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December 20, 2016
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May 22, 2007
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October 7, 1983
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Approved For Release 2007/05/22 : CIA-RDP86B00885R000100040006-6 HIGHLIGHTS FOR FRIDAY, 7 OCTOBER 1983 -- Today has been a peaceful, quiet day that should have been a good one for catching up but as usual I didn't quite get there. Had a good session with I I over at t eh IC Staff. Learned that in addition to leavin in February,II will be joiningi taff to replace within the next week or so but no one is supposed to know that yet. Iwas surprised at Mullen's response on the narcotics HUMINT plan. Rather than getting into a hassle in writing, he plans to approach his colleagues over there in a low-key, constructive way to try to deter- mine where things got off track. During0 session with Admiral Murphy, Murphy generally led a pep rally for the trainers going out to the centers. Gries carefully reviewed the ground rules with him. He sensed Murphy's frustration with DEA. Apparently OGC and others have been struggling over drafting an MOU with DEA for sometime. -- Evan Hineman dropped by to thank you and tell you how much he appreciated your hosting the lunch yesterday. I told him you thought it was useful. -- Goldwater has advised the Director that he is aware of a plane being built that will do everything that an AWACS can do better, cheaper and from a much smaller base. He will provide information if anyone is interested. 25X1 *** -- Do you want Legislative Liaison to continue to compile quarterly eports for you indicating the totality of briefings that we provide by directorate to the Hill, or would you just like that information to be available so that you can it when you are interested, or better kA_ yet, would you like to havrome down and brief you once in a while? 25X1 -- Our old friend Ocontinues to cause problems. During a 25X1 recent speech to an academic group, he claimed that the U.S. Government conspired with the Koreans to fly the KAL, loaded with spy gear, over Soviet territory. He also contended that we are following him and tap- ping his phone. Lauder has issued denials to the press. Approved For Release 2007/05/22 : CIA-RDP86B00885ROO0100040006-6 Approved For Release 2007/05/22 : CIA-RDP86B00885R000100040006-6 -- According to Gates, will start on the NSC Staff on Tuesday. Gates has spoken to Kimmit and relayed concerns about remaining on our payroll. Kimmit may figure out a way to pay --~and, if so, we will be all set. If he does not, Gates will be forwarding you a proposal tying this issue to the NSC's request that we pay for the CIA's secretaries on rotation at the NSC Staff. Basically, Gates would suggest phasing out the secretaries who are now down there at very high grades and replacing them with GS-05s and 06s whom we would pay. This would lower the tab and give these people an opportunity to do something fun and different for a couple of years. In return, he proposes that the NSC Staff would pick up the tab for Regarding the 26 September letter from Clark to Mr. Casey, neither t e egistry nor ver saw it. Since Gates saw it on Mr. Casey's desk, I would guess tn-aTTlark handed it to him at a Wednesday session. -- Shultz has invitedi o sit in on his meetings with PRC Foreign Minister Wu. -- An NSPG is scheduled for Friday, 14 October, on Cuba; President chairing, principal only. -- The NSDD on Eastern Caribbean Regional Security Policy has been i Ssued _ I -- Against the backdrop of the upcoming Cabinet review of the national security need for a manned space station, Mr. Casey has asked for a joint OSWR/SOVA assessment of the overall military threat that the Soviets are likely to pose during the 1990s. -- Clark has asked for background information for the President's trip to Japan and Korea by 17 October. -- Linc Faurer has asked the DCI for permission for NSA to continue using its own nondisclosure agreement in lieu of the DCI's agreement for personnel with access to SCI. Linc contends that the NSA agreement covers the same substantive areas as the DCI's, but in addition includes other categories of information that must be protected. 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2007/05/22 : CIA-RDP86B00885R000100040006-6 Approved For Release 2007/05/22 : CIA-RDP86B00885R000100040006-6 Approved For Release 2007/05/22 : CIA-RDP86B00885R000100040006-6