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December 19, 2016
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August 14, 2001
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December 19, 1977
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NFAC 3089-77 Approved For... "ft gQ fife 8 : 8 9 514000300080003-8 MEMORANDUM FOR: Director of Central Intelligence THROUGH . Director, National Foreign Assessment Center Assistant to the DCI for Public Affairs FROM . Associate Coordinator for Academic Relations and External Analytical Support SUBJECT : Publicity about Academic Relations 1. Action requested: Your approval for Public Affairs to invite the Chronicle of Higher Education to do a feature story on the Agency and its academic relationships and for the Coordinator for Academic Relations, the Associate Coordinator, and other appropriate officers to brief a Chronicle reporter. That you agree to meet with a Chronicle reporter as part of this effort. 2. Background: The Chronicle of Higher Education is a prestigious weekly paper that reaches more than 50,000 subscribers in the US academic community, During the last year or so it has carried stories with CIA content: the Michael Selzer affair at Brooklyn College, the Harvard guidelines, MK-ULTRA, etc. These stories were factually and objectively done, though all lacked depth and perspective on the Agency and on the real dimensions and objectives of our academic relations program. 3. An article would be consistent with the objectives of our expanded academic relations program and could give it added impetus and focus. We would want the story to concentrate on the two major dimensions of the Agency's academic relationships: 1) our open recruiting on campus; and 2) the scholarly 1AAT TEL milieu, purposes, and friends of the National Foreign Assessment Center. Appropriate senior officers should be available to discuss these matters with Chronicle reporters. A meeting with a top spokesman--preferably the DCI--also would be desirable. Administrative -Internal Use only Approved For Release 2006/10/18: CIA-RDP86BOO985ROO0300080003-8 Approved For Rel Eli's B}300080003-8 SUBJECT: Publicity about Academic Relations Director of Central Intelligence DISAPPROVE: Director of Central Intelligence Date: Ad hh tr llvo - I ter Use only Approved For Release 2006/10/18: CIA-RDP86B00985R000300080003-8 Approved For Release 2006/10/18: CIA-RDP86B00985R000300080003-8 Subject: Publicity about Academic Relations NFAC/ACAR Memo to DCT Distribution: Original - DCI 1 - ADDCI 1 - ER 1 - D/NFAC 1 - AD-M/NFAC 1 - A/DCI/PA ,STATRiqTL 1 - NFAC Registry 1 - NFAC/CAR 1 - NFAC/ACAR Chrono NFAC/CAII/cr/7848(23 November 1977) K) Approved For Release 2006/10/18: CIA-RDP86B00985R000300080003-8 Approved F r R lease 2006/10/18: CIA-RDP86B00985R00030 MEMORANDUM FOR: ' &Ivwe C~~.. ~~ l0 3al L Date U. , 1 . 1 5 5 101 Eo proved For Release 2006/10/18: CIA-RDP86B00985R000300080003- UNCLASSI FEDroved F ROUTING AND RECORD SHEET SUBJECT: (Optional) Publicity about Academic Relations FROM: EXTENSION NO. 7848 STATI NTL DATE 21 November 1977 TO: (Officer designation, room number, and building) DATE OFFICER'S COMMENTS (Number each comment to show from whom RECEIVED FORWARDED INITIALS to whom. Draw a line across column after each comment.) 1 NFAC/CAR 2E49 Hq 2 AD-M/NFAC 7E62 16 nFa 1977 3. D STATINTL 4 A/DCI/PA 1F04 DCI 7E12 6. 7. 8. Wy- 10. STATIN L ~ ~ - 12. 13. 14. 15. STATINTL 006i10/18 . CIA-RDP 0@VAQ80003-8 ^ Y SECRET FORM 610 USE EDITIONS OUS inltKNAL 3-62 u ^ SECRET ^ CONFIDENTIAL 0 usE ONLY UNCLASSIFIED Approved For Release 2006/10/18: CIA-R DP86B00985R000300080003-8`