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December 21, 2016
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November 7, 2008
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October 6, 1983
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Approved For Release 2008/11/07: CIA-RDP86B00338R000200250033-9 October 6, 1988 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - SENATE (C) fuel cells, ant Secretary for gy shall pre- (D) diesel anginas; and pare a five year Panal 4Q~ odence. (E) gas turbines. Technology, shall prrepal+e a five year I1a- (0) 11M 05 AIM CONTROL-ft- tiosal Coal Sdeitde, TS nolofv. and Engl- duetion of system operating costs and liars- leering Debelopcssat RslsWeh Plan: The pro;bement of system availability. by. devebp- plan shall include- ing new sensors and control systems that (1) identification and del144t4s* a( the will enhance the commercial abplic attoli of near- and mid-term ties .far OX- coal utilization technologies and systems. pending the use of ti the Industrial, (7) SorrorrrnN tisii~aon '*lto ozvmor- electric utility, and o sectors. of the ua ,v.-Characterisation CC the various lie- economy; aids and solid wastes generated by. the an M's, detailed 6eseft)tft of, tbe, specific of coal. and developme$ of preossess t activities will will assure the disposal: of such wastes in an oped by the Depa Amed of . - to ad- environmentally acceptable manner. Devei- dress these opportunities and-carry out the opment of processes that facilitate the cost- mandates of this Act; effective recovery of raw materials frbisa . (g) a statement and explanation of ipeel> lc coal utilisation wastes. Mstterialsdv priorities and ob es, tlmetabies for shah be conducted to ensure that sdv~ atbleving such objectives, and a ~rc process concepts an be supported with strategy for achieving such 'sblcroi9v s and available engineering materials. the mandates of this Art and. (b) The Coal Scones Research Progoos (4) A detailed description of the resource reQui for the issp sspeta thee x"m in x(11)) carried out through the Energy Tech.. plan, and those arddeei :_=T lbe nology Centers. the National whi Laboratories. nd the university c omumity, and the private (b) The p1sn snail) be, ` the sector, and secretary of Energy to the t'reri~lent and (2) administered by,the Assistant Sarre- the appropriate eommitteerof the Congress tart' for Fossil Energy. within six months of enaetmbnt of tills Act. PKOnumuno asV .OSrmi naosuM. urnvui urn MX" fei*)Ma l Sac. e. (a) The purpose of the Engineering SEC. 8. (a) At the and of each of the five Development Program shall be to establish fiscal years after the date. of so$cf1 MA of proof-of-concept ami producing devel- d this Act, the Secretary 91 . shall processes and coal systems at a scale large submit an annual ,report tpt enough to permit reedy comaaetlcislis on and the appropr a cm es Of the Con- by the private sector. The program d".be grass. The report shell a dISlied do- structured and implemented to achieve the smription of the yactiviton ten- following oblectiva within five years of in. dertalm for that fiscal, year, lad . the and Wears" i1rd,tfse ob-: (1) toonstruct Vie coal preparat ! lectives defined in the &ym $ian pursuout Act. cleaning process facility of no more am to this Within " don of the a the fifth 600 tons per day (the faoWta i i- ty within the Government where procure- ment problems receive a knowledgeable hearing. While the performance of OFPP over the past nine years can best be de- scribed as nixed, and certainly not favora- ble from the viewpoint of the private sector. we need it as the sole Federal office con- cerned with procurement. The regulatory authority which OFPP had during the period 1974-1979 certainly needs to be reauthorized. This requirement is emphasized by the general disregard Ex- eewtive agencies have shown for the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-76 requirement to prepare a detailed schedule for the review of each commercial and indnatrhi activity and to conduct such reviews within three years. Although the Defense Department and the National Oce- anic and Atmospheric Administration have conducted some reviews, no agency is even close to compliance. You are also to be commended for your re- quest to the Controller General to look into the progress on procurement reform under Executive Order 12352. The some general disregard has been shown for this Order as for OMB Circular A-76. While regulatory