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October 9, 1974
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Approved For Release 2004/10/1 9: iMA1+88-01315R00 In an une..,mected and unusual expression of solidarity, the International Longshore- men's _\ssociation (AFL-CIO) last month sanctioned a 48-hour boycott of all Chilean cargo. The ILA action was evidence of a widening :split in the AFL-CIO around the- question of su-pporc for the-.:fascist Chilean junta. An in,-:.easin. number of U.S. trade unions are acjdin their voices to tale chorus of protests against the role played by Secretary of State Hertz Kissinger and the CIA in toppling the democratic government of Salvador Allende in Septerniber 1973. Although only a minority of unions is pointing to the complicity of the AFL-CIO's own, American Institute for Free Labor- Development (AIFLD). a substantial number are nevcrthelcss raising strong criticisms of' the U.S. intervention and of the fascist policies of the sulin ?Chilean junta. This is in contrast to the official stand of AFL-CIO president George ;Many who pushed through a resolution at the labor federation's last convention that directed its main fire at the Alienc''e government and lightly tapped ih. w fists of the junta for "excesses" during the bloody September 1973 coup. Tice swelling labor protests followed the chsc',osu: s 'of Rep. Michael Harrington (Ft-1 ass.) that contrary to official dt el..i;; e; s, the.CLA was heavily involved in finanLi..: ,llende's opposition and in organizing lockouts and boycotts to harass the Allende government. - Other U.S. unions which have voiced opposition to the CIA's sabotage and the junta's repression include. the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen, American Federation of Teachers (AFT), International Longshoremen's and Ware- housemen's - Union (ILWU), International Union of Electrical Workers (IUE).. United Auto Workers (UAW) and United Electrical Workers (UE), The most.dramatic protest to date was the Sept. IS and 19 dock boycott of Chilean ships- 'and cargo on the East, Gulf and West Coasts. The two-day boycott was the result of a resolution adopted last August at the 31st congress of the International Transport Workers Federatioriirt; Stockholm, Sweden. The ILA. which represents East and Gulf Coast longshoremen, is a member of the federation. ILA president Thomas Gleason in telegrams to all._ILA locals urged them to boycott Chilein....cargo for that two-day period. The Chilean ship, Copiapo. was idled for the two days at a Brooklyn. N. Y., pier when members of ILA Local 1814 refused to unload the ship's cargo. The independent West Coast longshdre union, ILWUU, although not a member of the federation, also joined the boycott. When SO demonstrators., including members of the October League and the New American Movement, picketed a ship carrying Chilean cargo at Long Beach harbor, south of Los Angeles, Calif., a crew of 10 longshoremen, members of ILWU Local 13, walled pff th- ship. The longshoremen greeted the demonstrators with clenched fist salutes hu returned to work four hours lat_r when at arbitrator ruled the walkout an unauthorizec work stoppage- The ship. Pr,.ader.cial Lines' Santa Maria was-boycotted the next day, Sept. 19, when. it docked in Sari Francisco. Longshoremc:r worked the ship but refused to touch its twc tons of Chilean cargo, consigned _to Sax. Francisco. when an:ijunta demonstrators s,e! up a picketline at the pier. The -Santa Maria sailed from the Bay Area for'-Vancouver, British Columbia, witu`r its Chilean car_ o still aboard. In his telegram to the dock-locals, IL.A president Gleason noted that the boycott was meant to call attention to the situation in Chile and was only a warning: He said the boycott could be revived in Elite future if the warning was, not heeded. FEW ATTACK Ail: LD In other actions, UAW president Leonsrd Woodcock called for a full-scale, public hearing on the CIA's role in Chile. President Ford's defense 'of CIA brou0; further --1 In response. iD Ford's Sept. to statement that "our gc yen rt rnenC, like other governmcrlt:. does take rtaln acti.?ns 1:7 the ,.teiii cxene:.. field," IUE p:- s .'.ent Paull 1enni sax remarked: "To justify our actions on the grounds that Others do the same Ching is to confess that we have no standard of our own. Even if such actions could be justified. why shcutld we meddle in a democratic nation while treating the earth's t'.-ra?nies hinds-off respect. Only a handful of U.S. unions, however, have called for pro.)