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December 16, 2016
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October 22, 2004
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September 14, 1974
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13Y RICHARD RESTON .nmi staff Wrt$ar'` e 1r /. 0l e a /b yJ V,//`/1t' l-w,. ,~J ~~ l i d r~ S c c_ U;~ laie 57Li `\ ASHINGTOiti In the face of important that our leaders- and Detense ox, .anu haven clear pereeDtion of Daniel Ellsberg, the -main h ten e m ""??, criminal," CIA ?Director William tJ Colby Friday defended his agency's and strategies of other avers. to the press. 77 right to conduct covert operations . powers so that they can be Ellsberg and Colby ex-:, ,! 61 O 13 aoroad and denied any direct U S deterred, n e g o t i a t e d changed sharp remarks at intelligence-role in the 1973 military about, or countered in the one ppinL during. the. after-. o e N i.X if ne- noon, discussion. Ellsberg interests of peace or , coup in Chile The head of the Central Intel cessazy, the ultimate se- accused Colby- of not. un- f " demanding the United: 1 f i x u WT0 ti 1 / ?h Az ntr i f our cou ty o li- ence Agency- appeared on Capitol cur y. States Constitutiois and of Hill for three .hours of public. testi Colby faced an openly pursuing a policy. ofand of s mony at.the conclusion of a two-day hostile conference panel pursuing policy. Ire conference on the secret activities of and audience; His testimo- yvthat similar to the. ? the CIA. The ,conference was spun-: ny was often Interrupted Soviet t regime and its ? cored by the. Private Center for Na by hisses, jeers and deri- Sov. of egimeeandn tional Security Studies and was held sine laughter. Time and again-- Colby in a hearing room of the New Senate= At one point, when Col- attempted to defestd the Office B u:i 1 d.i n g before . several by was explaining CIA. ac covert- attempted ? od the 'hundred spectators. tivities in Vietnam, a pa- agency. 'While Colby.-denied a direct CIA nel member broke in with The agency conducts out role in the Chilean-coup, he never=:: a sharp thats an - such activities only when theiess conceded; "We did look rageous lie." Later, an?rth- specifically authorized when x and to a 'change in goverrtmeat,'=? er panel member -called the National Security out,. "Another lie, another Council. Thus,CIA covert but through democratic elections by lie." Co . C unci reflect national political forces."' He said the clear. From the audiences came pactions olicy," Colby said. objective of U.S. policy in that coup- i` shouts of "How many did' , policy," of policy has National try was to ''encourage the continued you kill in Vietnam; Col-" been in a state of change, existence of democratic forces foe `" and "You're not .only and CIA's involvement in future elections." a liar, you're. a Nazi war covert action.: has ecorre- The Chilean coup; in September, criminal." covert spondingly Chang." took the life of 'Marxist To the Vietnam cam He said CIA covert op- ident Salvador Allende. went, C o I b y ? answered erations overseas . were The focus on Chile at. the confer- with: a terse- but even- now only a small part of end's disclosure. of a letter by Rep; . Michael Harrington (D-Mass.) that reported the CIA had funneled up to $8 million into that country to um-, dermi ne the Allende government... Colby.zefused .all, comment on the specific methods and techniques used in covert CIA activities. rang-. ing from Chile to Indochina and oth- e.r nations of the developing world In his. opening statement the director defended the' policy of secrecy covering certain. CIA actions. "If we cannot protect our intelligence sources and methods, I fear' we may .reiieh a situation in which our adversaries p r o f it from 'our openness while -Vie are blinded by their se-- crecy . . voicee: "i aien'L ini any-? uu e_-: overall u.J. , zntaiu- body:" fence-gathering - mission A final, question came i-r? said this was true be- from a Vietnamese in the cause the United States audience began with this- was' "no longer faced with comment:. "How can you the same kind of Commu- go home at night a'nd re-. nist subversion and insur- spond to your wife and gency that characterized children after all the kill- the 1950s and 196t?s.. ing in, Vietnam?" Colby : Some of the sharpest de- said he has spent seven ,bate . during the confer- years in Vietnam trying to ence- came -over -Colby's help the Vietnamese role as head of the old protect themselves, and Phoenix program in Viet- that he had come away nam, an operation de- from that country with signed to disrupt and elim- tion and sympathy for the Communist 1"iet? Cong and Vietnamese people.".'-'.r At no point during the long and somewhat. star- my session did the CI.- di- rector lose his temper or lee t le-in. rAllend Approved For Release 2004/11/01 :CIA-RDP88-013158000200010 4-0~ L o r ~cr rir~t ; dbv Dee DErd~rk' North Vietnamese lead- ership apparatus. Colby appeared at the conference as part of a new CIA- effort to explain agency plans and opera- tions in public and with Thei conference anal more candor. winch can destroy itself ? panel t h rough misunderstand included two members of in g or miscalctved, For Re R-IVe s0( i~/eb1 mRDP88-01315R000200010014-0