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USSR UDC 669.71.042.6 YEROFEYEV, A. T., KUZIMIN, G. G,, ZOLOTUKHIN V. A. "Casting of Large Aluminum.Ingots Weighing 2 t-by Continuous Casting Methods" Tekhnol. Legkikh Splavov. Nauchno-tekhn.'Byul. VILSa [The Technology of Light Alloys, Scientific and Technical Bulletin of the All-Union Institute of Light 'Alloys], 1970, No. 6, pp. 93-94. (Translated1rom Referativnyy Zhurnal Metallur- giya, No. 5, 1971, Abstract No. 5 G140 by G. Svodtseva). Translation: The technology developed for production of Al ingots weighing up to 2 t allows labor consumption to be reduced to 10.72 rubles per ton (as against 12.92 rubles per ton for IS.-kg ingots). The losses to oxidation du-ring melting are decreased by 10-!S%, sl-nce the total surface area subjected to drop formation and oxidation is 5.8 timbs less thaii for the 15-kg. ingots. A tecbnolo- gical plan for production desc-ribed.~ Miscellaneous USSR FAKHORM, B. I., ZOLOTUKHIN V. D., and GIMVTSEV N. V. "Effect of Electric Discharge Parameters On the Formation of Films During Their Deposition by Electric Explosion". Yoscow, Fizika i Xhimiya Gbrabotki Materialov, No 2,'Ifar/Apr 73, pp 6o-64 a um _m22 Abstract: Ex-oeriments were carried out with silver-pal di -Voil 6 x 15n in size and 30/1 thick in air. Films were deposited.on glass substrate heated to 350-4000C and which were located ata, distance of 45 mm from the exploding foil. The power source varied from 32 to 328 microfarad, idth a maxirwm voltage of 8 kV and stored energy of 4.1 kilojoule. The discharge inductance could be varied from 1 to 100 microhenry. Duration of the electric energy supplied to each sample was always 1 microsecond. Best films with respect to density and thickness were deposited starting with 1.8 k1l. At this energy all.foi.1 samples exploded, producing very fine dispersed metal particles vb1ch uniformly cover the glass substrates. A further increase of voltage produced thin but very dense films. Asia result, larger areas were covered with dense thin film without using additional material. Increase in voltage beyond 1.8 kV (which is called the "threshold" energy) decreased the mass of 1/2 USSR 14AKHORIN B. I., et al, Fizika i Khimiya ObrAbotki Materialov, No 2, Yar/Apr 73, pp 60-64 the condensed metal particles. This was attributed to increase in the inten- sity of impact waves reflected from the substrate. The reflected imDact waves slow down the volocity of directed metal,.particles and they become scattered in the surrounding air. Inductance:of the:discharge profile had the greatest effect on the dispersity of.exploded samples, mass of.the dispersed particles, and the area of produced films.-. Films:of high density and:about 1 micron thick were obtained with the inductance of 1 to 10 mi rohenrys. c -:-SUBJECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY TOPIC 'TAGS--CADMIUM COMPLEXI SULFATEt ~TARTARIC A01), CITRIC ACID, CARaOXYLtC ACID ESTERY POTENTIOMETRIC TITRA'TIOW -.CONTROL MARKPIG--NO RESTRICTIONS ,._DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--3007/0739 STEP NU--URIOOTBI'TO/015/005/lL')2/1.195 C IRC ACCESSION NO--AP0136!78 LISSR TjDa669 - 174'24 STEPANOVA, M. V.t KOROLEV, F. V., -Al-11-1 j FICUROVSIUYA, T. A.. BOROK, B. A., and SHMIEGOLEVAP R. P. 0 Moscow Institute of Steel ard Alloys Of, 1-90-21!sM (Moscow Plant for the Processing of Hon-Forrous Ifetals), central Scientific Research Institue of Ferrous Ketallurgy "The Effect of Alloyine of Carbonyl Nickel on its Recrystallization" Ordzhonikidze, Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchpbnyk4 Zavedeniy, Tsvetnaya Metallurgiya, 110 1973t PP 150-152 Abstracti Carbonyinickel. sara-ples containing W? 11-0, Al 0,, Zr, and ZrO were 2 cold-deformed with a terminal deformation o f 7 C tiZa. Recryst-allization annealing lias carried out at 160-8000C (20--clegree intervals) with holding times at 30 min. The teweratures of the start and end of reciTstallization I (ts and t respectively) were determined from the Vic4-,ex-. hiLrdness as a function of r annealing temperatuxe, with an experimental error of.+ 0. The ts and te of r r carbonyl nickel Athout any addivities. stere 330 and 11~000 Cl respectively. These figures were 660 and ?500C vith adcUtio of ~0-15`b' Zr; 500 alld 730'C with 0-15,,~ n 0 ZZ02; 540 and 720'C ulth 4,5' W; 360 and 510 0 with 0. 2.% HLO; and 400 and 5400C with 0.2;~,' ti,120 respectively. It is Ovident that the ts increased by 330 3# USSR STEPAROVA, H. V.j et al., Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnylch Zavedeniy, Tsvetnay'a -bletallurgiyal No 1, 1973, PP 150-152 0 and M C with the addition of Zr and W, respectively. This can be attributed to a slow form-bion of the recrystaalization center-3 because of the inter- action of dislocations with Zr and W atoms. Due to the fact that the te r 0 was increased from 400 to 750 C when OA5%.Zr was adtled to carbonyl nickel, it is recommended that the inte3mediato annealing te#exatuxe increased from 6oo to 750-8600C- Metrology, Ma~ping, 'Surviey'ing, Grap'hics USSR UDC 531-787.081(083.76) BmRVALmA, V. V., zownyjl. YE. V.; P'OROVKOVJ V. M. "Special State Standard for a Unit of Preswxre in the%2,500-105 to 15,000-105 Pa Range" Ybscow, Izmeritellnaya Tekhnika, No 11, 1973, pp 3-4 Abstract: A brief description is presented of the speclal at-ondard for a unit pressure in the 2,500-105 to 15,ooo-lo5 Fa range. The met-rologic characteris- tics of the standard contains a check circuit in the range to 40,000-1o5 Pa and the basic neasures in the plan for ito introduction &re presonted. A compari- aon of the otandard with foreign manometers is.made. The poxiodic monitoring of. the variability of the standard. pnraneterb in desc~lbed, the mr7asurtmient equation is given, and the transfer of tho measuro of the unit of pressure Is described. The transfer is imdo using resistance manometers vith e7trapolation of the calibration curves. -1/2 olo *ASSIFIED PROCESSLNG DATE--230C770 UNC 1. .ITLE--PEFLECTION EFFECT IN DERIVATIVES OF .''TETRAMETHYLTETRAHYDROTHIOPYRANp4tGNE -U- U.THOR-f.04)-ARBUZOVI B.A., YULUASHEVA, L.K.j ARSHINOVA, R.P.,, ZOLOVA, 0,D. :GUNTRY OF INFO--USSR to OURCE--IZV. AKAO. NAUK SSSRI SER. KHIM., L970, (3)#526-9 ATE PUBUISHED ------- 70 _481ECT AREAS--CHEMISTRY TAGS--ORGANIC SULFUR COMPOUND, HETEROCYCLIC O,X,YGEN COMPOUND, 01POLE :,:~!MOMENT, SULFUR OXIDE, SULFONE, MOLECULAR STRUCTURE ONTROL MARK I NG-NO RESTRICTIONS 60CUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PPOXY REEL/FRAME--2.000/0738 STEP NO--UR/0062/70/000/0031052610529 Cl RC.ACCESSION NO--AP0124408 010 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--230CT70 _1 - RC ACCESSION NO--AP0124408' ,ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT, -THE EXPTL. DIPOLE MOMENT VALUE FOR -,2-,2,6,6,TETRAMETHYLTETRAHYDRD,4,PYRONe IS 1.49 D, SULFOXIDE 1.58 Di SULFONE 2.45 D,,TETRAHYDR0THlS,.4$PYR0NE 1.51 D, AND ITS SULFONE 2.41 D. -F ROM THESE DATA IT WAS CONCLUDED THAT ALL THESE COMPDS. HAVE THE PREFERRED CHAIN CONFORMATION. INTRODUCTION OF GEM ME GROUPS IN THE 3 ~__POSITION RELATIVE TO THE CO GROUP CAUSES. BUT.SLIGHT DEFORMATION OF THE FACILITY: KHIM. BUTLEROVAt KAZAN. GOS. UNIVo 'I'M ULI.Y.NNOVA LENINAi KAZANt USSR* USSR UDC 536.531 ZOLYAN, T. S. "Nonlinearity of Voltampere Characteristics at the Liquid Senticonductor-Metal Interface" Yerevan, Dolklady Akademii Nauk Armyanskoy SSR, Vol LV, No 3, 1972, pp 171- 173 Translation: This article is the follm4-up of an earlier article by the author named above (PTT, 6, 1964, p 1520) in which he investigated the electrophysical characteristics.of higher oxides of vanadium at high temperatures and found reverse conductivity in the 11,quid state. Ile 4116() discovered a stable p-type region at temperatures about 1DO'C higher than the melting point of the V205 semiconductor. In view of this stable area, he devoted the present paper to an examination of the voltanpere character- iszic of the p-n junction formed in the semiconductor, along with the rec- characteristics of the back-7biased barrier fornit!d by the con- tacting electrodes and the surface of the-liquid s"iiconduttor. The specimens used for the experiments cons,istedi of liquid V203 oa a plantinum substrate. The voltampere characteristic is plotted~ USSR ZoLYA-q' S. CA -"-jtv of Bowndary ma d 5e odnit-OV J.D7 pp 205~0- polu'prov DetninCl id Fizik?. 2057 carlie'r 'r'Q~j i'~ Lows up R co'-'Z',-.l"Jcation Tc ~ ill C11 Ln"V na -2011 -set. is I I - A:0 S t 1 nbove (I'TI! t S 0 ~~o actL vne au I L ;- .. th r C. j_ t', reveroe cc - ` L rn- isnowou -a olon 01 vaonr"('j'atIl -3 at b i -Ah o-f t' .2 st - F 1- , T 'o (j Ir. 6L ind c tur IM c ri fc)j-m-~d by tl GO P- its clato-r-f laver v t .,.f - co The terisl;' L,~C - -he onli J - --,;' " I " -=iccnauctor sul ui Sr u stratint; - der"On characteristj c 0i _V2C;57 f C)T -LI 0 1 ia ture rjf t-he isuffluconductor- "I n 2 ,iB 3:eprodpced. branc ~,&Lrd zuidl 1nV PRO"ESSTNl"; DATE--18SEP70 2- ;J0,27 UNCLASSI FlEb:. ~,-_T I T Lt--,%M R- AND EPR SPECTRA OF EUCRYPTIIE:AND SPODUME~IE SYNTHETIC CRYSTALS i~.AUTHOR-03)_DMITRIYEVA, L.V.t 7-ONINt. ZeN~ SHAKHD INAAOV, :G.M. COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR S OU RC E-- F I Z .TVERO_ TELA 1970, 12(l) 42-5: &REAS--;4ATElZIALSv PHYSICS r(jPIC 'TA:,-S--N'UCL_;: Ark -44GNETIC ~-FSONANCE, -ELECTRON PARAMAG-NET[C P]SONANCE, ~C_ ~YSTAL LATTICC STRUCTUREv IPONt L I TH FUM, CRYSTAL J MPUR I TY I TJFz 1~- T C-L!, S S-X)CLA S S I F I C'D CUM Z PROXY P FR A~~-' 17--l 98 O/J2 3 1 STEP NO--,UR /0 1'3 L I TO /(j 12 1 01i IU342 J4 C[QC AM:SSIO: .,---Pf)04,3'3j7 -tj,14 e LI ~-j F 2/2_~ 10 277 UNCLASSIFIED PkCCESSINIG DATE-1,1SEP70 '~C IRC ACCIESSI-'-_'~N '.l'!--AP00485L7 AqST;.&-,,-T/;:XTPAC T-- ( U) GP-0- Al~STkACT. NMR SPECTRA i4[kE IINVESTT"';ATED OF PRIMET LI It'! liFTA EUCR\YPTITE ANO THE PRESENCE IS SHMM OF 2 PHYS. K, 0, %* E C~ 1 '.V .PCS I T I ONS PF L I I N- TH'E LA7T I CE THE -'UADmUPOLE 1,JFr.ACTl;)'J' CnNSTS. FOR LIM A'M: Pkl?i'E:2..0?)-H EQUALS 125 KHZ, ET"'~ EQUALS 0.50 44D FGR LIM) ARE E PRIMEE-2 QQ-H EOUALS 57 KHZ, ETA -EQUALS 0.72. THE AXES Or- T14E 2ND CENTER oo NOT COINCIOE WITH THE CPYSTALLOGRAPHIC AXES. INVESTIGATION OF THE CRYSTALS OF BETA~EUCRYPTITE CONTG. FE IMPURITY -SHOWS THAT FE PRIME3 PLUS IGNS CAN E~TER.INTO VA,RiOUS LATTICE POINTS. THREE CENTERS OF THE ORTHORHOIMBIC. SYMMET RY WEREMD. WHICH-DIFFER BY THE-CONSTS. OF THE SPIN HAMILTONIAN ANID ORIENTATION OF THE MAGNETIC A X &S .FOR FE PRIME3 POSITIVE(l); B SUB2 PRIMEO EQUALS 2.55 GHZ, B SUB2 PRIMEZ EQUALS 0.42 GHZ, FOR FE PRIME3 POSITIVEILTI: 6 SU92 PRIMEO EQUALS 10.2.GHZt B SUB2 PRIME2.EQUALS 9.5 GHZ; FOR FE PRIME3 S. I T I V E t Il IF, S U B 2 P ~Z I M E 0 E Q U A LS ~. 9 4 GH 7- It B ~ SU B 2 P R TIME 2 C-:.4U A L S 4. 