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November 11, 2016
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April 8, 1999
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October 1, 1975
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IACRS hiefs Sta. CT 13 oreign Governments pproved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Reference Aid Chiefs of State and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments A (CR) 75-39 (Supersedes A (CR) 75-35) October 1975 pproved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 f proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 This publ:-gtion is prepared for the use of U.S. Government officials. The format, coverage and contents of the publication am designed to meet the specific requirements of those users. U.S. Government officials may obtain additional copies of this document directly or through liaison channels from the Central Intelligence Agency. Non-U.S. Government USCTS may obtain this along with similar CIA publications on a subscription basis by addressing inquiries to: Document Expediting (DOCEX) Project Exchange z.nd Gifts Division Library of Congress Washington, D.C. 20540 Non-U.S. Government users not interested in the DOCEX Project subscription service may purchase reproductions of specific publi.:ations on an individual basis from: Photoduplication Service Library of Congrcss Washington, D.C. 20540 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 4. proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Reference Aid Chiefs of Start and Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments A (CR) 75-39 (Eupersedos A (CR) 75-35) October 1975 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 PREFACE This directory identifying Chiefs of State and Cabinet members of foreign governments is based upon information current as of the publi- cation date. Completely revised editions are issued each month. Upon being replaced, the obsolete directories should be destroyed. Because it is intended primarily as a reference aid this publication includes as many governments of the world as is considered practicable, some of them not yet fully independent and others not officially recog- nized by the United States. Regimes with which there are no diplomatic exchanges are indicated by the initials "NDE." For the convenience of the ustr, a key OD abbreviations is included. Governments are listed in alphabetical order according to the most com- monly used version of each country's name. Official country designations are resorted to only when necessary to avoid confusion. pproved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 KEY TO ABBREVIATIONS Adm. Admiral Ed. Nfar. Field Marshal Admin. Administration Fed. Federal Asst. Assistant Gen. General Brig. Brigadier Govt. Government Capt. Captain Lt, Lieutenant Cdr. Commander Maj. Major Chmn. Chairman Mar. Marshal Col. Colonel NI br. Member Com. Committee Min. Minister Comdr. Commodore Natl. National Comn. Commission NDE No Diplomatic Exchange Del. Delegate Pres, President Dep. Deputy RAdm. Rear Admiral Dept. Department Ret. Retired Dir. Director Sec. Secretary Div. Division V.Adin. Vice Admiral iv proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 AFGHANISTAN President 1)aotid, Mohammad Prime Minister 1)aoticl, Mohammad 1)ep. Printe Minister Shrug, Mohammad !lass:111,1)r. Second 1)ep. Prime Minister Ellali, Abdul Min. of Agriculture & Irrigation Wasefi, Azizullalt Min. of Commerce Jalallar, Mohammad Khan Min. of Communications Attayee, Abdul Karim Min. of Culture & Information NOV01, AbdIll lillill111, 1)r. Min, of Defense Daottd, Mohammad Min. of Education Qaymn, Abdul, Dr. Min. of Finance Ellah, Abdul Min. of Foreign Affairs I.-)troird, Mohammad Min. of Frontier Affairs Mohammad, F.:Liz Min. of Interior Qidir, Abdul Min. of Justice Majid, Abdul, Dr. 'Ain. of Mir:es & Indint ries Asefi, Abdul Tawah Min. of Plannii.g Kliorram, Ali Alimad Sikander, Nasir Nloharmitad Min. of Public Ilealth Gliatistuldin Min. of Public Works ALBANIA?NDE Chairman Presidium, People's Assembly (President) Lleshi Chairmat , Cim;i1 of Ministers (Premier) Shelitr, Melitnet First 1)eputy Chairman, Council of Ministers ('arcani, Adil 1)eptity Chairman, Council of Ministers Dude, Priv) Deputy Chairman, Council of Ministers Koleka, Spiro Deputy (:hairman, Council of Ministers Spahiui, Xhafer Min. of Agriculture 1)odbilm, Piro Min. of Communications Illbarneto. Min. of ( onstruction Ilatikit, Rahman Min. of Education & Cultiw 1)eljana. Thom:, Min. of Finance (,oga, Lefler Min. of Foreign Affairs Nast, Nesti Min. of Health Zicisliti. Llambi, 1)r. Min. of Industry & Mine:. Miska, Pali Min. of Internal Affairs Ilasbiti, Kadri Min. of Light Industry & Food Industry Fuga, M ygerem NAM. of People's Defense Sheliii, Mehmet Min. of Trade Nedin Min. Without Portfolio 11' holli, Suleiman (limn., State Planning Comm Dode, Petro Sec. (;en. of (:ouricil of Ministers Kasapi, Kico ALGE111,t'a President, Revolutionary Council Bournediene, Mortal Min. of State for 'Transportation Bitat. Rabah Min. of Agriculture & Agrarian Reform Tayebi, mohanipd min. of Commerce Layachi Min. of Finance Maiming, Smail Min. of Foreign Affairs Bouteflika, Abdelaziz Min. of Higher Education & Scientific Research Bra Yahia, Molianwd Seddik Min. of Industry & Energy Abdesselam. Belaid proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. of Information & Culture Tiileb, Ahmed Min. of Interior Abdelgliani, Mohamed Ben Ahmed Min. of Justire Bey Ilammida, Nolalem Min. of IA lair & Social Affairs . StaPuizi, Mohamed Sidd Mill. 01 Mail/nal 1)VieIISe Bouniediene, Houari Min. of Posts & Telecommunications Alt Mess:modelle, Said Min. of Primary & Secondary Education Iheiuiiiahuiiuuid, Abdelkrim Min. of Public !health & Boudjullab, Omar, Dr. Mill. of Public Works & Construction Zaibrk, AbdeIkader Min. of Tourism Maoiui, Abdelaziz Min. of Traditional Education & Religions Affairs Kassi,-., Monloud Min. of War VeiefillIS (Ave,iez, Nt abloom' Min. of Youth & Sports Fade', A bdallah Sec. of State for Planning? Khodja, Kalov' Abdallah Sec. of State for Wider .51 Irrigation Arbaoni. Abdallah ANGOLA (On 31 January 1975 Portuguese authorities installed the Transitional Governmeut that is to lead Angole to independence on 11 November /975.) Presidential Council Minnick, Johnns Eduardo 1)1) Naschnento, Lop) Fortunato Ferreira :vise Alberto, Dr. Min. of Communications & Transportation Da Cunha. :1%mo Anima, Min. of Economy De Almeida. Vas( In Vieira Min. of Education & Collor Min, of health & Social Affairs A brigada, Sallow'. Dr. Min. of Information Monteiro, Manuel Rui Min. of Interior Kubiungui. N'Gola Min. of Justice Boavida, Diogenes de Assis Min. of Labor & Social Security Dembo, Antonio Min. of Niuttiriul Resources ( Jeremhis Kalumbala Min. of Planning & Finance . Mingas, Saydi Vieira Dias Min. of Public Works, !lousing & Urban Development De Oliveira, Manuel Resende Sec. of State for Fishing Coilho, Manuel Alfredo Sec. of State for Industry & Energy Teixeira. Augusto Lopes Sec. of Slate for Information Pomba, Almeida Jaka Sec. of State for Information Neto, Hendrick Vaal Sec. of State for Interior Santos, I len rig fie Sec. of State for Interior Valiekeni, Joan Sec. of Stalk_ for Labor & Social Security Jacob, bac Sec. of State for Labor & Social Security Machado, David Aires de Almeida Sec. of State for Tourism & Trade ?" ws.uraca ARGENTINA President Penin, Maria Estela Martinez de Arrighi. Pedro Vottero, Tomlis S. E. Callen), Antonio Frahvisco Min. of Foreign Relations & Worship Ar lux Castes, Manuel C. L. Min. of Interior Robledo?Angel Federico Min. of Culture & Education Min. of Defense Min. of Economy Min. of Justice Corvalzin Nanclares, Ernesto Min. of Labor !luckauf. Carlos Min. of Social ?Velfare Emery, Carlos 2 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 AUSTRALIA Governor General Kerr, John R., S'r Prime NI Mister Whillani, Gough 1)ep. Prime Minister ( 'watt, Frank Enderby, K (l)pid E. Bishop, Reginald I layden, William G. Johnson. l,eslie R. Bryant, Gordon NI. Morrison, lit alley, Kiln E. 'Hinson, Joseph NI. Willesec, Donald II. Everinghatn, Douglas N. Riordan, Joseph Ni McClelland, James ('is'. ',loses II. Attorney t :erieral Postmaster General Treasurer Nun, Fur A horiginal Affairs Min. for Capital -I ('rritory NI in. for 1)efense Nlin. for I.:di:cation Alin. for Environment Min. for Foreign Affairs Min. for Health NI in. for I lousing & Construction NI iii. for Labor & Immigration Min. or Media Min, for Nlinerah & Energy Mitt. for Northern Australia ritterson, Rex A. NI in. for ()versetis 'Frady Crean, Frank Nlin, fOr alld (.11%-.111101, J111111'5 I. Min. for Primary Indust 1Vriedt, Kenneth S. Min. for Property & Services 1)aly, Frederick NI. Mill. for Repatriation ?it Compensation 11'11(4.1(1mi, John Min. for Secondary Industry 1,i011.1 NI in, for Science & Consumer Affairs . CAtiwron. Clyde It. Nlin. lir Social Security Wheeldon, John Min. or Tourism & Recreation Stmt art, Francis E. ,or Transport Jones, (:II:ides K. NI iii. for Urban & Regional 1)evelopment . U rum, Thomas Special Nlin. of State Mc( lelland. 1)oliglas AUSTRIA President Kirchschlaeger. Rudolf Chancellor Kreisky, Bruno A'ice GIuumcrhlur I larmser, Rudolf Min. for Agriculture & l'orestry ()skar Min. for I:oinnierce. Trade & Industry Staribacher, Josef Nlin. for (oust ruction & Ter:Imology . Nloser, Josef Mill. I'M Edill'atilill & Arts Sino?vatz, Fred Min. for Finance Androsch, !bullies Min. for Foreign Affairs Iiielka-Karlt reit. Erich Min. for I lealtli & Environment Leodolter, Ingrid. I)r. Nun'. for the Interior lloesch. Otto Min. for Justice Broda, Christian Min. for Natl. 1/eI?rise Imelgendorf, Karl Ferdinand, Brig. Gen. NI in. for Science & ;Iesearch l'intberg. I !calla, Mrs. NI in. for Social Adrainistration I [twiner. Rudolf Min. for Transport I a nc, Erwin Sl`,2 .,1 State for Agriculture Hai den, Guenther Sec. of State for the (:liancellery Veselsky, Ernst Si':. of State for l'arnily Policy Kin, Elf riede, Miss Sec. of State for Personnel c)tiestions I 'orsecker, Karl 3 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 TIIE BAHAMAS (:overnor Butler, Milo, Sir Prime Milust('r Pi,iillirig, Lynderi 0. l)(p. Prime Minister !Loma, Arthur I). Min. of Agricultim & Fisheries & Local (;overriment Roberts, R. I,. Anthony NI ii. of 1)evelopment Mayeock, Alfred Min. of 1.colif????ic Development Pindling, Lynden () Min. of Education & Culture Coakley, Livingstone Min. of External Affairs Adderl('y, Paul I,. Min. of Finance Hanna, Arthur I). Min. of Health Ram, Loftus Min. of Ilona, Affairs Rolle, Darrell E. Min. of Labor & Natl. Iiisuiriiice 1)arling, Clifford Nlin. of Tourism & Aviation Maynard, Clement Min. of Transport Smith, George Min. of Works & Utilities Attorney General Adderley. Paul 1.. BAHRAIN Amir Khalif:1, Isa iblISalman Al Prime NI Mister KIELlila, Klialila ibn Salman Al Min. of Commerce, Agriculture & Economy Muhammad, Ibrahim 'Alai al-Karim Min. of 1)efense Kimlifa, Harnad liii 'Isa Al Min. af Development & Industry Shirawi, Yuisuif Alimad al- Min. oc Education Klialifa, Alid al-'Aziz ihiu Muhammad Al Min. of Finance 'Alawi, Nialimud Alum(' al- Min. of Foreign Affairs Kluilifa, Muhammad ilu Mubarak. Al Min. of Health 'Ali Muhammad Min. i f !lousing Klialifa, Khalid liii Ahdallah Al Min. of Information MiCayyarl, Tang 'Abd al-Rahman al - Mill. of Interior Khiahifa, Niiiliarnmari ihuii Khalifa ilm I lamid Al Mill. of Justice & Islamic Affairs Khalifa, 'Abdallali ilm Khalid Ai Min. of Labor & Social Affairs Kin hifa, 'Isa ihiu Muhammad Al Min. of Municipalities & Agriculture Klialifa, 'Alulallali liii Khalid Al Min. of Public Works, Electricity & Water Jislii. Majid al- Min. of Transport I Itimayclan, Ibrahim Muhammad Hasan Mm. of State for C..binet Affairs 'U rand, Jawad Salim al- Nil!" ;4 State for Legal Affairs Bahama, II usayn Muhammad al- BANGLADESH President Mmlitagut? Ahmed, Kliondakar Vice President Moliammadullah Min. of Agriculture Moulin, Abdul Min. of Defense M 'Atari iie Ahmed, Kliondakar Min. of Education. Scientific & Technological Research & Atomic Em?rgy Chowdhury, Muzaffar Ahmed Mill. of Finance Mallick. Azizur Rahman Min. of Food Moulin, Abdul Min. of Foreign Affairs (howdliury, Abu Sayeed Min. of Health & Family Planning NI. [man. Aluiiil Min. of Ilorne Affairs Muslitaque Ahmed, i:liondakar Min. of Law, Parliamentary Affairs & Justice 1)har, Manoranjan Min. of (meal Government, Rural 1)evelopment & Cooperatives Majnindar, Phiuiui !Muslim' roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved ForflipMpiaisiie 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T006081091011,99,211.01199-4 Min. of Ports, Shipping di Inland 1Vitter Transport Khan, Asaduzzaman Min. of President's Secretariat NI uslititipi( Ahmed, Kliondakar Min. of Public Works (Si Urban 1)evelin.ment 1 1 ossai ti. ( Mohammad I Situ .tb Min. of Relief & Rehabilitation Mliii. Abdill Min, of State for Aviation & Tourism Ilossain, Shall Ivlottzzein Min. of State for Commerce & Foreign Trade 1)ewati Farid Min. of State for Communications (Railway Division) Manzur, Nund Islam Min. of State fm. Communications (Roads, highways & Road Transport Division) llossain, Syed Altai Min. of State for Cultural Affairs (Si Sports Thaktir, Talieniddin Min. of Slate ior Flood Control, Water Resonices & lowyr Ahmed, Mill. State for Forest. Fisheries (Si Livestock Ahmed, Reazialdin Min. of State for Industries, including Nationalized Industries Chinalliury, Mind Islam State for Information & 13r iadeasting Thal; or, Talteruddin Min. of State for Jute Khan, Moslentuddin Min. of State for Labor & Social \Velfitre Niondal, Khitisli Chandra Min. of State [(Jr Land Administration Land Reforms llossaiii, Shah Moazzem Min. of State for Petroleum & Minerals 1)ewan lart Min. of State [(Jr Posts, Telephones & Telegraphs Rahman, K. NI. Obaidur NI iii. of State for Relief Y.4 Rehabilitation Mondal. Kliitisli Chandra BARBADOS Governor General Scott. Arleigh \Vinston. Sir Prime Isilinist('r 13 IrrOW, Irroi XV. 1)('p. Prime Minister ?Filina, C. Ed?vy NI II, of Agriculture, Scipm.i. & Technology Morrison, Anderson NAM. of Communications & 1Vork5 C.iddle. liatiteses Min. it!' I7aIticatiort, Youth Affairs, Community 1)evelopment & Sport Smith, l'rederick G. Min. of IFAternal Affairs Mm., George Min. of l'inance di Planning 13.trrow. Emil W. Milt. of 1 I milt It Si Welfare Sindiford. L. Erskine Min. of Housing, I,ands, Labor & Natl. Insurance Greaves, Philip Min. of Legal Affairs Nbc. George Min. of Tourism. Information & Public Relations Morgan, Peter M in. of Tracle, Industry & Commerce lull, Branford Attorney (Iimeral \doe, George Min. of shoe lhnnuui. c. Nlin. 'Without Portfolio Fergusson. George BELGIUM King 13.tudotti it 1 Prime Minister Tindernatis. I iii Min. of Agriculture I atvens, Albert Mill. of Communications Chabert, Jozef NI in. of Economic A f f ai rs II 'rman. Fernand Califace, ...1fred NI in. of Finalll'e De ( lerco, NAM. of Foreign Affairs & 1)evelopment Cooperation V.tri Nlin. of l'oreign Trade Toussaint. Michel Min. of Employment. Labor & \Valliant Affairs 5 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 in. of French ( Alitme iii Au, I lenri-Franipis Min. of Instil uticiial Reform (Flernisli/ Vintlekereklinve, Robert Min. of Institittional Reform (Francophone) Perin, Franyiis Nel ill. of lititrior & Isturti Calli011ti j011.1 Mill. of Justice Min. of Middle Classes Min. of Natl. 1)efetise & Brussels Affairs V.inden Borynants, Paul Min. of National Education (11, !MO) D. Croo, Herman Min. of National Education (French) Ilumblet, Antoine Min. of Netherlands Culture & Flemish Affairs 1)t. Ilacker-?'ati ()eke'', \1 is. Ili ka Min. of Public I lealth & Family Policy . Saeger, Jozel Min. of Public Works Defraigne, Jean Min. of Social Affairs 1)t. Paepe, Hackle Sec. of Stale for Budget & Sciliocc Policy Geens. Gaston Sec. of State for Environment Ponta, Karel Sec. of State for Economic Affairs Ktioops, Etienne Sec. of State for Flemish Regional 1.:conottly, Planning & !lousing I)hoore, late Sec. of State for Public Administratani Inbteseleer, Louis Sec. of State for Regional Economy Di. Winter. August Sec. of State for Social Affairs Nioreati, Robert Sec. of State for \A'alloon Regional Et..onottly, Planning & [lousing (iii Jilt '5' 'i Denman ()Iivier, Louis BELIZE Governor Posnett, Richard N. Premier Price, George (:. I)eputy Premier Rogers, Carl 1.inclberg B. Min. of Agricult.m. & Lands Marin, Florencio Min. of Economic ;arming Slioman. Assad Min. of Education & Housing Petit, (?aideltipe Min. of Finance Price, George C. Min. of I lorne Affairs & Health Roger,, Carl Lindberg It. Min. of Local Government, Social Services & I tbur McKoy, 1)avid Min. of Power & Communications Sylvestre, Louis S. Min. of "'rade. Industry & Consumer Protection Perdotno. SaIlliago Min. of Works !hinter, Frederick Min. Without Portfolio Cowtenay, \'ertion Attorney General Shoman. Assad BHUTAN King Wangclink. Jim(' Singhi oi Finance Dorji. Chogyal Min. of Foreign Affairs 'kering, Dawa Min. of [Ionic Affairs Jagar, Tamil Min. of & Industry Wangchuk, Namgyal President BOLIVIA Ihinzer Suarez, !Ingo, Gen. Min.-Coordinator of Presidency Leclilti Sualrez, Juan, Gen. Min. of Agriculture & Campesino Affairs Natuseli liosch, Alberto, It. Min. on Education & Culture Bernal Pereira, W..Ido. It. (:ol. Min. of Energy 61 I lvdrocarbons JitniMez Gallo, Guillermo. (;en. Min. of Finance Castillo Suarez. \'ictor. Cad. Min. of Fireign Affairs & ?Vornliip (;tizman Soriano, Alberto. Geri. 6 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 NIin. of Industry & Commerce Gonzalez Fuentes, Victor, Gen. Min. of Interior Pereda Asbrim Juan, I,t. ( Min. Of Labor & Trade Union Affairs Vargas Salinas, Mario, 1,1. Col. Min. of Mines & Metallurgy Ni inn. of Natl. Defense M. of Social Welfare & Public I lealth Min. of Transport & (;onirtitinications . Min. of Ilrban Affairs & !Muslin- President 'ice President Attorney General Min. of Agriculture Zelaya SalillaS, .11 /S(' Antonio, Gen. Bernal Escalante, Bent:, Gen. Torres Navarro, Jorge, II. Col. Trigo Ramirez, Julio, Maj. Niiiiez River?, Walter, Cadt. BOTSWANA Min. of Commerce h Dulustry Mill. of Education Min. of External Affairs Khania, Seretst? NI., Sir Nlasire, ()nett K. J. tslokania, NI. 1). Masisi, E. S. ( hirpe. ( osit sve. 1)r. Morake, K eh:alarming I'. Mogsve, A. M. asire, Quett K. J. Nwako. NI. P. K. Kgriri. B. K. NI a kgekgenene. Ixonard Segokgo, Motlatsi K. Ksvelagobe, 1)aniel K. 11:Ishii's, James (. Nlin. of Finiume & 1)evelopment Planning; Min. of Health Min. of I burnt' Affairs Min. of Local Govt. & Lands Min. of Mineral Resources & Water Affairs NI in. of Public Service h Info. Min. of Works & Communications President Vice President Min. of Agriculture Min. of Air Min. of Army Min. of Commtivicat ions NI in. of Education Min. of ii tinnier' Min. of Forvign Affairs NI in. of I Malt!' NI io. of Ind lust ry & ( :mummer Min. of Intr nor Min. of Justice Min. of Labor Min. of Mines i Energy Min. ol NaVy Min. of Transportation & Public Works Chief, ( :ivilian I lonsehold of the Presidency Chief, NI ilitary I lousebold of the Presidency Chief. National Intelligence Service Nun, of Welfare & Social Security Nlinister-Cbiel of the Planning Secretariat of the Presidency BRAZIL Ceisrl, Ernesto . Adalberto Pereira dos Santos tilinelli. Alysson ? Araript. hlacedo, Joelmir Caumos de ? Frota, Ss lviii ( :onto Coelho da ()dveira, I.:m.11(1es ()nuandl de Braga, Nev Atni Mims de Harms Simonsen, N1ario I lenrique Azeredo da AntrInin Francisco Almeida Nlachado, Paulo de Conies, Sever') Fag mules Ranigel Ibis, NI nit Faledo?Armando Prieto, Arnaldo da Costa lieki. Shigtyki !funning, (;erald() de Azevedo 1)yrceti A ratijo Nogueirri Colliery do Couto e Silva Hugo the Andrade Abreil Figueir:.(1o, Jorio Baptista de ()Iis.eira Nasciniento Sihva, 'Ariz (;onzagri do N'elloso. Jiniuu Pardo dos Reis BULGARIA Chairman, Stale Council 1st 1)vp. Chairman. State ( ;mined Zhivkov, 'Fodor 'anches', Pet ur roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 1st 1)cp. Chairman State Council Trielikov, Kruslyti Chairman, (:otincil of Ministers (Premier) Todorov, Stank() 1st 1)(1). Chairman, ( :omici I of M Misters Tsolov, 'Flom 1)epiity Chairman, Council of Ministers 1).1kov, Mak() Deputy Chairman, (:ouncil of Ministers Zarev, Kiril 1)(1)10' ( hairman, (:mincil of Ministers 1)oynov, Deputy Chairman, (:(nincil of Ministers Zhivkov, Zhivko Min. of Agriculture & Food Industry K rushy, Gaucho Min. of Chemical Industry Georgi Min. of (:mistruction & Architecture Stoichkov, Grigor Min. of (.:leetronius & Eiectrical Engineering Mladenov, l'ordlin Min. oh Einance Popov, Dimitur Min. of Foreign Affairs NI ladenov, Pet iir Min. of Foreign Trade Nedev, Is ail Min. of Forests & Protection of F.rivironinent Markus', Yaliki Min. of Information & Communication Andreev, Georgi Min. of Internal Affairs Stoyanov,I)imitur Min. of Internal Trade & Public Services Ku:whines% Georgi Min. of .1 justice Mill. of Labor & Social Welfare Chausev. Angel Petrov Min. of Light Industry %hides% Stoyan of Machine Building & Metallurgy Chakurov, Toncho Min. of Mineral Resources St. menus', Stamen Min. of Natl. 1)efense Dobri, Army Gem Min. of Natl. Education Stanev, Nencho Min. of Power Supply Petur Min. of Public [kalif) Todorov, Angel, 1)r. Min. of Supply & State ilt'serves Zliishiev, Nikolay Min. of Transportation Tvinov, Vasil Min. Without Portfolio %holey, 1)inaitur Min.-Cliron., Com. for Art tic Odium Zhivkova, 1,yudinila Coin. for Foreign Economic Relations Nikola Min.-Chum., State Planning Com. Zarev, Kiril Min.-Chinn., Coin. for State Control Trichkov, Kruslyn Min.-( hum., (:(mi. for Science & Technical Progress & I uglier Education ripazov, Nacho Min.-Chinn., (om. for lielaxation & Tourism N'rachey, Ivan Min.-1)(1). Chinn., Con). for State Control Stefanov, Ninko BURMA President Ni Win, U Prime Minister Scull \Vin, U 1)ep. Prime Minister I sviii, U Dep. Prime Minister Tint sm., cid. Min. of Agriculture & Forests Gaung, U Min. of Construction II tin Kyaw, U Min. of Coo!):.i.itives Tiin Tin, u min. of Culture Ave Mating, U Min. of Defense Tin U, Gen. Min. of Education Khin Mating Win, Dr. Min. of Foreign Affairs I Ila Phone. U Min. of Health Kyi Maung. Col. Min. of flow & Religious Affairs Ko Ko. U Min. of Industry No. I lila Ave. U Min. of Industry No, 2 Mating Cho. Col. 8 pproved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 pproved For Release 1999/09/26 CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. of Information ('Ilit Kliiti, 1.1 Min. of Labor? Mating Mating Kim, U Min. of Mines Mating Mating Kim, U Min. of Planning & Finance I win, I.1 Min. of Social Welfare Vitt Kulli, U Min. of Trade San Win, LI Mill. 01 T711114/011 & C0111111111lielliiMIS SVill 1,win, (:o1. Chairman, State Council Ne Win, U Secretary, State Council Sall VII, Cen. BURUNDI President Micombero, Michel, IA Gen. Prime Minister Micombero, Michel, IA. Gen. Min. of Agriculture & Livestock Iligayimptinzi, Pierre Min. of Civil Service li?trakainfitiye, (;nr.gc!re NAM. of Communications & Civil Aviation ilwakira, Melchior Min. of 1)efense Micombero, Michel, IA. Gen. Min. of Education & Culture Simbananiye, ArWitian Min. of Finance Mpozagara, Gabriel Min. of Foreign Affairs & (:ooperation Itimazubute, Gilles Min. of Interior Ilwuri, Joseph, Maj. Min. of Justice Millard, Phillip(' Mill. of Natl. ()rientation Bizindavyi, Bernard Min. of Public Ilealth Nindorera, Jos(ph, 1)r. Min. of Public Works, Transport & Equipment Nzartibitnatia, Edouard, Maj. Min. of Social Affairs & Laitor Ihrakattifitye, Damien Min. Delegate at the Presidency Ntaliokaja, Antoine CAMBODIA (On 17 April 1975 the Government of the Khmer Republic surrendered to Khmer Communist (KC) forces. The new Phnom Penh regime has not issued a complete list of leaders of its successor government, and for the indefinite future the regime will probably portray the past KC front government, tin! Royal Government of National Onion, as Cambodia's governing body. Tlw following is a list of officials who ho!d positions in that government.) Chief of State Norodom Sihanouk Prime Minister Penn Notith Dep. Prime Minister for General Affairs Khien Samphan Dep. Prime Minister for Foreign Affairs leng Sary Dep. Prime Minister for Natl. Defense Affairs Son Sen Min. of Interior, Security, Cooperatives & Communal Reforms Ilou Vino) Min. of Information & Propaganda Ilu Nim Min. of Foreign Affairs Sarin Chhak Min. of ) wake & Judicial Reforms Norodom Phurissara Mill. of Public Ilealth Thiountt Thoemin Min. of Public Works, Telecommunications & Reconstruction 'Foch Phoeim Min. of Religious & Social Affairs Chou Chet Min. of Popular Education & Youth laic? Thirith Mitt. of Natl. Economy & Finance Koy Thu. Min. of Military Equipment & Armament Men San Dep. Min. of Security Sok Thook Dep. Min. of Natl. Defense Kong Sophal Dep. Min. of Information & Propaganda Tiv 01 Dep. Min. of Foreign Affairs Hos Chet Thor Dep. Min. of Foreign AIIai is Van Piny 9 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 CAMEROON President Allidjo, Alimadoti Prime Nlinister ii ya, Paid Alin, State in Charge of Armed Forces l)aolidou, Sadou Min. of State in Charge of I lousing & Equipment Ksvayeb, Enoch Alin. of State in Charge of Posts & Telecommunications. Fghe-Tabi, Emmanuel Nilo. of State in ( ;)arge of Territorial Administ ral ion AyisNi-Mvoilo, Victor Min. 1)elegate ;it Presidency in Charge of Relations with tiw National Assembly Bongwa, ( hristiaii Songwe NI ii. 1)elegai.? of General State Inspectorate & Administrative Reform ( :harks Min. in Charge of Ivt iSSiIIIIS /it die Presidency Sengat-Kou, Francois Min. in Charge of Missions at the Pre,idency Andoidaye Min. of Agriculture And/e-Tchoungiii, Gilbert Min. id Animal I lusbandry Min. of Economy & Planning 1)ouncla, Mussolini Min. of Iiiiititt flhI(.IU, Marcel Ntin. of Foreign Affairs Kenichi', Jean Min. of Health Fokam-Kainga, Paul Min. Of Information & Culture Nguele, Rene it Min. of Justice & Keeper of the Seals 1)ounilia, Joseph Charles Min. of Labor & Social Welfare Denstop, Paul Mill. 01. & Elangwv, Henry Namata iitI.of Natl. Education Ilidias Ngon, Bei7nard Vrounlisa, Tchinaye of Public Service Ntin. of Social Affairs Tsanga, Delphine Min. of Transport Monie, John Nkengong Miii. 01 Y011111 & Sports Tonye-Mbog, Vice NI 01 A gricul t tire Choughwain, Joseph Awomiti \'ice Min. of Economy & Planning Noah, Robert \'icy Min. of Finance txlinistoplia, Hain:idol] Vice Min. of l'oreign Affair. Njoya. Adamou Ndani 1'ice NIUE of Natl. Education Niouma, 1)orothy Vice. M It. Of Territorial Administration l'hileman I)ir. Gen. of Civil Cabinet Il(b-A-1)on, Philemon CAN ADA Goverwo General l.t:ger, Jules Prime Minister Trudeau, Piene-Elliott S. of State ulkner, I I ugh Sec. of State for External Affairs IxlacEachen?Allan Min. of Agriculture k?'llelan, Eugene Min. of Communications (Acting) Juneau. Pierre Mill. of t.:onsiiiiwr & Corporate Affairs ()nellet?Andri: Min. of Ent?rgy, & Resources Gillespie. Alastair of Environment SaIIVe. Jeanne, Mrs. Min. of l'inance & Receiver General Macdonal(I. 1)tmald Min. of Fisheries I e Blanc. Romeo Min. of Imlian Affairs & Northern 1)evelopment Buchanan, Judd NI iii. of Industry, Trade & Commerce Jami(son, 1)onald Min. of Jostler ford, Ronald Min. of Labor Munro, John Min. of Manpower & Immigration An(tras, Robert Min. of Natl. 1)e1ense Richardson, James Min. of Natl. Ilealth & V1'elfare I ;donde, Nlarc 10 pproved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved Flior,ilt,gleasi! 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Nth. of Regional Economic Expansion I essord, Marcel Min. of Supply & Services Guyer, Jean-Pierre of Transport Lang, Otto Min. of Veterans Affairs Macl)oriold, 1)aniel Min, Without Portfolio Nbarchand, Jean Min. Without Portfolio & I ,eader of Govt. in Semite Perrault, Raymond Min. of Stale for Science & Technology & Public Works Drury, (:liarles Min. of Slate for Urban Affairs 1)anson, Barnett Attorney General I iing, Otto Postmaster General NticKiisey, Bryce Solicitor General Allmand, l'rivy Council & Govt. Leader of the House of (;oninions Pres., Treasury lioaril Slia ml, Mitchell Cho:lien, Jean CAPE VERDE, REPUBLIC OF President Peri.ira, A.ristides Prime Minister Pi res, Perini NI UE of Agriculture & Water Resumers ( 'enteio, Sergio in. of 1)efenm, & Security 1)11 uz, Silvio? NAM. of Economy ? Iopez 1)11 Silva, ()svalilo Min. of Education, ( ulture, Youth & Sports Reis, (:arlos Min. of l'inance I) i Luz, Ammo Min. of Foreign Affairs 1)uartv, Mali() NAM. of Il(alth & Social AffiOrs Foustino, Manuel Mill, of Justice Ilopffer Almada, 1)avid nil Public Winks 1 imo, Silvio() Min. of Transport & Telecommunications N'icira, Ilerculano CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC President for life. Keeper of the Seal Bokassa, Jean-Redd, NIar, Primp Minister Dornitien, Elizabeth Min. of Aeronautic-. & Civil Aviation ()tina, Francois Min. of Agriculture Mandjeka, Albert Min, of Civil Services & Social Security liokassa, Jean-Redd, Nilo. Min. of l'inance Gbokou, Marie-Christiant. Min. of Foreign Affairs Franc.k, Antoine Min. of Interior NI ill. iii .111Si & I at Itokassa. J('arell del, NIar. 1)allot-liefio. Augustin Min. of Natl. 1)eferise Bokassa, Jean-Bede], NIar. NI in. of Plan. International (:ooperation & Statistics Mokodopo, Jean-Pool Mill. 01 PlIblie I lvallb Min. of State for Art. Natl. Education, Youth, Sports & Edtwational Reform P-iniltis, Jean-Louis Min. of State for Information N'(;iii-Voireto, Clement NI in. of State for (.)rganization of Public Treasi,'N' Koyarriba, Alphoese Min. of State for Post & Telecommunications Goalo, Joseph Antoine Min. of State for Public Works Potolot, Joseph Min. of State for Tourism, Water, l'orests, [looting & Fishing Pat ?issa, Ange. Mill. of State for Urban Affairs & Territorial Nlanagement Maidon, I Icon Nun, of State for Veterans & Wo Victims (un, Francois 1)t.l. to the Presidency for Civil Expenditure II ingue-Tandet, Michel NI iii. 1)el. to the Presidency for (:ornmeret., Industry & Mines Tcheouti, Alexis Nlin.1)el. to the Presidency for Missions Siganza, Jean-Jacques Z:1111.- ,A11(111. ii pproved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. 