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December 20, 2016
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May 21, 2007
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April 21, 1983
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Approved For Release 2007/05/21: CIA-RDP88-01070R000100670002-0 MEDIASCAN SUMMARY & ANALYSIS 21 April 1983 Thursday For the first time in more than a week, each network be n its program with a different story Thursday night. ABC reported on/the Senate Budget Committee's rejection of President Reagan's 1984 bud et, while NBC focused onchrysler's highest quarterly profit in a company's history. CBS' top stor\ was an exclusive. The network re opted that federal prosecutors are`planning to seek the indictmervt of a retired Pentagon intelligence analxyst for allegedly selling s'cret intelligence reports about Egypt to armh smuggler Edwin Wilson, ABC and NBC also rep4t said that intelligence accuses the PLO of prow leftist rebels in El Sal update of the evening on t Brandon. Hall. for president. The CB networks waited unt NBC used more fop In his commenta Democratic ca or. J ries early in their programs. ABC ing assessed at the White House support" for Nicaragua and for C's David Hazinski provided the only ndition of liver transplant patient hn Glenn's announcement of his candidacy No. 3 in the lineup, but the other story was much later age of Glenn's p their broadcasts to cover the story. y, NBC's John Chance idates who are trying get labor's endorsement. ABC had an exclusive report on former Nazi Klaus Barbie. Correspondent John Martin concluded that Barbie could have been part of a "network of Nazis" working in South America. ABC also reported that the vehicle that carried the bomb intc the U.S. emoassy in Beirut was abandoned by the driver--a timing, device apparently triggered the explosion. Another exclusive for ABC was its report on Israeli settlements or. the West Bank. CBS's coverage of the Soviet spy story was more extensive than that of its competition. Correspondent Rita Braber was thorough in her description of the incidents which led to the expulsion of the Soviets. All the networks reported on the election of Jackie Presser as the new Teamsters president, but only CBS' Ike Pappas noted that one of Presser's goals is to organize retired Teamsters into "a political work force for the next election." NBC's Marvin Kalb reported on a disagreement between Secretaries Shultz and Weinberger over the use of U.S. technology in Israeli fighter planes. Correspondent John Cochran covered the emotional visit of some Jews to Auschwitz. James H. Roper Managing Editor MEDIASCAN - Summary & Analysis 04/21/83 ech than did the other two networks. for was highly critical of Approved For Release-?007105/21 - CIA-Rn.PRR-n1n7nRnnnlnnA7nnn2=n Approved For Release 2007/05/21: CIA-RDP88-0107OR000100670002-0 diplomats are being told to pack their bags and go home. At the State Department., Barrie Dunsmore has details. DUNSMORE: ABC News has been told that two Soviets are being expelled from the U.S. for involvement in an effort to obtain a recent presidential directive on U.S.-Soviet relations. In what appears to have been a setup, an unnamed American met with the Soviet military attache over the weekend in the Washington area. The Russian was caught with eight rolls of film of classified documents. Two days ago Lt. Col. Barmyantzev. an assistant military attache of the Soviet Embassy in Washington, was declared persona non grata by the State Department for activities incompatible with his status as a diplomat. Yesterday Aleksandr Mikheyev, a trainee at the Soviet mission at the United Nations, was told to leave the country immediately. In a related case. Oleg Konstantinov, a Soviet KGB agent, was picked up April 2 on Long Island trying to get information on aerospace technology. He has already left the country. Officials will not comment publicly on these incidents, though privately intelligence sources say the U.S. tool; action because in recent months the Soviets have become flagrant in their attempts to obtain secret documents. Barrie Dunsmore. ABC New:, the State Department. AP06 BOLIVIA/BA.RBIE BELL: Now the latest on Klaus Barbie. the Nazi war criminal awaiting trial in France on mass murder charges. ABC's John Martin's been following the story, and he now has new information about allegations that Barbie had regular but indirect contacts with the CIA during the 30 years he