3 7 GHZ. PREMMINARY R;"SULTS WERE n8TAINED CN. EPR OF MME3 POSITIVF UN 6CTA SPODUMENE. UNCLASSIFIED, Iz It M, I i i I; MI, I I i Of"'Im. MR I I -112 019 UNCLAssiFiED J~~ PROCESSING DATE--16OCT70 "TITLE--GROWING BETA EUCRYPTITE AND BETA AND GA14MA SPODUMENE SINGLE ..-CRYSTALS -U- ,.AUT OR (OZ)-lOFFEt V.A.t ZONNs Z.No H .,_&OUNTPY~ OF INFo--ussiz ~.;~.$OUIRCE-_KRISTALLOGRAFIYA 1970# 15(2)9 397-8 DATE PUBLISHED - ----- 70 $UBJECT AREAS--EARTH SCIENCES AND OCEANOGRAPHY, PHYSICS _~_.TQPIC TAGS--SINGLE CRYSTAL, MINERAL, CRYSTAL GROWING ~.~_CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS ;DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED '.-~PRW REEL/FRAME--1995/0911 STEP NO--UR/0070170/015/002/0397/0398 A :CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0116421 UNCLASS IFl ED PROCESSING DATE--160CT70 ig UNCLASSIF E 0 .1t1RC ACCESSION NO--AP0116421 ~,ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(Ul GP-0- ABSTRACT. EUCRYPTITE SINGLE CRYSTALS '14ERE .-,--~.~GROWN, IN PT CRUCIBLES BY CRYSTN. FROM A SOLN. IN A FLUX '14ELT WHILE :LOWERING THE TEMP. FROM L200 TO 700DEGREES AT A RATE OF 2-5 DEGREES-HR. THE EUCRYPTITE CRYSTALS WERE OBTAINED WITH A YIELD OF 90-95PERCENr IN THE FORM OF LARGEP TRANSPARENT, HEXAGONAL PYRAMIDS, 6-15 Mm LONG ALONG THE C AXIS. THE WT. UF A SINGLE CRYSTAL WAS 0.6-0'.8 Go LARGER AND. MORE DEVELOPED CRYSTALS COULD BE OBTAINED WITH A SEED. THE CHEM. AND X _,..-~-RAY.STRUCTURAL ANALYSES AGREE WITH LITERATURE DATA, BETA SPODUMENE SINGLE CRYSTALS WERE GROWN FR-OM A FLUX NELT. THE ONSET OP CRYSIAL 'GROWTH WAS AT 1190-1195DEGREES AS THE TEMP. WAS DECREASED FROM 1220 TO 80.ODEGREES AT 3-3*5 DEGREES-HR. THE TRANSPARENT CRYSTALS IN THE FORM OF WITH A TETRAGONAL SYMMETRY WERE 6-8 MA LONG ALONG THE ~_'.~'-HEIGHT OF THE OCTAHEDRA. IF THE COOLING CONDITIONS WERE CHANGED TO A RATE OF I DEGkEE-HRj THE GAMMA FORM WAS 06TAINE0,1N THE FORM OF -6 MM. .7'.~.:4RANSPARENT PYRAMIDS OR PRISMS. THE LENGTH ALONG THE C AXIS WAS 5 :COMPN. WAS 3963 SIO SUB2.1.OOAL SU62 0 SUB3. 1.00LI SUB2 0 (WT. T HE ~~-PERCENT) A METHOD WAS DEVELOPED FOR GROWING THESE CRYSTALS WITH OF~FE PRIME3POSITIVEI NI PRIMEPOSITIVE, CO PRIME2POSITIVE, TAs AND V. FACILITY: INST. KHIM. SILIKAT, 'LENINGRAD, USSR. UNCLASSIFIED 7~:' , :" -.-. i - ~~ !~ - ; ~' 1, P _~ ~ .17!! - : ~- -'. , T !7 ~n7 PW 7 Acc. Nr: Abstracting Service. Ref. Code. 7 0 AP00482!)7 CHEMICAL ABSTO 9052A Magnetic, properties of gadolinium, neodymium, gLud I prameollynUum al--* AtCO With parovaldto structure, i toy, A_ 0 L14 110W. L. 4 Lininj iz 'Td- CInst. Poluor6v I" :f~e LIM 1. ~i are given,of the surements of the tern d d 4 ps se sns~eptibilitmyeian p.'s epen enc-' ~6f inyq! 3tatic. fields and the magnetization cuives -in pul;4ed fields of i9230 kOe at 4.2 and 1:17*K'6f sifigW~tal aldrniji~tts of Gd, Nd, and Pr. GdAfOt i~ an aiiiiferriinugnet witfilNed temp. knagnetism directed4ilong To - 3.870K and the "is of ankiferrP, the orthorhombic axis (010 Saw. 0 the, magnieti=tiori =Vt of GdAlO, in a field of it "I t'7 OK corresponds ~t6 disruption order4q; ~The'ferrotuagnetk momf'*nt of of antiferromagnetie Gd1*is8.57jB. The magnetj,~susc~ptibility of:]~-d'A]034 SG- 300*K follows the Curie-Weiss-law and'antiferrorrii~petic ds on ~temp. ing is present, Vor.PrAloj, the siweptibility dep m A. Libarkyj j in a complex manner- REEL&RARE 191 019 HIM W WIN USSR UDO 576.858.2 Ja -L9 Y4 G)B and YAMA, V. N. ,Irkutsk State Scientific:. Research Antiplague Institute Siberia and the Far East. "Uninhabited Hollows as Places of Contact Among,Animals in Foci of Tickborne Encephalitis in'the Baikal-Area! loening-rad, Parazitologiya# Vol 50 No 3# May/Jun 71, pp 289-290 Abstraett In 1964-19068 trees were trimmed.arA felled in the southern Baikal area and 100 uninhabited tree cavities were discovered, most frequently in d-ry or partially dry aspens (70), pine trees 45), birches (11), and larches C43 at various heights from the ground* Most of these Were woodpecker cavities and 13 of them contained ectoparasites. In allt 134 eatoparasites were collected, of which 51 were fleas and 83 ga m-sid mites. ~ Umost all fleas and gamasid mites were mammalian i)arasitzs of rodents and b%ts except Ceratophyllus zhortyl, a bird parasites. It is emphasized that In thp region studied, the bixds have very few ecoparasites in winter only 4 of 120 birds observed in winter carried CO zhov-tyi.and gamasid mites~#: The autilors believe that the ecoparasites adapt thenselves easily to hosta-which live in nests considerably longer. than do birds, and that arW sttOy of, tickborne encephalitis must include examination of uldrJiabited tree cavities., 1A UDC: '21-741. C:46-51: rjO5. 7,';l 177 "U. Sj--OjJ.OV, YU. T., V. B., S- --EV, V. ani UIRIK-IIN, P. V., Ui:. al llolt t e' C :"n.1 C institute 11surface Allayin~' of S'teel Castinrs 'With %ron't ;"Osco-w, I--vcstiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedeniy, Chernaya I'letallurgiya, No 8, 1970, pp 132-134 Abstract: A nethod oP surface alloyin.-:, of steel castin,-,s 'With bGron rerene'ratcd from do'.-.Ydrated borar the nrocoss of fillinr tne nold ir, dinc-.;~;r,,~d. The reducin:'- arenta are alunii'num, calcium,and silicon. q7re nr!c'-anis7% of --oron reduction :ro,-, borax comprises two stwes: a) decompositI.On of borax into Na20 and A1,203; b) reduction of boror, 4.rom its oxides. D.-Ill-a are r,4-vcn on chn-n;cs in the ener;;j of boron reduct-ion from; borax. The results of a thcrno- dynanlcs analysis and the study of kinetics retrularities irdicatte silico- el"'icitnt'reducinr; ag -ne re*hc~ of calci= and aluminua to be the mosu -L rt s . 7 surface allojin,-, vith boron hRs been tested or., exoerinental batcl-es of lc-.r- carbon sLcel and hau demonstrated its a-pplicability under industrial conditions. 7he 'boron content on the surface of the cast.4w, was 0.5 -,o 0-74and at a denth of 15 mm about 0.008 to 0.009"IS. The wear msintance of rurface-alloyed narts was found to be two to three times that o:V ordinary par-11:3. i*ii6Ad6iW;!6ll9kA Abstracting Service: Ref. Code Acc. Nr 0 _0 0010,554 CHMICAL ABST. 4-1 (AIZ,0411 125458y Effect of water vapor on the dehydration of N.;Naa- PsOn.12HtO. P .a. 9. Zc-uc aviyuchenko, M. M.; Pysyak, ly- Yu. Prodan E (Inst. Obshch. N-eoriL. ~,,Ihirn- Afinsk, USSR' Vestsi A ka\mk Brl.arus,~SSR, Ser. Khim. Nawik 1970_,fi),29--37(Rus,). The' kinetics were studied of low-ternp. dehydration of N.LiNasNO10214:0 in an atm.~ of water vapor at pressures of 2.9, 4.6j' 7.4, and;13.9 min 14g.,, The process is studied by ineans of paper chrotiiaiographic, x-ray. and ir anal. Preliminary therinagravimeiric exots. show Ahat -.4ithin* the limits of the pressures studied ~n in''Itibiting actio'n of water vapor predominates - 'Them_ kinetic paratneter, 49 al&,) I in the case of de- hydration in vacuuin,,has 2 as' b ' ng section of rel- pect~,, thi! egnini atively rapid dehydration and the. final section Of slow loss of wt. increase in vapor pressure leads t0a broadening of the first sec- tion at thit "pense rfa redn: of the finafsection:. Anincreascin the pressure of the -water vapor in Ithe limits studied leads to a de- crease in the rate of dehydration of NiNaWAo.'121120.' Steinberg RFEL/FRAME- USSR bDu; 620. !9T*.) ANOSHCHENKO I. P. "ORC and LUKIYANOVA Gi I., Novccherkassk Polytechnic Institu e "Effect of Antimony Trichloride on the Corrosion Behavior of Titanium in Sulfuric and I~ydrochloric Acids" Moscow, Zashchita Metallov, Vol. 6, no. 4, juj,--Jlug ?0, pp 443 -444 Abstract: Earlier research shows that the dissolution rate at' titanium In 2.n. solution of IiCl sharply decreases im the presence of triD],Y charged Sb cations. This 5tudy involvos their effect on the behavior of YTT-0 titanium. in chemically pure 5 n. sulfuric and hydrochloric acid.9, Parullel tests (by gravimetry) were conducted on 3 specimens-for.each acid tit 8oOc. 17ie dura- tion of.the experiment- was 3 hourS4 Polarization measurlements were made in open air in a cell with separated electrode spaces~. A, table-in the original 'article shows that with a d eficient:contetit of; !Sbclg~ the dis,solution rate y due to the cathodic;rea6tion increases, apparentl, +3e-4 Sb, Eo=+0.20v or SbO++21i++3e--->Sb+H2O; Fo'-+0.212 v. PassivAtion. sets,'in above the "critical" 1/2 aIc ~I USSR ANOSHCHENKO, I. P., et al, Zashchita Metallov, Vol. 6, no. 4, Jul.-Aug 70, pp 443J9~4 concentration and the corrosion rate sharply drops. With cathodic polariza- tion, metallic antimony separates and appears on the 3arface of titardum. In the presence of SbC13 the anodic polarization curve lies completely within the-passive state region. The corrosion resistance of.VTI titaniun, which equals zero in sulfuric and hydrochloric acid solutions at various; temperatures, rises sharply in the presence of sufficient;amounts of:.triply positively charged Sb cations, while the below-critical concentration the:.corrosion rate increases. 2/2 USSR ~UDC 621.373.826:621.317 ANGERT, 11. B., BUTYAGIN, 0. F. :1,UDRYAVTSEVA, A. P., YUSIINIR, V. R., RUSTAROV, S. R. "Phase Hatching Angles and Temperatures for.Lithium Ifetaniobate Crystals with Different Stoichiometry" V sb. Kvant. elektronika (Quantum Electronics-collection of works) , '.fosciyr, No 5, 1971, pp 128-129 (f rom RM-Radioteklinika, No 1, 1972, Abstract Vo ID454) Translation: The results of measuring the phase matching angles and tempera- 'n Lil tures for generation of the second harmonic.i RbO3 crystals with stoichio- metric coefficient from 0.9 to 1.2 are discussed. A Ivelium-neon laser (X = 1152 rm) and a YAG-Nd3+ garneL laser (X,- 1064 nm) were used. for the measurements;. The results obtained are in good agreement w,~th the calculiaed results. There are 2-illustrations and a 6-antry biblipgr,aphy.. 96 Sb. Nauch. tr. Chelyabinsk. Politekhn. In-ta.[Coilected Scientific 11orks, of Chelyabinsk Polytechnical Institute], 19.71, No 105, pp,206-208, (Translated from Referativny Zhurnal, Metrologiya. i, Izmer'itcl1nay;i 'reldinika, 1972, 'Y No 5, Abstract No 5.32.1041, by M.K.). Translation: A description is presented of a flow-through type absolute moisture content hygrometer developed by the Chelyabinsk Scientific Research Institute "Metallurg" in cooperation with "Teplopribor" plant for the mea- surement of the moisture content of non-corrosive gases and steam-air nix- tures. A resistance thermometer is used to measure the equilibrium tempera- ture. Any electronic automatic standard calibration 22 bridge can be used as the secondary instrument. The ranges, of moisture 601itent which can be measured are: dew point 0-40OC; 4.8-63 'I g/m (Stp) co-y; moasurement orror .�1-4%; pressure of medium being measure(, 760�40 hn hg. 4 Figures. 