1)el. to the Presidency foi ()rganization & of the Security of River & Land Transportation Boundio, I lenri-PirAl Min. Del, to the Presidency for Social Affairs Zone-Ft. Tomlin-Bona, Marie Joseph Dep. Min. of State for Natl. Defense CEYLON (See SRI LANKA) CHAD Chairman of the Supreme Military Council Vice Chairman of the Supreme Military Council Min. of Agriculture, Livestock, Waters, Forests & Fisheries Min. of Civil Service & Labor Min. of Education, Culture, Youth & Sports Min. of Finanue, Economy & Planning Gon, Francois %Amin, Felix, Brig. Gee 1)jiine Ngakinar, Mania ii Colima Lassou, I A. 1)ouniro, Ngaliarb Ngtienabaye Ngangbet, K9s?taye I)jogo, Negue, Maj. Gen. Min. of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation K onougue, Wadal Abdel Kader, Maj. Min. of Interior & Security Djime Ngakinar, Manual, Col. Min. of Justice & Keeper of the Seals Amady, Nathe Min. of Natl. Defense 6( Veterans' Affairs Malloinn, Felix, Brig. Gen. Min. of Posts, Telegraphs, Telephones & Telecommunications Mahamat, Amalie Abram ldriss Min. of Public Health & Social Affairs Abdel Karim Malik Min. of Public Works, Mines & Geology, tit Transport Zakaria Wawa Daliab Min. of "Ferritorial Development & Environment Boasngar Mbaidou-Loutnal, Capt. Min. of Tourism, Informaiion, Handicrafts, Game Parks & I Itintint., :sot% of State for Agriculture & Livestock Sec. of State for Education Malianimid Abderaman, IA. Bacliar, ,4aharnat Issa, Ahmed Sec. of State for Finance, Economy & Planning M.. figar Beremadje Government Secretary-General Madingar, Alfar Deput y Secretary-General Z. id, Abakar CHILE Presioent Pinochet Ugarte, Augusto, Maj. Gen. Min. of Agriculture Vallejos Reginato, Tucapel, Gen. Min. of Economic Cocolination Sae/ Saez, Rain Min. :if Economy, Development & Reconstruction de Castro Spatula, Sergio Min. of Education Min. of Finance Min. of Foreign Relations Min. of Housing & Urbanization M in. of I nterior Benavides Escobar, Crsar Ratil Manuel, Maj. Gen. Min. of Justice Schweitzer Speisky, Miguel Min. of Labor Diaz Estrada, Nicanor, Brig. Gem Mitt. of Lands Mac-Kay Jaraquemada, Mario, Cell. Min. of Mines V?denzuela Blanquier, Luis Enrique Min. of Nat I. Defense Brady Roche, Hermann Julio. Maj. Gen. Min. of Public I lealth I lerrera Latoja. Francisco lingo, Brig. Gen. (Ret.) min. of Public Works Lerin Puelma, !Ingo Min. of Transportation Garin Cea, Enrique, Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Min. Sec. of Government BrIjares Conztilez, Marcelo hi ermin, Brig. Gen. Troncoso Daniell. Arturo, RAdm. Cmas Lartm, Jorge Carvajal Prado, Patrick), 'Adm. Cranifo !farms, Carlos provediPor Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 CHINA, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF-NDE Chinn., Chinese (:ottintunist Party Central Com. Mao Ise-thing Chinn., Natl. People's Congress Chu Te Premier, State Council Chou En-lai Chang (;11.till-ell'iao Ch'en Ilsi-lien Ch'en Yung-kiwi Chi Teng-Vuei Mot Ktto-fetig Ku Nip. I Isivii-nien Sun Chien lung II suio-iii rig Wang Chen Wu Kuvi-lisien iii Ch'iti-li Slut Feng IlsO Chiti-ell'iang Tzti-yn Yell Min. of Culture 'iii II iti-yung Min. of Economic Relations with Foreign Countries tig 1 Min. of Education (liott Jung-kin Min. of Finance Chang Chiiig-fnn Mitt. of Foreign Affairs Ch'iao Kuan-hua Min. of Foreign Trade 1 i Min. of Light Industry Ch'ien Min, of 1st Min. of Machine Building Li Shui-ch'ing Min. of 211(1 Min. of Machine Building Litt 1 Isi-yao Min. of 3rd Min. af Machine Building 1 i Min. of 4th Min. of Machine Building Wang Cheng Min. of 5111 Min. of Machine Building Li Ch' ng-fang of 6th Mill. of Machine Building Pien Chiang Min. of 7th Min. of Machine Building Wang ';'ing Min. of Metallurgical Industry Ch'en Shan-Vim Min. of Natl. Defense Yehu Chien-ying Min. of Petroleum & Chemical Industries Wang Shili-en Min. of Posts & Telecommunications Chung Fu-lisiang IMin. of Public Ilealth Liu Ilsiang-p'ing Min. of Public Security 11 tut K ito- g Min. of Hallways %Watt Li !slit]. of Water Conservancy & Power Ch'ien Clieng-ying Min. in (Marge of Physical Culture r! Sports (:ortut (')mang Tse-tung Min. in Charge of State Capital Construction Comn. Ku Slit Min. in Charge of State Planning Corm]. Ch'iti-hi Viet! Premier, Stale Council Viet. Premier, State (;ouncil Vice Premier, State Council Vice Premier, State (:outicil Vice Premier, State Council Vice Premier, State (:outicil Vice Premier, State Council Vice Premier, State (:ouncil Vice Premier, State Council 1'ice Premier, State (:otincil \'ice Premier, State (:ouncil Vice PretWer, State Council Mitt, of Agrictilittre & Forestry Min. of Coal Industry Min. of Commerce Min. of (:ormittinications CHINA, REPUBLIC OF President Yen (:hia-kan Vice President President, Executive l'itan (Premier) Chiang Ching-kilo Vice President, Executive Yuan (Vice Premier) 11 Ch'ing-chung President, Control Yuan President, Examination Yuan Y ing Liang-kung President, Judicial Yuan Tien Chiini g-chin 13 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved Fox ,RtIgasey1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608Roomp240039-4 Ni in. of Communications iii-slitt Min. of Economic Affairs SIM Yumlisiian Min. ()I Education Chiang Yen-shill Min. of Finance Ii Kuo-ting Min. of Foreign Affairs Shen CIt'ang-lition Milt. of Interior 1 in Chin-shung Mtn. ol Justice ??'atig, Min. of Natl. 1)efetise Iii, K'imi-ytian Nlin. Without Portfolio Kim Ch'eng Min. Without Portfolio 1,i Lien-ch'im Min. kVithout Portfolio Li Tetig-hui Min. ?Vithout Portfolio liii Kting-ch'ito Min. ?A'ithout Portfolio 1 len Chen-lung Nth'. VVithout Portfolio 'iii Kuo-litta Min. Without Portfolio Chou Chinn., Mongolian Pf Tibetan Affairs Comm Ts'tti Ch'en-yen Chinn., Overseas Chinese Affairs Comm Ml() Sting-nien COLOMBIA President 1 mei Ni ichelsen, Alfonso N'ice President Turbay, Julio Cesar Min. of Agriculture & Livestock P irdo Ituelvas, Rafael Min. of Communications Garcia Parra, Jaime Ni in. of 1:,conontic Ikvelopment hi mi rez ()ca limo, Jorge Min. of Eclutation 1)tiran 1)ttssan, 1 lernMalo Nlin. of Finance Bolero Montoya, Rodrigo Nlin. of l'oreign Affairs 1 ievatm Aguirre, I ndalecio NI in. of Government Reyes, Cornell() Min. Of Justice 1 torus Arang,o, Samuel Min. of Labor Cow?, Maria Elena de Min. of Mines & Energy Torbay, Juan Jost Min. of Nall. Defense Viotti ?'alencia. Abraham, Gen. Min. of Public 1 lealth C'alvo 'tinez, I laroldo Min. of Public Works Salcedo Cullom Humberto COMORO ISLANDS-NDE Chief of State & Prime Minister, Responsible for News, Admin. & Civil Service Jaffar, Said Mohamed Min. of Defense Soda), All Min. of FitlaTICV, Economy & Planning 1 ilmo, Mohamed Mohamed, AbOoti Salani Min. cf Foreign Affairs Youssouf, Alms Loillir, All Min. of Justice Nlotichatdi, Ismael Min. of Production Ahassanaly, Mohamed Abdereman, Dhoffir Min. of Social Affairs Ahmed, Abdelkader Wassion, Abdotil Min. of Territorial Development Nevelt, Christian Sotifiani, Youssouf proved or Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 ? CR-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 cON ?NDE President of the (:milic,1 of State, in Charge of 1)eliaise Si Natl. Security Nv,iniabi, Marital, Maj. Premier I op',,, Henri N'ice Premier Ngoinito, Charles Min. cif Agriculture & Animal I lushandry Ngoiloto, Charles Min. of C01111111.111. P011t y, Alphonse NI n. Of Cult 1111., Art & Sports Maini, Laurent Min. of Finance ()kalit:, Saturnin Ni ill. of Foreign Altaic, Gilliam David (Ala ries Min. (of Information Motikotn:W, Christophe NAM. of Justice & Keeper of the Seal Kline, Antoine Min. of Labor & Social 1,1'elfare with liesponsibility for Indust rx? Denguet, Alexandre Min. of Mines & Ene!gy Boudo-Nrza, Alphonse Min. of Planning Lopez, Henri NI pp. of Posts & Telecommunications Ngouabi, Niarien, Maj. Ntin. of Primary & Secondary Education Ngoiril), Jean Pierre NI iii, ()I. Public [kali I) Empana, Alphonse, 1)r. :VIM. of Social Affairs Marino:), F:milie Min. of Technical, Professional & !lighter Education ()Ilassa, Paul Henri Min. of Transport & Public Works Matingou, Boniface Ni in. of U rbanism & I lousing Motivahi. 1)andre Georges Min. of Water, Forests & Tourism Ganga-Za ['gum Jean Sec. Gym of the State (:oinicil Sianard, Charles Maurice State Council Delegate in Charge of 1)efense Yliombi4)parigo, Joachim, Col. COSTA RICA President Oduber Quirds, Daniel 1st Vice President (:astillo Morales, Carlos Manuel 2nd Vice President Guzman Mata, Fernando NI iii. of Agriculture Gamin Salazar, Ilei min Min. of Cullum Youth & Sports Naranjo Coto, Carmen Min. cif Economy, Industry & Commerce Sanchez Mindez, Jorge Min. of Education Voho Jirm;tiez, Fernando Min, of Finance Morera Balms, Porfirio Min. (if Foreign Relations ricio Segreda, Gonzalo Min. of Government Arroyo Gorden), Edgar Min. of Health Weinstock, Herman, 1)r. Min. of Labor Morales Hernandez, Francisco M in. of Planning & F:conoinic Policy Arias Sanchez, Oscar Min. of Presidene)? Castillo Morales, Carlos Manuel Min. of Public Security Charpentier Gamboa, Mario Min. of Public Works & Transport Jenkins Morales, Alvaro Attorney General Tossi, Antonio CUBA?NDE President Dorticds Tumuli), Osvaldo Prime M muster Castro Hoz, Fidel 1st Vice Prime Minister Castro Buz, Hain Vice Prime Min. for Administration & Economy Dorticds Torrado, Osvaldo Vice Prime Min. for Basic Industries Domenech Benitez, Joel Vice Prime Min. for (jurist ruction Valiks Metundez, Ramiro 15 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved Foir,,ggleasp?19,9,9,/ppgqticcIA-RDP86T00608R0p01 1!3(1,2;t1p039-4 \'ice Prime Min. for Education, Culture & Sciences ( 'tonna Mas, lidarmino Vice Prime Min. for Foreign Relations Rodriguez Rodriguez, Carlos Rafael Vice Prime Min. for Sugar Industry Torralba Gonzalez, Diodes ?'icv Prime Min. for Transportation & (:mornimications Garcia Fats, Guillermo Min. of Chemical Industry Esquivel Yedra. /c riteeteto Min. of Communications Codifies G(enzalez, Pedro NI. Min. of I)oniestic Trade Fernandez Rodriguez, Serafin Min. of Education Fernandez Alvarez, Jost; Ilimain Min. of Electrical Industry Beltran Hernandez, Jost; Luis Min. of Food Industry N? ra njo Morales, Jost; Alberto Min. of Foreign Relations Roil Garcia, Raid Min. of Foreign 'Frade Fernandez Font, Marcelo Min. of Industrial 1)evelt.ptifent Ctiniez Trueba, Angel Min. of Interior V?ille Sergio del M in. of Iron & Steel Machinery Indust ry Rodriguez Perez, Lester NI in. of J ustice Torres Santrayl, Armando Min. of Labor Fernandez Padilla, Oscar Min. of Light Industry Frometa None Min. of Merchant Nlarine & Ports (liaveco I lernandez, Angel Joel Min. of Mines ti Geology &species Fernandez, Manuel Min. of Public I lealth CittWrrez N1einiiz,Jose; Antonio Min. of Revolutionary Armed Forces Castro Ritz, Raid Min. of Sugar Industry I age Coello, Marcos Min. of Transpertation Lusson Batik, Antonio Enrique Min.-Dir., Building Materials Industry Valle Bogue, Jost' Min,-Dir., Development of Social & Livestock Agricultural Construction Fir:1h Balinaseda, Levi Min.-Dir., Industrial Construction Enterprise Alvarez Correa, Raciel Min.-Dir., Natl. Agriculture-Livestock Development Oliva Perez., Nlario Min.-Dir., Nall. Fishing Institute Velaz Suarez, Anibal Central Planning Board 1)ort icds Torrado, Osvaldo Natl. Bank of Cuba Lean Torras, Raid E. Min.-Pies., Natl. (.toninission of Economic, Scientific 61 Technical Collaboration Rodriguez Rodriguez. (:arlos Rafael Min.-Pres., Natl. Institute of Agrarian Reform Castro Ruz, Fidel Min.-Sec. of Presidency & the Council of Ministers Sanchez Manduley, Celia CYPRUS President Ma karios III Vice President 1)enktash, Rauf Min. of Agriculture & Natural Resources Kolotas, Frisos Min. of Commerce & Industry Kolokassidis, Mikhail Min. of Communications & Works Tombazos, (;eorgios NI in. of 1)efense & Interior Ventiannite. Khristodoulos Min. of l'Alfication Mikelidis. Andreas Min. of Finance ritsalidis?Andreas Wu. of r o7eigil Affairs Kliristofidis, loannis Mini, of Width Khristos Min. of Justice loannidis, Georgios Min. of Labor & Social Insurance Spanos, Nlarkos 16 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 CZECHOSLOVAKIA President II usa , Gustav Premier Strougal, Lulnimir 1)eputy Premier C'olot krt. Peter lieputy Premier (;regor, 1)eputy Premier I birriouz, Frau tHek 1)vputy Premier II lila, Vaclav 1)eputy Premier J.,tief 1)eputy Premier I no. K:rrol 1)ejnity Premier I iii?an, Matej 1)eputy Premier Rohl ii!ek, II inhulf 1)eputy Primier Simon, Josef Deputy Premier Zalmulnik, Ji ridfich Min. of Agriculture & Food \'ehia. Boll risky M M. of Communications ralupa, Vlastimil . I e'r, Leopold ot ffairs Chrioupek Boliuslav Min. of Porc., 'ode B?ireiik, A rid re) Min. of Fuels & , wer Elneriberger, Vlasti mil Min. of General Engineering Itulivl. Pavol Min. of Interior ()lizina, jarom In Min. of Labor & Social Affairs Stance!, Michal Min. of Metallurgy & I leavy Industry . Ptie7ek, Zderridc Min. of Natl. 1)efense 1)ztir, Martin, (;en. Min. for Technological & Investment 1)eveloprnent Supka, Laclislav Min. of Transportation Sutka, Stefan Min.-Chum., People's Control Committee Mlelia6ka, Josef Min.-Chnin., State Planning Commission . II iiia, Vuiduic Min.-I)eputy Chnim., State Planning Commissitm Janza, Vladimir M in.-Director, Federal Price Office SabolClk, M idiot DAHOMEY President K6rtlam, Mathieu, Lt. Col. Chief of Govt. Charged with Natl. Defense, the Plan & Coordination of Foreign Aid, Information & National Orientation K6r6kou, Mathieu, U. Col. Min. of Civil Service & Labor Moriba Moussa, Capt. Min. of Popular Culture. Youth & Sports Kouyami, Francois, IA. Mir). of Education Guezodji:;, Vincent, Capt. Min. of Finance Amoussou, Isidore, Maj. Min. of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation Alladay6. Michel. Maj. Min. of Industry, Commerce & Tourism . Atcha&, Andre, Capt. Min. of Interior & Security (Acting) Azonhiho, Martin Dohou, I ,t. Min. of Justice, Legislation & Keeper of the Seals ?lumens, Barthelemy, Lt. Col. Min. of Public !lean!) & Social Affairs Bouraima, Issifou, Capt. Min. of Public Works. Transport, Po: t & Telecommunications Ahoue'ya. Leopold, (:apt. Min. of Rural Development & Cooperative Act ion Blom), Adolphe, Lt. Min. 1)elegate to the Presidency Charged with Information & Natl. Orientation Azonhibo, Martin 1)obou, I,t. Min. Delegate to the Presidency Charged with Plan, Statistics & Coordination of Foreign Aid I lonvoh, Augustin. Capt. 17 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 DENMARK ()liven Mai gretli, II Prime Minister Jorgensen, Anker Min. of Agriculture & Fisheries Dalsager, Poul Min. of Budget Matters I leitiesen, Knurl Min. of (:)rninerte Jensen, In i rig Min. Of Cultural Affairs & Transportation M at thiasen, N i(ls Min. of 1)efense Mol.ler,()rla Min. of Economic Affairs I litekkerup, Per Min. ,f Education t t Min. of Foreign I flair Andersen, Kum' Burge of Foreign Economic Affairs Norgaard, Ivar Min. of Greenland & Church Ilansen, Jorgen Peder Min. of !lousing & Environmental Affairs Nielsen, Ilelge Min. oilnterior Jensen, Egon of Justice Moller, ()rla Mitt. of Labor 1)inesert, Erlitig Min. of Social Affairs Credal, Eva Mitt. of Taxation Jakobsett, Svend DOMINICAN REPUBLIC President liguer, Joaquin Vice President Goico Morales. Carlos Rafael Sec. of State of Agriculture ViliaS CiiCV Ws, Mant lel de Jostis Sec. of State. of Armed Forces Beauchamps Javier, J I kil Sec. of Stak? of Education, Fine Arts & Public Worship Matos Berrido, Leonardo Sec. of State of FilliffiCe AI v Bogaert, Fernando Sec. of State of Foreign Relations Jimkez Reyes, Rattail, Emilio Sec. of State of Industry & Commerce D'Allessandro, Guido Sec. of State oilnterior & Police PtCrez y Hrez. Enrique Sec. of Stl..te of Labor Amiania Tkj, Fernando Sc, of State of the Presidency Villanueva, Pedro Pablo Sec. of State of Public !leak!' & Social Welfare Rojas Bad la, Carlos Maria, Dr. Sec. of State of Public Works di Communications Alsina Puello, Man ad Sec. of State of Sports, Physical Education & Recreation Castellanos Diaz, Just() ECUADOR President RodrIg,tiez Cara, Guillermo A., Div, Gen. Min. of Agriculture & Livestock Cabrera Sevilla. Rad!, Brig. Gen. Min. of Education Vasconez Vasconez, Gustavo. B. Gen. Min. of Finance urillo Battle, Jai roe Min. of Foreign Affairs Aguirre Asanza,?Carlos, Gen. !NAM. of Government & Justice Ayala. Ruben 1)ario, Gen. Min. Industries. Commerce & Integration (arrere. 1)rotiet, Diriilo MM. of Natl. Defense Arrata Macias, Andr6, Ge ii. (Ret.) Miti..4 Natural Restmrces & Em?rgy 1)tienas, Jaime, (:ol. Min. of Public health Maldonado Ml`j fa, Batik Col. Min. of Public Works & Communications Puma Velasco. Ratil, B. Cum Min. of Social. Welfare & Labor Aguirre, Francisco, Col. EGYPT President Sadat, Muhammad Alumni Anwar al- Vice President uharak, Muhammad !Instil, Islaj. Gen. 18 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Prime Minister Saiiiii, Mainduli Muhammad 1)ep. Prime Minister Fiihrni, 1)ep. Prime Minister Jarnasi, Muhammad 'Alid al-Chani al, Lt. Gen. Dep. Prime Mnfister Chaffin', M uharnmad I I afiz Min. of Agriculture & Sudanese Affairs i3idrari. U t lima ri Min. of Amid & Al-Azhar Affairs l)haliabi, Muhammad til-Sayyid ii usayn al- Min. of Civil Aviation Abu Zayd, Ilariali Mill. of C0111111ffilleatiMIS I lasimayn, Muhammad Kama! al-Din Min. of Culture Siba' i, Yusuf al- Min. of Economy & Economic Cooperation Shah' i. M tam mmad M lilli1111111:1(1 Zaki Min. of Educati?ffi !Mini, Mustafa Kama! Min. of Elechicity Alanad Sultan Min. of Finance Abu !small, Alimad Alimad Min. of Foreign Affairs Isma'il Mill. of Health Muhyi Ahmad Fu'ad Min. of Ifiglier Education Chaffin', Muhammad Hafiz Mill. of I lousing & Reconstruction 'Uthman, Utlimaui Alimad Min. of Industry Shalfin,'Isa 'Abd al-I 'amid Min. of Information Siba'i, Yusuf al- Min. of Insurance Ibrahim, Muhammad 'Abd al-Fattah Min, of the Interior Fahnii, ii 'Bay'', Maj. Gen. Min. of Irrigation Abu al-Ma, 'Alai al-Azim 'Abdallah Min. of Justice Yunis, Adil Min. of Manpower & Training Abd al-Latif Min. of Maritime Transport Fahnii. Malmind 'Abd al-Rahman Min. of Petroleum Hilal, Ahmad'Izz. Hasan Min. of Planning & Administrative Development 'Abd al-Rahman, Ibrahim I lilmi Mill. of Scientific Research a, Atomic Energy Jubayli, Muharnmad A ml al-Mabud al- Min. of Social Affairs 'Aislth Min. of Supply Shazili, 'Abd al-Rahman Abramd al- Min. of Tourism Najib, Ibrahim Min. of Trade 'Abd al-Fattah, Zakariya Tawfici Min. of Transport Sidqi, Jamal al-Din Muhammad Min. of War Jamasi, M uharmnad 'Abd al-Gbani al-, Lt. Gea. Min. of War Production Buhl, Alunad Kamil al-, Lt. Gen. Min. of State for Cabinet Affairs & Followup & Control Mahmud, al-Fattah Abdallijh Min. of State for Foreign Affairs Riyad, M uha ra mid Min. of State for Local Rule & Popular Organization Malanud, Muhammad Hamid Min. of State for People's Assembly Affairs Salamah, Albert Barsurn EL SALVADOR President Molina Barraza, Artri?o Armando Vice President Mayorga His as, Enririne Min. of Agriculture & Livestock Escobar Garcia, Robtrto, Lt. Cu!, Min. of Defense Romero, Carlos I I (Hilbert?, Col. Min. of Economy Hidalgo QUAL Guillermo Min. of Education Sthichez, Rogan Min. of Finance Mart Inez Renderos, Rigoberto An Min. of Foreign Relations Borgonovo Pohl, Mauricio Min. of Interior Mart Inez Varela, Agust In Min. of Justice Hercules Pineda, Fabio Min. of Labor & Social Welfare Chavez, Rogelio Alfredo Min. of the Presidency Silva, Josi. Enrique Min. of Public Health & Social Assistance Av,tacio Lopez. Julio Ernesto Min. of Public Works Seaman, Antonio Jorge 19 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 EQUATORIAL GUINEA President NI cias Nguema, Francisco Vice President & Min. Delegate for Natl. Security Fyegue Nilli1111111, Miguel Min. of Agriculture Nii Nitta, Manuel Min. of Echcation & Culture ()Iaga Ngorm, Buenaventura Min. of Foreign Affairs l'.1acias Nguema, Francisco Mill, Of DAM . Macias Nguema, Francisco Min. of Public Works Macias Ngu, Francisco Vice Min. of Commerce Branum Eye, Julio Vice Min. of Foreign Affairs Nguema Esono, Rinaldo Vice Min. of Justice C tole May, Leoncio Placid() Vice Min. of Labor Ichinda Mangali, Braulio Vice Min. of Natural Resources & Elect ricity Abaga Oburu, Nemesio Vice Min., Secretary General at Presidency A mnu, Gaudencio Sec. of State in Charge of Economy & Finance Nko Ivasa, Andreas Sec. of State in Charge of l',ealth; Private Sec:etary of Chief of State Mask. Nt ut num, Angel Sec. of State in Charge of National Security N ue Micha, Noberto Sec. of State in Charge of Special Funct ions 1: Information Oyono Moo, Jesus Alfonso ETHIOPIA Chairman of the Provisional Government Teferi Banti, Brig. Gen. First Vice Chairman of the Provisional Government Mengistu I lade Mariam, Maj. Second Vice Chairman of the Provisional Government AMMO Abate, IA. Col. Min. of Apiculture Asrate Felleke Min. of Commerce, Industry & Tourism Molmmed Abd iii Rahman Min. of Communications & Posts Tekalign Gedamu Min. of Community Devi+ & Social A f fairs Tadesse Tafesse Min. of Culture & Youth Affairs Aklihr halite Min. of Defense Ayalew Mandefro Min. of Education & Fine Arts !lade-Gabriel Dagne Min. of Finance Negash Desta Min. of Foreign Affairs K jilt' Wodido Min. of Informatien Yikob Gebre-Egziabher, Maj. Min. of Interior Legesse Wolde-Mariam, Col. Min. of Law & Judgments Amanuel Arude-Miliad Min. of Land Reform & Administration Zegeye Asfaw Min. of Mines Si Posvm. I lull II Yelliallil Min. of Natl. 'Resources Development Mel) ra t u Mengistu Min. of Public Health Jamal Abdul Nadir, Dr. Min. of Public Works & Housing Sentret Medhane, Col. Min. of State in Prime Minister's Office Demissie Teferra, Chief Political Adviser in the Office of the Provisional Government Chairman . Mikael muru, Commissioner for Drought Relief & Rehabilitation Shimeles Adugna Commissioner of Pensions Araya Ekuba-Egty Commissioner of Planning . Pantos Abraham FIJI Governor General Cakobau, George, Rat u Sir Prime Minister . Mara, Kamisese, Rat ii Sir Dep. Prime Minister . Ganilam Penaia, Rat it Sir Attorney General Filvey, J. N. 20 ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ; IIIIMIIIII111111111111111111111111111111EIMEM oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. for Agriculture, Fisheries & l'orests. Toganivaltt, Jostia, Ihttii Min. for Commerce, Industry & Cooperatives Khan, Mohammed Taiyab Min. for Communications, NVorks & Tourism Beddow, Edward James Min. for l'ijian Affairs & Rural Ikvelopment Tuganivalu, William, Batt] Min. for Finance Stinson, Charles A. Min. for Health Singh, James Shankar Mitt. for I:ome Affairs Gattilatt, Penaia, liatu Sir Nlill. for Information Tog,anivalti, David. NM Min. for Labor ti uv. )(mate Mill. for Lands, Nliti(s & Mineral liesources \Vatianivavalagi, Sakiasi Min. for Urban 1)evelopment, Housing & W'Ifan Rainiati, M011111111111.(1 Min, for l'outh, Sports & Education Naisara, Joni. li. Min. 11'ithinit Portfolio Togattivalti, David, Rain FINLAND President ',ekkon(ii, 1.1rIto Prime Minister Iiiiaitiaa Keii() 1)eptity Prime Nlinister Nlattila. Olavi Min. in Charge of ()ffice of Council of State Alitialit, Kaarlo Nlin. of Agriculture & Forestry lhainuotila. Veikko First Nlin. of C:ontmerce & Industry I1tklritn. Arvo Second Min. of Commerce & industry Uitto, puma Min. of Communications Timonen. Esa In. of 1)e1ettse Ilutirtamo. F,rkki NIUE of l'Alucation Post i. Lauri First Min. of Finance .Tuominett. Ileikki Second Min. of l'ittance ?'.irjas, -r(my() mit, of l'orrign Affairs Mattila. ()Iavi I:irst Min. of Interior Koski. Heikki Second Nib', of Interior St rtImmer. Amin) VI iii. of Justice Anttila. Sylvi Min. of Labor ['mounter-L. Ihno First hint. of Social Affairs & I lealth L,alitittert, Alli Second Min. of Social Affairs & Health . Teir. Grels FRANCE President Giscard d'Estaing, Valery Prime NI inistt r Chirac, Jacques Mitt. of State, Mitt. of Interior Poniatowski, Nlichel Min. of Agriculture Bur net, Christian Min. of Commerce Ansquer, Vincent Min. of Cooperation Abelin, Pierre Min. of 1)efense Bump's, Yvon Min. of Economy & Finance Fourcade. Jean-Pierre Min. of Education Ilaby, I1en6 Min. of Foreign Affairs luvagnargues, Jean Min. of Foreign Trade 'egard. Norbert Min. of ilealth of Industry d'Ornano, Michel Mill. of Justice Lecanuet. Jean Min. of Labor Durafour, M did Min. Of Public Works (-4111(1% Hobert Min. for the Quality of Life Jarrot?Anda. Sec, of State for Agriculture 1)eniau, Jean-Francois 21 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Sec. (il Statet it Culture ( uy. Michel Sec. of State for 1)efense Itigeard. txliacel, Gen. Sec, of State lor ()verseas 1),p:ohne:its h Territories Sinn, ()livier Sec. of State for Posts & Telecommunications Aymar ... of State for 'Hit' Condition of 11'4)111(.11 Girmid, Franyase See. of Shit(' lor The Universities Soisson, Jean-Pierre Sec. of State for Transport Cavailll', Marcel 'we. of State for 1'eterans Boni, AndM Sec. of State to the Prime Minister, Government Spokesman Rossi, Ando: Sec. of State to the Prime M inistet in Cliarge of Civil Service P(:rorinet, Gabriel Sec. of State to the Prime ['Minister in Charge of Relations will: Parliament Tomasini, Item: SIT, of State to the Prime er in Charge of V(mational Training l'illd SIT. Of Milk tic the Nliri. of Et?onomy & Finance, Budget Poncelet, Christian Sec. of State to the Min. of Education, Preschool Education Lysol', Annie _. of SilliC 10 ,)1 Foreign Affairs 1)(.st rennin, Bernard Sec. of State to the Min of I health, Social Action Lenoir, Item: Sec. of State to the Nli?i. of Justice, Prison Conditions Dorlhac, I klime Sec. of State to the Mccc. of I ...lbw, Immigrant Workers Dijond, Paul S.c. of State to thu hiic. of Public Works, Housing Karol, Jacques (.1 'titte tic ttie Min. for the Quality of Life, Tourism 1)11cray, Gi'rard Sec. of Yale to the Min, for the Quality of Life, Youth & Sports Ma/Pill1(1, FRENCH TERRITORY OF THE AFARS AND ISSAS?NM', !lig! Commissioner Dakhla.. Christian President of the Governing Council Ali Awl Bonilla() Nlin. of Civil Service 1)jama Diann( Min. of (:ornmerce & Industrial 1)evelopment Ismail Balayali Miguel( Min. of Education, Sports & Mohamed ()mar Kutcmil Min. of Finance Gliirdon, Andre. Min. of Health Cheliern Dand ( heliern Min. of Information Alahilliilli ()smart I Linde Min. of Interior & Muslim Affairs Mohamed Kauai Mohamed Min. of Labor Ibrahim Ahmed llourale Min. of Port & Industrial Enterprises Ali Awl Bourlian Min. of Public 1Vorl s, Fransport to Tourism tylolumied 1)jania Elabe Min. of Rural Ecorm.ity !Lissa!' !Mohamed \loyal(' GABON President Bongo, Allied Bernard Prime Minister Nlehiame, 1'ice Prime NI i nist er NI igolet , J van-Sta rash's Min. of State in Charge of Agriculture & Rural 1)ev(.1opment Sit11011 Mill. of State in Charge of Mines, Energy & I lydraillic Resources Mbotiy-Boutzit, Alexis Min. of State in (:liarge of Transportation, Civil Aviation, Merchant Marine & Octra It.isviri, Gecirges Min. of Civil Service & Administrative Reform K?s (tom TheMlore Min. of Commerce & Industry Moussirom Etienne Min. of Coordination, !lousing, Urban Affairs & Land Registry Mehiatne, Leon Min. of Culture & Art Mefam., Emmanuel Min. of Econ..,',./ & Motikanibi, Paul Min. of 1...(o ign Affairs & (:ooperation ()ktittilm 1).(B(watsegue, Paul Min. of Inforrm(Zion Bongo, Albert Bernard Min. of Interior Satilnerond Mapangom jean Bernard 22 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 liui.ol Justice, Keeper of the Seal lgollo, Jacques, 1)r. Min. cif Labor & Social Security ()kilda, Volute ol Natl. 1)elense Bongo Albert Bernard lin. 4)1 Natl. Education . bongo. Isitartin !xi in ol Nat: (uidance, Plan, 1)evelopment & Distribution ..... Bongo, Albert Bernard Min. of Posts & Telecorniminications 111/11g11, Albert Bernard of Professional Training & 111)11(1kt:ins Nzainba, Valentin PlIblie & l'111/111111k111 Bongotha, Fillbert of Public Works & Construction Raphael Min. (il Scientific Research Charge of Enviloninental Affairs & Preservation of Nature ()wino Nguema, Frillin6 Mill, Of Social Adairs, ?Var Veterans h ?'ictims Vyegliet, Pierre ( ;Inver Min. of Tonrisin in Charge of Natl. Parks Aliybotika, Emile Mill. Of ViIir & lusts 1.'NM/11111., Michel lin. (if Youth, Sports & Leisure Bongo, Albert Bernard NI iii. 1)elegate to die Presidency ill CillItgr Of Information, Posts & Telecommunications Nguema, Richard 1)e1pgate to the Presidency in Charge of Plan, 1)evelopment h Land 1)istribution Atichottm. Min., Iklegate to the Presidency in Charge of Youth, Sports & Leisure Assele. Jean Boniface 1)(Legate to the Prime Minister in Charge of !lousing, Urban Affairs & ' "Registry Enenglie, Paul Min. in Charge of 1,:inds, Registration & Ihik (:1)11%1IN'atill11 Minko. Henri Min. in Charge of 'odium( With the Assembly Nligolet, Jean Stanislas Min., Personal (:outiselor of the President in Charge of Coordination of Intl. Cooperation Affairs Mouvaglia, Etienne Guy Min., Personal Counselor of the President in (:harge (if Relation vitli Natl. \Wood ()Ilice l?layila, Louis Gaston Min., Sec. Gen. of the Presidency of the liept(blic 1)ir. (;en. of Nail. Security 1)ir, Gen. Of Public Lands THE GAMBIA 111(1(.1111)Mo Coniquet, Item' Assele, Jean lionifarl) IXIiiik(), Henri President Jawara. 1)awda Kairaba, Sir Vice President Attorney General !Xliu. of Agriculture & Natural Resources Min. of Education, Youth & Sports Camara, Assan Musa Salio, Ceesay, Yaya Charm N1 (11E1)1111(111 Cadi Min. of External Affairs Vile, Alien Badara Mitt. of Finance & Trade ('?irlia jalitimpa. Ibrahim:I IxItiliamadu Min. Of Ile:111h & Social Welfare Kalilou Foday of Information & Tourism Sanyang, Bakary Landing K titi Kalilon Foday Min. of Labor Min. of Land & Mines Camara, Assan MIM.1 Min. of Local Government Clinara, Ain Mist Mill. Of Nanning, IcofloIlliCs & 111(1110111111)MTIOpIllent Mill. of Works & Communications jack. Alien, Sir Min. of State in President's ()file() Leigh, Kelibil N. of Statl. ill President's Office N.1boge, Latoin B. GERMAN DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC Chairman, State Council Stop!), Chairman, Council of Ministers (Premier) Sindermann, !bust 23 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved elease 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 FA C.IRmairrillin, Council ot Ministers Mittag, Guenter Is( 1)ep. Chairman, Council of Ministers Neumann, Alfred 1)eptity Chairman, (:muncil of Ministers liege', Manfred 1)eptity Chairman, Council of Ministers I leusinger, Hans Joachim Deputy Chairman, Council of Minkters Kleiber, Guenther 1)eputy Chairman, Council of Ministers Itaitchfuss, ?Voligittig 1)eputy Chairman, (:ouncil of Ministers Ileichelt, I fans 1)vputy Chairman, Council of Ministers Si trier, Gerhard 1)eputy Chairman, Crtuticil of Nlinisters Schulze, Rudolf Deputy Chairman, Council of Ministers Weiss, Gerhard Deputy Chairman, Council of Ministers %Wiz, !filbert Chum., State Planning (:mon. Schnerer, Gerhard Mill. for Agriculture & l'orestry & the Foodstuffs Industry Kuhrig, Heinz Min. for ilezirk Administered Industry (, Food Industry Wimp., Udo I)ieter Mill. for Chemical Industry Wyschofsky, Guenther Min. for Coal & Energy Siebold, Klaus Min. for (:onstruction JIIIIker, ??'oligang Mitt. for Culture lic)t-Imam liar's-Joachim Min. for Public Education Honecker, Margot, Mrs. Min. for Electrical Engineering & Electronics Steger, ()tfried Mitt. for Environmental Protection & Water Management Iteichelt, Halls Min. for Finance Moduli, Siegfried Min. for Foreign Affairs Fischer, ()scar Min. for Foreign Trade Soellt?, !forst Min. for General Engineering, Agricultural Machinery & Vehicle Building Kleiber,(;uenther, Mitt. for Geology Hoch:nano, Manfred IVIin. tor Glass & (:eratnics Greine. et ter, Werner Min. for Health Mecklinger, Ludwig Min. for Heavy Machine Construction & Installation Construction Zi rnmermann, (:erhar(I Min. of the Interior I)ickel, Friedrich Min. of Justice I leusinger, flatus Joachim Min. for Light ledustry Benin, Karl Min. for MachMe Tool & Processing Machinery Building Georgi, Midi Min. for Material Management It.tueliftiss, %Volfgang Min. for Natl. Defense . I loffmantt, I leinz, Gem Min. for Ore Mining, Metallurgy & Potash Singluther, Kurt Mitt. for Posts & Telecommunications Schulze, Rudolph Min. for Science & Technology Weiz, Herbert Min. for State Security Mielke, Erich, Gen. Min. for Trade & Supply Briksa, Gerhard Min. for Transport Arndt, Otto Min. for University & Techtikal School Matters Bovinity, II:ins-Joachim Nliti.-Chum. of Price Office lb Ibritter. Walter Min.-Chout. of Workers-Peasants Committee Mantles, Heinz Min.-Pres. of State Bank K. whisky, !bust GERMANY, FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF President Scheel, Waller Chancellor Schmidt, Ilehnut Vice Chancellor Genscher. Haos-Dietrich Min. of Defense Leber, Georg Min. for Economic Cooperation 13.thr, Egon Min, of Economics Friderichs, I Ions Min. for Education & Science Rohde, Ileltnut 24 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved Frp,r, ftlgp,? 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R00010M9939-4 Min. for Food, Agriculture & Forestry Ertl, Josef Min. of Foreign Affairs ( 'enscher, I lans-1)ietricli Min. for limer-Gertnan Relations Franke, Egon Min. ()I the Interior Maihofer, Werner Min. of Justice Vog,e1, I lam, [(when NAM. for Labor & Social Affairs A remit, Waller for Regional Planning, !lousing & City Planning Waver's, Karl Min. for Research & Technology Malthopfer, flans Min. for Transport, Post & Telecommunications Cscheidle, Kurt Mir.. for 'Youth, Family & !lentil) Focke, Katharina, Mrs. GHANA Chairman, Supreme Military Comwil Acheampong, Ignatius Kitt ti, Col. Chairman, National Redemption Council Acheampong. Ignatius Kuhl, (:ol. Commissioner for Agriculture Ngekbe, P. K., It. Col. (:orninissioner for Cocoa Affairs Kyeremeli, Joseph A. Cdr. Commissioner for 1)efense Aelwarnp(mg, Ignatius Kuhl, Col. Commissioner for Economic Planning 13. l';.%V:11111e, (:01. COIIIIIIi!A1011er for H111111(4' Acheampong, Ignatius Kuhl, Col. (:ommissioner for Foreign Affairs Felli, Roger, Col. (:ormuissioner for Ilealth Selormey, Anthony II., Col. Commissioner for Industries Minyila, Ceorg,e, Lt. Col. (:(mimissioner for Information Kotei, Robert E. A., Brig. (:orninissioner for Internal Affairs Ako, Ernest Commissioner for Justice & Attorney General Adtiow, Justice Gustave Korenteng (:ottunissioiwr for Labor. Social Welfare & (:ooperatives Arnerlione, Joy K., (Ar. Commissioner for Lands & Mineral Resources Kuhn, 'I'. T., IA. Col. (:ormnission)'r for Local Government Agbo, Kodja Barney, Col. Commissioner for NM: A f f airs Buckman, Eckard Kofi Commissioner for Sports Aclieampong, Ignatius K lit ii ('id. Commissioner for Trade & Tourism Quarshie, K. A., Col. (:ommissioner for Transport & Telecommunications Iddisah. 1)avid Amadu, Col. Commissioner for Works & !lousing Jackson, K. A., IA. (:mninissioner for Youth & (:ulture ()witsii-l'ordvvor, E. Regional Commissioner for Ashanti Kujiku, I.. K., Nlaj. Regional Commissioner for Brong-Ahafo Abrefa, ()bed Ks%abeita. It. Col. Regional Commissioner for (;?ritral 1).(wimi, Emmanuel Joe, Nlaj. Regional Commissioner for Eastern Tikyi, Kwaku A.. it. ((111. Regional Commissioner for Greater Accra Thompson. NVilliani A., Lt. (:ol. Regional Commissioner for Northern Zumali. Robert K., Maj. Regional Commissioner for Upper ()fori-Akiminoall, Ni., Nlaj. Regional Commissioner for Volta Ainevor. Gabriel K., Maj. Regional Commissioner for \Vestern ()too, I.t. (:dr. President GREECE Isatsos, Konsta (Milos Prime Ni inister Karamanlis. Konstantinos Min. I() the Prime Minister Rillis. Georgios NI in. of Agricult tire lordanoglou, Ippokratis Min. of Civilization & Scietwes Trypanis, Konstantinos 'Min. of (:mitinerc) NI?ovitsiotis, loannis Min. of Coordination & Programming Pwaligouras. Panagiotis Min. of Employment Laskaris. Konstantinos 25 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved Roy (ReWase 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T0060qN?t991,99epp39-4 Min, of Foreign Aflairs Ilitsios, Dimit dos Min. of Housing, Town Planning & Environment Bins, Kyprilmos NAM. of Industry & Energy Konofagos, Konstantinos Min. of the Interior . Stefaimpoillos, Konstantinos M in. of J ustice .Stehmakis, Konstantinos Nlin. of Merchant Marine . Papadongonas, Alexaridros Min. of Natl. 1)eferist. . Averof, Evangelos Min. of Natl. Education & Religions %epos, Panagiotis Min. for Northern Greece Martis, Nikolaos Nfiri. of Public Order Gikas, Solon Min. of Public Works Stratus, K liristoforos Min. of Social Services Kb rysanthopoulos, Konstanti nos Min. of Transport & Communications . N'ogiatzis, Georgios GRENADA Governor Decide. Leo v. Prinw Minister (;airy, Eric NI. Depot y Prime Minister Preudhomme, I lerbert Min. Without Portfolio Knight, 1)crek in. of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry Radium, Oliver A. Min. of Communications & Works Preudhomme, Ilerbert Min. of Education Morris, John Min. of External Affairs & I tome Affai,s Giiry, Eric NI. Min. of Finance, Trade & Production . llosten, George F. Mm. of I kali h & I lousing . Sylvester, David T. Min. of Information Gairy, Eric M. Min. of Legal Affairs Squires, I Ierbert Min. of Natl. Security . Gairy, Eric NI. Min. of Planning, Development, Lands & Surveys Gairy, Eric NI. Min. of Tourism Slinger, Paul Min. of Social Affairs, Culture, Community 1)evelopment Cooperatives (airy, Cynthia B. Min. of Youth 1)evelmmumt, Sports & Labor Delland, Franklyn Attorney General Squires, I lerbert GUATEMALA President . La ugenid Garcia, Kjell Vice P vsident .Sandoval Alarcon, Mario Min. of Agriculture Rubio Corona(ho, Faust() 1)avid Min. of Conumwications & Public vVorks Arguedas N110111(.7, Ricardo Min. of Economy . Palomo Escobar, Eduardo Min. of Finance 'minima Rudd, Jorge Min. of Foreign Relations . Molina Mantes, Adolfo Min. of Government & Interior V issaux Martinez, Rene' Leonel Min. of Labor & Social Planning . Corzo de la Roca, Daniel NI in. of Natl. 1)eferise Lucas Garcia, Fernando Romeo Min. of Public Education . Putzrys Alvarez. Guillermo Min. of Public health & Social Assistance Castillo Sinibaldi, Julio GUINEA Presidential 1)orriain President Min. of Information & Ideology . Toon:, Ahmed Snorr Itehiiii'i,itu, Seri i ion Louis 26 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Prime Minister Min. of Financial ( out rol Min. of Foreign Affairs Prime Minister's 1)onninin 1.arisana. 