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S/056/62/042/002/041/~,55) Blo8/BI04 AUTHORSi Mattkhiz, Z., Neudachin, V, G., Smirnov, Yu. F 17 17 TITLEt Single-p-article levels in 0 and F nuclei with a9sume!i strong coupling of nucleon and core with tetrahedral sYnsmott-y PERIODICAL. Zhurnal eksperimentallnoy i teoreticheskoy fiziki, v 4~. rjo. 2. 1962, 592 -- 596 TEXTt In order to find additional evidence for the nuclearat-model tnt authors calculated the low-energy levels of 0 irl and F17 cons dering strong coupling belween the outer nucleon and the tetrahedral core. This symmetry allows also rotational levels with small nuclear spin and negative parity. In fact- such states have been observed in experiments. A nonspherical poteriti,il similar to the Nilsson potential is used in the Hamiltonian of 2 2 Y Y the internal motion: V - (Mrj (S)r 12) L V'7 3'," 5,2 Th~.s potential V is invariant with fespect to -.-ransformations of the group TO (symmetry Aj. For this reason the wave functions of the states of -:he Ca-d 1/2 S/C56/62/j4_2/'_)r,2,~---' Siz-gle-particle levels --- B10-,/B104 shell Id - 2s contain contributions from the states of the subseluent shelli~ lf - 2p.. The orbitals have the symmetries A, (mixed 2s and f states) E(ld). and F? (1~., 2p, 1f).. The best agreemenT between calculaticns af-.11 experiments was &ttained with E - 0.8 - 0.9.. Professor A. S. Davydov 13 the.nked for advice. V, Orlin (V, G. Neudachin, V. N Orlin. ZhETF. V ~ a7-,' 190) is mentionec There are 1 table and 15 references: 5 Soviet and 1C. nor-Soviet. The four most recent references to English language publ:L,~a- tions read as follows: I, V, Kane et al. Phys. Rev.- 12o. 62, 1(46'. If A, Me2vin, Rev. Mod, Phys.. 18, 1960; A~ M, Lane. Rev.. Mod. Pkys. JZ, 5'Q 1960 and M. H. Macfarlane, J, B, French. R-~v Mod. Phys. _~2, 56? '9601 P~ D, Kunz, Ann. of Pays, 11, 275, 1960., ASSOCIATION: Institut yadernoy fiziki Moskovskogc gosudarstvennogo siteta (institute of Nuclear Phjsics of Moscow State Univ-iF- ty ) SUBMITTED: September 8. 1q6, Can 212 I&TTKHIZ. Z.; NEUDACHIN, V.G.; SMIRNOV, Yu.,F. VOA Anplification of E2 and E3 transitions in the nuclear p-shell as a indication of the spatial isolation ofOL,-aesociations. Izv. AN SSSR. Ser. fiz. 27 no.10:1273-1276 0 963. (MIRA 16:10) 1. Nauchno-issledovatel'skiy institut yadernoy fiziki Moskovskogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta im. N.V. Lomonosova. -S, g MA OKI , M_-~k 11RA iMI7.- IT, UF 7i, 1AX amzf- litq I IM M Sil ~ Ilk RM Zx 71 -41 -.'r 15 -w-t ti 1 Nv~ P. R M"m S-R-M UX 4E MM t ~Mi WZ14k WNRRM, V.Al a ~ En, 14 W,100~ W4, -14 SO e7 j[,Wj' ~;Il, -"I :W~ . .... I ER MC4M:- k'7-. NO)- Yu. A.; MOMIZ. Z. V. G. ; SMIfflfDV,, Yu. F. 'Tatax,L~Umation of the Degree of Isolation of Alpha Clusters in Nuclei of the P-shell by E).Transitions." "Inelastic Scattering of Zlectrons an Be9 in the &Lcleon Cluster Model." rePorte.submitted for All-Union Conf on Nuclear Spectroscopy,, Tbilisi,, 14-22 Feb 64. Moscow ftato UnIv. STEPANEK, I.; ANDRASINA, J.; STACHY, A.; RCZDOBIJDKOVA., V.; .ZILOJA". Effect of fibrinoly-tic preparal.ions isolated fror the human blood plasma on experimental chronic wounds in rabbits. Bratial. lek, listy 45 nc,-9:53~~-542 15 N 165. 1. Ustav ser a ockovacich latol: v Praha (riaditel WDr. J. Malek) pobocka Sarivske Michalany (veetuci pobocky inz. S. Stefanik) a Vedecke laboratorium chirurgickej kliniky Lekarske fakulty Univer- zity P.J. Safarika v Kosiclach (veduci prof. MDr. J. Knazavicky). MWITS9 LoUet dote*, kBade tekbn. nauk. ..Pox~~ fsvt~g hydraullo plesou drlvose MnvW ZW no'6t227-233 157. (Y&Dbliw tools-poiranuo d:r;l;!i (MM 1195) . 