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December 16, 2016
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October 22, 2004
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September 15, 1974
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LONI N SWIIIAY TIMES fy J_>Ca !lw 3 o ) r-4 1 !+` Approved For Release 200 51 ,Ip: Q(1~RDP88-01315R000g00f0' d?6Q4 ( C13 IL , Lull' CCjv env( / By Henry Brandon Washington Tl?E Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. William t olby, proved yesterday that in his days as an undercover anent he had learnt how to survive alone in hostile territory. He spoke at a conference on the CIA and covert activities, hosted on Capitol Hill by Senators Edward Brooke (Republican, Massachu- setts) and Phillip Hart (Demo- crat, Mlichi,an): it was as if General Sir Walter Walker had come to address a TUC meeting. Mr Colby -incec: a hostile panel of well-i:rown critics of the CIA, including seven former members of the agency like Daniel Ellsberg. and also an obviously hostile. audience that consisted mostly of 300 yo;sng " new Left " CIA-haters. He not only defended the CIA's ruse, after two days of speeches by critics, but ai3o bought to promote a legislative proposal for the equivalent of an ofcial secrets act to protect " cnd secrets." Questions about the CIA's activities in the overthrow of the Allende remme in Chile, which surfaced as the result of a con- gressional " leak3Ir Colby fended of br saying that he Would --'r them only in c r u- --i e esi nn of the appropriate Eou-Jres.winnal committees. 11-1n?- e_ve2 tag claimed that the CIA's ~?dotor -at in covert action. are en only as directed by ,Vt, l,lt,'tional Security Council and information Congress is given covert actions have no impact about covert actions, Mr Colby ton current activities. )said it was "made aware at ( Daniel -Ellsberg congratulated !appropriate times of various i.1NIr Colby on the CIA's participa- major actions," and when asked 'Lion in getting the famous secret whether the American ambas- speech of Mr Khruschev in 1936, sadors in Chile were kept an:d then seemed to place his own informed of covert activities t feat of. leaking the Pentagon there,. he replied that such in- =Papers in the same category. MIr formation is primarly given to Coiby recalled that when Presi- the Under Secretary of State and dent Nixon introduced him to z that ambassadors are informed T ,Mr Brezhnev on his visit to on a " need-to-know basis." Washington and the Russian He refused to say whether those ` leader, asked the CIA. director ambassadors to Chile who had whether he was a dangerous man., testified before Congress that the he replied that he w?as not, and Colby: survival lesson US ? to their knowledge, main- . that "the more the US and tamed a hands-of " policy had t Russia know about .each other the that " they are frankly and regu. lied. He insisted, however, that 'safer we will be." larly reported to the appropriate all major efforts and money spent When asked how many people committees, and they require only in Chile were known,. to several be had killed in connection with a small proportion of our effort committees of Congress and that Operation Phoenix in Vietnam, and time." therefore the CIA, in. the end, re- Mlr Colby eagerly replied, i When Mr Colby said the CIA mains accountable to the voters. "none," and added that the 1 had no connection with the miii- Asked whether there would majority were killed in military tary coup that overthrew Allende, now he a conflict of interest , combat or police action. His but that agency "looked forward between Vice-President Nelson interest was to capture the Viet t to a change in the government Rockefeller and his enterprises t Cong, he said, because a dead. there by democratic means," the in :Latin America-which the man could not impart informa- ' generally good-natured audience questioner claimed had been used tion. broke into laughter. He added as cover for intelligence opera- In his speech. Mr Colby sought that he had reread his secret Lions-hlr. Colby, who always to shift the emphasis from covert testimony of last April which maintained a truly stiff upper operations because, he said, the l-'aked out here earlier in the lip however insulting or indis- CIA's predominant role now is week, and found that he had not crept the question, replied that concerped with information and used the phrase "destabilise-the this was, " No useful subject for analytical responsibilities. Though IAllenrl.e government" which he discussion." he had to endure Rome strong etas panted as having used in To a question about whether language-sorb as being called lescrihin;; the application of the CIA intended to intervene an " assassin --he was also given clandestine funds that had been to prevent Greece from leaving credit by some, like the Director authorised by the " Forty Com- NATO, Mr Colby replied that of the Centre fur National mittee " of the National Security, Greece's action had no immediate Security Studies, who said: "What Council. adverse effect on the security of a wonderful thing that you came When asked how much specific: the US and furthermore that to face- your critics." Approved For Release 2004/11/01: CIA-RDP88-01315R000200010010-4