium is much smaller than the oscillation wave- length, in the dipole approximatioa. It is assunied.that the osci"L- lators interact through the characteristic radiation field. USSR UDC 621-373-826 IGNATAVICHUS, M. V., PISKARSKA$j, A. S... and STABINIS3 A. YU. "Use of Some A1IBVI Con~poiunda for Controlling the Pulses of Optical Lasers,' V,6 IProbl. fiz. soyedineniy. AnBvi.. T.I (Prob], ems of thePhysics of Compounds A , B Vol.I - collection of works), Vilinyus, 1972, pp, 121-125 -(from RZh-Radio- tekhnikl, No 11, Nov 72, Abstract No 11 D138) Translation: A detailed theoretical study is conducted on the off ect of 2-photon absorption within a laser resonator on the characteristics of light pulses during variation of the laser parwieters within broad limits. Instantaneous modulation of resonator quality is proposed (since it takes place diring use of directed, phototropic filters). Ctdculationa show that var,iiition in~ the thiclMess of the semiconductor absorbor makes it pousible to change the duration of the light pul3es vithin very broad limits. It is shown that it io necessanr to use semiconductors with a large value of the 2-photon absorption coefficient a~nd a small linear absorption value in order to obtv4n light pulses with la:rge,.peak- power densities with- zsJibly longer duration. A.K* PO USSR UDC 547.341 PUDOVIK, A. N., GAREYEV, R. D., STABROVSKAYA,._;,. YEVSTAF'YEV, G. I., and REHIZOV, A. B., Kazan' State University lueni V. 1. lil'yan'ov-Lenin "Reactivity of Unsaturated Organophosphorus Compounds in the Reaction of 1,3-Dipolar Cvcloaddition of Diaryldiazomethanes" Leningrad, Zhurnal Obshchey Khimii, Vol 43 (105), No 8, Aug 73, pp 1674-1682 Abstract: The kinetics of the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction of diaryl- diazomethanes with organophosphorus dipolarophiles at 60* in m-xylene was investigated. The reaction mechanism is based an a single stage polycentric process with a cyclic electron transfer, The establi%.ihed oxder of dipolaro- philic activity of the unsaturated organophosphorus Ompounds agrees well with current concepts of the affect of substituents at the phosphorus atom.: additive manifestation of the inductive effect and the ability of the sub- stituents to conjugate with the main system. 19 USSR UDC 547.341 PUDOVIK, A. M., STABROVSKAY YEVSTAFIYEV, G. I., RMZOV, A. B., and GARMV, R. D., Kazan State University imeni. V. I. Ullyanova-Lenina "Kinetics of the 1,3-Bipolar Cycloaddition of Diph6nyldiazomethane to Unsaturated Organophosphorus Compounds" Leningrad, Zhurnal Obshchey Khimii, Vol 42(104), Vyp 8, 1972, pp 1862-1863 Abstract; The title study was carried out.for organaphosphorus compounds having the general form a CI= P(O)X2 for 12 combinations of R, usually H, and X usually alkyl, alkoxyl, aryl, or phenol groups. Values of the velocity constant, ranging from 0.61 to 20.35 are compared with the P=O vibration, from 1190 to 1293 cm-1 in a 0.2M benzene solution, and chemical shift of the p3l nucleus,, from~-10 to -33 m.d. in a 50% acetone solution. The.reactivity of,.the-studied compounds were closely .:correlated with the indicators,of the influence of SUbStitUtiOLS an the electronic behavior of the P atom. For:this reaction:the energy of activa- tion- EA - 12.5 + 0.4 kcal/mole and the entropy As -,35.2, in good agreement with the 1,3-bipolar cycloaddition mechanism. 26 USSR UDC 547-341 PUDOVIK, A. N., GAIEYEV, R. P., STABROVSKAYA, L. A., A. V., Kazan' State University Imeni V.-T_._YJ_ry_a_n*5-V--tnntn--- "IA-Dipolar Cycloaddition of 9-Diazofluorene to Unsat.,urated OrGanic Phos- phorus Compounds" Leningrad, Zhurnall Obshc-'qe.,,, ni~riii, Vol 43, (105), No 6, Jim 73, PP 1236-1240 Abstract: The reactions of 9-diazofluorene with unsatur-ated or;,,,,.,nic phosphoxiis compounds at room temperature pass through the. formation of intermediate pro- ducts -- 81-pyrazolene-3., whichj depending on experimentaJ. conditions, brezuk do-wm to nitrogen and cyclopropene derivative s, or isoLrarie to L\ 2-Pyrazolenes, In comparison to diphQny1dinometbane, 9-diazorluorene is le~.qs reactive in regard to its enophilic activity in the reactions of 1,3-dipo.Lar cycloadaition to organic phosphorus dipolarophiles. When 9-diazofluorene vas reacted with dimethoxyvinylphosphonate at about 800C, the product was,l-.J1xethoxY,,r_4ny1-2- bi-ohenylenecyclopropane. USSR UDC 547.512+547.341+547.722.2 PUDOVIK, A. It., GAREYEV, R. D., L A.,,YEVSTAF'YEV, 0. 1., mazov A. B. P "Cyclic Addition of Diazoalkaties to Isopropenylphosphonates" Leningrad, Zhurnal Obshchey Xhimii, Vol XLII (CIV), Ito 1, 1972, pp 50-87 Abstract: A study was made of the reactions of diazonethane with esters of isopropenylphosphonic acid. By the addition of dIa2Oiuethane to isopropenyl- phosphonates, the corresponding phosphorylated 61-pyrazolines were obtained which quickly isonerized into A2-pyrazolines in the pxesence of baseq. By ultraviolet spectroscopy it was establis4ed that the retrahe-dral phosphorus atom interacta by itg (1-orbitals witti the 'n-orbital of the C-N radical. With respect to capacity to enter into conjugation it,is iiiferior to the ester carbonyl radical. The concentration and'temperature.infrared spectroscopy showed that the 3 and 5-phosphorylated AI2-pyrazolines are associated at the expense of the intermolecular hydrogen bonds. 