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December 15, 2016
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July 23, 2004
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June 11, 1975
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Approved For Rel 25X1 25X1 Timor Independence Talks Set . . . . . . . . . . 1 Azores Separatists Plan Demonstration. . . . . . 3 25X1 West Germans Complete Plans for Guillaume Trial . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 June 11, 1975 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/08/16 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000P00040019-4 25X1 Approved For Rely' Timor Independence Talks Set Representatives from the Portuguese govern- inent and Timorese political parties will meet in Macao later this week to talk about a decoloni- zation plan for Portuguese Timor. Lisbon radio announced that the talks will begin Sunday, but other reports suggest that preparatory discussions may take place earlier. 25X1 25X1 25X1 The negotiations in Macao may be complicated by recent political developments in Timor. The largest Timorese party, a coalition of two pro-independence groups publicly dissolved on June 1, prompting an exchange of bitter political recrimination. The more radical of he two factions may boycott the Macao talks. The pro-Indonesian party, the smallest of the Timorese political groups, has agreed to attend, after refusing earlier to participate in decolonization talks. 25X1 June 11, 1975 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/08/16 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000600040019-4 25X1 Approved For Rele President Suharto evidently is confident that a satisfactory solution will be reached in the Macao talks. General-Ali Murtopo, who has been charged with overseeing the decoloniza- tion procedure for the Indonesians, believes the Portuguese will arrange matters so that Timor is eventually incorporated into Indonesia. 25X1 25X1 25X1 If the Macao talks rea up witnout ng a settlement, Indonesian concern about Timor will be quickly reawakened. 25X1 June 11, 1975 Approved For Rele 25X1 Approved For ReleaO Azores Separatists Plan Demonstration Azorean separatists apparently are plan- ning another demonstration, this time on Terceira Island where the US air base is located. The timing of the demonstration is uncertain, although today or Friday are being considered. Such a demonstration, particularly if it were to become violent, could put the US in a difficult position. The separatists are short of arms and might attempt to seize weapons on the US base. Lisbon, on the other hand, might want to use the base to land troops from the mainland. 25X1 June 11, 1975 25X1 25X1 Approved For Relea0e 2004/08/16 : CIA-RDP86T00608R00050Q040019-4 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/08/16 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000500040019-4 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2004/08/16 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000500040019-4 Approved For Relea Plans are nearing completion for the trial of former Brandt aide Guenther Guillaume, whose arrest last spring on espionage charges led to then Chancellor Brandt's dramatic decision to step down as head of the Bonn government. West German authorities expect the trial to disclose no new information embarrassing to Brandt, although there may be some political fallout when prominent political personalities appear as witnesses. The date of the trial--originally set for June 24--may have to be postponed because of the illness of one of the key members of the prosecution team, but West German authorities are confident that they have a strong enough case to convict Guillaume. Prosecution legal experts have determined that the material passed by Guillaume to the East Germans falls within the category of high treason as defined by the West German constitution. Guillaume is expected to receive the maximum sentence of from five years to life imprisonment. It is not clear, however, just how strong a case the West German authorities have against Guillaume's wife, who also faces espionage charges. There is some evidence that she was involved in transmitting information to the East German Intelligence Service. 25X1 25X? June 11, 1975 Approved For Releaso 25X1 Approved For Relea Neither government nor opposition leaders expect the trial to provide any political bombshells, although both the anti-government press and the conservative opposition parties are almost certain to use the occasion of the trial to rehash criticism of Brandt and of the Social Democratic-led government in general. Conservative party leaders in Bonn, however, do not expect to derive much additional political capital out of the Guillaume affair. Brandt's resignation last May and, more recently, the announced early retirement in late August 1975 of Guenther Nollau, the much-criticized chief of the West German counter-intelligence service, should further reduce the political impact of the Guillaume affair June 11, 1975 25X1 25X1 25X1 Approved For Rele*se 2004/08/16 : CIA-RDP86T00608R000100040019-4