lived in Bolivia. Martin reports from the Bolivian capital of Lapaz where special U.S. prosecutor Allan Ryan is trying to piece together the Barbie story. MARTIN: American special prosecutor Allan Ryan is trying to find out whether the American government protected Barbie while using him for intelligence work either in. Germany or Bolivia. At the interior ministry here. officials told Ryan they have no documents showing how Barbie entered their country or whether he worked for American intelligence. Bolivian army units took the files in 1979, they said. INTERPRETER FOR GUSTAVO SANCHEZ (Interior Sub-Secretary): All the documents that exist in the ministry of the interior were stolen. MARTIN: A Bolivian who said he purchased copies of some of the documents before they were stolen produced a series of photostats spanning 20 years of Barbie's life. Purchased here in Lapaz by ABC News, the documents were shown to Justice and State Department officers who verified their authenticity. One shows Barbie used an Allied High Commission passport to reach Italy under a false name in 1951. His Bolivian visa shows he listed his sponsors as a Catholic priest in Rome and a Franciscan leader in Bolivia. He also listed assets of only $850, suggesting he may not have been as highly paid an informant as some reports have maintained. In this 1973 N.EDI;.SCAN - ABC World News Tonight 0=1 /21 /83 4 19 Approved For Release 2007/05/21: CIA-RDP88-010708000100670002-0 Approved For Release 2007/05/21: CIA-RDP88-0107OR000100670002-0 affidavit, Barbie denied he used an alias to escape or to become a Bolivian citizen or that he worked for American intelligence in Germany. All of these documents show Barbie shedding an old identity, escaping Europe with the help of American officials, yet none of them shows any connection between Barbie and the CIA in South America, but. this man, an interior ministry official, says Barbie regularly passed information on Bolivian communists and leftists to CIA contacts at the U.S. Embassy using the interior ministry as an intermediary. INTERPRETER FOR UNIDENTIFIED MAN: It's obvious that he contacted the embassy with the transmit information. MARTIN: One former senior Bolivian security official said here in Lapaz that the CIA, while not employing Barbie as an informant, knew that he was the source of some of their intelligence reports, a vital question on prosecutor Ryan's agenda here. RYAN: We've been hearing those reports since the investigation began, and that's one of the reasons that I came to Lapaz, to investigate them and to find out. MARTIN: The Barbie intelligence connection may have been part of a wider operation run out of houses in rural Cochabamba. A former associate says that barbie held as many as six daily radio conversations with Nazis spread across the continent. By one account, Earbie's associates in Argentina, Chile, Peru and Paraguay funneled to him similar intelligence about communist activities which reached the Americans through the interior ministry here in the capital. the first indication that Klaus Barbie may have been part of a network of Nazis working in South America. John Martin, ABC News. Lapaz. Bolivia. AP07 LAWSUIT/ BELL: The federal government and the governme of California TOXIC WASTE today sued 31 companies that have dumped toxi waste at the Stringfellow Acid Pits. The pits are now 'ered and sealed with a,,special clay. but experts say leas are endangering water supplies. The suit demands millions of kcllars to clean it up. reef: are clearing out i are trying to beat q ents have been ord ous cleanup ca e bankrupt More o Swartz Creek. Mich., midnight evacuation red out so a lengthy and begin at Michigan's worst 'Burlin and Farrell Liquid Waste that from Joe Spencer. Incineration Company: potentially dange toxic waste dump, deadline. Resi where residen badly. sudden, the who've never h respiratory pro watched the destr wastes has ruined t opened just 300 yards, her life, she says, un midnight tonight. Verna SPENCER: Verna and Vic 'damage must move out of their home by ps lived here 27 years. the best of away. 72 when a chemical disposal plant erna says contamination from the everyone here. VERNA: I've 'e lives of tion of my qu ems, tremendous them before. neve iidren, particularly t MEDIASCAN - ABC World News Tonight 04:'21/83 lity of life, a lot of mount. It's unusual, people in the family. All of a e children, develop them Approved For Release 2007/05/21: CIA-RDP88-0107OR000100670002