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December 22, 2016
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May 28, 2009
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January 20, 1984
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Approved For Release 2009/05/28: CIA-RDP87-00352R000100130009-5 DDA 84- 0046/2 20 January 1934 M 1ORANDU?I FOR: Director of Central Intelligence Harry E. Fitzwater Deputy Director for Administration Weekly Report for Period Ending 20 January 1984 1. Progress reports on tasks assigned by DCI/DDCI: None. 2. Items/events of interest: c. In response to favorable critiques and numerous requests, the Security Education Group is continuing its videotape presentations of the DCI's briefing on leaks and excerpts from "The Constitution: That Delicate Balance." Presentations are now focused within the Directorate of Operations. d. ODP personnel met with representatives from the Office of Scientific and Weapons Research to discuss their plans for colorgraphics terminals for each branch in fiscal years 1984 and 1985. e. A two-day Teleprocessing Conference was held at the Reston 7 Sheraton 16 - 17 January 1984 to address the various teleprocessing issues QL-? arising in the upcoming years. The conference was well attended by over 40 personnel, including representatives of OC, ODP, ODF,E, ASG/DDI, and IPM/DDO. WARNING NOTICE--INTELLIGENCE SOURCES OR METHODS INVOLVED Approved For Release 2009/05/28: CIA-RDP87-00352R000100130009-5 Approved For Release 2009/05/28: CIA-RDP87-00352R000100130009-5 g. Representatives from Eastman Kodak visited the Archives and Records Center to examine the condition of NPIC film dating back to 1956. No major problems were identified with any of the random samples which were examined, but a report will be issued with a full analysis of the data collected. k. On 16 January contract documents for the bid package on site work, parking deck, and building foundations for the New Building were received +-rvrr b Salith Hine -Q- r~~~ae.rAa: ....e.T~w..._~~ , In order to speed the bidding Z 44e- process, Printing and Photography Division, Office of Logistics, is reproducing 401n#MOW. 100 sets of these documents for GSA. It is anticipated Invitations for Bid will be issued starting February and contractor bids will be opened -en%n 0 March. in m. On 16 January the Deputy for Special Programs and the Chief, Allowances Branch, Office of Personnel, attended a meeting at GSA on the subject of amendments to the Federal Travel Regulations on domestic relocations. GSA was seeking input from selected agencies (CIA, FBI, IRS, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Department of Justice, Department of the Treasury, and Office of Personnel Management) as to what these agencies desired to be written into the GSA proposed implementing instructions. While GSA is agreeable to seeking the most liberal interpretation of the Warner Bill legislation, it has received strong comments from the Office of Management and Budget that the budget impact will be more than the Administration can support. The draft instructions will be sent to each Agency before submission to the Office of Management and Budget. Approved For Release 2009/05/28: CIA-RDP87-00352R000100130009-5 Approved For Release 2009/05/28: CIA-RDP87-00352R000100130009-5 25X1 25X1 n. The Office of Personnel over the past week has extended a task force effort to clear the backlog of applicant cases down time Morino the December transition when it moved o. OTE has ordered an Electrohone large screen projector which will be connected to a Delta Data 7260T terminal modified for composite video output. The projector will permit the instructors to teach new users about CAMS, SAFE, VM, and GIMS more easily than in the past. Every effort is being made to have the projector available for the start of CALAIS II transition training on 21 February. p. Dr. Ernest Evans of Catholic University has accepted an invitation to address the Advanced Intelligence Seminar on "International Terrorism." He declined the honorarium preferring to donate his services based on strong personal convictions. q. The briefing for the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (PFIAB) by the Foreign Language Cornittee on language training and language capability in the Intelligence Coruminity and the nation, which was to have been held on Thursday, 12 January, has been postponed until February or March due to an invitation from the President for PFIAB to attend a meeting at the White House. PFIAB is also interested in the capability of the Intelligence Community to devise and maintain a ready reserve of language capable persons. 3. Significant activities anticipated during the coming week: 25X1ingEO/DDA/ :cn (20 Jan 84) Distribution: Original - Addressee 1 - DDCI 1 - EXDIR 1 - DDA 25X1 1 - OLL Harry E. Fitzwater 1-Ea DA OD 1 - SSA/DDA 1 - C/CMS 1 - C/SS/DDA 1 - MS/DDA 3 1 - EEO/DDA 1 - HEF Chrono J 1 - EO/DP^.'~`"' Approved For Release 2009/05/28: CIA-RDP87-00352R000100130009-5