1)r. \lonnetar Cisonko, lily Min. of Plans Dianne. Alioune Min. of the People's Army Kourotima. Alafay tilt u rii I hica I ona I IN mn k Min. of Cultiiral & Educational . Min, of Iliglier Education & Scientific Research di Tele-Education Min. of Pre-University Education & Alphabetization Min. of Youth, Arts & Sports Keit a NI auth (:amara, Sikhe Guilavogui, (;alima S'tiigart "Founnany Xconomic & Financial 1)ornain Min. of Economic & Financial Domain Ismael Mini. of l'inance Tonirt., Fmk Mannoutlou Min. of Industry & Energy Klba, Marnadi Mill. of Public NVorks, Mines & Geology Toon:, Mohamed 'minim, Exchange Domain Min. of Exchange 1)minain Bury, Alpha ()lunar, 1)r. Min. of Foreign Commerce Elliaji Abdoulaye Min. of Internal Commerce ('linara, Moussa Sainguiamt Min. of Posts & Telecommunications 1)iaro, Mouctar Min. of Transom,. Thiarn, Thierno Sekou Interior & Security 1)ornain Min. of Interior, Security & J ustiev Moussa Min. of Interior & Socurity K? rim, Keira Min. of Justice Diallo, liii Min. of Regional 1)evelopment for Doke !legion Kritut. Ihrithima Kabassan Min. of Regional Development for (:onakry Region 1)ounnhonlya, Mainadou Beyla Min, of Regional 1)evelopment for l'aranali Region ('herif, Nabianou in. of Regional 1)evelopment for Kanban Region 13.11de, Abdoulaye I)iawa Min. of Regional 1)evelopment for Kiruna Region 1)ournbouyin, Koramodou Nth]. of Regional Development for Lahr Region ('herif, St:kou Mill. of Regional 1)evelopment for N'zerekore Region ngoura, N1annailouba Rural II:evelopmeril Domain Min. of Rural 1)evelopment 1)ornain . Kt'ita. N. Familia Min. of Livestock & Fisheries ( amara, Kekoura, Dr Min. of Waters & 1,orests Millie. Louis Social 1)oinain Min. of Social Affairs I)onnain Saifoulaye Min. of Civil Service & Labor Diallo, Abdoulaye 'Min. of Ilealth Diane, Lanclana, Gen. Min. of Social Affairs Bingontra, hluudjuu Mafory Party I inspection General Min., Party Inspector Gen. Camara, Damantang SVC. Gen. of the Govt. Tour6, Elhadj Salifou Inspector Gen. of State Services Sy Savant., Souleymane Sec. Gen. at the Presidency K?kba, Sekuu Min. in Charge of Banking & Insurance Sangart:, N'faly 27 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 C. UINEA-BISSAU?NDE President Cabral, 1,1i. le Aliitcida Vice President Djallo, Uffiarli Secretary Soares, Principal Commissioner Mentli riariCiNCO. M al. Commissioner of the Armed h'orces Vieint, Joao Bernardo, Maj. Commissioner of Agricultural Planning & Natl. Resources Correia, Carlos (:onntlissioner of Agriculture & Livestock Mane, Samba [Amine (:onttnissioner of Commerce & I landicrafts !limos, Armando Commissioner of Communications & Transport Schacht, Otto Commissioner of Economy & Finance Cabral, ?'asco Commissioner of l'oreign Affairs Maria, Victor Sande Commissioner of I lealth & Social Affairs Costa, Joao da Commissioner of Industrial Energy & Ilydrology Martins, Fininto Vas C:ortunissioner of Information & TOIIIitilll S'IlltOS, Mantle' (los, Maj. Commissioner of Internal Administration Ilarreto, thu 1)as Merces (:ornmissioner of Justice Cabral, ',idylls Alineicia Commissioner of National Economy & (:tilturt? Mario Commissioner of National Security & Public Order Teixeira, Constantino, Maj. Commissioner of Public Works & Urbanism Gimes, Alberto Lima Commissioner of the Revolutionary Armed Forces Pires, Petit() Verona Rodrigues, Maj. Commissioner of Youth & Sports Correia, Adel ino N Mies Commissioner Without Portfolio Araujo, Jose' Eduardo de Figueiredo GUYANA President Chung, Arthur Prime Minister Buuruuliauuu L. F. S. Dep. Prime Minister livid, Ptolemy A. Min. of Agriculture Kennard, Gavin R. Mitt. of Cooperatives & National Mobilization Green, Ilamillon Min. of Economic 1)eveloi anent Hoyle, Ibigh Desmond Min. of Education hurl Cecilene Min. of Energy a, Natural Resources Jack. Hubert O. Min. of FinaliCe I IOW!, Frank E. Min. of Foreign Affairs Wills, Frederick R. Min. of I lealth I Latter, Oliver M. Min. of !low Affairs Mingo, C. Vibert Min. of !lousing N'Itaille, Steve S. Min. of Information & Culture Field-Ridley, Shirley NI. Min. of Justice Wills, Fn?derick R. Min. of Labor ( 'arrinton, VVi tislow Min. of National Development Reid, Ptolemy A. Min. of National Security Burnham. L. F. S. Min. of Parliamentary Affairs R?onsaroop, Bishwaishsvar (Canunie) Min. of Trade & Consumer Protection King, George Min. of Works N?iraine, Steve S. Min. of State for Agriculture K?isitn, Mohamed Min. of State in Office of Prime Minister NIscimento, Christopher A. (Kit) Attorney General Shaliabuddven, Mohamed HAITI Presicl('tit 1)uvalier, Jean-Claude Sec of State for Agriculture, Natural Resources & Rural Development Levilme, James 28 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For (R4demen,19,91/011Z6 : CIA-RDP86T00608R00Q19,020939-4 Sec. of State for Finance & Economic Affairs Bros, Emmanuel Svc. of State for I' nigh Alfons & Worship Bruit is, Edner Sec. of Slate for Informatirm & Coordination (ousse, Pierre Sec. of State for Interior & Natl. 1)efense Illanchet, Paul of State for justice jeanty, Aim:lien C. Sec. of State for I Alan & Social Affairs Antoine, Max A. Svc. of State for Natl. Education 1,eFranc, Jean Monies Sec. of State for Pub'ic "uransport & Communications Petit, Pierre Marc liemilieo, Daniel Svc. of State for Pui:lic !lean & Population Under Sec, of State for Agriculture, Natural Resource, & Rural Development I Under Sec. of State for (:ommerce & Industly Ilayard, [kiln P. Under Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs & Worship 1)orcely, Gerard Under Sec. of State for I.abor & Social Affairs Salvant.Acitille 1..,fider Sec. of State for Public I kali!' & Population Germain, Itolwrt HONDURAS (The Secretari are i?urornordy referred to as Ministers,) Chief of State Melgar Gist ro. Juan Alberto, Col. Sec. of State for Communication,. Public Works & Transport Aparicio ?'elasipiez. German Sec. of State for 1)efense & Public Security Chinchilla Carcanmo, Mario Enrique, Col. Sec. of State for Economy & (:ommerce San Martin, Armando, Capt. Svc. of State for Education Arias, Lidia Williams de Sec. of State for Finance Zavala Sandiwal, Porfirio Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs Galvez Madrid, Virgilio Sec. of State for C;overnment & Justice Flores Guerra, Minim', (ol. Svc. of State for I lealth & Public Welfare Aguilar Paz. Enrique Svc. of State for Information, Tourism & Culture Gonzalez Mutioz, Efrain Svc. of State for Labor & Social Security Hines Valderiano, Enrique Sec. of State for Natural Resources Callejas Romero, Rafael Leonardo I)irector, Natl. Agrarian Institute Maldonado NI Inioz, Jost; Mario Executive Secretary, Planning Council (' nleto, Arturo HUNGARY President, Presidential Council I osuuicz.i, Pal Premiv- I azar. (yorgy 1)eputy Premier GyOrgy Deputy Premier Borbandi, Janos 1)eputy Premier IIavasi, Ferenc Deputy Premier Iluszar. Istvan 1)cputy Premier Sicker. Gyula Min. of Agriculture & Food Romany, Pal Min. of Construction & Urban Development Bondor, Jiizsef NI in. of Culture Orban, Laszki Min. of Defense Czinege, Lidos Min. of Education Polinszky, Karoly Min. of Finance Faluvi;gi, l,ajos Min. of Foreign Affairs Pujo. Frigyes Min. of Foreign Trade Bird, Jdzsef tv'in. of Health Schultheisz, Emil Min. of Ileavy Industry Simon, Pal 29 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. of Interior Berikei, Andras Min. of Internal Trade Szurdi, Istvan Min. of Justice Komi'', Mihaly Min. of Labor Klfilkilti, !AINZlii Min. of Light Industry Keserti, Janos, Mrs. Min. of Metallurgy & Machine Industry Netneslaki, Tivadar \Cu, of Transportation & Postal Affairs ItOrliirlyi, Kandy Min.-Chum., State Office for Church Affairs Miklds, Imre Natl. Planning Office Ii uszar, Istvan Min.-(:lirmi., Central Statistics Office Itiliiit, Jdzsef Min.-Chinn., Natl. (om. for Technological 1)evelopment Ajtai, M i kids ICELAND President Eldjarti, Kristj:in Prime M II?illgrInisson, Geir Min. of Agriculture Sigurdsson, Ilallddr Min. of Commerce Phan:lesson, ()lam Min. of Communications Sigurdsson, Min, of Education I ibilmarsson, Min. of Finance Mathiesen, Matthias Min. of Fisheries lijarnason, Matt las Min. of Foreign Affair Agiistsson, Einar Min. of 11calth & Social Security Ilja mason, Matt hu los Min. of Industries Thorothiseri, Gunnar Min. of Justice & Ecclesiastical Affairs Jriliannesson, (51a fur Min. of ?dal Affairs Thonaldseri, Gunnar INDIA President Ahmed, isakhruddin All Vice President Jatti, Basappa Danappa Prime Minister Indira, NI rs. Min. of Agriculture & Irrigation Jagjivan Min. of Atomic Energy Gonna, Lalira, Mrs. Min. of Commerce ( 'hattopadhyaya, I). P. Min. of Communications Slia mm, Shankar Da yal Min. of Defense Singh, Swaran Min. of Education, Social Welfare & Culture I Ilsan, S. N mid Min. of Electronics Gandhi, Indira, Mrs. Min. of Energy Pint, K. C. Min. of External Affairs Chavan, 1. B. Min, of Finance Suhramaniam, C. Min. of Health & Family Planning Singh, Karan Min. of Home Affairs Reddy, K. Braharnananda Min. of Industry & Civil Supplies Pu, T. A. Min. of Information & Broadcasting Shukla, V. C. NIin. of Irrigation & Power Pant, K. C. Min. of Labor & Employment Reddy, K. V. Raghtinatha Min. of Law, Justice & Company Affairs Gokhale, II. R. Min. of Parliamentary Affairs Illghuramaiall, K. Min. of Petroleum & Chemicals Maliviya, K. I). Mill. of Pltmning Gandhi, Indira, Mrs. Min. of Railways Tripathi, K a mlapat Min. of Science & Technology Gandhi, Indira, Mrs. Min. of Shipping & Transport Dixit, U ma Shankar 30 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. of Space Canal, Indira, Mrs. Min. of Steel & Mines Yadav, Chandrajit Min. of Supply & Rehabilitation Khadilkar, R. K. Min. of Tourism & Civil Aviation thlridur, Bud Min. of ?Vorks & !lousing Ilighuramaiali, K. INDONESIA President Vice President NI in. of Agriciilt ure Mill. Of (011111111Illeati011ti Min. of I)efense & Security Min. of Education & Culture Suliarto, Geri. 1 lamengloi Illiwono IX, Sultan Thoyib, Iladiwijaya, 1)r, Salim, Emil, 1)r. Patiggabean, TvIaratien, Gen. Thayeb, Syarif, Lt. (ien. 1)r. Wardliaaa, All. I)r. Malik, Adam Si wabessy, Gerrit A ugustinus, I)r. Amir, Lt. Gen. Yusuf, Audi Mohammad, it. Gen. Mashuri Sakti Nioclitar Kuisuiinaatnuaja Subroto, 1)r. Sularni II A Mukti Ali, Dr. Aintareja, II. M. S. Prawiro, Radius Min. of Finance Min, of Foreign Affairs Min. of Health Min. of !tome Affairs Min. of Industries Min. of Information Min. of Justice Mill. of Manpower, Transmigration & Cooperatives Min. of Mining Min. of Public Works & Power Min. of Religion Min. of Social Affairs Min. of Trade Min. of State for Admin. & Finance of Non-Departmental Govt. Inst. Sudharmono, Maj. Gen. Min. of State for Economy, Finance & Industry Wijoyo Nitisastro, Dr. NI in. of State for Social Welfare Sunawar Sukowati, Prof. Min. of State for Iti?form of State Apparatus Sumarlin, Johannes B., Dr. Min. of State for Research Smarr) Joyohadikusumo Shah P. Nat'l, Mohammad lieu'.; Prime Minister Hoveyda, A Rd r Alias Min. of Agriculture & Nat ioal Resources 'llithani, Mansur Min. of Commerce Mahdavi, Fereydon Min. of Cooperatives & Rural Affairs Sadaniani, Reza Nil iii. of Court Alarn, Asadollall Min. of Culture & Arts Pa li I bod , M eh rd ad Min. of Economics & Finance Ansari, Ilushang Min. of Education Sharifi, Ahmad !tusking Min. of Energy V?ihidi. !raj Min. of Foreign Affairs Khalatbari, Alias All Min. of Health Ptiyan, Anushirvan, Dr. Min. of Housing & Town Planning Jaber-Ansari, liomayun Min. of Industry & Mines Najrnabadi, Farokh Min. of Information & Tourism Kianpur, Qolam Rez.a Min. of Interior & Civil Service Affairs A muzegar, Jamshid M in. of Justice A1111111(11, Slider] Min. of Labor & Social Affairs Moini, Amir Qiisem Min. of Post. Telegraph & Telephone Motamedi, Karim Min. of Roads & Communications Shahrestani, Javad 31 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ved FonRelease, 19faStitit9A26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R0QM2411(99-4 Min. of Social Welfare Sheikh-ol-Eslainzadeh, Shoja-ed-Din Min. of War Azimi, Reza, Cen. Min. of State Iledayati, I lath Min. of State Kalali, Manuchela Min. of State zdanpanah, Ezatollah Min. of State 6. Dep. to Prime Minister for Development & Economic Affairs Asfia, Safi Min. of State for Parliamentary Affairs Shadman, Zia-ed-Din Min. of State for Plan & Budget Org. Majidi, Abdo' Majid President IRAQ-NDE Vice-President Ahmad Ilasan al- Ma' ruf, Talm Min. of Agriculture & Agrarian Reform J um a, I lasan Fab mi Min. of Communications Sa'dtm Chaydan al-Oaysi al- M in. of Defense Ahmad I lasan ill. Mm. of Economy 'Azzawi, I likmat al- Min. of Education Mahjub, Muhammad Min. of Finance Ibrahim, Sa'di Min. of Foreign Affairs II ammacli, Sa.dun Min. of Health Mustafa, hint, Dr. Min. of Higher Education & Scientific Research 'Abd al-Jahl, (Martini Min. of Industry & Minerals Jazrawi, Taha Yasin Min. of Information 'Aziz, Tang Min. of Interior Duri, 'Izzat Ibrahim al- Min. of Irrigation Mokarram al- M in. of J us t ce (Acting) Shawl, M undhi r al- Min. of Labor & Social Affairs Hadithi, Anwar 'Alai al-Oadir al- Min. of Municipalities 'Agrawi, Ilashim Ilasan Min. of Oil 'Abd al-Karim, Tayih Min. of Planning (Acting) Jazrawi, Ta ha Yasin al- Min. of Public Works & Housing Hi ?i, Rashid Muhammad Said al- Min. of Transport S tbri, 'Adrian A yub Min. of Unity Khudayr, 'Abdallah al- Min. of Youth I I addad, Na' mu Min. of State 'Abdallah, A mur Min. of State Rifai, Rashid Muhammad Said al- Min. of State Sha rif, 'A ziz Min. of State Jmvari, Ahmad 'Abd e.I-Sattar al- Min. of State 'Agrawi, 'Aziz Ilashnini Min. of State 13 trzani, 'Ubaydallah Mustafa Min. of State Ahmad, 'Abdallah Isma'il Min. of State J Awl, I la mid al- Min. of State al-Shawl, IIisitam Mitt. of State for Military Affairs Ilashinii, Khalid Makki al- Min. of State for Presidential Affairs Juwari, Alt mad 'Abd al-Sattar al- IRELAND President O'Dalaigh, Cearbhall Prime Minister Cosgrave, Liamn Dep. Prime Minister C nish, Brendan Min. for Agriculture & Fisheries Clinton, Mark Min. for Defense Donegan. Patrick Min. for Education Burke, Richard roved Fel- Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP46T00608R000100240039-4 Rya!, Richie Min. for Foreign Affairs Fit zG,:d old, Carrel Min. for Gaeltacht O'Donnell, Toni Min. for Health & Social Welfare Cor'sh, Brend. II Mill. for Industry & Commerce Keating, Justin Min. for Justice Cooney, Patrick Min. for Labor O'Leary Michael Min. for Lands Fitzpat rick, Tom Mill. for Local Government Tully, James Min. for Post & Telegraphs Cruise-O'Brien, Collor Min. for Transport & Power rry, Peter Attorney General Costello, Declan Min. for Finance ISRAEL President Klizir, Ephraim Prime M Mister Rabin, Yitzhak Dep. Prime Minister Allon, Yigal Min. for Agriculture UZ1111, Aharon Min. of Commerce & Industry Ihr-Lev, Chaim Min. of Communications U7.1111, Miami) Min. of Defense Peres, Shimon Min. of Education & Culture Yadlin, Aharon Min. of Finance Rabinowitz, Yehoshua Min. for Foreign Affairs Allon, Yigal Min. of Health Shemtov, Victor Min. of !lousing Ofer, Avraham Min. of Immigrant Absorption Rosen. Shlorno Min. of the Interim. Burg, Yosef Min. of Justice Zadok, Chaim Min. of Labor %ram, Moshe Min. of Police !Hid, Shlomo Min. for Religious Affairs Illphael, Yitzhak Min. of Social Welfare Min. of Tourism Kul, Moshe Min. of Transport Yiikoilui. Gad Min. Without Portfolio GIME Yisrael Min. Without Portfolio Ilmsner. Gideon ITALY President Prime Minister Vice Prime M Mister Leone, Giovanni Moro, Aldo I a Malfa, Ugo Min. of Agriculture & Forests Marconi, Giovanni Min. of Budget, Economic Planning & Development of the South Andreott , Giulio Min. of Defense Forlani, Arnaldo Min. of Finance 1'isentini, Bruno NAin. of Foreign Affairs Rumor, Mariano Min. of Foreign Trade De Mita, Ciriaco Min. of Health & Sanitation Cullotti, Antonio Min. of Industry & Commerce Donat Catlin. Carlo Min. of Interior Gui, Luigi Mill. Of Justice Reale, Oronzo Min. of Labor ii Social Welfare Toros, Mario Min. of Merchant Marine Gioia, Giovanni 33 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. of Post & Telecommunications Orlando, Giulio Min, of Public Instruction Malfatti, Franco Maria Min. of Public Works Bucalossi, Pietro Min. of State Participations Bisaglia, Antonio Min. of Tourism & Public Entertainment Si rt i, Adolfo Min. of Transport & Civil Aviation Martinelli, Mario Min. of Treasury Colombo, Emilio Min. Without Portfolio for Administrative Reform Min. Without Portfolio fir Regional Affairs Morino), 'Forum:is? Min, Without Portfolio for Relations with Parliament Min. Without Portfolio for Relations with the UN M in. Without Portfolio for Scientific Research Pedini, Mario Min. Without Portfolio for Youth Affairs Min. Without Portfolio for Cultural Assets a Environment Spudoli iii. Gicvanni Min. Without Portfolio for Organization of Public Administration Cossiga, Francesco IV011'i COAST President Houphouet-Boigny, Felix Min. of Agriculture Sawadogo, Abdoulaye Min. of Animal Production Dicoh, Garba Min. of Civil Service Tadjo Eli ire', Joseph Min. of Commerce Seri-Gnoleba, Maurice Min. of Construction & Urbariism Thierry-Lebb6, Alexis Min. of Defense at Civic vices M.Bahia BIt. Kouadio Min. of Economy & Finance BedW, I lend Konan Min. of Foreign Affairs Usher Arsene Assouan Min. of Ii formation Dona-Fologo, Laurent Min. of Interior Ekra. Mathieu Min. of Justice, Keeper . f thc Seals Alliali. Camille Min. of Labor & Social Affairs VInie-Iii-Tra, Albert Min. of National Education Akoto-Yao, Paul Min. of Plan . Diawara, Mohammad Min. of Posts & Telecommunications Cissoko, Souleymane Mir'. of Public Health & Population . Ay, Hippolyte Min. of Public Works & Transport Boni, Desire Min. of Scientific Research Lorougnon, Jean Guede Min. of Technical Instruction & Professional Tmining rry-Battesti, Alige Min. of Water & Forests Ri nihxi. Nanlo Min. of Youth, Popular Education & Sports Alan, Etienne Min. of State Denise. Auguste Coffi Gadeau, Germain Diomande, Loua Is/dui Koffi, Blaise KoiaC, A bdoulaye the. Jules Nea Kaul-Meledje, Clement Kone, Gaston Ouassenan Fadiga, .0 mine Mohamed Gui Dam, Paul Koffi Attobra See oi State for Posts & Telecommunications Kon. Bangali Sec. of State for Primary & Televisual Education DikebiC, Pascal N.Guessan Min. of State Min. of State for Natl. Assembly Relations Min. of State for Tourism Sec. of Stoic for Budget See. of State for Culture Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs Sec. of State for Interior Sec. of State for Marine Affairs Sec. of State for Mines Sec. of State for Natl. Parks 34 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : 9A-Apf86T00608R000100240039-4 Governor General Glasspole, Florizel Prime Minister Manley, Michael N. Dep. Prime Minister Coon, David Min. of Agriculture Munn, Keble Mill. of Defense Manley, Michael N. Min. of Education Cooke, lloward Min. of External Affairs Manley, Michael N. Min. of Finance Crane, David Min. of I lealth & Environmental Control McNeill, Ken near Min. of !lousing Spaulding, Anthony Min. of Industry, Commerce & Tourism htterson, Percival N. J. Min. of Labor & Employment Pearl, Ernest Min. of Local Government Leon, Rose Min. of Marketing & Commerce Blake, Vivian Min. of Mining & Natural Resources Isaacs, Allan Min. of National Security & Justice Matelon, Eli Min. of Pensions & Social Security Jones, Winston Min. of Public Utilities, Communications & Transport Bell, Eric Min. of Works Pagon, Sydney Min. of Youth & Community Development . Manley, Douglas Min. of State Blake, Vivian Min. of State in the Ministry of External Affairs . Thompson, Dud by Attorney General Rolanson, Leacroft JAPAN Emperor Prime Minister Dep. Prime Minister Min. of Agriculture & Forestry Min. of Construction Min. of Education Min. of Finance Min. of Foreign Affairs Min. of health & Welfare Mill. of How Affairs Min. of International 'Dade & Industry Min. of Justice Min. of Labor Min. of Posts & Telecommunications Min. of Transport Chief Cabinet Secretary Chum., Atomic Energy Conm. Chinn., Natl. Safety Commission Hirohito Mild, Takeo Firkuda, Takeo Abe, Shintaro Kariya, Tadao Nagai, Michio Ohara, Masa yoshi Miyazawa, Kilda Tinaka, Masotti' Firkirda, Ilajime Korman, Tosino Inaba, Osamti I lasegawa, Takashi . Murakami, Isamu Kimura, M u boo Ide, Ichitaro Sasaki, Yosh i take Firktida, ajime Dir. Gen., Administrative Management Agency Matsuzawa, Yozo Dir. Gen., Defense Agency Sakata, M iebita Dir. Gen., Economic Planning Agency Fukuda, Takeo Dir. Gen., Environmental Agency Ozawa, Tatsuo Dir. Gen., Hokkaido Development Agency Fukuda, ii a ji me Dir. Gen.. Natl. Land Utilization Agency Kirkman', Shin Dir. Gen., Okinawa Development Agency Ueki, Nlitsunori Dir. Gen.. Prime Minister's Office Ucki, Mitsunori Dir. Gen., Science & Technology Agency Sasaki, Yoshitake :35 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ? roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 JORDAN King ii Prime M mister nifti, Zayd id- Min. of Agrlciiltiiri II iiiiiid, Marwan ii- lVliii. of Communications Shubaki, Abroadid- M in. of Defense Zayd al- Mill. of Education I lindawi, al- Min. of Finance M dah, Salim al- Min. of Foreign Affairs Ilifa'i, Zayd al- Min, of I lealtb Trad al- Min. of Information a, calion? Abut zayd, salmi Min. of Interior Tharvvat al- Min. of Interior for Municipal & Rural Affairs Zahin, Muhammad id- Min. of Justice Naji II usay,1 al- Min. of Public Works I lawarnidah, Wilmad al- M in. of Reconstruction & Development 'Arm, Subbi Amin Min. of Religious Affairs & holy Places Kbayyat, Abdal-Aziz 111- M in. of Social Affairs & [Arlan Ayyub, Sarni Min. of Supply 'Awdah, Ali I Lisa!' Min. of Tourism Antiquities Ihrakat, Min. of Trade & Industry Mu'ashir, Ran al- Min. of Transport I lasan, Kbalid al-Ilaj Min. of State for Foreign Affairs Sadiq ii- Miii. of State for Prime Minister's Affairs 111'k:in I. nad al- KENYA President Kenyatta, Jomo Vice President Moi, Daniel T. arap Min. of Agriculture N yagali, Jeremiah Jos. Min. of Commerce & Industry Kiano, Julius Gikonyo Min. of Cooperatives & Social Services Matano, Robert Min. of Defense Odium, James Samuel Min. of Education Onyonka, Zacharia Min. of Finance & Economic Planning Kibaki, Mwai Min. of Foreign Affairs Waiyaki, F. L. Munyua, Dr. Min. of Health Osogo, James Min. of Home Affairs Moi, Daniel T. :trap Min. of Housing Towett, Taita Min. of Information & Broadcasting M utinda, Daniel M. Min. of Labor Nyamweya, James Min. of Lands & Settlement Angaine, Jackson Harvester Min. of Local Government Ngei, Paul Joseph Min. of Natural Resources Oloitiptip, Stanley S. 0. Min. of Power & Communications Ornolo-Okero, Isaac Min. of Tourism & Wildlife Ogutu, Matthew Min. of Works Munoko, Nathan vi in. for Water Development Mwamunga, E. T. min. of State at the President's Office Koinange. Mbiyu Attorney General Njonjo, Charles KOREA, DEMOCRATIC PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF-NDE Chairman, Standing Committee, Supreme Peoples Hwang Cbang-yilp President Kim Il-sing 36 *proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Vice President Kim Tong- Kyii Vice President Kling l'ang-iik Premier Kim II 1)einity Premier Pak Deputy Premier Kong Chin-rim Deputy Premier 1)pputy Premier Ni IT! II Deputy Premier I long Song -mini Deputy Premier Cliiiii-Ki Deputy Premier Kim Yong-chit Deputy Premier Yl Kiik-ino 1)tiputy Premier Do Tam Min. Of Building Materials Industry Mon Pyong-il Min. of (:liemical Industry Kiln I lwan Min. of Commerce 'Vi Sang-on Min. Of Common Education Yu Kum-song Min. of (:mminimications Kim Ilak-sop Min. of (:onst ruction P ik Im-tae Min. of Colton! & Art Yi Min. of Electric & Coal Industries 1'.ing Pk-win Min. of External Economic Affairs Chong Song-nain of Finance Kim Kyiing-ytin Mill. of Fisheries Kim l'um-sang Min. of Foreign Affairs II? Tam Min. of Foreign Trade Kye Min. of nigher Education Soll Min. of Labor Administration Chong Tii-liwan Min. of the People's Armed I,orces ('h'oe I I On Min. of Public Ilealth Pak Myong-pin Min. of Public Security Yi Chin-su Min. of Railways King l'ong-kim Min. of Sea Transportation 'Ii Min. of Ship Machine-Building Industry hut Song-song Agricultural Committee Si') Chinn., Education Committee Kim Silk-ki (:Imin., Ileavy Industry (.1:intuitive Yi Chong-ok Chinn., Light Industry Committee Nam Il Machine-Building Industry (:miimittee K ye I lyiing-sun Chinn., Materials Supply Committee v1 hung Industry Committee Chinn., Service for the People Committee Kim I lyong-ku Chum., State Planning Committee !long Sting-mini Chinn., Transport & Communications Committee King Song-sin KOREA, REPUBLIC OF President Pak Cluing-lnii Prime Minister Killl (11011g-p'll Dep. Prime Minister Nam Tok-u Min. Economic Planning Board N1111 Min. of Agriculture & Fisheries Mill. of Commerce & Industry Chang Ye-ch tin Min. of Communication Chang Seing-tae Min. of Culture & Public Information 'Vi Min. of Education Yu Ki-Chun Min. of Fillallee Ki111 Yong-hwan 37 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Kim Tong-cho Islin. of Covernment Administrat,,in Sim II iing-siin Min. iii !ball!! td Social Affairs Ko Cliar-p'il Min. of Ilona, Affairs Pak Kyong-svon Min. of Justice !twang San-Tiik Min. of Natl. Coristructori Kim Clitie-kyn Min. of Natl. Defense Min. of Natl. Unification Yll Sang-Kun Min. of Science & "rechriology ( 'Iiou II yiing-siip Min. of Transportation C l'oe Kythig-nok Min. Without Portfolio Ku Tae-hoe Min. Without Portfolio Yi 1)011g-hill KUWAIT Amir Sabah, Sabah al-Salim al- Prime Minister Sabah, Jabir A- MT. Prime Minister Sabah, Jabir al-*Ali al- Min. of Commerce & Industry Nafisi, al-Wahab al- M in. of Communications Zayd, Sulayman al- Min. of Defense S hah, Sled al-Vaal:Mali al- Min. Education Marzug, Jasim Khalid al- Min. of Electricity & Water Chaffin], Abdallah al- Min. of Foreign Affairs Sih,ah, Sabah al-Ahmad al- Mn. of Finance 'Atiqi. 'Mal al-Rahman Salim al- Min. of Ilealth 'Awadi, Dr. 'Alul al-Rahman al- M in. of lions) ng 'Ayyzir, Hamad Mubarak al- Mill. of Information Sabah, Jabir iii-' All al- Min. of Interior Sabah, Sled al-.Abdallah al- Min. of Justice & Religious Trusts M ufarraj, 'Abdallah al- Min. of Oil . Kuziini. *Abd al- ;VI ut laid) ad al-1 I usayn al- Min. of Public Works Nisf, hlarnnid Yi6if il Min. of Social Affairs A ::601* Sabah Sabah al-Salim al- Min. of State Husayn, 'Abd al-*Aziz LAOS King Savang Vattliana Prime Minister Souvanna Photon:* Dep. Prime Minister (Acting) Phoun Sipraseuth Dep. Prime Minister lAiIa in Insisiengmay Min. of Economy & Planning (Acting) Khamphay Boupha Min. of Education, Fine Arts, Sports 6( Youth . Insisiengmay Mia. of Finance Letiam Rajasombath Min. of Foreign Affairs (Acting) Plum Sipraseut Min. of Information, Propaganda & Tourism (Acting) Ma Khaikhamphitonn Min. of Interior 4/ Social Welfare Khoun One Voravong Min. of Justice Min. of Natl. Defense & War Veterans Pheng Phongsavan Min. of Posts At Telecommunications Khamplieng Boupha Min. of Public Health Jaisvasd Visoutthiphong Min. of Public Works & Transnort Singkapo Cbounramany, Gen. Min. of Religious Affairs Kou Souvannamethi Sec. of State for Economy & Phi ming Somphou Oudomvilay Sec. of State for Education, Fine Arts, Sports & Youth Ounneua Phirnmasone Sec. of State for Finance BoutsabongSouvannavong 38 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs Kithong Vongsay Sec. of State for li,formation, Propaganda & Tourism ()inlay Souvarinavong 1/1 State for Interior 1)einine Sommarath, (ol. Sec. of State for Justice Somv :mg Serigsat hit Sec. of State for Natl. 1)efenst. Kliamoirarie Botipha, Geri. Sec. of State for Posts & Telecommunications Touby Lyfoung Sec. of State for Public I lealth Khandien Pholseria SIT. of State for Public Works & Transport Somphavan Inthavong Sec. of State for Religious Affairs Soiikaiu Vilaysan LEBANON President Prime M inkier Dep. Prime Minister Min. of Agriculture Arslan, Majid Min. of Cooperatives & Housing Arslan, Majid Min. of Economy & Trade 'Usayran,'Adil Min. of Education & Fine Arts Tlirla, Philippe Min. of Finance Knrami, Rashid Min. of Foreign & Expatriates Affairs TIgla, Philippe Min. of I lealth Arslan, Majid Min. of Industry & Oil Tuwayni, Massa n . in. of Information . Karami, Rashid Min. of Interior Shamun, Camille Min. of Justice Usayran, 'Adil Min. of Labor & Social Affairs Tuwayni, Ghassan Min. of 1)efense Klrami, Rashid Min. of Planning Tagla, Philippe Min. of Posts, Teh?graplis & Telephones Shanum, Camille ? Min. of Public Works a, Transport ? Usayran, 'Adil Min. of Tourism TlIWaYlli, Chassani Mill. of Water & Electricity Resources Shamun, Camille Stilayman K.irsimi Rashid LESOTHO King Moshoeshoe II Prime Minister Jonathan, Lealma Dep. Prime Minister Maseribane, Sekhonyana Min. of Agriculture Itakhetla, J. Min. of Commerce & Industry Min. of Defense & Internal Security Jonathan, Lealma Min. of Education & Cultural Affairs II?debitso, Anthony S. Min. of Finance Seklionyana, Evarist us R. Min. of Foreign Affairs Kotsokoane, Joseph R. L. Min. of Health & Social Welfare Mota, Patrick Min. of Interior Slonateli, J ihius Min. of Justice Molapo, Charles D. Mill. of Works a, Communications Maseribarre, Sekhonyona Min. to the Prime Minister Manyeli, Gabriel C. Min. of State for Health & Social Welfare Mothepu, John Min. of State in the Prime Minister's Lerotholi, Tlohang Min. of State in the Prime Minister's Office Khasoane, Julius 39 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 LIBERIA President Tolbert, William II. Vice President Crel'111`, Cooper, Julius Min. of Action for Development & Progress Min. of Agriculture Phillips, James T.,3 r. Min. of Commerce, Industry Ai Transportation Dennis, William E.. Jr. Mill. of Education Doe, Jiackson MM. of Finance Williams, Edwin Min. of Foreign Affairs I)ennis, C. Cedl, Jr. Min. of Health & Welfare Bright, Oliver, Jr. Min. of Information, Cultural Affairs & Tourism Kesselly, Edward B. Dr. Min. of,J ustice Morgan, Lawrence J. Min. of Labor & Youth Peal, J. Jenkins Min. of Land & Mines Jones, A. E. Nyerna, Dr. Min. of Local Govt., Rural Development & Urban Reconstruction Goodridge, E. Jonathan Min. of Natl. Defense Williams, Allen II. Min. of Planning & Economic Affairs Neal, David F. Min. of Postal Affairs Deshield, McKinley A. Min. of Public Works Tucker, Gabriel Min. of State for Presidential Affairs Townsend, Reginald Chairman, Public Utilities Authority Major, Taylor E. LIBYA Chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council Qulhafi, Mu'ammar. Col. Prime Minister Jallud, 'Mal al-Salam, Maj. Min. of Agriculture & Agrarian Reform 'Film, Muhammad 'Ali Min. of Communications Marlin', N ur al-Fayturi Ulna!' :11- Min. of Defense Qadhafi, Mu'ammar, Col. Min. of Economy Sharif, Abu Bakr 'Ali al- Min. of Education & National Guidance Sharif, Muhammad Alumni, al-, Dr. Min. of Electricity A rLash, Jum'a Salim al- M in. of Foreign Affairs II uni, 'Abd 11111 111 al-, Maj. Min. of Health Uniar, Muftah al-Usti, Dr. Min. of !lousing Manoush, Muhammad Minim] al- Mill. of Industry & Mineral Wealth Jadallah 'Azzuz al- M in. of Interior II umaydi. al-Khuwaylidi Maj. Min. of Justice Jadi, Muhammad 'Mi al- Min. of Labor & Civil Service 'Ubaydi. 'Abd al-Mi al- Min. of MaritiIIIC Transport B?tdr, Mansur Muhammad Min. of Municipalities Ku'ayhali, Mullah Ali Min. of Petroleum Mabruk, 'Izz ad-Din al- Min. of Planning & Scientific Research Min. of Social Affairs Fayturi, Muhammad 'Abd al-Salam al- M in. of Treasury Illjab, Muhammad al-Zarin; Min. of Youth Min. of State Zuwayy, Muhammad Abu al-Qasim al- Min. of State for Agricultural Development Affairs Q?a'ud, 'Alal al-Majid al- M in. of State for Nutrition & Marine Resources Mutjassabi, 'Ann- Ahura(' al-. Dr. Min. of State for Revolution Command Council Affairs Bin Amir, Taint Shari'. 