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December 16, 2016
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October 6, 2004
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December 26, 1973
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FYItW1UGiUd1 iTAR 2 G DEC 1973 Approved For Release 2004/10/28 : CIA- DP -01314RQ00300450024-8 n VA 1" L The Watergate special prosecutor's office is seek- ing to question the publisher of a. locally based anti- Communist Chilean news- letter about the alleged theft of a mailing list from the Chilean embassy shortly before last year's \'Jatcr- gatc break-in. The prosecutors are in- vestigating the possibility that the Chilean embassy burglary the weekend of. May 13-15, 1972 may have involved some of the same individuals as the June 17 Watergate break-in. Wilson C. Lucom, publish- er of Chile Lxa vlerdad (The Truth), was 'subpoenaed , last month to appear before a grand-jury here to answer questions about the source of some names on his news- letter's circulation list, it teas learned. Lucom protested the sub- poena on grounds that it .would breach. a claimed newsman's privilege cf con- fidentiality, and the special prosecutor's office subse- quently withdrew the sub- poena. James Doyle, spokesman for the prosecutor's office, said, "We continue to be interested in Mr. Lucom and we expect that he will Voluntarily come in to talk with us as his attorney has indicated he would." "We quashed the subpoe- na, although it was com- pletely legal and proper, tc avoid even the suggestion of I a 1st Amendment problem," Doyle said. LUCOM, in a telephone interview today, said he wired acting Atty. Gen. Robert 11. Bork on Dec. 5 to protest "harassment of news media" by the special prosecutor's office. The prosecutors, Lucom . said, had failed to obtain D~orrk's authorization be- fore subpoenaing him as required by Jusiice Depart- ment regulations in cases involving newsmen. Lucom said he told Bork, "I strongly resent and pro text . attempts through speculations to link nh6- ? to the ;Vaterp"ate? plumbers and a break-in at the Chile- an Embassy May 13-15, 1972." % He said he has no. inten- tion of cooperating with the special prosecutor's office, and will fight to protect his "long established circula- tion list and pews sources in Chile." II STAT Approved For Release 2004/10/28 : CIA-RbP88-01314R000300450024-8