39- USSR UDC 547-341 PUDWW,~ A. N., GAREYEVJ R. D.11 AGANOV) A. V., and STABROVSKAYA, L. A., Kawn State University imeni V. I. Ullyauov-Lanin "The Reaction of Dimethoxyisopropenyl Phosphonate with 2-Diazopropane" Leningrad, Zhurnal, Obshchey KhImii, vol .41,, No 5., VAY 1971, P 1173 Abstract: -Methyl-3-dimethoxy- -dimethyl-/ 3 phosphinyl-5,5 A'-RN-razoline (1) is formed at room temperature by the reaction of the dimethyl ester of isopro-peny-1- phosphonic acid v-1th 2-diaz=5c--,P-z:e, with a yiel'i of 73.h%. No isonerization of -pyrazoline takes place., I is ea--.tly converted to 3-di-phenoxy- phosphinyl-3-methyl-5,5-di-o),!~r-,yl-- -PY'Mzoline, althati,8h, the Geminal phenyl radicals are.unBtable at ten7;:ratirea hi~.-,Iwr .-.110. 1/2 013 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE-30OCT70 TITLE--ALPHA,OXOPHOSPHGNATES IN REACTIONS WITH DIPHENYLOIAZOMEYHANe -U- AUTHOR-(03)-PUDOVIK, A.N., GAREYEV. R.Dap STABROVSKAYAF,,,,L.A. --.-~.CGUNTRY OF INFO--USSR .,,.,,SOURCE-ZH. O.BSHCH. KHIM. 1970, 4013) 3, 698 DATE P UBL I S H E D----"--7 0 SUBJECT AREA S-CHEM I STRY ..~_`FGPIC TAGS--HETEROCYCLIC OXYGEN COMPOUND, BENZENE DERIVATIVE# POLYNUCLEAR ,._~HYDROCARBONip ORGANIC PHOSPHORUS COMPOUNO# AZO-,COMPOUNDO ORGANIC SYNTHESIS ..--CChTR,6L MAkKING--N0 RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED ~,'~PRCIXY~*REELIFRAME--2000/0895 STEP NO--UR/0079/TO/0401003/0698/0698 clF.C. ACCESSION NO-AP0124558- UNCLASSIFIED 2/2 013 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE-30OCT70 CIRC ACCESSIGN NG-AP0124558 ,-ABSTRACT/EXTRACT-W) GP-0- ABSTRACT. REACTION OF (MEO) SUBZ P(WAC AND ~,-,-PH SUB2 CH SUB,2 OCCURRED RAPIDLY AT 800EGREES TO-GlvE 63PERCENT I AND N 11-I.SU82; 1, m. 87-8DEGREES. SIMILAR REACTION -WITH (#ED) SUB2 P(GJaZ GAVE 83PERCENT lit M. 129-30DEGREES. USSR UDC: 538.P7-f-5)i.i.6,1+5L7-341+547-772 SWIT011,, Yu. Yu., GAFCbYEV, R. D., ROVSKAYA- TL,__ IUMVIYI) A. N..1 Kazan' State University imni V. I. Ully,anov-Lenirl "Stereachemistry of Organophosphorus Co=ounds. II. 111M Sr.-_cLrP_ Conformations Of 3- and 5-Phosphorylated,6 ':and IA2_pyrazolines and Angular Correlation 3,T. PCCH Leningrad, Zhurnal Gbahchey Khimii, Vol 42 (104) Ito 6, Jun 72, pp 1227-1.235 Abstract: 3-14ethyl-3-diallioxyl)iiosphinyl-5,5-dinietliyl.- Z11- and 3-PhenYI-5- methyl-5-diL-,ethox_vphorphinyl- Z3 2-pyrazolinas were synthesized. T'he para- I magnetic resonance spectra Of 3- and 5-phosphorylated A 1- and 2-p zo- yra lines were studied, and their preferred ronfonnations war2 determined. 'i%e angular correlation was empirically established for tbi,, vicinall constant of spin-spin interaction type 3jpCQg = f (0): for the case where the car1bon atoms in the F-C-C-H fra(r1rient have sp3 hybridization, and wYxre tljere is no steric hindrance to rotation of the dirnethoxyphosphinyl groupiabout the P-C bond. It was established by ultraviolet and infrared spectrC6-copy that the tetra- hedral phosphorus atom falls behind the phenyl group with reWct to Ecoility to enter into conjueation. USSR MC; 547.26,118 PUDOVIK, A. N.- REMIZOV A. B.) "IL1111:4NI? S. Ye., J, - GH.L LUSHCHITS, I. G., GAREYEV, R. D., Kazan,' State Univerrz~ity i7mni V. I. Ul'yanov-1enin "Adduct of the 'Aldol' Type of Ethiyl Diazoacetate With Dimethyl Acetophos- phonate" Leningrad, Zhurnal Gbshchey Khimii, Vol 42(104), No 6, jun 72, p 1421 Abstract: The authors investiGated the reaction of dirnathyl acetophosphonate with ethyl dia-zoacetate at room temperature. It vus found that an "aldol" addition product is forme-d without elimination of nitrogen. 0 0 1 0 1 Gffa 0), 1~1 1 11, 1 J-C11. N C'*I. lily Inorganic CampourAs USSR 00 546,791.6 1541.138.3 I and SLBPCWMOi 1. G. 'Electrochemical Reduction of Uranium (VI) to Uranium (IV) in SuJfate Solutions" Leningradt Zhuraal Prikladnoy Mali, Vol 45's No 1, Jam~ 72, PP 110-115 Abstract# Processes were investigated which occur during eloctrolysis on the electrodes and in the solution as well as the conditiorm. at which practically complete reduction of uranium (VI) to uranium (IV) occurred. During the electro- chemical reduction of uranyl Ion on a lead electrode In sulfate solutions con- taining sufficient amount of free sulfuric acid tho reactions occuring at the cathodo and in the solution are very rapid. The slowest~iztage of the cathode process, which is therefore rate detormining, is the dlf*.~usion of the iorw being reduced towards the surface of the electrodel therefora the ca:thode potential depends considerably on tho concentration polarization. The potential of lead szode depends on the overcharge of oxygen during Its libaration, Polarization curves were plotted for the process ahowing that derwidinq; on tho magnitude of oathode potential the forrmtion of U(IV)~ In solution may- occur via the re- duOtiOA Of U(VI) to U(IVJ'* on the, calhode; or as a result Of ther disproportiona- tiOn Of U(V), or by the reactioncf U(IV) with U(III)-in.tbe solutiom itself. Nuclear Science, ~tncll Tech:noloEzr USSR UDC 541-138 -Y STABROV .4, "Oxidation-Reduction Potential on Platinum Elec'. ode ',iii Solutions of a 11 12z-,e J~ -lixt, of Salts of Uraniwa (VI) and Uranium (IV) ~nd Equililn-2-UM Concentration of Uranium (V) ions in the ;~,vstem U (VI)-U, (V)-U (I'v), Moscow, Elektrokhimiya, Vol 6, No 10, Oct 70, PP 101-1477 Abstract: A study was made of the influence of the aoi~ity of suip'nuric acid, nitric acid, and hydroc"aloric acid solutions of nLxtut-es of salts of uraniAL-q M) and uranium, (IV) or, the equilibriiLT, oxidation-reituction Potential on a Platinum electzode. It was deanonstrated that the valiia of this potential de- pends on the acidity of the solutions st 'udied. Polarographic analysis h--3 es4-ablished that when solutions of salts