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December 9, 2016
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December 12, 2000
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February 5, 1979
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STATI NTL Approved. For Re MEMORANDUM FOR: FROM STATI NTL ilti4:c_ittplif9opw9ef.000100274.- utive Bog-Way / NFAC #0630/79 5 February 1979 ? Associate Coordinator for Academic Relations, NFAC SUBJECT : University Presidents Visit, 15 February 1979 1. Action Requested: None. This is an update of arrangements. 2. Changes to Program: Nine of the people invited will be attending. They are: It?Thomas A. Bartlett Jefives?Etiwarittlink Richard Michael Cyert Frederick Davison Robert Crocker Good' Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh George Michael Low *Robert William MacVicar Jett?May e r Association of American Universities HerwartriltilVercMy Carnegie-Mellon University University of Georgia Denison University University of Notre Dame Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Oregon State University Tufts -University 3. Two of our guests have cancelled out. Dr. Philip G. Hoffman stated he will have to testify on the university's budget before a state Senate Appropriations Committee. Dr. William Harvey will be attending an executive board meeting. STATI NTL 4. Mr.IME will not be able to 3:30. He suggested we invite Mr. on past drug experimentations. Mr. STATINTEn the subject, questions may arise that attend the wrap-up session at , the Agency troubleshooter STATINTL felt that with recent publicity IIIIIIIIIIe could answer. 5. Mr. McMahon will not be able to make the lunch and I suggest inviting his deputy, Mr. Stein. ADIIINISTRATIYE - In r11:41 Approved For Release 2001/03/0o : CIA- 00 0 5R 0 0010027-9 -Approved For 7321Eiji6 7 diilliaiihgaii8iithib400010027-9 NFAC #0630/79 SUBJECT: University Presidents Visit, 15 February 1979 6. The schedule and a revised seating plan for lunch are attached. Attachments: As stated -2- STATINTL 8?netnr rmnt1 ry,P1 ativatiO 2001/g0g :161W4itt#868009g64 Approved For 00400010027-9 -Approved For Re WM: c'ilfirrin, Ey00010027-9 Seating Plan for 15 February University Presidents Luncheon Low Dirks MacVicar STATI NTL Good Waller Hesburgh Davison Mayer DCI Bartlett Bowie Cyert Stein Cheek Int Approved For gRoil : C A-RDP86B00985R000400010027-9 kgrjpjl - FrErt t 1 I aziaLoveZiForlIfimpirist21140a/.06 : CIA:R/OR8,6B1F19038561000400 INUTML LE ONLY NFAC #0560/79 5 February 1979 MEMORANDUM FOR: See Distribution FROM : Associate Coordinator for Academic Relations, NFAC SUBJECT : University Presidents Visit, 15 February 1979 1. The following eight university presidents and one distinguished educator have accepted Admiral Turner's invitation to visit the Agency on 15 February 1979: Thomas A. Bartlett tiermee?gdwei.4.-Hiteek Richard Michael Cyert Frederick Davison Robert Crocker Good Association of American Universities --Newegv*-1344-verrity---- Carnegie-Mellon University University of Georgia Denison University Rev. Theodore M. Hesburgh University of Notre Dame George Michael Low Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Robert William MacVicar Oregon State University 8.ftrill".1%?eiGIMII???????..meNiiin.M?re.1?????41.11461,441460.64441. 