1/1 USSR UDC 681.333-.519.2 _Z2&I_CH, A. Ye., KONOVALOV, V. N., and IWEDOV, V. F. "A Device for Determining the Probability Density of Extremal Values of ..Random Processes" Moscow, Otkrytiya, Izobreteniya, Promyshlennyye Obraztsy, Tovarnyye Znaki, No 25, Sep 71, p 193 (G 06 g 7/52, No 312274 (1361705/18-24 from 19 September 1969; Claimant, State Scientific Research Institute of Civil Aviation) Abstract: This patent claims a device for determining.the probability density of extremal values of random processes, containing a quantizer of the input signal for a given number of-levels with impulse outputs and a block of registering counters; the device is distinguished in that for the purpose of increasing the error detection, it contains a multiple input coincidence block connected to the outputs of the,'quantizer, to which a control block is also connected that joins the two outputs with the input control coincidence block, connected to the block of registering -counters. 48 T, USSR UDC: 68-1-327-12 KONOVALOV, V. N., ZORLCIL__Ye_~~, ZWRLKIN Ye. V. Sta-be ScientJ f i c U Aviation Research Institute of Civii "A Data Input Device" 'Poscow, Otkrytiya, Izobretenlya, Promyshlennyye Obraztsy, Toiarnyye Znaki, ~No,30* Oct 7-1, Author's Certificate No 317057i Di a, filed 8 rec 69, vision. published 7 Oct 71, pp 172-1-(3 Translation: This Author's Certificate introduces a dnlua input device which contains a control register: connect Lid 'to a tape-transport inechanism. This register is also connected through- an JUID circuit to a recording and reproducing module. The device also contains a mode-setting- mcd;Ule, a delay . module, and logic elements. As ~a d-Tstinguishing feature of the patent the operational reliability. of the, dev-; ce is: improved by adding a beginning- -of-cycle circuit and an end-of cycle. ci cuit'. The inputs of,these cir- r cuits are connected through the tiine delay module: to the control register and the mode-setting module, which is connected throur an IM circuit to the begin ni ng-of-cycle and end-of,-~cycle circuits and to the recording and reproducing module. 024 UNCLASSIFIE01 PROCESSANG DATE--13NOV70 CIRC ACCESSICN INO-APO 109482 ABSTR ACT/FXTRAC T-- i U) GP-0- ABSTRACT THE DEGREE OF SENSITIVITY AND SPECIFICITY OF LATE, AGGLU T [NAT I ON TEST (LA7i PERt I MED BY THE TUBE AND X DROP METHODS WAS STUDIED. AT THE SAME TIME THE EFFECTIVENSS OF NATIVE ECHIINICCOCCAL ANT IGE-111 WA S C 0 M, P AR E 0 W I TH; THAT OF A DIAGNOSTICUM PRESERVED FOR A LCNG TIME, AND RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN.-THE EFFECTIVCNESS OF THE TEST AIND THE TYPE C.F LATCX USED AS AN ANTIGEN ADSORBEff'~,iAS DElER41NEG. IN :TESTS WITH HYPERIM.4UNE AND 1\10RIMAL ~SERA. OF RAB FR f3i rs AND HUMAN SERA , ori -PATIENTS WITH THE 0 T AGNOS I S, or- ECKNOCOCCOSIS OR ALVEOCOCCOSIS CONFtRMED BY OPERAT1,31N, TPE SENISITIVITY OF LAT. WAS:FOUND TO.18E 9B.:5PERCENTj '96.7PERCENT, AND SPECIFICITY 96.13PERCENT.- FALSE "P SITIVE TESTS WERE __S -AS' AND OBSERVED IN 3*2PERCENT IN LIVER CIRRHOSISt CA14CER DISC CYSTS. ECHINOCOCCAL DIAGNO511CUMS PRESERVED FOR A LCNG' JIME WERE FOUND TO BE EQUAL TO THE NATIVE ANTIGENIN THE EFFECTIVENSS. AY VA:Y IN DIFFERENT BATCHES OF THE NATIVE ANTIGEN AND DIAGNOSTICUM MA R EFFECTIVNESS 14HICH REQUIRES THAT, EACH HATCH'ilE TESTED IN KNOWN POSITIVE AND NFGATIVE SERA. DIVINYLSTYROL LATEXES~SKS-65-f;f> AND POLYSTYROL MCN001SPERSE LATEXES WITH VARTICLES OF 0.(-0.85 " ItU IN DIA~ETER f4AY BE -E USED-JIN Th TEST. THE DROP METROD OF~ LAT IS AS F,fFF-CTIVF. AS THE TUBE "N AND -iiET14= 14 AND REQUIPES :L!~SS ANriGI SERUM. -BUT IS SIMPLER TO PERFOR, -ITS WILE INTRODUCTION INTU PPACT' KE. -CESSIrY T JS LJKLIED a.Y THE NE 0 USE THE uATIVE ANTIGEN BECAUSE DIAGOSTICIMIIN T IHIS ETHOV SHOWS LOW EFFICACY* FACItIrY-. UTDE-L.ENIYE'EKSPERIMENTALIAIOY GELIMINTOLOGII GELIMINTOLOGICHESKOGO OTUELA INSTITUTA MIEDITSINSKOY PARAZITOLOGII -1 -TROPICHESKOY MEDITSINY IM. YE. 1. -1. Hill 1114.5M i...... . USSR UM 63-3.693 ZOR= Maj Med Serv, Candidate, of Medical Sciences, and KUPRIYAROV, A.Ail "Me Effect of Prolonged Longitudinal Accelerations on Steering Efficiency" Mscow, Voyenno-1-1--ditsinskiy Zhurnal, No 6, 1972, pp 89-94 J Abstract: Prolon-ed longitudinal acceleration reduces the efficiency of steering by changin,-, the trajectory of movements and lenZtliening the latent" period and the reaction time of motor activity.. Vnese observations were made on young, healthy individuals who, while being centrifuged:at 2 to 5 G) vith acceler-ation ranGing from 0.1-0.5 G/sec,.for a total of 30-36o sec had to per- form a standard tnsk: by roving a lever (flexion and extension of the arm) they were to keep the pointer of an altiran-ter at the 0 r,---rk while this pointer vras Cr - nt wv being deflected accordini,_7 to a preset prof'rain and the error in adJistme s continuously being fed back to the experimental subject. The riwmber, amplitude, and duration of nistakes were greater the jSreater the -unif-ba-,11 G force, and reached maxima during acceleration. The ability to campreh'pnd and execute special orders was similarly reduced, The most frequent catise of the Tristekes was premature or excessive force applied to the control levLr. Mhe -Derfor-r.-.-ance of the subjects under normal conditiolas gavr-110 Clue as to their ability to operate under changing gravitational force. Surgery USSR UDC 616.12-069-059:616.12-008.315-021.6 KROKHALEV, Yu. S., ZORIN A. B., and ZHURAVLEV, Yu~ N., Surgical Clinic for Ad- vanced Training of "R~ysc anseni P. A. Kuprianov, and Chair of Anesthesiology band Reanimation, Military Medical Academy'imeni Si M. Kirov~ "Exclusion of the Circulation Five Times in an.0pen Heart Operation Performed Under Conditions of Hypothermia" Moscow, Grudnaya Khirurgiya, No 4, 1970, pp 105-106 Abstract: The authors operated on a 22-year-old male for an interatrial septal defect with anomalous drainage of the pulmonary veins. The patient was chilled to 329C just before surgery. Cardiac arrestoccurred five times, once after the oxygen supply temporarily creased, and four times after the defect was repaired, When the circulation was restored after the defect was sutured, the orifices of both venae cavae dropped part way into the left atrium. The circulation was halted.four times to eliminate the complication and ensuring metabolic distur- bances. The blood loss was replenished with transfusions of the patient's own blood (from the chambers of the heart) and bank blood. Dappite postoperative cerebral edema and other complications, the patient made good progress and was discharged in satisfactory conditiou 28 days.after the operation, without any neurologic disorders. Follow-up examination 5 months later revealed no adverse 1/2 - - - ~ ---- -- - 015 UNCLAsstkn OROCESSI.NG OATE---30OCT70 4- -, I ,:...TITLE--A0S0RPTIC,lq OF ARSINE AND PHOSPmfNE ON SILICA GEL.-U_ -'AUTHOR-(0ft)-ZORIN, A.D-mv DUDDROV, V.YA., RUG07-HNIKOVA, T.S., RYAdENKO, _yE_. A, ,-`__'~GUNTRY OF INFQ--USSR .!~~SOUACE-LH. FIZ. KHIM. 1970v 4413)", 717~ 19 ~.-,`OATL-~ PUL3L IShEU-----70 ,-',-.SUBJECT AREAS-CHEMISTRY TOPIC TAGS-ACSORPT ARSINE, SILICA GELi PHDSPHINIC ACII)r VAN DER 14AALS FORCE ~~!CCNfRCL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS --- 430CUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--L999/1228 STEP NO--UR/O(J7~)/7(1/044/(.10:1/0717/071'9 -'.C I R~ CACCESS10% NO-AP01231.92 UNCLAS'S I-FIE 0 --- 21/2 015 ~UNCLASSIFIED PRDCESSING.DATE--30OCT7C -CIRC-ACCESSILN ND-AP0123192 ..-A.BSTRACT/EXTRACT-(U) GP-0-- ABSTRACT. ADSORPTION OF PH S083 AND ASH SU83 ON 3 SILICA GEL NAMPLES (PORE DIAM. 8 AND 16 ANGSTRUM) WAS STUDIED IN THE TENP. RAlicE 20 TO MINUS 801)EGREESs USING CHROMATOG. TECHNIOUES. THE EXPTL. RESULTS COULD BE D'ESCRIBED-BY USING THE LANGMUIR AUSORPTION ISOTHERM EQUATION. A COMPARISON OF TH.E.HEATS OF ADSORPTIG-N WITH THE HEATS OF CONDENSATIJN REVEALED THAT ASH SU83'ANDIPH SUB3 INTERACT WITH THE SURFACE OF THE ADSORBENT.A5:A RES;;ULT.:DF VAN.,QER WAALS FORCES. -FACILITY: NAUCH.-ISSLED.- INSTO. KHIA_, GORKI, US~SR. UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 12 -.021 UNCLASiSIFIE-1) TITLE--LHRCMAT0GRAPHIC ANALYSIS OF D180RANEs: SILANE,:;AND GERMANE FOR IMPURITIES -U- -~(d5l-!-ZOR 0., FROLOV, I.A.4 KARABANOV, N.T., AUTHOR KEDYARKIN9 V.M.9 -~:`:BALA6 ANGV# mrV COUNTRY OF. INFO-USSR SOURCE-ZH. ANAL. KHIM. 1970, 2512), 389-91 l~-. DATE PUBL ISHEC-----70 SUBJECT AREAS-CHEMISTRY TOPIC TAGS-0180RANE, SILANEf GERMANIUM COMPOUNOp CHROMATOGRAPHIC ~ANALYSLS, CHEMICAL PURITYo ALKANEt ALKENE, ALOE-HYDE, METHANOL, ETHA140L CEINTRCL MARKING-ND RESTRICTIONS -OCCUMENT CLASS-UNCLASSIFIED -OROXY REEL/FRAME-Z000/2070 5TEP N(]--UR/0075/701OZ5,(002/0389/039L CIRC ACCESSICN NU--AP0125657 -'CLASSIFTED U N- ---- - -- --- ~:021 UNCLASSIF[ED PROCESSING DATE--30OCT7C CIRC ACCESSICN- NC-AP0125657 ABSTRACT/E^,-*rRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. A CHRCMATOGRAPHIC METHOD WAS DEVELOPED FOR THE DETN. OF ORG. COMPDS. IN D-160RANE, SILANE, AND GER111ANE WITH A SENSITIVITY OF 2 TIMES 10 PRIME NEGATIVE5-1.6 TIMES 10 PRIME NEGATIVE4 VOL. PERCENT. INZ-600t TND-FS--,Mg DIATOMITE BRICK WERE USED As SEILIG SUPPORTS FOR THE OETP4. OF GERMANE, SILANE, ~~AND 01BORANE, PESP.; THE LI*Q. PHASE WAS SQUALENE, VASELINE- OIL AND POL'YETHYLENE GLYCOL-2000i TRICRr=SYL PHOSPHATE AND SQUALENE. N IS THE CARRIER GAS. INOUSTRIAL DIBORANE CONTAINS C SUB6 H SU06, PROPYLENEs C SU86 H SU88, C SUB5 H SUB12v MECL, AND C SUB6 H SUB14. INDUSTRIAL Sit-Ai.NE CONTAINS C SUB4 H SUB10, ME SUB2 Ov MEETO, Ef SUB2 0, ETCL, ACETYLALDEHYDE, ME SU82 CO, AEOHv ETOHt C SUB6 H SUB6v TRIETHOXY SILANE; INDUSTRIAL GERMANE CONTAINS CH SUB4, C SU82 H SUB4, C SUB2 H SUB6'v P.ROPYLENEs,,C SU83 H SU67, C SUB4 H-SUBIO, AND,ISCBUTANE* FACILITY; SCI.,-RES. INST. CHEM., GORKI .::STATE UNIV.* GORKI, USSR. PROCESSING DATE--20NOV70 018 UNCLASSIFIED , -ME:TRES -U- JITLE--A GIGITAL MEASURING SYSTEM FOR AUTOMATIC INTEAFERO ,~:,o_,kb,THOR-t05)-GRAPKIht M-YA.v ZORINt 0.1.9,-KAYEKINs V.V., SVERDLICHE.NKO, ~-~.V~.D., SF.ESTCPALOV, YU.N. -CUNTRY CF INFG--USSR C ~,~:,,SOURCE---~-IeFJSCC,,, IZMERITELINAYA TEKHNIKA.t NO 2, 1970:rPP 35-37 1) A I EP L 13. L I S H E 0 -7 0 -SUBJECT AREAS-PHYSICS ,.,,-_TGPlC TAGS--01GITAL SYSTEMt INTERFEROMETER ,..'CCNTRGL tA"RKING--NO RESTRICTIONS -DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED P-ROXY AEEL/~FRAML-1994/1463 STEP N, 0- -UR 0 115 110 WX 100 2V 0 3 3 500 3 7 C I.-RC ACCESS N'U--AP0 115393 UNC L AS I F I E 1) PIWCE5SING DATE-20NOV70 L ACCESS I GN NO-APOL15393 ,-,,~.ABWiRACT/EXlRACT--(Ul GP-0- ABSTRACT. ~THG' 0 1 G IT ALI MEASURING SYSTEM MM:53' S INTENDED FOR CHECKING t-ATCHED MEASURES: OF LENGtH UNDER DYNVIC MEASUREMENTS OF THE LENGTH OF %DITIONS. THE ESSENCE OF THE METHOD.EF THE SUSUIVISiCNS OF HATCHED MEASURES CONSISTS I N' H EFACT THAT STRAT MN OP THE GRDER OF lN.TtRFERENCE:. AND, Fl)(ArIUN OF THE 'T CEN rEk:i OF ...MEASUkEMENT RESULTS (AT THEMOMEN THAT:THE THE HATCH PASSES ER THE AXIi OF THE SLIT CF:A PHOTCELECTRIC 141CMOSCUPE) TAKES PLACE .~DURING, A CONSTANT CHANGE OF T14E OPUICAL DIFFEREJN(;C4 OF THE COURSE OF R`AYS ACCORDANCE 'WE' IN TFE IMERFERCIMETER. 