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December 22, 2016
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September 21, 2009
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December 4, 1985
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Approved For Release 2009/09/21: CIA-RDP87M00539R002804720017-8 EXECUTIVE SECRETARIAT ROUTING SLIP ACTION .INFO DATE INITIAL 1 DCI 2 DDCI 3 EXDIR 5 DDI 7 DDO 8 DDS&T 9 Chm/NIC 10 GC 11 IG 2 Compt D/OLL /PAO 5 D/PERS 16 L N 19 20 21 22 Executive Secretary 11 DEC 85 Approved For Release 2009/09/21: CIA-RDP87M00539R002804720017-8 Approved For Release 2009/09/21: CIA-RDP87M00539R002804720017-8 INTER AMERICAN CENTER FOR MUNICIPRI COOPERATION, Inc. Centro Interanericano de Cooperocion Municipal cenicom g, - 4842 Demetrio Perez. Jr. President December 4, 1985 Antilles Antigua & Barbuda Bahamas Barbados Dominica Grenada Haiti Jamaica Puerto Rico Rep. Dominicana Santa Lucia San Vicente & Grenadines Trinidad & Tobago Central America Belize Costa Rica El Salvador Guatemala Honduras North America Canada Mexico United States of America South America (North) Bolivia Brazil Colombia Ecuador Panama Pen, Suriname Venezuela South America (South) Argentina Chile - Paraguay Uruguay Mr. William Casey Director Central Intelligency Agenct CIA. Washington, DC DearMr. Casey At the conclussion of the Third Inter American Congress of Municipalities held in the City of Miami from October 2nd that the 5th and organized by the Inter American Center for Municipal Cooperation (CENICOM), we wish to address this letter to you in order to ratify our objectives of working towards the strengthening of the Munici- palities of America through such a cooperation that will allow them to accomplish, adequately, their obligations to the communities they represent and, at the same time, to kindly request your support. Considering that your Organization could encourage the efforts for such an important guidance, we are taking the liberty to request from you all information available on programs and/or grants that your Organization can offer, such as applicants, guidelines models of proposals etc., in order to apply for it. We will greatly appreciate your assistance at this respect by sending these forms, at your earliest convenience, 'to the following address: CENICOM 904 SW 23 Avenue Miami, Fla. 33135 Looking for your utmost consideration to this request, we remain Sincerely, Prea4dent DPJ: to 14 N.E. 1st. Ave., Suite 1403, Miami. Fla. 33132. U.S.A. Phone: (305) 358-9888 Approved For Release 2009/09/21: CIA-RDP87M00539R002804720017-8 Approved For Release 2009/09/21 CIA-RDP87M00539R002804720017-8 ANNUAL INTERAMERICAN CONVENTION OF MUNICIPALITIES, INC. 14 N.E. 1st Avenue, Suite 1403, Miami, Florida 33132 III INTERAMERICAN CONGRESS OF MUNICIPALITIES The delegates representing municipalities throughout more than 20 Latin American nations, meeting in the city of Miami October 2 to 5, 1985 to participate in the III Interamerican Congress of Municipalities, RESOLVE: FIRST: To keep one minute of silence in-the face of the tragedy afflicting the Mexican people as a consequence of the recent earthquakes, as well as for the loss of life in Central American conflicts and for the victims of terrorism of all kinds. SECOND: To urge all the peoples and governments of Latin America to help alleviate the serious crisis affecting the Mexican people, reiterating our solidarity with the delegates from Mexico who are attending this Congress. THIRD: To manifest our identification with the 23 mayors of the Republic of El Salvador that have been kidnapped during .the past few months, and to demand that they be returned to their respective families and activities, and to condemn the assassination of seven Peruvian mayors that have fallen victim to international terrorism. FOURTH: To send a similar message to the president of the Republic of El Salvador, the Honorable Jose Napoleon Duarte, who was unable to attend this congress because of the kidnapping of his daughter and her companion. FIFTH: To affirm the need for the debtor countries of Latin America and representatives of international banks and indus- trial nations to find a common ground and jointly attempt to find an acceptable solution to the serious problem represented for both by a foreign debt that exceeds $350 billion, and that, recognizing the principle that obligations should be met, the need to facilitate the meeting of such obligations be found, without the imposition of unjust sacrifices by the population of the affected countries or a slow down in their economic growth. SIXTH: To make an appeal before internationalfinancial insti- tutions to prioritize the granting of resources needed to modernize the municipalities, in order to offer better services to their communities. SEVENTH: To promote a more efficient and active form of cooperation between the municipal governments and representatives of the private sector, to guarantee a faster rate of economic growth Approved For Release 2009/09/21: CIA-RDP87M00539R002804720017-8 -- Approved For Release 2009/09/21 : CIA-RDP87M00539R002804720017-8 and to facilitate political stability in the community. EIGHTH: To express support for the efforts of those who have undertaken the task of democratizing the selection and composition of political structures in the municipalities, through free elections. NINTH: To reiterate our offer to cooperate with and support the preparations for the celebration of the quincentennial anniversary of the discovery of America, an event that led to the union of European and Indoamerican peoples, and to let it be known that we look favorably upon the possibility of Miami's being selected as a site for the celebrations that have been proposed to commemorate such a significant event in the history of humanity. TENTH: To give recognition to the municipalities of Miami, Dade County and Miami Beach, for their sponsorship of this event and for the help they have provided. ELEVENTH: To applaud the presence in the Congress of a group of foreign journalists who can attest to the magnitude of the event, and to thank all local, national and international media that have reported on this Congress. TWELFTH: To recognize the vital role played by the rural areas of the municipalities, as they supply the basic products of the municipal economy, and to urge everyone concerned to give wider recognition to their true function, and to provide them with equal attention as is received by the urban areas. THIRTEENTH: To request from the President of the United States to increase technical cooperation programs and the granting of scholarships, to strenghten and preserve democracy and freedom in America, allowing our local officials to study and improve their professionalism so that