of -uraniura (Y-F) and urm-ium (III) ize mixed, ions of uraniui'a M are fmmed in the soluti=6-~,Df mixtures of these saits. The concentration of these ions depends primari-ly on the acidity of the solutions. The assumption that there are alwnys -Jons of urvnium (V) present in solutions of mixtures of salts,of uraniivi M) and urm,&um (VI) was experinent- ally confirmed. The ions of uranii.4a (V-jj' and uranium M determine the poten- 1/2 Kul USSR F-I ektrokhimiya, Vol 6, No W, Oct,70, Pj_) 1471-107 IV) tial in the syster. U(VI)-U (V) -U (W) The influence -of ions of uranii=, (I on the oxidation-reduction potential on a platinum eliailltrod,~. is vanifested only in that an increase or decrease in the concentrat'lion of these ions causes a corresponding change in the concentration of ions of. ~uranium (V) in the so- bation. 2/2 50 192 NOR 0 5 aml F MM. M.; F I =13, i g; MMI ILI M a WOU, to W I 1 1110 USS111" v.Dc 620-193.41 KARA SEV, A. F., and STABROVSKIY, A. 1. "Behavior of Titanium and Its Alloys with Tantalum in tile Case of Cathode Polarization in Nitric. Acid Solutions" Moscov., Z-ashcbita Metallov, vol 6, 110 3, MaY-Jun 1970, pp 324-326 Abstract: One stationary potentials of titanium and certain otber transition Metals (tantalum, niobium, etc) in nitric acid solutions w,e shifted to the passive region as a result of the oxidizability of their surfaces.. However, 11.,he passive sta'te of these metals can be destroyed in the-presence of cathode polariza-rion. An irriestigation -was therefore made of the electrochemical. behavior of tvitaniLoq, niobium, and tantalum and of the corrosion resistance of titanium and its alloys with tantalum, in nitric acid solutions with cathode polarl.,,,ation i~nder 1~alvanically static -conditions in the temperpture range from 20 to 800. Me potentials were ured by the compensation rrethod using the P-4 potentione-ter. The comparizon meas, electrode was a saturated calomel electrode.. The electrolysis uras carried Gut in the open air, and the temperature was maintaized within the limits of + O.i Data on the corrosion rate of titanium with cathode polarlzation in ni7kric acid solutions and the corrosion rate of titanium alloys with t;antaluin during cr-.thoda polarization in nitric acid solutions were tabulated for cmrx-_nL densities from 20 to 60 amps/inch2, at various temperaturets and for varioua potontinla, as well as 1/2 USSR q KARASEVP A. F., and STABRUISKIYI.A. I., Zashchita Y-etallov, vol 61 NO 3, Fav-Jwie 70, PP 324-326 tantalum contents of 8 weiSht %, 10 weight 1,4v, and 15 weight do. From the data obtained it follows that titanium is quite stable during cataio~le polarization in a nitric acid solution containing 6-8 moles/liter of nitrate ion, at 800 ana witia C) 2 0 '. a current density of 20-60 aps/inch and also at 20-60 v.1.%,h a current density of no more than 20 amps/inch - Titanium alloys with 8-15 weight % tantalum are more stable than titanium in the majority of cases. The ZL'Lloy with 15 weight % tantalum is corrosion resistant under all the-electrolysis,,conditions studied. This alloy is recommended for use as a cathode material dvxing electrolysis of nitric acid solutions under the corresponding conditi,ens. 2/2 USSR UDC 616.891-072.8+616.891-07:616.154.4521.453 KARVASARSKIY, B. D. , IOVLEV, B. V. , KJkLININT, 0. ~,f, e SUSLO7, V. I., and TAIRAERINA, N. V., Department of Neuroses and Psycho- therapy, Leningrad Scientific Research Psychoneurological Institute imeni V. M. Bekhterev "Connection Between Experimental Psychological Characteristics of the Personality and Biochemical Indexes in Relation to Problems of the Study of Psychic Stress in Neurotics*' Moscow, Zhurnal Nevropatolo, -ii i Psikhiatrii, 1971, Vol. 71, No 8, pp 1199- 1.203 Abstract: Correlations between psychological data obtained from various tests (WWI, frustration method of Rozenmveig, Eysenck questionnaire, and others) and biochemical data (blood tests for 11-hydroxycorticosteroids, serotonin, protein~-bound iodine; urine tests for dopanine, noradrenalin, adrenalin, vanilly1mandelic acid and others) were established. These relationships were determined for 48 neurotics before applied stress, and ior a control group of healthy persons. The relationships were arrived at by Oie method of regres- sion analysis using a computer. -L/2 4. 111"1"411,11 WIN I USSR KARVASARSKIY, B. D.~ et al., Zhurnal Nevropatologii i Psikhtatrii, 1971, Vol 71, No 8, vp 1199-1203 It is clear from the results that regression analysis is va-lu.,-ible. in fore- casting the effects of stress on neur.otics, which in turn makes it paten- tially valuable in studying the pathogenesis and thernoy of neuroses. 77777_77~1~ 4~k C N Abstracting Service: Refi Code: W4049503- CHEIMICAL 'ABST. F" 100"3g Unsktuwed organogarm=wn c*;nPOVOjjV. Y1. Reatfion -of aaywthium r'0 mpoundi wit4j,34yaq vi*#Ln nunes, K t 0 1 p+V ~yjj_ s D.-, PP A. eg tjajpicb6k 1.0 &. ;N,. Z_I:Ar ! ltff (Le dn n01. nst- int. Leu_~ik~ . ensnvTai ; -11 -414 (RwW. _RVF`-aHff_w Zk. ObS&h_.___K M. rM' 40f I), S ~ dotiLle bonds that are remote, from Ge fn oiga~oj,,~=aniu!m compds. of the 1,3-di),ne aass considerably less reatfilyjhan Ovy do-for similar Si.compd6,. The main rseact;ou is suWtituti-7e metalation at Me or CH2 grOUPS 6rineCted to -the trl~)le bo"'d. The relative reactivity of 1,3-divues '~of this nature com be dis- posed in descending order. Si,-Ge,JC, A mixt, of,130-t-Or and 1,,'~-peatadiyne treated with'ibe-salt cooling wlth KzjG~eBr .111d hr gave 3 65~,j I ruanyl-1, 3-fwit; i rehuxed 8 -trirnefliyl~er ijiiiyne (1), bi. 42-2.5*, Wl l.0869,,nju I.W72"; similwrly were.pgii.A. 805-1.