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December 31, 1967
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I! "q'i 4 USSR UDC 536.46:533.6 BABKIN, V. S., V YUN A. V. "The Upper Limit of Flame Propagation Under Pressure in a Limited Space" V sb. Goreniye I vzrvv (Combustion and Explosion- Collection of Works), Moscowi "Nauka", 19i2, pp 289-292; (f rom:RM41ekhanika,': No 3 Mar 73, Abstract -No.3B970) Translation'. it is shown that free convection plays a considerable role an flame propagation limits. The flame propagates over the entire volume under ignition of the mixture at the cefiter of,a spherical vessel:in the limit as a result of convection and heat losses to.the-walls. A similar phenomenon, partial propagation of the fla-me (the upper limit with:Tespect to pressure in a limited space), is observed upon a change in pressure if the convection rate Is commensurable with the visible flame velocity. A,consequence of this pheno- menon is the inadequacy of the results in terms of combustion in tubes of various diameters. The conclusions of this study emphasize the necessity for selecting a criterion for.the explosive hazards of mixtures.~ Authors' abstract. - ---- -- --- 112 014 UNCLASSIFIED 01 ~QCE5 S ING DATE--27NOV70 TITLE--PERICLASE SPINcLLIDE "IANUFACUTRED ARTICLES 6AS ED ON MAG!,JESITE POWDER FROM CAUSTIC DUST -U- A UTHOR-034-BUGAYEV, N.,F., SIMONOV, K.Vot VYUNlkjlKOV,lk* YE.I. .ZOUNTRY OF INFO--USSR -s 13URCE--MO SCOWt OGNEUPORYt NO. 5, MA Y, 70, PP12-13: -DAfE PUBLISHED~ --- MAY70 q S.UBJ ECT AREAS--MATERIALS ::-TOPIC TAGS--REFRACTORY PROOUCTt ROAST ING! FURNACE, SRJ(klFL, MAGNESIUH OXIDE, JHERMAL ST.-BILITY/IU)COST 108a8- 64 REFRACTORY QVALITY CCINTROL 4ARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS ~,DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCILASSfFIED :-.plROXY REEL/FRAME-3006/0707 STEP NO"UR/0131 1-10/0001005/0012/0013 .rIRC ACCESS IOIN NO--AP0 131'r442 UNCLASS D IF. I 2/2- 14 UNC L.A S S I F I E D PROCESSING DATE-27NOV70 'URC-ACCESSION NO-AP0134442 GP-0- kBSTRACT, JHE RESULT S ARE ~GIVEN OF A STUDY -'~CF THE-CHARACTFqISTICS OP MANUFACTURED OBJECTS MADE FROM P0,,lDER OBTAINED BY ROASTING CAUSTIC MAGNESITE IN A ROTATING GVEN iorm SINITFRING ADOITLVES. THE OBJECTS WERE TESTED WHILE TN ACTUAL USE. A TA15LE GIVES THE CHEmICAL COPIPOSITIMN OF THE POWDERS.. ANOTHEVTAt3LE GIVES THE CHARAcr.ERlSTICS (IF THP MANUFACTURED AKTICL;ES.~ THE OBJkCTS TESTED e SATISFIED ALL RFQ0IRE.AENTS, EYCEPT THAlT OF THERMAL ~STA51LITYI OF, GOST, ALL UN I GIM STATE STANDARD, 10888-64, FACILITY: MIAGNEZIt PLANT. UNCLASS IF If-D USSR BUGAYEV, N. F., SMONOV, K, VI V* -Plant), NAZAROV, K. S. (XagnitogorsIc hetallurr Combino) Ical rielase Spinallide Ma ac pe nuf tured Articles Based oi, iiagnesi ite Powder From Caustic Dust". MOSCOW, Ognoupor No 5, MaY 70, PP 12-13 3_1 f the charactarizt4cs Abstract: The results are given ofa study oJ. if manufactured objects =ado f rom powder obtalned by roalstiag, caustic magneaite in a rotating oven -viith. addi z;. -a Zrie objects were tested whila in. actual, use. t ble gives the chemical comoo3ition of the -noyvrders~. Ano-hor table C, i t -von tho characteristics of the manufact-ured articiez. The~objects 1-03ted U Satisf ied- all requirements, :excbpt that o~V thu-nital stability, of GOST n (All-Union State.Sta dard):~ 10888-64 USSR UDC 547.78 GINAK, A. I. , V'YDNIOVL--A.- , and SOCRILIN, Ye. G. The Synthesis of 2,4-Thiazolidi,.nediones Leningrad, Zhurnal Prik-ladnoy Khimil, Vo XLV, No.2, Feb 1972, pp 460-462 Abstract: The several known methods for synthesizing the 2,4-thiazolidine- diones are inefficient, O'ding. to tile lowsolubility of 5-arylidinerhodanines in aqueous solutions of monochloroaceticoacid, the thermal instability of those compounds, and other factors. A new method for :Synthesis of the 2,4- thiazolidindiones was devised to obviatethese difficulties. Rhodanine was alkylated with an alk-yl halide in a nonpolar solvent in.,the presence of an acceptor. Then the solvent was wholly. ~ orl partially rent. ved, and ethanolic HU was added. This mixture was heated to 30-'40* for 1~hour, the thiazoli- dinedione precipitated. Viariations.on this basic meth6d were used to syn- thesize nine different members of this group.,. Empirical and structural formulas, yields, etc., are given'for thesecompounds. IT7 I I USSR UDC 539.4.014.2 + 669.14 VYVAV 1. P., LIvov "Mechanical Properties of Hypereutectoid Steels'Eardened After Cyclic Conditioning in Austenitic~Statel! Moscow, Fizika i Khimiya Obrabotki 14aterialov, No 5, Sep-Oct 70, pp 77-80 Abstract: One of the possibilities'of-increasiax the mechani- Properties of high-carbon steels containing 0.8-1.0 percent carbon is thermovibromechanical.treatment, whic[L consists in the cyclic deformation of steel at temperatures-of 4,,table austenite and subsequent hardening. The-authors studied U10A,: 9KhA. and R18 Steels. The results indicate that:.such treatment increases the strength and hardness of 9KhS and R18 steeils. The 'Latter carcumstance is important since these~steels are* used mainly ro make cutting tools. The strengthening.effect is observed only under certain treatment conditions.; :.Thus, for iexample, in the case of 9KhS steel maximum strengthening takes:iplace under cy- clic conditioning of the-gamma.pha'se with.200-LiOO cycles. There 1/2 - .32 - 11 USSR c: 681.2.087-012-932 UD -B. V., POMYKAYEV, I.J., VIASOV,'. Ye. NI. UVAKIN, V. F. q 'WLfD -7-F-T 7, KARCMSKIY, A. mi~ERG A., ZELMKOV, S.~ V. A:Sine-Cosine Converter" USSR Author's Certificate No 3106110, filed 24 j1pr 70:, published 9 Nov 71 (from RM-Avtomatika, Telemekhanika i Vychislitelln.aa Tekhnika, No 7, -~Ul 72, Abstract, No 7All:L P) Translation: A patent has been granted for a sine-cosine converter dis- tinguished by the fact that one encl of:each output winding of the rotor is connected to the input of an au;xiliary phase-senGitive rectifier, while the other end is connected through a,resistor to the:input and output of the same rectifier. Laid around-the perimeter of the back edge of the rotor is an excitation vinding connec, 'ted to a source of alternating current. The device acts as a vector plotter and coordinate transformer with DC and AC input signals.' Either DC or AC,output signals may be obtained as desired. The device can serve two. servosystems aim-ul- taneously, one working on AC and the other on DC. T6r.,o illustrations. 0. S. . 11 . ~~ H !:~; 1,2 ~ hl ~ I . ! 1, , d ; .1 ; N ::; i;1 ~ h: i (W . . . I I -7i USSR UDC:: 621. 1, -85341.09 -MIROVITSKIY~. D. I.., MMOVIN) V. F., 04*, P1. FEMIKOV, M. V. SIEWCHEMM V. V. Cophased Directional Coupling of Electroiagnetic Energy Ln Unes vith Delayed V -aves Moscov, Radiotekhnika i Elektronika, Vol i&f V9~ls Jan 71, PIP 37-40 Abstract: The authors describe the principal. ebaract.--rintico of the experi- mentally observed phenomenon of cophased directional coupling of energy in intersecting and branched dielectric waveguidg~s,. Energy,trarsmiGsion is char- acterized by the following peculiarities in such systensv 1. effective d1rec- -tional coupling is observed even when the section or interaction is of the order of a wavelength or less; 2. the.coupled wave phawvith:the wave being prop agated-in the main channel; 3* effective- energy-. cotipling takes place when the coefficients of reflection from the region of line branching are small, which is observed wilen the wave delays are small in the ilines; A. effective directional energy transmission takes place over an extrejilely I~road frequency ranges:-A clear physical interpretatimn of the: effect I.& igivert -together with confiriming experiments involving ivteistigation of- diiectii6nal radiation of energy from a localized nonhomogeneity in the 'weveguidej, a.h inviestigation of Id j 40 -53 It i Z -:Z/z 019 UNCLASSfFfEb~ PROCESSING DATE-30OCT70 C tRIC ACCESSION NO--AT0124748 ABSTRACTIEXTRACT-1U) GP-0~- ABSTRACT. POROUS POLYURETHANE FILMS WERE PREPD. FROM THE REACTION PRODUCTS 13F POLYPROPYLENE GLYCOL), MOL. WT. 'SIMILAR.TQ,2000s H SUB2 NNH SUB2 H SU812~01 AND TOLYLENE DIISOCYANATEt OR-'OF POLYCAPROLACTAtiv, BUTANED I OL v - ANI).:'B IS (I SOCYANA TOPHENYL )MET HANE. THESE POLYMERS:WERE-SOL-v IN ALL,PROPERTIONS IN HCONME SUB2P H014EVER THE ADON.