2. The activities that day will be substantially the same as the 26 October 1978 visit when four university presidents participated. The schedule and bio sketches of the presidents are attached. All have been cleared for and agreed to Secret briefings. STATI NTL Attachments: As stated ADMINITATIVE - r71 C,6,1Y Approved For Release 2 01/03/06 : CIA-RDP86B0098500400010027-9 Approved or Ritemhilgfpion: cliciENA130NE5 00010027-9 SCHEDULE FOR UNIVERSITY PRESIDENTS VISIT STATINTL0930 Coffee and Danish with Admiral Turner Welcome and General Discussion (DCI, DDCI, Bowie, Visitors) 1015 NFAC Briefing STATINTL (Bowie, Stoertz, Heymann, Huffstutler, Kerr, Illmilm, Visitors) 1145 DDS&T Briefing STATINTL (Dirks, Hazzard, Visitors) 1245 Discussion and Cocktails Room DCI Conference Room DCI Conference Room 6E60 DCI Dining Room 1315 Luncheon Exec. Dining Room 1415 DDO Bri efingSTATINTL (McMahon, Visitors) 1'530 Round-up Meeting with DCI STATINTL (DCI, DDCI, Bowie, Waller, Hetu, = STATINTL Visitors) 1630 Departure 7E26 DCI Conference Room ATIIINSTEATIVE - r I Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP86600985R000400010027-9 Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP86600985R000400010027-9 BARTLETT, THOMAS ALVA, univ. pres.; b. Salem, Ore.. Aug. 20. 1930: s. Cleave Wines and Alma (Hanson) B.; student Willamette U., 1947-49; A.B., Stanford, 1951. Ph.D.. 19 9: M.A. (Rhodes scholar. Oxford U., 1953; m. Mary Louise Bixby,. ar. 20. 1954; children?Thomas Glenn. Richard A.. Paul H. Instr. U. Santa Clara (Cal.), 1955-56; mem. U.S. Permanent Mission to UN, 1956-63; pres. Am. U. in Cairo, 1963-69, Colgate U., Hamilton. N.Y., 1969?. Mem. UAR-U.S. Ednl. Exchange Commn.; mem. Commr. Edn.'s Adv. Council; chmn. Commn. Ind. Cat'. and Univs. N.Y. Trustee, Colgate U. Mem, Council Fgn. Relations. Phi Beta Kappa. Clubs: University. Century Assn., Princeton (N.Y.C.). Home: Watson House College Hill Hamilton NY 13346 Approved For Release 2001/03/66 CVA-:14b B00985R000400010027-9 Approved For Relea& 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP86B00980R000400010027-9 ?N: CHEEK. JA IES EDWARD, univ. prcs.; b. Roanoke Rapids, N.C.,- 4, 1932; King Virgil and Lee Ella (Williams) C.; B.A., Shaw 1955, H.H. ., 1970; B.D., Colgate Rochester Div. Sch.' 1958; (Rockefe er doctoral fellow 1960). Drew U., 1962, LL.D.. /1; L.H.D., Trin'ty Coll., 1970; LL.D., A andTtL, 1971, Del. State all., 1972; a horn is causa, l'Universite d'Etat 'Haiti, 1972; Ed.D., rovidence Coil., 19 ; in. Celestine Juanita Williams, June 14, 1953; children?James Ed ard, Janet Elizabeth. Teaching asst. hist. theology Drew Theol. ch., Madison, N.J.. 1959-60; instr. Western history Union Jr. Coil., ranford, N.J., 1959-61; vis. instr. Christian history Upsala Coll., East e range, NJ., summer 1960; asst. prof. N.T. and hist. theology Sch. Re gion, Va. Union U., Richmond, 1961-63; pres. Shaw U., 1963-69, H ard U., Washington, 1969?. Dir. First Nat. Bank Washington. Me. ad hoc corn. univo and coil. presidents Citizens Exchange Corps Con ress Internat. Edn. Citizens; mem. adv. corn. Woodrow Wilson Interna Center Scholars; mem. corn. intern at.. cella. Coll. Entrance Exam. Bd., ilberforce U. Pres.'s Devel. Council; spl. cons. Pres. U.S. on