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July 10, 2007
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January 5, 1976
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Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 5January 1976 MEMORANDUM FOR: Associate General Counsel STAT. Assistant or Information, DDA STAT SUBJECT Historians Access to Classified Documents in Custody of NARS REFERENCE : Memo t from STAT Acting Chief, History Staff, DDA, dtd 29 December 1976, same subject Having reviewed Dr..Pfeiffer's memorandum and the backup papers from NARS relating to the pending ICRC-discussion of inter-agency agreement on access by agency historians to classified materials in the custody of NARS, I have concluded that such a procedure as proposed would be,unacceptable as it would relate to CIA material. I recommend therefore that you as Agency representative to the ICRC point out to that body at the February meeting that because-of our responsibilities relating to'sources and methods, we. cannot agree to the NARS proposal.. AI/DD dc-. (5 Jan 77) Distr' u on: Original - Addressee DDA Subject (O-AI/DDA ICRC) w/reference (DDA 76-6435)i 1 - DDA Chrono 1 - HGB:Chrono - 1 - C/ISAS w/reference STAT STAT Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 25 August 1976 Mr. John Cornett Senior Program Analyst Interagency Classification Review Committee National Archives and Records Service 8th and Pennsylvania Avenue, T.W. Washington, D.C. 20408 Room 405 As'you requested, attached are copies of the Agency's regulations-on classification of national security infor- mation and an organizational chart for the Deputy Director for Administration. You will notice in the regulation that the DDA, Mr. John F. Blake, has the responsibility for implementation and management of the classification program. This function is located under the Assistant for Information for whom I work.. I look forward to meeting with you in September to discuss CIA's classification program. STAT Cffic o the Assistant for Information Deputy Director for Administration Original- Addressee - AI/DDA Subject. 1 = EML Chrono Distribu on: O/AI/DD ydc (25 August 1976) Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 STAT Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 ORGANIZATION 1 AUGUST 1976 DIRECTORATE FOR ADMINISTRATION OFFICE OF MEDICAL SERVICES SPECIAL SUPPORT ASSISTANT OFFICE OF SECURITY OFFICE OF COMMUNICATIONS DEPUTY DIRECTOR FOR ADMINISTRATION ASSOCIATE DEPUTY OFFICE OF TRAINING EXECUTIVE OFFICER ASSISTANT FOR INFORMATION OFFICE OF FINANCE Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 OFFICE OF DATA PROCESSING Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 EVA ls; .s.ry -741 -,76F OGc -76-//g7 3/10/76 Mr. Robert W. Wells Executive Director Interagency Classification Review Committee National Archives Building Seventh Street & Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20408 Dear Mr. Wells: It is my understanding that the ICRC is considering standardization for government usage of thirteen forms for handling classified materials. I applaud the goals of reducing government paperwork, but standardizing forms for use by agencies whose missions, requirements,. procedures and classified inventories are so divergent seems impractical. Our position is that some of these forms are inappropriate for use by CIA or other agencies which have large volumes of classified material. In addition, many of CIA's information systems are automated and to institute the use of your forms would necessitate double work. Attached is a detailed listing of the proposed forms, our reservations on them and recommendations for their use. Sincerely, John F. Blake Chairman Information Review Committee ISAS;EL:dr (9Mar76) Distribution: Original - Addressee w/att 1 - 0GC w/att ,I-- 1 - ISAS w/att IPS w/att 2 - DDA Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 SF 182 Top Secret Access Record: Attached to all Top Secret documents and used to record identifying data of the documents and each person who has read it. SF 204 Top Secret Cover Sheet: Attached to Top Secret documents when out of the file. Agency Form 26, Top Secret Control and Cover Sheet, is used for the same purposes as the two proposed forms. Our form provides space for downgrading, destruction or outside Agency transmittal information. CIA urges the proposed two forms be made optional. Our Top Secret inventory is automated and the proposed forms are incompatible with our system. In addition, the Form 26 serves five purposes and replaces two proposed forms. .SF 188 Nat t SF 190 onal Security Classified Document Accounta- bility