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December 16, 2016
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July 5, 2005
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December 22, 1980
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?; a EXC0:1 9148-80 Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146R000200080032-9 22 December 1930 SA/DDCI ADD/A Registry SUBJECT Follow-up Papers on Long-Range Planning Issues 1. In October presentations to the Executive Committee, several Management Issue teams were requested to prepare supplementary papers further developing specified aspects of their issues. These supple- mentary papers are attached: the least expensive option meeting all requirements. The paper makes no recommendations concerning workload reduction or changes in inter-agency responsibilities. It recommends against initiation of an inter-agency communications review. The paper will assist the Comptroller in preparation of the memorandum to D/OMB requested at the 23 October EXCOM meeting. b. Systematic Classification Review and FOIA/PA Backlogs: The paper makes three proposals concerning classification review, all of which relate to possible revision of E.O. 12065. Three procedural and two budgetary recom- mendations are made concerning FOIA/PA matters. It is suggested that the proposals be addressed by the Deputy Director for Administration in his handling of these issues. c. Covert Action: The paper responds to six specific questions posed during the 21 October EXCOM session. These responses could be helpful in the formulation of an interdirectorate Covert Action plan, including priorities, controls, an evaluation method, and resources. 2. Comments or suggestions are welcome and should be sent to the EXCOM Staff, Room 4E50. Attachment: as stated 511-3 2 ...Y 696192 17 Dec 00 ----Multi 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/071141: &A-RDP87-011 5980> 2PAGE Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146R000200080032-9 COM 1UNICATIONS PLANNING ALTERNATIVES I. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM By previous action the Executive Committee-was made aware of the need for substantial funding increases to overcome obsolescence and to meet projected requirements in the 1990's. To fully imple- ment current plans will require an estimated 0(S) A9c2.1 The DDCI requested further study of the communications planning problem to address: a. Possible trade-offs among program elements; b. Potential for reducing workload; c. Relative communications responsibilities of CTA,l communications problems. (U) d. The value of an inter-agency forum to review the larger communications problems. (U) .The attachment provides additional detail on the analysis. II. SUM11LILRY OF FUNDING ALTERNATIVES Based on the combined judgments of 01- management and the Directorate representatives involved during this analysis, the four alternatives summarized in Table 1 represent the range of reasonable choices. Table 2 is a listing of major procurements necessary to-maintenance cif existing service and to meet stated user needs. (U) OC views alternative 2 as the preferred option. (U) DERIVATIVE CL BY 061720 REVW ON 8 DEC 2000 t . ; DRL`D FM A9 c 2 1 Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146RWWMWj$4F8 PAGE 25X1 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146R000200080032-9 Next 1 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146R000200080032-9 Approved For Release 2005/07/14.: CIA-RDP87-01146R000200080032-9 All alternatives include increast-s in service.. Increase. service translates to Fiore SvstC::,S and equip--eint and, therefore, more support. :\f I' obsolete equ j)i;ient IiaS heen purged in the later years and the level of autoruttion i nicreased, personnel needs will he nevi-ot ed in light of requirements extant at that time. (U) Within the near-term OC will have to increase reliance on contractual. services to meet the demands of rapid modernization. 25X1 (U) Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146R00020008=f'CDF THIS PAGE Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146R000200080032-9 V. VALUE OF AN INTER-AGENCY CM-1pi4UNI CATIONS REVIEW Considering the existing formal planning and coordinating mechanisms described above, there is little to be gained from. further inter-Agency review. By submitting Agency communications systems and plans to such a review, we allow other agencies and departments veto power over Agency communications planning. (U) It is recommended that such a review not be initiated. (U) Approved For Release 2005/07'/T4"~:' M -RDP87-01146R0002cMQ@do THIS PAGE 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146R000200080032-9 Next 2 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146R000200080032-9 Approvor Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87 Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146R000200080032-9 Approved For Release. 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146R000200080032-9 SUPPLEMENTARY PLANNING ISSUE REPORT :Management Issue No. 6: What must CIA do. to adequately comply with statutory requirements concerning records control, review, and public disclosure without impedin- perform- ance of its primary missions. .A. Systematic Classification Review Discussion: The consensus of the Executive Committee was that the Agency should push.-for the amendment of -Executive Order, 112065 to eliminate the 20-year systematic review requirement,'as recommended recently by the Government Accounting Office (GAO).. To that end, the Agency should commence preparing an official position and sounding out other National Security Council (NSC) member agencies on their stances on this-issue.- Fallback proposals should be developed for the eventuality that the NSC or the President might find the GAO recommendation unacceptable, such as the exemption of the CIA alone, or at least extension of the period of time for the review of foreign intelligence information from the present 20 years to 50 years. Once it is clear that the systematic review requirement will be eliminated or modified in such a way as to substan- tially reduce the Agency's workload, the future staffing needs of the Classification Review Division (CRD) should be reassessed, and, if there are no legal strictures, surplus personnel should be detailed or transferred to other CIA components, including FOI/PA staffs when appropriate. The review of the Agency's OSS records, however, should be' completed, with the objective of offering these records to the National Archives and Records Service (MARS) for accessioning at the earliest possible date. If Executive Order 12065 is not amended with respect to the systematic review provision, the additional positions authorized for CRD in FY 1981 should be filled. Efforts should be made, working in close collaboration with MARS, to reduce the review workload through the revision of records control schedules and by gaining approval for certifying the need for retaining the classification of entire series of selected intelligence records in lieu of a document-by-document review- Proposal No. 1: That the Deputy Director for Administration take the lead in ensuring that the NSC consider, and act - favorably upon, the GAO recommendation that the provision of Executive Order 12065 requiring the systematic review of permanent, 20-year-old records be eliminated. DDA initiatives should be coordinated with the Office of General Counsel (OGC). Approved For Re ease 605/ 7M I- X01 00200080032-9 Approved For Release .2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146RD00200080Q32=9 Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Proposal No. 2: That when and-if the systematic review requirement of Executive Order. 