-OF 5-LOPERCENT H SUB2 0 (PREFERABLY-,BY 'THE ABSORPfION OF H SUB2 0 _VAPOR) CAUSED TKE SEPN. OF THE POLYMER GLOBULES WHICHISETTLED, FORMING -~._.PORGUS. AND ELASTIC FILMS (ELONGATION.AT.B.REAK SMALLER :THAN OR EQUAL TO -:H,SUB2 0 (G) PERMEA 0; 4: MG-Cf-I PR IME2-HR J 700PERCENTV BiLITY7*SIKILAR. T -THE AMT. OF H, SUB2 -AND THE,.TE P.: N T E S LN. THE EFFECT OF M i~~ 0 H 0 '14FETASTABILITY AND THE FILM PROPERT,IES: WERE ESTABLI'SHE.O. FACILITY: NAUCKO-ISSLED. INSTO PLENOC"NYKH. MAT ER. KOZHI*.MOSCOWi _ussk. STITDY OF 'JAY3 TO T:!`~ TOXIC GAZ T'.';r,!~AS:~ 01' fi~r tic-, u b" V rW-Ilo (ind YD; :-O:;co-.:, Z . , , -ir~ T!, t an(T 3.0~730W on. --ttlacrylic I. 11prro Lr:_.t of a Comn'Duntl I The prnnent ntatuo of tim mot;ic~_E for ol_talnln-, pol~,n7v. docs'not alwayz ma".0. !t pov~,_blo to th(-- vvobIo:i of ob- talnin;~ synthetic r!aterials not conta!.=Li~e IanCi not mileaZl_-,~ volatile 2ow-moInctilar subntanang. Th,1z c~.plalm the rf~'ort:; mada to 'Itip,~,radc" nal-me-re Iry cnployi:%~: "thods for their. ad- ditioruil proco:331t.- (I/- U. Bar 1969- ., L. Danif; lieva lciy, 0. .4. i7n V. 196("- 2:96~) tiao study the ini'luenco lo:f'thoinlbs tat; ng -and fomir,~; of hot. ro., III,[- I th synthortic roaino on tbo roloa3o o_~ volatIlIo substances 13y a compoUnd ba-,,ed.on buty1mothscrylic o%,tor. The invootICation wa!; made Quinj; an earl jo r. dove loped nctliod (7. V. Yabloc~a-_Tn, Tilermoatatin.: of samplo_- of th,~~ Compound was accomplish 0(1 in tho 111i, at a of for ntu-lo-b OY 1~1 ou"I 25 daya tint) at a tomparatttro of 90-13'~,Oc. for L110 hours. !lot, rollino, or shoots was act: o.:-vnl Ished using, 10', uaiu~ tion or 7olycarbonnta (diflon) in nettjl chlovido and a' Oolf- adhorlixf- c1licont; Coal. :;armplec of the m,ipound, :nibjo~tod to thcr-,.io3tatIr4-,, were Irvv2tIrntod once tropho toric t r1c a!I~r in the ultravlolnt ro,,-,Lon for their content 0., 10117:i0lecillor, subotances. using ethanol. 1,110 result s of tho InvectiratIon can bo cocr; in the rigure. 132 4j Z~-G, L4 C)'3 L4-- L~ L Z STUDY 0? VOLITITES SU136"AiMES 13A~EJ Oil HALOG-711 ZArtlclo by Yo, V. !Wlehinn V. skn,.,q I - .. A. , Gorsnunoya and -Jr. - - '' ' - - j"i -711 -cnco A!ttt!a! roqy oqmichcgl~ y 11101('i; (Currert ?rot,- 1627 yothylan., d~-.r-~irrt!vojs ce, t I, ~:aterials. based an no!, rt a ning halogima are used ontonzively In the nct-t==1 oconc=*;_.T'LLir. use In outritting livinr qunrtor~ Lind f-,::tcz7 roorm 1-3 accom- paniod.,by tnb poealbility oe cnc:,.t~av%inutlcux by volatile proFuct5- ithich are -toxI o to =m~ -he 'literature, contninc linited I .rfmr:~i:ition on tkic sanzw- Itax-J. and or zhczv,-,mupn of pol- ners. In recant. .1 yoRr= vnrioua autbors mention the pc_33ibility that naterialz w1zh a p~olyvlnyl chlor- ncan n. ido bazo cart ralo&ae such toric con, Qn, az carbo. .onoxide, d1butyl plithalate,. ammahia lr;drof~on chllo:~L-Ia, ohlorocarbon compounds,,. fatty arids tind'aldolwdes J'Yn.~ G_ Dv6nlcin, et al., 1960*1 .,V, D. . Yij'bj t-.61tin 116'1 - F - r V! I";f Yn' G. I],,,) c r. t1jo 1:e, vr-. r-. -mmo nuturlal;5 based on polytetrarluaroothyinno rolon:e tnto the 6tro:;Vjjora only *~nxj,-niricant quantitios ol' cnrbon m-ar=x1de and hydrocar- bons V. 1). Yabloahkin, 1967). Dun to th.~ extonsivo u::o or 1301;-no~rq "nood on nalzrott".y- lane doriv '3 tivea containinC halotons 11". ae~~-kd ddAratla to continue Investigntion of tho gns ro2ewse of mamplqia o~' a num- bor or the nol"-ar construction materLsln frequently used in IndustrV'Which tire based on chloride and polytotra- fluoro ethylene. In tho vanitary-chemical invaztif.",atton wa oelacted a group of six matorials, three, aamplas each from tho polyvinyl '3c 61~ :-5'P R t.A L y I TO -!J,- "'. ': , . ` 0' " X- -S SITUDY QV 4AYS Tc, it J. !:occov, az kq P 11. i,*ri'~,ct of Co-ii,o:zitiun 1).f' 1969), in tko o-an-,11C of 13 SOMP1c: utudy ~va.,3 rindo of' the dopendunce of thr-Ir crmnatzeon,-, on t ho ~oinmooltioii of tho vpox7~~barc~ and harecrior an(~ also on tho P.cZoncd,or ftiiar --.:It wmL, pviiulb~n to.qltabli-,Al the opt.-'-Iun -Atlo 0 th a bo:-,c Drd hs-drn6r nt which, duo to complotil thoro In no ruliioco of a maomer rron the epon, 7rcc-Ir. and irollta rron ttib harden r. It ion found - tl,.~- a ntt L:'11.11 bovd6md b"! low--moj"62ar polyothylona -nol,-nnirv, or ani-no-t~ol-yoth4n- hardenoral mloovo an.-.011io -a s- I dencId by' prodActs of f sn"1110- "Uz raloaur o anino Inardenoru thare I.- no -010MIP of' th1:1*s%11-,!tr~-.1c-c. r(710!IzO 'cOr Or fivo tirms laus toluono in %1111~~,Out n m- lor, cvidcntly duo to char,!:vs imv,or t, e iii'luunC6 of 2.impla:: ?n eurn-unc-1ccular Itructura 01, thc , ; thr., co"ntration of cryatalliao tonos In the pc2ymor. In .:oll known' (L. 11raidol.13ti-rn, 1966), this 1c&6-- to n in thc rato or 111fru:;iOn or In the polynor. Tharc 1-q no ovidonco of n offoat of tlie or "Mcv-') on 1,ho procars, bocauco tha concantrazions of zhe cub- Co.- rolcncod durint; tho ,Itucjy of tha com:,Oun~lz '111od s tan with nine oxido.,or quLjrt-- did not' dif-1cr. 125, R7) 14 ~3 k L IIII-VEVVIGATION OF' V0Ue!'IIZSIJB.'~TAIICZS :-,OLYmM COITSTRUCTtON ZArticla by IJ,_4 A 11 POT3OV, v. A. Shchirv%itya, *iJi o;i an 2997 Block, Shbot and Granulated Plastics During recent, yearis there has been- a co,=ItIorablo cning of the field of applicablUtj of plastics a* comt:,"~,Ion IiRahr, 1967) - Thor-moplas tics. an the britiz, o corbonates, pol~avifd6a and,coipol:~iorz~ ABC-type (:;pcncvr, lc)69) have shom tho rieat6b t pozp1hilitiez. of u6e: in ~t:,,Iia 1i'- "ac tjon_.~Jje 66ntant: of volatile svbstazicos, in poIj-n6rB oxt.,ts subotitntiril 'efrda2-on-thair phuaicmachani'dA prope-Lies z.,,d toxicity (G. P. Kvyatkovs)~Sya, V. V. bloohkin, .1909). %ccordinrly, the parpore of ti-is"StOdY an invottigntion of the coi-ibi nation'or i ccrinlex of volatile nub- stances rolcsso~l by aom6 bloc", :Shaet raid f"rantalated plaztics the extumal --modimi I tinder conditions slitulatirv n the procoz-z of usin,,, polymer 'cons true t Lori mutopialo. Rrverimontal Part vio studied i rou-.. a,.' bloc',., che,,3t nnd -.rnmilatee cons- truction mator~lolsv including 10 DOMPIOZ on tho 1jasiv at' phonol-formaltlohndo resins, poI-.;cnrbonuto (eiflon), pol*moth~l mothncrylato and but ndlm nti--, ty Pena -a c r7loril t rile cc- polymor (01, V(!- 3ted ~t nornal (2, C) All the :nmplen were lnvr~ztij- -j twiporature and with an oxpovuro of 10 days. 'n additIon, !,.ost of the nnteriala, other than pressed povdor rmd mtorial on the basis of ABC copolymor, woz lnvosti,-.ntod increasca 118 L~_q L+ ZEA Ly :7 STUDY OP VOLATILE SU9:3TA!.IC -a' FOLY, MR COZ;z; Z( I; ~;T C", Z-Artiolo by T')- Vqbl~WJ44, V. A. A and C~:vldw)6, (or Frob-Imms- 3 aco Biol p and 305/ and '.,orouc PlastLeti n-anod on and TakP.V into account the pocullarit.1,1:; of ure, one can to bn all"Vetce by diffardn't environmental f4c,tor'c'-, ospcclslly tr,.-',Peratur~D, t- exporionco domon.~+, stani hr lat ox idz;'.to tho ro~,~at on anO roloane o~~ irront-n unlititi-01 Of 'Volatilb (7. Yabloobldn, 1- Ei, - tl The obj6etivu,of t, , ~-tudy-was- stj- rati6n.of a conpl". of volatile Bulb3tanctis roli~taaod by.3onz ~oum end po~otis pla~atlds undor ~c~andlt lions the pFra~ ;etorz of the aurvoundjvW, rediiii in the course of tkwIr use. Expo rimentnI hil-t i ill our study,wo colactv d a -,novp of r4no anriple-3 of ha boai,- of fr~ an ronm and porou.- plantics oil nnd .,00~ fo.-ln plastic, Q,-, sii of o:~iul !on and betv'-A PS-1, and q !0"% hard folm olaotIcq, polywva!.~.arlo cl-lutif! n1natic, I L-acIto'l "Jith ;-lm;;) -)ILuItIL: I)y bizood on colutto of zwrolon nn,~ nil made fron it (parilon !-,Iattinr). The mothoO :or fornulatim-, and conducti,-Z the an31--y'LLcul invoatIj,,!)tion of Ltw volatilo sw;b::ta,,'=a roloacu't I,,,- ton matarial.1, incladInt.; chemllcal, ,as chronatol-,raphic anal-Ssia, did not diffor ~'rom that dc- noribod in com, unication LI 126 I:57a L i!rj! ;_ .