- Ldiyne! (11), bt.s 0.5-94r' 1 0590 1-trimethylpermanyl-1,3-htu IIII'j, b' 58.5", 1.0355, IM42; and the previously rtporl.ed EtjGe REEL/FRXME. 19801345 ;,,.1 -1 ~ ~ . 1. -1 . ........... ... analops of these. Adding 4.4 g 1,4,hvxP-diyne to Et-NIgBr from APO'049503 2 g Nig, keeping the mixt. 8 hr, then pauxing 29 hr gave. only 3 g Ge-contg. product, ba 71-3', d"' 1.1))07, n-1111 1.4810, C,11-1,.Ge- BtiLi from 3.5 g Lf and 30.5 g BuBr ;--E Et:O under N at.-30* treated with 1 (5.8 g) and held 40 min. gave 55%, product, br-s-z 301-50*, Cs,-Hl2Ge. Similarly, 11 and BuLi gave 1-trimethyl- gernianyl-4-eth~1-3-ecteti-1-yne, b, '41,9-81". 0.9886, 1.48b, which heated with~ Nle,014-KOH, thi!n hydrogenated, gave 4- ethyloctane. Uand isG-BuLi wave a Mii.t. of nt least 4 products, bo., 41-8*; a similar mixt. fonned with Me3CU, b, 56-640. * 11I and BuLi gave 691,,-~ isomerizates, bj.~ (10-92', and 279% adducts, b,;.o7 73-40, Citfi:sGe. I-Trietli5-lgcrin;anyi-l,a-bexadiyne and BuLi gave 69~70 isome-rizates, bz and inme 1-triethylger- ruanyl-4-ethyl-3-oct,~,n-I-yne, bl, 107,101, 0.97C~3, 1.4885. Q. M. Kosolapoff 19801346 W2 030 MCLASSIFIE0 PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 TITLE--CUT PATIENT PROPHYLACTI~C TREATMENT OE INDUSTRIAL WORKERS SUFFERING ~OF HYPERTENSIVE DISEASE -U- AUTHOR-tO2)-TRAKHTENBERG# S*a.t STADNIK9. A.I*' COUNTRY OF INFO-USSR SOURCE--VRACHEBNDYE DELO, 1970, Nk 5, PP 9-12 :-DATE,PUBLISHED-70 ~SUBJECT AREAS-SICLCGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES ~_~~iTOPIC TAGS-PROPHYLAXIS, INDUSTRIAL HYGIENE, HYPERTENSIONs RESERPINE, ELECTROCARDIOGRAPHY MARKING-NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED PROXY-REEL/FRAME--300211723 STEP NO-UR/0475/~70/000/005/0009/0012 R, C, 'ACCESSIGN NO-AP0129C91 UNC L AS4' I F I E 0 2/2 030 UNCLASS I FIE D PROtESSING DATE--30OCT70 ,CIRC ACCESSIGN NO--AP0129091 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT-M) GP-0- ABSTRACf. RESULTS-ARE PkESENTI:D DF 145 PATIENTS iiITH HYPERTENSIVE DISEASE -RECEIVING INfSPRING AND AUTUMIN PROPHYLACTIC COURSES OF TREATMENT IN OUT PATIENT CONDITIONS. RESERPINE TEST UNDER ELECTRUCARUIOGRAPMIC CONTROL WAS USED FOR INVIVIOUALIZArlON OF DRUGS. RAUWOLFIA PREPARATIONS WERE GIVEN ONLY TO THOSE PATIENTS WHO A RESPG140ED TO RESERPINE. :PRUPHYLACIFIC OUT PATIENTiTREATMIENT RESULTED IN A LOWER INCIDENCE OF.CRISES AND REQ~ICTIGll OF TEMPORARY LOSS OF THE WURKING CAPACITY. U ru 17 1ASSIFIED USSR UDC: 539.216.22:546.28 LITOVCHEIT.KO, V. G., LYSMO, V. S. , PP.IKHODENKO, V. I. SMIL'YAN. A. ~Ye. KAZAROV, R. Ye. , �jpl' Institute of Semiconduzctors~, Academy of k Sciences of the U1_rSSR IEffect of Structural Factors of Single-Crystal Silicon Filmz on Their Sur- face Properties" Kiev, Poluprovodnikovaya Tekhnika i Mikroelektronika, Resp. Mezhved. Sb., No 7, 1972, pp 38-4o a num. ler of id Abstract: comparative study is made of. "lumetric charac- -teristics which.depend on the volumetric imperf ection cif silicon filns grown on sapphire substrates (mobility of the charge car:rj-ers;,, etc.), as vell as surface-sensitive characteristics (zone flexure,,density of fast traps, etc.). It is shown that the electrical propertieti of the surface of strongly itperfect films depend on the Voliunetric structure. 67 67 USSR UW4 621-3!5-5q22:,1-46.28 LITOVCHEENIM0, V.G., MEMO, V.S., PRIKHOD~;MO, V.I., SHUL"M11, A.M, KAZAROV, R.YE., STADINTIK, A. V. "Effect Cf Structural Factors 0.1 Manoc ryst al line Silicon Films On Their Surface Propertiesh Poluprovodn. tekhn. i mikroel.ektronika. Reep..mezhved. sb. (Semiconductor Technologr And Microelectronics. Republic Interdepartm-entel Collection), 1972, Issue 7, pp, 38-40 (from RZh:.Elelstroni-ka i yp7e pr2meneniye, No 9, Sept 1972, 'Abstract No 9B82) Translation: A comparative atudy is made of a number oC volumetric characteris- ties which depend on the defectiveness of the volume of Si- f ilmn grown on sapphire substrates (mobility of charge carriers and others), and of the surface- tive characteristics.(bending of zon - fast traps, and others-'t a ensi esj density of it is shown that the electrical properties, of,the- surfa(.q of strongly do-fective film depend on the vcl,=,,3 structure. 4 ref. Suxmry. 121 XIV-11. STUIJY OF THK STWCORAL VLM'LLrI1X,' VY TbL VILTLROLMIAMAL gt-C~ $YSTtA ~pl,,Iok Kw~d t all U- 17 Junv 19 7.1 ZZ3; The stroctural pertcetLon.of Ncter-pitaK - o4tsinrd by tho fWt4ed of -L'Umatt." of -SL,= 6" in T'lle.t.ft-ratur' ranj,,,,- 5~~hkPrl~E~W C.zr,. riouth rare0U.0.1 eicronsleanuto was .1nvLatLP.*ted UPI-r. thd x-rov topmFirophic diffractom 'r te and metallogr,whic mthoAs. It WAO dVM009trdtOd that the degree of structural peritetim ol 51 IS I= on Gc is lower thn" the Cc filto mi Si. A sharp Increema in thz hAlf-~rtdth of the rack- Lar. curves *9 Vw doble-crystal spactroacterobts.ioed frois the Wei and cite sul-atrAtm, was 4.t.jtod by coviparison with tbe Values charaCteristic of 14r..%1 tryotals. 71m x-ray topogravIty, however. 411d not revv&.1 -;;Iesr fragowntery structure theractorlstle of Ce fLIM puvajok Si substrates. The **use of this Phenamnonis 41aeusseti. 7 '3 XVI-13. RULE UF VACULN CONI)MIMS DUM!X DIE ULPMITIW LIT SILICIV Flutl SAPPWRL lArticip by A. V. Stadnik, V._Y.