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November 16, 2016
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April 28, 2000
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May 29, 1974
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Approved For Release 2Qp/06/09 : CIA-RDP86-01019R00020013Q 2-8 SECRET 2 9 MAY 1974 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chief and Deputy Chief, Real Estate and Construction Division? OL The attached report was initially prepared for Plans and Programs Staff as part of their work on objec- tives for FY 1974. When it was forwarded to DD/MES, it was given to and company for their review and comment. When Jack received their comments he sent the whole package back to me with a note and I subsequently had and company make comments on the comments. Having said all that, I think this whole project at this point is overtaken by events, since the con- cept of the Building Planning Staff has been approved and the Building Planning Staff, when established, will really take over this project; sooooooo, I am sending this to you as part of the first inputs to the Building Planning Staff. Francis J.WUan Damm Director of Logistics cc: P&PS/OL SECRET OL 4 2385& E2, CL BY 010891 This memo may be reclassified AIUO upon removal of att. Approved For Release 2000/06/09 : CIA-RDP86-01019R000200130002-8 Approved For Release 2QPD/06/09 : CIA-RDP86-01019R000200130602-8 it '( 1V14 SUBJECT: Comments Concerning DD/M&S Plans Staff Papers Resulting from the Logistics "'Report on Agency Dispersion Problems and Inefficiencies" 1. The comments are keyed to each of the following specific papers as prepared by the respective members of the DD/MFRS Plans Staff: a. Note dated 17' Apr'il' 1974 from LJD (Mr`M to STATINTL (1) Mr. - is correct in the fact that there are a "number of discrepancies" and 'there has been some separate action." The report must now be viewed in retrospect from the standpoint that it is 3 months old and a number of events and changes have taken place since it was prepared. As time passes, it will become more outdated with regard to statistical data. If com- plete statistical accuracy and currency are considered paramount, the report should be reworked to bring it up to date. For example, the gasoline crises was just beginning to appear on the horizon during the preparation of the report. Since that time, the reimbursable use of POV's has undoubtedly decreased substantially, and the use of Agency "U-Drive" vehicles has increased. The Shuttle Bus Service has been upgraded and costs of the service have increased as a result of rescheduling frequency of runs since the report was completed. (2) I do not feel that the ~exactutude of the statistical data (except at the moment it is verified and listed) is the vital area for consideration. More important is the fact that the following basic dis- persion problems and inefficiencies in terms of extended facilities/services and costs are with us and will remain so until some corrective action is taken: Approved For Release 2000/06/09 CIA-RDP86-01019R000200130002-8 w R q s q? ^i Approved For Release 20W06/09 : CIA-RDP86-01019R000200136002-8 SUBJECT: Comments Concerning DD/M&S Plans Staff Papers Resulting from the Logistics "Report on Agency Dispersion Problems and Inefficiencies" SLUC (as applied to leased buildings) Guard and Receptionist Services Communications Systems Shuttle Bus Service Motor Pool Service U-Drive Agency Vehicles Reimbursable Use of POV's and Taxis Courier Service Supply Deliveries (3) I agree that the committee or task force approach is the slow way to progress. A unilateral body could move faster. Neither approach will accomplish very much unless authority commensurate with the task is provided. However, it must be con- ceded that each Directorate is heavily involved in dispersion of activities and any solutions, any developments, cannot succeed without the full co- operation and compliance of all Directorates. STATINTL b e dated 16 April 1974 ..from RHW (Mr _ STATINTL M M l o r an r a e.. (1) Again, the statistical discrepancies "found" do not alter in any way the basic fact that the Guard and Receptionist Service is one of the primary resource demands directly attributable to dispersion. The "found" and corrected discrepancies consisted of statistical errors in information provided by the Office of Security as to the amounts of Guard and Receptionist funds and manpower attributable to the dispersed locations. As a result, resource requirements were originally overestimated in the report. Statistical corrections were being prepared in this Staff at the time Mr. advised me that he had found the errors and woul correct his copies of the report. The correction serves only to completely verify the original finding that Guard and Receptionist Service is the greatest drain on resources attributable to dispersion, other than the SLUC assessments. All concerned are now agreed that the corrected statistical estimate of $1.3 million and 94 man- years annually is