black co 3. and univs., 1970. Mem. Mayor's EconADevel. Corn., nat. adv. co cil Ind. Found., nat. council U.S. Peoples Fund for UN, nat. select' n corn. Sealantic Fund, Mt. adv. council Peace Corps, Pres.'s Comm . Campus Unrest, 1970, steering corn. Nat. Urban Coalition, Vo c of Informed Community Expression, Washington Home Ru Inc. Bd. dirs. Downtown Progress, Ednl. Policy Center, Fun Advancement Theo!. Edn., Greater Washington Ednl. TV Assn., Jo t Center Polit. Studies, Nat. Assn. Equal Opportunity in Higher Ed Nat. Capital Arca council Boy Scouts Am. Nat. Council Educatin Disadvantaged, Operation PUSH (People united to Save Humanity), ashington Urban League; trustee Colgate-Rochester Div. Sch., Dre U., U. Miami (Fla.), Bd. Fgn. Scholarships, Consortium of Univs., ed. City Council, Inst. Internat. Edn., internat. Council Ednl. ? eve!., Neighborhood Consumer Info. Center, Rind for Peace, Vol in-Tech. Assistance, Washington Center Met. Studies; hon. trust c Choral Arts Soc. Washington; bd. advisers African Free Sch., nat. v. cam. health Am. Hosp. Assn., distinguished black Am. series mority Advt. and Journalism Inst., Nat. Coordinating Council Dru Abuse, Edn. and Info., Speak Out!, Student Nat. Med. Assn., Assn. I egration Mgmt., Nat. Black Monitor; mem. governing bd. Common Ca sc. Served with USAF, 1950-51. Colgate-Rochester grad. fellow, 195 Lily Found. fellow, 1958-59. Mem. Am. Acad. Religion, A.A.U.P., in. Soc. Ch. History, L.Q.C. Lamar Soc., Nat. Assn. Bibi. Instrs., Religious Research Assn., Soc. Bib!. Lit. and Exegesis, Advt. Club y corn. communications council), Internat. Platform Assn., Am. Mgmt. Assn., Internat. African C. of C. (dir.), Am. Assn. Coils. Tc Edn. (trustee), Middle State Assn. Coils. and Secondary Schs. ( tee), Ap trikillPM296431E%%- s ? ? : ?:? A ? sin4 igma. itona . our. 'k . a Washington DC 20012 . >CirERT, RICHARD MICHNEL, economist, univ. pres.; b. Winona, > -0 -0 -0 3 Minn., July 22, 1921; s. Walter Michael and Anne Fostine (Brown) 0 < C.; B.S. in Econs., U. Minn., 1943; Ph.D., Columbia U., 1951; hon. < CD . CD a degree U. Gothenburg (Sweden), 1972, U. Leuven (Belgium), 1973; 0, m m O m. Margaret Shadick, Sept. 8, 1946; children?Lynn Anne Aikin, 9, -, x Lucinda Carol Steffes, Martha Sue. Instr., U. Minn., 1946, Coll. City 7:1 ? CD CD (7) N.Y., 1948; instr. econs. Carnegie Inst. Tech. (now Carnegie-Mellon (7) A) A) 0 CD U.), Pitts., 1948-49, asst. prof. econs. and indsl. adminstm. 1949-55, f) IV a asso. prof. econs. and indsl. adMinstr., head indsl, mgmt. dept., a a a d 1955-60, prof. econs. and indsl. aminstm., 1960-62, dean Grad. Sch. a a 6.) Indsl. Adminstrn., 1962-72, pres., 1972?; dir. Koppers Co., Inc., 0.) , a a cr) Lord Corp., 1st Boston Corp., Am. Standard Inc., Allegheny Ludlum cr) . . . . o Industries, Inc., Copperweld Corp., Regional Indsl. Devel. Corp. Bd. o F. . dirs. Presbyn.