-- -- -- - - - Moscow, Mekhanika Tverdogo Tela, No 3, May-June 1973, pp:~99-110 Abstract: An algorithm is proposed for calculation of the natural and forced oscillations of elastic shells of revolution filled with'an ideal inccmpressible fluid. The algorithm is based upon reduction of the boundary-value problem for a system of integrodifferential equations to the correspbnd-ing Cauchy problems that are integrated by the method of orthogonal successiv~e elimination. The axisymmetrical oscillations of a cylindricaland an.ellipso'Ldal shell are dealt with as an illustration. ..,A description is given of the,general algorithm for calculation of the dynamic characteristics (frequencies, formsi attached masses) of the natural- oscillations of fluid-filled shells of revolution, as well as of an algorithm R for~determination.of the reaction:of a fluid-filled shell to an arbitrary bar- monic load. In the solution ofthe latterproblem, account is taken of energy dispersal in the material of the shell. on!the *!basis of the hypothesis of a com- 22 r ferences. Plex.modulus of elasticity. 4 figures* a -__77 'illidy, Concerns the effect Iof sfi'~cture of stilostittifed curnene hydroperoxides (1) on,the'rate of their rearrangeme Int'and the kinetics of. reamangement of, ]P..., and 7n-dils6~ropylbenzene di- -hydEope romito, (11).L' Reah~anjement of I iii. the Oresence of HtSO4, in AcOH oidibxane,~-is' alst o?der.-re~ctioji in -feSPECt to HtS04 conch., Rate constS. of rearriingetn6ts, of a :series of 3ubstitutedl,their,&H*ahdAS*:~,retabulat~o. Thereactivity aireed with the'Hainn~tt' eiqui'aitio. fi. AInlechanisM for If remangement is proposed. HAIJR 'E L/ F Wf~ [3 USSR UDC. 669-71.472(038.8) YABLOKal V. G., nZir"MOV) V. A. "Machine for Loading the Anode Mass intoathe Anode Shens of: Aluminum Elect rolyzers" USSR Author's Certificate No 254107, Filed,25 Oct 66,.Published 17 Mar 70 (from I~o 4, Apr7l, Abstract No 4G170P) Translation: To improve the deg-ree of mechanination, a design is proposed for a machine-whose anode mass bin is rade from'several independently controllcd Sectiom and a comm= system for unloading them. Me unloading system involves areceiving hopper, a guide chute, and spouts which are. hinved to the metal structure 'of the machine. - The nachine is equipped -with ail auxiliary nozzle syftem~ for the forration'of : an air :susponsidd over the open,u per electrolysis -section. There are 6 illustrations~: JSSR ('08, NIKIFOROV,,V. P., KUZNETSOV, V,; A., and YABLOKOV V-. G. aaotsfi "Machine for Semicontinuous Caztiti,~ of In,, USSR.Authorls Certificate:No 260837, ~f iled 15/04/64, published (from ?,eferativn -V Zhurnal-Metall giya: No 1, 1971, Y Ur i Abstract No I G114 P) Translation: A machine is suggested for semicontinuous casting of.ingots of Al and its alloys. The machine 4ncludes crystalli- zers- and a platiform with.sto,oLs-land c6unterwe,ights, supported on- flexible couplings and. moving in, guides. , ;IrA order to elimi- natd the possibility of movement of the platfo ra in any plane ovide copying without spacing of:the position of the to pr p 'platform guides, the platform is articulated to:sprung guiding shoes. The weight of the counterweights exceeds the weight of them. platform and ingots, in~6rder to s~implif y ~jthe :drive system. 771~_ 777, 012 UNCLASSI FIED PROCESSING DATE-04DEC70 IRC ACCESSION NO-AT0138271 tBSTPACTIEXTPACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE EPR HYPERFINE STRUCTURE OF CU SUB 2, (O~SUB2 CR) SUB4 .2L, WHERE,R EQUALS :ME, ET PIHCH l_5uBzl CLCH SUB2, .CL SUB3 Ct AND L EQUALS 2,CHLOROPYRIOLNE, PH SUB3~*Ps UREA, QUINOLINE, ~.BETA NAPHTHOQUINOLINEt ALPHA PICOLINEP..WERE INVESTIGATED. WITH AN i AlE INCREASE OF THE ELECTRONEGATIVITY OF THE ACID.GROUIP I - CU-0 SIGMA 13OND BECOMES MORE IONIC. THE IONIC CHARACTER'OF THE-CU-0 BOND ALSO INCREASES WITH INCREASE OF THE ELECTRON DONOR PROPERT[ES OF THE AXIAL LIGANDS IN THE COMPLEX. WITH A CHANGE: :IN :THE: CHAiRACTER OF THE CU-0 SIGMA- BOND, THE CHARACTER O.F THE PLANAP ~Pl BOND CHANGES IN THE REVERSE DIRECT ION. THESE RESULTS CAN BE USEU.-TO ELUCIDATE THE- MECHANISM OF THE -._..~:EXCHANGE INTERACTION OF CU-CU AS.-HAVING. INDARECT:C'HARACTER, AND THE OBSD. &IGNIFICANT EXCHANGE INTEGRAL~15 'PROBABLY DUE TO*JOINT I NTERACTIONS THROUGH; :S 16MA BAND I P I E1014 S OF CU-O AND KANIFESTAT IONS OF D FACILITY: KAZAN FI* NSt., :~KAZhNv USSR. ~TEKH..~ 1 1mr I A- -ED-- 4 7Z 7 a USSR UDC .621.35S.SC088.8) MOZALEVSKAYA, V. A., SHILINIKOV, A. I., YAB62LqQk I Ye KAZAKEVICH, G. Z. J_~ "An Alkaline Battery" USSR Authorls,Certificate No 300914,.Filed 11/09/69, Published 26/05/71, :(Translated from Referativnyy Zhurnal, Khimiya, No 2 1972, Abstract No 21217 P-from the Resume).. Translation: An alkaline battery is suggested, for example a silver-zinc battery, containing an additional electrbde (E), :connected to the positive E ofthe battery, differing in order.,to stabilize the voltage during the'process of operation of the battery,.this additional E, made for example, of manganese dioxide, is made with a redox potential than the positive E. The additional E is. ma&by, active;mass with graphite CIO%) and binder C3% PVA solution); on a 0 c pperIatti .ce TECHNICAL TRANSLATION' j 1111 ,~STC-3T-23- 619- 11 ( ENGLISH TITLE: EFFMr OF THE EXTENT, AXD TYPE OF CYL:LIC DEFORMAT101; ON THE STRZIGTII OF PAIO'; CO~z 4. 10 FOUIGN TITLE: VLIYANIYB VELICHINY I VIDA TSIKLICHESKOY ' I VISKOZ1,000 DEFOR.MTSLI INA :IROCHN OST AUTRORI w 4b at and SOURCKI KHIMICHESKIYE VOLOKIZA, No. 5, 1969 Irmulatad-for ?SIC by. ACS1 NOTICE 'r1w contents of this 1.)ubliCAt!0n have bmi translated ;s ptescnted in %hij original text. !~,u attempt his been made to verify the accur4cy or ;.ny stitem-clit.ecuitzined havih. Is 1,m translati n is pu~lishcd with a minituUm of copy editing ar-d AtaphWl rrcr--on ~, -~,t to expedite the dissemination of inforination. Requests Crr zdditimal copies of tl,;~ docurucrit should be addressed to Department A, National Tirclinical tnforfn~tinn Sc.-Y~cc. Springfield, Virginia 2215 1. Approved for public release; distribution unUmited. 7 77 A~C. Nr* _0004393r Ref Code: UR 0016 PRIMARY SOURCE: Zhurnal Mikrobiolog#. Epidemiologii, i Imundbiologii 1970 Nr 19 pp IMMUNOGENIC-AND A;'4~EVGEN.jdAN1TiGE1NS OFT MYCOBACrERjX -TUBERCULOSIS R e'p'd r t I A Study*of Laboratoiii*,Niodels for 'Asse!~srnent of the, Immunizing Cipacfty of Tuberculosis Vaccines T. B. YablAm~? I:. P. Ko hevnlko6m D. 7. Leul This report is a part of combined work ~ Intended to be carried out according to the WHO program together with specialized laboratories of a number of countries. The principal task of these investigations is elaboration of.astandard test.: of protection against tuberculosis on animals. The first comparative study of live vaccines and of irrununogenic substances of myco- ~acteria in various test-systems pointed to the differenc ebetvieen.individual preparations in some o I t -he experiments, add similarity in others. A higher, Immunological activity of I ive BCG logo resu swere'obtained by other partici- vaccine was regularly. noted.' Ana us pants oi this work. Further combined investigations are, deemed expedient, but the number of test-vaccines and test-sys-stems- shouLd be limitedso as the: materials obts intd were more accessible forcompa- rative anaivs1s. REEL/ RAHE -'22 023' UNC L 4S 5 1 F VED ROCESSING DATE-21394OV70 *-C i-RC ACCESSICN, iiO--AP0I3',498 ABSTRAC F/L-XTkACT-- ( Ll) GF-O- ABSTRACT. AORENALS G F' C A T YL E AN 0 HU AN SUPJLCTS ',-,ERE ANALYZED bY ELECTROPHORESIS A %I D I A M AGM~ 6EL. ffiE ANTIGEWC COPIP11. CORRESPONDING TO -UL~IHS A11W TO soils THE AL11HA SUB?) ALPHA SiJ-)L, BFTA ANO 0AVMA GLOD . I 'ALbOMINS PRESENT lN 13LfC;O SERUM. HUMAN -ADkENAL~ 'JN TIAL FRESH S'rATF IwITHIN~ 11'e' HR AFTER DFATH) MiNTAINEI) VORE' FRic'rWiS. DUP I IN G PRES'F~VATIGI'li, L.G., wim TY1,60c'-.85~FLUID, PROTEIN COMPDS. ARE 4A.SHED OUT ~OF THE "PFFNS. THE- A0R(:'-4;%L TISSUE 15 META(3GLICi1,LL.Y ACTIVL, ESP. IN THE lSiT 110 DAYS uF PRESERVAT!ui4. IT IS RECOMMENDED ThAT HUMAN AURFINALS BE 't --C'R I SPLA;~JATR)N V;ITHIN 10-i-15 DAYS AFTER:1-OLLiCTIGN AND P A E 5 E R 11A T 10 IN FACItl [Y.' ..KUBAN: It-D. INS r;~ KkASNODAR, USSR. Lkss D -- -------- 77 YABLONKA S., MARKOTSKIY, V, "Application of a Hydrocyclone to Increase the Concent-~Iation of a Photoemulsion" V sb. Mezhdunar. kongress po fotoE . nauke, Moskva, 1970. Pr1roda fotogr. chuvstvitel'nost-; (International Congress on Photographio~ ~c:Nince, moscow, 1970. Nature of Photosensitivity -- Collecticn..of Works)~ no place of publ-'ca- tion givenj Vneshtorgizdat, no year.given~ pp, 325-;328 (from M-Fizika, No 12(l), Dec 70,Abstract No 12D1298) Translation: A study of the possibilities of hydrocyclone equipment to concen- trate the solid phase of photographic emulsions is continued (for beginning see RZhFiz, 1969, 8D1000). The effectof the~parameters of the initial emul- sion, conditions of input to the device, and the structural parameters of the latter on the degree of concentration of the solid phase obtained and the ef- fectiveness of the concentration is investigated. The results obtained in a series of -model emulsions were tested under..i0dustrial.c6nditions in a two-stage quadruple.concentration of a coarse-grainOd x-ray emulsion,and It was shown that the fine-grained fraction goes into the.overflow. A. L.,; Karltazhanpkiy. 