they will be equipped with the proper means to carry on with their tasks in a climate of freedom and democracy. FOURTEENTH: To announce the combining of efforts among those institutions that are dedicated to strenghtening and developing local governments in America, such as CENICOM, OICI, IULA and others, through the planning, coordination and execution of joint actions on behalf of the municipalities. We ask for God's help in carrying out these resolutions and in reaching with renewed enthusiasm those goals that we have defined as an organization and a congress. Given in Miami, on the fifth of October, nineteen eighty-five. Approved For Release 2009/09/21: CIA-RDP87M00539R002804720017-8 Approved For Release 2009/09/21: CIA-RDP87M00539R002804720017-8 To organize the meetings of the Inter- American Municipalities, the Board of Directors is advised by the Commitee of the Convention, formed by six (6) members representing each of the geographic regions, headed by a Coor- dinator, who directs the work during these an- nual meetings. The following are functions of the Tech- nical Committees: Commercial Relations. Everything concerning to the public and private sectors performing a commercial activi- ty related, whatever its location, to the municipal way of life in the countries of America, with a particular emphasis in programs or efforts, unilateral or collective of the Governments of America to support the development of a region or of a certain country. Commercial Displays (Trade Show). To promote fairs and trade shows destined to put the Municipalities of America in contact with Corporations of the American Continent and with others from other Continents. Seminaries and Technical Meetings. To organize seminaries, work shops and technical reunions with the purpose of training municipal officers of America in the most ad- vanced techniques in handling the public ser- vices to be fulfilled by the mayoral corporations. Information Exchange. To compile and process all the technical in- formation and procedures used by the most ad- vanced Municipalities in the adequate handling of the services to be performed. Membership. All Municipalities of America that express in writing their desire to belong to CENICOM, will be considered members, if accepted by the Board of Directors. Meetings. The meetings of the Inter-American Conven- tions of Municipalities, promoted and organiz- ed by CENICOM, will be held every year, sometime between the months of January and April. Those Municipalities with more than 100,000 inhabitants may be represented at the meetings by a delegate if he is provided with the corresponding credentials. Library. CENICOM will procede to organize a library with all kind of reference material and books to serve the delegations participating in the Inter- American Conventions of Municipalities, as well as those requesting any information. This library will be organized with the cooperation of the Member Municipalities and international and governmental organisms. Publications. CENICOM issues a periodical bulletin giving information about its activities and a bibliographic synthesis on the material available in the Library. Headquarters. . During the celebration of the First Inter- American Convention of Municipalities, it was agreed that CENICOM headquarters would be the City of Miami, Florida. The address is: 14 N.E. 1st., Avenue, Suite 1403 Miami, Fla. 33132, U.S.A. Phone: (305) 358-9888. CENICOM Origin, Fundamentals and Goals of an Inter-American System for Cooperation. Inter-American Center for Municipal Cooperation (CENICOM) Miami, Florida Approved For Release 2009/09/21: CIA-RDP87M00539R002804720017-8 Approved For Release 2009/09/21: CIA-RDP87M00539R002804720017-8 CENICOM Its origin, its institutional structure and its purposes The Inter-American Center for the Municipal Cooperation (CENICOM) was created by unan- imous resolution of the delegations attending the First Inter-American Convention of Municipalities held in Miami, Florida from February 23 through the 26 of 1983, as a per- manent organism of an inter-american system for the municipal collaboration brought into be- ing by the conviction that the socio- economic development of the area requires the contribu- tion of this basic element to the composition of every human conglomerate. Objectives Its main objectives are the institutional strengthening of the Municipalities of the American Continent, through such a coopera- tion, that will allow them to accomplish, ade- quately, their obligations to the communities they represent. Among other activities, and according to these ideas, CENICOM exalts the capability of the municipal officials in specific areas of high priority such as the handling of the mayoral matters, the exchange of information and technology and the execution of cooperation agreements with inter- national and governmental organisms as well as Institutions and Foundations interested in lend- ing their support to the well being of the coun- tries of America. It organizes and promotes the annual meetings of the Inter-American Conven- tion of Municipalities, at which time all the at- tending members express their anxieties and problems with the purpose of finding viable solu- tions through these friendly dialogs and the ac- tions they convey. Structure. The main instrument of CENICOM is its Board of Directors, headed as President by the Vice-Mayor of Miami, Demetrio Perez, Jr. This Board of Directors fulfills its mission with the col- laboration of four Technical Commitees in the following areas: Commercial Relations Trade Shows Seminaries and Technical Meetings Information Exchange. Also depending on the Board of Directors are the Regional Centers of Coordination, which main objective is to relate CENICOM to the respective Municipalities already established, and to coordinate common actions with those of the regional section to which they belong. For these purposes, CENICOM has adopted the follow- ing regional demarcation: Antilles Antigua & Barbuda Bahamas Barbados Dominica Dominican Republic Grenada Haiti Jamaica Puerto Rico St. Lucia St. Vincent and Grenadines Trinidad and Tobago Central America Belize Costa Rica El Salvador Guatemala Honduras North America Canada Mexico United States of America South America (North) Bolivia Brazil Colombia Ecuador Panama Peru Suriname Venezuela South America (South) Argentina Chile Paraguay Uruguay CENICOM promotes the collaboration from Municipalities and institutions from other Con- tinents and from regional and international organisms, through cooperation agreements in specific areas. In Europe it promotes agreements with Spain and other countries from which the municipal institution was brought to America. Approved For Release 2009/09/21: CIA-RDP87M00539R002804720017-8