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December 16, 2016
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October 18, 2004
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May 11, 1970
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.STAY Approved For Release 2,p/~~~1~8 1 i MAY 1970 ~ ;. Three American reporters, . ;including Richard Dudman; ~ Y a; f ;chief Washington correspond. ; :ent of the St. Louis Post-Dis..;?' .patch, are missing in Cam??~ _`? ~bodia and are believed' cap- ' 'lured by the Vietcong. , ? The others are Elizabeth. ;Pond of the Christian Science . `ternational, The three left Saigon in a Vicar ~'h d i urs ay morn ng and 'were expected back Friday. , quiries showed that they ap?, parently drove west on Rte. 1,' .which runs 135 miles from Sai? ?.~ . ~ ..~, ~ '~;.:~ Cambodia. - ? RICIIARD DUDMAN .~ They apparently crossed the ...capture [eared border into Cambodia and ? j35 miles inside Cambodia in ?thc Parrot's Beak area. '' Thcy are known to have tbcen stopped on Rte. 1 at a f checkpoint 'manned by the. ~Cambodlan army. Last Thurs?' day and Friday, Cambodian ,units were in command of Rte. rl? about 2'/z miles west of Svay $ieng. ; 'Later, at a time not yet de? 'termined, their empty car was ,found on a secondary road Z~/z' miles from Svay Rieng. It ~ is 4belteved~ `.that: they ];eft:;Rt+e~: ' Cambodian army roadblock. In Saigon, two Japanese cor~ respondents who had been in the area said they had heard local reports that three Ameri- can correspondents, had been Sources .within the ;.Army oi: South. Vietnam,~whlch is fight=; - from ' -- --~; i persona.; iq>..tbe' eathe'?.;i; ItlOni:'r'.t: r~.'rr+b.J Rr:;::d!:acL.1.:~ieG^h'.~ ':L_" Dudman, 52, is, a veteran of many overseas assignments and had been in Southeast Asia" at least seven times ber fore. Marquis Childs, contrib- uting editor to the St. Louis Post?l~ispatch and senior cor- respondent in its Washington. bureau,' said that Dudman ar? rived in Bangkok on April 27 after atwo-week vacation in -Europe with his family. The Dudmans live at 3409 Newark St. NW. ' Miss Pond who is about 35, has been a correspondent for the Christian Science Monitor for many years, mostly work- ing- in Boston. Two years ago she became its correspondent in CzechosloWakia, and a year ago in Saigon. ? ' ' 'She toolt a ye~r.'r ;leave' of (was appointed an Alicia Pat' ~terson Foundation fellow. She chose to do research work'itti Saigon and had been schedu-+ 'icd to return to active report-~ Ing in .Vietnam on July 1. Morrow, 24, left Dartmouth to ,go to Taiwan and Saigon. In Saigon he married a Vietnam?~ "cse, ?? the former Christina ~ Vinh. , IIe formed Dispatch News Service, .Inc., from which Dispatch Newa was formed. The two now have no connection.. Dispatch News' Seymour Hersh recently won the Pu- litzer Prize for reporting the: Mylai incident. Seven other newsmen-two of them Americans-vanished, in Cambodia ~ early in April] and are believed to have been taken' prisoner ; by, the .Vletr ~bil,~iliA~tiu~3tLv',oyxwhea~t: ah8 ~.?~oRQi, - - `' ? ~;~iti,.r,,,J~;i ...::at?.4s ',' Approved For FZelease 2004/10/28 :CIA-RDP$.8-013148.0001;00450,007-9 ~.