authority for OFPP theoretically may not be needed to insure implementation of OMB Circular A-98 and E.O. 12352, the record of compliance to date suggests such authority is needed. Overseeing the procurement of commer- cial goods and services is a Governmental function which requires great skill and man- agerial ability. The proposed Pedelal Pro- cureraent System and revised Federal Acqui- sition Regulations require the OFPP for successful implementation. Your bill, S. 1001, is needed. We support you and wish you success In getting it passed. Sincerely. Osaaoa A. DAOUrr, Jr., Executive Director. CORPORATIONS CURKRNTLY Morasses or THE NATIONAL COUnCIL OF TECHNICAL SERVICE INDIISTtaas ARA Services, Inc. Boeing Computer Services Company. Boeing Services International, Inc. Burns & Roe Services Corporation. Caloulon Corpora tlon. Cerberotdes, Inc. Chemfix Technologies, Inc. Computer $Fiences Corporation, Commis Corporation. Control Data Corporation. Federal Electric Corporation-A Subsidi- ary of International Telephone and Tele- graph Corporation. Hughes Aircraft Company. Kentron International, Inc. Leas Siegler, Inc. Lockheed Corporation. Northrop Services, Inc. Northrop Worldwide Services, Inc. Raytheon Service Company-A Subsidiary of Raytheon Corporation. RCA Service Company-A Division of RCA. Rural Metro Fire, Inc. United Information Services, Inc. Vinneil Corporation. PROFESSIONAL SERVICES COUNCIL, Washinu, D.C., October 3, 1983. To. Members of the U.B. Senate. From: Virginia Littlejohn, Executive Direo- ter. Subject Reauthorization of the Office of F.edeml Procurement Policy (OFPP). The Professional Services Council 1s a trade association of professional and techni- cal services firms and associations, repre- senting small and large businesses. with a common interest in Improving the Federal governaseet's methods of procuring profes- sional PSC strcegly endorses S. 1001, reauthoriz- ing the Office of Federal Procurement Policy (40PPP), as well as reinstating its reg- ulatory authority as provided in Section V of S. 1001. A meaningful OFPP will serve as a focal point for the development of procurement policy and play a vital role In simplifying and improving federal procurement policy. We urge your support and assistance on the reauthorization of OPPP. Thank you. THE IMSMATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION, Fairfax, Va, October 4, 1983. Hon. WILLIAM S. COHEN, Committee on Governmental Affairs, Chair- man, Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, Hart Senate Office Building, Washington, D.C. DEAR CHAIRMAN COHEN: On behalf of the International Communications Industries Association, I am pleased to convey to the Senate our support for B: 1001 as reported (Senate Report 98-214, September 1, 1983). We have dealt with the Office of Federal Procurement Policy since it was created and we continue to feel that the OFPP serves a useful public purpose and should not be abolished or diminished in any way. As the National Audio-Visual Association, we supported the creation of OFPP in the early 1970's. It was our view at that time that General Services Administration and the Department of Defense operated far too independently making it difficult for compa- nies selling identical products and services through two different procurement systems. While progress has been made by OFPP, there still remains much to be done. Prior to OFPP, there was no point in the Executive Branch beyond those two agen- cies where outside organizations such as ours could bring issues to a focus and find resolution of public policy problems. Usual- ly, we were forced to take our problems to Congress. It is difficult to imagine the Office of Management and Budget containing the word "Management" in Its title without clear regulatory authority in the multi-bil- lion dollar procurement policy area. S. 1001, as reported, provides the correct measure of regulation and management authority for OFPP. Therefore, we strongly recommend that the Senate adopt S. 1001. We feel confident that in doing so the Senate will be assuring itself that, most procurement policy differ- ences among agencies are Ironed out before these problems are referred to Congress. We appreciate your leadership on S. 1001 and we look forward to seeing this bill, with regulatory authority for OFPP, passed by the Senate in the near future. Warmest regards. Sincerely, KENTON PATTIE, Senior Staff Vice President. COMPUTER AND BUSINESS EQUIPMENT MAsurACruxims ASSOCIATION, Washington, D! C., October 5, 1983. Hon. WILLIAM S. Comm. Dirksen Senate Office Building U.S. Senate. Washington, D.C. DEAR SENATOR Comm. The Computer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Associ- ation (CBEMA) would like to re-state its support for your legislation, 8. 