-as of the AIFLD, they C.rA front-group set Lip by the government. several multinational corporations and the AFL-CIO. AIFLD is run by Many and his international affairs director. formerly Jay i.ovestone and now Ernest Lee. 1laanv's son-in-law. In a Sear. 'd starement, Patric;. Gor-man- ? Ellie i- ~a:?laced Meat C:urc union. erg-cd C''n-tre3 to Invest: ?"? the functions of tilt AIFLD in Chile. At its recent int_rr:ati, nai ,:o-vention, Sept. 9 to 13, in 14z,V ; or City, the UE also adoptc:cl ,- resole:. n scored t"le -o'-- pi ed h the AF'-..-:t3 AIFLD in , ab,w? essivt co^.3i::ons -., Hr ail an Chile. Approved For Release 2004/10/13 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000100200001-4 DAIL-!, ?O'ZLII U Approved For Release 20041"16/1< YCI1' ? DP88-01 AFL-CIO silence on.. Chile. The most prominent personalities who were in the Allende government in Chile are reportedly being transfered from Dawson Island to Santiago for trial. Gen. Gustavo Leigh of the junta has said that about 6,000 political prisoners are ultimately to be tried, and he has indicated that the present trial of leaders will set the pattern for the rest. l f th Th . Among the 29 scheduled for trial is Louis Corlavan, head of the Communist Party of Chile, and other leaders of the Corn- munist and Socialist parties. The entire labor movement of the world, whether led by Com- munists, Socialists or others, is actively protesting against the terror of Chile's junta. Many governments have been influenc- ed by this labor pressure to join the protest. Delegations of Communist and Socialist labor groups have gone ."to Chile to observe events, and all have come back to tell the same horror stories. There has also been consider- s'' able pressure on the United Nations to intervene for the rights of the victims and for re- storation of the supressed unions. There is one notable exception, however. I have looked through the AFL-CIO News since the AFL-CIO convention last October, and I haven't found a single ref- erence unfavorable to the events. in Chile. The paper published in its Nov. 3 issue the resolution of the con- vention titled, "Restore Demo- cracy in Chile," in the same way as the other resolutions of the convention were published. But the very content of that re- solution is contrary to its title. Its main target is not the junta gangsters but the Allende regime. As our readers know, the World of Labor column in the Daily World frequently observ- ed, before the AFL-CIO conven- tion that began ' on' Oct. 18, that through the weeks since the Sept. 11 coup in Chile, as the terror and killing mounted and every people's organization, including the entire union movement, was supressed, that there wasn't a peep out of George Meany or the AFL-CIO. e AFL-CIO's In- an o e p ternational Affairs Department headed by Jay Lovestone was to have the convention ignore the Chile situation. The AFL-CIO leaders did not foresee, however, a petition by members of the La- bor Press Association, consist- ing of editors of AFL-CIO union publications, that was holding its convention on the eve of the AFL-CIO parley. The petition, condemning the junta and calling on all unions to protest actively, was signed by most of the dele- gates to the convention of labor editors. This put Meany and Lovestone on the spot. They solved the pro- blem with a resolution that had all the earmarks of a resolution- they may have planned to con- demn the Allende regime in line with their support of efforts through the three years of its existence to overthrow it. But they topped this condemnation with a couple of paragraphs de- ploring "excessive violence." Anyone reading the resolution would be expected to conclude that it was a good thing the Allende regime was overthrown. x In light of this swindle by the AFL-CIO leaders, the conclusion is obvious: they were happy over the events in Chile. They simply couldn't display their happiness too openly because some of the major unions in the AFL-CIO did protest, quite a number in an active way. Among them was the largest affiliate, the United Steel Workers of America. In looking through the AFL-CIO News since last September, 1 did find major space given to dia- tribes in support of Alexander Solzhenitsyn and other so-called "dissidents" in the Soviet Union, to diatribes against the detente treaties and to screaming edito- rials against economic relations and trade with the Soviet Union. On the record of their policy in Latin America in