04 :TH 11+1 SJHE FUNIGTLOPCAL LAYCillf Hd OF THE DMA CONSISTS OF A P ITGELECTRIC DEVIC& FOR:mEASURING THE ORDER OF --INTERFEKENCE ANC A OEViCE FGR ~',IEGISTERMGr THE M-3MENT THAT THE CENTER U'F THE HATCh PASSES UNDER THE AXIS OF THE: SLIT OF THE PHOTOELELTIC MICkOSCUE FUR OUTPUT OF THE SIGNAL C. FRECQRMNG:tlf- THE MLASUREMENT RESULT. . ]HE -BASIC METROLOGICAL:041) TLCHNICAE~ PARAME f E F T E A 0 H IMS -PRESENTED, UNC LASS IFIED of UNCLASSI-FIED 'PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 LE77~-,EFFECT CF ICULIBROMINE WATEKS.1 ON RESTURATION OF THE FUNCTIONAL STATE _U_ ~PSDRIASIS klit (02:)r-POTQTSKW 1.-1. 0 14,-, ZGRINo 00' GUktg,Y CF JNFQ77~;USSR , ~VRACHEBNO -YE DELOt 1970k f;Nk~ 5 i~ `PF~1~4~- 12'5: -Z,!-_'-_0AlE_-:-PU_BL-I SHED--, 70 OajECT AREAS-51OLUGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIEN ES C T UP I CTAGS-WATERV IODINE, BROHINFp~ SKIN t)IlEASE,: PROPHYLAXIS jig Jima rjn-jfm-jF-- il yj mil-JUINP m 548-0:538-22 ALI SIMI, B. I., Zo R. V. DROBYSEEV, L. A., and STEPANISHCHEV, V. "'Magnetic Characteristicti -of lead Mangm-iate Hono crystals" Moscow, Kristall oL--rafiya, vol 17' No 3, 1972, PP 562-565 Abstract.- The monocrystals ifhose~magnetic characteristics are in- vestigated- in this paper have the follmula Pbl'yZn204 and were grown from the -solution PbMn2/3"iT1/V3 in a )?bO-_PbY melt' in the form of a tnmcated hexagonal py"rami i-~ith a height of rabout 1 mm and a length of 1.5-2.0 mm along a side of the hexagon. Nlagnetic mea- surements of the crystals i~,ere made by the Faraday method with twisting -weights on a quartz thread in a cryostat Lo provide a temperature range of 1.5 to 3000 K. ~he measurement resiats in- -ed that the mal-erial transformed to a wealkly ferromagnetic dicat state at a temi)erature of 630 K, irith the spontaneous maenctic moment lying in the base plane of the crystal..~~Curves are g_iven for the magnetization as a function of the magnetic field in -~&ich the crystals were placed and as a fLmction of the field at various temperatures ranging from 30 to 530 K. Investigation of the effect of an electric fisid on the crystal's magnetic characteristics shov,ed that for an electric field intensity P USSR ZORIN, V. A. 'Tertain Functionals Fixed in the Set of Poisson Processes" Uch. zap. GorIkov. Un-t. Ser. Mat. [Scientific Writings of Gorlkiy Univer- sity, Mathematics Series], 1972, No 158, pp 15-17 (Translated from Refera- tivnyy Zhurnal, Kibernetika, No 1, 1973, Abstract No I V138 by B. Kharlamov). Translation: The set k 1, L) of independent point processes, kA in which process E,(k 1, 2, L) is a Poisson process with random para- meter 7. P p. kS k 0, VC is studied. Suppose v k(n, t) V is an indicator of set (t) n) and a. (n, 1) Jvt.(n, t)), whore f (k = 1, L) is an arbitrary set of measurable functions. The deriva- tives of order m (m = 0 ,1, 2, ...) with. respect to t of the mathematical expectations and dispersions of the values of ct(n, t) are estimated. 'rho results.p-roduced are applicable for proof of.the consistency and effective- ness of certain estimates of the parameters of the given set of processes. -ire discussed. -Applications M MagnmL L mspimmm '47 2 019 UNCLASSrFlEa PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 TITLE--PREPARATION OF GAS TURBINE.FUELS OF INPROVED:4UALITY FROM DISTILLATES FROM COKING PETROLEUM RESIDUES AT HIG14iPRESSURE -U- -R.N.t DAVYI)OV# AUTHOR-( 05)-ROGACHEVA s O*Iot SYUNYAYEVr 1*1*t GIMAYEVP G ZORINt Vckt. C CJUNTRY t d'--OS9 SOURCE-NEFTEPERERAB. NEFTEKHIM* (MOSCOW) 19701, (2),,,6-81 DATE PUBLISHED ----- -TO SUBJECT AREAS--PROPULSION AND FUELSj MATERIALS TOPIC; TAGS--COKEt PETROLEUM PRODUCT# VANADIUM# SULFURt KEROSINEY GAS TURBINE FUELP INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTION CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--1996/1519 STEP NO--UR/0318/7i)/000/002/0006/0008 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0118506 UNCLASSTFIED' ----------- 2/Z 019 UNCL ASS IF I ED PROCESSING DATC-30OCT70 CIRC ACCESSION 0--AP0118506 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT-(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT*' THE- KEROSINE GAS OIL DISTTLLATES- WERE IMPROVED WHEN DELAYED COKING WAS CARRIED OUT AT 6 ATM. ELS FU CONTG* 0,0004PERCENT ASH AND 00000072PERCENT V WERE THUS OBTAINED EVEN WITH COKING INTAKE STOCK FROM HIGH S PETROLEUMS* THE YIELDS OF COKE WERE ALSO INCREASED 6-9PERCENT* ~. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE RESIDUES-AND FUELS OBTAINED AND EXPTL. DATA ARE PRESENTED, 7~REFERENCES*l FACILITY:, UFIM. NEFT. INSTp.UFAI USSR*.~ UNCLASSMED 7 n1raom.,c ME TIMUIAL CIRCUITRY OF SINGLE-00P ELrCTRIC P01,ER ST,'MONS WITH C1L..;.iZL- TYPE RFACTORS [Article hy G. 11. Ilzirozzov, candidato,of techaicall sciencer,, and V., M. Zo en-,;Ineer; 1'iosaow, Tenlovn~-r-ati!~a. Rijesian, :,~ 3, 1972, pp 4 - 6) The outt--cra haft conal-lered 'ho, j~uzzib_llitia~ oe L,n7rovinp, the Existin; ther=lal 5-,,2t= c~C Liza turbine Irstallation ot the vinge-loop ato:.11c electric atations with reacLor (steam par&rActers, ahe-id of theorurblne.p, * 6,59 14.1 t~!,: 2M.4,C). Allilwance as ma-le for the vp,,ciCic f aturos f tIl,3 type ni s tizn, vi=., th~: high require. meats with rou,,,ett to clic-feedwaLer qonlitv; the larne flow of condonsato frvn the separator aad frcm the intaLmildiate st~- suparheater.whtch oce charac- , saturatoi,5team; the sp(~ciftc feet terlatic _~or turbine Installations u,;tnv ureg of the operationjof tim stLam.Zvner3tina eqhp=oar; 'arid the approctablic elec. trinity C01 St:=ptIDH Of the circulating pilnips of the. reactor loop. The proposed atomic electric. station is shilwn'schi=atitally in Fig. I. The reBults of the optimization of the regenerator tysteri it% the Iow- prescur apart, with allowance for the requirement of the water supply syr.:erl, were reported earlier Ill. Installation of a slightly-neid cattin, filter past the low-pressure heater PND-4 has made it pos a ible tWforgo c-11cii-led 41scharga of the law-prossued heater drain.4 into t%e condr-n:ier and t.-.) eli-minare Ercm the syntc;~ the coolant for the turbine separator, this flow bring dirocted to ti,c 11NO-4 heater. In tho, csintin;~ variant, Ou draill1l.."or, of mn~,V!t I .*,n,! 17 "t th'! 111cl-r- modiate of Oil, WrMne 01stallason Av~l .111 ,,trc,,4,G into ths decmrator, and thiS Crvwd', OUL ttle blQrdltl~, It (IM 4--cr pres- t L., rc c .In addition, owing to the heat introductd. into the deaerator ~-y th,~ bled tozz, the flow of the main condctisate is tic 'ated by lc-ss 0%,%a 2*C tt a Etot'l hnating in the deacrator oC 11.2'C, :nd therefore Evan sli:Iht fic-Aations from Una rated operating conditions (incrcasi'13 the unthdIPY Of the ~-'.1chzjr9C droina.jer or of the main crjndcn~nte es it leaves the low-prLss.v. heater PIZ- S. Ltc,) can lead to an incroare of the presoure in the deaecator and an a mc: 621-529-525 USSR YEGOROV, L. R., ZOR KON KOV, Yu., A., YAKOVLEV, A. B. "A Pneumatic Analog Signal Converter" Moscow, Otkrytiya, Izobreteniya,, Pron7shlennyyc Obraztsy, Tovarn~rye Znaki, No 9, Mar 72, Author's Certificate No 331396, Division G, F, filed 21 Apr 69, published 7 Mar '(2, P 155 Translation:, This Author's Certificate' introduces a pneumatic analog sig- nal converter which contains a "'nozzle-baffle" unit with free baffle in a stable simpended state above the nozzle, which is connected to the input channel. As a distinguishing feature of,the patent, the functional possi- bilities of the device are extended by equipp:Lng it with additional nozzles which are cormected to a signal source tnd by locating the,openings of the additional nozzles between the input nozzle:and the ed of the throttling surface of the "nozzle-baffle" unit. ge 46 SIR 0119111191"11IMPT ~1111-1111111~1 USSR uDc., 621.~398 09h.3:538 652 -RTUSHKIII, R. A., GOLOVIN 1'. 11. ABRAMOV, V. M., BARSKIY, B. R., VE ZORIN, Y~K. KETKIIII, A. A. "A Rieumatic Computer" Moscow, Otkrytiya, izobreteniya, pronWshlenny-ye obraztsy, tovarnyye znak-i, No 8, Mar 71, Author's Certificate 111,o,296091, division 0, filed 17 Oct 68, published 12 Feb 71, P 14-3 Translation: This Author's Certificate introduces a pne-,imatic computer which contains a sinGle-diaphragm elciaeat with two nozzlcs which are coaxial with each other in the flow cham1ber of the clevient~ The dead-end chamber of the clemQnt i!,, colinectcd to a imiltiplicand pressure 1-VUrcC!, and the inner nozzle is connocted throu(fh a chake to a multiplier preszurc source and directly to the out'Dut channel of the device, the annular chaznncl. formed by the nozzles being open to the atmosphere. As a distinguishing feature of-the.patent, the functional possibilities of the computer are extended. by connectingthe flow chaiwer of the element through a choke to a divisor pressure source. TJSSR UDC 621. MARGULOVA, T. Kh., ZORIN, V. M, "Study of the Thermal and Water4low Design of a Single-Loop Atomic Power Station" Tr. Mosk. energ. in-ta (Works of Moscow Power Engineering Institute), 1972, No. 126, pp, 71-78 (from RZh-50. Yadernyye reaktory, No 11, Nov 72, Abstract No 11.50.85) Translation: The thermal design of a single-loop atomic power station is investigated. Features of selecting the thermal design considering water requirements are determined. Ensuring the durability band reliability of the operation of the shells of the fuel elements and of the water-vapor regime of.the turbine and reducing the extent of activity in all elements of the circuit lead to requirements imposed on thequality of the reactor in the- feedwater in a single-loop atomic. power station in teri 'ns of determining t),ese tation. Expenditures requirements in organizing the thermal design of the s, on. equipment and asnembly, transportation. and storage ~Mpenses, and other expenditures considering i~conomy measures.were taken4r,ito account in the power station design. I Ill., 2 tables,~ 3 ref. UUM uDo: 681.325:65-525 YEGOROV, L. R. , KON KOV~ Yu. A. "A Pneumatic Elements' USSR Author's Certificate No 309354, filed 2 jui, 69, published 2 Dee 71 (from RZh-Avtomatika, Telemek-hanika i Vychislitellnga Tekhnika, No 7, Jul 7~-, Abstract No 7A61 P) Translation: A pneumatic element is proposed which contains a moving gate with a recess and an open central~aperture, anda hout3ing with an annular input channel. To increase the operational reliability of the .element, the recess in the gate is coaxial -with the central aperture and is made in the form of an annular groove with middle diameter eaual to the middle diameter of the groove of~the.annular input channel and with a width equal to the width of the grooivre for this channel, or twice the width of this groove. One illustration. -t,!i&fir"jjz M MWM 1/2 023 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--IISEP70 FEATURES OF INFLUENZA 5PIDENIC IN THE TOWN OF GLAZOV -U- "_'.AUTHOR--AKSEh0V, V.A., ORLOVA# N#N*#.SELIDOVKINv DsAov :ZOR I NV.,,,,Sy CbiNTifiV IWF-tO--USSR ~-SOURCE-VOPROSY VIRUSOLOGIli 1970# NR It PP 97-101 DAT PUBLISHED ------- TO SOJECT AREAS--BIOLOGICAL AND MEDICAL SCIENCES rO0 I CTAGS--EPIOEMICLOGY, INFLUENZAv BLOOD. SERUM CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTAIGN5 DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCL4SSIFIED .PROXY REEL/FRAME--1987/0063 STEP i4O--UR/0402/70/000/001/0097/01~01 CIRC ACCESSION ND--AP0103743 UNCLASSIFIED 023 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--IISEP7,0 _~CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0103743 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. AN EPIDEMIC OF I'NFLUENZA WITH A ---TWO WAVE COURSE WhS OBSERVED IN THE TOWN OF GLAZOV. THE OUTBREAK WAS DEVELOPING AGAINST THE BACKGROUND OF FAVOURABLE CONDITIONS WITH REGARD TO INFLUENZA IN THE SURRouNnIN"2-TERRITORY,.A FEW WEEKS.BEFORE THE ONSET OF INFLUENZA.EPIOEMIC IN THE USSR4 THE FIRST WAVE OF THE EPIDEMIC WAS REGISTERED IN NOVE4BER DECEMBER 1966; THE SECOND IN FE13RUARY 1967. THE ;FIRST WAVE INVOLVED PREDOMINANTLY CHILDREN IN KINDERGARTENS AND SCHOOL GHILDREN,*IN THE SFCOND WAVE-.THE MORBIDITY OF INFLUENZA WAS RELATIVELY OISTRrbuTo'BETWEEN ADULT AN& -CHILD CONTINGENTS. A RISE rJr' ANTIBODY TO INFLUENZA A SUB2 VIRUS WAS OBSERVE10olN T1 i6' SERA OF PATIENTS IN THS-FIRST-WAVE Of THE EPIDEMICo A STRAIN OF INFLUENZA VIRUS WAS ..ISOLATED MORPHOLOGICALLY ANa SEROLOGICALLY CONSIDEREE TO BE AN ATYPICAL A_.SUBl STRAIN WITH ALTERED ANTIGENIC STRUCTURE. JHE STRAIN-HAD NO EPIDEMIC SPREAO. USSR- UDC 621.316.