4w NATIT&%V- M-V,; KONOVALOV, L.I. w- Pbosildlities for inoreaBiM brick production. Stroi. mat. nno.2t26-27 F 165. (KMA l8s3) 1. Glavm insh. Chorowuhkiniskogo kerandehookogo savoda (for et . 2. Ykahallnik tokbuichook o otdola Cheromwhkingskogo w SeTf kersidehookogo sayoda (for Xonovalov)7 Za ekon. met. no. 5, 1952. oPt-74-77 9. Montbl List of Russian Accessions, Librai~r of Congress, Ittarch --1953, Uncl. AUTHORSs.,.21 Gleyzer, V.Ye., Vattskov, A.A., Engineers SOV-117-58-8-2/28 TITLE: Modernization of Machine Tools in the Moscow Brake Plant (Modernizatsiya atankov na Moskovskom tormoznom zavode) PERIODICAL: Mashinostroitell, 1958, Nr 8, i?p 10-15 (USSR) ABSTRACT: In the Moscow Brake Plant the turning and screw-cutting lathe Ye-3 (year of production 1930) is used. This lathe has been modernized by increasing the rovolutions of the drive shaft from 825 to 970 per min. The upindle bearing has been repladed by a radial roller bearing pennitting a speed of 3,500 rpm. Jet lubrication by means of a plunger pump has been installed in the speed gear. The power of the electric motor has been in- creased from 4.5 kw to 7.8 kw. The productivity of the moderniz- ed lathe is 25-30 % higher than the old one. The turning and screw-cutting lathe in Figure 2 (year of production 1925) has been transformed into a specie.1 lathe for the machining of parts which can not be treated with abrasives. The lathe has been fitted with bearings for presoures of 350 kg at 3,000 rpm. A new lubrication pump and worm gear have been installed, The productivity of the lathe increae ed by 32 %. The horizontal milling lathe (year of production 1930) has been improved by Card 1/2 the installation of an additional milling head, The turning Modernization of Machine Tools in the Moacow Brake Plant SOV-117-58-8-2/28 speed of the spindle is 1,500, 2,860, or 5,000 rpm. The pro- ductivity of the lathe has been increased more than two times. The cylinder-&nd-cone grinding machine (year of production 1930) has been fitted with a new front mandrel, with individual electromotors, etc. The mandrel permits grinding with a speed of 155-400 rpm. The productivity of the machine has been in- creased 30 %. The turning turret lathe (year of production 1931) has been improved by the Installation of a 10 kw electromotor, and by the replacement of a flat-belt transmission by a V-belt transmission. The speed of the spindle is 650 rpm. The pro- ductivity of the lathe hati been increased two times and the auxiliary time needed has been reduced by 27 There are 5 diagrams. ASSOCIATION: Moskovskiy tormoznyy zavod (Moscow Brake Plant) 1. RRehim U63A - USS Card 2/2 SOV/117-58-12-4/36 A UTHOR i Vattakov, A.A., Engineer, Deputy Chairman of ZaIrkon -------------------- TITLEx The Moscow Brake Plavt (Hoskovekly toraosnoy zavod) PERIODICAL# Rasb1nostroitell, 1958, Nr 12, P 4 (USSR) ABSTRACTt Workers, engineers and technicians from the Moscow Brake Plant art endeevouring to increase production according to the now KFSS program. The planned measures include the prc- duction of parts for a two-way olootro-pneumatic brake, the first electro-pneumatic air distributor, development of ner equipment, modernization of obsolete machines. and now wort, processes. Card 1/1 4 4(117/60/0D0/001/005/005 AUTHORS: Gleyzer, V. Ye., Mattskov, A..L-Etaineers Tr=: Metal-Ceramic Bushings PERIODICAL: Mashinostroitell, 1960, No. 1, p. 29 TECT: Tests which were carried out at the TsNI1TNASh and various plants (e. g. at the Kirov Plant in LeWmgrad, Novokramatorskly Plant in Kramatorsk and others) 3how that metal-ceramic waterlal-abare the besE-suliffEutes for bronze