Record: Used to control classified documents by document data, suspense date, office routing and copy reproductions. part) Agency Forms 238 (6 part) and 717a (8 control document dissemination by the same data as the proposed form. The Agency forms are handy 3x5 NCR packets which mail-clerks use to maintain suspense files of documents and replies. Our forms eliminate the need for each addressee to prepare a new abstract or suspense card for a document passing through an office. This method saves valuable employee and document transmittal time. We urge the proposed form be made optional. Secret Cover Sheet: Used to protect document while out of the file. Confidential Sheet: Used to protect document while out of th fi e le. Agency Form 610 Routi , ng and Record Sheet._ Although not originall d y esigned as a. cover sheet, this form does double duty by protecting the document and providing spaces for routine information. The form is used for both Secret Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 i W. and Confidential material, thereby eliminating extra paperwork. Boxes are provided on the form so that appropriate classification information can be marked. We urge the proposed two forms be made optional, but for those agencies which do not handle classified material frequently the cover sheets might be useful. SF 192 Visitor Register: Lists all individuals who visit facilities handling classified material or information. Agency Form 604a, Official Pass, is prepared in duplicate and one copy given to the inter- viewer (escort). If a visitor must see another person in the building, this interviewer signs the form so that a complete record of a visitor's stops can be traced when the form is returned on departure. The proposed form does not allow for this. We urge the proposed form be made optional. SF 193 Authorization for Reproduction and Dissemination of Classified. Material: Used to record approval to reproduce copies of classified materials. CIA has no similar form. The decision to reproduce classified material is left with the individual manager and copies are made only with his/her approval. Reproduction of Top Secret documents is prohibited and CIA regulation 0 implementing EO 11652 states STAT the restraints to be exercised in the repro- duction of any classified material. Standard- ization of this form seems wasteful and unnecessary; we strongly urge this form be made optional. SF 199. Receipt for National Security Classified Documents Released to Accredited Representa- tives of Foreign Nations. CIA does not use such a form. Classified l ICIA urges e made optiona . STAT STAT STAT Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 T - ' Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 ? w~ Top Secret Cover Sheet. See our comments for proposed SF 182. Authorization for Access to Classified National Security Information and/or Material: Authorizes an individual access to national security information for a specific project and also serves as a security acknowledgement. Because the Director of Central Intelligence has the statutory obligation to protect iritelli- gence. sources and methods our security clearance forms, secrecy agreements and briefing/ debriefing statements are unique. For other government agencies the proposed form might be useful. CIA urges this form be made optional. Request for or Notice of Change of Classification of National Security Information or Material: Used to request an agency to review documents for downgrading or to notify an agency of the downgrading action by the originator of classi- fied documents. CIA presently uses a memorandum to the appro- priate agency to request that agency to review its documents in connection with a public request. We also use a memorandum to notify agencies of our own declassification actions. These actions are generally done on a large scale in connection with our declassification program. The proposed form would not be adequate for the purpose. We urge the proposed form be made optional. (This form should be reviewed to comply with EO 11652 and to remove the notation "Group Markings" in several places on the form.) National Security Classified Document Destruc- tion Certificate: Used as a record and certificate of proper destruction of national security information. CIA uses several different forms to record destruction of national security information depending on the classification level and the media of the records.. Form 26, as mentioned previously, contains space for recording . Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 destruction of Top Secret information; Form 3647, "Certificate of Destruction of Material," is used for destruction of national security information held in special channels; Form 140, "Records Retirement Request," has space for accounting for destruction of records per GSA/NARS approved disposal schedules; Form 3536 is used to log distribution and ultimate destruction of national security information held in microform. We prefer an optional form because of the different media of our records, the automation of our Top Secret inventory and special internal security restrictions on sensi- tive classified materials. We urge this form be made optional. SF 229 Security Container Information: Used to identify safe custodian. Part 1 of this 3-part form contains name, address and home phone number of the safe custodian; this is attached to the outside of the container. Part 2 contains the combi- nation which is placed inside the envelope, -Part 3, and stored elsewhere. Our safe combination information is automated . and the Office of Security uses special computer- generated forms. No custodian information is displayed on the outside of the security container. CIA urges an optional form. If such a form is made mandatory for other agencies, we suggest that in the interests of privacy, the system be redesigned so that personal information is not displayed and so easily accessible on the container. SF 241 Open/Locked Reversible Container Sign: Used on all containers of classified information. The Agency used these open/locked signs for many years. Recently we began using magnetized signs which can be used on vault doors where the cardboard forms cannot. The cards rapidly wear out and need to be replaced frequently; the magnetized signs last indefinitely thus providing a long-run cost savings. -CIA prefers an optional form, but if this form is,,,-,- Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 w standardized, we will continue to use the magnetized signs on vault doors and other containers on which the proposed form cannot be attached. Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 STAT Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 = Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001 3 `~ %6 -? 7,38' ? ? FEB 1 1 1976 Mr. John F. Blake Chairman, Departmental Review Committee Room 7D26 CIA Washington, D.C. 20505 It is indeed a pleasure for me to inform you of my selection as the new Executive Director of the Interagency Classification Re- view Committee (ICRC). Having worked in the Program for a considerable period of time and particularly as Senior Program Analyst for the ICRC, I am well aware of the spirit of cooperation which has existed in the past between Agencies and the Committee. I solicit your support in maintaining and improving on that spirit of cooperation. Likewise, I am aware of the laudable achievements which have been made in implementing Executive Order 11652. However, much remains to be done in order for us to successfully fulfill our mutual responsibil- ities. Over the past year the Committee staff has acquired some added capability for overseeing program implementation. In the days ahead we shall be directing maximum effort to fulfilling that responsibility through visits, coordination, analysis and inspec- tions. I am firmly convinced that our mutual responsibilities can be more fully realized if a working relationship exists among all responsible for effective implementation. Therefore, I would wel- come the opportunity to visit your office and meet with you and those members of your staff who work with the Committee to achieve the goals established by the President in Executive Order 11652. In particular, I would like to discuss any viewpoints or suggestions which you may have with respect to the implementation of the Executive Order and the NSC directive. If a convenient time for such a meeting can be arranged in the near future, please let me know. My office phone number is 523-3011. I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, ROBERT W. WELLS Executive Director ~laDl? C~9'~~. Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 Title 2&-Internal Revenue Title 27-Alcohol, Tobacco Products and ormation or material determined by. Firearms - the. Departmental Committee to require- ;CHAPTER I-INTERNAL REVENUE SERV? CHAPTER 1-BUREAU OF ALCOHOL, TO. continued classifiCatI3n requires a ma ICE, DEPARTMENT OF THE TREASURY BACCO AND FIREARMS, DEPARTMENT jority vote of the members or their alter- suaciiAPTER F-PROCEDURE AND OF THE TREASURY nates present. In the absence of a ma- ADMINISTRATION - [TM. ATF-241 jority vote, the determination of the De- IT. D. 74031 partmental Committee shall stand.. PART 194-LIQUOR DEALERS Part 2000 Is revised to read as follows: PART 301-PROCEDURE AND .Adjusted Rate of Interest Subpart A---Genera) ADMINISTRATION Sec. Correction 2000 1 Pur o e: p s . inspection of Returns by. Committees of In FR Doc. 76-3410 appearing on page 2000.2 Scope. Congress Other Than. Those. Enumerated 5103 In the issue for Wednesday, Febru- 2006. Jurisdiction. in Section 6103(d) ary 4,1976, make the following changes: - Subpart E:-National Security Information or 1. In the third column,. the second Mater;ai Reports In order to. clarify. the authority of complete paragraph, the first line which 2010.1 Original clasiacation Authorities.,. the President by Executive order, to presently reads "(3) The 7 .percent .rate 20102 Classification abuses. modify or waive in a particular instance 20102 Unauthorized disclosures. or instances certain conditions and re- would be as-' should read (2)_ The 9- 2010.4 Mandatory declassification. review . ~ " :... -: strictions Imposed by, rules and regula-: percent rate would. be as- action;. - tions upon inspection of returns by com-2. In the same column, the third corn- 2010.5 Annual review lists. mittees of Congress other than those-- 1plete paragraph, the first line- Which: 2010.6 Annual declassification list. enumerated' in section- 6103(d) of the presently reads "(2) The 9 percent rate 2010.7 Quarterly summary. 'A 1e as-" should marl "(3) .'r'Fra 7 2010.8., Listing of national securtty material : tion (26 CFR Part 301) under section Subpart c--o~,pea(a Procedures de are amended as fol., -Title 32-National Defense 6103 of uch C ' o s f an appeal. lows: CHAPTER XX-INTERAGENCY 2020.1 Notice o 20202 Ac f.a erremediea. of ncce e app Section 301.6103(a)-101 Is 'amended CLASSIFICATION REVIEW COMMITTEE 2020.3 peal. Acceptance of by revising (a) to read as follows: PART 2000-ADMINISTRATIVE 2020.4' Consideration of appeal. ? 301.6103 (a) -101 Inspection of re- PROCEDURES 2020.5 ICRC review. 2030.6 Decision. ?,.....- b ,.eammittees of Congress Submission of Re orts and Anneals y p t d i - h h d e an uavac enumera ureo ot er t Proce lion 6103 (d). The Interagency Classification Review 20302030.1 Stand orard F For 4 2 Stsaorms. (a) Pursuant to the provisions of. sec- Committee (ICRC) has decided to re- - Atraoarrr: Sec. 7 Executive Order 11652.. 2 000 committee of the Congress, or. any sub- Pursuant to section 7 of Executive ?' 2000.1 Purpose. f th C - ' " on e committee of a committee o Classification and Declas- Order 11652, gress, ? specially' authorized to Inspect.. sification of National Security Informa- . The purpose of "tliis. regulation is to such returns by an 'Executive order Is- tion and Material" (37 FR 5209, March prescribe- sued under the aforementioned statutory . 10, 1972), the Committee was established (a) The juri~dletion and appeals pro provisions. Such Inspection shall be sub by the National Security Council Direct-, cedures of the 7nteraeencv Classification'- ject to the conditions and restrictions tive Governing Classification, Down- Review Committee (ICRC) ; and imposed by the Executive order and, un- grading, Declassification and Safeguard- (b) Procedures and reports for quar- - less otherwise provided by such Executive ing of National Security Information (37 terly, annual and special reporting by Because* this Treasury decision constl- designated by the President, the Archivist This regulation applies to all offices of the Executive Branch and Federal De-. i or. tutes a general statement of policy and of the United States, and one sen establishes rules of Departmental prac- representative from each of the Depart- partments which are authorized to oria- tice and procedure, it is found that it is ments of State, Defense, and Justice, inate classified material. :". unnecessary to issue this Treasury deci- the Energy Research and Development ? 2000.3 Jurisdiction. Sion with notice and public procedure Agency, the. Central Intelligence Agency The ICRC is authorized to- thereon under Subsection (b) of section and the National Security Council staff. (a) Ensure compliance with the provi- 553 of title 5 of 1the United States Code Representatives of other Departments in .ions of Executive Carder 11652, and im or subject to the effective date limitation the executive branch may be invited to meet with the Committee on matters plementing directives issued by the oY subsection (d) of that section. .. of particular interest to those Depart- President through the National Security Council; Th C The General Counsel of the Treasury. GERALD R. FORD THE WHITE HOUSE JANUARY 22, 1976. IFR Doc.7674040 Filed 2-6-76;4:02.pml