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July 24, 2000
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S. Department of the Inter' Approved For Releafe.2DOO/0&1&: 1A RgPAf,,,QAQ1g 0gR00020033-6 Middle Atlantic Region Charlottesville, Virginia *DOI Waiver Letter In ERU FILE* Federal Installation Survey Check List PART I - Information to be supplied by Federal installation personnel. Note: All questions may not be related to a particular installation. I. General Description A. Name of Installation- Printing Services Building Mailing Address Washington., D.C. 20505 Department _Agency CIA B. B=,cawx-'-y4-. t4 t4 -und dCa a. . 1. Size 59,400 SF Location: City McLean County Fairfax State -Virginia 2. Receiving waters for surface drainage Potomac River 3. Waste Discharge Flows: Domestic Industrial Other 4. Population: Resident Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP86-01019R000200020033-6 Approved For Release.2000/09/14: CIA-RDP86-01019RQ00200020033-6 5.' Water supply: Source Falls Church system frora lci a Reservoir Volume used Unknown, no metering equipment Treatment provided Normal at Dalecarlia; filtering within ui ing II. Waste Treatment and Disposal Facilities and Practices (note: Lay- out map of sanitary and storm sewers is desirable.) A. Type of collection system: 1. Sewers: Separate Combined Sanitary Sewer remarks (age, infiltration, deterioration, Approximately 3 years, new system Storm Sewer remarks Approximately 3 dears old 2. Sewage pumping stations NONE Location or Identification No. Pumps & Size Overflows or Bypasses (Yes or No) If Yes, give point of discharge Alternate Power Supply* Avail. Yes/Nv Other Fail safe Facil- ities, alarms, etc. Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP86-01019R000200020033-6 Approved For Release.2000/09/14: CIA-RDP86-01019800200020033-6 3? 3. Is installation connected to a municipal system: Yes X No If no, has the feasibility of such a connection been considered? Yes No Remarks: B. Domestic wastes: Provide following information for each waste treatment plant and attach sketch or flow diagram of plant units. (Refer to page for septic tank - tile field systems.) 1. Briefly describe area served by system -Immediate Plant 2, Effluent discharged to (Nacrme of stream) Potorme River via Municipal Treatment Plant (Blue Plains) 3. Design Flow. Unknown GPD 4. Year constructed Unknown 5. Performance and loading Unknown Flow MGD BOD MG/1 Settleable Solids MG/1 Suspended Solids MG /1 Plant Reduction Percent Raw Final Raw Final. Raw Final Set. Sus. Ave. Peak Min. Sewage: Effluent Sewage Effluent Sewage Effl. BOD Sol. Sol. See Adden ums 6. Chlorination At Dalecarlia for incoming water and at Blue Plains for sewage outflow a.. Are chlorination facilities provided: Yes X No Blue Plains- . Points of application Pre Post Other c. Is chlorination continuous? Yes No Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP86-01019R000200020033-6 Approved For ReleaU 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP86-010198000200020033-6 7. Have any complaints been received regarding the operation of the plant? Yes _ X No If yes, give date, source and nature of complain 8. Check treatment components that apply to plant. (Blue Plains) (a) Bar Screens (i) Final sedimentation (b) Grit Chamber (j) Sand filter (c) Comminutor (k) Chlorine contact (d) Metering Devices tank (e) Primary.Sedimentation (1) Holding or (f) Imhoff tank equalization tanks (g) Separate Sludge (m) Lagoons Digestion Heated Unheated (n) Chemical Percipitation (h) Aeration (Act.Sludge) (o) Sludge Drying Beds (p) Trickling Filters Are any of the components overloaded? Blue Plains presently overloaded Recirculation amount and points Indicate ultimate disposal of digested sludge landfill near Wilson Bridge 9. Are sewage bypasses provided? Yes X No If yes, are they sealed or unavailable for use? Yes No 10. Other waste treatment facilities (Septic tanks - tile fields, septic tank-sand filters, small lagoons, etc.) Location - Area served Design Capacity V- Present Loading If Effluent