-U. Hosp.; trustee Winchester-Thurston Sch. Served 13 x x 0? USNR; 1943-46. Recipidnt Hofstra Distinguished Scholar award, 0 -0 -0 03 1973, Outstanding Athievernent award U. Minn., 1975. Ford fellow, 03 cr) cr) CO 1959-60; Guggenheim fellow, 1967-68. Fellow Am. Statis. Assn.; rn CO a a a a CD -em. Am. Econ. Assn., Inst. lvIgmt. Scis., Internat. Inst. Itylgmt. (adv. CD 03 03 0, council), Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma. Author: (with R.M.. X a Trueblood) Sampling Techniques in Accounting, 1957; (with 1U. N a a a . .D. Davidson) Sampling for Accounting Information, 1962; (with LG. 43 a . a Th a March) A Behavioral Theory of the Firm, 1963; (with K.J. Cohen) a a a a a Theory of the Firm: Resource Allocation in a Market Economy, 1965; a a a IV editor: (with L.A. Welsch) Management Decision Making, 19,70; IV ?1 ?1 a) Management of Non-Profit Organizations: With Emphasis ' on 6 Universities, 1975; bd. editors Behavioral Sci.; contbr. articles to profl. ? jours. Home: 12 Edgewood Rd Pittsburgh PA 15215 Approved. For Rele ? 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP86B009000400010027-9 DAVISON, FREDERICK CORSET, univ. pres.; b. Atlanta, Sept. 3. 1929; s. Frederick Collins and Gladys (Carsley) D.; D.V.M., U. Ga.? 1952: Ph.D., Ia. State U., 1963; m. Dianne Castle, Sept. 3, 1952; .children.?Frederick Corbet, William Castle, Anne Harper. Individual practice vet. medicine, Marietta. Ga., 1952-58; research asst. Ia. State U., 1958-60, asst. prof.. 1960-63, ass?. Inst. Atomic Research. 1960-63; asst. dir. dept. sci. activities Am. Vet. Med. Assn:, 1963-64; dean U. Ga. Sch. Vet. Medicine; Athens, 1964-66, vice chancellor Univ. system, 1966-67, pres. univ., 1967?. Dir. Clarke Fed. Says. & Loan Assn. Mern. Inst. Animal Resources, Nat. Acad. Sei.-NRC, 1965-- Mem. N.E. Ga. commn. Boy Scouts Am., now pres. Area 5 Trustee Rabun Gap-Nacoochce Sch., Presbyn. Coll.. Clinton, S.C.7 Mem. Am.. Ga. vet. med. assns., Council Biol. and Therapeutic Agts., Sigma Xi. Phi Kappa Phi. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Omega Tau Sigma, Alpha Zeta, Phi Zeta, Gamma Sigma Delta. Rotarian. Contbr. articles, to profl. jours. Home: 570 Prince Av Athens GA 30601 Approved For Release 2001/03/06.-Fda:Iii513461E00985R00040001,00279 ? ? GOOD, ROBERT CROCKER, coll. pres.; b.:Mt. Vernon, N.Y., Apr. -0 7, 1924; s. Alfred and josephirte (Crocker) G.; B.A., Haverford (Pa.) -0 Coll., 1945; B.D., Yale U., 1951, Ph.D. in Intermit. Relations, 1956; CD m. Nancy Louise Cunningham, Aug. 21, 1946; children--.Stephen Karen L., Kathleen J. Instr., then asst. prof. internat. relations Social (:) - Sci. Fund, U. Denver, 1953-58; research asso. Washington Center X CD Fgn. Policy Research, 195S-61; dir. Carnegie Endowment Seminars . (7) A) (f) Diplomacy, Washington. 1960-61; dir. President-Elect Kennedy's (.3 " ? Task Force Africa, 1960; dir. Oce Research and Analysis Africa, a Bur. Intelligence and Research, Dept. State, 1961; U.S. ambassador to a a Zambia, 1965-69; dean Grad. Sch. Internat. Studies, U. Denver, 0.) 8 1970-76; pres. Denison U., Granville, Ohio, 1976?; cons. andior cr) ..? mem. bd. Center Global Perspectives, 1.974?, Global Perspectives in o F Edn.' 1975?, Council Religion in Internat. Affairs, 1975?, Patterson . x Sch. Internat. Diplomacy and Commerce, U. Ky., 1975-77; external ? 