- Mi.v; s;ntrsa rol%mrrvotial- kvvv%'b Wristollov Of the thrao basic pir~-Iern ArCvR~raturpi-=Z~, -~Zz -iooa vacLoup) ee- finLnr the prerwrtles vr_-trv*tj-jctor flina. th. last js,tt- 1,jff~ IIj_AtIr0t- T-J~ 11- in to rn~ *re.rturAj -I proroertiei of Pou-nar-ryatalline pillcor, (t1--% i'a "XrP'I!rO as 41 funrtl- 01 the vacuum conditions 41irInp deposition. The aillson fil-s, an sapphire Verk, J~poftlt.j In thr V.cuuvi ronge of 1-10-1 to5 -10-0 tort in oil and villesn put~inp svotrmA. 7he tlernaltl," w~ carried out bv two Yjw,~thods, with hip.1i tvmfteralutw nucleation aad vitit fjxq4 substrate tearerature., The structural (clert!ca dIffractlon Patterns, rocking curWs of the sperttoomter) =4 (srectfic rasls- tonce. type of conductivitI, nobility.of the currant ItIrrrieTS3 tharacketistica, of tlw film vcre~magured, Arkslogbus vx"riwcnts-~rv vewforvvJ ith th~, sillcou-Nilicon r k we B~r co"Ia i"X 111' results of these "Perimenta the "ac;o"Lons "re 4TO r. pardIng Minina= affect of the vacuum vhCM applying films according to the conditions with hiph-temporature nucleation =4 causes, Iee%UAjt to vorscniv,4 of the film chit ractarlm tl ca. USSR UDC 539.2", +53Q.2G+"21.416 9 0. N., nOCIMV, V. 2., KOSBAI-rx~o, V. y e "IN 'IV.= and SlICIMMIN!, V. N. "Preparing and ln-,restigating Monocrystalline Silicon Films on San- phire and MOS Transistors of ThatiType" Kiev, Poluproyodnihovaya telthnika i mikroplekt-r-onika, lUo. 6, 1971, pp 1bstract: As opposed to silicon films depooited on silicon, these films on sapphire pe-omit substantial reductions in zhe -aras-itic capacitance of inte,-,rated circuits and have other benefits. 111his paper discusses some problems arisinC, in connection with these t-Je- vices, such as the effect of thLe otate of -the sa- pphire sub-strate on the silicon film, 'he mechanism "or the fomatio of filrl de- U n fects, and the effect of such struct ra' defectC on thc basic p~xa- meters of transi-stors =,de by this, process. Th'i spt~cimcns ws;_rj in the experim. ents of the present Paper !.,ere o.-L~ the sJ`icon on sili- con ana the silicon on capphire 16-y-..~e, vith the deposition ria-e :Ln vacuum heatin.-~ chambers of st,abile~s steell. In bne type of speci- men.the filraz ..rere s1mottered wn the substrate in a vaculur! of 1-3- 1/2 Now WM k USSR GRIGOR'YEV, 0. N., et al., Poluprovodnikovaya telchnika i mikroelektron4ka, No 6, 1971, pp 16-23 10-6 mm Hg without preliminary heating, and in a vacuuti of 1-2.10-7 mm g with preliminary heatin.g. The authors assert that the specimens made by their method are in no wav inferior to the best of those obtained by thermal decomposition of silance or the reduction of silicon galloids. They find ~also that silicon on sapphire transistors are at least,as good as those of silicon on silicon. They are associated with the.Semiconductor Institute of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences. 2/2 W IL USSR UDC 539.234+539.26+621.416 GRIGOR'YEV, 0. N., KLOCHKOV,, V. P., WSE-11"K0, V. YE. ) STAD' SHMILM11" V. N. ift.L.J4, "Obtaining and Studying )~Ionocrystallina Filmis of Silicon on Sapphire and Z!etal- Oxide-Semiconductor Transistors Based on~Them" Kiev, Poluprovodnikovaya tekhnika i mikroe'lektronika. No 6, 1971, pp 16-23 Abstract: A study was -made of the effect ofthe degreelof Perfection of sap- phire substrates on the Derfection of the silicon films, the mechanism of for- mation of a large number of defects in filzis and the effett of structural de- fects of the fili-iis on the primary parameters of in-strumants manufactured on the basis of them. Sublimation in a. vacuum was u~ied to obtain m=ocrystjjline f ilms of silicon or. snpphire and silicon on ailicon. Tha rjubstrate.-i and films were Itiventigated by thu marbods of x- ray diffraction microscopy. Netal-oxide- semiconductor transistors with characteristics not inferior to the character- istics of analogous instruments made of massive silicon were manufactured from silicon films on sapphire. Topograms of the a--Al 203 subs~trate of 161-2 orien.- tation taken by various mathods are -presented. A procedure for obtaininB the films is described by which it is poscible to obtain siliton films on sapphire which with respect to structure and properties.are not inferior to the best films obtained by the method of thermal decomposition of siline, or reduction of silicon halides. There are a large number of defects in the silicon films 1/2 USSR GRIGOR'YEV, 0. N., et al., Polunrovodnikovaya tekhnik'a i mikroelektronika, No 6, 1971, pp 16-23 on sapphire the mechanism of occurrence of which is not fully explained and obviously is of a theoretical nature. The volt-ampere characteristics of tile metal-oxide-semiconductor transistors manufactured by the proposed procedure are.presented and discussed. The maximum transconductance of transistors with a channel width of 100 microns was 300 micromhos and vatied within the limits of 200-300 micromhos. For transistors with a channel width of 400 microns, the transconductance is within the limits of 800-1,000 micrcmhos.