11 ij, I!_ I USSR YABLON'KO, Yu. P. "Rendezvous of Spacecraft bythe Method of Free Trajectories" Uch. zap. Tsentr. Aero-gidrodinam. In-ta [Scientific Writings of Central Aero-Hydrodynamic Institute], Vol 2,:No-S, 1971, pp 75-85, (Translated from Referativnyy Zhurnal, klekhanika, No 4, 1972, Abstract.No 4 A62 by V. 1. Toloknov). Translation: '11c problem is studied of the rendezvous of two spacecraft in similar elliptical orbits by the method of adjustment of the Kepler trajec- tories. In the case of low values of reference orbit eccentricity for tra- jectories with a range on the order of one reVOILIti.011,: 1I method of asymptotic integration is suggested, similar to the small parameter method of Poincare. For any experiment involving trajectories with a limitod rendezvous time, it is suggested that the mothod. of recurrent. rolationships be uscd, based on determination of the solution in the foi-m. of series with respect to powers of an independent variable, 77777'. A:, cit.) C- ~r4l Liu) li3 4 rl maf- C4. C;G 4 n'.~y S n cc-, 'a-0, C11L m- o 1~ ntOIACAE rj~ T ,re vn Cut Th~a ~Pllly~ 6 LU that C P-ro C. P- S 6U- t -2 t t.,! nc OM P c" tbu I- b Y' n. S on O~- f drOll th ic I rp SC r ff 0 WHOM I It I a USS?R al SCOW, SiEj' SZCO', hD_ No 2, 19, 7 0 2- 5 - n S so 'F4 onz o anti.8"Cri -S u cl t-' O"S Ty-~th a '-pz-ot in 01, co nd 1, C t'l 0113 L cess does not taka. pla-,~e tionial' y, e in c- rc;' Ls riot con:verted o t he kinetic enr---y For va 'ra, a suiu ac- t~ I- asf orm, a tio ao E lym, Ad ce US. 1/2 015 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 t-ITLE-CHEMISTRY OF UNSATURATED ETHER,S. XXXO; DIENE CONoEN'SATION OF WITH CARBONYL COMPOUNDS. CONFILGURATIONS AND AUTHUR-(05J-YA8LONDVSXAYA, S.O., SHEK,PTMANj-NoMv ANTONOVAu N.D., ,.,~-L-BOGATKOVt t-.7."w'TAK7r7"- ~6UNTRY OP', INFO-USSR 5()URCE_ZH.,ORG. KH114. 1970, 6(4)i 871-7! OA'TE- PUBL [SliEC - ----- 70 Su8JECT, AREAS-CHEMISTRY rop Ic. TAG S- 0 1 ENE CARBONYL GCMPOUND, HETEROCYCLKC 04YI-airiN, CoMpoul"lot ~.:-.-,,CAT-ALYT IC HYDROGENATION, ISDAER. -GAS: CHkOM4 TDGRAPHY~r. NMR 'ItNTRCL MARKING-NO RESTRICTIGNS )o'cu M EN TCLASS-UNICLASSIFTED 29.OXY REEL/FRAIME-2000/20B7 STEP IN 0--'UR 03 66 -7 00 0 6f 1) 0 4 10 6 7 10 6 T 7 .~tkc~ACCESSICN NO-AP0125674 -0 UNCLASSIFIL T~ ... z_ ~--212 -015 UNCL ASS IF I ED~ PROCESSING DATE--30-jLT70 CjRC-: ACCESSION NO-AP0125674 A-6STRACT/EXTRAC-1--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE CONDENSAT~.ON OF ROCH:CHCH.C~j (R IS ME OR ET) WITH OHGCO SUB2 R PRIME1 (R PRIME1 IS ,,,El ET, ~:-~BU) GAVE 2,RC,brRO SUB2 C r DI SUBSTITUTED, DELTA PRIME3~DIIIYD.ROPYFANS (1). :HYDROGENATION OF I OVER PTO SU02 CATALYST GAVE EJHE TETRAHYDRO ANIALOGS I AND IJ ISOMERS ARE SEPD. BY GAS CHROMATOG.; %,mR spEcrRA AR-E- ~.':DISCUSSEDr THE TRANS ISOMERS, CGNTG. AXIAL R(J GRUUPS, HAVE SHORTER 'RETENTICN TIMES THAIN THE CIS ISOMERS (01EQUATORIAL:1"UNFORMATION). TH E -,":-THEORETICAL CALCNS- OF THE STABILITY OF::T;tiESE IS014ERS CONFIRM THE NMIR 'DATA4.~.. FACILITY: MOSK. INST. TONKOI-.KHI.M&: UKHNOL. IM. OVA# MOSCOW, USSR. Tz" Q1_1Q-..1 6-111inin USSR uDc 616..98i.Tl-o92.9,.o97-o,2-,615,371 YABWW,,KAYA, V. A., Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology imeni Gamaleya, sciences UWR "Immunosenesis in Guinea Pigs during Immndzation with a Dif ferent Type of Rickettsiosis Vaccines" Moscow, Zhurnal Mikrobiologii, Epideiuiologii i lm=obiol ogi-1 Vol 47, Tio 6 A. Jun 70., PP 133-134 Abstract: The first results of a study of the~reaction of lymphoid tissue (guinea pig-spleen) to immmization with rickettsiosis vaccines of various types are pre- sented. The reaction was studied by the indirect Erne Nardin. method modif Led for application to rickettsiosis. Cell suspens~ons,and.extraots from guinea pigs killed on the second to 32nd day after injection of the preparations were investigated. The development of antibody-produaing cells~was,observed In the spleen. The number of these cell's varied considerably among different animalfil(frequently from W-50 to 150-300 cells). When spleen extracts were studied in the Enie reaction, it was found that antibodies vere present by the Wi, day after immunivAtion vith an antigen solution and a live combined exanthematous typhus vaccim in concentrations of 1:10 to 1:20, and on the 5th day iv, remaining,guinea pign imimnized with a live exanthematous typhus vaccine in a concentration of 14.10. 11 , was found that lymphoid tissue in earlier periods of im.mnogenesis vas diffeFent,_ ftpeniing on the type.of 1/2 USSR UPC 577.4 ROZENSMYN, G. SR, and YABLO',IISXIY A .,On Games of One Class of Stochastic.Automata with Multiple Actions" a igr (Theory of Games--coll6ation of works), Yerevan, 1973, pp 282-285 Vsb Teoriv (from R2.-h Matematika, No 11, Nov 73, Abstract.No It V532) Translation: The functioning in a random environment of a group of interacting automata Us-ing-a randamizin,-, algor.1thm determined in the paper is examined (a game of stochastic automata). The converrence of strateries'lof the group in a game with common interests and an antagonistic game of a I studied (a number of utomata are theorems are proved). A new class of automaton games is sugaested-controllable 'gafM Abstract by the author. j:* .7, USSR UDC: 8.74 ROZENSHTEYN, G. Sh., YABLONSKM A.J. Randomized Strategy in a Simple Teaching Model" Moscow, lzbr. tr. Vses. mezhv-uz. simpoz. po prikl. mat. i kibernet., Go,r'kiy, 1967 (Selected Works of the'All-Union Intercollegiate Symposium on Applied Mathematics and Cybernetic 967), "Nauka", 1973, s, Gorkiy,:l pp 2137216 (from RZh-Kibernetika, No~7,,Jul 73, abstract No,7v69O by the.authors) Translation: The paper deals with the problem of decision making in the case where averaging over a set is not equivalent to time averaging. The analysis is based on the example of,beha-%iior of an automaton in a random medium which is described as a-.controlled Marl,,ov. process. An optimum algorithm is proposed for:such behavior for 'which randomized decision. making is essential on each stage to minimize the conditional risk,rather than the average risk.. USSR YOND14TENYA S. 0. YABLOVSKIY I. (Tnstitut e. of Mathanati cs Belorussian -Acaderv Sciences "Singular Points in Solutions of Systems of Sedond-Order DiVerentiall Equations" Yjmk.,-DifferentsialIWje Uravneniya; November., 1970; pp 1970-5 d-;? p (v v AM 14 CT in the system of differential equations -C = Y, I,. dy ON. Y. Z) where P., Qv R. and S are-polynomials in x and y with &- -STYTY 1 Z7 "he coefficients vhich are holonorphic functions of z in on D -- se-Jficient ard (In isolated case3) necossary I:ind SuffiC4 Gnb: condil;ions are L Ound: he exIsT ebraic so ulior -114; algebraic and certain nona:Lg f or ence of y(z)] with the properLy x(z) -,- ci~. , y(.Z) -* o~, for z D. The conclu:- s ons drwm-are a generalization or the results o If an article by the auvhors -nit luji-mi 3 UDC: 621,365.1 USSIR 0 YA, B SKEY F. L. P cations" "New Gas Discharge Devices and Their AD Ii' Moscow, Radiotekhnika, No. 6, 1970, pp 1-9 'bstract: 'he theory of operation and the characteristios of nc-,.r devices in the Z16 categori of st-abilitrons, thyratrons., decatrons and: polytrons, indicators for risua:1 iruormation. displays, power pulse generators, an--',:gas discharge tubes are given. Some of the heavy discharge stabilitrons and th~riia:trono discussed are the -ioneO -z,:L SG204K, the Tkh;';G, and the TKhIlG; the first is a see%, perait ng the of two stabilized voltage values, the seaonct:a Ii-ogic thyratron, and the thirdan electrometric thyratron. Tables of these a~Ad othor gas disQnarge devices and their specifications are given.imaddition t6 charw;teristic curves. Also-present"ei are schematics 3howing typical: lioatio1w. app -- - --- - -- - - --- L -%4 - b I!. Cout