in the manufacture of bushings, since they C, sess high ant1friction properties and their manufacturing process is not complicated. Metal-ceramic bushings can ufidergo mechanical treatmentz. turning, milling, drilling and threading operations. .Lathe work should be carried out at high cutting speeds and small feeds with 0.05 - 0.01 mm depth of out. The autho2spoint out that starting in 1953, the Muskovskiy tormozncy zavod (Moscow Brake Plant) has been using metal-ceramics Invarlous units of metal-cuttlng, metal-pre3olng and foundry machinery. In ordej to',protect metal-ceramle parts from corrosion they should be impregnated ~_l covered with a paraffin layer. Preserved In such a way, they can wb; Sto% temperatures in the range of 8-3DOC up to one year, It is emphasized that special attention has to be given to the co-axiality of the Card 1/2 Metal-Ceramle Bushings S/117/60/()00/001/005/005 fitting seat of the bushing, since skewing reduces the durability of bushings emsiderably. Operational tests showed that metal-ceramics may well replace the WOQC:-~-5-3" (OTsS6-6-3) tin bronze in the manufacture of bushings, If t I there are no impact loads, and in.some cases they may even substitute bronze in antifriction bearings. v Card Z/2 S/035/6a/000/006/050/06)4 A001/A101 AUTHOR: Mattskova, V. A. tz:7- TITLE: The checking of the map of rates of recent vertical movements of the Earth's crust on the territory of the western half of the European part of the USSR PERIODICAL: Referativnyy zhurnal, Astronomiya i Geodeziya, no. 6, 1962, 27, abstract 61G172 (Collection I'Sovrem. tekton. dviziheniya zemn. kory i metody tkh izuch.", Moscow, AN 33SH, 1961, 64;-.:-- 70, English summary) TEKT: In 1958 a preliminary map of rates of recent vertical movements of the Earth's crust on the territory of the western half of the European part of the USSR was published. It was compiled on the basis of materials of a repeated leveling performed prior to 1953 (see RZhAstr, 1959, no. 1, 623). During 1953 - 1959, 6,760 km new lines were repeatedly leveled on the same territory, and these materials made It possible to check and specify the earlier map. The former and new lines of repeated leveling (total extension being 35,477 km) formed a network of 33 polygons and 40 open traverses connected with 11 level-measuring stations. Card 1/2 S/035/62/OW/006/050/064 The checking of the map of... AOOI/AI01 Results obtained after adjustment of this ne-~work have shown that the most pro- bable v4lues o4 absolute rate of Earth's orust vertical movements at 3,545 points were determined, with mean square errors of tO.7 - il. I mm/year (f ormerly these armvs amounted to t1.5 - V-3 mm/year), and absolute values proper of movement rates at Of various points were changed by up to I mm/year. The general pitterm of movement rate distributi6n remained the.same as on the preliminary map. Rate valueson the improved map vary within the range from -6.3 to *14.6 mnVyear. The new data of repeated leveling made it possible to partic!.ilarize the pattern of vertical move- ments of the FArth's crust on the territories of the Baltic republics, Moldavian SSR, the coast of the Azov Sea and along the Ternopoll-Volgograd line. The analysis of materials obtained by comparing -the data of three levelings performed in the indicated regions at different times; along the adme lines has shown that movement direction remains unchanged, in basic features, between repeated level- V. Sinyagina [Abstracter's note: Complete translation3 Card 2/2 L 43885-66 Zva(i) FACC NRo AT6011148 SOURCE CODE: UR/3197/65/000/002/0233/0240 AUTHORt Hattakova, V. A, 17 ORGs Central Scientific Research Institute of Geodest.