(001.1+004.15) IUIOLMSKIY, V. G., ZORIN, V. V., MAL1Y, N. 0. "Optimization of the Maintenance Schemes and Voltage Conditions in Municipal Netwo ks with the Aid of a Compute r V sb. Tekhn. progress v elektrosrabzh. gorodov (Technicai Progress in Electric Power Supply of the Cities -- collection of works)~ Leningrad, Energiya Press, '1970, pp 97-101 (from RZh-Elektrotekhnika i Energetika,,No 4, Apr 71, Abstract No 4 Ye 275) Translation: The characteristics of the EPOS-1 and EPOS-2 programs for the Ural-2 digital computer for choosirgoptinal~breqkdown points are presented. ds of the 'etwork is taken as the The minimal poier loss during the.greatest loa ~n ~purpose function in the EPOS-1 program. For optimization, restrictions on the s by reliability conditions are alloi-table current and fixing of certain section considered. :In the E20S-2 program, the load charts of th 'a consumers are con- sidered for optimization, and the minimum power loss for the defined period is taken:as the purpose function. Optimization of the,network is realized consid- e regulation law in the power ering the voltage conditions; the optimal voltag supply,systems is selected, and an efficient arrangement,'of the distribution is found., [KieV.~Polyidchnical-Insti,'tute)*~ ormer branches 0 C' jV!,#.. _STLDY OF THZ FOILMAT1014 OF THE LEAD SULFIDE 77LM MUCWRE ON SUBSTPATES or W= SAIT UMACTED.TO BGRARMUMT-5y he"'. Ar"', Vt IONS tArticle by To, I Zarin, it. V. Kudryavtsova, X. A. Mochalovs. P, V.--pavlov, S~ 4~ hor!kiy.itas"rch.FbyolcqttchnicaI Institute undic r6o ty UnV~sra-it-7; r ratxannx k.~ti kh Kristallov Ploook Ituasi-xi. 02 nftr* Are VAVIGUS DpiftiOft& T494rding the,effect of substrata defects an orientation 'end the structure of cootinuous (Ils*. Tt,*r*fur&, discoirrih4 thi'growth flave-or ma-titma va %he substv at** Vith OUtOmAtitAlly created defecre If Of 44i8Vtlf1C end practical Lftt*110t, In,this paper the method& vt4lactran diffcattlop.4nd electron microscopy 7 vote used, to ' a 'Iiwi ot'thei: formation of thin ILLas of I"A omit,14a, ob- ';tPdY th in the Order of 5-10-6 torr an rock salt A tatood by cc onsailon In $.vacuum cloviagoo* Irradlaitad iti advanc*.by Hai. W', e to= in equal-doess, (from Z 15 2 3-1 to,-IQ lona/cm It was established that:~ 1) ' Irradiation at the RaCt subotrstf with fio*, A~**xnd gone leads to satral the feet th4% the film former Ion Vj6cfodo aUCh'Mofft r~pi'dl* t4S&n Olt the CC substrate. that Is, the formation pracaam~ to nhitt&4 in the direction at, smeller thicknesses. 3t :7 9) rho magnitude at the critical Chlcknosss4 for which one growth stags or anotbor takes place to less, the greater the am** of the Ions and the irradiattaq door, J) Wh.n determining tha Ittadistiat, does, depending on the type of ion, the tpttoxial xrowth of the fLIA is disturbed-. Irradiation by A* Ions with Jossis as the order of 1015 Lon/cm2 lead& to the formation at polyerystalline filfts. 4) in the file* grown on irradiated substrates, defect* of the 4 CYPLAI ructufft occur which are the wasse. as an the Control substrates (dialoce t ions. i~ : 118u,"t ion grids. growth configurations). but with higher concentration. CQ 7, USSR uDc 621.382.3 PAVLOV, P. V., VASILYEV, V. K., VOLODIM, V. G., ZORIN Ye I TEETEL'- I . 4 00 &"NA,616; , BAUM, D. I., TULOVCHIKOV, V. S., CHIGIRINSKAYA, T.4777, "Peculiarities of Concentration Profiles in Ion Implantation and Their Use for Creating Varicaps and Bipolar Transistors" Kiev, IVUZ, Radioelektronika, Vol 14, 'No 11, Nov 71, pp, 1353-1364 Abstract: The authors consider the principal technically importavA singu- larities of concentration profiles inthecase of ion-beam alloying both vithout distillation amd after diffusion distillation of,dopants. Problems of calculating the principal sections and deptb5 of P11 Junctions on silicon as a function of conditions of irradiation and annealing are discussed. A description is given of the use of the ion.;.beam method for making a varicap vith an inverse impurity gradientAn t.he base,::and also for making PRP transistor. The basic parameters:of:the -0-aricap are calcu- ne lated- Nine figures, one table, bibliographi of ni 'titles. 038 UNCLASSfFlE0'-'::, PROCESSING DATE--30OCT70 T ITL&--USE OF THE ION BOMBARDMENT MET OD TO 10 H IOPE GERRANIUM -U- UTkOR-(04)-VOLOOKOt V.G.t LORIN, YE*I., PAVLOVP P.V.v TELEBAUMt 0.1. CU'NTRY OF, INFO--USSR `17 ,,".'SbUkCE F17 TEKH. POLUPROV. 1970, 4(4)t.812 13 5--DATE PUBLISHED -------- 70 .--.,SUBJECT AREAS--PHYSICSP MATERIALS -,,--.T-OPIC TAGS--ION BOMBAROMENTi GERMANIUMv DOPED ALLOYt.60RONt IONP VOLT A.14PERE CHARACTER I ST IC -CONTROL MARKllNG--N0 RESTRICTIONS ~_,DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIE0 REEL/FRAME--1998/0930 STEP NO-UR/0449/70/004/004/0812/0813 ~61RC ACCESSION NO--AP0121532 UNCLASSIFIF 0 03 a UNCLASSIHED PROUS S I NG OATC-300MO la-IRC ACCESSION NO--APOlZI532 OF THE GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE, SURFACE Rc: INVERSION LAYER IN PTYPE GE BONBARDED AT 50 KEV WITH 1) IONS AND REALED 30 1141N AT ZOO-800DEGREES WAS STUDIED. THE 10N ()EAMI WAS A NJ ORIENTE0 NORMAL TO THE ( 11. 11 PLANEw AND :THL I ON DOSE! WAS 0.1-1000 MLCROCOULOMBS-CM PRIME2. THE SURFACE RESISTIVIrY OEV'ENOS tA()NuT--_-.,~qIcA(_LY Ck A; 'EALING TEL NN MP. THE INVERSIG-M N TYPE LAYER IS FORMED-AFTER ANNEALING :-,-.':-At GREATER THAN 450 ANU 350DEGREES FOR IGN DOSES OF10-In AND 1000 MICROCOULOMBS-CM PRUME2v RESP. 140 INVERSION LAYER iWAS OBSO, FOR OOSES MICROCOULOMB-CM PRIME2. CURRENT VOLTAGE CHARACTERISTICS -_P'fN-JUNCTIONS FORMED IN N YYPE GGE BY:BOMBARDMENT,AT 50 KEV WITH B :OF .:-,IONS :AND ANNEALING AT 400DEGREES EXHIBIT A~RECTIFICATION CUEFF. OF -,:-:SIMlLAR TO -10 PR[ME4- AT I V. FACIL ITY GORIK. ISSLED. FIZ.-TEKH~ ~JNST.t GORKI, USSR. ED USSR UDC 532.696 Z10 N., SOBOIZV, V. D., CURA',YEV, N. V., Institute of Physical Chemistry, cado Sc., USSR, lbscow "T he Effect of Polynolecular Adsorption on,the Diffusion,of Vapors in Micro capillaries. IL Experimental Data" Moscow, Zhurnal Fizicheskoy Khimii, Vol 460 No 5, MaY 720 pp 1127-1129 Abstract: Experimnts were carvied out to check on the theory of vapor dif- fusion in fine cylindrical capillaries reported in -the preceeding paper. Quartz microcapillaries with internal diameterlo-5-jo-3 cm we Ire ILSed. A 10-15 crlong capillary sealed on both eDds vas placed.horizontally, with one end imersed in liquid nitrogen bath. The other end was:then.irmersed in a bidistillate, the movement of the liquid being~observed throu.-Ji a microsco-re. When the -mater reached the cold zone it froze and the movelqient atopped. Then the other end of the capillary was sealed off and the system placed in a thermo- statically controlled container to reach an'equililirium..,Exoerineiita1 data obtained agreed well with 'chose calculated from proposedLihearetical consider- ations. 2 543-123-11+532.74 SP=Nj V. I. t GLO UNOV, 11. P. ,MULYAR, V. M. ,DERYAGIN 3. V., CHURAYEV, N. Y. trA ZORIN Z M Institute of Physical dheaiaiu-j A'"my of Sciences USSR. NOSCOR "Study of the Anomalous Water by the Method of Neutron Activation Analysis" Koscowl Doklady Aka-demi-i Kauk SSSR9 Vol 202,.No Is Jan-Feb '72, PP 132-135 Abstracts Samples of anomalous water were studied for their content of admix- tures which could possibly be leached out of the glassi particularly S1 and Na, after irradiation with thermal neutrons. As a preliminary experiment quartz glass itself was examined. The Na impurities were found to be low, and irre- gularly distributed throughout the capillary, The anomalous water samples were conpaa-ed to double distilled water. It was established th~nt the aAmixture tration was much higher in the anomalous s=ples thwi in the double concen distilled zaterial. The content of Si and Ila was inversely proportional to the voluze of the saazle studied. This could be due to the evaporative procedures usedr -the inpurities. being introduced froza the surface layer of the capillaires, from the evaporation equipment, ate. Temperature doesn't seem to have any particular effect on the content off imputities. The quantity of the anomalous Conponents In the samples of ano;u_12ous water, varied in the range, of 5-10-3 to 212 013 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE-30OCT-70 --AT0124369 ..,-CtRC.ACCESSICN NO ABSTRACIIEXTRACT-(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE THERMAL STABILITY OF MODIFIED _-WATER WAS STUDIED BY USING THE HETHOD OF DISTN. THRbUGH A THERMAL BARRIER (Dot 196711. THE RESULTS SHOW THAT THE ANOMALOUS COMPONENT OF THE MODIFIED WATER DECOMPS. TO FORM ORDINARY WATER, THE BOND ENERGY FOR THE MULS. OF THE ANOMALOUS COMPONENT'WASIEY.ALUATED:BY MEANS OF THE BATLER-PCLYANI EQUATION 11962) AND~:FCUND"TO.BE50 KCAL-MOLE. THE HIGH THERMAL STABILITY OF THE ANOMALOUS COMPONENT, MOLS.: EXPLAINS THE ~OF-THE MODIFIED WATER,,THE PROPERTIES OF WHICH DO NOT CHANGE 'EVEN-,D ILITY* INST. FIZ. KHIMNI URING-PRULONGED STORAGE. FAC -~-MGSCOW,_ USSR. ----------- I1-1 11 11 TII 1 11111 i i 111 11 1 111 1~1_ -.11 USSR A~;~UDC: 541.12.013,, 5 DERYAGLN, B, V,, Corresponding Member Academy of Sc,~ences USSR, ZORIN, Z. M. RABrWOVICH, YA. I., TALAYEV, M. V.,:(DBCEASBD)7and CiRRZA-YEV, N, ins -L-ute of.Physical Chemistry, Moscow ~Academy~ of Sciences~ USSR "Thermal Stability of Modified Waterl~ 859 Moscow, Doklady Akademii Nauk, SSSR, Vol 191, No 4,.Apr 70, n~ Q8 6 _L Abstract: The authors confirmed the results obtainq!d in preliminary o:cpPri- ments that at temperatures ->,7000 modif ied water (K. hr~ whid.1 consis-,;~i, of two components -- anomalous component (A.C.) w-id noxmal viater normal water. initially changes in exr- z"-isj,on of ;vatc!r s were studied in temperatures of 250 and 4000 and bolih cases gave similax -is curves, separated in accordance with the tem- -curc -ence. d pera ! dii~fm tillation of the M. W. across a heat barrier was cax;:ied oj~.t aind it, vra,,; shmn that up -to 5000 no noticeable changes occur. At 700D the candcniate looked like normal water, indicating that therval occurs at t ;~- 700o. On the basis of their::axp(~-riiueatal (:iata -chic! authov3 molecuia's, to be obout 5iZ) '%cal/mo_ calculated the bond energy of A.C. l.j At" J-17"MMIT! USSR BABICHEVY B. I.) ZOLOTOREVSKIY, Yu. S.) ZORINA A. YA. IVANOVI V. V. "Properties of An Aluminum Alloy Streng Ithehed With Fiberglass", V sb. Metanurgiya (Metallurgy -- collection of works), 1fo 14, Sudostroyeniye Press, LeenIngrad, i971, PP 133-137 (from Rzh-Mietallurgiya., No 4, Apr 72, Abstract No 41610) Translation: A study war, made of the properties of an aluminum alloy strengthened with fiberglass. It isidemonstrated that the theoretical data on the strength of a two-layer composite agree with.the actual data. The varia- tion in temperature from +142 to -180of,cyelic--loading,.dMd corrosive environ- ment.have no effect on the mechanical propertiea,of the tvo-layer composite. 