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December 9, 2016
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April 24, 2000
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December 16, 1954
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Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP88-00374R000100270015-5 16 December 1954 MORANDUiA 'OR;THZ RECORD SUBJECT: 15 and 16 December 1954 Briefing of the Task Force on Intelligence Activities. 25X1X4 I. Undoubtedly the most important briefing received by Colonel Lane thus far was that of the 10 Division. This was quite apparent from the number and quality of questions asked and by the special emphasis given to the subject matter by Colonel Lane. His major interests centered on the three costliest projects of the Division, namely, the 25X1 X4 25X1X4 the Colonel Lane inquired about every phase of these 25X1 X4 programs including recruitment of people, training$ security, organiaa- tion, mission, policy guidance, operations and evaluation. 25X1X4 actually is the spokesman for a Budeten?Gor ai group which disagrees with certain U.B. policies and thus in turn opposes the- 25X1X4 on the histo r Of He ex. platned the dif ieroasca operation between show , that 25X1 X4 there is .a d ffnfts need for both organization. Informed the Colonel that we veers aware of the allegations against the_ which 25X1 X4 c', IA Us *......i f.._ %... -? ----a - - _,- , 2. This was the first session during which Colonel Lane took some- what extensive notes particularly on organisatioW, structures and budget and personnel figures. Two recurrent questions asked of all Branch Chiefs were: "Now much is budgeted for this operation? t, ,How many people are required to administer it?" He reiterated that the group had specific instructi+t to closely examine these operations and attempt an evaluation. He :tatted that there was some crttiCtsm regarding those costly operations &nd thus he wanted to get a clear icture so that he 25X1 A9a could report fairly. At this point briefed the Colonel 4. Along discussion was hold an the evaluation of all these ;opera- 25X1 A6a tiona. Colonel Law was informed that and were 0-..:._.. _...ii__ IL_ 44 - - . - - - - - - - 25X1X4 Approved For Release ~9/14 : UkkD-M&74ROO0100270015-5 {-- Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RD P -c 4F000100270015-5 4. Colonel Ls mras ; *+ a ix*t l i6 the Or anisatttens +ch which has as its mission that of 25X1 X4 25X1X4 y one -aatd -one -half billion dollars a year e front organisations. peciii-c eaeartion regarding, the Use of .btuss a= :ittt*r C L.aiel "SO was eraened that we as deal ith those people and that to our Icxatovarleadge they' are 11 Neevertheleess, we deal with thaw Oft an arm `s *dength 04 carefully control thwart. A The 1 t nivtsion dtid al Creedttabrle jab in irhi9 any personal Optaaxcsa that 9+GM4 preecosaC*iVe*d id :Reared. ed re,gu4 ng hose oprteraat Ons have heeu so t 25X1A9a 25X1A8a Approved For Release 2000/09/14: CIA-RDP88-00374R000100270015-5