reasonably accurate for Guard and .:....... Recepti.onist.S.erv.ico attributable to the 15 dispersed locations discussed in the report Approved For Release 2000/06/09 ;; 4's,IA=RQl8%01019RQQQ20013QQ02-8 Approved For Release 2OW6:6109 ..CIA-R?P86-01a19R00020013 2.6 SUBJECT: Comments Concerning DD/M&S Plans Staff Papers Resulting from the Logistics "'Report on Agency Dispersion Problems and Inefficiencies" (2) I also agree that eliminating dispersed locations will not be an easy task. It will require careful attention to personnel projections, and many other factors under cognizance of the Directorates such as future objectives and program plans. Based on all of this, any planning will still require exceptionally sound judgement in looking toward the future to determine the greatest potential for con- solidation and resulting increased efficiency. STATINTL (3) Mr. asks what can we do about the Offices of Finance, Logistics, and Training, for example. These three Offices are now dis ersed in six se arate locations. Removal from the TATINTL STATINTL location will soon reduce this to five. The same o jective long-range planning should now be I directed toward the remaining five locations and the occupying DD/MIS Offices, i.e., where should they 25X1A ideally be 5-10 years from now, consolidated in the mainstream at Langley, relocated in the nearby beltway 25X1A vicinit , or remain in the backwaters When decisions are reached on the basis of these plans, then objectives can be set for accom- plishment. Concurrent with this, of course, the same planning should take place for the other Directorates occupying these five dispersed locations. It was pri- marily because of this need for concurrent, coordinated planning that an inter-Directorate task force was recom- mended. c. Memorandum For The Record dated 2 April 174 ~e-_ pared by subject . OL's 8th FY 1974 Inefficiencies . (1) The "major flaw" refers again to the previously discussed statistical corrections, which I think are not relevant to the principle issues of management prob- lems and inefficiencies in terms of nonproductive use of manpower and funds resources. 3 Approved For Release 2000/06/09r : CIA-RDP86-01019R000200130002-8 ," r 3 7-,r~ f Approved For Release 20W011 . 6/09n: CIA-RDP8`6-01019R00020013 92-8 SUBJECT: Comments Concerning DD/M$S Plans Staff Papers Resulting from the Logistics "Report on Agency Dispersion Problems and Inefficiencies" (2) There were few reliable information sources on SLUC at the time the report was prepared, although many are now conversant and knowledgeable on the subject. The concept of SLUC was so little known during the early stages of the report that care had to be taken lest the term be mistaken for an obscenity. Currently, there is one firm answer to the SLUC questions asked by Mr. The Agency will not be granted an exemption from SLUC STATINTL for buildings on the Headquarters compound. Therefore, the original stated conclusion reached in the report remains correct in that only "elimination" of dispersed elim Ilk inati(not replacement as incorrectly inferred by Mr. will reduce resource re uirements. As of this date, the answer to Mr. other question is StillSTATINTL not known. The SLUC assessment has not been established for the new Headquarters garage. (3) The other facts discussed in Mr. paperSTATINTL appear to be objective thoughts 'towards future con- structive planning which I believe is the logical next step to be taken. d. Note For The File dated 5 February 1974 prepared_ _ and page 4, para 4c(2) of OL's paper "Report on Agency Dis- persion Problems and Inefficiencies" DD M&S 74-0177). These are the much discussed statistical corrections which were all agreed to and included in the report on or about 5 February 1974. 2. In conclusion, the primary purpose of the Logistics report was to identify significant dispersion problems and sub- stantial inefficiencies and this has been done, but statistical cost factors are not static and will continue to change. Management decisions must now be made as to (1) whether any action will be taken on the situation, and if affirmative, (2) what element will have the authority and responsibility for developing solutions and taking corrective action. Plans and Programs Staff, OL Approved For Release 2000/06/09 :CJA-f2QP861019Rg002001 ~0Q,02-8 U lAfir WibReleasle y(? : CIA-RDP86-01019R~0 2GWI$DW3r IAL ^ SECRET ROUTING AND RECORD SHEET SUBJECT: (Optional) FROM: EXTENSION NO. Director of Logistics 1206 Ames Center Building 2551 DATE 29 May 1974 TO: (Officer designation, room number, and DATE building) OFFICER'S COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom INITIALS to whom. Draw a line across column after each comment.) RECEIVED FORWARDED 1-Deputy Chief, RECD/OL 906 Ame s 2. 3?Chief, RECD/OL 906 Ames 54 / 4. 6. f a LO L-~ 1 J p4 1 o STATINTL 7. f 8. 9. 10. 1 1. r.. 4 12. { 13. Aup kW 14. ty 15 OL 4 2385a Approved For Relea 9" P8 -01019R 00200130002-8 FORM 610 USE EDITIONSPREVIOUS E SECRET [:1 CONFIDENTIAL ^ INTERNAL UNCLASSIFIED F USE ONLY