-Aefial SurvoyFng-,- -an-a-C-ar-F-ogra (Teentral'-m,yy---nauchno----FasYidovateT"okfj institut geodesii, aeros"yeaki I kartografti) TITLE: Recent movements and the qualitative characteristics of the curve of the rate of movement SOURCE: AN EstSSR. Institut fitiki I astronomil. Sovremennyye dvizheniya sennoy kory. Recent crustal movements, no. 2, 1965, 233-2401 TOPIC TAGS: spairoRany, crustal deformation, repeated leveling, C~e OL"as) _~Y I ABSTRACTS rhis paper analyzes the method of compiling maps used in thal USSR to show the rates of vertical crustal move-ments,'Jhese maps are based on the assumption that the sign of recent uovemihts does not change in the period between consecutive repeated levelings. The repeated-leveling data obtained on the Kandagach-Aral'sk-Arys'-line, the Chardzhou-Krasnovodsk line, the Kurgan-Novosibirok line, the Bezenchuk-Chelyabinak line, and the Novosibirsk-Topchikha line vere used In this analysis. The following conclusions are presented by the. authort 1) Along the existing lines of thrice repeated leveling, the. V;, -L 43BI ACC NRt AT6011148 main features of the dirvctlon of the ccustal movements Is generally preserved between conseci.tive repeated leveling operations, except on lines on which gross errors In elevation measurements are present 2) If the interval between the repeated leveling was short (13-1; yr,)t the values of the rate of vertical movements were found to be larger~ than those obtained over an Interval of 35-68 Yr. 3) Maximum accuracy of the representation of the rates of vertical movements is achieved.: from geodetic data, but work methods for checking the results of leveling must be Improved. Orig. art. bass 6 figures. ISI). t I SUB CODEs 08! SUBM DATEs none Homo P. Olommudsim ProdwtAcu in Cbw Piti0j, P. 234jo (BUYI109 Vol. 32s No. 7v July V%j, ftWaj, Csodmlonkla) 80s NmtMy List of Zast &avpom Acftmvi~,, (RUL),, LC,, Vol* 3p No* 12P D"o 19%p uncle M"so P. IqAlrUSI, P. ZoonojAcal mnagovent of gmall brickmking enterprifts lithout investsents. P. 350. voi. 3ba no. gm, ftpt. 1956 BrATIVO TSCHOLOGY prabas esechoolovakia Sot M4 Bmpow Accesslon Vol* 6j, no., 2p 1957 III limp=I ME M.12 1ITTYASOVSZKY, J. "Our 'Task in the Field c' Soil Conserve tion" P P. -, (ACWTUDOYAT-TV-, Vol. 6, No. 1, Jan/**Feb. 1954, Budapest, Huigary T SO: Yonthly List of Fast European Accesqlons, (E"'AL), LC, Vol. 4, No. 1, Jan. 10,55, Uncl. 4ATTYkSOVSZKY., J. The groblem of mapping erosion and its reswIts up-tc)-now. p.61. (KDZL2-'DJY--wI- Vol. 11, no. I/h, 1957. Budapest,, Hungary) SO: Monthly List of East European Acc,-wsions ',ZIAL) LC. Vol. 6. no. 12, Dec. 1957. Unal. VLA'MASO'ISZKY, J. The origin of surAface runoff water erosion. p.163- (KOZLQ~EITYEI. Vol. 11, no. 1/h, 1957,, Budapest, Hungary) SO: Monthly List of East European Accessions (EFAL)' LC. Vol. 6, no. 12, D-c. 1957. Uncl. MMYAWV=s To swo To D=Uft brieks wlth OM~d ftel. P. 172 VOL 7t 1b. 5v lhwo 105 Ddwnts, maqww VTIOWAG SDI Nmtlkly Lift of IRA baropsm Accessions, (IUAL)s, W, Vol. 5 No* 39 Vanho 1956 M fiTTYMSCV5 K Y, 2-~,.oz_ Nq tRy _T~ r-, m ii S IWIQUY/Chendcal Technology. M. endcal Products and Their 1-9 Application Silicates. Glass. Ceraudca. Bindeis. Abs Jour Vnferut Zhur Kh1miya, 140, LL, 1957, 12599 Author MattvasovsL "-mejnnrX Tpa, S -Firing of Brick Containin--T Title g ombustible Additives Orig Pub Das Brennen von Ziegeln mit eingeformten Brennstoff. Epitoanyag. 