inatory'Analysi6.: Graph T~teory A. General Theory-ofComl~inatory Analysis USSR KULISH, YE. N. and YABLONSKIY, P. M. "The Problem of Reliability of a System Working in nvo Modes" Gibrid. Ilychisl. Tekhn. i Elektronika (Hybrid Computer Equipment and Electronics -- Collection of Worksl, Kiev,' Nauk. DLimka Press, 1972, pp 267~276 (Translated from Referativnyy Zhurnal Kibernetika, No 10, .19711, Abstract No IOV278) Translation: The system operates in two modes. The time of operation in either mode is a random quantity with fixed distrIbutiou. Failures occur according to an exponential rule with parameters dependent on the mode. The Lay-lace-Stiltles.transform.6f the mcaa.time between failures of the system is written. One particular case is studied, when the time spent in each mode is a deterministic quantity- Abstractor's note. The formula for P(t) can be produced somewhat more simply by replacemeat Of time T =1 X(x)dx, wbere A(x) is the in- 0 tensity of failures at moment Xv. 1. Kovalenko 577.4 YABLOHSKjYC_�& V. "On the Design of Repeated Dead-End Experiments for Automata!' V eb. Rwpoznavaiye obtazov (Pattern Recognition -- collection of works), Moscow* 1973, pp 187-193 (from BZh-Xatem%tik&# No lie NOV 734 Abstract No 11 V555) Translationt This note is a brief exposition ofthe author's report presented at a symposium on the practical application of pattern recognition methods Hoscowy automata, expressed in a previously published ijork by the author ~Wh Hato 1959, 10 905) and related to.the concept of the dead-end test. This aMoach makes it possible to formuL%te:the problem of diagnostics for automata and indicate the zethodz of their solution, in~principleq In the most 'general terms. As an illustrationp it Isinoted that thIs makes it possible to achieve an extrenely simple proof of Moore's well-known theorem on experl- ments-for automata, A complete report win be,published in Tr. hate in-ta AN S=H, vol 133. FunctionaV-And'i U ys. s. USSR UDC 519.95 ZAXHAROVA, Ye. Yu., and of Applied Mathematics, Institute .4 Academy of Sciences USSR Some Properties of Nondegenerate Superpositions in Pk" Moscow, Matematicheskiye Zametki, Vol 12, No 1, Jul 72, pp 3-12 Abstract: Many synthesis problems require that, by means of superpositions of functions of a given finite system, a function which depends essentially on r > N arguments (where N is arbitrarily large) be obtained by the method which is simplest in a certain sense. the article shows that the multiple- valued case in this question differs from the double-valued case in essence. It is known that from any finite. system~Z (2.)C_- P2 1 contaIintng a function which depends essentially on m >, 2 arguments, it is possible~to obtain a function which depends essentially on an arbitrarily large nur6t'~r of arguments. An important property of double-valued functions is the fact that in the sub- stitution of some function for the essentiaLargument of another function, all essential arguments of the inner function prove to'be esBential arguments of the entire s~iperposition, The complexity. of genern~ing "riong" functlons in the system %(2) is characterizee- by t,he,reduced weight P.)?,(2) of the 1/2 USSR ZAKHAROVA, Ye. Yu., and YABLONSKIY, S. V., Matematicheskiye Zametki, Vol 12, Vo-1, Jul 72, pp 3-12 The c mplexity L*(N) of.the "chea est'! function that depends System essentially on N arguments satisfies the fdllowlng asymptotic equality: The article shows that this definition of reduced weight4~9 inapplicable in Pk when k > 2. A new definition of reduced weiglit, PXV for 3 A11C PAL, based.on the analog of,/,l)- is introduced.. A lajer limit which is higher than that given by~R- Ye.,-Krichevs.kiyAs obtained for the complexity of the realization from by 'formulas. of functions I'MIM Milli USSR UDC 534.322.3+534.83 GENKIIT, 14. D. , YELEZOV, V. YABjLQOJNqK V. V. "Methods forthe Active Reduction of Vibrations With Mechanisms" V sb. Dinam*ka i akustika mashin (Machine Dynamics and Acoui3tics Collection of:Works), Moscow, "Nauka", 1971,,pp 70-'88 (from RZh-rizika, No 3, Mar 72, Abstract No 3z"Ih502) Translation: The effectiveness and stability of two'systems for the active reduction of vibration are analyzed. The systems show promise for application in shockproof mechanisms over wide frequency ranges. The basic element in the system is an electronagnetic or electrodynamic vibrator controlled by an ampli- fied signal from the vibration pickup or a dynamometer. The vibrator partially compensates for the vibration effects at tbe,base in the sbock absorber, 15 ref. Authors abstract. h2 777~.. ---. USSR, UDC 534.322.3+534.83 MOROZOV, K. D.3 V.- "Analyzer of Relative Spectrum and Frequency dharacteris.7tics". sb. Dinamika i akustil, ~'dshin (11, Dynamics and Acoustics Collection m achine, of Works), Moscow, "Nauka", 1971) pp "7-122 (from R&~Pizikaj No 3, 14 'ar 7 2, Abstract No 3Zh5O6) Translation: A two-channel analyzer is descrAed that was developed for deter- mining the components of the relative spectrum or the spectral density of vibration-acoustical processes and also for recordiaLF, the real and imaginary parts:of the.frequency characteristics of a-aystem_.under a sinusoidal action with noise (in a servo filter rpode). Authors abstract. 117 USSR UDC 534.2 GENKIN, M. D., "New Methods of Measuring the Parameters of Hultidimewiona.~ Vibrations of Linear Mechanical Systems" -,V,sb.- Dinamika i akustika mashin-04achine:Dynamics and Acoustics -- Collection pp_58-69 (from RZh-F'*zika, No 3, Map 72, of -Works), Moscow, "Nauka", 1971, Abstract No 3Zh480) -Translation: New genieralized methods are discussed for' b the total measuring or dynamic compliance applicable to the a-rialysis of linear multidimensional vibrations of mechanical. systems under the actiort of multi- point and multidimensional farce effects. A practical method is proposed for measuring parameters with the aid of six or eight vibration pickups placed on each "rigid surf-ace" so that the vibrator acts with a concentrated source on six Qr eight points of the area in turn. A diagrain is ,Jven of a multichannel complex of equipment for determining frequency characteristics and the mutual vibration spectrum of complex mechanical-4 stems. Some ~instruments of the y courplex are briefly described. Authors abstract. > iz t) t: 7, 1Z IVO~004NEL ho!SEPROOP XIALYZhR 01~ A.IVLI,rt=-PftLQUl!NV( j-,Ntt WAFLACTERISTICS A C~- [Article b 4a ri, a, hlonskiyj Mo4cow, ov. LV.: V n~ Ai(tivnebV~ FrAJuLni7twu.-t-1--Z~~ The vibrations of zost machines are generated not by one, but IV many sources. . 71,6re Core un extremely coriplex spectrum is alnust inev-1.01., and :in'order t6 roYeal tile ohysL"I picture of the ge-aeration and propaga- tion of vibratory energy of each source individually it is necosisiry to extract from the spectra the individual components of.idontical parts =4~ compare them with. rcspo T to. impli~-vudo, and:phase with-.thu- corre!1pundIng X t of onim-bf the io"gti 0 as a_i6frTonco:s~~val. componen s gatod:iiknals,.us d . Such determination of frequency., characteristics is possible %qhcft the, I al,"u'sed as' the reiere c Js a., purejy sinusoidal fo=. Otherwise the measurement of freqooncy characteristics involves intolerably large error, .. To avoid th"c error-, the analyzei described hLircin incorporates the. principle of tracking the first harmonic of the refc=rcc signali whereupon It ii possible to mnaly:c the phase-frequcncy char-acter.- istles wiltli a refezemce.signal-of arbitrary-5hape. Many sp--ctr= analyzers*, including acoustic [I] , are dcscribed-beth in Soviet and foreign literature. Of the entire collection of Analy:e.-5 we, will briefly discuss acowatic. analyzers in the generally acceptei -,sen5.-- of this term -- instruments for recording the ct~Trent spectrum of irizial signals themselves, They are subdivided in turn, on the basis of the methods o~' this problem, into analyzers with selective filters and Instrunrnts selective filter3, which perform directly an aF-proxinate Fourier tr.;--Srorn. Noteworthy of analyzerz with selective filters are inscrumerivs incorporating the heterodyne method of analysis as the most suitable far autormtic recording of the.entire spectrum without separation into rangos. Those instruments are extremely sophisticated, but they ha-re disadvantages, such as poor selectivity in the bottom part of the rang;, and excessively high selectivity in the top, difficulty in adjustinZ -82- .. .. . ... 