Disinfection 2-1 Remarks M 'pp*" ?1breFk 9561 0'06 ,4 PCIAeROP86-01019R000200020033-6 2 Complete for those systems having other than ground disposal 5 Approved For Releas2000/09/14: CIA-RDP86-01019`000200020033-6 Are septic tank systems checked for solids buildup on a routine basis? Yes No If Yes, indicate frequency What is the ultimate disposal point of solids removed from septic tanks C. Industrial Waste Inventory (including cooling water, boiler blowdown, air conditioning bleedoff, radiological, etc.) Note: .Use separate industrial waste check list for large complex industrial processes. OURCE Water FLOW GPD _ Waste Constituents & Concentrations m Q/1 or lbs. /day . Type and Degree of Treatmen t Point of Di sch See attached sheets None in bldg. To sewer Remarks: Amount of chemicals ,added in lbs/day to blowdown: Phosphate Tannin Sulfites Other Amount of chemicals added in lbs/day to Air Chromates Acid Conditioning systems: other 1. Wastewater from water treatment plant (volume, treatment provided, and point of discharge). N. A. Approved For Release 2000/09114: CIA-RDP86-01019R000200020033-6 Approved For Release.2000/09/14 : CIA-RDP86-010198000200020033-6 2. Vehicle washing (number and frequency of vehicles washed, detergent used and point of discharge). __NONE Other: III. Laboratory Facilities, Operating Personnel and Records A. Operating personnel: 1. Type and Number Type Number Number Certified or Licensed Man Hours Per Week Superintendent operators Laboratory Technicians Laborers 2. Are operators at plant(s) 24-hours per day? If "no" give schedule I 3. Do operators routinely attend short courses or schools? Yes No B.. Describe laboratory facilities and equipment available. Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP86-01,019R000200020033-6 Approved For Release 2000/O9/14 : CIA-RDP86-010198000200020033-6 C. Laboratory Test Performed (Specify frequency of tests, daily, weekly, etc.) Raw Primary Mixed Final Sludge Recoil Test Sewage Effluent Liquor Effluent Raw Supernatant Dig Stream BOD Suspended. Solids Suspended Volatile Solids Settleable Solids Total Solids Volatile Solids .. ' r r pH Temperature Coliform Density Residual Chlorine Volatile Acids MB Stability Other Other D. Are operating and laboratory records maintained? Yes Describe records and data maintained: Where are they kept? Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP86-01019R000200020033-6 Approved For Relea a 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP86-0101 8000200020033-6.8 E. Operating manuals and procedures available for operators, including reference books and standard methods for laboratory analysis: N.A. IV. Storage and Handling of Hazardous Materials A. Inventory of Hazardous'Materials (oils, gases, fuels, acids, heavy metals, solvents, chemicals, and other materials capable of causing water pollution if spilled). Type Material Quantity Stored Storage Facility diked, underground, etc. Location Oils, Solvents 300 gallons max. 1 al. cans & 55 gal. Solvent stor- age room in SEE ATTACHED SHE IT FOR CHEMICAL INV, drums 'NTORY _ bldg. B. What housekeeping methods are used to prevent spills and what procedure is used for disposal of spilled material? (discuss) Oils and solvents are absorbed into media, packaged, and shipped out of the plant with unclassified trash; reusable industrial rags to laundry. C. Is any mercury stored or routinely used at the installation? Yes?X No If yes, indicate amount and purpose for which used Approximately 10 pounds;. used for calibrating manometers. D. Pesticides and Herbicides? Indicate type, amount and frequency used None, except as introduced into building by GSA exterminators. Approved For Release 200.0/09/14: CIA-RDP86-01019R000200020033-6 Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP86-01019R000200020033-6 9 V. Improvements Proposed by Installation Describe any improvements. proposed for water pollution control, prevention or abatement in the future, and schedule for improvements. Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP86-01019R000200020033-6