40 ? roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/261,1JRLAAJM6T00608R000100240039-4 Grand l)iike Jean Prime Minister Thorn, Gaston Vice President Vouel, Raymond Min. of Agriculture & Viticulture I lamili us, Jean Min. if Cultural Affairs Kriel)), llobert Min. of Family, Youth, Housing & Social Solidarity Berg, Benny Min. of Finance Voile', Raymond Min. of Foreign Affairs & Foreign (:(minierce Thorn, Gaston Min. of Interior NV0111E110, Joseph Min. of Justice Krieps, Robert Min. of Labor & Social Security Berg, Benny Min, of Natl. Economy, Middle Classes & Tourism Mart. a rcrl Min. of Natl. Education Krieps, llobert Min. of Physical Education & Sports Thorn, Gaston Nlin. of Public Force Krieps, Emile Nlin. of Public I Intuit & Environment Krieps, Emile Min. of Public Works [bandit's, Jean Min. of Transportation & Energy Mart, Marcel Sec. of State for Agriculture & N'iticulture Berchern, Albert Sec. of State for Labor & Social Security Thoss, Maurice Sec. of State for Natl. Education I inster, Guy MALAGASY REPUBLIC !lead of Government, Chief of Slate, President of Supreme Revolutionary Council Itatsiraka, I)idier, (dr. Min. of Economy & (:)ninierce Ibirivoson, Justin Min. of Finance & Planning izakoboaria, Itakotovan Min. of Foreign Affairs TiandraZil, Itvttti Mitt. of Information I (dim Gaston Min. of Interior Mampila, Jamul, It. Cid. Min. of Justice, Keeper of the Seals Ampy, Portos Min. of National Education Ibilaitoniaina, Justin Min. of Public Administration, labor, & Civil Service Randranto, Marius Ntin. of Public ?Vorks ll'iliatoka, Solomon Min. of Revolutionary Art & (tilture Basira, (fon) Min. of Rural 1)evelopment & Agricultural Reform Ilajaimali, Pierre Min. of Social Affairs Seraphim Jean Jacques Min. of Transportation, Food, & Tourism Beinananiarm Jean Min. of Youth Ibijaozandry, (fou) MALAWI President Banda, II. U11111/11 Min. of Agriculture & Natural Resources li?inda, II. Kaintitu Min. (il Community 1)evelopment & Social 11'elfare Sailyalunda. Fern Najere Min, of Education Mtinyeny('mbe, liodssell "I'. (. Min. of External Affairs lianda, II. Kanto/Ai Min. of Financ Ntitenje, I)ick Min. of Ilealth Makhumula Nklionia, Pierson 11,. Ni iii. if J ustice (Ida, Richard A. Min. of Labor I lingo, NI. Malani Min. of Local Government Kainja Ntliara, 1)orninic l). Min. fo; ()rganization of African llnity Affairs Richard Bestial .41 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 mi ii. of Trade, Industry & Tourism Matenje, Dick T. Nlin. of Transport & Communications Deleza, Wadson B. Min. of Works & Suppill.5 Banda, II. Karinizii Min. of Youth & Oat lin Chilkilliflibli Phiri, Gwanda N. C. Min. of State, Office of President Muwalo Nipimayo, Albert A. Min. Without Portfolio Gadama, Aaron E. Min. ?Vithout Portfolio Chibambo, MacKinly Q. Y. Regional Min. for Central Region Kumbweza Banda, Jeremy 1'. Regional Min. for Northern Region I .?iigu, M. Malani Regional Min. for Southern Region Chiwandi, Gamin, Alfred B. J. Paramount Ruler MALAYSIA Ylliya Petra ilmi Sultan Ibrahim Dep. Paramount Ruler Alumni Shah ilmi Sultan Alm Bakar Prime Minister Razak bin Hussein, Abdul Dep. Prime Minister II ussein bin Don Mill. of Agriculture & Rural Development Clutha bin Baba, Abdul Min. of Communications Manickavasagam, V. Min. for Coordination of Public Corporations bin Gun Min. of Culture, Youth & Sports All bin Ahmad Min. of Defense (Acting) Razak bin Hussein, Abdul Min. of Education Mahathir bin Mohamed Min. of Foreign Affairs Rithauddeen bin Ismail, Ahmad Min. of Finance II triSeirl bin Dim Min. of General Planning & Socio-economic Research 'rail) bin NI ahmmnuid, Abd nil Min. of I lealth Lee Siok Yew Min. of !Ionic Affairs Ghazali bin Shafie, M uhamma Min. of I lousing & New Villages Chen Wing SUM, Micluarl Mill. of Information Tub bin MI*111'1111(1, Abdul Min. of Labor & Manpower Lee Slin Choon Min. of Lands & Mines Asri bin Muth', Mohamed Min. of I meal Government & Environm, tit Ong Kee Ilia Min. of Power, Technology, Research Mohamed bin Ya'acob Min. of Primary Indust ries Musa bin Ilitam Min. of Trade & Industry I lanizah bin Abu Samali Min. of Welfare Services Aishah finite Abdul Chain Min. of Transport & Public Works Ghani Gibing, Abdul Min. with Special Functions Asri bin Muda, Mohamed Min. with Special Functions Tail) bin Mahout& Abdul Min. Without Portfolio Khir Johan, Molvimed Min. of Law & Attorney General K Air bin Yusoff, Abdul MALDIVES President Nisir, Ibrahim Vice Pres. for Finance Sattar, Abdul Vice Pres. for Fisheries Alumni Ililmay Vice Pres. for Ilona. Affairs Shiba!), Ibrahim Vice PR'S. for 1 ourism & Trade Maniku, Ape Min, of Education Nasir, Ibrahim Min. of External Affairs Nash, Ibrahim Mill. of Health Illsheed, Ibrahim Min. of Information Min. of Justice Moosa Min. of Public Safety Haleern, Abdul Ilium:in Min. of Transport IIiissan Attorney General II IISS:1111, Adnunim 42 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ? roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 MALI President TraoW, Moussa, (A. President, Military Committee of National Liberation Traon;, Moussa, Vice President, MCN I Marra, Amadou Baba, Maj. Mill. of Defense, Interior & Security Dmikara, Kititii11111, Maj. Min. of Education Soumare:, Moustapha Min. of Finance & Commerce K rita, rouneke Min. of Foreign Affairs Sissoko, Charles S., Lt. Col. Min. of Industrial Development & Tourism Keita, Lamine Min. of Information & Telecommunications Bagayoko, Yaya Min. of Justice & Keeper of the Seals Sanogo, Marnadou, Maj. Min. of Labor di Civil Service Dia wara, Assimi Min. of Plan Diarra, Amadou Baba, Comdt. Min. of Public I lealth Ketia, Marnadi Min. of Rural Development Coulibaly, Sory Min. of State Enterprises Stiugarr, Sekou Min. of Transport & Public Works Dembelt;, Karim, Maj. Mill. of Youth, Sports, Arts & Culture Toure, Mahamane MALTA President Manic), Anthony, Sir Prime Minister Minton., Dominic Min. of Commonwealth & Foreign Affairs Mintoff, Dominic Min. of Agriculture & Fishei'les Micallef, Freddie Min. of Development Abela, Wisti Min. of Education & Culture Cassar, Joseph Min. of Electricity, Post & Telephones Piscopo, Daniel Min. of Fimmce & Customs Abela, Joseph Min. of Ikalth II Viler, Albert Min. of flousing & Land I I olla nd, Pat rick Min. of Justice & Parliamentary Affairs Buttigieg, Anton Min. of Labor, Employment & Welfare Barbara, Agatha Min. of Public Works Sant, Lorry Min. of Trade, Industry, & Tourism X net eb, Paul MAURITANIA President Moktar Ould 1)addah Min. for the Presidency of the Republic Diagana. Sidi Mohamed Foreign Affair, ,ector Mill. of State for Foreign Affairs I lamdi Ould Mouknass Human Resource and Islamic Affairs Sector Min. of State for !Ionian Resource & Islamic Affairs Min. of Fundamental Education Min. of Islamic Affairs Min. of National Education Ahdallalii ()old bye Moliameden ()iild Babbah I la111:1(1:111 (Mid 'rah Diop, Mainadou Arnadou Internal Sovereignty Sector Min. of State for Internal Sovereignty Ahmed Ould Mohamed Salah Min. of Interior Kme, Clicikhi Saad Min. of Justice Maloum Ould Braham Min. of Natl. Defense Abdullahi Ould Bah 43 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Nation, 1 Economy Sector Min. of State for Natl. Economy Sidi ()old Cheikli Mid:IRMO Min. of Commerce & Transport .1 lasni ()trld 1)idi Min. of Finance Mohamed, Moolaye Min. of Industrialization & Mines Ishaq ()old Bagel Min. of Planning Hi Ibrahima National Orientation Sector Min. of State for Nall. Orientation Sall, Abdoul Aziz Min. Charged with Administrative Secretariat of the Party . Ila, Mamadou Alassane Min. of Culture Alonedou ()old 'lolla Min. of Information & Telecommunications Moustapha ()old Cheikh Mohamedou Min, of Youth & Sports Ski Ahmed OuId Dey Rural Development Sector Min. of State for Rural Development Sournaw, Diaramouna Min. of Construction . Ahmed OuId Sidi Baba Min. of Rural Development . AbdaIlahi OuId Daddah Wm of Water Resources Mohamed 011Id Amar Social Development Sector Min. of State for Social Development Biro, Abdul!!aye Mill. of Family Protection & Social Affairs Kim, Aissata Min. of Health Mournine. Monlaye Abclel, Dr. Min. of Public 1Vorks & Social Affairs Abdullahi OuId Cheikh MAURITIUS Prime Minister Ilarrigoolam, Seewoosagur Attorney General flossier, Emmanuel NI. I.. Governor General () 111'111, A. Raman Min. of Agriculture, Naturol Resources. & Enviroirment Boo1(11, Satcarn Min. of Corrirm?rce & Industry . Jornadar. liajmolurnsing Mill. Of C01111111111iCaliMIS P. G. Raymond , Min. of Cooperation & Cooperative 1)evelopment Ili ma rain, I I urrypa rsa d Min. of Defense & Internal Security fla mgoolani, Seewoosagur Min. of Economy, Plans & Development Jagatsingh. Keharsingh Min. of Education & Cultural Affairs Chaperon, Louis Regis Min. of Employment Min. of Energy, Fuel, & Electricity Generation 1)evienne. Raymond Min. of External Affairs, Tourism. & Emigration 11 inigoolam, Sepwousagur Min. of Finance Ring:ohm, N'eerasamy Nlin. of Fisheries Motion. Ilarrisoondar M in. of I lealt & Population Con! roi Walter. Harold Edward NI in. of !lousing, Lands & Tosvn Planning Mohamed, Abdul Razak Mir.. of Information & Broadcasting Ilarrigoolam, Seeworisagor Min. of Just!ce flossier, Emmanuel NI. I.. Min. of Labor & Industrial Relation:: Glitirborran, Bergoonath Min, of Public Works ()small, Abdool I lak Ni. Min. of Reform Institutions Jaypal, Ilarneshwar Min. of Social Security Tirvengadurn. Kist nasamy Min. of Regional Administration Ali-Clown. Jean E. M. I. Min. of Women's Affairs. Prices, & Consumer Protection ..... Poonoosamy, (MO Badhamaney Min. of Youth & Sports flasant liii. Day:mondial! 44 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 MEXICO President Sec, of Agrarian Reform See. of Agriculture & Livestock SVC, of Communications (5( Transport Sec. of Education Sec. of Finance & Publ. Credit Sec. of Foreign IlelatioLs Si L.. of Government Sec. of I lealth Sec. of II ydraulii Resources Sec. of Industry, Commerce & Fisheries Sec. of labor & Social Welfare Sec. of Natl. Defense Sec. of Natl. Patrimony Sec. of Navy Sec. of Presidency Sec. of Public Works Sec. of Tourism Echeverria Alvarez, Luis Barra Garcia. 1.1.115 limner I Ierrera, ()scar V161(lez Doeurr(, Eugeitio Bravo Abuja, Victor lieleta Monsalves, Mario liannin II Masa Ntish kin, Emilio Moya Palencia, Mario N (Yarn), I) la/ de Leon, (;i nes Itovirosa 1Vade, Leandro Campillo Sainz, Jose' GdIvez Betancourt, Carlos Cuenca Diaz, lIermenegildo, Gen. Alejo 1.(ipez, Francisco Javier Bravo Carrera, Luis Ni., Adm. ()voile l'entrirulez, Ignacio Bracamorites, Luis Enrique Ilirschfeld Almada. Julio Sent les Caimez. ()ct a vio Ojeda Paull:Ma, Pedro 1)ept. of the Federal I)istrict Attorney General MON GOLIA-NDE Chairman. Presidium, People's (;rrat I larril T ederibal, Yurrijaagiyn Chairman. Council of Ministers fiat monk Jarribyn 1st 1)ep. Chinn.. Council of Ministers igellaa, Turnerdra yaryn 1st intl. (hinn., Council of Ministers Nlaydar, 1)a mdinja byri 1)ep. (:ouricil of Ministers Soren, (lioynoryn 1)(1). (hinn., Council of Ministers . Gombojah, 1)analingiyn 1)(1). (hurt., Council of Ministers . Tsebegmid. 1)(oulogi yr] 1)ep. Chum., Council of Ministers Dep. Chinn., Council of Ni in stirs Min. of Agriculture NI Iii, of Communications Min. of Construction & Construction Ntatcriols Min. of Culture Min. of 1)eferisp Min. of 1'111;111CP Min. of Fmooign Affairs Min, of l'oreign .1.rade Ni in. of Forest ry m 11toodsvorking Industry Min. of Fuel, Power Industry & Geology Min. of Health Ni in. of Irrigation Nun. of Justice Min. of Light & Food Industry Min. of People's Education Min. of Public Seel Illy Min. of Social Economy & . Min. of Trade & Procurement Min of Transportation President. Academy of Sciences Climm, People's Control Committee . Chum_ State Bank Board of 1)irectors I ubsarigorribm Sonornyn Sodium), 1)(imatigiyn Dash, Mangaljabyn (;olub, 1)allyri Tleyhan, ()rorriyir Namsray. Tsogt yr] 1)orj, Bo ten Ni 111(110, Tsendiyn llinchin. Lodongiyir ()chi r, Yondongiyn ('Irimid. Katurigiyn Peljee. NI yata byn N yani-(Isor, 1)a r'sur('rig yri Bit',, Itill)1111(1011iyii Porch. 1)001 (VII Darralin. Paabangiyn Islitseren, 1)endzengiyn Dejid, Brigyn Nyamaa, ()rsoogiyn Dorjg,otob, Durrinmagiyn Fnebish, liatmonhiyn Shir('ndeb, BadZaryn 1).undinjalr, Legdengiyn Tumor, Purchiyn 45 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Chinn., State Central Statistical Bureau lizagasbaldan, 1)amiranjabyti (:lunti., State Com. fo. Labor & Wages I hanisuren, Myatabyri Chinn., State Com. fur I ligher & Specialized Secondary Educati: ii Tsebegini(i, 1)ondog,iyn Chinn., State Information, Radio & Television Coin, Purebbib, Sereeteriyii (linin., State Planning (:onin. Sodium}, Chinn., State (:oin. for Science & Technology Maydar, 1)annlinjabyri MOROCCO King I lassan II Prime Minister ()?nriti, Ahmed Nlin. of State in Charge of Cultural Affairs Bahimiimii, NI'llarnined Min. of State in Charge of Cooperation & Cadre Training lienhinia, Mohamed, 1)r. Min. of State in Charge of Foreign Affairs I ariki, Ahmed, I)r. Min. of State in AflIr(' of Information lietiliima. Ahmed Taibi Min. of Administrative Affairs & Sec. Gen. of the Government Ilenyaklilef, Mohamed Min. of Agriculture & Agrarian Reform Mill, Salab Min. of (:ornmerce, Industry, Mines & Nierchant Marine Gliissassi, Ainlellatif Min. of Finance Benslimane, Abdelkader Min. of Iligher Education Ben Abdeljahl,lellatif Min. of Interior Fchiguer, Mohamed Haddon Min. of justice Alibi's Min. of Labor & Social Affairs Kliattabi, Mohamed Larbi Min. of Posts, Telegraphs & Telephones Driss Ben Ammo El Alami, Gen. Min. of Primary & Secondary Education lionammid Niohamed Min. of Public 11,am, Tukinii,!err:1111min, Dr. Min. of Public Works & Coiiinuuinuicalioius Tizi, Ahmed Min. of Religious F;tidowin('nts & Islamic Affairs 1)ey, ()lib! Sidi Baba Min. of Urbanism, !lousing, Toon ?i! & Environment . Zeininouri, Ilassan Sec. of State for Commerce, Indust Mines & Merchant Marine Saadi. Vloussa Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs Clierkamii, Moulay Ahmed Sec. of Stale for Finance Reghmai, Katnal Sec. of State for Information Sec. of State for Interior SIT. of State for Religious Endowments & Islamic Affairs I oukach. Ilassan B'isri, Driss Sec. of State for Urbanism, !lousing, Tourism & The Environment Said, jalid Sec. of State in the Prime Minister's Office in Charge of Economic Affairs Belkhayat, Mohamed Sec. of State in the Prime Minister's Office in Charge of General Affairs Znined, Abdeslani Sec. of State in the Prime Minister's Office in Charg,e of Planning & Regional Development liencheikh, Tayeb Sec. of State in the Prime Minister's Office in Charge of National Cooperation & Traditional Industry Charnil, Abdallah I ligh Commissioner for National Reconstruction El jadidi. Mohamed A rsalane MOZAMBIQUE President St ache!, Samora Min. of State for the Presidency Monteiro, Jose Oscar Min. of Agriculture joaquim !Rhein) de Min. of Development & Economic Planning Dos Santos, Marcelirio Min. of Education & Culture Mitchel, Graca Si,obine Min. of Finance M tinguarnbr, Salaman Min. oi Foreign Affairs Chissano, joaquim Alberto 46 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved Fcitc,RAllease 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00600R000100240039-4 Martins, I lender Fernando lingido, Dr. Min. of Industry & Commerce Machungo, Mario da Grtwit Min. of Information liebelo, Jorge Min. tic hiterior Cordon/a, Armando Erniho Min. of justi,.e Alves, Rui lialtasar dos Santos Min. of Labor Malsbinhe, Mariano Min. of Natl. Defense Chipande, Alberto Joaquiln Min. of Public Works & !lousing J till? Zamith NI in. of Transport & Communications Calmer', Jose Luis 1)r.p. Min. of 1)efense Mahon., Sabastiao Marcos 1)ep. Min, of Fmeign Affairs ringuene, Armando 1)ep. Min. of Interior Mbanze, Daniel Said NAURU, REPUBLIC OF President 1)eliolnot, Hammy. Min. of External Affairs Delloburt, !hammer Min. of Finance Bop, J. A. Min. of I lealth & Education liernicke, A. Min. of Internal Affairs 1)elloburt, Iiii111111er Min. of Island l)evelopmpol 6 Industry 1)elloburt, !bonnier Min, of Justice A trdort, J. I). Min. of Works & Community Services Eetudarn(i, II. B. Min.-Asst. to the President I)etudarno, R. B. NEPAL King Bir('ndra Bir Hi krani Shah 1)ev Chairnem, Council of Ministers lIjal, Nagendra Prasad Prime Minister Ilijal, Nagendra Prasad Min. of Foreign Affairs A ryal, Krishna Raj Min. of General Administration Rijal, Nagendra Prasad Min. of I home Gbirnire, 131roj Raj Min. of Industry & Commerce Singh, (:liat 'obit nj Prasad Min. of Land Reform Shiresthua, Jog \leiter Min. of Palace Affairs !Nal, Nagendra Prasad Min. of Parichayat Chimin?, Blinj Raj Mini, of State for Communicatkits Chimire, Radlia Prasad Min. of State for Defense Magar, Balaram Charti Min. of State for Education (Admire, Radlut Pritsad Min. of State for Finance Thapa, 13Itekh Ballad or Min. of State for Food & Agriculture & Irrigation ITtjauria, Hari Narayan Min. of State for Forests Singh, Gurneshwari Prasad Min. of State for I lealth Thapv, Stishila Min. of State for Law & Justice Khati, Pitambar LAM NI in. of State for Public Works 8i Transport Khali, Pitambar Min. of State for Water Resources & Power Singh, Gunjeshwari Prasad THE NETHERLANDS Queen Juliana Prime 61 Mister Uyl, Johannes den 1st Dep. Prime Minister Agt, Andreas A. NI. van Mill. of Agriculture & Fisheries Stec, Alphons van der Min. of Culture, Recreation & Social %York Doom, I limn W. van Min. of Defense Vredeling, I lendrikus roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100246039-4 oved FT- Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Fr of Economic Affairs I lillIllis, Rudolph F. M. Min. of Education Kemenade, Josephus A. van Min. of Finance Duisenberg, Willem F. Min. of Foreign Affairs Shad, Max van der Min. of Housing & Physical Planning Gruijters, J. I'. A. Min. of Interior Affairs Gaay For:man, Wilhelm Friedrich de Min. of Justice Agt, Andreas A. NI. van Min. of I lealth & Environment Vorrink, Irene WA. of Social Affairs lioersma, Jacobus Min. of Traffic & Waterways Westerterp, Then& ins Min. Without Portfolio for Development Assistance . Proaki:at P. Min. Without Portfolio for Scientific Affairs Trip, Ferdinand II. I'. Sec. of State for Culture, Recreation & 5 Ida I Welfare Meijer, \Villein M. Sec. of State for Defense (Materiel) Stemerdink, /Omaha in Sec. of State for Defense (Personnel) . I cut, Gem Cues J. L van Sec. of State for Economic Affairs (Retail Trade) Theodorus M. Sec. of State for Education Klein, Gerrit Sec. of State for Education (Secondary) Jong, i.. de Sec. of State for Finance R?ioijen, Martinus J. van Sec. of State for Finance (Budget Control) Goede. Arend de Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs (European Affairs) Brinkhorst, Laurens J. Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs (Peace Problems) Kooijmans, Pieter I-I. Sec. of State for I lealth & Environment Hendriks, Josephus P. NI. Sec. of State for Housing (Rent Protection Dim, Marcel P. A. van Sec. of State for Housing ((Irban Renewal) Schaefer, Johannes I,. N. Sec. of State for Interior Affairs Polak. Willem Sec. of State for Justice Zeevalking, I lendrik J. See. of State for Social Affairs Mertens, Fonts J. J. Sec. of State for Traffic & Waterways II ulten. M ichel II. van NETHERLANDS ANTILLES Governor Leito, Bernardito M. Prime Minis'er Evertsz, JUall Ni. G. Vice Prime Minister Vos, Edgar J. (Watt y) Attorney General Ni I r, Louis Min. of Economic Affairs, Sport & Recreational Affair M('fti-nen:L. Richard Min. of Economic I)evelopment Nailer, Miguel A. Min. of Education, Cultural & Constitutional Affairs ('riles, k Min. of Finance lIe Kort, Efrain' Min. of General Affairs Fvertsz, J nail NI. G. Min. of Justice Vos, Edgar J. (Watt y) Min. of Labor & Social Affairs Corlett. Wilson (Papa) Min. of Public Health & Welfare 1)1 Costa Gomez, Lucinda Min. of Transportation & Communications Voges, Ernest (Jackie) NEW ZEALAND Governor General anal( II, Denis, Sir Prime Minister llo".ling. ?vanai,? E. Dep. Prime Minister Tizard. Robert J. Attorney General Finlay, A. Martyn Postmaster Gem2ral Colman. Fraser M. Min. of Agriculture & Fisheries (Ain J. Min. of Civil Defense May, I Ivory I.. J. Min. of Customs Douglas. Roger O. 48 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ved Fort:IiReleias,? 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100M0049-4 Min. of Education Amos, Philip A. Mill. of Electricity Bliley, Ronald L. Min. of Energy Resourc ss Freer, Warren 1V. Min. of Environment Tirikatcne-Sullivan, Whet u, Mrs. Min. of Finance 'l'izard, Hobert J. Min. of Foreign Affairs Bowling, Wallace E. Min. of Forests Moyle, Colin J. Min. of Health McGuigan, Thomas M. Min. of Housing Douglas, Roger 0. Mit). of Immigration Colman, Fraser M. Min. of Internal Affairs May, Henry L. 3. Min. of Justice Firday, Marlyn Min. of Labor Faulkner, Arthur J. Min. of Lands Rata, Matiu Min. of Local Government May, Henry L. J. Min. of Maori Affairs Rata, Matiu Min. of Mines Colman, Fraser M. Walding, Joseph A. Min. of Overseas Trade Min. of Police Min. of Railways Mill. of Science Connelly, Michael A. Bliley, Ronald Moyle, Colin J. Min. of Social Welfare . King, Norman J. Min. of Sport & Recreation Walding, Joseph A. Min. of State Services FanIkner?Arthur J. Min. of Tourism Tirikatenu-Sullivan, Mrs. Min. of Trade & Inditstry Freer, Warren W. Min. of Transport Arthur, Basil, Sir Min. of Works & Development Connelly, Michael A. Min. in Charge of Audit Dept. Howling, Wallace E. Min. in Charge of Civil Aviation Is( Meteorological Services Finlay, A. Marlyn Min. in Charge of Earthquake & Wt.r 1)arnage Comm. Min. in Charge of Friendly Societies Tizard. Hi.iiert J. Min. in Charge of Govt. life Insurance Office Douglas. Roger 0. Mill. in Charge of Govt. Printing Office King, Norman 3. Min. in Charge of Legislative l)ept. Howling, Wallace E. Min. in Charge of Public Trust Office McGuigan, Thomas M. Miii. in Charge of Publicity ?Av.i A.r) Mill. in Charge of Rehabilitation Mill. in Charge of Sta,e Advances Corporation Douglas, Roger 0. Min. ill Charge of State IIISIIraticc Office Arthur, Basil. Sir Min. in Charge of Statistics Department Connelly, Michael A. Min. in Charge of Security Intelligence Service Howling, Wallace E. min. in charge of Valuation Dept Mly, Henry 1,1. Mill. iii (IMO of War Pensions Fraser, Willi:1M A. Associate Min. of Foreign Affairs \raiding. losePli A. NICARAGUA President Somoza Ikbayle, Anastasio Min. of Agrictiltim & Livestock Seng,elmatin. Klaus Min. of Defense Sanchez, I lelasrto Min. of Development & Public Works Gonzalez, Amid Min. of Economy Mart Inez Lappz, J riaii Jose Mill. Of Fillallel. & (:1111it Montiel litsmitidt.z. Gustavo Min. of Foreign Affairs Montiel Arguello, Alejandro ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R0001002400A-4 roved or Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 0 .overionent Mora Bostran, psi: AIlifIlli0 Min. of Labor Cardoze, Min. of Natl. District Valle ()livares, Lois Min. of Public Education \/1 irfti Abatinza, Leandro Min. of Public Health C?itina, Adan NIGER President, Supreme Militar Council KotintcIW, Seyni, I,1. Col. (Aliel of Stale KotintclW, Seyni, 1,1. Col. Min. of (;ivil Service & I,tif S111')', M..1111;1(1011 Diallo, Maj. Min. of Defense Kotirutcin, St iii, 11. Col. Min. of Economic Affairs, Commerce & Industry Niobium, Nlariga ()Itadai, (:apt. Min. of Finance Moussa, Tooth, It. (:ol. Min. of Foreign Affairs & (:ooporation 1)jermakoye, Aclamou Mottmouni, (;apt. Min. of Interior . Kottittclic:, Seyni, Lt. Col. Min. of J tistice: Keeper of the Seal 1)tiptiis, I len ry Yacmilm, Col. Min. of Mines & I lydrology Mill. of National Education Arouna, ldrissa, Nlaj. Min. of Posts & Tclecommunkations Ihipuis. !Ivory Yaciailm, (;()I. Min. of Public health & Social Affairs Boulama, Manga, Capt. Min. of Public Works, Transportation & Urbanism Sousa, dii. Maj. Min. of floral Economy & Climate (:111)t. Mill. of State for 1)evelopment See. of State for Development Nlaharnati, Ammo SVC. of State for Economic Affairs, Trade & Industry Alhlmrahmaim, Alfidja Sec. of State for Foreign Affairs & Cooperation Armonk, Motinkaila Sec. of State for Interior Ilarouna, Mott Sec, of State at the Presidency for Information & Tourism I ?Mott. Ibrahim See. of State it the Presidency for Youth, Sports & Culture Sidikoti, Carba NIGERIA !lead of State Mohammed, Murtala, II., Brig. (:hairman of Supreme Military Council . Mohammed, S tatala, B., Brig. Commander in Chief of the Armed l'orce. Mohammed, NI ortala, H. Brig. Chief of Staff, Supreme I leadquarters. Mar. SMC ()basarijo, ()Itisegon, Brig. Chief of Staff, Nigerian ArillY, Mbr. SM(' 1)110111110, Theophilus Y., !trig. Chief of Staff, Nigerian Navy, Mbr. SM(' . Adelansva. Michael A., Comdr. Chief of Staff, Nigerian Air Force, Mbr. SMC . Visa-1)okt), John, Col. Inspector-(.eneral Nigeria Police Force, Mhr. SMC Yustifti, M. I). Commissioner for Agriculture Mayo', B. 0. W. Commissioner for Aviation Kizatire, Shintibti Commissioner for (:oinnitmications Williams, S. 0. Commissioner for Cooperatives & Supply Ajost.-Acleogim, M. Commissioner for Defense Bisalla, I. D., Brig. Commissioner for Economic 1)evelopitient Mattalab, Union' Commissioner for Education Ali, A. A., Lt. (ol., 1)r. Commissioner for Establishments ()Itileye. J. J., Brig. Commissioner for External Affairs C?trba, J. N., (:ol. Commissioner for Finance Ektikittam, A. E. Commissioner fort lealtli Sukhumi, 1)an, (:ol. Commissioner for !loosing, Urban 1)evelopment & Environment Adeley('. II. A., 1)r. Commissioner for Industries W'ushishi, NI. I., Col. Commissioner for Information Ilartina, I. B. NI., Brig. Commissioner for Internal Affairs Shinkafi, U. proved Por Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved For Release 1999/09/26 ; CIA-RDP86T00608R0091001240039-4 Commi n ssioer or Justice & Attorney( eneral 1 w )1111 Commissioner for Labor Adt?lope, II. E. ()., Prig. Commissiorwr for Mines & Power Fkong, F,fflom ()tit Commissioner for Petroleum & Energy Akoluo, M. T. 0., 1)r. Commissioner for Special Ditties I:ingesi, 0. P., (:dr. Commissioner for Trade Shawl!, M., Brig. (:mtunissioner for Transport Y.tradtm, S. M., Lt. ( ol. Cintimissioner for Water Resources V illiant-()sisingu, I. U., 1)r. Commissioner for \A'orks ()lima& 0., Capt. Commissioner for Youth & Sports ()Iittoye, 0., Brig. NORWAY King ()lay V Prime Minister Bratteli, Trygve, Min. of Agriculture Treholt, Thorstein Min. of (:Inircli & Education Gjerde, Iljartmar lin. of Commerce & Shipping (Acting) Magnussen, Einar Mitt. of Communications 1 orentzen, Annemarie Min. of Consumer Affairs, Prices & Civil Service Admin. Sagor, Odd Min. of 1)eferist? Fostervoll, Alv Min. of Environmental Affairs Bronchi:tad, Cm I larlem Min. of Finance & (:ustoms Kleppe, Per Min. of Fisheries Rolle, Eivind Min. of Foreign Affairs Frydenlund, Knut Slim of Industry & I landicrafts Ulveseth, lug% aid Min. of Justice & Police Valle, Inger Louise Mill. of Labor & Municipal Affairs Anne, Leif Min. of Social Affairs Halvorsen, Tor Min. Without Portfolio Evensen, Jens OMAN Sultan lin Sit' id, calms ihn Sa' id Al Min. of Agriculture, Fisheries, Petroleum & Minerals Shattfari, Sa' id Alumni al- NI in. of Communications 11 dab, 'AM al-I lafiz Salim Min. of 1)efense Bo Said, Qabus ibit Said Al Mitt. of Education Bo Faysal dm 'Ali don Faysal Al Nlitt. of Finance Iii SIC id, Qabus Sa id Al Mitt. of Health Kliaduri, Mubarak Mitt. of I riclust ry & Commerce Zubayr, Muhammad al- Min. of Information & Tourism Bo Sit' id, Fitful dm MA111111(1 Al Min. of Interior Bit Faltar liii Tayritur Al Mill. tot Justice Sammar, !lila! ihn !Immo! al- NI in. oilabor & Social Affairs Wallaybi, Khalfan Nair NI in. of Land Affairs Alimad, Muhammad dm Mill. of Public Works I laratni, Karim Alt mad al- Min. of Religious Trusts & Islamic Affairs I littai, %Valid ml Zahir ii- tin. of the Sultan's Affairs Bit Said, !humid Om I !mood Al Mitt. Vithout Portfolio Ghaffari, Burityk ihn Ilamtul al- Min. of State for Foreign Affairs Zawawi, Qais'Abd PAKISTAN President Chaudltry, Fazal Prime Minister Bhutto, Zulfikar Ali 51 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ? roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. of Atomic Energy Bhutto, Zulfikar Ali Min. (il Commerce Alzal Khan Min. of Communications Bhutto, Nlimitaz Ali of 1)efense Bhutto, r Ali Min. of Finance, Planning & 1)evelopment thud, Niollainniad Min. of Food, Agricult1111. & Underdvvvloped Areas Rashid, Mohammad Min. of Foreign A f f airs Bhutto, Zulfikar Ali Min. of Fuel. Pr. ver & Natural liesouwes Kliattak, lvtoliamtnad Min. of health & Social Welfare Clivetna, 1 1 afizullah, ( :hand 1 r!,? Ntin. of Interior di States. l'rontic) Regions & Kashmir Affairs (,)(tyyinii Khan, Abdul, Khan Nib). of Kashmir Affairs Pirzada, Abdul 11:Ifiz Min. of Labor & Works (lipema. Ilafiztilla)i, Chatulliry Min. of Law & Parliamentary Ai1air Kinilki, Mcraj Min. of Production, Industry & Town Planning liafi Min. of Religious Affairs Niazi, Kamer, Ntatilaria Min. of Science, Technology, Education hi Provincial Coordination Pirtada, Abdul Ha Ili Min. of State for 1)efense Ahmed, A ziz Min. of State for Foreign Affairs Ahmed, A ziz Min. of State for llome, Erman? & Tribal Affairs Jamaldar, Gen. Min. of State for Industries Shah, Vain All. Syed Min. 0: SI.(te for Labor Cabot, Abdul Sat tar Min, of State for Minority Affairs & Tourism Jaffar, Mohammad, Malik Min. of State for Nat iiral Resources Jitnati, Taj Mohammad Khan Min. of Stv.te for Parliamentary Affairs Aklitar, Mohammad, Malik Min, Of State for Ilailsvays Atatillali, Mohammad, ian Min. of State for S. )ence & Technology Abbasi, Slializada Said-lir-Rashid Min. of State for State & IrontiPr Regions Aleem. Alichil, Sardar Min. of State for Works All. Chatidliry Jehatigir PANAMA Supreme Revolutionary Leader Torrijiv. Ile)rera, ()mar President I ikis 1)emetrio 13. Vic() President Gonzalez, (;era r(I() Min. of Agricultural 1)evelopment Plredes, Ruben 1)ario Min. of Commerce & Industries Manfred() Bernal, Fernamlo IMin. of Education .. Hoyt), Aristides Min. of Finance & Treasury Sancbiz Corm, ls..tigitel A. Min. of Foreign Relations (Acting) ()mires Typaldos, Ca rlos Min. of (;overnment & Justice Rodriguez. Ricardo A. Min. of !lousing de la ()ssa, Jost, Min. of Labor & Social Welfare NI togas, Rolando Min. of Planning & Economic Policy II irletta. Nicolas Ardito Min. of Public Health Sakti. Abraham tin. of Public ?Vorks (Acting) Guerra. Nestor Ttirrnis PAPUA NEW GUINEA Governor General Guise, John. Sir Prime Minister Somare, Michael Thomas Min. for Conimerce Sall, Boyamo Min. for Conse vation & l'Aivironment Tago, Stephen Min. for Culture & Recreation Sasakila. Moses Min. for Defense Kiki, Albert Maori, Sir Min. for Education Iiiireka, Reuben 52 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. for 1.1111111(4. JIllillS Mill. l(Ir Foreign Relations Kiki, Albert Maori, Sir lin. for Health Mola, 1)onal lin. for Interior & Social 1)t?velopment Poe, John lin, for Justice ()I(walt., Fur Lands K?ivali, Thomas 'Min. for Mines & Energy I alum. Paul, Sir Min. for Natl. 1)evelopment Rea, Gavera Min. for Natl. Resources Jeplicoll, Bowe Mill. for Police I us, Pita Min. for Posts & Telegraphs Kaibelt Min. for 'Friuli, Kiki, Albert Maori, Sir Min. for Transport & Civil Aviation Okiik, lambakey Min. for Works Belo, Ya PARAGUAY Presidi?nt Stroessiier, Alfredo, Gen. Min. of Agriculture Bertoni, I lernando Min. of Education & ?'Vorship Petia, Ila ill Min. of l'inance Ihrrientos, Ce'sar, Brig Gen. di(t.) Min. of Foreign Relations Sapena Pastor, 11;161 Min. of Industry & (:onitnerce llg,arte ( :ent iiriii, 1)el fin Min. of Interior Montanan), Sabin() Min. Of Justice & Labor Gonzalez., Saiil M ill. Of 1)VIVIISP Niaj. Gen. Met.) Min. of Public I lealth & Social Welfare GoiloyJiTTIC:1111.7.. Adall Mill. PlIblie Works & (:mninimications CJiceres Estigarribia, Juan Antonio. Maj. Gen. 'Min. of State 1Vithout Portfolio Lumen) Pereira, Tonmis PERU President Nlorales lierimidez ( rriitti, l'rancisco. I)iv. Gen. President of Cabinet?Coun(il 1'.irgiv, Prieto. ()scar. I)iv. Gen. Min. of Aeronautics Podesta Gen Min. of Agrarian Reform & Natural Ilvsourcv% (illegos \"eriero, Enrique. I)iv. Gen NI in. of Commerce Arias Graziani. Luis, Nlaj. Gen. Min. of Economy & Finances Ionia Cast:tiled:1, 1,11iS Nlin. of Education Miranda Amptiero, !Lund'', lirig. Gen. M in. of Energy & vli nes I a 11.11iN, Di'. Nlin, of l'isliprips Marhitegui Angulo, Francisco, RAdm. lin. of l'oreign Relations de la l'Ior Valle, NIigouI. I)iv. Gen. Quesada Baliamonde, Fernando. It. Gen. Min. of Health Min. of Housing & C:onstruction Viredes Arana. Isaias, liAdni. lin. of Industry & Tourism ()'Brien, Gastiiii. Brig. Gen. Min. of Interior Campos Quesada, CA:s?ir, Brig. G(n. Min. of Labor Poggi Moran, 1)ante. Lt. Gen. Min of the Navy rirodi Galliani. Jorge, IlAdni. Min. of Nutrition Iloyos Rubio, Ilafael, Brig. Gen. Min. of Transportation & Communications Garcia Vargas, Arternio, Brig. Gen. Min. of War V. rgas Prieto, ()s(,ar, I)iv. Gen. PHILIPPINES President Marcos, Ferdinand Executive Secretary Melchor, Alejandro 53 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Sec. of Agrarian Helium . Estrella, Conrad() F. Sec. of Agriculture T oleo, Art tiro. Jr. Sit'. iii Trade Quiazon, 'Erma() Set!. of Ediwation & Culture Sec. of Finance Virata. Cesar See. of Foreign Affairs fliiniiilii. (:arlos P. General Services Administrator Sec. of Ilealth Sec. of 10(1(1st rv & Chairman, Board of liwestments Paterm). Vicente Sec. of Justice . Ahad Santos, Vicente Sec. of Labor ()ply, Blas Sec. of Local & (:orniminity 1)evelopment Iloilo, Jose SIT. of Natl. 1)efense Fmrile, Juan Ponce SIT. of Natural Resources Leith). Jose J., Jr. Sec. of Public II ighways Svc. of Public Information Tittarl, Francisco Sec. of Public Works. Transportation & (:(minitinications (Acting) Juinio. Alfredo Sec. of Social Welfare A Id:dm-Lim, Est('fiiiiia, 1)r. Sec. of Tourism Aspiras, Jose Direct?, (eneral, Natl. Economic & 1)vvelonnient Authority Situ, Gerardo (Um., Natl. S.:idler. 1)evelopment Board .. Medina. Florericio Commissioner, liudget Como. (Acting) 1 itya, Jaime C. Sec., Presidential Assistance on Natl. NI intirities (Panarnin) ... Elizalde, Commissirmer, Civil Service Conin . Pangranitiyen. E,pi Rey POLAND Chairman, State Council Chairman, (:ouncil of Ministers (Premier) Deputy Chairman 1)e1irit y Chairman 1)eput y Chairman 1)vpiity IN.prity Chairman Deputy Chairman 1)(prity Chairman Min. of Administration. 1.mal Economy & Environment Nlin. of Agriculture Min. of Chemical Industry Min. of Communications Nlin, of Construction & (:onstruction NIaterials Min. of Culture & Art Min. of 1)(imestic Trade & Services NI itt. of Education & Training Min. of Engineering Industry Nfiti. of Fillaller Min. of Food Industry & Purchases Min. of Foreign Affairs Min. of Foreign Trade & Nlaritime Economy of I'orestry & Timber Industry Min. of Health & Social Welfare Min. of Ileavy Industry NI in. of Internal Affairs Min. of Justice NI in. of Labor. Wages & Social Affairs Ni in. of Light Industry I Ienryk Jaroszewicz, Piot r Jagielski, Nlieczysfaw 'ii no, Franciszek Karkoszka, Alojzy .0Iszewski, Szlaclicie. Franciszek TI`jCilIna. Jr:zef Tumid, Zdzistaw Beim, Tadeusz .Bareikowski, Kazimierz . Wirowski. Maciej Kowalczyk, Edward Glazur, Adam Tejclinia. Ji mid Gawrysiak, Jerzy Krilierski. Jerzy \A'rzaszczyk, Tadeusz Kisiel. 