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December 22, 2016
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September 9, 2009
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March 20, 1984
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Approved For Release 2009/09/11 : CIA-RDP86M00017R000400310081-2 /e S- /~~ DIRECTOR OF CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE Intelligence Information Handling Committee WASHINGTON, DC 20505 C,TE / O 21 ~pR ~ggA MEMORANDUM FOR: Mr. Mickey Lohr Defense Mapping Agency Attn: PR IHC/MM 84-33;.( LOGGED 20 March 198 Vice Chairman, Intelligence Information Handling Committee SUBJECT: Intelligence Community Requirements for Video Disc Based Map Library 1. The Intelligence Information Handling Committee has coordinated the requirements of the National Foreign Intelligence Community for video disc based cartographic support. This was achieved through a working group formed for that purpose by the Washington Area Operations Center Conference and was done in coordination with the stated requirements for support to the White House. We have also reviewed the potential utility of the proposed production of video discs to support White House requirements, in light of their usefulness to support existing or planned national and tactical intelligence systems. Based upon this review, we request that the following intelligence requirements be incorporated in your planning for the production of video, discs. a. We request that the additional areas be covered as set out in the attached list. b. We request that, in addition to including views of the maps, chosen to be included on each disc and optimized to provide the largest field of view which will provide complete resolution on standard display equipment, at least one larger field of view (preferably covering four times the optimized area) be included for maps of a scale of 1:250,000 and larger; also for city plans or graphics. c. We request that readable legends, which correspond to each different category and type of map appearing on a disc, be prepared and included on the disc. (These could be indexed to each map image to enable one keystroke retrieval of the legend and one keystroke return to the previously viewed image.) UNCLASSIFIED Approved For Release 2009/09/11 : CIA-RDP86M00017R000400310081-2 Approved For Release 2009/09/11: CIA-RDP86M00017R000400310081-2 2. Other considerations, which are not mandatory but which we feel would increase the overall usefulness of video disc based mapping systems, include the following: a. Designating left-to-right and bottom-to-top as the general pattern description of where map images are positioned on video discs. b. Using latitude-longitude coordinates as the primary measurements for map registration and locational data in the data base information. c. Using the reference point for each map segment as the center of the first frame imaged in the lower left corner of the map segment. d. Including on the disc, a machine readable index to the images contained therein, provided this does not unreasonably increase the cost and production time. e. Locating on the disc in close proximity to each other different map images of the same general areas. f. Having at least 25 percent overlap for adjacent map images. g. Imaging maps with a field of view no smaller than 2.25 x 3.0 map inches. h. Prescribing production methods and organizing the maps on the discs in such a fashion as to enable the data base information of map images to be presented in the most basic terms thereby reducing the complexity of the required software to a minimum (use KISS concept). i. It is recommended that the following materials be imaged: (1) Cities/small areas of interest - be2t , scal e lab v e , l 1:5 1:2500 . ai ,a (2) City/small area overview /orientation - graphic or frame(s) from large area map (3) Special interest area - 1:50,000 if best scale (4) Area coverage working maps - 1:250,000 JOG series (5) Area coverage working maps - 1:500,000 TPC series (6) Overviews - graphic which considers color, line width, character spacing, etc. UNCLASSIFIED Approved For Release 2009/09/11 : CIA-RDP86M00017R000400310081-2 Approved For Release 2009/09/11: CIA-RDP86M00017R000400310081-2 STAT (a) Briefing charts (b) Content indexing (c) General orientation. 3. I thank you for your patience and cooperation in soliciting Community requirements for video disc mapping and offer our assistance to help you complete this effort. Attachment: a/s Distribution: Orig - Adse 1 - ICS Registry 1 - IHC/MM 1 - IHC Subject (EJR) 1 - IHC Chrono "" ICS/IHQ (20 Mar 84) IINCI ASSTFTF^ Approved For Release 2009/09/11 : CIA-RDP86M00017R000400310081-2 Approved For Release 2009/09/11 : CIA-RDP86M00017R000400310081-2 UNULM33ir icu MAP AREAS DESIRED IN PRIORITY ORDER GENERAL AREA COUNTRY South America Peru Argentina (Guyana) World Africa Pacific Ocean Indian Ocean Southwest Asia Surinam Jamaica Syria West Bank The Yemens Saudi Arabia Turkey Libya (Pakistan/India) United States HIGH INTEREST SUBAREA Ecuador Border Chile (Bolivian Corridor to Sea) Beagle Channel Area Border with Surinam and Venezuela Greater Damascus Area Border Areas of Cease- fire Line Soviet Travel Restriction Areas New York Washington, D.C. San Francisco OVERVIEW GRAPHICS AND ORIENTATION MAPS IINCLASSIFIED Approved For Release 2009/09/11 : CIA-RDP86M00017R000400310081-2