1 illustration, 2 tables, and a 3-entry bibliography. j.: USSR uDc: 629-78-017.2 qy, M. Z., ZORINA, E. S., JOSLOVIC)J, T. V. BORSHCHVIS~ "OptiTminn Deceleration of the Rotation of an Asymmetric Satellite About i's Center of Mass" Moscow, Upr. dvizhushch_imdsya ob"yektami. Tr. TV Vses. savesheb. po avtomat. i, Igo-8--sbornik (Control of Koving Objects. Works of the Fourth upr. Thilis All-Union Conference on Autom-p-tic-Control Tbilisi, 1968--collection of papers)i 1972, pp 293-294 (from RMRaket6stroyeniye, No.10, Get 72, ab- stract No 10.4i.69) Translation: The -PkDer deals with the variational probl(-MI of uptilyniua br-ak- ing of the rotaticn of a satellite about its center of gravity, i. e. the problem of optimum prestabilization. The controlling action is provided by two pairs of rocket engines rigidly fixed in the body afthe satellite so that in the coordinate system associated with.the principal inomer-s of iner- tia of the satellite the noment of the controlling action is directed along a fixed straight line. This straight line does not coincide with any single principal axis of the ellipsoid of ;'Lnertia. The optimality criterion is Wen az the expenditures of reaction nmss for an undetermined. braking time. H-j uss~ BORSHCHEVSKIY, M Z. ,ZORINA E S., 10SLOVIC11, 1. V. Ito ptimal Braking of Rotation of an Asymmetrical Satellit6 About its Center of Mass" Upr. Dvizhushcliimisya Oblyektami. Tr. IV Vses. Soveshch. po Avtomit. upr. Tbilisi, 1968 [Control of Moving Objects, Works of Fourth All-Union Confer- ence on Automatic Control, Tbilisi,,1968 -- Collection of Works], Moscow, pp 293-294, Cfranslated from Referativnyy Zhurnal,:'Plekhanika, No 10, J972, Abstract No 10 A49). Translation-. Thc variational problem is studied of optimal braking of the rotation of a satellite about its center of: mass, i.e. t:he problem of optimal preliminary stabilization. The control actions are applied using two pairs of reaction engines, immobily the body of tile satellite, so that in the system of coordinates coupled to the main.moments of inertia of the satellite the force of the controlaction is directed along a fixed straight line, and this line does not coincide with any of the main axes of the ellipsoid of inertia. The optimality criterion used is the total consumption of working fluid with variable time of the braking process. It is assumed that the satellite is a solid, performing Euler-Poinsol: motion about its center of mass when no control tictions are applied. The ellipsoid 1/2 USSR BORSHCHRISKIY, M. Z., ZORINA, E. S., IOSLOVICH,J. V., U~)r. Dvi-fliushchimisya Oblyektami. Tr. IV Vses. Soveshch. po,Avtomat.~ upr. Tbilisi, 1968, Moscow, 1972, pp 293-294. of inertia of the satellite may be arbitrary, but it is considered that the moments of inertia do not change during braking. Sufficient conditions of optimality are used to synthesize the optimal control. AN a result of analytic and partially numerical solution~of the Bellman equation, switch- ing surfaces and zero proximity lines are produced, allowing a solution consisting of.cyclical slipping.modes to be constructed.: These modes some- ns with unlimited: motor thrust, which tim s do not convert to pulse solutio the first example of modes of this~type.' 2/2 35 S1rVl)Y tit Tilt CROW1111 CMIDIAIDNI; 01) PRULRIU-S OF !Z11AW!, FILM 13T ME CHLOI.1171*. MEM141) [ArtLci# ity Z. 1. K. Der"day, Tto, Chilr'S.. VA Prvtr, -AikolVA, N. Zorli,to V~ N. Ten ka,'C"a', P~T ~7,krq,,7-0- 7-77 Pit Nutj .-relrerystallint, iten,c ondUCLitor filizzo are af defined interest. 'Me structural lmooerfeCLIort characteristic of thet, can be! succiiinfull'y used: t1, e. intcrcryztalllt~ 1)arrivrs Ansure it hilzh specific resisti;,ite c4 the allfcon,fil= xarving as insulating Lot the integrated circuits, And Ift., s u o! OUAIMC,95 rint: r verialta the creation of a totable contict which 13 U10 b44iA for certain types of diodem. on the other Uatod, the law depasittrt" ter"Cra- ture -(by cameo rison.wl tb groth) fqckljtatez~ th;. 41 the :, , mul If 14yared-aatricennuctitill. mtructurci~'~Urteg the first Period after sti;- CLLrLc=tl roductian af the admixture diffusien from the substrate. Atl*6\, iho~rsl in. a ditimmi-ion of the results of Otuiliyloor ihe effact of the toorl'toolosic.1.1 con4itioris of the poilycrystalline allicon. film prowt.1i on their clectraphynical parattieters. Procedure for Obtaining, and Studying 11alts 1ha silicon films v .or .n.btained by the chloride rtoothod 11-31 in Co. horIzantal,vpentubc with an electric furnace an the,he4t4pri The-totmeraturg distrt1l,Ution-alonp, the furnaces appearm Lot Figure ZS. The *"S~T6teh rade Of eall"'n Rilmrtoo And VoOIYcrvst&IIine ArArhire voce Placed iot tuo pj%ralto,! yt~m At,,11n the Jert,sitton tent. The thermantatted e~aperatorx at two structural designs vtre ustod% bubbling and nojjbuj~bjjn&. The tritsj hydrogwo flow van 0 literst/hours (with a reactor diameter of otticut 20 hero, Lhe ovArorrotor with the, MCI, it"'..Ily pa.-Jard 0 flow of 2U literallsour, And 10 liters/hour vent through the evaporator with SOrY The thickiless of the Srrown layers of ollitan was estitAted by tit* gravi- mtr1c, voithad. h study was also riadit of the alectraphysical. t.he optical and structural properties of the film. 50 UDC: 362.11 MORE i~FFICIU-NI INU OF Al" XI L" RMS 11, nOLONG-ID 110SPITALUKTIM Or PATIENTS D -- Atf~j All iiene, Organization,and (Articjo bry~.~~nn of ~,ocial Hy6 History of 7. -11ea Tti (haw!", -~Aezinakaya. cavdldata of madival 1: and Munitipal Hygiene x%dii"3clentifte ;Laa arch JjienI-Acad*z1Ciaz1 A.U. ?k4rizoyov, Moscov, Awsslan. No 5, 1971, Pjbmirccd 10 Peceaticr 1970,,Vp 13-171 7 The purrome of the present wrrk was to investigate the composition of patlenti; hospitalized for more than 30 days, aswell as the causes of pro- longed liespItaliantion for the purp,;~se of finding r."ervts for more efficient a dalmentic It terature, the use of avallAbie, lieds. Xecording to data In th incidence. of cotoo of prolonged hnrpltalization ranges from 14 to 27.7 per- cent of t4e LOL.1 nvribar --f individuals hospitalized Loginova, 1965; Yr.l. Tarrov6UAy,t. 1966: S.TA. Freydlin and A.L. Vo~an, 1969). tic inveot;(Sated 7,494 cases of hospitalizatton for periods of over 30 dlyfi in ct~* theTopeutic and surgical dApartmento of Kiev hospitals in 1967. Mcs t u( the patients (61.5%) treated for long periods In therapeutic del, werv, hospir-alized' f r active rbeumatism, myocardial Infirction, css~nti*! ~yp"rtansion, peptic'ulcers, 010'~rl!Ygtitld and cholelitlalasls, =~d pn~ r.4nlas. In the. surgical depar-a- nr-nts, 79.6 portent of All cases of prolo"Acd hoapitillIzation were referable to Paptic tilcref" Cholccy::'!LiS and chal,.01rhiasis, enJnnrreriris and vas- cular thr=_:io4iv of tha Izwer malignant nanplav~6. Severe trau-a, .and acci~!enrg' 'r=ivi made iip 5ii.5 parctnt of th~ patient-i hoopitalized in therapeutic depirt.=~.ta for =rc than 30 days, anti 51.3 percent of those in the stirgLczl departrie-.ti. ',onior c1ttzenA made up over half of all those treated for more than 30 days (5L71 in therapeutic departments, and 50.7, in Surgical onos) greatent nunber of prolorigad hospit:Alirncian cases (as vall as number hcd-day%) was observed in clinical hospitaln which is attributable to tha concentration In them of th~ most seriously III, to the need of siib- mittlrig tliwi% to more co--pInx dingrivstic tests a"d, in part, to the Interests of the -,,dag,,gic procers. - 15 31, 018 UNCLASSIFIED --18SEP70 PROCESSING CIATE C I RC- -ACC ES S I ON NO--AP0052182 ABSTR ACT/E-XTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. ELEICTRICAL EXCITABILITY OF THE RODY A'No :HIPPOCAMPUS, THE CAUDATE NUCLEUS, THE ME.O.IAL GENICULATE THE ~DORSAL COCHLEAR NUCLEUS 14AS COMPARED IN TWO BROUPS OF RATS OF THE KM LINEr REACTING WITH SEIZURES TO ACOUSTIC STIMULATION, BUT O':FFERING IN THE DEGREE dF ACTIVE INHIBITION (PRESENCE OR ABSENCE OF AN INHIBITORY "PHASE JN THE. MOTOR EXCITATION PRECEDING .:THEM SEILURE-S) , AND IN RATS OF ;THE:WISTAR LINE INSENSITIVE TO SOUND. THE THRESHOLDS WERE DETERMINED OF THE-SEIZURES~ TYPICAL OF EACH OF THE STRUCTURESAFACIAL MYOCI-ONIC ~SEJZUR'ES, ~AOVERSION OF THE HEAD, GENERAL DRASTIC MOTOR EXCt rATION) DIFFERENCES WERE FOUND ONLY IN IN TWO GROUPS OF RATS OF THE KM LINE, REACTING'WITH SEIZURES TO ACOUSTICSTIMULATIONt' BUTt,DIFFERING IN THE -;DEGREE OF. ACTLVE tNtiLSITION (PRESENCE. OR ABSENCE Of,' AN INHIBITORY PHASE .1N JHE MOTOR EXCITATION PRECEDING THE SEIZURES)r AND INRATS OF THE WISTAR .LINE INSENSITIVE TO SOUND. THE THRESHOLDS WE-RE DETERMINED OF THE :SE.IZURESlYPICAL OF EACH OF THE STRUCTURES tFACIAL14YOCLONIC SEIZURES1, .-ADVERSION'-:.OF. THE HEADf GENERAL DRAST:IC MOTOR EXCITATION). DIFFERENCES WERE FOUND ONLY IN THE HIPPOCAMPUSI THE THRESHOLD OF THE TYPICAL MYOCLONIC SEIZURES WAS ALMOST 2.5 TIME LOWER IN THE SENSITIVE RATS ~WITHOUT:AN INHIBITORY PHASE THAN IN THOSE W-ITH AN INH 'IBITOR.Y PHASE AND -T N:.I:N: NON- SENS I TI VE ONES. THE LATTEWTWO GROUPS,:ALONG WITH A 7,-~ ::S114-ICARITY OF THE THRESHOLDS OF-ELECTRVC~Akr.~SEIZURESI. CONSIDERABLY -IN. THE RATE OF THEIR GENERALIZATION. 