e om- ? menus, but shall have no vote. mittee meets regularly at - a time and (b) Receive, consider, and take action place designated by the Chairman. In on suggestions and complaints from -.the absence or incapacity of the Chair- persons within or without the Govern- - man, an Acting Chairman chosen by the went with respect to the administration Committee acts as Chairman for all pur- of the order; and poses. A quorum of seven members, or (c) Consider and act on appeals from their. designated- alternates, -is required a determination by a Departmental Com- to consider or act on appeals to.the.Com- mittee or 'the Archivist of the United mittee. Committee decisions In favor of States that information or material declassification, in whole or In part, of classified by action taken pursuant to FEDERAL REGISTER, VOL. 41, NO. 29-WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11,.1976- _ Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 RULES AND REGULATIONS ? geecutive Order 11652, or Its predecessor (b) A reportable unauthorized disclo- orders requires continued classification sure means the deliberate or inadvertent under section 5 of Executive Order 11652. release of classified Information which Subpart B-National Security Information warrants formal investigation and such or Material Reports investigation confirms that an important disclosure did occur. , 2010.1 Original classification authori. (c) Reportable unauthorized disclo- lies. sures must be reported- (a) The number of officials who have. (1) To the ICRC quarterly by using been designated as original Top Secret, Standard Form 323; and Secret, and Confidential classification (2) In triplicate, no later than 30 cal- authorities pursuant to sections 2 (A) and 2(B) of Executive Order 11652, as amended, must be reported to the ICRC quarterly by using Standard Form 244. (b) The report must- ? ? 2010.4 Mandatory declassification re- view actions. (1) Be typed and submitted in tripli- Summary information concerning all cater requests and appeals for mandatory de- (2) Not contain any classified infor- classification review of classified. docu- mation; and ments over 10 years old must be sub- (3) Be Submitted no later' than. 30 mitted, in triplicate, on Standard Forms calendar days after the end of each 242 and' 243, no later than 30 calendar calendar. quarter.. days after the end of each calendar year (c) Paragraph (a) of this section does quarter. No classified information may not dispense with the provisions of see- be included on these forms. tion ID of the National Security Council ? 2010.5 Annual review lists. Directive requiring a list of -authorized classifiers to be maintained by each De- (a) An annual Review List of classi- partment. The requirements of section "fled material not scheduled for auto- XC of the NSC directive pertaining to matic declassification must be submitted. the quarterly submission of. lists of au- for review by the ICRC by April 1st of thorized classifiers shall be deemed sat- each year. isfied upon the receipt of the SF 244, (b) The list must cover all documents provided the Department Is capable of which are- providing prompt access to the current " (1) Exempt and over 10 years old; lists upon the reou-st of the Chairman - (2) Specify an.event for declassifica- or the Executive Director. . tion; and. ?2 010.2 ?assification abuses.. (3) In the Data Index System on or before December 31`of the previous cal- (a) A classification abuse means- endar year. (1) An unnecessary classification; . (c) Sorting shall be in the following (2) An over or under. classification; order: classifier in alphabetical sequence (3). A failure to assign the proper by. last -name and first name or initial; downgrading and declassification mark- and. classification category In descend- ings; ing .order, "T," "S," then "C.", The list (4) An? improper application of clas- shall be printed in the following se-' sification markings; quence across the page: origin, classifier, (5Y An Improper placing of a. docu- classification category title or descrip- ment . In an exempt declassification tion, document date, subject.-area code,- category; declassification ' schedule, ` .exemption (6) A classification exemption action category (if any), -and declassification taken without proper authority; and date:- If any titles or. descriptions are (7) An improper delegation of clas- classified, such list shall carry the high- sification authority. est classification indicated. (b). A reportable abuse means any of ? 