~ 100 112 021 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--27NOV70 TITLE--INTENSITIES OF PRIMARY AND SECONDARY X R 4V SPI:C'FqA -U- AUTHOR-02)-STAUNIKOV, A.G., NIKOLSKIY,t A-P- CGUNTRY OF INFO--USSq --DOKL. AKAD* NAUK SSSR -SOURCE 1970, 191(2)t 315 DATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 SUBJECT, AREAS--PHY.SICS TOP I CTAGS--X.RAlY SPECTRUM, PHOT014t PARTICLE PRODUC.TIONt TITANIU4, SODIUM CONTROL '4ARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS .00CUMENT-CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED --2000/1791 PROXY REEL/FRAME STEP NO L/ 0 0 2 0 /7 t) 119 1~ 0 0 2 10 3 15 10 3 18 ACCESSIONANO-AT0125403 'o UNCLASISIM, 212 021 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESS TING DATE-27NOV70 C[RC ACCESSION NC--AT0125403 A3STRACT/EXTRACT-M) GP-0- ABSTkACT. ~ "I'H ETHE,ORETICAL L I il I 'I S OF T H LE INTENSITIES OF PRIMAPY AND SFCONDARY X RAY SPECTRA,, D(*-TD. THE B Y liAGNITUDE OF THE PRODUCTION Of: X KAY PH01 N'S 1NIT13-A SOL[D ANGLE OF 1 SIR BY 1 BOMBARDING ELECTRON OR PH3TON, XiE DERIVE0- 0 V T I MA LREGIME (IF THE PRIMARY SPECTRA EXCITATION CORRESPONDS TO THE' PLATEUA OF THE TING V-91 T4(;Ev THE SP-ED OF CHARACTERISTIC OF A SPECTROIN-ETE, "ACCELEPA SUMMATION OF T11E REGISTERtED UIPLUSES". ey THE nut. nF. PRo'Dtjcrfl-1N OF PHOTONSt THE IiNFLUENCE OFINSTABILITY OF ACCELFRA'VING YOLTAG-E ON THE INTENSITY OF SPGCTRA IS tMIN. AT THESE CONDITIONSil uJi-l'insiry OF SECONDARY SPECTRA OF LIGHT ELEMENTS DECREASES SHA!0LY tq.LTri THE DECREASE OF AT. NO. Z (IF THE SOFT COMPONENT OF. X RAY IONIZING 11ADIATION is FILTERED BEFORE IT IMPINGL-S ON A SAMPLE).' Pk".)DUCTION OF PHOTONS OF THE PRIMARY X, SPECTRA OF ELEMENTS FROM TI T.O,NA UOILO- BY FILLER WITH Z EQUALS 13 8) DECREASES "dITH Z DECREASE PROPORTIONAL TO SIMII,All TO PRIME-3.5t INTENSITY OF THE SECONDARY SPECTRA DECRE~.&SES WITH Z PROPORTIONAL TO Z PRIME12 (THAT IS 4.0 TIMES 10 PREYE3 TLIMES BY THE DECREASE OF Z FROM TI TO ,,,A IF THE BE-AM UF X RAY R,'V')lAJIQN FORMS THE PHOTONS WITH E SUBO LARGER THAN 5 KFV MAINLY). FUJi-, THE OPTIMAL ~-::NERGY OF 60%4BARDING ELFCTROINS AND PHOTONS AND U140FR THE i3Amlz-ci-:omLrRir-lL CONDITIONS, THE MAX. OF PHOTON PR0l')W-,TI0N.OF TH~- S17CONJARY K SPECrRA IS HIGHFR THAIN MAX. OF PRIMARY SPECTRA FOR ELEMENTS Hl:AVlr'-'R THAN C, FAC I L ITY: VSFS, F"IAKfl,-lSrjLZ0- INST. AVTOMAT. ciiii-011-AVI'l 111105C. (TIII USSR4 p I' 'S T N G A T E D C -T 44 C l.; A S:s 1 F 19 ~' . - . 1 C 11 C N P i-tu 1, TV I-E I L L t- DF T J i;, U P L A S: V -U- T 0 3 1 EV 'R I N P A Kt-"(tJYt-V, C CJ,`Jf~ y b F S Sil KHE-4, IVEKH. MA rES. L970, 6 (2), 120-1 t-A TE FWu- L I S H.F L; ------- 70 !-:5 UaiE(T 'AREAS-MATERIALS -TOPIC TAGS-;;I~JfFRICTIGIN ~.IATEkIAL, PLASTIr- q C RE S T ir~ 1 C I I U S NITRUL YiAkKI Ni;-ING --UCCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED -PAOXY I-, 'EL L/Ff-4A .11L-3006/0930 STEF NG-76A/0 .-Mfflffl~m AC-Cr-SSI(,,, -, ~7"Mmillirmill ,i6 ul'),!(~~.,),, -S Fq A /EX T,~ 5 T CC "T SS ING DAT 7 0 L L G I Ci T. A4- I E -VEjqj, .-7 j, ABR I iJ 4- 1 S L HE I C T u R 41 F) c G MP STI FA 2 CIL iS T . - , r1'- '-' fjl~[EINTATIL7tq.~' OF f 3x Ll 77 Ab s t rat t i ng O-i',v ic Ref.tode, Af0049849- CHF.HICAL ABST...f-;PO 74 o 3 290m APPOratus for studying the wear otpolyiner nvwt- during, reciprocation. V~ttinmstftk k~ftvasokov sot,". ftef- L o V P A F~aid 76- q-z-101 411 it e wv!~IEMI aVO a - - -1 v0 ,F-19161 36M, 4 (Rds app. for studying. the veer resistance. Of plastics diiripji, recipro- 9 friction along metaia at low 4 - d hj~h temps. i cat in n h yprious',fat,; media is described The app, is ~suimhle f0i. use I, qperat~n loads ~nd speeds of many mciprocating i6gines.: The. riving nio. tion and application of fund on the'sanilples are accomolished 'On one side (vertically), whk the sample'ti .acquire teciproc mng mo- tion along.the ar~ of ~,ring-rhAped,,~i~u-~iershat.t- permits one to achieve quite simply the. necisiiary imWition 4-, the fric- tion block from the !surrounding'inedi~tn. ~. The App. A*~ used, to test iamples of filled Ftorop]ast-4 at~.various ternpa. and sliding velocities over a broad range of loads. REEL/FWIE 19801774 MOLOGY' Agriculture USSR UDO _59547t681.142-33 STAMITSKIY, G. V., Scientific Research Institute of Fo#atry, Zenin8;rad ~"Jk Mathematical Model of the Survival of Phytoptagoua ln,4jectsi During one Genera-tion" Moscowi Zoologgicheskiy Zhurnal, Vol 501 lio 1971, PP 1011-1,020 Abstract-4 Eaking forecasts of the amoiLit of damage that may be done by insects on farms and in forests will be considerably facilitated by nathematical models of the s~irvival of specimens over one and over several guneratinns. In this st4qyl the survival of Leapeyresia strobilella, lepidcn-tera-, and To-rt- ricidae was inve,5tiEated over one genaration. These lnsi!cts live in fir cones: they leave the cones once a ynar for rating, return just Ilefore the cone, scales close, and remain Inaide the conea for the rest cif the year, practi- call'-., i!solated ',-he outsido -,world. To 3olloct the dmta, 1'1:v conea ve-re gathered in two 'forests (Lendn;_17 skaya and .,'ovgo=,d~-:hayiL ob-II.Lists) at dofinite Ctrzl (11~1 r-1969) i atid were ttnalyimi for nuabar of tine intervals for 5 Ye, ;165 insects present. per ,-400 cone, dew-ndinu- on the nul~bar of c,:).n!Ls A final equation rnpxasentin~ t'&-,:! modal of the s"Irdyall of ar,~!ci- menu over one Genoration Is derIved. It 1.9 a trinoziiLia whose :.