1955, 7, No 5, 172-Aj. ktHungarian); sili- kattechnik, 1956, 7, No 1, 23-26 'German) Abstract 7he advanta3es are poi:--ted out of incorporation into the br-'cks of coiiibubtibie additioas. Suitable additions in- clude coal, dust, ash from railroad en&ines and heat and power plarts, boiier slue, coke fines, furnace slag, sa:~idust, hemp and flax maste, flax and even rice huUs. Descr'bed are the methodti of preparation, amounto and incorporation of the fillers. JAn analysis is mde of the pro,!esses which taka pl.ace dur:;rAg firing of materi- &Is containing layge azoimts of CaCO 3 and Fe. Card 1/1 - 83 . KATT!rASOVSZKY,, T. Mnufacturing heat-insulating tube shells from fibers produced from melted silicates. (To be contd,) p.257. EPITOPOYAG. Budapest, Hungary. Vol. 11, no. 7, July 1959, Monthly List of Bast Ruropean Accessions (EUI), LC. Vol. 8, No. 9, September 1959 Uncl. -~M~-~zky, T. XwnfactarizW heat-InmIsting tobs sbelle fton fiber* produced fron .mated sOleates. Pt.2. P.273 I %, 0 (10itoaWagpwi TudmwWov Iffemdet) Dedwests nwar7e voi, n. no.8. Angwt 1959 Yloutb2y List of East Buropean Accessi~ (IM) LC, Vol. 8, no.n N Wh - 2959 Uncle bins" id WAGON" ff V C W . ; W - I :i- I i . 1~ 11) w Waft *0 IL - pwt70;mK $-A pp. n_z' May Inw. '00 fly %.$r 0 Itillodforthfirl f1w indt"'# id luvimin A -11 pift-clitht and gifirt a %vst"-v J i -00 11m.N.11 In valpismil rfwnvhh-~ In 111"Itz.11Y. Ih. Imrt,"m- 6 hwiflu i~uj 1., 1-.! .... .. 1-00 Ow mw wit... tm it.., '. , .." .. 1.1 -00 f flu 11.311111m tiff.. M -4t P... flu, 1 1, -.1 00 1,11ifilp 6 a-&-d fly It impll-wh-OtA #a, -M'. 1'., - I age of hUr ton"'If" mttly Im 111111"4, - k.1% imf-ver. 111.11tv out'he"N't! 1. .1 .... NM in f1w c"ll'umpl.111 '11 fill 1. I-mi-t Ill. coo Coo A lfusivmims Otiml I-y 44 J-t t., Ol.- In I woo if Xe OW, 'I-,. No it -100 "Oe 1, 11 fol .1 1 IM$ 0009*000000*0000000 LA.A.10- 0 0 0000000000 00 MATTYASOVS-TIKY, L. Testing the quality of finished fine-cemmic produsts ; also, remarks b7 L. Natt- yasovszky and others. p. 294. Vol 7, no! 8, Aug. 1955. ITITOANYAG. Budapest, Hungary. So: E&stern 'European Accession. Vol 5, no. 4, April 1956 MATTYASOITSZKr-ZSOLNAY x L. Results of the manufacture of porcelain insulators In Hwigary since 1948 and futire ai7.s. p. 1o6 (Blectrotechnika, Budapest. Vol. 48. no. 3. Har. 1955) SO: Monthly list of East European Accessions (EEAL), LC Vol 4, no. 6, June 1955 Uncl MATTYASOVSZKY ZSCLNAY, L. Infrared drying in the cer,mic industry. p.223. ETITOANYACi. Budapest. Vol. 8, no. 6, June 1956. SOURCE: East European Accessions List (EEAL), Library of C~.ngress Vol. Pt No. 12, December 195$ s o' n TT of -.r,-) W` i ~V4 V -ve !i "VIII, wenw,- A. Asywton&tlc tanDre of the come medull-ris md Can& eqmima. Orv. hatil. 94 no.40-.1101-1106 4 opt 1953. (GDM 25:5) 1. Owtor. 2, Neurologic&I amd'AWcbI&trIc Clinic of Peas Medical University. XOTM, Adorjan, dr. lkrler-Pf&undler disease. Orv. hetil. 96 n0-7:190-194 13 lob 55- 1. A Pecal OrwostudamwWl BSyetem Ideg-es Blusklinibujanak k0slemalwe. (LUMHOSBCDTSIROWT, case reports.) 1,UrMS, Adorjan, dr. - Awlaffittlook Bubaaute panenceph&lltts. Idog. esmle 9 no.3:33-39 Apr 56 I. A Pecsi orwostudomanyi Iffetm Ideg- ** Blaeklinikajanak kosimenye. % (INCIPULITIS panenc*phalitle, subacute, pathogen, & neuropathol. (ifun)) KArMS. Adorjan; JOBS?, X&smr HIstochonleal data on Hurler-Pfaundler dlso&oe (garoyllm). %a* Won, Akad. Blol, Orv, Oest, Xosl. 8 no.1-2:69-72 1957. 1. A Pecal Orvostudowwl Easton 'Ift-11 mekl inikaja as lorbonctant Intexote. (LIPOCH,:)IWWJWSTRDPHT bistoches. (Hun)) EXCERFTA MEDICA See 8 Val 12/12 Neurology Bee 59 Sol&. SUBACVTE PANENCEPH"ITIS - Zur Keminis der subskuten ftnencephalitiden i. IMA 41- A 7 m a A. Neurol.-Psychist. Univ. -KUn., Pocs - DT9CJL Z. NERVENHEILK. 