4, A I., D It- PLS (.(V MECHAN15H AS A b2JLT1VCLAA VIRACI ION GEN~PAWR j,\(C .1 %-*-L (Article by 14. D. GLnkin, 11. V. Yablonskl Moscow. Vibroakusticheskarz, Aktivnostt -.Ussian, 1471, pp The character of propagation of vibrations from.their source mechanisms -- to its supports and thrn.t4rough shock absorbers to the founda- tion In the form,of structural notso acpends.on. the general and local structure- of each f1%ub-jy*:" tc=" e, - tha -mechanism. stk~~O( absorbers and 5cmd. - tion, in the c~KaTacter of rtheir connectio n and on frequency, Tbe eff Cz at these factors on the vibratory energy. detvrztni~g the. vibro-activity of the mechanism (1], must be analyzed by;earbining experim~nisl out-mlysis. a the' subOyitvms'-thcmj6ljei Ath. isilculatUn -'Oathodi of eviluating their intor'actio!~, , For,t] is purpose it is convenient to vlow a. system as a chain of three mechanicafnetworks: -active source (s)" Pissivi, transition cc;:po- nent--(p) and - load (Z) (71gure 13. 'The acted to each Other by rigid couplings. ach "cross" sect-on of these couplings is -characterized by n-varlate vectors of forcus of interaction F, and also o- velocities V.or other dyn=ic variables. Restricting. the study to'the cas e of low hannonic iibrations, we will assign, the vectors. as columns- of complex: amplitudes of victor. coordinates in a n-variate space. tf kno~rn base. VV4 rag 'Am FAQ Figure 1. Mechanism, shock ri absorbers and foundation as a system of notwor", gy, P; LLY~ Zin z1a Sykes 12) and Rubin (3) axuiined the paritwters In general for- of active and passive networks and some matrix expressions giving the veclors F and V In sections according to the given parameters. In oreer to ca' 'u late the vibrations of real engineering systems it Is necessary to select the pXinciple of reduction of subsystems to a network. relate the ~q-jivalvnt parameters of the mechanism with the exciting forces and parameters of he internal structure. It is necessarfi moreover. that all basic rclaticyas be derived for vibration of the source-sho -ck absorbor-load system in "Ji- tio.a to those found in Sykes'. work (Z), -72- u S SR UDC; ':1.25;5~1,'7 -tm- 0. 1. -Fw ~.V. IILR Y;aa " F. G., DAt .1 FOGORELOV, V. A. and YAB. Donetsk Physicotechn ical 1-,-!Stitu,te. 1IStudv of the Internal Friction of Cobalt 3000C" Sverdlovsk, F-z,*I-a =tallov i met allovedeniye , Vol 32, NO 5, -ov 71, PP 1101-1104 Abstract: 7.arlicr resuarch i nz~, i ca c st~c 3000C region zv; thc position of friction catalt. Dezeriled', here is an atterent t, its ri--- -o ,;,rj The 01; ,.ure Co additionull,~ UY (11,-W,;in,, (by I 'The npecimens.~ were gradually annealed at 1Qj CXQ z;rd ~YOO,C Pnid, Coolt-4 d own to. roo,-,, to-,Derature. ITe neasureruntj includ-d ir-~;ernul frictic.1 (150-350C), oscilla-tior. -'Prequency (7 c-o- ) ane., L-7-uu, (2-1)-t'). Interrul,ted anneal of the --Qr tri, j t, C7 up.,-~~urs to !o., friction ,, -C-Tr~ture position which i~ DIOSt PI-Gnouncu` a' 900C and artlcular-37~~ mardfe-,,t 0- dra,,.T. szec-=en. The relat hi D betwccn t,he te.,.iporature position of r-aximun internal 1/2 SSE, 2MMAUTAR, F. G., et al, Fizika metallov i inetallovedeniye, Vol 32, No 5, Nov 71, pp 3-101-1104 friction of Co, the thernomechanical:treatment of the material and the conditionsof polymorphous transfo7mation lndicete its 1close association r with aep 'crystal lattice fects, i.e.j the maxim-um internal friction of Co at 3000C is of deform tional natur.2. - It is nost likely~to be caused by the plastic deformation of the material, including pol~Tiorp~ous transfoma- tion of Co. (2 illustrations, 3 bibliographic refference~s). 2/2 61 j USSR UDC 576.851.48.095.38 V. G. Kiev Scientific Research Institute of Advanced Training V. G-d ns. Y?emvvmp +oP'h "ys i c "ia "Antagonistic Relationships Between Pathogenic Serotypes of E. coli and Their Role in the Epidemiology of Colt lnfacti~til' Kiev, Mikrobiologicheskiy Zhurnal, Vol 3j, No 5, Sep/Qct 71, pp 647-649 Abstract: A study of the capacity to.produce colicin and of the resistance to its action was carried out on 110 strains of E. coli. The pathogenic serotypes of E. coli isolated from sick children with a colt infection that resulted in an intestinal disturbance exerted an anta-onistic effect on the common untyped nin strains of E. coli. This action was due to an inhibiting effect o. the cor= colicin formed by pathogenic E. coli... Pathogenic E. coli isolated from healthy children (bacillus carriers) produced a similar inhibiting effect, but to a lesser extent. Pathogenic E. coli from sick children had. at, activity 2.8 times higher than that of strains from healthy children in inhibiting patho- genic E. coli. Colic inogenici ty was apparently, at3soclat!sd with paLhogenicity and was one of the factors giving rise to bacteriosis. 'The degree of coli- cinogenicity of pathogenic serotypea of E.: call decreased with increasing age of the children, USSR twc,615.472,616-33-085.83?-.9-031-84-72 YAB4", L._g., STADNITSKIYt YU. P., and GALLINGEP, YU. I., Hoscow Instru- titute~~ imeni X.. 1. Firogov -Ont Ractory, Hoscow Medical Ins "Nest Apparatus for Local Hypothermy of- the Stomach" Moscow# Meditsinskaya Tekhnika, No 3, 1971i pp:20-23 Abstracti Groups of engineers from-the Moscow Instrument Factory and researchers from the Second Moscow Medical Institute Imenj K, 1. Pirogov collaborated in the development of a neu device, the.AGZh-1j for produc.Ug local cooling of the storg-ach and other organs. A 50% alcoho)./water solution (4 liters) is Introduced through an overflow opening in a two-seotion chamberl a connecting cock,is kept open until the upper'tark ofa level &uge Is reached. The air Contained in the chamber Is d-riven out through the connecting cock to the out- side. A diaphragm pump evacuates a latex ballon which envelopes a double sonde protruding from the measuring asction of the device. Aftex the air has been evacuated, the latex ballon is sealed off aroun.1 the sondeo lubricated with glycerin aid inserted into the stomach of the patient. The alcohol/water solu- is chilled in the heat-exchange section of the vessel into which are built the vaporizers from Freon coolers-which are'equipped with.~npecial conden8ers. The temperature of the solution is louered autozatically to a present level by 1/2 50 USSR -23 YAB14ARKOVo L. G.t at al.# Meditsinskaya Takhnika, HO 3t 1971. pp 20 an automatic unit consizst4 ing of a rectifier with a quenching msistor, a trans- 'istorized amplifier and intermediate relays of the MKIJ-.416 tyge. The tempera- ture in the heat exchange chamber is usually maintained at 2 to -&C, within 0 The latex ballon is filled with the cooled alcohol/water mixture, by means of the diaphr-agm puzT?. Approxizate4 600-900 ra are fAlled into the ballcn, under control by the level guage.. Electrothexmometers are used to measure the temperature of the alcohol/water mixture,.thebody temperature of the patient# and*the stomach temperature, The electrothernometera are calibrated by a micro- a=eter, and they can measure temperatures in the range from 16 to 420 with an accuracy of + 0,20o An autotransformer is used,to control the productivity of the pump. The device is capable of keeping a constaitt volune of cooling mixture In the latex ballon for the entire procedure (without oxc~~eding atmo- spheric pressura in the ballon) at a raquii,&_ temparatttri, and with controlled pumping. The device wm succesfully tested on.34 patients with acute pancreatitis and gastro-duodenal bleeding. It.was possible to reduco'by rjtojiach cooling tho number of operations and the death rate in desttuctive fOxns o~' acute pancreatitis. The device is claimed to be simplel conveniento'and free;-of danger to operate. It can be used for local cooling of the intestine# urinary bladder, and other caval organs. 212, USSR UDC 615.373.6 otechnical Institute imeni A. F.:Joffe Physic YABROV A. A 'An Agent for improving the Noaspecific~Resistance of Cells USSR UDC 576-31612.017t615-5 YEXII-W.A, V. A.