12065 is eliminated or substan- tially modified, and if there are no legal restrictions to preclude such a move, personnel surplus to CRD's future staffing needs be detailed or transferred to FOI/PA work or other Agency activities. Review of the OSS records, however, should be completed. APPROVED: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence DISAPPROVED: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence- Proposal No. 3: That, if there is no change in Executive Order 12055, the new positions approved for CRD for FY 1981 be filled, and every avenue be pursued to reduce the number of documents that.must be systematically reviewed. APPROVED: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Deputy Director of Central Intelligence B. FOI/PA Backlogs Discussion: The Executive Committee was obviously concerned over the extended period of time required to answer many requests/appeals, and the fact that these delays have led to increased litigation with the Agency. The Committee proposed that we take a hard look at the way in which we process IRE GNU Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-.01146R000200080032-3 - :Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-011468000200080032-9 requests to determine if changes are in order. Specifically, it was suggested that any superfluous levels of review be eliminated to speed up the process, and that, if OGC approved, consideration be given to establishing a separate queue for projects, i.e., cases involving a fixed, predetermined nuuber _ of documents, in order that work could proceed on the less complicated requests instead of their being held up by rela- tively massive requests. The Director made it clear that he wanted the Agency to insist upon requesters providing a reason- able description of the records they seek, as opposed to "fishing expeditions," and, within the limits of the law, to assess fees, when appropriate, to weed out frivolous from serious, scholarly requests. preparing response letters. The General Counsel stressed the point that it was essential that the Agency's-appeal determi- nations hold up in court, and that this could be ensured only through participation of OGC in the appeals process. Whether OGC could achieve. this objective while acting only in an advisory capacity was not discussed. There seemed to be a consensus in the Committee, however, that the processing of appeals should 'be expedited, either by the employment of additional paralegal personnel in OGC or by assigning responsi- bility for preparing appeal responses to.another organiza- tion. The General Counsel suggested that eliminating second searches during the processing of appeals, which he stated were not required by law, might expedite the process. There was general agreement that the Agency should. be in. a position to demonstrate to the courts and to the Congress that every reasonable effort had been made to comply with the response deadlines stipulated by law. In that context, the proposed request for a supplemental appropriation for positions and -funds for FOI/PA administration was discussed at some length, as was the possibility of diverting systematic review personnel to FOI/PA work. Proposal No. 1: That FOI/PA processing methods be streamlined whenever this can 'be done without undue risk. For example, agency components should look into the various levels of review they currently employ and eliminate any that are not deemed essential to the protection of intelligence sources and methods. - With respect to appeals processing, the issue was raised of whether it was necessary for OGC to continue its role of. APPROVED: ' Deputy Director of Central Intelligence' DISAPPROVED: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence DATE: Aaarove Pd~R ~ /1 ~~7" 6 4200080032-9 ? -Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146ROIL0200080032-9 Proposal No. 2: That, with the approval of OGC, a separate queue be established for massive requests in order that . manpower can be freed to work on less complex requests sub- mitted at a 'later' date, thereby reducing the total number of unanswered requests. The basis for placing requests in the new queue should be the number of pages that require review. This figure should be determined jointly by the DDO and IPD, and concurred in by OGC. Deputy Director of Central Intelligence DISAPPROVED: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Proposal No. 3: That OGC take measures to ensure that responses to appeals are drafted promptly upon completion of the action components? reviews, _including, if necessary, the addition of new paralegal personnel to OGC's staff. If the problem persists, consideration should be given to assigning responsibility for the preparation of appeal letters to another component, with the understanding that OGC will be consulted whenever appropriate. APPROVED: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Deputy Director of Central Intelligence Proposal No. 4: That the Agency submit a request to the Congress, through the Office of Management and Budget, for a supplemental appropriation authorizing sufficient positions and funds to facilitate reduction of the processing backlogs and to. enable the Agency to respond to requests in a more timely manner. Deputy Director of Central Intelligence DISAPPROVED: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence A TE L. Approved `or I e ease 7 14 : A-F2 6 -011468000200080032-9 Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146R000200080032-9 Proposal No. 5: That future Agency budget submissions provide for enough FOI/PA positions to accommodate all employees who are, in fact, devoting 100 percent of their time to FOI/PA processing. APPROVED: Deputy Director of Central Intelligence DISAPPROVED:Deputy Director of Central Intelligence DATE: -All ~ .. A I I8TRATP)E I I 111 146R0o9= 02=9 ApprovFor Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP874146R000200080032-9 Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146R000200080032-9 Approved For Release 200510WC14 iQlA-RDP87-01146R000200080032-9 24 November 1980 MEMORANDUM FOR: The Executive Committee VIA FROM Long-Range Planning Task Force - Covert Action SUBJECT Requested Additional Paper on CA Planning Attached is the paper requested by the DDCI at the 21 October 1980 ExCom meeting. We have followed the DDCI's outline as noted in the minutp-, of the ExCom meeting pre- pared b The individual paragraphs were drams nen s noted in the text, and re- viewed by other components involved in CA. While certain individuals who reviewed the paper would prefer minor changes in emphasis or wording, the basic long-range planning consi- derations set out in the paper are concurred in by the task force members. 25X1 25X1 Attachment - H/w, a/s Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146R000200080032-9 25X1 Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146R000200080032-9 Next 17 Page(s) In Document Exempt Approved For Release 2005/07/14: CIA-RDP87-01146R000200080032-9