many years and their activity through the CIA cover, the American Insti- tute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD), with Meany its chair- man and ?Lovestone the real oper- ator, the AFL-CIO's leaders real- ly support the four-power fascist axis-Brazil, Uruguay, Bolivia and Chile. Their agents worked to put dictarorship in power in these countries and even boast- ed. publicly of their part in put- ting military juntas in power in Guatemala and Brazil. The brazen pro-fascist position of Meany, Lovestone & Co. on Chile shows to what extent they isolated U.S. labor from "the world's labor movement. And the same goes for their lapdogs, the Social Democrats-USA, who are just as isolated from the reform socialist movement of the world. Chile is an important test for the AFL-CIO. And every union should give serious thought to what it means for every labor organization if its parent body gives silent support to galloping fascism on the Western continent. Every union worthy of the name should speak up against the ter- ror in Chile! 25X1 Approved For Release 2004/10/13 : CIA-RDP88-01315R000100200001=4 25X1 V 0 Approved For Release 20040 0 ' : %4%RDP88 6 f~~i1L"'G"J~G ` aoc~ ~o ~U~o~ By RICHARD ASHBY and AMADEO RICHARDSON id t l o a CHICAGO. April 1-A wide campaign to compel Congress to cut off al the Chile fascist junta was mapped here over the weekend at a national meeting. The meeting was held at the political prisoners held by the symbols of all political prisoners Loop YWCA here to coordinate junta. held by the juta. activities in solidarity with the The. 115 delegates and 54 ob- The campaign to free the Chil- Chilean people's resistance to the servers at the meeting here ap- can political prisoners will include fascist junta. plauded a call to campaign within the writing of letters to the priso- are not for- t the th h y ow a It was planned to call a na- the labor movement against ers to s n o 1 t ll the end of May. which will seek Congress action also to open U.S. borders to political refugees from Chile. The legislative action is one of four major areas of concentra- tion decided on by the meeting here. which was attended by re- presentatives of labor, peace church and community organiza- tion.. and by Chile Solidarity groups from 20 states. To expose CIA labor front Other main Chile solidarity ac- tivities planned include working to expose: the AFL-CIO's Ameri- can Institute for Free Labor De- velopment (AIFLD). a CIA front engaged in subverting Latin Ame- rican trade union movements; holding local and national de- monstrations in solidarity with the people of Chile. and initiat- ing a national campaign to free ~ a so a se AIFLD. made by Fred Hirsch. gotten. Letters wi chairman pro tem of the mer- the Chilean Embassy and United gency Committee to Defend Dem- Nations mission. and to. military ocracv in Chile. who is a member officers in Chile, demanding an of Plumbers and Steamfitters end to the tortures and executions. local in San Jose. Calif. and the closing of the Dawson Hirsch. who has done extensive Island prison camp. research on AIFLD activities, The meeting received a tele-. urged that trade unionists present gram of solidarity from the Cuban to their locals resolutions con- Chile Committee and from the demning AIFLD activities in daughter of martyred President Latin America. Salvador Allende. Ernest DeMaio. general vice- president Greetings were also received of the United Electrical Workers. emphasized that bring- from the Canadian Chile Solidar-_ ing 'up such resolutions for de- ity Committee.` - bate in union meetings would put Individuals and groups named pressure on AFL-CIO President to serve on a natioal continua- George Meany to curtail AIFLD tions committee include Abe Fein- activities. glass. international vice-president Set days for mass rallies of the Amalgamated Meatcutters; The meeting chose May 11 and Humberto Camacho of the Trade Sept. 11 for national demonstra- Union Committee for Restoration tions against the junta and in sup- of Democracy in Chile; (NICH) port of Chilean political prisoners. (Non-Intervention in Chile); the The delegates decided to conform Emergency Committee to -Defend to the lead of the united Chilean Democracy in Chile, and Chile Soli- Left in choosing which individual darity Committees in New York. political prisoners -should be em- Philadeiphia. Michigan. Los Ang- phasized in the demonstrations, as eles and Chicago. Approved For Release 2004/10/13 : CIA-RDP88-01315R0001-00200001-4