1110 USSR UDC: 539.2. ZORKHIY. P. M. BEL'SKIY, V. K. ne St up of Centrally Symmetric molecules" ructure of Crystals Made V sb. Sovrem. probl. fiz. khiirdi (Modern Problems of Ph:rsical Chemistry--- collection of works)l T. 4, Moscow, Moscow University, 19TO, pp 3T9-ho6 (from RZh-Fizika, No 9, Sep 70, Abstract No 9Ye3Ol) Translation: In order to classify molecularwstructures:with the aid of the method of potential functions, structural classes.:and:subclasses are derived and the degree of probability of realizing them is evaluated for crystals made up of centrally symmetric molecules. The energy of interaction between individual pairs of molecules is computer-calculated for 21 materials, which opera- tion made it possible to assign real crystal structures.'definitely belonging to one of the derived classes in 12 cases out. of the . 21.. Additional data were required for the remaining 9 structuresi shown that thegiven molec- :0 ular structures are "island" structures, Bibljog2-aphj f 21 tLtles. R. V. &z od, -anova. B -107 USSR UDC 621.372.853.2.092.22 ZORKIN, A. F., KARTAVTSEVA, L. F. "Dispersion Properties of a Rectangular Wave.Guide with Partial Ferrite Filling" Radiotekhnika. Resp. mezhved. nauchno-tekhn. sb. (Radio Engineering. Republic Interdepartmental Scientific and Technical Collection), 1970, vy?. 15, pp 44- 49 (from RZh-Radiatekhnika, No 4, Apr 71, Abstract No 4B131) Translation: Approximate formulas are obtained for thecriticai frequencies, dispersion and fields of the fundamental and closest to fundamental types of waves of the system. There are 4 illustrations and a 2~~entry bibliography. USSR UDC 621.372.824 KOSTYCHEV, YU. G., ZORKIW,.A,-Jl. 10-wes, "Calculation of a Coaxial in the Presence of a Longitudinally Magnetized Ferrite" Radiotekhaika. Resp. mezhved. nauchno-tekhn. sb. (Radio Engineering. Republic Interdepartmental Scientific and.:Technical,Collectidni., 1970, vyp. 15, pp 38- .44 (from RZh-Radiotekhnika, No 4S Ap r7,1,: Abstract No 0139) Translation: The effect of the geometry of a coaxial.on the propagation and loss constants of quasi-Mi and quasi-LEOI~waves is a:alyz--d. There are 5 illustrations and a 4-entry bibliography. -i A. I I J"!, -,ilM v i Iii-i4 lr~ ill IZ-SR uDct 621.984.3 S~UWOV, V.S., DAIN-112 AN E S EVSKIY, O.F., AMMMOV, A.A., KAG STOL'NYY, V.I., and ZOWPIM YE.F. "Stakping of Thick Tvo-Layar Steel-Titanium Sheets" Moscov, Xuznechno-Shtaz%Dovochnwje Proizvodstvo, No 1, Ja.40, pp 18-19 Acs-.ract: 'The 1z, hors.;~_iy Plant imeni A.A. Zhdanov produces elliptical bottoms with 900-, 1000-, and 1600-mm diameters by tbe hot stamping of WE)t3sl) - W11-0 sheets 20 = thick. e bimetallic steel-titanium sheets 'were obtained by vacuiza pack rolling. In the ;not stam-ping of bimetallic stee-titanium sheets, the cor2ect bl-- selection c~ U iet heatlng conditions is very import nt. Rep--ated heating o:' eel-`taai=- bim-etal, generally leads'to a growth of the transition r:J*Lf5,,;z3-'oa zone between the I yers "d increases its hardness, thus leading to lover bimetal quality. in heating the b-Luetallic: blUets, no material. titamium gas saturation pe=itted, ov.1,Lng to the difficulty of removing the glis-sa-Lurated laye-1- if -~he bille-~ x1beating tezperature before stamping does not exceed 90000, no noticeable grovzh of the transition diffusioa zone between the layers occurs, and. at the s=e 4-f -1 ned =z, -t6e =,~al possesses ad-equate pla6ticity, Good surface quality i3 Cbta. in tbe st-n-ped produc.s. The -vechnique, conditions, and7 equipment ur,-Cd ir. hot stamping of izba 'bottoms tire described. lavestigations of specimens cut from variouI3 sections of tbe Ivottoms shoved that heating and at=ping under the condit1lons ven do L.-sen the bilmetal properties. -4e g n9t wo An increase in the thickne6s of t sz-amov, V.S., et al, Kuznechno-Shtampovochnoye Proizvodstvo, 70 11 J-qn 70, pp 18-19 transition zone va:-s not olbserved. The hardness of the 4-ransition zone did not change. M tallographic aections established that the thickness oe the titaniim s-saturated layer did not exceed 0.05 To obtain bigh-qiiality welded aeam a S it is:first necessary to clean the titanium.surface vith an.abrasive disk. 2/2 :Acc.: Nr-' Abstticting SetVice: Ref . Code: P0,053752 CHEMICAL ABS'T.*",> 4/-*)'o IU 1R. 0 4) 1;-21 N 6r Obtaining x-ray diffraction patterns of liquids. /Zork5ii S A.. Bulkadaev, A V. (USSR). Lirad .Lisb. 1970, (RUSQ. - A inethod f ~r obtlMining k4ay ffiffraction 0 patterns of dtqs. was developed in which the patterns are',obtained frotmA freeldrop of the liq.'exaind. Thus, the I sIup erimIposing of _ patterns of the hitherto, use d capillaries is iiiroided, , and the diffracting surface of.tkie liq.'is increased. The: scheme and de- scription of the app, atie stated. ---Successful ixbts. with castor oil and oleic acid using Cu 4nd Fi~radiation are stated. The exposition time was 50 min without filters and 1.5 hr With filters. The diffraction ma-x ere 1099' for castor oil and 9*30'. for oleic W acid using Cu radiation and 12*10' for castor oil and 12'48' fot oleic acid using Fe radiation. The: periods weri 4.590 _-E 0.001 and 4.369 -_-L 0.002 A for castor oil and oletc acid, resp. M. Kalfus UNCLASSIFIED' PROCESSING DATE---~-30OCT70 ~!_TITLE-CRYSTAL CHEMICAL ANALYSIS OF STRUCTURES FORMED FROM I CAL MOLECULES., 11. STRUCTURAL SUBCLASS OF -(02)-BELSKIYr V.K., ZORKIY* P M, HOR T COUNTRY OF INFO--USSR ,-..S,(jURCE- ZH. STRUKT. KHUM. 1970, IL(l)t 75-9~ -..-0ATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 ~-~SUBJECT AREAS--CHEtAISTPY -~_'CPIC lAGS--ml0LE:CULAR STRUCTUREt CRYSTALY BROMINATED ORGANIC COMPOUND, -,'-..,BENZENE DERIVATIVEt ORGANOMERCUPle COMPOUNOl ANTHR4QUINONE, NAPHTHALENE, ORGAN I C NITRO COMPOUNUt NITRILEr CALC ULATION ..'~C.ONTROL, MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS 00CUM ENT CL/*5leo--lJJfq(;1.A55Ij;fFo - P ROXY kEEL/FRAME--1995,fI233 STE P NO--UR /0192 IT01 011 /00 1 /00 15/00 7) r-IRC ACCESSION NO--AP0116695 UNCLA.SSIFIED I ll if Ili if PROCESSING DATE-30OCT70 2/2 020 UNCLAS.SIFIED CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0116695 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. I NTHE ATOM ATOM APPROXN., -,,.-JNTERACTION ENERGIES OF SEP. PAIRS (IF MOLS. IN CRYSTALS OF -TE-TRABROMOBENZENEP PH SUB2 HGy OICHLOKOANTHRAQUI.~ONE, DINITRONAPHTHALENEr AND MUCONONITRILE WERE CALCD. A S[MILAR CORRELATION OF THE OBTAINEL) VALUES ALLOWED THE STRUCTURES TO BE ATrRiBUTED TO THE SAME STRUCTURAL SUBCLASS. IN THESE STRUGTURE:Sr MCL. C111ALINS Af-RE PRESENT AND LAYERS ARE ABSENT. MOL. COORDINATION:~NOS. WERE DETO., AND A METHof) -.-OF NOTATING THEM IS PROPOSED* FOR TETRABRGMOBENZENE AND PH SUB2 HIS, THE ..,STRUCTURES BASED ON ENEkGETICAL CALCNS. ARE COMPARED WITH PUBLISHED STRUCTURAL ANAL. RESULTS. FACULITY: MUSKV GOS'. UINIV. IM. -LOMONOSOVA, MOSCOW, USSR. SIFIED ~-ll 012 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--230CT70 'T.tTLE--PACKING OF MOLECULES IN CRYSTALS OF ANTHRAQUINONE: AND ITS ~I.V5,01HALO DERIVATIVES -U- -OR (04)-BELSKIY, v.k., CHETKINA, L.A., ZORKIYt P.,Mst GOLDERF G&A. UTH 4 OF INFO--USSR ll'~*SOURCE KRISTALLOGRAFIYA 1970t 15(2)p 262-T :',0 ATE PUBLISHED ------- 70 AREAS--rHEMISTRY -TOP I.CTAGS--CRYSTAL? ANTffRAQUINONEf M.OLECULLAR INTERACTION, MOLECULAR STRUCTURE ..~CONTROL MARKING--NO RESTRICTIONS i~DOCUMENT CLASS--UNCLASSIFIED PROXY REEL/FRAME--1995/1410 STEP NO--LIR/0070/70/015/002/0262/0267 CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0116857 21/-2 012 UNCLASSIFIED PROCESSING DATE--230CT70 -CIRC ACCESSION NO--AP0116857 ABSTRACT/EXTRACT--(U) GP-0- ABSTRACT. THE INTERMOL. INTERAcrION ENERGY WAS CALCD. BY USING THE ATOM ATOM APPROXN. (A. KITAIGOROUSKII AND MIRS KAYA, 1961; ZORKlIt ET AL., 196T), AND THESE VALUES WERE USED IN ~COMf 3INATION WITH AN ANAL. OF THE JNTERMOLs CONTACTS TO COMPARE THE .-STRUCTURES OF ANTHRAOUINONE AND ITS lt5tDIHALO DERIVS. THE INTRODUCTION OF EVER BIGGER SUBSTITUTING GROUPS IN TO THE MOL. RESULTS -IN A SMOOTH CHANGE IN THE STRUCTURE. IN THE 2 EXTREME.CRYSTALS JANTHRAQUINONE AND ITS I DERIV.), THERE IS A SIMIL'AR MOTIF FOR THE MOL. .?AlCKINGr WHICH DIFFERS FROM THE OTHER STRUCTURES.,; THE RESULTS SHOWS iHOW THE GEOMETRIC CHARACTERISTICS OF THE PIOL. AFFECT THE MOL. PACKING :: AND, CONSEQUENTLY, THE PHYS. PROPERTIES. ; FACILITY: NAUCH. -ISSLED..FIZ. KHIM. INST. IM. KARPOVAt MOSCOW, USSkc 9104033 VL 0 1 ------------- 3 AUTHOR-- BELIKOV. Va's CORRESPONDENT, T"ITLE-- A SPEED BOAT ON THE SURA NEWSPAPER- NEDELYA 9 MAY 25-311 1970, NR 22, P 4s COLS 1-2 ABSTRACT--- THE FIRST SOVIET WATER-JET PROPELUID AIP-CUSHION CRAFT, CAPABLE OF DOING 55 Ki~S PER HOUR ITS HULL AND ALL OF ITS MACHINERY WAS -MADE -BY THE TRAINING PILOT PLANT 'OF "THE _~GQR WATE TRANSPORT ENGINT-ERS9 THE WORKING BLUE PRINTS OF THE GOR KOVCHANIN WERE PRODUCED BY THE OVOLGOBALTSUDOPROYEKT" 'AND ITS CHIN DESIGNER WAS V-ZOROASTR-QY,. THE PROPOSAL-TO CONST.36cT.THE *GOR KOVCHANINN WAS SUBMITTED FIVE YEARS AGO. PR_IOR,TO THXTI.tEVERAL WORKiNG MODELS WERE CREATED AT:THE GOR .1 KIY INSTITUTE FOR TRANS- PORTATION ENGINEERS UNDER THE: 61RECTION OF PROFESSOR V. ANDRYUTIN V, ZOROASTROV GRADUATE STUDENT AT THATtIME PARTICIPATED4IN THE DEVELOPMENT PAOGRAM. THE 9-METER AIR FAN OF TH1:.CRAFT HAS-BEEN MSIGNED BY THE STUDENT DESIGN BUREAU OF,.THE INSTITUTE, REEL/FRAME I 198706-6 IN ITS TRIALS THE *GOR.KOVCHANIN" WAS ABLE TO NAVIGATE RAPIDS LESS F THAN HALF A RTER D EP AND TO,LAND ON A BEACH WITHOUT ANY LANDING FACILITIES. MOTHER AIR CUSHION CRAFT, THE FJRST ONE IN THE SERIES KNOWN AS THE IS BEING CURRENTLY EXHIBITED IN MOSCOW. P-EZJjFMXH 19870387 im i g mm np 4- 11 m im a Ti rv i I m- -5 Non =I. kcc~ Nr. A#01040337 Ref Code: AUTHOR-- BELIXOV,,~ CORRESPONDENT. T'ITLE-- A-SPEED BOAT ON THE SURA NEWSPAPER- NEDELYA, MAY 25-3ij, 1970.9 NR 22t P4s COLS 1-2 ABSTRACT- THE MST SOVIET WATER-JET PROPELLED AIR.-CUSHIONtRAFTY CAPABLE OF DOING 35 KMS PER HOUR ITS HULL AND ALL OF ITS MACHINERY v ITUTE~ WAS -MADE'BY THE TRAIRING PILOT -PLANT -OF, 'THE KAY - -loz_~ WATER TRANSPORT ENGINEERst THE WORKING BLUE PR NTS OF THE GOR KOVCHANIN WERE PRODUCED BY THE *VOLGOBALTSUDOPROYEKT;,: 'AND ITS CHIfF DESIGNER WAS WA"% THE PROPQSAL~ TO CONST CTTHE TED - NGOR KOVCHANINN WAM� IVE YEARS AGO, PR_IOR TO THAI SEVERAL WORKiNG MODELS WERE CREATEDAT THE (;ORXIY INSTITUTE FOR TRANS- PORTATION ENGINEERS UNDER THE bTRECTION-OF PROFESSOR V.-ANriRXUTIN, V, ZOROASTRO GRADUATE STUDENT AT THAT TIME PARTICIPATED-11N THE DEVELOPMENT PkOGR'AM, THE 9 -METER AlkFAN OF THECRAFT HAS~*BZEN DESIGNED BY THE STUDENT DESIGN.BUREAU OVTHE INSTITUTE. q, USSR UDC 542.91:547.572:547-11118 ARBUZOV, B. A., ZOROASTROVA, B. M I TUDRII, G. A., FUZHE21KOVA$ A. V. "Interaction of Dibenzal Acetone-with Trimethyl Phosphite and Dimethyl Phos- phorus Acid" Moscow,- Izvestiya Akademii Nauk SSSR, Seriya Khimicheskaya, No 11, 1973, pp 2581-2585 Abstract: A study was made of the interaction of dibenzal acetone with tri- alkyl phosphites. Trimethyl phosphite reacts with dibenzal acetone with the formation of 2,2,-trimethoxy-3phenIy1-5 5-(,t3-phenyl)vinyl-1,2-oxaphospholene- 4M). When (II) is washed with water, the phosphorane'ring breaks at the P-0 bond with the formation of two keto phosphonates, probably S-cis- and S- transconformers. Phosphorane (II) reacts with dibenzal.acetone by the diene s~mthesis reaction. A thermogram, is presented for a mL-cture of dibenzal acetone with (CH30) 3P and the reaction of dibenzal acetone with (C,113 0)3F in the presence of CH COOH. 3 USSR UDO 542.91,50-1'118 ARBUZOV, B. A. , 1. D. , ldwmu, I'l. A. YE=,"OVA, H. V., and tudr-~, g. a., Oh-aii-d-4ti-:j InstittrLe iment A. 1,41. BuIlarov ol" Yazanl State University inent V. 1. Ullyanov-Lenin and limt-Itutle of C:rc,-,,nic and Physical Chemistry imeni A, Ye. Arbuzov of lk--he Academy of Sciences USSR "Derivatives of Phosphorus Acids and -Cbloroallvl Alcohol. 