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December 22, 2016
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March 26, 2010
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June 25, 1980
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Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/03/26: CIA-RDP87R00529R000200240017-9 ? CONFIDENTIAL I 25 June 1980 NFAC 4523-80 MEMORANDUM FOR: Chairman, NIC . Seminars - NIO/WE 1. We would propose to hold in mid-September an all-day and into- the-evening comprehensive seminar in support of our priority projects for the remainder of the year --.i.e., the estimate on Policy Issues Between the US and Europe in the 1980s, and the two related interagency memos on Alternatives to Alliance and Prospects for "Europe". The seminar would be organized around the key factors that would enter into these assessments -- Europe's political prospects and economic trends, the outlook. for Euro- pean regional relationships, Europe's global perceptions and objectives, European security in the '80s, and -- tying these together -- prospects for conflict and cooperation between the US and Europe. The thought would be to try to get four or five academics to address each of these questions in turn, followed by discussion and a wrap-up session in the evening. We would much prefer to have the seminar at Headquarters. The cost would probably be substantially less than the ceiling. 2. Given the inclusive nature of this seminar, the mini-seminar on the PCI we had in April*, and the trouble we are having in completing our production program, I.would hope this would fulfill our obligations. If not, I would suggest a country seminar in December * A morning and afternoon session wit from Yale, Consul-General Fina, and attendees from NFAC, DDO, INR, and the European Bureau. It was a first-rate discussion. All Paragraphs Classified CONFIDENTIAL 25X1 25X1 U'lw. r Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/03/26: CIA-RDP87R00529R000200240017-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/03/26: CIA-RDP87R00529R000200240017-9 ADMINISI?fIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY ? NFAC #2239-80 MEMORANDUM FOR: The National Intelligence Council FROM : C/NIC SUBJECT : The Conducting of NIO Seminars 1. In order to form a more perfect NIC union, establish equal opportunity, provide for the common defense of our budget, and secure the maximum blessings'from the most effective use of invited experts, I do ordain and establish the following procedures for conducting all outside NIC seminars. 2. NIO's will check out with C/NIC: -- At the outset of planning for the intended seminar, its concept, scope, location, purpose, and estimated cost. -- Thereafter, all proposals for the seminar's expendi- tures, other than the petty items. 3. NIO's will be responsible for: -- Conducting two seminars per year (regional NIO's, that is). -- Choosing and inviting the outside experts. Making, with NIC Admin's help, the necessary security, administrative, local,. and travel arrangements. Conducting the seminar's sessions and eliciting the views of the invited seminarists. -- Preparing a brief written account for C/NIC and D/NFAC of what the seminar contributed. ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/03/26: CIA-RDP87R00529R000200240017-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/03/26: CIA-RDP87R00529R000200240017-9 ADMINI?TIVE -.INTERNAL USE ONLY 4. Guidelines: ? The general purposes of these NIC seminars will be to draw upon differing perspectives, check on in- house judgments, provide an opportunity for competing analysis, and demonstrate that NIC's estimates have had the benefit of certain of the country's finest minds. The purpose is not PR, and we should avoid publicity or high visibility. In forming seminar panels, we are to invite experts who are broadly representative of views in the given disciplines. For optimum discussion and give and take, we are to keep our seminar fairly small, generally not more than as dozeD discussants. Similarly, invite only a handful of government officials, so that the seminars do not quickly become too large and unwieldy to be intellectually rewarding. Unless specifically OK'd in advance by C/NIC, seminar sessions will not be recorded, nor will verbatim transcripts be prepared. Seminars are almost never that rewarding in their every blush; writeups (from notes) of the major points, differences, etc., will suffice -- and at less cost to NIC and less trauma to the participants. F Wherever possible, we should hold seminar sessions ~ t more than half a day at There may be occasions where small NIC seminars could profitably be held elsewhere -- e.g., in Cambridge, New York, or San Francisco -- in cases where needed experts could be drawn from the general region Richard Lehman -2- ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/03/26: CIA-RDP87R00529R000200240017-9 STAT Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/03/26: CIA-RDP87R00529R000200240017-9 ADr1TNISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY 23 April 1980 MEMORANDUM FOR:, Regional NIOs and Assistant NIOs SUBJECT NIO Seminars NFAC #2999-80 1. In this period of galloping inflation, stretched federal dollars, and vanishing slush funds, it may be useful to provide guidelines on keep- ing seminar expenses down. I appreciate the value that can be gained from seminars, as the recent one demonstrated, but the hard facts are that we simply don't have muc money with which to conduct our several seminars each year. 2. All money we spend on seminars has to compete with that line of our budget that funds the travel expenses, per diem, and salaries of any outside contractors hired by the NIC for however long and whatever reason. Thus, an expert hired to undertake a research project or write part of all of an estimate, a regular consultant brought in for a day or two to re- view a draft or participate in a post-mortem exercise, or a scholar brought in to give a briefing or present a paper before an NIO-sponsored group, are all examples of other f monies in our "Miscellaneous Con- tracts" budget line. With [~~ - as the going rate for any con- STAT tractor's salary, and with some contractors choosing, as they are wont to do, to live or work in places like California or Europe, it takes little time or effort to run up bills in this budgetary area. 3. This being the case, we must weigh whether to spend liberally on seminars, concentrate instead on hiring contractors to help us draft our estimates, or provide for a combination of both. I think we have to try to do both, recognizing that this will entail trimming our sails a bit on all hiring of contractors. eneral,rule of thumb, therefore, I am setting a general ceiling for all expenses incurred in con- STAT nection with any one NIO seminar, and will want to'be consulted in advance if you feel it desirable to exceed that limit. By all means, if you are able to hold seminars costing less than that amount, please do so. Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/03/26: CIA-RDP87R00529R000200240017-9 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/03/26: CIA-RDP87R00529R000200240017-9 AD NISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY 4. I sent each of you a memorandum dated 26 March entitled "The Conducting of NIO Seminars." In addition to the guidance given therein,-, here are some tips on ways to keep seminar expenses down: -- Do keep seminars small regarding numbers of outside participants who must be brought in on contract. -- Don't invite many people who must travel a long dis- tance to attend (unless they will be here for other purposes anyway). -- Do make maximum use of meeting space available in government-owned facilities (e.g., Headquarters, Headquarters Building y. Community Don't participants if you are using travel costs are high, and getting large numbers of folks to and from will be a hassle. Do plan on a cash bar if your seminar schedule in- cludes an evening reception (no CIA office can pur- chase liquor for official functions; all such expen- ditures must be approved and paid for by the office of the DCI). Don't lan on providing meals if your attendance is larae~ 5. With this kind of penny-pinching, we should be able to do a re- spectable if modest job of hosting the dozen or so seminars the DCI ex- pects us to hold this year. I will be delighted to pass along to you any subsequent news of a loosening of the purse strings, but I don't expect it soon. Richard Lehman Chairman National Intelligence Council -2- ADMINISTRATIVE - INTERNAL USE ONLY 1-1 Sanitized Copy Approved for Release 2010/03/26: CIA-RDP87R00529R000200240017-9