0 1:1 bd. govs. Nat. U. Lesotho. Roma, 1977?. Pres. Neighborhors, Inc., 03 cr) Washington, 1961-.65. Kent fellow, 1951; recipient Superior Honor CO a award Dept. State, 1964. Mem. Am. Polit. Sci. Assn., Internat., a 03 African studies assns., Soc. Values in Higher Edn., Phi Beta Kappa.. CD 01 X Democrat. Unitarian. Atithor: Congo Crisis: The Role of the N:.,--w a a States, 1961; U.D.I.: The InternatIonal Politics of the Rhodesian a a Rebellion, 1973; co-author: Alliance Policy in the Cold War, 1959; 43. a a " Neutralism and. Non-alipment: The New .States in World Affairs, a a ' 1962; The Nifission of the Christian Church in the Modern Work!, I?3 .,, 1962; Foreign Po:icy in the Sixties: Issues and Instrumentalities, 1965. (k) Co-editor: Reinhold on Politics, 1960. Horne: 111 Chapin PI Granville OH 43023 Office: Denison. Univ PO Box B Granville OH 43023 Approved For Relea94.2001/03/06 Approved For.Rele e g001/03/06 : CIA-RDP86B009?5R090400010027-9 II ESBURCH, THEODORE MARTIN, clergyman. univ_ pres.: b. ? Syracuse, N.Y., May 25, 19,17; s. Theodore Bernard and Anne Marie (Murphy) H.; student U. Notre Dame. 1934-37: Ph.B.. Gregorian .1939; postgrad. Holy Cross Coll., Washington. 1940-43; Cath. U. Am., 1945; hon. degrees Bradley U.. LeMoyne Coll.. U. R.L. Cath. - U. of Santiago (Chile), Dartmouth, Villanova U.. St. Benedict's Coll., . Columbia, Princeton. Ind. U. Brandeis .U.. Gon7agzt U.. IL Ca). at Los Angeles, Temple U., Northwestern U., U. III_ Fordham U., Manchester Coll., Atlanta U., Wabash Coll.. Valparaiso U. . Providence 'Coll.. U. So. Cal., Mich. State U.. St. Louis U.. Catty'. U. Am.. Loyola U. at Chgo.. Anderson Coll.. State U. N.Y. at Albany, - Utah State U.. Lehigh U.. Yule. Lafayette Coll., King's CoiL. Stonehill Coll., Alma. Coll., Syracuse U., Marymount Coll-. Hobart and William Smith Coll.,. Hebrew Union Coll., Cin., Harvard. Entered Order of -? Congregation of Holy Cross. ?1934; ordained priest Roman Catholic Ch.. U. Notre Dame. 1943; chaplain Nat. Tng. Sch. for Boys. Washington. 1943-44: vets. chaplain U. Notre Dame 1945-47. asst. prof. religion.- head dept., 1948-49. exec. v.p.. 1949-52, pres.. 1952 ?. ,Former dlr. Woodrow- Wilson Nat. Fellowship Corp.; mem. Civil Rights Commn.. 1957-72; mem. of Carnegie Commn. on Future of Higher Edn.; chrrin. U.S. 'Commit. on Civil Rights. 1969-72; mem. Commp. on an All-Volunteer Armed Force. 1970. Bd. dirs. Am. . Council Edit.. Freedoms Found. Valley Forge,- Adlai Stevenson inst. Internat. Affairs; trustee Rockefeller Found.. Carnegie Found. for. Advancement Teaching, Woodrow Wilson Nat. Fellowship Found., . Inst. Internat. Un-., Nutrition Found? United Negro Coil Fund, ? others. Recipient U.S. Navy's Distinguished Pub. Service award, 1959; Presdl. Medal of Freedom. 1%4; Gold medal Nat. Inst. Social Scis.. 1969; Cardinal Gibbons medal Cath. U. Am., 1969; Bellarmine . ? Tried-al Bellarmine-Urstiline Coll., 1970; Meiklejohn award A.A.U.P.. 1970; Charles Evans I luglies award Nat. cont.. Christians and Jews. 1970; Merit award Nat. Cath. Ednl. Assn., 1971; Pres.' Cabina award U. Detroit, 1971; Am. Liberties medallion Am. Jewish Coin.. 1971; Liberty Bell award Ind. State Bar Assn.. 1971: others. Fellow Am. Acad. Arts and Scis.; mem, Internat. Fedn. Cath. Univs.. Freedoms Found. (dir., mem. exec. corn.). Nutrition Found.. Commn. on .111.nnanities. Inst.. Internat. Edn. (pres., dir.). Cath. Theol. Soc. Author: Theology of Catholic Action. 1945; God and the World of Man. 1950; Patterns for Educational Growth. 1958; Thoughts for Our Times, 1962; More Thoughts for Our Times, 1965: Still More Thoughts for Our TiMeN,. 