-4---in va-riables are initial population density and growth cycle duration.. It L~ bollevad that the model is also applicable -1-6 acme other phytoph. ous J --ects. VAL USSR UDr,, 615.472,616-33-085-832-9-031-84-72 YAB14W,011 o L. G., ADNTTqQY___M___ j and GALLIKEP I YU. 1. j Moscow Instru- #"==ft 6 scow xedicafAI sent Factoryl II n1fitute izeni N, 1. Firogov New Apparalus for Local Hypothermy of the 5tomach!' khnika, No 3, 1971s; pp 20-23 Moscow# M ditsinskaya Tc Abstracts Groups of engineers from the Moscow Instrunent Factory and researchers from the Second Moscow Medical Institute imeni N. I. Pirolgov collaborated in the development of a new device, the Ai=h-l:, for producinj,~, iocal cooling of the stomach and other organs. A 50,;_'S'alcohol/water solutibn (4 liters) is introduced through an overflow opening in atwo-section chamber; a connecting cook Is kept open until the upper mark of a levol gauge U reached. The air contained in the chamber is driven out through tbo connecting cock to the out- side. A diaphragm pump evacuates a latex ballon which enlrelopes a double sonde protruding from the measuring section of the device. After the air has boon evacuated, the latex ballon is sealed off arouni the sonde, lubricated with glycerin and inserted Into the stomach of the patient. The alcohol/water solu- tion ia chilled in the heat-exchange section of the vessel into which are built the vaporizers from Freon coolers which axe equipped with -specL31 coidensen. The temperature of the solution is lowered automatically to a present level by 1/2 50 USSR YABMAPdCOVt L. G.# et al., Meditsinskaya Tekhnikas No 3s 1971t pp 20-23 an automatic unit consisting of a rectifier with a. quenching resistor, a. trans- istorized amplifier and intermediate relays of the HKLI-419 ty . The tempera- .ture In the.heat exchange chamber is usual2y zutintained at 28eto -80C, irithin 0 +1 " The latex ballon is filled with the cooled alcohol/vater mixture, by ';eans of the diaphragm pump. Approximately 6W-900 ml ar-a filled into the ballon, under control by the level guage. Electrotheniometers axle useti to measuro the temperature of the alcohol/itater nixture, the body tempexature of the patientr and the stomach temperature. The eloatrothermoxeters arqi Calibriated by a ]PIcro- ammeter, and they can measure temperatures in the range from 16 to 420 with an accuracy of + 0.2-. An autotransformor is used to coatxol the productivity of the pump. The device is calx%ble of keeping a constant voltuie of cooling mixture in the latex ballon for the entire procedure (without excee&ing atmo- spheric pressure in the ballon) at a required temperatu= and with controlled pumping, The device was succesfully tc-stad on 34 patients with acute pancreatitis and gas-tro-duodenal bleeding. It was. possible to roduce by stomach cooling the nunber of operations and the death rate in destructive forms of acute pancreatitis. The device is c!aL-wd to be simple, convenient, and free of danger to operate. It dan be used for local cooling of the inteat~net urinary bladdere and other 'Caval org"Of 2/2 USSR UDC: 53h-S STADNIK, B. N., KAZANSKIY, M. F., BELY-Y, L. N. "Effect of Porous Structure on the propagation of Ultrasound in Capillaz-y Fore Models It Vliyaniye noristoy striAttiry na ras-orostraneniye ul'tr,-,,.vruka v no-le" 'r-yIh kapi4yarnc-noristyl-h telalh. Redkoliegiya "Inzh.-fiz. 2h." A.N BSE-F, (cf. English above. Editorial Staff of "Engineering Pbysics'Jcurnal." Aca emy of Sciences of t-he ESSE), Minsk, 1971, 7 pp,,~ill., bibl.: ~,:~ 7 titles (No 3855-71 Dep. ) (fram LZh-Fizikag, ~ No 6, Jun 72, Abstract; no 6ZI1580 DEP) Translation: The physical and mechanical properties of capfIlary porous bodies are very precsely described with the aid of a model system of mutually touching,clastiz- spherical particles. The speed of propagatiot-I of elastic vaves along a one-dimensional chain of elastic particles in the absence of attenuation is independent of the sizes of 1"he particles and is determined by the elasticity of the contact between adjacent pexticles as calculated by the theory of 11. Hertz. A one-d=cnsio-n&l ch:3in of particles in a capillary pe--rous bcay is a mechanical low-freque,ney filter whose cutoff frequency is directly proportional to the ultrasound and inversely proportional to the sizes of the particles. Measurements of the USSR STADNIY, B. N. et al, Vliyaniye poristoLf struktury ulltrazviLt-.a v model'ny~kh Minsk., 1973. speed of propagation of ultrasound on a freqaency of 70 kyz in fractionated quartz sand sho-wed a slight increase (by 24p') in velocity with an appre- ciable increase (by a factor of -.6) in the effective dim-ensicns of the particles. Authors' abstract. 2/2 TjaZMjnOjorr -Y USSR uDc,(53,-.oi7]:6:L6.1-5-07 STADNIK, L.-M., Chair of Infectious Diseases, Kiev Madical Institute, Kiev "Immunological Shifts ip the Serum of Influenza Patiento in P-31ation to the Intensity of the Fever" Kiev, Vrachebnoye Delo, No 8, Aug 72, pp 138-141 Abstract: A study carried out oil 755 influenza patients indicated that in the blood serum of patients with a higher initial intensity:of the fever reaction (temperature 38 -.::>4oOC) the influenza antigen appeared earlier, but persisted for a shorter time, than in the serum of patients with rn less pronounced I-ever reaction (temperature ~-- 380C). The immunofluorescence method of dia!znosing~ influenza vas found to be more reliable than the saroloj-,,ical TY,~.thod for both groups or patients. A special investigation conducted qn 6') IT.-If'Luenza patients sriowed that the interferon titers were higher in cases with inten- Asive fever than thesewith moderate fever' USSR UDC: 536-532 PORTAZH, R. A., LAK-H, V. I., ZAa I., The "Term-opribor" Scientific Industrial Union "A Device for Noncontact Measurement of the Surface TezTerattire of Moving Objects" Moscow, Otkrytiya, Izobreteniya, PronWshlennyye Obraztsy, Tovarnyye Znaki, No 31, Nov 71, Author's Certificate No 317922, Division G, filed 28 Apr 70, published 19 Oct 71, p 153 Translation: This Author's Certificate introduces a device for non- contact measurement of the gurface tem'perattire of inoving objects. The device contains a stitionary thin-valle-d bernatically niv~-J-vtl heat pickup with a temperature gaure rmch ao a tbemocouple, and a heat~protective jacket with shield. Aa a distinguishing feature of th-- patent, the dr--- oign is simplified and mea,,iuren~ent accuracy and reliab;ility are improved by making the heat pickup in the form of a closed hollpst body which for= a cavity in conjunction with the jacket, the ratio of the areas of input and output apertures being 3:1. 