# and '"IEYTIMOK, N& A. UDC:669.046.S58.7:669.015.3 MINNIKOV, Ye. S., EFROS, D. I., BORODETS, 1. V. YABU~~.S. I., lZMANOVA, 0 6 T. A.,: and FVKR V IKIY V. A. "Some Properties of the Ingots of Chrome-Nickel-Molybdeilum Steel Treated With Liquid Synthetic Slag and in. Vacuum" Proizvodstvo ChernyU, Metallov (Production ofFerrous Metals--Collection of Works], No 75, Nletallurgiya Press, 1970, pp 226-234 Translation: Three melts of structural chrome-nickel-mo,lybdenuin steel were made in -a basic 50-T opon hearth furnace, ln~ the ladle,~ the metal of each melt 'was treated using one of three.versions oftelchnologry: A--~-refining with liquid synthetic. Slags; H -evacuation in the ladle,! III--rcfining with liquid synthetic w" subsequj!nt evacuation in tile Slag 3. ladle, The struct-.. z1 and chemical heterogeneity of a.2.85-T ingot and the mechani- cal propeTties of the cast metal were,studiedi: The steel produced by versions,I and II 'were 'distinquished by low sulfur content, 0. 007 and 0. 006% ~ respectively, whide, type I I steel had minimum hydrogen content. Tile structural zones,of all in ots were developed rat -tically identically. Ingots of versions I and Ill showed Stability of p J/2 USSR KALINNIKOV, Ye. S.,_tt q1,, Proi;vodstvo Cbernykh, Metal lov, No .75, Metallurz-1011 iya~ Press, 1970, pp 226-234 9 chemical composition both in height and in-cross section.. The steel treated with the synthetic slag differs from the vacuum steel in its higher rechanical properties.. Vacuum treatment of the steel after treatment with synthetic slag did not cause a further increase It is established that the influence of sulfur on the development of non-axial heterogeneity and changes -in the mechanical properties of cast steel is more signi_ficant~than the in- -fluence of hydrogen. 7 figures; 6 tables; 6 biblio.~ refs. USSR UDC 632.9:595-768.12 ARAPAVA,.L. I.; YAQ1 A Belorussian Scientific Research Institute of Plants P~io7Eecv on ~IlGoncerning the Destructiveness of~the Potato Colorado Beetleff Minsk, Izvesti,7a Akademii Navuk BSSR, Seriya. Sellskokhozyayst- .vennvkh Nauk, No 3, 1971 b 130 Abstract: Experiments on the destructiveness of the Colorado beetle were conducted in 1966-1967 in Pruzhanskiy Rayon, Brest- skaya Oblast with the pest feeding on naturally potato infected fields with sandy soil and a flat topography,. Possible losses to potato crops from the Colorado beetle in the absence of con- trol measures,in a single generation of the predator were studied. Results indicated that 25, 50, and 100% destruction of the leaf surface of the Vekaragis variety of potato reduced the crop yield by 30, 52, and 066% and the,weight of.t~tbers by 39, 6~, and 97%; the figures for the Skorospelka~l, Zazerskiv,.wid Foran varieties are 12-28, 35-43,. and 69-84~',' respectively, and for tuber 'eight 3-11, 40-54, and 86,98%., 'T"he qiiantity of starch 1/2 j. '! , ; .. i : !1*.!. 1 - - ~o - ;! ! 1111 111 JI, ; t ;4 . i t ;i' 'i: I t.: - I I z ~ I I m I ~ , . I : 'I q :.--; I j. . I ; USSR UDO 621.;')82.3 SOLOV'Y----V, V.V. YACHEIISIX i To' .4, Computation Of The Transients During Opening Of A Transistor VIBb. Polunrovodn, nribor-,,, iflh Rr imenen:iyyIo(Semicondmotor Devices And Their Plication-Collection Of Works), Issue 24,: "'oscow,," IQ,'fO, Ab DP 76- 85 (from RZh_-Elektronika i Xeye.prim neniye,~ xo 4, April 1971, Abstract No 4B237) Tranalat The paper analwas the delay tia and the front of the collector ion; currbnt in a circuit with a common: emitter, ::tor the thr:Qle most coir"mon for=j of the input signal eront., linearl'in tho form of a saction of a sins curve, and arconentiul; problems of an approximation of t a exrressions obtained are th 5 ill- 3 ref. Author-'s abstract-*. considered USSR UDC: 543.42.062 NIRONOV, V. A., FEDOROV, B. V. , SHICHOV V. V. YACH,119,,~6,16 "Universal Spectral Analyzer for Liquid.Mediall Optich. i Titrometricli. Analizatory Zhidk. S'red [Optical and TitrometTic Analyzers for Liquid Media], RepoTts of All Union:Conforence, 19,71, Paft' 1, Tbilisi, 1971, PPSS-60 'Ctrans lated from Referati-vnyy Zhurnal Metrol og~~iya i , lzmeritel.1 naya Tekhnika, No 2, 1972, Abstract No 2.32.1093 by V. S. Krasnova) Translationi The Special Design Bureau of the Weather Bureaut Academy of Sciences, USSR has developed an experimental model of a univerala spectral analyzir (A) for liquid media for measurement of action spectra (characteristic and effective) The A includes a two-wave radiator Ath controlled output spectra, a therno- stated euvette with regulator and temperature ~ measuring device f interchangeable converters and electronic measuring, devices and a recor(Ung potentiometer. The outputs of both channels of the =Aiiator pzoduco npectru of oqual power with an error of equalizati-on relative to the maximum standaiq level ~of not over 5100' in g- of electrical the 300-760 jj-j)V wave range. The A allows curves of Um chanp -ygen pressure a." d' photo-potentials to t~3 measurod as conductivity# partial ox functions of wavelength of the incident radlation, xadiation Intensity, tempera- ture and composition of liquid and,,~surroundihg the,objects studied. 151 UDC: 51 SKERUS S. L., YACHYAUSKAS I. P. 31 "A Coalition Differential Game for Three Playe~s" Lit. mat. sb. (Lithuanian Mathematics Collection), 1971, 11, No pp, 887-898 (from RZh-Kibernetika, No 4, Apr 72, Abstract W6 U4,32) Translation: A coalition differential gene of,three persons is reduced to a coordination game in which the values of the characteristic function are computed as gains in certain situations of equilibrium in coalition- -.1ess.differential games. The existence of a unique Neumann-Morgenstern solution coincident with the C~kernel is proved for this cooperative game. -Authors' abstract. 20 USSE UDc: 621-396.6:620-32..620-178.3(o88.8) SIL12111SH31 Ya. Ya. YADCHENYCO K. I., A Method-of Testing Radio Equipment" USSR Author's Certificate No 286oo5, filed,19 Sep 68,~.published 12 Jan 71 '-383 P) (from RZh-Radiotekhnika, No 6'$ Jun TI, Abstract No 6V, Translation: This Author?s Certificatelintrbduces a radio equipment test method based on vibration or shock jarring of operating equipment under the maximum permissible electrical load. To shorten the production cycle in detecting latent flavs in the equipment during the .testsD the moving elements of the equipment being tested (e'. the bandselector switch) are operated at a high speed. iW'- 1/1 r -1111: 110 USSR SKOROMOD, A. V., YADRENKO, M. I. TrAbsolute Continuity of Measures Corresonding to Homogeneous Gaussian Fields" Teoriya Veroyatnostey i Eye Primeneniya [Theory of Probabilities and its Applications), 1973, Vol 18, No 1, pp 30-43 (Translated from Referativnyy ~Zhurnal Kibernetika, No 6, 1973, Abstract,No 6V72, by the authoTs). Translation: The general problems of abscilute continuity and singularity of Gaussian measures were studied in the works of Ya. Gayek, J. Feldman and Yu. A- Rozanov. However, in the study of specific Gaussian measures, it is desirable to be able to answer thas~e questions, !tsing only the determining characteristics of the corresponding processes. As we know, to solve the problem of Absolute cont.inuity and determine the -o density,. one must solve a certain operator- equation lithich,, for ordinary pi - cesses, is reduced to an integral.Fredholin,69uation of the first kind. The existence of a solution of this equation provides absolute continuity. Ilow- ever, the question of existence,of solutions of such,equation is quite com- plex. The problem therefore arises ofidetermining Oe conditions of absolute continuity of measures not utilizing the fict of existence:of a 50lution of the corresonding equations. 1/2 USSR Skorokhod, A. V., Yadrenko, M* I., Teoriya Veroyatnostey I Eye Primeneniya, 4973, Vol 18, No 1, pp 30-34. For stable processes, a number of conditions expressed through corrcla- tion functions of spectral densities were suggestcd~by Yu. A. Rozanov; other general conditions were presented in the review article of 1. 