1 lenryk . Kohidziej, Emil . ()Iszowski, Stefan ()Iszewski, Jerzy Skwirzyiiski, Tadeusz .Sliwiniski. Marian ? I.vjczak, %Vtodzimirrz . Kowalczyk, St anisfaw Berutowiez, ?Vhidzimierz. . Rudolf, Tadeusz Kunicki, Tadeusz 54 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For.Release4999/09/26.:.CIA-RDP86T00608R000400240039-4 min. of Natl. 1)efettsi. Jamie!ski, Wojciech Min. of Science, II igher Education & Technology Kaliski, Sylsvester Min. of Transportation Zajfryd, NI irczyshisv Min. of Veterans Affairs Grudzieti, NI ieczysia Chinn., Planning Count. Jagielski, Mieczystaw Min. Without Portfolio Kakol, Ka/Miler/ PORTUGAL President Gimes, Francisco da Costa, Gen. Prime Minister Aievedo, Josj Mullein) de, Adm. Mill. of Agriculture ('ardoso, /within) Lopes Min. of 1)ontestic (:ornmerce Mota, Joaquin) Magalluies Min. of Education Alves, Vitor Manuel Rodrigues, Nlaj. Min of Finance Zenlia, 1'r:incise() Salgado Min. of Foreign Affairs Anilines, Ernesto di, Melo, Maj. Min. of l'oreign Trade Campinos, Jorge Min. of Industry Carlini, Luis 'Marques do Min, of Information Santos, Antiinio di. Almeida Nlin. of Interior C tsta, \'asco Almeida e, Cdr. Mill. of Justice F?trittlia, Joao de Deus Pinheiro Min. of Labor Iliusa,Jiciii Pedr0 'roinas, (:ant. min. of Public Works & Environment ()Iiveira, Alvaro Augusto N'eiga Min. of Social Affairs SI; Borges, Jorge de Ca rvalho Nlin. of Transportation Rosa, Cu:titer QATAR Amir Thaiii, Khania Um I lamad Al Prime 1vIinister Thula, Khalifa din Ilainad Al Min. of Agriculture & Industry Thani, Faysal ihiu Sarni Al Min. of (:ortittu?rce & Economy Thani, Nasir ihu Khalid Al Min. of 1)efense Thani, Khalifa am I lamad Al Min. of Education & Youth Welfare Thani, Qasint ihn Hamad Al Min. of Electricity & 1,Vater Resources Tliaiii, Qasim ibn Muhammad Al Min. of Finance & Oil Tliani.'Abd Aziz iluuu K lialifa Al Mill. if Foreign Affairs Thanh sultayin ihn Hamad Al min. of Information Kinvari, 'Isa Chanim al- Min. of Interior Thani, Khali(' ibn I 101110(1 Al Min. of Justice Min. of Labor & Social Affairs Ansari, 'Ali Mit Monad al- Nlin. of Municipal Affairs Thatii, Muhammad lint Jahr Al Min. of Public lealth Marti', Klialid Muhammad al Min. of Public W'orks 'Atiya, Khalid dm 'Abdallalt al- Min. of Transportation & Communication Suwaydi,'Abdallah iliiu Nasir al- RHODESIA?NDE President 1)upont, (lifford Prime Minister Smith, Ian 1). 1)'p. Prime Minister W'rathall, John J. Min. of Agriculture Smith, David C. Min. of Commerce & Industry Broomberg, Elly Min. of Dcfens(? v? n der Byl. Pieter Min. of Education Smith, Arthur P. 55 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ved FolvriuRV2ags%fV99/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 vat, di., Br1, Pieter Min. of Finance vv radian. John J. Mill. Of Health, Labor & Social Welfare (:norije, Rowan Min. of Information, Immigration & Tourism 1)]. Kock, Wick's Min. of Internal Affairs Musset, Bernard II. Min. of Justice I ardner-Iliirke, 1)esmorid W. Min. of Lands Firtridge, Mark Mir,. of Law & I./Myr Ladner-Burke, 1)esmond W. Min. of Local Government & Housing Irvine, ?Villiam Min. of Mines Dillon, lan Min. of Posts Wrathall, John J. Min. of the Public Service Cowper, Reginald Min. of Transport, Power & !loads I Fiwkins, Huger Min. of Water 1)evelopment V in I leerden, Philip Min, Without Portfolio Viii Ileerden, Philip ROMANIA President Nicolae Prime IX/Mister Manescii, Marwa Deputy Prime Minister ()piTa, Cheorglie Deputy Prime Minister Niculescu, Paul Deputy Hole Ministe - 1)niganeseu, Emil IN.puty Prime Minister Fizekici, Janos Deputy Prime Nlinister P' tan, Ion 1)eputy Prime M Mister I1'idutlescut. Cheorghe 1)eputy Prime Minister Marinescii, Deputy Prime Minister Miculescu, Angelo Min. of Agriculture & Food Indostry Miculescii, Angelo Min. of Natl. Defense lonita. Ion, Gen. Min. of Chemical Industry Hormel], Mihail Min. of Domestic Trade Ftzekas, Janos Min. of Education & Instruction Niculescii, Paul Min. of Electric Power Manescu, Nicola Min. of Finance Dumitrescu, Florea Min. of Foreign Affairs Macovesetr, George Min. of Foreign Trade & International Cooperation P. Ho, lon Min. of Forestry Economy & ConstrucOmi Materials Patilinet, Min. of I lealth Pim], Radii Min. of Industrial Construction Burnbacea, Vasile NI iii. of Interior (:ornan. Teralor Min. of J ustice Nicolcioni, Emil I nom Petry Min. of Labor Min. of Light Industry Ciobanu, Min. of Machine Building Arrant, loan Min. of Metallurgical Industry Agachi, Nieolae Min. of Mines, Petroleum & Geology flinor Min. of Tech.-Material Supply & Control of Fixed Assets Ilerghiatio. Maxim Cosma, Ion Min. of Tourism Min. of Transportation & Telecommunications Midas, Traian (limn., Council for Socialist Culture & l'Alucation Popescii, Moulin] Chnin., Natl. Council for Science & Technology Visit, Ion Chinn., State Com. for Prices Gaston-Marin, (Alcor-ay Chum., State Planning Com. Marinesen, Miliai Chinn., Cont. for Peoples (:ouricik Problems Uglar, losif Chum., General Union of Trade Unions Pana, Glieorghe roved F5-or Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved .Hon9A9/0p/29? 91A-RDP 86T00608R0001002400e39-4 ooperatives Aldao Natl. Council of ?Voinen (lithium, Linn First Sec. of Union of Communist Youth & NiIinister for Youth Problems Stelanescii, Traian RWANDA Chief of State Ilabyarimana, Juvilnal, Maj. Gen. Min. of Agriculture & Livestock N.ititurambalio.Iriclirit Min. Of Civil Ser,.ce & Employment Ilxvagafilita, Pierre CAllr.tin, (At. Min. of Finance & Economy Ntirligirimbaltazi, Denis Min. of Foreign Affairs & Cooperation N5ikiiIiji. Aloys, It. Col. Min. of Interior Kinyarengwe, Alexis. Lt. Col. AIM, of Justice I labintana, liontivent ore Min. of Natl. 1)efensc I labyarimatia, J tIStlilil, Maj. Gen. Ni in. of Natl. Education VI iitemberezi, Pierre-Claver Min. of Natural Resources & Mines K?inyarwanda, Clrlophas Ndtiliiingirche, Jean ( hrysostorne Ni in. of Plan Min. of Posts & (:onirminications Itticvuiii.i, NIartin NI iii. of Public Ilealth NI isafili, 11(le1>lionse, 1)r. Min. of Public Works & Equipment K?itabarsva, Amin; NI iii. of Social Affairs & Cooperative Movement Kiuiiiiuidi, Claude. Dr. Min. of Youth SAO TOME AND PRINCIPE Nteziryayo. SitoCon President 1)1 (ist. I itiutil Pinto Prime Minister Trovoada, NI tgiid Min. of Economic (:oordination I)Alva, Leonel Min. of Education & Culture Alda de Espirito Nlin. of Foreign Affairs Trovoada. Miguel Min. of Health & Social Affairs (racan. 1)a, 1)r. Min. of Information Fret, Jose Min. of Internal Administration Daio, Daniel Min. of Justice ('osta. NIatiliel Otiaresina Ni iii. of Labor Torres, Joas :Min. of Natl. 1)efense Trovoacla. Nligiuel Min. of Social Welfare & Environment Dias, N unit Xavier Daniel SAUDI ARABIA King S Khalid al-.Aziz. Al Prime Minister Khalid lot Abclal-'Aziz Al Dep. Prime Minister Saud. Fahd lot Abd al-'Aziz Al 2nd Dep. Prime Minister 'Abd til-'Aziz Al Min. of Agricult ire & Water NIishari, I LIS:III Min. of Communications Tawfiu, Midi:monad t_ roar of Defense & Aviation Saud. Sultan ilm Alul al-'Aziz. Al Min. of Education Shaykh, I lasan ibn 'Mid:Malt Al al- Min. of Finance 4'.1i Natl. Economy NI iii. of Foreign Affairs Min. of Ilealth Min. of Information Saud hahd liii't1hd Khinvaytir. ?Abd al-.Aziz. Al Angari, Ibrahim al- Min. of Interior Saint. Valid ilm 'Abd Aziz. Al Miii I tistice I larkim, Muhammad liii 'Ali ill- Min. of Labor & Social Affairs Alimi il-Kliavl, 57 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. of Petroleum & Mineral Wealth Y.imani, Alumni Zaki Min. of Pilgrimage Affairs & Religious Trusts Kutbi, Masan Muhammad Min. of Trade & Industry 'Awarli, Muhammad al- Min. of State 'Alal al-\'i, 'Alid al-Waliab Alumni Min. of State Qurayslii, 'Abd Zayd al- Min. of State Ilusayn, Sahli ilni 'Almi id-Hallman al- Min, of State N tzir, I lisham Min. of State fur Financial Affairs & Natl. Economy Aba 11-Khayl, Muhammad Min. of State for Foreign Affairs Said, SIC tid la sal Al Min. of State for Interior Affairs Saud, Nayif mi Abd al:Aziz Al SENEGAL Senglior, St:(Iar Prime Minister 1)imif, Abdoti Ri li.lbacar Min. of State for Finance & Economic Affairs Min. of State for Interior Min. of State for Natl. Education Collin, Jean N'(orii, 1)otalou Min. of State in Charge of Relations with the Assemblies Lo. Magatte Sall, Arnadon Cledor Seek, ()minion! Alimine Seek, Assam. Camara, ()Iismane Min. of Armed Forces Min. of (:ooperation & Planning Min. of Culture Nlin. of Foreign Affairs Min. Of I ligher Education tin. Of Industrial 1)evelopment & Environment . Alexandretine, Louis Ntin. of Information & Telecommunications Sow, Dantula Min. of Justice, Keeper (if the Seals M'liengue, Alionne liadara Min. Of Labor. Civil Service & Employment I,y, Aniadou Min. of Public Health & Social Affairs N'I)iaye, Matar Min. of Public Works, Urbanism & Transport I)iop, Nlainadou Min. of !lurid 1)evelopment & Water liesources Senglior, Adrien Min. of Youth iSt Sports Nlathiain, Joseph Sec. of State in Charge of MIMI) 1)evelopment Cissr, lien Mady Sc. of State in Office of Prime Minister Gueye. liassirou SEYCHELLES?NDE Governor Greatbatch, Bruce (:hief Minister Manchatn, James llichard Min. for Agriculture. risheries & Food Chetty, Chamery Medas Min. for Education Sinon, Guy Min. for I lealth & 1Velfare Pragassen, Justin Min. for Labor & Social Security Ferrari, J. I). NI. Min. for Port & Marine Services Nloulinie. Pliillipt? Nth'. for Tourism & Aviation Joub(rt.1)avid Gerald NIUE for ?Vorlis & I.and 1)evelopment Reiic. l'rance Albert Nliti. ?Vithout Portfolio. Agriculture, Fisheries & Food llzice, Andre 1)elorie, liobert G. Min. Without Portfolio, Chief Minister's ()Bice, Health & \Velfare (:, A. Min. ?Vithout Portfolio, Vl'orks & Land Develoinnynt I oizeati. Phililwrt NMI. Without Portfolio, (:Iiief Minister's Office SIERRA LEONE President S (MIMS. S ia ka Vice President Koronia, Suri e Ibrahim Prime Minister itnara-Taylor, Christian A. 58 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 '?a.111111.111111.111.1= roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. of Agriculture & Natural Resources . Kimono, Sheikh Ahmed Tojan Min. Of 1)efetise Stev(ns, Si km I. Min. of 1)evelopment & Economic Planning Burk, Nathan A. I'. Min. of Education Smdy, A. J. Min. of Energy & Power Gatirli-(:apio, Salo %V. Min. of Finance Kormita, Sorie Ibrahim Min. of Foreign Affairs MinaII, Francis M. Min. of Ilealth I ladson-Taylor, Joseph C. 0. Mill. of [lousing & (:mintry Planning Tway, Foday Min. of Information & Broadcasting Kaman!, A. B. M. Min. of Interior Kamara-Taylor, Christian A. Mill. Of Lahor I amin, George G. Min. of Lands Shears, 1)alton F. Nth'. of Mines Kawiisit-Konte, Sheku Mikan Min. of Social Welfare & Blind 1)evelopinent Fofatiall, S. A. of Tourism & Cultural Aflairs Senthit-Forna. B. A. G. Min. of Trade & Industry Mansaray, Miti. of Transport & Communications Kamara. Fortner' Min. of 1Vorks lirewah, Luseni A. M. Min. of State Kai Kai, Pill, Paramount Chief Min. of Stat( itl iia, Bai Kohl?, Paramount Chief Min. of State Tort?, M. N., Paramount Chief NI in. of State for Finance Komi)?, Edward J. Min. of State for Interior Lappia. A. G. Min. of State & Leader of the !louse Smith, Thomas Min. Of State, Eastern Province Magona. Sliekii S. Min. of State, Southern Province Korn, M.. 1)r. Min. Of Stat(, Northern I'rovu?lc( Jitiritli, Alliabi Allie 1)(p. Min. of Agriculture . Kebe. S. A. 1)p. Min. of 1)e1ense (;hanianja, K. (:. 1)ep. Min. of 1)efense 1)p. Min. of 1)evelopment & Economic Planning Moriba, II. M. 1)ep. Min. of Education Allen. I, I'. I)ep. lin. of Foreign Affairs NVilliattis, II. T. T. 1)ep. Min. of Finance Kano, J. T. INT. Min. of Finance Majii, Chemin Dep. Min. of Ilealth (' mihey. B. N. 1)ep. Ntin. of Interior Eofatta, A. B. 1)p. Nib'. of Interior Juana, T. E. 1)p. Min. of Mines Contelt, J. A. Dep. Min., Office of President 1)p. Min., Special Assistant, Office of the President Francis, J. B. 1)p. Min. of Trade & Industry Kelfala. 1)aniel 1)ep. Min. of Transport & Communications Siculi. A. I). 1)ep. Min. of Works Koroma. A. K. Attorney General Pratt. Solomon A. J. SINGAPORE President Share, Benjamin Henry. 1)r. Prime Minister I ee Kitan YelV Dep. Prime Minister Gob Keng Swee Nlin. of Communications I MI Kini San Min. of (:ulture jek Yuen Thong Min. of 1)efense Coll King Swee Min. of Education Toh (:Iiin Cliye 59 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved FAIr 130e?1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608ROOMQ240039-4 Min. of Finance lion Sui Seri Min. of Foreign Affairs Hajar:01min, Shinathamby Min. of Ilealtli To! (ihyv Min. of I lome Affairs Chua Sian Chin Min. of Labor .()ng Pang Bomi Min. of Law Ihrker, E. W. Min. of Natl. Development I ill' KilII Sall Mill. of Science & Technology I ve Chiaw Mtrig Min. of Social Affairs ()tlinian bin 1?'ok SOMALIA President of Supreme Revolutionary (:outicil Mohamed Siad Barre, Nlaj. Geo. vice rresidNit Ilussein Cttlttiie Afrali, Nlaj. Geri. Vice President Ismail Ali Abokar, (:ol. Vice President Mohamed All Samantar. Brig, Gen. Sec. of Agriculture Mohamed Ibrahim Lig'limit).- Brig. Gen. Svc. of (:ulture & !lighter Education Sharif Saleli Mohamed Sec. of 1)efense Mohamed All Samantar. Brig. Gen. Sic. of Education Svc. of 1,inance Aliduraliman N ur I lersi Svc. of Fisheries & Sea Transport ()strum Jarna Sec. of Foreign Affairs ()mar Arteli (Amid> Mohamed All Nur Abdi Kassim Salad Sec. of Information & Natl. Guidance m?harn,.(1 I lain Sec. of Interior Jama Mohamed Glialib, Maj. Gen. Svc. of Internal & External Trade Ahmed NIviiiimed Moll:mord Svc of Justict? & Beliitttc Alidinala in Sheikh II ccciii Svc. of Labor & Sports Ada n Mohamed A Ii Sec. of Livestock. l'orestry & Range Yirstif All Osman Svc. of Mining II ussein Abdulkadir Cassini Sec. of Posts & Telegraph /11)(1111181d ()ssoble Sec. of Public Works Mohamed I lawad Svc. of Tourism & Natl. Parks Jarna !labile God Sec. of Transport Mohamed Burale Svc. of I lealth Sec. of Industry SOUTH AFRICA State President 1)iederichs, Nicolaas Prime Minister Vorster, Balthazar Johannes IMin. of Agriculture Schormian. Hendrik Min. of Bantu , 'tc. & 1)evelopment & of Bantu Education liotha, NIichiel C. Min. of (;orrimunity Development & Public Works IhiPlessis, A. II. Min. of I)vferise Botha, Pieter Willem Min. of F.corionlic Affairs !tennis. J. Chris Min. of Fill:111er I lorwood. Os?.vri Min. of Foreign Affairs NI tiller. Ililgard V.111 der Nler?ve. S. \V.. I)r. Steyn. Marais M older. C. P. Kruger. J. T. N'ilioen, Marais Min. of Mines, Immigration & Sports & Recreation Koornliof. Pieter Min. of Natl. I:Are:Won & Social W'elfare Vin der Spir Johannes Pet rtis Min. of Health, Colored, & Rehoboth Affairs Min. of Indian Affairs & Tourism Min. of Information & if Interior Min. of Jristi,I. & Prisons Min. of Labor 6o oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. of Planning & Statistics !mots, Jobaimes Nlin. of Police Kruger, J. T. Min. of Post & Telegraphs 1'iljoen, Marais NIH. of p.m, Botha, S. P. NI in. of Transport Muller, S. Lourens Min. of Water Affairs & Forestry Botha, S. I'. 1)p. NI In. of Agriculture Malan, J. J. 1)p. Min. of Bantii Administration & 1)evelopment Critywageo, 1)1.1). Min. of Bantu Administration & 1)evelopment Itaubenheim('r. A. J. 1)(.1). Min. of Baffin Administration & Bantu Education Janssom T. N. 11. l)t.p. Min. of l'inance & Economic Affairs 1)en. Min. of Interior Le( range. Loins 1)p. Min. of Social ?Velfare dt Pensions Smut. Ilenni( 1)ep. Min. of Transport SPAIN (:hief of State Franco Baliaminale, Francisco, Gen. Prime Minister Arias Navarro. (:arlos Min. of the Office of Prime Nilo. Carro Mart Inez.. Antonio Min. of Agriculture ,Allende y Garcia-Baxter, Tunas Min. of Air ()lad ra Nledina, Mariano, 1A. Gen. Min. of Arnie Coloma Gallegos, l'rancisuo, It. Gen. Min. of Commerce Cenin Ayliso, Jost: Luis NI in. of I)evelopment Planning GillWrrez, Calm, Joaquin Mill. Of E(111Cati011 & Science Nlart Inez Esteruelas, Cruz Min. of Finance (2.tid 1)1.1). Prime Min.) Cabello de Alba, Rafael Ntin. of Foreign Affairs Cortina Maori, Pedro Min. of Dousing . llodrigtiez de NI iguel Luis Min. of Industry Alvare, Nliranda, Alfonso Min. of Information & Tourism Herrera Esteban, I.oin Min. of Interior (1st Dep. Primp Mini Ouch Ilernandez, Josi, Min. of Justice Sanchez-Ventura y Pascual, Jou: NI a ria Min. of Labor (3rd 1)ep. Prime Min.) Sicirez Gonzalez., Fernando Min. of Navy . Pita da Veiga Salli, Gabriel NI iii. of l'ublic Works ConzAez?Itoldan, Antonio Min. See. Gen. of the Movement Solis Ruiz, osI Nth'. Syndicate ()rganization . Feriunidez. Sorclo, Alejandro SRI LANKA President Gopa lla %vat. \?'il 1 i a in Prime Minister ITinclaranaike, Sirimavo. Nirs. Nlin. of Agriculture & Lands Kohliekailiisva. !lector Ni in. of Cultural Affairs Tennekoon, T. B. Min. of I)efelise & Foreign Affairs . II?indaranaike, Sirimavo, NI rs. Min. of Education Malmind. Iladiuddin Ntin, of l'inam( Ilandaranaike. Felix 1)11s NI Iii. of Fisheries Illiapakse, George Nth'. of Food. Cooperatives & Small Industries Stiriaraclichi, S. K. K. Min. of Health Ilajapakse. George Min. of !lousing & Construction Kenneman. Pieter :Alin. of Industries & Scientific Affairs Siihasinglie, T. It. Min, of Fiformation & Broadcasting Perera. It. S. Min. of Irrigation. lower & I lighways Senanayake, Maithripala Nlin. of Justice Ilindaranaike. Felix I)ias 61 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. Of Labor Siriwardene, Michael P. de Zoysa Min. of laical (;overtiment Ariyadasa, W. P. G. Min. of Parliamentary Affairs 6t Sports Ibitnayake, K. B. Min. of Plan I mpleinental imi Bandaranaike, Sirimavo, Mrs. Min. of Planning & Economic Affairs Bandaranaike, Sirimavo, Mrs. Min. if Plantation Industries Vk'ickrarnimayaka, flat nasiri Min. of PoLts N Telecommunieations Kumarasurier, (TieMali Ni in. of Public A Ci mi hist rat i((Ii & I I mot' Affairs Ilangaratne, Tikiri Bandara Min. of Shipping, Aviation & Tourism Kalugalle, P. B. G. NI in. cif Social Services Kulatilleke S S Mill. of Trade Min. of Transport liatnayake, K. If. Ilatigaralne, Ti kid lianclara SUDAN President . . . .Nomayri, Ja'far NI olefin:mid, (;en. First Vice President Alumni, Muhammad al-11mM, Mai 61'11. Second Vice President Alier, Abel Prime Minister Numayri, Ja'far M ithanimad, (;en. Attorney (;eneral Imam, 'Abd al-Majid Min, of Agriculture, Nutrition & Natural liesources Ibrahim. Abu 11-9asirn NI ilhanimad, Maj. Min. of (:orninimications & Transport 'Abbadi, 13ashir Min. of Construction & Public 11'orks I bisan, Mustafa 'Uhlman, Maj. Gen. Min. of Cooperation QUAIL Qindil Ibrahim Mill. of 1)efense Numayri, Ja'far Muhammad. Gen. Min. of Education Klialid, Nlansur Min. of l',gyptiati Affairs Mabruk, Salali al-Al, Lt. Col. Min. of Fina ice & National Economy Billiayri, NI a' man Min. of Foreign Affairs Jamal vuiiliarnnniiad Min. of !health & Social Welfare 1)ayfallali, Nasir Min. of Industry and Mining Sulayman, Back ad-1)in Min. of Information & Culture 'Abd al-IIalim, Alimad Min, of Interior Gliandur, NI iii.anuuil Sulayinam Brig. Gen. (Bel.) Min. of Irrigation & Electric Power al-Ntajiti. Yallya Mini. of Local Government & 1)evelimment of Society Karrar. Karrar Monad Min. of Presidential Affairs 'Mid al-Hallman. Faysal Ni iilianncrniad Min. of Public Service & Administrative Ileform 'Abdallall, 'Mid al-II:thin:in Min. of Religious Affairs & Asvgaf . Vasini, 'Awn al-Sharif Min. of Youth, Sports & Social Welfare 'Alnl Zayn aVAIndin VI. A., Maj. Sec. Gen. of the President's Office ?Abdallall al-If:tsar', al- SURINAM Governor Ferrier, Johan Henri Eliza Niinister-President Arron, I lenck Vice Min.-President Van Gendrren, ()lion of Agriculture Soeinit a, William Nun]. of 1)evelopment (:arnbriclge. Nlichiel Min. of Economic Affair., Brunei, Edward Min. of Education Venctiaan. Ilonald Min. if Finance Arron, 1 Ienck Min. of General Affairs Arrom Ifenek Min. of Internal Affairs ()oft. Cornelis Min. of Justice & Police Iloost. Eddy Min. of Labor & Public Housing Frinnersium Frits 62 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved For Release '1999/09/26 : C1A-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 min. 0 pub n.11,.,,toi Braid,. Isaac M. K. Mill. Of PlIblie.%11111101 & Transport Kira mat Al), Ach riled Min. of District Government & Decentralization in Genderen, Oltori Min. of Social Affairs . noun, !ioejarlin Andre SWAZILAND King Soblitiza II Prime Minister MAliosiiii J. 1)(p. Primp Minister . Khiinvdo, A. Zook() NAM. of Agriculture Blom), Abednigo K. Alin. of (:ommerce & (:ooperatives 1)1(imini, XII nisil)iIi of Economic Planning & Statistics 1)1(imini, Makhosini J. Nlin. of Education Dlatnini,Godolsseziniarnha Nlin. of Finance Stephens, Robert P. Nlin. of Foreign Affairs Makhosini J. Nlin. of Width .1)larnini, Godolsvezimaniba Ndin. of Immigration Kliumalo, A. Zonke Nlin. of Industry, Mines, Tourism N rdirnalo, Simon Min. cif Information & Broadcasting Klitimalo, A. %mike XI Ti. of Justice Polycarp Min. of Labor Khrinialo, A. Zorike Min. of Local Administration 13hrininr, Nlasitsela Min. of Police 1)lamini, Makhosini J. Min. of Works, Power, & Communicati1/115 Nximialo, Allen Nun.rif State for Establishments & Training Dlamini, II. Klianyakwezwe Min. of State for Foreign Affairs Matspbula. Stephen NI. Nib'. of State for I lealth & Education I)Ia(Ilah, Elias Asst. Minister ( Labor) 1)1amitii, Bekimpi Asst. Minister (Local A(lministration) Mndeni.Tcliuilniluilui SWEDEN King an XVI Costar Prime Minister Nine, ()lid' Min. of Agriculture I undkvist, Svante Ni iii. of (:ornmerce Feldt, ()Pof Min. of Commune Affairs Gustafsson, I lain Mill. of (:orninunications Norling, Bengt Nlin. 1)eferise Il)ilinrivist, Erie Min. of Education Zachrisson, !lend rif l'inance & Strang. Gunnar !VIM. of Foreign Affairs Andersson, Sven Nlin. of /loosing Carlsson, I tigvar 'Min. of Industrial Affairs .. Joharisson, Ilurie Min. of Justice (;eijer. Lennart Min. of Labor Bengtsson, Hominid Min. of Social Affairs Aspling, Sven VVithout Portfolio Lidbotti, Carl Min. AVitlimit Portfolio (Education) I Ijelm-WallM). Lena, Ni n'. Min. Without Portfolio (Finance) Lofberg. Bertil Min. Without Portfolio (Foreign Aid) Sigurdsen, Geared, NIs. Min. Without Portfolio) Labor) Leiimi, Anna-Greta, Ms. ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 S'NITZERIAND President Cr Pierre Vice President Cimegi, Itiali Chief, Dept. of Fiiiiince di Customs Georges-Andri ( hief, 1)ept. of Justice & l'olice Furgler, Kurt Chief, Dept. of Public K.mionly Bragger, Frost Chief, Dept. of Transportation, Communication% & Energy Ititschard, Willi (:hief, 1)ept. of '11(.1111(11m I I uuurliiiiiuiiii, flans (hief, Military 1)ept. Griaegi, Rudolf Chief, Political INTL Graber, Pierre President SYRIA A% (I, Hari/. al- Vice President Ayylibi, Malinnid A- rnim! Minister Ayytibi, Millunial 1)e1). Prime Minister Kli ahla in. 'Alai al-1 fah in 1)ep. Prime NI Mister for Economic Affairs flaydar, Muhammad Min. of Agrarian Reform & Agriculture Alm U mar, M tirsil Min. of Communications Siioii, Umar Min. of 1)efense Tilos, Mustafa Min. of F]conorny & Foreign Trade liuuadi, Muhammad al- Min. of Education Fililuuuiti, Shakir al- Min. of Electricity Sawsval, I Lira al- Min. of the Euphrates Kahlialali, Sabin Min. of Finance Shad, Muhammad al- Min. of Foreign Affairs Kliaddam. iijdal-II:dim Min. of Ilealth Kliiyanii. Madani Min. of Iliglicr Education I lashim. Ali Min. of !lousing & Utilities 'Ainl at limp, ?Alal al-Raz/ail Min. of Industry SAy111, SIIIllayWi Mill, of Information Abroad, Aliniad Iskandar Min. of Interior Zaza, 'Ali M in. of Justice Nutimiwi, Adib al- Min. of I,ocal Administration Milian'. Add) Min. of Natl. Guidance & Culture NI in. of Oil & Mineral Wealth Ni ustafa, Adnan Min. of Public Works & SV .iter Resources Oannut.'Abd al-Chain Min. of Social Affairs &. Labor Kimaybir. liusayn Monad Mill. of Supply & Internal Trade Min. of Tourism Kliani, 'A1)(11,1611 al- NIin. of Transport lieu, N uuuuuanal- NIin. of AVaufs Sayyid. 'Alai al-Sattar NI in. of State 'AIM al-Santad. Zuhayr Min. of State I I a madali, A ri war Min. of State for Cabinet Affairs Nash., Fayiz al- Min. of State for Planning Affairs Nuirallalu. N wallah TANZANIA, UNITED REPUBLIC OF President Nyen?re, Julius K. 1st Vice Pr ddyril itillibc. NI?%iii0 Abotid Chitin., Revolutionary Council, Zanzibar 3 'untie, Ms?insi Almond 2nd Vice Preside,,t Klwawa, liashidi NI fa iime Prime NI mister Klwasva, liashidi NI faunie proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 pprovedifo,rARglgase 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T0060813,0,901,002140039-4 Min. for Commerce & Indostries Jamul, Alllir II. T111(11111, Alfred C. Sokolov. hIsvard Moringe ila, ?Villiert K. Msuya, Cleopa David Min. for Foreign Affairs Malecelo, W. S. John Ntin. for Health Mwirmvi Ali IlilS41111, SIimikfi Min. for Home Affairs NIiiliaji, ()marl Mill. for Information & Broadcasting Mwakawago, II. I). Mill. for labor & Social NVelfart. Mapooda,Gislar I,. Nilo, for kinds, Dousing & Urban Development NIageni, NI iisobi Nt. Min. fur Natl. Culture & Youth Sarakikya, Mirisliu Sanittagai Min. for Nil!. Education (hiwanga, S. E., Rev. Min, for Natural Resources & "Fourism Maka me, 1 bison Alban Min. for %Voter 1)evelopment & Power Flitiawinga, Isael Min. for Works 1 aisinde, Job Malecela Min. of State, ()like of the 1st Vice President (Zanzibar) Moyo, NaNSIO Mill. for (:(mitounications ai Transport Min. for 1)efense & Natl, Service Ni iii. for Economic Affairs & 1)evelopment Planning Min. for Finance THAILAND King Pliumiplion Ado: yadet Prime Minister Kliukrit Prainot, M. II. 1)(.1). Prime Minister Prionati Adireksan, Maj. Ge(i. (Bel.) Min. Of the ()Hive of the Prime Minister Prida Pliattlianathabut Min. of Agriculture & Cooperatives Thawit Klinpratlium Min. of (:(uninurce Tholigyot Chittawira Min. (il Communications Sin i Siriyothin, Maj. Gen. Mel./ Min. of 1)efense P111111111 AtlilTkSall, Maj. Gen. (11(.1.) Min. of I.:due:Ilion Niphon Sasillion, 1)r. MITI. Of FillalICV Ituuiuchuui llotchanasalliiim N1iii. of Foreign Affairs Cliatchai Cliiinhawan, N1aj. Gen. (11(1.) Nth'. of Industry Stain Thepkanchatia Min. of Interior Buntlieng Thongsasvat NI in. of Justice Yui Sawilchat Min. (if Public Health Prachion Ilattanaphian Min. of Slate Univi?rsity Bureau Chan Angsueliot, It. Gen. (Rel.) 1)(.1). NAM. of Agriculture & (;ooperatives 1)(.1). Min. cif Agriculture & Cooperatives 1)(1). Min. of (:oinmerce 1)(1). NI in. of Communka lions Iliinyong ?Vattlianaphong, Air Force Sub I,t. (Bet./ 1)1.1). Min. of Communications Aiiiii ( haisaeng 1)(1). Min. of Defense K11111/11 Sitakalin, Adm. (Bet) 1)(1). NI iii. of Education Prasoet Bunsom 1)1.1). NI Ii, of Education Siiwan 'Flianakanya 1)('p. Min. of Fitianc(? 'rhino:ikon Plian!uasvi, Wing ( Ret.) 1)ep. Min. of Foreign Affairs 1)(1). Min. of Industry 1)(1). Min. of Interior Prakop Prayutiphokkharat, 1:01. (Bet.) INT. Min. of liAerior . Ilindoet Imetpricha, I'mmlicu It. Col. (Ilet.) 1)ep. Min. of Justice Bunkum (haie.isuriyasvong 1)1.1) Mill. Of Utillli Anan Pliakpraphai Akkharat Iluangkanchanaset TOGO President Gnassinglo', Gen. \till of Cis 11 Smrsjum & Labor (;beglieni. Nanarnale 65 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 in. of 'immee & Economy Kodio, Edem Min. of Foreign Affairs II Ayi !function Min. of Information, Press, Radio, TV, Posts & Telecommunications Johnsm Kw:owl Benyi i'kloYao K 'wale of J ostler., Public Administration & Labor; Keeper of the Seals Gbegbeni, Nananiale Glitissinglit, Gen. Min. of Natl. Education Yayil Min. of Plan, (:oininerce, Industry & Transport Dog?, K011(11(4011 Min. of Public Ilealth & Social Affairs 1)jafalo, Metiveyintn:liAlidon Col. Min. of Public Work:, & tv1ines Miverlor, Ayite (acliiii Min. of Bural 1)evelopment 11:ignali, ()gain() Min. of Rural Equildnent Kortlio, Samon Min. of Youth, Sports, Culture & S ;entifie Research Koffi, Kinfjo Agbenovvossi Min. oilnterior Min. of Natl. 1)tdense TONGA, KINGDOM OF King Topoi, Iv, Premier Tu'ipeleltake, Fatafelii, Prince Deputy Premier Min. of Agriculture Tu'ipeleliake, Fatafehi, Prince Min. of Education valikti, S. Langi Min. of Finance Min. of Foreign Affairs Tu'ipelehake, Fatafehi, Prince Min. of I lealth lipa, Skate, 1)r. Min. of Industry, Trade & Commerce Viva, Baron Min. of Lands 'Voila. S. L. Min. of Police A ka it'olit, George min. of Works TRINIDAD & TOBAGO Ktivalikii. S. Langi Governor General CI: rke. Ellis. Sir Prime Minister Williams, Eric Eustace Min. of Agricultun., Lands & Fisheries Padmore, Overand Min. of Education & Culture Chambers, George Min. of External Affairs Joseph, Cialibert Min. in Ministry of External Affairs Joseph, Cuthbert Min. of Finance Williams, Eric Min. of Health Moha mined, Kamaluddin Min. of !lousing Williams, Eric Enslave !Ain. of Industry & Commerce M:iliabir, Errol Min. of Labor. Social Security .St Cooperatives Barrow. British'y Min. for Legal Affairs Pitt, Basil Min. of local Government Mohammed, Kamaluddin Min. of Natl. Security Campbell, Victor Min. of Petroleum & Mines ihabir. Errol Min. of Public Utilities Mohammed, Shanislinddin Min. of Public \Vorks McLean, !lector Min. of Tobago Affairs Winchester, Wilbert Min. of West Indian Affairs Williams, Eric Eustace Attorney General Pitt, Basil TUNISIA President Bourguilm, Habib Prime Minister 66 I erii proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved Fpugel,gas,q,15i9,940.94a.; CIA-RDP86T00608R0(101,00240939-4 Min. of Agriculture Itelkhodja, Hassan Min. of Cultural Affairs Messadi, Ma'Imola! Ni iii. of Equipment Ben ()swim, Imssad Min. of Finance Eitouri, ?Min. of Foreign Affairs Chatti, Habib Min. of Interior Belkhodja. Tailor Ni iii, of Justice Indy, Slahed(line Nlin. of Natl. l)ef('IISI Kiiefactia, Iledi Min. of Natl. Economy I asram, Abdelaziz of Natl. Education Guiga, Driss Min. of Public I lealth M zali, IvIoliartied Min. of Social Affairs Iiiiiaeeiir, Mohamed Mill. of Transport & Cominwt:cations l'oirliat, Abdallah Min. of Youth 14 Sports Mbazaa, Fouad Min. 1)el. Attached to the ()ffice of the Prime Minister iii Chare,e of the Plan Zaanouni, Mustaplia Sec. of State Jabbes, Frej Sec. of State for Equipment Sail, Abdelliamid Sec. of State for Equipment Larbi Sec. of State for Natl. Economy Sec. of State for Nall, Education %Owl, fled' SVC. of State for Sec. of State Attached to the Office of the Foreign Minister Kooli. Mongi Sec. of State Attached to the Office of the Prime Minister in Charge of Information Masmoudi, Mustaplia TURKEY President Konitiirk, Prime Minister Demirel, Suleyman Dep. Prime Minister Erbakan, Necniettin 1)ep. Prime Minister Feyzioglin Turhan 1)ep. Prime Minister 'nukes, Alpaslan Min. of Agriculture Ozal. Korkut Min. of (:ormiiiinications Mentese. Naha Min. of Culture 1/inisiman, Rifki Min. of (;ustonis & Monopolies ()ztrak, ()rhan Min. of Energy & Natural Resources Kilic, Selahattin Min. of Finance Frgenekon. Yilmaz Min. of Foreign Affairs Caglayarigil, ihsani Min. of Forests Kapardn iIIriialI Min. of Health 1)ernir, Kemal Min. of Industry & Technology Dogru, Abdulkerim Nlin. of Interior A ilturk, ()guilt:in Min. of Justice M tuft tioglin Isiiiail Min. of Labor Alimet Tetfik Min. of Natl. INnense Mehl', Emit Min. of Natl. Education Erdem, An Nadi NEn. of Public %%loins Adak, Fehim Mini. oi 41econstruction & Housing ()k, N uret tin Min. of Rural Affairs & (:ooperatives Poyraz, Vela Min. of Social Secwity Aililnini, Mahir Ni ii. of Sports & Youth Erek, Ali Set ki Min. of Tourism & Information Tokoglu, tutu 67 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. of I rade Min. of State Min. of State Min. of State Min. of State I I alil ()zt ink, Seyfi Aksay, I lasan Frkovan, Nlustafa Kemal K?iraca, (iyaset tin UGANDA President A111111 1)41(111, [di Min. of Agriculture & Animal Resources Byagagaire, Just us M 'diem Min. of Commerce Mohamed, Noah, Capt. ? NI In. of Cooperatives & Marketing Ihmathan, Mustapha Min. of Culture & Community Development Ny11110VCSO, Mill. of Defense Mustafa, Adriki, Maj. Cen. Min. of Education Kili, Barnabas of Finance (Acting) Oboth-Ofmnbi, Arphased C. K. Min. of Foreign Affairs Oris, Puna Min, of I lealth Kyernha, !henry Min. of I rid uistry & Power Sabina, )1111111, Min. of Information & Broadcasting Athiyo, Edward L. Min. of Internal Affairs Oboth-Ofunibi, Arphaxed C. K. Min. of Justice Lille, C. S. Min. of Labor Kltagyira, I ('Vi Min. of Land & Water Resources Oryerna, Eienayo Wilson Min. of Provincial Administration Ali, Moses Min. of Piddle Service & Gibinet Affairs Nshekanabo, Ralph Babigurnira Min. of Power & Communications Obado, Matthew Min. of Tourism, Game & Wildlife Ormali, J. D., IA. C(l. Min. of Works & !lousing I ukakarnwa, Samuel Eli UNION OF SOVIET SOCIALIST REPUBLICS (:liairman, Presidium, USSR Supreme Soviet Podgornyy, Nikolay A'iktorovich Chairman, USSR Council of Ministers Kosygin. Aleksey Nikolayevich 1st 1)ep. Cliuiii., USSR Council of Ministers Mazirrov, Kirill Trofiniovich Dep. Chinn_ USSR Council of Ministers Arkhipov, Ivan Vasil. yevich Dep. Chinn., USSR Council of Ministers Illybakov, Nikolay Konstantinovich Dep. Chum., USSR Council of Ministers 1)yrnshits. Veniamin Emmarmilosich Dep. Chinn., USSR C:ouricil of Ministers Kirillin, Vladimir Alekseyevich Dep. Chinn_ USSR Council of Ministers I esecliko, Nlikhiiil Avksent'yevich Dep. Chum., USSR Council of Ministers Novikov, Ignany Trofirnovich 1)ep. (limn., USSR Council of Ministers Novikov, Vladimir Nikolayevich Dep. Chinn., USSR Council of Ministers N un rev, Ziya N tinyevich Dep. Chum., USSR Council of Ministers Sniirnmov, I . Wild Vasiryevich Dep. Chirnri. USSR Council of Nlinisters Tiklionov, Nikolay Aleksandrovich Min. o!' Agriculture Polyariskiy, 1)mitriy Stepanovich Min. of Automotive Industry Polyakov, Viktor Nikolayevich Min. of Aviation Industry 1)ement'yvv, Petr A'asil'yevich Min. of C:hernical Industry Kostandov, Leonid Arkad'yevich Min. of Chemical & Petroleum Machine Building Brekhiov, Konstantin Ivanovich Min. of Civil Aviation Birgayev. Boris Paylovich Min. of Coal Industry Bratchenko, Boris Fedorovich Min. of Communications Talyzin, Nikolay Vladimirovich Min. of Communications Equipment Industry Pervyshin, Eden Kirikovich Min. of Construction K inivayev, Ceorgiy Arkad'yevich Min. of Construction of I leavy Industry Enterprises Nikolay ?'asil'yvvich 68 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved FO4'.1q1ease.,149919P26y:,CIA-RDP86T.00,608R00,0\11102404139-4 m A. 0 .011% ruction of Petro cum & Gas Industry Enterprises Sliclierbina. Boris Yeedlikiinovich Min. of Construction, [load, & Municipal Machine Building Novos(loy, Ytfiuti Stepariovich Min. of Culture 1)einichey, Pet r Nilovich NI iii. of 1)efense Grecliko. Andrey Antonovich Mar. Min. of INdensv Industry %%Trey, Si,y Aleksf'Yf'vich Min. of Education Prokolycv, Ni ikf,,il Alekwyvvirli Min. of Electrical Equipment Industry Antimov, Alvksvy Konstantinmich Min. of Electronics Industry Shokin, Aleksandr IYanovich Min. if Ferrous NActallurgy KA/MICK lean Paylovieli Min. of Finance Garbirtow. Vasiliy Fedorovich Min. of Fish Industry Islikov, Aleksandr Akimovich Nth]. of Food Industry Lein, N'ordeniar Petrovich Min. of Foreign Affairs Groinyko. A nthey A fid wyrvich Min. of Foreign Trade Nikobiy Semenovich Min. of Gas Industry ()rudzlicy, Sahli Atayvvich Min. of General Machnie Building Alarms yev. Serge?Aleksandrovich of Geology Skimp:1k?. Aleksandr Vasil'yvvich Min. of Health PetroYskiy, Boris 1)r. NIiri. of 1 leavy & Transport Nlachinv Building Zhig,alin. Vladimir Frdorovich Min. of Higher & Secondary Specialized Education Yelvuitiii Vyacheslav Petrovich Min. of Industrial (:onstruction Tokarev, Aleksandr Maksimovich VIM. of Installation & Special (:mistruction Ih,lin. Bork Vlailimiro?ich Min. of Instrument Nlaking. Automation Equipment & Control S stems Iludnev. Konstatitin Nikolayvvich Min. of Internal Affairs SfivIi,Iokov Nikolay Anisimovich Min. ol Justice Tervbilm. Vladimir Ivanovich Min. of 1.and Reclamation & ?Vater Resources Alekseyvvskiy. YvYg,eniy Vvvgen'yevieli Min. of Light Industry Tirasov, Nikolay Nikiforo? ich Min. of Machine Building Vyaclicslav Vasiryvvich 'Min. of Machine Building for Animal Husbandry & Fodder Production Ihi uk Konstantin Nikitovich Nth]. of Machine Building for Light & Food Industry & Household Appliances Nikolayvvich Min. of Niachine Tool & Tool Building kostousov. Anatoliy l?atiovich Min. of Nlaritimv Fleet Ihi,iuif,v Borisovich Min. of Nleat & 1)airy Industry Atitorior, SergrY Fed"")ViCh Min. of Medical Industry . Mernichenko. Afatiasiy Kondrat'yevich Min. of Medium Machine Building . Slavskiy. Yefitti Pavlovich Min. of Nonferrous Metallurgy I oinako, Petr Fadvyvvich Min. of Petroleum Indlistr Shashin. Valentin 1)1ititriyvvich Min. of Petroleum liefinnor.. 