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December 19, 2016
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October 27, 2006
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January 24, 1979
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Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-0080OR000200110014-0 p?9l w; a I z -a Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-00800R000200110014-0. Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-00800R000200110014-0 %001 1%01~ SPEC JP ICAT IONS' FOR GRQUNDS MAINTENANCE SERVICES STAT SPECIFICATIONS NO: DATE.; 24 Jain 1979 \ Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-00800R000200110014-0 Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-00800R000200110014-0 NOTICE: Bids to be opened at 2:00 pm, EDST, 0 SPECIE The Contractor shall follow the provisions set forth in the specifications.and all applicable regulations and orders of Business and Defense Services Administration in obtaining controlled materials and other products and materials needed to per- form this contract. STAT All questions concerning the bidding or any other phase of the plans and specifi- STAT cations occurring prior to bid opening shall be presented Public Works Officer (Telephone: F__ I Questions requiring interpretation of drawings an specifications must be submitted at least 7 days before bid opening. Interpretations or modifications to specifications made as a result of questions will be made by addendum only, and unless so done, all bidders should base their bids on the plans and specifications as issued. To inspect the site of the work before bid opening, prior with the Public Works Officer, STAT Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-00800R000200110014--0 Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-0080OR000200110014-0 INDEX Section 1A - Bidding Information w Page ( -) Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-0080OR000200110014-0 Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-0080OR000200110014-0 Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-0080OR000200110014-0 Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-0080OR000200110014-0 SECT I;QN l,A Bidding Inforanation STAT It is the declared and acknowledged intention and meaning to provide and obtain' additional grounds maintenance services STAT 2. GENERAL DESCRIPTION. The service to be provided under these specifications consists of providing the services of four (4) Grounds Maintenance Equipment operators for a period of approximately 20 weeks, or until the estimated amount of $25,000 is expended at the hourly wage rate quoted in the contractors proposal. GENERAL IN ENNTION. I L 3. LOCATION. STAT 4. TERM OF CONTRACT. The contractor will be required to provide the four (4) Grounds Maintenance Equip- ment Operators repared to go to work under the cited contractual condi- tions within 1 caen ar days after notice of award. The cont every effort to provide the same four (4) individuals for work STAT during the length of this contract, in order that work -perfoniance remains (M11-7.17- tent, that individual work capabilities become recognized, and to avoid the incon- venience and delays which would otherwise result from last-minute additional personnel clearances being required. 5. NOTICE OF OPTION TO EXTEND THE SCOPE. OF THE CONTRACT, The Government shall have the option to extend the scope of the contract byre quiring a larger work force or by extending the term of the contract by,author izing additional funds, but in no case will this contract be in effect for more than one year from date of acceptance. Any modification to the contract will be made by written change order in accordance with-Clause 2 of the General Provisions. 6. NOTICE OF TOTAL SMALL BUSINESS SET ASIDE; (a) Restriction: Offers under this procurement are solicited from small business concerns only, and this procurement is to be awarded only to one or more small business concerns. This action is based on a determination by- the Contrac ti.ng Officer, alone or in conjunction with.a representative of the Small Business: Administration, that it is in the interest of maintaining or mobilizing the Nation's full. productive capacity, in the interest of war or national defense programs, or in the interest of assuring that a. full proportion of Government procurcjtlent is placed with small business concerns. Offers received from firms which are not small business concerns shall be considered nonresponsive and shall be-rejected. Approved For Release 2006/11/04 :ICIA-RDP86-00800R000200110014-0 ApprovedFor Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-00800R000200110014-0 (b) Definition: A "small-business concern" is a concern, including its affiliates, which is independently owned and operated, is not dominant in the field of operation in which it is offering on Government contracts, and can further qualify under the criteria set forth in regulations of the Small Business Administration (Code of Federal Regulations, Title 13, Section 121.3-8) In addi- tion to meeting these criteria, a manufacturer or a regular dealer submitting offers in his own name must agree to furnish in the performance of the contract, end items manufactured or produced by small business concerns: PROVIDED, that,. this additional requirement does not apply in connection with construction or service contracts. 7. DEFINITION OF SMALL BUSINESS: For procurement, a small business concern is a concern that is certified as a small business concern by the Small Business Administration, and-in the Grounds Maintenance services, the average annual receipts of the concern and its affil- iates for the preceding three fiscal years. must not exceed $2,000,000. 8. MINIMUM WAGE RATES AND OTHER LABOR STANDARDS: The minimum wages required to be paid for work under this specification shall be in accordance with the Department of Labor Wage Determination No. 68-156 (Rev. 14), dated September 1, 1977, which is attached hereto. 