2, Synthesis of mixect -Chloroallyl Esters of Phosphorio Acid anid Some of thoir Biolof,-Ical Properties" Moscow, Izvestiya ldcadenli NaUk SSSSR, Seriya KhijnichI!.,du,.ya, 140 5, P~ay 72, pp 1155-l159 Abstractt A previous article by the autho-ra described i3o" phosphoroust phosphoric. thiophosphoric and phouphinic acid est=3 contaftning an C~ -chlorv- allyl- radica-1. A study of biological properties of tho ayn'thesized comllouin~,.B showed that they have a *elective fungicidal and antIrJ-r.,robI",1 Offect. Loll tcr/Acity and significant activity towards the denatophytea Trlchoph)-tcn ga7au- A E.Dide- I ton rauf Bann ar -moDby -Wolf wero noticeablo in oLized phosphoric acid cater.- cont-Uning one 0,'-chloroallyl radicnxl. llxelii~-Lna~ da-La, that the fungicida-I activity of the vixed asters IncLtctr.(!s leri,,,~Ihorzing of thei hydrocarl'-Ir,r; ra~x-~Lln at the phoopharus atom, vhilo toxicity 1/2 USSR 'hi ARBUZ-a-VI, B. A., et al., Izvestiya Akademii Hauk SSSR, Serlya. ]k michaskaya, No 5# 'lay 'P-t pp 1155-1159 The present article gives a more detailed study of the.biolagical effect of this type of coapound. The alkyl radical in the series of conpounds Cl (RO)ZP(O) OCII~ CH? -ear. lengthened from 01 to C6' An inprovement in the synthesis, viz. conducting the reaction betwoon di~Jlqylplios-nhoric acid -chlorides and C~-chloroallyl alcohol in an absolute (instead of ether, as befom) and at -room temperaturiag ihareasodthe yields considerably. The reaults indicate that the selectivity: ofkthe actioq oJ7 tho compounds on the dermatophytes Is sharply increased by lairigthening the aXtyl radical froi,.i C to C,. Further lengthening of the ra-dical.raduces the O.Zitifungal activity of the comprounds, The top selectivity index is found in di-n-aniyl- -chloro- :allyl phosVI-ate. wc.34.67,347.879 ARBUZOV, B. A., ABSHINOVA, R. P., and A Q Scientific-Research Institute ineni A. M. Butlerov, under zem ~*OO'University imeni. V. 1. Mlyanov-Lenin "Steric Structure of Certain 2-Oxa-Derivativen of 10,2-Dioxaphosphorinanes" Moscow# DokUdy Akadenii Hauk SSSRr Vol 199, No 51 11 Aug 71p pp 1061-1062 Abstracts The ateric structime of 6-member heterocycles with a phosphorus ring aton is a current object of Intensive research, with use of roentgenograpby and other techniques. Howevert the dipole-moment method and,the Kerr effect have so far not been used systematically in the case of.the 2-X-oxa-1,3,2- dioxaphosphorylso despite the promising p rospects of this approach. The authors measured the dipole -moments and Kerr:constants of these particular compounds, and studied derivatives of trimethylglycol. in the pro- cess,zeasuresents, being taken in dilute CU 46 Assuming ,the existence of -these conpounds, in ring form to be definitel:~.established, they calculated imomeats and Kerr molar constants with allowance for two~~pqssible ring forms -- axial and equatorial. Butylenegl-fool derivatives were also studied. Values for probable variation in the proportions,of these two forms were 1/2 ---------------- 1,17 to-sit ARBUZOVg B. A. t et al., Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR, Vol 199, 110 5, 11 Aug 71, pp 1061-1062 arrived at on the basis of the experimental data obtained, and also theoretical figures. One general conclusion reached is that for 2-oxa-derivatives of the lp392-doxaphosphorinanes, phosphorm.,atom.substitutes in the ring are "available" -in this ascending orders H e--- Gl CH-'.e::::_' dh3. Some zeas~mement data and struetural formulas are included in- the paper. 2/2 74 4;g JERNIIII:gUl ARM 1461.~Wlh 1 iIIIAk_fAV5M&,_I_i '~' fl. 46 '1 !1~ USSR oDc 661.7i8a ARBUZOV, B. A., Academician, ILO' TbRIN, G. A. , and F UZ Ka IT- 10VA# A. V.f Chemical Institute ~.f. ~Bu lerov, Kazan' State University imeni V. I. Ul'yanov-Leain "React ion of 2,6-Dibenzylidenecyclohexanons With Trialkyl Phosphites" Moscow, Doklady Akademiii Nauk SSSR' Vol 200, Zia 4, 19-t1, PP 847-849 Abstracto Trialkyl phosphites react with 296-dibenzylidenacyclohexanone 0 Aurlng:heating in a sealed a41vule.(100 ~'4-10;hours),to give lil adducts of Phosphor-ane structure. (1&) and- (1b) j 0-1 0 - P (01A)l ol P (ORD) I& (R-CH Ib (R=C2H 5 The structure of the resultant phosphoranes was confirmed by 1R and DIM spectxa and study of their cbemical properties. Phosphorane (Ia) is hydrolyzed In benzene with an equimolar quantity of water to give the dimethyl eater of 2-(6-benzylidenecyclohexanone)-benzylphos- 1/2 to USSR UD-C" 5!~2-91+661-718-1 ARBUZOV, B. A., ZOROASTROVA- V. M.,.and'T1JD.RIY,,G. A~, Scientific Research Institute of 11., Butlerov,, KazRn,. Kazan State University imeni V. I. Ul'Yanoy-Lenin ftEffect of Dialkyl Phosphorous Acids--on 9-Caloro-10-anthracenealdehyrle, 9-Anthracenealdehyde, and 9-But,,ilmereapt-o--io~krithracene-aldehSdelI Moscow, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk S-53R, SerVa. -Khjbicheskaya, No 1, Jan 70, pp 90-95 Abstract: Three series of diaL',-jl anthranyl:-a-lpha-hydro)cyoliosphon-ates were prepared by heatins 9-chloro-10-ant~iracenealdoi-,-yde(I), 9-antaracenealdohyde, or 9-butylrereapto-10-anthracenealde.4yde with dialkyl phosphorous acids (?0) 20PH (R=Yle, Et, iso-Pr, iso-Bu) in C-H6-in the-presence of~a catalyst (sodium alcoholate or triethylamine). Yields of the products varied from p 60-1,0W', in the presence of a sodium alcoholate.. A lb,,, yield of diethyl was obtai-ned in the presence of Et3N. It was shoun that I does: not reacL, with 20,FH in the absence of a catkVst, even under extreme corditions:(at 2-00-300 for 15hr.). All the products but one were solids 80-177C range. An at-ceapt, to obtain acids from prepared esters by. hydrolysis with dilutc-J !iCl failed. U$RR UDc 542 91 547. 11118 ARBUZOV, B. A. ZORQASTROVA V. M., TUDRIY G. A., CUZHOKOVA, A. V., Chem aro Institu-1 me Kazan State University Imeni icall V of V. I. Ull'yanov-Lenin "Interaction of 2-6-dibenzylidene-cyclohexanone with trialkylphosphite and dialkylphosphorous Acids" Moscow, Izvestiya Akademii Nauk.BSR Serlya Rldmicheskayat No Its 19?2, pp 2545-2549 Abstracit The interaction of tirmethyl and triethylphosphite with 2#6- -dibenzylidenecyclohexanone was foundtoilead-to the formation of cyclic phosphorate, (1a), (1b). The structure of. the phosphoianes iras checked by the nuclear magnetic resonance and infrared spectril data. The properties of these spectra are discussed. The interaction of 216-diUkylphosphites foras dialkyl esters of 2-'6-benzylidenecyclohexanone)benzylphcsphonic acid and also cyclic esters depending on the temperature. The experimental pro- cedures and results are given for the interaction of 2,6-benzyliclenecyclo- hexanone with trialkylphosphites, the saponification of the phosphoranes, the interactions of,phosphorane (1a) with aceticanhydridel the interaction of n the presence of 2#6-benzylidenecyclohaxanone with trialkylplibsphites'l 1/2 Z,77~ Li USSR UDC 538.113-541.515:547,63'118 'IL.'YASOV, A. V., LEVIN,. Ya. A., MOROZOVA, 1. D., VAFINA, A. A., GOZILWI? 0 PO &XiA. Ye. I 1. P. and Z ATS Institute of Organic Cherustry, imeni -A. Ye. Arbuzov USSR Aca&emy of Sciences, Kazan' IlDelocalization of the Unpaired Electron in Phosphorus-Containing Anion- Doklady Alkademii Nauk SSSR, Vol 201, No'l, Nov-Dec 1971, pp 108-111 sc 0 ov, Abstract- It is of current interest whether elements of the third period function as barriers Ln coi -ijugated systems, or are able to participate in conju ation. The diaribution of spin dcnsity in the anion-radical of t r j. ph u ny 11) 1 os ph i. ne and its oxidu were scudied. The compounds were prepared by electro-,11cillical reduction. For a more rigoraus picture of dolocalization of the unpaired electron, nnd partial1v deuterited Ph3P and Ph3PO were synthesized aid studied. Dimethvifor::ianide and reetonitrile solutions of the anion- -3 radicals uare s t u---! i c r-1 al: of- ca. 5, i0 using epr spectro- 27 ,R -L'YASOV, A. V., et al., Doklady Akademii Nauk SSSR, Vol 201, No 1, Nov--Dec 1971, pp 108-111 Based on preliminary results, it is concluded that, unlike compounds of elements of the second period, the electron structure of phosphorus anion- radicals cannot be described by a simple ff-elec~tron theory; the so-called d-model must be rejected. The concepts of completely delocalized molecular orbitals and multi-center bonds must be used, with allowance for all valence electrons. 2/2 USSR UDC: 51:621-391 "Improving the Reliability of Information Transmission Systems With Interrogation by Analysis of Blocked Combinations" Moscow-, v z3b. Feredacha dis1_-1.*retn. soobshch. po lcantalam 2 rru-q)i- - -i - -ion '--,ra.nomi,-:;s ion '--,ong _myushchimisya oshibz a, Wiscrete Informn-t- Channels With Groaped E'r-rors-collection of 1,,'or1,-s) 1972, ttNauka," pp 53-56 (from RM-1-11 mteviatika No 6, 1972., Abqtruct No 6V334) Trahslation: Results are given of the developme",at of a system with interroeation in which a combination following blocked combinations is erased without verificatlon of error detection if errors are de- tected in at least one blocked combination. It is shov.~n that this method Dermits reductions a-n the probability of error nondetection by an oruer of two, in many cases, Athout ease ntially reducin, -he f the information transmissio ~Author,'~ abstract. speed o- n USSR UDC: 51:621.391 OVT 'e "IrpIroving the Reliability of Data 'Transmission in Systems With In' rro- gation Exchange by Analysis of Suppressed.Combinations" V sb. Peredacha diskretn. soobshch. Do kmalmn s grtmpdrg~h,,-hiir:1.sya oshi..b- kami (Trnnsmission of Discrete 1,5essages Over Channels With Groupe..-I Errors-- collection of works), Moscow, "Kauka!', 1972, Pp 53-56 (f.-om R21-Kibernetika, No 6j Jm 72, Abstract Ho 6V334) -he paper presents the results of development of a syster, with Trenslation 7 interrogation exchange in which combination$ following suppressed cchbi- na+-ions are erased without checking for error detection if errors are de- tected in at least one suppressed combination. It is sho,~m that 'chis prc- te, cedure in many instances reduces the probability of an:imdetet~ I error by tvo orders of =s.~-tude without appreciable rad",ction ill the rate of -data transmission. Author's abstrs:&t.: 10