1966:-Thoughts IV. -1968; Thoughts V, 1969; The Humane Imperative: A Challenge for the Year 2000. 1974. Home: Corby Hall Notre Dame IN 46556 0.? B-2 Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP86B00985R000400010027-9_ ), LOW, GEORGE MICHAEL?oll. pre.; b. Vienna. Austria, June 1_0, 7,3 1926; s. Arthur and Gertrude. (Burger) .1.4 B.S. in Aero. Engring, PT, Rensselaer Poly. Inst., 1948, MS; in Aero. Engring., 1950, Eng.a. (hon.), 1969; Sc.D., U. Fla., 1969; m. Mary R. McNamara, Sept. 3, 1949; children?Mark. S., Diane E., G. David, John M. Nancy.* With NASA, and predecessor, 1949?, dept. asso. adminstr, mann. (41) space flight, 1963-64, dept. dir. Manned Spacecraft Center, Houstot, 1964-67, mgr. Apollo Spacecraft program, '1967-69, dep. adminstd, Washington, 1969-76; pres. Rensselaer Poly. Inst., Troy, N.Y, 1976?; dir. Gen. Electric Co. Bd. dirs. Cousteau Soc.; trustee c),2, Hartford Grad. Center. Recipient Outstanding Leadership meal LINASA, 1962, 2 Distinguished Service medals, 1969; Space Fligla To award Am. Astronautical Soc., 1968; Arthur S. Flemming award U.S. Jr. C. of C,, 1963; Paul T. Johns trophy Arnold Air Soc., 1961; E3, Astronautics Engr. award Nat: Space Club, 1970, Robert H. Goddal Meml. trophy, 1973; Nat. Civil Service League Career Service award, E 1973; Rockefeller Pub. Service award for adminstrn., 1974. Fellory c`f), Am. Inst. Aeros. and Astronautics (hon.; Louis W. Hill Space Tran. award 1969); mem. Nat. Acad. Engring., Aerospace Med. Ass. 701(hon.), Home: 2005 Tibbits Ave Troy NY 12180 Office: Rensselaer Poly Inst Troy NY 12181 6-/Z001.00017000N98600898dCIN-V10 90/?0/1.00Z eseeieN iod peAwddv MACVICAR, ROBERT WILLIAM, univ. pres.; b. Princeton, Minn., Sept. 28, 1918; s. George William and Elizabeth (Brennan) MacV.; 13.A., U. Wyo., 1939; M.S., Okla. State U., 1940; Ph.D., U. Wis., 1946; Cl. Clarice Lucille Chambers, Dec. 23, 1949; children?Miriam Jean, John R. Asso. prof. Okla. State U., 1946, prof. agrl. chemistry, 1949-64, head dept., 1949-57, dcan Grad. Schs., 1953-64, v.p. acad. affairs, 1957-64; v.p. for acad. affairs So. 111. U., Carbondale and Edwardsville, 1964-68, chancellor Carbondale campus, 1968-70; pres. Ore. State U., Corvallis, 1970?.1.11s1 )(les schptari_alL. Mem. Am. Bd. Human Nutrition, Am. Soc. Biol. Chemists, Am. Inst. Nutrition. Home: 3520 NW Hayes Corvallts OR 97330 ApPrOved For Releajle001/03/06 : CIA-RDP86B00985R000400010027-9 JEAN, univ. pies., scientist; b. Paris, France, Feb. 19, 1920; s. Andre rid Jeanne Eugenie (Veil* M.; B.Litt. surnrna cum laude, U. Paris, 1 37, B.Sc. rnagr.a curn lautle, 1938, M.Sc.,. 1939; Ph.D. in Physiol. emistry (Rockefeller Found- fellow), Yale U., 1943; Dr.43-Sc. ut Physiology summa euro laude, Sorbonne, 1960; A.M. (hon.), Harva U., 1965; M.D. (hon.), I.E. Purkyne Coll. Medicine, Pt3,3120, Cleo lovakia, 1963; D.Sc. (hon.)? Wittenberg U., 1975, Mass. State Co at Framingham, 1976; D.B.A. (hon.), Johnson and Wales Coll, 1 6, Northeastern U? 1976, Worcester Poly. Inst., 1977; 1-1-1.D.. enterst.New Eng. Coll? 1977, Starr King Sch. for Ministry, 1977; in. Elizabeth . Van Hoysen. Mar. 16, 1942; 'children?Andre, ura, John-Paul, Theodore, Pierre. Fellow, Ecole ? Normal, Superi , Paris, 1939-40; nutrition officer FAO, UN, 1943-49; from asst. of. to prof. nutrition Harvard U, 1950-76, lentr. history pub. health, 1961-76, merri. Center for Population Studies, 1968-72, 75?, co-di 1975-76, master Dudley House, 1973.76, hon. asso., pies. Tufts U.. edford, Mass., 1976?. SpL cons. to Pres. U.S., 1969-70; chtrin. Whit House Conf. on Food. Nutrition and Health, 1969; chrms. nutrition ? iv. White House Conf. on Aging. 