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December 9, 2016
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March 18, 1999
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January 27, 1975
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Approved For Release 2000/09/14 :CIA-RDP86T00608R0004~O~~p~~8-7 No Forrign Di.r.rrm Western Europe 25X6 International Organizations Secret OCT-0120-75 January 27, 1975 Approved For Release 2000/09/14 :CIA-RDP86T00608R0004001~~0'18-7 Approved For Release 2000/09/14 :CIA-RDP86T00608R000400120018-7 No Diasem Abroad/Background Uee Only ControZZed Disoem Warning Notice Sensitive Intelligence Sources and Methods Involved NATIONAL SECl1RITY INFORMATION Unauthorized Disclosure Subject to Criminal Sanctions Classified by 005827 Exempt from general declassification schedule of E, 0.11652, exemption category: ~ 56 (1), (21, and (3) Automatically declassified on: Date Impossible to Determine Approved For Release 2000/09/14 :CIA-RDP86T00608R000400120018-7 Approved For Release 2000/09/1~.~Q1~~HP86T00608R000400120018-7 25X6 INf:STERN EUROPE -~ INTERNATIONAL ORGANI7_ATIONS This public~ition is prepared for regional specialists ir, the Washington com- munity by the Western Europe Division, Office of Current Inlcllig~ nr,e, wrlh occasional contributi~~ns from other offices within the Directoratr:~ of Intelligence. Comments and ciueries are welcome. 'They should be drrecled tr. the authors of the individual articles. Portuguese Expect Violence, Coup Plot Rumors Reported 1-2 Socialist International to Make Second Middle East Trip Next Month 3 Concern about Human Rights in Chile 4 25X6 5 JanL~ary 27, 1975 SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/14 :'CIA-RDP86T00608R000400120018-7 Approved For Release 2000~Q~/ ~L~IA-RDP86T00608R000400120018-7 25X1A Phone: 143-5135 Portuguese Expect Violence, Coup Plot Rumors Reported Politically motivated street violence occurred in Portugal over the weekend, and more is expected this week. Rumors of coup plotting, meanwhile, continue to circulate. The forced cancellation of the first congress of the Social Democratic Center Party by radical lAft-wing groups bodes ill for free and orderly elections this spring. Forty delegates and observers from several European parties were trapped overnight inside the congress hall in Oporto, Portugal's second largest city. Police kept demor..strators from breaking in, but the crowd could not be dis- persed until security forces arrived from Lisbon early yesterday. Leaders of the Social Democratic Center, aubbed "fascist" by the left, had anticipated violence; groups of extreme leftists had ransacked their head- quarters and broken up a party youth rally late last year, and the far left had said it would prevent the congress from taking place. Extremist groups calling for the dissolution of the Social Democratic Center held another demon- stration in Oport~~ yesterday with security forces present. Democratic Center leaders reportedly are considering disbanding; if they do, no right-of- center party worth mentioning will rarticipate in the constituent assembly elections. The Communists, meanwhile, have announced they will hold a demonstration in Lisbon on to compete with one already scheduled by the Socialists. The Socialists have called their demonstration to show continuing opposition to the unitary Labor law approved by the cabinet last week. The Communists, who reportedly believe the Socialist rally will be successful, hope to draw off some of its support. Tensions are rising, and a clash between the two groups could become serious. January 27, 1975 -1- Approved For Release 20~~0~/~4~: CIA-RDP86T00608R000400120018-7 Approved For Release 200~$~:CIA-RDP86T00608R000400120018-7 Coup Rumors 25X1X a coup is p.lannc'd by left-wing members of the Armed For. r,P , Movement in cooperation with the Communist party. the coup is scheduled for tomorrow or ~4ednesday. The Communists may believe their fortunes have peaked with their labor law victory and ma~- therefore decide to take steps to preclude a moderate reaction against them. Their counter-demonstration could be a cover for a coup attempt. 25X1X 25X1X 25X1X Radical officers also might try a coup because of disagreements among the militar~? over the labor law. In this case, the Communists might play only a supporting role. in recent months that former president Spinola has been planning some sort of action to return to power. Rightists reportedly are circulating stories of leftist plots, perhaps to provide an excuse for taking action them- selves. (Secret No Foreign Dissem/Controlled Disgem) January 27, 1975 Approved For Release 209~~~IA-RDP86T00608R000400120018-7 Approved For Release 200?~.,II~~`1~IA-RDP86T00608R000400120018-7 25X1A Phone : 143-5205 Socialist International to Make Seca nd Middle East Trip Next Month The second Socialist International fact- finding mission to the Middle East. is to visit Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya February. 8--14. Austrian Chancellor and Socialist Party Chairman Bruno Kreisky will lead the delegation, which will include Robert Pontillon, Internation- al Secretary of ..the French Socialist Party, Ron IiaywGrd of the British Labor Party, repre- sentatives of the Swedish, West German, and Norwegian parties and Socialist International Secretary-General Hans Janitschek. T. he delegation had originally planned to visit Saudi Arabia as well but the Saudis made it clear to Kreisky in early January that they were more interested in receiving him in his role as Austrian Chancellor than as head of a Socialist International mission. The group's first formal visit to the Arab world occurred last March as a result of the Socialist International's decision in 1973 that it could no longer support only.Israel. That delegation, which Kreisky also led, went to Syria, Egypt, and Israel. The Egyptians and Syrians expressed predictable interest in more trade but were n,c interested in possible :.inks between they Socialist International and their own so-called Socialist parties. Kreisky has stressed that the delegation will not interfere with peace-making efforts in the area. (Secret No Foreign Dissem/No Dissem Abroad/Controlled Dissem/Background Use Only) January 27, 1975 Approved For Release 200(/'CIA-RDP86T00608R000400120018-7 Approved For Release 2000/09/14 ~~~~~~86T00608R000400120018-7 25X1A Phone: 1 3-5295 Concern about Humari Rights in Chile The UN Human Rights Commission--which opens its 31st session next week in Geneva-- wi11 spend a great deal of time discussing the human rights situation in Chile. Chile has been a standing item on the Commission's agenda since the September 1973 coup. Moreover, in a resolution passed during the recent UN session, the General Assembly requested the Human Rights Commission to continue to study the situation. In addition to the Chilean situation, the meet- ing will also discuss a report prepared last year by a subgroup of tY~e Commission, which levied accusations--ranging from widespread torture in Brazil to poi~.tical executions ire Uganda--at five countries, including Chile.. A number of West European countries-- joined by the US--have already attempted to head off an expected violent attack on Chile by the Soviets and their allies by drawing up a resolution that they hope will command broad support. While the wording of the resolutio> has not yet been worked out, the Europeans hope to produce compromise language that would continue the Commission's involvement by sending a fact-finding group to Chile or by considering the reports of already concluded investigations by other groups, such as the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights. The major objective of the West Europeans in presenting a balanced solution is to gain Chile's acceptance .of the proposal. Earlier this month Chilean President Pinochet refused to allow two representatives of the Inter-Parliamentary Union to visit Chile on a similar mission, and the Europeans do not want their resolution to result in a similar Chilean response. (Confidential) January 27, 1975 SECRET Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP86T00608R000400120018-7 25X6 Approved For Release 2000/09/14 :CIA-RDP86T00608R000400120018-7 Approved For Release 2000/09/14 :CIA-RDP86T00608R000400120018-7