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December 21, 2016
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June 26, 2008
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II. Approved For Release 2008/06/26: TONIGHT Ol - - (Times are from the PBS network schedule. Consult local in your affiliates for the broadcast time Ste) Weelc Ball to the CWd... Economic Advisor, 8:30 p?m? Sian, Council of Economic Advisors. Bernstein/ Is (man Mh in D Major, Opus 12f3 0 pm? EDT/PDT. Leonard Bern' stein conducts the Concert gebouw Orchestra of Am- - e:ao- At 119 en Mra _. CIA-RDP88-01070R000200780002-1 for the I Psi its. (R0- I I Comes a dIst I I r ga Radio Hilversum' ARTS NAACP Convention ' _I I ce'' 43 EDT/Pft Taped cover' jgpCSON: On PBS to Push age, from New Orlem for first black president PBS LateNight, 11:30 p.m. EDT/PDT, PBS: Operation PUSH director, the Rev. Jesse Jackson. TALK SHOWS TODAY: People Now, 1l 35 a.m.. F.DT/05 a.m. PDT, CNN: Mar- ion Ross of Happy Days? Richard C. Take Two, noon EDT/0 a m. PDT, 1: talks about rase'" a Christian btsineSS Marlene HCINE- Adoption Mtge, on coompu pnTC CNN: Alan MAX f or E I'/PDT, Shelley Schwartz, pomouo sa u1 The Tonight Show, 110 p x6 Robert Klein. (Repeat) Winters, Late Night With David Letterman, 12:30 a.m., MOVIE - EDT/PDT, NBC Ninety minute spedai: Amy Carter, co CHAN median Jay Leno, actress Teri Garr. (Repeat) SUNDAY: SundayMornin~ T/PD ,NN . cac of Singer a.m. ED ? , vans at NoV916 130 a.m. bert Shanker, president of American Federation of Teach- eYs, on educational reform and merit pay Meet the Press, 12:30 p m+ EDT/PDT NBC Economist Alan Greenspan- 10 Min EDT/PDT, CB& Examines the p of a father trying to care for his paralyzed to establish his daughter; a reputed Italian prince own country on the island of Barbuda; attempts to find a cure for herpes. (Repeat) (MONDAY: : t .. CM Morning News, 7 am. EDT DDT, C Secretary of George Schulz, Arsenio of the/ Hour t e Sta Comedy Hour, poison ivy. OR Good Morning America,? a.m. EDT/PDT, daAEva~ Le- a five-part interview with Dynasty e Var Burton, astronauts Sally Ride and Robert pPen, state of the USFL. Today, 7 am. EDT/PDT, NBC The Revue. Jesse Jackson, 't a report on Bigget astronaut deft actress ame e . g o a bi cycle ^ Host LA. Dodgers welcome the Chicago Cubs in baseball. See sports TV listings, 3C . eOW The Powers of M&WWW Star: Hoping to impress PAM- - thew uses his superpows to - hool footbse team (Rthe epeat) ssc at) t1:30- fNidkN- rs t ~ Ene Iterating of 8-W outdoor Peter Duchnn and llocck flyy-fish for trout. Approved For Release 2008/06/26: CIA-RDP88-0107OR000200780002-1