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December 16, 2016
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October 15, 2004
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June 1, 1970
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Approved For Release 2004/10/28 : CIA-RDP88-0131AP0Q 300010018-3 LO pY -RFrT NEW ~JOL, Lt .O(. l'C-k?bt 5 '"~A Q' .Z t ?'ws , J i gins 19W Mr. Leroy Hayman Schdlastic Magazines, Inc. 50 West 44th street New York, New York 10036'r ILLEGIB Deer Mr. }Iaymintt Thank you for your letter of 25 May. I regret that we cannot be of assistance. As a "silent service" of government,: we do not issue Press releases and bulletins.'`.: However,' I am "Closing 'A*me material which,,ho, lly, will give you a clearer understanding of our functions and rreapa,neibilitios. Agency is epprecieted. Enclosures Sincerely. 8e Goodwin Assistant to the Director o-ved-.For. . Release 2004/10/28 : CIA-RDP88-01314R000300010018-3 l1_I 19 Fi;lii t'.:',`? Approved For Release 2004/10/28 : CIA-RDP88-01314 CIA Ab1cjto'Contrtj1_Min4 llypnosls,.Data united Press International MK-Ultra ran into the 1960s, spur- The Central Intelligence Agency red initially by Korean War-era fears )shook the theoiy that "nice" people that the Soviets and Chinese had a :cannot be made immoral under hyp- big lead in "brainwashing" techniques -nosis by getting one woman to act out that might enable them to induce con- -a cold-blooded -murder In 1951, accord- .fessions from any captured enemy LIng to declassified intelligence docu- ments. and turn Western spies Into helpless, The Cold War-era mind control ex obedient double-agents.' Nanes of subjects :perlment climaxed when the hypno- tized woman, described as' peaceable In the released documents, but alll and terrified of guns, fired a pistol were" described as young, well-edu- ,point blank at a sleeping colleague-. cated, highly motivated women who' snot' knowing the gun had been un- 'worked for the CIA and apparently, 'loaded. volunteered for.the experiments. :.'t'he documents'also described other The slmulated murder 'was de'- 'experiments in hypnosis_always in- scribed in a report dated Feb. 10, 1954, -volving female subjects for reasons concerning a male hypnotist and a :not stated-in which women were per- - woman "who had expressed a fear of suaded to simulate immoral, abnormal, firearms in any fashion.", or disloyal behavior. It said she was put in a trance and One report concluded: told to awaken another woman who "If it can be shown in- a series of had been put into a deep sleep. ' tests that our subjects will do things When she could not awaken her Col. !hat they normally would. not' do in league, the report said, she was or- their everyday activities, It seems logi- dered to "pick up a pistol nearby and Kcal that individuals elsewhere can be fire it at Miss (blank)" and assured also controlled thusly." that "her rage would be so great that The once-secret documents . were she would not hestitate to 'kill"' ;obatined. by the weekly Washington 'It said the -woman "carried out newsletter Science Trends under'the these suggestions to the letter, includ- :F'reedom of Information Act, and - lug fixing the (unloaded) gun at Miss made available to United Press Inter- (blank), then proceeding to fall into a .national., .,. , ..deep sleep" as ordered. They described CIA-sponsored hyp- When awakened,'-,' neither -? the nosis experiments carried out from - "murderer" nor her "victim" had any. ?1951 to 1954, ? when the. agency _ was -recollection of what had happened, starting up its _ ultra-secret- "Project the document said. Itadded:.