2010.6 Annual declassification list. the actions described In paragraph (a) of this section except any such action (a) The Annual Declassification list which results exclusively from a decision Is a two-part listing of documents de- on a judgmental factor as to which there classified on or before December 31 of exists a reasonable and good faith basis the previous calendar year, and docu- for disagreement. ments listed in the Annual Review List (c) A reportable abuse which becomes which, after review,' have been deter- known during the reporting period, in- mined should be declassified. The An- cluding an abuse which is the result of an nual Declassification List . must . be appropriate Departmental inspection printed by subject and then by area-code program, must be reported to the ICRC and must be submitted to the ICRC on quarterly by using Standard Form 322. September 1st of each year.. - Three typewritten copies of SF 322. (b) The subject list must be printed must be submitted no later than 30 cal- across 'the page In the following se- endar days after the end of each cal- ' quence: subject, originating office, docu- endar quarter. The report must not con- ment date, area in unabbreviated form, tain any classified information. title or description, and classification ? 2010.3 Unauthorized disclosures. category. The area list must be printed (a) An unauthorized disclosure is a In the same sequence across the page communication or physical transfer of except area in abbreviated form shall classified information or material to an appear in place of subject as the first unauthorized person. . Item. . 6069 ?2010.7 Quarterly summary. ? (a) A quarterly summary must be submitted by each Department, Agency or organizational unit that creates clas- sified records. The report must cover data related to the- (1) Volume of documents being clas- sified; (2) Use of declassification schedules; (3) Efforts to increase public access to declassified information; and - - (4) Efforts to improve management of classified material. - '(b) Reports must- (1)- Be submitted on Standard Form 324 in triplicate; (2) Submitted no later than 30 cal-' endar days after the end of each calen- dar year quarter; and (3) ' Not contain any classified infor= mation. ?.2010.8 Listing of national ? security classified material requiring protec- tion beyond 30 years. If records need to be exempt from the automatic declassification process and protected beyond 30 years, use Stand- ard Form 325. Submit SF 325 to the, Archivist of the United States with a letter substantiating protection beyond 30 years.' Subpart C--Appeals Procedures ? 2020.1 Notice of an appeal.. (a) Hereinafter the terms "Depart mental Committee" and "Department" include the Archivist, where appropriate. %. (b) An appeal from a Departmental Committee's denial of a declassification request Involving classified documents which are 10 or more years old must be submitted to the Executive Director..' Interagency Classification Review Com-. mittee,. National Archives and Records- Service, Washington. D.C..20408, within 60. days of the date the . Departmental Committee's denial of a declassification request is received. The appeal shall in- elude an identification or description of the document or documents for which. declassification was requested, and a statement of. the. Department's- action denying the request.:Whenever. possible, copies of all correspondence to and from the department concerned and a state-. ment of?the reasons why the reauester's appeal.should be granted should also be Included. ?,2020.2 Exhaustion of other remedies. No appeal will be considered until the requester 'has exhausted all administra- tive remedies afforded him by the regu- lations of the department concerned. However, If the Departmental Commit- tee has not acted at the expiration of 30 days of the date the request Is ap- pealed to the Departmental Committee, the requester may apply within 60 days thereafter to the Committee for appro- priate relief. ? 2020.3 Acceptance of appeal. (a) An appeal of a determination de- nying a declassification request involving classified documents which are 10 or Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 more years old, shall be accepted for- Subpart D-Forms plithereto, for miscellaneous car- . review by the Committee if, in the dis- ? 2030.1 Scope of subpart. go ported between all parts in the cretioil of the committee, the appeal contiguous continental United States raises substantive issues. The following T subpart contains the standard (except ports In the Mississippi River indicate, but do not limit, the character Forms (SF) that are prescribed for man- System above Baton Rouge, Louisiana) of reasons for accepting an application datory use in connection with the sub- on the one hand and on the other the for review- ject matter covered in other parts of Arctic Coast of Alaska between Beechey (1) The nature of the documents Chapter XS. _ Point, Tigvariak Island (Prudhoe Bay) whose declassification is sought; ? 