1001, to reauthorize the Office of Federal Procure- ment Policy. We feel that the reauthorization of OFPP is a matter of great importance to the Gov- ernments procurement process. CBEMA has for some time actively supported OFPP. In addition to responding to your letter dated April 7, 1983, we presented a state- ment in support of reauthorization before the Senate Subcommittee on Federal Approved For Release 2008/11/07: CIA-RDP86B00338R000200250033-9 Approved For Release 2008/11/07: CIA-RDP86B00338R000200250033-9 October S. 1989 CONGRESSIONAL M D == SiENA1'E spending Practices and Open f3overaeaeat on at Ih C. lit , me S rovidbd comsseats to !11!*'14o~-cw@ Rae to tow" Mjftwt- t7snwlef M Dessarbu we stated that we Veep to amport~it the reauthorization of O'P?? loran addkinsai five years. We arrived at that ntfss be- house we f1mb beirs a that at feast eve Yom is aaoeaary M tstedestseot opts ?sah- lain as, weal esneslsad ehsnees its tfesvm Muwaft : Process. Addkfeeily. we stew In our letter than we believe it Is iea?a*a that OFFP be glum directive auRbosttg..We matntaain that the office ahaetld be granted strong posltl10 ?slfesrity. >sowevr. in wfs recall that the issue of directke wr.v~sser levy authorILr was adiossrsd and elsdt'ifd by yw acid aerates Gies df!hats loea hearings on April 27. 1983. During that pot, change, it was decided that by the we of the term die saftorlty.wbal Is Oman- Per dally dashed Is pe al ry to Job SUUMRY strongly re-.----- .g t ? be graded rrisalata W as ltp. The need for OFF? to baveregniatge ?n- thority is clear. OF?? has been uasfcle to eaecesstu!!y >se+ep _ a l t sm h our opinion too.,L ; wit!eeanrt -eae~?tir~ tie zeleife . en eofsefiltaeaat With Leisured in bOMWA t of to on that the rioet wotdd we ft pnev~e m e an aelh - times ifs a iftlildy assn lviyflt. We oleo b e tethat IIioip >,ueei ssad sense that ifse he n lsilrio/selt ffsrf~ wm in the OdOae of Msesiarrst zed Budsetwlyaaeharteydkos egefthtsaieer6 leg and. isgprwfltag.tile eeges? eahlaiall and ettesi enasa of tie f rRaaseat peacesseeb by prorldtng this overall ave. tidnin the form of policies Mod>:egnl foc ' to the vartaets dder as They selabmh their Procures aft Odkies. ltl tlfie vegali we b e f h v e 1t is lsegeelaet that 'O P bare regulatory astYaseflpr 1e bas the asp polar ft Am We strongly aoywnt yeas dfa is afad at predaste the UUMV to grow am " h viewsthat regard. we lye. tfiued to ekftrsle shoats lea dams ft derleMay, . _ ufte a s ade tud- laalzr! idoaM6. single setaetoral Aogwmuwn L-ya, Sxscutive lie Prvsidne !hens, aid it was weable so zaef wn Aftd tiigehames Is revbfm and 9016Msi06 tie RECOQltrI O Mat&1OR FA1i . Hecauas of this Lek at suMM sifan.. ity Federal srrocnze? t bas. The become fndadsive and flEagmoated. Thirs Is Off. With- an obvious need for a strong procuj Gait .Obieetiou. the 840atet,fran Mow= office which is what OFF? was intended to l it may speak cut of be Under the pas ts?" ==-01*. (s ff"I faIss pots seeds to h?. Loa Isola Florida. is >aetDO~tiael{ lot lfi pyre the F der,al oeyeerement Brits. It minutes. we can be at ago addiyonah ,ankisoea Please feel free to can upon us. Very truly your, RLAUTHOR?liATIOf OF' THE Two a awn Wfss, ria~ OFFICE OF FEDERAL ..PRO- , c - . Bsssism XT. oebier s, iMit 1iaarZE on S. i0Q2 oeAf P sder- Heo. WztuArr 8 Cootar. hhll.a~ Qiafr ma, aoconxaltfec as OUNSW Q rich. - Govemmeft -to S I%83 pabie od:seskfet asa.eltfast4tdr slues aioitietie Aron bt, % IM,thet06fsrse ?wPeeaase-' ~t A i4 vftlwhdr steer snei Abud" at vefle . 3*. i ems. Thai it hir_ Het; afawl eln6sr fteesn 9itae Is +eftitied to hwe, aft M oats. atdere4 here -hi .ale t?.11$41.QAM kYted across tberh in are Adetfle8sn. 8ee004 at 8eteetaot wed the se:lta of the Q>dfee cif' 'Il11itltssl Pis- emement poffey. Wb ' *tIH that seosD wldte Some Wets shit4 to -the Aarieeert fie rewndillha " Let me aft "M I perepeo- tlat to . help ' eteeify- tje' `i $.htetlre !fame ebeet which Ow vAWie DoaTt, Lent in we eoileerndd. y ms colleagues that reautbp eft a n 2tiitiOnat nbt la d at the Office to pq + dent. eeMhnsbd b#' ' sand it ho h the`' R 01dw in w it `fir defats--I i ypis of tlod 'which e The Ides for a mift lot imr-oift the F .tea the