1971?; mem. Pres.'s Consumer dv. Council, 1970-77; gen. coordinator U.S. Senate Nat. Nutrition ilicy Study, 1974; mem. FAO-WHO. Adv. Mission to Ghana, I95, to Ivory Coast and West Africa, 1960.. ? UNICEF mission to Ni ria-Biafra, 19691-mem. FAO-WHO Joint. Expert Corn. on Nutritio? 1961?; mem. protein adv. group UN, 1973-75; dir. Priorities on Child Nutrition UNICEF, 1973-75. Dir. Monsanto Co. Adv. bd. rgent Colt. Boston U., 1955-72; mem. subcont. on med. services .S. Olympic Corn., 1966-70; mem. child health adv. corn. Hood Fou d., 1964-69; chrruL, 1968-69; mer. bd. inquiry on hunger in U.S., itizerts" Crusade againat-,Poverty; 1967; chnan. Nat. Council on Hun es' and Malnutrition in U.S., 196349; mem. food and nutrition bd. at. Acad. Scis., 1973?. bd. dirs. Action for Boston Community Dev I., 1964-70, Am. Kor-Asiart Found., 1976?, French-Am. Found., 976?, World Affairs Council. 1976--; bd. overseers Shady Hill Sch.. bridge, Mass., 1965-68. Served to cape. French Army, 1940-45. ecoratecl Croix de Guerra with two palms, Gold Starand Bronze St ,knight Legion of Honor. Resistance medal, numerous others; recipi nt Gold medal City of Paris, 1936. Calvert Smith prize Harvard ? mni Assn.. 1961. Alvarenga prize Coll. Physicians Phila., 1968, Atwater prize Agri. Research - Adminntm., 1971; Presdi. eta ion AAHPER, 1972; Bradford Washburn prize Boston Mus.Sci.? 975; Golden Door award Internat. 'Inst., 1975; Polley Gold medal Y. Acad. SeL, 1975; Pub. award GreaterGreater Boston chpt. A Heart Assn.. 1976; numerous lectureships. Fellow Am. Acad. rts and Sets. (mem. council. 1970-73),. AAAS, fgn. mem. Frenc Academie des Science"; mem. Am. Inst. Nutrition (mem. council 1972-75). Am. PhysioL (editorial bd. 1960-66), Soc. for Num 'on Edit. (pres. 1974-75), Arr... Soc. for Clin. Nutrition, Am. Pub. ealth Assn. (chmn..- food and nutrition sect. 1972-73). Phi Beta Ka 3, Delta Omega, Sigma K.. Beta Beta Beta. Unitarian (ehrnn. bd-- trustees 1st parish. Sudbury_ M333., moderator 1959-66, vestryman 1970.74, Sr. warden King's Chapel, Boston 1974?). Clubs: Hamar, , Bay (Boston); Annisqua= Yacht (Gloucester, M333.); University Y.C.). Author: Overweight: Causes, Cost, Control, 1969; Human . trition, 1971; A Diet roc Living. 1975; Food and Nutrition in Heal t and Disease, 1977. Editor.: U.S. Nutrition Policies in the Seventies 973; (with W. Aykroyd) Nutrition Terminology. 1973; Health, 1 74; also numerous sci. articles. Asso. editor: Nutrition-Revs., 1 51-54; nutrition edit= Pcntgrad. Medicine. 1959-71; editorial Am. Jour. Physiology, Jour. Applied Physiology, 1960.65, Family ith. 1969?; Postgrahi. Medicine, 1976?; cons. editor: Environ. esearch. 1967?, Nutrition Edn., 1968-70, Geriatrics Diges 1968?. Syndicated columnist. Home: 161 Packard Ave Pres's Ho Medford MA 02155 Officc Tufts U Medford MA 0215_5 Approved For Release 2001/03/06 : CIA-RDP86B00085R000400010027-9