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December 22, 2016
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September 9, 2009
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August 10, 1984
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V Approved For Release 2009/09/11 : CIA-RDP86M00017R000400310041-6 MEMORANDUM FOR THE RECORD Vice Chairman, IHC DCI/ICS 84-4038 10 August 1984 SUBJECT: Telephone Conference with DODIIS 8/2/84 Re: COINS/ 1. On 8/2/84 I discussed various topics related to the COINS/DODIIS interface. 0 said that he had just had a meeting with DIA/RSE, who wanted to amend the COINS/DUDIIS m.o.u. The principal factor he wanted to amend was to delete the agreement for an interface and the passing of data between the network control and monitoring centers. eminded that the m.o.u. was a triparty agreement and asked to submit proposed changes in writing. 2. He stated that the meeting went well and that basic agreement was reached on a strategy for COINS/DODIIS gateway implementation. He is firmly of the opinion that the gateway must be capable of maintaining security audit records of accesses to the COINS network down to the organizational level but not to the individual user. In order to do this by 198b, COINS TAS's must be utilized as the basis for the internet gateways. This approach was agreed to by DIA. However, by the time WRANGLER comes on line on COINS a "true IP gateway" must be designed, developed and implemented. 3. stated that DIA had still not given any comments in writing on either the 1s or 2nd paper, and that, in default of comments he was having= finalize a paper based on comments which had been received. I suggested .might ask DIA to turn over the task to Mitre, but George reacted negatively saying he was displeased with Mitre performance for him on the COINS TCP/IP implementation and was going to pnase them out, having turned over the TCP/IP implementation to Despite the unsatisfactory performance by Mitre, he was reasonably optimistic that 0 could take what they have done and complete the COINS implementation reasonably soon, although he won't know for sure until 0 had gotten further into the problem. 4. stated that he thought our effort, through and Mitre, to gather information on the present and projected size of e NS community was unnecessary and that it was futile to project usage. I told him STAT STAT STAT STAT Approved For Release 2009/09/11 : CIA-RDP86M00017R000400310041-6 g. Approved For Release 2009/09/11 : CIA-RDP86M00017R000400310041-6 STAT STAT that we were undertaking it at the behest of CIRC who wanted the information, realizing that no precise conclusion could be drawn from it. I said that I would go back and look at the tasking and get back with him on what was really needed. 5. ~ also said he was upset by the suggestion that we might set up a working group on inter-network security problems. He said we already had a working group, namely COINS and DODIIS, that they were working the problem and that if we got too many people involved it would only impede progress. I told him that we were concerned in that everyone recognized that there were problems and we wanted to be assured that the problems were being analyzed, defined and worked on. 6. Despite all the concerns, stated that, although progress was slower than he would like, protocol development was moving forward. He is implementing the Dot) Standard FTP and should have it complete and in production for DODIIS to use in making regular file transfers to NSA, now already being handled by COINS on an interim basis. DODIIS has implemented and is testing THP and when they-have completed this, he will take what they have done and implement it on COINS. Technical working groups have been established to coordinate these efforts. In his opinion, the only way to proceed was to have each party do their own implementation and then convert the COINS and DODIIS network and see if they work. If not to use the networks for identity and correct problems and inconsistencies in the testing. He was confident, based upon ARPANET experience that their approach will work. -111 7. After discussing the above with he talked to STAT 0 about her contact with attempting to secure data on the COINS STAT user community. She reported that was much more negative to her about their specific study and about the whole CIRS effort. As a follow-up I will discuss the pro osal to amend the m.o.u. and the matter of the gateway STAT strate with at DIA. Also, will arrange a meeting between STAT myself and for the purpose of clarifying the purpose of our mitre study, the genera requirements for his cooperation in the CIRS effort and the future course of action to be pursued in order to resolve the STAT internetwork security problems. Distribution: C/IHC STAT IHC IHC u sec rig ICS Registry fJ :crop4 IHC/Chr onn STAT DCI/ICS hcd/10Aug84 Approved For Release 2009/09/11 : CIA-RDP86M00017R000400310041-6