61 Petrochemical Industry Fedorov, Viktor Stepanovich NI ii,. of Pmver & Electrificatmo Neporozliniy, PcIr Stepanovich Min. of Power Machiliv Building Krotov, Viktor Vasiryvvich Min. of Procurement Zofot okiuiii Grigoriv Sergeyvvich Min. of Pulp i.: Paper Industry (;alanshin. Konstantin Ivanovich Min. of Radio Industry Pleshakov. Petr Step:m(1%1(.1i Min. of Railways ..lhesficIitv Boris Pavlovich Min. of Rural Construction kliitrov, Stepan 1)tilitriyevich Min. of Shipbuilding Industry Bulimia. Boris Yvystairvicli Min. of Timber & 1Vood Processing Industry Timofvyev, Nikolay Vladimirovich Nlhui.of Tractor & Agricultural N1:whine Building Sinitsyn, Ivan Flegontovich Min. of Trade Struyev. Aleksandr Iv:movie!' 69 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ol Transport Construction Sosnov. Ivan 1)mitriyevich (:Iiinn.. State ( :run. for Cinematography (Goskiiiri) lerinash. Fillip 'Finlay!, evich State (:oin. for Construction Affairs (( osstroy) Novikov, lgui.iti Frofirnovich Chinn., State (:orri. or Foreign Economic Relations Skaclikm, , Seinen Andreyvvich Chinn., State Com. for rorestry Vorob'yev, Georgi' Iv:movie!' State (om. or Inventions & 1)iscospries Maksarev, Vtiriy Yevgen'yevich ( :limn., State Com. lor I ,abor & Wages Chrim., State ( om. for Material & Technical Supply ((ossriab) 1)yinshils. N'eniarnin (Um., State Planning Com. (Gosplan) Iblybakov, Nikolay Konstantinovich Chinn., State Com. for Prices Gluslikov. Nikolay Tinnifeyevich (limn., State Com. for Publishing Ilotiws, Printing Plants the Book Trade tit uukculiuu Boris !vitriol:1th Chinn., State (:orri. for Science & Technology Kirillin, Alekseyevich Chinn., State Com. or Standards lloytsov, Vasil'yevich (limn., State Corn. for Television & nadir) Broadcasting I :min. Sergey Georgiym.ich Cliran.. State Com. for ?'ocational & Technical Education Bulgakov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Climii., Com. lor People's Control Slikornikov, Aleksey Miklidylovich (...lmi., (:orn. for State Security (KGB) Andropov, Virriy 1'ladimirovich Board, State Bank ((;osh:ink) Sveslinikov, Nleforhy Natimovich (:Ilief, Central Statistical Admin, Volodarskiy, Lev IMordkovich Chinn., Soylizscrkhozteklinika Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Chinn.. Armenian Still Council of Ministers Arzurnanyan. (;rigoriy Agafonos?ich (limn Azerbayclzhan Still Council of 'Ministers Ibragimov, Mi Ismaylovich Chum.. Belorussian Still Council of Ministers Kiseliv Iiktuuunu Vakovlevich Churn., Estonian Still Council of Ministers Klatison, Vatter I vanovich (limn., Georgian 5511 Council of Nlinisters i)zhavakhislivili, Givi IhnitMevich Chin 1., Kazakh SSB (:otiticil of Ministers Ashimm, liayken Ashimovich (limn., Kirgiz Still Council of tilinisters Suyinnbayev. Aklimatbrk Suttubayevich (limn.. Latvian Still (:ottricil of Ministers Hubert, l'irriy l'anovich Chinn., Lithuanian Still Council of Ministers %myosins, losif Antonovich Chniti., Moldavian Stili Council of Ministers P?isk?ir'. Petr Andreyevich 11111111., HSFSH Council of Ministers Solomentsev, Nlikbail Sergryvvich Chinn., Tadzhik Still Council of Ministers Nabiyvv, Ilakliman N. (limn., Turkmen Still (:ouncil of Ministers Orazimikharneclov, Oraz Nazarovich (:1111111., Ukrainian Still Council of Nlinisters Lyrisliko. Aleksandr Pavlmich (limn., Uzbek Still Council of M Misters Klindayhenlypv, Narmakhonmadi 1)zloirayevich UNITED ARAB EMIRATES President Nithayan, Zayid ihn Sultan Al Prime Nlinister luau tilakturn dm Rashid al-Makturn al- 1)eputy Prime Minister Ntiliayari. Klialifa ihn Zayid Al Min. of Agriculture & Fisheries Shami. I la mad ibri NI oh:monad Min. of Communications Nlulla, NIuharionad Said al- Min. of I)ufcuusu lulusu. Muhammad lin' Rashid kt um :II- Min. of ECOIIMIly 151 TrildV Mu'alla, Sultan ihn Minimt al- Min. of Exhication Tiryam, Aludallulu'Urnran Min. of Electricsity & 1.'ater Qisiuuui, 'Ahdallah ihit I I irmayd al- Min. of Finance & Industry Frlasa, Ilaindan ihn liashid irl-Nlakturri il- Sun. of Foreign Affairs Simaydi, Alimad Min. of Ilt?alth Ntuluivciri, Sayf ihn Nlirlianimad Al M in. of !lousing Sal occur, Si id Rill 'Mid:Mali iiu Min. of Information & Culture Null:tyro', Alumni dm I larnid Al 70 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. of Interior Nultilyiltl, Mubarak Mil Muhammad Al Min. Of Islamic Affairs I lard), Thani ibli Isa liii Min. Of Justice Ahinad ihii Sultan al- Min. Of Labor & Welfare Muhammad ihn Sultan al- Min. Of Oil & \lineral Wealth 'lltayba, Mani' Sa' id Nut. Of Of Planning Kindi, Muhammad Klialifa al- of Public Works Nuttily:in, II:mutat) ilit Muhammad Al Min. of Social All .,1e, al2Aziz ihn Muhammad al- NI in. of Sports & Youth NI' inn, Rashid ihi I I lima yd al- ii, of State for Cabinet Affairs of State for Finance & Industry Suwaydi, Muhammad I labriish in. of of State tor Foreign Affairs Glotbash, Sayf Min. of State for Information (ha, iii, Sil. id id- txI in. of Site for Interior Affairs 'Mi, I lammla ibli Min. of State for the Supreme (:ouncil Qiisinii,'Abd al Malik al- (UNITED ARAB REPUBLIC see EGYPT) UNITED KINGDOM Queen Elizabeth II Prime Minister & First Lord of the Treasury Wilson, I larold Sec. of State for 1)efense Mason, Roy Mulley. Frederick l'oot, Michael Berm, Anthony Crosland. Anthony Gillagliati, James Jenkins, Itoy Varley, Eric Sec. of State for Northern Ireland Rees. Nierlyn Sec. of State for Scotland Ross, William See. of State for Social Services Castle, Barbara, Mrs. Sec. of State for Trade Shore, Peter Sec. of State for Vales Morris, John Chancellor of the 1)tichy of Lancaster I Aver, I land(' (liancellor of the Exchequer [leaky, Denis Min. of Agriculture, Fisheries & Food Pea rt , Frederick Min. for Prices & Consumer Protection Williams, Shirley, Mrs. Lord Chancellor Elwyn-Jones, Lord Lord President Of the Ginned & Leader of the !louse of Commons Short, Edward I put Privy Seal /sr Leader of the !louse of Lords I And Shepla?rd Sec. of State for Education & Science SIT. if State for Employment Sec. of State for Energy Sec. of State for the Environment Sec. of State for Foreign & (:oninionwealth Affairs Sec. of State for the llome Department Sec. of State for Industry UPPER VOLTA President Lamizatia, Sangolik, IA. Gen. Prime M inister Lamizana, Sangoille.. Lt. Gen. Min. of Comm(rce, Industrial 1)evelopment & Mines Zorna. Emmanuel Nlin. of Finance Garango, Tienioko Marc, Lt. Col. Min. of Foreign Affairs Zerbo, Saye, IA. Col. Min. of Interior & Security %ape', Jean Bila, IA. (;ol. Min. of Juxtice & Keeper of the Seal !Muck, Bagnammi, Maj. MM. of Labor & (vi Svrvic Kim. Giiiiioii. Christophe Min. of Natl. Defense & Veterans & Chief of Armed Forces General Staff Sy, Baba, Gen. Nlin. of Natl. Education I ankoancle?Ali 71 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 vedFgr RIlealse 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 , an, ural )evelopment, Environment & Tourism 1)akourt, Antoine, Maj. Min. of Posts, Telecommunications & Information It imbitra, Charles I lounsou lit to, ( :apt. Min. of Public I teal th & Social Affairs . Sawadogo, Hasiinuiu Min. of Public Works, Transport & Urbanism Otiedrango, Maltamotalim Adolphe, Capt. Min. of Youth, Sports & Cultural Affairs Tientaraboinn, Felix, Maj. Sec. of State for Plan, Rural Development, Environment & Tourism Kalmogo, Leonard, Capt. URUGUAY President Borda berry Arocena, J uan Maria Vice President Demicheli, Alberto Mitt. of Agriculture & Fishing Aznarez, J olio E. Min. of Economy & Finance . Vt;i4}1 Villegas, Alejandro Min. of Education & Culture Damen, Daniel Min. of Foreign Affairs Blanco, J uia n Carlos Min. of !lousing & Social Promotion Sondra, Federico Min. of Industry & Energy Clnloso Guani, Adolfo Min. of Interior Linares Brum, lingo, Gen. Min. of Labor & Social Welfare Ftcheverry Stirling, Jost' Enrique Min. of Natl. Defense Riven on, Walter, Dr. Mitt. of Public Health Alonso Leguisamo, Justo M., Dr. Min. of Transportation ist Public Works . Crispo Ayala, Eduardo VENEZUELA President . Perez, Citric is A m46 Min. of Agriculture & Livestock Contreras Barbuesa. ( :a undo Min. of Communications Sucre Figarella, Leopoldo Min. of Development Casals, Jose' Ignacio Min. of Education Penalver, Luis Manuel Min. of Finance Hurtado, I kctor Min. of Foreign Affairs . Escovar Saliwi, flarittin Min. of Health '& Welfare Para ',NM. Antonio Min. of the Interior I epage, Octavio Min. of Justice S?inchez Bunn Armando Min. of Labor IA'idenz. Antonio Min. of Mines & Petroleum Hem:lode/ Acosta, Valentin Mitt. of Natl. Defense I cal Torres, !foment, Maj. Gen. Min. of Public Works Gabaldon, Arnaldo Min. of State for Coordination & Planning Rodriguez, Gurnersindo Min. of State for Informatior Min. of State for International Economic Affairs Pe'rez Guerrero, Manuel Governor of the Federal District Arria, Diego Soc. Gen. of the Presidency Schacht Aristeguirta. Efrain VIETNAM, DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF President Ton Due Titling Vice President Nguyen !Along Bang Premier Phain Van Dung Vice Premie: 1-)o 'vi utol Vice Premier lit nu op Anh Vice Premier I e Thanh Nghi 72 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608ROCrov4po39-4 Vice Premier guyell iiy rill I Vice Premier Vo Ngii in CAM), ( ;PO. Vice Premier for Finance, Trade & Banking 1)ang Viet Chau Vice Premier for Industry, Communications & Transportation Phan 'ruing Tile \'i,e Premier for Internal Affairs Tran 1 11111 1)uu Vice Premier for Machinery Nguyen (.:011 Min. of Building 1)o Mimi Min. of Communications & Transportation 1)11011g Bach 1,in' Min. of Culture Iloang \I 1111 Clain Min. of Disabled Soldiers & Social Affairs . 1)iiiing Qum Chinli Min. of Education Ng', en Van II nyen Min. of Electricity & Coal Nguyen (:han Min. of Finance l)io Thiel' tin Min. of Foreign Affairs Nguyen 1)iiyTriiili Min. of Foreign 'Icrade Phan Anil Min. of 1 uglier Education & Vocational Middle Schools Ti Vining Buil Min. of Interior Tran Quoc !limn Min. of Internal Trade I Iiiiii Quoc Thinh Min. (if Labor Nguyen Tim Chan Min. of Light halu Vii 'roanstry Min. of Mi..iierv & Metallurgy Nguyen Con Min. of Materials Tran 1):11111 Tuyen Min. of Natl. 1)efense Ni' Nguyen Giap, Gen. Min. of Premier's Office Tran Dun 1)iic Min. of Public Ilealth Vii Van Can Min. of Water (:miservancy Nguyen Thant' Binh Min. Without Portfolio XIIIII1 ThIly Min.-Dir. of Premier's Office Phan My Min. in Charge of (:tiltural Affairs bi Education Tran ()ming Iluy Min. in Charge of Da River Project Ila Ke Tan Min.-Vice Chinn_ (:entral Agricultural Comm Ngliieni titian lieni Min.-Vice Chinn., Central Agricultural Coinn. Ngo Minh Loan Min.-Vice Chinn., State Planning Collin Ngllyell !Inn Mai Nlin.- N'ice ( :hinn., State Planning Conan. Dinh 1)iie Thien Chinn., Central Agricultural Comm Vo Thiic 1)ong Chinn. Central Nationalities Comn IA' VIM ttg ha (:himi. Natl. Reunification Como. Dang Thi Chinn. State Inspection Comn Nguyen Van Loe Chinn., State Planning Comm I.e Thanh Nglii Chinn., State Price Como. To Duy Chnin., State Scientific 6i Technical Tran Ngliia I)ir, (t State Bank I)?ing Viet Chan VIETNAM, REPUBLIC OF (On :30 April 1.975 Saigon fell to the Comnaunists. Altionigh a Military Alain:gement Committee now controls Saigon, the comp 'ion of the new goveniment haS lint yet been formally announced. WESTERN SAMOA Iliad if State Maliettia Tanninafili II Prime Minister Tupim Tamasese I.ealofi IV Min. of Agriculture iovasanianaiii Eluipu NI iii. of Civil Aviation Min. of District Affairs Min. of Education Alphonso Philipp 73 ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. of External Affairs Min. of 1.1 AIIIIIIII1 IiIMIC Mill. of Forestry Muagututra Pinati Min. of IleaIth Seloli Min. Of Immigration & Emigration Min. of Internal Affairs Min. of Justice NAM. of Labor Min. of Lands & Land Registry I esatele Rapi Min. of Marine Latimea 1aII)lti Min. Of Police & Prisons Mitt. of Post Office T?iplia'i Erie Min. of Public Works kiiimea Matohi I lornaiava !Niko YEMEN ARAB REPUBLIC (:hairman of 'he Command Council Ilaindi, Ibrahim Muhammad al- Prime Nlinister 'Alul al-Ghani. 'MAI al-'4ziz Dep. Prime Minister for Foreign & Economic Affairs (A%Immo, Yaliya Ilamod 1)e). Prime Minister for Internal Affairs Barakat, 'AbdaIlali I lasan Mill. of Agriculture Wajih, Muhammad al-Khadim al- M in. of Communications 1)1yfallali, 'Abd al-Latif Min. of l)evelopineitt lryani,'Abd al-Karim al- Min. of Economy Thaw r, Ali Loth al- Min. of Education MaiOmni. IIiisayn al- Min. Of 11111111T jtmayd, IA tiliammad Alunad al- Min. of Foreign Affairs Asirij, 'Abdullah al- Min. of I lealth 'Alnlallali,'Abd al Malik Muhammad Niiii. of Information Dahmash, Alimad Nlin. of Interior Ytisufi, Mulisin Mohammad Min. of Justice Sam'am'Ali al- !Min. of Labor, Social Affairs & Youth I lalali, 'Abdallah I lusayn al- Min. of [meal Administration Kibsi, Ilusayn Sharaf Min. Of Municipalities Na/jr Muttahir Min. of Public Works Kluirshaini, 'Abdallali al- Min. of Ileligi:ms 'Frosts Sabalti, Muhammad 1.iitfi al- 'Min. of Supply I lakiiiii. Sa' id Muhammad al- Min. of State Said, ALmati Abtitili Mill. ()f State Mlsri, Salah al- Slim of State Ansi, 'Abd al-Karim al- Min. of State Alm Has, Amin YEMEN, PEOPLE'S DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF?NDE Chinn.. Presidential Council All. Salim Robay'i Mbr., Pu?sidential Council I lasani, 'Ali Nasir !Muhammad Mbr., Presidential Council Isina'il, 'Abd al-Fattah Prime Ntinister I lasani, All Nasir Muhammad Min. of Agriculture & Agrarian Reform I's! isir, Muhammad Sal:Lyman lin. of C:ornmuitications Y?illya, Anis Ilasan Nliti. Of Culture & Tourism 11. DI il 'ti I II I 11 I I It I ?I..), ./..)(.ii..a.1./..)(.. ii..-..11ZZilii Mill. of IN-fense Ilasani. All Nasir Muhammad Min. of Economy & Industry Nashir, 'Mu! al2Azi7 'Abd al-Wali Min. Of Education Ilasani, 'Ali Nasir Muhammad Min. of l'inancr 'Abilallalt, Fadl Nitilisin Slin. of Foreign Aflairs Y -i1 i. Muhammad Sahli 74 ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Min. Oillealth Min. of Housing Min. of Information 1)1111,?Abd al-'Aziz al-, Dr. Nasir Muhammad Thabit, m iiimintnad Min, Of Interior M in. of J ust ice & Religious Trusts ? Abd al-Kit:dig, Mustafa Min. of Labor & Civil Service Muthana, 'Ali Asad Min. of Planning (Acting) N'ishir, ?Alicl al-?Aziz'Alid 81-Wali Min. of Public Winks 'Atlas, I laydar Abii-llakr al- Madlii, Malimud Said Mush , Sahli Min. of Trade & Supply (Acting) Min. of State for Cabinet Affairs Thabit, lasliid M tilia in mad Min. Of State for Presidential Affairs Hiydli,All Salim al- Mitt, of State Security Sharjabi, M uhammad Sa ti 'Abdallah YUGOSLAVIA President Tito, Josip Vice 'resident Vladimir NA hr. Presidency Doronjski, Stevan M hr., Presidency I lod2a. Eadil Mbr. Presidency K?irch?lj, Eclvaid rs/For. Presidency Koligevski, l.azar Min. Presidency Cvijetin Mtn. Presich?ncy Stambolic'. Petar Presidency 2a rkovi6 Vidoje President, Federal Executive Council Dobrosav cam Ilerislav Vrat tc;a, Anton Stojan lierherovk, Bejza Mughil Ilirovljev. M ilorad I)itnitrijevi6, Bnko F?ci.lija. Asian Franko, Ivan Franjo llijev lc, l)ie:an Jakovlevski, Trpe jovW. Kitrak. Ivan I NikoLi Ludviger. Emil Markovic,, Nadi, I:ranjo Pantovic. Iladovaii Pepovski, Svetozar Pulja, Inter \1 Ira Simitiiev, Awn Vajo Smolt% Junk() Zora hiparip, Gojko Viikasovic'. Milan Vice President, Federal Executive Council Vice President, Federal Executive Council Vice President, Federal Executive Council 'Ice President, Federal Executive Council Mbr., Federal Executive Council Mbr., Federal Executive Council M hr. Federal Executive Council Mtn.. Federal Executive Council Min., Federal Executive Council Min., Federal Executive Council Min., Federal Executive Council Zsihr., Federal Executive Cu /1111Cil Min., Federal Executive Council Mtn., Federal Executive Council M hr., Federal Executive Council Min., Federal Executive Cmincil Min., Federal Executive Council Mbr., Federal Executive Council M hr., Federal Executive Council Mtn., Federal Executive Council Min., Federal Executive Council Min., Federal Executive Council M hr.. Federal Executive Council M hr., Federal Executive Council Mtn- Federal Executive Council Min., Federal Executive Council Min., Federal Executive Council Min., Federal Executive Council Min.., Federal Executive Council Min., Federal Executive Council NI hr.. Federal Executive Council 75 ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ved For Rel?ase 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 vc. or 1. ilia MT C(.1110V11, Fed. Sec. for Foreign Affairs Fed. Svc. for Foreign Trade Fed. Sec. for Internal Affairs I ferljevii.:, Franio Fill. Sec. for Justice & General Administ ration Frank?, I Vali SIT. for Markets & Prices I 11111 Fed. SIT. for Natl. 1)eferise I.jtuluiiit, Nikola \l ink', Milo.; 1 inlviger, Emil President State Commissioner for Agriculture . State (:inurnissioner for (:mitinerct. State (:orrimissioner for (:tilture & Arts State (:iiminissioner for Defense State Commissioner for b:tiergs ZAIRE VI Obili II SCSI. Sekli, It. ( ;eri. yinga ()risi Ndal slataaNkomo sea Bowango Anganda 1)iosso Mbeinba Voss a Malanda Kapinga 11)1)11111 SCSI. GI.11. 111011 ilkIll)i Isliiuiuulj KA:1117P sea VI inteligv State Commissioner for Environment. (..(niservation & Tourism I essi.djiiiii Kiaba Lerna Stale Commissioner for Finance Bobissa Wambea Nkoso State Commissioner for Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation NI.indinigii Buda Nyati State (:orninissioner for Justice K? buita Nyainal)n State Commissioner for Libor & Social Security nimissioner for 1.and Affairs Bint \Vii Tshiabola State (:o tilenda Shainwenge %Nick State Commissioner for Minus 1)71/0 Kali/0 SIte (:onimissioner for Natl. Economy Tsliimpuinpu Kanyinda State Commissioner for Natl. Education Mabolia Immo Tra !twat? State Commissioner for Natl. ()rientation Bokonga Ekanga Botombele State Commissioner for Plan Mobutu Sew Seko, It. Geri. State (:onimissioner for Political Affairs Engulii Baangampougo Bakokele Lokanga State Commissioner for Post di Telecommunications Walnili Bakitionlasa, (:ol. State Commissioner for Politic . Ngwele Kikliela. 1)r. State (:oininissioner for Public Works & Territorial 1)eveloptnent ri ki zala Liiyann NI usimbi ingi State Commissioner for State Investment I folding% ,xlionlin ma Klienzu Makwala State Commissioner for Transport di (:moriiiiiiications 1 Lokongo Lome State Commissioner for Veterans Affairs . Mobutu Sese Seko. It Gen. State Commissioner for Yinitt, & Sports Elonga Mali Lc/Jingo ZAMBIA K1'1111011 1)avid Prime Nlinister NIinlendli. Phial] Min. of (:onimerce Kurula. Rajah \lin. of 1)efense Ka mida. Kenneth 1)avid Mill. of EtIlICilii011 \,1 1,wanyanga Min. of 1,oreign Affairs limida. Rupiah Mut . of Ilualti 1111 Mainga Mtturnulua Miii. of !tome Affairs Milner. Aaron Ixlichael Min. of Information di Broadcasting NI wananshikii. (lenient Min. of Labor & Social Services Hinurli. Ilayden Min. if Lamb, Natural Ilesources & Tourism Maponia, James Min. of legal Affairs Cholla, Mathias Mainza Min. of Local Government & !lousing NI utuuku. Peter Wilfred Itf Mines & linhistry Soko, Axon Nun]. of Planning & Finance Chikwanda, Alexander liwalya oved F-61- Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ved For Release 1.999/q944 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 .0,0 ?veer, ransport Of S Mulenga, S(felino Min. of Rural 1)evelopment Lusaka, Paill John l'irimo Min. of Central Province . Jo, A. Min. of ( or)perhelt Province Mutale, Joseph Min. of Eastern Province Chisembele, Sylvester Min. of Luapula Province itob,.rt Min. of Northern Province Ngalande. Matiya Min. of Northwestern Province Tenth?. Sylvester Min. of Southern Proviiwe Mwila, Villa Gostel Min. of ?Vesterti Province Nkanza, William Attorney C.crieral (loom, Mathias Mainza 77 ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 A al-Kbayl, 'Abd 01-11aliniati al-Khayl, Nlidianunad Alma! Santos, Vicente Abaga ()burti, Neinesio Bashir Abbasi, Shah/Ada Said-kir-Rashid 57 58 54 20 62 52 ? Abd al Ilaqi, i11-11azzaq 64 Zakarlya 19 ?Abd Alumni 62 al-Jalil, (Amin] 32 ? Alai al-Karim, Toil) 32 Niustafa 75 62 'Abd iil-Qadir, Zayn lil:Abidin M. A., Mai. 62 'Alai Faysal Nililiantimid 62 'Alal al-Millman, Ibrahim 1hum 19 ?Abd al-Saniad, Zuhayr 64 'Alai al-Wasi', 'Alai 111-'11%11mb Alunad ... 58 'Abilallall,'Abd al NIalik Nlithantinad 74 'Abdallah, al-Rahman 62 'Ahdallali, Atnir 32 'AM:Mak Fad' Mulisin 74 Abdallabi ()tilt] lioye 43 Abdallalli ()old Cheikli Ab(Iallalli ()old 1)addall 11 Abdel Karim NIalik 12 ,\ hdt'Igliauii,Nlohainvil Ben Ahmed 2 AlKlerenian, 1)hoffir 50 Abderialtinane, Alfidja 50 Abdesselain, lielaid , 1 Abdi Kassiin Salad Abdisalant Hussein (30 Abdullalii Mohamed I LINC:111 Al)(11111:111i ()SIMI!) I Wild(' Abdullalii 0 ssoble () 23(2 Abdulla)ii ()Iild Bah Abdurabitian Nur Ilersi (1;13) Abe, Shintaro 35 Abela, lusepli 43 Oda, \Visti 43 Aladin, Pierre 21 Ablutti, lahir 67 Abrefa, ()bed Kwabena, It, (:ol. 25 Abriga(Ia. Samuel, 1)r 2 Abu al-Ata. 'Abdallali 19 ii. hinad Alumni 19 Abu lias. Amin 71 Abu Uniar, Nhirsil 64 Abu Zayd, Mandl 19 (\Jul Salab 36 Abybouka, Emile Bandon 23 Acheattipong, Ignatius Kuhl, (:o1. 25 Achillt.-Fould, Amur 22 Aczt4, Gylirgy 29 Adak, Fellitti 67 Adalberto Pereira dos Santos 7 Adati Mohamed Ali 60 Adderlev, Paul I. Addow, Justice Gustave Korntng Atlelope, II. E. 0., Brig. Adelanwa, lvliellavl A., Comdr. Adeleye, 11, A. Dr. A fanas' yev, Sergry Aleksand rovich Alzal Khan Nieolav Agbo, Kodja Barney, Col. Agt, Andreas A. M. van Aguilar Paz, Enrique Aguirre Asanza, Carlos, Gen. Aguirre, Francisco, Col. Agilstsson, IIfltI Jean E. M. 1 Allassatialy, Nlohanted Allidjo, Alitnadou Alin], Etienne Aliniad Shah ibni Sultan Abu Bakar 'Abilallall Isina'il Alumni, Alumni Iskandar Alnnad, ;nand Muhammad Ahniad, N.laj. Gen. .. 62 Nlithaininad ibn 51 Ahniadi, 31 Ahmed Nlohatned 60 Ahmed ()aid Nlohatned Salali 4.3 Minted ()old Sidi Bahl 44 Ahmed, Abiletkader 14 Ahmed, AA/ 52 Ahmed, Fakhruddin Ali 30 Ahmed, klianen Uddin 5 Minted, Ileauddin 5 Alinirtifm ()I11(1 Tolim 44 Ahotil?ya, Leopold, Capt. 17 Alitiala, Kaarlo 21 binte Abdul (Alain 42 Alt Nlessaondene, Said 2 Ajose-Adeogint, NI. 50 Ajtai, 30 A kan'ola, George 66 Aklitar, Mohammad, Nlalik 52 Akitm Halite 20 ,\ k, Ernest 25 Akoho, Ni. T. 0., 1)r. 51 Akoto-Yao, Paul 3.1 A ksay, I hisan al-Sluovi. I lisbain 32 Alain, Asadollah 31 4 25 51 50 50 69 52 56 25 47,48 29 18 18 30 44 14 10 34 42 32 64 62 proved Pbr Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 'Alawl, Millman! Almuid al- Al(labo-Lim, Estefania, 1)r Aleem, Abdul, Sardar Alejo Ifipez, Francisco Javier 4 54 52 45 Angaine, Jackson harvester 'Aid, Gliaydan al-Qaysi al- A mind, Ibrahim al- Anstiri, 'Ali dm Alimad 36 32 57 55 Alekseyevskly, Yevgen'yevich ....69 Ansari, Ilushang 31 A Icxandrviine, Louis 58 Ansi, 'A lid al-Kadin al- 74 Ali Aref Butirliati 22 Ansipier, Vincent 21 All bin Alimad 42 Antoine, Max A. 29 Mi, (Mohamma(l) l'usuf 5 'Antonov, Aleksey Konstantinovich 69 Mi, A. A., Li. Col., 1)r 50 Antonin% Sergey Fedorovich 69 All, Chatulliry Jeliangir 52 Antal, Sylvi 21 'Ali, Ilaimula lInt 71 Antunes, Ernesto de Melo, Maj. 55 Ali, IMoses 68 Aparicio Veltisquez, Gernitin 29 All, Salim Manly' i 71 Ape', Ilans 25 Aller, Abel (12 'Agrawi, 'Aziz Ilashini 32 Alladayt% Mich( I, Maj. 17 'Agrawi, Ilasliiiii I Ittuimi 32 Allen, I. P. 59 Araripe Nlacedo, Joehnir Campos de Allende y Garcla-liaxter, Tomils 61 Araujo. Jost. Eduardo de Figueiredo 28 Alliali, (:amille 34 Aram (:astex, Nlanuel G. I 2 Minimal, Warren 11 Araya Ekuba-Egzy 20 Albin, l'igal 33 Arbaimi, Abdallah 2 Alitittjan, liujor 56 Arbash, Junta Salim al- 40 Almeida Machado, Paulo de Arendt, Walter 25 Alm's? Leguisamo, Just() NI., 1)r. 72 Arguedas Nlartinez, Ricardo 26 Alphonso Philipp 73 Arias Graziani, Luis, Maj. Geo. 53 Alsina Pueilo, Manuel 18 Arias Navarro, Carlos 61 Alvarez liogaert, Fernando . Arias Siincliez, Oscar 15 Alvan., Correa, Ilaciel 1(1 Arias, Lidia ?Villianis de 29 Alvaro, M.ra)da, Alfonso 61 Ariyadasa, W. P. G. 62 Alves, Itiii lialtasar dos Santos 47 Arkhipov, Ivan N'asil'yevich 68 Alves, Vi tor Manuel Rodrigues, Maj. 55 Arndt, Otto 24 Nathe 12 Annum, Idrissa, Maj. .50 A manuel A nide- M i 20 Arouna, NIttijuikaila 50 /thallium., Joy K., Cdr. 25 Arrata Macias, Andrts, Gen. (Het.) 18 Anievor, Gabriel K., Maj. 2.5 Atria, I)iego 72 A Ilaiallla Tin, Fernando 18 Arriglii, Pedro 2 AlTlifl Dada, Idi 68 Anon, I lerick 62 Amos, Philip A. 49 Arroyo (:ordero, Edgar . 15 Amoussou, Isidow, Maj. 17 Arslan, Majid 39 Anipy, Tortos 41 Arthur, Basil, Sir 49 ?Anir, Stibbi Amin 36 Aryal, Krishna Raj 47 Aintizegar, Jainshicl 31 Arzinnanyan, Grigody Agafonovich 70 Allan Chaisileng 65 Asad, Ilafiz al- 64 Anan Phakpraphai 65 Ascii, Abdul Tawitb 1 A liclioney. NI idle! 2:3 Asfia, Safi 32 AnderseT,. Kinn! Barge 18 Ashimov, Bayken Ashimovich 7(/ Andersson, Sven 63 Asilturk, Oguzhan 67 Andov, Stojan 75 Asnaj, 'Abdullah al- 74 Andras, 114(.0 10 Aspiras, Jose 54 Andrt,, A. 'ludo 29 Aspling, Sven 63 Andrei" vorgi 8 Asrate Felleke 20 Andre , Giulio 33 Asri ldn Muda, Nlohamed 42 Andre ay. 5.tiriy X'llidimirovich 70 Assele, Jean Boniface 21 Androsch, 3 Astacio Ltiprz, Julio Ernest(' 19 AndzeJclioungui, Gilbert 10 Amami, Gaudencio 20 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R00010024b039-4 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 A11%1111811, Mohammad, Mimi 52 Atchailt, Andre, (:apt. 17 Athiyo, Edward I,. 68 'At'I, hdal-lialiman Salim al- 38 'Atiya, ilm 'Mid:Mali al- 55 AMA' At Lt(, I A. Col. 20 'Atlas, Ilaydar Alm-II:du id- 75 Attayip, Abdul Karim /Whin, J. I). 47 Aumini Imam 74 Amu% Leif 51 A verof, Evangdos 26 Avram, loan 5(i 'Avviitli, 1)r. 'Abil al-Rahman al- 38 Muhammad al- 58 All I lasan 3(i Ayala, !Whim 1)iirio, Gen. 18 A!..1111?W Mandefro 20 Ai? Mautig, U 8 AY6, 34 Ayissi-M via), Victor 10 'Ayyar, Ilainad Nlubarak al- 38 Ayytib, Sarni :3(i Ayynbi, Malmind al- 64 Azim?do da AMAMI) Francisco 7, Jost l'inlmiro di., Adm. 55 32 'Aziz, Tarin 32 Aziiiirez, Jtilir I, 72 Azonhilio, Martin !Nihon, IA. 17 'Azzawi, I ilk mat al 32 - Ba 1)Itib, 'Abdallidi id-Razz:1i! 74 BA, liabacar 58 Ihrabinia 44 13a, Nlainadou Alassani? 44 Baal', Kwaine. Col. liabanwto, 1 Nlaluiniat 12 Blair Mansur Muhammad liadraii. 'Ullinian liadri, Alanad Kamil al-, I ?t Cii, 19 Bagayoko, Yaya 4:3 liagnali. ()gain() 66 31 Bahama. I Iii i Nlilliainniad al- 4 Baholli, SiiItjnir 1 Bahr, Egon 24 l'avol 17 Ronald L. Baird, (:t.cilimi? 28 liakarit, Vladimir 75 ?'yaclieslav Vasiryi.vich (6i1)/ Itakin, Boris Vlatlimirovich . 11.:kr, Alimail I lasan al- 32 lialagiwr, Joaquin 18 Abdoulayt. 27 liAlint, Jozsi4 30 19 Italy, Slalwildini. 67 Baulk', Nimbi 34 Bambara, (limit's I I otinsoullint, Cap1 72 Banda, II. Kitintizo 41,42 Banda, Hayden 1)ingiswayo 76 Banda, Richard A. ii Banda, Iij)ialt 76 liandaranailw, Felix I)i. . Sirimavo, NIrs. 61,62 liangoura, I ladja Nialory 27 Bangoura, 27 M ci. I 11 Banzer SuArtv., I iigu. Gyn. 6 Bar-lxv, Chaim :33 Barakaiiiiit i(, ( rtgoin. 9 Rarakainfit vi, Damien 9 Barakal, 'A1)(11111.111 I lasan Glialth :73(1i Barium Barbara. Agatha -13 ,t iIrvj 17 liarcikowski, Ka/hider/. 54 Barker. E. \V. Barletta. NicolaN Ardito 52 Rom, Abdoidayv 4.1 tiara ( ;arda. 1.7.1k 45 [larch% BM 1)as Nlerces 28 Ctsar. Brig. (441.(I30.) 53 liarrot, Ja v, 22ctiti . (Ai 5 Angi?31 ()umar, 1)r. 27 Barry Voter :3:3 liars. liabundorpyli 45 Ciishineda, Lois 5:3 32 Basant Bah 1)iiyanundlall 44 Basford, lionald 10 Basira. (inn) 41 Basol. I taut68 Basri, 1)riss 1(3 Jambyn 45 Baudouin 1 5 Bayard, I hurl I'. 29 Bayhakov, Nikolay Konstantinovich _68,70 Bvdli,'Ali Salim al- 75 Ileauchamps Javier. Juan Brut 18 liariOW. FM,' W. roved FtYr Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Beaulieu, 1)aniel . Ilimazobute, Gilles 9 1,tinsami, 1)r. 27 Bin Amir, Taint Shari( 40 lirazley, Kim E. 3 Uinta Wit Tshiabola 76 l3eb-A-1)on, Philemon 10 Iliren(Ira Bir Rikratii Shah 1)ev 47 Beddoes, Edward jallIVS 21 Birk, Kyprianos 26 I Kffilatl 34 !lir& JOzsef 29 lithatIZill, S1110111011 LOUIS 26 Milorial 75 litjares Conzillez, Marcelo Ilisaglia, Antonio 34 Brig. Gen 12 Ilisalla, I. 1)., Brig. 50 Ili*, Tadeusz .51 Bishop, Reginald 3 Bejzat, Mugbil 75 Ilitat, Rabid) 1 Belkhayat, Mohamed 46 Ilitsios, 1)iinitrios 26 B(41(11041, 1111titi1111 67 Iliya, Paul 10 TaillIr 67 Ilizintlavyi, Bernard 9 Bell, Eric 35 Iljarnason, Nlatthlas Belo, Van() 53 Iljerregaard, Mit 18 Beltrfin IlermIndez, Jost. Luis 16 [Bake, ?'ivian 3' Belyak, Konstantin Nikitovich 69 Illancliet, Paid 29 liernaminjara, Jean 41 Blanco, Juan (:arlos 72 Ben Abdellatif 46 1)(.nis, Sir IN Ben Ilamoirla, lionalem 2 Ilinivi(la, 1)ingene. de Assis 2 Ben Osman, Lassad 67 lioclimann, Manfred 24 Ben l'allia, Seddik 1 Boehm, Siegfried 91 Benavides Escobar, Cl.sar Rail! Nlanuel, Bodoni., Ilans-Joachim 24 Maj. Gen 12 lloersma, Jacobus 48 Bencheikh, Tayel) .16 llofessa V1'aniliva Nkoso 76 Bengtsson, Ingemit ml (33 Ilokassa, Jean-Bede]. Mar . 11 Benhirna, Ahmed Taibi 46 Bokonga Ekanga Botombele 76 Benhima, Mohamed, 1)r.16 Bolle, Elvin(' 51 II ikei, Andrils 30 Bagnammi, Maj. 71 Beionalimmul, Abtlelkrim 2 flotalor, Jozsef 29 Brno, Anthony 71 Bongo, Albert Bernard 22,23 Benslimane, Alidelkader 46 Bongo, Martin 23 Benyakhlef, Nloharried 46 Ilungotha. l'ulbert 23 lierberovit, Mitharned 75 flongwa, Christian Songwe 10 Ilerchern, Albert 41 Boni, Desire 34 Berg, Benny 41 Bonnet, Christian 21 MaXilll 56 Ilimoko 1ye, Julio 20 Berinson, Joseph N.1. 3 lloolell, Satcam 44 Bernal Escalante, Rent, Gen. !lop, J. A. 47 Bernal Pereira, ?Valdo, It (' )1 6 J:inos 29 Bernick', A. 47 fiord. tidrt. 22 Bertoni, II ernando 53 Bordaberry Arocena, Juan Marla 72 Berutowicz, NVIodzi micro/ 54 liorgonm Pohl, Ntauricio 19 lieshchev, Boris Pavlovich 69 Buten) Montoya, Rodrigo 14 Ileteta Monsalves, Mario IltimOn 45 Botha, Michid C 60 Belli?, Karl 24 liollia, Pieter Willem (ii() Bhutto, Mumtaz Ali 52 Botha, S. P. (1 Bhutto, Zulfikar All 51.52 Ilimarnood, Nlohamed 46 Iliaou, Adolphe, Lt. 17 1loinljellab, ()mar, 1)r. 2 l'idias a Ngon, Bernard 10 Ilimilo-Nezt,?Alphonse 15 Biel ka- Krult nil, Erich 3 lloulama, Nlanga ()mobil, Ca! 50 Iligayimpunzi, Pierre 9 Bind:mut, Nlanga, (:apt. 50 Iligeard, Niarcel, (;en. 1),ettial 22 75 Bouniediene, limindio, Ilenri-Paill 1 2 12 81 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Issifou, (;apt. 17 liourges, Yvon 21 liourguilm, Habib 66 Ilmiteflika, Mich.lazi7 1 Boutsabong Souvatintivong 38 Bowen, Lionel F. 3 Boytsov, Vasiliy Vasil'yevich 70 lirticaniontes Luis Enrique 45 Brady Roche, I lermann Julio, Maj. Gen. I2 Braga, Ney Aminthas de Banos Brahim, Isaac M. K. Bratchenko, Boris Fedorovich Brandi, Trygve, Brauer Ilern?ra, Oscar Bravo Almja, Victor Bravo Carrera, Luis M., Adm Bravo Pardo, Flavin lirekliov, Konstantin Ivanovich Luseni A. M. Bright, Oliver, Jr. Briksa, Gerhard Brinkhorst, Laurens J Broda, Christian Broomln?rg, Elly Bros, Emmanuel Brugger, Ernst 13runia, Edward Bnindtland, Gro Ilarlem Brutus, Edner Bryant, Gordon liti SIC id. Faliar jbn Taymur Al flu Said, Falid Om Mahintid Al Hu Saki, Faysal 'Mi jim Faysal Al lin Sa id, Hamad dm Hamm! Al Ilu Sa' id, QUI)115 ibIl SIC id Al Iiiicalossi, Pietro Buchanan, Judd Buck, Nathan A. P. Buckman, Edward Koh liticyana, Mart in ,,.ayvv, Boris Pavlovich Bt I.ivri Ma mum Bulgakov, Aleksm.di Aleks,indrovich Bull, Mainga Multi:111m Burnbacea, ?'asile Iliitichu llotchanasathian Bunkum Chansisuriyawong Bunloet Loetpricha, Pllice IA. Col. (Het.) ..65 Bunt heng 'rliongsawat 65 Hi in Wattlianaphong, Air Force Sub U. (Ret ) 65 Burg, Yosel 33 Burke, Richard 32 Burnham, L. F. S. 28 13ussier, Emmanuel M. L 44 7 63 68 51 45 45 15 16 68 59 40 24 48 55 29 64 62 51 29 3 .51 51 51 51 51 34 10 59 25 57 68 62 70 76 56 65 65 Butler, Milo, Sir Butoma, Boris Yevstal yerich 69 Buttigieg, Anton ..13 liwakira, Melchior Byagagaire. Justus Mullen] 68 Calnico, Jose Luis 47 Cabello de Alba, 61 Cabral, Fidelis Almeida 28 Cabral, Luis dv Almeida 28 Cabral, Mario 28 Cabral, Vasco 28 Cabrera Sevilla, Bail, Brig. Gen. 18 Estigurribia, Juan Antonio, Maj. (;en 53 Ciuldle, Rimiest.