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December 16, 2016
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December 1, 1998
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Approved For Release 2005/08/24 :. CIA-RDP87BO1034R00050P1 0040-1 Vi. w.x, ;;-rrr.- j ra (. __ ;?~t ......:_............ A miral Stansfield Turner, USN Director of Central Intelligence Washington, DC 20505 I have your memorandum of 28 June 1978 requesting the assistance of thn Depar;.i,rent in implementing the change to DCID 1/16, which would require TOP SECRET clearances, based upon special background investigations, for all persons with access to computer terminals containing compartmented intelligence information. Our $2 million cost figure for the conduct of additional investigations required by DCID 1/16 was made a year ago, based on the best estimat,s of the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Military Departments. In order to ensure that this figure is still valid, I would appreciate your withholding the issuance of this directive until we have had an opportunity to query the DoD Components concerned. An assessment to update the impact DCID 1/16 will have on DoD inv?s : i ; ttive resources is currently underwway. We will inform you promptly upon its completion. Sincerely, DUSD/P "J (t '1 d. :' i 4 ? 'i : r 1PD J . Approved For Release 290,5108/24,.,,CiA-RDP87B01034R000500150040-1 - + UASSIFIED ROUTING AND RECORD SHEET Chairman, DCI Secu INTERNAL Resources Robert W..Gambino 25X1 Room 4E60 Hqs. DDA ~, .7DZ4 Hqs' ER 7E12 Hqs DDCI 7D6011 DCI 7DS60.7 !I-I 1 14. Annrnverl F xO 1 UsEDIRtf1ON"3 7 SECRET -1 - 62 DATE RECEDED FORWARDED AR 197 OFFICER'S INITIALS Ye CONFIDENTIAL SECRETA , COMMENTS Number each. comment to show from whom il(FyoJn raw a 'line, across Colymn after each comment] CONFIDENTIAL USE ONLY UNCLASSIFIED