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December 20, 2016
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October 18, 2006
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December 5, 1975
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Approved For Release 2W6/YOM Ttf ZDP88-01314R0003004500)17,6/ j ; 5 1)r rF:NPr R 1 A75 / - 17ej v~ O c k 1J , 4 II !' ( y Jj of his democratically, electedPcoverage and to keep the paperf The -report supported rews' 1{~J [ t U,I,[ 1Sovernment solvent. !accounts published in The New i Lit I r L '1 William Miller; the commit- El Mecum was published,'York Times and elsewhere in. OFcommittees spokesmen- confirm-f Ci ~ tees taff theamembers - that the report on close frier.o ona. d INT. Ken-Istates had covertly poured mil Urited States activity in Chiledal!, president of Pepsi Cola;Ilions of dollars into Chile, first I .was representative of. six major Inc. to keep Dr. Allnde from becom-' CHILE C U U I covert operations. studied dur- In 'the committee's assassina-ling president and later to over- ing the committee's - investiga- tian' report- i was noted that throw his Government. The re- f l rom port set the total figure, tion. The,six operations in turn, Mr. Kendall had. arranged a By NICHOLAS M. HORROCK were representative of "thou jbb Edward, aktas;Vlr. Kissinger and 1963 annuand said l 1973, at $13.4 S;.x:ai to'' ce N5w Y:?,x ?nme- sat ds by the C.I.A., he said.f i Attorney General John N. Dr. Allende's inauguration in' These were- several of the WASHINGTON ' Dec. 4-The' ;new elements in the committeelMitchell. lNovem r 1970 and his ouster,; staff of a Senate intelligence (staff's report- - ? While the committee staff re- committee said today it. had i ., 49T'he International'Telephere ported that it col ld establish no ut direct operational involvement f ti d th t h U it d S t d T l h C h oun n e orpora on g a t ta es an e e rap e 1 ad encouraged the overthrow.i$350,000 of its own money intaby the C.I.A. or United States+ statements and testimony by the the Chilean Presidential Viet- Embassy in the 1973 coup, theiEdward M. Korry, -who served; C. "democratically elected" members agreed during a presslas United States Ambassador iril Chilean GoYernment of Presi- tiaf "of 1970; the commit ve briefing today that. the United Sant; ago during the early Nixon! -l - __ Char lit gave stafsaid adcb n g n'; det Salvador Allende Gossens. ., i $2a0,000 - to the :-campaign . of It said, however, that no di- lformer -President-.-Jorge Ales= sect involvement by the Cen- sandn'and $140,000?to an anti- 'tral Intelligence Agency or theAllende-pa+rty:'.The,report;said American Embassy in the 1973' ''60,000 more- had come from _ coup had been established. other'-United. States-businesses, which were unnamed. - - ",.' `.. as, able 'to af- These statements were made! 9Th-e C LA . . _ today in a 62-page report is- feet the- content. of a Time mag-I sued by the starf a?~~ the ~sen-l~axime story, in .1970. 1970. the report+ ate Select Committee