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December 22, 2016
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October 1, 2009
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July 5, 1985
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DDA 85-0060/26 5 July 1985 FROM: Harry E. Fitzwater Deputy Director for Administration 25X1 25X1 SUBJECT: Weekly Report for Period Ending 5 July 1985 1. Progress reports on tasks assigned by the DCI/DDCI: None. 2. Items/events of interest: 'b,P C4 40 W_.Ile a. On 1 July, the Office of Security (OS) inaugurated the Phase I use of the Security Information Management System (SIMS). This marks the beginning of on-line automated case processing in the Security Records Division. b. More than 300 inquiries have been received in response to the special Security Escort opportunity for dependents of Agency employees. Thus far, 142 completed applications and Personal History Statement forms have been received and are in process. The first contingent of these new Escorts is scheduled for EOD on 8 July, with subsequent EOD's to occur on each Monday thereafter. g. The renovation of the North and South Cafeterias is nearing completion. The newly renovated mezzanine area in the South Cafeteria was opened officially at lunchtime on 3 July 1985. Carpeting of the cafeterias is scheduled for completion on or about 22 July. During the weekend of 28 June, in addition to installing carpeting, Schlosser Company, Inc., continued work on the new gazebo, cove base millwork and temporary dry wall covering of soffit truss beams. Additionally, the following items represent updates on the total cafeteria project: a. Sound-absorbing material will be placed on the ceilings and walls of the cafeterias during August and September. This material, combined with the new carpeting, should reduce appreciably the noise level in the dining areas. b. The final task of this phase of renovation and expansion will be placement of area lights in the new dividers. This will be completed by 30 September 1985. c. Subsequent phases of the cafeteria project will expand the dining and serving areas as far as the 1J Corridor to accommodate an anticipated increase in patrons caused by occupancy of the New Headquarters Building. d. Periodic bulletins will be published to keep all employees apprised of the status of the cafeteria project. Approved For Release 2009/10/01 : CIA-RDP87M01152R000300240015-2 S E C R E T Additionally, from 27 June through 2 July, seven truck loads of steel and eight truck loads of steel decking were received on the construction site. Installation of the metal decking has begun and will follow in pace with the structural erection. i. A letter has been received from the Commonwealth of Virginia authorizing Dewberry and Davis, engineers of Fairfax, Virginia, to proceed with Phase II of the design for road improvements on Route 12V 'at the Headquarters entrance. The letter states the State plans to advertise the project in May of 1986 and will require completed plans no later than 1 March 1986. We have been assured that this schedule will permit completion of the road work prior to our occupancy in late summer of 1987. k. There are 51 confirmed candidates already scheduled for the 15 July Career Training Program course. Since there are a number of applicants who still could be cleared by Security and OMS, we anticipate a large class this running. 1. As a result of a recent Pittsburgh Press newspaper ad, over 300 clerical applicants attended a recruitment presentation held in Pittsburgh. Of the 172 tested, 136 received Personal History Statements. In addition, an afternoon presentation was held for 100 potential Electronic Technicians, Telecommunication Specialists, and Communication Engineers. m. In connection with an annual leave review project, the Office of Personnel (OP) polled several other Federal agencies concerning the number of hours of annual leave their employees forfeit each year. 3 S E C R 3 T Approved For Release 2009/10/01 : CIA-RDP87M01152R000300240015-2 . a a n a a We learned that none of the agencies contacted maintained such statistics because 'nobody ever loses leave.' it appears that the Agency is indeed unique in this area as 1) we do maintain such statistics; and 2) Agency employees forfeit about 100,000 hours of annual leave each year. o. The OP Retirement Division (RD) is making efforts to enhance its external employment assistance by expanding contacts with firms in the private sector. This activity is providing some very good job leads for retirees and other employees leaving the Agency. Last week was an 25X1 25X1 for the job information, resume assistance, and encouragement provided them as instrumental in achieving their objectives. p. Employee Services Division/OP representatives are working with the Office of Security to coordinate the expeditious handling of E::] 'Special security Escorts.' Through joint efforts the goal is to have these people on board within two weeks after receipt of their Personal History Statements. This group will consist of dependents of Agency employees who will be hired as independent contractors to perform 'limited' escort services in unclassified areas. q. On 26 June, the Director of Training and Education sponsored a one-day curriculum review conference on analysis training courses conducted for the Directorate of intelligence. The conference was organized and chaired by0 of the Analysis Training Branch (ATB) as the first step in a continuous process of evaluation of the ATB curriculum by a panel of senior DI managers and non-CIA sI)eciaIisV= on analysis. 25X1 25X1 Director, Office of Global Issues; and the Chief National Group/Office of Soviet Analysis, T e conference provided insightful discussion of the relationship among the core analysis training courses and further served to identify gaps as well as to address the courses individually. While the ATB program was highly praised by the participants, they also gave recommendations for improving the quality of the.trairt44g service provided the DI. Importantly, this experience furnished a guide for the review of the curricula of other components of the Office of Training and Education. r. The first running of the Directorate of Science and Technology (DS&T) Career Training Course by the Office of Training and Education (OTE) started on 1 July 1985 with five Career Trainees and six other recently hired professionals representing all six of the Directorate offices. This course provides skills to make professionals immediately useful in their first duty assignment. These skills include briefing, writing, contracting, interacting on an interpersonal level, creative problem solving, handling security issues, and traveling overseas in a hostile environment. The DDS&T was the keynote speaker and will join the class again on 2 August to present certificates to graduates of this five-week course. S. The Career Trainee Development Course (CTDC), Class 84, came to an end on 28 June with an informal appearance by the ADDO, who was here to address another course and was recruited to say the final words to the Career Trainees (CTS). There were two new presentations during the last segment of the course: 'Nuclear Terrorism,' by Beth Renwick of the Department of Energy, and 'Psychology of Treason,' by of the Psychological Operations Division of the Office of Medical Services (OMS). Both presentations were well received by the CTS. The CTs will now move on to interim assignments in the Directorate of Operations and Class 85, with an estimated sixty-six (66) students, which will begin on 22 July. S E C R E T Approved For Release 2009/10/01 : CIA-RDP87M01152R000300240015-2 Approved For Release 2009/10/01 : CIA-RDP87M01152R000300240015-2 S E C R E T u. Two classification review officers of the Office of Information Services (0IS) completed a two-week TDY at the Eisenhower Memorial Library. Forty-one boxes of files of the Operations Coordinating Board (OCB), 1955-57, were reviewed. A large percentage of the material ha!j:already been marked to be withheld from release because of names associated with CIA. Upon examination, the reviewers determined that about 90 percent of the withheld material could be released by removing the CIA names from the dissemination list attached to the OCB documents. OIS estimates that two reviewers working two weeks could complete the review of the remaining CIA material. v. During a visit to the Washington National Records Center (WNRC), OIS was asked by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) for assistance in three areas involving classification matters: 6 S E C R E T Approved For Release 2009/10/01 : CIA-RDP87M01152R000300240015-2 25X1 Approved For Release 2009/10/01 : CIA-RDP87M01152R000300240015-2 JUMSJOJ.tWAntf 7Y/OA1 ---7 Orig -,. 1 - DDCI 1 - EXDIR 25X1 1 - OLL 1 - Ea. DA OD (via AIM/Wang) 1 - SSA/DDA 1 - DDA/CMS 1 - DDA/MS 1 - DDA/EEO 1 - DDA Subj 1 - REF Chrono 1 - EO Subj