2030.2 List of forms. via the Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea (2) The relationship of the docu- and the Arctic Ocean were published In ments to other classified documents; The Standard Forms listed below may the FEDERAL REGISTER: on July 15 and. (3) The likelihood of an early pub-' be obtained from the nearest. General September 8, 1975. lic release as a result of declassification; Services Administration (GSA) supply The applicants request that the pres- source. eat exemptions be extended for a three and - (4) Disagreement between depart- SF 242 "Report of Mandatory Review Ap-- - year period terminating with Decem- ments as to the proper classification of pew to Departmental or Agency Commit- ber 32,1978. the information involved. tee" - The effect of such exemptions would be (b) To the extent required for this SF 243 "Report of Mandatory Declassifica- a continuation of authority to provide tion Review Actions" tby barge to the area in- determination, the Chairman may re-. SF 244 '-Report of original Classification Au- transportation ransp with freedom from tariff filing volved quest the department concerned to fur thorities?? requirements and regulation with re-' nish copies of the documents, and a sum-. SF 322 "Report of Classification Abuses" spect to the reasonableness of rates. mary of their contents or other pertinent SF 323 "Report of Unauthorized Disclosures" information. Requests for declassifica SF 324 "Quarterly Summary Report.to the A protest was filed by Sea-Land Serv- tion which have been denied because the ICRC" ice, Inc., relative to the granting of the SP 325 -'Listing of National Security Classt applications.- Sea-Land is concerned be- document has not been described with " fled Material Requiring Protection Beyond cause it operates a land/water route be-: sufficient particularity to enable it to 3o Years" tween Seattle and Prudhoe Bay which . be identified, or because the record can- Issued in Washington. D.C. on Febru- may be codipetitive with the barge route not be obtained with a reasonable 6. 1976 and to become effective for which exemption is sought. Sea-Land amount of effort, will not be accepted ar9 opera der joint through rates (filed by the committee, as the denial is based February 11, 1976. with d'Sere regulatory agency) over on reasons other than ' Its continuing . JAMES B. RHOADS, w ' h this commission has no effective classification. Acting Chairman. . ontrol. It is not a direct vess:l service (c) The Committee shall have no Doo 76-3665 Filed 2-10-76;8:45 am] such as proposed here and the cargo jurisdiction of appeals involving infor- ~FR handled by Sea-Land Is apparently oration classified pursuant to the Atomic limited, by the nature' of Sea-Land's Energy Act of 1954, as amended. Title 33--Navigation and Navigable fifers service, to containerizable cargoes. The CHAPTER II-CORPS OF ENGI EERS barge service involved here is concerned ?2020.4 Consideration of appeal? DEPARTMENT OF THE ARMY promptly notified - primarily with noncontainerizable car- The whether his requester will appeal be has been accepted PART 204-DANGER ZONE. goes. The requirements of the shippers REGULATIONS using the barge transportation appear to for review. The Department from whose decision the appeal has been taken and Atlantic Ocean Off Wallops Island; and be radically different from the require meats of shippers who would choose to accepted by the Committee, shall fur Chincoteague Inlet, Virginia; Correction use the combination land/water route of Wish to the ICRC members and staff cop- In FR Doc. 76-3144 appearing on page Sea-Land. Consequently, we do not think ies of the following: 4918 in the issue for Tuesday. February that the competition Is significant. Sea- (a) All correspondence to and from 3, 19,76, the title of the affected Section Is Land has not shown. that the proposed the requester; incorrectly stated and should read as fol- exemptions would be. detrimental to the (b) The decision of the Departmental lows- commerce. nor that' they would sub-. Committee denying the request; and ? 204.25 Atlantic Ocean off Delaware stantially impair effective regulation by (c) The classified documents in Ques- Coast; antiaircraft artillery firing the Commission or be unjustly dis- tion and written justification for the de- area, First U.S. Army. [Revoked] criminatory. Additionally, Sea-Land does niaL By authority of the Secretary of the not oppose a one-year extension of the current exemptions. 