Senate by MoW The Procasefaeeet eroded In IJ'l2 ttaa&. ON*! *s' e, hoed to raise the visibllM3 of the 0oaasre- meat function beith with" &"-IPA sewase CAiee Drofl oeweea tr e. f " flai3oa, ietfi-eea Q?sa'aer?R MW De. our support far lhhla_Waliae wlfeh scot a~ #ine fease an such !Mods ae;paaen law Us` *I aWp t ie of which an aresseeef of was Irocedwil Pdatrl .1 my ~_ not Sand Sa why! oftaia for Part performance of OFF? in provides view and appeal to m overall s of procurement policies this bill isltttftied to es by pens in ressO B" these pcUcy Menthes is hap and procedures by government agenda. it the fun Senate. There are ifeelata?s ca. nobody makes a decision, ? waste[nl w cvREMENT.. PC%a& Mr. ALWIlt oar. cEilLr's. , want to join ail Sea tOr Can*, tin hts re Approved For Release 2008/11/07: CIA-RDP86B00338R000200250033-9 Approved For Release 2008/11/07: CIA-RDP86B00338R000200250033-9 S13684 CONGRESSIONAL RECORD - SENATE October 6, 1983 vacuum is created. Everybody keeps This is an "institutional" point of some of the statements he made in going their own way. That is why the view on the Department's part. justifying the actions that he took. Congress gave OFPP regulatory au- Deputy Secretary Paul Thayer reflects I do not know where he heard the thority in 1974. The idea was to get this view today. But were he still pre- phrase that the particular legislation these bureaucratic fights resolved, or, siding at the Chamber of Commerce as under question would "force Hispanics alternatively, raise their visibility so he was before he enterd the Defense to wear a tag around the neck," and they could be focused upon by the Department, he would probably be as likening that to the actions of Adolf Congress and/or the President. supportive as that organization is of Hitler against the Jews. I sponsored the 1979 reauthorization this legislation. Apart from the tax- If that ill-informed statement were of OFPP as well. Then the House view payer, it is the businessperson who is not beneath the dignity of the Speak- that regulatory authority was not interested in selling to the Govern- er to utter, it is beneath the dignity of needed prevailed. Thereafter, OFPP ment that suffers the most from the ? this Senator to comment on any fur- was basically ignored by the agencies fragmentation and inconsistency that ther, except to say that it does belle a and was not able to accomplish a more exists in Federal procurement. Keep total lack of understanding about limited mission of developing an ex- in mind that many do not even bother what the bill does and what it ecutive branch consensus for a uni- to try to do business with the Govern- tended to do. form procurement statute proposal to went. The Speaker also said that he could Congress. When that many do not bother to find no constituency for that particu- That experience was persuasive. try, there is no competition and that lar bill. Without the regulatory authority, means the Government has to pay The Speaker is dead wrong. OFPP is not a credible interagency co- more for its goods and services. Mr. CHILES. Will the Senator yield ordinator. This year the House has Mr. President, there is that saying at that point? passed a companion reauthorization "the more things change, the more Mr. HUDDLESTON. I yield. bill and regulatory authority is in it. It they are the same." That is kind of Mr. CHILES. The Senator has been is in the bill Senator Comm has re- what I feel when you look at the situa- the leader over many years in trying ported. Neither in 1974 nor 1979 did tion Senator CouEi and I are trying to to bring to the attention of the Senate the Armed. Services Committees of bring to our colleagues attention and the country the need for an immi- eitherHouse obtain a referral of this today, gration policy. He only continues legislation. It was not obtained in the I am not interested in knocking the today something that he has been House this session. Defense Department just for the sake doing for many, many years. I share The Department of Defense opposes of it. But I have experienced this issue his disappointments. I just wanted to the regulatory authority. Put simply, before and I think the merits are on comment on one point of the constitu- that;is why we have not, as yet, consid- the side of reauthorizing a strong ency, that there is no constituency for eyed this legislation on the Senate OFPP. I think, too, we should recog- the bill. floor. They opposed it in 1974; they nize the