193 1 I r-I w T wu-m. 7 MUAW~gkai examimUom of the cen6raw of 3 pallefte eW 4 and 10 yeers wbo bad died from abacula I 'aphalitia mew aled characteristics of the Felft-Dabrift djecame. Van 116gaarl's mw leaceacepbstille end Dawsm's ImIssicm swephalille (Wit laftr disease only in tbr first = case). A Iliscussim an tM &*Uoka at Uwe* forms of psasaceph"Le follcme. in wWb special attenum in PRO to ~ia. Fleury - Amaterdapa 4 00 MATTYUS, Adiirjan, dr.; NAGY, Tibor, dr.; SZEGEDI, Marton, dr. I--- -zz,- - -- The effect of rebanucleic acid on retarded children. Prelimina y report. Orv. hetil. 103 no.39sl845-1846 30 A 162. 1. Heine-Medin Utokezelo Korhaz as Orszagos 10eg- as Elmegyogyintez-,t. (RNA) (MITAL DEFICIVICY) KATUS, Kilos. Growth of cupravue oxide on the mulace of copper during oxidation. Chakh.fis.shur. 3 no-3:260 S 23). (MMA 7-6) 1. Inatitut tekhnicheskoy fialki CbW, Prags. (Capruous oxide) (Crystallograpby) 1124AMIJ, L.; MATUCHA, M,; PODESVA, S. Formation of some double fluorides in the reaction of uranium(IV)-oxides with a=oniumhydrogenfluoride. Coll Cz Chem 27 no.2:472--476 F 16~. 1. Inatitat fur Kezmbrennstoffe imd Radiochemie, Prag und Militarfi~Lademle "A. Zapot.ocky".. Drno, MA-TJC-HUI, V. M. "The Equations and the Structural Sche--& of a Synchronous Generator WThen the ExdIation is Regulated Autmatically" Izvost MI SSSR, Otd Tech Nauk, 1952, 1322-1330 le - ~ - c eq ~-Ylment ai~d mct~.oc-, fGr -Is - revcn I - - . 1C Corro3ion of -mderi m ta-L.- Tekhnika Vol. 7) No. !:', ~;rf4~4.a, Bult-aria. 'Jsonthl% Index of Last E,.rcnean Accessions 1,C) Vol. -t, tio. 10, oct. 5t, KATUKA' S. "Causal orplanism of X-mer. fowlbrood*.co-au. TOPOIXIX. E. bwt*-.for blolo~ cal in patholical 'i fish, PMIk:; bees. PCEIA-A SVILAGA. s-Uk-worms; Vet. Fac. Univ. of Za~;reb (PPZD: I. TOMASCIC) Vet. Archiv. 22 : 375-377, 1952 S=OME (ir. capa); Given Names Cowitry: Yugoslavia Acade:aj c D-G--ee3. 41' not given-/ Affil.i,,,tioa: Center for Infectious Dl~"s -q--andAdcwbAq-IM of .nhe IFICOURi iw Veterinary Medicine (Zavod za saraze I a1krobiolog1ju Veterinerskog takultets) sarajoyo, Sources Belgrade, Voterinarski slasnik, No 5, 1961v pp 36~-367- DMU: "EpiZootiology of Paittacosis.0 Authors& JFI~RSEK, Z. HATUU " S. TXRZIN, A.L.; KATUKA, S.; IMIAZARIC. M.R.; BLACA, D.M. Preparation of Croup-specific Dedsonia antigens for no@ in complement-fization reactionjo. Act& YIrol.Xng1.Zd.Pr&hA 5 no.2: 78-85 Mr 161. 1. Institute of Virology. Medical Faculty, Sarajevo, TugoelaTia. (MITAGAVANCT-T-A Immunol) (Comr,LF,HENT) USSR / General Biology. Individual Development B Abs Jour: Ref Zhur-Biol., No 23, 1958, 103274. Author :-Matuka te B., Pakenas P. Inat :-AS LIVS-SR. Title Phosphorus Metabolism In Spermatozoa and tn the Secretion of the Accessory Sex Glands in Nale Agri- cultural Animale. Orig Pub: Tr. AN LitSSR, 1956, B 3(6), 119-121. Abstract: p32 metabolism was studied In spermatozoa and the accessory sex gland secretion of rabbits and sheep, which were given the Isotope in the food in the form of an Na2HP04 solution (sheep--6 microcuries per kilogram of weight; rabbits, 10 microcuries per kilogram). It was found that traces of P32 are found In the rabbit spermatozoa after two hours, and in sheep spergiatozoa 72 hours after the admin- Card 1/2 8 MAY-KA-Ilzhl, -1; . il.. ; "Study of ram speripatogeriesis by means of radioactive phospijorus wlt!i aifferr-rlt feeding and frequeric:j of ~-se." report sull-imitted-for 5th Int! Cong on Animal Rerjrod~j-tion & tion, Trent, ltaly, 6-i3 Sep 64. !-IATUI,-.IM,T, C. R. 24133 IFUTUMN. 'IT. It- Vlizraniye bora na razvitiye i urozliQr vi~i. Ucherl. zai.