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December 22, 2016
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December 22, 2009
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January 2, 1985
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Approved For Release 2009/12/22 : CIA-RDP87M00539R003205360004-6 EXEI'U1 SECRETARIAT Jt&T[NG SUP For direct respons ease, info to DCI, Di7CI and EXDIR. Approved For Release 2009/12/22 : CIA-RDP87M00539R003205360004-6 ACTION INFO DATE INITIAL 1 DCI 2 DDCI 3 EXDIR 4 D/ICS 5 DDI 6 DDA 7 DDO 8 DDS&T 9 Chm/NIC 10 GC 11 IG 12 Compt 13 D/Pers 14 D/OLL 15 D/PAO 16 SA/IA 17 AO/DCI 18 C/IPD/OIS 19 20 21 22 IIATFIELD,ORE, Approved For Release 2009/12/22 : CIA-RDP87M00539R003205360004-6 TED STEVENS. ALA. + JOHN C. STENNIS, MISS. ER 85-020 LOWELL P.. IC? ,A JII.. CONN. ROBERT C. rYRD. W. VA JAM44 IDAHO WILLIAM PI~XMIIIE, WIS. PAUL DANIEL K. INOUYE. HAWAII JAKE U.H ERNEST F. HOLUNGS. B.C. ~? ~`t ~ C`~ THA D LOCH ANDREW, MISS. THOMAS F. AGLETO A. Rd MO. 'United twat` MARK ANDREWS, N. DAX. LAWTON CHILES, , FlA JAMES ABDNOR, S OAK. J. SENNETT JOHNSTON. LA ROBERT W. KASTEN. JII.. WIS. WALTER 0. HUDDLESTON. KY. COMMITTEE ON APPROPRIATIONS ALFONSE M O'AMATO N.Y. OUENTIN N. BURDICK, N. DAR. MACK MATTINGLY. GA PATRICK J. LEAKY, VT. WASHINGTON, D.C. 20510 WARREN RUDMAN. N.U. JIM SASSER, TENN. ARLEN SPECTER. PA DENNIS Of CONCINI, ANL PETE V. DOMENICI. N. MEX. DALE BUMPERS. AEI. KENNEDY STAFF DIRECTOR FRANCIS J. SUWVAN. MINORITY STAFF DIRECTOR January 2, 1985 Mr. William J. Casey, Director Central Intelligence Agency Washington, D. C. 20505 Dear Mr. Casey: Title 31, Section 638a of the U.S. Code states that government vehicles may only be used for 'official purposes' and 'official purposes' does not in- clude home-to-work transportation for federal employees. That legislation provides a series of very specific exemptions: the President, Secretaries of cabinet Departments (but not Under Secretaries, Assistant Secretaries, heads of agencies or boards), individuals on field service great distances from their offices, diplomatic personnel abroad and physicians on out-patient duty. As you know, there has been a geat deal of confusion regarding the appli- cability of the statute and its penalties. But that confusion has ben defini- tively resolved by the Comptroller General of the General Accounting Office in an opinion released on June 3, 1983 (B-210555). In that opinion and subsequent responses to agencies, such as the GAO's February 7, 1984 letter to the Office of Personnel Management (B-210555.3), the GAO has made the following points: The prohibition on home-to-work for officials not specifically exempted by law is absolute. It is not acceptable to argue that the transportation was provided on an occasional, non-routine basis. There may be no exemptions. Transportation from the office to official functions may be provided to non-exempt officials. But that transportation may not involve a stop at the home for agency officials or their spouse. When the 99th Congress begins, all agency personnel would be liable for financial recovery by the Government, and additional penalties outlined in Title 31, Section 638a, for improper use of government vehicles. In light of these rulings, I would appreciate a response as soon as possible to the following questions: 1) Will your agency be in full compliance with the Comptroller General's rulings by the commencement of the 99th Congress? Boa Approved For Release 2009/12/22 : CIA-RDP87M00539R003205360004-6 V Approved For Release 2009/12/22 : CIA-RDP87M00539R003205360004-6 Page 2 2) What steps have you taken to assure that all agency officials have been adequately informed of their legal liability under Title 31, Section 638a? Please enclose copies of relevent memoranda and, if no action has been taken, please outline the reasons. 3) As of January 3rd, which officials, if any, will be eligible to receive home-to-work transportation on an occasional or routine basis? 4) If those do not conform to Comptroller General opinions, explain the authority under which this servie will be provided. 5) Has your agency sought exemptions from the Comptroller General's opinions? I look forward to hearing from you promptly. It is my intention to make the replies a part of the public record. William Proxmire, U.S.S. WP:lpc Approved For Release 2009/12/22 : CIA-RDP87M00539R003205360004-6