1/2 USSR UDC 537.32 KITS, 1. 112 �TAD-_4YK, B. I., SOLYANYK, L. M., STOLYARCIIIJK, P. G. 117be Possibility of Using VR-10/20 Thermocouples in Corrosive Substances" Moscow, Toplofizika Vysokikh Temperatur, Vol 11, No 1,~Jan-l:eb 73, pp 150-153. Abstract: The influence of various quantities of inert gas on the thermo- electric properties of the VR-10/20 thermocouple is experimentally studied. Data are presented on the instability of VR-S, VR-10 and VR-20 tungsten- rhenium thermocouples in neutral media; ~he influence of the inert gas flow rate an the indications of the thermocouple is suidied 4,ind the optimal value, not influencing the indications-of the thermocouple, is established as a func- tion of temperature. 156 USSR Semicouductars a6d.-T`~~msi~tq~ 4TAFEYEV, V. I. "Semi-Insulator S-Diode Electronics" Moscow, Radfotel~hnika, Vol 26, No 10, 1971, pp 5-12 UD(' 621. 382 Abstract: A study was made of the physical prinCiDlef; Of construction of integrated units from diode structured with volufliet'ric negative resistance. Active media as a prospective basis for creating large functional units, S-diodes, the physical principles of S-diodes including the T-mechanisin, the U-mechanism, growth of ambipolar mobility, distritiPtion of the volumetric charge ani leak-age of the contact,~other types of diodes with S-type characteristics including multilaver structures, thin fil-nis and amorphous structures, the functional possibilities of S-diodes including controllable S-structures with volumetric coupling and the basic charac- teristics of a controllable S-diode structure and the sinpla-st functional S-devices including neuristors, pulse signal delay lines and S-diodc logi- cal circuits are d1scus-sed. 1/1 USSR UDC 621-382-323 Pump m. V. STAFEY-WV, V. I "The Injection FET. Static Characteristics in a Conumon-Em-itter Circuit" Moscov, Radiotekhnika i Elekt.,oniha, Vol 16, No 10, 71, PP 18"94-1903 Abstract:- The authors present the fundamentals of a. quantitative theory and calculate the --tatic current-voltage curves in th,*! Con--lon-CITatter circuit of a new semiconductor device wMeh consists i*.-ssentlluly of four layers with a leak connected between the emitter laye,-,s havinC, a resistance which dependo on the voltage applied to the collector,layer, TMs lealr is -rent per ti n what provides the proper cu3 -Cain dependence reoul-ired for c a, r, of the four-layer structure. While the device combinoo the action c-' the conventional bipolar inJection transistor and the FET, it also I-as a nmber of new Droperties, in particular, it has negative differential resistance .5e curve, and, E -type in thc~ cranitter of N-type in the collector current-voltar current-voltage curve. The paper contains t1he result:; of computer analysis of these curves for a nuniber of combinations of basic paraine*lers of to. It i!~ shown Ih-at the N-trib-e is similar1o tKe injrction FET. tion F-ET Seven figures, bibliography of' five titles.' USSR uDc 621-382.323 POPOVA, M. V., ST~Ih~YEV,_V.__I. "The Injection FET. Static Characteristics in a Co=mo-_--Base Circuit" Moscow, Rad-iotekhnika i Elektronika, Vol 16, No 10,-Oct- 71, pP 190L-1911 Abstract: The paper is a continuation of research by these authors an the injector FET (cf. rtadiotekhnika.i Elektronikaz, 19i'1, Vol 16, 'No 10, 1894). On the basis of expressions developed in the first 'cart of the work, the authors analyze the current-VOlttLge curves of the collector-base and emitter-base 'Loops. Analytic expressions in pard:-.,-.etric zfcrri are found for these curves. The results of computer analysis ar'e presented for the effect of basic Darameters.on the behavior of these ciLrves. The ruling principles found in the experimental work on N-triodet; are compared with the theoretically determined behavior.. The results,show qualitative agree- ment. Six figures, bibliography of five titles. USSR bDc: 621-397:621.39!5.61(o86.8) ZOLOTAIREV, V. F. "Non-Vacuum Analog of a Televisicn Transmitting Tube" USSR Author's Certificate No 258371s, filed 2Feb 66, published 21; Apr 70 (from RZh-Radiotekhnika, No 11, Nlov 70, Abstract No lIG100 P) thar's Certificate introduces a device which is Translation: The given Au. a non-vacuum analog of a TV transmitting tube ubich does not require lig~it beam deflection for image scanning. The device contains a photaconduc "live layer koplied on a multilayer semiconductor structure vith thyratron charac- teristics. This structure is supporte(I by a metal subst.rote and is divided into lines vhich are neuristor lines.. A-mo.dification is passib.Le with two 13 senSlt12ed surfaces for comparing apecimens'or, for tracking In object X. S. 7 slim 012 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSM DATE--IISEP70 TITLE--A FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTOR -U- :AUTHDA--AYRAPETYANTS, S.V., KOMAROVSKIKHt K.F., MURYGLINi Yol.t POSPELOVi A F V.V. t ST EYEV, V.1, COUNTW~NFO-3:1~--MA' ,.SOURCE--PATENT, NO 263750 REFERENCE--MOSCOWP OTKRYTTYAY IZOBRETs, P.ROM. OBRAZTSY9 TnVARNYE ZNAKI NO DATE PUBLISH'r_D--10FEB70 SUBJECT AREAS--ELECTRONICS ANO ELECTRICAL: ENGRs .,TOPIC TAGS--PATENTI FIELD EFFECT TRANSISTORI TRANSISTORIZED CIRCUIT _R