-i--jj I u I (Rost. N/D 3os. U-!;'-T Lm. liolotova), T. XV, 1949, S- ~!3-`6e 3tlliolcr: - 30. I.,,--to,,jLs, :,-o. -.2, 149. Botany aference or scientific Workers of the Don aid Caucasus," 0. R. Matukhinp Rostov/Don YJ immi V. N. Molotov, 2 pp '~fttan Zbur- Vol =aV, Ro 2 24-28 Voc 47, vas attended by 800 ~00I*ntiftc vorkero frois sebools md scleatIfle Ch Institutes of the Don and Nortbem Uxe Its purpose mm general discusslon. = 9e t vork and Ats development imWer nve-74ar Plan. Rqprts vw4-_* im-ft by Is. Ulozerov, rectir of the ftlverslty,, on lacy - Plante Botany (Contd) ;'44issitifte developmem" In Rostov OB)"t a" 1w".. ~f d. R. matuJiblij Prof A. IN J!"plimyji Prot A. 2mitakly, -Docent V. V. ate; 22 16*0" 1 on plant i6rPhO2.0gy,, 22 reports -,40A In the.84C of Anat and PbYsiol of Pimt Z"Ortz -in all. VATMIN, G. R. Mbr., Rostov. on Don State Univ. "Conference of Scientific Workers Botan. Zhur., 34, No. 2, 1949; "In Memory of N. L Khodakovskiy im. V. M. Molotov, -CI949-. of the Don and Nothern Caucasus," 1119F-1942," Botan. Zhim., 34, No. 2, 1949; 1. MATMIN, G. R. 2. SSSR (600) 40 Qmk 7. Iffect of alkalininity in soil on the growth of oak seedlings. blul. Glay. tot. sada No. 13, 1952 9. xQ!LMZ Lists of Russian Accessions, Library of Congress, Karch 1953. Unclassified- MATUKHIN, G. R. 600 TISSR (ioo) Botanists, Ivanovskly. Dndtrly lostfovIch. 1864-1920 'D. I. Ivanovaqv, &itstain-tirg Russlar Scientist" G. H. ~Istnkhin. Bot. Zhur. 37, o 3, 1952 Kafedra F12iologil Fastenly s Milcrobiologlysy. Rostovskogo Gosudarstyennogo Untrersitets im. V. M. Molotovs. read. Aug 9, 1951. SO: Kojat~ly List of LtUglan Aggelator , Library of Gingress, Seotgnber 1952. UNM Alt KAIMIN. G.R.; LTASMEMO. I.Y. Wofessor AleksmAr F"oroviob Flerov. 3ot.shur. 3B no.4:624-626 JJ-Ag 153. (91-RA 6:9) 1. bachno-looledovatellakly blologicheekly Inatitut pri Hostovskom Gosu- darstrennom uni"raitsto im. T.H.Holotova. (Ilerov. Aleksandr Fedorovich, 1872- ) MA"XHU, G.R.; BOY10. L.A. Adaptation of tomtoes to soil "Unity. D*1*0 00 96 no.2:391-394 NY '54. (MM 7:5) 1. Nauchno-Iseledovotelsekly biologichsakly institut pri Rostovskou gosudayntvennom univereltets In. T.M.Nolotava. Predstavleno akadenikou A.L.Kureanovya. (Toustoes) (Flants, Affect of salts on) BOM. L.A.; MAIMIN, GI, photosynthosis and respiration of lemon trees under trench cultivation. Pistol. Past. 2 zo.5A83--JW 54 155. (Eft 9:2) I.Botanichookly ad Rostovskogo-ma-Doza univusitsts, imeal T.M.Noletsm. (lemon) UWWPhysiolog7 of Plants. Respiration and Metabolism. 1-3 Abs Jour: Bef - M=-BiologLya, No 1, 1958, 1145. Avftor I% G-P-j, Dofto,, L4-p Boyko,, L4. TLUe Ca*cftdrste MtabWJ- In Cultumfi Grains ft Ca~ctlou ftta,;Vwlr cattrutlas on 061ty soll. aft Pa: Uch. za. &4Wow&.-n.-D. un-t.. 19%, 26, 69-76. Abstract:'Aft IW-.So~tA or tjw. SUOMI- Xam,of grass (Avro"Ma ropens) bou"11-3M. at austow saut 853P am ftM&m ftr247 43 won, sumintat for 7 elffm - " as 5)M9 rods- is cavaWo at a tuqpuu%n of 28-220# v1th, qppliastAce at-0611- &0t-04 N-WJ&tW SOLUU00- -Is OWTONDISUGS ex- ~% v I -- ~ Us ultlft: at the euth VON effteted or* Bowing zed vp vatil, the onset of hal "Xhxbdws1r1" C? w1th the 0 .2 I RU&ter solution (Vith the vbmt-ccuch CHM Zd mA barley), or vith the Nam (vith fte uUlet). The woodleaccuides (&p- out 1/2 -7- C;p USSR/CUtivated Plaats - Sdbtropical and Tropical. Author : Ref Zhur - Biol., No 3j, 1958, 11047 Author : Boyko,, L.A., Matukhin, G.P. Inst : Botar.:;.cal Garden of Rostov-na-Donu University. Title : Sever~,A Methods of Regulating the Water and Heat Ragin,? of Tr--nches in the Summer Period. Grig P-b : lob. t'-. Botan. sada. Rostovsk. n/D un-t, 1956, 319, 97-1(rr! Abstract : No abstract. Card 1/1 52bo 4alt reeletam* of pUntal by A.Ae MMMM, ilowleved by 0,1, Mtvkbiu, Up-#, A ~ 27 20,5:128-131 wr "97. MU 10:6) 1, lostovskly wdverattet, (Plants, Iffect of wIts on) M47-0kH11V USSFAultivatud Pl-,uits. Gr,%Las. AbB Jour % Hof Zhur-Blol,j Ro 159 195C, (>8099 Author :Ba-,,d3,lwv, No I Inst :Rostov Univors ZY. Titlu :Anatoraica Changes of Barloy in Connection with 14aptation to Boil Salinttion. Orig Pub :Uch, zap. Rostovsl~.