1. Gikhman and A. V. Skorokhod, as well as the book by thel same authors. y In the present article, similar conditions, using only the spectral func- tions and densities, are found for homogeneous Gaussian fields. The autho):s have limited themselves to the case when.the mean values of the Gaussian fields are equal to 0, while the correlation functions differ. The case of identical a-:, studied in an article by M. I correlation functions and different means w Yadrenko. Conibining the results of this, lost work with tho,;C in the pi,ese-lit article, one can producc 1condi-tions of Absolutti COntinUity Of h011101,M)COUS fields with various means and correlation functions. Wo should particularly note the case of isotropic Gaussiln fields, which are studied separately. Ilie conditions of absolute continuity and singularity of measures corres- ponding to Gaussian random fields have not yet been sufficiently studied. USSR YADRENKO, M. I- "Absolute Continuity of Measures Corresponding to Gaussian Homogeneous Random Fields" Teoriya Veroyatnostey i Mat. Stat..Mezhved. Natich. sb. ['theory of Pro- babilities and.Mathematical Statistics,; IriterdepaTtmental. Scientific Collection]., 1972, No 7, pp 152-161 (Translated from ReftrativnYY Zhurnal, Kiberiietika, No 1, 1973, Absti-act No I V158 by the author). Translation: Conditions of absolute cozitiiwity of ineasLn-es are suidied, corresponding to Gaussian homogeneous, random fields with'identical corre- lation functions, with particular, attention..giVen to homogeneotis and isotropic random fields. 25 USSR UDC: 519.21 :"Isdtropic Random Fields of Mark-ov Typell 7T' USSR UDC: 519-21 1ADIMIKO, M. I. flon an Interpolation Problem for a Homogeneous and Isotropic Random Field" Teoriya veroyatnostey i mat. stat. Mezhved. nauchI sb...(Probability Theory Mathematical Statistics. Interdepartmental Scientific Collection), 1071t vyp-'4, pp 212-220 (from RZh-Kibernetika, No 12,bec 71, Abstract No 12V233) Translation: The paper deals with the problem-of linear extrapolation for:a,,homogeneous and isotropic random field- 6bserve,d on a denumerable -system of spheres. For fields with a,bounded.spectrum in the case of special selection of the radii of the spheres, an explicit interpolation formula is derived which is analogous to the Kotellnikov-Shar-Tion formula. Author's abstract. 12 KINIMIRWOM"M H ISM .USW UDC: 519.2 "Isotropic Random Fields on a SphereIn Hilbert Space" USSR UDC: 51-0.2 YAAUUY"IwAvA~ "Statistical Problems for Isotropic Random Fields" Tr. VIII Letney mat. shkoly (11.1orks of the Eighth Summer Mathe- matics School), Kiev, 1971, pp 237-283.:(from M-Kibernetika, No 10, Oct 72, abstract No 10V227 by A..Tempellman)' Translation: The following are found for isotropic random fields in terms of spectral characteristics: explicit expressions for the best estimates of coefficients,of regression, the criterion of equivalence of two measures corresponding tG Gaussian iso- tropic fields with different characteristics, and an expression for the Radon-Nikodim derivative of, such measures, The ipitial sections give the results of the spectral theory ofAsotropic fields which are utilized in later sections.jand most of which are attributable to the author).. Bibliography Of 25 t i t.1 es. 30 M' S19 2 USSR 1, ZT?17Y 1-1. V. NAGORI,.YY, V. IN. POGORELYY L. V., YADRENKO 1. 110n Modelin- S oni, eClasses of Random Processes" Vycliisl. i pi- DI- I rn,.~,t. MOZ111re(L llauch:. S1). (Colliplitati(III-C! ~MaHiem a t-ics . Int.ordepartrental* Scientif ic~ Coll ectiol, I ~L 9,12 vyp. 17, pp 39-S0 (from 1`11i-Kibl rh tika 10, Oct 2 abstract No 10V199 [authors' abstractl) Tr, i: Computation,!21 formulas a r e present e d- fo r d i J, iiislatioT 1. L c~ colinputer! modeling of Gaussian 51tationary, -:Process eis with C-1-1:1-0- -:6 ation functions Tj (r) TECHNICAL MANSLATION' FSTC-IIT-23-8.2-71 ENGLISH TITLE: Correlation of Vnlt-kv,~ere Characteristics of CoWal Plastmtron with mAgnetic Are StabilizAtion FORMN TITLE: 00,shcheniye Voiltarpernykh KhivAkteristik M-rpiitnoy stabilit.tsi-yry qlj~-Zkoy 'r.A I AUTH' R - V - ' _-Kicl - ~-Yadrc~v 0 SOURCE, Tzvasto~yct Vbirdpcio cedet"miya Ak~-cm:~ s'auk ss-5N No, 8(2). 111~67, pp, IDS-101S Tt-11014ted for PSTC by Leo gannor Asnociat es Tl'~ mnl.nts (if pubt (M 'i-A i n h.-c been t,xn-Ltcd A& 'mcsvitcd i. 0i, 06-i"Al Attvi-l't lo, bt") ""'j, to ~crifv tho a"ar.r,. of _jr btrein, I h~ om,~6ti,j,, j, C4 With . .'omoks'st r "j- , pj,ji,j, W vIi",11W tlm infmmui'. . Rju~m fi~ . ~111c')Mejlf 'J""Id b~ Ad-ifel-I to DePAIIIII.-m A, Numnal TcAnical InCqm~t:on Scmit. SPItn0irld, VkGiniA 22151. Aijprovcd fat ViMic rcItAir; datribution unlimited. j, -4-DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--1988/0282 STEP ND--UR/00,48/74)/034/001/0182/0189 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0105356 , . . . - . , :. I I I I A I .I .. I. . . . . . .. .. . . . ._ _- --- I I . . USSR UDC 547-298.6 ISMAGILOV, R. K., YAFAROVA, R. L and R4UMQV A.: I. .-"Reaction of Ethyl Chloroformate with.Potdssium Derivatives of Diphenyl- :phosphonylacetic Ester" Leningrad, Zhurnal Obshchey Khimii, Vol 42,(104), No 9, Sep 72, p 2113 Abstract: The7potassium derivative obtained from ethyl ester of diphenylphos- phonylacetic acid and ethyl.chloroformate was stirred for 3 hrs at 50-601 in toluene producing (O)CK(COW2H ,which upon acidification with 5t HC-1 (C05)2p 5)2 yielded (C,6ff5)2P(O)CII(COOC21~)2J- m- p- 119-1210. Removing toluene from the residue followed by extraction with hexane-ether precipitated (C,~H,) U 2 2P(O)CH2 C0002IT5, m- P- 74-760. Evaporation of the solvent yieldetl(C V P(O)()C2 6 2 b. p. 145-1500 (0.1 w). The residue from t~e extraction,represented tarry product. (C6~5)2P(O)CI~C(O)CHKC0002~~. .. ........ :7, 711 USSR UDr% 547-241 RAZLWOV,, A. I YAFARQY4,,.Rt,. 4., afid ISMAGILOV.. R. K.,: Kazan Chemical- Technological.Insti:iiAe imeni S. M., Kirov-- "An Investigation into a Series of Derivatives of Phosphinic and Phosphlinous Acids. LM.. Synthesis and Certain Properties of Esters.-and Hyd-razides of PhosphinylMethy1malonic Acid" Leningrad Murnal Obshchey ichimii., vol 41,: Np, 5, may ig.7i:, -1o24 J, pp 1022 Abstract: Tn studying the derivatives of,phosplior,,ilatecl-carboxylic acids, which have shown high biological activityi,~thesynthesiz of phosphorylated dibasic,carboxylic acids was used asalbasis-.for the.present vork. The synthesis of the esters proceeded-aa follows:~, A'\ P-OR + (CIL_e 0)~ 4- CITAMOC P,(O)GH21;11(COO(12115)2 + C_ The revulting liquids were colorless, odarless and miscdble.vith alcohol and acetone. The 4ihydrazide was produced in high~yields from the,esters as follovs: 1/2 62 Ell 1M11E[j11,,,M,9111;1 ~Nillflfjlmu, RV . 41 Mimi 2/2 . . . . I II'l ! 1; 11 1 i i : :USSR UDC: 547.298.6 ISYMILOV) R. K., RAM,94011, A. I. OVA,- R Kazan' Institute of "gig Chemical Technology i-eni S. M. Kirov "Research in the Series of Phosphinic and PhosDhinous Acid Derivatives. LXXXIV. 14ethyl(Aryl)-bis(carbohydrazinowthyl) phosphim Oxides and Some of -Their Properties" Leningraff, Zhurnal Obshchey Khimii, vol 42 (io4), i~io 6, J'an 72, pp a248-1249 Abstract: Continuing their research on synthesis of dihydrazides of phos- phorylated dibasic carboxylic acids, the authors investigated comnounds con- taining both carbohydrazinoalkyl groups asoociated wita the phospharas atom, 0) (%C( NIL-) '.Me all ~,yl (;--ryl)bis (carloo- i.e. compounds of the type RP( 'O)MI, ethoxymethyl)phosphine oxides required for~t6 synthesis were obtained by -reacting ethyl triethylstannylacetate wit primary,dichlorophosphines V.1th th subsequent oxidation of the tertiary phosphines* The synthesized tertiary phosphines add sulfur with heating. Methyl(aryi) ~~s(earl-.t)ethozyniethyl)phosT)hine oxidea react with hydrazi-ne hydrate to forrq 2 .-- - -- --- - USSR UDC: 539-107.45 Physico- AMOV, S. A., AYDIHOVA, D. M. , 14UMINOVI R. A. technical Institute imeni S. V. Starodubtser, Acadefiq of Sciences of the UzbekSSR "Concerning Certain Characteristics of Si(Li) Nuclear Emission Detectors" Tashkent, Izvestiya Akademii Nau]k UzSSR, Ser. Fiz.-Mat. Nauk, No 1, 1973, 'PP159-62 Abstract: Research is done on diffusi-on'-drift,spectrome'uric detectors based on a p-i-n structuxe made from p-type. single-crystal silicon with and without dislocations and with various conductivities. q'he parameters of the detectors are compared, and optimum. conditions ~ are determined for using such detectors and realizing their. adyantaF_,es.: The thickness of the working section vas 2-6 ima, area 1.25-2.5 Cm2 , and mi-nim-om dead 1EVer ap- proximately 12 rim. It is chown how dislocations affect the nuclear phy~iics characAl.'eriaties of the detactors. Optimum operating~ conditions are deter- rained for rirdlar detectors usedas spectrometers for beta-rays, soft garyiki- rays, and x-rkys. 63