Department's agenda, and not The Speaker needs to come to my opposed it in 1979; and they tried to let it deter us from considering this State if he says there is no constituen- get the administration to abandon legislation before the full Senate on cy for this bill. He does. We welcome reauthorization efforts this Congress. the floor. him there. He comes to our State The reasons on each occasion have Thank you. been very similar. The DOD is going Mr. HUDDLESTON. Will the Sena- sometimes. to resist OPPP because, among other tor yield? I can assure the Speaker, and cer- things, OFPP Is a congressional crea- Mr. CHILES. I yield. tainly the Senator from Kentucky ture that facilitates and encourages Mr. HUDDLESTON. If the Senator knows from his own experience, that more congressional oversight. I agree -has finished that subject, would he in Florida, having suffered the rav with that, even if the oversight comes {yield to me the time he has remaining ashes of what happens because of our _ failure to have an immigration policy from committees other than Armed on { his special order?- Services, and I think it is a good thing, Mr. CHILES. I so yield. and the hardships and the other prob- not a bad. The PRESIDING OFFICER. The lems that we have suffered, there is a It Is a little bit like the Inspector nator from Kentucky. constituency that is sort of equal to General Act we passed in 1978. None the 10.5 million people who are in our of the agencies wanted an Inspector State now in the feeling that any sov General that had to report to Con- IMMIGRATION REFORM ereign nation needs to have an immi- gress as well as their own Secretary. Mr. HUDDLESTON. Mr. President, gration policy and needs to be able to DOD successfully resisted then, and already this morning the action by the decide or elect to decide who comes to they are not very happy with the peaker of the House (Mr. O'NEiis.) in their State. There is certainly con- weaker kind of Inspector General they setting aside for this session of Con- stituency in my State. have now. But I think what is going on gress the immigration bill has been re- I must say I also believe as the Sena- over there is helping to focus the Con- ferred to by both the majority leader tor has said, that we need to find an gress attention on where it should be- of the Senate, and the distinguished appropriate vehicle to give the House not hurting. - minority leader (Mr. Bun). a chance to be able to consider this Second, Defense does not like some- Senator BYnD suggested that in view bill. I share that sentiment. one who might be as close to the Presi- of the fact that this body has already Mr. HUDDLESTON. I thank the dis- dent as they are-particularly when passed that particular legislation twice tinguished Senator from Florida. you get down to the day-to-day Assist- by substantial margins, and that there What the Speaker apparently is not ant Secretary issues-to be able to is a need for immigration reform in aware of, is that recently reliable pro- force a decision and arbitrate. Again, this country, we ought to seek ways of fessional polling has taken place on OFPP tends to have an overall per- either reenacting that legislation and this issue. The result is that a vast ma- spective, more like the President's sending it back to the House, or possi- jority of the Hispanics in this country than a functional agency perspective. bly-and I support this endeavor- and the blacks in this country support When it comes to the issue of whether finding some House-passed measure the immigration reform that would or not what is good for the Govern- that is of particular significance and control illegal entry into the United ment as a whole is good for DOD, the adding to it that piece of legislation. States and provide sanctions for those Department of Defense wants to As one who has for a number of who knowingly hire illegals decide that by itself. I believe a system years been closely involved in trying to. It is reasonable that they do, be- that is more likely to give the Presi- develop a reasonable program of immi- cause they are the ones who are suf- dent and the Congress a role is a gration reform, I was shocked by the fering and being e'-advantaged be- better idea. The more sunshine to arbitrary and ill-advised action of the cause of unlimited illegal entries into these decisions, the better. Speaker of the House, and particularly the United States. Approved For Release 2008/11/07: CIA-RDP86B00338R000200250033-9