-n/D un-ta, 1957, 2S, 85-96 Lbstract :The soil was L-vtde s:--lino (pot- clxperinonts) by addim,. a Vant Goff-RichtDr s~,-lt solution (0.25 n, bzasod o:,, soil raoisture). The soil raoisturo, vas hold at :i level of 60 p(~rccnt of full moisture., capacity. The plants cultiw,tod on the s-~linc soil ~jore analysed on th~, Iirrst, second third, and filth years. S:-~Ilination significnntly redu- Card 112 16 R. -t~"' ~ r 1ATUMITI, G.A., Doc Bio Sci -(dirs) " PhysiLdof~y of t. -&,7t ti-3n of cultured plants Uo~Llinr,tion.'- Los / Publishing Housp Acad Sci USSMil, 1958- 34 PP (Acad Sci USSR. Inst of Physd--!-,;~7y oil Plants im K.A.Timiryazev). 130 coj)ies (n, 20-5BY 95) -35- I 16MOM C616; NWDWA. Ye.T. Wfect of glbbereUla oik Ww grova md aweiopmnt,or cbrjmmtlv- ~- Dote Sbar. 45 M*22SI792-IM D I" (NOU 13:22) I. R"tovskly goaulamtvemwy wdvwsiter. (albberonlas) (owpant" HATURHIN, G.R.; LYASRGHMMO,, I.F.; ARIaMELISK11, NA, -------- I In nowry of Alsksandr Foodorovich Flarove botosburo 1#6 no.6t 912-914 Jo 161- (XM 14:6) 1, Rostareldy gosudarstvemVy mlyersitet, (Flerov,, Aleksandr Fodorovichq M2-1960) BOYKO, L.A.; RAITHIN, G.R. Enzymatic transformations of somet carbohydrates in the leaves of field crops in relation to their adaptation to soil salinity. Nauch. dokl. vys. shkoly; biol. rAuki no. 2.-154-15'7 164. (M IRA 17: 5) 1. Rekomendovana kafedroy fiziologii rasteniy i genetiki Rostovskogo-na-Donu gosudarstvennogo universiteta. AVILOVA,. L-11,; MATUKHIN, G,R. Effect of Cl' and SO.- or. the ac -nnui at', or and 4 of nuclele acids in the root cel!B of tne sunflower. Bot. zhur, 49 no.9-1335-1338 S 164. (MIR-h I*, ~ I" 1. Rostovskly gosudarstvenny-y universitet. DGATOV, V.I.; AKULOSHINA, Ye.P.; BUDKIKOV, V.I.; GERASIMOV, Ye.K.; GMVI, T.I.; UZANSKIY, Yu.F.; KAZAPJWV, V.P.; XONWHDVICH, A.E.; KOSOLOBDV, N.I.; LTZALEK, N.A.; .MILTUKHINP RG - VATUKHINA., V.G.; PETRAZOV, V.U.; RODIN, R.S.; ShfiiW, V.Ye.; SHISHKIN, B.B.; GRIN, Ye.P., t9khn. red. [Lithoformational analysis of sedimentary rocks] Litologo- formatsionnyt analis osactochnykh tolshch. Pod red. V.1. Bgstova I V.P.Kazerinova). (MIRA 16:7) 1. Sibirskiy nauchno-issledovatellakly institutu geologil, geofWki i minerallnogo syrlya. (Rocks, Sedimentary--Analysis) BGATOVp V.I.; ANULISHINA, Ye.P.; BUDNIKOV, V.I.; GERASIMV, Ye.K.; GUROVA,, T.I.; WANSKIT, Yu.P.; KAZARINOV, V.P.; KOMHDVICK.. A.S.; KOSOLOBOV0 N.I.; LIZALZKp N.A.; H&TUKHIN, R.G.; MkTUKHINA V G PETRAKOV, VA; RODIN, R.S.; SAVITSKIY,_-V.-Y9._;_;fiTi".. B.B.; GRI1MJ, N YO.P., tekbn. red. [Lithoformational analysis of sedimntary rocks] Litologo- formatsionnyi analis osadochnykh tolabob. Pod red. V.I. Bgatova i V.P.Kazarlnova). (MIRA 16:7) 1. Sibirskly nauchmo-iseledovatellskiv inatitutu geologii, goofisiki i skineraPnogo syr1ya. (Rocks, Sedimentary--Analysis) MAT-TWINA, Y.O.; VAN, A.'V. Pe;~ ruved roaka 122 tlt, :2~ 063 0 wwrillsk reslon* 0001,01 poflzo' nO'6ju9- (MM 1818) I& Sibirsk-ly naunhno-daeladovatellakly Institut pologii, js,)fL2j6ki 1. z,.!-aa~rallnogo r-yrlymg Novc-tsibirske MATUKHNENK2j_X&J., elel(tromekhanik; MOLOZEIENKOV, B.M., olektromf.-khar,:k TN?rino Maskovskay dorL;gi); KHARLANOV, S.F. elekt-aialhani LAYKGV M.P. olektroneklinnik (Ver-khniv Bu6ktn,:rla'L, SUS.U.0, dorogi~i DJEGI',IN, Ye.I. el elektromekhanik (Znanen)