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December 23, 2016
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June 27, 2011
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January 19, 1983
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/27: CIA-RDP87-00058R000300630049-1 1.9 JAN 1983 MDl3RANIXJi 1 FOR: Deputy Director for Administration FROM: Director of Information Services SUBJECT: OIS Weekly Report (12-18 January 1983) Classification Review Division Representatives of CRD and FBIS visited MARS in response to their request for decisions on the classification status of some FBIS and other Agency materials in NARS's possession. As a result of the visit, FBIS has agreed to update the guidance for review and declassification of then material. This is expected to result in the authorization for CRD personnel to review and adjust the classification, where warranted, on essentially all of the FBIS material which has been released to NARS.' CRD reviewed three OSS documents (2,149 pages), 442 FRUS documents (1,423 pages), 194 documents for NARS (4,838 pages), five manuscripts (100 pages) for PRB, and seven miscellaneous documents (2,379 pages). Records Management Division The Information Security Oversight Office (ISOO) will conduct its annual inspection of the Agency's national security information program on March 8-11 this year. Representatives of RMD met with the IS00 Agency liaison officer to discuss the program and begin planning for the March visit. RMD representatives attended three meetings where automated information storage and retreival systems were demonstrated. One was operated by Micronet Systems and is related to the Office of SIGINT Operations' interest in a "paperless office." Another showed the capabilities of the Office of. Finance (OF) DREAM system which is an automated index of the microfiche copies of all OF policy and plans documents. The third was in conjunction with the Information Handling Committee (IHC) Micrographics working Group meeting where the final draft of the IHC Micrographics Standard was discussed and a demonstration of the OCR Automated Document Storage and Retrieval System (ADSTAR) was given. Interest in the capabilities of these various automated systems relates to the work currently in progress in our Informa- tion Technology Branch. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/27: CIA-RDP87-00058R000300630049-1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/27 CIA-RDP87-00058R000300630049-1 The Directorate of Operations (DO) is planning a DO records managers conference to be held next month. RMD personnel have assisted in preparation for the conference. Mr. Oscar Mueller,, Deputy Director for Information Resources Management at the Department of Interior, has been invited and the necessary security arrangements have been requested. Draft procedures that will allow Agency components to directly key into ARCINS (Archives and Records Center Information System) have been completed. The procedures will be tested in the Directorate of Administration Registry and, if no problems are found, will be finalized and made available to the Directorate Rt )s. It is hoped the procedures will lessen the keying burden in the Operations Section and will ease the coming transfer of ARCINS keying responsibility to the Agency Archives and Records Center (AARC). The AARC sent 75 cubic feet of NSC records to the National Archives by special truck with a security escort. NSC previously has requested 42 cubic feet of its material on permanent retention. This reduced the NSC holdings to 270 cubic feet. Twenty-four foreign gifts were received by AARC from the Office of Personnel for storage. AARC is preparing a new area in the-basement to accomonodate all of the gifts. Regulations Control Division RCD completed 52 major actions on regulatory issuances during the past week. Issuances of general interest processed include a proposed regulation outlining policy and procedures on appointment of Records Validation Officer(s) to testify or execute affidavits concerning Agency records and records searches and notices informing employees that pursuant after 15 November 1982 and who have served at least United States Information and Privacy Division A separate report is attached. five years ou 25X1 25X1 Attachment: As stated E:XO/OIS) I (19 Jan 1983) Distribution: Original $ 2 - Addressee w/att 1 - C/CRD w/att + background 1 - C/IPD 1- C/RmD ~- ~r ~~.?~.~i.?~. r_ri T ^.j A T 1 - C/RCD 1 - D/OIS Subject w/att + background 1 - Tl/nTS Chrnnn taw/n Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2011/06/27: CIA-RDP87-00058R000300630049-1