8.1 FLSA AMENIIMENT (May 1974): Notwithstanding any other provision of this contract, minimum wage payment shall be as specified by Public Law 93-259 or the Service Contract Act Wage determination, if any, whichever is greater. 9. SERVICE CONTRACT ACT - SUPPLEMENTAL INFOI ATION AND RE UIRaIFNTS: Bidders are advised that this procurement is subject to the requirements of the Service Contract Act, as amended by P.L. 92-473 (9 October 1972), and attention is invited to the obligations of the Contractor under Section 4.C of the amended Service Contract Act. Any questions regarding the extent of these obligations should be addressed to the Department of Labor. The Contractor agrees to provide to the Contracting Officer upon request a copy of any collective bargaining agreement applicable to employees performing on this contract. Section 2 (a)(5) of the Service Contract Act of 1965, as amended, requires that every contract (and bid specification therefor) subject to the Act contain a statement of the rates that would be paid by the federal Agency to the various classes of service employees if 5 U.S.C. 5341 were applicable to them. The required statement follows and is FOR INFORMATION ONLY: 1. FRINGE BENEFITS (All Classifications), (a) Health and Insurance - Contribution of 5.1% of basic hourly rate. (b) Retirement - Contribution of 7a. of basic hourly rate. (c) Nine (9) paid holidays: New Years Day, Washington Birthday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanks- giving Day, and Christmas Day. Approved For Release 2006/11/04,; CIA-RDP86-00800R000200110014-0 Approved4For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-0080OR000200110014-0 (d) Paid Annual Leave (Vacation): Two (2) hours of annual leave each week for an employee with less than three (3) years of service; three (3) hours of annual leave each"week for an . employee with three (3) but less than fifteen (15) years of service; four (4) hours of annual leave each week for an employee with fifteen (15) or more years of service. 2. BASIC HOURLY RATE BY CLASSIFICATION: CLASSIFICATION BASIC HOURLY RATE Equipment Operator (Riding Mower) $5.33 10. PERCEPT TO BIDDERS Invitation, Bid, and Award (SF 19, July 1973 edition, and Section 2A, Instructions to Bidders, shall be observed in the preparation of bids. Bidders shall affix their name and return address in the upper left corner of the envelope. 11. REFERENCE TO AMENDMENTS Each bidder shall refer in his bid to all amendments to this solicitation in accordance with clause 4 of Section 2A to this contract;. failure to do so may constitute an informality in the bid and be cause for rejection of the bid. 12. ITEM OF BIDS. Item (A) Hourly Wage Rate $ Approved For Release 2006/11/043 CIA-RDP86-0080OR000200110014-0 Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-0080OR000200110014-0 Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-0080OR000200110014-0 1. SECURITY The contractor shall abide by all security requirements Workers will be badged and escorted at all times. No employee or representative of the contractor will be admitted to the site unless he furnishes satisfactory proof that he is a citizen of the United States. Special Paragraphs STAT STAT STAT STAT Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-00800R000200110014-0 STAT 2. WORKING HOURS Workmen assigned to this contract shall report for work by 0800 Monday through Friday and shall receive work assignments from the Roads and Grounds Supervisor, Public Works Section. No overtime work will be incurred nor will overtime hourly labor costs be paid by the Government. Workmen assigned to this contract shall be assured of the normal 40-hour vork week except for legal holidays. and other non-work. days applying t blic STAT Works employees, and regardless of weather conditions, will work t e same normal duty hours They may be employed on other than grounds maintenance work assignments during periods of inclement weather. 3. EQUMEIT MAINTENANCE. All grounds maintenance e ui ment POL and equipment maintenance will. he pro- vided STAT 4. PERSONNELREQUIREVENTS. . The Contractor and all personnel employed by' him for purposes of this contract shall be fully qualified and experienced in their particular field of work, and be legally licensed and certified for the operation of mowers, tractors and. other types of ground maintenance equipment. No workmen will be used on this contract who cannot satis.fa the minimum requirements of the Security Office for admittance and employment All personnel will comply with fire prevention and security requirements, an traffic rules and regulations STAT 0 5. BILLINGS AND PAYMENTS The Contractor will be required to submit a coax of his weekly payroll or invoice the second work day of the following week for verification of the*Contractor employee attendance at the fob site and num ers of hours: worked, Payment will be based on verification o hours worked and will be paid weekly and in full for services billed under the cent Payment will i, ade to the Contractor, and not his individual employees, iilI. not be responsible or liable for any expenses incidents o contractor emp oyee travel or other costs but will be billed and will pay only for the agreed-to contractual hourly labor rate. Approved For Release 2006/11/04 -i CIA-RDP86-00800R000200110014-0 a Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-0080OR000200110014-0 rr' %Wd 6. LEGAL RESPONSIBILITIES OR REQUIR-1ENTS It will be the responsibility of the Contractor to comply with any Federal, State, or other legal requirements with regard to equal employment opportunity, social security withholding payments, certification and licensing, hospitalization insurance, workers compensation, comprehensive, accident and personal liability insurance coverage or other considerations as may be applicable and required by, law. Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-0080OR000200110014-0 Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-008008000200110014-0 Next 2 Page(s) In Document Denied Approved For Release 2006/11/04: CIA-RDP86-008008000200110014-0