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December 19, 2016
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~~SUIi C OZ~ STAR Approved For Release 2006/11/07: CIA-RDP88-01315R000 S EP J74 By Oswald Johnston his questioners was virtual- when he heatedly denied star?News-s+arrwriter ly never acknowledged, let the 20,000 Vietnamese killed tinning session before a ._.: _ On the subject of.govern- Chile to oppose deposed largely hostile stile panel, Colby'; ment lying,. Colby asserted president Salvador Aiiende evaded t"effcr b``y an hi s s, that the CIA,'once obsessed produced many questions evaded most "efforts b yesterday but produced no with non-accountability . a,.. MaIral~t;nne told an unbelieving and- . attaches in Vietnam dou- $11 ON last friendly audience yester- bled as intelligence agents. THE REVELATION day. Colby seemed not to have week of some S11 million in During a two-hour ques- ,heard mosto-f the time. CIA funds pumped into n director William E. Colby po toy gram or that U.S.:military. The Central Intelligence alone responded to, in the. Phoenix_ program, Agency still performs Panelists several times de- which he ran, were "rnur- clandestine operations nounced as "an outrageous dered" and denounced her around the world but will no lie," or "another lie" a applauding the assassina- longer lie to the American Colby assertion that torture _ ton in Uruguay of U. S. for- people about them, -CIA of Viet Cong was not U. 'S. eign service officer David the Phoenix pro- Mitrione. 1? i - -..._ LLULL,, WILL 110 L VLLfl- --, Rep. In d brie -prepared stag Rep. Michael arzztt~on, them -when, ac. t to #h'e panel,::spore=r Tf-Mass., who was inadvert. .. mnr,t n?1??~i;riv 'rt unll'mPre- .. , - ~ -- _. sarru UY tug a..c.LLtcz LUL 1 sc ?.???.?~ ?. ??.. r. _------- -- tional ISecisrtty?Studies,~:.a ly refuse to discuss them disclosure of secret Colby " and try to keep them a se- -grams, had over a period of drew applause with a long any direct part in the Chile two,-days .heard numerous., denunciation of U. Sr-op- coup, "We were. looking for pressive imperialism and. a change in government," papers 'denouncing such- -operations as illegal",.. -,criminality in the underde- ' he admitted, thereby draw immoral and unconstitu- veloped world This pro- ing another chorus of deri? tional. voked Colby's only show of? sive laughter, ."in the 1976 TIIE INDIGNATION` of, anger of the afternoon, electansthere.,, tricks operations " has*.. room oc. . oversees the -CIA, Colby diminished since Cold War. laughter:. replied. days. One panelist, Nancy Stem The symposium, devoted.. of the North American Con- ? Colby repeated earlier to the .CIA's .covert?`-pror~ ,- an Latin America ? denials that the agency had e abroad as a uservl?a 3unct.a rte d we can tell the American of national policyr BiitAhe,, up to Congress to legislate claimed the scope, oi;diriy people an untruthThe the methods by which it ked with derisive ave proscr prr_ss ei;n policy exports; Colby', admission that Con_ tried to justify. operations phrase 'plausible' denial,' ", had been insufficiently Colby said. "I don't -believe. d on the policy it is ' b "f newly constituted and large.. ..testimony on ,-:the .Chu cret, he said. . - self=appointedgroup of for- . _:_,,I h w the operation;. tried. to win . 1-4 STAT 'Approved For Release 2006/11/07: CIA-RDP88-01315R000200010011-3