% 5 Callen), Antonio 1:rancisen 2 Caglayangil, Ilisan 67 Cajina, 50 Cakolniii, George, Rat u Sir .20 Califace, Alfred 5 (;allaglian, James 71 Callejas Romero, liafael Leonardo 29 Calvo Nunez, Ilaroldo 14 Camara, Assan Musa . 23 (;amara, 1)aniaithmg 27 Camara, Kekoura, 27 Camara, NIoussa Sanguiana 27 Camara, ()usinane 58 Camara, Si kin 27 C,ambridge, Michel 62 Cann?ron, Clyde II Campbell, N'ictor 61i Calnpillo SainZ, Jost, 45 Campinos, Jorge 55 CainiNIS Quesada, Ctsar, Brig. Gen . 53 Carcani, Adil Cardoso Adolfo 72 (:ardoso, Atit(inio L)i)es 55 Cardoze, Julio 50 Carl XVI Gustaf 63 Carlsson, Ingvar 63 Carmo, Luis Marques do 55 Carrera 1)rourt, Danilo 18 Carrillio, Julio Zamit h 47 Carrington, Winslow 28 Carro NIartlin?z, Antonio 61 Carvajal Prado, Patrick). N'Atilii. 12 Carvalho, Joaquir. .eiro de 46 Casals, Jose, Ignm,. 72 Cass, Moses II. 3 cassar, Joseph 43 (:astellanos Justo 18 oved Fr Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Castilla Mets, Bella-mint) 16 Chibanda), MacKittly 9. Y. 42 Castillo Morales, Carlos Manuel . 15 Chidzanja Nkhottni, Richard Piston 41 Castillo Sittibaldi, Julio 26 Ch'ien Cheng-ying 13 Castillo Salmi, Victor, (:ol. .6 Ch'iett 13 Castle, Barbara, Mrs. 71 Chiepe, (aositwe, 1)r. 7 Cast To Buz, Fidel 15,16 Chikwanda, Alexander liwalya 76 Castro Ritz, RIM! 15,16 Chimid, Katuttglyn 45 (;aittis Lama, Jorge 12 Chinchilla Cdtreatinto, Mario Enrique, (:ol. .29 Clivaill6, Marcel 22 Chipande, Alberto Joaquim 47 Cavanagh, L. .3 Chirac, Jacques 21 (:eaurscit, Nicolar 56 Chisembele, Sylvester 77 (:resay, Yaya 23 Chissano, Joaquirn Alberto 46 (:einovit, Monallo 75,76 Chit Kliin, U 9 Centeio, Sergio 11 Chilanda, Jeremias Kalumbala 2 Cen'ut Ayusi), Jos?uis 61 Chiwandu Gatna, Alfred B. J. 42 Cespedes Fermindez, Nlantiel 16 Chiwatiga, S. E., Rev. 6' Chabert, Jozef .5 (linottpek, Bohuslay 17 Chagula, Wilbert K. 65 (hoe Clitie-ti 37 Chaisiri Ruangkanclianaset 65 (hoe Ilyna 37 Chakitamba Hari, Gwanda N C 42 Ch'oe 38 Chakuroy, Tondo) 8 (l'oe Kyntig-nok 38 Chalupa, 17 (hunt, Mathias mailiza 76,77 (:hant, NI ithaniatlit (:adi 23 Clintig 37 (lumbers, George 66 Chntig So-ynng 37 Chan Angstichot, Lt. Gen. (lIet.) 65 Chong Soog-nam 37 Chan, Julius 5:3 Chong Tu-lovan 37 Chang Ching-fit 13 Clam (lot 9 Chang Ch'ini-cli'itto 13 Chou En-lai 13 Chang Snitg-I'tte :37 Chou Jung-lisin 13 Chang Ye-clitin 37 Chou Slitt-Vai 14 Chaperon, Louis Regis 44 Choutiltury, Nand Islam 5 Charpentier Gamboa, Mario 1 5 Choughsvain, Joseph Asvounti 10 Chateltai Chmiliawan, Maj. nen (Rel.) .65 Chowdlitary?Alat Sayeed 4 (hatti, Habib 67 Chowdlittry, Muzaffar Ahmed 4 Chattopadliyayit, 1). P. :30 (linctien, Jean 11 Chatullay, Fazal Elilui 51 Chit Tv 13 (ha mc, Angel Petrov 8 Chita Sian (lin 60 Chavan, Y. B. 30 Chuang Tse-tung 13 Chavrco 11(11151)(1(7, Angel Joel 16 Chung Fmlniatig 13 ChAvez, Rogelio Alfredo 19 Chung, Arthur 28 Cheenia, I Iufi,ulIuli, Chaudliry .52 Ciobanit, Lina 56,57 Chrhent )a mud Chebein 22 Cisst, Ben Nlady 58 13 Cissoko, Fay 27 Ch'en Slum-Van 1'3 Cissoko, Souleymane 34 (len Wing Sinn, Michael 42 Clarke, Ellis. Sir 66 (l'en Yung-kiwi 13 Clinton, Mark 32 Cherif. Nabiatiou 27 Coakley, Livingstone 4 1, lien Sam) 27 (:offi Gadeau, (;crinain 34 Cherkaoui, Nloulay Ahmed 46 Collin), Manuel Alfredo 2 Chetty, Cliantery Medas 58 Collin, Jean 58 Chevallaz, Georges-Andr6 64 (:olttian, Fraser NI. 48,49 Chi Teng-Vitei 13 Comma Gallegos, l'rancisco, IA. Gen. 61 Chiang Ching-ktio 13 Colombo, Emilio 34 Chiang Yemshilt 14 Nlotka, Peter 17 Ktionlita 1:3 Coman, Teodor 56 83 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Coinhey, B. N. 59 Dallot-Befio, Augustin I I Connelly, Michael A. 49 1)alsager, Pool 18 Conn. May, Lvoncio Placid? 20 Leonel 57 Conteh, .1, A. 59 Daly, Frederick M. 3 Contreras Ilarlumsa, C:arnielo Cooke, !toward 72 35 INon, Marcel P. A. Vall 48 Cooney, Patrick 33 !Nowlin, Paahangiyn 45 Cooper, Julius 40 1)aindinjab, Legdengiyn . 45 Co(lrp, 1)avid 35 1)anailov, Pet ur 8 (:orish, Brendan 32,33 Dung Thi 73 (:orleto, Arturo 29 Dam!, Viet Chan 73 Correia, Add ino Ntifies 28 1)ang 1'ict Chan 73 Correia, Carlos 28 Danisiman, Rai 67 Cortina Maori, Pedro 61 Theophilus Y. Brig. 50 Corvaltin Naticlares, Ernesto 2 Danson, Barnett 11 (orm' de lit Boca, 1)aniel 26 INto Thiel) Thi 73 Cosgrave, 1Alin 32 1)aoud, Mohammad 1 Cositia, Ion 56 Damidon, Swim' I() (:ossig,a, Francesco 34 Dapchai Akkharat 65 (:osta, Joao "ia 28 1)arling, Clifford 4 Costa, Manuel QIIIITPtillla 57 M111112(1, 1)aniel 72 Costa, Vasco Almeida e, (*Air. 55 tslatigaljabyn 45 Costello, DecIan 1)asktilova, Sv(tla 8 Coulibaly, !gory 43 1)awiiiii, Emmanuel Joe, Maj. 25 Courtenity, Vernon 11. 6 1)ayfaiiiill, AII tI-Latif 74 C:osvper, Reginald 56 1)ayfallith, Nasir 62 Crean. Frank 3 IN, Alm(ida, Vasco \'ieira 2 Crisp) Ayala, Eduardo 72 1)e Backer-N'ari ()cken, Mrs. Ilika 6 C:rops, 11endrik 48 de Castro Spikula, Sergio 12 Cronje, Rowan 56 Clercq, Willy 5 C:rosland, Anthony 71 1)e Cron, Herman 6 (:rovo, Maria Elena de 14 De Kock, \Vicki's 56 ise-O' Brien, Conor 33 de Kort, Efra liii 48 Cruysvag,vii, ViUein61 de la HOT Valle, Miguel, I)iv, Gen .53 (:ttadra Niariatio, IA, Gen. 61 de la ()ssti..losl. 52 Codica 1)faz, I lenneriegildo, Gen. 15 1)e N1ita, (iriaco 33 (:,I 1i, 1)obrosav 7.5 1)e ()hydra, i\lanuel Hewn& :1111eit, Jack I I 1)e Paepe, Placid' 6 Czinege. I AWN 29 De Saeger, .1ozef 6 De Il'inter, August 6 Defraigne, Jean 6 1)eGale, Leo V. 26 1)did, Bugyn 45 1)e1eza, \Va(lson 13. 42 I)a Costa Gomez, Ltscintla E. 48 1)eljatut, Thom' 1 Da ( :osta, Manuel Pinto 57 1)elorie, Robert (. 58 1)it (unha, Albino Anilines 2 1)einheltc, Karim, Maj. 43 1)11 Luz, Armin' 11 I)ernbo, Antonio 2 1)11 Luz, Silvino 11 1)(111(110'es% Petr \'asil'yevich 68 1)ablanc "loistian 22 I)etnicheli, Alberto 72 Dab Alimad 74 1)ernicher. Petr Nilovich (j9 Daio. 1)ailiel 57 1)emir, Kemal 67 1)iikour(., Antoine, Ma! . 72 1)ernirel, Suleyman 67 rs4ako 8 1)vinissie Teferra, Fit. 20 Dali, al-'Aziz al-, 1)r. 75 1)erigue(, Alexandre 15 IYAllessandro, Guido 18 1)eniati, Jean- Francois 21 84 ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Denise, August e 1)enktash, Bad 1)ennis, (. (ecil, Jr. 1)ennis, William E. Jr. 1)vristop, Paul 1)elloburt, II ani liar 1)eshield, McKinley A 34 16 10 40 10 47 40 1)lantini, Coded wezienamba 63 1)lamini, IL Klianyakw('zwe 63 1)lamini, klakhosini J (33 Nlasitsela 63 1)1antini, IVIfanasibili 63 1)1antini, Polyearp 63 Do Mimi 72,73 1)estrematt, Bernard 22 1)o Nascimento, Lop? Fortunate) Ferreira . 2 1)etudamo, It. B. 47 Dodbiba, Piro 1 1)etittne Swum:truth, Col. 39 1)otle, Petro 1 1)evientm, Ilayttiond 44 1)oe, Jackson F. 40 1)evletoglem, Evangelos 26 er()Iftly, G. A. 58 l)ey, ()Mel Sidi Bali' 46 Dogo, Kotteljolou 66 I)' II Louis 6 1)ogret, Alaltilkerim 67 1)lialiabi, Muhammad al-Sm yid Unsay!' 11- 19 1)olland, Franklyn .26 1)liar, Nlanorattjan . 4 1)oinertech Benitez, Joel 15 1)hoore, Luc 6 Domitien, Elizabeth 11 1)iagana, Sidi Nloltained 4 1)otta-Fologo, Laurent 34 Nloussa 27 1)onat (:attin, (:arlo 33 1)iallo, Ahdoulaye 27 1)onegan, Patrick 32 1)iallo, Mouctar 27 1)oorn, Henri W. van 47 1)iallo, Saifottlaye 27 1)orcely, (;erard 29 27 1)orj, Baty!' 45 1.)ittne, Landana, Gett. 27 1)orjgotob, Dunjulaagiyn 45 1)larra, Amadoit Baba, Cornell 43 1)orji, Chogyal (3 I)iarra, Amadou Balm, Maj. 43 1)orlhac, 22 I)ias, Nemo Xavier 1)aniel 57 &Ontario, Michel 21 1)1:mar:I, Assimi 43 Doronjski, Stel'all 75 Diawara, Mohammad 34 1)orticOs Torrado, ()svaldo 15,16 Diaz Estrada, Nieman, Brig. Gen. 12 1)os Santos, Marceline) 46 1)ickel, Friedrich 24 1)ottada, Youssoufa 1() 1)icoli, Garble 34 1)ouglas, Roger 0. 48,49 1)idi, Alumni I lilmay 42 Doukara, Kissima, Maj 43 1)ie(Ierichs. Nicolatis 1)ottinba, Joseph (limb, 10 1)ijoial, Paul 22 1)0'11,11mm:it, Korammlou 27 Pascal N'(atessan 34 1)ournbottylt, NI ampelou 27 1)illott, lan 56 1)ountro, Ngaliarb Nguentebaye. 12 1)1111itrijevit., Bo(ko 75 1)oyenin, Vasiliy Nikolayevich 69 1)inesem Erling 18 1)oynov, ()gliyan 8 Dinh 1)tic Thiel' 73 1)rtigtinescu, Emil 56 1)iontande, Lotta 34 1)rame, Alicante 27 1)iop, Nlarnadent 58 1)riss Ben Aomar El Alami, Gen 46 I)iop, klarna(lott A timeline 1.3 Drury, Charles 11 1)iotif. Ahdoit 58 Duarte, Ahilio 11 1)iria. Kaihelt 53 1)ticray, (;(larcl Dixit, V nut Shankar 30 1)tidas, 'Fri au 56 Djafalo, Menveyinnyti Alident (;o1. 66 1)tierias, Jaime, (:ol. 18 Djallo. (Imam 28 1)ttisettherg, 'illnnt I" 48 1)jatna Djilal 1)jaina 22 1)umitreseu, Florea 56 1)jermakoye, Adattiott Mournouni, Cttpt. ..50 1)tiong Bach Lien 73 Djihril, Moriba Moussa, Capt. 17 1)tiong chute (hinh 73 1)jime Ngakinar, Mamari, (ol. 12 1)uPlessis, A. II. 60 1)jogo, Night', Maj. Celt . 12 1)upont, Clifford 55 1)Itiellah, Elias 63 1)tipuis, lienry Ya.:ouba, Col . 50 'Muffled. Bekimpi 63 1)tirafour, Michel 21 85 999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ved FoviReibeaseli4999/0.9/26.:.C.IA-REMPCITAPARampo10024Q.9p9-4 1)uri, 'Izzat Ibrahim al- .32 Eyegue Ntuturnu, Miguel .. 20 1)..valier, Jean-Claude . 28 Eyeguet, Pierre (laver 23 1)yrnshits, Veniamin Ernmanullovich .68.7(1 1)yrceu Arakio Nogueira Dzagasbaldan, 1)amiranjabyn . 46 1)zbo Kaloji 76 1)zlitivirkliishvi1i, Givi 1)mitriyevicli 70 1)zIninw, Dobri, Army (;('n. ... 8 1)z..1r, Martin, Gen. .17 Echeverria Alvarez, Luis 45 Echiguer, Nioliarned Haddon 46 Egbe-Tabi, Emmanuel 10 Ehrenberger, Vlastiniil 17 Eklo, Kunale .66 Ekong, Elliot!! ()lir 51 Ekra, Mathieu 34 l'Ilikinarn, A. E. .50 El Jadidi, Mohamed Arsalane .46 Elangsve, Ilenry Namata . I() Eldjant, KristjAn .30 Elinawinga, Isael .65 Elizabeth II .71 54 'long:. Mali Nlazurign 76 Elwyn-lones, Lord .71 Emery, Carlos Empana, Alphonse, 1)r. .15 Enderby, Keppel E. .3 Enebish, Batmonlayn 45 Eriengl.e, Paul 23 Engulf! Baangamporigo Bakokele Lokwiga 76 Ennaccur, Mohamed .67 Emile, Juan Ponce . 54 Erbakan, Necmettin .37 Erdem, Ali Naili 67 Erek, Ali Sevki 67 Ergenekon, Yilmaz 67 Erkovan, tAlustafa Kemal 68 Ertl, Josef Escobar (arcia, liolwrto, It Col . 19 Escovar Salorn, liamOn .72 Esquivel Yedra, Antonio .16 Essimengane, Simon .22 Essonglie, Michel 23 F:strel;.., Conrad!. I". .54 ,.rry Stirling, Josl? Eorique .72 Ever ,en, Jens 51 Everingliarn, 1)ouglas N. 3 Evertsz, Juan NI. G 48 Elizalde, lAlanuel Ellall, Abdul 86 hick! Segrecla, Gonzalo .15 Fade', Abdallah 2 Farliga, Larnine Mohamed 34 Faeq, .. 1 Fabliau!, Shakir al- .64 Fahmi, Ilusayn, Maj. (;e11. .10 Isma'il 10 NIalumul 'Ala! al-lialmi Fakhrtr, 'Ali Nlitharnmad Falasa, Ilanidan flu! Rashid al-Niakturri al-70 I' lain, Makt um ibn Rashid al-N4akt um al- .70 Falasa, Muhammad ilm liashid al- kt um a 1 - Falai., A rmantlo Lajos Falvey, J. N. Fan Tzli-y0 l'ang I Farah lialmaseda, Levi Farhat, 'sb(lallah Farinha, Joao (le 1)eus Pinheiro l'atthi, Nloosa Faulkner, A ithur J. Faulkner, Hugh Fauslino, Manuel Fayturi, Muhammad 'Abd al-Salam al- Fazekas, Janos Fazlija, Aslan Fedorov, Viktor Stepanovich Feld t, Kjell-Olof Felli, linger, Col. Fergusson, George FernAnclez Ira rem, Jose. Rumen! CernArle?ez Font, Marcelo Pudilla, Oscar Rodriguez, Serail!. l'ernAnd! z Sordo, Alejandro Ferrari, .1 D. NI. limier. (Alan II criri Eliza Feyziog lu, Turks!! Field-ilidley, Shirley NI. Figueiredo, Joao Haplista de Oils eira Fingesi, 0. P.. (:dr. ...... ...... 51 Finlay, A. Nlartyr. 48.19 Firnberg. I lertha, NI rs :3 Fischer, Oscar 24 Fituari, Nioliarned (17 l'itzGerald, Garret :33 Fitzpatrick, Torn 33 70 29 20 13 13 16 55 42 49 10 11 40 56 75 69 63 25 .5 16 16 16 16 61 5ti 62 67 28 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ved Fori:001#0?Adn99,09/26.:.C1/4ARDP861,00608R000100240039-4 , Garcia Parra, Jaime II Hones VIIIderiano, Enrique 29 Floresen, Mihail 56 Garcia Vargas, Art(quio, Brig. Gen 53 Garin Cea, Enrique, Brig. Gen. (Rel.) 12 Focke, Katharina, Mrs. 25 Garrott Salazar, HermIn 1.5 Fofana, A. B. 59 Gaston-Marin, Gheorglie 56 Faunali, S. A. 59 Fokatti-Katnga, Paul 10 Gawrysiak, Jerzy 54 Foot, Michael 71 (azi, 1)ewan Fund 5 Forlani, Arnaldo 33 G1)111111110, K. C 59 Fostervoll, Ale 51 Ginbeni, Natiamide 65,66 Foureade, Jean-Pierre 21 Glaikoti, Marie-Christitute 11 Fmncis, J. B. 59 Gems, Gaston 6 Franck, Antoine i 1 Gegliman, Yalta !humid 74 Franco Baliammule, Francisco, Gen. 61 Ceder, Lennart 63 Franjiyalt, Su layman 39 Geisel, Ernesto 7 Franke, Egon 25 Genscher, IIans-Dietrich 24,25 Franko, Ivan 75,76 Georgi, Mali 94 Fmm,r, William A. 49 Germain, Robert 2 Freer, Warren W. 49 Glutfar bin Balm, Abdul 42 Fret, Jose 57 (*.ballad, 13urityk ibn Ilamml al- 51 Friderichs, Hans 24 Gbandur, Muzamil Sulayman, Frijmersim), Frits 62 Brig. Gen. (Bet.) 62 Frotneta Silva, Nora 16 Omni Gilong, Abdul 42 Fruit', Sylvio Couto Coelho da 7 Giumint, 'Abdallah al- 38 Frydenlund, Knot 51 Glianitn, Muhammad Hail/ 19 Fuga, M ygerent 1 Gharnit, Abdallith 46 Fukinla, 11ajime 35 Gliayth, Said al- 71 Filkinlit, Takeo 35 Glitizali but Shafie, Muhammad 42 Furgler, Kurt 64 Gliimire, Blioj Raj 47 (Admire, Radha Prasad 47 Ghissassi, Abdellatif 46 G chubasit, sayi dm 71 Glitirburnin, Bergoonath 44 (May Fortnum, Wilhelm Friedrich de 48 Gichunt, James Samuel 36 Gabaldon, Arnaldo 72 Gikas, Solon 26 Gabol, Abdul Sattar 52 Gillespie, Alastair 10 Gadatna, Aaron E. 42 Gioia, Giovanni :33 Gairy, Cynthia B. 26 (*.Maid, Francois(' 22 (;airy, Eric M. 26 Oscan] d'Estaing, Val6ry 21 Galanshin, Konstautin Ivanovich 69 Gjerde, 13jartinar 51 Galin, Yisrael 33 Glardon, Ando" 22 Gallegos Venero, Enrique, Div. Gen. 53 (dasspole, Florizel 35 Galley, Robert 21 Glazur, Adam 54 Glilvez Betancoi, t, Carlos 45 Gluslikov, Nikolay Timofeyevich 70 Gillvez Madrid, Virgin() 29 C;tiaegi, Rudolf 64 Gamut, David Charles 15 Goalo, Josopli Antoine 11 Gandhi, Indira, Mrs . 30,31 Godett, Wilson (Papa) 48 Gandi-Capio, Sala W. 59 Godoy JirOnez, Adilit 53 Ganga-Zatig,mi, Jean 15 Coale, Arend de 48 Ganilau, Penaia, Riau Sir 20,21 Goga, Leiter 1 Garatigo, Tiemoko Maw, IA. Col. 71 Colt Kvng %%Tv 59 Giulia Jalitimpa, Ibrahim:1 Muliatnadu . , 23 Goico Morales, Carlos Rafael 18 Calm, J. N , Col. 50 Gokliale, II. R. 30 Garinizov, Vasdiy Frdorovich 69 Gni, Jean 6 Garcia Faits, Guillermo 16 Golbery do Couto e Silva 7 87 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ved ForBRIgne\i,ppw,o9/26 : Gombojab, 1)aindingiyii Comes, Alh1`111)Illa CI4-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 45 28 Comes, l'rancisco da (:osta, Gen. 55 II. A. Mukti Ali, 1)r. 31 Comes, Sever? higundes 11a Ke Tan 73 Ilabiniana, Bonaventure 57 Gomez TrueIni, Angel 16 Ilaby, Bent 21 Gon, Francois 11,12 Ilabyariniana, Juvhial, Maj. (;,..11 57 (MHz('lez Fuentes, Victor, Gen. 7 Haddad, Na' mi 32 Gonzeilez Munoz., Efrain 29 Ilaclithi, Anwar 'Aind al-Qadir al- .. 32 Arniel 49 I ladson-Taylor, Joseph C. 0. 59 GonzAlez, Gerardo 52 II aekkerup, Per 18 ( .m,Ji hi, Sail! 53 Ilaeuser, Rudolf 3 (:oodridge, E. Jonathan 40 Hidden, Guenther 3 GolmIlawa, Williiii 61 Ilaile-Gabriel Dagne .20 (;olub, 1)allyn 45 Ilailti Yeinatiti Ilakimi, Said Muhammad al- 20 74 Camara 1,1155011, IA. 12 Ilalali, flu...Aril al - 71 Goiisse, Pierre 29 Ilalbritter, NN'alter 24 Goyer, Jean-Pierre 11 Ilalevin, Abdul 42 Gruber, Pierre 64 I 1 allgrlinsson, (:eir 30 (;racan, 1)a, Dr. 57 Ilalvorsen, Tor .5! Granet, Paul 22 Ilainadali, Amy:1r 64 Granifo II arms, Carlos 12 Hamadan ()iild Tah 43 Greatbatch, Bruce 58 Ilanuli ()ilk] Nloilkirlss 43 Greaves, Philip 5 Ilanidi, Ibrahim Muhammad al- .74 Grecliko, Andrey Antonovich, Mar. (39 Ilamenglai Buwono IX, Sultan .31 18 I 1:truants, Jean .41 Green, I lamilton 28 Ilaniniadi, Sa'clun 32 Greene, James E. 40 Ilatimilz, Frani .17 Gregor, JA11 17 Ilanizah bin Alm Sainah 42 Greiner-Petter. NVerner 24 Ilan Sung- V( . 37 Grislimanov. Ivan Aleksandrovich I lanif, Mohammad .52 nnyko, Audrey Andreyevich fig liankii, IlIlhillIIllI1 Grudzieti, Mieczyshi?v 55 !Loma, Arthur 1). . 4 Griajters, J. P. A. 18 Ilansen, Jorgen Feder .18 Gscheidle, Kurt 25 Ilaraini, Karim Alimacl al- 51 Guelniza, Armando Einibo 47 Ilarib, Thani lin) 'Isli ibmi 71 Guelmes GonzAh./., Pedro N1. 16 Ilaikan. Muhammad IIIII 'Ali al- . 57 Guennez, NI hmond 2 !Lumina, Aloti .50 Guerra, Nestor Toinis 52 Harper, ()liver Ni. 28 Gneye, liassirou 58 Ilanina, I. II. NI., lirig .5)) Giiezodj6, Vincent, Capt. 17 Ilatiall, Khali(' ;IP laj 3(3 Gui Dibo, Paul 34 Ilasan, N1ustafa 'Utliman, Maj. Gen. . .62 Gui, Luigi 33 flasan, S. Nitro! 30 (;uiga, 1)riss 67 I lasanayn, Muhiarnmuiad Kamal . .19 Galinia 27 Ilasani, 'Ali Nasir Nioliaminad .74 Guise, John. Sir 52 Ilasbiii, KcAri 1 Gullot, Antonio 33 lasegawa, Takashi 35 Gustafsson, Ilans 63 1 lashini, All .64 Gutitrrez Cam), Joaquin 61 Kliai;d Nlakki al- 32 Gulit.rrez NI tali/. Jost. Antonio 16 Ilaskins, James ( . Guy, N1 ichel 22 Hasid ()old 1)idi 44 Guilienko, Timofry Borisovich 69 Ilassan 11 46 NIata. l'ernando 15 !Nissan Mohamed Nloyale 22 GimitiAn Soriano, Alberto, (en, 6 Hammer. Gideon .33 88 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ed For ilagteasee1999/09/26 : CIADRDIWTQW8R00010024004-4 Ilawamidah, MaImuid al- t 6 I Iou 1.11011 9 I lawkins, Bop r 53 I loupliouet-Boigny, Felix 34 Iloveyda, Amir Alms 31 I laydar, Muhammad 64 I loxlitt, Nedin 1 Hayden, William G 3 I Ioyos Arango, Samuel 14 Iltiz('ktimp, Thendorus M. 48 I loyos Rubio, Rafael, Brig. Gen. 53 !leaky, 1)enis 71 I loyte, Ii ugh Desmond 28 Iledayati, Iladi 32 Ilstl Chin-ch ituig 13 I Ivinem,n, Knud 18 1101 Ch'ing-chung 13 I lendriks, Josvphus I'. M. 48 Iltin Kyaw, U 8 Henning, Gerald() (I(? Azevedo 7 Ilu Nim 9 Hercules Pineda, Fabio 19 flint Kuo-feng 13 IlerljevE, Franjo 75 76 I lin?rlimatin, MIMS 64 I iertnati, Fernand 5 Hugo the Andrade Abreu 7 I Ivrtultalez Acosta, N'alvii:Iti 72 I I ida, \'ticlav 17 I [(went Esteban, 1.(.6,, 61 Ilulien, Michel II. van 48 Herrera laltoja, Francisco iii go, Brig. Gen. (Bet / I leunis, J. Chris Hans Joachim I lidalgo ()lield, Guillermo lie,I Jules Net( I 1 ilal, A It mad 'Izz I lasan Shlomo II Intl. NIustaftt Kama! I ibri Zahir al- 11 indawi, 1)111mati al- 11 'mink' II irsclifehl Almada, Julio I IjAlmarsson, 1 ljelm-1Valllm, I vita, Mrs. lila Ave. U Il la Phone, U Illope, Abednigo K. 1 lo T11111 /OM g AIIII liming Minh Giam lloang Qum Thin}, Fadii larmann, loirmann, I kiwi, o.n. ihdbmd, Patrick !Ionic, Louis llohmivist, Eric I lint Sul Sin Ilmmuker, Ni argot, Mrs. flung fiong-nam 11011%1'h, Augustin, Capt. I !(1ust, Eddy lope, Frank E flop( ler Almada, 1)avid linr%vood, ()wen Hussain, (Mohammad) Syhrab 5 Hussain, Shah Nloazzern 5 Hussain, Syed Altaf 5 Ilumaydan, Ibrahim Muliatturad nasal( ...4 12 I lumaydi, al-Klmwavlidi al-, Maj. 40 6(1 11111(11)kt, Antoine 6 24 !humid, Marvvan al- 36 19 Iluni, ?Abd al-N.1(11)bn al-, Maj. 40 34 Ilutill,(16, Ayi !haulm(' 66 19 Hunter, Frederick II. 6 53 Ilurtado, Ilktor 19 IIustik, Gustav 51 IIusayn 36 Ilusayn, 'Alai at-Aziz 35 Ilusayn, Sahli ibn al-Rahman al - 45 Hussain, Adnan 30 Hussein A bdulkadir Gassitn 6.3 Hussein bin Ono I lussein (:ultnie ;rah, Maj. Gen. IluszAr, 11(1(ot:ono. Erkki I lwang Chang-y.6P Ilwang San-Trik 38 Ii viler, Allwrt 43 8 8 63 37 72 73 73 7.5 24 21 43 27 6.3 24 37 17 62 28 11 60 72 17 36 38 58 42 60 42 60 29,130 21 36 lInthez O'Brien. Casten', Brig. Gen. 53 Ihrkwv, Dan 51 Ibragimov. Ah Ismaylovich 70 Ibrahim Ahmed Bound!. 22 Ibrahim, Abu ial-Qasim Muhammad, Niaj. 62 Ibrahim, Muhammad 'Abd al-Fattali 19 Ibrahim. Sa.di 32 Ichinda Manigali. Braulio 20 Iddisalt, David Annuli', Col 25 Id( Ichitaro 33 leng Stay 9 lgollo, Jacques. Dr. 23 lhamtiotila, \'eikku 21 Ilangaratne, Tikiri Bandara 62 89 ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ed For'Release 1999/09/26 : ClArilDPAOTAPPAR0001002400339-4 Muhammad al- Imam, 'AIM til-Majid Inaba, ()salmi Inonga 1.0kongo lAnne loatinidis, Georgios lonita, Ion, Get) . loulanoglon, Ippokrat is Irvine, William lrylini, 'A lid al-Karim al- Isaacs, Allan !slum Ould Bagel Ishkov, Aleksandr Akimovich Islitseren, Dendzetigiyir Ismail Ali Abokar, (:ol. Ismail Balayall Hague!' !sant' il, 'AIM al-Fat t all Istna'il, Alimad Sultan Issa, Ahmed Jabbes, Irej Jaber-Ansmi, Ilomayin Jabhdiski, Ilenryk Jack, Alien, Sir Jack, Hilbert (). Jackson, K. A., IA. Col Jacob, !sae Jadi, Muhammad 'Mi al- Jaffar, Mohammad, Malik itiffin, Said Mohamed Jagar, Tamji jagatsingh, Keliarsingh jagielski, Mieczystaw jaisvasd ?'isoutthiphong jakobsen, Svend jakovlevski, Trite pdallar, Mohammad Khan al-Salam, Maj. Jamii Mohamed Gen. jania Bali Ic (;(al Jamaba, Almeida Jaka Jaunt! Abdul Kadir, 1)r. Jamal, Muir II. Jarritildar, Taj Mohammad Khan jarnasi, Muhammad 'Ahd al-Chain al-, Lt. Gen Jamieson, 1)onald Jannell, Alli' Janssen, 'F. N. VI. Janzi., Jaroszewicz, Piotr Jaunt, Andr6 90 64 Jatti, Basappa Danappa 30 . 62 Jawara, Dawda Kairaba, Sir 23 35 Jaypal, liameshwar 44 . 76 Jazi, Hakim I' nail al- 36 16 Jazrawi, Tuba Yasin al- 32 .56 Jean 41 25 Jeanty, Aurtlien C. 29 .56 Jek Yuen Thong 59 74 Jenkins Morales, Alvaro 15 35 Jenkins, Boy 71 .4-I Jensen, Egon 18 .69 Jensen, Erling 18 .45 Jephcott, Bruce 53 .60 Jinikez Gallo, Guillermo, Gen. 6 .22 Jimenez Reyes, Hanlon Emilio 18 .74 Jishi, Majid al- 4 19 Phannesson, Olafur :30 . 12 Johansson, Rune 13 63 Johnson, Kwaovi Benyi 66 Johnson, Leslie R. 3 Jomadar, Hajmohunsing 44 jmathan, Lealma 39 .67 Jones, A. E. Nyema, Dr. 40 .31 Jones, Charles K. 3 .54 Jones, Winston 3.5 23 Jong, de 48 .28 Jorge. isen. Anker 18 .25 Joseph, Cuthbert 66 .2 )(Albert, David (;erald 58 .40 Jovit, Borislav 75 .52 Juana, T. E. 59 .14 Jubayli, Muhammad 'Abd al-Mabud al- . . . 19 6 Juburi, Ilamid al- 32 44 Juliana 47 54 55 Jum'a. Ilasan Falirni 32 38 Jambe, Mwinyi Aloud 64 . 18 Junayd, Muhammad Ahmad al- 74 .75 Juneall, Pierre 10 I Niko-, Wolfgang 24 .40 Juwari, Alanad 'Abd al-Sattar al- 32 (30 2 .20 . .13.5 Kaba, Nlarnadi 27 52 Kaha, Sekuti 27 .52 Kabangti, N'Gola 2 Kalmita Nyarnalm 76 19 Kadir bin l'usoff, Abdul 42 .10 Kabbala'', Subhi 64 59 Kai Kai, lain, Paramount Chief 59 61 Kaim, Franciszek 54 17 Kaine, Antoine 15 .54 Kiiinja Nthara,l)orninie D. 41 21 Kaissi, Ahhes 46 ved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ved For Fcgl1egm,1999/09/26 : CIA03Rwimp8R0001002400391-4 Kalali, Nlanuchehr 32 Kaziniets, Ivan Pavlovich 69 Kal,..bev, Nikola 8 Kazaure, Sltutailini 50 Kaliski, Sy'wester 55 Kazimi, 'Ain! al- Mullah') 'Mid Ka'mop), Leonard, Capt. 72 al-Meaty" al- 38 Kalugalle, P. II. ('S 62 Keating, Jilt 'in 35 Kinn, (;iiilion, (liristophe 71 KOH% S. A. 59 Kainara-Taylor. Christian A. 58,59 Keita, Founeke 43 Kamara, A. It. M. 59 Ibrallinia Kuhlman 27 Kainara, l"oruo'h 59 Keith, Lainine 43 Krinilindi, (laude, 1)r. 57 Ktita, tvlamadi 27 Kaminsky, llorst 24 K6ita, N'Farnara 27 Kamm, Sitakiiiio, Adm. ( let.) 65 Kekkonen, lirho 21 Kamougue, Mold Kader, Kelfala, Daniel 59 Maj. 12 Kemenade, Joseplins A. van 48 Aissata -14 Kennard, Gavin 13. 28 Katie, Cheik11 Saud 43 Kenyatta, Junto 36 Katiemarii, Shin :35 Ktr6koil, Nlathien, IA. Col. 17 Kam; Pring-loin . 37 Kerr, John B., Sir .3 K'ang Shill-en 13 Kesern, J(inos, NIrs. 30 Karig Sung-sit ii 37 Kesselly, Edward B., 1)r. 40 Karig Yang-ilk 37 Ketia, Marnadi 43 Kariii, J T. 59 Keimeinan, Pieter 61 Kanyarengsve, Alexis, 1.t. Col. 57 Kentelia, Jean 10 Kanyarwanda, (lt.oplias 57 Kgari, It. K. Kao 14 Khaddam, Ahd al-Italirn 64 14 Kliadilkar, II. K. 31 Kapanli, Indian 67 Khadini, Mubarak 51 Karaca, Giyasettin 68 Kind:10)1M, Alms Ali 31 Karakas, ,tsiIO 31) Khalid, Mansur 62 Karainanev, Georg' 52 Karamanlis, Konstantinos 25 Klialifa, 'Aloi 1zi?. ihn Muhammad Al .4 Karamat Ali, Ai:limed 63 Khalila,'Abdanah ihn Kluilid Al 4 Kararni, Rashid 39 Klialifa, I humid ihn 'Isa Al 4 Karavay iv, Crorgiy A rkad' yevich 68 Klialifa, 'Isa iho Niuhammad Al 4 Kardelj, Edvard 75 Khalifa, 'Isa iho Salman Al ..argbo, Edward J. 59 Khalifa, Khulid hut 'Abdallali Al 4 Karim, Kelm 27 Klialifa, Khalifa urn Salman Al 4 Kariya, Tadao 35 Muhammad ilni Klialifa ihn Karkoszka, Alojzy 54 Ilamid Al .. 4 Karl, Elfriede, Miss 3 Khania, Muhammad iho Nfilharak Al Karrar, Karrar Alumni 62 Khania, Seretse NI.. Sir Kasapi, Kico 1 Kivannniiunt Pholseria 39 Kasim, NI uiliuttii'cl 28 Khamonane lioupha. Gen. 39 Kassim. Mooloml 2 Kliamphay Boupha 38 Katabarwa, Andr6 57 Khamplieng Botipba 38 Ka tagyira, Levi 68 Khan, Asatluzzarnan 5 Katzi7, Ephraim 33 Khan, NIoliarnmed Taiyah 21 Kaill-N1dedpc, (lenient 34 Khan, NIoslemilddin 5 I.:amnia. Kr ninth David 76 Kliaiii, 'Abdullah al- 64 Kavali, Thomas 53 Khasoane, Julius 39 Kavaliku. S. Luigi 66 Khali, Pitambar Dboi 47 Kawasvii, Rashid' Mfaume 64 Khattabi, islohantecl Larbi 46 Kawasii-Konte, Sliekii Bokari .59 Kluittak, Mohammad Yusuf 52 Kayinga ()risi Ndirl 76 K hayyat, 'Abdal-Aziz al - 36 oved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Klieftichti, !fedi 67 Knight, Derek 26 Klridr, 'A1)(111111)11 al-I lastm, al- 62 Knoops, Etienne 6 Klihm Sarni)han 9 Ko Clare411 38 Killer' Thirith 9 Ko Ko, 11 8 Kliin Mating Win, 1)r, 8 Kobbekaduwa, !lector 61 Kliir phial, Mohamed 42 Kodjo, Eden' 66 Kliitrov, Stepan 1)mitrlyevich 69 Kohl, Attobra 34 Kliiyarni, Madaiii MO 64 Kali, Kodjo Agbenowossi 66 Khodja, Kamer Abdullah 2 Koinange, Mbiyu 36 Kliorram, Ali Alimad 1 Kol, Moshe 33 Klariiii One Voravong 38 Koleka, Spiro 1 Kluistrdidis, loannis 1(3 Koli(evski, Lazar 75 Klirysarithopotilos, Konstantinos 26 Koloclziej, Emil 54 Klitidayberdyyvv, Narnitikhonmadil Kolokassidis, Mikhail 16 1)zliiirayevich 70 Kolotas, Frixos 16 Klitalayr, 'Alaltillah al- 22 Komoto, Toshio 25 Kliiikrit Piornot, M. It . 65 Km,. , Abdoulaye 34 Klitinialo, A. %mike 63 Kone", Bangali 34 Klitirshaini. 'AlalitIltd) al- 74 Kone, Gaston Otiassenan 34 Klitiwaytir, ',Mal td-'Aziz Al- 57 Kong Chin-Tat' 37 Mario, Julius Gikonyo 36 Kong Sophal Kituiptir, Quinn) Reza 31 Konofagos, Konstantinos 26 Kibak i, M wiii 36 Korrijrnans, Pieter II. 48 Kilyri, 1-lusayn Arad 74 Knoll, Mongi 67 Kifle Wodajo PO Koorriltof, Pieter 80 Kiki, Albert Maori, Sir 52,53 Kornk, Josef 17 Kili, riarnabas 68 Korji, M., Dr. 59 Kilic, Selahattin 67 Korot?, Miluily 30 Kim Chae-kyti 38 Korona), A. K. 59 Kim ( hr mg- p' il 37 Koroma, Sheikh Ahmed Tojan 59 Kim lIak-sop 37 Koroma, Sorb' Ibrahim 58,59 Kim I 1 wan 37 Kortho, Sarno!) 66 Kim II yong-ku 37 Koruttirk, Falai 67 Kiln II 37 Kock', I leikki 21 Kim II-semg 36 Kostandov, Leonid Arkad'yevieli 68 Kim K) emg-yern 37 Kostomov, Anatoliy Ivanovich 69 Kim Serk-ki 37 Kosygin, Aleksey Nikolayvvich 68 Kim Tong-elm 38 Kotei, 11,4)ert E. A., brig. 25 Kim Tong-Kyti 37 Kotsokoane, Joseph R. L. 39 Kim Yong-elm 37 Kori Souvannamethi 38 Kim Yong-liwan 37 Kotintche, Seyni, D. Col. 50 Kin) Inn-sang 37 Kourourna, Alafity 27 Kimura, Mutsu? 35 Kouyami, Franc (4s, Lt. 17 Khali, Muhammad Khalifa al- 71 Kowalczyk, Edward 54 King, George 28 Kowalczyk, Stanislaw 54 King, Norman .1 49 Koy Thuon 9 Kirchschlaeger, Rudolf 3 Koyarnba, Alphonse 11 kiln?, Vladimir Alt kseyevich 68,70 Kreisky, Bruno 3 Kiselev, Tiklion Yakovlevich 70 Krieps, Emile 41 Kisiel, I lenryk 54 Krieps, Robert 41 Kithong Vongstry ;39 Krotov, Viktor Vasiryevich 69 Klauson, V:dter Ivaoovich 70 Kruger, J. 'F. 60,61 Kleiber, Guenther 24 Krustev, Gaucho 8 Klein, Gerrit 48 Ku Mu 13 Kleppe, Per 51 Ku Tim-hoe 38 92 pproved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Mullah AB 40 Ix Quaug Ea 73 Kuherski, Jerzy 54 IA' That'll Nglii 72,73 Killing, Heinz 24 Leal Tows, IZonicro, Maj. Gen 72 Kujiku, I, K. Maj. 25 Leber, Georg 24 Kulatilleke S S (-12 Lecamiet, Jean 21 Kirlpitiski, Jan 55 Kumarasurier, C11(.11101 62 Leath' SuArez, Juan, Gen. 6 Kumbweza Banda, Jeremy T. 42 Lee Chiaw Met.g 60 Kurraybir, IIusayn Alimad 64 Lee Kuan Yew 59 Kumla, Rajah 75 Lee San (loon 42 Kunicki, Tadeusz 54 Lee Siok Yew Kilo Ch'eng 14 Le Franc. Jean Monies 29 Kigtrak, Ivan 75 LIN-, Jules Kutbi, I lasan Muhammad Legesse Wolde-Martam Co!. 20 Kutiti, T. T., Lt. Col. 26 LeGrange, Louis 51 Kirwan, 'Isa Glitinini al- 55 Ltidenz, Antonio 72 Kwatm, iitodore 22 Leido, Jose J., Jr. 54 Kwayeb, Enoch 10 Leigh, rebba N. 23 Kwelagobe, Daniel K. 7 Leijon, Anna-Greta, M4 63 K ye I lyong-sun 37 Lein, Vordemar Pettlivich 69 Kyr, 'ing-tat' 37 LAM, Bernardito M. 48 Kyemba, Fleury 68 Lejczak, Wiodzimierz 54 K347(4,1(41, Joseph A., Cdr. 25 1.enoir, Rent 22 Kyi Mating, Col 8 Lent, Gem Gees J L. van 48 Leodolter, Ingrid, Dr. 3 Lett) Puelma, II Ug() 12 Leon Torras, Rad E. 15 Leon, Rose 35 La Nialfa, 33 Leone, Giovanni 33 Im Vera Velarde, Luis, Div. Gen. 53 Lepage, Octavio 72 Lilco, Karol 17 IXr, Lec.k4,,ld 17 I ug Coello, Nlarcos 15 Lerotholi, Tlohang 39 Lahti, Gaston 41 Lesatele Rapi 74 Lahtinen, Alli 21 Lesechko, Mikhail Avkseneyevich 68 Lukas, 13ernetrio B 52 Lessard, Marcel 11 Lalonde, Marc 10 Lessedjina Kiaba Lerna 76 Larnin, George (;. 59 Lesur, Annie 22 Lamizana, Stingoult, IA. Gen. 71 Leuam Insisiengmay 38 Lamport Midi!, Jorge 26 Lemon Rajasombath Lane, Erwin 3 Rtmillot 29 Lang, ()tto 11 Levtque, JaurtIs 28 Lankoande, Mi 71 Lever, Harold 71 Lapin, Sergey (;v)rgiyevich 70 Lhamsuren, Myatabyn 46 Lappia, A. C 59 Li Cifeag-fang 13 Lamm, Paul, Sir 53 Li Chi-ta 13 Laraki, Ahmed, 1)r. 46 Li Chiang 13 Lardner-litirke, Desmond kV 56 Li 1-1sien-nien 13 Laskaris, Konstantinos 25 1,i Kuo-ting 14 Lasram, Abdelaziz 67 Li Lien-ch'lln 14 Laugenicl Gania, Kjell 26 Li Shui-ell'hig 13 Latimea Matolti 74 Li Teng-hui 14 Lausecker, Karl 3 Libou, Mohamed 14 I,avens, Albert 5 Lidbom, Carl 63 Litia, Jaime C. 51 Lien Chen-tung 14 Lazar, Gyorgy 29 Lievano Aguirre, Indalecio 14 Ix Blanc, Romeo 10 Liinamaa, Keijo 21 93 pproved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 provediEgroBerjgase 1999/09/26 .ICIAZDtei8j6sTE00608R0001002f10039-4 Lim Kim San 59,60 Lima, Si'vino 11 1 An Chin-sheng 14 I Anan's Brum, !Ingo, Gen. 72 !Mister, Guy 41 Litt liskyao IAA Ilsiting-p'ing Ljuldit, Nikola 75,76 Lleshi, I luslul I Macovescu, George 1m, N1agatte 58 Madertgar lieremadje 1 Alfbeig, Burt II 63 Madill, Mahmud Said milli r, Ali 14 Maclingar?Alftir, Machado, 1)avid Aires dr Almeida Mitchel, Graca Sun blue NIachel, Stimora Mitelimud, Atair, 1A. Gen. Machungo, NI a rio da (41am Macias Nguema, Francisco MacKasev, Bryce Philibert 58 Madini, Nur al-Fits/Mc' lintar Lomako, Pet, Fatleyevich 69 Mafe.d, B. 0 W. Loots, Johannes (I1 Magu , 13alaram Gharti Lopez Da Silva, 1/svalth, 11 Mageni, Musold M. I Amez Mielielsen, Alfonso 14 Nagnussen, Einar IA)pl./.. Henri 15 Magona, Slieku S. Imrd Shepherd 71 Maliabir, Errol Lorentzen, Annemarie 51 Maliatotin, Ammo Lorougnon, Jean Guede 34 Mahatma, Amalie Abrilm ldriss 1 msonezi, 29 Maltatitotid Abderaman, It muktich, I lassan 46 Lomat', Ibrahim 50 Lubbers, Rudolph F. NI. 48 Lubsangumbo, Sonomyn 45 Matej . 17 Lt was ( arda, Fernando Romeo 26 Ludviger, Emil 7576 1,1etgendorf, Kar! Ferdinand, Brig. Gen. .... 3 I ,11?Kilk11111W4, SiOntlel Eli 68 Luk', C S 68 Lungu, M. Millard 41,42 Lupo, tie 56 Lus, Pita 53 Lusaka, Paul John. Firinto 77 Lusinde, Job Malecela 65 1..asson Badly, Antonio Enrique 16 Lwin, U 89 I.,y, Aftiadoti 58 Lyasliko, Aleksandr P s avlovich 70 N4 ' la Khaikhamphitoun NI oh Indigo Ira Bwato Malady, Sabastiao Marcos N4 abruk, 'Izz ad-1)in al - NI Sirloin 'Ad It Col N4 or. Jartiquemada, Mario, Gen. MacDonald, Daniel Macdonald, Donald MacEachen, Allan N1111111E119 bin Mohamed NIalidavi, Fercydun Malijub, NIultarnmad 'Abd 'Abdallah Malimud, Baditaldin IsIalmtud, Muhammad Ifamicl Maiming, Sour II 1 Maidou, fiend II Mailiofet, Werner 25 Maikano, Abdoulaye 10 Majid, Abdul, Dr. 1 Majkli, Abdo! Majid 32 Major, Taylor E. 40 Ni inn, Chernor 59 Majurndar, Phani 'Anshan 4 Maktune, Atistin Alban 65 Makarios III 16 Makgekgetiette, Leonard 7 Nlakhumula Nkhoma, Pierson L. 41 Maksares, Yudy l'evgen'yevich 70 Malan, J. J. 61 Maldonado NI ejla, Raid Cd. 18 Maldonado Mufloz, Jost. Mario 29 Maleeela, XV, S. John 65 38 Malfatti, Franco Maria 34 76 Malietoa Tanumaf iii 11 73 47 Malik, Adam 31 40 Maliviya, K. D. 30 .62 Malliek, Azizur Rahman 4 12 Malloum, Fe',.x, Brig. Gen. 12 11 Malou, l'aya 66 10 Malown nuld Braliam 43 10 Mambo ma Kherizu Makwala 76 2 46 46 31 47 20 11 56 12 75 12 40 50 47 65 51 59 66 50 12 12 42 31 19 61 19 94 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved Fpr ReIleas# 1999/09/26 mniaka, elm la giA-ppi,??3-1199AppR00010024N39-4 Mamo, Anthony, Sir 43 !dusk:), Quttit K. J. 7 Minimal', Pima, Lt. Col, 41 Masisi, E. S. 7 Mancham, James Maar). 58 Masmoudi, Mustapha 67 MandJekti, Albert 11 Mason, Roy 71 Mandungti Bola Nyuti 76 Masri, SAM ?- 74 Mane, Sariba !amine 28 Matto) Nktmiti wa Bowango Angto,!a Man..)scit MaIlea 56 Mow() 76 Manescu, i?licolac 56 Maluku, Hi 35 Manfred() Bernal, Fernando 52 Matano, Robert 36 Mani', Kimlid Muhiumnad al 55 Matenje, rfick T . 