2020.5 ICRC review.. Army. In April, 1972, the Commission ex- Normally, appeals to the Committee ROBERT G. FLOWERS, empted. for three years (the Commission will be considered in the order that they Lt. Colonel, U.S. Army, granted yearly exemptions for the years are accepted for appeal. The Commit- Chief, Plans Office, TAGO. 1970 and 1971), to and Including De-. tee's review of the record will be In closed cember 31, 1974, the carriage of mis- session in order to facilitate full inquiry FE?BRIIARY 6, 1976. cellaneous cargoes- between Seattle, Into matters that are still classified. The irn Doc 76-3984 Filed 2-10-76:8:45 am] Washington, and Houston, Texas, on the burden of persuasion is on the Depart- one hand and Beechey Point and Tig- ment to show that continued clamsidea- Title 46-Shipping varlak Island (Prudhoe Bay) via the tion is required under the Provisions of Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea and the section 5 of Executive Order 11652. Upon . CHAPTER IV-FEDERAL MARITIME Arctic Ocean,.on the other. The exemp- the Committee's determination that the COMMISSION tion applies specifically to Alaska. Barge requested material no longer warrants SUBCHAPTER B-REGULATIONS AFFECTING & Transport, Inc.,, Foss Alaska Line, Inc., classification in whole or in part, the MARITIME CARRIERS AND RELATED ACTIVITIES Foss Launch &Tug Co., and Puget Sound tion Applications No. 18, No. 19 and Tug and Barge Company. In 1974 the in consultation with the Exem hall Ch i [ , p rman s a affected Department or Departments, No. 201 exemptions were broadened and ex- re- f Th o e a assure that appropriate action is taken. PART 531-PUBLICATION, POSTING, AND tended to December 31, 1975. 2020.6 Decision. FILING OF FREIGHT RATES AND mentioned carriers have now petitioned OMESTIC OFFSHORE the Commission for an extension of the The requester whose appeal has been accepted shall be notified In writing as to the Committee's decision. Should the appeal be denied in whole or in part, the notification shall include a statement, in unclassified form, explaining the rea- son for the decision. CHARGES IN THE D TRADE exemptions to and -including Decem- Exemption ber 31.1978. . . Applications for extension of the cur= The conditions under which the rently existing exemptions from the In- original exemptions were granted have tercoastal Shipping Act, 1933, and the not materially changed. Continuation of Shipping Act, 1916, and regulations ap- the exemptions, as amended, will not FEDERAL REGISTER, VOL 41, NO. 29-WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 11,,.;1976 Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 (Rev. (Rev. (Rev. SF 244 ANDARD AND OPTIONAL FORMS - CLEARANCE REGISTER Certification Form Clearance Request and Notice of Action Report of Medical History Report of Mandatory Review Appeals-to Department or Agency Committee Report of Original Classification Authorities Quarterly Summary Report to the Interagency Classification Review Committee National Security-Classified Material Requiring Protection Beyond 30 Years Report of Change in Passenger Trans- portation Service DATE NUMBER January 1976 24 Civil Service Commission Office of Management and Budget General Services Administration General Services Administration and Interagency Classification Review Committee General Services Administration and Interagency Classification Review Committee General Services Administration and Interagency Classification Review Committee General Services Administration and Interagency Classification Review Committee General Services Administration and Interagency Classification Review Committee General Services Administration and Interagency Classification Review Committee General Services Administration and Interagency Classification Review Committee PAGE 1 OF 2 3-76) 6-76) 12-75) andard Form n Date 3-76 n Date 3-76 ? ? Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3 STANDARD AND OPTIONAL FORMS - CLEARANCE REGISTER DATE January 1976 NUMBER 24 PAGE 2 of .2 FORM NUMBER TITLE AGENCY NOTE OF 133 Routing Slip (State/AID/USIA) Department of State Obsolete OF 270 Mandatory Declassification Review General Services Administration Worksheet and Interagency Classification New Optional Form Review Committee (Formerly SF 321)_ Edition Date 3-76 It will take ap proximately 4 to 6 months from the time new or revised orm appears on t he clearance register before it is avail le for purchase. 0 Approved For Release 2007/07/10: CIA-RDP86-00674R000200160001-3