41,42 Nt'unickuvasagam, V. 42 Madam)), Joseph 58 M .iiiikti, Ape 42 Matidesen, Matthias 30 Manima, Emilie 15 Matingoti, Boniface 15 Manley, Douglas 35 Maluku, Peter Wilfred 76 Manley, Michael N. 35 Mains Berrido, Leonardo 18 Mann, Laurent 15 Matsebula, Ftephen M. 63 Mannan, Abdul 4 Matshinhe, Mariano 47 Minim's!), Muhammad Ahmad al- 40 Nhasuzawa, Yozo 35 Mansaray, Jiang))li 59 Matilda!), Union] 50 ManyeII, Gabriel C 39 Matthes, Heinz Man yush is, losif Antonovieh 70 Matthiasen, Niels 18 Manzi?, Nund Islam 5 Mattlioeft?r, Hans 25 Mao Sung-Men 14 Mattila, Olavi 21 Mao Tse-tung 13 Mating Cho, Col. 4 Miami, A bdelaziz 2 Mating Mating Kha, U 9 Mapinna, James 76 Mavoa, Jonate 21 Mapunda, Gislar L 65 May, Henry 1. J. 48,49 Magdami, Husayn al- 74 Maytock, Alfred 4 Mara, Kamisese, Hato Sir 20 Maydar, Damdiniabyn 45,46 Marchand, Jean 11 Mayila, Louis Gaston 23 Marconi, Giovanni 33 Maynard, Clement 4 Marcos, Ferdinand 53 Mayorga Rivas, Enrique 19 Margrethe II 18 Mazeaud, Pierre 22 Maria, Victor Sande 28 Mazottzi, Mohamed Said 2 MariAtegui A ago In, Francisco, RAdm. 53 Mazurov, KiriII Trofimovich 68 Marin Abainiza, Leandro 50 M' Bahia Bit, Kouadio 34 Marin, Florencio 6 Mbanze, Daniel Saul 47 Marl new' Mihai 56 Mkizaa, Found 67 Markov, Yank() 8 Mbembq YOWil Mabinda Kapinvi 76 Markovit, Ljubomir 75 Milengue, Alioune Badara 58 Mart, Marcel 41 Mboge, Lamin B. 23 Martinelli, :Amin 34 Mbouy-Boutzit, Alexis 22 Martinez Esteruclas, Cruz 61 McClelland, Douglas 3 Martinez Lopez, Juan Jos/,, 49 McClelland, James R. 3 Martinez Renderos, Rigobert? Antonio 19 McGuigan, Thomas M 49 Martinez Varela, Agustin 19 McKoy, David 6 Martins, Fininto Vas 28 McLean, Hector 66 Martins, Helder Fernando Brigid?, Dr. 47 McNeill, Kenneth 35 Martis, Nikolaos 26 Mebiame, Leon 22 Ma' rid, Taha M uhi-al-Din 32 Melina? Mengistu 20 Marztm, Jasim Khulid al- 38 Mecklinger, Ludwig 24 Masai:hill, Salim al- 36 Medina, Florencia 54 Maseribane, Seklumyana 39 Whine, Emmanuel 22 Mashuri Saieh 31 Meijer, Willem NI. 48 95 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved gorRelease 1999/09/26 :3PIATED,p8Opp8R000100249039-4 67 Mohamed Barak 60 Niclgar (:astro, Joan Alberto, ( l, 29 Mohamed 1)jania Elabe 22 Niellakh, Larbi 67 Mohamed Ilmvial 60 NleFfilehenko, Afanasiy Kondrat'yeviA ...69 Mohamed Ibrahim -Liglitiato,- Men San 9 Brig. ('en , , 60 Niendes, Francisco, Maj. 28 Mdkamed Kamil Mohamed 22 Ml?talez 1)octirro, Eugenio 45 Nil/1111MM Goon K1111111 22 Mengistu Ilnile Niikriant, Mirj. 20 Mohamed ()old Anna 44 Merdese, Nithit . 67 Mohamed Shot Barre, Maj. Gen. 60 Mertens, Petrus J J 48 Mohamed, Abdou Salim] 14 Messiah. Mahmokal 67 Mohamed, Abdul 11.1zak 44 Micallef, Freddie 43 Mohamed, Moulaye 44 Michel, Jozef 6 Mohamed, Noah, Capt. 68 Micombero, Nlichel, 1,1. Gen. 9 Niohatneden ()old Babbah 43 Mictilesett, Angelo 56 tviohatormal, l'aiz 1 Mielke, Erich, Gen 24 Nioliammadullith 4 Niigolet, Jean-Stanislas 22,23 Mohammed, Karnaluddin 66 Nlibitalott Mi Nzamba, Valentin 23 Mohanoned, Sharnslualclin 66 NI ija t ovi(., Cvi jet in 7; Moi, 1)inkiol T. anti) 36 Mikael Iffink, I,ij 20 Mond, Amir Qasern 31 Mikeiidis, Andrei.:i 16 Nlokirtnit, NI. I). 7 Miki, Takeo 35 Nlokodopo, Jean-Paul 11 Niikleks, hon. 30 Molitor Gold 1)addalk .13 Nlilhint, Atli!) (i4 Mohr, 1)onatte, 53 Niilitant, Ahlea 57 NI:4,T" (larks I). P9 Nlilner, Aaron Nikhael 76 Molina !Lantz)), Arturo Armando 19 Niinah..Francis Ni. 59 Night?) ()ratites, Adolfo 26 Minani Phillipe 9 Moller, Oda 18 Mingas, Saydi Vieira Dias 2 Mohan, Tsendiyn 45 Niingo, C. Vibert 28 Month), Abdul 4,5 Niinit, MiltA 75,76 Mon:deli, Julius 39 Minko, Henri 23 Mondal, Klkilish Chandra 5 Nlintareja, II. Ni S 31 Monk, John Nkengong 10 Niintlf, 1)orninic 43 Montanan), Sabirm 53 Minyik, George, IA. Col. 25 Monteiro, Jose Oscar 46 Miranda Ampocro, RarnOti, Monteiro, M:akirel Intl Alves 2 Brig. :.;en .53 Mcntiel Arguello, Alejandro 49 Mire) Quesatla Balkamonde, Fernando, Willie! tiernaldez, Gustavo 49 It. Gen 53 NI ora lbs 'fin, Jost, Antonio 50 Mishari, !IatiiIII 57 Morake, Kebiktlarnang P . 7 Ni iskit, Pali I Nlorales Bernindez (:errotti, Francisco, NI it t iig, Guenter 24 Div. Gen Si Miverfor, Ayite Caehin 66 Morales Ilermindez, Francisco 15 kiiyazawit, Kiichi 3.5 Moreau, Robert 6 Mladcnov, Pettir 8 Morera !hares, Porfirio 15 Mladenov, l'ordan 8 Morgan, Lawrence J 40 Nindeni, Tskabalala 63 Morgan, Peter 5 Mobutu Sese Seim, Lt. Gen. 76 Moribik, II. M. 59 N4,elitikr littsuttraatmaja 31 N4orlino, 'Formulist) 34 Moduli, Ramsootalar 44 Moro, Aldo 33 Moe, (;eorge 5 Morris, John 26,71 M og w c, A. NI. 7 Morrison, Anderson 5 Nlohamed Abdul Rahman 20 Morrison, William L. 3 Nlohatried Mi Nor 60 Moser, Josef 3 Niollioned All Samantar, Brig. Gen, 60 Nloshoeshoe II 39 96 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 4?. 1 %. .41 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDp86T00608R00010024A039-4 Magallanes 55 Musa an Hilton Mota, Patrick 39 Motamedi, Karim 31 Mothepo, John 39 Mouchatdi, Ismael 14 Moukambi, Paul 22 Monkou6k6, Christophe 15 Phillipe 58 Moumine, Moulaye Abdel, 44 Moussa, Bayere, Capt. 50 Moussa, Sala, Maj. 50 Moussa, Lt. Col. 50 Moussirou, Etienne 22 Moustapha ()old Cheikli Moliametiou 44 isloustopha, I lam:ohm 10 Mu 'vagina, Etienne Guy 23 Mouyabi,l)andre Georges 13 ivloya Palencia, Mario 45 isIayla., Colin J. 48,49 NI 050, Hassan Nassor 65 Mpozay?ata, Gabriel 9 rvisuya, Cleopa David 6 Mottpitutra i'inati 74 !".40'alla, Sultan ilii Alonad al- 70 Mo.asiiir, Ran al- 36 Mal'ayytul, Twig .Ainl al-Rahman al- 4 Mubarak, Muhammad llama, Maj. Gen. ..1/2. Mudenda, Elijah 76 Mufarraj, Abdallah al- 38 Maaftunglo, Ismail 67 Mailiaji, Omani55 NIuhammad, Ibrahim 'Ai'd al-Karim 4 Mulaammed, Mortal'', R., Brig. 60 Mullyi al-Din, Alimati Fund 19 Mulder, C. P. 60 [Mukluk' Sham -senge M utebi 76 Mulenga, Sr felin(1 77 Mulikita, F.vanyanga Nlatale 76 ['violin, Muhammad Sa'id al- 70 Ilagard 60 Muller, S. Lourens 61 Nlolley, Frederick 71 Main Pyong-ii 37 Nitangai, Joseph J. 65 NI unguainbe, Salarnao 46 Munn, Keble 35 Munolw, Nathan 36 Munro, John 10 Monti' Kakobi Tshiondo wa Mintenge 76 ivionyenyembe, C 41 Mug:ass:Oa, 'Maar Alimad al-, 1)r. 40 NIairakani;, Isamu 35 Murgas, Rolando 52 Murillo Battle, Jainu? 18 Iltkplionse, 1)r. 57 Muslittopie Ahmed, Kliondakar 4 5 Sallia 75 Mussel, Bernard II. 56 Mustafa, Adnan 64 Mustaka, Adriki, Maj. Ceti. 68 Mustafa, izzat, 1)r. 32 NIutalv, Joseph 77 Mutemberezi, Pieire-Clavu 57 Muthana, 'Ali Asad 75 Mutinda, Daniel NI. 36 Mowalo Napoli/ay?, Albert A. .42 Mwakawago. II. I? 65 NA waniunga, E. T. .36 Mwananshiku, Clement 76 Mwila, Unlit Gostel .77 NA?vinyi, Mi Hassan, Sheikh .65 Mwondeia, Willie Robert .77 Mzali, Mohamed .67 M'zily, S.1111'11 .46 Nardi, Robert 10 Nabiyev, Rakhman N. 70 Nadj, Frani') .75 Nafisi, 'MA al-Wahab al- 38 Nagai, Michio .35 Nahawi, Adib al- 64 Nahr, Louis .48 Na' imi, 'Abd al-' Aziz ihn Muhammad al- . .71 Na'imi. Rashid ilm Ilumayd al- .71 Naisara, Jame 13. 21 Najib, Ibrahim .19 Najmnbadi. Farah 31 Nam Il 37 Nam Tok-u 37 Namsray, Tsogt yr' 45 Namurambaho, Frkitric 57 Naraine, Steve S. 28 Naranjo Coto, Carmen 15 Naranjo Monks, Jost' Alberto 16 Nascimento Silva, Luiz Gonzaga do Nascimento, Christopher A. (Kit) 28 Nase, Nesti 1 Naskir, 'Abd 'Abd al-Wali 74,75 Nasir, Fayiz al- 64 Nasir, Ibrahim 42 Nasir, Muhammad Sulayman .74 Natuscia Busch, Alberto, Lt. Col. . ..... 6 Navarro. Diaz de L6on, Gine% 45 Ninth). A! dul Rahim, Dr. Nazir Muttahir 74 Nazir, Ilisham Mold al-Din 58 97 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 rovedrf 9r Relase 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 I e Jo r e A berm, 1)r 2 Noveu, (11tristian 14 N'dir; Kolb, !liaise 34 Novikov, !gruffly TraFiniovich 68,70 N'Dirtye, Nlatar 58 Novikov, Vladimir Nikolayevicit 68 Navoselov, \Tulin] Stepartavich 69 57 Nsekalije, Aloys, IA. Col. 57 8 9 Nshekanalm, Ralph Babigumira 68 Nsue Micha, Noberto 20 Ntalrokaja, Antoine 9 Nteziryayo, Simtan 57 Ntirugirimbabazi, Denis 57 Nuhrtyan, Alimarl lb!) I !amid Al 70 Nultayan, 11randan ilm MuLammad Al 7I Nullayan, Khania ibn Zayld Al 70 Nultayan, Mubarak Om Muhammad Al 7I Nuhayan, Sayf ibu Muhammad Al .70 Nulitlyan, Zayid ibn Sultan Al 70 Numayri, Ja'far Muhammad, Gen. . 62 Nan Rivera, Walter, Capt. 7 Nurullah, Nurallith 64 Nuriyov, Ziya Nuriyevich 68 Nwako, M. P. K. 7 Nromialo, Allen 63 Manual?, Simon 63 Nyagalt, Jeremiah Jos.. 36 Nyam-mar, Dar'surengiyn 45 Nyantaa, Orsrogiyn 45 Nyannveya, James 36 Nyangweso, Francis 68 Nyerere, Julius K. 64 Nzambirnana, Edouard, Maj. 9 Nzi Mita, Manuel 20 Nduhangirebe, Jean Our:minim! Ne VVin, U Neal, David h 40 Nedev, Ivan 8 Nagash Dvsta 20 Nemeslaki, Tivadar 20 Neporozhniy, Petr Stepanovich 69 Neto, Hendrick Vaal 2 Neumann, Alfred 24 N Clement 11 Ngalande, Matiya 77 Ngangbet, Kosnaye 12 Ngei, Paul Joseph36 Ngekba, P. K., Lt. Cul. 25 Nghi emit Xuan Vern 73 Ngo Minh Loan 73 N'Com, Handal' 58 Ngomb6, Jean Pierre 13 Ngorrabi, Marlyn, Maj. 15 Ngouoto, Charles 15 Nguele, Ilene 'le 10 Nverna Esono, Bonifacia 20 Nguema Richard 23 Nguyen Char 73 Nguyen Con 73 Nguyen Duy Triah 73 Nguyen Hun Mai 73 Nguyen Luang Bang 72 Nguyen Thanh Binh 73 0 Nguyen Thu Chan 73 Nguyen Van II oven 73 Obado, Matthew 68 Ngllyen Van Loa 73 Obasanjo, Olusegun, Brig. 50 Ngsvete Idkhela, Dr. 76 Oboth-Ofumbi, Arp!raxed C. K. 68 Ni Wen-ya 14 Obzina, Jaunt* 17 NiU7i, !Causer, Maulana 52 Ochir, Yondongiyn 45 N!,:olcioiu, Emil 56 O'Dalaigh, Cearbhall 32 Niculesea, Paul 56 O'Donnell, Tont 33 Nielsen, Helge 18 Oduber Quiros, Daniel 15 Nindorera, Joseph, Dr. 9 Ofer, Avra ham 33 mph. Sasithon, Dr. 65 Ofori-Akormuuth, M., Maj. 25 Nisi, Hamm! Yusif al- 38 Ogutu, Matthew 36 Nile Alieu Barium 23 Ohaga Ngono, Buenaventura 20 Njonjo. Charles 36 Ohm, Masayoshi 35 Njou ma, Dorothy 10 Ohoucns, Barthelemy, U. Col. 17 Njoya, Ada loon Ndam 10 Ojeda Paul laths Pedro 45 Nkanza, 77 Ok, Nurettin 67 Nko 1 Vasa . Andrea.; 2G Malt& Saturnin 15 Norgaard, I var 18 Oicroa, Jer6me 23 Norling, Bengt 63 Okuk, lambakey 53 Is'lrodom Phurissara 9 Okumba D'Okwatsegue, Paul 22 Norodom Sihanouk 9 Olav V 51 Nouira, !fedi 66 O'Leary Michael 33 98 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDp86T90608R000100240039-4 Olewale, Kinn 53 l'a davi, M 11111111111t teza 3 Oliva Pere:-., Mario 16 Pahlbod, Melirdad ()Iivvira, Alvaro A ugusto Velga 55 T. A 30 Oliveira, Euelides Quandt de Olivier, lands onus., pan! I lenri 7 6 15 Pak C:hring-1101 Pak Ini-trie 37 . 37 Oloitiptip, Stanley S. 0. 36 Pak Kyong-sson 38 Olszvwski, Jerzy 54 Pak Myong-pin . 37 Olszewski, Kazitnierz Olsmwski, Stefan 54 54 Pak Srnig-ch'6I 37 (Thileye, J. J., Brig. ;0 Paksu, Ahmet Tevfik 67 ()hankie 0? Capt. 51 Paltne, Olof 63 ()Ititoye, O., Brig 51 Palorno Escobar, Edinirdo 26 ()mar Artell Glialib 60 Pam', Glivorglie 56 Oniolo-()koro, Isaac 3ti Panggabean, N1araden, Geo . 31 ()mink J. D., IA. Col. 68 Patigratnnyeri, Ip ; dey 54 Onami-Awana, Charles 10 Ong Kee I I tii 42 Panguene, Armando 47 ()Tig Peng Boon 60 Pankov, Georgi 8 ()nyinika, Zacharia 36 Pant, K. C. ... 30 ()oft, Cornelis 62 Pantovi6, Rudman .75 Ople, 54 Paparlongonas, Alexanclros 26 ()prca, Glieorglie 56 Papal igouras, Panagiotis 25 ()razniiikliamedov, ()raz Nazarovich 70 Papazov, Nacho 8 ()edit', tilszIO 29 Pardo Buelvas, Rafael 14 Oris, Junta 68 Paredes Armin, Isaks, RAchn. 53 ()daticht, 34 Paredes, Ruben Dario 52 ()rudzliev, Sabit Alayevich 69 Nandi Galliani, Jorge, 11Adm. 53 ()ryetini, Family() Wilson 68 Parra Lela], Antonio 72 ()small Jaunt 60 Partridge, Mark 56 ()sman, A. liaman 44 Paskar', Petr Anclreyevich 70 ()snian, Abclool Ilak M. 44 Patan, Ion 56 ()small, Ahmed 46 Patassa. Ang6 II ()sogo, James 36 Paterno, Aleente .54 Othman bin 'Note 60 Pathbana, Bai Koblo, Paramount Chief ....513 ()tina, Francois 11 Patilinet, Vasile 56 Oto, It. (:dr. 25 Patolichev, Nikolay Semenovich 69 ()Inlay Souvannavong 39 Patsaliclis, Andres 16 Ouedrango, Mahatimuclou Adolphe, Capt. .72 Patterson, Percival N. J. . 35 ()uellet, Andrc 10 Patterson, Rex A. 3 ()Ittmetta Phimtnasone 38 Paulinelli, Alysson 7 Ova lk l'ertnindez, Ignacio 45 Paulos Abraliara 20 ()wont' Nguema, Francois 23 l'aun. Radii 56 Owilsii-Fordwor, E. 25 Peal, J. Jenkins 40 Oyono Alogo, Jesus Alfonso 20 Peat, Ernest . 35 ()zal, Korktit 67 Peart, Eeclerick 71 ()zawa, Tatsuo 35 Peeh, Guadelope 6 (Times Typaldos, Carlos 52 Perlin'. Mario 31 C)ztrak, ()rhan 67 Peljee, Myatabyn 15 ()zturk, Seyfi 38 Perla, Raid 53 Penal ver, Luis Manuel 72 Penn Nouth 9 Pepovski, Svetozar 75 Perdomo, Santiago 6 Priatianen, Ilmo 21 Prreda Asbl'in, Juan, Lt. Cul. Padmore, Overand 66 Pereira, Aristides 11 Pagon, Sydney 35 Perera, R. S. 61 99 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 oved For Release 1999/09/26 Peres, S Inman : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Perez Guerrero, Manuel Perez y Perez, Enrique Perez, Carlos / ;Ares Perin, l'rancois Peron, Maria Estela Martinez de Phoning, Gabriel Perrault, Raymond Pervysliiii, Eden Kirikovich Petit, Pierre Mare Petrovskiy, Boris Vasil'yevieli, 1)r. Pliant Van Dong Phan Anti Phan My Phan Trong Tire Pheng Pliongstivan Phillips, James Jr. Phoun Sipraseut Photo] Siprasetith Aduriyadet Pien Chiang Pieternella, Ilielund Pindling, Lynden 0. Minnick, Johnny Eduardo 33 72 18 72 6 2 22 11 68 29 69 72 73 73 38 40 38 38 65 13 48 4 2 Pinoellet Ugarte, Augusto, Maj. Gen. 12 11 28 52 43 61 66 69 15 53 68 53 53 48 29 68 68 6 22 21 44 56 8 Pi ms, Pedro Pires, Pedro Verona Rodrigues, Maj. Pirzada, Abdul Hai? Piseopo, Daniel Pita da Veiga Stutz, Gabriel Pitt, Basil Plushakov, Petr Stepanovieh Polity, Alphonse Pc.dest5 Jimenez, Cesar, IA. Gen. Podgomyy, Nikolay Viktorovich Poe, John Poggi Moretti, Dante, IA. Gen. Polak, Willem Polinszky, Uroly Polyakov, Viktor Nikolayevich Polyanskiy, Dmitriy Stepanovich Ponta, Karel Poneelet, Christian Poniatowski, Michel Poonoosarny, (NIS.) Radhamaney Popeseu, Diunitro Popov, Dimitur Posrwtt, Riehard N. Posti, Lauri Potolot, Joseph Pourier, Miguel A. Poyraz, Vefa Prachom Rattanaphian Prarassen, Justin 100 Prakop Praymiphokkharat, Col. (Rel.) 65 Praman Adireksan, Maj. Gen. (Ret ) 65 Prasoet BIIIIS0111 65 Pratt, Solomon A. J. 59 31 26 6 65 7 Prokolyev, Mikhail Alekseyevich 69 48 11 17 29 75,76 Prieviro, Iladitis Preudlionune, Herbert Price, George C. Prida Phatthanathabut Prieto, Arnaldo da Costa Pronk, Jan P. Psiinhis, Jean-Louis Pritek, Zdenek Poja, Frigyes Pulja, liner Puma Velaseo, Raid, 13.Gen. Pureb, Donoyn Purebjab, Sereeteriyn Put zeys Alvarez, Guillermo Puyan, Anushirvan, Dr. 18 45 46 26 31 Qablan, Ahmad 64 Qadhafi, Mu.anunar, Col. 40 Qadi, Trad al- Qadir, Abdul Qan nut, 'Abd al-Chani 64 Qasim, 'Awn al-Sharif 62 Qasimi, 'Abd at Malik al- 71 Qasimi, 'Abdallah ibis Humayd al- 70 Qasinti, Ahmad ibn Sultan al- 71 Qasirni, Muhammad ibn Sultan al- 71 ()a' mid, 'Abd al-Majid al- 40 Qayum, Abdul, Dr. 1 Qayyunt Khan, Abdul, Khan 52 Qindil, Qindil Ibrahim 62 Quarshie, K. A., Col. 25 Quiazon, Troadio 54 Qurayshi, 'AM al-'Aziz ibn Zayd al- 58 Rabasa Mishkin, Emilio Rabin, Yitzhak Rabinowitz, Yelioshira 45 33 33 Radembino Coniquet, Ren?23 75 Illidaleseu, Gheorghe 56 21 Raeburn, Oliver A. 26 11 Ragehaa, Tutnenbayaryn 45 48 Raghuramaiah, K 30,31 67 Ilahatoka, Solomon 41 65 Rahman, K. M. Obaidur 5 58 Rajah, 'Abd al-Hafiz Salim 51 !ladle, Mara proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ii P roved For Release 1999/09/26: Rajah, Muhammad Rajtionah, Pierre Rajtiozandry. (hM") Ilajapakse, George Rajaratnam, Sinitathamby Rajouria, [lad Narayart Rakhetla, Klietla T. J. Rakotoniaina, Justin Ha!chits?, Anthony S. Rallis, Ger,rgios Rani, Jagjivan Ramarain, 1-Itirrypars.1 Raniathan, Muslimha Ramgoolam, Seewoosagur Ramirez Ocampo, Jorge Ramos, Armando Barnsaroop, Bishwaishwar (Caminie) Rainzan, Mohammed Randranto, Marius ittingel Reis, lAtturicio Raphael, Yitzhak Rai ivoson, Justin Ilasheed, Ibrahim Rashid, Moliat.imad Rata, Malin hiatib,'Aisha Ratnayake, K. B. Ratsiraka, Didier, Cdr. Raubenheimer, A. J. Rauchfuss, Wolfgang ithult, P. G. Raymood Ravenna, Walter, Dr. Ravens, Karl Rawiri, Georges Raza, Rail Razak bin Hussein, Abdul Razakoboana, Rakotovao Rea, Gavera Reale, Oronzo Rebel?, Jorge Reddy, K. Brahamananda Reddy, K. V. Raglionatha Rees, Merlyn Reghai, Kamal Reichelt, Hans Ptolemy A. Reis, Carlos Rene, France Albert Reyes, Cornell() Richardson, James Rifai, Rashid Muhammad Said al- . Zaycl al - filial, Nagendra Prasad Rinehin, Lociongiyn Ringadoo, Veerasarny CIA-RDP86T00608R0001002400339-4 .40 Riordan, Joseph M. Rithauddeen bin Ismail, Ahmad Ritsehard, Willi Riyad, Muhammad Rau Garcia, Rani Roasngar Mliaidou-Lournal, Capt. Roberts, R. F. Anthony Robinson, Leacroft 35 Robledo, Angel Federico 2 1111d8nyi, Kandy 30 Rodriguez de Miguel. Luis 61 Rodriguez Lama, Guillermo A., Div. Gen. 18 16 . 11 .41 .61 .60 .47 .39 .41 .39 .25 .30 .44 .68 .44 .14 .28 4(1 64 19 16 12 4 Rodriguez Prez, Lester Rodriguez Rodriguez, C.ii:os Rafael Rodriguez, Gurnersindo Rodriguez, Ricardo A. Roesch, Otto 3 16 72 52 . . .28 Rogers, Carl Lindberg B. .21 ItAde, Helmut "4 .41 Rohlitek, Rudolf 7 Rojas Barb, Carlos Maria, Dr. 6 17 18 .33 Raker. Lotus .41 Rolle, Darrell E. 42 Romany, Pal 52 Romero Perch a, Tomds 4.9 Romero, Carlos Humberto, Col. .19 Romulo, Carlos P. .62 Rano, Jose .41 .61 .24 .44 .72 .25 .22 .52 Rovirosa Wade, Leandro .42 Howling, Wallace E. .41 Bop, Aristides 53 Ruben, Yuriy Yanovich 33 Rubio Coronado, Faust() David .47 Ruckauf, Carlos .30 Rodney, Konstantin Nikolayevich .30 Rudolf, Tadeusz 71 Milian', Mansur 46 Rumor. Mariano .24 Rwagafilita, Pierre Ctlestin, Cdt ...... 57 .28 Rwuri, Joseph, Maj. 9 .11 Ryan, Richie .58 Rylk8nen, Arvo .14 .10 4 4 29 53 19 54 54 Rooijen, Martinus J. van 48 Ras Chet Thor Rosa, Gualter 55 Rosa, Joao Pedro Tomas, Capt. 55 tiosen, Shlomo 33 Ross, William Rossi, Andr6 9 71 22 45 48,49 52 70 26 2 69 54 31 33 33 21 .36 .47 S6 Borges, Jorge de Carvalho 55 .45 Saadi, Moussa 46 44 Sabah, Jabir al-Ahmad al- 38 101 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Sabah, Jabir Sabah, Sabah al-Altana' al - Sabah, Sabah al-Salim al - Sabah, Sal al2Altd1llali al - Sabah, Salim Sal..,11 al-Salim al- Sabahi, Muhammad Ltitfi at- Sau,oi'ik, v1 idol Sabri, Aytib JuLta, Col 68 Sacco!), A. 1). 59 Sadatiiiiiii, Ileza 31 Sadat, Pduhammail Alumni Anwar al- 18 Sadli, Moliamad 31 Siiez Mez, 12 Saganza. Jean-Jacques 11 Sagor, Odd 51 Salm, Multantadu Litwin 23 Said, Abinad Abdul] 74 Said, Jalal 46 Sated, Abraham 52 Sakata, Michitit 35 Sal:anal), Albert Bustin) 19 Salcedo Collantrs, Humberto 14 Sall, Boyamo 52 Salim, Emil, 1)r. 31 Maindult Muhammad 19 Sall, Abdoul Aziz Sall, Amadou Cledor 5'1 Sidman, Said lImit Abdallah ibim 70 Salvatit, Achille 9.9 Sant. 871: Ali al- 74 Samaniego, Marcia', Maj. Gen. (Ilet.) 53 Samii, Abdul flown] 32 Summar, 1 html lmllarnad al- 51 San Martin, Armando, Capt. 29 San Win, U 9 San Yu, Gen. 9 SAiteltez !Immo, Armando 72 Silitchez N1anduley, Celia 16 Stincbez ts,16ndez, Jorge 15 SAndiez-N'entura y Pascual, Jose Marla 61 Mitcliez, I leberto 49 Mitchez, ilogePo 19 Sancltiz Coro), Migud A. 52 Sandi ford, I,. Erskine 3 Sandoval Al:ireful, Mario 26 Sandy, A. J. 50 Saitganc, N'fitly 27 Sangar6, Sekou 43 Sattgarl., Toon any 27 Sattogo, Ma:nation, Maj. 43 Sant, Lorry 43 Santo, Alda de Espirito 57 Santos, Antonio de Almeida 55 Santos, I 1 viirig tie 2 38 Santos, Manuel dos, Maj. 28 38 Sanyang, Bakary Landing Kuti 23 38 Sapena Pastor, Raid 53 38 Sarakikya, Mirisbo Sanitt aqui 65 31; Sarin Chbak 9 74 Sarti, Adolfo 34 '7 Sasaki, Yoshitake 35 3, Sasakila, Moses 52 Sassi, Abdelhautid 67 Sattar, Abdul 42 Sa'ud,'Abdallab ibn 'Abd al-Au. Al .. 57 Saud, Pak' ihn 'Abd al-.Aziz Al 57 Saud, Khalid 'Abd al-*Azi7. Al 57 Said, Nayif ihn 'Ali al-Aziz Al 58 Sa'nd, Sa'ud Om Faysal Al 58 Stint", Sultan dm 'Abd al-.Aziz Al 57 Saulnerond Mapangou, Jean Bernard . . 22 Sauvagnargues, jean 21 Sattvt, Jeanne, Mrs. 10 S avian; diana 38 Sawadogo, Abdoulaye 34 Sawadogo, Hasmane 72 Sawwaf, Ilani al- 64 Sayah, Mohamed 67 Sayfu, Shutaywi 64 Sayyid, 'Abd al-Sattar 64 Schacht Aristeguida, Efrain 72 Schacht, Otto 28 Schaefer, Johannes L. N. 48 Scheel, Walter 24 Schmidt, I lelmut 24 Schoeman, Hendrik 60 Schaffer, Gerhard 24 Schultheisz, Emil 29 Schulze, Rudolf 24 Schulze, Rudolph 24 Schweitzer Speisky, Miguel 12 Scott, Arleigh V Insmn, Sir 5 Seaman, Antonio Jorge 19 Seek, Assam. 58 Seek, Ousmane 58 ;cfer, Berislav 75 Segard, Norbert 21 Segokgo, Motlatsi K. Sein I,win, Col. 9 Sein Win, U 8 Sei uli Tindal? 74 Sekhonyana, Evaristus B. 39 Mooney, Anthony II., Col 25 Semba-Forna, B. A C. 59 Semret Modhane, Col 20 Senattayake, Maithripala 61 &toe, Alioune 58 Sr ogat-Kou, Francois 10 Sengebnann, Klaus 40 102 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Serighor, Adder) 58 Sicat, Gerardo 54 Senghor, LhopoId Sedar 58 Sid Mimed Quid Dey 44 Sentles Gomez, Octavio 45 Sidi Quid Cheikh AbdaIlabi 44 Seraphin, Jetm Jacques 41 Sidikou, Garba 50 Seri-Gnoleba, Maurice 34 Sidorenko, Aleksandr Vasil'yevich 69 Sha Feng 13 Sidqi, Jamal al-Din Muhammad 19 Shad man, Zia-ed-Din 32 Slebold, Klaus 24 Shari, Muhammad Muhammad ZiIki ....19 Sigurdsen, Gertrud, Ms. 63 Shah, Qaim Ali, Syed 52 Sigurdsson, I land& 30 Shahabuddeen, Mohamed 28 Sikander, Nasir Mohammad 1 Shahin, ' 1st) 'Abd al-Ilamid 19 Silva, Josh Enrique 19 Shahrestani, Javad 31 Sim 11[111g-son 3. 8 Shamun, Camille 39 Simbananiye, Arthman 9 Shanfari, ,aid Ahmad al- 51 Simithiev, Ascii 75 Shara', Sadiq ai- 36 Simon, Josef 17 Sharif Saleh Mohamed 60 Simon, Pal 29 Shad, Abu Bakr All al- 40 Simonsen, MArio I fenrique 7 Sharif, 'Aziz 32 Sindermann, Horst 23 Sharif, Muhammad Almnal, al-, Dr. 40 Singh, Chaturbhuj Prasad 47 Shari'', Muhammad al- 64 Singh, Gunjeshwari Prasad 47 Shrill, Ahmad 1 lushang 31 Singh, James Shankar 21 Sharjabi, Muhammad Said 'Abdallah .....75 Singh, Karan 30 Sharma, Shank))) Dayal 30 Singh, Swaran 30 Sharp, Mitchell I I Singhateh, Kalilou Foday 23 Sharq, Mohammad Hatitiall, Dr. 1 Singhuber, Kurt 24 Sharqi, Hamad dm Muhammad 70 Singkapo Chounratuany, Gen. 38 Shashin, Valentin Dmitriyevich 69 Sinitsyn, Ivan Flegontovich 69 Shawl, Mundhir al- 32 Slim, Guy 58 Shaykh, Hasan dm 'Abdullah Al al- 57 Sinowatz, Fred 3 Shazili, 'Abd al-Rahman Alunad al- ..... ..19 Sid Siriyothin, Maj. Gen. (Ret.) 65 Slichelokov, Nikolay Anisimovich 69 Siriwardene, Michael P. de Zoysa 62 Shcherbina, Boris Yevdokitnovich 69 Sissoko, Charles S., Li Col. 43 Sheares, Benjamin Henry, Dr 59 Siwabessy, Gerrit Augustinus, Dr . 31 Shears, Dalton F. 59 Siyomunji, Josephat B. A. 77 Shell)), Mehmet 1 Skachkov, Semen Andreyevich 70 Sheikli-ol-Eslan ,.adeli, Shoja-ed-Din 32 SkendNh, Vajo 75 Shetntov, V;-t:a. 33 Skwirzyfiski, Tadeusz 54 Shen Ch'ang-huan 14 Slavskiy, Yefim Pavlovich 69 Shiba!), Ibrahim 42 Slinger, Paul 26 Shimeles Adugna 20 Sliwinski, Marian 54 Shinkafi, U. 50 Smirnov, Leonid Vasil'yevich 68 Shirawi, Yusuf Alumni al- 4 Smit, !Lennie (i1 Shirendcb, Badzaryn .45 Smith, Arthur P. 55 Shkornikov, Aleksey Mikhaylovich 70 Smith, David C. 55 Shokin, Aleksandr Ivanovich 69 Smith, Frederick G. 5 Shuman, Assad 6 Smith, George 4 Shore, Peter 71 Smith, Ian I). 55 Short, Edward 71 Smith, Thomas 59 Shrestlia, Jog Meher 47 Smole, Junko 75 Shubaki, Ahmad al- 36 SO Chong-ch'ill 38 Shukla, V C 30 So Kwan-hrii 37 Shuwa, M., Brig. 51 Snares, Lucio 28 Sianard, Charles Maurice 15 Sobluiza II 63 Sia I, ? Unita al- Slim' i, Yusuf al- 64 19 S odium), Dutnaagiyn Smile, Horst 45,46 24 103 roved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 pproved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039- Soemita, William 62 Soeperman, Soejadin Andre 63 Sollill, Ali 14 Soisson, Jean-Pierre 22 Sok Thook 9 Soko, Axon 76 Sokoine, Edward Moringe 65 Solis Ruiz, Josh 61 Solomentsev, Mikhail Sergeyevich 70 Somme, Michael Thomas 52 Somoza Debayle, Anastasio 49 Somphavan Inthavong 39 Somphou Oudornvilay 38 Somvang Sengsatliit 39 Son Seri 9 Son Sting-p'il 37 Soneira, Federico 72 Sory, Mainadou 1)1 1k,, Maj. 50 Sosnov, Ivan Dmitriyevicli 70 Soufiani, Youssouf 1.1 Soukan Vilaysan 39 Simulate, Diaramouna 44 Sournar6, Moustapha 43 Souvanna Mamma 38 Sow, Daouda 58 Spadolini, Giovanni 34 Spahiu, Xhafer 1 Spanos, Markos 16 Spaulding, Anthony 35 Squires, Herbert 26 Stamboli& Petar 75 Stamenov, Stamen 8 Stance!, Michal 17 Stanev, Nencho 8 Staribacher, Josef 3 Stye, Alphons van der 47 Stefanakis, Konstantinos 26 Stefanescu, Traian 57 Stefanopoulos, Konstantinos stefanov, Ninko 26 8 Steger, Otfried 24 Stemerdink, Abraham 48 Stephens, Robert P. 63 Stevens, Siaka P. 58,59 Stewart, Francis E. 3 Steyn, Marais 60 Stinson, Charles A. 21 Stim, Olivier 22 Slid, Max van der 48 Stoichkov, (rigor 8 Stoph, Willi 2:3 Stoyanov, Milian'. 8 Siding, Gunnar 63 Stratos, Kliristoloros 26 Stroessner, Alfredo, Gen. 53 104 Strlimmer, Aaron 21 St rougal, !Adam& 17 Struyev, Aleksandr Ivanovicli 69 Stukaliii, Boris lvanovich 70 Suhrez Conzillez, Fernando 61 Subasinglie, T. B. 61 Subramaniam, C 30 Sidnot,. Dr. 31 Sucre Figaiella, Leopoldo 72 Sudharmono, Maj. Gen. 31 Suharto, Gen. 31 Sulayman, Badr ad-Din 62 Suleiman, Dan, Col 50 Sumarlin, Johannes B., Dr. 31 Simian) Joyoluulikusurno 31 Sun Chien 13 Sun Yllndisnan 14 Sunawar Sul,ov,,iti, Prof. 31 Stipka, Imdislav 17 Surer', Choynoryn 45 Suriarachchi, S. K K 61 Stain Thepkanchana 65 Sutami 31 Sutka, Stefan 17 Suwan Thanakanya 65 Suwaydi, 'Abdullah ibn Nasir al- 55 Suwaydi, Ahmad Khalifa al- 70 Suwaydi, Muhammad liabrush al- 71 Suyumbayev, Aklimatbek Sultubayevich 70 Sveshnikov, Mefodiy Naumovich 70 Sy Savane, Sot leymane 27 Sy, Balm, Gen. 71 Sylvester, David T 26 Sylvestre, Louis S. 6 Szeker, Gyula 29 Szlachric, Franciszek . 54 Szurdi, Istviln 30 T Ta Quang Bun 73 Tabu, Muhammad 'Ali 40 Tadesse Tafesse 20 Tadjo Elia% Joseph 34 Tago, Stephen 52 Taib bin Mahmud? Abdul 42 Taitt, Branford 5 Takizala Luyanu Musimbinigi 76 Takyi, Kwaku A., Lt. Col. 25 Talabani, Mukarram al- 32 Talas, Mustafa 64 Taleb, Ahmed 2 Talhi, ladallah 'Azzuz al- 40 Talhuni, Tharwat al- 36 Talma, C. Edwy 5 pproved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Talyzin, Nikolay Vlittlimirovich Tiiiiiika, Mastoid Tani liev, Pella Talmo, Arturo, Jr. Tandait, Alfred (: lap, Slone, Dr. Taptiii'i lip Tagla, I'IIIIi')!fl 68 35 7 51 65 66 71 311 T'Ien Tientaralmum, NIiij Tiklionov, Nikolay Alcksandrovich Tinioleyev, Nikolay Vladintirovich Timonen, Tin Tindemans, Tint Si', Col. 13 72 f :181 21 8 5 8 Tarasov, Nikolay Nikiforovich 61 NVIietii, Mrs. 49 Nail Ilusayn al- 36 Tirvengadani, Kistnitsiony 44 Tatad, Francisco 54 Tiryam, Aliilalhuli llniran 70 Tatireka, Iletiben 52 Tito, Josip 13roz 75 l'avares, (intuit 2 Ti' 01 9 Nlithatimmd I mar 57 Tizard, Robert J. 48,49 Tayebi, Mohamed 1 ()roniyii 45 Tazi Ahmed 46 To 1)ily 73 Tcheouti, Alexis 11 Toch Ha('m' 9 Teferi Runli, 13rig. Gen. 20 Todorov, Angel, 1)r, 8 Teir, Grek 21 Totlorov, Stank() 8 'reixeirit, Angus la Lopes 2 Tagaiiivalii, David, Hato 21 Teixeira, Constantino, N1aj 28 Toganivalii, Bata 21 Tejclima, Jeizef 54 Toganivalii, William, Hato 21 Tekalign Gedamii 20 Toll Chin Cliye 59,60 Tembo, Sylvester 77 Tokarev, Aleksandr Maksimovich 69 Teng Ilsilio-p'ing 13 Tokoglit, Imtfi 67 Tennektion, T. 13. 61 \villiain Terchilov, Vladimir Ivanovich 69 zdzistaw 54 Thabit, ilashid NItiliaminad 75 Tomasini, 02 Thakur, Talieniddin Tombazos, Georgios 16 Thani, 'AM al; Aziz ilmlifa Al 55 Tontit, Zora 75 Thani, Sarni Al 55 Tonna, Purebiyii 45 Klialid din Hamad Al 55 Ton 1)iie Iliang 72 Thani, Khalif-a ilm Ilainad Al 55 Tonye-Mhog, 1.74ix 10 Timid, Muhammad ihn Jahr AI 55 Toros, Mario 33 Nasir ihu Kb:did Al 55 Torralha ( ;onzAlez, 1)iocles 16 Tliani, Qasini Hamad Al 55 Torres Navarro, Jorge, IA. . Thani, Dash!) iho Midiammad Al ...... . 55 Torres Sant rayl, Armando 16 Sullitym Om Hamad Al 55 Torres, J(flIS 57 Thapa, Illiekh IiIiadtir 47 Torrijos Ilerrera, ()mar 52 Sushila 17 Tinto, NI. N., Chief 59 Thaxvit KIlTIpraIhIlIll 65 ,Paramount Tossi, Antonio 15 'Mawr, Ali 'Ali al- 74 Toithy I.yfoung 39 Thayeb, Syarif, IA. Gen Dr 31 TourF, Ahmed Sam 26 Thiam, Thierno Sekou 27 Total% IlIiadj Salifou 27 Thierry-Lehht., Alexis 31 Tour(, Abdoulaye Thinnakon l'hankrawi, Wing Conk. (Ilet.).. 65 Tour6, Forlt? Mamoudou 27 Thiounii Thoemin Tourt., Ismael 27 Thompson, Dudley 35 Tome, N1aliamane 43 Thompson, William A., IA. Col. 25 Toad% Mohamed Lamine 27 Thongyot (:hit tawira 65 Toussaint, Michel Thorn, Gaston 41 Towett, Taita :36 Thoroddsen, Gunnar 30 Townsend, Ileginal(I 40 Thoss, Maurice 4! Trim 1)ai Ngliia 73 Thoyib, IladiwOya, 1)r. 31 Tran Tu yen 73 Tiandraza, Ilemi 41 Tran lititi 1)tic 73 105 pproved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 Tran Vining Huy 73 Uyl, Johannes den 47 Tran Quoe Ilitati 73 1 /311) Aliaron 33 Traort, Nloussit 0)1 43 ()Ace, Ando. 58 Trill?lt, Iliorsteln 51 Trielikov, Knistyii 8 Trigo Ramirez, Julio, Maj, 7 V Trip, Ferdinand II. l', 48 Tripaihi, lismilapat I rio vapa, Ilaron 66 Troacoso Daroch, Arturo, hAdtii. 12 \'allekeni, Joao 2 Trovoada, Miguel 57 \'1111idl, !raj 31 Trtidesin, Pierre-Elliott 10 \Pak's, Kliristos 16 Trypanis, Konstantinos 25 Valrlt,s Gonzillei-lioldan, i'altonin (i1 Tslinga, 1)elphine 10 \':ild6s ,,leill.ticlez, Ramiro 1,5 Tsanov, Vasil 8 \'illeirzuela lilanquier, Luis Enrique 12 Tsatos, Konstantinos 25 Valle Jitil('iivz, Sergio del 16 , Isebegtnid, 1)ondogiyii 4546 1'alle ()Iivares, Luis 111 Tsedenbal, 5'inintiagiyii 45 Valle aille, Jos(' 16t: Tsering, 1)awa 6 Valle, Inger Lou 55ise . , Tshiniptinipti Kanyinda 76 1'allejos Ileginato, Tucapel, Gen 12 Van Aid, Henri-Francois 6 l'solov, ?I'atio 8 Ts'iii Cli'iii-yen 14 1'an der liyl, Pieter 55,56 Tithanii, Abderrillinian 1( 63 , 1)r 1'and 1)er Merwe, S. W., 1)r 60 T u'ipeleh F ake, atafell, Prince (i Van der Sinn% Johannes Petrus 60 Tuita, S. I. 66 Van Els:Indy, lientiat 5 Van (enderen, ()Ron Tully, Julia's 33 ym. Iirenit,?, Philip 56 62,63 Tun Tin, U 8 1'tin Kull], U 9 Twailimm, Ilvikki 21 '1111)1:11 IV, Tatifdaliati 6(i Van Piny 9 Toptia Tainasesv Lealoli l\' 73 ?'andekerekliove, Robert 6 'foray, Forloy B. .59 Vanden lioevnants, Paul 6 Torbay, illall Jos(' 14 ?'atirlerpoorteti, Ilertnan 6 Vanie-Iii-Tra, Albert 34 Torbay, JuP1) (',esar . 14 Turke, Alpashin 67 \'itovasainanaia Fioipo 73 Tuwayi, Gliassan 39 1argas Prieto, Oscar, Div. Gen. 53 ?---Vargas Silinas, Nlario, Lt. (:ol 7 1'lirjas, TNivo 21 Ij Varley, Frit., 71 Varon \'Illeticia, Abrahm a, 14 A'arvitsiotis, loannis 25 'Ubaydi, 'Alai al-'Ati al- 40 A'asconez \'asconez, Gustavo, II. Gen. 18 Uhiparip, Gojko 75 A'assainc Nlartfriez, lienl. Leonel 26 Lleki, Mitstinori 35 1 eAeVa, i.oItis.;.: 17 Upki, Shigeaki 7 A'lldi Villegas, Alejandro 72 Ugarte (:enturiOn, 1)(4fIti 5321 Veil, Shnotie lIglar, losif 56 Velaz SuArez, Anibal 16 ()Rio, Juanita 21 te,,oso, Jou( I;mhIo oi ns ,, e,s 7 Ulveseth, Itigvald 51 A'ettetiaan, lionald 62 ' litnar, IA tiltali al- list a, 1)r. 40 Ateniarnin, Kliristodottlos 16 'Urayid, Jawad Salim al- 4 Vesekky, Frost 3 Uren, Thomas 3 Vieira, I lerculano 11 Ursii, Ion 56 Vieira, Jolt() 13ernardo, Maj. 28 'Usayran, 'Adil 3 \'iljoen, Marais 60,61 Usher, Arserip Assotian '34 :. x :II .,aritieva, Pedro Pablo 18 'Utayba, Mani 'Said al- 71 Villas Citeeres, Manuel de Jesiis 18 Uthai Chunliachan C554 Virata, Cesar 'Utlirnan, 'Utliniati Alunad 19 Visentini, 13nitio 33 106 pproved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 ? proved For Release 1999/09/26 :791A-v5pFs8piTpuRpc98R0001 0021;9039-4 Vo Nguyen Glair, Gen Vii 'Dom 1)mtg 73 Vogel, 1 lans-Joclier) 25 Voges, Ernest (Jackie) .18 ?'ogiatzis, t;eorgios 26 Volio Jirritmez, Fernando 15 Volodarskiy, Lev Mordkovich 70 Vorob'yev, (;eorgiy Ivanovich 70 Vorrink, Irene 48 Vorster, Balthazar Johannes 60 Vos, Edgar J. (Wady) 48 Vottem, Torruls S I. 2 Vorml, Ilaymond 41 Vrachev, Ivan 8 VratiAa, Anton 75 Vredeling, I It.ndrikus 47 Vrournisa, Tchina ye 10 Vii "roan 73 VI) Van Can 73 Vukasovi(', Milan 75 Wuhan Bakitamhisa, Col. 76 kVallaybi, Klialfan ihn Nasir 51 Waiyaki, F. L. Munyua, Dr. 36 Wajili, Muhammad al-Kbadim al- 74 Vt'alding, Joseph A. 4 Walter, I !amid Edward 44 Wan Ii 1:3 Wang Chen ;3 Wang (Meng 13 Wang Jen-yllan 14 Wang Yang 13 Wangcluik, Jignie Singlii 6 Wangcliuk, Namgyal 6 Wange, Udo Dieter 24 VVaganivavalagi, Saki' ?i 21 Wardhana, Ali, 1)r. 31 kVasefi, Azizullah 1 Wassion, Abdul(' 1.1 Oskar 3 Weinstock, Hermern, 15 Weiss, (;erliard 24 Weiz, I [eaten 24 Westerterp, Theodorus 48 Wheeldon, John 3 Whelan, Eugene 10 Whitlarn, E. Gough 3 Wickramanayaka, Ilatnasiri 62 Wijoyo Nitisastro, 31 Willesce, Donald IL 3 William-Osisiogu, I. U., 1)r. 51 Williams, Allen It 40 Williams, Edwin 40 Williams, II. T. '1'. 59 Williams, S. (). 50 Williams, Shirley, ;Ars. 71 Wills, Frederick 11 28 Wilson, Harold 76tii Winchester, Wilbert 54 41 55,56 3 Wrzaszczyk, Tadeusz 54 Wu Kuei-lisien 13 Wriangti, Jeronimo 2 Wushishi, M. I., Col. 50 Wyschofsky, Guenther 24 Wimwski, Made) Wohlfart, Joseph Wratliall, John J. Wriedt, Kenneth S X Xuarr Thuy 73 Xuereb, Paul 43 Yarikobi, Gad 33 Yrulav, Chandre;it 31 Yadji, Abdoulaye 10 Aharon . 33 Yafri'i, Muhammad Sold) 74 Yallya Petra ibni Sultan Ibrahim 42 l'aliya, Anis !lawn . 74 Yai Sawitchat . 05 Yaker, Layachi . 1 Ynkol)Gehre-Egziahher, Maj 2t, Yarnani, Ahmad Zaki 58 Yang Liang-kung 13 Yang Pok-wrtir . 37 Yang, Milkman . 10 l'aradua, S. 1`.1., Lt. Col. 51 Yasin, Nasir M %dram mad 75 Yazdaripanah, Ezatollah 32 Ye Gating, U 8 Yell Chien-ying . 13 Yell Fel 13 Yell Kung-ell'ao . 14 l'elyutin, Vyacheslav Petrovich 69 Yen Chia-kan . 13 Yerrnash, Filipp Timofeycvich 70 Yezhevskiy, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich 70 l'hornbi-Opango, Joachim, Col. 15 Yi Chang-son . 37 Yi Chin-su .37 Yi C11.61-piing . 37 Yi Cliong-ok :37 107 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4 proved IFIAC-ilielease 1999/09/26 :3.plAgppe8,6,1,q19,601,8E000100240039-4 'ii l'yOng-lini 38 Zane-Fe Toulon-Ilona, Marie Joseph 12 'ii Sang-Aoti 37 Zareer, II lISSIIII 42 Vi WOri-Kynng 37 'limy, Kiri! 8 l'isa-l)oko, John, Col. 50 7AirkoviC Vidoje 75 Yowl?, Marcel I() Zavala Sandoval, Porfirio 29 Youssouf, Alms 14 Zawasvi, Quis 'Alai al-Munim 51 Y11 Cli'lieli '3 Zayd, Sulayman al- 38 YO C111111-lisien 13 Zayn, Numau al- 64 Y11 11111-yung 13 Liza, 'Ali 64 Yu Ki-Cliiiii 37 Zeevalking, I lendrik .1 18 Yu Kuni-song 37 Zegeye Asfaw 20 111 Kuo-litia 14 Zelaya Salinas, Jost. Antonio, Gen, 7 Yu ,:iiing-Kiiii 38 Zertanouri, Ilassar. 46 )(olds, Adil 19 Zenliti, Francisco Salgado 55 'luso:. All Osman 60 %epos, Panagiotis 26 5'iisuf, Arab Moll:unload, IA. Gen. 31 Zerbo, Saye, IA. Col. 71 Yusufi, N11111611 Muhammad 74 Zglial, !fedi 67 N'iisufu, M. I). 50 Zhigalln, Vladimir Fedorovich 69 ZhIshev, Nikolay 8 Z Zhivkov, 'Fodor 7 Zhivkov, 'rivko Z 8 Zhivkova, 1.yudmila 8 'biannual, Mustaplia 67 Zlinlev, Ditnitur 8 Zabin, Muhammad al- 36 Auks', Stoyan 8 Zachrisson, Ilertil 63 Zicisliti, [iambi, 1)r. 1 Zadok, Chaim 33 Zimmermann, Gerhard 24 Zagr6, Jeri') Oda, IA. Col. 71 Znined, Abdeslarn 46 Za'oradrilk, Jimlfiell 17 Zolotilkiiin. c.;rigoriy Sergeyevich 69 Zn link, Abdelkader 2 Zonm, Ermonnuel 71 'laid, Abakar 12 Zubayr, Muhammad al- 51 Zajfryd, Mieczyshw 55 Zumall, Robert K., Maj. 25 Zakarin Wawa Dalial) 12 Zuwayy, Muhammad Alm al-Qasim al- ....40 108 proved For Release 1999/09/26 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100240039-4